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tv   State of the Union With Jake Tapper  CNN  May 8, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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thanks for tuning in today. happy mother's day to my mom and marilyn. and student, "state of the union" starts right now. tapper up next. what a week. >> we had 17 people, all smart, one by one, week after week, boom, boom, boom, gone, gone, gone. >> donald trump clearing the decks, republicans taking sides. will his own party support him? >> i'm not there right now. >> the cnn exclusive that has everyone buzzing. plus, sarah palin. she was one of the first big names to back trump. >> we needed a revolution, and we found a revolutionary. >> will her former running mate john mccain join her? exclusive interviews with both mccain and palin.
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will she join the trump ticket? and hillary clinton, sharpening her line of attack against trump. >> we can't have a loose cannon in the oval office. >> is she ready to deploy a secret weapon? >> i told my husband he's got to come out of retirement. >> and the best political minds will be here with insights from the campaign trail. ♪ hello, i'm jake tapper in washington, d.c., where the s state of our union is reeling. wild week in american politics, as donald trump becomes the presumptive republican nominee, following the surprise dropout of his rival ted cruz and then this shocker which played out live right here on cnn. >> so, mr. speaker, you have said throughout this process that you will support the republican presidential nominee. now you have a presumptive nominee, donald trump. will you support him?
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>> well, to be perfectly candid with you, jake, i'm just not ready to do that at this point. i'm not there right now. and i hope to, though, and i want to, but i think what is required is that we unify this party, and i think the bulk of the burden on unifying the party will have to come from our presumptive nominee. >> but what you're saying is a fairly dramatic announcement, that the speaker of the house cannot, as of now, support his party's nominee for president. is there something specific that he has done or said that has brought you to this moment? >> well, like i said, i hope to support our nominee. i hope to support his candidacy fully, and i want to do that, but right now, i got to tell you, jake, just being candid with you, at this point, i'm just not there right now. >> that interview set off a firestorm within the gop, the republican party, is now divided with mitt romney, jeb bush,
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lindsey graham saying they will not vote for donald trump, and both presidents bush saying you will not see them at the republican convention this summer. but other republican stalwarts including bob dole and vice president dick cheney, they're pledging to stand behind the presumptive nominee. >> one of the earliest trump loyalists, former alaska governor sarah palin, who was on the presidential ticket in 2008 joins us now. governor palin, thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you so much, jake. >> so governor, as you know, speaker ryan told me on thursday that he is not ready to support donald trump. now, one of trump's spokespeople told cnn that if ryan does not back trump, he should not be speaker of the house. what do you think? >> i think paul ryan is soon to be cantored, as in eric cantor. his political career is over, but for a miracle, because he has so disrespected the will of
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the people and yes, as the leader of the gop, the convention certainly, he is to remain neutral, and for him to already come out and say who he will not support, was not a wise decision of his. you know, i think why paul ryan is doing this, jake, is it kind of screws his chances for the 2020 presidential bid that he's gunning for. if the gop were to win now, that wouldn't bode well for his chances in 2020, and that's what he's shooting for. lot of people with their never trump or not right now trump mantra going on, they have their different reasons. i think that one is paul ryan's reason. >> specifically when you talk about him being eric cantored, eric cantor was the house majority leader who was challenged in the primary but a conservative candidate who got a lot of grassroots support and that was a big surprise. paul ryan is facing a challenge
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in the republican primary in wisconsin, the primaries coming up, it's august 9th. the candidate i believe his name is paul kneeland. are you planning to support his challenger? >> well that's a good question. seeing as i haven't got to call him and tell him that i'm supporting him, i'll do whatever i can for paul kneeland. this man is a hard-working guy, so much in touch with the people. paul ryan and his ilk the problem is they have become so disconnected from the people whom they are elected to represent, as evidenced by paul ryan's refusal to support the gop front-runner that he just said he's our man. and what paul ryan and his ilk again, their problem is they feel so threatened at this point that their power, prestige and purse will be adversely affected by the change that is coming with trump, and with someone like paul kneeland, that they're not thinking straight right now.
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>> to be fair to speaker ryan, what he told me he was very concerned about the tone that mr. trump has taken very concerned about some of the things mr. trump has said about a temporary ban on muslims entering the united states, about deporting 11 million to 12 million undocumented immigrants in this country, things along those lines, comments about women, comments about ted cruz's father supposedly meeting lee harvey oswald. that's what he said he was concerned about. >> yes. >> you don't believe him? >> right, and no, those concerns are relatively speaking, jake, they're superficial, talking about tone and certain verbiage that is chosen over what perhaps paul ryan or somebody would have chosen to articulate. who cares? the people of america care about getting things done finally, taking our government back and putting it on our side, it's all about we the people and we're rising up, fed up with people who have screwed the american people by breaking their campaign promises. we work so hard to get paul ryan
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back in there, and so many other "conservatives" and look what they have done. >> this weekend donald trump really went after hillary clinton for her husband, bill clinton's infidelities. take a listen. >> bill clinton was the worst in history, and i have to listen to her talking about it? and just remember this, she was an unbelievably nasty, mean enabler, and what she did to a lot of those women is disgraceful. >> what do you think of that line of attack? >> well, you know, i think a lot of people may be obsessed with public figures' personal life and they're going to get all entangled in, you know, past indiscretions or whatever, but i think for the most part, americans are concerned about things like who will be able to appoint the next supreme court
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justices, which will affect an
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entire generation coming up. i think that's what people are concerned about, much more so than bill clinton's obvious indiscretions, and donald trump having been divorced a couple of times, but owning up to it. things like that, at least for people like me, man, i just think that's like the least of our worries right now. >> donald trump is turning his attention he says to picking a running mate. are you willing to be vetted for that job? >> i think i'm pretty much as vetted as anybody in the country could be vetted already. so i think there are so many other great people out there in america who can serve in this position. i think if someone wanted to choose me, they already know who i am, what i stand for. they wouldn't be in for any surprises. >> so if he wanted to talk to you about the gig, your phone is right there? >> well -- i want to help and not hurt, and i am such a realist that i realize there are a whole lot of people out there who would say anybody but palin. i don't want to be a burden on the ticket, and i recognize that in many, many eyes, i would be that burden, so you know, i just -- i just want the guy to win. i want america to win, and i don't know if i'm the person that would be able to help him win, jake. >> a lot of republicans are worried about trump's poor standing with women voters, which is why i ask about whether or not he should put a woman on the ticket. according to a gallup poll conducted last month seven in ten voters, women voters have an unfavorable view of mr. trump. listen to something he said this week. >> all of the men, we're petrified to speak to women anymore. we may raise our voice. the women get it better than we
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do, folks, all right? they get it better than we do. >> as a very prominent female supporter of donald trump, do you wince when he says things like that? >> heck no. i'm like, trump, you know, you're saying what a lot of other people are thinking. he just happens to be the most candid about it in a public arena than most americans are used to. so no, i don't wince and i know the man and i've known him for years and so i appreciate that he has great respect for women. he listens to the sharp, confident women in his life. his wife, his daughter, those who surround him in business. he listens to even, you know, joe blow hockey mom from wasilla if i have an idea that would perhaps makes sense with his conservative agenda. i know the man and i respect him because he respects women. >> let's talk about latino voters for a second, senator john mccain has publicly maintained that donald trump, he doesn't think, will have much of an impact on mccain's campaign for re-election in arizona but behind closed doors, mccain was caught on tape expressing concern that trump might damage his re-election chances. take a listen.
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>> donald trump at the top of the ticketer here in arizona, with over 30% of the vote being hispanics, no doubt this may be the race of my life. if you listen to or watch hispanic media in the state of the country, it is all anti-trump. >> how is donald trump going to improve his standing with latino voters? >> i give a lot more credit to latino voters than perhaps the mainstream media would, in just assuming that they have kind of a herd mentality and are all going to go to one candidate over another. latinos for the most part hard working, independent people who just want -- they want to be able to have a good job. those who are here legally, and will follow the rules, that america has set forth. they want to work hard, and
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provide for their family. i sure wish that politicians wouldn't worry about these racial divides that are for the most part made up by those who thrive on division and contention, and instead politicians worry about perhaps what their record has said about themselves. >> including john mccain? >> well, john mccain and i, we have gone through a lot of battles, separately and together, and i really respect the man, and i think that he doesn't have any more to worry about with latinos than perhaps he would have to be concerned with in terms of explaining his record in to the general pop ulus there in arizona but i don't live in arizona, so i haven't paid as close to attention as everybody there has, of course. >> donald trump recently said he wants to change the republican party platform, as it relates to abortion.
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he wants the party's opposition to abortion to include exceptions for rape, incest and the life of the mother. now when you ran for vice president you ran on a platform that has no exceptions. do you agree or disagree with trump's call to change the platform to allow for exceptions? >> i don't want the platform to change, no. that culture of life that will be built upon the pro-life views that the majority of conservatives and republicans hold. i respect that. i don't think there's a need for that to change, but when it comes to abortion, it's very sensitive. it's very -- it's such a personal issue. i think that the plank in the platform is the way it should be, and i respect and support and want it to stay that way, and when we can conclude that the plank of the platform is fine as is, then we can start talking about what people are really concerned about in this nation, concerned about in this election, and that is, as i've said, debt, open borders, illegal immigrants coming on over and receiving freebies left
9:14 am
and right instead of our own people, especially our vets being able to receive the benefits that they've earned, growing government, that intrusion that the failed liberal agenda so perpetuates, that's what people want to talk about. >> governor palin, thank you so much. best of luck to you. we hope to see you soon. >> thank you so much, jake. coming up, the man with whom sarah palin ran, john mccain. can the former prisoner of war forgive trump's attacks against his service? >> those wounds take a long time to heal.
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you'll enjoy consistent comfort with the heating and air conditioning systems homeowners rank number one. american standard heating and air conditioning. a higher standard of comfort. welcome back. now that donald trump is the presumptive republican nominee, the big mystery is -- who will be his vice presidential pick? >> i'm going to set up a committee and i may put ben carson on the committee, i may put out chris christie on the committee, they came out early, very strong, very good people. >> these are people who would vet? >> for vetting.
9:19 am
>> the vice presidential pick can up-end the campaign as senator john mccain learned firsthand in 2008 and as he faces an uphill senate re-election campaign he has some advice for donald trump. my colleague manu raju caught up with mccain on the campaign trail in his home state of arizona. >> the closest friend, lindsey graham, said he's not willing to support trump or hillary clinton. >> um-hum. >> why aren't you ready to support trump? >> well i've said all along that i would support the nominee of the party. i believe that a hillary clinton presidency will cause the economy to continue to stumble along and put us in the economic malaise that basically we've had for eight years. >> in some ways i wonder if you think the party leadership is sort of disconnected to what the base of the party wants. i mean, millions of supporters are getting behind donald trump, but the leadership is not. are you worried that there's a disconnect there? >> there has -- you have to draw
9:20 am
the conclusion that there is some distance, if not a disconnect, between party leadership, and members of congress, and many of the voters who have selected donald trump to be the nominee of the party. we could go down the list, but a lot of it is older, white blue collar workers who see no prospect of a job ever again. we see dissatisfied young people carrying student debts into their first job for many, many years, and of course, a perception, which is largely reality, not totally, that there's gridlock in washington, and that's given rise to trump and sanders, and that's something that we in the republican party are going to have to look at very carefully. >> and listen to those folks a little bit better? >> you have to listen to people that have chosen the nominee of our republican party.
9:21 am
i think it would be foolish to ignore them. >> is there anything specific in donald trump's national security profile that's better than hillary clinton's, anything specific that you like about what he said about foreign policy? >> i think american leadership, he emphasizes that, and i think that's important. this president doesn't want to lead. hillary clinton was secretary of state for four years. tell me one accomplishment that she can point to besides the fact that she flew more miles than any other secretary of state in history? i believe that the republican party must maintain its viability as a party and i am a teddy roosevelt/ronald reagan republican, and i will do everything i can to continue to steer the republican party along those lines in that direction. i believe the greatest president of the 20th century was ronald reagan. i will continue to try to move
9:22 am
our party in the direction of those principles, primarily peace through strength. >> do you have confidence that trump could be like reagan? >> i think he could be a capable leader. i think it's obvious there has to be outreach on his part and heal many of the wounds. there's always wounds in spirited political campaigns but frankly, i have never seen the personalization of a campaign like this one, where people's integrity and character are questioned. >> that bothers you? >> that bothers me a lot. it bothers me a lot, because you can violently almost disagree with someone on an issue, but to attack their character and their integrity, then those wounds take a long time to heal. >> would you appear on the same stage with donald trump if he came around? >> i think it would have to be a lot of things would have to happen. i think it's important for
9:23 am
donald trump to express his appreciation for veterans, not john mccain, but veterans who were incarcerated as prisoners of war. what he said about me, john mccain, that's fine. i don't require any repair of that, but when he said "i don't like people who were captured," then there's a body of american heroes that i'd like to see him retract that statement. not about me, but about the others. >> you are quoted as saying him at the top of the ticket puts your race in play, makes it difficult for you. is it good or is he good or bad at the top? >> what i was saying is that there is a hispanic vote which i have to continue my good relationship with, because of the turmoil that exists in this whole national campaign. anybody who doesn't agree that there's great turmoil, and any
9:24 am
incumbent doesn't recognize that, and have to campaign as hard as they possibly can is unaware of the passing scene. that's what i was talking about. >> would you be helpful, would you want him to retract those statements he made specifically undocumented mexican immigrants when he called them rapists and criminals. would you want him to retract those statements? >> oh, i don't know. you i think that it's important that we understand the importance of the hispanic vote in america. many states they grow, in arizona, more than 50% of the kids in school are hispanic. after the 2012 election as you know we laid out a blueprint and part of it was outreach to the hispanic community. i think we all recognize that the republican party has to do that. >> and he does, too. >> i assume so.
9:25 am
i haven't talked to him. >> right now we're in the middle of vice presidential speculation game. >> okay. >> what was that like in 2008 for you and how did you end up with sarah palin? >> well, i still believe that, contrary to what has become the popular information and opinion, it is that sarah palin energized our ticket. i have polling that says she did that. she beat joe biden in a debate. she energized our base. we went from three points down
9:26 am
to about four or five points up. >> she also made some big mistakes. >> of course she made some mistakes. do you think that -- yes, obviously i made mistakes. i will take full responsibility for my failure. i will not put that responsibility on sarah palin. she energized our campaign, and i'm very proud of her. i don't often make a comment like this, but she was treated terribly by what we know of as the mainstream media, and that's the only thing i will ever resent about my presidential campaign, is her treatment by the media. it was disgraceful. >> what advice would you give trump as he selects a nominee, a vice presidential pick? >> someone who will unite the party. >> joni ernst is mentioned as a possibility. >> joni ernst would be tremendous. she is remarkable. i think there's a number of members of the senate, i think there's paul ryan obviously was helpful to the romney ticket although i'm not sure he'd want to do that again. i think there's a lot of people out there he could choose from -- >> john mccain. >> no. [ laughter ] >> you've had your time? >> no education in the second kick of a mule. >> there has been a lot of soul searching in the republican party about what, if anything, could have been done to stop
9:27 am
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welcome back. many republican party officials woke up wednesday morning wondering if anything could have been done to stop donald trump from becoming their nominee. now this is the image that haunts the dreams of top officials of the cruz campaign, a cruz/rubio ticket, what might have been. let me explain why this was to them more than just a dream. campaign officials sources close to cruz tell me that cruz wanted rubio to be his vp, they even poll tested a cruz/rubio ticket in five states, including illinois, arizona, wisconsin. the results according to sources close to cruz? blowout, the source said. cruz/rubio 65%, trump 35%.
9:32 am
s emissaries were sent to feel it out but rubio never expressed any interest at all. joining me to talk about this and everything else, house democratic caucus chair, xavier becerra, a hillary clinton supporter, former arizona governor jan brewer who backs donald trump, amanda carpenter who worked for ted cruz and cnn political commentator nina turner, who supports bernie sanders. amanda, let me start with you. source familiar with marco rubio's thinking tells me first of all there was never any concrete offer but second of all some of his misgivings included, a, he thought two senators from washington, d.c., teaming up to go after trump would only feed into trump's outsider narrative and b, he thought the nominee should be able to pick who i thinks will be a running mate to help them win in november and not be stuck with somebody picked in the midst of a heated campaign battle in the primaries. do you think it could have worked, though? >> i think it would have worked. i talked to a lot of people during that time and the run-up to florida and there was a lot
9:33 am
of excitement for this idea. it would have unified the party. it would have presented a clear alternative to donald trump, the republicans conservatives establishment both wings of the party coming together. it was really a missed opportunity and there's a lot of frustration, people who believed that rubio thought this was more important to preserve his 2020 option than helping the republican party win in 2016 and stop trump. i think that's something he has to answer for. >> governor brewer, obviously a lot of woulda, coulda, shouldas going on right now. what do you think? one of the states they tested was arizona and they say in these polls, cruz/rubio as a ticket could have defeated donald trump. obviously donald trump did quite well in arizona. >> he did. he won overwhelmingly and we're proud of that record. rubio is a great guy. ted cruz is a great guy. we had a huge bench of great candidates but i think the public has spoken very clearly and loudly that they want somebody that's going to stand up and represent the people. they're angry out there and they have chosen donald trump and regards to cruz and rubio, i don't know if that would have
9:34 am
made any difference and if you want to rely on polls, the polls don't always tell the truth. >> it's true. congressman, how big a challenge do you think, assuming that hillary clinton is the nominee, how big a challenge do you think donald trump will be to her? >> we have to take everyone seriously but donald trump doesn't seem to take himself seriously so it's hard to tell. i'm not sure where this is going to go, talking about a cruz/rubio combination is like saying that broncos didn't win the super bowl. that's done. been there, done that, left's move forward. it's trump as the nominee and clinton on the democratic side, we still have a bit of a race but i don't think it makes any difference to hillary clinton. hillary clinton is going to outwork everyone, earn the votes she needs. she's already gotten 2 million more votes than donald trump has. so she's just going to move forward. let donald trump be donald trump and let hillary clinton win the white house. >> while we're on the subject of teaming up, do you think whoever the democratic nominee is should pick the other candidate to be their running mate? >> not necessarily. i do respect the fact that each
9:35 am
nominee has the right to pick their own running mate, but as the congressman said, the race is still up and going, news flash, senator sanders is still in the race as much as people don't want to respect the fact that he is in the race and that this is a democracy and it is about choice. i will say about taking mr. trump for granted, you know, there are two ways to run, run unopposed or run like hell and the democrats would do well to not take mr. trump for granted. he beat 16 other folks in this and this is going to be a real, real race. >> now that donald trump wrapped up the republican nomination there's a lot of talk including by him about who his vice presidential nominee will be. take a listen. >> the bushes, the romneys, the republican party's been pretty darned good to them. they owe a little bit to the party and the people who make up that party beyond their own being above it all. in the case of paul ryan, he made a big mistake today, and he needs to understand this. >> speaker gingrich, former speaker gingrich is obviously
9:36 am
one of the people who seems ready to take a call, should any come his way. some of the other people whose names bandied about including in addition to gingrich, john kasich, mary fallon, the governor of oklahoma, jeff sessions, first senator to endorse donald trump, rick scott, the governor of florida, joni ernst, senator from iowa, rick perry, former governor of texas, condoleezza rice, chris christie and marco rubio. do you have a ferret? and what about you? >> who made up that list? they didn't put me on there. >> i'm putting you on there. >> we have you on the show, what but, jan brewer, would you be willing to be considered? >> of course i would be. i would be willing to serve in any capacity that i could be of help with donald on. but that's a tremendous list of people to choose from, all very wonderful people, well qualified. i certainly think that newt -- i've known him for a long time. we've all experienced what he can get done in washington, d.c. he's been there and done that, and marco rubio would be terrific. mary fallon would be terrific.
9:37 am
>> do you think he needs to pick a woman, given how bad his numbers are with women? >> i don't think you necessarily need to pick a woman. this woman thing has gotten way out of control i believe and i think it's been driven by the left because they believe that that is going to bring them over the end. i think people, when they sit down to vote they vote for the very best candidate. they want somebody that's going to represent them. >> i know you're not a big fan of mr. trump, but were he to ask your advice who do you think he should pick? >> taking him at his word, someone who can work with congress on his behalf. i don't think he can pick a sitting governor or senator. i think gingrich is really his only choice, former speaker, counters the problems with paul ryan and a power move. i predict it will be newt gingrich or someone totally unexpected from the lobbying and business community. >> is there anybody that donald trump could pick that would make you start worrying more about the electoral math? >> those that might make me worry have already scratched themselves off the list. >> nikki haley? >> others like that.
9:38 am
some folks on the list called donald trump a con artist. i don't think he's going to pick as a running mate someone who called him a con artist. >> marco rubio you're talking about. >> my sense he'll have to find someone to share the stage with. i don't know if if we found who he's willing to share the stage with yet. >> that's an interesting point. >> for me it would be governor kasich, ohio, ohio, ohio. >> you're a little ohio buy ace biased. >> a little. the governor and i certainly -- >> disagree. >> -- disagree, but we have some things we agree on police reform in the state of ohio but the governor, no republican has ever won the white house without winning the great state of ohio and on that stage with everybody else the governor, who is a conservative, came off as more moderate in the room. and professor c oor condie ricen though the iraq war might be a
9:39 am
problem, she is an intellectual, has several and secretary of state bringing diversity to the ticket. >> who walks back what they said about the other? >> they're all walking it back. >> we believe in forgiveness, you know, let it go beyond this, behind us. >> american voters don't forget. >> condie, i don't think will take the position. >> we're going to have a quick break. when we come back clinton clinton talks about bill's role if they return to the white. house, what does she have in store for the would-be first gentleman? that story is next. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months.
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9:44 am
in november. we're back with our panel, and there's been a lot of talk about bill clinton this week, some of it you just heard positive, governor brewer, donald trump also talking about bill clinton's past infidelities calling hillary clinton an enabler. is that, will that work? forget whether or not it's right or wrong. will that work or do you think it might turn some voters off? >> well, it appears to me that the left, including hillary, is trying to wind her campaign around women's issues, and certainly they have a record they can either deny or they can agree to, but they have not been forthright in regards to how they have treated women on both sides of it and they've got a record. >> not as a policy issue but specifically with these individual infidelities. >> absolutely. they need -- the whole world knows about it. >> so why not bring it up. what do you think, congressman?
9:45 am
>> first if this is going to be a campaign about jobs and paychecks, i think hillary clinton is going to say let's go at it. that's what she wants and she's got a partner who knows about jobs and paychecks, so there's no problem with that. the second problem i think for republicans on this issue is, they should have a messenger who hasn't had multiple marriages and doesn't have his own problems with women. i think it's going to focus on jobs and paychecks and there is no one who is talking more about that than hillary clinton. >> but hillary clinton continually talks about that donald trump is abusive, if you will, to women, that he can't win the women's vote. women do appreciate him, and they have a problem in their own house and they have to recognize that, and it needs to be acknowledged. >> here's the thing that strikes me as odd. >> but the american people get lost in all of this. i mean, the american people get lost in this soap opera, if it is between which i still hope, senator bernie sanders is the best candidate going head to head with mr. trump but if it is between the secretary and there
9:46 am
trump and it turns into this soap opera about their personal lives, the everyday american people are going to get lost. you cannot win that argument. what about what it is going to take, the issues and the ideas it is going to take to lift this country? now they can't have it both ways. either side cannot have it both ways. >> amanda -- >> the only candidate out there that created any jobs has been donald trump. he's got a record. he's the only -- >> amanda wants to get in here. let me ask you, what do you think about this? as you just heard, democrats will say that donald trump is in not just a glass house but a glass trump tower, if you will, in terms of questions about his past behavior. >> here's the thing that strikes me odd about trump's comments is that he brought up bill clinton's transgressions and appears to totally give bill clinton a free pass, instead upset about hillary clinton's reaction to what bill did. i think that sort of is tone deaf. if you're going to talk about the issue do it in a considered way and address it as a full issue.
9:47 am
so there's a problem with just blaming hillary on that, but also if hillary clinton wants to counter donald trump on his number one issue of jobs and manufacturing, she cannot outsource that to her husband. it looks weak. she needs to own that issue and go toe to toe with donald trump if she hopes to beat him on it. >> governor, if donald trump wants to talk about jobs, which i think is one of the main reasons why he won, honestly, talking about trade deals, talking about jobs going overseas, or going to mexico, where interject something that will get so much attention like talk about bill clinton's transgressions, why do that? >> because hillary brought it up, she's the one that brought up the issue of the women, and that the women didn't like him, and that he spoke derogatory about the women, and he went back and hit her, and she was shocked. she has never been in a campaign like that.
9:48 am
>> somebody has to be in the room, governor, seriously? >> we have the economy, and jobs, and safety, that should be what we're all concerned about when we talk about everything else but. we are not going to sit still. donald is not going to sit still and not address the issues. >> i think she said something like december or january and he attacked her and she backed off and hasn't said that. congressman, go ahead. >> tee it up. if that's the debate, one who is trying to fight for women to have opportunity, to timely get paid equally to men, if it's going to be about who can help create jobs, not just whimsically declare bankruptcy and cost a lot of americans their jobs, we're ready. i think secretary clinton as amanda said will talk about this, because she has plans on how to create jobs. she has done that, and so she's ready for it, but donald trump has got to be careful throwing that first stone. >> hillary talks about creating jobs, donald trump has created jobs. >> i want to do one thing. >> he has a record. >> in addition to the women's vote republicans are concerned about the latino vote. on cinco de mayo donald trump tweeted this, a message "happy cinco de mayo, the best taco
9:49 am
bowls are made in trump tower grill. i love hispanics. what do you say? >> while he was doing that, hillary clinton was in california talking to thousands of california voters, a lot of them latino, touching the flesh, telling people who she would do to help them have a better future, talking about their children, talking about if reforming our immigration laws that are broken, and he's telling us, taco bowl -- >> it's shallow. it's intentional. >> the worst thing about it is he's so wrong. you're not going to get your best taco salad in trump tower. come to east l.a. really good food. the guy is so offbase in so many respects >> it's just wrong. >> thank you so much all of you, you were great. happy mother's day to you, to you, to you and to your wife. the latest updates get the new cnn political app, who is up, who is down, breaking news. the numbers break down to win the nomination. make sure to download the app now on your mobile device. stay with us. "state of the cartoonian" is next.
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welcome back. given the unprecedented nature of this election season the drama, the moments of comic relief, the larger than life characters, the heros and villains depending on your point of view. the fact that this momentous week in politics coincided with the first saturday in may which is always national free comic book day. well, it got us thinking, all of it fodder for this week's "state of the cartoon ion." >> yesterday was national free comic book day which makes us wonder what would be the best venue for a comic book version of this pending election matchup? donald trump constantly remind us. >> i don't need anybody's money. i'm really rich. >> would richie rich be a decent way to memorialize this election? or is trump more like richie rich's nemesis, reggie van dough? there was a time when the clinton/trump relationship
9:55 am
wasn't so bad. she attended his wedding in 2005. maybe that would be more fitting for the quaint world of archie comics, but there's nothing sweet about it now. it would be a superhero matchup. hillary clinton, just a young, crusading attorney when she got bit by the bug for politics. donald trump, a young millionaire playboy in gotham, when presidential mockery gave him something to prove. an epic super battle coming soon, but be sure to check out your local comic bookstore today. those fictitious matchups will probably be more enjoyable than the one we're about to experience. ♪ ♪ batman ♪ thanks for spending your sunday morning with us. happy mothers day to all of the mothers out there, especially my mom, my stepmom, my beautiful wife. fareed zakaria "gps" is next.
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this is "gps," the global public square. welcome to all of you in the united states and around the world. i'm fareed zakaria. ♪ we'll start this show with the stunning news from the 2016 presidential campaign. ♪ >> donald trump is the presumptive gop nominee. >> we've assembled a great group of conservatives to discuss what this means for the republican party, for conservatism and for america. and just who is to blame for all the rancor in washington? is it politici


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