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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  May 10, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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and cnn's "the hunt" returns next month. the lead with jake tapper starts right now. an exclusive interview with senator marco rubio live in studio, his first national tv interview since leaving the presidential race. it's a special election day edition of "the lead" and it starts right now. good afternoon and welcome to a special edition of the llead. brand new polls show donald trump and hillary clinton running neck and neck in florida, ohio and pennsylvania. today's quinnipiac poll shows clinton with a one point edge in florida and pennsylvania. trump leads clinton in ohio by four points. interestingly though the math to get the democratic nomination is tough for bernie sanders, he does do better against trump in hypothetical match-ups in those same three states. the republican party he's
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presumptive nominee is gearing up for a meeting with paul ryan tweeting i look very much forward to meeting with paul ryan and the gop party leadership. we will beat the dems at all levels. and back in the spotlight today, two prominent trump foes return, senator marco rubio is here with me in studio for his first national tv interview since leaving the race. and ted cruz returning to his day job in washington for the first time since dropping out. cruz telling talk radio that the door is kind of open for a return to the race. >> if there is a path to victory, we launch this campaign intending to win. the reason we suspended the race last week is with indiana's loss, i didn't see a viable path to victory. if that changes, we will certainly respond accordingly. >> much more on all of this including my interview with senator rubio. but first sara murray is in new york city. will these new polls help trump rally his party do you think?
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>> reporter: well, i think it's really interesting when you look at the numbers because they show that donald trump is actually ahead of hillary clinton in ohio, shows he's neck and they can with her in florida and pennsylvania. and talking to republicans today, they said you always -- if you're going to lose, you want to lose and have it be close because that means that trump, one, is in the hunt in some of these swing state which is could be a way to bring more republicans on board. and, two, it means if he does lose, maybe it will be close effect that that effect doesn't move, maybe they can protect their senate seats. and that is a big concern. so i think you will see the trump campaign use this as a selling point and they are pleased to see their numbers are so close so far. >> and joining me now, senator marco rubio. senator, welcome black. good back. from take it easy on me,black. back. from take it easy on me, i'm
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rusty. >> i have a lot of questions about your trip to qatar, but first a lot of questions about the republican party. there is a claim from the trump campaign that advisers of yours have been pitching you hard to the trump campaign to be his running mate, that you really want the job according to these trump campaign officials talking about these advisers. what is your position on that? >> well, it would be impossible because i don't have very many advisers. our campaign is no longer running. unless they have been talking to my wife which is my critical adviser. >> does she want you to be -- >> like i said yesterday, i think donald -- he's the presumptive nominee, but he would be best served by having active surrogates who agree with him on these issues. my reservations about his campaign and my policy differences with him are well documented and they remain and i think he would be best served by having people close to him and his campaign that are enthusiastic about the things he stands for. >> you have raised concerns
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throughout the campaign, ones that you're standing by, about his temperament andly views on trade policy, foreign policy. would those reservations keep you of will-do they preclude you there endorsing him? >> well, i signed a pledge that said i would support the republican nominee and intend to continue to do that. but here is the situation that we're in. on the one hand i don't want hillary clinton to be the president of the united states. i don't want her to win this election. on the other happened, as i said, i have well defined differences with the presumptive th nominee of the republican party. i intend to live up to the pledge that we made. but that said, these concerns that i have about policy, they remain and they're there. but that doesn't mean that ton ald needs to change his positions in order to get my support. as i said earlier, i think he should be true to what he believes and continue to campaign on those things and make his case to the american people. >> but it's not just concerns that you've had. you once said that you didn't
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think -- that you had concerns about the nuclear codes being in the hands of an erratic con man. that was what you said. >> so here's what i'm not doing to do is just be taking shots at him. he obviously wasn't my first shot the because i was running. he has won the nomination and now he deserves the opportunity to make his case to the american people and that's what he's going to do. i don't view my role to just sit here and level charges against him. i know what i said during the campaign. i enunciated those things repeatedly and voters chose a different direction. i stand by the things that i said. but i'm not going to sit here now and become his chief critic because he deserves the opportunity to make his argument and try to win. >> but do you understand why millions of people who voted for you and who still see you as the future of the republican party wonder, well, if you're standing by saying that you have concern about putting the nuclear codes in the hands of an erratic con
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map, how do you reconcile that? >> we live in a republic and by the process, he banl the nominee. that's just a fact. it doesn't change what i said in the past. but now he is the presumptive nominee. i don't want hillary clinton to win. and i said just don't view now the most productive role for me is to be someone taking shots at him. >> do you want either one of them to win? >> well, i don't want hillary clinton to win and i want to be supportive of the republican nominee. and one of the best ways that i can be supportive is to work on behalf of those who for example are running to hold the republican majority in the united states senate or candidates that say my views. >> to you worry about your colleagues like rob portman in ohio or pat toomey this you wor
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colleagues like rob portman in ohio or pat toomey this pennsylvania, individuals this blue to purple states? >> those will be tough races irrespective of whoever the nominee is. so i think you just enunciated this two people portman and toomey two of our strongest senator senators, so irrespective of what happens at the top of the ticket, this they can be reelect order their own merits. >> but focusing on them might be a better service for you to the party? >> i think that's where i can be of most use. as i said, i think donald would be best served people campaigns on behalf of his surrogates. p. >> i interviewed speaker ryan and he said he couldn't endorse donald trump right now. is that what you're saying? >> the difference between speaker ryan and 3450imyself is signed a pledge and said i would support the republican nominee and that's what i spend do.
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and the best thing i can do to do that is support those out there running for the conservative cause whether it's to keep conservative majority in the senate or in the house for that matter and across the country at different levels. and what i don't want to do and what i'm not gong to to do is s here for the next six months and take shots at the republican nominee. i respect the will of the voters and i believe he's earned the opportunity to make his case to the american people without having people in his own party taking shots at him every day. >> i understand that. but it does seem like you're trying to walk this -- >> it's a very unique situation. >> are you going to vote for him? >> as i said, i will support the republican nominee. >> but when you go in the li privacy of the voting booth, are you -- >> i intend to support the republican knowledge knenominee. i'm not voting for hillary clinton and i'm not throwing away my vote.dge nominee. i'm not voting for hillary clinton and i'm not throwing away my vote. >> you saw paul ryan say he can't support him right now,
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mitt romney, george w. bush, john mccain not going to the convention. are you going? >> i don't know. if there is a role for me to play, there is an opportunity to get together with people and be a part of that, i haven't made that decision yet. but it wouldn't be because of donald trump or in spite of donald trump. it would be primarily because i've gone to the last three conventions, i'm an elected republican at a national level. and so i haven't made that decision yet. but i'm open to going. >> what if they said we'll give you a plim time speaking spot, but you have to -- >> we're getting into miami threat cals. >> that's not a crazy hypothetical p. >> i haven't thought that far as far as the convention and when my role would be. but right now i'm focused on finishing strong in the u.s. senate, helping people around the country and again it might make sense to go to the convention. i haven't made that decision yet. probably should. airlines are filling up. >> you just got back from a trip to iraq, turkey and qatar. what is the next president going
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to face? i know you don't support hillary clinton and i know you don't support the foreign policy world view of donald trump. what are they going to be facing and are either one up to the job interview? >> first of all, it's a difficult job no matter who holds it. and i think that will be entrepreneurially true six months from now for two reasons. in the case of iraq, i believe ultimately isis will be dweet d defeated militarily, but something will rise to replacement. in the case of syria, it is a brutal dictator who is literally massacring people as we speak and has done so for the better part of six years now. there is no way he will ever govern a unified syria again. millions have been displaced or killed. so there will always an sunni resistance to assad. in the case of iraq, it is a
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long standing sectarian fractures that exact in that country that will continue no matter what happens afterwards. the reason why isis was so successful, sunni cities view z them as liberate tors at least initially. so two separate issue, but they are complex. the u.s. can't solve all of it. our goal is to prevent there being a vacuum that they can use it to target us. and i hope the next president will ramp up the efforts we've taken to provide that level of security so that we can put pressure on these ungoverned spaces and having a ivacuums. >> is mr. trump up to the task? >> i believe he could. obviously with the right people around him, can make the right decisions with regards to that. in fairness and as i've stated, my differences with him, but in fairness, he hasn't held public office before. some of these issues are issues he's learning about for the first time. and my sense is as he learns
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more about them, the way a nominee should and a president will, he will have more information upon which to make decisions on these issues. >> i know as a member of the senate intelligence member and foreign relations committee, these issues are very important to you. and you are a spokesman for the conservative international point of view. mr. trump gave a speech a few weeks ago where he talked about a world view that is america first. did you hear the speech? what tu think? >> i'm aware of the speech. i read news reports with it. it's part of a basic debate going on. . america has benefitted greatly from the post world war ii order in which a number of sthugss we institutions were created around the world that -- it's a two way street. like nato, imf and other institutions. united nations has served a a utility, as well well. so the point now there is an
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argument being made that american engagement is a one way street. all we do is give, give, give. i believe that is a false argument. there is no doubt that america gives more than it receives, but that's because we are a super power. but we do benefit from a global engagement. what does it looks like if south korea had been overrun by the north or south korea was still governed by military dictatorship? we would not have a strong democratic free speaker price ala enterprise ally. not to mention japan. >> but your -- >> same argument can be made in europe. so it's important to modern niz what that engaging the looks like and make a case to the american people why an inward looking foreign policy is counter productive and very negative for our economy and for our security. >> your nominee doesn't agree. >> i told you we had policy- >> he talked about reassessing
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the alliance in a nato. and greater nuclear proliferation. south korea and japan should get nukes in his view. >> as i said, i have substantial policy differences. and my hope is that he can be persuaded away from those sorts of positions. as of now that's not been the case. i think i'll continue to make the argument why those are not the right policies. we didn't want to see a nuclear arms race in the asian pacific region. nato does serve a utility and purpose and i think it is reinvigorated by some of the threats. so as i said, for those of us who believe and are responsible american global engagement, we now have an obligation to make that argument to american voters at a tile when there is a growing sense in the country that perhaps we're doing too much around the world. >> you fagree with hillary clinton more on these issues than do you with donald trump. >> again, these aren't two choices. >> but the election is. >> but on foreign policy, the
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notion that there are only two choices forward are wrong. on the one hand -- so hillary clinton was the secretary of state for barack obama who has pursued foreign policies that i found counterproductive. for example the unwilling fls to engamg earlier in syria when i argued it if we didn't, vacuum that would be left behind would be filled by -- >> but she was arguing what you're arguing. she was arguing for arming the rebels. you'll never tell me that you endorse hillary clinton, but i'm just saying your world view on foreign policy sis much closer o hers. >> but embedded in her policies will also be a series of domestic policies that i disagree strongly on. i'm strongly pro-life. and on that issue, i'm moral lined with donald trump than i am with hillary clinton by far. so i think you have to at that time the package holistically. >> fair enough. going forward,to at that time the package holistically. >> fair enough. going forward, donald trump will meet with republican leaders on thursday. what is he going to need to do to get more republicans on board, more specifically what is
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he going to need to do to get you to say i support donald trump to be president? because you're not saying that. you're saying i will honor the pledge. >> let's begin with the premise that this has been a very unusual election cycle. and so i don't know if there is a well established road map forward in terms of how to do that. i think significant public policy differences will remain between now and the election. but i do think it's smart that he's coming to d.c., that he's meeting with the leaders of our party and i think that's part of that process. we'll see where we are in two, three, four hospitalmonths. i'd like him to change his position on some issue, but i think he has won the primary based on a given set of things that he has stood for. and he will continue to stand for those things. >> what about his tone and temperament? i don't think you cared for when he seemed to be making fun of a disabled reporter, or when he said prisoners of war specifically targeting john
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mccain but more broadly i like people who weren't captured. these are the kinds of things that he has been saying. his admirers say he tells it like it is. just last week the morning he was about to clinch the whole thing, he started talking about a reporter saw on the "national enquirer" suggesting ted cruz's father was somehow linked to the kennedy assassination. i'm guessing you don't believe that that is true. >> that i don't believe what is true? >> that rafael cruz had a roll in the kennedy assassination. >> of course not. buts as i said,e in the kennedy assassination. >> of course not. buts as i said, i repeatedly pointed to the differences and reservations that i had about the way he was conducting his campaign. they're on the record. my position on those issues are clear and they remain as i've made clear today. >> does he need to change his tone sf. >> i think it would make it easier to him to get elected if he did, but my sense is he will continue to be who he is and
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that's who the republican voters nominated and i respect that decision although obviously it wasn't the one i wanted. >> when you travelled in qatar and turkey and iraq recently, it you hear from muslim leaders or muslim soldiers who were fighting isis, did it ever come up comments that mr. trump made when he proposed -- >> no. i think there is a tremendous amount of interest and curiosity in what is happening this american politics. they're following it. one of the things that i will say and this is now that he's the nominee of the party, i would say there thousand responsibility behind these words and these statements. they're no longer just one out of 17 candidates. they are the statements of one or two people that will be the next president of the united states. and my sense is that donald will accept the gravity of that. i hope he will. because it does have an impact on what is happening around the world. i heard and perhaps it was just given the setting that we were in curiosity about the
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direction, but i didn't hear those concern, although they may exist. >> as a prominent could you ban american, one of the other concerns that has been voiced by other republican latinos, his comments about mexicans. a picture of him with a taco bowl saying i love hispanics. is that enough? >> a tweet? of course not. >> what does he have to do to win at least 25% of latino voters? >> i think that like any campaign, hispanic americans first of all are a diverse group. this notion that there is a hispanic american bloc is inaccurate. they're worried about isaiah d isis and our safety and secure, the stagnation of wages. you have to address all of those issues.and our safety and secur stagnation of wages. you have to address all of those
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issues. for any group tone and temperament matters. so we'll see what happens. >> what did you think when you saw the tweet? >> i didn't see it. i think i was overseas. >> it was cinco de mayo. >> i saw it subsequent to. i mostly caught the media chatter about it. after 11 months of this thing, i'm not surprised by anything that comes up on twitter any more. >> i know you wanted to talk about this or at least your staffers thought that you might. and that is it's being put out there by the cruz campaign that they tried to get you to be his running mate earlier in march and they had polled and it seemed like a cruz/rubio ticket with him at the top of the ticket would have been able to stop donald trump and they fault you for not taking that opportunity. >> i don't know who put that out there. i talked to ted the day after the florida primary and he didn't say a word about vp. i also think it's an unfortunate story given carly fiorina worked really hard for his campaign. and the story kind of imploois that she wasn't their first
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choice. i think that is unfair to her. and whoever put that out really is a classless move when it comes to carly. but i think that story is largely inaccurate in terms of any outreach to me. >> okay. the people who told me the story, i'm the one who wrote the story, said they had reached out through emissaries and it came back that you were not interested. >> there may be people out there talking about trgs but i spoke to ted personally the day after the election and that topic never came up. >> would it have worked? >> i don't believe it would have. i don't think you win by doing those sorts of things. whether we like it or not, donald as tapped in on americans who think they're being left behind and compounded by the economic meltdown, eight years of barack obama policies that left americans feel that america is waeger. and he was able to tap into that successfully. and that is the reality of what we face. and i'm not sure after a certain
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point anything would have stopped him. >> are you saying definitively you would never serve as his vice president if asked, donald tru trump? >> no, he needs to appoint someone that more fully embraces the things he stands for. >> no, you're not interested. >> absolutely. and to be frank, i've never had those conversations with with anyone in this campaign, so i'm not saying that anyone has evered to me or suggested it for me. each just saying that i believe he would be best served by someone who more fully embraces this thing as he stands for and that is certainly not me. >> you are a young man. you are still not going to run for re-election for your senate seat is this i? it's not too late to file. >> it is to me.this? it's not too late to file. >> it is to me. >> you could run for governor in two years, president in four years. >> i'm not going to become a robbyist and i'm not going run for governor. i think i will finish strong in the u.s. senate. we'll be able to get meaningful results before this is all said and done.
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i care a lot about the zika issue. disit turned that members of my own party are standing in the wave fully funding a response to an emerging public health crisis. i hope we can get action on what is happening in puerto rico. i will continue to be engaged in the national security issues that a wait us. and then i'll become a private citizen. i'm looking forward to that. i've always wanted to do things other than politics. being in public service is what i t i do. it isn't who i am. i'm hope if the right opportunity is there for me and my family and it's something that i feel passionate brokabou but i don't have any defined plans. >> i know you have spent more time with your wife and kid, but it's rough on lose the presidential election. >> i just came back from iraq where two days earlier protesters had reached the green zone and trying to beat up parliamentarians in iraq. p so when we talk about dysfunction and bad politics ticks in iraq, eats because you might die. we talk about politics in
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america, it's you lost an election and get to go back and work in the senate and do interviews like this and spend time with your family. so presidential campaigns, you know it's hard to win. i feel very proud of the campaign that we ran. it didn't have the drougoutcome we wanted, but i'm proud of the work that we did. senator cruz is speaking live. let's take it. >> that energy, that movement, that passion will continue the conservative movement i believe will only continue to get stronger. i recognize a lot of folks in the media, a lot of folks in washington are eager to right the epitaph to the conservative movement. and i will say i believe that the american people are fed up with the disasters of the obama/clinton economy and this movement will continue and i look forward to pressing in the united states senate for the very same things that i was pressing for in the campaign
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trail. jobs and freedom and security. lifting the burdens of washington on small businesses and those who are struggling. [ inaudible question ] >> was there anything else you could have done? >> i'm not interested in monday morning quarterbacking. what i can tell you is it was a long and vigorous campaign. we put our all into it. heidi and i and the girls, we campaigned as hard as we physically could. and the support and energy and passion we saw from the people, i've never seen anything like it. and it gives me great faith in this country. it is why i am fighting, it is why i'm working being it's what i intend to continue working to. >> you can explain what you were
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talking about today with glenn beck about sbiring tentering th circumstances change? >> listen, we have suspended the campaign because i can see no viable path to victory. of course if that changed we would reconsider things. but let's be clear. we're not going to win neb abra. no mystery in that. we've withdrawn from the campaign and it's in the hands of the voters. if circumstances change, we will always assess changed circumstances, but i appreciate the eagerness and excitement of all the folks in the needed i can't to see me back in the ring. but you may have to wait a little bit longer. >> will you meet with -- >> are you open to being his running mate, sir? >> all right. lots of news going on. i'm joined by my panel for the rest of the hour. we'll chew over all of this.
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john king, nia-malika henderson, david gergen and gloria borger, jeffrey lord, ana navarro, van jones and last but not least paul begala. thanks one and all. jeffrey, let's me start with you. what we heard from marco rubio, he is going to honor his pledge but beyond that, i didn't hear a lot of -- there wasn't a loss of love loss for donald trump. >> well, i hope he gets there. one of the things that i've talked about and calling for a conservative review, went back and took a look at barry goldwater losing the nomination in 1962. be somebody nominated will him from the floor. he had to withdraw and give his delegates to nixon. and he said let's grow up,
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conservatives. >> i actually think we have that clip. can we run that? >> we've had our chance. we fought our battles. now let's put our shoulders to the w450heel of dick nix on tha and put him across the line. let's grow up, conservatives.ond put him across the line. let's grow up, conservatives. let's get to work.that and put him across the line. let's grow up, conservatives. let's get to work. >> i think that applies across the board to everybody. any one of these people could have won and been this nominee. if marco rubio had won, i think everybody should have been there for him. donald trump won, ted cruz could have won. jeb bush could have won. donald trump won so let's take senator goldwater's advice and get on with it. there is such a range of talent, they can win this thing. donald trump is doing very well in these polls. in my own state of pennsylvania, one point behind hillary
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clinton. this is toable. senator rubio has a great future here and i think he is part of the future of the republican party. so this is the moment when you do exactly what barry goldwater did it. >> everybody will get to weigh in, but i want to go to ana just because you are a personal friend of marco rubio. and what i sensed from him having covered him now for a long time was he's really torn. he doesn't want to be disloyal, but he does not approve of whom the republican voters chose. >> marco is one of the most eloquent speakers i have ever met. he speaks two languages. i speak the same two languages. i had a very hard time parsing what he just said to in you regards to endorsing donald trump. i kept thinking maybe he's talking in code and i'm just not getting the code because you kept asking him the same question and he kept going around in circles about i'm going to -- i signed the pledge to endorse the nominee. i don't want to endorse or vote for hillary clinton. but somehow he couldn't get himself to say i support donald
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trump. i think it's pretty obvious that he is wrestling with it and it's because of temperament issues. it is because of siof ideologicd policy issues. the same reason that so many other republicans are wrestling where this. i think marco gave voice to how a lot of republicans are feeling. coming to terms with a guy being your nominee but not representing your values. >> senator rubio did what a lot of republicans are doing. which is he's saying he will endorse the nominee. as if you can't get the words donald trump out of your mouth. you hear john mccain, i will endorse the nominee. rubio said i took a pledge. i will endorse the nominee. i think kelly ayotte said the same thing. they don't say donald trump.
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throughout the entire interview, anderson cooper pointed this out, he never once said donald trump. >> and the reason is very simple. you had me, i was right with you, my eyes were welling with tears. and then you mentioned lincoln. and that's exactly the point. if you want to build a team rivals and real out to people, you can't be talking about body parts and little marco. so i think that what you are seeing is the necessary inevitable outcome of the way he has conducted himself espn hinss own party. >> i think marco rubio still believes trump will lose. in february he said i'm telling you, if we nominate donald trump, we will lose this election to hillary clinton. he's been loyal to his party, but i think he believes his party will lose. >> david, let me ask you because
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i quoted the most damning thing that marco rubio said about donald trump during the primaries, not including the thing about the hands, was that you can't -- that he at the present time trust having the nuclear codes in the hands of somebody that was an erratic con man. i brought that up two or three times and every time he said he stands by everything that he said during the campaign. >> but he also said that there is the possibility for growth. he was kinder and more respectful on foreign policy than i expected. >> but not necessarily on temperament. >> i thought that was a classic eat your piece moment in the sense that and you are right, he's a loyal republican and he signed a pledge. essentially he's saying my word is good. not that donald trump is good, not that i'm happy about this, but my word is good. so i'm going to do this this. he just ran a race for president. everybody who ran against trump is surprised by this, but i think they also -- the part they can't figure out is the republican party changing under them. if they stay republicans for the next five or ten years, is this the new republican party or is
1:33 pm
this a temporary take over by tud a donald trump and if he loses, they can go back to the way they are. if you cast your lot in trump and he loses in a blowout and paul ryan says let's go back for who we were before donald trump came along, where are you? >> and he didn't disagree when i pointed out that his foreign policy principles are much closer to hillary clinton's than they are to donald trump. we'll roll a little tape of marco rubio talking about foreign policy and then i will get your response. >> i believe he could. obviously with the right people around him, could make the right decisions with regards to that. obviously in fairness and as i've stated, my differences with him, but in fairness, he hasn't held public office before, some of these issues are issues he's learning about for the first time and my sense is that as he learns more about them, the way a nominee should and a president will, he'll have more information upon which to make decisions on these issues. >> i thought that was fairly generous as these things go.
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>> yeah, that there is a learning curve and that donald trump can start to expand his circle of advisers. maybe even shift some of his policy views. we've seen some of that over these last couple days. i think they're all hurdles still. if you think about what he said about a temporary ban on muzlisms, mexico paying for a wall, things like that. i do think you listen to a lot of these republicans who are just like viscerally opposed to donald trump. for those that kind of etch a sketch moment for donald trump will be hard to come by because they talk about character, values. they call him names. if you look at what lindsey graham for instance has said, he sort of made him seem like he was a cookie guy who believed in conspiracy theories. so i think it will be very hard conspiracy theories. so i think it will be very hard. but the bopolls suggest it won' be a blowout. >> david. >> i think we cannot
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underestimate how these guys are trying to figure out their own futures. and their ambivalence reflects they're not sure which way this will go and every one thinks they came out of the race they should have won and they should be the next president and they don't mind seeing donald trump go town down. >> i thought he was trying to be magnanimous, but in a way cooperate help but being a little bit dismissive of donald trump. because he still can't believe he lost to this guy, right? and as you were saying. and he said with the right people around him, he will learn, right? and that's keechind of not what normally say about your party nominee. >> never being in elected office before, it's a huge -- >> let's give jeffrey the last word. >> one thi thing i've learned m rubio has done in the recent part is give an interview to mark levine who was supporting
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cruz. you're looking into the future of getting replug fld to the conservative movement. >> and we have a lot more to discuss. stay with us. next, more on the swing state polls showing trump and clinton next and neck. what women voters this those states think about the republican frontrunner and just when it seemed the clinton e ha mail search was winding down, the state department says it can't find any e-mails from her top staffer. what happened to them. back after this. oudairy or artificial flavors., so we invented a word that means that. shmorange! and it rhymes with the color of our bottle. hey, baby, make it your first word! (baby babble) not even close. reach for the orange, it's 100% shmorange! our vitamins contain no gluten, dairy or artificial flavors. so we invented a word that means that.
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all sigh eyes on west virg today. hrk is t hillary clinton is the underdorg but still far ahead in the overall delegate count. even the vice president officially acknowledging today. >> i feel confident that hillary will be the nominee and that she will be the next president.
1:41 pm
>> jeff zeleny is in louisville wherecampaigning. clinton is trying to look past west virginia and almost look at the general reaction. >> reporter: she is. she is looking ahead to the general election. she's already engaging donald trump. donald trump is certainly engaming her on things. b but it's night like these that remind you that it's not over. yes, it's nearly impossible for bu bernie sanders to catch up, abobut she's still short of the imagine he can number and they are expecting a loss tonight in west virginia. she's campaigning here in kentucky which votes next week. but there is still a full month left of contests here. she still needs to win more delegates, which she will, but she's closing this race like barack obama did eight years ago. he lost those final contests and
1:42 pm
it looks like she may do the same tonight. but since democrats split their delegates, she marches forward and keeps her eye on donald trump. >> interesting. yes, that proportional allocation. now let's go to plea brianna ke with the bernie sanders campaign. what are you hearing from the sanders campaign about tonight? >> reporter: certainly the sanders campaign is expecting a win in west virginia tonight and they also feel really good about oregon which is why he's speaking here tonight where voters will be going to the polls in a week. and despite the fact that sanders is actually outperforming clinton against donald trump in some key states, pennsylvania, florida and ohio in the latest quinnipiac university poll, this is a bomb i should mention that bust has been touting here in the last day or so.bomb i should mention that bust has been touting here in the last day or so. despite that, only 29 delegates at stake this west virginia
1:43 pm
tonight. proportion naturalally indicate. so it would be tickdifficult fo bernie sanders to make up any ground tonight. you wouldn't know that listening to him because he has been emphasizing not only how he can move forward to philadelphia, bruh he also hit hillary clinton yet again on her paid speeches from wall street and eats something that his followers really want to hear. there is lis already a line of hundreds waiting to hear him speak. >> hundreds of people feeling the bern. i should mention that a senior adviser that paul is a with a hillary super pac. the polls are not different there what we've seen seeing no months and hospitmonths. bernie sanders does better against donald trump than hillary clinton sg in tdoes in hypothetical match-up.
1:44 pm
he says don't go with clinton so fast, he would be a stronger democratic nominee. why is that wrong? >> because superdelegates know better. they won't endorse someone who they think can't help him win, period. all politics is personal. hillary is better on the issues, whatever. politicians vote share otheir o careers. they want hillary leading the ticket. of course i'm for hillary and helping the super pac that supports her. but the ro roehe reason, he's r good campaign. . and he hasn't been attacked. hillary has been. >> he's been attacked, just not the way that hillary clinton has. >> that's right. there has been asymmetrical level of attack which is fine with me. our pac hasn't spent a nickel attacking bernie sanders nor will we. so he be looks artificially high in the polls. p but the people with the most at stake in this, they think hillary is the one that they want to align with. >> van, is that fair?
1:45 pm
>> i think it's a logical argument. if you talk to people from the sanders camp, they feel that hillary is a weakened candidate not because of anything that bernie sanders said, just because is he so establishment in such an anti-establishment year. and they are saying listen, we know that there is a wave building for real change, we don't being that they can surf that wave, we think she will get knocked over and so bernie is better suited. it is true bernie has never been blistered the way hillary clinton has, but there a poents to be that about such an establishment figure in an anti-establishment year. >> flgloria, how concerned are they about the investigation into the e-mail server in the latest report is that those close to the investigation say they don't likely think that there will be anything to prosecute her on, not
1:46 pm
indictment, no willful disowe bo it is obedience ever the law. but there are some democrats that are professional worriers. >> david plouffe used to call it the bedwetters. p voes they aof course they are. anything can happen. but they believe that the e-mail situation will be set aside. they understand that donald trump will be raying it time and time again, they understand that it's a campaign issue. i think that they're more worried actually about younger voters and about bernie sanders and getting his voters to be on board with hillary clinton. and getting those suburban married women to vote for hillary clinton which is a real problem if you look at all of these polls that we have been looking at. that's a problem for hillary. younger voters is a problem for hillary. and if you look at these three statewide polls, these suburban
1:47 pm
women are an issue. and so i think they're worried about that. they have to get their opwn bas together. they tend to be dismissive of the e-mail issue. i don't know if that's smart or not so smart. but i think they're more worried about bernie sanders. >> everybody stay where they are. we have to take a quick break. we'll talk to everybody. we are a waiting the first exit poll results any minute now. the call just came in. she's about to arrive. and with her, a flood of potential patients. a deluge of digital records. x-rays, mris. all on account...of penelope. but with the help of at&t, and a network that scales up and down
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1:52 pm
say about the ross speprospect vice presidential candidate along with donald trump. >> unless they have been talking to my wife, which is my critical adviser, like i said yesterday, i think he's the presumptive nominee and he would be best served by having someone and active surrogates who agree with him on these issues. >> it would be better to have a vice presidential nominee who agrees with him on issues. probably a fair assessment. but really what he's saying there is i don't agree with donald trump on issues so i don't want to be his vice president. >> if you're donald trump's vice presidential nominee and you're marco rubio and you're in ohio and doing an event, they will ask you about the debate about hands. they will ask you about your criticism of his foreign policy. they will recycle everything you said in every debate. and marco rubio is right about that. unless you somehow find a way to pull a be rabbit out of a hat and make it all go away.
1:53 pm
which the criticism was so repetitive, pretty hard to scare it. >> i have the sense that the public has had so much of all of these guys that no one will help him very much anyone that has been in the race so far, that he must be bher seretter served go outside. when senator corker surfaced, you had to say that is an interesting thought. somebody treasufresh. it will be hard for him to get any pop from any of these. >> i think if trump is listening to that interview from marco rubio, one thing that he can take solace in is the fact that he won't go away for the next six months badmouthing him. even though he was obviously sort of grudgingly saying that he said support him, he never said that he would vote for him which is a difference there. so, yeah, i think he can take -- >> not that florida would come
1:54 pm
down for one or two votes. >> and i think rubio looks for the down ballot races to help out the -- >> that's what he said. gloria, one of the problems that some republicans are facing is they think trump is going to lose and he could win, i'm not saying that i agree, but they didn't want to be blamed for it. it that's the other thing. they don't want the november 10th blame coming their way. you didn't support him enough, so that's on the dilemma that they're facing. they also don't want to be blamed for a loss if that happened. >> they don't want to be blamed for a loss, but if he does lose, they want to rise up out of the ashes and be the ones that are the newly reconstituted republican party. i'm not sure whose point it was, but it was a good point that they're not sure whether this is just a hostile takeover for a short time or whether this is a long term issue. >> can i just say one thing on the vice presidential thing? i think one of the reasons voters hate politicians as much
1:55 pm
as they do is because they seem to say one thing and then turn around and say, by the way, i'm going to run with that guy even though i disagree with him on everything and those were just words we said to each other during the campaign. what you're seeing here is kind of interesting to me because it's candidate after candidate who ran during the campaign saying i'm not going to do that this time. >> coming up next, first exit polls just minutes away. stay with us. almost everything,rmers,we'n so we know how to cover almost anything. even a ufh2o. [man] that's not good. [pilot] that's not good. [man] that's really not good. [burke] it happened august fourteenth,2008, and we covered to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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that's the show. thanks for joining us. i'll be back at 7:00 p.m.
2:00 pm
eastern. right now i'm turning it over to wolf blitzer and anderson cooper in "the situation room." happening now, primary positioning. voting in two states, exit polling just coming into the situation "room." one get the republican hinting he might get back in the race and bernie sanders aiming for an upset. >> what new polling says about november and how much closer the general election race might be. >> and almost unprecedented. kim jong-un's message to the west as north korea holds either open one party one leader version of a political convention for the first time in 36 years. >> i got it. i'm after snderson cooper. >> and i'm wolf blitzer.