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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  May 13, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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someone inside, what's the thought that goes through your head? >> hey, i hope i have officer nez bet with me. >> good for them. >> and the man, rashad, said it right. they're just doing their job, but their job plent the world to me. all right, thanks so much. busy working here, but i guys have a great weekend. "newsroom" starts now. and good morning, i'm carol costello, thank you for joining me. the charm continues. right now, donald trump and his campai c campai campaign aides, call for union fee, but trump has other matters to contend with this morning. "washington post" report says there is a lot of evidence that back in the 1990s, donald trump posed as his own public
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relations person, when he talked with reporters, in other words, he used a phony name when he talked with these reporters, and marketed himself. here is audio of one of those calls. >> what is your position there? >> i'm sort of handling pr because we get so much of it. frankly, i mean, i could tell you off the record, off the record, i can tell you that he didn't care if he got bad pr until he got his divorce finished. >> what kind of comment is this coming from your agency? from donald? >> well, it's just that he really decided that he wasn't, you know, he didn't want to make a commitment. >> our senior political reporter, manu raju is following the story. he has more from washington. good morning, manu. >> good morning, carol. this apparently was something pretty common for new york reporters and editors to hear in the early part of donald trump's career, according to the
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"washington post" report that oftentimes, these reporters or editors would get a phone call back that they're working on an article about donald trump from someone either john miller or john baron, his love life, the questions were asking about, his business dealings, and the like. and take a listen for yourself about whether or not you think this is donald trump. >> well, it's just that he really decided that he wasn't, you know, he didn't want to make a commitment. he really thought it was too soon. he is coming out of a, you know, a marriage that -- he is starting a new tremendously -- he it was totally unanimous. he is been working hard and doing well, and probably as you know, real impression in the united states that he is probably doing as well as anybody there is. and frankly, he wants to keep it that way. he thought it was too soon to make any commitment to anybody.
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>> so what will happen when she is is going -- >> he treats everybody well. you know. >> i have met him. >> have you met him? >> yeah, he is a good guy. >> so donald trump was actually asked about this on nbc's "today" show earlier today and he insisted this was not him. >> it was not me on the phone. and it doesn't sound like me on the phone. i'll tell you that. it was not me on the phone. when was this, 25 years ago. >> in the early '90s? >> you mean you're going so low as to talk about something at that took place 25 years ago about whether or not i made a phone call? i guess you're saying under a presumed name. >> yes, under a presumed name. >> okay, the answer is no. >> so the question is whether or not this has any impact on the political campaign that has rewritten all rules. i'm not sure if it does. but donald trump is of course under water with female voters and said things about his love
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life that probably won't play well for that particular voting block and underscores that he is a man of course who has never been a politician in his life and said a lcontroversial thing, being through the tabloids and the like. >> all right, manu raju, reporting live from capitol hill this morning. i want to bring in kaley and matt lewis. welcome to both of you. matt, you know, i'll just be honest. i don't know what to think of this. what do you think? >> first, let me say, i don't think that listening to the audio on television does it justice. earlier today, listened to an eight minute clip, this "washington post" report put out an eight minute long clip. i listened to it with earphones in. so i think got a better sense, in eight minutes, i've been listening to donald trump talk now for years, especially for the last six months, and i think it was him talking under this
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name, john miller. and it is really ununcanny, may it wasn't him, but the mannerisms, the way he spoke, it really does sound like donald trump. and i don't think the audio clips on tv really do that justice. >> and i don't know if we made it clear enough exactly what -- i mean, the john miller or maybe donald trump was talking about on those phone calls, but it was when he was in the midst of a divorce from eye ivana. >> and the weird thing, is the use of the third person, like donald a very good guy. mr. trump is incredibly classy, of course, we think it is donald trump saying it. so it's utterly bizarre that this would come out. but of course, he completely denies it. >> and also, this john miller on the phone, kaley, and i'll let you respond to this. i'm just reading from the "washington post" article, this john miller liked to brag about
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all of the beautiful actresses that liked to throw themselves at mr. trump, actresses, miller said in this call to the reporter, they just call to see if they can go out with him and things. madonna wanted to go out with him. alter ego also boasted that in addition to living with maples, he had three other girlfriends. what do you make of this, kaley? does it bother you as a trump supporter? >> look, i mean, we're speculating this is actually trump's voice, first of all. there is no proof of that, i would like to point out. i'm less concerned with statements he made 25 years ago that may or may not have been his voice. i'm more concerned with the statements hillary clinton made four years ago. we just heard steve king come on this program and said she blatantly lied in a classified hearing as to the motives of n benghazi to congress. that's per jury. >> that's deflecting. i would like the "washington post" use half of a pry eye on
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hillary clinton and the lies of hillary clinton and they will find a treasure trove of things that they choose not to report because they seem to have a vendetta against donald trump. it is completely unfair and bias that these publications do this. >> i think kaley is right about one thing. this speaks to me, this speaks to being disingenuous. hillary clinton, if you watch her video with the southern accent, that's what this really reminds me of more than anything else, pretending to be this southern gal. >> from chicago. >> sniper fire when she in fact was not. >> but is it a vendetta by the "washington post"? is it a fair story, matt? >> well, looks, it is absolutely fair. i don't think it will move that many voters, because look, if you like donald trump, this is baked into the cake. he does weird, bizarre things. he is a showman. he likes to troll the media. this maybe helps him amongst his supporters. if you're people like me, who
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are skeptical of trump and maybe scared of donald trump frankly, this is like one more piece of evidence that you've compiled that says, like, this guy is, you know, this is bizarre, weird behavior, to pose allegedly, but you know, it seemingly pose as an alter ego. so i don't think it moves the needle t hardens opinions about donald trump. >> the fact it looks really, i think it will backfire, because here is the thing. it looks entirely desperate when you are digging through this man's past, going 25 years back, finding anything and everything you can use to try to depict him as dishonest or a liar, i think voters think it is silly. i think voters care about jobs, terrorism, they don't care about this. it looks very desperate and will end up back firing. >> let's talk about issues. that's a good segue. everyone is talking about donald trump's muslim ban and how he is sort of backing away that he would ban muslims from coming into the country, because there
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could be exceptions. he was asked about on the morning shows this morning. here is what he said on the "today" show. >> i'm not the president right now. so anything i suggest is really a suggestion, and if i were president, i would put in legislation and do what i have to do. >> but would you put in legislation -- >> i'm looking at it strongly. we have an islamic, we have really a problem with radical islamic terrorism. we have a president that doesn't want to use the term. he refuses to use the term, even though there are so many problems. he refuses to use it -- >> are you softening your staces and using subtle differences to be more moderate to attract speaker ryan? >> no, i'm not softening my stance. i'm flexible on very many issues and i think you have to be that way. i'm not softening my stance. we have a major problem and we have to look at the problem and solve the problem. we have a president that doesn't even talk about the problem. he won't even use the words. he won't even call by its right
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name. >> so kaley, when donald trump says it is a suggestion, what does he mean. >> what he said in the debates, he is flexible on things. that's how you get things done in the country. you don't get things done by not reaching out to congress the way the current president has. he is going to suggest these things. we know where he stands, he wants to secure the border, protect the country, he wants to renegotiate the trade deals. he is going to on flexible with congress. >> don't voters, kaley, want to know how he'll do that and if he wants to secure the border by building the wall, shouldn't they be more than suggestions. >> they're proposals. i think voters know where he stands. they know the things he'll put before congress, but who knows where it will ends up at the end of the day. >> so i guess as a voter, like i'm just trying to take myself out of the reporter box, and i'm listening to my candidate and giving me a bunch of suggestion,
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way m which may or may not happen. don't you want someone who can make things happen. >> i want someone who says what they stand and have principles. likewise, we can talk about hillary clinton flipped on trade, supported t approximate. p, now all of a sudden against it. i don't know why she stands. when a majority of the country gets on one side of the issue, she flips. >> that's why voters are so frustrated with politicians. i'm just trying to figure out what exactly mr. trump means. what do you think, matt. >> yeah, it's unclear to me where either of these -- these are two incredibly unlikable candidates. i don't really know where either of them stands at the end of the day. and i do think donald trump is softening now, and he goes back and forth. i just have to say, i think paul ryan, this may be part of the
6:12 am
sed du seduction of paul ryan and could you have a republican party saying, hey, it didn't work with donald trump. maybe we need to finally win some hispanic and women voters. if paul ryan allows his message, his sort of more compassionate conservative message to be co opted by donald trump, he'll be in a less enviable position. >> the most damage that has been done to the republican party is mitt romney being leaked of him saying he is dismissing 47% of the electorate, because they're dependant on government, because they'll vote with the president. donald trump has come into the party and said no, i'm going out for every voter. i think people should have health care. i think women should have help funding. i am standing and making this party more compassionate to sta stark contrast. >> i've got to leave it there. kaley, matt, thanks to both of you. >> thank you. how appropriate to see
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bernie sanders at mount rushmore this week, as hillary clinton nomination is almost carved in stone. they're wondering why he is still trying. but sanders says he is the stronger candidate. he is the one who can beat donald trump. now a group of sanders supporters reportedly want him to concede to clinton, and make an independent run. cnn chris frates is in washington with more on that. good morning. >> good morning, you're absolutely right. bernie sanders took his long shot campaign to south dakota yesterday, firing up his faithful with reasons to believe that he can still beat hillary clinton. now, it is mathematically impossible, as you point out, for sanders to win enough delegates in the remaining contest to clinch the nomination. so sanders is instead arguing that he could win more pledged delegates than clinton when the primaries end next month of but that's even a high bar. sander wos need to win 67% of the remaining pledged delegates. and even then, sanders would
6:14 am
need super delegates. those are the party bigwigs who also get a vote at the convention. he would need them to flip their support in order to win. and that's very, very unlikely. now, sanders is still arguing that he is the candidate best positioned to take on and beat donald trump. but when pressed about it yesterday, he acknowledged that clinton could also defeat the presumptive gop nominee. >> i am not here to say that hillary clinton can't defeat donald trump. i absolutely believe that he she can. but i believe that quite honestly, bernie sanders is the stronger candidate. >> now, clinton has maintained a lower profile than sanders over the past couple of days. her only event yesterday was a meeting with hiv activists at her brooklyn headquarters, and no events scheduled today. meanwhile, sander also be in bismarck and fargo, north dakota, carol. >> all right, chris frates, thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom,"
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long security waits, missed flights, maybe a travel nightmare sounding familiar. take a look at this. the jackson hartsfield airport. i feel for you. with the busy season fast approaching, they're expected to get longer. look at what it looked like yesterday at phoenix sky harbor. a computer glitch took down the tsa for a while. they had to get screened in vegas. i know, your blood is boiling, right. the head of the tsa is expected to address those frustrations at a news conference later today. let's talk about it now with dot
6:20 am
inspector general, mary scavio. hi, mary. >> hi, carol. >> is y is this happening now? >> because of the vast increase in travel that happens every year in the summer peak season and the high nine. now, the tsa should be prepared and ready for it, but to put it in perspective, they screen 710 million passengers a year, and 2 billion pieces ever bags, and that increases every year by 40 million passengers and bags at about 20%. so they are seeing rapid increases in travel, because of the cost and availability, and they haven't kept pace with the demand. >> like in atlanta, sometimes people have to wait in line for three hours to get through security. that's just, that's just crazy. in new york, it's not much better. the new york port authority, overseeing the new york city
6:21 am
three airports, it wrote a letter, essentially threatening to fire the tsa, and replace it with private companies. atlanta's airport did the very same thing. so is privatizing the tsa the answer? >> no, that's not answer. there are a few airports in the united states have it and they did it with special permission to do that. they were tested and pilot programs. people have to remember, when we have privatized airport security on september 11th, 2011, we had no over sight, our screeners weren't even citizens, and in some cases, as we learned in the 9/11 litigation, we didn't even know who they were. we didn't have trained security personnel. so the tsa was formed in november 2001, and it's easy to say it is a disaster, but the statistics have changed.
6:22 am
in just 18 months before 9/11, we had 30 cockpit intrusions. in the 30 years leading up to september 11th, we had 109 domestic hijackings and 53 foreign hijacking, this is just u.s. carriers. so things have changed dramatically with the tsa and what people need do is to get the precheck. it is under $100 and you go through the precheck lines, and the tss committed not to clog those with high paying passengers, to save it forpre check people. >> i have it and i love it. >> me too. >> a lot of people knock the tsa. they believe it is just luck that something dire hasn't happened in the air, with a bomb getting through, it is just luck. they're so inept, they probably didn't have anything to do with it. i hear that all the time. what do you say? >> i say no, because of what the statistics show, just in terms of their success and the number of gunls, 2,700 guns a year,
6:23 am
that's increasing dramatically, and the fact that we have been able to thwart it, i think the system is blinking red again, but most likely, the holes that terrorists will exploit will be parts of the airport that do not have secure see coverage. most of the workers report everyday without going through screening, as in the attacks overseas, terrorists have exploited those loopholes. they have to be closed i. the tsa does not have the percent in he will or the money to do that. the tsa effectiveness has to be increased. they still miss test weapons going through the test. the offers ice of inspector gen still does testing, and the tsa still fails. they must be closed, particularly now, given the
6:24 am
world events. so i don't give the tsa a pass but they are so much better than 9/11 that i don't think you should throw them out just because we're having problems. but boy, we can't go back to a private system like we had before. it was a disaster, called 9/11. >> mary, thanks so much. >> thank you. checking other top stories at 24 minutes past, we could find out in the next hour if the gun used to kill treyvon martin will still be up for auction. george zimmerman originally listed the gun on gun broker, but they pulled the plug on the sale. a second sale, united gun group said it would not list the gun, but they later told cnn an official decision will be made later this morning. the officer in charge of ten american sailors in the water in january has been fired from his job. the navy says other personnel could face disciplinary action. the sailors were detained for
6:25 am
about 15 hours. it almost caused a last minute snag in securing the iran nuclear deal. trial resumes today for one of six baltimore police officers in the death of freddie gray. two officers may be forced to testify. prosecutors said edward nero did not follow proper training protocols while making the arrest. the defense argues the officer was not even involved in gray's apprehension. still to come in the "newsroom," public schools get assistance from the federal government. why weigh yourself down? try aveeno® sheer hydration. its active naturals® oat formula... ...goes on feather light. absorbs in seconds... ...keeps skin healthy looking and soft.
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just minutes ago, the white house raised the stakes, the fight over public restrooms and transgender rights, the administration just issued guidance to public schools amid
6:30 am
a debate. gender identity must be respected or the school could lose federal funding. at issue, which bathrooms and locker rooms transgender students can use. the debate drew a standing room only crowd at a north georgia high school, with emotions running high all sides. >> i was beaten up by two males who said that if i wanted to look like a guy, they would treat me leak a guy. >> they will never sit foot in the school again. i will stay at home everyday and home school. >> we shouldn't judge them, because -- or discriminate thence or anything, because of their differences. >> cnn senior washington correspondent, joe johns has more on what -- on today's new federal guidelines. good morning, joe. >> good morning, carol. the justice department and education department coming together to give some guidance in the form of those letters to schools on how to apply title 9,
6:31 am
the federal law that protects equal rights and education to transgender students, including how it applies to bathrooms and locker rooms. the letter says schools are supposed to respond to harassment and treat the students according to their chosen identity. it doesn't mandate, but allows school to allow additional privacy. the students should not be required to use shared bathrooms or changing spaces if other options available. the school should use the students preferred name and gender identify, with no medical diagnosis and treatment, and no requests for birth certificates, and/or medical evaluations. these letters are not supposed to have the force of law. it is more of a clarification of existing law. but at a time when the federal government and the state of north carolina have filed dueling lawsuits over related matters, it is one more sign
6:32 am
this administration in late stages is hitting this hard as a civil rights issue, carol. >> all right, joe, reporting live this morning. thank you. and good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. the u.s. secret service is investigating the former butler. tony senecal, pointsing this on his facebook page that mr. obama should have been, quote, taken out by our military and shot cnn asked him if he regretted the post, and he told us this, quote, i think said hung. either way, i don't care. hanging, shooting, i prefer he would be hung from the porticle or as i call it the white mosque. he worked as trump's butler at his mar-a-lago report, and he gives tours there. i interviewed him in miami a few months back. he was a man of few words, but no miss taking his loyalty to
6:33 am
mr. trump. >> when you watch mr. trump at these debates, he is the man you know personally or he is someone else? >> no, he is the man that i know. for twenty-some years, we carried on that same debate. >> what same debate? >> the debate that he is having now. his interest in the american people. his patriotism. the man was born on flag day. he is a very patriotic person. he is not the great, gruff person that people play him out to be. sure, you attack him, he is going to fight back. but most of the time, he is just a nice man. i mean, i lasted with him for 20 years. he had to be pretty good. >> trump's campaign has disavowed what they call senecal's horrible statements
6:34 am
about president obama. trump's camp does say senecal has not worked for mr. trump in years, but senecal's violent vitreal paints trump. it worries republican ready to embrace a more diverse america. the question now, if trump is the new face of the republican party, how does that define the gop? so let's talk about that with cnn political commentator and editor in chief, john avalon. hi, john. >> good morning, carol. >> how would you define the republican party today? >> i would define the republican party as being fractured, along ideological lines, war lord status. the cohesive elements i think are a belief in the rhetoric of freedom, but where that comes down in policy is still very much open to debate. the old divisions even on fiscal conservative have fallen away, at least in the form of donald trump. and what you need to deal with
6:35 am
is the gap between, you know, the paul ryan group, that's interested in governing, interested in policies, ideas and philosophy, and the conservative populous, democrats in the past are now republicans rallying around donald trump. the comments about his butler indicate a larger problem, not just tone from the top, because if someone believes those things and doubles down with that kind of rhetoric, there is no way you hide that over a two decade relationship. if people like that are rallying around donald trump because they believe he speaks for them, that's a big problem for the republican party, whether they want to own it or not. >> well, in fairness, mr. trump's camp did come out immediately and disavow what tony senecal said on his facebook post. >> what else are you going to do? of course they are. but again, this isn't a staffer of donald trump. that's true. but if you look over the course of president obama and his administration, and you know, i
6:36 am
wrote a book called "wing nuts" a few years ago, the populous push back and there are extremes on left and right, but the ugliness and the racial tone hatred towards president obama on the fringes of our society, that stuff bubbles up and when you see it, when you capture it, its expression in something like a facebook page of a guy who is donald trump's butler for 20 years, it unveils the ugliness, and those are forces that can't be encouraged and tried to move it in a constructive direction. those are destructive forces and they need to be called out. not just denounced, but the character that you've associated yourself with for 20 years, that's a problem. >> so you would -- i know speaker ryan is concerned about the way that mr. trump talks. he wants to tone things down. he wants his party to be more inclusive, but it looks like he
6:37 am
is moving toward unity, right? he'll eventually get behind donald trump. so should speaker ryan do that? or should he just hold out? >> no. look, i think the republican party right now is divided between people who are the resistance to donald trump and the people who are rationalizing in party unity. what it is you're owning and associating yourself with, because when it comes time to rebuild the republican party and to try to rebuild it and make it more inclusive, association with the policies that donald trump has articulated in the primaries, from blocking out muslims to building walls to calling mexicans rapists, those are going to be things that are not incidental, no matter how much you try to put them to the side. they're fundamental. this a time for choosing for the republican party. >> so it's worth losing the white house for the future? >> yeah, i mean, i don't think
6:38 am
backing donald trump is going to make the difference between donald trump winning or losing. the problem will come with swing voters, demographics he is under water with, and the demographic math and the swing states. right now you have guy that won the republican nomination by appealing tots conservative populous base in ways that are kryptonite that you need an election. paul ryan playing cozy isn't going to make the difference between winning or losing. it may keep the house of representatives and that's probably where the real fight will go. but you know, setimes party unity asks too much. this a question of principle. the fact that both presidents bush, john mccain and romney said they can't back trump is a statement of principle. >> all right, john avalon, thank you so much. still to come in the newsroom, killed on the streets, he once tried to escape.
6:39 am
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a man featured on cnn ducu series, "chicagoland", now looking for his killer. in the cnn series, he faced homesness, a poor education, and even becoming prom king. in chicago telling us more, ryan. good morning. >> good morning, people talk about this all the time when it comes to chicago violence. they want to see a change. they want to see something happen differently, and this is one of those kids people were watching, hoping his life would move forward. the idea that this kid was also not only went from being a gang member to being a prom king and going to the honor roll, getted admitted into college. there were so many moments in the individual i don't he that we showed from "chicagoland kwthd talking about what she wants for his life, listen to the moment, because this stuck with a lot of people in their hearts." >> i think we have to think
6:44 am
what's the long-term plan for your life, and we want to be as a man. >> those, actually, i don't ahae a plan. >> what do you think maybe in january, what do you think about going away to college or a trade school? >> i wouldn't mind going away. >> give me your word, we'll meet up at some point next week. you know me, i keep 100% real. you know how i am. i don't want to hear nothing bad happening to you. i don't want to be going to your funeral. >> unfortunately, we now know that will probably happen. the 22-year-old was shot and killed, not even sure if chicago police have a good lead in the case, because he was left in the street dead. now we know elizabeth doser, who cared so much for this man, she reacted to his death just yesterday. >> come on, you know, so i called, i kept trying to process it. i called, like i started calling people, like to verify. he really represented the complexity of the issues that our kids face, and that's one of
6:45 am
the reasons why his story would be interesting to have on the show, right, because it's complex. it is not easy like one size fits all. we will do this and things get better. it's complex. >> carol, we know we can't cover every death that happens here in chicago, but to give you so perspective here, his girlfriend was killed three weeks ago, a gunman popped out, she was shot and killed, now three weeks later, he is shot and killed on a street. we know violence has been in an up tick here in chicago. we're on pace for 500 murder in the city. people are worried about the summer months, because there will be even more violence in the summer, with so many already shot. this highlights the situation, a man trying to turn around his life and still ends up losing his life to the way of a gun.
6:46 am
>> hearbreaking. ryan, thanks so much. i'll be right back. (vo) when i first took jake home we ate anything. until i decided we both needed to eat better. now jake gets purina cat chow naturals indoor a nutritious formula for indoor cats with no artificial flavors. it helps to control hairballs and maintain a healthy weight. so these days, we're both eating better. naturally!! purina cat chow. nutrition to build better lives. a branch catches me here.our. you think that stopped me? i was about to be the first 3rd grader to jump the cook county creek.
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6:50 am
a washington post columnist has officially redefined the term reader's digest. dana milbank promised last year he would eat his column if donald trump won the republican nomination and true to his words, or in this case 749 words, he ate them. nouns, verbs, ink, paper, all in an eight-course meal.
6:51 am
a d.c. chef did the cooking and i have to say the meal, doesn't that look delicious. dana joins us live to tell us how many times he got up in the night. good morning. >> hey, carol. >> was it good? >> the night, no, not so much, but the meal itself tasted just fine. you know, and for your viewers who are considering eating newspaper at home, i recommend grinding it very finely. it's a texture issue. the taste of the news print is actually just fine, particularly in a nice falafel or a dumpling. >> i was watching your facebook post of the whole thing and you said your worry was if you just eat the paper it would turn into that spitball kind of thing and be gluey -- >> i yeah. i felt like i was back in third grade but this time it's like the teacher caught you and you had to swallow it, but we did have the wine to make it a little easier. >> how was the trump wine? >> let's just say i'd rather eat a newspaper, but it's not -- maybe we had a couple of bad
6:52 am
bottles. i shouldn't blame trump or the winery but it was near unto gasoline. >> oh, my gosh. did you ever think of not keeping your promise? >> i don't think that was really an option. you know, some people said, well, you could have printed it out with edible ink on edible paper or made it into a smoothie, but i think that would have been cheating and really had to eat the genuine substance in some form that was somewhat close to newspaper. so, look, whatever digestive pain i suffered is nothing like the pain that, you know, i expect to experience as a political journalist over the next six months. >> why do you think so many f l political journalists got trump wrong? >> well, for a whole variety of reasons. a lot of people just thought he was a flash in the pan, just a showman. that wasn't what i thought. i thought he was dangerous and serious. i just thought the american voters in the end are better
6:53 am
than that, than all of this sort of demagoguery we've been seeing, and, you know, most people didn't in the republican primary, didn't vote for trump. he got 38%, but it was enough to win. so fair is fair. i got it wrong. so i ate my words, and i'm going to be very careful about making predictions for november. >> i was just going to ask you what your prediction for president of the united states would be in 2016. >> well, it's easy to predict, but the question is what do you back it up with. i talked to chef victor who prepared this yesterday and he said let's have a celebratory meal if trump loses rather than eat something painful if he wins, and i think that digestionwise, journalismwise, this is just going to be the right thing to do. >> dana bhmilbank, thanks for coming in. still to come in the "newsroom," is voting for donald trump a dating deal breaker? political views and romance
6:54 am
collide on a new matchmaking site. yes, that's next. i'm going 100 miles per hour. jump 50 feet over the rapids and i crash land. check out my scar. there's nothing there! you didn't jump the creek! there's a new neosporin antibiotic that minimizes scars. new neosporin plus pain itch scar
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6:58 am
anti-trump americans looking for love might be able to find it in canada. jeanne moos has more. >> reporter: you may not think of donald trump as a matchmaker but he could inspire cross border romance between americans and canadians if maple match ever gets off the ground with its catchy slogan. >> make dating great again. >> reporter: the website's mission, maple match makes it easy for americans to find the ideal canadian partner to save them from the unfathomable horror of a trump presidency. austin, texas, resident and hillary supporter joe goldman dreamed up maple match. >> i always liged maple syrup. i have 12 liters of maple syrup at home. i'm a fan of the flavor. >> reporter: joe says maple
6:59 am
match started as a fun experiment but within days 20,000 americans have signed the wait list and 5,000 canadians. every day the number grows. sure, people have been joking about moving. >> will donald trump be our next president? if that mother [ bleep ] becomes president, i'm moving my black [ bleep ] to south africa. >> reporter: miley cyrus instagrams, gonna vom, as in vomit, move out the country, #ain't a party in da usa anymore. cher tweeted if trump were to be elected i'm moving to jupiter. but some like lena dunham sound serious. >> i'm 100% moving to canada. i love canada. >> she has a "b" actor and has no mojo. >> reporter: maple match has mojo in terms of generating interest. it looks like maple match will be as slow as, well, maple syrup. questions about when the site
7:00 am
might work got vague answers. joe, i'm sorry, it's like talking to donald trump. is it ever going to be really like a dating site? >> at this time i really can't say for sure. we're really trying our hardest. >> reporter: maple match is asking who you'd like to shack up with before the shack is built. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> the next hour of cnn "newsroom" starts now. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. donald trump continues to woo republicans on capitol hill this morning where his advisers are meeting with house lawmakers to shore up support. that meeting taking place as a surprising new report from "the washington post" says there is evidence that back in the 1990s donald trump posed as his own public relations person when he talked to reporters by phone. in an audio recording obtained
7:01 am
by "the washington post," that spokesman talked with a reporter from "people" magazine about the end of trump's marriage to his wife ivana and his new relationship with marla maples. here is the audio. >> what is your position? >> i'm handling pr because he gets so much of it. i can tell you off the record that he didn't care if he got bad pr until he got a divorce. >> what kind of comment is coming from, you know, your agency on donald. >> he decided he didn't want to make a commitment. >> our senior political reporter manu raju has more from washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. apparently, carol, this is actually not news. a number of new york editors and reporters who covered him back in the '70s and '80s actually according to this "washington
7:02 am
post" report, this is fairly common for them when they were calling for comment to the trump campaign, trump office, whether it was about his love life or business dealings. sometimes they would get a call back from a john barron or john miller. sounded like donald trump, called him a great man. we have more recording. take a listen for yourself. is this donald trump? >> well, it's just that he really decided that he wasn't, you know, he didn't want to make the commitment, he didn't want to make a commitment. he really thought it was too soon. he's coming out of, you know, a marriage and he's starting to do tremendously well financially. he's been working hard and doing well and probably, as you know, there's a real estate depression in the united states and he's probably doing as well as
7:03 am
anybody there is and frankly he wants to keep it that way. he thought it was too soon to make any commitment to anybody. >> so what is going to happen -- is she being asked to leave or is she going to be allowed to stay? >> he treats everybody well. you know, you don't know him -- >> no i have me have met him? >> you have met him? he's a good guy. >> reporter: in the 1980s trump actually did admit that sometimes he did go by the name of john barron but today he sung a different tune. he was confronted with this audio on nbc's "today" show and denied that he did anything like this. >> it was not me on the phone, and it doesn't sound like me on the phone, i will tell you that, and it was not me on the phone, and when was that, 25 years ago? >> the early '90s. >> you're going so low as to talk about something that took 25 years ago about whether or not i made a phone call. i guess you're saying under a presumed name. >> yes, under a presumed name. >> okay. the answer is no.
7:04 am
>> reporter: now, the question is does this have any impact to the campaign that has rewritten all sorts of rules about american politics. so far things like this, embarrassing episodes from his past, has not hurt him in the primary election. the question though is will it hurt him in the general election. trump has said all sorts of things over the years and those things will continue to come out, carol. >> manu raju reporting live for us this morning. thank you. so let's talk about this. here now s.e. cupp, a sr conservative columnist, jeffrey lord and angela rye. welcome to all of you. s.e., what do you make of this? >> i have to be honest. i think it's kind of funny, and i have always admired donald trump's hustle, and i think that this was perfect donald trump, you know, master marketer, mabsmabs
7:05 am
master brander. that doesn't bother me. it bothers me he's lying about it, especially since he admitted it was him in the past. what bothers me the most is by nominating a truly unserious person, we're not talking about actual issues. i'm not throwing shade at the "washington post" or at you guys or us, but this is, of course, what you talk about when donald trump is the nominee, and instead of talking about hillary clinton, who is a truly contemptible person, totally unqualified to become our next president of the united states and all the reasons why, we're talking about the fact that donald trump once pretended to be someone else to get some press. >> i would suppose you would agree with that, jeffrey. >> carol, i find this amusing on a couple counts. number one, earlier in my misspent youth i was both a press secretary to both a congressman and a u.s. senator, and, of course, i worked in the white house. i can't tell you how many times
7:06 am
principals, p-a-l-s principals, give stories to "the washington post" and other media on the condition that, well, you don't say who i am. this kind of thing goes on all over the place in washington, d.c., all of the time, so, i mean, this was just donald trump's version of it. i find the whole thing hilarious. the second point is this is exactly the kind of story that "the washington post" does on republican nominees. four years ago they ran a story that when mitt romney was in high school he and a bunch of kids tackled some guy and cut off his kid and the guy later in life turned out to be gay and tried to paint mitt romney as a incident in high school. this is typical of what goes on when you're the republican nominee for president. i think nobody is going to care to be perfectly candid. >> angela, is this just a case of mr. trump being slimed by
7:07 am
"the washington post"? >> of course i don't agree with that, carol. i wanted to go back to something that s.e. said, and that is, you know, these are the kind of stories you can expect because you have the cheap apprentice himself running for president. it's also hilarious to me since we're laughing this morning, jeffrey, that s.e. said that hillary clinton is a contemptible person and unqualified. it is laughable to me that this is your nominee, but yet hillary clinton, who has a record of actually doing things in the government, whether you agree with them or not, actually being a senator elected by the new york people, they spoke, someone who shattered glass ceilings in 2008 as a woman who made it really far as a democratic -- almost to a democratic nomination, and then now, of course, having a record as secretary of state under the obama administration. it's actually laughable that we're talking about someone who has to pose as himself or to not be himself and then deny himself more than three times like peter did jesus but he's denying himself.
7:08 am
that's the funny thing to me. so this guy we'll remember, of course, tomorrow that it actually was him but this is your nominee that you're talking about. >> when you listen to all of these recordings and here is the thing because mr. trump does have a woman problem. if it was mr. trump posing as john miller, this pr person, he was bragging an awful lot about actresses who wanted to three themselves at him sexually. he brings up kim bassinger, he brings up carly bruney and madonna. he assures the reporter nothing happens. >> trump, as you mentioned, already has a problem with women and i think stories like this are part of the trump brand that we've known for years and years and years. i'm not sure that any of these revelations that he was kind of a hound dog, you know, in his past relationships are really
7:09 am
going to be bombshells. again, what i'm disappointed in is that -- the fact that we're not talking about hillary clinton's record, and angela is right, she has a record. she's ghot a long one, and whether you think it's a good record or a bad record, i wish that would say what we were talking about and instead because donald trump has not been running a serious campaign where he's insisted that the issues are what we need to be talking about and has insisted on giving substantive answers about how he would change the country, instead he's just sort of blurted out opinions and said, you know, attention-grabbing things, that's sort of where we're all going. it's really just -- it's disappointing. if you care about the future of the country and not so much, you know, donald trump's past love life, then this has been a pretty disappointing and uninspiring primary season. >> here is something for you, s.e. donald trump did talk about whether he'd release his tax returns, right? and he again said on "good
7:10 am
morning america" that he would release his tax returns when the audit is complete. but then he got very testy with george stephanopoulos. listen to this exchange. >> do you believe voters have a right to see your tax returns before they make a final decision? >> i don't think they do, but i do say this, i will really gladly give them -- not going to learn anything -- but it's under routine audit. when the audit ends, i'm going to present them. that should be before the election. >> richard nixon released his tax returns even though he was under audit and when you were seeking a casino license in pennsylvania and new jersey, you released the returns to the state officials even though you were under audit. >> i am under audit now, and as soon as the audit ends, i'll release my returns. >> if you were willing to release your tax returns to get a casino license, why shouldn't voters see them before they make you commander in chief? >> well, because at the time it didn't make any difference to me. now it does. >> what is your tax rate? >> it's none of your business. you will see it when i release but i fight very hard to pay as
7:11 am
little tax as possible. >> you said you would release your tax returns when secretary clinton released her e-mails. she has turned over all the e-mails in her possession -- >> she didn't turn over all. there are plenty missing. i read yesterday there's plenty missing. i know she's a good friend of hers and you worked for them and you didn't reveal it, but, you know, she did not turn over her e-mails. there are a lot of e-mails missing. >> there were e-mails from her staffers missing -- >> there are e-mails missing all over the place. the whole thing is a scam. >> okay. so, jeffrey, i just want you -- i'll get to you in a second, angela. i'm sure you have something to say. but i want to go to jeffrey first because mr. trump says his tax rate is none of our business, and he doesn't think voters have a right to see his taxes before the election. jeffrey, really? >> carol, i have to say, i think this whole business of taxes, releasing tax returns, is just crazy at this point. frankly -- >> of course you do, jeffrey. >> -- most american presidents did not release their tax
7:12 am
returns. -- >> come on, jeffrey. you know that's not true. any person running for president since 1976 has released their tax return. >> although, carol, this country has been around since 1787 -- >> in 1787 the president didn't release their tax returns. >> no, they didn't. >> why does that matter. ? why would something that happened hundreds of years ago matter? >> this is not in the constitution. it's a political game that people play to get the opposing candidate, you know, snoop around in -- >> carol, if this were hillary clinton, if this were barack obama and they had refused to release their tax information, people like jeffrey would be calling this an outrage. they'd be calling this an outrage and after having real serious debates about the opacity of this administration and administrations before it and the refusal of certain political figures to release all
7:13 am
of their information and tell the truth, i think it's a huge double standard that trump defenders are giving him a pass on stuff that they wouldn't give a pass much lesser a refusal for other people. >> here is something else that mr. trump said that i just want you all to address. he also said -- you know, mr. trump released his taxes to get a casino license, right? he did that. and he said he did it at the time because it didn't make any difference to me and now it does. >> right. >> so -- >> there you go. >> he released his taxes to get a casino license but not to run for president of the united states. >> guys, i am saying -- what i'm trying to communicate to you politically speaking, what is one of the sorest issues in america today with a lot of people. that is the irs. they feel the irs has become -- >> oh, come on, jeffrey.
7:14 am
>> -- totally, tote l yaally politicized. >> you won't release taxes an you know every presidential candidate does this. >> every presidential candidate has not done this. >> now he's going to hold his tax returns because hillary clinton still has e-mails that he wants to see. that is not in the constitution either since that's your standard, and it's ridiculous. do you all have a moving goalpost? it moves every minute, every second, every day. we can't meet your standards because we don't know where they are. >> angela, angela, it's called moral and political reltiv relt. if donald trump is interested in exposing the corruption of the irs, as i am, then he should release his tax returns and show everyone what is wrong with the irs. >> i'd like to know -- >> yeah. >> i'm wondering why he's under
7:15 am
audit in the first place. how about that? >> so would i, jeffrey. why don't you call and ask him. >> i mean, you know -- >> okay. i'm going to leave it there. thanks for the spirited debate. >> you can't keep up, carol. >> i can't. thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom," some say it's time for bernie sanders to back down, but could hillary clinton fall with him? (vo) on the trane test range, you learn what makes our heating and cooling systems so reliable. if there's a breaking point, we'll find it. it's hard to stop a trane. really hard.
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liberty mutual insurance. life feels a little lighter, potency probiotic, livelier, a little more you. ultimate flora probiotics. bernie sanders is not just pressing on with his campaign, he says he is the one who could beat donald trump in november. >> i am not here to say that hillary clinton can't defeat donald trump. i absolutely believe that she can. but i believe, quite honestly, that bernie sanders is the stronger candidate. >> there's just one problem for sanders, and her name is hillary
7:20 am
clinton. she has the math on her side. there is a report that some sanders supporters are pushing for him to cede the nomination to hillary clinton and mount an independent bid for president. he's the longest serving independent in congressional history. one critic says the sanders campaign is like the walking dead, a zombie that could harm clinton's chances in november. sanders says he's fighting for the soul of the democratic party. let's talk about this with steve elmendorf, a clinton supporter, and he was the deputy campaign manager for john kerry in 2004 and senior adviser to dick gephardt for many years. welcome, sir. >> good to see you, carol. >> nice to have you here. >> david wade, who also worked on kerry's 2004 campaign, called sanders the zombie candidate. in other words, he says that sanders' campaign is liked walking dead. do you agree with that? >> well, the reality is that
7:21 am
secretary clinton is winning. she's won more votes, won more states, she's won more delegates, and there is mathematically impossible for senator sanders to win. so i think as we see this threat from donald trump who has begun the general election campaign and is attacking hillary clinton on a regular basis, it would be good to get the party unified and get about the business of beating donald trump. >> well, tell us the danger of a so-called zombie campaign. >> well, the danger of going on too long once you have lost is that the, you know, the two most precious assets in any campaign are time and money, and secretary clinton, unfortunately, is having to spend time dealing with senator sanders' challenge right now and is having to spend money dealing with senator sanders' challenge. it would be better spending to time and money getting ready for what is going to be a tough general election against donald trump. i think all democrats and ultimately i think senator sanders and his supporters are going to see that the most important thing we need to do is
7:22 am
elect hillary clinton and stop donald trump, and i think he's got -- you know, time is running out, and there's no way for him to win. >> let's talk about the kerry campaign because it was clear at some point in 2004 that john kerry was going to be the nom anybody yet his democratic rival stayed on. how did that hurt kerry in your mind? >> one, your rivals are bringing up issues that end up becoming the topic of tv commercials from the other side in the general election. we have seen it on our side so far where we have taken commercials where republicans are talking about donald trump are taking video where republicans are talking about donald trump and made it in the videos showing what the republican party thinks about donald trump. you know, it's unfortunate we may face the same problem on the democratic side where people, republicans, take video of people being critical of secretary clinton and using it against her in the general. and, again, we think everybody should get the vote. senator sanders has brought issues to the table, but he can't win. and once you reach that point of
7:23 am
not winning, it's time to get together and figure out how we get about winning the general election. >> you know, there are plenty of democrats who say senator sanders has made hillary clinton a better candidate. so in that sense why shouldn't he stay in the race? >> i agree he has made her a better candidate. i think it's good to have a challenge. i think she has stood up to the challenge and done very well. but there comes a point where it's time to pivot so the general election. as donald trump is currently pivoting to the general election. >> do you think that senator sanders will run as an independent? >> i certainly hope not and i don't think so. he's an honorable man who has brought great issues to the table and who i think, you know, as he has said publicly many times, does not want donald trump to be president. i don't think he wants to be ralph nader. we know what happened in 2000 when we had a third party and what we got out of it was george w. bush and i don't think senator sanders wants to be responsible for a similar
7:24 am
outcome. >> thanks for stopping by. >> good to be here. growing lines and passenger patience wearing very thin. what is with the tsa? one day a rider made a decision.
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man 1:man 2: i am. woman: ex-military? man 2: four tours. woman: you worked with computers?
7:28 am
man 2: that's classified, ma'am. man 1: but you're job was network security? man 2: that's classified, sir. woman: let's cut to the chase, here... man 1: what's you're assessment of our security? man 2: [ gasps ] porous. woman: porous? man 2: the old solutions aren't working. man 2: the world has changed. man 1: meaning? man 2: it's not just security. it's defense. it's not just security. it's defense. bae systems. checking some top stories for you at 28 minutes past. just this morning the obama administration issued new guidance to schools amid an intense nationwide debate over public restrooms and transgender rights. the guidelines say a student's preferred gender identity must be respected and if schools don't comply they could lose federal funding. a 9-year-old girl missing for more than a week in eastern
7:29 am
tennessee has been found. volunteers searching private police report found carly marie trent with her 57-year-old uncle in a remote hillside camp. the uncle has been charged with aggravated kidnapping. carlie appeared to be okay. the coast guard has rescue migrants off the coast of sicily. we're told some syrians and iraqis were on board. they will all be taken to southern italy. russia says doping allegations made against several medal winners at the sochi olympics came as major shock. they say the man making the claims was fired from his job at the head of the lab for faking tests. there has been a call for an immediate inquiry. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining
7:30 am
me. long security waits, missed flights. if you are a regular traveler, you've probably been there, done that. take a look at these pictures from atlanta's hartsfield-jackson airport. these pictures were taken an hour ago. do you see the lines there? i feel for those people. with summer on the horizon, we could be seeing much longer lines because the frustrations don't stop there with the lines. you're looking at 3,000 pieces of luggage at the phoenix sky harbor airport after the computer glitch took down the screening machines. the tsa is on the hot seat on capitol hill as lawmakers look into claims of mismanagement and glants over those long lines. the head of the tsa expected to address those growing concerns at a news conference later today at reagan national airport and that's where tom foreman is this morning. hi, tom. >> reporter: hi, carol. you know, the real purpose of this thing is to -- the os ten cybill purpose is to talk about the increased travel level this summer, the measures that will
7:31 am
be put in place to make it secure and make it move smoothly. obviously they will have a little show and tell talking about all the things they're going to do but that's the os ten cybill purpose. the real purpose is a little damage control. they want to have the homeland security secretary jeh series standing shoulder to shoulder with peter neffenger to say we're standing together and solves these problems because they know they have taken some real punches here in the past few days about improper bonuses to various leaders in the organization while they're saying they have issues with their budget, about improper staffing, about possible profiling. all of these are allegations that were out there that they're just getting pounded over. so they want to stand here and at least make it look like they're headed in the right direction. the big question, of course, is going to be why should anyone believe you when they see problems like they've seen recently. carol? >> and they were terrible problems. some of the people in atlanta are waiting up to three hours to get through security. they missed their flights.
7:32 am
it's just crazy. one of the problems seems to be money, tom, not enough tsa agents are available to do the job, so might congress pony up? >> reporter: well, your guess is as good as mine. congress doesn't seem inclined to pony up for much of anything these days. it's also a fair argument to make that virtually every government agency everywhere in the country says its first complaint is they don't get enough money. if they're not going to get enough money there has to be another solution. that's another question to tsa and homeland security which is to say if you don't get any more money, how are you going to solve the problems. you can't say to the public you have to live with this unless we give you the budget we want. >> some of the airlines have provided added security themselves. is that the solution? >> reporter: you can always lean on the private sector to some degree, but the private sector is going to say, as the airlines
7:33 am
do, we're under enough financial stress already. this is your job. do your job and we'll do ours and we'll make it work. carol? >> i'll be eager to hear what the homeland security man has to say along with the tsa. tom foreman reporting live from reagan national this morning. thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," george zimmerman's plan to sell the gun he used to kill trayvon martin so far thwarted. now we're hearing what martin's family has to say about his attempts to auction it off. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis,
7:34 am
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7:37 am
we should find out at any moment if the gun used to kill trayvon martin will still be up for auction. an official decision from the founder of united gun group was expected to come at the top of
7:38 am
the hour. the website said thursday it would not list the gun. george zimmerman originally listed the weapon on gun broker, but the website later pulled the plug on that sale. the attorney who represented trayvon martin's family is now speaking out. >> it's like he is shooting and killing trayvon all over again four years later with this attempt to auction off this gun like it's some kind of trophy. i mean, it's offensive. it's outrageous, and it's insulting. >> polo sandoval is covering the story for us. >> reporter: good morning. it really has been an eventful 24 hours on this story. george zimmerman turning to one website hoping to sell off what he calls, quote, a piece of american history, but then a gun taking that item off the website. so then he turns to this other one, united gun which opened the bidding at $5,000 yesterday afternoon. now it's up to $65 million,
7:39 am
which, by the way, may not truly be what it seems. in fact, several of the user names that have submitted bids include tamir rice which we know is a young man shot and killed by cleveland police officers a while back. it calls into question the legitimacy of some of these bids. however, that controversy still remains. that item, we checked just a few moments ago, that 9 millimeter pistol is still online. some people have come to the defense of george zimmerman saying he is an american. he was acquitted of this crime. it is his property, and he can do with it what he would like. then you hear back from some of the critics, including trayvon martin's family and, of course, his attorney, saying this would be disrespectful and compares it to something else. take a listen. >> i say to those people, if it was o.j. simpson auctions off the gloves anna nicole brown simpson and ron goldman murder, would they be making the same
7:40 am
argument? why is it a different standard when it's a person of color as the victim and the perpetrator is assumed to be white and it's just we change the rules then. we don't see it as offensive or we don't condone the act. >> reporter: all right. so this is where we are now. zimmerman continues to auction off that weapon on united gun the organizer, at least the owner of that website has said he would reconsider to really decide whether or not it would remain online. he said he would figure that out during this hour. we checked, it is still there. we have not heard back from the owner of that website quite yet. we have reached out. of course, we'll let you know what he decides a little later today, carol. >> polo sandoval reporting live. a mother's heart break as her son is recruited by
7:41 am
jihadists only to die in syria. r son is recruited by jihadists only to die in syria. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn because you can't beat zero heartburn! ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. the syrian government says it is committed to peace talks set to resume next week in vienna, even as a fragile cease fire in the city of aleppo
7:45 am
expires. hezbollah says a military commander was killed by an explosion near the damascus airport. he had been indicted by the u.n. for an alleged role in the assassination of the syrian prime minister. our erin mclaughlin has more on a major jihadi recruiting network in belgium. >> reporter: photos from this man's 18th birthday. a family trip to celebrate. one of his mother's happiest memories before he wept to syria. >> we don't know what's happened in syria, but we are sure with what's happened with him when he was here. >> reporter: eight months after that trip, she says her son became radicalized. he sent her a facebook message to let her know he was in syria. then came a chilling phone call. the syrian guy said congratulations, your son just died as a martyr and then he hung up.
7:46 am
it was horrible. when i heard about his death, i felt like i died myself. she says her son was the happiest of her four children. she didn't know the most dangerous jihadist recruitment network in belgium had approached her son. it's known as the zarcani network made up of veteran jihadists and recruiters. some would go on to carry out the terrorist attacks in paris and brussels. because there's no proof of death, he was still convicted. his recruiters were also declared guilty. as you see here, the judge allowed them to walk free pending their appeal. cnn tracked down one of the recruiters to his home address. this is the neighborhood of one of the recruiters convicted alongside refla. his mother said her son called her from syria pleading, refla
7:47 am
wanted to come home. the are you crute e er recruite says no. we're here to ask him why. his mother answers. the recruiter appears and confronts us. his words are not welcoming. he refuses to talk to us on camera. belgian authorities tell cnn they have not notified residents that a convicted jihadist recruiter is living in their midst. we saw a teenaged boy entering the same apartment building. the president of brussels tribunal says in belgium it's not unusual for a criminal to go free while they're waiting for appeal if they're not considered a flight risk. how is it that a convicted member of a terrorist organization sentenced to seven years in prison is allowed to walk free after his trial? >> translator: the judge says that this man's behavior was good throughout the trial and this decision of the judge needs
7:48 am
to be respected. >> reporter: for refla's mother the fact his son's recruiters are free while he is dead is too much. she says it's as if he's died twice. >> i don't really believe in human justice, but in god justice, and he will pay. not here, but by god, and i just want to tell him that my son didn't have a second chance like him. >> erin mclaughlin joins us now from brussels. that poor mother. >> reporter: that's right, carol. and she is very much on a mission. she told me that she learned how to speak english just so that she can communicate to the world what happened to her son. she also set up a nonprofit organization called save belgium which helps parents spot
7:49 am
symptoms of radicalization in their children, suspects that she said she missed back in 2013. they said she didn't even know what radicalization was. she knew that there was something wrong with her son. she said that he stopped seeing his friends, stopped spending time at home, became more religious, but it wasn't until he was in syria that she fully realized what happened to him, and she wants to help other parents make sure that does not happen to them. it's a badly needed perspective here in belgium which is dealing still with the very serious problem of radicalization. carol? >> erin mclaughlin, reporting live from brussels this morning. thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," mark zuckerberg speaks out against concern that is facebook plays down conservative views.
7:50 am
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one half of life with kelly
7:54 am
and michael called it quits today despite hurt feelings and reports of strained relations between the two co-hosts. today was all smiles and jokes, handholding and hugs. originally abc said strahan would stay on through the summer but kelly ripa pushed him out early even if today was presented for laughs. >> it is your final day on the show. >> uh-huh. >> we all came today to celebrate you, and we want to remind the audience that there is a run on discounted merchandi merchandise. collector's items. >> collector's items now. >> bad feelings erupted after strahan's departure was announced by the network without ripa's knowledge. she protested by skipping work for the refs of the west of the. facebook under fire for accusations it censor ed commens
7:55 am
by conservatives. mark durizuckerberg said we hav found no evidence that this report is true. if we find anything against our principles, you have my commitment we will take additional steps to address it. dylan beyer is with me with more. there's no truth whatsoever to these reports? >> well, look, i don't know if there's no truth whatsoever, but it is -- he does have a point when he says there's no evidence, and, of course, this whole story has really taken off and it's a story that remains one based on anonymous sources, and there is no evidence that facebook suppressed conservative stories. i think the larger question here for facebook is it needs to start really understanding and thinking of itself as a media company. i mean, it is the place that people get their news now, and it needs to sort of be more transparent and sort of take
7:56 am
greater responsibility for the role it has in the dissemination and the consumption of news, and i think it's fair for conservatives and conservative news outlets to be concerned about this report, and it's certainly fair for them to ask for a fair hearing from the company, but, you know, this whole thing has sort of snowballed to the point where conservatives sort of willingly believe there's latent liberal bias at facebook and, again, that's all based off one report with an anonymous source. >> so will conservatives meet face-to-face with jeff zuckerberg? and who might these conservatives be? >> well, who the conservatives are we don't know. he has said he will be willing to meet with conservatives. i think he takes this issue very seriously. look, he's sitting at the helm of one of the most influential, powerful, and important companies of the 21st century. it would not be good for him to
7:57 am
lose, you know, one half of the political spectrum. so he will have a meeting. we don't know who that's going to be with yet. he hasn't indicated who that will be with yet. there's one editor at breitbart news who has asked to debate mark zuckerberg. i can't imagine that will happen. i think they will probably release details on who he will meet with and they'll go from there. >> when you say facebook has to realize a lot of people get their news from that source, it has to act more like -- what do you mean by that? does facebook have to check out and see if every post is factual. that's a tall order, isn't it? >> this is the problem that social media companies run into all the time. on the one hand, they're simply platforms for content. they're aggregators of content and they can hardly be responsible for the factual accuracy let alone, you know, the sort of opinions and agendas of news content, but it remains
7:58 am
the case that facebook is the place where a lot of people get their news, and as such they have to think very seriously about what sort of algorithms they use, about how they organize that content, and any indication that they're dismissing content because it has a conservative bent or because, you know, the people sitting in facebook's offices don't think that it's credible, you know, that's something that i think they're going to have to take more seriously than they have been to this point, and i think that's what we saw in zuckerberg's letter, that he takes this issue seriously, and that he will address it, and that they have, indeed, launched an investigation into it. >> dylan byers, thanks so much. checking other top stories for you. the trial resumes for one of six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. two other officers also charged in the case may be forced to testify. during opening statements, prosecutors said edward nero did not follow proper training
7:59 am
protocols. the defense argued that the officer wasn't even involved in gray's apprehension though. the officer in charge of ten american sailors who wandered into iran's territorial waters in january has been fired from his job. the navy says other personnel could still face disciplinary action. the sailors were detained by iran for 15 hours. the diplomatic mess almost caused a last-minute snag in securing the iran nuclear deal. 64 thrill seekers in busch gardens in tampa were stranded when the extreme roller coaster stopped in midrise. a park spokeswoman tells cnn the ride remains closed until the cause of the malfunction can be discovered. the cardinals and angels were tied up three apiece in the fourth inning last night when an orange cat darted across the infield. yes, play stopped as the cat rounded third and then leaped into the stands. you can see the reaction exactly
8:00 am
where it went after that. a fan eventually scooped up the cat and is credited with the save. no word on where the cat is now. it's awesome. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. hi there. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. so his name is donald trump but you can call him the presumptive nominee or call him john barron or john miller. it all works maybe. confused? well, a just plain strange new report from "the washington post" out this morning suggesting donald trump posed as his own public relations person fake names and all and it's all on tape. an alleged spokesperson sounding like trump is speaking by phone with a reporr


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