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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  May 9, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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site. >> michael nunez, thanks so much. congrats on the scoop. tomorrow on "the lead," we'll talk to senator marco rubio, his first national tv interview since dropping out of race for the republican nomination. he does not want to be considered donald trump's running mate. turning it over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." thanks for watching. happening now -- willing to quit. so far house speaker paul ryan is unwilling to support donald trump and he says he is willing to step down as gop convention chairman if trump asks him to. can they work things out when they meet later this week? going for broke. donald trump says no one knows more about death than he does, insisting the u.s. would never have to default because it prints the money. and trump is already shifting his positions on the minimum wage and taxes on the wealthy. is he further alienating establishment republicans? discrimination suit. the u.s. government sues north
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carolina saying its bathroom law amounts to state sponsored discrimination and violating the civil rights act and other federal laws. and kim jong-un already has absolute power in north korea but now as added the title of party chairman. cnn gains extraordinary access to a rare meeting of the communist elite. we'll take you inside. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." a day before primaries in west virginia and nebraska, donald trump is the only gop candidate left in the race and the presumptive nominee is getting ready for november and beyond. he's named new jersey governor chris christie to head his white house transition team, and trump is already pivoting toward the general election on the issues, shifting his stance on the minimum wage and taxes on the wealthy. none of this will ease the concerns of establishment
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republicans, some of whom are refusing to support trump and are even looking at a possible third-party effort. house speaker paul ryan has made it clear he's not yet ready to endorse trump and now says he would step down as convention chairman if trump asked him to. the two are scheduled to meet on thursday as trump supporter sarah palin says ryan's political career is all but over. and north korea leader kim jong-un has a new title, elected party chairman of the communist elite in three decades. in a cnn exclusive, we're taking you inside the party congress. i'll also speak with naacp president cornell williams brooks and our correspondents, analysts, and guests will have full coverage of the day's top stories. let's begin with our senior white house correspondent jim acosta. we're already seeing donald trump pivoting on key issues. >> he insists there's nothing to see here but in last 36 hours he's shown some big flexibility
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on some important economic issues that could appeal to middle class voters and potentially make life more difficult for hillary clinton. >> reporter: it appears the great general election pivot is on. >> bottom line, do you want taxes on the wealthy to go up or down? >> they will go up a little bit. >> reporter: donald trump now revising his stances on a whole host of issues telling cnn's "new day" the lower tax rate he is first proposed in his economic plan are negotiable. >> by increase the wealthy, they'll still be paying less than they pay now. i'm not increasing from this point. i'm talking about inkreensing from my tax proposal. >> reporter: it's softening of his conservative positions that first surfaced last week when he told wolf he was open to raising the minimum wage. >> i'm actually looking at that because very different from most republicans. you have to have something that you can live on. >> reporter: over the weekend trump said it was more of a local decision. >> i would like the see an increase of some magnitude, but i'd rather leave it to the
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states. >> reporter: either way, it's departure from where trump was last fall on the topic. >> i hate to say it, but we have to leave it the way it is. >> reporter: trump is also sharing his ideas for tackling the national debt. >> this is the united states government. you never have to default because you print the money. i'm the king of debt. i love debt. >> reporter: advisers to hillary clinton are seizing on trump's comments on fiscal policy as a warning to voters. >> this is the most risky, reckless, and regressive tax proposal ever put forward by a major presidential candidate. >> reporter: as trump eyes the upcoming battle with clinton, more republicans are saying that will support him from john mccain to terry bran stat. >> he's going to be the nominee of our party and i'm a team player and will support him. >> reporter: trump so far avoiding a chash with house speaker paul ryan before their meeting later this week in response to sarah palin's warning that ryan would be run out of office by a gop opponent if he declined to back trump.
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i think paul ryan is soon to be cantored, as in eric cantor. >> reporter: trump essentially said palin was going rogue. >> i have nothing to do with that. sarah is very much a free agent. >> reporter: trump's next pivot could come when he picks a running mate, a process already inspiring new material on "saturday night live." >> could it be say -- >> good lord. >> ted is a demon. my god. >> i am no longer ted cruz. i am it will war of shadows! >> you sure you aren't lord of the weak chins? >> reporter: only six months to go. trump is hardly the first presidential candidate to pivot or flip on an important issue. hillary clinton once phrased the trans-pacific trade deal as secretary of state, now opposes it. as for the meeting with paul ryan, the speaker said he will step aside as chair of the gop
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convention if the nominee asks. i'm told by a ryan aide he was just answering a hypothetical. >> jim acosta reporting for us. thank you. donald trump's latest statements about debt, taxes, the minimum wage, are likely to make some mainstream republicans even more uneasy. let's go to cnn's sara murray. what are you hearing? >> talking to experts and economists including many republicans on this, they sort of get the feeling trump is floating proposals that work in the business world but might not work exactly for the u.s. economy. looking at the back and forth he said on debt, on taxes, on the minimum wage, even the suggestion at one point he might not pay back all of the debt that the u.s. owe, and they're saying, look, this is not the kind of thing that inspires confidence in financial markets. markets like stability. they like predictability, and it's hard to tell from this what trump would actually do as president. if there is an underlying policy proposal he's still trying to put together here and maybe inarctticulate in explaining or just coming up with answers on
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the fly and off the cuff. i think the other broader point that economists are making to me is you can't get the u.s. out of the debt hole that it's in just by some of these financial tricks, some of these engineerings of debt payments that donald trump is talking about. that takes real reforms when it comes to taxes and spending. so far a number of experts are still looking to see for more detail from donald trump on how he would do that. they're saying as of right now the numbers don't add up. >> we'll see if that detail is going to emerge in the coming weeks. thanks very much for that, saar ra. cornell william brooks, president of the naacp. thanks for coming. >> good to be here. >> the last time we spoke, which was a while ago, you said this about donald trump. you said, "he remits a kind of jim crow with hairspray and a blue suit. "he's now the republican presumptive presidential nominee. your reaction. >> this is a sobering moment in the country in that mr. trump is the presumptive nominee.
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he is running for an office that remits the whole of the united states. we, the people, includes all the people, every ethnicity, every hue, every heritage. so now is the time for him to speak clearly in democrat and detail with respect to his immigration policy, with respect to the minimum wage, with respect to his civil rights agenda. we have heard scarcely a word from donald trump with respect to restoration of the voting rights act, what is his opinion or perspective with respect to police misconduct and police brutality. the point being here is we need to hear him speak clearly at some issues because here's what he've noticed -- what he's been clear about is concerning. what is of concern to the country quite often he's not been cheer about. we are extending an invitation to him as we've extended an invitation to secretary chinton to come and stand before, stand flat-footed before the convention of the naacp, which
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will be the same week as republican national convention. and so we're asking him to come as many candidates have before him. >> if it's the same week it will be hard for him to leave cleveland -- where is your kons vengs? cincinnati? >> cincinnati. >> he's going to go from cleveland to cincinnati, make an i appearance. is that what you want? >> yes. we want him to make an appearance. he can get there by plane, helicopter, or car. it's not that much of a journey. the point being here is where we have a country that understands the race relations in this country are at a very fragile point with voting rights act literally hanging in the balance. mr. trump needs to stand fl flat-footed and speak. >> have you personally reached out to donald trump? >> we have. >> has he called you? has there been any dialogue? >> we have not. we have extended invitations to all the candidates. >> you just wrote him a letter? is that what you're saying?? >> yes. we have sent a letter to mr. trump today inviting him to the convention. but prior to this point we extended an invitation to all
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the candidates to attend a policy briefing that we did with the urban league. we heard from secretary clinton. we did not hear from mr. trump. we would like to. >> have you heard from bernie sanders? >> we heard from bernie sanders. we did. >> and? >> he attended. he came and explained his positions. but now we have two presumptive nominees, secretary clinton, mr. trump. this is the point at which we need clarity. because here's what we've seen heretofore. we've seen policy by tweet. we've seen flammable tweets, incendiary speeches. now is the moment for him to speak very thoughtfully, substantively, at length, in depth, and in detail because this is no laughing matter. >> i want to be precise. you assume hillary clinton is going to be the democratic presumptive nominee. bernie sanders not going to get it? >> based upon what we've seen, we're making that assumption. but we look forward to the nominee of each party coming
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before the convention of the ncaa. >> you wrote donald trump a letter today hoping he'll attend your convention and maybe he'll reach out and discuss. what would you like to hear him say? >> we'd like to hear him speak specifically about his policies. what we mean by that is where is he with respect to the voting rights act? he's asking for the people's votes. where is he with respect to it allowing everyone to participate in this election on a fair and equal basis? what is his position with respect to criminal justice reform in this country. the economic development policies in the country. the minimum wage. a living wage. what are his positions with respect to labor rights? >> minimum wage, he told me last week he's now open to seeing that minimum wage go up. it's now $7.25 an hour. he admits that's not a livable wage. >> well, we are glad to hear that, but we need to hear some -- we need some grant you lair, because it's one thing to say you're open to a minimum
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wage when so many people are living on a nonliving minimum wage. it's another thing to spell out a policy, a roadmap for getting us there. and we're at that moment. we're long past that moment. primary is over. >> he also says he's sticking by his very controversial statement that there should be at least a temporary ban on muslims coming to the united states until the u.s. could figure out what to do about isis, terrorism. the newly elected mayor of london, sadiq khan, who is muslim, he said, "the donald trump becomes the president i'll be stopped from going there by virtue of my faith." when you hear that, what's your reaction to that? >> this notion of a temporary ban does not suggest temporary bigotry, temporary bias. it suggests a long-standing bigotry and bias that this country has in the main decided that we're well past that. so the point being here is this is not a credible policy
2:13 pm
solution. it does nothing to address underlying security concerns or terrorism concerns and is not a serious proposal. that's why we're asking mr. trump to offer serious proposals. but the fact of the matter is the notion, the idea that we could ban an entire group of people based upon their religious beliefs, their ethnic background, on a temporary basis, is quite frankly irrational and immoral. >> very quickly, because i want to take a break but i want to continue this conversation, dr. ben carson told me last week he was going to have him vet vice presidential running mates. have you been in touch with dr. ben carson? >> we have not. >> over the years, not at all? >> oh certainly we have been in touch over the years. he actually won a medal from the naacp, our hughest award. we recognized his medical achievements and his humanitarian achievements. we've been in touch with him but not on this issue.
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life feels a little lighter, potency probiotic, livelier, a little more you. ultimate flora probiotics. talking with the naacp president cornell william brooks. first some breaking news. the u.s. government today filed a lawsuit against north carolina saying the state's so-called bathroom law violates parts of the u.s. civil rights act and other federal laws. let's go to our justice reporter
2:19 pm
evan perez. tell us about this lawsuit. >> reporter: the attorney general loretta lynch said this is about dignity for the transgender community. this law known as hb-2 in north carolina, her home state, violates three different parts of federal law, includes employment discrimination on the basis of sex, federal education law, something known as title ix, and the violence against women act. here's how she described it. >> this is not the first time we have seen discriminatory responses to historic moments of progress for our nation. we saw it in the jim crow laws that followed the emancipation proclamation. we saw it in the fierce and widespread resistance to brown v. board of education. and we saw it in the proliferation of state bans on same-sex unions that were intended to stifle any hope that gay and lesbian americans might one day be afforded the right to marry. >> wolf, there's no doubt that the attorney general views
2:20 pm
this -- and the obama administration in general views this as a civil rights issue. at issue right now is billions of dollars in federal funding. the attorney general says that if north carolina does not comply with federal law they could cut off federal funding not only for the university of north carolina but other federal funding as well that goes to law enforcement. we expect that north carolina will file its own lawsuit. we expect these two sides will have to work this out in the next few months. >> we'll see if they can. thanks very much for that. evan perez reporting for us. back with cornell william brooks, the president of the naacp. what's your reaction to what the attorney general loretta lynch did today? >> the attorney general is standing up for the rights of american citizens, gays and lesbians, people who are transgendered, have a right to dignity, a right to be treated like any and all other americans. she is standing up for them, but she's also standing up for the people who love them, who have them as family members. so she's acting and doing what
2:21 pm
an attorney general is supposed to do, which is to enforce the law. be clear. this is not really a bathroom bill. it circumscribes the ability of towns and municipalities to protect people who are gay, lesbian, transgender. so this is really a trojan horse, if you will, of a law containing discrimination on the face, but containing more discrimination within the bo di of it. so she did what she had to do. >> you're a lawyer. you went to yale law school. she makes comparison to jim crow, brown v. board of education. is she right? >> she is right. if we think about brown v. board of education, the courts said separation and segregation does something to the inside of a child. there are ways in which we set people aside, we separate them, we segment them, treat them differently, we do something to their dignity, it's an assault on their dignity as well as an
2:22 pm
assault on their rights. so the attorney general is doing the tough, smart attorney general is supposed to do, which is to enforce the law fairly. she did what she had to do. >> another issue close to your heart, ferguson, missouri, today, swore in its first african-american police chief today. have they moved on? are things in ferguson moving in the right direction right now? all of us remember what happened a year ago. >> i'm not sure if ferguson has moved on, but they've certainly moved forward. and the fact that they have a police chief that reflects the community, not in terms of skin color but in terms of policy, in terms of policing that is responsive to the needs of the community, that is a significant step forward. >> are race relations everything you're hearing over there better today than they were a year ago? >> perhaps better but not as they should be. but that's a consequence of ferguson, the city of missouri, like much of america having much to do. >> cornell william brooks of the naacp, always goold to have you here in "the situation room." >> thanks for having me.
2:23 pm
>> thanks for all your good work. >> coming up, can donald trump unify the divisions inside the republican party and the country? our political experts are standing by. later, an exclusive report from inside north korea has kim jong-un reveals grand yoes new plans and gets a fancy new title. will they increase the threat his country poses? we're also getting word of a tornado right now. we'll update you. this is in oklahoma. look at these live pictures coming into "the situation room." this is a live image. let's listen in far moment. >> trees have been stripped bare through here. this is not a good thing. the house is through here. there are several from memory, and, yeah, they are all just -- they're just gone right now. >> you see that and you see the trees that are debarked here. this is bad. this is a bad, bad situation here for garvin county.
2:24 pm
this tornado ha has moved right on through. this continues to make its way to the east here. once again a very, very strong storm and we're going to continue to watch this but also shelby, look at the most recent message that just came down because we have to start looking near moore as well. looks like there's some rotation. >> look at this storm right here. this is a violent tornado. now making its way towards wynnewood. hey, chris, you're up on the scene now. what are your thoughts -- >> all right. we'll continue to monitor this situation, very frightening pictures coming in. we'll update you on this and more.
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪
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♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. incredible pictures of a tornado on the ground in central oklahoma near interstate 35. this was the scene just a few moments ago. i want to bring in our meteorologist karen maginnis at the cnn severe weather center. this is very frightening and life-threatening. >> it is. and, wolf, we knew that today there was an enhanced risk for
2:30 pm
severe weather which included the possibility of isolated tornadoes. we were looking at the atmosphere that was ripe just for this severe weather outbreak. this particular tornado we've been watching this on the ground for now close to 20 minutes or so. you can see it's a fairly rural area, about 50 miles to the south of oklahoma city p but definitely looks sinister and in its wake it is taking down trees. we are seeing it just kind of pass over these power lines, and we do see debris coming out of the bottom of that tornado. this particular cell is currently in this tornado watch area. this is one of the cells we've been watching and it literally blew up this afternoon. we first started watching the towering cumulus started to erupt. it didn't look that ominous at first. but we knew the weather
2:31 pm
conditions were ripe. very warm air temperatures and a saturated atmosphere. we've got that moisture which is coming up from the south, and so -- oh, you can also see it does look as if this is moving rather rapidly. i thought i saw another tornado that looked to be forming there. definitely an ominous look to this system. the storm chasers as you can see seem to be impervious to situations like this. but we have seen at least a half a dozen cars that have been chasing this particular cell. wolf? >> the official tornado warning said to the folks out there, you are in a life-threatening situation. flying debris may be deadly to those caught without shelter. mobile homes will be destroyed. considerable damage to home, business, and vehicles is likely and complete destruction, complete destruction is possible. very frightening images. karen, stand by. we'll get back to you, continue
2:32 pm
to monitor the fallout from the breaking news. we're also following some fast-moving developments in the presidential race, especially donald trump shifting explanations of how he'd deal with the country's taxes and debt. with us in "the situation room," real clear politics national political reporter rebecca burg, cnn political commentator s.c. cup, ryan lizza, david chelion. donald trump says the u.s. would never default because as president you could order more money to be printed. should this be a red flag to voters out there? >> certainly you don't want a nominee for president or presumptive nominee for president from one of the two major parties threatening the country defaulting on its debt. but you also don't want a nominee for either party threatening hyperinflation, which is what you get when you start printing money to pay off the country's debt. and so it's a very unusual statement from donald trump and
2:33 pm
certainly unprecedented in the modern political era, even in an era where the debt ceiling has become such a political football. no one has suggested as a last-ditch effort we should be printing more money to deal with it. and certainly donald trump is making a number of promises when it comes to the national debt, also promising to "the washington post" editorial board that he would eliminate the debt within eight years. so one more in a line of very unrealistic statements we've heard from him. >> economic policy analyst ryan told cnn that this strategy he has is the bond equivalent of we're going to build a wall and have mexico pay for it. is this jrsz another strategy in trump's playbook, the political fallout? economists are concerned. >> the most generous explanation is he seems to be taking a mod frel the business world where renegotiating debt is not unheard of and he has long experience with that, and
2:34 pm
applying it to government debt, which is sort of sacrosanct. i think this is the same that has probably freaked out economists more than anything else. because, you know, in our 401(k)s, i mean, the u.s. treasuries are the foundation of, you know, arguably the world economy. and any insinuation that we're going to give debtors a haircut or not pay or mess with default in any way is potentially destabilizing. he is right, we can just print money. that is technically true. you know, we'll never be like greece because greece doesn't control the euro, they can't print money to get out of a situation like that. we could, but that would lead to hyperinflation. and i think there's a lot of ambiguity about what he meant. he had about three different positions on this. >> he's going to have to do some explaining in -- >> if he were president though and started talking about default and renegotiating debt and not paying full faith credit, that's problematic. >> instantaneous impact.
2:35 pm
>> he's also, though, moderating some of his earlier positions now that he's the presumptive republican nominee. on the minimum wage, for example, earlier as we heard, he was opposed to raising the minimum wage. told me last week he's open to raising the minimum wage, told me $7.25, which is the federal minimum wage, not a livable age. does that irritate establishment republicans when he says he's ready to see the minimum wage go up? >> well, look, this is what happens when you really have no undergirding political or economic principles. you're really just very malleab malleable. so of course he's been shifting. he's now the presumptive nominee in a general election facing a democrat. what donald trump has done through these economic and domestic policy issues over the course of his campaign has appeal to two different groups. the fringy alt right, the bastion of bigotry and mainstream modern liberals. that's what you're seeing with the economic rhetoric. not surprisingly that's left
2:36 pm
this huge gap of mainstream moderate republicans without really a party or a candidate they can get behind. that's 60% of the party is not insignificant. >> he makes the point that you know what, these are opening bar ganging positions that he has laid out. >> the art of the deal. >> the art of the deal. he knows there will be democrats, others in congress. if he's president of the united states, he's got to negotiate, got to work out a compromise. what's wrong with that? >> there's nothing wrong with having a negotiating position knowing you're going to move the get to a deal. nothing wrong with that. the problem he's having is he's exploring these policy positions publicly while not yet having his own party locked up with him. and here's what happens. so today when he clarifies his tax position and actually says no, no, no, i'm not -- itch not misspoken here, i am still going to cut taxes even for the wealthiest americans, i'm just not going to cut them as much as i said i was going to cut them -- >> as much as the middle class. >> he clarified that. the hillary clinton campaign pounced on that immediately,
2:37 pm
held a conference call with supporte supporters, hillary clinton was at an economic event today, and starts hammering away he's doing more for millionaires and billionaires than any presidential candidate in the history of presidential politics. the problem for donald trump is where's the cavalry to back him up in that moment? the hillary clinton campaign comes after him and there was no rnc conference call or trump campaign surrogate dispatched everywhere the way we normally see presidential general election combat because he hasn't yet wrapped up -- >> he does say he personally would pay more taxes and he's happy to pay more taxes. he makes a lot of money. and rich people like him should pay more taxes. >> in theory, if you were designing a republican candidate who could actually beat a democrat, on economics, what was romney's big problem, right? the middle class didn't trust him on certain things. and the two policies that a lot of reform republicans would go after would be upper income tax cuts, don't be so set in stone on, that and something on wages.
2:38 pm
so he's actually found the sweet spot against the democrats, but as david points out, he's done it in a way where he doesn't -- he already is leading a divided party, doesn't have support from conservatives, and, you know, it's not like nixon to china. he can't make these concessions because he doesn't have -- >> all right, guys. stand by. a lot more to assess and we will do that. also coming up, hillary clinton lashes out as donald trump as she courts a voting group that will be crucial to both parties in the november election. later, new clothes, a new title, and new plans for his country. is kim jong-un more dangerous now than ever? we have exclusive reporting from inside north korea. ♪ (woman) one year ago today mom started searching for her words.
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in the democratic presidential race, hillary clinton launched a scathing new attack on donald trump labeling his words reckless and dangerous. clinton is concentrating on a group of voters that will be crucial in the november election. women. let's bring in our senior national correspondent, joe johns. tell us about the latest war of words. >> the clinton campaign today took a two-pronged approach to the attacks of donald trump, essentially turning the discord in the republican party into a potential weapon against the presumptive nominee. putting out a long list in an e-mail of the republicans and the conservatives who are blasting trump. meanwhile, hillary clinton herself was working to stay on message at least for now, steering clear of his repeated
2:44 pm
attempts to bring her husband's past indiscretions into the spotlight. >> reporter: after two days of attacks from donald trump seeking to undercut her position with women voters, hillary clinton sat down in a room full of women in northern virginia talking kitchen table issues like equal pay but did not mention trump. >> we just can't let people claim that it's not a real issue because, you know, there's a lot of blowback, i raise it all the time, and, you know, i'm accused of playing the gender card and all of that. and the fact is that it's a real problem. >> reporter: later speaking briefly with reporters, she repeated her assertion that trump is a loose cannon. >> a lot of his rhetoric is not only reckless, it's dangerous. >> reporter: and while trump claims he's a winner with women -- >> there is nobody that has more respect for women than me. >> reporter: -- the latest cnn/orc poll shows more than two-thirds of women view him unfavorably and that's why
2:45 pm
clinton is working hard for their vote. >> i know wages need to go up, and then of course he doesn't think much of equal pay for women because of course he doesn't think much of women, it turns out. >> reporter: it's a fight escalating to fever pitch since clinton put it in the spotlight two weeks ago. >> mr. trump accused me of playing the, quote, woman card. [ boos ] well, if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in! >> reporter: clinton even raising $2.4 million in campaign contributions in just three days and selling an official woman card. but trump is fighting back, spending the weekend attacking the candidate and her husband. >> she's married to a man who is the worst abuser of women in the history of politics. remember the famous, i did not have sex with that woman? and then a couple months later, i'm guilty. and she's taking negative ads on
2:46 pm
me. she was an unbelievably nasty, mean enabler, and what she did to a lot of those women is disgraceful. >> reporter: asked to explain his comments, trump telling cnn today it's retribution for what clinton said. >> she is playing the woman's card to the hit. it's all nonsense. and you know what, women understand it better than anybody. >> reporter: the gender war even spreading to late night. >> don't you want to play with her? she's a girl. just like you. >> reporter: "saturday night live" poking fun at clinton with a sketch advertising a new barbie doll. >> president barbie even comes with accessories like sunglasses and a smartphone with snap chat. do you like her now? huh? do you? >> it feels like she's trying too hard. >> reporter: not to be overlooked is the fact that there is still a contest going on among the democrats running for president with voting in west virginia tomorrow. bernie sanders today was campaigning in atlantic city and also recorded a cameo appearance for the late show with stephen colbert that is scheduled to air
2:47 pm
tonight. >> joe johns reporting. thank you very much. coming up, we have an exclusive look inside an event that hasn't taken place in north korea in nearly 40 years. has it made kim jong-un even more dangerous? ♪ with 5-door versatility, advanced hybrid technology and dynamic sport-tuned suspension... it has a side for every side of you. ♪ the lexus ct. it's up for as much as you are. this is the pursuit of perfection. customer service!d. ma'am. this isn't a computer... wait. you're real? with discover card, you can talk to a real person in the u.s., like me, anytime. wow. this is a recording. really? no, i'm kidding. 100% u.s.-based customer service. here to help, not to sell.
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an extraordinary gathering of north korea's communist elite brings more power and new title for kim jong-un. cnn's will ripley gained extraordinary access to that meeting. he's in the capital, pyongyang. >> reporter: wolf, today is a day of celebration in pyongyang after four days of workers party
2:52 pm
congress ended with a new, bigger title for the supreme leader, kim jong-un. there's supposed to be spontaneous celebration of people in the streets showing happiness and loyalty to the leader, responsibility nate is the overstatement of the year, since we are seeing people practice in the city since we arrived, and the parade which isn't officially confirmed is probably the worst kept secret in town. another thing kept secret was the decision to send a small group of journalists, including cnn, into workers party congress for the final moments. this is where it is held. we went through a 90 minute security check before boarding buses, got a police escort. we walked through very ornate marble hallways into a waiting area, we are about to head in side we believe to see closing events of the first workers party congress, 36 years. this is the first time western media has been allowed into an
2:53 pm
event of this caliber here in north korea. this is a highly secretive country and in this room of 3400 people who are the ruling elite, members of workers party who are voting in the seventh party congress, and waiting for the supreme leader, kim jong-un, to take the stage. we are only allowed to film for ten minutes. we learned the party created a new, bigger title for their leader, chairman. though it is hard to imagine how much more power you can give to someone who already holds absolute power in north korea. you see framed portraits of found founder, and current leader, kim jong-un. when you walk down the ornate marble halls, you realize all of this, this whole building, this country, is built around the image of these three leaders.
2:54 pm
and perhaps to show the world just how seriously they take any mention of the man they call their supreme leader, north korea announced in a surprise news conference in pyongyang that they have detained a bbc journalist, rupert wingfield hayes as he tried to get on a flight out of the country, authorities grabbed him at the airport and questioned him eight hours before making him and his crew sign apology letters before allowing them to leave the country. the reason, reporting that north korea deemed disrespectful of the supreme leader. i have been severely reprimanded for reporting about the leader of this country, never have been detained. it just goes to show the situation that journalists face, dangers of working in north korea when you talk about a country that is so sensitive about the way its leadership is referred to. wolf? >> will ripley in pyongyang doing some excellent and unique reporting i should say at the same time. thank you for that.
2:55 pm
coming up. donald trump says no one knows more about debt than he does, insisting the u.s. would never have to default because it prints money. and he is shifting a stance on some issues like minimum wage, taxes on the wealthy. is he further alienating some mainstream republicans? (vo) on the trane test range, you learn what makes our heating and cooling systems so reliable. if there's a breaking point, we'll find it. it's hard to stop a trane.
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trump's stakes. they couldn't be higher for the presumptive nominee. many candidates are already saying no thanks. now that he named a formal rival, chris christie, to lead
3:00 pm
his transition team, is trump too toxic to attract qualified people? trump spins his answers on america's debt, minimum wage and taxes. were are some experts calling his economic policies reckless? the enabler, trump slams hillary clinton saying she was dismissive of women that had affairs with her husband. can trump's attacks help him overcome the gender gap with hillary clinton? and nuclear waiting game with north korea poised to test a nuclear weapon, the world watches and waits. all signs point to imminent attempt. when will kim jong-un pull the trigger? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." it is primary eve in west virginia and nebraska, with no
3:01 pm
republican rivals remaining, donald trump is looking down the road. the presumptive republican nominee asking chris christie to lead a transition team to ease trump into the white house. a more immediate concern is problematic, finding a running mate. marco rubio is the latest to rule himself out, citing reservations about his campaign and policies. and trump calling himself the king of debt, saying the u.s. can never default because it can just print more money. we are following the latest developments, including growing nuclear tension with north korea, now believed to be poised to carry out a nuclear test at any time. the dictator, kim jong-un, speaking out about the country's nuclear arsenal, what circumstances might provoke him to use it. we are covering that and more with our guests, including one of donald trump's supporters, scottie nell hughes and expe
3:02 pm
expeexper expert an lists are standing by. sarah murray, some are raising concern about his understanding of economics. what's the latest? >> reporter: that's right. a number of experts i talked to were puzzled. they say it seems like donald trump is floating ideas that might work in the business world, but don't translate to handling the u.s. economy, that's after he has taken a number of different stances on debt, on taxes, and on whether to raise the minimum wage. donald trump may be the gop nominee, but he's already giving republicans anxiety. >> i know more about debt than practically anybody. i love debt. >> reporter: professing a love of debt, making policy proclamations like this one when asked how to manage making debt payments. i would borrow knowing if the economy crashed, you could make a deal. today he is trying to moderate that stance, saying he would try to buy back debt at a discount
3:03 pm
and saying the country won't default because america can always print more money. >> you never default, you print the money. there's never a default. >> reporter: suggestions economists say aren't feasible, risk america's credit or lead to a spike in interest rates. he is also changing his tune on minimum wage. after saying wages were too high in the primary. >> do not raise the minimum wage? >> i would not raise the minimum. >> reporter: now he says he is open to an increase. >> i don't know how people make it on $7.25 an hour. with that being said, i would like to see an increase of some magnitude. but i would rather leave it to states. >> reporter: then the shift on taxes. trump saying he is willing to negotiate tax cuts for the wealthy. >> they talk about like i am giving a tax increase for the wealthy, i am not. i said they may have to pay somewhat more than my proposal. my proposal is less than people are paying. do you understand?
3:04 pm
>> reporter: a claim tough to square with his suggestion that he would pay more under his tax plan. >> reduces or eliminates most deductions and loopholes available to special interests and to the very rich. in other words, it is going to cost me a fortune. >> reporter: all of this as trump is struggling to unite the party. passing on the chance to echo sarah palin's comments on house speaker paul ryan. >> i think paul ryan is soon to be cantored as inner i can cantor. his political career is over but for a miracle. >> reporter: and may leave some in the party growning, "saturday night live" is celebrating its good fortune. >> does johnny ever take a gander at the holy crip tur? >> honestly, i love all the books in the bible. i do. they're all terrific. core in thee ands part due. book of revelations.
3:05 pm
too genesis, too furious. >> well isn't that special. >> reporter: "snl" seems practically giddy about trump as presumptive nominee, for the trump campaign it is a serious time, building infrastructure, trying to scale up for general election and planning for what happens if donald trump does win, naming chris christie chairman of the transition team which as you know is a huge role that involves building a mini federal government to prepare for if donald trump is, in fact, the president. >> sarah, thank you. sarah murray in new york. new developments in the rocky relationship between trump and house speaker paul ryan who says he's not ready to endorse donald trump. ryan is chairing the republican convention, now says he will skip that if trump wants him to no longer be the chairman. senior correspondent jim acosta is joining us. they have a meeting scheduled in washington thursday. what have you heard? >> that's right.
3:06 pm
both sides are keeping their powder dry about the meeting between donald trump and paul ryan thursday. shows you how important it is. earlier, ryan told the milwaukee journal sentinel he would step down as chairman of the convention if asked. he said he was answering a hypothetical when he said that, wasn't trying to send any more of a message. as for trump when he was asked about the comment sarah played, featuring sarah palin on state of the union of the weekend when she warned ryan he could be run out of office by opponent at primaries if he doesn't back the real estate tycoon, trump said that's palin being palin. >> do you want sarah palin trying to turn people against paul ryan? you're supposed to be unifying the party. >> sarah palin endorsed me, i like her a lot. >> do you want that. >> let me finish what i wanted to say, okay? i had nothing to do with that. sarah is very much a free agent. she's a terrific person. but she's very much a free
3:07 pm
agent. i didn't know about this until yesterday. >> in the middle of all this, rnc chairman reince priebus, told talk radio show earlier that ryan's decision not to back trump needs to be understood in the proper context. he says he and others in the party didn't expect ted cruz to drop out that soon. there are many republicans that need time to absorb the idea of trump as the nominee. wolf, it seems like all sides are trying to lower the temperature as much as possible ahead of the meeting. >> reince priebus will participated in that meeting, chairman of the republican party thursday. good luck to him. >> shows how important it is, trying to keep things calm this early on. >> very important. thanks very much, jim acosta. joining us, one of donald trump's key supporters, scottie nell hughes. donald trump says he is willing to raise taxes on himself. listen to this. >> the middle class in this country is getting decimated. i will fight like hell for that.
3:08 pm
i don't mind paying more tax, i'm be honest with you. i don't mind paying more tax. i've done well in the last 20 years. >> but then today said he meant the wealthy would be paying less than they pay now. can you understand some of the contradictions seemingly there, some suggesting he is reversing himself? >> i don't think he is reversing, it is not policy, it is proposing. politicians put out policies and don't necessarily follow through. that's why people don't trust when politicians speak on the campaign trail. mr. trump said he would more than likely raise taxes on hedge fund guys and those folks making money off others, not producing jobs to back up funds, those are all things to be revealed as time goes on and economic policy is developed as a proposal, because he wants to work with congress, he is optimistic working with house and senate leaders to help them come up with a budget proposal they can all agree on. >> he is willing to negotiate
3:09 pm
clearly and is author of the deal. he says his plan is a floor for negotiating with congress. he said he is more concerned about the middle class than the wealthy, calling that his opening statement. here's the question. donald trump, is he flexible on these positions? >> i don't know if flexible, you have to have a little flexibility. i think it is a foolish man that goes on the campaign trail and promises all these things and then they sit there and wonder, scratch their heads when constituents say you told us this and didn't deliver, hence what we've seen. he is saying now that it looks like i can be the nominee, i am willing to listen to all ideas and all justifications and willing to work with people on it. that's why i think he is optimistic in working with the house and the senate to make sure we keep a republican controlled congress to work with him. i think they would definitely work easier than any democrats in office. >> earlier in the campaign, as you remember, he said he wasn't willing to raise minimum wage.
3:10 pm
the other day told me he is willing, open to raising minimum wage, he says $7.25 is not a liveable wage. he now also goes a step further, says leave it up to states. they can decide what minimum wage should be. is he moving position to the left by opening up the door to raising minimum wage? >> is it that the problem that the republican party up to now, they're so black and white, so closed minded that they literally alienated so many voters, those folks have gone and voted democrat. i think it shows open minded donald trump. mr. trump is a business man. cost of living is different in new york than necessarily maybe in other states like alabama or here in tennessee where i am. i think it speaks about a great type of diplomacy that mr. trump is willing to say come to the table, let's talk about it. the only thing you need to ask about, whether he would raise
3:11 pm
federal minimum wage. other than that, he is willing to leave it to states depending what they feel is best for their people. i don't see anything wrong with that. >> he caused a lot of controversy by suggesting the u.s. could never default because the united states could simply print more money. economists warn it could lead to hyperinflation, hurt average americans that trust the full faith and credit worthiness if you will of u.s. bonds. this is a problem for trump now. you listen to so many economists. >> i think all mr. trump is doing is discussing what all of the other nations are doing. he wants to replace short term debt when it comes due with low yield bonds that can take advantage of historically low interest rates. this is a better way, more cost effective way of handling u.s. national debt. i find it very interesting the same economists, same pundits have been silent as we have gone
3:12 pm
through qe 1, 2, 3, and janet yellen and the rest of the feds printing money without criticism toward the obama administration. >> do you know who donald trump's key economic advisers or adviser is? >> at this point right now, there are advisers on every bit of policy. one of the best things about having a businessman at the top of the ticket, he has some of the best in business advising. we know about tom buroff and he is going to work with others in the senate that worked on budgets, have a realistic approach and can get something accomplished, the republicans don't win 5 or 10%, rather 50/50 or 70%. then we would be considered more winning than under the obama administration or republican held congress. >> i assume donald trump would agree that what sometimes works, often works if you're the ceo of
3:13 pm
a big business, big company, doesn't necessarily work as president of the united states running a sovereign nation. very quickly, want to get your quick reaction, marco rubio, former candidate, senator from florida put out a statement saying my previously stated reservations about his campaign with trump and concerns with his policies remain unchanged. he will be best served by a running mate and surrogates who fully embrace his campaign. i have never sought, will not seek and do not want to be considered for vice president. scottie, your reaction. >> that's interesting. once again seeing a flip flop. two, three weeks ago heard praising statements as they can be out of senator rubio to a local paper there, local station in tampa. like we heard with speaker ryan who weeks ago said he would work with whoever the nominee is and flip flopped on that as well. i have to wonder what strings are being pulled behind the doors, saying guys, you need to pull your support.
3:14 pm
when it comes to vp, it is interesting. i love the people turning it down when they haven't been asked. why are you so presumptive you'll be the one asked? >> will he have a tough time finding a vp? >> i do not think so. i think there are people very much interested in that spot. a lot of great people surrounded and endorsed mr. trump on the establishment and grass roots conservative side. when he is ready to choose, it will be that person when he asks them will not turn him down. >> stand by, scottie, there's more to discuss. let's take a quick break. we will resume coverage after this. safety doesn't come in a box. it's not a banner that goes on a wall. it's not something you do now and then. or when it's convenient. it's using state-of-the-art simulators to better prepare for any situation. it's giving offshore teams onshore support. and it's empowering anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right. at bp, safety is never being satisfied.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
3:18 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ all kinds of people on all kinds of teams use slack to do amazing things. ♪ ♪ donald trump is launching new attacks against hillary clinton saying she played a role
3:19 pm
in some of bill clinton's most notorious scandals. we are back with scottie nell hughes. donald trump attacked hillary clinton for being in his words an enabler of his infidelity. is that appropriate? could it impact trump's standing which is not good with women nationwide now? >> you have to realize mr. trump is not the first person to use that word enabler, it came from one of the 17 women that consider themselves to have been victimized by bill clinton, whether governor or president of the united states. sexually harassed, had an affair with or allegedly raped. there are 17 women that are very upset, some of them went through the court process, some are still going through the process with it. enabler in the fact that hillary clinton never did anything to stand up for her husband, yet, that's on the personal side, on the professional side seeing she didn't stand up for women in her
3:20 pm
own senate office. >> you think it is a smart strategy, political strategy to bring that stuff up? >> i think the key is, if you look at both of them, they're a lot alike, they used to have the same arsenal against each other, the personal and professional issues. i think all that donald trump is doing to hillary clinton who built this platform as the person for women that she's saying but listen, when she had the chance to stick up for women, not just rhetoric on the campaign trail, she chose not to. she chose to go against them. that's all he is trying to prove here. >> in july, trump said senator john mccain, that he likes people who weren't captured. john mccain was a pow for six years in vietnam. mccain says he owes an apology and should express appreciation that donald trump should apologize for the comments. he would express his
3:21 pm
appreciation if donald trump apologized. do you believe trump, a, should apologize, will he apologize? >> well, you know, i think there's nobody that's done more for, spoke more about veterans and veterans rights in the united states. >> should he apologize for saying that he thinks that john mccain, he doesn't like people who were captured, referring to john mccain's pow experience in vietnam. >> well, you have to separate out the two people. his conversation was reflecting john mccain, wasn't reflective of all pows. i think he respects them all, and wasn't insulting them. >> he says he likes people who weren't captured. those were his words. >> well, that's obviously not the words i would have chosen. i am sure mr. trump can decide whether or not he wants to apologize for this. i personally would not have said that. i think it speaks to the fact that his actions he is taking for veterans. you look at one of the biggest
3:22 pm
debacles in this scandal happened in arizona, the state that senator mccain is. maybe he should have spent more time looking for apologies looking in his own state to make sure veterans are taken care of. >> trump is meeting thursday with paul ryan, the speaker. do you think trump is willing to give speaker ryan and other republican house leaders the details they're requesting for him in order to win their endorsement? >> i think it depends if the house of representatives and speaker ryan are willing to come to the table, give him respect for winning the gop nomination, driving the turnout he did. i think they have to come to the table 50/50, wolf, speak with not one person having a power hold over the other. i am optimistic that's what we will get. that's not only for our party but for our country. i think that's what both men have intention of achieving. >> scottie hughes, thanks for coming in. >> thank you, wolf. just ahead, donald trump
3:23 pm
names chris christie to head the transition team if he is elected. as more republicans rule themselves out as a possible trump running mate. trump attacks hillary clinton saying she enabled her husband's infidelity. how is she responding. we'll update you. ♪ (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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major reversal by the
3:28 pm
presumptive nominee donald trump, including taxes and minimum wage. let's dig deeper. joining us, chief political correspondent dana bash, senior political reporter knee a ma leak a henderson, "the washington post" assistant editor david swerdlick and ana navarro. as he's pressed for more details, should we anticipate more revisions of sensitive policy decisions? >> probably. look, you interviewed him before, i have, and we watched a lot, and he definitely seems to be somebody who kind of as you ask a question, he thinks about it, he's like well, maybe x, and not y, and i'm not saying these were specifically done on the fly but it's not unheard of for donald trump to change a little bit, sometimes a lot. traditionally with a traditional
3:29 pm
candidate which donald trump has never been accused of being, you do see changes from the primary to the general moving more to the center. that could be what minimum wage change is and the fact he ruled it out, now not so much, and the tax issue which he said still not entirely clear what he said, he said it seems to have opened the door a little bit to raising taxes on the wealthy, now he says that's not what he met. that could be a move to the middle. my sense is it is still him working through the proposal as a first time candidate. >> what he does deserve credit for, he says these policy decisions are opening bargaining positions. he knows if he is president he has to negotiate with democrats in congress. he wants to come up with something. may not wind up being perfect the way he would like it, but he's willing to negotiate. that's different than some very conservative republican hard liners who say take it or leave it. >> that's right, compromise is essentially a dirty word.
3:30 pm
a lot of folks went into office proposing things that would never fly. on this issue one of his problems is that he doesn't have a lot of backup so far from establishment republicans, and when he is saying, for instance, he would be willing to pay more taxes, that he might raise taxes on the wealthy, even though that's not clear what he would do, he doesn't have the cavalry coming to his beck and call, then he leaves an opening for hillary clinton. they have a conference call today where they talked about his tax plan, called it reckless and risky, this underscores what their approach to him will be, which is that he doesn't know what he is talking about, he is a danger and unpredictable. >> he is open to raising the minimum wage. he says $7.25 minimum, that's not liveable wage, now he's going a step further saying let
3:31 pm
the states decide, new york, higher cost of living than other states, states are better positioned to come up with the minimum wage. but it is still an opening. still a shift from earlier positions. >> it is an opening and a shift. i think as dana said on taxes, his position is a little more nuanced, maybe he is an opening, he said he was against raising minimum wage. wanted to be on the side of small business people that say if minimum wage goes up, they have to layoff people. now that he is looking at general election, he is trying to position on the side of working class folks that say we can't live on the current minimum hourly wage. >> you heard bosses say the republican party doesn't need to be united for him to win the presidency. >> good, because we're not. if he doesn't need the republican party to be united, maybe he will win the presidency. right now if anything, it looks like friction is getting worse,
3:32 pm
not better. there are three types of republicans. there are trumpians, genuinely legitimately love him. he walks on water. elephants, true blue that will vote for whoever with the r. and the ostriches, people like me with their heads in the sand, don't think he is an ideological loy alyce that he has conservative values, find him objectionable on whether it is morality, the way he treats women, things he says about hispanics or pows, can't bring ourselves to vote for him. >> were you surprised by marco rubio's statement don't even consider me for the vice president. >> i have been saying it, there would be no way marco rubio would reconcile to this. more than that, no way jeannette
3:33 pm
rubio would let him reconcile to donald trump. >> ana laid out clear lines within the republican party. the issue is, as you well know, there are no clear lines. terry branstat, as establishment as they come, given the fact he is well regarded by all factions, most factions in iowa. the longest serving governor in the history of the country, he said he supports donald trump. so you have that kind of republican, sarah palin and everybody in between. the lines are more zig zag than clear which makes it harder. >> what does it tell you that he selected chris christie to serve as his chief of transition team if he is elected to the white house. >> it goes to their long-standing relationship. they are friends going back a decade. chris christie was one of the first to come out in february and endorse him.
3:34 pm
he finds chris christie to be loyal to him, going back to the endorsement, giving some kind of establishment credential line to his campaign. hasn't worked with the other establishment. in some ways it is a topic changer, too. here he is in the middle of all these conversations about td establishment not coming around. he can say look here. i have chris christie who will lead the transition team. >> he said that chris christie and ben carson will help vetting, son-in-law will help with cabinet selection. he is gearing your opinion. we have more to discuss about that. also taking a closer look at the democratic side, what's going on now. hillary clinton versus donald trump. new information coming into "the situation room." get ready. we'll be right back.
3:35 pm
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the battle for the democratic presidential nomination continues tomorrow with the west virginia primary. tonight, the sharpest attacks against hillary clinton aren't coming from senator bernie sanders but rather from donald trump. our senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny is joining us for the latest. jeff, trump is trying to cut into hillary clinton's dramatic lead now with women voters. >> reporter: indeed, wolf, and it is a substantial lead, but
3:40 pm
donald trump is following his own instinct which served him well, attacking hillary clinton and attacking her hard, calling her an enabler. saying she enabled her husband in the scandals some 20 years ago. campaigning in virginia, we caught up with clinton to find a different argument she makes to critical swing voters. hillary clinton isn't taking the bait. >> i have nothing to say about him and how he runs his campaign. >> incredible. >> reporter: donald trump is running his campaign by reviving old clinton controversies. >> she's married to a man who was the worst abuser of women in the history of politics. she's married to a man who hurt many women, and hillary, if you look and study, hillary hurt many women, women that he abused. >> reporter: today in virginia, clinton says she isn't responding to that. >> i am answering on what i think voters care about. >> you're resnding with substance. >> i am running my campaign, i
3:41 pm
am not running against him. he is doing a fine job of doing that himself. i am running my campaign. what i want to do as president, what i stand for, what i always stood for. >> reporter: her battle with trump hardening in the fight for women voters. >> there's still a challenge with equal pay for women which is real, not made up. >> reporter: trump defending his comments on cnn's "new day" saying clinton played the woman card first. >> she's playing the woman's card to the hilt. >> reporter: women, always a pivotal vote, even more so this year. she leads trump 61-35 nationally among women. according to the latest cnn orc poll. clinton is taking her message to small groups of voters. like this gathering today at a cafe in virginia. >> i am accused of playing the gender card and all of that, and the fact is that it is a real problem. >> reporter: she won the virginia primary two months ago. >> hello, virginia. >> reporter: but she's back with the general election in mind. >> it is clear that there are so
3:42 pm
many challenges facing young families today that we have got to come to grips with. >> reporter: the path to the white house goes through suburbs like here in loudoun county. president obama carried it by 8% in 2008, three points four years later. in the 2014 mid term elections, a republican barbara come stock won the congressional district by 17 points. now she's torn saying i can't support hillary clinton and i won't be, but donald trump needs to earn the votes of me and many others. these swing voters here will be key to the fall election. clinton is still trying to build excitement around her history making candidacy to be the first woman president, particularly wooing women, an effort mocked by "saturday night live." >> feels like she's trying too hard. >> reporter: so clearly hillary clinton is focusing on substance, talking about health
3:43 pm
care, child care, education, not being drawn in. wolf, the question is from one top democrat i talked to late today, what is bill clinton going to do, how will he respond to this. that may be what donald trump is trying to do, trying to draw bill clinton into the fray, because he certainly would have something to say about it. wolf, northern virginia suburbs, one of the places where the election will be won in the fall, that's why hillary clinton was here. >> thanks, jeff zeleny reporting. hillary clinton and bernie sanders have a big contest coming in west virginia tomorrow. bernie sanders by no means giving up yet. we will have all day coverage of that west virginia primary coming up tomorrow. let's talk about what's going on now. dana, the notion of an enabler, donald trump accusing hillary clinton of being an enabler, how is that going to play out with that key group, women voters. >> the first instinct of everybody that covers politics
3:44 pm
would be pretrump. it is probably not going to help him with women, probably not the kind of thing women want to hear. whenever anybody thinks about the conventional reaction of voters with trump, it tends to be the opposite because he has this sixth sense about how voters are going to respond. having said that, i think, thinking about this today, when it comes to hillary clinton and her response, wolf, you know this, you covered the clinton white house, she's seen this movie before, maybe not -- >> so have we. >> maybe not with 3d glasses, but my sense is what's going to drive her up the wall the most is her inability to nail trump down on policy issues, which she's very specific on and enjoys having policy discussions, and maybe that will be the thing that trips her up as much as if not more than the whole question about whether she's playing the woman card. >> do you think the new line of attack, which is an old line of
3:45 pm
attack with the clintons will help with women voters? >> it is an old line of attack, but it is a new line of attack in the sense we have never seen it played out in this twitter-verse and wall to wall cable news and blogosphere. donald trump needs to do well among white women, think about a state like virginia, for instance, mitt romney won 20 points over obama among white women. he has to do better than that in many ways if he wants to win a state like virginia. i think in some ways he is testing out what is hillary clinton's support with women. >> you heard barbara comstock saying donald trump needs to earn her vote. another a republican. are you hearing that increasingly from a lot of republicans out there who are not yet ready to endorse you or work for you, show us the goods, if you will? >> yeah, where's the beef.
3:46 pm
absolutely. i think that donald trump is not a guy who has a deep history with republican politics. we have a hard time understanding what he stands for, where he stands on positions and issues. it is a changing evolution that happens with him constantly. then we have these character issues, tactics issues, decorum issues. so i think that everybody will have to earn votes. i find it bother some, might have worked, might work with a small minority of republicans who voted in the primary, we are an entirely different ball game, and it is a heck of a thing for a guy who's had the personal life of donald trump to make these charges and not to be making them against bill clinton, that would be different. he is making them against the wife, the spouse. i find that very hard to swallow. >> a lot of us remember when bill clinton left office, that final year in office, his
3:47 pm
approval numbers were good, he was a popular president, despite impeachment and sexual indiscretions. he left popular. >> the issue was seen in a way at that time, secretary clinton was seen as a victim of that circumstance. times have shifted partly because trump framed it saying look, if you're going to call me sexist, i am calling sexist back on you and president clinton, framing it as a counter punch. i wonder why clinton's camp hasn't fashioned a response where she says look, my husband and i had struggles, we are still together. i want the voters to judge me on record as senator and secretary of state. you can't get in a race to the bottom, he will go one lower, wolf. there's no win. >> very quickly, bernie sanders is very much in the race. he might win west virginia tomorrow. how is this impacting, saying hillary clinton gets the nomination, general election contest against trump? >> i think it continues to gin
3:48 pm
up supporters and give them hope for their platform, if not for him actually winning the nomination, he'll raise more money and lengthen time he can stay in as a credible candidate. >> coverage of that tomorrow. important race, guys, thanks very much. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, battle it out to see who will face donald trump. watch coverage all day today. nebraska and west virginia primaries. coverage tomorrow. just ahead. north korea's kim jong-un detailing how he would use his country's nuclear arsenal. is another nuclear test in the mix?
3:49 pm
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3:53 pm
new details tonight of north kor korea's plan with more deadly weapons. kim jong-un is speaking about how he might actually use them. cnn's brian todd is working the story for us. the nuclear tension with north korea clearly ratcheting up. >> and u.s. officials watching the situation on the korean peninsula very closely and preparing for a provocation. one u.s. official telling me, flat out, the united states will not accept north korea as a nuclear state. but tonight, kim jong-un appears to be brushing off those warnings and moving to build his arsenal even more. appearing in a dark business suit, kim jong-un signals to his enemies what could provoke him to launch a nuclear warhead. >> translator: our republic will not use a nuclear weapon unless its sovereignty is encroached upon by any aggressive, hostile forces with nuclear weapons. >> reporter: but would kim only play defense with nuclear weapons? his regime has declared it is
3:54 pm
expanding its nuclear force, quote, in quality and quantity. >> it doesn't appear that north korea wants to slow down its nuclear weapons program. it appears that they want to make more nuclear weapons and they want to make those weapons more deadly. >> reporter: tonight, u.s. officials tell cnn, their preparing for a provocation from north korea. a u.s. intelligence official says it's expected the regime will again test a nuclear bomb. the monitoring group 38 nofth released new satellite images of the nuclear test site which it says indicate a test could come soon. >> there's still vehicles at the test site, but there's reduced activity at the test site. and that could be an indication of overall clearing out in preparation for actually conducting a test. >> reporter: the latest assessment from weapons experts is that the ambitious, unpredictable north korean leader now has between 10 and 20 nuclear bombs and as many as eight types of missiles, which
3:55 pm
can deliver them. he likely can miniaturize his warheads to fit on medium range missiles that can hit south korea, japan or the u.s. territory of guam. analysts say they can fit a warhead on to a long-range missile capable of hitting the u.s. but they haven't flight tested them to survive reentry. the danger, even when a north korean test fails, this regime succeeds. >> every time they conduct a nuclear test, they resolve technical puzzle or they overcome a technical problem, which they have before. >> reporter: this comes as kim closes his workers' party congress. analysts say this event, following his bloody purges crowns kim's effort to shift away from his military and toward himself. >> the military has been for all intents and purposes, neutered within the leadership. the key positions of power within the leadership turned over multiple times. so i see it highly unlikely the
3:56 pm
military can challenge kim jong-un at this point. >> reporter: in fact, this workers party congress is seen as a sort of coronation for kim. but he al aggravates his own power and the generals lose theirs experts are worried at a moment of crisis there may not be a top general with enough power, enough influence to warn kim against using a nuclear weapon. wolf? >> pretty alarming stuff. brian, thanks very much. i want to get to more on north korea. our chief national security correspondent, jim sciutto is in the situation room. bracing for potentially another nuclear test. >> i spoke with the senior u.s. military official today. they are watching very closely the workers party event friday was a natural time for this to happen, based on past practice. north korea often uses public spectacles, party events, to show the prestige, whether it be a missile test or nuclear test. but the fact it didn't happen then certainly doesn't take away any of the alarm. the trouble is, they can watch a lot from the satellites, but
3:57 pm
because these are underground tests, they can't know certainty when that test is about to happen. >> does china still have a lot of influence over north korea? because it seems if you speak to u.s. officials, they're really hoping that china can tamp things down. >> they have a lot of influence, but it's influence that north korea frankly has ignored, not only the frustration of u.s. officials, but to the frustration of chinese officials, as well. and to be frank, there's a level of pressure that china is unwilling to place on north korea. they will place economic sanctions, they will squeeze them, but not too hard, because their principle fear is not the nuclear program, the collapse of the north korean state. >> kim jong-un wearing a business suit, looking extremely confident, shall we say, about his power in north korea. let's talk about iran for a moment. it looks like they have launched another ballistic missile test now. the u.s. thinks this is a violation. >> they do. to be clear, the u.s. will say repeatedly this is not a violation of the nuclear agreement with iran, because the
3:58 pm
nuclear agreement by design did not cover iran's ballistic missile program. they say the tests -- they haven't established this test has -- in fact, the white house said today, they're still assessi assessing, but the past tests, they violate resolutions. the only lever for power for the u.s. there is that a u.n. security council resolution, but the most recent attempt in march following previous iranian missile tests was vetoed by russia. >> so if iran violates u.n. missiles but not the nuclear deal put together, if they violent u.n. security council resolutions, given the protect they have from russia, they're not going to be punished, penalized? >> there is precedent for getting unity in the u.n. security council in the past on previous resolutions but most recently following the most recent missile tests you have not had that unity. there is leverage the u.s. can do and targeted sanctions in
3:59 pm
response to the missile test but not a unified u.n. response. >> so is iran being very, very careful right now that could violate u.n. security council resolutions but they're adhering to the iran nuclear agreement? >> exactly. and from their view and frankly this is the administration view as well, those missile tests foul outside the nuclear agreement. but there is a read that there is pressure in effect inside iran to set off these tests as a show of strength following the nuclear agreement, which is not popular with the hard liners, iran. so they say they made a deal with the west on the nuclear program but we will still show our conventional military strength with these missile activities. >> and u.s. officials, top ones, say iran is adhering to the nuclear agreement. >> adhering to the nuclear agreement, yes but it's their view of the previous u.n. security council resolutions. >> all right, jim sciutto reporting for us. thank you very much. and to our viewers, remember, you can always follow us on twitter. please tweet me. love to read your tweets at wolf
4:00 pm
blitzer. always tweet the show at cnn sit room. join us right here tomorrow in the situation room. until then, thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in washington. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next, donald trump and paul ryan head-to-head. did ryan blink first? ben carson working with the trump campaign is my guest youfrts. plus trump bragging brag he's the king of debt. and attacks on hillary clinton over her husband's sex scandals are, quote, retribution. let's go "outfront." and good evening to all. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, breaking news, donald trump set to meet with top senate republicans on thursday, the same day he is set to meet with house speaker,


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