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tv   Americas Choice 2016 Nebraska West Virginia Primaries  CNN  May 10, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> could you guys make sure, keep this area clear. >> jumped into action, the 19-year-old woman, rescued, thanks to justin. no life threatening injuries. and some insight here. you know where justin was headed. put it this way, it gave him some reason to help someone want to stay alive. >> i lost a good friend of mine. i'm on his way to his funeral. >> funeral to his friend, stopped on the way to save a life. >> thank goodness for that guy. thank you, chris. time now for newsroom with pamela brown, in for carol costello. >> thank you tore tle the three you. i'll take it from here. newsroom starts now. happening now in the newsroom, voters in two states heading to the polls as donald trump gets ready to head to washington. can he smooth things over with party leaders? meanwhile, hillary clinton dodging the front-runner's attacks. >> i am running my campaign.
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i'm not running against him. he is doing a fine job of doing that himself. >> she still has one battle to win, before turning her focus to trump. >> i'm not going to get into plan b. plan a is winning california, west virginia, kentucky, remaining states. plus, large tornados ripping through oklahoma and the plains. now, another threat moves in today. let's talk in the cnn newsroom. good morning to you, i'm pamela brown, in for carol costello. thank you for being with us today. right now, polls opened up across nebraska. there are 36 delegates at stake there, and another 34 delegates up for grabs in west virginia. even a clean weep for trump, the last republican standing, will leave him 100 short for clinching the number he needs. hillary clinton could face a loss in west virginia, overwhelmingly supported her
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eight years ago. bernie sanders hoping a big win will show his message still resonates. the big drama looms ahead. donald trump sitting down with the republican leaders says he is criticized and threatened and to diffuse the tensions, one of the rivals is reaching out before thursday's meeting. our correspondents and guests covering both parties and all the angles. let's begin with the republicans, phil mattingly with a closer look. >> for the first tuesday in a number of months, the question is not who is going to win in these primaries, but instead, pamela, what happens next. what happens next is all about those meetings in washington, between donald trump and paul ryan. donald trump and senate republicans on thursday. now the tension between these two sides of the republican party, ratcheted up throughout the weekend, so much so that sarah palin appeared to be threatening paul ryan's house seat, another top trump surrogate, ben carson, new trying to ratchet things back. going the complete other
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direction in an interview with erin barnett last night. >> if donald trump doesn't want plea to host the convention chair, i'll step aside. should paul ryan step aside? >> well, first of all, donald trump is very much looking forward to their meeting on thursday. and i think you're going to find probably a lot more harmony than you think. a lot of the things that have been said and that have been magnified are not actually the positions. >> and pamela, as erin alluded to, paul ryan backing off a little, saying hey, this is donald trump, he is the presumptive nominee, if he want moose s me to step aside, i'm willing to do it. all eyes on the meeting, and all eyes on the next steps for donald trump going forward in his campaign related to the vice-presidential search. a number have pulled themselves out, marco rubio, the florida senator, former top opponent,
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saying he is not sought and will not seek and would not accept the vice-presidential nomination from donald trump, saying that he still has reservations not only about donald trump how he ran his campaign, but concerns about policies as well. pamela, obviously all we've been talking about the last couple of weeks has been delegates, delegate math, for the most part, donald trump put it to bed last week in indiana. still, ted cruz has decide today hang on to his delegates. the big question is why. why would you do something like this. it could be helpful when he gets to cleveland in july, and it's about shaping the party platform. very concerned about where donald trump will head with policy in the republican party. they will now have votes on how the republican party decides the platform, that, pamela, is why ted cruz is hanging on to his delegates. >> and he is not the only candidate doing that. marco rubio as well, correct? >> that's correct. phil, thanks so much for that. by the way, voters hitting
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the polls in west virginia. jean casarez. >> reporter: they opened at 6:30 this morning. we've been constantly seeing people streaming in to cast their vote. it could be a record turnout, and we do have indicators of that, because there has been record setting early voting numbers. we want to show everybody. 2016, the current year, almost 101,000 early votes have been cast. now, you compare that with 2012, over 57,000 votes, and in 2008, almost 69,000 votes. you can see, far more this year. the number one issue on the minds of everybody, you probably know, is the economy. but it's the coal industry. this is coal country. it always has been. and joining us right now is a native west virginia yan, tomorrow susman. thank you for joining us.
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coal industry so important to this state. but you saith the answer is diversification of industry? >> natural gas and other energy forms, we've got to diversify and move forward. coal will always take a major place in our economy in west virginia, but we need to attract other industries to our state to be able to survive. >> we're hearing diversification from bernie sanders and hillary clinton. who do you think can help ee effectuate and bring it to ee alty? >> bernie sanders. he has passion, he has desire. hillary seems more like a packaged candidate, establishment. i think that bernie sanders offers for people in west virginia and across the country an energy that is not there in the clinton campaign. >> when hillary clinton made that comment at the cnn town hall in march, which she took back, but said that she would make sure that coal mines were shut down and coal workers would lose their job, did that affect people here? >> it cut right to the quick. this had always been clinton
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country, and it's amazing the change in the outlook once the remark came out. >> tom susman, thank you so much. i want to tell you we've spoken to voters that know donald trump is the only republican left, but they cast their vote today, because they want to show in record numbers, his support and allegiance to the coal industry. and pam, i want to tell you about, this is a closed primary. in other words, if you are democratic, you vote for the democratic ticket, if you're republican, you vote for the republican. but if you're an independent in west virginia, you can walk inside and select, if you want to vote democratic or if you want to vote republican. so the influence of the independents today may actually amount to who will win the primary, especially on the side of the democrats. pam. >> we'll be keeping a close on on that. congress returns to work, and republican lawmakers return to a new reality. donald trump appears to be the nominee. he'll meet with gop leader ossen
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thursday, and while that support has been tepid, it may be down right chilly. con cnn political come plen tate tore and anchor for new york 1 news. thank you for coming on. a lot to discuss this morning. kaley, just looking ahead for thursday, does he need to win over the lawmakers, do you think the shunning is more charming to his supporters. >> no doubt about it that donald trump's run is an outsider is en deering to his supporters. many of his supportering feel betrayed by republican leaders. with that being said, i think both sides come into the meeting with conciliatory approaches, differential approaches, saying our goal is to get to the middle. that doesn't mean sacrificing values, it doesn't mean donald trump changing his position, it doesn't mean paul ryan moving
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further in. but it means open mindness. we might disagree on policy, but we're here to beat hillary clinton. if they come with that approach, this will be a non-story as of friday and paul ryan will endorse about donald trump, i hope. >> what about some of the sticking points who has come out strongly against donald trump's policy proposals, such as banning on muslims coming into the u.s.? do you think that donald trump will be flexible as he has been with some of his other policy proposals? >> look, reasonable minds differ. donald trump's policies, i think it would be a mistake for him to really change his policies, because people look at him and think he is authentic because he hasn't changed his policy. this isn't a mitt romney election where it is an etch a sketch. it would be foolish for us not to listen to our voters. so i think the onus is on paul ryan. i may not agree with you on everything, but with that being said, you're better choice than
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hillary clinton. >> errol, in some cases, republican lawmakers are saying they're going to skip the convention, dodging questions about trump. in fact, one lawmaker ran into the elevator to avoid taking questions about trump. how important is it that trump tamps this down? >> look, this is more the problem of those lawmakers than it is for donald trump. donald trump is fine running as an antiestablishment candidate. he is fine annoying people on capitol hill to get more people from his base. what's not so fine, for example, the 40 odd lawmakers in the house of representative whose have districts with at least 20% latino voters. if the numbers hold and he, donald trump is as unpopular with latino voters in november as he is now, that's a problem for each of those members. and they have to figure out, they have to get out you think into their district, take the
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temperature, figure out whether or not they can run with donald trump or will run apart from him, and in a few cases, run against him. i mean, that's suggest can never ask a politician to do something what is not in their best interest. in this turbulent campaign seen, it will be hard to figure this out. they want to get home and figure out what's going on in their district and may see a change in their attitude toward donald trump. >> meanwhile, paul ryan is now saying he won't chair the republican convention if trump doesn't want him. listen to what he said. >> he is the nominee. i'll do whatever he wants with respect to the convention. the point is, we just need to get to know each other, and my goal is to help put together a unified party that sticks to our principles. >> what do you think, kaley, if he does not end up throwing his support behind donald trump
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between now and then, should he not chair the convention? >> you know, i really think that that's up to donald trump and donald trump said yesterday, you know, it's basically an open question at this point. we don't know, you know, what's going to happen at this meeting. but you know, i think it's important for the chair of the convention to support the nominee and i think that paul ryan will get to the place. think that was an olive branch on the part of paul ryan, showing deaf renference. mish mcconnell, rick perry, coming out and supporting him, maybe it's time for him to do the same. >> is this an olive branch or a calculated move by ryan to distance himself, because he wants to take the pressure off of himself from being too close to trump by being chair of the convention. >> that's right. there is that calculation again. there is a 30-seat majority that the republicans have in the house of representatives. that 30-seat majority is exactly why paul ryan is the speaker of the house. he won't be speaker if they lose that margin.
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so he has to try to figure out like all of his members do how he stays in the majority. and again, i think when you've got this delicate balancing act going on where he has to try to figure out, look, if we lose 30 seats and i'm no longer speaker, that's the end for me. and if i can preserve that majority and maybe distance myself a little bit from donald trump, if that's politically in my best interest, i might have to do that too. so yeah, very much a calculation. he is looking for wiggle room. >> certainly a delicate dance. kaley, errol, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you, pamela. on the lead, jake tapper will have an exclusive interview with marco rubio. this will be his first interview since dropping out of the republican race. that's at 4:00 p.m. eastern, right here on cnn. president obama will soon go where no sitting u.s. president has ever been. he'll go to hiroshima, according to the white hoiuse, dedicated o
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the victims, and the president will also visit vietnam, and participate in his final g7 summit in japan. still ahead on the "newsroom," latest battle ground for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. why sanders says he is in it until the last vote is cast. i'm going 100 miles per hour. a branch catches me here. you think that stopped me? i was about to be the first 3rd grader to jump the cook county creek.
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yeah? you did a really good job, okay? [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson. well, hillary clinton may be looking ahead to the general election, but bernie sanders is digging in for a democratic battle. today, they face off in west virginia, where clinton wrapped up a 41 point victory against barack obama in the 2008 primary. but eight years later, it is a much different story. at a rally in new jersey, bernie sanders urged his supporters to fight until the very end. >> don't let anybody tell you this campaign is over. we're going to fight for the last vote we can find in new jersey and california.
6:19 am
>> senior washington correspondent, joe johns is in washington. joe, jean talked to a voter there on the ground in west virginia, who said it used to be clinton country. not so much any more. >> that's for sure. i think part of the problem as jean pointed out is that hillary clinton back in march made some statements about coal that don't take so kindly in the mountain state. we'll see what happens in the voting. the clinton campaign also is taking a two-pronged approach to the attacks of donald trump. essentially trying to turn the discord in the republican party into a weapon against the presumptive nominee, putting out a long list in an e-mail of the republicans and conservatives who are blasting trump. meanwhile, hillary clinton herself has been working to try to stay on message, at least for now, steering clear of trump's repeated attempts to bring her husband's past indiscretions into the spotlight. listen. >> i'm answering him on what i think voters care about.
6:20 am
i'm answering him on the differences between our records, our experience. what we want to do for our country. how important it is to try to unify the country. and i have been very clear that a lot of his rhetoric is not only reckless, it's dangerous. >> now, neither of the democrats is campaigning in west virginia today, though hillary clinton is in nearby kentucky, which votes next week. bernie sanders is campaigning out on the west coast. pamela. >> joe, thanks so much for that. while clinton won't respond to the personal jabs, she is reminding voters that they are reckless. this new ad, using trump's remarks about women against him. >> because nobody respects women more than donald trump. she came to my wedding. she ate like a pig, and
6:21 am
seriously, the wedding cake was like missing in action. >> so you treat women with respect? >> i can't say that, either. >> all right, good. >> joining me now, jason johnson, political editor for the and professor of political science. jason, good morning to you. >> good morning, pamela. >> so you saw that attack ad there. some have said that clinton is walking into a trap by taking on trump's women's card attack, basically arguing it opens her up to scrutiny or trump will turn her into the women a he is candidate and she'll lose. after all, we saw trump wipe out 16 other gop candidates, some of whom vide to take him on in a similar way. your thought as soon as. >> yeah, he wiped out 15 men and a woman hho had no chance and a terrible resume. he is not beating on a bunch of republican whose didn't have much of a chance, running against the ghost of barack
6:22 am
obama. he is running against a seasonal candidate. you can make fun of black people, candidates have gotten successful, no one has ever won by beating up on white women. that's what donald trump is doing right now. a lot of his comments, and it will not help him. hillary clinton is doing the right thing right now. >> you don't think it will help him. all along, we've been saying this will be the end of him, this isn't going to work and then low and behold, he pulls in millions and millions of voters. >> now, see that's the thing. right here in northeast ohio, you have tons of people who love donald trump. the people who find him surprising are trapped in washington, d.c. or trapped in new york who don't hear how his voice really resonates in certain parts of america. that kind of boisterousness, that obnoxious behavior, reality tv, he is basically like an imaginary person of what a rich guy would act like. he is going to do better than many people expect, but those
6:23 am
comments kill you in the suburbs, the suburbs of philadelphia, cleveland, l.a., that's where trump will lose. that's where hillary will run up the score. >> the general election is a different game than the primaries. >> yes. >> trump has been attacking hillary forei enabling her husband. she says she is going to focus on the issues she thinks voters care about. what about young people who don't know her background and aren't enthusiastic about her candidacy. is calling her an enabler a mistake in your view. >> not really. here is why. you talk to people under 25, like monica lewinsky is a trivial pursuit question. all the questions about bill clinton's past behavior, they don't really affect young voters, because they didn't want watch it or experience it. he may be dangerous, you attack him on the fact he is not
6:24 am
substantive, sexist. but hillary clinton is on the right target right now. he she has to be more concerned about bernie sanders than anything donald trump is saying about her now. >> bernie sanders says he is staying in this race until the end. jason johnson, thank you so much. still ahead, right here in the "newsroom," tornado outbreak killing two people and the threat isn't over yet. ther ligh. absorbs in seconds... ...keeps skin healthy looking and soft. aveeno® naturally beautiful results. i smbut ended up nowhere.a lot now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. of bad breath germs% for a 100% fresh mouth.
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well, tornados tear through five states. look at this video, the worst hitting oklahoma, where two people were killed. they brought high winds and grapefruit sized hail. homes destroyed with roofs and walls torn down and trees splintered. the storm threat continues today. meteorologist chad myers joins us now.
6:29 am
>> pamela, we had 21 tornados yesterday. i don't think we have that number for a threat today, but certainly, the channels of hail and of chance of a higher populated area getting hit. the ohio valley. cincinnati, lexington, the storms were in the plains yesterday, kansas, all the way down to north texas. today, that weather moves farther to the east. it's now moving through memphis, into mash vilnashville, columbu after dark, to pittsburgh. that's our zone right there that we're worried about the most. yes, there will be storms around dallas again for tonight, but this is the area, any where from east of st. louis here, evansville, ohio, that's the area with the potential for severe weather. for tomorrow, that goes out to sea, gone.
6:30 am
another area develops from the west and into the plains. pamela, that's exactly what we would expect. one area of severe weather after another, because it's springtime. this is not all that unusual. i think what we're seeing here is this love of approximate going storm chasing. that's why we're seeing so many tornados. we know they can get in the way of these things, because they can go left to right. they sometimes follow the jet stream, but sometimes turn. it looks like a tornado chasing traffic jam. so please be careful. a radio weather in the car does not make you a storm chaser. >> lexington is my hometown. stay safe. chad, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. good morning, i'm pamela brown, in for carol costello, thank you for being here on this tuesday. sarah palin says paul ryan's time is limited as house
6:31 am
speaker. >> his political career is over, but for a miracle. because he is so disrespected the will of the people. >> so is this the man to do it? >> mr. speaker, you championed this trade deal. why don't you come back to wisconsin and debate me, man-to-man, face-to-face. if you don't want to debate me, maybe we can arm wrestle. >> businessman paul neilen, joining me now on the phone. welcome, paul. >> hey, good morning, pamela glchlt . >> so paul, it goes without saying paul ryan is extremely popular in wisconsin, 94% to 6%, his popularity has been consistently above 70%. you have called this, paul, a quote david and goliath fight.
6:32 am
why do you think you can do better? >> because paul ryan sells himself as one thing and he is another. paul ryan is not a conservative. who is paul ryan to lecture anyone about uniting around conservatism. if you look at president obama's top three policy initiatives, trans pacific partnership and criminal justice reform, paul ryan is the champion enabler of those initiatives. he is uniting with hillary clinton and the state department around tpp and barack obama around comprehensive reform and criminal justice reform. we have a huge drug problem in this country. we have a lot of problems in this country. paul ryan drove his wiener mobile to d.c., and he has done nothing for us. wisconsin's first district is hurting. we're surrounded by sanctuary cities, and we have h 1 bc replacing current americans in their current rolls. >> so if all of this is true, why is he so popular in
6:33 am
wisconsin, if he is not a true conservative? >> interesting to note, i'm glad you asked that question. that poll was taken five days before i announced i was running. so paul ryan was popular when nobody had a choice. now they have a choice. now they've got a conservative choice. and really, paul ryan has betrayed us all. paul ryan's growing unpopularity bridges political factions. whether you're democratic, republican, tea party, paul ryan has betrayed you. he wants to send your jobs overseas. he is uniting with tom donahue and the u.s. -- and hillary clinton and the u.s. state department around the trans pacific partnership. this hurts our sovereignty. this sets up a super national group that gives us one vote. gives the u.s. one vote, equal to vietnam's one vote. >> so let me ask you this -- why would we do this?
6:34 am
>> let me ask you this. ted cruz won wisconsin. donald trump did not win your state in the primaries, yet a big high profile trump supporter, sarah palin, are you worried that ties to trump could hurt your chance as soon as. >> i don't think it hurts my chances. look, i have a lot of respect for the cruz voters in my district, and i've got a lot of respect for the trump voters in my district. paul ryan, i have a lot of respect for all my districts. paul ryan doesn't have any respect for the voters in the district. when 83% comes from outside of the district and inside the d.c. belt way, that's -- we pay his salary. i pay paul ryan's salary. >> just back to donald trump, because you know, he didn't win your state. so it may seem counter intuitive that you would be throwing your support behind him. >> no, it is not counter intuitive. people perceive donald trump and ted cruz as the outsider
6:35 am
candidates, that they were not liked. so if you put donald trump and ted cruz's numbers together, that's a huge slap in paul ryan's face. so that's the people, and honestly, i've got democrats coming -- it is an open primary in wisconsin. democrats are going to look at me and say here is a guy who is willing to go down to the u.s. border and be literally on the border. i'm literally remote right now calling you from the u.s. border. it's pourous. i'm telling you, it is frightening. that's how these drugs are getting into the country. that's how all this human trafficking is going on down here. paul ryan has funneled every dangerous policy of obama. 1.8 trillion in omni bus funds. >> paul, thank you so much. we appreciate you coalling in from the border here. thanks, but no thanks.
6:36 am
london's new mayor rejecting the offer of an exception to his plan. london's first muslim mayor, cnn correspondent phil black joins us live from london. he plans to visit the u.s. before the next president takes off. is that right? >> reporter: yeah policeman. he made a remark to a journalist, somewhat lightheart lightheartedly, if he wants to visit, he would have do it in january, just in case he said he won't be allowed to enter, by virtue of his own faith. donald trump has then responded, after being asked about this, saying that he would always be exceptions to the law. what we're hearing from the mayor of london, who has just taken office, that's not really the point. this isn't just about him. it's not just about all his friends, family, people all
6:37 am
around the world who share his faith and come from a similar background. he has some pretty tough words for trump and his policy of excluding muslims from entering the united states. he describes trump as having an ignorant view of islam, one that makes both countries less safe. that is, the united states and the united kingdom, because he says it plays into the hands of extremists by alienating mainstream muslims. so some tough language, certainly and it appears even if donald trump is elected as president, if he puts the policy into place, he is not interested in being one of those exceptions to the rule. pamela. >> all right, phil black, thank you so much for that. still to come on this tuesday, an historic meeting ends with an unprecedented celebration, fabric torching marching on the country's capital.
6:38 am
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well, should we call this terrific tuesday for your money so far. a check of the big boards showing the dow is up 110 points, after ending in the red on monday. on the nasdaq, facebook in the green up slightly, wavering just under $120 per share. meanti meantime, social media bias, an anonymous contractor at facebook says he witnessed other employees suppressing news about popular conservative topics from the site's trending section. facebook denies it and says it takes allegations seriously. let's bring in correspondent brian stelter. i think it's safe to say this is not trending on facebook right now. >> that's actually what is so strange about this. it did show up in the facebook trending box. maybe facebook knew if it kept it out of the trending box, it would look bad for the company, right. this is something that affects everybody. if you use facebook like i do, and mostly everybody does, you know the box in the upper right hand corner of the screen called
6:43 am
trending stories, every time you look at the news feed, there it is. headlines around the world. that box and what goes in there is what is at issue. they have strict guidelines and a team of curatorcurators, spam hoax or inappropriate for the bon box. the tech blog giz moto, they did see conservative stories pushed down or censored while liberal stories and other stories allowed. so let me show you what facebook says about this. here is their statement. we take the reports extremely sure seriously, there are rigorous guidelines to ensure consistency and neutrality. they do not permit the suppression of political perspectives. this is a narrative for a long time. tech sites like twitter and facebook might be infected by liberal bias.
6:44 am
they may be encouraging or supporting liberal news and opinions, while suppressing conservatives perspectives. these new claims are the latest examples in that narrative. i think what's happening here, pamela, according to the sources we've spoken with, there may be in some cases individual employees who did tilt the trending box toward or against what they believed in. there is not an institutional bias at play, but whenever you have humans, whenever you have editors involved, there can be sometimes unconscious bias. >> very interesting. brian stelter, we'll be keeping an eye on that story. massive parade in north korea, cnn goes there, up next.
6:45 am
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well, a man with a knife goes on a stabbing spree in a german train station. one dead and three injured after the attack near munich. arresting a 27-year-old german man. they're now questioning witnesses about what happened, including whether the is suspected shouted in arra bick. floats and a a brass band, pomp and circumstance, for a massive rally and parade. end of the nation's first worker party congress in all four decades. phil ripley, granted access to that rare political event.
6:50 am
he joins us now from pyongyang. it's remarkable you see these images of the congress and this isn't a country where they can't even keep the . >> reporter: yeah. well, the amount of money spent on putting together just tonight's fireworks show alone which lasted about 20 minutes or so nonstop fireworks that were booming throughout the city, and then not to mention the fact also that about half of the city's population participated in two parades that happened today. there was the torch light parade this evening with the teenagers and students out holding up torches doing these synchronized moves they've been practicing for months. half the city's population, by the way, that's more than a million people participating. the other parade was this morning and it was the adults who were waving flags and fake flowers, trying to get the attention of their leader who got the brand new title of
6:51 am
chairman of the workers party of korea. there was a float with missiles on it talking about north korea's nuclear program. the citizens are celebrating the fact that their leader wants to push forward. in fact, this weekend the congress passed a measure to increase the number of nuclear weapons and improve the quality of nuclear weapons because they even talked about e ed aboued e the united states. even though the weapons come at the cost of economic sanctions and hardship, there's food difficulties within the country, people on the street say they support those policies but again what else would they say when they're talking about their leader who has absolute power, power which got even greater when he was given a brand new title, never had this title before, chairman of the workers party of korea. we were invited inside the venue where this congress is being held with a handful of other international journalists after we had been complaining about lack of access, having to watch
6:52 am
the state media to get any information. we and a handful of other news outlets, we were put on a bus, not told where we were going, we had a 90-minute security check and we didn't know what we were going to be seeing until literally walking into this building where the congress was being held. the leader, kim jong-un, walked out 5,000 party members started applauding. they unanimously voted to give him this title. votes are always unanimous. it's hard to believe that somebody who has absolute power could even become more powerful. that's why some people are calling this more of a coronation than an election. it solidifies his ability to dictate whatever he wants this country to do and he's made this very clear, nuclear weapons a major priority, pam. >> will ripley, thank you so much for bringing us the latest from pyongyang. still ahead, an old nemesis is back to take on donald trump, and these two have quite a history long before trump became a president candidate. the burn of the church lady up next.
6:53 am
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6:57 am
a beloved "saturday night live" character is back with a few choice words for donald trump and this isn't the first time the church lady has taken on the donald. jeanne moos has more on their rocky past. >> reporter: give her an amen. on and off for about three decades. >> hello again. i'm the church lady. welcome to church chat. >> reporter: chunch lady has been one of "snl's" special characters. >> well, isn't that special. >> reporter: and now dana carvey is back especially eager to cast judgment on you know who. >> the tangerine tornado, donald j. trump. >> reporter: church lady first tangled with trump 26 years ago back when he divorced his first wife to marry marla maples.
6:58 am
>> well, we certainly are flexible, aren't we? >> and when trump showed up, he gave church lady more trouble than the real donald gave the pope. >> i can buy and sell you and your little freak show dog and pony act, whatever this is. >> reporter: the church lady has held up that famous headline. >> a little -- >> and sent phil hartman packing. >> scoot, sinners. >> reporter: 26 years later d r darrell hammond was playing trump spouting scripture. >> love thy neighbor as thyself and like a good neighbor, state farm is there. >> i grew up lutheran. we call ourselves catholic light. >> reporter: carvey said his family would show up at church after missing a couple sundays. >> the church ladies would sort of give this judgmental, as if they were saying, well, well, well, apparently some of us come
6:59 am
to church when it's convenient. >> reporter: done everyone from tammy baker to the real justin bieber. to o.j. >> church lady has aged gratefully while the donald character has grown blonder and beefier. >> hey church lady. >> well isn't that special. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" begins right now. happening now in the "newsroom." voters in two states head to the polls as donald trump gets ready to head to washington. can he smooth things over with party leaders? meanwhile, hillary clinton dodging the gop front-runner's attacks. >> i'm running my campaign. i'm not running against him. he's doing a fine job of doing that himself. >> and she still has one battle to win before turning her focus to trump. >> i'm not going to get into
7:00 am
plan "b." plan "a" is winning california, it's winning west virginia, kentucky, oregon, and the remaining states. plus, large, violent tornadoes ripping through oklahoma and the plains. now another threat moves in today. let's talk in the cnn "newsroom." good morning to you. i'm pamela brown in for carol costello on this tuesday. thanks for being a part of your morning with us. we want to turn to presidential politics. it's not quite a super tuesday but two more primaries are under way this hour, and right now polls are open across nebraska, one of donald trump's stepping stones to the republican nomination. there are 36 delegates at stake there, and another 34 delegates up for grabs in west virginia. even a clean sweep for trump, the last republican standing, will leave him about 100 short of clinching. and hillary clinton could face a loss in west virginia, a state that overwhelmingly supported her eight years ago. bernie sanders is hoping a big win will show that his message still resonates.
7:01 am
but the big drama looms ahead. donald trump sitting down with the republican leaders that he has criticized and threatened, and to defuse the tensions, one of trump's vanquished rivals is reaching out before thursday's meeting. our correspondents are covering both parties and all angles at this hour. let's begin with the republicans. cnn's phil mattingly is in new york with a closer look. phil? >> reporter: good morning, pam. for the first tuesday in months, donald trump is not fighting republican opponents, but he's still fighting the republican party. all eyes on that meeting on thursday between donald trump and paul ryan. also donald trump and senate republicans. this coming after days where the tensions have only ratcheted up between the two sides of what is becoming a pretty full debate. still, even in the wake of sarah palin at one point threatening paul ryan's seat or at least willing to help try to unseat paul ryan, donald trump trying to de-escalate the rhetoric. listen to what ben carson, a
7:02 am
prominent trump supporter and former republican presidential candidate, told cnn's erin burnett last night. >> you heard today paul ryan say if donald trump doesn't want me to host his convention chair, i'll step aside. should paul ryan step aside? >> first of all, donald trump is very much looking forward to their meeting on thursday, and i think you're going to find probably a lot more harmony than you think. a lot of the things that have been said and that have been magnified are not actually the positions. >> reporter: and paul ryan in interviews with wisconsin media sounding a similar tune, saying he really wants to just meet donald trump. he doesn't know him very well and they both have a similar goal, unity for the party. as trump looks forward, obviously the need to lock up donors to lock up supporters, also the need to pick a vice presidential candidate and yet another top tier republican has removed his name from that list. this time marco rubio, the
7:03 am
florida senator and the former presidential candidate, saying in a statement yesterday that he is taking himself out of consideration. basically pointing to the fact that while republican voters have, quote, chosen donald trump as the presumptive gop nominee, my previously stated reservations about his campaign and concerns with many of his policies remain unchanged. and this is an important point obviously. we remember at the height of the republican primary, that marco rubio and donald trump went after one another in a very, very personal way. there had been rumor that is the trump campaign was considering reaching out to marco rubio. at this point marco rubio putting all of that to rest. it's worth noting looking at another former opponent now, ted cruz saying yesterday that he will hold onto his delegates. why are you wondering does ted cruz want more than his 570 delegates when he gets to cleveland in july? we don't care about delegate math anymore, right? well, not quite. those delegates will still have a vote when it comes to the republican party platform. obviously cruz and staunch
7:04 am
conservative supporting cruz very wary of the direction policywise donald trump plans on taking the party. that's why cruz is hanging onto those delegates, the hope they can help shape the party platform going forward. again, donald trump is the presumptive nominee. donald trump will have the requisite zell gadelegates neceo get the nomination. there will still be fights on the convention floor for how the republican party shapes itself going into the general election. that's why he's hanging on to the delegates. >> not over till itsov over. for bernie sanders, a win in west virginia would keep his hopes of being the democratic nominee alive. with just five weeks left into the final primary, sanders is making a final and furious push to get out the vote. sanders talked about his campaign to late night host stephen colbert. >> here is the story, it's a narrow shot, but we still have a chance to win a majority of the pledged delegates. we're going to fight for every last vote, and at the end of the day i hope and believe that we
7:05 am
are going to win this. >> but at a certain point don't you have to say, i'm not going to get the thing that i want? look at me, i'm never going to get my candy. >> you've got to believe, stephen. >> senior washington correspondent joe johns is tracking the democrats' race. it seems those comments hillary clinton made back in march are coming back to haunt her in west virginia. >> reporter: so it seems. we won't know until the end of the day. bernie sanders continues to plow ahead in what continues to be an uphill battle. there is some indication he is likely to do well in the west virginia primary, though there hasn't been a lot of statewide polling. he's out on the west coast today, and hillary clinton is campaigning in kentucky. also zeroing in on donald trump but steering clear of the more personal attacks trump has been leveling at her and her husband, the former president. a lot of what clinton is doing is focusing on policy. the campaign posted an ad on her twitter feed that touches on some of trump's comments about
7:06 am
fiscal and monetary policy that have been raising eyebrows. listen. >> i am the king of debt. i do love debt. i love debt. i love playing with it. i would borrow knowing that -- >> reporter: 37 delegates up for grabs in west virginia in the primary today. the kentucky primary is next week. pamela? >> joe johns, thanks so much for that. and right now voter are hitting the polls in west virginia. jean casarez is with voters there in charleston. you've been speaking to voters there, jean. what are they telling you there? >> reporter: good morning, pam. we're hearing a lot of things. we're learning so much from the voters. it's a constant stream. people are bringing their children. families are coming together. you just see the passion in the west virginia voter for this primary, and it could be record-setting according to state officials. we just spoke with a female voter who didn't want to go on camera but allowed us to tell her story. she's registered democrat, so
7:07 am
she has to vote democratic in this primary. she voted for hillary clinton, but she says she is so concerned about the economy of west virginia she believes in the general election she may vote for donald trump. now, one thing we're learning from the people of west virginia, it's all about the economy, it's all about coal mining, and it's not only the miners that are losing their jobs and the coal mines that are not operating at full capacity. there's a come know effedomino . there's the suppliers to the miners, the handlers of heavy machinery that help operate the mine, the assistants, the accounts, the attorneys that negotiate the contracts for the mines, and state officials that have to do with the mining industry. all of them are impacted, and the people care about that. we want to show you the early voting ballots that have been cast because this is truly historic for this state. it sets a record. 2016 you can see almost 101,000 early votes were cast. compare that with 2012, the last presidential primary.
7:08 am
over 57,000, and then in 2008 almost 69,000 people. so you can see there's quite a record here, and they think it will be reflective today. we also spoke with one person that said that even though donald trump is the only republican candidate, they believe they will vote for him today because they want that vote to count. they can't forget what hillary said about closing down mines and having coal miners lose their jobs, although she retracted that, said that was not what she meant at all. and finally one voter said it's all about new industry coming to west virginia, and that means bernie sanders because he is the one that has the passion and cares truly about the people of this state to make it once again prosper. pam? >> jean casarez, thank you so much for that. and as the 2016 race edges closer to a hillary clinton/donald trump face-off, some democrats are wondering how to effectively wage war against an unconventional republican nominee. and now comedian jon stewart is taking aim is the not only trump but also those on the left for
7:09 am
failing to avoid a trump candidacy in the first flas. >> the door is open to an [ bleep ] like donald trump because the democrats haven't done enough to show to people that government that can be effective for people can be efficient for people, and if you can't do that, then you've lost the right to make that change and someone is going to come in and demagogue you. >> joining me now is robert zimmerman, hillary clinton spore are and scottie nell hughes. is he right? do democrats have only themselves to blame for the rise of donald trump. >> i'm a jon stewart devotee but i'm fed up with commentators who take the easy way up to blame both sides. that's a safe but also an inaccurate path to take.
7:10 am
trump has emerged because the republican party for the past eight years has rewarded the most demagogic and divisive behavior. congressman joe wilson screaming you lie at president obama during the state of the union for for that matter donald trump who to this day refusing to admit that president obama is an american united states citizen. and so that's why we have donald trump, because of the climate the republican party has created. it's also worth noting president obama's approval ratings are roughly the same where president reagan's approval ratings were at this point in his presidency, about 51%. there's a good degree of confidence in president obama and the direction he's taking our country. >> so just to be clear, you don't think democrats played any role at all with the rise of donald trump? >> absolutely not. i think it's really an easy and an inaccurate and a cheap answer. at the end of the day it's the republican party that's encouraged the kind of demagogic behavior that brought sarah palin to the forefront, that rewarded divisive rhetoric by
7:11 am
people like laura ingraham and ann coulter, that made rush limbaugh the intellectual thought leader of the republican party. that's why you have a climate where the donald trump emerges. >> clearly his message is resonating with hundreds of people. he has said it's important to be flexible when pressed on changes in his policy but flexibility can also mean flip-flopping which typically is a bad thing. it doesn't seem that way for donald trump, but does flexibility mean he's going to etch-a-sketch to the middle as we keep hearing that concern from conservatives and democrats? >> well, first of all, let me just go against ront on this one issue. i think jon stewart is absolutely right. i think both the republicans and the democrat voters are completely frcomplete ly frustrated because they thought they were electing something to office that had not fulfilled the promises. that's why you see in states like pennsylvania, florida, ohio, key red states are now one point difference between hillary clinton and donald trump.
7:12 am
so there's frustrations being expressed by the voters on both sides of the aisle and i'm not going to sit there and blame the talking heads, with robert zimmerman, you and i are one of them, i'm not putting the blame on them. i'm putting the blame on the politicians who sold a false bill of goods on the campaign trail. i think it's more about being open minded. so many times in the republican party and this is where the democrats have fallen into that trap, they look at an issue as being black and white. there is a yes and a no, and there are some issue that is are like that, but when it comes to ideas, the reason why we're getting nothing done in washington, d.c., right now that benefits main street is because republicans are being so hard and they're being unrealistic because they live in washington, d.c. they don't experience the problems that we here on main street has to deal with like obamacare, like dealing with raising costs, like dealing with high gra gas prices when have them. it's not flip-flopping. it's called flexibility and
7:13 am
going i'm going to be a realistic conservative and go what exactly is going to help? and when -- >> scottie, we're not talking about being open-minded. we're talking about a candidacy that has no point of view and no integrity to their positions. donald trump began -- >> that's your point of view. >> donald trump began this campaign being a self-proclaimed self-funder because, as he pointed out, he said he was really, really rich. of course, now he's grabbing every special interest dollar he can find to fund his campaign. >> no, he's not. >> you have seen -- likewise, you have seen donald trump rejected by the conservative leaders of our country, rejected by the republican establishment, even rejected now by the evangelicals. so, of course, he's open-minded because he's debt pratt lospera for a constituency. if you think his position on women or his ban on muslims coming into the country, or his racist rhetoric towards mexicans is open-minded, i think you better look up that word again. >> stop reading the fairytale
7:14 am
and get the facts and truths because it matters in this campaign. first of all, you have evangelicals even last night you had one of the highest evangelicals come out and actually endorse mr. trump, including the majority of evangelicals. hence, why he won the evangelical south. then he look at -- you're sitting and accusing him of taking special interest funds. that is false. what he said is he's going to help the republican party fund raise. he didn't say he himself -- >> help the republicans -- he benefits from those funds. >> scottie -- >> he's helping the republican party -- >> but it's not -- >> donald trump -- >> like we're seeing hillary clinton sending out fund-raising e-mails by the day, several of them trying to fund raise to get money so why not mr. trump helping out the republican party because there are -- >> he also benefits from that money, scottie. we both know how to works. that's the reality. >> if he fund-raising for himself? is he saying donate to me? >> absolutely he is. you can go on his -- >> and hillary clinton, by the way, is doing the same thing
7:15 am
where she's raising money for the party and for herself. >> of course. >> and i'm not a -- >> but will it hurt him among the voters who like the fact he's been self-funding his campaign? that's not something i think is sustainable through the general where you have to raise so much money but we'll continue this discussion. so much more to dissect. rocket zimmerman, scottie nell hughes, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> by the way, today on "the lead" cnn's jake tapper will have an exclusive interview with marco rubio. this is his first interview since dropping out of the republican presidential race. that's at 4:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. and still ahead, two months ago russia claimed it was pulling troops out of syria, but our cameras captured a very different story on the ground. a dramatic and exclusive scene and report up next. cancer... we don't want to think about it. but i had to.
7:16 am
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a development in syria's civil war. state media reports a cease-fire in the embattled city of aleppo has been extended for 48 hours. despite the temporary truce in place since last week, local
7:20 am
residents report sporadic rocket attacks. back in march vladimir putin said most russian forces would be withdrawing from syria, but the picture on the ground doesn't bear that out. frederik pleitgen reports from damascus. >> reporter: this is the russian intervention the world has come to know, but russia's footprint in syria seems to be far bigger than just combat jets. there are thousands of troops stationed at its main air base, disciplined and highly motivated. we caught up with this first lieutenant during his boxing practice. i'm glad to serve my country here, he says, and i'm not afraid. what is there to be afraid of in syria? the west has criticized russia saying its air strikes target mostly moderate anti-assad rebels. the russians claiming they bomb only isis and other terror groups. but while moscow says it's
7:21 am
withdrawn most forces from syria, on an embed we saw what appeared to be several bases in western and central syria with a variety of attack moments. also a brand new base in palmyra for its demining crews with dozens of fighting vekts ahicle even anti-aircraft missile systems. the military spokesman says his forces closely coo lly cooperat assad's troops. we receive a great deal of information from the syrian general staff. they're on the ground and clots to the rebels. as for the military technical cooperation, of course, we help them as well. none of this seems to indicate a full russian withdrawal from syria anytime soon. and for many in the government-held part of damascus, that's just fine. violence still rages in most of the country. reconciliation seems nowhere in sight, and neither is an end to russia's involvement in the
7:22 am
conflict. >> fred pleitgen reporting from damascus. a man with a knife goes on a stabbing spree in a german train station. one person is now dead and three others injured after the attack near munich. police arrested a 27-year-old german man in connection with this attack and they're questioning witnesses about what exactly happened, including whether the suspect shouted god is great in arabic. they say a political motive cannot be ruled out at this point. and still ahead on this tuesday morning, donald trump says she plays the woman card, but hillary clinton supporters are not afraid to play a hot hand. a new ad tries to widen the gender gap between trump and women voters. everything these days.
7:23 am
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checking our top stories on this tuesday. tornadoes tear through five states with the worst storms hitting oklahoma. at least two people there were killed, and those who survived said it was a close call. >> yeah, i hear it coming, but where are we going to go, woman? we ain't got no place to go. this is going to be my time. >> more severe weather is on the way today and we're going to get an update from chad myers in just a few minutes. we are now getting a look at the damage done as a wildfire in canada continues to burn out of control. entire neighborhoods in the city of ft. mcmurray are gone but officials say a good part of the town was saved. >> and the hard work and the dedication and the smarts of these first responders has it appears saved almost 90% of the city of ft. mcmurray, including the hospital, municipal
7:28 am
buildings, and every functioning school. >> the fire has torched over 2,000 homes and buildings. more than 90,000 people were evacuated and there is no time line for when they can go home. el chapo guzman could be one step closer to standing trial in brooklyn, new york. a mexican judge has ruled guzman can be extradited to the u.s. the ruling follows guzman's transfer to a prison closer to the u.s. border with mexico, but the ruling does not mean the extradition will begin soon. the time line for the move isn't yet clear. hundreds of thousands of north koreans flocked to the main square in pyongyang for a highly choreographed parade on tuesday. it marked the end of the nation's first workers party congress in nearly four decades. leader kim jong-un presided over the celebration which included military-style floats, a brass band, and people carrying flags and plowers as we see in this video.
7:29 am
good morning to you. i'm pamela brown in for carol costello. thanks for joining us this morning. donald trump may be trying to woo republican leaders this week, but he's not letting up on one very familiar attack when it comes to hillary clinton. >> she's married to a man who was the worst abuser of women in the history of politics. remember the famous i did not have sex with that woman? and then a couple months later, i'm guilty. and she's taken negative ads on me. she was an unbelievably nasty, mean enabler, and what she did to a lot of those women is disgraceful. >> well, many voters heading to the polls today saw those biting tabloid headlines back in the '90s, but younger voters did not necessarily. here is cnn's tom foreman. >> i did not have sexual relayings with with that woman,
7:30 am
ms. lewinsky. >> reporter: january 1998, bill clinton is furiously and falsely denying a sexual relationship with a white house intern, and one day later first lady hillary clinton blames not the president but his political foes. >> the great story here for anybody willing to find it and write about it and explain it is this vast right wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for president. >> reporter: in private conversations later notes taken by a long-time friend say hillary clinton dismissed lewinsky as a nar cystic loony tune. and all she called her husband's behavior grossly inappropriate, she said the affair was consensual and hinted it was spurred by the political pressure he faced. it was a lapse. to his credit, he tried to break it off, tried to pull away, but it was beyond his control. earlier this year campaigning at a church, clinton appeared to talk about forgiving her
7:31 am
husband. >> it is human nature to say, you're not wanted. we know what you've been doing. we know what you've been up to. you go sleep in the bed you made. >> reporter: but she never overtly and publicly addresses the scandal, and in her 2003 book, she says she defended the president because she believed him, erupting when he finally confessed. gulping for air i started crying and yelling at him, what do you mean? what are you saying? why did you lie to me? still, her handling of the matter is complicated. for example, when she says survivors of sexual assault have a right to be believed, her critics summon the names of women who have accused her husband of just that. >> would you say that about kathleen wily, and/or paula jones? should we believe them as well? >> well, i would say that
7:32 am
everybody should be believed at first until they are disbelieved based on evidence. [ applause ] >> reporter: it is a heroic stand for some voters and hypocrisy for others. tom foreman, cnn, washington. some breaking news now. take a look at these images out of new york city where workers, two window washers are currently being rescued after scaffolding broke. you can see the rescuers right there. there on the collapsed scaffolding trying to rescue those window washers. a call came to the fire department around 9:50 this morning that they were stuck on that broken scaffolding at 33 maiden lane in new york. emergency workers rushed to that scene and it looks like at this point they have been able to -- or they're in the process of helping out those two window washers. incredible images from the
7:33 am
scaffolding from moments ago brought to us by wcbs. of course, we'll continue to watch this developing story. can't imagine how harrowing that must be for those window washers trapped on the collapsed scaffolding. we're being told that all the window washers are now in safely, thank goodness, for a peaceful resolution there. i want to turn now back to hillary clinton and donald trump and the attacks against her, and i want to bring in our political commentators angela rigye and sally cohen. thank you so much for coming on. >> nice to see you. >> we've heard hillary clinton calling trump's personal attacks, quote, reckless. pro-hillary group correct the record is releasing this ad. let's take a look and talk about it on the other end. >> she ate like a pig, and seriously, the wedding cake was -- it was like missing in action. obviously it's great outer beauty. we could say politically correct that look doesn't matter but the
7:34 am
look obviously matters. like you wouldn't have your job if you weren't beautiful. >> all right. just angela, bottom line, your reaction to that ad. >> my bottom line is that this is just the beginning, pamela. they're just scratching the surface on the kinds of reckless things donald trump has said about women for decades. it is so rich that this is the candidate also, no pun intended saying rich, but it's so rich that this particular candidate is the one attacking hillary clinton, calling her an enabler for her husband's indiscretions when it's going to take us more than a whole show, pamela, to get through all of donald trump's indiscretions. so -- >> you said it, not me. >> i did. and i will say to you one of the things i just came across that's absolutely fascinating to me is in his book "think big and kick ass," sorry, i know it's still the morning. he's been with married women, beautiful, successful, married, i have had them all. secretly, the world's biggest
7:35 am
names. this is the gop's republican nominee here we're talking about for the president of the united states. that same guy that's getting ready to get security briefings, like i'm completely over it. and it's so hard to believe this is the same person who is attacking hillary clinton who was the victim of these indiscretions. >> sally, should hillary clinton be saying what angela is saying here and really call him out more than she already is? >> this is the problem with this i'd like to use more graphic words than angela did, but the messed up society and moment we live. people want to be careful in sort of throwing around the sexism double standard concept here, but come on, america. you have got a woman being called a quote, unquote enabler for the indiscretions of her husband who by all candidataccoa cad. come on. trump for his own affairs, known affairs, he's bragged about his
7:36 am
affairins with married women an his cheating on his wife is let off the hook. that's the definition of a double standard. trump knows when we're all talking about these personal attacks, these snipes, that he's -- this is his terrain, this is ground he knows well, and he doesn't want to talk about policies. he doesn't also want to talk about how the fact of the matter is that hillary clinton will be a better president for men and women in this country and if you really care about sexism, if you really care about treating women well, then let's talk about policies. let's talk about the minimum wage. let's talk about paid family leave. let's talk about health care for all and child care and public education and not just talk about -- we should be done with this conversation. >> you make an interesting point. you say, look, this is his terrain, and with he have seen the past gop candidates have gone to the wayside after trying to play that game with trump. they haven't successfully been able to do it. what does hillary clinton do? on one hand she's gone after him from the woman's card xhemecomm
7:37 am
but not really the enabler comment. she said, look, those comments are reckless. what does she need to do? >> i have to be honest in saying hillary clinton has consistently steered clear from this topic and i think there are some people out here who would say it's because she's so secretive, what does she really think? i think the reality of it is, is this is someone who was desperately harmed, hurt, humiliated and embarrassed by the leader of the freed world when this happened. she does not want to talk about it. that is her personal right. that is something that she resolved in her marriage. she should not have to be forced to discuss what her husband did when he's not running for president. she is. it is ridiculous that donald trump would put this at her feet and make her live through this pain all over again. it is just unreasonable. i know that trump surrogates are saying, well, it's because she came back at the women who accused bill clinton of sexual assault. what woman who loves their husband or what partner who loves their partner is not going
7:38 am
to come to the defense of their partner when they truly believe them? that is the issue. mind you, some of these things that have come out have not been proven still decades later. so we have a real issue and i don't think that hillary clinton as knowledgeable and intelligent as she is should wave through this mud. it is crazy bs and it's completely a waste of her time. mickey mouse would be a better president than donald trump pointblank, period, and i think she doesn't need to go there with him. >> and mickey mouse treats women better too. >> donald trump says no one takes care of women more than himself, and he says those comments against hillary clinton were retribution but i have a feel that this is just really a preview of what's to come in the general election if hillary is the democratic nominee. angela rye, sally cohen, thank you very much. >> thank you, pamela. still ahead, the legal battle over north carolina's so-called bathroom law getting uglier. the government and the state both standing their ground now
7:39 am
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7:43 am
new legal drama is brewing over north carolina's controversial so-called bathroom law. the department of justice and the tar heel state pointing the finger at each other and they want their arguments heard in court. cnn's martin savidge is following the latest. >> reporter: there was some talk that perhaps north carolina might back down on its bathroom bill. clearly, we've learned, no, that is not the case. it is actually escalating, doubling down. it's filing a suit against the u.s. government and the u.s. government now filing a suit against it. it just continues to grow in this controversy. an he escalating legal battle i
7:44 am
north carolina over the bathroom law. north carolina and the justice department filing dueling lawsuits within hours of each other trading accusations of civil rights violations and government overreach. >> legislature and the governor placed north carolina in direct opposition to federal laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex and gender identity. they created state-sponsored discrimination against transgender individuals. >> reporter: the state's governor responding to a demand to drop the law or amend it with a lawsuit of its own. >> we believe a court rather than a federal agency should tell our state, our nation, and employers across the country what the law requires. >> reporter: the most controversial provision bans transgender people from using public bathrooms that do not correspond with the sex listed on their birth certificate. attorney general loretta lynch, a north carolina native,
7:45 am
comparing the law to segregation. >> it was not so very long ago that states, including north carolina, had other signs above restrooms, water fountains, and on public accommodations keeping people out based on a distinction without a difference. >> reporter: north carolina countering saying the obama administration is attempting to rewrite the law for public and private employers across the country. >> this is not just a north carolina issue. this is now a national issue. i think it's time for the u.s. congress to bring clarity to our national anti-discrimination provisions under title 7 and title 9. >> reporter: you know, there's all sorts of ramifications potentially here, pamela. the university of north carolina, very storied, very famous school in that state says that it's willing to comply with the federal law, but the governor of that state is challenging, well, just what exactly is the federal law? the board of governors for the
7:46 am
university has a special meeting that's taking place today. so much debate now being sparked by a bathroom and whether or not people are being denied their rights. pamela? >> martin savidge, thank you for bringing us the latest with that story. still ahead in the "newsroom," a tornado outbreak hits five states killing two and the threat isn't over yet. ♪ what are you doing? sara, i love you, and... [phone rings] ah, it's my brother. keep going... sara, will you marry... [phone rings again] what do you want, todd???? [crowd cheering] keep it going!!!! if you sit on your phone, you butt-dial people. it's what you do. todd! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. i know we just met like, two months ago... yes! [crowd cheering] [crowd cheering over phone] mobility is very important to me. that's why i use e*trade mobile. it's on all my mobile devices, so it suits my mobile lifestyle. and it keeps my investments fully mobile...
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don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. tornadoes tear through five states. the worst storms hitting oklahoma, and that's where at least two people were killed with the tornadoes that came dangerously high winds and grapefruit sized hail. the storm threat continues today. chad myers joins us with more. >> pamela, it does. it moves a little farther to the east, about you that threat is a anywhere from paducah, evansville, to cincinnati and then along the ohio river. yesterday 21 tornadoes on the ground. many of them quite large, especially the ones in oklahoma. likely over 140 miles per hour which would get up there to that ef-4. i didn't see any ef-5 kind of
7:51 am
category storms but i saw pretty large wedge tornadoes. a lot of times you look at the tornadoes whether they're streaming on periscope or watching them later on on youtube or whatever it might be, you don't know how far away the camera is from there is it looks like it's all the way down to the ground but it could be over the hill and the bottom of the funnel not really even making contact so you have to be careful. you have to wait for the weather service to go out and see what they say because they are the experts at figuring out how big they were. it doesn't matter really how big it is. if it hits your house whether it's an e-1, 2, 3, or 4 it will do damage and the farther up the line, the more damage it's going to do. there is our bull's-eye or today, louisville to evansville and to paducah and i'm seeing already some weather there. there's weather moving into cincinnati but that's not what we're worried about. there will be sunshine and then the next batch of weather will roll along the ohio river.
7:52 am
yes, central kentucky, a happy place to be and it's all green again. winter is over and everything in your home state has greened up for sure. >> i'm glad to hear that. actually going there next weekend but i hope everyone stays safe with the threat of tornadoes. chad myers, thank you for bringing us the latest there. ferguson, missouri, has a new police chief. he's the first african-american leader of the department. he was sworn in after a nationwide search. moss says his background prepared him for the job long before he ever applied for it. >> i was one of those kids who, you know, lived in the neighborhood where the corner store didn't exist anymore, where places i had come to, go to that were convenient had burned down. but i also got to experience what it was like to be a police officer having to respond to that, and i think those things all were pivotal to my taking the job in ferguson. >> well, moss takes over a department slammed by a justice
7:53 am
department report released after the shootings of michael brown. it found ferguson police were using arrest warrants as a revenue tool among other findings. and still ahead right here in the "newsroom," a fast break and then it's nothing but nothing for the miami heat's dwyane wade. coy wire is straight ahead. keeu sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. unless you have allergies. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. go ahead, embrace those beautiful moments.
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a big night in the nba playoffs in the game with dwyane wade. he has a shot you absolutely have to see to believe. i want to bring in coy wire who has all the details on it. coy? >> pamela, let's talk about steph curry. contrary to popular belief, he is not an nba superstar. he is an nba super hero. put an "s" on steph's chest. curry playing for first times since spraining his knee in round one against the houston rockets. a little rusty coming off the bench.
7:58 am
his first three-pointer would be no bueno. air ball. but curry does what great shooters do. keep shooting until you find your groove. he knocks down the three in ot and proclaims i am back, hear me roar. 17 points in overtime. that's an nba record. 40 points in all. blazers' owner paul allen is like what the, what just happened? steph curry happened. he's back. 132-125, warriors win taking a 3-1 series lead. after the game steph curry talked about how happy he is to be back at it. >> you know, i love this game and love playing and love competing, and i really, really miss being out there with my teammates and to help our team get a win tonight in that kind of fashion and whatnot, that was a good feeling in that moment to be back on the floor and playing. >> good to see that guy back. now, one guy who is playing at a high level right now, dwyane wade, and it was one of his shots that has everybody talking
7:59 am
this morning. trending online. check this out. raptors/heat, game four. overtime as well. dwyane wade takes it to the rack and it drops it in the bucket. it's going to drop in the bucket. surely this thing is going to fall, rith? no. it doesn't. when was the last time you've seen this happen? i mean, the thing just gets stuck there, suspended, adding suspension to the situation. the players can't believe it, fans can't believe it. wade would go on with his heat to win in overtime, 94-87. that series tied at two games apiece, pamela. >> that was so painful to watch. can we just watch it one more time? i can't get over it. >> let's do it. >> how much does something like this happen where it just -- >> you can't make that happen. i maybe have seen it once or twice before. i don't know about an nba game. look at that thing. just nestled there. >> i think they should give him the points. a little late now. >> that's right. >> well, incredible.
8:00 am
thank you so much, coy wire. appreciate it. and thank you for spending a part of your tuesday morning with us. i'm pamela brown in for carol costello. quti" "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. nebraska and west virginia, you are on the clock. but if a clock ticks in the woods, does it make a sound? the republican race settled. the democratic race, shall we say, mathematically constrained even though it looks like hillary clinton could possibly lose west virginia, a state she won big eight years ago and it's probably not enough to derail her march to the nomination. >> but her march to the white house however all of a sudden looks a lot more arduous, nerve-racking, nail biting than many might have expected. a brand new poll in ohio shows donald trump leading clinton


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