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tv   New Day  CNN  May 12, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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welcome to "new day." it is thursday, may theth. john berman is here. great to have you. house speaker paul ryan and donald trump set to meet just hours from now. their summit is supposed to be the first step at unity. some republicans urging ryan to get behind trump. can these two agree? >> the talk coming out of trump and then just last night trump appears to soften his stance on one of his key issues. his proposed ban on muslims entering the country was only quote, a suggestion. >> and also drawing fire for the reasons why he cannot release his tax returns. we have the 2016 race covered only the way cnn can. let's begin with our political reporter live outside rnc headquarters in washington. >> reporter: paul ryan has has
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much riding on today's meeting as donald trump. paul ryan needs to protect that beleaguered house majority some fear could be at risk with donald trump at the top of the ticket making sure that his election year agenda can go forward and won't be undermined with donald trump who disagrees with some of his key policy platforms. the big key is whether they can end up singing from the same song sheet. >> to pretend we're unified without actually being unified we go out at half strength. >> i think it will go well, paul is a good person. i don't know paul well. >> reporter: all eyes on whether they will emerge with a united front. >> i think it's important for the leader of our party right now who is the speaker to get together with the presumptive nominee to actually work together. >> reporter: several close allies tell cnn that for ryan to embrace or endorse trump he
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would need to align with the party's core principles. taxes, trade enentitlements and military alliances. in the last 24 hours, trump appears to be softening on his controversial plan to ban all muslims from entering the u.s. >> it's a temporary ban, bryan and we're going to look at it and we're going to study a problem. we have a problem. if you don't want to discuss the problem then we're never going to solve the problem. >> reporter: then claiming it is merely a suggestion later in the day. >> it hasn't been called for yet. nobody's done it. this is just a suggestion until we find out what's going on. >> reporter: and later when asked if the ban could go on forever he says -- >> no, it was temporary. sure i'd like to back off as soon as possible because frankly i would like to see something happen. >> reporter: and that's not the only issue trump is under
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scrutiny for. the billionaire to release his tax returns. impossible because they're being audited. mitt romney calling his refusal disqualifying and even his supporters calling for him to release them. >> i think he will. there's no law and there's no tradition. >> reporter: donald trump says he won't release his tax returns but when he's been under audit he has released those tax returns and he did release those tax returns because he was seeking casino gambling license. >> there is tradition dating back a long, long time. hillary clinton hammering donald trump for refusing to release these tax returns and while she focuses on trump in the general election bernie sanders, his campaign at least continues to
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go after her in a fund raising e-mail it said she would be a disaster for the democratic party. it would be a disaster, said that e-mail, if hillary clinton captures the nomination. we're live in washington with more. >> reporter: good morning to you. hillary clinton wasn't actually planning on addressing trump's tax returns, that is what her spokesman told cnn but she was criticizing donald trump for not having detailed information on policies including his tax plan when she was in new jersey yesterday when a man in her audience yelled out what about his tax returns and here's how she responded. >> my husband and i have released 33 years of tax returns. we got eight years on our website right now. so you got to ask yourself, why doesn't he want to release them? >> meanwhile, clinton, as you mentioned still has this primary battle on her hands. bernie sanders has been hitting her hard on a number of issues
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from trade to the environment to her ties to corporations and sanders' campaign manager says sanders -- and this is his line and they're continuing with this. they say sanders is fighting to narrow clinton's pledge delegate lead and if he does he will try to convince superdelegates to support sanders and weaver said in an e-mail the party will have to decide if they go with sanders or if they court disaster simply to protect the status quo for the establishment of this country. it doesn't sound like someone who's giving up the fight right now. >> thanks so much for all of that background. let's discuss it. we have a lot to talk about this morning. joining us is the politics ed door and political commentator. great to have all of you with us on this important day. how big of a deal is this meeting today?
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>> it's a pretty big deal. in the helm of things that we have seen as a major moment, this is a major moment. both sides have made conciliatory tones. his language did sound softer before. i think paul ryan was very clear in a lot of what he said last week. he hopes to get there, but i'm not ready to get there. paul ryan has been for many years seen as the intellectual leader of the conservative movement. i don't think that's a position he will move away from easily. it will be interesting what they will say after this meeting and as always with trump, what he says a few days later. >> and what he tweets. >> it's a wave of vetting that hasn't happened in this election is now happening on all levels including the political. one of the things that ryan is supposedly worried about is what was coming out of his mouth, whether it was the statements ability david duke, and then
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last night seemed like trump took a half step back. is that a fair assessment when it comes to the muslim ban saying it's a suggestion. >> but we're not surprised by it. >> why not? >> it was a very hard line position that really worked with his base. he said it was uncompromising and it had to happen. >> i'm thinking in donald trump terms where basically no matter what he says you have to expect that he's going to move off what he says. you know, this is very important for donald trump today as it is for paul ryan. we all forget that paul ryan became speaker on his own terms chs he drew a line in the sand and said if i'm going to become speaker you have to do it the way i want to do it. had paul ryan capitulated and immediately embraced donald trump given his concerns about not necessarily on policy positions but the flippant remarks, the harsh criticism, the stuff that is really outside the spectrum of politics but really personal attacks, that
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wouldn't be good for paul ryan long-term. this is good for paul ryan right now as it is for donald trump who looks like he's continuing to fight washington. they're going to come out of this meeting today, probably not together and they're going to say they made some good progress and they have the ultimate goal to defeat hillary clinton and paul ryan in the end is going to endorse donald trump for president. >> they do differ on all sorts of policy. how are they going to give? >> well, the entire negotiation is going to result in some choreography if it's at all successful. in other words, put some things on the back burner that explains why you see him sort of saying well, this muslim ban that somebody suggested, of course it was him, donald trump says maybe we'll get to that later. i think that's probably the best outcome. to say we have a whole lot of differences, but if we can find
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common ground and focus on those issues and perhaps we don't have a civil war in front of the whole nation. if they take the most controversial stuff and say well, we're going to get to that in a year or two, we're going to get to that after we see the composition of the new congress, we're going to get to that after we put it before the people, there are a number of ways they can stall some of these issues. when they have to go to war on issues like taxation i don't think it's going to be in anybody's interest to say well agree to disagree for example on minimum wage. >> two things we're going to know. one is that paul ryan can't have donald trump at the top of the ticket and not have donald trump successful at least in key states because having said that, if you leave donald trump out there alone and the republican
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establishment doesn't back him, then all those ballot races, all those house races and senate races are more vulnerable to losing in november. so there is a vested interest for congressional republicans to get behind donald trump. donald trump doesn't want to -- has refused to release -- >> you can say doesn't want. >> i don't know. he says i do want but i'm being audited. i can't release them in the middle of an audit. >> if he wanted to he could. >>nd a that's what the irs has said. and he did release them in the past when he was in the middle of an audit when it served his business interest when he was wanting casino licenses. >> you saw mitt romney was hammered by the obama team in 2012 for not releasing his taxes until late in the process. >> and it was only a couple of
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years. >> it was a bare minimum number. and what it showed was he paid a relatively low effective tax rate and it fell into this image of mid romney as rich, disconnected and so forth. this could become a big issue for trump. it isn't yet. it is one that he's going to keep getting asked about. it is a legitimate thing to ask him why he isn't do it. he could also release the years say prior to whatever is being audited which would not be out of the norm and it's something that mitt romney did in january of 2012 so we will see how this plays out. i think some of this is going to matter on how the democrats address this issue and a bunch of issues. the news media is asking questions, but at the end of the day the reason this was such a potent issue is the obama team drove it every day. the democrats have seemed and i think in part because it's a target rich environment that
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they don't know what to go at, they seem to be coming up with a very consistent frame for him. >> is it because he's asking to release the speeches? >> i don't think they've decided to they want to go at him for a couple of reasons. he has shown he is willing to cross all kinds of lines that we have not seen crossed in the past. >> the presumption is you're going to see what he's worth if he released his taxes. i like the first one, if i'm trump because nobody -- you don't know somebody's net worth from their taxes. it's an income statement. but you would see cash flow and ownership interests, you would see donations. >> you would see the tax rate, what they pay in taxes which is what this comes from. >> stick around. we have many more questions. also it's important to note that "new day" has asked all of the house and republican leadership
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if they think he should release his tax returns. so far, no one has answered the question. but we will keep asking the question and keep reporting when they do. >> and we'll go one on one with former republican vice president dan quail. now, what does he think about the 2016 race and trump and his party's -- as his new party standard bearer, what does he think about this? breaking news. less than four months for the summer olympics in rio, rousseff has been impeached. her vice president will take over for up to six months while her impeachment trial takes place. this is a huge deal with a big economy, the olympics, battling the zika virus. she's accused of illegally cooking the books to hide a growing deficit. and two suicide bombers blowing themselves up at a baghdad police station killing three officers and wounding ten
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others. the attacks coming one day after three separate suicide bombings. we're live in istanbul with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. well, that attack that happened this morning in baghdad that you were mentioning there with two suicide bombers attempting to breach a police station actually west of the capital in the very historically volatile neighborhood of abu ghraib and yes, this does come less than a day after three separate attacks took place in the capital. the deadliest of those happening in one of baghdad's most impoverished slums where a car bomb exploded in a busy marketplace. many of the victims there mothers and children. you can just imagine the psychological impact that this has on the entire population,
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not to mention the devastating impact that this has on those who lost their loved ones. isis claiming responsibility for all of this violence and in fact, we have been seeing an uptick in attacks that isis is claiming responsibility for especially attacks against these so-called soft targets. dlib raltly going after the civilian population. >> thank you very much for bringing into sharp focus one of the reasons that this election in the u.s. matters so much. the problems are real. so weave been talking about donald trump, his big meeting, his big questions that he's facing. what about hillary clinton? she's taking fire on two fronts. donald trump calling her a desperate candidate right before bernie sanders' camp went on the attack too. (vo) when i first took jake home
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hillary clinton keeping her focus almost entirely on donald trump, blasting him about his tax plan, even getting in a shot about his tax returns. meantime, a broadside from the sanders' campaign. he's not going away and he's saying clinton's nomination could spell disaster for democrats. we're joined once again and maggie, it is often referred to as a presumption, the math isn't in sanders' favor, doesn't matter what happens. hillary made the same push at the end in 2008 and yet, bernie sanders has a ton of momentum, not as much money flow but the big crowds and the big buzz. what's your take? >> i think bernie sanders represents a wing of the democratic party that is at odds with president obama's agenda and is at odds right now with what hillary clinton is saying and so for the forseebl future there is not a mathematical path
3:21 am
but it is going to be very hard when he is going in front of these rallies to your point. he sees these huge crowds coming out, he feels like he's been saying these things for dekatds now and people are showing up and listening. the incentive for the democratic party is you are looking at a republican nomination that is wrapped up and they are still fighting. >> and so when bernie sanders sends out a fund raising e-mail calling hillary clinton a disaster for the country, what's he doing? >> he's playing to the base of people that maggie says is absolutely right. that are unhappy. >> what's the end game? >> it's to be relevant after the convention. here's the problem for bernie sanders and we've talked a little bit about this in the past few weeks. bernie sanders once he exits this race, there is a possibility he is going to creed control of this movement. bernie sanders has got to make sure that he's able to keep control and still be the head of
3:22 am
this movement that is outside of the democratic party as we know it right now. >> by eliminating the front runner? >> there's something to be said about bernie sanders. we talk about the infighting in the republican party, but there has been infighting by the democratic party that has been overshadowed by donald trump. bernie sanders has been able to push hillary clinton far over to the left, tarter than she has ever wanted to be. >> the knock on sanders for doing this is the people within the party saying see, we told you he wasn't a real democrat. but is that fair? hillary clinton didn't get out until june in 2008. she got out, but not right now. >> that's right. and look, bernie sanders has every right -- i mean, the clinton campaign has said this early on that she's going to be the last person to tell somebody to drop out of a race based on what happened in 2008. >> but it's about how he campaigns. do you believe he's campaigning more harshly against clinton
3:23 am
than clinton did against obama at this point in the race? >> it's like having two armies on a border and you can have a skirmish across the fence line and that's what happens. you get one word out of place, somebody says oh, disaster. >> she's not qualified? >> or disaster. right. >> but this is probably why you want to wrap it up in an orderly way to prevent those things from happening because there can be a lot of hard feelings and then it does start to swallow up a news cycle and every dollar is precious if you are trying to get ready for what is probably going to be the biggest election in the country. 140 million people could come out to vote in november. you've got to get ready for that. you can't waste a lot of time on who said what word in what piece of e-mail. >> and bernie sanders has won 19 contests. there are 11 contests left. bernie sanders has a really good chance of winning five of them and that does not include
3:24 am
california. why would bernie sanders get out when he does have rallies of 14, 15,000 people you know, coming out to hear him what he thinks about what the democratic agenda should be. >> clinton's press secretary has begun to say it's going to be a very tough general election so all of you democrats who are laughing off trump who say that america is going to come to their senses, it's going to be a tough fight. he's lowering expectations. he's preparing the country for what's going to happen. >> he's telling people don't believe polls that hillary clinton is up 12 points or 15 points. they're saying this is a closer race than people think, that donald trump has -- we just watched 16 republicans take out jeb so 15 republicans basically not run a campaign against donald trump. i mean, lindsay graham, 14, whatever. but you watch people wait until it was literally too late. trump had already won his first contest but by the time people
3:25 am
realized this was serious. his supporters had been committed and they had been for months and months and we are in a strange in both primaries nonside logical moment. these lines have not broken down the way people have seen in the past and i think what bryan fallon is trying to say is don't be complacent to the supporters but also aimed at people like us, don't report everything as a massive gap. >> something was said the other day on this show, and then i get a phone call and they said you know, this race has worked in reverse. usually you get into a race and they vet the heck out of you personally. here's who she's married to and all the problems in her life. or none in your case. that hasn't happened but the
3:26 am
suggestion is this is going to happen right now. let's not forget this about trump and here he was 15 years ago and 20 years ago? >> i do reject the criticism that nobody vetted trump over the last year or so. that's just not true. whether voters cared is a different issue. they are suggesting there's a different group of voters who will care but trump is a gifted communica communicator. i do think it's going to be an incredibly nasty note on both sides. >> on that note, panel, thank you very much. you can keep up with the latest political news by downloading our new cnn politics app. it's available in the app store for free. you'll see more on the hillary clinton path to the nomination and trump breaking a 40-year precedent of releasing taxes.
3:27 am
>> is that what that means? >> that's what that means right there. and george zimmerman putting the gun that killed trayvon martin up for auction. this happening in just hours. so what does he plan to do with these proceeds? details next on "new day." trugreen presents the yardley's.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. the deadly explosion at a fertilizer plant in texas three years ago was no accident. federal investigators now say someone intentionally set the fire that triggered the blast. who did it and why is still a mystery. 15 people were killed. 500 homes were destroyed in the town of west. that is near waco. a police officer faces federal civil rights charges. michael slager indicted in the shooting death of walter scott
3:32 am
aft. he claimed he fired after scott came at him with his police taser. video showed scott running away. george zimmer map auctioning off the gun he used to kill unarmed black teenager trayvon martin back in 2012. zimmerman calling this quote, the sale of an american firearm icon. he says he will use the proceed to fight black lives matter violence against police, as well as fight quote hillary clinton's firearm rhetoric. here's what he told florida station wofl. >> it's time to move past the firearm and if i sell it and it sells, i move past it. what i've decided to do is not cower. i'm a free american and i can do what i'd like with my possessions. >> zimmerman was acquitted of
3:33 am
second degree murder and manslaughter in martin's death successfully arguing he was defending himself during the altercation. no comment from trayvon martin's family on the sale. i don't know if moves past it, if that's his goal to call this an american icon, to -- i mean, it's the height of insensitivity i think. >> the gun killed a human being. the trayvon martin foundation saying they won't comment on this. >> people are going to react strongly to us even mentioning that he's doing this, but in terms of understanding how this guy could do this, he sees himself as a victim in this situation. i've interviewed him. that's what he thinks. and he sees himself as some kind of advocate for a righteous cause. >> we'll talk more about this. we'll have legal analysis and experts coming up. donald trump is refusing to release his tax returns at least right now.
3:34 am
this is something every party nominee has done since 1976, so what's in them? why is he resisting? is there, as mitt romney says, some kind of bomb shell? i sleep extremely hot. i wake up and i just feel like sticky. have the windows open, the ac on- i'd close it in the middle of the night. he'd open it in the middle of the night. it was a nightmare. my new tempur-breeze stays cool to the touch. not cold but cool. it naturally adapts to your body and somehow creates the perfect temperature for you. i feel like this was made just for me- like they had me in mind. i don't know how they do that. (vo) sleep cooler, wake more refreshed. discover the new tempur-breeze.
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once upon a time donald trump said he would release his taxes. he's the only current candidate not to do so. but he's looking for a way out. he says he can't release the tax returns million the audit is done. what's more, he says there's nothing to learn from them anyway. thanks so much for being with us. when was the last time that a nominee did not release his or her taxes? >> 1976 gerald ford released a summary of his taxes but every year since then your presidential nominee and vice presidential nominee have released their tax returns. this is precedent now that this biggest job in the world, this job interview, tax returns are part of the thing that you -- that you let the voters see. >> and of course, you know, mitt
3:39 am
romney got in some trouble for it when he wouldn't release them and he did and it was discovered he was paying a lower rate. >> and mitt romney is saying there might be a bomb shell in donald trump's taxes. when mitt romney released his taxes he was a rich guy and a very complicated businessman and his effective tax rate was 14.1%. that didn't play so well among middle class republicans. >> donald trump was given a range of reasons and a range of conditions for if and when he might we lease his taxes. >> let's listen in his own words. >> well, i'm thinking about it. i'm thinking about maybe when we find out the true story on hillary's e-mails. >> and we don't have all of hillary clinton's e-mails but we do know that he has said since then, yeah, he would release his taxes. let's listen some more. >> we're working on that now. i have very big returns and i have everything all approved and very beautiful and we'll be
3:40 am
working on that over the next period of time. >> but we don't know what's in those returns still. >> put out their returns that's in an audit. you're in the midst of negotiating and talking to the irs. you would never do that. >> chris's nose is on the right-hand side -- >> no he says your lawyers would never let you do. that the irs has told us he could definitely release those returns. >> a tax return, you learn very, very little. >> i think there's some years outside the audit. >> if there are, it's meaningless, they're so back it doesn't matter. >> that last statement is the most controversial, the idea that there's nothing to learn from someone's tax returns. that is in fact, simply not the case. >> it won't show you his net worth and there has been question of his net worth. he puts up something like 10 billion. forbes puts out something like 3
3:41 am
to 4 billion. and the tax return can show you your effective tax rate. >> how much you pay. >> so this is the person who has put out his own tax plan, what he thinks people should pay and we'd like to know what he's paying. voters would like to know. taxable income. how much money is he earning or how much money is he losing? this is a real estate business. it can be very interesting to see does he have gains or losses? >> and donald trump is a guy who brags about his wealth. his wealth is a big deal to him. he claims he's a very rich man. so how much he makes is something that people will be interested in. >> you can find out more about his business income and finally, this is interesting too, deductions, charities, contributions, especially charitable contributions is interesting because you look back at mitt romney and other recent candidates they've given a lot. 10% to charity so when you're grooming to run for president you make sure that you're giving money to all the right causes and what do those causes say
3:42 am
about you? we don't know these thing about donald trump. >> and donald trump's charity has been an issue. he says his foundation has given over $100 million over the year. what's the paper trail for those donations and there's the whole idea of the donations of veterans this year, won't show up on the tax return but that's why charity matters. >> the irs -- we don't know when his audit is going to be done but the irs says there's nothing legally holding him back from releasing those tax returns. donald trump and his lawyers are the only things that's holding it back. >> thank you so much. all right. a lot of hot air blowing around washington these days, but last night it was more of a cool breeze thanks to all the swings and misses at nationals park. a performance for the ages by nationals pitching ace max scherzer. wait until you see this.
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. pieces of debris found back in march belonged to the doomed
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malaysian airliner mh 370. a piece was discovered on a beach in south africa. part of a cabin panel was found. malaysia's government says both, quote, almost certainly came from the jet that mysteriously disappeared two years ago. the man who gunned down three people inside a colorado planned parenthood clinic has been declared mentally incompetent to stand trial. a judge put the case on hold while robert dear is sent to a psychiatric hospital. the 57-year-old dear who declared himself quote, a warrior for the babies has admitted to the november shooting. it is a game for the ages in washington last night. max scherzer struck out everyone a lot. 20 tigers went down. backwards and forwards in a 3-2 victory. this ties a major league record.
3:48 am
name the three other pitchers who have done it? >> roger clements twice. and the record books don't record it the same way, but 20 strikeouts. >> why didn't you ask me? >> he didn't want me to answer the question. he wanted to brag on his baseball knowledge. >> i would say rivera? >> jennifer rivera. is that the answer? >> my producer? we were talking about -- >> i find that rivera is the answer to a lot of things. geraldo? >> all right. so one of the stories that has popped into the news, a lot of controversy surrounding it, george zimmerman, word that he is auctioning off the gun he used to kill trayvon martin calling it your chance to own a piece of american history. why is he doing this? next.
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3:52 am
farxiga. we are everyday people. ♪ i am everyday people, yea, yea. ♪ ask your doctor if farxiga is right for you and visit to learn how you can get it for free. the story that's getting so much attention. george zimmerman announcing he's auctioning off the 9 mm handgun he used to kill trayvon martin. he says he will use the proceeds to fight the black lives matter movement. he also told florida station wofl that he wants to part ways with the weapon.
3:53 am
>> i thought it was time to move past the firearm. and if i sell it and it sells, i move past it. what i've decided to do is not cower. i'm a free american and i can do what i would like with my possessions. >> all right. let's discuss this with our legal analyst and political k n commentator. >> what a better way to move past an incident than to make another national spectacle out of your sort of actions. he had the opportunity to go into obscurity, to never say another word, but instead he gets back into the news cycle. instead he causes deep pain to trayvon martin's family and cows outrage on every side of this issue. there's just no need to do it. forget about whether he's
3:54 am
legally entitled to do it. the point is should you do it? >> let's ask that. danny, he's a private citizen. can he legally sell a handgun that was involved in a death? >> people are surprised to learn that private citizens have less restrictions than federally licensed dealers. in the case of gun auction websites, a private citizen can sell his gun online and with limited rules about background checks and other things although there are still federal laws. florida has very limited state laws on the issue. but just as mark said from a pr perspective, there are many other ways he could have made this sale that wouldn't have been quite so public. again, with the less restrictive laws on private individuals he could have transferred that firearm privately and not done it online if he so choose. >> what he wants to do, he says, mark, is to make money, make as much money as possible opening
3:55 am
this up for a bid so that he can fight the black lives matter movement. let me read to you what he has said about that. he says i'm proud to announce that a portion of the proceeds will be used to fight black lives matter violence ensure the demise of the persecution career and hillary clinton's firearm rhetoric. now is your opportunity to own a piece of american history. he's talking about there about the prosecutor who tried the case against him, but he was acquitted. the jury found that he acted in self-defense, but he clearly has not moved past it and is harboring a terrible grudge. >> well, first, the one thing george zimmerman and i probably agree on is that the prosecutor has not done an effective job. we saw that in the case of trayvon and we could go on down the list. i agree with pushing her out of office but you do that electorally. you don't do that by trying to incite rage. the association that black lives
3:56 am
matter has caused the view lens against police that we've seen in the last couple of years and it's not higher than it's normally been if we look at the data but that's a misstatement of fact and it plays into a narrative that george zimmerman has. he wants to see more anger, more rage and we know that because when you look at his internet activity, his social media activity, the statements he's made over the years he consistently pokes at the same national wound. imagine if o.j. simpson decided to start a line of steak knives. he could have done it. of course he was a legal citizen who had been found not guilty but a jury of his peers but it would have been insensitive and mean. i'm not defending o.j. but my point is we should be rightly outraged at o.j. and we should be rightly outraged at this. >> it is hard to imagine his mode mote -- motivation and a
3:57 am
grudge. can any amount of money help him ruin the career of the prosecutor? i mean, what can -- that's what he says his stated goal is. how is that going to work? >> well, if it's starting at $5,000 i can hardly imagine some political change arising from 5, $6,000. but the other thing that mark -- related to what mark talked about we see this all the time with criminal people convicted, they become an activist for their own personal views. george zimmerman was acquitted. he should just move on. it's an understandable position for criminal defendants because it feels like the world is against you when you're being prosecuted because in fact, the world is against you and in zimmerman's case, the entire world was against him. so from an emotional perspective, you can understand his sort of behavior acting out
3:58 am
against people, but it certainly isn't a prudent course of action and anyone would recommend that whatever his personal feelings are, he shouldn't put it on social media. >> here is how the trayvon martin foundation is responding to this. they say they're committed to the mission of ending senseless gun violence. this election year we have laser focused and as such we have no comments about that person. >> what george zimmerman wants is a national outrage and i don't want to see that happen. the one thing i would disagree, everybody wasn't against george zimmerman. people would show up and ask for his autograph and i think he's hoping to get a mass of people behind him. i hope we don't take the bait and we do what trayvon martin's family has done which is ignore george zimmerman. >> we're following a lot of news
3:59 am
this morning include ago preview of donald trump's big meeting with house speaker paul ryan, so let's get right to it. >> we just need to get to know each other. >> paul is a good person. hopefully that's going to work out. >> radical islamic terrorism all over the world. it hasn't been called for yet. nobody's done it. >> sure i'd back off on it. >> i want to get results for the american people. >> that is not the american people talking. >> we're going to have a real dumpbs difference in the general election. >> those super delegates, listen to the people of your state. >> new details in the days leading up to prince's death. >> dr. sholenberg has now disappeared. >> is an inmate really prince's biological son? >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo. >> good morning. welcome back to your "new day." up first, donald trump expected
4:00 am
to arrive in washington, d.c. in the next hour for the big meeting with house speaker paul ryan. their crucial summit aimed at ending the infighting within the republican party uniting behind trump, the presumptive nominee. top gop leaders are urging ryan to back donald trump oris k hurting an already injured party. trump now claims his statement was only a suggestion and there would be many exemptions. meanwhile trump is under fire for not releasing his tax returns. let's begin with cnn's senior political reporter who is live outside the rnc headquarters in washington waiting for this meeting. what are we expecting? >> reporter: hey, allison. paul ryan has a lot at stake today too. he's protecting a republican
4:01 am
majority in the house that some fear could be at risk with donald trump at the top of the ticket and ryan wants to make clear that trump is aware of the down ticket impacts that his candidacy creates. in addition ryan also putting together an election year agenda that frankly contradicts what donald trump's key policy positions. the question today, whether the two will end up singing from the same song sheet. >> to pretend we're unified without actually unifying we go into the fall at half strength. >> reporter: the nominee to meet this morning with paul ryan and the head of the rnc. >> i think it will go well. paul is a good person. i don't know paul well. >> reporter: all eyes on whether they will emerge with a united front. >> i think it's important for the leader of our party to get together with the presumptive nominee and actually work together. >> reporter: several close allies tell cnn that for ryan to
4:02 am
endorse trump he would need to align with the party's core principles. the differences are deep on multiple issues like taxes, trade, entitlements and military alliances. but it's becoming more challenging to know exactly where trump stands on key issues. trump appears to be softening on his controversial plan to ban all muslims from entering the u.s. >> it's a temporary ban, bryan and we're going to look at it and we're going to study a problem. we have a problem. if you don't want to discuss the problem, then we're never going to solve the problem. >> reporter: then claiming it is merely a suggestion later in the day. >> it hasn't been called for yet. nobody's done it. this is just a suggestion until we find out what's going on. >> reporter: and later if asked if the ban could go on forever he says -- >> no, it was meant to be temporary. i'd like to back off as soon as possible because i would like to see something happen. >> reporter: that's not the only issue he's under scrutiny for.
4:03 am
the billionaire under pressure to release his tax returns which he says isn't possible because they're being audited. >> a tax return you learn very, very little. >> reporter: mitt romney calling it disqualifying. and even supporters saying he should release them. >> there's no law, there's a tradition. >> reporter: one of the things i'm hearing actually is concerns about donald trump's tone, expect that to be raised at today's meeting. paul ryan privately has expressed some concerns about the language that donald trump is using on the campaign trail but in addition some republicans who's part of that meeting today said that she plans to raise that as well. we'll see how donald trump responds though. >> thanks so much. so hillary clinton you heard her there, she's busy bashing donald trump for refusing to release his tax returns. she's facing some bashing of her own. the campaign for bernie sanders
4:04 am
rashing up attacks on clinton. we're live in washington with more. >> reporter: well, hillary clinton wasn't actually planning on addressing trump's tax returns. that is what her spokesman is telling cnn but she was criticizing him in new jersey for not having detailed information on a number of policies including his tax plan when a man in the audience yelled out what about his tax returns and she took it away. >> my husband and i have released 33 years of tax returns. we've got eight years on our website right now. so you got to ask yourself, why doesn't he want to release them? >> meanwhile, clinton still very much as a primary battle on her hands. bernie sanders has been hitting her on a number of issues. trade, the environment, her ties to corporations just to name a
4:05 am
few. her poll numbers against donald trump he does do better in those head to head polls. sanders is going to try to support those super delegate to support sanders over clinton and he said the party will have to decide if they go with sanders or if they quote, court disaster simply to protect the status quo for the political and financial establishment of this country. certainly sounds like somebody not giving up the fight for a while yet. >> let's discuss this with the cochair of . good to see you as always. >> it's nice to be with you this morning. >> so this meeting called for by supporters of trump yesterday to get in there with ryan. why did you want to meet before and what was your feel after that meeting?
4:06 am
>> well, actually it was a very good meeting to maybe understand what today is all about and mr. ryan was clear. i mean, there's no question. he's said since day one paul ryan is going to support the republican nominee. if the election were today there's no question paul ryan would be voting for donald trump. but as we all know they don't have a relationship. paul ryan said i don't know donald trump. paul's a deliberate, serious individual and when he stands up at some point i don't think it's going to be today but let's say over the next couple of weeks as the dialog begins between the next president of the united states and the speaker of the house on the agenda that's going to move forward after this election come next january, today's really the beginning of a dialog. i don't think paul ryan is not the kind of individual that after a single meeting is going to say okay, now i understand everything i need to do, give me the flag, i'm going to go start running forward.
4:07 am
>> but this isn't about what the game plan is for a trump presidency, it's not -- it sounds from speaker ryan, or at least i don't know if that's true or not. i'm saying from hearing what speaker ryan has said it was i don't know if i'm ready to get behind him as the nominee yet, so what came out in this meeting of what paul ryan wants to talk about at this meeting? >> it came -- what came out was a dialog, a continuing dialog, not a single meeting today, but the beginning of a dialog between the speaker of the house and the next president of the united states on the agenda that's going to be worked on come next january. so this very much is us acknowledging donald trump is not only the nominee, but will be the next president and paul ryan is the speaker of the house is going to have to carry an agenda through the house, get the laws passed that president trump can sign into law, so again, paul is a very
4:08 am
deliberate, very serious individual who is looking today as the first of i believe not only several meetings but many phone conversations between our presumptive but our actual nominee. so i think some people are reading perhaps more into today than they should. >> so today is the begin, not the end. >> that's correct. >> did he give you any boxes that he's hoping for trump to check? i mean, i know he had said that david duke stuff, that bothered me. it wasn't denied by the campaign to his satisfaction. maybe the talk about immigrants or muslims in terms of what the republican party is about, in terms of uniting or dividing and the reason i ask is, is it a coincidence that last night trump seemed to back off the muslim statement a little bit where he said it was just a suggestion. is there a connection here? >> i don't know. i disagreed with mr. trump on the muslim statement as well. so you know, we'll see where
4:09 am
that one went. no, i think mr. ryan was clear yesterday. he's not looking to check boxes as you say. and in fact, i thought it was very refreshing when mr. ryan said listen, we can disagree on some issues. paul ryan disagrees with donald trump on the transpacific partnership and trade but he was very clear. he said mr. trump ran on the trade issue. i accept that. he got the vote so he's not looking for specific boxes. he's looking for a dialog, a professional relationship, if you will, between the next president and the current speaker, and i'm sure there will be some issues come out on tone, but i think we've seen donald pivot to that presidential tone now. our nominee is chosen as of may 4th. perhaps ten weeks sooner than we thought would happen and now there's some level of playing catch up and paul ryan admitted he didn't think may 4th was going to be the time that our
4:10 am
nominee was selected and so there's a little bit of -- the good news is we have ten extra weeks to coless around the defeat of hillary clinton who i've said is the great uniter of our party. >> let me play for you what seems to be a change on something that was a signature issue for mr. trump and i want to get your take on it. here he is about how he feels about the muslim problem. >> it's a temporary ban, bryan and we're going to look at it and we're going to study a problem. we have a problem. now, if you don't want to discuss the problem then we're never going to solve the problem. we have a president that won't even use the term radical islamic terrorism. he won't use the term. he refuses to use the term even after paris where 150 people were killed. >> no it was never meant to be. sure i'd back off on it. i'd like to back off on it as soon as possible because frankly i would like to see something happen. >> that was the difference
4:11 am
between morning and night. in between, was there anything communicated to trump about the meeting with ryan and his need to change tone and soften some of the things seen as potential dynamite to the party? >> no, i don't think it was something like that, chris. as i have said, we can't allow undocumented syrian refugees into our country when the director of the fbi cannot certify what their background is. so i personally have called iffer a temporary hold on syrian refugees where the director of the fbi can't certify whether they're terrorists or not. >> but you disagreed with trump also because that's not what he said. he said muslims. and he said we have a problem with islam and then last night he said it's a suggestion. that's a meaningful change to the position in my estimation. do you agree? >> well, yes, and i'm actually very happy to see that shift
4:12 am
because i disagreed with the term muslim or islam. i was speaking more specifically about undocumented syrian refugees. so as this moves along, i'm sure you'll see other instances where both candidates will clarify what they were trying to say, but i'm very happy, in fact, that he did clarify it's a suggestion. >> do you think trump should put his taxes out? you know the history of it. you know the tradition of it. do you think he should? >> i -- it's up to mr. trump to do it. i understand because i was pressured the same way. there's a lot of private business information in there that would help and assist your competitors. i'd be quite happy or actually pleased if mr. trump did not release them, that we end this nonsense of tax returns once and for all. the personal financial disclosure tells you everything he owns, all his liabilities, all his assets. if you want to know about donald trump's wealth and where his
4:13 am
investments are, that's in a personal financial disclosure. it's not in a tax return. there's private confidential information in a tax return and personally i'd be thrilled if he didn't release them and we'd be done with this nonsense once and for all. >> calling for a new standard for people running for president. >> absolutely. >> thanks so much for joining us on "new day." it's important to know that "new day" isn't chasing donald trump about releasing his taxes. we just asked one of the chairs of his campaign, he says he thinks the whole tax thing should be removed from the presidential process. what do you think? tweet us, facebook, let us know. also coming up on "new day," toe to toe with the man on your screen, former republican vice president dan quail. what does he think about the 2016 race? and trump as his party's new standard bearer? that interview is coming up in the next hour. the country rocked by a huge
4:14 am
government shakeup. impeached less than four months before the summer olympics in rio. rouse ef will face an impeachment trial. the brazilian vice president will take over. what a mess there with the olympics, huge economy there, the zika virus. she is accused of using budget gimmicks to hide losses and debt. isis appears to be losing its appeal in the u.s. that's the claim of fbi director. he says fewer americans are leaving the country to fight with isis. and the first half of 2015 as many as ten people a month were attempting to travel abroad to join the terrorist group. that number has dropped to about one a month. we will get more with senator king ahead. the man who has been on 60
4:15 am
minutes longer than any correspondent is calling it a career. there he is. >> what's so far been a pretty happy tale. the russians are coming, or at least they want to. >> part reporter, part poet. the legendary newsman retiring at 84 years young. he has been a regular on "60 minutes" regularly. cbs news is going to honor safer with an hour long special sunday night. they could do ten hours. >> one of the greatest writers in television. >> and also just such a nice sort of feeling you get from watching him. he always seemed to have a nice delivery, sort of accessible but smart. he was just great to watch. bernie sanders is hanging tough and talking tough. his campaign says hillary clinton as the democratic nominee would be disastrous. we'll hear from both sides next. hey there, hi.
4:16 am
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4:19 am
hillary clinton still on track to clench the democratic
4:20 am
nomination and focusing nearly all of her attention on donald trump. but bernie sanders says he is is best candidate to face trump and his campaign says nominating clinton would be courting disaster for democrats. let's discuss all this with our political commentator and former ohio state senator and bernie sanders surrogate. good to have both of you here this morning. i want to start with you, nina. from a bernie sanders fund raising letter that seems to be going after hillary clinton, it says here, the democratic party must decide if they want the candidate with the momentum who is best positioned to beat trump or if they're willing to roll the dice and court disaster simply to protect the status quo for the political and financial establishment of this country. now, how is saying that electing -- or nominating hillary clinton would be like courting disaster, how is that
4:21 am
helpful for party unity? >> well, right now there is a democratic primary waging and senator sanders has been very clear that he knows the climb is steep but he is still climbing. there are eight more caucuses to go. he is not the sparring partner of the secretary but he is in this race running to win. the fact of the matter is that senator sanders has consistently done better against mr. trump and quite frankly any of the other republicans when they were in that race and so it is so important if democrats want to win in november up and down the ticket that senator bernie sanders is the strongest candidate. he does have the momentum and the excitement to take the democratic party to that next level not for the presidency but every single race up and down the ballot. >> how about that argument? we've heard that from bernie sanders' supporters all the time. he has the momentum. he's getting huge crowds. what about those arguments?
4:22 am
>> he is running a terrific campaign. what you see in those e-mails, you always overhype, but that's what you do. i give him a bit of a pass on that. if you watch senator sanders after his impressive win in west virginia tuesday night he turned his guns on donald trump. people like me have been begging him to do that. he cannot win the democratic nomination. hillary leads by 3 million votes. she leads by over 770 overall delegates over 300 pledged delegates. it is insurmountable. senator sanders running a great campaign. he's going to come in second and we need to reunite this party and again, i give weaver a pass on that. that's the concern here is we've got to get together at some point and turn our fire on donald trump. because that would be the real disaster. >> when you hear the math is unsurmountable, what do you say? >> i don't know where those
4:23 am
numbers are coming from. >> from the delegates. >> there's less than a 300-pledge delegate difference between senator bernie sanders and the secretary and let's just take this example. he won 51% of the vote in west virginia, yet the super delegates of that state decided to -- for an example these super delegates should really rethink and focus on giving those delegate votes when the time comes because they're still not, you know, not until they get to the florida convention, but really think about adhering to the will of the people and i'm so proud of the state of maine that has decided to pass a resolution to say that in future conventions that the super delegates should reflect the will of the people. and it is very undemocratic to try to push senator sanders out of this race. every single state in this nation should have the opportunity to have choice. so senator sanders is in this race. this is a news flash.
4:24 am
hopefully it doesn't shock anybody that he is not getting out of this race and this is not just about unifying the party, but it really is about the heart and the soul of the people in this country that have been left out and having a candidate that is unapologetic about fighting for universal health care. unapologetic making sure that young people in this country don't walk across the stage with debt in one hand and a degree in the other. so there are very real differences between the secretary and the senator, but he has every right to stay in this race. >> paul, you hear the passion. i mean, she's channelling it perfectly. you hear the passion of sanders' supporters. is there any harm of him staying in? is he pulling hillary clinton more to the left than say she would be comfortable with if he were not in the race? >> i know nina is busy leading a real life. the headline nina says, don't drop out.
4:25 am
he's doing way more good than harm. but raising excitement, energizing young people especially, but math is math. 3 million more people have voted for hillary. >> but answer my question. do you think that bernie sanders staying in is pulling her more to the left that may become a challenge in the general? >> no. i think that the enormous problem here is that the republicans have nominated donald trump, a man who has more easily gotten the support of david duke than he has of paul ryan. okay? this is the common enemy that all progressives have. hillary is going to need bernie and all those millions of voters to take on donald trump and i have enormous confidence, that senator sanders and clinton will be able to get together, but we need to begin to land this plane safely and i think that's an important priority for the democratic party. >> i don't want to neglect the math of the polling that shows again -- that's math too that shows clearly that bernie sanders is the best democrat to
4:26 am
go head to head with mr. trump. that is some math that the super delegates and all democrats need to pay keen attention to. >> i like that. everybody uses the math that they like. thank you very much. >> all right. donald trump resisting calls now from both sides of the aisle to release his tax return. so is there something in them that could hurt? mitt romney says there is a bomb shell. is there? we'll ask someone who has seen trump's taxes. that's next. it's true what they say. technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration.
4:27 am
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4:30 am
. investigators now say the brussles terror attacks could have been far more deadly. they credit luck, police work and disarray inside the terrorist cell for lessening the injury and loss of life. the second attackers bomb exploded upward away from potential victims. the third attacker then abandoned his bomb and fled. the attacsix baltimore police
4:31 am
officers charged in the death of freddie gray. he faces charges. prosecutors are expected to make the case that he had no business arresting gray in the first place, an argument that could change the way police apprehend suspects moving forward. a mcnorth korea school board is taking a bizarre step to address the bathroom law. the law prevents transgender students from using the bathroom corresponding to their gender identity. one board member saying female students may need to defend themselves in bathrooms if this law is overturned in court. massachusetts state police now investigate the dramatic end to a high speed multistate police chase over the possible use of excessive force. video captured several officers beating the suspect after he is already on the ground.
4:32 am
the suspect was wanted on warrants for assault battery with a dangerous weapon, larceny and failure to stop for police. he was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and is expected to be arraigned today. donald trump is getting heat from both sides of the aisle for refusing to release his tax returns until an irs audit is complete. now, that could be after the election in november. it could be that he decides to just release them tomorrow. trump says this is much ado about nothing. you'll learn nothing in my tax returns. is that true? let's discuss with someone who has seen trump's tax returns. timothy o-brien, author of trump nation. it is a book donald trump sued him over. he is now the executive editor of bloomberg view. good to see you. tell me if i'm wrong. basically this suit was you had
4:33 am
sources that said trump is a megamillionaire worth 150 million or so. trump reads it and says, whoa, i'm a billionaire, not a millionaire. i'm suing you for libel. it goes to trial, the appeal, the result. >> it got tossed out of court. the court found nothing in the allegations to undermine the reporting in the book or the fact pattern around what i had done and he lost. that was in 2011. he sued me in '06. it dragged on for about five years. among other reasons that it dragged on is because he wasn't turning over documents in a timely way including his tax returns. >> there was a time that journalists actually liked being sued because you get a lot of access to stuff that you didn't have otherwise. that happened in your lawsuit. you got to see the taxes. i understand, they were offered up under seal which says something, but you've seen the
4:34 am
returns but you say the headline is i saw trump's tax returns, you should too and you offer reasons. so let's go through them and i will give the benefit of what trump says in resistance. the first one is you talk about income. he says you can't see much in these. i'm worth billions and billions. it's very complicated. a tax return is very simple. you don't see enough to make it worthwhile. >> well, he correctly says that his income isn't going to be a reflection of his total wealth which is true. however, his income is a a reflection of how much money he's making and it's not the american public who's put how much donald trump is worth or how much he makes into the mix. he does it at every campaign stop. he put it out there when when he ran. i think what he means to suggest is that he's incredibly successful and that that's one standard of that so he should show it. >> so do you think if people were to see the tax returns they'd be blown away by the number or you have to put it in
4:35 am
context? >> i think it's a very fupd mental thing that would come out in those returns and he's again made his prowess as a business operator and a successful entrepreneur part and parcel of his history and his appeal to voters and taxes get right to that. >> you say it's mostly marketing. one of his big claims works very well with his basis. this is the only guy who's created thousands and thousands of jobs. >> let's see him put that to the test. the tax returns would show the scale of his operations. he said for years the trump organizations employ thousands of people. the operation itself in trump tower is a fairly boutique operation so it would be interesting to put it out how big of a job generator he's been. >> do you know how many millions upon millions of dollars donald
4:36 am
trump has given to veterans personally, professionally, within his corporations? that would be reflected somewhat in taxes for sure. >> of course. all of his charitable and profit donations would be reflected in those returns. he's made supporting war veterans one of the standards of his campaign. he -- as you recall, when he skipped one of the debates he did a separate fund raiser for veterans on the night of one of the debates he skipped. there's been controversy on how much of that money got remitted to vets. but overall he's been said he's a very generous philanthropist. his tax returns would put some closure on that. >> trump has benefitted of having it both ways. he says this tax system is rigged. i know because i benefit from it. i know what the politicians ask you for, so he has some cover on it but within the tax returns based on your experience, you think there are things in his
4:37 am
tax returns that would make people see how he works the system and see how it's different for him than it is for them? >> well, remember, one, he's gone after u.s. corporations for operating their companies overseas and stealing jobs in essence from american workers. let's see what donald trump has overseas both in terms of his business operations and in terms of his own investments. secondly we're in a period right now where there's a lot of attention being paid to the use of shell corporations and offshore tax haines vens to pro or hide their wealth. let's see if trump is making use of any of those sorts of shelters. that would be reflected in the tax returns. >> you wouldn't be sitting here setting yourself up to get pummelled by trump if you hadn't seen things that you think raise legitimate questions. the biggest point you make is he's running for president of the united states.
4:38 am
he's made himself of why he's worthy of the people's vote. >> there's 40 years of tradition here around presidents or presidential candidates releasing his tax returns. he's deciding not to comply with that. i think voters are due an early airing of any the financial or business pressures that might come to bear on him if he reaches the white house. >> i saw trump's tax returns, you should too. thank you for starting the conversation this morning. >> good to see you. okay. isis says it's behind a wave of bold and bloody attacks in baghdad. coming up, we'll find out what's happening in the fight against isis. when senator king joins us. cut. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow.
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4:42 am
overnight three iraqi police officers killed by suicide bombers in baghdad. this follows three separate bombings wednesday that killed more than 90 people. isis claiming responsibility for those attacks. >> and the fbi is tracking nearly 1,000 isis related cases here in the united states. joining us to talk about this senator king independent from maine and member of the intelligence and armed services committee. thanks so much for being here. >> good morning. >> so wednesday was a tragic and bloody day in baghdad. 90 people killed. 160 injured. at the same time fbi director talking about how still susceptible people are to the isis ideology on line and elsewhere.
4:43 am
how do you define where we are in the fight against isis? >> i think it's classic good news and bad news. last year at this time six people a month were being tracked going to syria. now it's down to one a month. his general conclusion was that a great deal of the appeal to isis seems to have diminished. we don't have definitive data on that, but that seems positive. the bombings in baghdad are very bad news and what it seems to demonstrate is that isis is -- they're losing on the ground in terms of the size of the territory that they control, but that means they're attacking in other ways. i think brussels and paris was an indication of their squeeze in syria. now what they're trying to do is a sectarian war in iraq between sunnis and shia, and that
4:44 am
complicates the situation. so the key question now is can the government in baghdad gain control and actually start to govern that country or sit going to splinter on sectarian grounds in which case it's going to be very difficult to control isis. >> and the other question is, is the u.s. doing everything it can to fight isis? are you confident that we are? >> i think we are doing a lot. you can always say maybe you can do more here or there but thousands of air strikes, advisors, training, working with the kurdish forces, the iraqi security forces, i think the big gap in the strategy, frankly, is an army on the ground in syria. that's not where americans should be. that would be a gift to isis, but finding the people to take the fight to isis in those towns, that's a problem. >> senator, there's another deadly fight going on. this one back here at home and we're talking about opioid addiction. we saw it on full display last night in cnn's town hall on this
4:45 am
subject and all of the heart breaking stories. let me just play one of them from a mother for you. >> at 16 he began experimenting with opioids with friends and we saw nothing. he remained clean cut, all american boy doing his activities, his gpa was high. so what are we missing? >> i mean, you just see it time and again, lives ruined by painkiller addiction. i know you've worked so hard on this issue. how do you describe what's going on? >> well, first, i want to say i watched the program last night beginning to end and it choked me up. i mean, it was so real and it reflected exactly what we're seeing in maine. i've had half a dozen town halls just like that. i sat next to a deputy sheriff who lost his 18-year-old daughter to an overdose. i mean, it's an epidemic of just awful proportions and it starts -- i think the key fact from last night is that four out
4:46 am
of five new heroin addicts start with prescription drugs. and that means that's where we've got to start really focusing a lot of attention. dr. gupta published a powerful essay last night that talked about the fact that the medical community has to step up and take some responsibility here because these drugs are dangerous and they should not be handed to young people 30, 40, 90 at a time with no warning about how significant the addiction problem is. >> it seems like that's the place to start. doctors have to stop overprescribing this. >> absolutely and it's become just routine. there are some government policies that inadvertently provide an incentive for this. under some of the rules a hospital or a doctor's office, one of the check marks that you have to put on as a patient is did you leave the facility pain free? well, the problem with that is, that is an incentive to give
4:47 am
them these opioids so they'll say yes and you get a higher rate of reimbursement. so we've got to really look at this because it starts in the medical area and that's a place we have some control over. >> senator, i have to ask you about the presidential race and things that -- all the news that is happening with donald trump. should donald trump release his tax returns? >> well, i think he should. number one because it's precedent as you pointed out, it goes back to the mid-70s that this has been the rule for presidential candidates. secondly, this is a guy who's made the center piece of his campaign his success, his wealth and business success and if you're going to -- you know, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. if you're going to promote yourself on your business and financial success, then it seems to me you owe the american people the factual story about what's really going on in that area of your life. >> thanks so much for talking about all of these things. great to have you.
4:48 am
>> thank you. great to be with you. all right. this is a tough turn in the story surrounding the artist prince. there's a federal prison inmate that claims he is the son of prince. is he the real deal? why is this coming up now? is this about an inheritance? the picture of him is with him as an inmate. what does this all mean? we'll take you through it.
4:49 am
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
a new claim to the estate of superstar prince has been filed. carlin q williams, 39-year-old prison inmate claims he is the son of the music legend and therefore the sole heir to h estate. nation reporter for "the daily beast," and co founder of air hunters, john. kate, will meet start with you. carlin q williams, you wrote the story. what is his story? >> well, if we thought that the fight for prince's will was a circus, it is certainly a madhouse now. this man is a violent felon in federal prison.
4:53 am
he has a history of violence against women, and now he is suddenly appeared to say that he is the rightful heir to the purple rainmaker's thrown. >> because his mother? >> his mother allegedly slept with prince in 1976, at a kansas city, missouri hotel. they had unprotected sex and she said she had not been with anybody since then. >> we all have roughly 300 million reasons to come forward now and say we are the son of prince, right? he, though, has he ever said it before? did he say this before prince died? >> certainly. before prince died, this man had gone on facebook and said that he is the son of prince. he posted professional photos of prince, calling him his dad, and also, carlin williams is an aspiring rapp star, and in his song, he mentions prince.
4:54 am
>> one of the peculiar element, too. the guy he is using as his lawyer, who at one point did civil work for prince. >> sure. and i think that's what might lend some legitimacy to his case. apparently, this attorney in florida had done trademark work for prince, and years before prince died, carlin williams reached out to him and said i want to get in touch with high father. the attorney blew him off, this a crazy fan who wants a piece of a rock star, but now it seems the two have reunited. it's unclear how carlin well yams contacted the attorney from federal prison. >> one of the questions out there. but wait, there is more. john, we turn to you for that. because you have heard in your role for heir hunters claiming in the last two weeks to be the son or daughter of prince. but you've heard from one in particular, and it's not carlin
4:55 am
williams, and you find this one person credible. explain. >> first of all, he is a gentleman. he does not want to rush to the court house. he wants his anonymity. he came to our firm, knowing that's what we do. we find missing heirs to estate, would you layout the procedure for me, i may be the son of prince. we met with him, we've had extensive conversations with him. he was always consistent in his story. he dotted his is, crossed his ts, and it is a very detailed description of what went on. thirdly, and more importantly, he has to understand our reputation has to be protected, we're not a circus firm. we are a boutique firm that handles these types of matters. he had seen us on tv and read about us. we felt we would bring our
4:56 am
expertise to bear. now, at this point, we've shifted through the facts. we've written a long memorandum and we have referred it to minnesota counsel, who has it on their desk, and we expect something back from them in the next week or so. >> both of you, excuse me, you understand why people would be skeptical, he left no will. this would beg for people to come forward and say i am the heir, i am the heir. john, you've worked on a lot of cases like this. how does usually -- >> thousands. >> how does it come out in the end, usually? is there a usual outcome here? >> well, there is. the beauty of intestate succession is you're either in or out. it is not a will contest. a will contest is counsel will tell you, or will tell you, it's very ugly. you look at whether or not the
4:57 am
decendant, here, you have to praise what tyka and her siblings have done. they all of a sudden had a sibling die unexpectedly. he left behind a massive and complex estate, and then they made the public declaration that prince may have died one known heirs, and please, court, let's set up a procedure to prove this. to the court's credit, we've never seen it before, where they said let's type the his dna, if you have a claim, you have four months to come with your claim. and now with our gentleman down in the super max, all he has to do is take a cheek swab, send it up to the court and within days, they'll know if he is a legitimate heir to prince. >> 20 seconds left right here, john, what happens if either your client or carlin turns out to be the child of prince? do they jump to the front of the line for the music, the fortune, everything? >> your children, everyone's
4:58 am
children, is the top of the pyramid. they take everything. a natural child trumps your siblings, your first cousins, even your parents, so you get it all. by the way, i have to say this. it is very early in the game to say this gentleman in the super max, that he is the seoul heir. i very much doubt that. >> raising a lot of questions, obviously. a lot of intrigue. >> thank you. >> around this and it is important to a lot of people. not just the fans, but obviously the family as well. thanks, guys. following a lot of news, including donald trump's arrival any minute in washington. he is set to meet with house speaker paul ryan shortly. so let's get right to it. we have an obligation to merge and unify. >> we'll see how it goes. >> we're just getting started. >> i would hope all republicans get behind him. >> a tax return, you learn very little. hopefully before the election, i'll release them. >> donald trump's tax plan was
4:59 am
written by a billion. >> secretary clinton received 400 super delegates before anybody got into the race. >> the choice in this campaign could not be clearer. >> this is the future of america. >> he is the presumptive nominee. the party has to unite around him. a year ago, nobody thought that donald trump would be the nominee for the republican party. >>announcer: this is "new day," with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. welcome to "new day," 8:00 in the east. john berman is here. great to have you here this morning. donald trump expected to arrive in washington, d.c. in just minutes for the big meeting with house speaker paul ryan. the goal of their summit is uni unity. but what will it look like. will speaker ryan wholeheartedly endorse trump after today's meeting after saying he was not ready to do so. >> maybe the unity will look
5:00 am
like this on the eve of the meeting. donald trump seemed to walk back a stance that boosted his campaign early on. his proposed ban on muslims, entering the u.s. now, trump says it was only, quote, a suggestion. the self-described billionaire, drawing fire from both sides of the aisle for refusing to release his taxes. so we have the 2016 race covered only the way cnn can. let's begin with manu raju outside head quarters, the place to be. >> that's right, chris, good morning. now, paul ryan and donald trump actually both have a lot riding on today's meeting in the beginning of the process. donald trump needs the party to solidify behind and paul ryan needs donald trump presumptive nominee, particularly house races when control of the house and also the senate will be up for grabs this november. the question is after today's
5:01 am
meeting, will the messages between donald trump and paul ryan start to align. >> to pretend we're unified without unifying, then we go into the fall at half strength. >> the presumptive nominee to meet this morning with house speaker paul ryan, and the head of the rnc. >> i think it will go well. paul is a good person. i don't know paul well. >> all eyes on whether they will emerge with a united front. >> i think it's important for the leader of our party right now who is the speaker to get together with the presumptive nominee to actually work together. >> several close allies tell cnn that for ryan to embrace or endorse trump, he will need to align with the party's core principles. as of now, the differences are deep on multiple issues. like taxes, trade, entitlements, and military alliances. it's becoming more challenging to know exactly where trump stands on key issues. in the last 24 hours, trump appears to be softening on his
5:02 am
controversial plan to ban all muslims from entering the u.s. >> it is a temporary ban, brian, we're going to look at it and study a problem. we have a problem. now if you don't want to discuss the problem, then we're never going to solve the problem. >> then, claiming it is merely a suggestion, later in the day. >> it hasn't been called for yet. nobody has done it. this is just a suggestion. until we find out what's going on. >> and later, when asked if the ban could go on forever, he says -- >> no, it was never meant to be. i mean, that's why it was temporary. sure i would back off on it. i would like to back off as soon as possible. frankly, i would like to see something happen. >> that's not the only issue trump is under scrutiny for. the billionaire, under pressure to release his tax returns, which he says isn't possible because they're being audited. >> you don't learn anything. a tax return, you learn very little. >> mitt romney calling his refusal disqualifying, and supporters even saying he should release them. >> wolf there is no law, will is
5:03 am
a tradition. >> reporter: now, at today's meeting, part of the effort is uni unity, but also an effort to get to know donald trump. paul ryan said he has only spoken to trump a couple of times, but we're not expecting a formal endorsement after today's meeting. what we're expecting is a discussion and including concerns that some folks want to raise with donald trump about the tone that he has taken in the residential campaign, pect that to also happen in the senate side later today. west virginia republican, she plans to raise with donald trump, john. >> all right, manu raju, we're awaiting the arrival of donald trump. he should land in washington shortly. donald trump, under fire from a lot of people, including hillary clinton now, for refusing to release his tax returns. while hillary clinton is taking heat now from bernie sanders. new heat. the sanders campaign says clinton nomination will be courting disaster for democrats. cnn political correspondent, brianna keilar live in
5:04 am
washington. not just a republican issue any more. >> reporter: no, it really isn't. this is ongoing, john. hillary clinton trying to turn to the general election, specifically, donald trump's tax returns. she wasn't actually planning on addressing them. that's what her spokesman told cnn. she was criticizing donald trump in new jersey for not having detailed information on a number of policies, including his tax plan, when a man in her audience, yelled out what about his tax returns, and here is somehow she responded. >> my husband and i have released 33 years of tax returns. we got eight years on our website right now. so you gotta ask yourself, why does he not want to release them. >> but clinton, still very much has this primary battle on her hands. you have bernie sanders, who is hitting her still on a number of issues. trade, the environment, her ties to corporations. and his campaign manager, jeff we' weaver said this is his plan to
5:05 am
narrow his pledged delegate margin and then try to convince super delegates to support him instead of her. weaver said that the party will have to decide if this go with sanders or court disaster, simply protect the status quo for the political and financial establishment of this country. this is very much a candidate who is still fighting, it appears, for the nomination, even though the math is not in his favor to say the least. >> okay, brianna, thank you very much for that. let's talk more about the high stakes meeting today between trump, ryan and the rnc, with sarah huckabee sanders, senior advisor to donald trump. good morning, sarah. >> good morning, allison. >> thank you for being here. what does your side want out of today's meeting? >> you know, i think what we want for the country, the exact thing. donald trump is going out and meeting with voters all across the country, and now he is sitting down with the party's leadership. this isn't meant to be some in-depth policy discussion, but
5:06 am
a time for them to get to know each other better and a time to bring the party together and uniting the party. that's the goal. >> do you want paul ryan to come out afterwards and say yes, i'm on board? >> we want every american to come out and say yes they're on board. so absolutely, whether it's paul ryan or paul smith in idaho, or you know, paul jones in texas. absolutely. we want every single american to come out and get on board with the campaign. >> well, it's going to take more cajoling from some people. an open letter to speaker ryan, in which he says what he wants out of the meeting. let me read you a portion of this. there are people in the party right now that are sitting on the sidelines waiting to see what you will do. until you endorse him from many republicans and cone certific e conservatives, stand firmly against the hostile take over. not just of the republican party, but of the very essence
5:07 am
of conservativism. what do you say to conservatives who feel there has been a hostile take over by donald trump and don't want paul ryan to get on board? >> i think the idea that it is a hostile takeover is probably one of the most ridiculous things i've heard this week and i've heard some pretty ridiculous things. this wasn't a takeover. this was an election, and the people have come out in record numbers and supported donald trump. i think one of the big things that's being lost here, and everybody is missing something, but donald trump has actually done a much better job unifying republicans than hillary clinton has unifying democrats. donald trump has locked up the nomination on the republican side, and he started with 17 candidates in the race. hillary clinton is still battling it out and they only started with four. she is losing states just this week. so i think that one of the big stories that people are missing is that donald trump is unifying republicans. he set record and historical numbers in his win, already more
5:08 am
than the past two nominees. so i couldn't disagree with ben moore, and i'm sorry that he feels that way. but i hope he'll do what most in the majority of republicans across the country are doing, and that's get on board. >> sarah, let's talk about some of the issues. people on both sides of the aisle are calling for donald trump to release his tax returns. the irs has said that despite the fact that he is in an audit, he can release his tax returns. will he release them? >> well, given that the irs is such a credible entity as we've seen to republicans over the last few years, i'm going to pass on their advice and their counsel. but rely on that of his accountants, and they've been very clear, and so has donald trump. he has been very consistent on this. he is not refusing to release his tax returns, but wants to wait until a routine audit is complete and as soon as it is, he'll release them. find it interesting that guys like governor mitt romney, who
5:09 am
was our nominee in 2012, didn't release his until a month before the election. so this, again, it is not required, it's something that a candidates his historically have done and he'll do that when the audit is complete. >> he has not been consistent on this. in fact, donald trump did release his tax returns during a previous audit when it behooved him in a business sense when he was trying to get casino licenses, he did release his tax returns, despite the fact that he was being audited. so that is an inconsistent see and it seems he could do the same now. >> he has been consistent in his position for running for president since the very beginning, he has said when this audit is complete, then he will release his tax returns. again, i'm not an accountant but he is talking to people who are, and they've advised him to wait until the process is complete. when it is, he'll release his returns. >> how about the year -- >> frankly --
5:10 am
>> just quickly, how about the years that are not being audited? can he release those? >> you know, again, i think he is relying on the advice of his accountants, and once they give him the go ahead, he will certainly do that. at the end of the day, alisyn, i think the big question is more people are concerned about their own taxes than they are donald trump's. i think this is one of those just kind of big distractions that the media and liberals like to dig up and find something they can't beat him any where else, so let's pick apart something obscure over here on the side. he is the only one that is pushing for massive tax reform, and a huge tax cuts for the middle class. that's what americans care about. they don't care about donald trump's tax returns. >> sarah, look, whenever there is a mystery about something, it lends an suspicion and wondering if there is something lurking. so in some ways, by not releasing it, he is kind of increasing the mystery and making people clammer for it
5:11 am
more. i hear you, you are not an account and i do want to move to another topic. muslim ban, donald trump changed his stance last night on television where he suggested he is no longer for a complete and total ban on muslims. let me play for you what he said last night about this. >> it's a ban on muslims with exceptions, and -- >> of course, you have to have exceptions. >> the way everybody read it, it was across the table. >> you have exceptions, ideally you won't have a ban very long. >> now he says of course there are exceptions. he went on to say this is only a suggestion. which one is it, sarah? >> look, i think that is exactly what he has always said. putting america first. it is knowing who people are when they're coming into our country. and our government has not proven that they're capable of being able to tell us who is coming in and who is going out and we need a better system, and a more thorough vetting system of knowing who these people are,
5:12 am
so that we're putting our national security first and foremost. i think at the end of the day, every decision he makes on national security is dotted by that one principle, this good for america, or is it not, safe for america, and i think that we have to have that process in place. i think that's his point. we need to have a more thorough vetting, and yes, there may be exceptions, but the bigger thing is, we need to know who these people are and make sure that they're not going to do anything that when shouldn't. >> sarah huckabee sanders, thanks so much for being on "new day." >> thank you, alisyn. important to note that "new day" has asked all of the house and senate republican leadership if they think that trump should release his tax returns now, so far, none of them have answered the question, but of course, we'll keep asking and reporting it to you. all right, more bloodshed in baghdad. little question increased instability in iraq. now, breaking overnight, two suicide bombering blowing them self up at a police station,
5:13 am
killing three officers, wounding ten others. this is the fourth deadly attack in two days. on wednesday, three separate suicide bombings killed more than 90 people in the iraqi capital, baghdad, and just as obvious, isis claiming responsibility. a texas judge upheld a jail sentence of nearly two years for ethan couch, the affluence za teen, he has been behind bars since january, after fleeing to mexico. he killed four people in a drunk driving accident. his lawyer argues he was so spoiled, he could not tell right from wrong, the affluenza defense. >> here is a terrible story to report. a mississippi girl found dead in the back seat of her mother's car. the mother stopped to pick her daughter from a daycare center yesterday and was told she never dropped the little girl off. when she ran back to her car, she discovered the little girl dead. right now, the case is being treated as a tragic accident, with no charges filed.
5:14 am
all right, former vice-president, dan quayle leaving no doubt on where he stands. >> i hope those have said that won't support him now will reconsider, and before they cast their vote on election day in november would end up voting for him. if not, don't show up. >> you think donald trump can win? >> don't answer that. his answer, coming up. >> take a guess. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain...
5:15 am
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5:18 am
dan quayle, remember him? bush 41s vice-president. he is getting fetched up on the business of getting behind donald trump. so what are his thoughts in the gop's presumptive nominee, would he vote for him? 50 questions, put to the one and only, dan quayle, by the one and only, cnn special correspondent, jamie gangel. the perfect person for this. this is a big eye-opener for people. >> so much love this morning. i don't know what to do. >> he is trying to steal our thunder. >> just so we know. >> she has never liked you. go ahead, jamie. >> time out. so get ready, more division in the gop. it turns out bush 41 is not supporting donald trump. dan quayle is, and guess what? he also has some suggestions for
5:19 am
who donald trump should pick as his vice-president. here we go. >> so what do you think about presumptive republican nominee, donald trump? >> he is the presumptive nominee. the party has to union nigte ar him. >> has to had. >> they will. there will be a few hold outs. you all point out those hold outs, it will get a lot of air time on cnn and other networks. but by and large, i think the party will rally around him. we would need to step back, i mean, a year ago, i put myself in this camp, nobody thought that donald trump would be the nominee of the republican party. or very few people, let me say. >> what did you think was going to happen. >> the normal sorting out process, the cream usually goes to the top. i didn't realize donald trump would be the cream. he got to the top.
5:20 am
i totally misjudged his ability to win. but for somebody that has really no experience in politics to be able to start off and win with a strong field and not even go to the convention that he is the presumptive nominee, a month before we have our final primaries, is quite remarkable. it shows that he is a winner. he knows how to win. >> you will support him, you will vote for him, no reservations? >> well, as of now, unless something happens that i don't know. but no, he is the nominee of the party. the party needs to unite around him. i think they will. he is going to be having a meeting with paul ryan, and i think that meeting will go reasonably well. i think that -- >> do you flow somethiknow some? >> no, i will say this. paul ryan in my view will end up, will support our nominee. there is very little doubt in my
5:21 am
mind. for a couple of reasons. one, you know, he is a team player. he has got a big team in the house of representatives. second reason is that most of his caucus, i would say probably 85, 09% of his caucus will back him. >> president 41 and 43 have declined to endorse trump. ted cruz called him a pathological liar. should all of these people come around? >> i'm sure that there will be some that will sit it out, maybe some that might even vote for hillary clinton. i hope those that have said they won't support him now will reconsider, and before they cast their vote on election day in november, would end up voting for him. if not, don't show up. >> do you think donald trump can win? >> i do think he can win. i think he can win, because this is clearly the year of the anti-establishment, if you will. so if you want more of the same,
5:22 am
republicans or democrats, more of the political mess in washington, i mean, you've got the quintessential establishment candidate in hillary clinton. >> one of the big concerns about donald trump is that he does not have the temperament, the character to be president. lindsey graham said he wouldn't trust him with nuclear weapons. do you have any of those concerns? >> donald trump has just won the republican nomination, at least the presumptive nominee. he won in a competitive race. he is a winner. he knows how to win. now he has to run a general election, and he, i'm sure, is going to, as he said, i'm going to change my demeanor, change my strategy, i'm going to change my approach. so people will start to look at him differently. and they will be making the judgment, whether he has the temperament, whether he has the
5:23 am
gravitos, the a bibility to be the oval office and make those decision. i'm sure he knows this. winning the nomination is one thing. winning the general election is another thing. >> but you think he can do it. >> i think he can, and i think he needs to show the american people he is capable and you'll see a little different campaign in the general election than you saw in the primary. >> so we've heard all the outrages things he said, all the offensive things he has said. you think he is going to pivot from that? >> i think people are going to judge him going forward. and that's where it will be. they'll listen to what he says to say at the convention very carefully, he'll be making substantive speeches on policy, foreign policy, debates, how about that debate between the two presumptive nominees, i
5:24 am
guess she is not presumptive yet, but if in fact it comes down to donald trump and hillary clinton, that's going to be bigger than the super bowl. so stay tuned. it's going to be a wild year. >> there you go. >> bigger than the super bowl. >> look, he is probably right. there will probably the most popular people, ever, in this election. speaking of popularity, trump force one, the trump plane at reagan national airport. you know why he is there, the big meeting there at the rnc head quarters, with house speaker paul ryan and rnc chair reince priebus. stay tuned for the coverage of what it means. when you were talking to the former vice-president, yes, this could be the super bowl, the mass popularity of these two people -- >> or unpopularity. >> we will be watching, right.
5:25 am
everyone would be watching. >> true. did he have a prediction of how it will go. he thinks he can win, trump, but what does he see the big factor? >> i think that he thinks if trump pivots, if he is more presidential, if he is more disciplined when he gets out there, that people will forget about some of the more outrage us things. now, of course the clinton campaign ads will remind everyone about it, but two things i want to say. one is dan quayle has not spoken to donald trump. they have not met. he has not been lobbied. he met him years ago. so this is dan quayle, came to this position all on his own. they haven't had any contact. the other thing is, there is a little footnote to history here. dan quayle said to me donald trump has wanted this for a long, long time. trivia.
5:26 am
in 1988, donald trump lobbied to be former president bush 41s vice-president. he went to james baker and said i think would be a good choice. so as dan quayle likes to joke, he picked me, thank goodness, but. >> history could have gone a different way. >> does quayle have any idea who trump should pick as number two. >> spoiler alert, he actually thinks rubio would be a good choice, or kasich. i said neither of them, they say no, no, no. he said baloney, if you get the call, you say yes. but his top choice is ohio senator rob portman. a very serious guy with a big resume, that he thinks would send the right message to the gop establishment that is very nervous. >> a tight campaign, but loaded with complications.
5:27 am
>> can't run for both at the same time, according to ohio law. so he wouldn't have to give it up. >> all right, jamie fascinating stuff. can't wait to hear more later on. we showed you the picture, donald trump has arrived in washington. there is the, you know, airport service personnel. you can see the suvs will donald trump will -- this is big stuff. this is big stuff. donald trump waiting to deplane, and head over to the rnc headquarters for that meeting with top republicans we're going to follow it. stay with us. ated computer... operator! ma'am. i'm here. i'm live. wait. you're real? yeah. with discover card, you can talk to a real person in the u.s. day or night. plus, we're not going to waste your time trying to sell you a bunch of other products you don't really need. that is really nice of you. i feel really bad about shouting at you. oh, you weren't shouting. you were just speaking in all caps. at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. 100% u.s.-based customer service.
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5:31 am
all right, just moments ago, donald trump, arrived in washington. we saw his plane at reagan national airport at this very moment, he is in an suv, on his way to the republican national committee -- >> why aren't you following that in. >> we don't have the chopper today. it would be a slow speed chase right now. we have a temporary media black out, but we know he is headed to capitol hill with big meetings. >> there it is right there. >> i was kidding. >> this is a traffic jam.
5:32 am
>> oh, my gosh, the cameraman fell over. >> heads spinning already in washington from the arrival. look there are big meetings there. what does it all mean. joining us now new york times, dana bash, and cnn political commentator and supporter, jeffrey lord. gloria, let's start with you. donald trump has been to washington, even recently for meetings. i have a feeling those were like lower case meetings. this is the upper case m meeting. the huge anticipation about what might come from it. >> reporter: i know. think we ought to lower our expectations to a certain degree. i think this is a meeting, i know from the trump people, look, they feel blind-sided by what paul ryan did to them. they believe they had no heads up about it. they watched it like we all did in jake tapper's interview, and they felt blind-sided. they believed the chairman of the rnc, reince priebus got
5:33 am
blind-sided. trump will go in and say i understand the way you feel, i would love your support and i think ryan will say to him, this is what i need. he has a little bit of leverage right now. but what he also has, and he had a meeting with his caucus yesterday, he has a divided group of republicans. some say you've got to be out there and be for party unity. >> ryan has the leverage. does ryan have the leverage? what is the option? trump is going to go in and say -- >> i'm not going to support him. i'm not with my party. >> he was pretty confident go b going in and saying i have 11 million votes. that's more than any republican nominee has ever had. i didn't win because of you guys. i'm the presumptive nom neechlt what are you going to do, be for clinton? >> right. he said he wasn't going to go in and try to boss them into falling in line, but he was going to say i have this, what he says he thinks, he is this mandate from people to keep running the campaign the way that he is, and guys, do you ever win a campaign when you
5:34 am
sort of run one way in a general and yes, people pivot to the center. >> he is not going to change. you're saying he doesn't have any -- you're saying paul ryan doesn't have any lieverage. what i'm saying is ryan is l say i need to take care of my flock. i need to make sure my guys win and we don't, you know, reduce our majority in the house. and i need certain things on issues from you. and i'm wondering whether you can talk about the issues this way, change your tone a little bit. i want to be chairman of your convention. but here is where i'm coming from. you know, he is the highest ranking office holder in the republican party right now. so i do think he has a little bit of leverage. i'm not saying trump doesn't have any himself. >> trump responds to deal making. he responds to people putting out -- >> negotiations, dana, you're standing outside the meeting location. is that what's going to happen where there will be a negotiation of what is expected
5:35 am
on both sides, and would they ever announce that afterwards? >> reporter: truthfully, i don't think so. i think they all understand that the stakes are incredibly high, and you're already hearing even with some interviews that you guys have done this morning publicly from trump's allies on capitol hill that they are trying to lower those expectations and make it all about the first of several meetings, and that is a get to know you. and i think that's really not spin. they don't know each other. i've talked to several members of the leadership, both in the house and the senate, and they only know what they see on the stage and on television and in interviews. and so they really don't have that kind of insider, real, who is this guy feeling about donald trump. and because trump is really not that specific on a lot of
5:36 am
important issues, particularly to paul ryan, that is -- that's part of the delay. but i think gloria is exactly right. as much as paul ryan wanted to get leverage by withholding his support, by the time he got here to capitol hill this week, back from recess, which is when this whole thing happened, he is hearing from members as we are walking the halls of congress, this guy is our nominee, he is on to something, let's try to figure out how to get on the train and make it work for all of us. >> let's bring in jeffrey lord, so excited by today's meeting, he couldn't even leave his house, he was afraid of missing something. jeffrey, you know, it really seems like over the last few days, jeffrey, both the ryan forces and trump forces have tried to reduce the temperature of these meetings, make them seem sort of run of the mill. we've seen donald trump honestly do it in a way we haven't seen that much before. he's like of course i want paul
5:37 am
ryan to be chairman of the convention. of course, i think paul ryan is a nice guy. that, despite the fact that he said he is not sure he can get behind paul ryan's policies. >> yeah, i mean, i think this is inevitable, if you will. i tried to say over the last x number of months that donald trump built this successful business in part because he knows how to get along with people, he knows how to negotiate, et cetera. now he is sitting down with paul ryan today, i think the same skills will be evident. he is going to be the leader of the republican party. he does in fact have a mandate. that mandate is given to him by the voters. so that's his task. i'm certain he is up to it. i'm certain the meeting will have a positive outcome. >> what about, gloria, what we saw yesterday? in the morning, we see trump talking about how, look, we've got a problem, the muslims, we have to have the temporary bans. at night, it is a suggestion. it is a suggestion. you know, this is just a suggestion, right? >> there be loss of exemptions
5:38 am
by the way. >> not exclusive, what happened with david duke, the rejection by the campaign the right kind? do you think what we saw last night might be a little bit of a hey you did you see what i did last night when he walks in the room. >> he sort of, the minimum wage was another issue that he has kind of decided maybe he would consider a raise in the minimum wage, maybe not. i think lots of republicans and this is what i think ryan will be talking about, we need to know where you are on these issues. because there is a certain set of issues that we as republicans believe are important to us. i mean, paul ryan is a policy wonk, right, these are important issues to him. he kind of wants to know what they're running on. they don't want to be running against their own candidate. and i think that's a, you know, that's a problem. trump's whole thing is, i want to compromise. i want to start out without playing my hand too much.
5:39 am
>> right. >> that's a good point. let's take a quick break. obviously we're following the lead-up. da dana, we'll get to you right after the break. a lot of news as well. he road... a sport mode to help you control the road... and a sport-tuned suspension to help you connect with the road. the lexus rx f sport. this is the rx, elevated. this is the pursuit of perfection. premium like clockwork. month after month. year after year. then one night, you hydroplane into a ditch. yeah... surprise... your insurance company tells you to pay up again. why pay for insurance if you have to pay even more for using it? if you have liberty mutual deductible fund™,
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okay, everyone. you are looking at live pictures united states side of rnc head quarters, you see the media, protesters yelling. waiting, donald trump's arrival for the meeting with speaker
5:43 am
paul ryan. dana bash is somewhere in the crowd. tell us what you're seeing, dana. >> reporter: hey there, alisyn. it just quieted down, but you know, as we have seen over the months and months and months where donald trump goes, so go the protesters, and the republican national committee is no different. this is a group behind here, if dave can pan over, you can -- you're blocked by the cameras, of people i just heard as i was talking to you, one of the gentleman saying that he is 18 years old, and he wants to talk about immigration. so that's the kind of thing we're hearing about, we're seeing some protesters from other groups as well. again, this is not unusual. we see this at trump events, and same goes for hillary clinton events. you see people who are protesting her on her policies. it just so happens that they know where all the media are this morning and they're right here. so they are astutely taking advantage of that. i don't expect i should say
5:44 am
trump to come by them in any way, that there will be any interaction. >> is your spiedy sense starting to go off. do you get the sense there is an snl skit, all plausibility, there should be no big announcement today from either of these gentlemen. it should be something that both sides are accurate about, which is, look, this is the beginning, they don't know each other. >> i disagree it is not a big event. when the speaker of the house says that i'm not yet ready to support the nominee of my party, and i need to meet with him, that creates a big event. it is unprecedented, you know, in our nominating history. >> i like the defense of it, because we'll both be in the skit. >> the other thing is, there is, regardless of unity and talk of unity, there is so much discord on policy. paul ryan wants to take a
5:45 am
serious look at entitlements, he has proposed cuts for years, he wants a republican president who will back him up. donald trump has said he is not going to go there. donald trump wants deportations. he wants this wall. >> none of that will be hammered out today. >> but that's where unity has a certain phoniness. they're like coming together in name only. >> it is a photo op. you don't think nothing -- >> i think they agree that they need to continue to talk. these guys have had two phone conversations. trump has called him twice. they've had some pleasant conversations. i think this is where paul ryan says look, this is what important to me and your caucus, this is what i need to do to get people elected. now, ryan discovered this week as dana was pointing out, his caucus is completely divided because they have very different districts. some are saying to ryan, get on board the trump train. others are saying, thank you for standing up.
5:46 am
>> right. >> look at the sign. look at the guy who is on the screen right now. just one guy. but is it a metaphor. gop, party of trump, jeffrey lord. i mean, you've been saying this all along, donald trump is not just an outsider, he is reflective of a mood in the country about republican whose have wanted the party to change, and that now trump will be the carrier of that message, and this is bigger than what we're used to seeing in politics. >> chris, you know, i think some of this is a bit overblown. for instance, when they talk about entitlements, donald trump and paul ryan, quite specifically agree that we should save medicare and social security. the question really is process. and process is what goes on on capitol hill all day, and all night. the difference, you know, where you get into problems is when you disagree on the goals. they don't disagree on the goal. it is to save medicare and social security. another area is national security and defense. paul ryan in an article on
5:47 am
foreign policy magazine not long ago said he was not a neo conservative -- >> so jeffrey, we wouldn't have to debate much longer, as we seen on the jean, let's get to dana bash. it looks like the meeting is getting ready to begin. >> reporter: that's right. i am around the corner from where donald trump is going to be coming in, because he has a motorcade. they're able to go under the building to the parking lot. not through the main door, where i am here. but what i can tell you is that all of the anticipation and the energy that is -- as you can hear, very hot outside. just sort of to echo what you're hearing, my impression in talking to sources in preparing for the meeting is they're going to do everything they can to keep the temperature out here out here. and have a very different kind of vibe behind closed doors. >> there is donald trump now, dana. sorry to interrupt you. he sees the crowd.
5:48 am
he is waiving. ignoring the protesters yelling and he has just escaped through that sort of back entrance into the rnc. so he doesn't have to go past the protesters. >> one thing about paul ryan and donald trump is that they have a mutual goal, and the goal is they want to mobilize republicans to get out and vote. because this race is not going to be so much about persuading people. it will be about mobilizing your own voters. you can't really mobilize your voters if and we saw this in the exit polls the other week, that you know, your voters believe the party is divided. you have to get them really enthusiastic about heading out there. and it's in ryan's self-interest to preserve his house and it is in donald trump's self-interests. so they do have a mutual self-interest. >> exactly. i think everybody one at this point thinks sooner or late, probably not today, paul ryan will fall in line to some degree. whether or not it is holding a sign that says i endorse, he will do so, but pat, doesn't
5:49 am
this setup a situation then where paul ryan has to explain, he has to layout how he got from point a to point b. i wasn't sure before, why i'm sure now. exactly what donald trump told me that convinced me. exactly why i'm not concerned any more about the muslim ban. exactly why the wall doesn't bother me. and why our social security views are so in line, even though they're not. >> right. you're going to hear a lot of big picture talk that we want a majority party, we both believe in fundamental principles. >> don't get into the weed. >> we both like water. >> this is the challenge for trump. paul ryan wants a majority party. he wants a majority in the house. he wants a am he message and cae that can bring the majority of americans to win in a general election. the problem is, trump has not been a majority candidate. he won against 16 other republicans. he was able to put together numbers that have won him the nomination.
5:50 am
he has not shown an ability yet to go out to the broader american public and say i can put together now majorities that come from independents, democrats and sort of the key states. so talking about those micro issues and talking about moving over to paul ryan's side and questions being raised about trump zone, authenticity, that's a real problem. >> is it a problem? what if he does what he did yesterday, muslim ban, that was a suggestion. there will be lots of exception, wall, you know, maybe. i mean, can't he -- that's what he does. people seem to forgive him. >> there are building blocks of his candidacy, and trump has said this himself, he is not going to reverse himself on the building blocks, because that worked for him. if you look at the exit polls, republican voters, 70% and up support the temporary ban on muslims. immigration, hot button issue, lots of republicans learn this, you know, the hard way.
5:51 am
in many cases, what ryan is standing for, like trade deals, is not where the republican party is right now. and you know, in talking to the trump people, one of them said to me yesterday, look, it's not that they have to get behind donald trump. they have to get behind the voters in their own party, and they have to start listening to them and this is dlclearly what trump will say. >> politicians move on issues all the time. donald trump may have expanded the definition of flexibility, but he didn't create it. dana, something else that's important both to donald trump and the appraisal of the electorate of him, but also to paul ryan is temperament. are these very different men, you covered ryan for a long time, talk about that. >> reporter: boy, you could not, if you were to make prototypes of opposites, i don't think even the best designer could find a way to make two different men than paul ryan and donald trump.
5:52 am
it is so true. i mean, obviously they are both people who, you know, kind of are comfortable with power, i should say, but you know, paul ryan is book ish. he is very into policy. he is never happier than sitting with all of his numbers, going through his budget. and less comfortable, even though he was a vice-presidential candidate and he is now the house speaker, but less comfortable, you know, out and kind of performing. donald trump, as we know, is very much the opposite. so that is going to be a big question here, because temperament isn't just also about how they act in public. it is also about the way that they conduct themselves vis-a-vis representing the party and being a leader. remember, the first time paul ryan distanced himself from donald trump, it was because of what now trump appears to be
5:53 am
kind of a little bit more squishy on, which is the temporary -- call to temporarily ban muslims from the u.s. i've been in private meetings with paul ryan, where he was abundantly clear not just in his words, but his facial expressions, that he was incredibly uncomfortable with that. not just on a policy -- for policy reasons, but also, because of the tone and tenor. that's something that i don't think that the two of them will be able to bridge. they are who they are. and i think that they're going to have to agree to disagree, and kind of learn to live with each other, and there are very big differences on that. today, just a few minutes, will be the first step trying to do that. >> you don't hear trump himself bringing up the temporary ban on muslims much. he gets asked about it by the media. he stands by it. but it is not as if, you know, at least in the last several weeks, he is rallying to it. if there was another attack, it is a useful point for him.
5:54 am
>> to alisyn's point before, what worries republicans, like paul ryan, is that he is erratic, and that he may be for the temporary ban on muslims, as you pointed out, maybe he will change his position a touch on it, and there -- >> and he is. >> the point is, we need somebody swho a standard bearer who has a standard to them and that's what paul ryan believes. sort of we need a set of principles. ryan has an agenda that he has laid out for the house republicans, and he gave them a place to go if they're not in unison with donald trump. but i think his point is, he wants to make sure their candidate doesn't pull the rug out from under them in the middle of the campaign. >> of course. jeffrey, we talk about how, you know, paul ryan will have to, i guess, persuade donald trump to come around, and won't donald trump come around to the policy positions that paul ryan says are important to the party?
5:55 am
>> i think he already has in many respects. for instance, national security policies, it's very interesting to me that paul ryan said this is the party of lincoln, reagan and jack kemp. he didn't say it is the party of the bushes, which i found very interesting. the bushes,ny neo conservativi which donald trump is not. definitely an area of agreement there. ronald reagan's security policy more or less tracks what donald trump's is. you don't run around the world invading countries, et cetera. they're pretty well in sync. standard republican principles as represented by reagan and jack kemp. >> pat hailey, ten secretariond less. how much is donald trump loving this? >> all the attention is on him. he gets to talk about the vot s
5:56 am
voters. he gets to say look, i'm going to keep doing my own thing, these guys, i need them, they need, frankly, they need me more than i need them. >> a new question after this meeting that we haven't asked that often. how does he say it. let's see how he says it. not a coincidence that donald trump hasn't tweeted in 15 hours. we're going to take a quick break. newsroom with carol costello picks up our coverage right after this quick break. (vo) when i first took jake home
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and good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. high stakes huddle, donald trump and paul ryan. right now, the gop power players meeting behind closed doors in washington. the goal, to put an end to the republican infighting and unite around a trump candidacy. you see mr. trump there, he waived just moments ago as he arrived at the rnc headquarters, trump now powwowing with ryan. they both kick off a busy day. after mr. trump wraps up with gop leaders in the


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