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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  May 12, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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what the butler said and a zombie running for president? bernie sanders says this about his campaign and his opponent. >> i am not here to say that hillary clinton can't defeat donald trump but i absolutely believe that she can. but i believe quite honestly that bernie sanders is the stronger candidate. >> the truth is that the odds against sands are are now pretty much insurmountable. so has he turned into a zombie candidate that is going to hurt clinton? >> awhat the butler said, "president obama should have
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been taken out in his first term." we'll tell you what else the butler said. good evening, jim. we're hearing the word unity a lot today but no paul ryan endorsement yet so what's the holdup here? >> it's always a little hard to close the deal on the first date. the holdup is donald trump still has to win over paul ryan if he wants the speaker's endorsement. ryan said he liked donald trump's penalty today but he wants to know his policies a little better and trump and ryan are as far apart as they can be on issues like social security and trade. here's what ryan had to say. >> i was encouraged with what i heard from donald trump today. i do believe we are now planting the seeds to get ourselves unified, to bridge the gaps and differences and it's very important that we don't fake unifying, we don't pretend unification, that we truly and actually unify so that we are full strengthin thefall. i don't want us to have a fake
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unification process here. i want to make sure we really, truly understand each other and we're committed to the conservative principles that make this republican party that, build this country. again, i'm very encouraged. >> there were enough positive comments from paul ryan for donald trump and his team to feel very good about today, don. one tweet said "great day in d.c. with republican ryan, republican leadership. it didn't end with sad exclamation points so that's progress. when you talked to people inside the trump campaign, they were not expecting trump to land the endorsement. we said that last night, that it's going to take more than one 45-minute or hour meeting. and both men seem to believe that today as well. right, jim? >> that's right. if you listen to everything that
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paul ryan had to say, he was all about moving in that direction of an endorsement. there's no timetable attached to it. reince priebus came out basically saying this was a good first step, a good first meeting and they're just not going to come out on a first days. it's not going to happen at that rate. but everybody you said today i thought democrats were trying to exploit their differences. immigration groups were delivering taco bowls to poke fun from donald trump about his love of taco bowls and harry
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reid took it one step further, the majority leader is endors g endorsing. >> you can see where this is heading and where they're going to be going heading into the general election cam wayne. >> even reporters -- he told but by most accounts, donald trump was in listening move today this was towned down trump today on capitol hill. >> i know he didn't go for the cameras or microphones, just sweet it my next five projects
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grow. we'll see if our experts agree this hour. sbr. >> donald trump calls it a agree day in d krchc author of "the immortal i ri immortal irishman" and bob beckel, let's go to you first. >> i think he's doing good job. i don't mind going through a little bit of a slow process. it's a very big subject. i think. >> i feel very strongly about border security, about trade,
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about building up the military. to a large extent i think paul is there also so we'll get there. i think a big thing today was the judges, theiums, this from some great people and great -- how can we feel a little bit better that i would come up with a list of really, really terrific acceptable judges, conservative. and i'll put that list forward and that will be a list from with i'll choose or at least, and that went a long way. the people really liked that idea a lot. >> so timothy, he didn't hold a press conference today. but he did do an.
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>> i don't put as big a and he does a really great job at playing these roles. sarah palin was saying that speaker ryan was going to be can'tered, meaning they were try to knock him out in the primary. we in the press like it. >> i think a larger and more important thing is -- how many of trump's awful positions, which are so unpopular, can he should in the coming days and coming months. >> bob beckel, do you agree with timothy, it's just a big deal to the folks in washington about? >> it's not a big deal in terms
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of rank and file voters i have never in all the years i've covered politics or been involved in it of all the people who have endorsed department, no one of them has said i'm endorsing her because she's a great guy, i'm with her 100%. it's always this answer. better that many -- i'll support the nominee. >> it's the most tepid situation i've ever seen in a political party and for good reason. donald trump is not a republican, he does not. >> donald trump ran against
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washington. that was one of the central messages of his campaign. i'm an outsider. he positioned himself as more of an so i'm not quite as surprised that the people he ran against are tepid to endorse him. >> so who her point rn lindsey gram, who has a lot to say against trump it would be on mr. out just tonight. about national security and more. so he has been in the anyone but trump category for such a long time. is this a sign, bob beckel, of trump's charge afence it to make people can tell you that not all
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people ran against him. a evenedful of them did. you look across the entire house and senate and others, he cannot get them to endorse him for him. nobody's endorsing on his now walkback position on muslims. nobody endorsing him on his position on women. he's got nobody who let timothy get in here. it certainly is a 180 on behalf of a lot of people. >> bob's point is a great one. i wonder where is the honor of these people in washington,
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trump's called them despicable thing, they've just insulted him and down to their core. is this but bob's other point -- i would love to bring this into the discussion. trump's got 67% of women just like him. 73% of latinoss dis like. when you have that amount of the country against you, you have a lot taking back to do. the thing i want to go on before washington game of ryan and company, how many of these owedium positions tack rb is because he, quote, tells it like it is. but if he stop telling it like it is and takes back too many of
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though again, i disgrau with you. people have endorsed him tuning in the last hour, he would have heard jay breuer i proved them. they're anger the lek so donald trump's anger represents the anger of a public electorate that wants change. and finally somebody like john mccain has said we would be foolish not to represent -- caylee, this is not the republican party. it's a deliver of the republican party that went to the rhyme which is and congresseses.
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he was guyen very smart. theet people are the big supporters. they're not! ? >> wait, wait, wait, wait, wale, don't go there, please. that's just flat wrong. >> no, it's not. >> hillary clinton's got more than he's got. >> every year you get more to contest, you have more race in a race. >> bob, it was a doo pay to say republicans have voted for this guy. it doesn't make sense. >> pb. >> he's going to need to win the presidency. >> he's going to plin she's never been asked face to face
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about her e-mails, about quid pro quo -- he's going to ask, hilt her achilles heel and i guaranty he's going to win -- >> speaking of that, he spoke out just a short time ago about hillary clinton and he did hit her pretty hard. we'll have that right after the break. they think that it's sad. i think it's important for everyone to know that there is so much more to memory support than the stigmas you hearabout. that these residents still have lives and their lives still matter and that they are still living their lives. that they're not locked away and that they still have a lot to live for, you know, that they have people that care about them and they have people that love them and i love them, so their lives still matter.
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>> she's not going to be a closer with isis. she's really hurt us with libya, benz. isis has the oil now.
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libya was her baby and that was a disaster. i mean, what she's done has been a disaster. she's not a closer. the bottom line, whether it's the election or election trat that should entity to be president. i don't think she can do it. you see it right now. she cannot close the deal. >> why don't you tell us how you really feel there. >> i think he can't close the deal very well. this is why they've got to learn a few thimgs before he sits on the air and shoots his mouth off. but leaving that aside, he doesn't know where libya is. closer, the guy's closed on a bunch of buildings in martion that you name me within thing
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donald trump has already foreign policy,ing having some substance with temperature he didn't know what the triadd was. >> and me certainly didn't chose some of the deals that ended up with bankruptcy to as well. people don't like either of these candidates. they're both monday the mostin top bar if not the most unpopular candidates in american presidential history but let's try to have them -- i would love to see in the fall debates as the person people finally make up their mind and you have this head to head of realtime fact check. so trump or hillary can't these
8:21 pm
truths, hatch truths, let's fact check in real time. if we couldn't do it by then, litz start doing to now. >> that's a vee good idea. >> kayleigh, the die hard supporters trum reporter. >> voters careb principals. they care about where you stand. the fact is fact jekers
8:22 pm
republican f who have lied about her e-mail situation numerous time. i love this idea as the fact check. i want to address bob ho said told me one thing gt has done with regard to. . when hillary clinton was out spoken in the iraq war, i was a had everyone dismissing this guy as some sort of fruit cake on the peripheral. she's responsible in part along with barack obama for the rise in isis. >> it was long before hillary clinton he was outspoken and on the roared ton that. >> point taken. are you going to respond?
8:23 pm
>> he was for it did did 4 anact decided to assess women. kaley, this guy has a history that is going to come back to haunt him. >> but, bob, is that one of the mistakes that democrats or liberals or people who don't like donald trump is that a mistake they're making byin let's keep m mind 91% of the electorate that have to go to the polls have never voted for donald trump. you keep saying i agree with
8:24 pm
you. i don't think a lot of supporters care if he donald trumps his position. >> what he said, it doesn't matter. then we turn to the question of temperament and jum. do you want a money who con -- that's a judgment question. do you want a guy who is in a twitter war every day with someone new and who praises putin. >>. >> do you want someone who is above the law -- >> no, that's the thing. do you want a president who feels like an above you have to get her indicted. then you can say that. in the meantime you guys keep
8:25 pm
throwing it out there until in it is fact and then you come back instead of playing with some mythical left out word out there. >> timothy, you asked for some facts. this is live. pull a fact up i cannot read that. >> it says 3% of donald trump's statement have been true, 9% mostly true, 61% false. >> that's a huge difference. >> how many of her e
8:26 pm
situation -- >> well, let's go to one that's been in the news recently. he said as far back as 2012 the presidential candidates -- >> timothy, can you hang on a second? i feel like i underserved the viewer. i want to fact check ourselves. here's donald trump again. put it up. 2% true. 2% here's clinton. second clinton is 23% crew. 27% mostly true. 1% false. that was a number of namts that
8:27 pm
he this could we do that in real time? is that possible? >> i'm sure and to kaley's point, it all depends on context and substantial, sampling,over sam bling, the things that you look at. i think like to all positions lie but no politician has tried dooring up but truth is important. poll is are important is he going to round up 11 approximately people, separate children from their parents or
8:28 pm
is he going to dial that back? is he going to have a temporary ban on all muslims or is just a suggestion? these things are important. >> but why to people seem not to care? >> bob, go ahead. you've seen the -- >> you're talking about the trump voters. >> you heard donald trump saying he could shoot a cannon or something down fifth heave and he would not lose one supporters. >> of his supporters, which are 9%. he doesn't have voters. >> i'm going to disagree and agree with kaley on something they said earlier. this is why he can lie through his tee on almost everything and he doesn't lose supporters.
8:29 pm
a majority across most of the socioeconomic indicator are really angry and are ready for some kind of radical change. that's what was in bernie sanders' campaign and it's what driving trump's campaign. he seems to promise some sort of radical change. i don't see how any america would have the and people are ready for radical change. i don't think they're going to do this but they're ready to put in someone who has zero political party. do we need to go to break and continue? >> we got to get a break in. we'll come right back with this conversation. don't go anywhere. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis,
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so back with me know, kayleigh mcenany, timothy egan and bob beckel. bob beckel, you wanted to get in
8:34 pm
on the conversation we were having. >> i don't agree that people want radical change. it's true about the bernie sanders supporters and the donald trump supporters but if donald trump is supposed to be the instrument of that, two-thirds of the people condition stand him. how are they going to make a radical change with a guy they can't stand? >> how are their lives going to get better? there's an equal amount of studies that show it would cause those who export overseas would go out of business. >> the press has a responsibility, every time the press has the tendency to back off on a position to hold him to it. you and others have a forum.
8:35 pm
>> bob, we do that every night. some people don't care about the truth p truth. you say it's a small percentage but it was enough of a percentage to make donald trump the nominee. go on. >> donald trump has certainly forgotten a lot of things he said because he's taken so many back and we fact checked him as well. we as people in the press and people mixing it up in the public debate, even if we think the people don't care about the truth, that's a horrible thing to say. i know that's not what you're saying, don. they may not care about it as much as they care about the theater and stuff butch we have a duty to get a base set of facts out to the electorate in this campaign. >> hang on. my point was we do that every night. even if we say donald trump said something wrong and the facts are there, not enough people believe it to not make him the
8:36 pm
republican nominee. i think donald trump's statements have been looked upon more than any other candidate because he comes on more than any other candidate on to these shows. >> go on. t timothy is implying that donald trump goes out and lies and lies and lies. he does more interviews with the press than any political candidate. >> who do we talk about every night? >> he doesn't poll test her speeches. so donald trump doesn't do that, and by the way, he's made mistakes. >> say he doesn't poll test his
8:37 pm
statements but please, god, let's fact check his statement. >> we do fact check. >> thank you. 2% truth, 43% false. thank you. >> up next, bernie sanders a zombie candidate who is hurting clinton and helping trump? we'll talk about that. ♪ the intelligent, all-new audi a4 is here. ♪ ♪ ain't got time to make no apologies...♪
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bernie sanders taking strong criticism tonight, labelled a zombie candidate who is hurting hillary clinton's campaign. zombie candidate, nina? you don't take kindly to those words, do you? >> it's ridiculous. it's an insult on democracy. senator bernie sanders has every right to stay in this race. he has touched over 1.1 million people. >> zombie candidates -- they had this to say in regards to bernie
8:42 pm
sanders. "in presidential campaigns, the one resource that's never reenoughable is time. zombie candidates take vast amounts of time and slowly chip away at the prohibitive front-runner. noticeable in ways perhaps only political operatives can appreciate today. with donald trump all but guaranteed to be the nominee, the general election electorate is beginning to tune in. at a time when voters could be comparing trump and secretary clinton, the presumptive nominees they're instead seeing clinton take shrapnel not just from the republicans but from
8:43 pm
sanders." whoo! that was a mouthful. >> that's ridiculous. consider the source, that's all i'm going to say. >> bill, i understand that you disagree as well? >> i know i'm going to sound like donald trump here but you were talking about truth in the last half hour. let's get to the truth about david wade. consider the source. he was a deputy communications director for the kerry campaign, which is one of the worst campaigns in the history of modern politics. >> yeah. >> david wade, we lost that campaign because he communications team did not respond to the swift boat attacks quick enough. david wade should be on his knees and apologize to john kerry for -- again, this is not hillary clinton saying this.
8:44 pm
hillary knows she did in 2008 is letting every democrat in every state vote. this is a disgusting police of political garbage. >> bakari, do you want to defend david wade? he's not here to defend himself? >> no. i'm not going to take any fire when i don't need to. i will agree with bill press, bernie sanders has every right to stay in the race as long as he wants to. hillary clinton stayed in until november 18, 2008. i don't have any problem as long as they're uplifting a very powerful democratic message, which they are. but one thing that hillary clinton is hillary clinton is fighting a battle on two front. she's keeping one eye on bernie
8:45 pm
sanders but it would be political malpractice to not take donald trump seriously. the last couple of days she's raising money for the hillary victory fund so we are not unilaterally disarmed in facing her. that sounds loolg like a republican would say. do you agree with that? zell, you know, he's making a strong pitch. the bottom line is this -- >> whatever you hear someone say, hmm, you know. >> senator sanders is the strongest candidate to go up against mr. trump. the polls have shown consistently he is the strongest candidate. not only is he the strongest candidate to go up against trump but he's the wrong so having
8:46 pm
senator sands are at the top of that ticket is vitally important. >> go ahead, bill. >> i was going to say if you hea heard. >> direct attacks on donald trump. so he and hillary are both spending their time winning voters in the primary but also going after donald trump. the thing that's important, whether it's bernie sanders or hillary clinton is the no not nominee, bernie sanders has the enthusiasm. he has the millennials. the worst thing they could do is do what david wade is asking for and that's to pressure bernie sanders to get out of the race. >> hmm, i've got to get to a
8:47 pm
break. can you answer on the other side, i promise. we have another segment. >> we're going to do that and then we're going to talk about the democratic ticket and who joe biden my haight have chosena running mate.
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it looks like it's all coming down to trump versus clinton but what if joe biden had jumped? the race? what if? hypothetical here. before we get to that, bakari, you were saying let everybody vote. >> i was just responding quickly and briefly to the somewhat the moving of the goalpost. i was hearing nina talk about bernie sanders is the best candidate and now all of a sut the super delegates to to do something. hillary clinton has beat donald trump in the last seven out of eight polls. and bill even said it on tuesday
8:52 pm
night, we're looking at the the fashion polls, which are really early. he has not sustained the 25 years of attacks that hillary clinton has. >> that was a big gaffe, nina. >> but neither has the secretary. she has never been in a general election and it's a lot different, trust me. mr. trump is not -- >> to say she hasn't been attacked is not true. >> we can kbrae p agree that she's never been in the general election. they're not going to be as kind to her as senator sanders was. trust me. >> in all fairness, nina, can you describe and he is the president of the united states right now. >> you'll i'm saying is you have
8:53 pm
to -- that is a caveat. that's a caveat to your argument. that's all i'm saying. >> no, it's not. >> one at a time. bakari, you and then bill press. >> i was simply saying bernie sanders does well in the national polls against republican figures but bernie sanders what an underground scrutiny that pill pill has got. id we're going to let him win anything but the fact of the matter does, when he does -- >> the fact still remains that now it new rules. >> i agree agree with the rules
8:54 pm
they should represent their state. >> you know what p what's amazing to them? >> over 400 of the super delegates supported -- are supporting the secretary even before anybody got in the race, that's even before governor o'malley got in the way. but bill is absolutely right. minimally the super delegates should support the candidate that won overwhelmingly in their state. >> i heardif they vet p voted
8:55 pm
the way hicks did, hillary clinton wins. >> let him finish. >> even if the gap was narrower. every tinge you ruse. >> it doesn't matter. every single metric, hillary clinton wins. all i'm trying to say and the democrats have an advantage because what divides us is not near live the gap that divideds the contract party. >>. >> that's also a failing argument business presston. >> i got to go. >> movement among millennials zip got to go. thank you. >> all right, don. we'll be right back.
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that's it for us tonight. thanks for watching. i'll see you right back here tomorrow night. "the 80s: greed is good" starts right now. in money matters this morning, wall street, where leaping stocks have investors jumping. >> we're going to turn the bull loose. >> one of the great things about this nation is that we can seek profit. >> is money the number one goal? >> yes. >> we've had 29-year-olds making a million dollars a year, expecting to make 2 million the year after that. >> but if you've got plastic money, there's nothing holding you back. >> history will prove the bakers were honest people. >> insider trading could become wall street's watergate. >> what do we call greed the day before an indictment? >> i'm