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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  May 8, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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. hillary clinton sees one clear lesson from donald trump's gop primary win, attack him, relentlessly, and then some more. >> this is to me a classic case of a blustering bullying guy who, who has knocked out of the way all the republicans, because they were just dumb-founded. i don't think we can take a risk on a loose cannon like donald trump running our country. he's a loose cannon. >> you get the point? she thinks he's a loose cannon. i think five or six times in two minutes with anderson cooper she said that. at the same time trump is serving clear notice he considers just about everything fair game. >> they're going after me with women? give me a break!
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folks, give me a break! bill clinton was the worst in history, and i have to listen to her talking about it? just remember this, she was an unbelievable nasty enabler and what she did to a lot of those women is disgraceful. >> bernie sanders would say we're getting a little ahead of ourselves. if we get a trump/clinton general election, by the sound of that, it's going to be about education policy, right? trade. >> reimbursements. >> white papers every day. it's going to be really wonky. >> we're in may and we're in slash and burn. >> he's ignoring and maybe donald trump is a genius, gotten this far but he is ignoring several decades of history about how you run, what do you and don't do to run against the clintons and i think, i mean impeachment, when it was happening in 1998, pabackfired against the republicans, they lost midterm elections. i'm hard-pressed to understand
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how going back to that set of issues helps donald trump. >> you just raised the most fascinating question of this election, though. people always go back to the old rule books and old playbooks they haven't worked. is trump right? is he a genius or -- or end up in quick sand. >> trump defied all expectations and pundits and won the nomination despite what a lot of people like me thought would happen has a loss of us saying give him more deference but all the data and polls showing what he did in the primary is just not the same in the general election. 10% of eligible voters voted in the primaries. general election is a totally different beast. >> according to the polls as many as three-quarters of women nationally do not like donald trump and it's hard to see how he fixes that by going after hillary in this way. on the other hand, the way that hillary is going after him does have some democrats nervous she's walking into his trap. she's saying he's risky and
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unpredictable. that's basically his platform and she's selling herself as the status quo candidate. she's saying vote for me if you're afraid of changing anything. >> right. >> if you want things to go on just go on as they are, the point of his candidacy is he dangerous and risky and might actually change the way things are. >> great point. for all her many strengths and she has many strengths she says establishment, same old same sold and he is new and different. the message he wants to sell. the one message the democrats tried to send this week, at a time when we discussed earlier the republicans are fractured into too many pieces to count. the democrats are trying to give the impression we are all hands on deck including the president of the united states, came out to talk about the economy the other day and couldn't resist and was grateful for a question about you know who. >> i want to emphasize the degree we are in serious times and this is a really serious job. this is not entertainment. this is not a reality show.
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this is a contest for the presidency of the united states. and what that means is that every candidate, every nominee needs to be subject to exacting standards and genuine scrutiny. >> a lot of conservatives out there saying easy for him to say. they think obama got a pass from the press in '08. that is the president getting involved. elizabeth warren who has been quiet for most of the primaries got involved in a heavy way, tweeting against donald trump, speaking out against donald trump and donald trump took notice. >> i've just learned that crooked hillary, along with her friend, you know, she's got t s goofy friend named elizabeth warren. she say goofus. ever see her? she's a basket case. by the way she's done nothing in
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the united states senate. she's done nothing. i'd love to run against her, if i came from massachusetts. >> scott brown won't be donald trump's running mate. >> it was a revealing week though because it proved with those sound bites certainly there, also the stuff he was saying about lindh egraham and paul ryan, he is a pitcher with one pitch. comes in and throws heat, all he's got and that's what he's going to do and to me, what was striking about it, john, the fact it had a different scent to it than it did in the primary, because he is now the nominee, and i think for a lot of people in the party, oh my gosh, it's going to be the same routine. he's not changing at all. that's what you got. >> trump is gonna trump as molly said. the pundits are waiting for a year he's going to change. it's not going to happen. is he who he is. if he changes for a day the following day he'll be back to his default position. >> he tried to reach out to bernie sanders' supporter, many of them are angry and feel the
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system is rigged. wait a minute, you're putting the chairs of the key committees at the conventions, they're all hillary supporters, sanders has been rational about this. i get the math it's really hard but i still have a small chance and you should give me my chance. even senator sanders knows what trump is doing and he went with wolf blitzer and said no, sorry, donald. >> i know that donald trump is staying up nights worrying about bernie sanders, but let me just give donald trump some bad news. and that is number one, if i am the democratic nominee, i am going to defeat him and defeat him by a very large margin. if i am not the democratic nominee i'm going to do everything that i can to see that he does not get into the white house. >> we'll see if it plays out because it used to be in most of our adult lifetimes it was the democrats who got into the circular firing squads and the republicans more disciplined but right now the democrats seem to have an all hands on deck all against trump attitude at a time republicans are fractured all over the place. >> what trump talking about
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sanders supporters, how he can win over bernie voters there is a great amount of overlap between trump supporters and bernie fans looking for a candidate who believes the political system is rigged. i've been to plenty of trump rallies and bernie rallies where people will acknowledge yes, they're different in a lot of ways but their sentiment is the same, what they stand for is the same, but also obviously keep in mind that a lot of bernie supporters majority say they do not have a good opinion of trump so it's not like we're talking about a lot of voters that trump can potentially win over but that sentiment is the right one if he does want to appeal to those kinds of voters. scl b >> a civil war in the republican party should give clinton a huge opportunity to reach out to high-profile republicans, get their endorsement and backing. can they get a sitting senator or sitting republican governor or a recent one to back her saying she's better than trump.
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we pick a new president in 183 days. if donald trump has taught us anything t is to expect the unexpected but democrats, this is the 2012 map, democrats can claim an early advantage when it comes to the math that matters most on election day building a state by state map to 270 electoral votes. look at this, i want to match up our brand new cnn/orc poll with president obama's performance election day 2012, won in a electoral college landslide. hillary clinton a little better among men, women, independents, better among white voter, better among non-white voters and running stronger than the president in the suburbs. if you're hillary clinton these are your numbers today, these were the president's numbers in the exit polls election day 2012 you look at this and think okay right now i have the obama coalition. i can keep it.
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i can protect it, i can defend this. that's her goal but donald trump has one advantage in our poll. yes he's behind clinton but the number one issue for the american people is economy. in the midwest donald trump's path to 270 has to include the rust belt. he needs to win michigan, he needs to win ohio. he probably needs to win pennsylvania. look at this in the midwest. small lead nationally, a huge lead, a huge lead in that part of the country where donald trump is going to anchor his candidacy. that's a big deal. trump does know to improve his map he needs to improve his standing with latinos so let's debate this one, on cinco de mayo a donald trump tweet, best taco bowls, i love hayes opinionics, giving his thumbs up. hillary clinton says don't be fooled. >> just yesterday donald trump
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doubled down on his plan to create a deportation force to round up millions of people. the best way to prevent that from happening is to make sure he never gets near the white house! >> where are we on the taco bowl strategy? [ laughter ] >> that was a good impression by the way. >> donald trump loves to say he's been winning in the republican primaries, most hispanics are not republican, and so he has not had to really campaign to those people in any meaningful way, overwhelmingly negative ratings from hispanics in the polls. hard to see how the taco bowl strategy changes that. maybe i'm out of touch with that particular demographic but this is another case of the general election looking a lot different for trump than the primary did. there were hardly any hispanic and african-american and minority voters in the republican primaries. there's a whole lot of them,
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more every year in that general election. >> you can't impress upon folks enough that as ryan pointed out, the primary is a different universe than the general election. 10% of american voters were in the primary, totally wider field. one fast point on the map that you show there, john, two numbers to me looking to pennsylvania, first the question about suburban voters, second of all women voters. for all this talk about trump bringing new voters intoplay, i uld the challenge is thhe potentially could be even better than obama with those two moaphics. for every one oldti voter thaasn't b vot cent l recently, she could get four more romney voters for her the suburbs around that's why i is a big challge for trump. >> he's facing landmark neglective rings in the hispanic community, right, mos of the polls showing 70% to 80% of hispanics have the to bow tw
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is not going to to turn that arnd, a lot of smart republican strists who thought long and harbout how the party appls to to wl. >> smart republican strategists and reporrs in this town also thought there's no way donald trp could win, on paper. if you looked early on donald trump's positions, on paper, there was no way donald trump could be the noment know of the republican rty. if you look at the polling in the data now a the obama coalition from the two elections there's n way donald trump can win a general onthere was no w the nomination i aside the note sayinghere's no y he could win the gener election. >> when you lten to trump's rhetoric there misread of theen en he talks about'moregon. states whe the workers, but >> these blue states. evenn those stes i think h he's basing that on the fact he really has to get out, you know, performed very well in those the turnout has to be really states in the primary but as he understands that strategy jonathan was saying, obviously the primary and the general eltion are two very diffe yet. >> and hueard him talking about unerses, but i tnk that the
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let's head around the "inside politics" table and ask our rompers to share a nugget from their notebooks. molly ball? >> what i'm really looking forward to this week is listening to the new radiohead album that comes out today. >> amen. >> i'm going to be watching in politics these republicans in congress and seeing how they orient themselves vis-a-vis trump. little tidbit last weekend the main street republicans had a retreat and these are the moderate republicans in swing districts, the ones probably sort of most vulnerable if there ends up being a landslide in november and a source of mine in the room described it as a group therapy session, the vibe in the
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room. so these are the republicans that everybody's going to be watching. they're trying to figure out how they can run their own races, hopefully save their own skins if, as they expect the trump nomination ends up being catastrophic for the party. >> therapists will do well over the next few months, a safe bet. >> quite a few sitting members of congress and governors said they'll support trump or at least as they call him "the nominee" almost like the nominee who shall not be named. i talked to a senior party official yesterday said he is counseling some of these members of congress and governors to, if there's an opportunity at some point down the road, either because trump says something that's very controversial or something new comes to the surface, take that opportunity and use that to cut him loose, so even though you see a lot of folks already out there endorsing him you already have these back room conversations of if this thing does really get bad, if it does get, you know, worse than it is, don't be
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afraid to seize that moment to cut him loose. >> have a plan b. ryan? >> i'll echo similar conversation this week, interviewing a republican senator obviously about trump, like everyone else and to show the uncertainty these guys are grappling with, this senator gave some qualified praise to trump, wasn't ready to endo, yet but had some kind things to say, and at the end of the conversation after talking to the senate for an hour about the dynamics of trump, when is this going to appear? not for another week, work on a weekly magazine. do you think you could call me back before you go to press just in case trump said something really crazy and i want to retract my qualifying comments? so there's just so much uncertainty, all the republicans are just worried about, you know, do they support, to they not support and if they say something in the meantime he announces he's going to nuke canada, maybe they want to bring it back. >> quicksand, stand still or try to move. n.j.? >> now that donald trump is the presumptive nominee he's facing a lot of pressure to show that
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he can raise the kind of money you need for a general election. great america pack which is the main pro-trump superpack says in the next week or two it will release a list of names of major gop donors who have committed to giving to the pack. there are names that we recognize, names that actually can write $1 million checks, which i think would sort of reassure his supporters that he can raise the kind of money needed to be competitive. now the pack also says in the spirit of his primary campaign, they're still going to be soliciting a lot of small dollar donations to make sure the sort of grassroots sefrts stiefforts behind the pack. we'll see how it works out. >> money, the great lubricant of politics. quick reminder of what one veteran democrat this week described as and i quote "the waiting game of which we must not speak." by that of course he meant the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. cnn's pamela brown reported this past week the fbi investigation
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is entering crunch time. top clinton state department aides have been interviewed and the fbi is expecting its sitdown with secretary clinton herself to take place quite soon. pamela reports the fbi has found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing but she was also careful to note investigators are not at the finish line as democrats prepare for a fall campaign in which they not only hope to keep the white house with you also think they can retake the senate, the e-mail investigation is a giant wild card, or as this veteran democrat put it, "that thing no one wants to talk about that we hope will be okay because we can't fathom what happens if it isn't." that's it for "inside politics" again, thanks for sharing your sunday morning. happy mother's day. see you soon. "state of the union" with jake tapper up next. ...and even given super powers? since benjamin moore reinvented paint... it still paint? benjamin moore. paint like no other.
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what a week. >> we had 17 people, all smart, one by one, week after week, boom, boom, boom, gone, gone, gone. >> donald trump clearing the decks, republicans taking sides. will his own party support him? >> i'm not there right now. >> the cnn exclusive that has everyone buzzing.
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plus, sarah palin. she was one of the first big names to back trump. >> we needed a revolution, and we found a revolutionary. >> will her former runningmate john mccain join her?


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