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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  May 11, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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hello, everyone. >> nothing to see here and you better get used to it. that's the word from donald trump who despite new pressure seems to be slamming the door on releasing his tax returns citing an ongoing audit he told the associated press he does not plan to release them before november. said a lot more surprising on that front as well. >> meanwhile on capitol hill, dueling news conferences between house leaders wrapped up moments ago. house speaker paul ryan addressing tomorrow's critical meeting with donald trump aimed at unifying the party so that as he says, some republicans can stop pretending. listen. >> without unifying, then we go in the fall half strength. this election is too important
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to go in at half strength. we need a real unification of our party. after a tough primary, that's going to take some effort. >> and house minority leader nancy pelosi taking the podium to blast donald trump as to what she calls his poisonous rhetoric. >> whether it's insulting president obama, women, immigrants, muslims, lgbt americans, there's not a dime's worth of difference between what donald trump says and what the house republicans have been saying all along. >> let's get straight over to cnn's senior political reporter manu raju. you have very interesting reporting of what was going on behind closed doors when paul ryan met with house members this morning. we heard from him from the podium. he wants to merge and unify our common principles. what is he hearing from members? >> that's a similar message that he had at this 9:00 a.m. meeting
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with the house republican congress. this is the first time that paul ryan has met with his conference since making those bombshell comments on cnn last week that he would not endorse donald trump at this moment. he's really tried to down play concerns from members about those comments saying that look, i expect us to be united headed into the fall campaign. this is the beginning of a process he's told them. we're going to -- tomorrow will be a meeting with donald trump and we'll meet more with them and continue a dialogue and unite behind shared republican and conservative principles. the one reason why he's saying that. he's getting criticism from republican members of congress, who said that if paul ryan does not get behind donald trump it will make it much harder for the party to unite. trying to tamp down those concerns and said it in his press conference moments ago as
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we just said. >> manu, you're a man of many different reports this morning. you have news on ted cruz who announced to you he is running but for dot dot dot explain -- >> that's right. actually, re-election to the senate in 2018. i just caught up with him as he's walking into the senate votes. are you going to run for re-election in texas? he said yes. now, why that may be a surprise to some is that ted cruz is seen a a very likely 2020 presidential candidate and there were questions whether or not it makes sense for him to run for re-election in to 18 when the presidential campaign will kick off right after the november elections. he does plan to run for re-election. that's the message he's sending right now. >> there's plenty of time for him to change his mind on that. good to get him -- get that mark. lot going on on the hill today. great to see you. let's discuss this and more with
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iowa state co-chairman for the trump campaign and former contestant on "the apprentice" and julie pace and anna novarro. julie, this big interview, a lot coming out of the interview, startling statements and new comments and new positions on his tax returns. when he would likely -- when he would likely release them and the fact he doesn't think vote ares even care. >> it's interesting, he still leaves him self out saying if this audit wraps up before the november election, he'll release his tax returns. but experts we have talked to don't see this audit as a reason to hold off. we said, will you push your lawyers on this? will you tell them that voetders deserve this information regardless of the audit?
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he said no, one, that voters don't actually care about this and there's no new information that would come out of the returns. se essentially that's a reason to allow them to not push to do this. >> there is a lot of potential information in everyone's tax returns, number one. if you make any money, number two, if you pay any taxes, number three, if you donate to any charities, correct? >> absolutely. he says he has released other financial statements that provide some of those answers but the reason tax returns are important there is information like the pieces you said there that you can only get from those tax returns. and you know, charitable giving is a huge issue for him because he has said he doesn't do much of it through his foundation but does it personally but we can't prove that without seeing the tax returns. >> and effective tax rate, that was a huge thing for mitt romney and huge thing for any candidate when you want to talk about tax
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policy and where the tax rate should be. what do you think about all of this, tanna? >> i completely agree with mr. trump. the voters do not care about his tax return. 100% they do not care -- >> where is the evidence that they don't care? where is the evidence you don't think they care? >> i'm at these rallies and they care about jobs and the economy and the borders being secure and safety and our military, they do not care about donald trump's tax returns. we all know he's rich. that is not a secret. he has the best attorneys and best lawyers and best accountants and best of everything. and do you think he would hide for one second money? i've been with him firsthand when we've handed over hundreds and thousands of dollars to various charities. that is not a secret. he would not be hiding that. there's nothing to hide. i can't believe we're still talking about tax returns. >> why won't --
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>> audit -- >> let's bring in anna into this, you've lived through a lot of campaigns and saw what happened to mitt romney who frankly ended up paying a lot in taxes even though the effective rate was low. there are a lot of questions in tax returns for every candidate. hillary clinton released how many years? >> eight years. >> has hillary released the clinton foundation tax returns? i haven't seen those. >> personal tax returns, you're changing the subject here, anna, talk to me -- >> i'm curious, the clinton foundation -- >> nobody is asking if the trump foundation is releasing -- >> exactly, it's a different subject. talking about personal tax returns. does donald trump pay taxes? we don't know. we don't know because we don't -- >> we will find out. >> anna? >> a multi-year audit. >> anna -- >> she's saying anna without a
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"t." let's see if i can get a word in edgewise. i agree with donald trump on this. i think voters don't care about this. the evidence in it is that he has one and everybody else running in the gop primary did release tax returns. he hasn't. here's what we know. donald trump is held to a different standard. if anybody had said, any of the many offensive things he has said throughout this campaign, their campaign would have been disqualified. if i had 100 bucks for every time i thought his campaign is over because of something he has said or done that is outrageous, i would probably have more money than he does in those tax returns that we can't see. the question is though, going forward, will independent vot s voters, the ones he has to win over to his side, care or not. unlike mitt romney and unlike hillary clinton who he will likely be running against. donald trump is not at all awkward about embracing his wealth. if anything, a lot of people
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think he exaggerates his wealth. both mitt romney and hillary clinton were trying to tamp down how wealthy they are. it came across a little awkward. hillary clinton telling you she's flat broke. she's got to pay mortgages on houses. all of these kinds of things that didn't sell with the american people. donald trump is in your face about how wealthy he is. i think his voters just hold him to a very different scrutiny level than any hold any other politician. >> absolutely. look, i'm sure there will be polling to see if folks want to see going forward in a general, if they want to see his tax returns. he would be the first candidate, first nominee not to disclose since 1976. nixon, i believe even disclosed his tax returns when he was under audit. all kind of reasoning behind the donald trump not release, doesn't necessarily hold water with history but when it comes,
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bill press, as we turn this direction, when it comes to general election, is this very likely going to be fodder for whomever? >> i think they are making a big mistake in equating donald trump -- people who go to donald trump rallies with a general election voters. there are a lot more people out there. those people at the rallies don't care what donald trump says but this is a big issue, particularly because he brags about his wealth, it seems to me people have these questions. is he at rich as he says he is, what is his rate? what kind of money does he give to charities? they are legitimate questions and i think it's silly to keep this as an issue. get this behind him, otherwise it's going to drag on and drag on. give fodder for us and his opponent and those republicans who don't want to support him anyhow. >> it gets to an issue of simple transparency. >> put it behind him. >> you've had this question of
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transparency on the democratic side with hillary clinton and -- and he hammers her on that. this would be a way to use that in his advantage to a greater agree in a general election bit saying i'm willing to go against judgment of lawyers and release tax returns for the sake of transparency and hillary clinton won't release these transcripts of paid speeches. >> if he had said that, it would be a better approach. but instead, i didn't -- this raises all kinds of questions. >> i don't want to give any ideas. >> ana with an "a." we heard on capitol hill from paul ryan and nancy pelosi talking about various things, paul ryan talking about unity and nancy pelosi with a direct attempt to tie donald trump to republicans on capitol hill. essentially saying he's yours and you own him. is this what republicans have feared? is this why paul ryan is set up this bar, this meeting tomorrow? is this the test he has to pass?
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>> first of all, when i see and hear folks like elizabeth warren and nancy pelosi going after donald trump, i frankly think he might have them on payroll. i can't think of anything that helps donald trump unite the republican party more than being attacked by people like nancy pelosi, who pretty much unifies the republican party in dislike of her. i think that what she's doing is what she has to do. she's figured out there's a lot of incumbent republicans who are in swing districts who are some of them in purple states, who will feel that donald trum is an alba tros around their neck. i can tell you in south florida, we have some of that going on where i'm from. she's going to try to tie them to donald trump. their challenge will be to run an independent campaign and stand on their record and their positions and stand on their persona. in south florida, the two cuban-american congress people, republicans from miami, have already publicly announced they
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will not be voting for donald trump. they are going to have to run their very own independent campaigns and i think they will succeed. >> tana, going into the meeting and coming out of the meeting tomorrow, does donald trump need paul ryan? >> i mean, does he need paul ryan? i don't know. he would like paul ryan to have his support as we all would as republicans. we'd like to unite and get behind one another and get behind the presumptive nominee, that's donald trump. we're excited and winning. we couldn't be more thrilled with where we're sitting. >> you're not sure if he needs him to win in november? >> absolutely not. i don't believe he would need him to win. that's one vote. i mean, yes, paul ryan has got a great support system behind him. we would love his support but it's one vote and we do not need one specific vote. i can get a vote when i go out these doors right now that would vote for donald trump and make
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that an ee ququequal. we would like the whole republican party to get behind the man who is going to get into the white house and take hillary clinton down. >> tana, and ana and bill press, i think i got everybody in. thanks so much. >> thanks. >> hillary clinton with new policy proposals. some see it as a move to the left as bernie sanders moves through west virginia with another win. >> speaking of bernie sanders his campaign manager is joining us live. what does he think of trump now forecasting that he will soon be targeting bernie or as trump put it, crazy bernie. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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hillary clinton, you just lost west virginia, what are you going to do about it? the answer in a couple hours holding an event in new jersey about raising wages. >> is that enough to shake what could be a stuff string of states ahead for hillary clinton. jeff, layout for us as you've done reporting on this, why new jersey is becoming such a focus for the clinton campaign going
8:19 am
forward? >> reporter: new jersey of course is one of those states that votes at the end of the democratic primary calendar. on june 7th, that will be a key day in the long democratic primary fight. california will be voting on june 7th as will new jersey. the clinton campaign wants to end this long fight with at least a couple of wins. they've had a few defeats, west virginia last night, indiana before that. they are going to try and focus more attention and time and money on new jersey and california. that's why hillary clinton is here today and going to be talking about wages and other things but really what's so interesting along this course of this primary fight, bernie sanders has been pushing her to the left on a variety of issues here. she's been not really engaging bernie sanders. last night in louisville, where she was campaigning, she had one person in mind. take a listen who that was. >> if i'm fortunate enough to be the nominee, i am looking forward to debating donald trump
8:20 am
come the fall. >> finally, we've got to unify america. i mean, house divided against itself as abraham lincoln said, cannot stand. >> reporter: so of course, still has to deal with bernie sanders who has been beating her of late and has a bit of energy and bounce in his step today as well. >> it's interesting, she's moving around geographically, focus on new jersey and california which will be a big deal. but also in terms of the subject she's talking about, proposing -- helping people pay for child care and capping payments on child care and making medicare available perhaps at the younger age as well. these are issues where she appears to be moving or at least emphasizing different parts of an agenda here. >> there's no doubt about it. that is because of bernie sanders and the effect he has had on this race. she has shifted a little bit to
8:21 am
the left but that's where the democratic party is. that's where a lot of independents and moderates are as well. so different from where the party was eight years ago. both parties have moved of course to the outer edges if you will. but hillary clinton is emphasizing more -- she finally now agrees to raise the minimum -- minimum wage to $12. bernie sanders wants to do $15. but she is moving to the left. the question is, will that hurt her in general election? she's still leading by a significant amount of delegates and bernie sanders could win every contest going away. she could lose every contest going away. she still has more delegates and still would win if that 2383 number. the clinton campaign believes it will not hurt her. they believe it is popular with voters and certainly not the degree to which the republican party has moved to the right on issues, it will be fascinating to watch as she faces off with
8:22 am
donald trump here. she's adjusting for donald trump as well as adjusting for bernie sanders. >> a lot of adjusting going on it seems. great to see you, man. >> thank you. >> we'll watch that event in new jersey today. coming up next, are some bernie sanders supporters going for donald trump? the fascinating new numbers that had us scratching our heads this morning. >> donald trump says he has narrowed down his list of running mate to five or six people. and reveals when he will announce that decision.
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much to the chagrin of the democratic campaign, the democrat is race continues, much to the delight of the bernie sanders campaign. >> let's talk to bernie sanders campaign manager jeff weaver. thanks so much for joining us. last night marks the 19th victory for you guys. but how does last night change anything about the map ahead? >> well, as we have said as we go forward and the senator continues to rack up victories after victories. you saw in west virginia last night in 2008 secretary clinton west virginia by 41 points. last night lost west virginia by 15 points. there's still a tremendous amount of momentum for the senator out there and dealing with a rigged economy held up by a corrupt finance system. as we go forward into the final contest, i think you're going to
8:28 am
continue to see him doing very, very well and he's going to go into the convention with a tremendous amount of wind at his back. >> you know who likes the fact there's wind at your back and bernie sanders is doing well? donald trump. he put it on twitter today. let me do a dramatic reading. i don't want to hit craze zee bernie sanders too hard yet because i love what he's doing to crooked hillary. his time will come. there's a lot in that 140 characters or less there but the part that's interesting is donald trump flat out saying i love watching what he's doing to crooked hillary. a lot say this hurts who may be the ultimate democratic nominee. donald trump saying the same thing, bernie sanders is hurting hillary clinton. >> let me say senator sanders doesn't run his campaign based on advice from donald trump. this myth that long primaries
8:29 am
hurt the vul nominee. we saw in 2008 how it was not true. hillary clinton went to the end and barack obama was a tremendously strong candidate in the fall and won a tremendous victory, taking states that democrats had not taken for years an years and years. i understand why the clinton campaign might not want the campaign to go on. clearly bernie sanders has substantial strength with the democratic base on the issues he's talking about and with democratic aligned independents, that's a fact. but he has said he's going to go to the end. everybody who wants to participate in the democratic primary process should have the opportunity to voice who they would like to see as the nominee. >> let's talk about going to the end though talking about the general election in november. fascinating things came out of exit polls in west virginia. folks were asked if the november match-up is hillary clinton versus trump, sanders supporters in west virginia, they go more
8:30 am
for trump, 43% would go for trump over hillary clinton. so that seems like a clear problem for the democratic party. do you promise you're going to help turn that number around if things don't go your way in this primary? >> well, you know, that exit poll really in line with the quinnipiac polls out the day before in ohio and pennsylvania and florida where bernie sanders does much better against trump than does secretary clinton. some of those voters who would vote for sanders are currently thinking about voting for trump. bernie sander has said and will do everything he can to keep trump from becoming president of the united states. we're going to have to reach out to voters to keep them from voting for trump. if secretary clinton is the eventual nominee, she'll have to reach out to the millions of people who support senator sanders and his vision for a transforming the american economy and the political system. it is always incumbent on the
8:31 am
winner to reach out and try to bring in the people who supported their opponent. >> jeff, i hope you can help explain one of the weirdest numbers i've seen in a long, long time. bernie sanders voters were asked in the exit poll who they would support in a general election. bernie sanders or donald trump? 34% of bernie sanders supporters in west virginia said they would support donald trump in the general election. explain. i don't get that. >> well, i've heard a few explanations for it but i think one that was offered that makes a lot of sense, there are a lot of people who are democrats by tradition in west virginia, been democrats their whole life and they participate in the democratic primary process. but over time as we've seen in the generally election, west virginia has become more red, voting for republicans. that's one of the challenges that we face as a democratic party, how do we reach out to
8:32 am
traditional democrats, working class democrats in places like west virginia and bring those people back into the party? that's why a candidate like bernie sanders does so well. he's speaking to the issues that these -- >> or not if you look at the exit poll though, jeff. >> well, it's going to take work here. i'm not saying -- you can't turn it around overnight but bernie sanders talking about the real issues facing people. he's been against the bad trade deals and raising minimum wage and going to college withouting burdened with a lot of debt. these issues can bring folks back into the democratic party. and that's what we've got to do going toward. >> jeff weaver, thanks so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> coming up next, donald trump once again breaking with conventional campaign tactic, why he says a tried and true tactic of winning modern elections he says it's overrated. >> new developments in the investigation into the death of prince, a search warrant now
8:33 am
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our most advanced formula for joint health and comfort. cosamin -- proven by more research than any leading joint supplement. it's 11:37, that means it's time to fast forward and look ahead to tomorrow's primary. yes, we're voting -- not really, it's the paul ryan primary, potentially crucial meeting between donald trump and paul ryan. the future of republican party unity at stake. >> that's no overstatement i think at all. >> paul ryan has set that bar and moments ago our manu raju reported behind closed doors up on capitol hill there are members saying ryan has put them under increased pressure and
8:38 am
made it more difficult for them by saying he's not yet ready to support donald trump. let's bring in our panel to discuss. ben howell for red who says he'll never vote for donald trump as long as he walks this earth. jeff dewitt -- arizona state treasurer and donald trump surrogate and mark press and alex burns. based on what we've heard that there's concern and unrest in the republican ranks on capitol hill based on what paul ryan has done. we'll play our favorite game. it's friday morning the day after paul ryan's closed door meeting with donald trump, he wakes up saying -- >> come to the land i think paul ryan would like to be able to say. we're all expecting fireworks to some degree on thursday. but for everybody involved in this meeting, you can't overstate how much everybody who is participating wants to be able to say we had a really cordial and productive conversation. it would be surprising if paul ryan came out and immediately
8:39 am
endorsed donald trump but if he can do something and trump can do something to change the subject away from this idea that the two of them are butting heads from afar day to day, that would be a huge gift to everybody involved. >> but ben, to you, what kind -- what do you make of the increased pressure on paul ryan, what that means for the likelihood that there will be party unity if you even think it's possible to finds -- to merge around our common principles as paul ryan put it. >> well, i think there will be what they are calling party unity. i think what will happen is a lot of the people who have held back are going to come out and say they are now supporting him. i think that's going to be a long-term mistake, but i also think that trump is right in one sense, he doesn't necessarily need any of it. if you go back to when he first announced, every single time i tried to predict what was going to happen with donald trump, it
8:40 am
was based on conventional wisdom that was wrong. i kept thinking he's going to implode and he didn't and it didn't matter and he imploded again and it didn't matter. no matter how many times we've all been told this has to happen or that has to happen for him to succeed, he's continued to suk seed regardless of what happens and that could be the case even if paul ryan doesn't endorse him. >> you agree despite your greatest feelings here and big unhappiness this may be going this way, you think it is trending now towards at least some public claim of unity, that's what you're seeing? >> i think that a lot of people, paul ryan especially, are going to believe that it's their responsibility to put the republican party -- the way i would phrase it, to put the republican party ahead of conservatism because somehow the club became more important than what the club stood for. >> let's talk about microtargeting and voter data bases, barack obama was famous for putting together such an
8:41 am
operation, that is one of the things they attribute to their big win in '08. >> microtargeting is hot. >> it's hot. that's not an overstatement. jeff dewitt, donald trump told the ap when it comes to voter data bases, i've always felt it was overrated and only going to spend a limited amount of money on it. do you think that's naive, this is how folks win modern elections? >> i think that's how politicians win modern elections but don't forget that donald trump is a business ceo and taking his message to the people. having some of the largest campaign rallies in political history. ke go to any state, gets 20,000 plus people to show up, even in democratic states. he's taking his message to the american public. and he's on the media again this morning, he's just out there telling everyone what he stands for and what he believes in. it's resonating very, very well.
8:42 am
>> microtargeting is bringing your message to the people but more specifically to the right people, the people most likely to come vote for you at the appropriate time on the appropriate day. this is -- is this an unwillingness to play a game you need to play in this day and age? >> donald trump doesn't have to spend money on microtargtding. the republican national committee has been doing this since 2013 when they did this report and created this national party that only exists during election seasons. it now exists 365 days a year. the apparatus is already in place and he only needs to microtarget a few states. when we talk about a national election, we're taking states like massachusetts off the board, oklahoma off the board -- >> it comes down to what, five states? >> comes down to a handful of states, florida, ohio, maybe new mexico, nevada. we're not talking about this huge national campaign. we're talking about a very targeted campaign. trump has said he's going to put
8:43 am
pennsylvania in play and put new york in play. i think that's a little over overambitious on his part. microtargeting already exists. he doesn't have to spend money on it. >> it is something that makes republicans outside the presidential arena nervous, that the microtargeting apparatus may exist but it does need to be funded and extended to candidates up and down the ballot. for the presidential nominee to make this statement that's ee quif cal about -- not that unequivocally skeptical, if you are a senator running for re-election in a state that's going to be incredibly close -- >> ohio, new hampshire, florida -- >> may be all well and go, i can win again by doing this as a wide lens campaign. for kelly aayotte, it's a tougher needle to thread. >> this newt gingrich book, ben,
8:44 am
you get to answer this first. newt gingrich, we know where he stands a little bit, he said this, i think he has the biggest upside and downside of any candidate i've ever seen. if everything works right, he'll be an amazing historic figure and if it works wrong, he'll be worse than gold water. we don't have any idea which version is going to show up. ben, which version will show up? >> well, i think he's wrong that he'll be like goldwater but he still has people who look back on him fondly. i think he'll be looked at as a huge mistake that maybe helped a rebirth of conservatism in the republican party if he loses. that's the only way that he becomes a gift. >> jeff, last word? >> let's remember that i'm from arizona here. we love goldwater. in fact, barry goldwater jr. still running around here, see him all the time. we still think of him fondly here in arizona. >> however the goldwater presidential administration is not something that is looked
8:45 am
back fondly on by anyone because it doesn't happen. >> great campaign slogan -- >> alex, ben, mark, jeff, thank you so much. >> ahead for us, police searching the estate of late music icon prince. we'll discuss what they might be looking for as we have new details being reported about a minnesota doctor who report dly visited the entertainer the day he died. you pay your car insurance
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new information on what might have led to prince's death. the search warrant uncovering the name of a doctor who treated the icon in the days and weeks before his death. sara sidner has more on this. what are you picking up right now? >> reporter: there was a doctor michael schulenberg, he is mentioned in the search warrant that was filed on may 6th. basically investigators were asking to be able to search a hospital where he worked that had any and all records of prince's health. so what they are trying to find out is things like pictures and prescriptions, any charts, anything to do with how prince
8:50 am
was doing from a health standpoint before he died. dr. michael schulenberg was here the affidavit reveals on the day that prince died but he also ran tests on prince on april 7th and april 20th. april 20th being the day before prince died. apparently he showed up here. that's what it says here in his affidavit. that was the day prince was found dead in the elevator. he prescribed some medication to prince and that medication was filled at a local walgreens. at this point in time, we tried to get in touch with dr. schumannburg but he no longer works there. we have not heard anything from him at this time but we did manage to check his license. his medical license to see if there are any issues there. absolutely clean. no problems. no criminal complaints. no complaints whatsoever. we have talked to someone who
8:51 am
went to him as their doctor and said he was a great doctor but this investigation is in full throttle still. the d. e. a. and the sheriff's office in the paisley park compound searching again. kate? >> sarah there on the ground for us. thank you so much. >> let's talk more now. we're joined by dr. sanjay gupta. he's hosting "prescription addiction" tonight and david cassidy at the drug enforcement administration. i want to start with you here. the dea investigation. they were at paisley park in force. now we get documents and medical records. what though? evidence of what would they be looking for? >> number one, dea in this capacity is supporting the county sheriff. what they'll be looking at is to see if there were prescriptions given to prince. were they given in accordance with standard accepted medical practice? if you're on pay medication for
8:52 am
a legitimate ailment and you find that the amount given is far in excess of what would commonly be prescribed for that ailment, then you have a problem. you have someone who's actually not treating a condition. they're fostering an addiction. so that's probably what they're looking at with every swarnearc warrant. >> is there a legal standard? >> i don't think there's a legal standard. but there are certain exceptions. if you're prescribed and the doctor denied you, if you're prescribed a pain medication, one tablet every six hour and you get a bottle to last you 30 days and five of those, clearly, that's crossed the bar. that's the line to step over it but there's a clear excess? that's what they look at. >> the doctor was on the ground in paisley park to bring test results from days prior. when you're looking at possible opioid abuse or dependence, what
8:53 am
kind of test results could this doctor be offering or is it unrelated? >> they're not a specific test result probably that would be confirmatory in this regard. usually, it's something in the hospital. someone is possibly overdosed. you may do a toxicology screening and in an outpatient sort of thing, he's at home bringing his test results. it really could be anything. was it affecting his liver or unrelated medical condition? but also, in building on what david was saying, they also want to find out, were there also other doctors with pain medications or was this prescribing to someone close to prince and prince was getting those medications and that person known as diversion? so these might be some other things that would cross that bar across that line. >> and by the way, multiple doctors, something one doctor doesn't know or has few ways of finding out if another doctor is prescribing the same amount at the same time. >> that's remarkable to me. the fact that you prescribe medications to one of your patients, they could be going to
8:54 am
another doctor even the same day and getting the same medication from another doctor, going to different pharmacies and then you have a significant amount of these pain pills. i actually showed how that could happen as part of the story i did a couple of years ago. it's quite possible people do that all the time. >> this is something politicians are talking about. this is something sanjay is doing a special on this evening. what does it mean for part of the dea? >> there's been talk about having some sort of clearinghouse to find out whether someone is overprescribing. right now, who's keeping track of it? the insurance companies. if you go to fill a prescription and your insurance company said, we're not going to fill this. we just had this. it's a dollars and cents issue. it's not just we're going to make cash. i got a handful of prescriptions. go to different pharmacies in various jurisdictions and pay cash, not only will they not say anything, they won't know. there's no mechanism to figure it out until later on. you get a situation and backtrack. by the way, it's early to say whether anything inappropriate
8:55 am
happened. we always forget and say, oh my god, the doctor. nothing yet. >> nothing in his record. >> everyone in this subject, we heard politician after politician on capitol hill looking for fixes. but there are no easy answers. david, sanjay, thank you so much. it's a programming note. a lot tonight. there's a town hall special called prescription addiction made in the usa hosted by dr. sanjay gupta and 9:00 eastern on cnn. >> thank you so much. can't wait to see that tonight, sanjay. moments from now, vice president joe biden is expected to speak live as he said, raise a few eyebrows, he'd make the best president ever. >> wonder if he says that again today. plus, breaking news in the shooting death of walter scott. the police officer charged with his murder now facing new charges. we have details next.
8:56 am
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breaking news. the former south carolina police officer charged with murder in the shooting death of an unarmed black man now faces federal civil rights charges. this morning, a grand jury indicted michael slager. the charges include unreasonable use of force and obstruction of justice. >> you remember the graphic video of last april. seen firing eight shots at the back of walter scott running from a traffic stop. the slager state trial set to begin this fall. with that, a possible life sentence without parole. much more on that to come. thank you so much for joining us. >> "legal view with ashleigh banfield" starts right now. hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." it took three months and about 20


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