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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  May 10, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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i'll be back at 7:00 p.m. eastern. right now i'm turning it over to wolf blitzer and anderson cooper in "the situation room." happening now, primary positioning. voting in two states, exit polling just coming into the situation "room." one get the republican hinting he might get back in the race and bernie sanders aiming for an upset. >> what new polling says about november and how much closer the general election race might be. >> and almost unprecedented. kim jong-un's message to the west as north korea holds either open one party one leader version of a political convention for the first time in 36 years. >> i got it. i'm after snderson cooper. >> and i'm wolf blitzer.
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and you're in "the situation room." we begin with a big day of primary voting within a bigger week of political maneuvering. nebraska and west virginia, another potentially close one in coal country. both ted cruz and marco rubio made headlines today and we'll talk about that in the next two hours. that is coming up ahead. we'll also be getting exit polling results momentarily. stand by for that. let's begin with jim acosta on donald trump's day in a crucial week ahead for him. jim, where is the trump campaign focused right now as it moves toward tonight's primary? >> top aides expect him to move
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closer to the nomination. but the next challenge comes on thursday when he's set to meet with paul ryan, mitch mcconnell, other top gop leaders. trump september out on tweet saying hopes to unify the party and ryan told a local radio station that he hopes the meeting begins process of getting everyone on the same page. so the trump campaign feeling that the healing has begun. >> marco rubio says he doesn't want to be donald trump's vice president. what else are you hearing about that? >> well, marco rubio said today he will honor his gop pledge, he said this to our jake tapper to support the party's nominee. of course that means donald trump. but just yesterday, rubio said he wasn't interested as serving as trump's running mate. but i'm told by a number of sources that key supporters of
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the florida senator were floating his name as a vice presidential prospect at the rnc meetings last hospital. a trump campaign source tells me that there was a strong impression that rubio was interested in being on the ticket, but rubio is pushing back on that notion. and the florida senator has essentially moved on, he's not interested. >> he made that clear. all right. jim acosta, thanks very much. just a quick additional note, donald trump has told the associated press he has narrowed his list of potential vice presidential picks to five or six people. he has not ruled out the new jersey governor chris christie. we're working to get reaction ourselves from the trump campaign on that and more. as for the democrats, primary in nebraska that is nonbinding. voters already caucused there giving bernie sanders the win. and this west virginia, it's expected to be a rough night for senator clinton especially this light of some remarks she made about coal mining and
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coalminers. she's in louisville, kentucky for us tonight and that's where we find jeff zelenyzeleny. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: they don't expect her to come out on top in west virginia. she's down considerably in the polls. and of course the comments that she made in march about coal country and putting coalminers and coal workers out of business certainly were not helpful. she went back to west virginia to try to explain, she apologized, something we don't hear from politicians a lot. but her campaign expects her to lose. that said, she is far ahead in the math of delegates here. she is leading bernie sanders considerably. so bernie sanders would have to win across the board from here on out the next month by overwhelming numbers to catch up with her. and no one expects that to happen. but she's already turning her attention to donald trump. it's nights like that that
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remind you that she still needs to win and they hope to close strong. they're trying hard in kentucky. she's back on the air with advertisements here in kentucky which votes next week. they're trying to get at least some wins on the board before that all-important california primary in june. >> i know the math may not be there, but what would a win in west virginia mean for the sanders campaign? >> it would mean for the sanders campaign more fuel, more gas in the tank for their argument. it would amplify the argument that they believe bernie sanders is a better general election candidate. every new survey and poll that comes out that shows him doing better, bernie sanders is touting that from the rooftops. so they believe a win like this would show that he can win over those white working class voters that donald trump is strong with. again mathematically speaking, it is difficult for him because of how democrats elect their president. it's proportional. so even a big loss still means they split the delegates here
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about that but it would amly guy the argument to bernie sanders to stay in until the end. >> jeff zeleny reporting for us. thanks very much. >> hillary clinton and donald trump clearly looking ahead to november, so too are the pollsters. the people at quinnipiac discovered in the latest surveys in three big battleground states, it's pretty eye opening. let's get a closer look at the numbers. what about these walbattle grou states? will. >> let's use the 2012 map as our guide post. if you're donald trump, you've said i'm going to change pennsylvania. traditionally a blue state. you say all republicans know you need to win ohio to win the white house. so quinnipiac went into the battleground states. we've been talking about the national poll. an anderson, these numbers do back up donald trump's contention that he can be a different
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unorthodox competitive republican candidate. in florida, a dead heat. clinton ahead by a point. in ohio, statistical dead heat. and pennsylvania, a statistical dead heat. so donald trump at the this point, we'll see if other polls back this up, but remember we'll have national and state polls. if you're in the trump campaign, this is very encouraging because especially the rust belt states. if you're in the clinton damage pain, you may think you win the war on women, but donald trump looks to be a very competitive the war on women,d trump looks to be a very competitive candidate. >> hillary clinton winning in the gender gap. is there a flip side? >> there is. registered men voters, look at this, 13 points in florida. big advantage here this ohio. a big advantage here in pennsylvania, as well. donald trump runs much better among men than hillary clinton does.
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so this is his gender gap. advantage men. she does have almost a mirror image a huge advantage among women voters here. in florida, in ohio, and in pennsylvania. so you have very competitive states and a mirror image among the genders if you will. so donald trump has to improve his standing among women and hillary clinton certainly has a problem among especially blue collar men. >> what about race? >> this is the key if you remember the two obama wins, obama coalition, keep suburban women, win nonwhite voters. moppi among white stories, trump wins in florida. in ohio, trump 49, clinton 32. in pennsylvania, trump with an 11 point van. butrsvoters, 63 tr-20 in florida. at this point in the race, it's
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a very competitive race and classic question. can dump turn out white voters and improve standing among not white voters. or can hillary clinton keep intact the remnants of the obama coalition. >> all right. a lot to talk about. let's get back to our panel. what are you looking for today? how important is today for the democrats? >> i think for democrats we sort of know what is going to happen here. west virginia not a really great state for hillary clinton. i think she's going into a stuff stretch. i think sort of looking back, maybe she should have tried harder in indiana.
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because she will enter this stretch when people start to look at her campaign and wonder about her numbers and viability. particularly among white voters. west virginia, a state about 93% white. so that will be a problem for her. also a semiopen primary. she's clearly trying to pivot already. she was in virginia not west virginia talking to women there. and she released child care sort of program. so we know she's focused on suburban white women. if she can eat into the traditional edge that republican candidates have had among that demographic, i think she will make vidvid strides there. >> it's striking that bernie sanders is in oregon today. and if you think hillary clinton will lose a couple today and go to oregon, that is not good news because it means that they will be very competitive all the way to the end. she's still the front of runner
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for the presidency, but i don't think how she pivots to the center until she gets past california.the presidency, but think how she pivots to the center until she gets past california she can't shake bernie sanders off. >> what if he wins california is this that's a possibility. and so the math doesn't add up, and then you have the contestis this that's a possibility. and so the math doesn't add up, and then you have the contest about the hearts and momentum of the people who are supporting bernie sanders. and so say you want to win california. again, he'd have to win by such apoverwhelming margin. >> the margins really matter including tonight. if bernie sanders wins west virginia by ten point, they will get a net gain of probably three or four delegates. if he wins would s by ten point. which is kind of a so what about. to catch her in pledged delegates, he has to win 66% of the remaining pledged delegates. so is bernie sanders going to win all the states with 66%?
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unlikely. but if he keeps winning, democrats have a unity problem, too. his supporters are energized. >> one of the things about west virginia, though, i'm a clean energy guy. every time we talk about clean energy even in 2008, people go what about those coalminers. because they're american hero. you may not like the coal companies, but the com mialmine risk their lungs and limbs every day to keep the lights turned on. so it fit for the clean energy community, we have the term is just transition. you cannot -- 80,000 coalminers. >> so when you heard hillary clinton say i'm going to put a lot 6 coalminers out of work -- >> it was heartbreaking. >> but you heard her next accept sense. 6 coalminers out of work- >> it was heartbreaking. >> but you heard her next accept sense.of 6 coalminers out of work -- >> it was heartbreaking. >> but you heard her next accept sense.>> it was heartbreaking. >> but you heard her next accept sense. but on behalf of the people who fought for clean energy and who
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have taken the concern of the coalminers so seriously, you have 80,000 coalminers, 120,000 people working this so in solar wind energy. but those 80,000 coalminers have been close to the hearts of people concerned about clean energy. and think she bobbled the ball trying to describe that strategy and paid a price for it. >> as a clinton supporter, how do you push back against the sanders support who are say our candidate does better in head to head match-ups against donald trump? >> because his candidate hasn't been hammered like my candidate has. bernie himself has benefited from millions of dollars of right wing super pac money attacking hillary. >> i don't think that's fair. >> he hasn't baby teen attacked. he's doing a great job. i have to give him his due. but he's not being attacked by donald trump.
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not being scrutinized by the media. the new york "daily news" did, but we kind of back off because we don't think he can win. that's why he does better in the polling. >> are you certainly right it's a case that he is not getting beaten up, but he's also found something that i think the establishment democrats missed which is that there is a big well of pain and frustration. and there is a bipartisan consensus frankly to throw the working class under the bus. trump has a part of that. but i think the fact that bust has done such a brilliant job of literally finding the issue that young people care about that i'll never get a job if i don't go to college and i can't afford it, that is political brilliance. >> when you heard marco rubio saying he doesn't want to be trump's running mate, how big of
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a problem is this continuing lack of for lack of a better word establishment assume? support? >> this thing hatches all the time. first thing ronald reagan said to grnlg bush, can you agree to support the platform. >> so do you think paul ryan says after thursday that i'm on board? >> i do. frankly, what choice do they have? and i don't mean it in the sense that they're threatened by trump. but trump's voters are saying, hey, we -- >> so you think there is a kumbaya moment? >> no, i don't. every campaign the winner reaches out, asks people to come into be part of his movement, be part of his campaign to support him. being gracious in victory is one of the most important parts of a winning campaign for president or for any other office.
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trump has given everybody carte blanche not to come on board. he has said we don't need to unify the republican party. if anything, he has been saying i can take you for granted. i will make up those numbers with other voters. that may be true. but i think the schism is getting greater not better. >> we'll continue this this conversation shortly. and for several hours i imagine. talk about the first batch of exit polling data. also what it says about the shape of the primary in the coming general election campaign later with all the controversy, we'll be joined by a senior member of the trump organization and top clinton assumptioner. & in a world held back by compromise, businesses need the agility to do one thing & another. only at&t has the network, people, and partners to help companies be... local & global.
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two rivals talking to glenn beck. ted cruz did not rule out getting back in the race if he see as path to victory. cruz also is not ready to endorse trump. marco rubio made it clear he's not interested in being a vice presidential running mate with trump. trump says he's now narrowed his list down to five or six people. here is more of what rubio said about trump in an interview with jake tapper just a little while a ago. >> i signed a pledge that said i would support the republican nominee and i intend to continue to do that. but here is the situation that we're in. on the one hand, i don't want hillary clinton to be the president. i don't want her to win the election. on the other hand i have defined differences with the presumptive nominee of the republican party.
2:22 pm
and like millions, you try to reconcile those two things. i intend to live up to the pledge, but that said, these concerns that i have about policy, they are are's there, but that doesn't mean that donald needs to change his positions in order to get my support.that doesn't mean that needs to change his positions in order to get my support. i think he should be true to what he believes in and make the case to the american people. >> joining us now, michael cullen, special counsel to donald trump. let me get your quick reaction to what we just heard from marco rubio. what did you think? >> i don't really think anything. i think mr. trump will be the nominee. he will get more than the 1237. obviously we want the support of every one of the former contenders for the presidency as well as everybody in the senate and in the house. mr. trump will do that. he's a up unifier.
2:23 pm
>> ted cruz, marco rubio, jeb bush, lindsey graham, all of his presidential opponents, they signed a pledge to support the republican nominee. they're no exactly jumping on board for donald trump right now. p what does that tell you? >> it doesn't tell me anything. basically means that it will take a little bit longer for them to come on board. everybody seems to take their own amount of time that they're looking before which they figure it out. but will trump will -- again, he will bring everybody together. it's what he does. he will be the great unifier. and just to use the metaphor of the wall, if you think about it, it's really hillary clinton who is a dogmatic democrat who has actually built a wall across the aisle. donald trump will build a bridge, he will bring the
2:24 pm
republicans and democrats together. he's worked with both sides. many they don't like everything that he said. that's okay. you're not supposed to. but donald trump's points are very well taken. donald trump is the guy who will do the three most important things. he will fix the economy, he will create jobs and he will ensure that america is safe and he will the strongest when it comes to national security. >> a new quinnipiac poll shows donald trump and hillary clinton neck and neck in three key battle ground states. florida, pennsylvania and ohio. but when you break it down, take a look at women voters. you see in pennsylvania, who is the choice among women voters, hillary clinton 51%, trump 32%. in florida, she's ahead 48% to 35%. in ohio, 43% to 36%. what does he need to do right now in order to get more women support in. >> gud nedonald trump needs to
2:25 pm
himself. he will win the women vote, as well. he hasn't started campaigning against millhillary as of yet. women like men are interested in three things. they're interested in jobs, they're interested in the economy and they're interested this national security. and hillary clinton has the highest unfavorables in those three. and gdonald trump is the highes in those specific three issues. . >> do you think it's smart for donald trump to keep going after hillary clinton on the sex all indiscretions? >> it was hillary clinton that came out along with her super pacall indiscretions? >> it was hillary clinton that came out along with her super pac calling donald trump amisog.
2:26 pm
donald trump there dfrom day nu one, he's a counter eer punche. if you call him something, be prepared to accept what will come back. >> thank you very much. west virginia allows independents to vote in primaries which could help bernie sanders probably help him a lot. eashe's also hoping hillary clinton's remarks about coalminers will translate to help for him today. a state she won by a wide margin back in the 2008 primary. joining us now is a key clinton supporter, senator claire mccaskill. thank you for joining us. as we noted, 29 dell today thes up for grabs. what does the expectation hillary clinton has going into
2:27 pm
tonight? >> she's campaigning for every vote. we all respect the campaign that bernie sanders has put together and understand the frustration of his supporters. we are confident that she is going to win this nomination regardless of the drought coout west virginia tonight by the number of pledged delegates. not superdelegates. and we know that he will join forces with us to make sure that donald trump never enters the oval office. >> the remarks on the coal miners that secretary clinton made saying that we will put a lot of coalminers and coal companies out of business as we mentioned, she's since tried to clarify those remarks. she called them a mistake. but did you see this possibly coming back to haunt her tonight, maybe even further down the road in shef she's the democ nominee? >> i think it was unfortunate that she put it that way, but she and bernie sanders both agree that we have to it have more clean energy.
2:28 pm
global warning as bernie sanders says over and over again is a crisis. america has to lead on this. but that doesn't mean that we don't take care of those coalminers and their families by retraining them, getting them other jobs. and she has had real policies that will protect those families from job loss as the economy kind of washes up against the coal industry and also as climate change becomes more and more of a danger to everyone in the world, including everybody in america. >> the new quinnipiac poll released today in those three key battle ground states shows bernie sanders beating donald trump in match-ups in florida, ohio and pennsylvania. all pivotal of course come november in the battle for the electoral college. but see these numbers. how much cause for worry is this for the clinton camp? look at how close it is between hillary clinton and donald
2:29 pm
trump. bernie sanders actually does better. >> we all remember in in 2008 when hillary clinton put together an amazing string of wins. i think she won seven of the last sten primaries and went on to unite with barack obama and not only unite to win the oval office, but one of his important advisers. we all believe that is exactly what is going to happen this time. there no question that she has scars, about y but those are sc public service and being the victim of hundreds of millions of dollars of attack ads. not h hads. nobody has gop after him on the airways with distorgs and untruths. so it really is apples and oranges. i think if he had gone through what she's gone threw over the last two decades, perhaps his negatives might be slightly hire also. but i look at it as hillary clinton's scars that she willingly took on in the name of
2:30 pm
public service. >> senator mccaskill, thanks for joining us. anderson, over to you. >> first exit polling results are starting to come in, we'll have that after a quick break. if ♪ (woman) one year ago today mom started searching for her words.
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2:35 pm
we're asking about will the republican party come together when this nomination season ends. do you think the republican party is united now? only 3% say that. 51% say it's divided, but will unite. it's the third number that is the most important number to watch. 45% of republicans vote say the party will remain divided come november. a little bit better in west virginia for donald trump there. united now, 10%. divided but will unite, 62%. and only 26% say will remain divided in november. we asked that question nationally just last week and 51% said the party will remain divided in november. so the states better than the national work ahead of him. >> six months to try to do exactly that. what do the exit polls show about the democratic race in west virginia some. >> so first we asked that question we have been asking all
2:36 pm
season about whether or not you want to continue barack obama's policies. 27%, that's it, of west virginia democrats say they want to continue barack obama's policies. 25% say they're looking for more liberal policies. 42% of those voting this the west virginia democratic primary say they want to have less liberal policies. that is the highest number we've seen all cycle long. this is clearly a conservative electorate. and in terms of candidate qualities, this is what west virginia democrats told us. 10% are looking for someone who can win in november, 32% says cares about people like me, 27% looking for honest, 26% looking for experience. that cares mum thenumber there, that has usually benefited bernie sanders in a lot of races. experience has been hillary clinton's calling card. that is not the top quality tonight in west virginia.
2:37 pm
>> all right. we'll see how it translates in to actual votes. we'll get back to you. thank you very much. it's interesting when you look at those exit polls, sort of conflicting results there for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. for hillary clinton, less liberal than barack obama would seem to play into her favor. >> so let's count the votes. our expectation is that you will have a sanders victory and yet the electorate seems to be saying they want less lib ral policies and she would be the less liberal candidate. but the part where it shows they want someone who cares and honest, that could get to sanders p. i think that the most compelling thing bernie sanders has done in this campaign and the hamath do that work for bernie sanders, but the lesson to hillary clinton is have a stronger more compelling economic message. that is where bernie sanders has
2:38 pm
outmaneuvered her. where donald trump has succee d succeeded. the trade message and the rest bullet stat rust belt states. west virginia will vote for the republican, but if there is a lesson to be learnedrest rust belt states. west virginia will vote for the republican, but if there is a lesson to be learnedest rust belt states. west virginia will vote for the republican, but if there is a lesson to be learnedst rust belt states. west virginia will vote for the republican, but if there is a lesson to be learnedt rust belt states. west virginia will vote for the republican, but if there is a lesson to be learned rust belt states. west virginia will vote for the republican, but if there is a lesson to be learnedrust belt states. west virginia will vote for the republican, but if there is a lesson to be learned she need as more compelling economic message. >> and i think what will be remembered from west virginia is that statement that she made about coal and you can imagine that will play in ads certainly in some of the coal states like pennsylvania. even nationally. you can handling that tippingcog to dog her. and i think you will see donald trump continuing to essentially steal from bernie sanders message. >> name crdropping. in and the sense that the system is rigged and that bernie sanders is on the losing end of that. so i think hillary clinton has some tough road ahead.
2:39 pm
fi finding that economic message. >> i think people are saying less liberal are really talking about coal and sanders represents the more conservative from their point responsive position. but i can't get over the fact that she can't shake him and she's not creating the kind of momentum that you would expect. she is in such a strong position nationally against trump. you look at state by state -- >> why do you think it is? >> i don't know. there is something -- there is almost this rejectionist quality this both parties. people are unhappy with the way this is turning out. they don't really like -- republicans have the most ambivalence toward their candidate i can remember ever. including goldwater. and there is a sense of about hillary, she just doesn't get people going.
2:40 pm
>> enthusiasm is down. >> the greatest political strategist ever is henne youngman. how is hillary? compared to what. that may be up lovenlively, but is the realistic thing. it troubles me greatly that she hasn't excited the young people is the realistic thing. it troubles me greatly that she hasn't excited the young people is the realistic thing. it troubles me greatly that she hasn't excited the young people. harvard institute of politics poll shows hillary running stronger against trump among millennials than obama did against romney. remarkable. >> so will you be running commercials for your super pac like compared to the others i'm not so bad? is that your strategy? >> we may have a few gentle criticisms of mr. trump. loving constructively. >> and sanders does well in these match-ups, also, against trump. >> only 10% of voters today said
2:41 pm
they care about electability. >> we'll take a look at the republican side of the exit polling after a quick break. safety doesn't come in a box. it's not a banner that goes on a wall. it's not something you do now and then. or when it's convenient. it's using state-of-the-art simulators to better prepare for any situation. it's giving offshore teams onshore support. and it's empowering anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right. at bp, safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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2:46 pm
3% united but will unite, 45% of republicans in neb believe tras the republican party will remain divided. you sense this is much ado about nothing, it will always come together. >> it always does. goldwater thing did not, but there were a lot of exceptional circumstances there. reagan over bush came together. if nothing else, there is self interest here. a lot of politicians and they're looking at in this case donald trump who has a lot of votes and a lot of supporters in their own districts. >> and you're shaking your head no. >> the idea that we will buy the world a coke and sing in perfect harmony strikes me as crazy because the republican party was divided a year ago. the republican party was divided two years ago. you had people like ted cruz helping people running against
2:47 pm
colleagues. you've had this battle, the civil war between base and establishment going on now brewing for years. so the idea that -- >> did he ecades. >> -- that it would be donald trump who leads us into a group lug is -- >> can i buy you a coke? >> i think a lot of the public discussion will reflect the annual ambivalence. there are a lot of donors that will sit on their hands and he won't put the money into it.ual. there are a lot of donors that will sit on their hands and he won't put the money into it. >> not an organization already in place like there might be for others. >> the rnc says it has learned the lessons of the obama wins and has a data operation this time. but often we overstate, all these republican super pacs
2:48 pm
would help their kcandidate and look what happened p but if you're in a 50/50 election and it comes down to one or two states, then confusion, lack of coordination can matter. >> and the rnc announced today that one of the best liked most diplomatic nicest guys in the world with inincredcredible cre ability will head a joint of the. soipg t so i think the rnc represents the importance. >> i think trump does, too. he knows he -- >> he's very rich. >> and can i just count on the divided -- >> we'll take a quick break. cnn's will ripley gives us a fascinating inside look at the rare meeting in north korea that was capped by elaborate public celebrations like this one. will was in the room when their leader kim jong-un was given a new title. what he saw and heard in a moment.
2:49 pm
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kentucky votes a week from to speak to a crowd of hundreds those delegates are going to be awarded proportion yally so hillary clinton will end up picking up some delegates and that means that for bernie sanders it's going to be difficult to close the margin which at this point is considerable. it's about 300 delegates, a
3:03 pm
little more than that that he trails behind hillary clinton in just the pledged delegates. now at the same time because of that you're seeing some people look at the sanders campaign and feel that what he's doing instead is fighting for the message, fighting to influence the democratic platform. you can -- i think wolf if you listen to him and we heard him last night you don't necessarily pick that up because we heard him taking on hillary clinton on wall street drawing attention to her paid speeches from wall street, hundreds of thousands of dollars that she brought in after she was secretary of state and also we've heard him touting his poll results just recently. pennsylvania, florida, ohio are showing bernie sanders performing better against donald trump than hillary clinton and this is something that he's been touting. >> certainly has been. is the clinton campaign worried about having a fight on two
3:04 pm
fronts against both bernie sanders and duonald trump for that matter. >> certainly some of her allies are worried about that and what they'd like to see is bernie sanders helping hillary clinton pile on donald trump. bernie sanders isn't quite there yet. you certainly hear him taking on donald trump a lot and we've heard a number of his speeches where he's taking on donald trump a lot more than he's taking on hillary clinton, but he's still fighting through this primary and still fighting for the message. of course the clinton campaign i think would like for this to move right into the general election, but also with a number -- with the sanders campaign being seen as having such an uphill climb you also see some of his attacks on hillary clinton getting less attention and that has also played to her benefit. >> all right. thanks very much. donald trump's running mate's search jim acosta has been working his sources. he's joining us now. >> reporter: we can confirm that
3:05 pm
the trump campaign has told us that donald trump is now down to five to six names on his vice presidential search list. at this point they're not close to naming a pick, but at the same time what's been told to us is that chris christie who was once donald trump's rival, he is still on that list. new jersey's governor chris christie is being considered. some names we can take off, marco rubio. he took his name out of the running. he said he's not interested in that job and mike pence say he is not interested in that job. keep in mind they may be early on in this process. corey lewandowski, it was announced today he was going to lead the vice presidential search. they're in the early stage of
3:06 pm
this process. >> all right. thanks very much. anders anderson, over to you. >> back to the panel. gloria, what do you make of this reporting? >> i think it's early and it's very odd that a presidential campaign and a candidate actually says you know we've kind of narrowed it down to five or six. usually the candidate doesn't talk about it very much in current history. this is different. >> usually in this -- >> yeah. exactly. that's what i was going to say. you read my mind. also, corey lewandowski is running the process, which is also unusual. >> i guess this means michelle fields will not make the list. >> i mean, this is -- he's a political guy. he's a campaign manager.
3:07 pm
david is speechless. >> i don't know. i see the pictures. i got the rest of that, but usually you have a heavyweight who knows other heavyweights and can do the review that needs to be done before you chose somebody. it's fine to have corey -- >> it's weird because your first big choice is vp, but the choice of who does the vp sends a signal. >> that's is the most unorthodox candidate of our lifetime has an unorthodox process to pick a running mate, but is talking about very run of the mill predictable i need a washington insider -- >> corey lewandowski could take a page out of dick chaney's book. >> john mccain had a great
3:08 pm
vetting process if you will all recall. he had fabulous washington, d.c. lawyers do the vetting process and then suddenly he couldn't choose the person he wouldn't which was joe libberman because his people said you can't do that, you can't somebody who is not of our party, so he went and picked somebody that hadn't been vetted. >> this is the moment when you first show people who kind of president you would be, what kind of people would be around you. nobody knows -- if donald trump goes to the white house the big question is who is going with him. >> that's right. i mean this with no disrespect. dana is exactly right according to all of the rule books we've had to shred and burn and bury. trump has redefined everything. >> i don't know how donald trump runs his business, but it does seem he has a very small core
3:09 pm
group of people. we think of the trump organization as this massive thing. what i've seen is they have a core group of people that are around donald trump that are loyal to him and corey lewandowski is in that group so it doesn't surprise me he would go to that group to vet. >> no. i would just say with all respect to david that when you look back in history, people who's names are legendary, puns upon a time when they burst on the scene with no disrespect to my friend paul here, but who in 1992 was saying let's leave the big decisions to others? who would leave the decisions to bobby kennedy? >> who did bill clinton's vetting process. >> christopher. >> exactly. >> let me make the case for corey lewandowski, loyalty.
3:10 pm
cheney was a heavyweight, but he was not loyal. the argument is he manipulated the system. all the leading candidates somehow blew up with information that no unelse had except the vetters and cheney was the last man and he did not go through the vote. he may advise trump wisely or unwisely, but he will not manipulate that. >> he is extremely unorthodox. he's not your typical politician and it's hard to interpret him. corey lewandowski for all his shortcomings has proven to be so far a trump whisperer. somebody that has trump's ear that knows what trump wants that can interpret trumpism. i think he's not going to make a decision. trump is going to make the
3:11 pm
decision. >> trump is not looking for a hail mary here. he said i'm going to go for somebody who is well known and practiced in the ways of washington. so he's narrowed it before they've even started it. >> i agree. i cannot emphasize enough that at the end of the day you don't want somebody who is loyal to trump, you want somebody who has judgment about human beings and their capacity to be lead. >> that person would be donald trump though. >> you have to put somebody in the room who is an equal to the people they're talking to. >> why? he hasn't done it for 11 months and he's the nominee. we're talking in an ideal world and we're living in a surreal world. >> do you want corey lewandowski running the defense program. >> i don't want -- he can understand and read donald
3:12 pm
trump -- >> there are some things that don't change. the job doesn't change. the constitution doesn't change. the threats facing the country don't change and just because we have somebody who is figuring out how to run by tweet that doesn't mean at the end of the day these questions are con essential to the country. >> and the voters he needs, not the voters he has, the voters he has love that stuff, voters he needs care most about temperament, judgment, character, places where he's lacking right now so that's why -- >> the proof will be in the pudding of who is selected and i have not heard any out there names. to borrow from president obama's white house correspondent we're not talking about miss sweden here.
3:13 pm
these are the kind of names that are being floated. >> you make the most beautiful cases for how things should be, what should be, but let's just remember that corey lewandowski, his campaign manager was basically, what, charged in florida in the midst of the campaign. donald trump never backed away for one minute, never so much as apologized -- >> loyalty. >> -- there was never an apology to the woman involved. any other politician should have, would have, danistanced themselves immediately from somebody that was facing a charge of that nature. donald trump does things differently. >> he does things differently, but turns it into a benefit, an asset that people respond to. >> that's right. >> look, corey lewandowski is somebody who has been loyal to him. >> he's a smart guy. >> the thing about donald trump that we've learned about throughout this entire campaign is he tells you what he's going to do and he does it. he has said i'm going to pick a
3:14 pm
pretty conventional person because that's where i'm kind of short. this washington stuff, haven't been in washington, never been elected to office, so the names that have been floated are conventional. corey lewandowski is not picking these names. donald trump is picking these names. jones day is a law firm they've been affiliated with and i'm sure they will be doing the vetting on these candidates. >> you could make the issue that corey lewandowski has been the campaign manager for this entire campaign and this campaign beat those other campaigns. >> we're moving from a period of politicking to a period of governing. that's what this decision is all about. >> theoretically, yes. >> you want the person who would be the best kwal fid qualified next president of the united states if something should happen to you. he can do this how he wants, but if he wants to gain respect as a
3:15 pm
candidate as someone who would be a good president then you have to pay some attention -- >> can't you make the argument which is he's -- you can argue that he's being more responsible than john mccain for those who didn't like sarah palin that was a knock against her. >> it wasn't a knock against mccain at the end of the day. >> trump is saying i want the opposite of that, i want somebody who has washington experience. >> from trump's perspective, he brought in paul manafort and put corey lewandowski in charge of the vp. paul manafort's are saying what happened, you brought in this heavyweight. he knows all the people and he knows the heavyweights. he's trump's relative peer when it comes to age. this is what people in washington are talking about. if you are trump, if it ain't broke don't fix it. he got this far. this is the process he wants and its his choice. >> there's more to talk about, including marco rubio who gave an interview to jake tap per
3:16 pm
earlier today. also tonight a top sanders supporter in spite of a shortage of delegates, would sanders supporters pick trump over clinton if that's their choice in november. here's the plan. you want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad. and years later at thanksgiving, when one of them says what he's thankful for most, is this house, you realize you didn't plan for any of this you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible. ♪ with 5-door versatility,
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life feels a little lighter, potency probiotic, livelier, a little more you. ultimate flora probiotics. live pictures coming in from kentucky. hillary clinton addressing a rally campaign there. kentucky holds its primary a week from now. we have breaking news.
3:21 pm
more insight into what the vote ez tonight are really thinking about not only what's happening today, but what's happening in the general election. >> that's right. in west virginia we were look looking on the democratic side and issue number one is the economy. there's high anxiety about the economy in west virginia. 35% of the voters in west virginia say trade creates u.s. jobs. michigan was higher, but that is -- that's right up there tied with hohio. look at how worried people are about the economy. are you worried about the u.s. economy? 67% very worried, 24% somewhat worried. wolf, that's 67% very worried, that's a high water mark of the
3:22 pm
entire season this state has the highest economic anxiety that we've seen so far. >> that helps explain why donald trump is doing so well. he talks about trade all the time and the worry some u.s. economy. >> he may find that his economic message is hitting on trade has some audience there. >> anderson back to you. >> donald trump has narrowed his list of running mates to five or six. marco rubio gave an interview since leaving the race. we do not know who is on the list. we know that senator rubio says he does not want the job. >> are you saying you would never serve as his vice president if he asked? >> who is that? >> donald trump. >> so, no.
3:23 pm
he needs to appoint someone to be his vice presidential nominee that fully embraces the things he stands for. >> so you're saying no. >> i've never had those conversations with anyone in his campaign so i'm not saying that anyone has offered it to me or it's been suggested to me, but i'm saying he would be best served by someone who more fully embraces the things he stands for and that's not me. >> we're back with the panel. this fascinating interview that jake did take because rubio saying he would support the nominee, but he did not say he would support donald trump or that he would vote for donald trump. do you think that will evolve as the election draws nearer? >> if he keeps getting asked about it at some point folks are going to have to go from treating donald trump like north baltimore whose name shall not be mentioned to the actual republican nominee and deal with
3:24 pm
the fact that his name is donald trump and he's the presumptive nominee and that's what we've got. at that point you vote for trump or vote for hillary or you don't vote. that's it. you can parse it as much as you want and take your time to reconcile your brain with it, you can go to therapy, maybe a little counseling, figure out how to say it in spanish and then in english, but those are your choices. i think what you saw in marco was a guy who is speaking his heart and is wrestling with the idea of donald trump with who he doesn't agree on character issues, policy issues, with whom he has kpeecompeted for the lasn months and beat him, all of those things are hard to deal with for any given person. i think you're seeing him wrestle with that and come to terms with it and i think it's hard to give donald trump a full endorsement when what you see from him the first week after he's the nominee is a
3:25 pm
conversation about bill clinton's past infidelities instead of turning more presidential. >> the higher ranking you are in this party, if you've been on the stage with donald trump as a candidate, if you're the speaker of the house, the senate majority leader, this is your responsibility when the party selected a nominee it's your job to get out there just as past folks who didn't like george mcgovern, you got to stand up for the guy. and politically speaking in 1964 when nelson rocka feller and george romney abandoned barry goldwater that was the end of him. richard nixon who stood up there and was for goldwater all the way wound up as the president. >> what is the nominee's job? >> sure. no question. i think donald trump will reach out and is talking to people,
3:26 pm
but it's got to be a two way street and these other folks are leaders of the republican party. >> all we've heard this week is we don't need a unified republican party. i'm with you. >> i expected senator rubio to begin the interview saying i talked to donald trump the other, he called me the other day. george bush reached out to ford and then he put george bush on the ticket. >> that's not donald trump's style. >> if you want party unity it needs to be. >> paul ryan came out in that interview last week and said what he said about not being ready to support donald trump and there were those that said donald trump should have called him. >> one of the things -- this may be much more significant than we really realize. we may be missing the forest through the trees.
3:27 pm
why does donald trump need a party at all? this may not be donald trump ran over the republican party, he may be running over the idea of parties, period. donald trump has a party in his hand. he can do all of the activities that parties used to do. he can mobilize voters and raise money. so if that's where he is, that then explains some of the behavior. >> he does need them for money. >> we'll see. >> he can't have it both ways and that is to go to the party and say raise all the money for me and not work with the party and to reject the party. >> he does. he absolutely needs a party to raise the money for him and by the way to go out and campaign for him and he has to come out and say how about those down tickets. >> he just ran over all these guys. >> i think in a general election you certainly need infrastructure. >> who is going to show up at the door. >> we're going to have more
3:28 pm
ahead. also ahead senator elizabeth warren is the latest target of donald trump's twitter insults, but she's fighting back against attacks and the nickname he's come up with for her. how senator warren is going toe to toe with trump in a war of words next. one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle,
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3:33 pm
as we've seen time and again donald trump certainly fond of insults on twitter, but he may have met his match. elizabe elizabeth warren is a target of his tweet storms and she says her words are she's handling it the way you have to handle any bully. she says trump has built his campaign on racism and sexism and she's taking a stand against him. >> reporter: democrat elizabeth warren taking on donald trump in 140 characters or less. the senator using words like lame, weak and bully to describe the republican candidate. the twitter spat dates back to may 3rd after trump won the indiana primary and became the presumptive nominee. warren promising to fight her heart out to make sure donald trump never reaches the white house. trump couldn't let that slide
3:34 pm
blasting warren on twitter three days later, i hope corrupt hillary clinton chooses elizabeth warren as her running mate and brought up warren's r herita heritage. trump tweeting let's check her records to see if she's native american. she has long defended her native american heritage even after scott brown accused her of making it up to get ahead in her career. seconds later, elizabeth warren has a career based on a lie. she's not native-american. goofy elizabeth warren and her phoney native american are on a
3:35 pm
twitter rant. she took to twitter unleashing a firestorm accusing trump of lying his way through the primaries and putting him on notice those days are over. first she called his tweets lame and then in response to him calling her goofy. for the guy with the best words, that's a lame nickname. warren fired off 11 tweets calling him a bully who has a single play in his play book, offensive lies thrown at anyone who calls him out. another saying he spews insults and lies because he can't have an honest conversation about his dangerous vision for america. you can beat a bully by holding your ground. if you think recycling scott brown's hate filled attacks are going to shut me up, think again.
3:36 pm
her rant ended at 8: 8:49 p.m. we won't shut up or back down. this election is too important and he won't step foot in the white house. cnn new york. >> it's interesting that senator warren is one of the few congress members to go after donald trump in this way. she's been quiet in the primary battles between clinton and sanders. >> i'm swooning. i love that woman so much. >> really? >> she's the -- in a lot of ways everybody loves bernie, but she's the one we want to go to the prom with. people on the left will go with bernie, but she's there. my only point is that this is --
3:37 pm
there's a fire from her that people just love on our side. >> jowhy now? is she trying to position herself. does she know harry reid is leaving the senate. i've said before when she said she wasn't going to run bernie sanders jumped in and stole her car and drove away. what does she want. >> i think it's more about mission than ambition. if you want to move up in the senate that's an inside game. she's really concerned that the democrats take an economic message into this election and i think she's showing. she's saying here's how do you this hillary. >> how much of hillary clinton's message was discussed there? what that reminds me of is what happened -- >> is this a marker against donald trump? >> i suppose you could look at it that way, but it looks like
3:38 pm
what happened to ted cruz. he got ted cruz off on a tangent here and then ted cruz goes off on this and it didn't help him and here is elizabeth warren engaged in a twitter war. >> the end is called rel vansy and the ironic part is she took a page out of donald trump's play book. how do i do this the most effective way, through twitter. she is trying to go back and be relevant. she's going to be having the same thought as joe biden. if you are elizabeth warren and you're seeing how much trouble bernie sanders is having -- hillary clinton is having shaking off bernie sanders, you have to think what if i had to run against hillary. >> that would be a super pac. >> she does not have to worry about being relevant. she's extremely relevant to the future of the democratic party. everybody knows that bernie sanders is now going to
3:39 pm
gradually leave the stage. she's going to -- >> he's not going inner. >> for a long time i felt it's impossible. after this you have to start wondering. >> she's more gifted i think than bernie sanders at delivering this message. >> there's two things about a vice president. one is you want to have the vice president take the fight to the other side and she -- >> she can do it. >> she gets under trump's skin. the other thing is that it's possible that all the excitement we've been saying has been missing, if you had two women -- >> that's not allowed in the constitution. >> i know. >> there's so many good women in the democratic party it's almost embarrassing. you have -- what's so amazing is i've never seen men do this.
3:40 pm
all women said it's hillary's turn. have you ever heard any man say it's your turn. >> rubio to jeb bush. >> must you bring that up again. >> part of what i think could happen here is listen, there is an excitement level that these young voters would have if an elisz bet elizabeth warren was on the ticket, i think if hillary clinton was elected she would be the best president ever. >> i think of few things that will unite the republican party more than the idea of a clinton/warren ticket. >> a hell of a campaign. >> i don't think bernie sanders is going anywhere. bernie sanders if he's not the nominee which we don't assume he will be, will go back to the united states senate, he will have a huge impact on this convention and a lot of leverage with hillary clinton. he will be the chairman of a
3:41 pm
committee if they -- if they get the senate. he will be an important person in democratic politics and he will be hillary clinton's person in the senate who will say to her we need to do this because i got millions of votes. >> it goes to show how big a team hillary clinton is going to have, a big a cheering section right. there she was on twitter make ag case against donald trump in terms of him being sexist and racist. that's not a message that hillary clinton wants to make. it's not a message that barack obama wants either, but i think she's going to be part of that team, michelle obama is going to be out there as well as bernie sanders. >> paul ryan can't bring himself to say he's for donald trump. hillary has not locked it up yet. >> we have to go. will the state where coal is king, what are the results going
3:42 pm
to be there tonight. will it crown bernie sanders. the democratic race expected to be tight in west virginia. i'll talk to the sanders campaign ahead. you pay your car insurance
3:43 pm
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3:46 pm
voters in west virginia are having their say today. 29 delegates are at state for the democrats. it's a strong state for bernie sanders. the state voted overwhelming
3:47 pm
back in 2008 crushing senator barack obama. gene, what's the latest over there. >> reporter: they're saying a lot. there's an uptick at this polling station. so many people are getting off work and they're coming to cast their vote, but it's been constant all day. a record has been met with early votes cast that they have had more ballots turned in for early voting than any other presidential election primary and what we're hearing from the voters they're engaged, it's about the economy and they're saying it's the coal industry. what i've really learned today so many people, not only the miners and their families, but i talked with a voter who is a supplier to the coal industry, he lost his job, talked about machinery, how those people are losing their jobs and the consultants and clerical staff
3:48 pm
and attorneys that negotiate the contracts, the state workers involved in the mining industry are all effected and have been. even a local woman that owns a restaurant told me her catering business is down significantly as well as business dinners because of the industry itself. i spoke with a voter who comes from a coal mining family and his mother was actually born in a coal mining camp. he says the state has to realize the past is coal mining, the future is other industry. that miners needs to be retrained and that needs to be diversification. he believes hillary clinton is the person that can do that. i spoke with a young syrian immigrant here that voted today. she believes it's all bernie sanders. >> all right. on the ground for us in west virginia. thank you. bernie sanders could get a lift from independent voters in west virginia. they're allowed to vote in the primaries. senator sanders has done well in
3:49 pm
states with open primaries. joining us now is the senior adviser for the sanders campaign. here is the math, if sanders does win tonight he trails hillary clinton by 303 pledged delegates and 777 overall. cnn estimates shows that sanders would need 101% of all remaining delegates to clench the nomination. isn't it impossible for him to win the nomination? >> no, it's not. it's going to be a hard road. it's a difficult path. we have a narrow path to victory, we stipulate to that. if bernie sanders can continue to win and today will be a big test to that, i think the democratic party is going to take a step back when the voting is done and they're going to say who is the strongest candidate. we've seen in the polling that came out today in the context of a general election bernie sanders is a stronger candidate than hillary clinton and i think the democratic party does not want donald trump to be our next president and the best way to
3:50 pm
prevent that is to run the strongest candidate. we'll make the case to super delegates and to voters and i think it's a powerful case. >> have any of those super delegates contacted your campaign and switched alliances. >> no, they have to say all the way through california and the district of columbia and then after they have spoken, we will make the case and i think the case will make on the polling that came out today. we saw a battle ground state poll where hillary clinton has an unfavorability 20 points higher in all three battle ground states and that's information that will move these people, superdelegates. they are very sophisticated. we'll make the case once the voting is done and every voter had a chance to speak. >> as i'm sure you heard, the vice president, joe biden, a man i'm sure you admire. he feels confident hillary clinton will be the democratic nominee and will eventually be the next president of the united states. you want to react to what the
3:51 pm
vice president said? >> listen, the vice president and president have been great. neither have endorsed a candidate. i think that helped us a lot. the vice president has been honest about everything he said. a week or so ago, he said he favors bernie's approach to hillary's approach. he's been even handed in terms of the compliments that he's given out and i think they both have been fair and that's really the only thing we asked of the president and vice president. >> very quickly, trump is the nominee attack k hillary clinton. do you worry staying in the race could weaken the race? >> no, i don't. i think the exact opposite is true. in california alone, they had over 850,000 people newly register or change their registration to vote. i think by the time we're done registering people in california, we'll get over 1 million people into the process. those people will vote in the democratic primary where there
3:52 pm
will be a lot of voters and will help to elect democrats and put more names on the ballot in november. what bernie is doing is adding to the process. >> ted, thanks very much. >> thank you, wolf. just ahead, what to look for when the early results come in. john king is standing by over at the magic wall. with 5-door versatility, advanced hybrid technology and dynamic sport-tuned suspension... it has a side for every side of you. ♪ the lexus ct. it's up for as much as you are. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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in about 30 minutes polls will close in nebraska. none binding for democrats, the state caucused and standards, donald trump the only candidate left in the republican race,
3:57 pm
obviously, as the results come in, there will be clues to watch for. john king is at the magic wall to break it down. what are we looking for is what is the impact for the delegate map? >> anderson, no drama left on the republican side. ted cruz and john kasich, final two candidates announce they suspended their campaign so it's donald trump and donald trump alone. the next question is we'll watch for the results to see if there is buyers' remorse or a protest vote. donald trump looks for a big win and looks to advance his march. on the democratic side, bernie sanders expecting a win. the question is how big because if it's a close win, it won't do much to erase hillary clinton's lead. bernie sanders can claim he's closing the gap and remember the 2008 democratic primary. almost eight years ago to the day look what senator clinton did against senator obama. he went on to be the nominee. most expected at this point he would be the nominee but this was a late season victory, if you will, for hillary clinton
3:58 pm
and allowed her to say hey, i can stay in this race. this is what senator sanders was looking for, something like that and something like this to win the entire state to say sure, my math is hard but i'll stay in. let's get to that and assume senator sanders has a big night tonight. the question is as he makes the argument, i'll continue on to cut into the math. first on the republican side, west virginia votes tonight, these delicates are unbound. donald trump will win them all if he wins big in west virginia tonight and starts to move out here. nebraska also votes among republicans, another state where cruz would have done well if he were still in the race but he's gone. assume those go to donald trump. look what happens. maybe no drama but moves the map when you add in unbound delegates, 66 of them so far by cnn's count that said we're not bound technically but we'll vote for donald trump on the first ballot. donald trump could end the night 1150 closing in on the magic number of 1237 in commitments well earlier than we anticipated
3:59 pm
just days ago, just a week or so ago. the march toward 1237 for donald trump will continue tonight. on the democratic side, senator sanders of course says he's into the end. he wants a win tonight for momentum. this is where the democratic proportional rules come into play because if senator sanders wins, he's down 300 pledged delegates. just pledged delegates. he's down 300. imagine if he won tonight 5545. that's a ten-point win. that's a big win. he'd only shave three off the delegate lead. hillary clinton would suffer an embarrassing loss because she won the state eight years ago. he needs a bigger win. he needs a bigger win to cut off a little of her lead but if he cut ten, it would be 290 or so. maybe you'll shave a little but in the long march we'll get there to the end. for senator sanders, he wants a win to keep supporters energized and a big win to shave off the
4:00 pm
math. that's the biggest drama in the math. the march will continue tonight. can bernie sanders win with a big enough margin to make a statement as the democratic race moves on. anderson? >> thanks very much. that does it for us. special coverage of the primaries continues right now. we're standing by for new presidential primary results. >> the democratic candidates are competing until the last vote to face-off against donald trump. >> right now, the presidential race is winding through the appalachian mountains. >> we cannot let barack obama's legacy fall into donald trump's hands. >> the democratic front runner and the all but certain gop nominee are zeroing in on one another. >> we cannot take hillary clinton anymore. we've had enough of clinton. >> both parties heading intohe


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