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tv   New Day  CNN  May 11, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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of course, ted cruz and john really anxious to have a kasich, they have dropped out. on the democratic side, bernie majority that will work with the president, rather than get in sanders with a big win in west the way of the president. virginia. the only states voting for the so hillary clinton becoming the next president will be awesome. democrats, 15 points, but what but what's more important, have does that mean in terms of a congress that will work with delegates? her so we don't have people in not a heck of a lot. bernie sanders you can see, 60, congress who are asleep at the wheel as we have now. >> someone who was raised by the son of immigrants, serving at hillary clinton just 5. anden the delegates there, the highest capacity would always be a dream. donald trump will win at least is that a dream of yours as 39 delegates. the number nearly doubles once west virginia works out its well. >> the sky should be the limit for any american who believes in entire convoluted delegate the american dream. i am certainly the pride of it. process, happening in the coming a construction worker and weeks. look at total delegate numbers, clerical worker somehow found a way to send four kids to get donald trump, 1,119, marches some college. my dad could walk into restaurants because of the signs closing closer to the 1,237. that said no dogs or mexicans allowed, even though he was a and as for democrats, over here, u.s. citizen. hillary clinton is now 148 away today when you come to my from the number she needs to get office, i'll show you a photograph, he got to walk a majority that does include the through the doors of the white super delegates, but, again, house. shoot high, don't believe anyone can keep you done. this will come down to super >> i respect your dream, and i delegates and now the overwhelming majority say they respect the dale la jolla,
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will support hillary clinton. alisyn? >> thanks so much for that, john. donald trump easily winning bopping and weaving. in nebraska and west virginia, but the political spotlight bernie sanders says he is in it remains focused on tomorrow's meeting between trump and house to win. hillary clinton in 2008 won 23, speaker paul ryan, and what trump's former rivals are now he is on pace to meet or beat the record. saying about him. the bigger concern, your cnn is live in washington with the latest. adversary, donald trump, has started to use what bernie hi, sunland. sanders says as a hammer against >> reporter: good morning, hillary clinton. alisyn. an important morning for donald how does this make you feel? trump. does it make you feel that e presumptive nominee with a something needs to happen with sanders sooner rather than small group of support on capitol hill. later? as he's working to unify the >> chris, again, i just gave you party around him he's preparing the reasons why should always be to make a very direct face to optimistic and shoot for the stars. in this case, bernie sanders is going to be in the campaign as face to republican leaders on long as bernie sanders wants to. capitol hill. days before their big meeting, it's been a spirited debate. a spirited election process. donald trump softening his tone and sounding more conciliatory i don't think anything is wrong with that. about house speaker paul ryan's so i think so long as they stick role as the republican national to the issues, they tackle the convention. issues, versus tackle each other >> he's a very good man. he wants what's good for the as we saw on the republican party and i think we're going to side, we're in good shape. have very positive results and i believe that once the primary season is over, i believe would love, frankly, for him to stay and be chairman. hillary clinton will be not only our nominee, but a strong
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>> reporter: responding to nominee. i believe everyone who has been ryan's comment he would step working on the democratic side, including bernie sanders, will down from chairman if trump work hard to make sure we elect wanted him to. >> we shouldn't pretend our the best president, the most party is unified when we know it tested person to be the next president, hillary clinton. >> what do you see as the is not. >> reporter: in an interview with the "wall street journal" one-two punch. ryan hopes they can unify the what is your response to donald trump saying on a personal side, hillary is crooked, and an party. >> sit down and talk about how to unify the republican party to enabler of bill clinton and she be at full strength in the fall. is more years of obama, and we >> reporter: trump in the throes can't have that? of preparing for the general >> this guy says more things election, narrowing down his than you can read in a comic running mates. one person definitely not book, and my sense is that he interested in the job, former reads like a comic book. rival marco rubio. in his first interview since one day he says one thing, another day he says another. dropping out of the race, the let him say what he wishes. senator telling jake tapper -- hillary clinton is going to >> my differences with donald, continue to talk about growing both my reservations about his the number of jobs in america campaign and my policy and growing paychecks. differences with him are well documented and they remain. she is going to talk about how women will earn as much as men >> reporter: rubio signaling that his support of trump is a doing the same work. she is going to make sure health matter of honoring his word. care is there. >> i signed a pledge saying i build schools, not build walls. so you know, i'm not too worried will support the republican nominee and i intend to do that. about what he says and does, as
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>> reporter: and the fiercest we typically will say, i'm not rival, senator ted cruz running against so-and-so, i'm running for this. returning to capitol hill in this case, hillary clinton is leaving the window open for pope jumping back into the race. to be our president. she is not running against >> we've suspended the campaign donald trump. >> quickly, you know a lot of because i can see no viable path the super delegates in your role to victory. of course, if that changed we there, and your relationships as would reconsider things. well. do you hear about anything >> reporter: and cruz was significant in terms of shifting peppered with questions as he from clinton to sanders? has since he was suspended his >> other than i think there is campaign if he would throw his an even stronger belief that support behind donald trump. hillary clinton will be our cruz continues to play very coy, nominee, no. refused to answer the question again, i think everyone respects outrate saying there are 2.5 what senator sanders has done, months until the republican convention. chris, he says that's plenty of is doing. it is important to have a time for himself and voters to make up their mind. vibrant discussion of the >> is it enough time for people issues. this debate has been good. to forget you called someone the it should be spirited. worst person in the world before you endorse them? we should not ask for anything that's the tricky calculus less. it is creating more enthusiasm. we'll have record turnouts, certainly in communities like there. the latino community that have a sunlen, thank you very much. and winning his 19th state personal stake in the election. against hillary clinton for >> xavier bacerrea, thank you bernie sanders that would be west virginia. he says he is in it to win it. for being on new day today.
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donald trump is starting to anticonservative bias on parrot sanders' points about facebook, the truth about those clinton. trending topics that you see on what is sanders now saying about your page. unifying the party in the face of these developments? there were people who listened chris frates live in washington along the way. with more. what do you have, my brother? >> reporter: good morning, chris. people who gave me options. bernie sanders had another good primary night last night winning kept me on track. the majority of the 29 delegates up for grabs in west virginia, and through it all, my retirement never got left behind. but sanders still faces long so today, i'm prepared for anything odds in his campaign to upset hillary clinton who leads him by we may want tomorrow to be. about 300 pledged delegates. >> we are good at arithmetic every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today. that we have an uphill climb ahead of us, but we are used to to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, fighting uphill climbs! i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks [ cheers ] extraordinarily painful, >> reporter: a campaign aide i hear you. tells me they think sanders can beat the odds by wrapping up make sure your doctor hears you too! more big victories and i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered convincing the party's super with diabetic nerve pain. delegates that he has the best chance of defeating donald trump if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in the fall, and a recent poll in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! shows sanders fares better than clinton in a general election step on up
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and ask your doctor matchup against trump in three about diabetic nerve pain. battleground states, but that tell 'em cedric sent you. didn't stop vice president joe biden from putting his finger on the scale yesterday for secretary clinton. >> i feel confident that hillary will be the nominee and i feel confident she'll be the next president. >> reporter: now, clinton plans to campaign hard against sanders in upcoming contests focusing on new jersey and california, but she will also continue looking towards november by taking on donald trump, and sanders, well, he also slammed trump in his victory speech. so even as clinton and sanders continue to run against each other, they're increasingly targeting trump. chris, alisyn, back to you? >> thanks, chris. appreciate it, bud. we'll talk about the democrats, but let's start with the state of play on the republican side. cnn politics executive eder mark preston. cnn political anchor of time warner cable news, errol louis. political analyst and host of the estimatable david gregory show podcast, david gregory
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himself and we start with you. on the republican side of the ball john was joking. trump won in a one-man race. & in a world held back by compromise, you saw the other candidates get businesses need the agility votes not in any significant to do one thing & another. way. what does this mean for him now heading into tomorrow? you're the one ho pointed out only at&t has the network, yesterday, david, that poll from people, and partners quinnipiac should matter for to help companies be... local & global. that meeting tomorrow? >> it should matter. open & secure. trump, consolidating more and more of the party continuing to because no one knows & get up over the top of 1,237, like at&t. winning big in these states. it's now a cleared field for him to do that, but, again, he represents the republican party in 2016. he is out there winning a historic number of votes in the republican party and the house leadership, paul ryan is the speak certainly understands that and needs to respect that, but ryan, too, has his own constituency, has his own sense of honor within the party in terms of upholding conservative principles, and i think at the
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very least he wants to kind of negotiate the terms of what his endorsement would look like for his own sake and for those people that he represents. >> a lot has changed, errol, in the past 24 hours, as it seems to in this campaign cycle so much. so donald trump had said he would cving paul ryan removed as the chair of the convention, if ryan didn't get behind him, to which paul ryan said, yes, the front-runner doesn't want me i'm happy to step aside. yesterday everything changed. hard to know why, but here's what donald trump said about paul ryan being the chair now. listen to this. >> he's a very good man. he wants what's good for the party and i think we'll have very positive results and i'd love, frankly, for him to stay and be chairman. >> i'd love for him to be chairman, he said last night. >> i'm sure he worchlts how is all of this changing? >> in the dance between them, as david suggested, a paul ryan in addition to wanting to keep his 30-seat majority in the house, the only reason he is the speaker of the house, in
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addition to that he believes in these principle, limited facebook is defending itself government, fiscal against claims it suppressed responsibility, free trades, free markets. he's got to square that circle conservative leaning news with donald trump who just based stories on the trending topics. on his entire campaign, not just the senate commerce committee the statement here and there, now investigating the it's not clear whether they're accusations initiated by former on the same page on any of those facebook staffers, all from a issues. they have a serious kind of story by gizmodo. conversation. i think trump for his part reliable sources, brian stelter realizes he's got to sort of fit himself into that, too. and dawn joining us now. he's got to make peace with dawn, let me start with trending these people who believe certain topics right now. things, who wanted different we're not talking about the news feed, we're talking about things and, yeah, you can say trending topics, something you have 10 million votes behind separate, which is what exactly? you, but you still have to get >> yeah, exactly. the rest of that party to understand or at least embrace squint really closely on your you, because there are a fair facebook page, your pc, you'll number of people walking away. see over on the right corner is paul ryan with that talk about saying you know, i won't chair the small topics that appear, the convention if he doesn't want me to. you know, sort of, and believe he could be one of those people, me, they're forgotten. too. >> are you hearing that, mark everyone is familiar with the news feed. preston, the trump team does not that's where i see updates from want to lose ryan? my friends, kid pictures, they see him as someone to whatever, news stories, that is cultivate as a relationship to show they're not going to bully the main news feed. they're way into the party and that's not what we're talking about here. that information is determined make it about them? that they're willing to work by what your friends see and with the team? like and share and how
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>> right. it doesn't help them to bully facebook's algorithms decide the party. the trump folks tell you they what might be of interest to brought all of these new people into the process. you. the trending topics are guess what? you won't win the election facebook's answers to twitter, unless you can build your base, sort of an alert system to tell us what is buzzing on the right? and keep your base strong. from there, that's when you platform. that's what we're talking about. bring the new people in and >> small but powerful. build on top of it and hopefully pull independents in and that's all of facebook is powerful. >> there are rigorous guidelines how you beat hillary clinton come november. to ensure consistency and if you lose your base, it's neutrality. they do not permit the basically like building a house. if you haven't dug out the suppression of political basement, you can't build the first floor, second floor. perspective. you know, brian, dawn used the i think that they're smart to word algorithm, which is a word say that they want ryan to chair the convention. he's actually very well liked in many of us don't understand, but the trending topics, they have republican circles. he's also an establishment whatever algorithms but they republican, and, look, we'll see also have human beings. >> when you hear the word whach wha trending, you think it is what happened in tomorrow's meeting, in the end, i'm pretty revealing what is trending. sure paul ryan will chair the in fact, facebook uses a human republican convention. >> let's remember, paul ryan is layer on top of that. not an adversary in the primary that's the controversy. fight that donald trump using they remove spam, everybody gets his own language can just take out. he is the head of a coequal tricked by once in a while.
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branch of government, as the they're removing stories about speaker of the house. so there's certainly the ted cruz or donald trump, republican candidates, or complaints within the trump campaign that i've heard that they're removing stories of ryan like other establishment conservative readers. republicans are still in denial that's a big problem for about what trump represents in facebook. the party. even though they're denying it, but he's somebody with whom he wants to do business and would they're still investigating it. >> republicans are already make life a lot easier with trump if he kept him in the pissed, right. facebook must answer for fold. >> might be able to check another box with ryan too. conservative censorship, make i'm sure we're talking about the this trend, you know, not so same kind of people, paul ryan took pause with what happened subtle jab. >> it does have an impact on with david duke and whether the facebook's perception. trump campaign was rejecting >> they're going to investigate that idea of having that type of it. what kind of, you know, support quickly enough. fingerprints or digital so, errol, go into that meeting footprint, what kind of proof as donald trump tomorrow say, could there be out there of whether facebook is doing this? look, by the way, i don't want a white nationalist pich know what >> lord knows what's out there. happened with the delegate. i mean, let's face it, we don't not a mistake, not a know how the mysterious coincidence, i'm not that guy. if paul ryan comes out of that algorithms work. google search, these companies meeting with his arms around don't share their special sauce. donald trump what would that mean? they say it can be gamed. >> if donald trump abides by but what the senate is looking that agreement. paul ryan came out with very -- for is information about what his first statements about this, look, we can no the have a trends from featured and what was suppressed.
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i'm not sure that facebook keeps nominee who doesn't seriously reject these nationalists for such a record. >> it would be interesting to one thing and who doesn't sort see if they have those records. of try to bring the party together. democrats saying it is a waste so, you know, donald trump, he of time. has made, time after time, conservatives are acting statements saying that i'm a victimized by all this. negotiator. everything's up for grabs. it is interesting, but it goes some days i'm here. to the broader issue, we sense some days i'm there. if he comes out of this with facebook is getting more and more powerful, one of the maybe a different approach, where, you know, there's an biggest sources of news because agreement that is going to be of what shows up in the news binding, lasting, he does run feed. the risk, as mark suggesting, i'm glad to see the scrutiny. alienating part of his base. sunshine is the best a political calculation the trump team has to made. >> there was a mistake last week, we talked about it last disinfecta week, that paul ryan came out, disinfectant. >> media bias, too. made the statement and donald we hear it a lot. trump immediately went after mark zuckerberg has been out paul ryan. donald trump could have come out there with statements that and said, i agree with paul people have parsed to suggest ryan. that he is anti-trump, talked we need to unify the party. i'm not going to agree with paul about people building walls, said he wasn't talking about ryan on every issue, but i am going to agree with him on trump. several issues, and we're going but come on here. dawn, do you think that's at play? >> look, there is absolutely no to pull this together. >> that's not his style. >> donald says he's flexible. question that mark zuckerberg going to change. perhaps has put himself in the >> as errol says, he's a line of fire by making negotiator, understands business. statements about people who that would have been a smart build walls, and anti-immigrant business move.
3:12 am
we've seen yesterday that he's sentiment. he has done it more than once. embracing paul ryan before this he did it very developer meeting. it's a smart strategy. conference in san francisco. >> we predicted yesterday they are going to mend fences, not he did it separately when donald going to go in there and some trump made statements about banning muslims from this sort of verbal fisticuffs, country. perhaps he has made himself a they're going to mend fences and come out with something that target. looks like unit pip there's no let's be aureal here. other option, right? >> i'd be surprised if they come donald trump is a nominee, not in small part by his deaf nls. out singing kum ba yahs. i think they're cull out say he has 7 million followers on we've made a lot of progress, we're going to continue talking. facebook. it didn't happen with them >> david, two formal rivals of actively suppressing thing. trump's, rubio and cruz, are now he used that platform and speaking out, and marco rubio has talked about, will he twitter. >> dawn, brian, you'll be actually support donald trump. trending topics to me. so listen to what he said. thank you for helping me understand it. >> what is your take, counter >> are you going to vote for intuitive, or you can go to him. >> the campaign -- well, as i said, i'm going to support the republican nominee. day make it >> abide by your pledge, but trend. the good stuff is next. when you go into the privacy of the voting booth are you going to pull. >> i entire to stay with the the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ party. i'm not voting for hillary clinton. i'm not throwing away my vote.
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>> what do you think of that? >> this dance is so interesting. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. we see a lot of other senators doing it, especially in a tough all across the state, the economy is growing, re-election fight which is they're not saying they're vote with creative new business incentives, for trump, just support the and the lowest taxes in decades, republican nomnominee. attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. marco rubio is doing so like in buffalo, reluctantly. where the largest solar gigafactory in the not voting for hillary clinton western hemisphere will soon energize the world. but not happy about trump. and in syracuse, one of the complications trump where imagination is in production. faces. he is the party in 2016 but not let us help grow your company's tomorrow - the entirety of the republican today - at party. there is a ted cruz ring and a marco rubio ring. if we think about the suburbs, wing, rather. think about the suburbs of west virginia, rubio did well. the suburbs of des moines, iowa, where rubio did well, and then you have cruz among christian conservatives and other wings of the republican party, conservative wing of the party. they represent those people and that's part of the party that donald trump hasn't fully consolidated yet. >> many people in that party thought that rubio was their best candidate both in this race
3:14 am
and going forward in terms of what they want the party to be. mark, practically, how easy is it? we had 230rformer governor perr yesterday. he called him a cancer on [we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. conservatism. he said it's a carnival act. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ now he's saying he likes the guy? even for politicians, this isn't easy, especially for ted cruz and marco rubio begging people to see this guy as a char laton. how do you make that move? >> he questioned his ability to have the nuclear codes. then said, you know what? i'm going to stand by my pledge for the rnc, and one of the leading magazines, conservative magazines "weekly standard" came out late yesterday afternoon, early evening late last night, critical of marco rubio for not standing by moral convictions of opposing donald trump. in the end i think that hurts rubio. >> lots of schizophrenic things said on both sides. gentlemen, thank you.
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stick around. we want to talk about what's going on on the democratic side next. john? another win for bernie sanders. his 19th. how do we know? because he keeps on tells us, but what does it mean in his battle against hillary clinton? can he chip away at her delegate lead and should she be concerned? some of her supporters think she better be. that's next on "new day." he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and think big. and when josh thinks big you know what he gives?
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let me be as clear as i can be. we are in this to win the democratic nomination. >> bernie sanders extending the democratic primary fight after defeating hillary clinton in west virginia last night. this as vice president joe biden makes a prediction. >> i feel confident that hillary will be the nominee and i feel confident she'll be the next president. >> all right. bring back our panel. mark prefrt ston, errol louis a david gregory.
3:20 am
it is so frustrating for sanders' supporters who see him winning, state after state and then the next day we sit around saying, one day closer for hillary clinton to clinch the nomination. >> sanders supporters are entitled to believe whatever they want and a lot think lightning could strike and somehow we could get every delegate in a single proportional race. >> that's his plan. to run hard, close the gap and he thinks he'll get nor pledged delegates. he predicts. >> right, right. and he's entitled to try, obviously. but sanders supporters and everybody else should know when the super dell guilt aegates ar, six months ago said i like hillary and that's it. they're getting called by the associated press, calmed aled ae time. like a poll. a limited, few hundred people. are you still with hillary? a handful of people make changed sides. >> have they? has anybody flipped that we know of? >> not flipped, but a number of
3:21 am
people that started as hillary clinton supporters who are now bernie sanders supporters. it's not unheard of. one of his supporters that come on often, nina, former state senator from ohio. >> nina turner. >> yeah. started as a hillary clinton supporter. becomes a bernie sanders supporters. you hear them over and over again, we're with hillary, we're with hillary. it would be silly for the media, oh, they might do anything at the convention. they're not just going to do anything at the convention, they're telling me week after week after week they are still with clinton. yes, she is closing in on the number of delegates she'll need to become the nominee. if he wants to force that to go to a floor vote in the convention, perfectly his right. that, too, is something his supporters and everybody else should realize, you can play the thing out. ed rendell talked about it the other day. play it out, give your speech to the convention, tally all the votes, make sure every vote is
3:22 am
cast. he's entitled to do all of those things but is he likely to pull this off? he's not likely. it's a long shot, as he said. >> his not having all the years clinton has and many others working within the democratic party going against him, these super delegates, you've known for for years. call it rigged or just call it the experience of the party. mark, what i want to ask you about, respond that that as well if you want, but they are concerned about sanders, because they're now hearing donald trump say, bernie's right. he's right about this. he's right about being cheated, right about this about hillary, right about that about hillary, and they're worried he is creating a base off sanders that will be hard for them to deal with. fair point? >> no doubt. to the point of super delegates it was the clintons and clinton supporters who protected and preserved the super dell guilt after the 2008 race. barack obama tried to get rid of super dell guilt and clinton supporters made sure the democratic national committee did not get rid of them.
3:23 am
>> ard they're working for her. a good decision, right? >> the clintons as a whole, as a couple, have been around a very long time and were beloved by the party infrastructure. just to that point. but, chris, you are right. they are concerned about bernie sanders going out there and criticizing and attacking hillary clinton on issues that donald trump can just cherry pick and throw back out there, but to the point of bernie sanders staying in, you know, if you look at the calendar, there are 11 more contests. okay? bernie sanders could win five of them easily. so five of the last 11. that doesn't include california. give him california, he could win six. now, mathematically doesn't matter. she's still going to win the nomination, but you don't want to limp in with -- >> more states than she had in 2008. she had 23. he has 19 now. >> won three of the last five that year. >> david, another thing that may be cause for concern for the clinton camp. in the exit poll last night, sanders, people who voted for sanders were asked if sanders weren't in, who would you vote
3:24 am
for in november? 43% of them, david, say donald trump. 27%, hillary clinton. >> well, and that's in a state like west virginia, should be particularly alarming to hillary clinton because it's fertile ground for donald trump. bernie sanders is exposing the weakness of hillary clinton as a candidate, as a front-runner within her own party. that's been true from the beginning. he is a movement candidate who has got loyal supporters who want to see him play this out until the end and have a real impact on the platform and even beyond. not necessarily somebody who would seek the presidency again but certainly somebody would who be an outsider fixture within the party. that's what i think the clinton campaign has to worry about and i've been looking at some of the numbers. go back to 2012. president obama defeated romney soundly among union voters. could that change this year? look at how sanders talks about trade, look how trump talks about trade. a lot of similarities there. and is that going to be fertile ground for donald trump to make
3:25 am
up in a year when he is so unpredictable in the kind of coalition he could put together against secretary clinton. >> be clear, though. to the extent hillary clinton is trying to build on the obama map, the obama coalition, west virginia was never going to be a part of that. it's not as if she needed west virginia. first of all, only a handful of electoral votes. to the extent she'll try to get people of color, young voters, women on her side. union households. >> so the idea that sanders supporters would go twice as many for trump doesn't concern the -- i mean in west virginia, shouldn't concern the clinton camp? >> look, david's partly right. they should be concerned about the sizable number, in some states, that are going to go from, but not west virginia. >> i just mean indicative of other states like that with that kind of profile. >> absolutely. >> okay. on that note, panel, thank you very much. >> you're both right. >> great to talk to you. let's get to john. new police activity at
3:26 am
prince's estate. what are authorities looking for there. plus, details now reported about a minnesota doctor who visited the late entertainer just the day before he died. ll t peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut. dogs - sure can be messy. but with nexgard, their flea and tick killer doesn't have to be. nexgard, the vet's #1 choice for dogs, is a delicious, beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. so it's easy to give, easy to take. reported side effects include vomiting, itching, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. why mess around? for powerful flea and tick protection, ask your vet about nexgard. the #1 choice of vets for their dogs and yours.
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we are following breaking news out of baghdad. at least 64 people, dead. 87 hurt in a car bombing at a market in a mainly shiite neighborhood of sadr city. isis has claimed responsibility for this attack. we're staying on top of the story. information is just coming in. all the numbers i just told you are going to be early numbers. so we'll give you more as we confirm it. >> really renewed tension in that country right now. also breaking, two people killed in a boston suburb after a bloody stabby spree. the 28-year-old from taunton, massachusetts, stabbed an 80-year-old woman and wounded her daughter. apparently some kind of car accident outside their house first. then stabbed four more inside a shopping mall restaurant killing a 66-year-old man. a sheriff who happened to be at the scene ended the spree by shooting and killing the suspect. >> goodness.
3:31 am
also new developments in the death of music star prince. a search warrant revealing the name of the minsota doctor treating him. according to a sworn statement dr. michael shoenberg visited prince's paisley park estate to deliver test results the very morning that prince died. cnn sara sidner has more. what have you learned, sara? >> reporter: alisyn, we took a look at that document, and it was filed on may 6th. and it was also granted, and what they were looking for, the investigators at the hospital, they were looking for charts, documents, any kind of medical records, prescriptions, and even images of prince rogers nelson's body, and we know this was granted, because the judge took a look at what investigators wanted to get out of this and here's what the judge said about granting this search warrant on may 6th. he said the property above described constitutes evidence which tends to show a crime has been committed or tends to show that a particular person has
3:32 am
committed a crime. and that it was the reasoning behind approving that search warrant. the warrant notes that the doctor was irns view the at 10:57 a.m., the day prince died, just after he died, giving indication he was the third person in the area who found prince's body inside of the elevator here at paisley park. it also says that investigators learned that the doctor had treated prince a couple of times before he died, including doing tests on him the day before he died. now, we tried to talk to the doctor. we also went to the hospital to try to get comment. the hospital says the doctor no longer works there and we have not been able to get comment from him himself. alisyn? >> thanks so much, sara. >> very complicated situation. we know that his friends, fans and family members want them to get to the bottom of it. the more we learn, the more cloudty gets. we'll stay on it. coming up next, a cnn exclusive for you. marco rubio making his first
3:33 am
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[ baseball bat cracks ]
3:37 am
florida senator marco rubio sounding off on his once bitter rival donald trump. rubio talking candidly, kind of, with cnn's jake tapper in his first interview since dropping out of the race, talking about trump the success, the nasty tone of the campaign and then there's the big ticket. will he support the presumptive republican nominee? what did he say? watch. >> here what i'm not going to do over the next six months and sit there and just be taking shots at him. he obviously wasn't my first choice because i was running for president. he has won the nomination and deserves the opportunity to go out and make his case to the american people and that's what he's going to do. i don't view my role over the next six months to sit here and level charges against him. i know what i said during the campaign, enunciated those
3:38 am
repeatedly and voters chose a different direction. i stand by the things that i said, but i'm not going to sit here now and become his chief critic over the next six months because he deserves to go forth and make his argument and try to inwere. >> and i saw that he couldn't endorse, paul ryan donald trump now? >> the difference between speaker ryan and myself and i said i would support the -- >> i understand. but trying to walk. >> it's a very unique situation and i understand -- >> are you going to vote for him? >> as i said, i'm going to support the republican nominee. >> no. abide by your pledge, but go into the privacy of the voting boornlg. >> i intend to support the republican nominee. >> just got back from a trip to iraq, turkey and qatar, i know you don't support hillary clinton and i know you don't support the foreign policy world view of donald trump, what you
3:39 am
said in the past, what will you say, number one in the job interview? >> it's a difficult job no matter who holds it and particularly true six months from now for two different reason. the case of iraq, no the just the fight on isis. i believe ultimately isis will be defeated little tearily but something will rise to replace it, because the fundamental ingredients that led to the rise of isis remain. syria, a brutal dictator in bashar al assad literally massacring people as we speak and has done soap for the better part of six years. >> do you think mr. trump is up for the task? >> for the sake of our country, i believe he could. with the right people around him could make the right decisions with regards to that. in fairness, i've stated my differences, in fairness, he hasn't held public office before. some of these issues he's learning for the first time. my feeling, as he'll learn more about this as a president will, he'll make -- it would make it
3:40 am
easier for him to get elected if he did. ultimately, my sense is he is going to continue to be who he is and that's who the republican voters nominated and i respect that decision, although obviously it wasn't the one i wanted. >> as a prominent cuban-american, one of the other concerns that has been voiced by other republican latinos is comments that mr. trump has made about latinos specifically about mexicans. i believe you might have seen his cinco de mayo tweet, making amends. with a taco bowl saying i love hispanics. is that going to be enough? >> a tweet? no. i mean, of course not. >> what does he need to do to win at least 24, 25% of latino voters? >> look, i think that, like any campaign, hispanic-americans first of all are a diverse group. the notion there's a hispanic bloc that votes, inaccurate. they care about things all americans are worried about, ar
3:41 am
security, the economy, stagnation of wages. address all of those issues. there is no doubt for any group in this country tone and temperament matters, and that's why i've expressed my reservations about it in the past. we'll see what happens over the next few months. >> you would never serve as his vice president if he asks? >> no. he needs to appoint someone to be his vice president's nominee that more fully embraces the things he stands for. >> meaning, no, you're not interested. >> to be frank i've nerve her those types of conversations with anyone in his campaign. i'm not saying anyone's offered to me or it's been suggested to me, i'm saying he would be bet served by someone who more fully embraces the things that he stands for and that's certainly not me. >> okay. he's still processing this, out loud. >> boy, he's in a jam. >> he is. to thread that needle publicly is very hard. >> as john has been saying, you always answer the question based on what your ultimate goal is. if your goal is appease people right now he'd say one thing.
3:42 am
if his goal is years from now. >> to be president, he'd say, what? >> it is not a coincidence that paul ryan marco rubio and ted cruz held dramatic interviews to position themselves on the issue of donald trump. they're all looking over their shoulders at each other thinking about 2020. and if you look at their positions they're all different. right? paul ryan is not there yet. marco rubio is there only because i signed a pledge. >> half heartily. >> and ted cruz, i'm not there at all. >> yes. >> it's interesting. john was making a metaphor effect that, will this be the decision that in 2020 they're all looking back, where were you? who was the most for trump? the least against trump? >> hard to know, without a crystal ball, what the decision is then. but we will explore that. it was a decisive primary win for donald trump and bernie sanders last night. very interesting exit polling. explains what voters there were looking for. so we'll tell you what mattered most, when "new day" continues. ? because my teeth are yellow.
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3:46 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. primary voters in west virginia offering more than just their preference for president.
3:47 am
there was general concern about the economy, a response to hillary clinton's comments about miners, even some optimism emerging about united republican party. chief business correspondent christine romans is here, with deciding factors in the exit poll. >> good morning again, john. west virginia reflects a primary season economic anxiety on steroids. second highest jobless rate, second lowest household income in the country. 92% of democratic voters, 92%, worried about the economy. the economy not friendly territory for hillary clinton. bernie sanders carrying virtually every category of voters concerned about jobs, income, health care. his populist message on trade resonating there. 53% of democrats say international trade is a job killer. only 35% sayvoters identify as y hous. of those, clinton registers just 29% of that vote. hardly a surprise, really, after saying her policies on the environment and clean energy would put a lot of coal miners
3:48 am
and companies out of business. west virginia voters unmoved by her attempt to walk that back. for republicans, another win for donald trump as he pivots now towards the general election. 59% of republican primary voters in west virginia say it's very likely trump would beat hillary clinton. another 28% say it's somewhat likely. 74% would be excited ob optimistic if trump is elected president. just 23% concerned or scared. all an improvement from earlier in the primary season. you can see, state after state, republican primary voters are warming to donald trump. after a bruising primary season we asked what voters think of the republican party. the majority say it is divided now, but will unite. about one-third say it will remain divided. chris, i can tell you that donald trump's economic message resonated in west virginia among democrats and republicans, frankly. >> i think we're going to see that as the main issue everywhere. the question is, which set of
3:49 am
ideas to address it is going to take the most hold? new developments to tell you about in the death investigation of pop superstar prince. federal and local authorities now know who the doctor is that was treating him before his death. what does this mean in terms of what happened? what did they find at the estate? new information, ahead. les per . a branch catches me here. you think that stopped me? i was about to be the first 3rd grader to jump the cook county creek. jump 50 feet over the rapids and i crash land. mom patched me up. check out my scar. there's nothing there! you didn't jump the creek! what? now there's a new neosporin antibiotic that keeps her protected and minimizes scars. new neosporin plus pain itch scar
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3:53 am
icon prince. the dea and local sheriff's office executing a search warrant at prince's paisley park estate has authorities now know which doctor was treating him before his death. joining us now, addiction expert and the author of "craving why we can't seem to get enough," a doctor, former fbi assistant director and cnn law enforcement analyst tom phoo wefuentes. start with you, tom. we saw officers rushing into paisley park yesterday. what are they looking for? >> john, they need to look again and see if there's any other evidence that either this doctor prescribed, had additional prescriptions at the scene, or other doctors may have been also supplying prescriptions to prince, or prince's people, to enable him to have an almost daily supply for a long period of time. and one of the most dangerous things about these drugs are that you're not supposed to take them more than five to seven
3:54 am
days, maybe, as many experts say, and if he was taking it on an almost daily basis, like it was a vitamin pill, that could be very dangerous. they'll want to know how much the doctors knew and how many doctors were supplying these drugs. >> so things like bottles, things like prescriptions, documents, could be at the house. what about the search warrant they issued for the doctors' offices, doctors named reported now by the "l.a. times" and star tribune in minneapolis. dr. michael todd schulenberg, a search warrant issues for his office. what are they looking for there? >> evidence of how many prescriptions he would have issued. how many times either prince or someone close to prince went to that doctor's office. you know, on his visitors' schedule. i think that's part of what they'd be looking at and whether he has a pattern with other patients of prescribing extensive amounts of these drugs. >> so, doctor, the other news we got, again, from the "l.a.
3:55 am
times" and the "star tribune" this doctor, doctor michael schulenberg, he was at the scene the day that prince died. apparently went there to give prince some kind of test results. you know what kind of test results, you know, would you imagine he might have? especially since, you know, we now have all of these threats suggesting what he was dealing with was treatment for some kind of abuse for opioid dependency? >> that's really not clear. it could be nearly anything. i mean when people are, you know, dependent on these medications, sometimes they have many other conditions that require medical monitoring, and so -- by the way, those conditions can also increase the risk of lethal overdose from the medicine. so the tests could be literally anything. and it will be important to find out, you know what exactly were the conditions that were going on along with this. >> if you are dependent on painkillers, if you are abusing opioids or painkillers, there are tests? what tests would indicate that?
3:56 am
>> see, that's part of the problem which is that you could be physically dependent on these medications, which is not addiction. that just means that you have tolerance and need to be weaned off. if you have addiction itself, which alters your ability to make choices. which alters your ability to act consistent with your values, that can't really be measured in your blood or in your urine. that requires actually getting to know somebody. that's why it's so important when people are being prescribed these kinds of medications that they be evaluated periodically to make sure that problems aren't occurring. >> exactly what the issue here is. right? what's your responsibility, doctor, when someone comes to you, someone famous, say, like, prince and said, i'm in a lot of pain, doc. i hurt. i hurt bad. i need these painkillers. what is your responsibility? >> so, you know, that's -- i think having treated celebrities myself i can tell you that the biggest risk there is treating them differently. not treating them like everybody else. it's important to evaluate the risks associated with
3:57 am
prescribing to them. what's the risk of deendens? limited quantities as other guests have said. overdoses of these medications are the leading cause of accidental death in the united states. the leading cause. think about that. exceeding vehicle accidents. does the person actually need these prescriptions and limit quantities and monitor are there problems occurs. one of the biggest issues your other guest mentioned, the doctor could previbe these medications and just down the street another doctor could be prescribing them, but we don't have access to be able to share the data to see what others are prescribe. that's compounding the problem that is a real, real problem. tom fuentes, something else reported on the story today. the doctor they're looking at now had been associated with a medical center or hospital, now all of a sudden is not. is that inherently suspicious, do you think, to law enforcement? >> well, it might be. we don't know the circumstances. it could be the medical clinic just when all this publicity
3:58 am
arose said we don't want you being associated with us anymore. we don't know if there's an additional reason, other than the publicity that came from this particular event. >> guys, interesting discussion. thanks so much for coming in. you know, if nothing else, the death of prince does shine a spotlight on an issue the entire country needs to deal with, and, of course, tonight on "ac 360," a town hall "prescription addiction: made in america." 9:00 p.m. eastern, right here on cnn. a very important discussion. following aid of news this morning. including last night's pritary results. let's get right to it. >> we need to talk about unifying the republican party. >> wants what's good for the party. >> it's going to take more than a week to repair and unify this party. >> i appreciate the eager inside and excitement to see me back in the ring. you may have to wait a little bit long are more for that to
3:59 am
happen. >> the right wing never gives up attacking me. >> there is no question about which campaign is energizing the american people. >> we can't be scapegoating and insulting. our fellow americans -- >> we are going to fight for every last vote. >> prescription addiction in america. >> is this what led to the death of music superstar prince? >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning, everyone. welcome back to your "new day." john berman joins chris and me this morning. great to you have, john. we begin with big primary victories for donald trump and bernie sanders. sanders beating hillary clinton by 15 points in west virginia. and though the math is not on his side, sanders predicts he will beat clinton in pledged delegates by the convention. >> to the gop race. donald trump, the lone man standing in the race, winning west virginia and nebraska. of course, that means trump
4:00 am
inching that much closer to officially clinching the nomination. remember that number. 1,237. but he does still face a daunting challenge, which is trying to unite his own party. sow that, takes us to tomorrow. he's going to have to sit down with house speaker paul ryan and gop leaders and see if they can come out together. we have that perspective meeting and the race covered the way only cnn can. let's begin with j.b. breaking down the results. what did you see? >> good morning, chris. what i see what it looks like when no one is left returning against you. put up the numbers here. donald trump winning west virginia. he hit 76% of the vote in west virginia. he hit 61% in nebraska. of course, ted cruz and john kasich, they dropped out. hillary clinton thinking, why can't i have a situation like that? because this is what happens when she is still running against bernie sanders. she loses. west virginia, by 15% there. what does that mean for the delegate race? not a lot. look at this. bernie sanders nets just 5
4:01 am
delegates, despite his big 15-point win there. on the republican side, donald trump, he right now will net at least 39 delegates. that number's going to go way up once west virginia's convoluted system works itself out. donald trump getting much, much closer to the 1,237 delegates he needs. he will get there without these two gentlemen left in the race. on the democratic side, hillary clinton about 148 delegates now from the majority she needs to reach the nomination. that does include her big edge among super delegates, but, again, the sanders team admits now if they are going to get the nomination they have to flip super delegates. that's what they need to work on between now and july. alisyn? >> okay, john. donald trump now uncontested, as you say, in the gop race, easily winning nebraska and west virginia. but the political spotlight is focused on tomorrow's high stakes meeting between trump and house speaker paul ryan. this as two of trump's rivals jump back into the spotlight to sound off on trump. cnn's sunlen sir fought hey
4:02 am
more. good morning. >> good morning, alisyn. such an important moment for donald trump. he became the presumptive nominee with a small group of support on capitol hill. now as he working to try to unify the party around him he'll be making a very direct face-to-face pitch tomorrow directly to republican leaders on the hill for them to come around and support him. days before their big meeting, donald trump softening his tone and sounding more conciliatory about house speaker paul ryan's role at the republican national convention. >> he's a very good man. he wants what's good for the party and i think we're going to have very positive results and would love, frankly, for him to stay and be chairman. >> reporter: responding to ryan's assurance he would step down from chairman if trump wanted him to. >> we shouldn't pretend our party is unified when we know it is not. >> reporter: in an interview with the "wall street journal" ryan hopes they can unite the party after a bruising primary
4:03 am
battle. >> what we want to dot is sit down and talk about how to unify the republican party to be at full strength in the fall. >> reporter: trump in the throes of preparing for the general election, narrowing down his list of potential running mates. one person definitely not interested in the job, former rival marco rubio. in his first national interview since dropping out of the race, the senator telling cnn's jake tapper -- >> my differences with donald, both my reservations about his campaign and my policy differences with him are well documented and they remain. >> reporter: rubio signaling that his support of trump is a matter of honoring his word. >> i signed a pledge saying i will support the republican nominee and i intend to do that. >> reporter: trump fiercest former rival, senator ted cruz, returning to capitol hill and leaving window open for possibly jumping back into the race. >> we've suspended the campaign because i can see no viable path to victory. of course, if that changed we would reconsider things. >> reporter: and donald trump
4:04 am
this morning is reacting to his wins last night tweeting out just moments ago, "big wins in west virginia and nebraska. get ready for november, crooked hillary." who is looking very bad against crazy bernie will lose. and tweeting another adding this on bernie sanders, "i don't want to hit crazy bernie sanders too much yet because i love what he is doing to crooked hillary," adding, "his time will come." >> chris? >> sunlen, thank you very much. so as for bernie sanders he says i'm not going quietly and i'm not crazy. to prove it he scored another big win, his 19bth state in his column, west virginia. it raises business questions within that party when they will uni unify. chris frates, live with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. bernie sanders having a very good primary night last night winning a majority of those 29
4:05 am
delegates up for grabs in west virginia, but sanders is still facing long odds in this campaign to upset hillary clinton, who leads him by about 300 pledged delegates. now, campaign aide tells me they think sanders can beat the odds by racking up more big victories and convincing the party's super delegates he has the best chance of defeating donald trump in the fall, and a recent poll shows sanders fares better than clinton in a general election matchup against trump in three battleground states, but that didn't stop vice president joe biden from putting his finger on the scale yesterday for clinton. >> i feel confident that hillary will be the nominee and i feel confident she'll be the next president. >> reporter: clinton plans to campaign hard against sanders in upcoming contests focusing on new jersey and california. but she will also continue looking towards november, and taking on donald trump. and sanders, he also hit trump in his victory speech last night. >> we cannot have a president
4:06 am
who has insulted latinos and mexicans. who has insulted muslims. who every day is insulting women in one way or another. >> so even at clinton and sanders continue to run against each other, they're increasingly taking on donald trump. alisyn? >> okay, chris. thanks so much for all that background. let's talk more about how high-level republicans, including his formal rivals are reacting to donald trump's victory and to the future's former communications director for jeb bush and the never trump republican tim miller. cnn political commentator and trump supporter kailee mcen nenny and republican former cruz supporter and president and ceo of polling company kelly ann conway. great to have you all here this morning. so let's talk about how marco rubio and ted cruz, jeb bush, paul ryan, seem to be trying to get their arms around this.
4:07 am
let me show you what marco rubio said to jake tapper in terms of whether he would vote and support donald trump. watch this. >> i've signed a pledge that said i'd support the republican nominee and i intend to continue to can do that, but, look, here's a situation we're in. on the one hand, i don't want hillary clinton to be the president of the united states. i don't want her to win this election. on the other hand, as i said, i have well-defined differences with the current, the presumptive nominee of the republican party. >> okay. seems like he's still struggling with what he's going to do, but he feels he signed that pledge. does that go far enough? >> far enough for me. i have immense support for marco rubio for swallowing his pride. harsh attacks between the two of them. for him to say i'm a man of my word, a biding by the pledge. i don't want to see hillary clinton in the white house. he is a courageous leader in our party as is mitch mcconnell. i put him in a different category than jeb bush. i understand jeb's reticence to come onboard, maybe ted cruz's.
4:08 am
a harsh primary. immense support for marco rubio, i'm coming out now. not on the campaign trail, coming onboard and going to vote for the nominee. >> ted cruz seems reluctant to jump onboard the trump train. he said basically that he seems to be waiting for something to change. let me play for you what he said about this. >> we've withdrawn fra the campaign, and it's in the hands of voters. if circumstances change, we will always assess changed circumstances. >> what does that mean? >> i don't know, but i respect senator cruz' timeline and his ultimate decision, alisyn. this was a bruising primary, particularly the last few weeks between trump and cruz, but i know ted cruz is very loyal to the constitution, very loyal to his voters and has a very bright political future. >> will he get onboard at some point? >> perhaps, but that is his decision and he's left that open. i want to go back to marco rubio, though. i think he said the most important thing for republicans and conservatives to realize, there will be two people on the ballot this time.
4:09 am
donald trump and probably hillary clinton or bernie sanders. but either way that should clarify the choice. why? hillary clinton is struggling yet again against one opponent. i believe had they not cleared the field for her, this time she'd be the nominee. she can't get it done when she has one opponent. senator obama in 2008. bernie sanders now. and i think in the fall it's going to be a much closer race. in fact, donald trump is now pivot to the general election while she's struggling to not distance herself from bernie sanders voters. her surrogates go on tv and say, oh, literally flick their wrists. wrist flickers. oh, bernie won the primary but she'll be the nominee. >> what's the math? >> thereby, abandoning thousands of voters who just cast their ballot. i think donald trump could put her away in the next 90 days. he should pivied to the general election srchlts that light? 90 days you think his poll numbers will spike? >> vanquished 16 opponents. now the nominee. she can't get rid of one. he should go ot her one on one
4:10 am
now. >> let me get to tim. where do you believe jeb bush is with the pledge? you tweeted something that seems to make light of the pledge. let me put it up. this was jeb bush's -- down there, if you can see it in the little box, jeb bush's pledge written on a dunckin' donuts napkin. >> following that, on a more serious note, the fact that the pledge that matters here is the next president of the united states is going to have to put their hand on the bible and pledge to uphold the constitution. and when it comes to choosing the president of the united states, there's some things that supersede this rett rit in a campaign. donald trump over the course of this campaign and life has not demonstrated he has the temperament or respect for the constitution to be the president of the united states. and that's what this comes down to. i respect marco and others, kelly ann, a different view, but there's a clear dividing line when it comes to that and i
4:11 am
think it jeb last week posted on facebook as for him, he can't support hillary for the myriad issues he laid out during the campaign but also can't support something like donald trump who doesn't respect america's role in the world, who doesn't respect freedom of speech, freedom of religion to be the next president. >> but if the entire point is that donald trump, that donald trump does not keep his word, changes his positions and then people aren't keeping their word in a signed pledge, the pledge was made, alisyn, tos for donald trump is a support the eventual nominee because they thought they would be it. >> a lot of irony. he doesn't think donald trump personifies conservative values? >> where were they supporting -- never trump, not pro-cruzzo pro-kasich. could have helped. >> if donald trump doesn't embody the values you like or want to see, conserve dative values, what about hillary clinton? sitting on the sidelines you are sealing the path for her. obama values are more valuable
4:12 am
than trump or conservatism. >> i don't support hillary clinton. i started an anti-trump pac i started an anti-hillary pac. this is where we are. >> get back to the issues. >> you have to assess the candidates and their fit inside finside -- fitness for the presidency. donald trump in the past week after he said he was pivoting uniting to the general said he would print unlimited money to deal with the debt. that would bankrupt our country. and number two, accused ted cruz, his father, of being involved in the jfk assassination. accused george w. bush as being responsible for 9/11. words matter. you can't all of a sudden politic flick a switch and say all of a sudden we trust this guy to be president who thinks 9/11 was an inside job and we can just print unlimited money. >> tim is not the only way that feels this way. a lot of republicans feel this way. what does it mean for tomorrow
4:13 am
and party unity and the meeting tomorrow? >> they're come out of the meeting and emerge unified. it's a mystery, if donald trump is such a conspiracy theorist. >> he does believe in the birther thing. he did posit that. >> he wasn't brought that up in many, many years. >> but hasn't aplomb jized for it. >> he hasn't, but hasn't brought it up in a very long time. there's a reason mitch mcconnell and dick cheney and rick perry, the list goes on and on, dignified people within the party feel comfortable getting behind donald trump because they understand the stake and liberal values in the would us if you do not get behind him. for all of the caricatures you're putting out there, many in the party don't agree. >> not caricatures, repeating what he said. donald trump has been a liberal most of his life. >> we've heard that. >> and last word -- >> the conservative for decades. i want to say this -- there's a touch of irony if not high horse sanctimony embedded in this whole charge that it's donald trump's responsibility to "unify the party."
4:14 am
if the republican party was unified donald trump would not be the nominee. >> there you go. panel, thank you for your insig insights. great to talk to you. breaking news out of iraq. isis is claiming responsibility for a deadly car bombing outside baghdad. at least 64 killed. another 87 injured. iraqi authorities say the blast happened in the shiite neighborhood of sadr city. a statement from isis on social media says the target was the shiite militias. a terrifying stabbing spree 40 miles south of boston leaves two people dead. police say 28-year-old arthur derosa of taunton, massachusetts, stabbed achb 80-year-old woman to death and severely wounded her daughter inside their home after getting into a car accident of some type. he then stabbed four more people inside a mall restaurant killing a 65-year-old man there. a sheriff happened to be on the scene and ended all of this by shooting and killing the
4:15 am
suspect. tornadoes wreaking havoc. at least three tore through western kentucky tuesday. destroying homes, businesses, flipped cars and trailers, as you can see. these storms were part of the same system that struck oklahoma and spawned eight tornadoes killing two people there. all right. back to the 2016 race. west virginia, a setback for hillary clinton's campaign. bernie sanders won big there. he is going to stay in the race. you know who just sent out a tweet saying he loves this? >> who? >> donald j. trump. >> get out of here. >> we'll discuss, next. hey there, hi.
4:16 am
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mcenany. . mcenany. . and let me be as clear as i can be. we are in this campaign to win the democratic nomination. [ cheers and applause ] so if one thing complicates winning it is losing. hillary clinton lost big to bernie sanders, but if there's one thing that complicates winning for bernie sanders it is math. this is all is the reality of the democratic primary race.
4:20 am
what does it all mean right now? two people know. cnn political commenten tater and hilary rosen a hillary clinton supporter. you'll be shocked to know donald trump has been on twitter this morning. i want to read it. it is interesting and gets to what's going on in the race now. trump just said, i don't want to hit crazy bernie sanders too hard yet, because i love watching what he is doing to crooked hillary. his time will come. leave aside the fact he already gave the crazy moniker to somebody else and is double dipping. that aside. donald trump likes what's happening in the democratic race right now. is he right? should he like what's going on with hillary? >> no. because he wasn't listening to one important thing bernie sanders said last night, which is at all costs we have to defeat donald trump. bernie sanders didn't two things in that speech last night. he gave supporters his continued determination, but he also gave all democrats and independents and a message to republicans that the most important thing
4:21 am
here in this election is defeating donald trump. that was a big, big moment last night. >> he did go after trump pretty hard in that speech. >> very hard. >> still, you know, hillary clinton lost in indiana. hillary clinton lost in west virginia. bill, you know, you know, you're hoping, that bernie sanders beats her in oregon and kentucky next week. you don't think that's going to bruise? >> look, this is a very exciting and a very healthy primary. i think we've come to that -- i thought all of us had come to that conclusion. hillary clinton's not pushing for bernie sanders to get out of the race. following her lead he's going to continue in west -- i mean in oregon, in kentucky and in my state of california, and then finally where i live now in washington, d.c. and look, donald trump, forget donald trump. okay? you know what he's trying to do, trying to stir it up so we'll talk about it. his comments are totally meaningless, because the unity in this democratic party is going to be such a contrast, donald trump can't even get the leaders of his own party to support him. that's what he ought to be
4:22 am
worried about. >> you know what donald trump already did do? lock up his nomination. someone no one has done on the democratic side. kellyanne conway just says, attacks him, can lock up the nomination. you probably disagree, but donald trump has a clear field. he can talk exclusively about hillary clinton. >> one of the things i think will matter to democrats over the next month and a half. that to date, really bernie sanders has not been attacked by anyone. you know, hillary's gone after him a little in terms of you know, we need, you know -- on what he said about president obama, not supportive enough. maybe too much of a dreamer, not enough of a legislator, but really he's had a little bit of a free ride, because he's got a big picture message. if democrats start to see bernie sanders getting attacked, if bernie sanders has to start to defend himself against donald trump attacks, all of a sudden, i think you're going to see actually greater democratic unity than in the past, because it means that bernie sanders is
4:23 am
no longer a pure alternative to hillary clinton. >> donald trump said he's not going to do that. >> yeah, but by saying he's not going to do it, he's saying there's a lot to attack there. >> you know they're just holding back if it were bernie the nominee. socialist and communist stuff, ready to go after bernie. first of all, look, i want to make it clear as bernie said last night. he is in it -- yes, confirmed. in it to win the nomination. in it to shape the platform and shake up the democratic party. if hillary clinton is the nominee, you'll have a team of hillary clinton, bernie sanders, barack obama, elizabeth warren, you name it, going after donald trump. i thought that bernie sanders did a great job of that last night, even more than hillary has done in terms of direct frontal attacks on donald trump and saying he will never be the president. so any talk bernie will be a spoiler or a ralph nader, forget about it. >> can i talk about something pretty weird that happened in west virginia last night?
4:24 am
bernie sanders won big. we have exit polls. everyone's talking how a number of people who supported bernie sanders said in support trump over hillary clinton in a general election, bust the exit polls asked bernie sanders supporters if they would support trump over bernie sanders. and this is sanders' supporters. if we can throw that up. people who voted for bernie sanders in west virginia last night. 34% of people that supported bernie sanders in west virginia say they're going to vote for donald trump in a general election. >> this is troubling. i find it very troubling. i've talked to labor leaders very worried about their members, because when they poll the numbers on the assembly floor, all for bernie. right? but if it's not bernie we're going to vote for trump. a lot of work to be done with working-class americans. >> even if it is bernie i'm going to vote for trump. >> what they're saying now, but got to be talked to and told. look, donald trump would shut down these unions. he's right to work in every state. bad for working class americans. they've got to get that message and they will. >> and bernie sanders does speak
4:25 am
to the economic concern among a group of voters in west virginia, in parts of ohio and parts of pennsylvania. people who are going to need hillary. >> as this gets narrowed down to the hillary clinton versus donald trump, there's going to be much more clarity over the differences here. >> right. >> and the more people, including us, in the media, have to hold trump accountable to, well, is he for the minimum wage increase or not for the minimum wage increase? is he going to raise taxes, and support working people, or is he not going to? those lines are going to be much brighter and hillary clinton is going to be the clear winner for working people. >> exactly the conversation we've been having the last five days since donald trump wrapped up the nomination. how many more times will we have this conversation, though? you see a sanders win and it doesn't change anything but the convention? >> at least we're going to have -- >> win in oregon. >> an argument, have it in kentucky, have it i believe after california. maybe the district of columbia will let hillary win another one. >> california is going to be
4:26 am
close, i think. i think hillary clinton's going to win california. >> expensive. >> those people are concerned about it. >> you can't sugar coat that with the clinton campaign. hilary and bill, thank you. appreciate it. chris? another dynamic in this, what happens online. a gq reporter profiled melania trump and filing a police report after receiving anti-semitic threats. apparently from trump supporters. now trump himself did 3w4r569 h blast his article. is there a connection? trump's testy relationship with the media, next. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have.
4:27 am
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. the justice department taking the death penalty off the table in the upcoming trial of one of the accused ringleaders in the deadly attacks in benghazi. this revelation coming in a court filing as it's government
4:31 am
prepares to try ahmed for carrying out the assault that killed four americans including ambassador stevens in 2012. the militia pleaded not guilty. >> bridgegate rearing his head again for governor chris christie. the names of public officials with knowledge of the lane closures on the george washington bridge, those names can now be released. until now only known at unindicted co-conspirators. cri christie will not be criminally charged. and nasa announced a temperatureler telescope discovered 1,300 new planets outside our solar system including 9 that are potentially hab edible. previously the keppler team had only known of a dozen earth-like planets. the keppler telescope also
4:32 am
spotted more than 1,300 additional planet candidates but need more study before confirmation. >> everybody's a candidate. all right. not satisfied with being the king of beers, budweiser is rebranding their new name, america. the marketing stunt running through election day. the slogan, america is in your hands. budweis budweiser, by the way, is brewed in st. louis, but it is owned by a company in belgium. >> why do you drink beer? because, america. one member of the media found herself in donald trump's cross hairs and is now fighting back. the reporter is julia offy, filing a police report after receiving death threats and anti-semitic messages, many from trump supporters, allegedly. who knows who these people are online but they say they're trump supporters. why? a profile written by elania trump by the magazine. trump calmed the article
4:33 am
dishonest, full of inaccuracies. talk about the case in particular and in general. what has been going on with different candidates, certainly trump, and the media? to discuss, experts cnn senior media correspondent host of reliable sources brian stelter, and cnn senior media and politics reporter dylan byers. we don't want to dive too deeply into this specific case, but an article was written about melania trump in "gq." she doesn't like it, trump didn't like it. that happens. but it's about what happened online. >> melania trump posted a comment criticizing the article. doesn't ask for correction but said the article was inaccurate. then a torrent of hate directed towards julia on facebook and twitter, highlighting it online showing people some of the trollings that happened. this happens to media types and others on twitter, she highlighted how anti-semitic these comments were and has gone to the police and asked for an
4:34 am
investigation as a result. >> what can come of that? it's so hard to find out who someone is on twitter? >> very little, frankly. these could be people in other countries, computer robots doing some of this tweeting. i noticed it the first time the other day, a photo photo shopping me putting a jewish star on my chest, i guess didn't like something i said about trump. keep in mind, some tweeting this say they'd trump supporters. who knows? what does that mean? that he could be trying to demean and hurt trump by saying they support trump. >> what we do know. dillon, things have changed. social media, rush limbaugh had an interesting point the other day. talk about how things have changed. media matters which is a lefty outlet, has an article about limbaugh, not a lefty, saying that donald trump has introduced trolling to campaigning. and there is no question that these campaigns have waves of haters who come after the media and others who go against them.
4:35 am
what do you make of the dynamic? >> well, i think that's exactly right, and i think that donald trump has put a very unique role in doing that, and that's because he's been more active on social media and especially twitter than any presidential candidate in history. at the same time, he's run a campaign that has been full of some pretty hateful rhetoric, and certainly in the case of julia yaffy, you have a campaign that sort of trafficked in male chauvinism and at the same time pr propagated strong anti-rhetoric, you see those two ahead of the case of julia and the anti-semitic strain as well. i think donald trump has a very aggressive and vocal group of supporters, and while with can't identify every anonymous twitter troller, a lot people are on there ready to take on anyone who they think would stand in the way of donald trump's nomination or anyone who they
4:36 am
see as oppose the trump, and in the context of all of the rhetoric he's used, that makes for a powerful and potentially poisonous force. >> it isn't just him. okay? you get waves of berners. cruz had a nice team of people. hillary's got in people who can come after you. david brock supposedly organ an outfit to go after trolls, fundamentally risk being trolls themselves. here's the concern for me. it's happening's how do you own it as the candidate? if it's anti-semitic, or if it's white supremacist, do you think donald trump has a responsibility to come out and say, whoing, i don't know who the heck these people are. i'm not putting them up to it, whoever it is, they better stop. i reject them. he and other campaigns have been slow to own the invective. >> they have. pressure mounts as this continues to happen. think about the internet, the consequences of the rise of the ircht net. this is not one of those positive consequences. the trolling and hate speech we
4:37 am
see polluting the web is one of the negative consequences and candidates and presidents and leaders do have a role to play in discouraging it as "po discrediting it. when melania trump make as post criticizing julia for example, does that encourage trolls to target these journalists? not saying specifically go harass this, but doesn't it contribute to this type of environment. >> of course it does. >> i think it does. >> where's the line of responsibility? >> i don't expect any presidential candidate to call attention to an issue like this. i don't see how it serves their campaign to sort of get the, you know, get the national media discussing and continuing to discuss cases like this. you have to remember, for how sort of robust and the vitriolic the conversation on twitter can be and for how hateful and extreme a lot of that speech can
4:38 am
be, you know, the truth is, that the vast majority of the country is not paying attention to things like this. it's only when, you know a reporter like this files a police report we start to see media coverage about this. i don't see a candidate on either side of the aisle, whether dnt, bernie sanders or hillary clinton wanting to draw attention to cases like this or donald trump, and you can understand why. >> good speech, even hate speech, post what you want online. leaders, candidates or others can have a role in encourages civility. make this is what this is about. civility versus incivility. >> interesting. you want the marketplace of free ideas but the first amendment isn't just about exercising the worst of what can come out in spree speech but something that's an ongoing dynamic in this election and we'll see how ugly it get going forward. j.b.? >> thanks so much. the death of prince bringing painkillers to the forefront. you'll be shocked who is partly to blame for what's going on here. (vo) when i first took jake home
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all right. mounting evidence that music legend pris may have been abudsing or dependent on painkillers in his death, possibly connected. that death, though, is shining a spotlight on the prescription addiction in this country. americans consumed 75% of the world's opioid prescription drugs. an amazing statistic. our dr. sanjay gupta is co-hosting a cnn town hall on this very subject. sanjay joins us now. interesting. you say a lot of the blame here goes to the doctors? >> well, the doctors are the ones prescribing these pills. most of these are legitimate
4:43 am
prescriptions that come from doctors. there are things like diversion, some people take prescriptions from other people and things like that. you know what was amazing to me, we've reported on this for some time. the original paper that made the claim you could give these pills indiscriminately safely for long term based on 38 patients. it was a tiny, little study that people glummed on to and basically used it to change the entire paradigm. oh only used to give it to cancer patients, near the end of life and short durations. that small paper changed the entire paradigm. >> appears we've learned doctors are over-prescribing opioids when one of their patients becomes addicted, then what do they do? >> a lot of times the doctor prescribing the medications isn't someone who's also a specialist in addiction. so oftentimes they have to go to someone who may -- first have to recognize there's a problem. recognize a physical dependence or addiction and get the person to someone who can actually treat that. so -- and the system is not designed to do this.
4:44 am
again, because i think everyone's sort of turned a blind eye to this. we didn't believe for a long time that people could become addicted to these things. >> the therapeutic community is applauding you doing this, and coming forward with this special. they say this is the most ignored, the most pernicious, most difficult to deal with. saying it's a perfect storm of addiction. it comes from doctors and pain clinics, comes from the medicine cabinet. people don't have the barriers to prevent putting a knife in their vein, because it looks like medicine. >> right. >> what do people have to know about what happens when you take this stuff in excess? >> yeah. well, one thing i just want to say about that. this is the number one cause of preventible death in america today. >> the number one? >> number one. more than car accidents. okay? more people die in this manner from an accidental prescription drug overdose than they do from anything else. it's a remarkable statistic. and totally, totally preventible. and it's legitimized i think because you think i got a
4:45 am
prescription from a doctor. how could this possibly cause me harm? >> what does it do to you and how easy is it to get? >> opioids. same thing that comes from the poppy plant, same ingredients in heroin, for example. ultimately they affect the brain in specific ways. what it can do in an overdose situation, turns off the brain's drive to breathe. you have a drive to breathe. you're not thinking about it. breathing on your own right now. you're okay if awake. someone goes to sleep, taken too um, they lose their drive to breathe. you see what it looks like specifically there. >> we keep saying, these things. use the phrase oipoids. name names here. what specific drugs are we talking about? >> morphine the one people think of in hospital. hydrocode u.n., oxycodone, perk zets, all things that have, that same active base ingredient. some are synthetic, the ones i just mentioned. heroin, a natural form but come from the poppy plant. the base ingredient for all these.
4:46 am
>> if you get hooked how do you get off them? >> very challenging. look, hour body has natural opioids in them. you start giving lots of opioids, the body said, great. i'm getting this. i don't have to make it anymore. you start to take ait away. you crash. no oipoids, know extra opioids you're in withdrawal, miserable. you got to get opioids somehow. >> a difference between dependence and addiction? talking a be that in relation to prince? >> a distinction. physical dependence, physical withdrawal symptoms. you feel terrible once you stop taking the pills. addiction, have those as well, but also a tremendous interference with your life. just making poor choices. starting to drop out of work, dropping out of your family life. things like that. >> what's the message, though? because this is a sneaky killer. this one. i mean, you know, as we look more and more into this, there's something about it that's not as scary as, well, i don't to catch my kid with a syringe or a pipe.
4:47 am
a bottle of pills. at least it's medicine. how do we deal with this? >> it's a challenge. and part of -- one thing i will tell you as well in terms of statistics, we talk about heroin addiction. talking about pipes. >> also spreading all over the place. >> 80% of new heroin addicts start off using pain pills. start using pain pills, get cut off from the pain pills. doctor says i'm done writing prescriptions and turn to heroin. same active ingredients. >> gets too expensive. a lot of these pills, $40 on the street. heroin getting cheaper. dealers know how to deal. >> right. think about, whoever you're thinking about, this could be the panel to something that's even more serious. so it's a problem. but i think it's a fixable problem. >> these are a few of the questions we have here. imagine how much information you can relate tonight on this special. sanjay, thank you so much. do not miss think town hall tonight. an "ac 360" tonight, 9:00 p.m.
4:48 am
eastern. important to watch right here on cnn. back to politics. d donald trump hammering hillary clinton over benghazi, plus the results of his e-mail probe are due out soon. what affect will this have on her race? friend to hillary and adviser sydney blumenthal here next. mountains, and conquered highways, and now much of that same advanced technology is found in the new audi a4. with one notable difference... the all-new audi a4, with available traffic jam assist.
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4:52 am
no holds barred, that's one way to describe the presidential campaign, if it is donald trump versus hillary clinton, trump says the benghazi attacks will be part of the fight. our next guest is a friend of the clintons, his new book is about another president, abraham lincoln, called the "self-made man, political life of abraham lincoln, 1809." let's start with the e-mails. the big fear of many democratic whose i've spoken to is that hillary clinton will become the nominee of the democratic party and then something will happen during the general. there will be some bombshell, another shoe will drop and it will scudle her race. how confident are you that that won't happen? >> i'm very confident that that
4:53 am
will not happen. >> how do you know? >> my understanding is that this is a security review. it is certainly not a criminal investigation. >> but it is an investigation. >> it is an inquiry into whether or not anyone intentionally put classified information where it shouldn't be. and my understanding is that they will conclude, and the department of justice will issue a statement at the end, that that was not the case. and then all those who were involved in this kind of political hysteria will have to under ravel. >> why do you think it's still dragging on? the benghazi commission, they say they'll release their findings in the summer. so all of this drags on until it butts up against the general. >> well, i'm sure that the department of justice is not a
4:54 am
political investigation at all. and that continue wants to resolve this as quickly as possible. and when they do, they'll issue a statement. >> donald trump does not want to resolve this, as quickly as possible. in fact, he says he will make an issue of these things, among others if he is going to go against hillary clinton in the general. so he has put out a new ad about bengha benghazi. let me show this to you and our viewers. >> we've seen rake and violence directed at american embassies over an awful internet video. >> she lied to me. she told me it was the fault of the video. >> she said we are going to have the filmmaker arrested, who was responsible for the death of your son. >> so she did say to you that the benghazi attack was caused by protests? >> absolutely. i don't know if that's funny. >> how damaging do you think
4:55 am
something like that is? >> well, there has been inquiries already that have concluded there is no wrongdoing. after the first one, the moen commission, hillary implemented a secretary of state all of their recommendations for security. so let's see what this benghazi committee winds up doing, and if it is inconsistent with the other ones in its core findings, then we might conclude that it is consistent instead with what house majority leader, kevin mccarthy said, which it is a partisan political inquiry intended to upset hillary clinton's presidential campaign. >> back to her e-mails for a second. you know, the republicans say it shows bad judgment, that she used her own e-mail, her personal server. she has said clearly why she didn't want to use more than one device, she has described herself as sort of not
4:56 am
technology able to juggle that many devices. why did she set up a personal server? that's beyond using one device for personal and professional e-mails. >> that's a question -- i don't know the answer to. it is a question that she has explained. and so you would have to, you know, go to her explanation about that. >> i mean, i ask you, because the e-mails that have been released show you were in regular contact with her, you're one of -- you were giving her advice on policy things and political things. did you talk to her about setting up a personal server? >> oh, no. i had nothing to do with that. i write about -- i write lincoln and i write hillary, and one of them has replied. >> really? you haven't heard from abraham lincoln? >> not while i was doing my book on his education.
4:57 am
>> if you told her it was not a good idea? >> i have no idea. we're old friends. when you're friend of somebody who is in the middle of politics, you get caught up in politics, too. >> let's talk about your book, a self-made man, the political life of abraham lincoln. what more is there to say about abraham lincoln? >> well, there is a lot to say about abraham lincoln. you know, we're involved in a campaign about the making of a president. and my book is about the making of america's greatest political genius, and somebody who was lucky to have a log cabin and transformed himself into the man who was a political, skillful, professional politician. and through those skills, ended sla slavery and saved the united states.
4:58 am
that's a lesson for this campaign. there is something to say about that. there is not a difference between politics and principle. and that if you want to achieve your principles, it's -- you need to be politically skillful to be able to do it. and there is another point, looking for people beyond politics, for a hero, for a man on horseback, can also be something that can undermine our democracy and doesn't advance it. >> that's interesting. you write here in the book, lincoln believed that politics offered the only way to achieve his principles, american life and created the man who became abraham lincoln through politics itself. i mean, that's sort of the rosy inspirational view of politics. now we often don't see it that way. >> well, i don't know if it's rosy and inspirational. the kind of politics that lincoln had to deal with was as rough and tumble as the politics today and maybe even more so. he grew up on the frontier, and
4:59 am
they were as contentious, combative as today. there were even duels as we know between people. and lincoln was subjected to withering criticism, including racist criticism of him. so you know, what we're seeing today is not so different, and what lincoln had to go through to achieve his ends, provides a lesson for us today. >> lots of parallels. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. we're following a lot of news, last night's primary results. let's get right to it. i think we're going to have a good meeting. >> we shouldn't pretend our party is unified when we know it is not. >> my differences with donald are well documented and they remain. >> i can see no viable path to victory. if that changed, we would reconsider. >> i feel confident that hillary will be the nominee.
5:00 am
>> you are looking at the democratic nominee for president. >> the american dream is within reach. >> we are in this campaign to win! >> i'm confident she'll be the next president. >> there is not evidence of like a top systemic bias? >> facebook on the defensive. >> political football now. >>announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo and al lynn co camerota. good morning. 8:00 in the east. jb is with alisyn and myself. we're talking about donald trump, who is closer to clinching the gop nomination. bernie sanders, also staying alive by beating hillary clinton in west virginia, handly last night. telling supporters he is in this for one reason. to win. now, math may not be on his side, but he has momentum. certainly, that is a building concern for the clinton campaign. >> okay, the gop race, trump
5:01 am
running away with the west virginia and nebraska primaries, all eyes now on trump's meeting tomorrow with house speaker paul ryan. trump, insisting he wants ryan on his side. when the convention rolls around this summer. we have the primaries and the 2016 race the way only cnn can. let's begin with john berman, who breaks down the results. >> donald trump finished first in a one man race, alisyn. let's look at west virginia and nebraska. ted cruz and john kasich on the bat lo ballot. you can see he had 61% in nebraska. as for democrats, different story. bernie sanders won in west virginia by 15 points. that's big. but what does that mean for the delega delegat delegates? not much at all. that's the problem for the sanders campaign right now. as for the republicans, donald trump got at least 39 delegates out of his wins, that will go
5:02 am
way up once west virginia works out its convaluted process. hillary clinton still with a big edge over bernie sanders, especially when you include the super delegates. when you do include the super delegates, she is 148 away from that number she needs to clinch the nomination. 2383. the sanders team says super delegates can flip, but they haven't yet, and he will need to flip them if he has any chance of getting the nomination. chris, that will be tough, if not near impossible. >> jb, thank you very much. donald trump was uncontested in the gop race. yes, cruz and kasich were on the ballots, but the victories were huge. the front-runner squarely focusing on tomorrow's high stakes meeting with house speaker paul ryan and the rnc chairman. this, as two of his rivals
5:03 am
jumped back into the spotlight to sound off on trump's success. where are they in terms of recommend bracing mr. trump. sunlen live in washington with more. >> reporter: good morning. tomorrow is such an important day for donald trump, he became the presumptive nominee, which w just a small group on capitol hill. so as he is trying to unify the party around him, he'll be making this direct, face-to-face directly to republican leaders on the hill for them to come around and support him. days before their big meeting, donald trump softening his tone, and sounding more conciliatory about house speaker, paul ryan's role at the republican national convention. >> he is a very good man. he wants what's good for the party. we're going to have positive results. i would love for him to stay and be chairman. >> responding to ryan's assurance that he would step down as chairman if trump wanted him to. >> we shouldn't just pretend that our party is unified when we know it is not. >> in an interview with the
5:04 am
"wall street journal," he said he hopes they can unite the party after a bruising battle. >> what we want to do is sit down together and talk about how we can unify the republican party, so that we can be at full strength in the fall. >> trump also in the throws of preparing for the general election, narrowing down his list of potential running mates. one person definitely not interested in the job, former rival, marco rubio. in his first national interview since dropping out of the race, the senator telling cnn jake tapper. >> my difference, my reservations about his campaign and policy differences with him are well documented and they remain. >> rubio, signal his support of trump is a matter of honoring his word. >> i have signed a pledge that said i would support the republican nominee, and i continue to do that. >> trump's fiercest rival, ted cruz, returning to capitol hill and leaving a window open for possibly jumping back into the race. >> we've suspended the campaign,
5:05 am
because i can see no viable path to victory. of course, if that changed, we would reconsider things. >> and donald trump this morning is reacting to his wins last night, tweeting out just moments ago, big wins. get ready for november. crooked hillary is looking bad against crazy bernie will lose. following up on another with bernie sanders. i don't want to hit crazy bernie sanders too hard yet, because i love watching what he is doing to crooked hillary adding his time will come. alisyn. >> sunlen, thank you for that. bernie sanders winning his 19th state last night in west virginia, and prolonging the fight with hillary clinton, forcing her to split her attention between sanders and donald trump. cnn chris frates is live in washington. good morning. >> he had another good primary night last night, winning the majority of the 29 delegates that were up for grabs in west virginia, but sanders really faces long odds in his campaign
5:06 am
to upset hillary clinton, who leads him by about 300 pledged delegates. >> we are good in arithmetic that we have an uphill climb ahead of us. but we are used to fighting uphill climbs. >> now, campaign aide tells me they think sanders can beat the odds by racking up more big victories and convincing the party's super delegates that he has the best chance of defeating donald trump in november. and a recent poll shows sanders does fair better than clinton in the general election match-up against trump in three different battle ground states. but that didn't stop vice-president joe biden from putting his finger on the scale last night. >> i feel confident that hillary will be the nominee and i feel confident she'll be the next president. >> now, clinton plans to campaign hard against sanders in upcoming contests and she'll focus on new jersey and california. but she'll also continue looking
5:07 am
toward november, and taking on donald trump. sanders, he also slammed trump in his victory speech. so even as clinton and sanders continue to run against each other, they're increasing targeting trump. mr. cuomo, back to you. >> thank you, sir. appreciate the reporting. all right, let's talk about the immediate challenge facing donald trump uniting his fractured party. joining us arizona campaign kmajeff deewitt. good to see you. >> great to see you, chris. thank you. >> congratulations on the win last night, as we wish all the winning campaigns. let's look at a number out of there. nebraska exit poll, feeling if trump elected president, 60% excited, optimistic. 38% scared, concerned. both numbers revealing of a die ma' dynamic here. >> the number you need to win
5:08 am
right there, but trump is the leader of a movement. i've been saying this for a long time. this is not a normal dance seca see. that just shows right there that the american public is ready for a change and are excited to get him in the white house. >> what does it mean to you when you square that notion against president obama being above 50% popularity right now, and you know a huge chunk of the democrats, even with some independents, looking at his policies as something should be continued? >> well, they'll have that chance to vote for hillary clinton. i think her entire campaign seems like she is running on a continuation of the current policies. i and many people that i know think those policies are leading us in the wrong direction and the $19 trillion in debt that will soon be $21 trillion, and all of that that we're piling on
5:09 am
to our children needs to change. that's why we want someone like donald trump. donald trump is the answer for us to get rid of the politicians in the white house, and put in a ceo. our country needs a business leader. he'll do things different. that's the direction we're headed. it will be a wave of that going across the country in the fall. >> the flip side, 60% optimistic is the 38% concerned or scared, which is the next exit poll, do you think the republican will remain divided. you got 50/50 response on that. how do i get my brothers and sisters in the party on board. give me the thinking of having carson being the front man to go and meet with ryan, and what do you see as the stage is set here for the meeting? >> well, dr. carson, as we all know, one of the most likeable candidates that we had last fall. and that also shows you that it's not just about likeablety. but dr. ben carson is a smart
5:10 am
man and it is great to have him on the team right now. yeah, to have him go and talk to paul ryan and kind of lay some of the groundwork, i don't know if you could have many people better in the country at that than dr. carson. so he is a great person to have on board. but i'll tell you, another exit poll that i saw last night was one that said 2/3 nebraskaians feel betrayed by party politicians. so even within the party, we need to do something differently. when you look at the upcoming meeting with donald trump and with speaker ryan, you know, i think speaker ryan needs this meeting to go well more than donald trump does. i know they both want it to go well, and they'll need to work hand in hand to implement policies in the first 100 days and throughout the trump presidency, but speaker ryan is leading a congress with one of the lowest approval ratings, and trump is getting the votes for
5:11 am
the republican primary. speaker ryan need it is to go better, but you know, i think we're going to get unity. i can unite the republican party in two words. that is president hillary. just saying those two things to any republican gets them on board, yeah you're right, we need to vote for the republican nominee. again, it won't be unanimous. i don't think it has been unanimous ever in history. you'll find the nay sayers somewhere, they oppose their own party for whatever reason. we will have unity in the fall and i don't think it will be a problem. donald trump will have a big win in the fall when we get there. >> well, look, what is on the table here? it's about value, true conservative ones, and for ryan in particular, this is a man who is looking to grow the republican party. stop saying we're the party of exclusion, we're about inclusion, let's bring latinos in, the immigrant talk and muslims, as a group, with donald trump may be a concern for him. now, on that note, jeff, we just heard from sadiq kahn in an
5:12 am
interview. he is the new muslim mayor of london. here is what he had to say about trump. i want your reaction to it. >> london has chosen hope over fear. i'm really proud that london choose unity over division. and my message to donald trump and his team is that you know, your views of islam are ignorant and it's possible to be a muslim and to live in the west. and it's possible to be a muslim and to love america. i've got family members who are american. we've been to america for holiday, they love disneyland. i'm scared of some of the rides. we still love going there. i'm not exceptional. for donald trump to say mayor kahn can't be allowed, but the rest, that's ridiculous. there are young people here who want to study in america, who happen to be muslim.
5:13 am
there are people here who want to go to holiday in america, who happened to be muslim and around the world. by giving the impression that islam and the west are incompatible, you're playing into the hands of the extremists. >> is it time for mr. trump to rev revise, as he said he may do, he is flexible, time for him to change what he has been saying about muslims in light of what you just heard from london's new mayor? >> well, again, you know, we all know, everybody knows there is a big, big difference between a muslim and a radical islamic terrorist. and what we're trying do and what mr. trump is trying to do is saying we need to make sure we protect our selves from radical islamic terrorism, a phrase that our current president seems unable to say. so you know, he has gone far -- miss character -- >> he has gone fartheren that that, mr. trump has gone farther
5:14 am
than that. he said islam is a problem, it comes somewhere, his concern, right? >> what mr. trump keeps saying is we want to protect our borders and control the immigration. we have syrian refugees coming in that we know nothing about. we don't know if they're terrorists or not. if we're going to allow people to move into the neighborhoods and next to our families and our kids, we should at least know that they're notre orrists. that's the thing. so you know, we all know there are many, i mean, the vast majority of muslim, and i have muslim friends. they're great. they're peace loving, great people. but we need to make sure, and this is what mr. trump is saying, he wants to make sure the people coming here are not terrorists. it just shows the mischaracterization of his comments. >> always something to clarify at the least. jeff deewitt, appreciate you being on "new day" as always.
5:15 am
>> thanks, chris. new information in the investigation into the death of prince. a search warrant revealing the name of the minnesota doctor who treated him in the final weeks of his life. according to a sworn statement, dr. michael schulenberg visited his estate to deliver test results the same morning he died. cnn sarah snyder live in minnesota. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the l.a. times got ahold of the search warrant which was posted on may 6th. investigators wanted to look at a multitude of things having to do with prince's medical history, photographs, charts, anything that can tell them how he was doing before he died, including prescriptions. and what we learned from inside of that particular document is that a judge granted that search warrant in part because he said the property above described
5:16 am
constitutes evidence which tends to show a crime has been committed, or tends to show a particular person has committed a crime. now, so far, no one has been charged in this case, but the warrant does note dr. michael schulenberg was interviewed on the day prince died. he admitted to having treated him a couple of times, including doing some tests on him the day before he died. the warrant also indicates dr. schulenberg was here at the paisley park compound the day he died, along with a couple of other people, when he was discovered dead inside the elevator. it also says that he prescribed medications to prince that were filled at a walgreen's. there is a lot going on with the investigation. dea and sheriff's department inside the compound yesterday, doing more searches, and there is plenty more going on, but everybody is waiting to find out what the toxicology report will say. john. >> sara in minnesota. a lot of questions. join us tonight for a
5:17 am
special prescription addiction, made in the usa. right here on cnn, talks about a lot of the questions raised by the death of prince about abuse and addiction, and dependence on painkillers. >> i can't wait to see that. all right, hillary clinton and donald trump getting historically high ratings, high unfavorable ratings. we'll look at some of the possible warning signs with david axelrod, next. cancer... we don't want to think about it. but i had to. because, you see i was traveling,
5:18 am
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5:21 am
we think we have an outside shot of actually end up with more pledged delegates than hillary clinton. we understand it is a steep hill to climb, but i've been climbing steep hills since the first day i was in the campaign. >> all right, bernie sanders picking up another win in west virginia last night. hillary clinton still the far away leadner delegates. meanwhile, donald trump winning two gop contests and closing in on the magic 1,237 number. there are warning signs ahead for all of the candidates. let's discuss those with david axelr axelrod, senior political commentator and former senior advisor to president obama. good morning, david. >> good morning. >> so even if the math is challenging for bernie sanders and it would be hard for him to beat hillary clinton in pledged delegates or particularly super delegate, the fact that he won his 19th state, what does it do to hillary clinton's momentum
5:22 am
and her campaign? >> i'm not sure that it does that much to it. i mean, he has run a great campaign. i don't want to take anything away from bernie sanders. what he is saying about overtaking her in pledged delegates is crazy. i have a better chance of dancing in the ball shai ballet. >> thank you for that visual. >> but, in terms of what this does to her moving forward, i recall 2008 when we were running against hillary clinton, and i was working for barack obama, and she won four of the last six primaries. she won kentucky and west virginia by larger margins than bernie sanders won yesterday. and there were plenty of speculation and conversations like this, where people say what does it mean. it doesn't mean that much, because west virginia hasn't voted for a democratic for the last four elections. not going to vote for a
5:23 am
democratic in this election. but obviously, the optics are, you don't want to go into a general election on a string of losses. she will win a few going forward, and california will be important in terms of just sending a signal at the end of the this. she'll be the nominee. this will be in the rear view mirror. >> they wind of dove tailing a little, right. in 2008, hillary won 23 states. bernie is at 19 right now. he could win 24, maybe 25. but there is a different dynamic, which is that donald trump is now starting to use what bernie sanders says, and the example of what bernie sanders represents in the democratic party against hillary clinton. you didn't have that as much in 2008. how does that factor in? >> well, i think that you know, this is a concern of the clinton folks, which is at what point is bernie giving aid and comfort to
5:24 am
trump through his campaign and this is something you hear from him. i suspect that in the fall, bernie sanders will be out there making clear what his views are of donald trump and he has been pretty hard on donald trump now. the biggest applause line he got last night in oregon is when he said we must defeat donald trump. and i thought that was a clue as to where all of this may be going. i think the democratic base is going to consolidate, and hillary clinton is going to do well among democrats. she has to also do well among independents, and that's the battle ground among moderate voters, independent voters, voters who could go either way. >> she'll need sanders supporters to get comfortable and get on board her campaign at some point. there was an interesting exit poll from west virginia last night that asked people who voted for sanders, if sanders were not in the race, who would you vote for in november. and 43% of them said donald trump. only 27% said hillary clinton. now, maybe that's because it
5:25 am
lie leans republican, or is that because she hasn't won them over yet? >> i think what's interesting about the exit polls is that a percentage of fairly significant percentage of sanders voters also said they would vote for trump against sanders. donald trump has a base of support among white working class voters, non-college educated whites. that's been true from the beginning. and west virginia would be ground zero for that kind of support. so look, i won't extrapolate. i don't want to minimize her challenges, because hshe is goig into with high negative, trump is going in with high negatives. it will be a battle royal. i wouldn't extrapolate too much. >> a friend of hillary clinton seems to have in her goal is your friend, jon stewart. you had him on and he had a riff that he did about donald trump that he then did what he does
5:26 am
brilliantly, which is telescoping into his theory of the man's campaign. let's play it. >> he is a man baby. he has the physical countness of a man, and a baby's temperament and hands. they keep saying, which is the most wonderful thing, don't worry, when he becomes president, he is going to be totally mature. and -- >> well, he says being presidential is easy and he'll do it at the appropriate time. >> what does it say about your constituency, if what you're saying is, look, the only way i can win this part of the race is by being an unrepentant narcissistic [ bleeping ], because that's what my voters like. but once i have to appeal to everybody, i'll be cool. >> what is your take on that? >> well, look, he used the word that i think is the biggest vulnerability for donald trump. i don't think it's a lot of these side issues. i don't even think it is some of these really controversial things he is saying. i think it's temperament.
5:27 am
you heard it in some of the attacks of hillary clinton on trump. the day after he clinched, you know, about being a loose cannon. i think you'll hear a lot of talk about that. ultimately, the greatest obstacle for donald trump is can people conceive of him in the oval office, and discretion really is necessary as well as the ability to drill down deeply into very complicated issues. so at that point, people will have to make a judgment. i think that -- so i think jon stewart in his own fashion really identified the key point. >> seemed like he might miss vis rating politicians at night. >> absolutely, no, he wants -- he was -- he slipped right back into it. >> we saw that. all right, david, thanks so much. >> good to be with you. >> it was probing questions that
5:28 am
set him off right there. the answer to an age-old dilem dilemma, how to reduce the wrinkles. a first impression of second skin. is this the fountain of youth? w® absolutely ageless® night cream with active naturals® blackberry complex. younger looking skin can start today. new absolutely ageless® from aveeno®.
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to know for your new day. donald trump easily won primaries in nebraska and west virginia, easy, since everyone else dropped out. new trump seems to be playing nice, ahead of the big meeting with paul ryan. bernie sanders with a big win against hillary clinton in west virginia, but barely chipped away at her delegate lead, earning five delegates from the contest. a deadly stabbing spree south of boston. 28-year-old arthur derosa killed two people, wounding several others, and he was killed. a search warrant into the investigation into prince's death, revealing the name of a doctor who treated him. doctor michael schulenberg saw prince twice the month before he died. film lovers, caan film
5:33 am
festival begins today, the latest movie, "café society." listen to this, john, researchers at m.i.t. create a lotion that makes wrinkles invisible. chris and i are all ears. jeanne most has the skinny. >> whether baking soda, or coffee grounds, people will try anything to reduce those bags and wrinkles, so why not a second skin. >> i don't see why you couldn't put it on every morning and wear it like any other makeup. >> even put makeup on it, an elastic second skin, m.i.t. and harvard scientists, nature materials. >> first you put on the invisible skin and then the second step, put on what we call a catalyst. >> it makes a bond that mimics younger skin.
5:34 am
look at the difference from photos accompanying the article. the coating lasts for at least a day. >> how does it feel? >> it doesn't feel like you're wearing anything. >> developed over nine years, tested on over 100 people, the scientists say it could also protect sores and hide skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis. >> you can't tell where the new skin ends and the old one begins. >> i can. >> even get rich if second skin pans out when it hits the marketplace in a couple of years. why do they keep pinching that woman's eye bags? to demonstrate, the coating is elastic, game of thrones character from old to young and back. >> it's kind of the spanx argument, you wear it, and then when you take it off, you let it all hang out. >> no word on pricing, though considering the contents,
5:35 am
professor anderson doesn't see why it should be super expensive. so how do you get the new invisible second skin off? pretty much the same way they do in "mission impossible." just hope that if you ever use second skin, you don't get this reaction when removing it. jeanne most, cnn, new york. >> are you wearing it? >> you'll never know. >> it's amazing. >> i will never tell. >> his face is so soft. >> supple is the word i think we're going for. >> a man-baby. >> who knows, maybe they'll be able to remake all of us completely. >> when is that day? i'm just curious. when will that be happening. not soon enough. a colorado adventure you are, what it means to be blind, breaking down barriers, helping others to do the same. dr. sanjay gupta is back.
5:36 am
he has this story in "turning point." eric has braved the colorado river rapids in the dark. at 4 years old, he was diagnosed with a rare eye disease, called retinal scesis. >> i want to be with my friends and going on dates. i was afraid i wouldn't be able to participate in life. >> but he did. joining the wrestling team and learning how to rock climb. >> you're feeling your way up the rocks. >> he became an accomplished mountainere. >> you cannot stop if you fall. you cannot think at high altitude. it wouldn't be a good place for a blind person. >> he disagreed, and in 2001, became the first blind person to reach the summit of mt. everest. >> i can't believe it. >> seeking out new adventures,
5:37 am
eric trained for six years to kayak, 277 miles at the colorado river through the grand canyon. >> i'm just doing these things so i can prove blind people can do this or that, that's shallow. you do it because it's living fully. >> the now 47-year-old is helping others to face challenges through his nonprofit, no barriers. >> i think in our lives, all of us in a way are climbing blind. >> dr. sanjay gupta, cnn reporting. >>announcer: turning point, brought to you by cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. this cancer patient... christine... living her life... loving her family. moments made possible in part by the breakthrough science of advanced genomic testing. after christine exhausted the standard treatment options for her disease, doctors working with the center for advanced individual medicine at cancer treatment centers of america suggested
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bernie sanders, winning in west virginia, handedly, prolonging the primary, prolongs the question about what will happen in the democratic party. let's discuss with california congressman, javier bassera, he has endorsed hillary clinton. it is good to see you, congre congressman. have you been contacted about being a potential vp? >> if someone has, it's not me. and i'm just looking forward to seeing secretary clinton do a great job in the primary, and then winning in november. we're working hard to help her do that. >> so we both knew and loved tim
5:42 am
russert. let's bring him back for a moment. you're saying no one has contacted you, but that you are open to being contacted? >> look, i'm working hard. if you asked me do i believe the house democrats have a chance to get a majority to work with secretary clinton as president in 2017, i'll tell you, it's looking a lot better. our channels are growing each day and that's because hillary clinton is doing a great job. democrats are doing a great job. i could tell you that. that's one thing i could to tell you. >> is that your way to saying therefore, i would work with hillary clinton to win the election as her vice-president? >> chris, you're talking to the son of immigrants to first to go on to get a four year college degree. i am ready to do as much as i can to help my country make the biggest difference where i can. right now in the house, we're
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