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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  May 13, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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my son didn't have a sect chance like him. >> reporter: erin mclaughlin, cnn, brussels. >> thanks to erin for that report. that is all for "the lead" few day. i'm john berman and i turn you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now, trump's truth. new questions about donald trump's relationship with the truth and the presumptive nominee denies posing as his only publicist in telephone calls to reporters. after listening to an extraordinary 1991 recording, an audio specialist tells cnn that's trump. breaking the ice. as trump looks to that you his relationship with the gop, his proposal on banning muslims and says that his tax rate is nobody's business. bin laden's son, he's behind a bone-chilling message calling
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for terror attacks. is he being grumoomed to take or the leadership? and long lines. travelers are facing huge lines at security checkpoints at the airport as thousands who checked bags miss their flights. is there any relief in sight? i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." another bombshell from donald trump. a blast from the candidate's past. in previous decades, trump routinely made calls to reporter posing as a binl cyst and answering questions about his business dealings including business relationships and divorces. a recording sounds very much like donald trump speaking in the third person about his exploits. trump says, quote, it was not me. an audio forensic specialist says it's trump's voice.
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this is as he's trying to pass up a badly divided republican party and being pressed on statements that he's made during the campaign. the presumptive nominee says his proposal to ban muslims from the united states was just a suggestion and in the same breath says he's not softening his stance but that he's flexible. trump is refusing to release his tax returns until an audit is complete. he'd be the first nominee, by the way, since 1976, to withhold that information. asked about his tax rate, trump says it's none of your business, adding that he fights very hard to pay as little tax as possible. i'll talk to trump campaign spokesperson katrina pierson. she's standing by live and our correspondents and guest also have full coverage of today's top stories. let's begin with sara murray. could anyone have dreamt that this time donald trump would allegedly, many, many years ago,
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be masquerading as his own publicist? what's the latest? >> reporter: well, wolf, it is just the latest in the bizarre twist in this campaign. reports that donald trump would use assumed names and pretend to be his own spokesman to speak to reporters decades ago. this was the kind of thing that has been fodder for the local press in new york for decades but it's getting renewed attention now that it's the presumptive gop. in an election season that has already seemed unreal, donald trump has trumped himself again. today, he's denying that he used to pose as his own spokesperson in conversations like this one from 1991. >> marla wants to be back with him and wants to be with him but he feels it's too soon. >> what about the ring? >> it was never an engagement ring. >> the audio reveal the reported trump rep talking about future wife marla maples. >> i can tell you this.
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just on the record. there's no way he gets married without a prenuptial agreement. it was painful but worked in the e ivana case. he gets called by everybody in the book in terms of women. >> reporter: the spokesman, who sounds an awful lot like trump, calls himself john mill ser. >> by the way, i'm sort of new here z what is your position? >> i'm handling pr. >> reporter: trump is insisting that's not his voice on the tape. >> that was not me on the phone. that was not me on the phone. and it doesn't sound like me on the phone, i will tell you that, and it was not me on the phone. and when was this? 25 years ago? >> reporter: but the affinity for posing as alias has been fodder for magazines and newspapers and books.
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in "never enough," the author says it's a habit that runs in the family. baron was a character out of fred trump's book. he's been known to go by john baron. these days, another family member has dibs on the name bear baron trump, donald's 10-year-old son and this comes as he holds his ground when it comes to releasing his tax returns. >> what is your tax rate? >> it's none of your business. i fight as very hard to pay as little tax as possible. >> reporter: now, of course, wolf, we know that candidates for president are not required to release their tax returns but this has been the norm since the mid-1970s so the question is what is in donald trump's tax returns and what will that look like under political scrutiny?
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>> i understand some of the top aides are there for the convention in july. what can you tell us? >> reporter: that's right. the business continues here in cleveland. in just two months, there's the gop convention and it's an interesting feel here because trump back the presumptive nominee about a week ago. he's working to unite the party and his aides were here and they were meeting with rnc officials and almost a full day of meetings on what's been planned already, what the stage is going to look like, what the arena is going to look like and officials speaking to them afterwards described it as a first date that went pretty well, wolf. >> thank you very much, sara murray, in cleveland for us. let's bring in dana bash. dana, here's a little bit more of what trump said this morning about his tax returns. listen to this. >> do you believe voters have a right to see your tax returns before they make a final
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decision? >> i don't think they do but i do say this. i will really gladly give them -- they are not going to learn anything but it's under routine audit. when the audit ends up i'm going to present them. >> does this hurt him, the reluctance to release them until the audit is complete? >> i spoke to a number of sources who are mentioned and having a debate about the answer to that very question. on the one hand, he is right, and you heard it from sara murray. it is not the law. the voters don't have a legal right to see the tax returns but it has been the tradition for 40 years. the reason my sources say that they are torn is because they are concerned if it continues to be an issue, it could undercut the republican argument against hillary clinton as not transparent or hiding things. but at the same time, they understand that he's a real
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estate guy and in the words of one source i talked to, probably all legal but the perception of how things are done might be a problem. and this is also interesting, wolf. it's an illustration of how things are different for trump. during the primaries, he didn't have to worry about donors. that was an important selling point for his campaign. now it's different. he's working with the republican national committee on a general election campaign and donors do matter to fund this incredibly expensive campaign and i was talking to one source today who has a lot of discussions with republican donors who say that the donors are concerned about this. they want him to release the returns even though it probably won't be pretty and that they are planning on doing it before the convention. >> during the primary campaign, he self-funded this campaign but that's no longer the case. he says he's going to start raising money together with the republican party and others. thanks very much for that.
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joining us is katrina pierson, national spokesperson for the trump campaign. thank you for joining us. >> thanks, wolf. >> what do you make of trump saying this in the interview, that he didn't think voters had a right to see his tax returns. is that now his position? >> he has said that dfr and in the past. it's not a constitutional requirement to run for president but he's made a commitment to release them after the audit. it's nothing new. >> he says he will release the tax returns as soon as the audit is complete. if he now says he doesn't necessarily have to, there's no right that he has to do it, he's still going to do it, right? >> yes. he said he would. when your legal counsel gives you information, most people would follow that information and they said it's not a good idea to release your tax returning until after the audit. that's simply what he's doing, following the advice of his legal counsel. >> you heard in the exchange
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with george stephanopoulos on "good morning america" when george asked him what is your tax rate, he said, it's none of your business. what did he mean by that? >> that you'll find out when everybody else does. he works very hard to pay the lowest tax rate like most americans. when you have said 100 times that i will release my tax returns after the audit, that's what he means, wolf. >> so he will release it but as of right now, it's not anybody's business what his tax return is. >> it's not george stephanopoulos' business. >> he's seemingly softening his position right now now that he no longer has to worry about getting the republican nomination. now he has to worry about a general election and seems to be
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softening his position on a temporary ban of muzs coming to the united states. he now says that's a suggestion. he seems to be softening on tax policy. is he now moving toward the general election because that's what politicians do? >> mr. trump is saying that all of his policies are suggestions like any other candidate. we all recall that time when if you liked your doctor, you can keep your doctor. guess what, that actually doesn't say the policy. mr. trump was just being very honest with voters and has not back peddled. let me repeat this. he has not back peddled on his muslim ban. he said he would back off of it in an instant if things took place where we could properly vet individuals. this media outcry of how trump has backed off of his muslim ban, i find that absurd. >> he's not talking about a temporary ban on syrian refugees
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coming to the united states. does he still stand by his position there should be a temporary ban on all muslims coming to the united states because now he's saying that's a suggestion. >> well, i've actually heard that the ban included all muslims but it didn't. the facts of the matter is, if you look at the policy, it was an immigration policy and never included americans living abroad and anything other than those looking to immigrate into the country. that's been a totally media spin and completely false. >> he said in that additional statement back in december that there should be a ban on muslims coming to the united states. he since then has modified -- >> he says there can be some exceptions and bottom line, you're the spokeswoman for the trump campaign. is he still saying that there should be a ban on muslims coming to the united states, with one exception, king abdullah, or the knew mayor of london who would like to come to
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the united states, clearly? >> well, we're talking about two different things. the initial proposal, which was a ban on muslims coming into the country as an immigration policy, that talked about until we can figure out what's going on. now we're talking about people like king abdullah or somebody like the mayor. those people, we know who they are, where they stand. so those are the quote/unquote exceptions that he's talking about. if we don't know who an individual is who is trying to come into this country, no paperwork, no way to identify their intentions, those people need to undergo an additional process of evaluation. >> when he made the initial statement, it wasn't just with an immigration policy. it was all muslims including tourists. >> i would highly suggest you go back to the original statement that he read from and the statement that was sent out to every single media outlet in the subject line it says
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immigration. that's the policy banner. >> so he never meant that tourists would be banned from coming to the united states? is that what you're now saying? >> what i'm saying is, it was an immigration policy it never included every single muslim but we have to take a step back f we know who those individuals are, that's a completely different story. >> was there a ban on muslim tourists coming to the united states until the u.s. could figure out what was going on? was that included? >> if these individuals could not be identified and did not have proper paperwork, absolutely. >> if they could be identified, would he allow muslim tourists come to the united states? >> those are the exceptions, wolf. if we can identify you and define your intentions, of course, those are the exceptions. >> a total and complete shutdown at the time. you remember? >> yes. that's the immigration policy, you're right.
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we have seen time and time again that the media twists and turns mr. trump's policies, uses them out of context and use them to reshape the policy and that's not going to happen. >> he says the voice on that audio is about 15 minutes or so isn't him. cnn's drew griffin spoke with a forensic audio specialist today to check that claim. i want you to listen to what that specialist said. >> based on the critical listing and based on pitch results, statics and analysis, i can conclude with a fair degree of scientific certainty that it is donald trump's voice. >> you want to react to that? donald trump this morning on the "today" show said that wasn't his voice. is that still his position? >> yes, it is, actually. i don't know who that person or who is paying that person, it doesn't sound like donald trump to me either and if he says it's not him, it's not him.
2:16 pm
the question i have, though, why exactly is this national news of "people" magazine interview from decades ago, this is not news worthy, wolf. i will tell you i am looking very forward to cnn pushing out audio from the mid-'80s of hillary clinton in an interview with roy reed, how she's laughing about giving up a child rapist. i want to hear that video because it's newsworthy and let somebody from the clinton campaign say that's hillary clinton's voice as she laughs as she had the man's underwear removed from the case and he walked scott free. that's the news. >> here's the issue and i would agree with you, if he was having fun 25 years ago with a reporter from "people" magazine and he was making up this notion that there was a spokesman, that's old history. that's not news. >> it's completely irrelevant. >> but if he lied this morning on national television to savannah guthrie and insisted that was not his voice when experts are now saying it was
2:17 pm
his voice, that raises it to a whole different level. i assume you agree. >> i think donald trump would be the expert on whether or not it is his voice. it's not donald trump. it sounds like a great i am persi impersonation. it is not him. if it's not him, he's not lying. >> if it's not him, he's obviously not lying. but all of these experts are saying it is him. you've heard that audio specialist make the suggestion that i listened very carefully. >> because of pitch and tone or what have you. if you listen to the audio, which many people have, even i have, it does not sound like mr. trump. it sounds like a guy from new york. >> even the a the time he was acknowledging he did occasionally use the name john miller, he was acknowledging that maybe he was having some fun so it's not just an audio specialist. >> very common name.
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very common name, wolf. john smith, john miller. nobody cares. we have very serious problems we have very to little growth. let's get back to the things that are relevant. >> did he have someone on his staff named john miller or john baron? >> i don't know. i'm sure they are checking the records. but this does not end. it was a "people" magazine interview. it was not mr. trump on the audio. it doesn't even sound like mr. trump. again, the voters don't care about this stuff. this is one of the reasons why people go to people like facebook, outlets like facebook to get their news media and why the media ranks under lawyers in favorability. this is not news. >> i would agree it would not be
2:19 pm
news but it is news, katrina, if he actually, as some are now suggesting, that he actually lied on national television. that would be news. >> the reason i'm saying this, the audio was put out as mr. trump posing as, you know, some publicist. that's not news. this is an old interview at "people" magazine that wasn't mr. trump and the news media and audio from the past is news. i look forward to seeing that on the program next week. >> if is wrong to bring up stuff from 25 years ago involving donald trump, why is it right to bring up stuff from 35 years ago involving audiotapes of hillary clinton? >> because it's made up. that's not mr. trump. he says it wasn't me. there's nothing to be gained or lost by saying that it was. that's my point. this is not news. mr. trump was asked and the question was answered. that should be the end of it. >> you know he did testify at one point under oath at a court
2:20 pm
proceeding that he did use occasionally a fake name as a publicist, if you will. he himself has said that. >> well, i do believe the name you're referring to is john baron and in this case it was a guy named miller which is totally not the same thing. >> you're saying there was a john baron. >> let me wrap this part of it up. you're saying there was a john baron and john miller, both of whom are public relation specialists who worked for mr. trump? >> i don't know who worked for mr. trump, wolf. what i'm saying if mr. trump was asked was this you on the phone and he said no. that should be the end of it. it's not a big deal and that's the problem i'm having with this discussion right now. there are so many things we should be talking about. like moving forward in the republican party and like hillary clinton and talking about the policies and not "people" magazine. >> let's take a quick break. katrina, stay with us.
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life feels a little lighter, potency probiotic, livelier, a little more you. ultimate flora probiotics. all right. we're back with katrina pierson, spokesman for the trump campaign. despite the fact that trump himself said he used to use a fake name many, many years ago, despite the fact in a court hearing he said so, you're still saying the voice on that tape is not his. is that right? >> that's exactly what i'm saying, wolf. >> all right. let's move on.
2:26 pm
speaker ryan just days ago met with trump and he said he could not support the speaker's agenda. the speaker is making it clear he has problems with trump's agenda. right now, how close are they to working out their problems because this a huge priority for the republican nominee. >> well, i think they are very close. you'll see recently we released nine house of representative chair men who have come out in support of mr. trump. and i think that we're almost there. you know, this is a paul ryan's decision to hold back. they are holding meetings. look, mr. trump has been committed for the last few months even for party unity. he's been having these meetings on the hill. the staff has been meeting with each other because they want to come together because at the end of the day, winning in november is the common goal. >> donald trump is also working to get support from the republican leadership but there's a problem here just this
2:27 pm
week, as you well know, there was a white nationalist picked as a trump delegate to the convention. donald trump's long-time butler suggested president obama should be hanged, if you will. david duke offered himself up to be trump's vice presidential running mate. this kind of support that he's getting out there, how much of a problem potentially does this pose for donald trump, the support he's getting from these kinds of individuals? >> well, you can't control the actions of everyone else and mr. trump has already disavowed those comments by the former butler and we have had so many people try to infiltrate. there are media outlets pretending to be trump supporters and tried to get that delegate removed from california because they are very cognizant that these types of things are happening yet i have yet to hear anyone talking about the kkk endorse hillary clinton. we haven't seen that yet. these types of things happen in
2:28 pm
politics. people say and do weird things. they are not a part of the campaign and mr. trump can't control everyone. >> and one final question. i want to get back to the whole issue of these tax returns. will he tell the american people -- does he believe the american people have a right to know what his tax rate is? >> mr. trump has said time and time again that he will release his tax returns after the audit. >> but he won't tell us before the end of the audit what his tax rate is. is that right? >> that is correct. i mean, as we have seen, if there is no news, we'll just make it up as we go so why give in to that. mr. trump has said for months he will release his tax returns after the audit, wolf. >> i ask the question because he's got a very detailed plan on reducing tax rates for everyone, middle class, wealthy and i assume the american people have a right to know what his tax rate has been in assessing his tax policy. >> well, sure. mr. trump has been the one to complain that taxes are too high for everyone and how he tries to
2:29 pm
pay the least amount for everyone in this country and i think it's really important that we understand mr. trump is going by his legal counsel after the audit mr. trump will release his tax returns. >> katrina pierson, thanks very much for joining us. >> great to be here. thanks, wolf. >> political experts are standing by to discuss what we just heard. will donald trump keep building support if he keeps changing positions or softening positions or ignoring the traditional rules of presidential campaigns. later, a new face and a familiar name for al qaeda. osama bin laden's son follows in his father's footsteps. i klooks easy...the neighborhood speed record but i wouldn't be able to burn rubber without optum. see i have diabetes... which can make it a little harder
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even as he tries to pass things up with republican leaders, donald trump is grappling with new controversies. joining me is s.e. cupp, chief political analyst gloria borger, micha micha micha micha michael smerconish. >> you've heard him insist that it's not donald trump's voice and you've heard him on the "today" show say it's not his voice. >> of course it is. anyone who has covered donald trump for as long as we have, of course it's donald trump. he's admitted that it was him in the past, that it was jokes he used to play, that he's used
2:35 pm
those names in the past, that he's done that in the past and, frankly, to use a donald trumpism, which he uses five times as this person, he says, frankly five times, i don't really care. i think it's kind of funny and i've always admired the hustler in donald trump and this is what made his a mastermind marketer and brander. but that he's lying about it i think makes him look really small and silly. >> wolf, after this story appeared in "people," the journalist who wrote it headlined a story saying trump says good-bye, marla, hello carla and a mysterious pr man who sounds just like donald calls to spread the story. so this was a little bit tongue in cheek. she knew who it was and then, you know, he's quoted as saying, oh, this was all a joke gone awry which leads me to ask the question, why didn't he say that today? >> i know we've all been meant to believe that the sky is green
2:36 pm
when it comes to the trump but the suspension of disbelief when it comes to this particular story would have to be at unprecedented levels. >> michael smerconish, your analysis? >> we wouldn't be having this conversation right now if he fessed up and said that it was a goof and here's the reaction that i've had all day long watching this play out. we've just concluded a week where this reproachment has been the big headline with paul ryan. what do you think paul ryan is thinking as he watches this unfold? is he now going to do an about-face and say, you know, this, the tax returns, i'm not ready for this. >> peter beinart, what's your analysis? >> look, let's not pretend that this is the first lie that donald trump has told. if you look at polito fact, 76%
2:37 pm
of his statements are false. that's way more than any other candidate. when ted cruz called donald trump a pathological liar, he was right. donald trump has lied about the fact claiming that he opposed the iraq war before the iraq war started, about stuff that is much, much more important than whether he was i mpersonating a spokesman. >> is this going to make any difference whether or not he lied on the "today" show this morning on something that happened 25 years ago? >> no. first of all, i think you'll see some kind of walking back. maybe he'll satisy he didn't he the question right, had a bad earpiece. you're going to hear that. his supporters don't care. about this, i'm glad they don't because this is not as important an issue as so many other things that i wish they would care about. no, the people who are caring, who will care, are those
2:38 pm
undecideds, if there are any left, who are deciding between this very unpopular, likable person. >> what about when george stephanopoulos asked him, what is your tax rate, he said it's none of your business? >> it's interesting because every candidate since 1976 has revealed their taxes. even richard nixon did it in 1973 while he was being audited, i might add. that has nothing to do with revealing your taxes. look, when you run for president and you're down to the final guys or women, you live under a microscope and the american -- again, doesn't matter to his supporters. he's already got those people. but if you're trying to get some persuadables in there, you know, they may want to say, wait a minute, he's inoculated himself to a certain degree because he's said i've always tried to pay the lower rate that i possibly can. but there are lots of other
2:39 pm
things in your tax returns. people learn a lot about you. they learn about your charitable giving and what is important to you and whether there are any conflicts of interest in terms of your investments, who you've done your deals with, who you make your money from and so not only your tax rate, we would presume he's in the highest tax bracket. we don't know. there are plenty of rich people who aren't. but there are lots of other things that the american people should be interested in. >> all right. everyone stand by. there's more coming up. a note to our viewers, an important one, tune in tomorrow morning, michael smerconish at 9:00 a.m. eastern tomorrow morning right here on cnn. also coming up, a familiar name with a chilling message. osama bin laden's son is now grown up. he's calling on terrorists to unite with al qaeda. also, anger at the airports. long lines, lost baggage, the
2:40 pm
feds are promising quick action with no compromise in safety. we'll update you.
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2:45 pm
launching a big program which they say should hopefully cut these lines down by the big crush of summer. they don't call it a crisis at this point but say it's imperative that these plans are put into place and fast. long lines in chicago, long lines in atlanta, thousands of bags piled up and delayed in phoenix under withering criticism the tsa administrators stood shoulder-to shoulder with homeland security to say that they are taking action. >> we want to keep passengers moving but we want to keep passengers safe. >> it's just a huge fail in government program and it will fail. >> in the wake of a scolding on capitol hill and heading into the busy travel season, tsa is launching a ten-point plan to reduce delays, including new limits on the size and number of carry-on bags, more officers, more bomb-sniffing dogs and advanced technology and a
2:46 pm
greater emphasis on the tsa precheck program. in short, more of everything that they have pushed before. why should anyone believe this one will work? >> because we are in fact bringing on more tsos and more tso overtime and investing in more k-9s and technology. >> it may be too little too late. some are i can maimaking noise pushing the tsa aside. atlanta handles more than 100 million passengers a year and with lines in just one month this spring producing hundreds of delays, an airline lobbying group is urging passengers to post pictures with the #ihatethewait. >> you can't get a hold of a damn person in tsa. >> this has left the head of the
2:47 pm
transportation committee with what they said was well intended and delayed at the gate. >> there is no question that transportation officials believe that these plans can work. however, when specifically pressed, on this one question, can people expect to maybe be stuck in these three-hour lines and miss their flights this summer, the head of homeland security would only say i hope not. wolf? >> tom foreman, thank you very much. officials have a new bin laden to worry about. one of the notorious terror leader sons has now grown up and he's calling on jihadists to join forces with al qaeda. ♪
2:48 pm
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2:52 pm
blood chilling recording from a son much osama bin laden, heir to the al qaeda leadership. brian todd is digging into this. what are you lerngs learning? >> reporter: it appears they're leveraging the bin laden name. could be grooming him for a possible leadership role. this comes as the terror group makes a bold attempt to reclaim the spotlight taken by isis. he has the name and perhaps the message al qaeda needs to rejuvenate its terror brand. one of bin laden's 11 sons for years had been missing, off the grid. but tonight a new audio message released by the son of the 9/11 mastermind has u.s. officials
2:53 pm
concerned. the chilling recording discovered by the site intelligence group calls on all gee add hadis to unite, including isis. key goal, the young bin laden says, should be to defeat the u.s. and israel and liberate the palestinian lands. >> translator: those that support the jews must pay the bill with their blood. >> reporter: he is believed to be in early to mid-20s. a u.s. intelligence official tells cnn he has a relatively small role in al qaeda now but could be getting groomed for a leadership position. they see him as a crown prince of the group. >> this is the new bin laden to lead us in the future. >> reporter: one official says it looks like an attempt by al qaeda to fill gaps in the dwindling bench, while the group made gains in syria, yemen, north africa, they lost several top leaders and have been eclipsed by isis capturing the
2:54 pm
market share of young jihadists. >> isis is more enticing than al qaeda with low production values. >> reporter: did he want him to succeed him? it is not clear. they say he spent much of his youth at his father's side. peter bergen says they expected him to be there when they went in in 2011, but he wasn't there. hamza's reemergence comes as questions are being raised about al qaeda's most spectacular attack and who was connected to it. declassified documents quietly released by the national archives detail questioning by the 9/11 commission of a former saudi diplomat. doumgts say the saudi denied connection to two 9/11 hijackers that moved to california, but the commission investigators didn't believe him and confronted him with evidence of several phone calls he had with
2:55 pm
a man that supported the hijackers. at that point, the documents say the former saudi diplomat grew angry and nervous. but there are still questions as to whether there's a real smoking gun with the saudis and 9/11. one 9/11 commission member tells cnn he believes lower level saudi officials should be investigating further. but stands by the commission finding that there's no evidence that any senior saudi government officials supported al qaeda before 9/11, wolf. >> regarding hamza bin laden k he bring anything to the table his father did for al qaeda? >> reporter: one analyst says he received some explosives training and is a real believer in al qaeda's message. but to answer the question, no. no one actually believes he can claim the stature, the real leadership his father had. what he can do is grab some of the attention away from the isis leader and that's what a lot of this is designed to do. >> brian todd reporting.
2:56 pm
new questions about donald trump's relationship with the truth over the years as the gop presumptive nominee denies posing as his own publicist in telephone calls to reporters.
2:57 pm
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tale of the tapes. donald trump denying he posed as his own publicist in a telephone interview. >> he's a good guy. he's not going to hurt anybody. >> he acknowledged similar masquerading. an expert says he is fairly certain it is trump. is the presumptive gop nominee telling the truth? proposing suggestions, trump
3:01 pm
finding flexibility on key issues, including the ban on muslims from entering the united states. he says until he is president, it is only a suggestion. is he walking back on one of the cornerstones of his campaign? foundation trouble. questions swirl around the clinton foundation and ties to investors in a for profit company owned by friends and donors. is it part of a smear campaign as bill clinton claims? and cnn talks to the first person to declare himself a candidate for vice president. jimmy kimmel. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." the spotlight on donald trump as he faces questions about posing as a publicist in a telephone interview. trump insists it is not him,
3:02 pm
speaking in a newly resurfaced record, even though he previously admitted to posing as his own publicist under a false name. and he is soften the banning muslims from entering the united states. we are covering all of that and more this hour with our guests, including trump senior adviser and expert analysts are standing by. let's begin with chief political correspondent dana bash. a new controversy is dogging donald trump tonight. >> reporter: wolf, even as republican leaders get more comfortable with donald trump, there are reminders that the billionaire at the top of their ticket makes for miles of unchartered political terrain. it is a story that would only happen with a tabloid dogged guy like trump, not a traditional politician. >> starting to do tremendously
3:03 pm
well. >> reporter: newly released recordings by "the washington post" provide a suspicion that swirled about trump from the '90s. >> what's your name? >> john miller. >> reporter: that he was saying he was john miller and questioning with messy divorces. >> he's a good guy, not going to hurt anybody. the one article said he was going to throw her out of the apartment is total nonsense. >> reporter: today, trump denied that was him. >> i have many people trying to imitate my voice, you can imagine that. this sounds like one of the scams, one of the many scams. doesn't sound like me. >> reporter: then there's trump's refusal so far to release his tax returns. >> what is your tax rate? >> it is none of your business, you'll see it when i release. i fight hard to pay as little tax as possible. >> reporter: the last gop nominee, mitt romney, dragged
3:04 pm
his own feet disclosing his tax returns but eventually relented. this week the anti-trump romney said withholding his taxes is disqualifying, and today a republican party spokesman told cnn it is up to trump. >> mr. trump has to make a decision sooner rather than later on releasing tax returns. >> reporter: on trump's proposed temporary ban on muslims. he seemed to soften that stance before meeting with republican leaders who oppose it. >> this is just a suggestion, until we find out what's going on. >> reporter: today he insisted he would push the muslim ban as president. >> i'm not the president now, so anything i suggest is really a suggestion and if i were president, i would put in legislation and do what i have to do. >> reporter: there is some evidence the presumptive gop nominee is settling into his leadership role, when a former long time trump butler argued president obama, quote, should have been taken out by our military and shot as an enemy agent, trump acted fast saying
3:05 pm
through a spokeswoman we totally and completely disavow the horrible statements made by him regarding the president. and the trump campaign is working to meld with the republican national committee to prepare for and raise money for what will be a very expensive general election. that means for the first time trump will have to care what donors think. i'm told several are very concerned about his tax returns, wolf, both the refusal to release them and what's in them once he does. >> thanks very much. let's get more on the recording that's at the center of the latest trump controversy. you have been digging, drew, what have you found? >> reporter: if this is not him, then a forensic expert said someone has done a masterful job sounding almost exactly like donald trump. the fact is the secret public relations man in donald trump's past may have never been a real
3:06 pm
secret at all. the real amazing story of donald trump's old spokesman as "the washington post" headline writes may be that it has been such an open secret for so long, it is hard to believe anyone is still questioning it. >> what's your name again? >> john miller. >> you work with him? >> that's correct. >> reporter: it was back in the 1980s when the flashy new york real estate mogul needed to get news out. the newspaper reports it was common knowledge among new york reporters that trump just assumed a different name and handled media calls himself, like this call from reporter sue carswell at "people" magazine, concerning his break up with girlfriend marla maples. >> what kind of comment is coming from, you know, your agency or from donald. >> well it is just that he real decided that he wasn't, you know, he didn't want to make a
3:07 pm
commitment, he really thought it was too soon. he's coming out of a marriage and starting do tremendously well financially. >> reporter: audio forensic expert tom owen says in his opinion it is him. >> i can conclude with a fair degree of scientific certainty it is donald trump's voice. >> reporter: this afternoon, owen compared that john miller with "people" magazine. >> he didn't want to make a commitment. >> reporter: to the real donald trump interviewed on cnn's larry king live in the 1990s. >> i don't talk about relationships and personal aspects of it. >> reporter: due to quality of the old recordings, couldn't use bio metric analysis that would be absolutely certain. based on tone and expert tease, john miller and donald trump are one in the same. >> i am confident it is donald trump based on my analysis of the critical listening, listening to two recordings and drawing the conclusion based on
3:08 pm
various factors, pitch, mannerisms. >> reporter: trump admitted to using one of the false pr names in a 1990 court testimony when he said i believe on occasion i used that name. trump was confronted with the taped phone call and "the washington post" story on friday's "today" show. >> no, i don't think it -- i don't know anything about it. you're telling me about it for the first time and doesn't sound like my voice at all. i have many, many people trying to imitate my voice, you can imagine that. this sounds like one of the scams, one of many scams. doesn't sound like me. >> reporter: wolf, we asked for clarification from the trump campaign. nothing yet, but this afternoon "the washington post" reporters who were 44 minutes into a phone call about finance asked about miller. did you ever employ john miller
3:09 pm
as a spokesperson. according to the post, the phone went silent and then dead. when the reporters called back and reached his secretary, she said i heard you got disconnected and he can't take the call now. i don't know what happened. wolf? >> drew griffin reporting, thanks very much. i want to get more on this, joining us trump senior adviser, tana gerts. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me, wolf. >> let's discuss the audio tape that's resurfaced. an overall narrative of that trump candidacy has been that he sometimes changes positions, sometimes does it on a regular basis. he now says that's not his voice in that leaked audio. do you believe it is his voice? >> no, i do not believe that was mr. trump and as long as i've known him which is close to 11 years, he never changed his stance on many things. he doesn't waiver. he is very decisive. that is not him. if he says it's not him, it's
3:10 pm
not him. >> he admitted to "people" magazine, tana, that he had made the call and it was a joke gone awry. he admitted earlier under oath that he often used a fake name posing as a pr person. he said the reporter that received the call actually after moments after trump's office asking for an interview, reporter received that call, marla maples, his former wife said it was in fact him. now you heard this audio expert saying almost certainly it was, with scientific certainty it was. why are you so convinced it wasn't? >> since i have known mr. trump, i haven't known him for 25 years, that's how long the tape we are talking about has been certificate fasted. i didn't know him 25 years ago. i have never known him to do this. that's not the mr. trump that i know. i have to go on the man that i know, that i am loyal to, the man i believe in and the man i
3:11 pm
know can make america great, and just the man that i know well. and that is not donald trump. he does not -- he has never done that in my presence. i've never heard him disguise his voice or go by another name. he is donald trump. that recording sounds like so many people i know from new york, that voice is very similar. it has the new york accent. i agree with mr. trump when he says there's a lot of people that try to imitate him. you can't watch a saturday night skit without somebody impersonating donald trump and his voice. >> everybody is checking to see if he ever did have somebody named john miller, these two names that were surfacing on his payroll. haven't found that evidence yet. have you looked into that? >> i have not looked into that and i do not -- he employs tens of thousands of people, i don't think he would know that name off the top of his head, but no, i do not have any knowledge as
3:12 pm
to if this person was an employee of his or not. >> what would happen, say in the coming days, if donald trump were to finally acknowledge yes, that was him, he was having some fun 25 years ago with reporters. what would be your reaction? >> my reaction would be well, i mean, my reaction would be as a business person, i can understand sometimes hey, you know when people call me, hey, she stepped out. i would be like -- it wouldn't bother me, wolf, and it won't bother millions of american voters who are going out and voting for him, who are excited about him putting jobs back in america so they can get back to work and get employed. it won't matter to a lot of his voters, millions of people that are turning out voting for him. it will matter to the press and media and to the haters, they'll be, my goodness, they'll have a field day with this, but to me and to all of the other people
3:13 pm
it won't matter. if he disguised his voice or not. >> it wouldn't make any difference to you if he comes out and acknowledges yes, that was me but that he lied about it, if he did in fact lie about it on the "today" show this morning? >> well, yes, i don't like liars, i would agree with you, that would bother me. but you know, i'm not a perfect human being. i would say we'll move on, yes. if mr. trump felt, you have to understand, i know the little bit of scrutiny i go through, you go through in the public eye, we go through a lot of scrutiny. being donald trump, i can't imagine what his le is like. when you get a camera in your face, asked give me an answer, did you do it or not, sometimes you make an answer and don't think about it. so i would understand if he came out and said hey, it was me, but i do not believe it was mr. trump. i will believe it when i hear that something is different, but as of now, wolf, i stick behind my man and stick behind the man that i know can make america
3:14 pm
great again. and i am 100% certain. >> you're very loyal to him as are millions of people who love donald trump. let's say it was donald trump who used to call up reporters, pretend to use a different name, and he mislead the public about it this morning on the "today" show. what advice would you give him to fix that, to clarify matters? >> mr. trump, i have seen him apologize. a simple apology, i had a camera in my face, asked to make a decision, i spoke without thinking. mr. trump is a smart man. he doesn't need my advice on how to handle the media, but, you know, i feel bad. i feel terrible that he's under such scrutiny and everything he is doing. we should be looking at hillary clinton and other things of that nature. we have bigger issues to deal with in america and to think that we're dealing with 20 people that are digging into every aspect of his life,
3:15 pm
mr. trump is an open book. there are hardly any skeletons in the man's closet. i think what a waste of time and manpower. it is an embarrassment that people want to do it to a man that spent over $50 million of his own money to try to make america great again and put all of this money out for his campaign, and i just think don't we have better things to do with our life? i know i do and i'm sure you do. >> you know, he wants to be president of the united states. anybody that runs for president of the united states opens himself or herself up to enormous investigation and criticism. >> i know that. >> this is something he chose to do. i assume he knew full well, you run for president, everything about your life is an open book. >> i know. i totally know he understands that concept very well, he's a bright man, but i'm talking every aspect. he could say -- i mean, there are so many things, we have
3:16 pm
bigger fish to fry in america and we are worrying about whether donald trump impersonated his voice as a pr person. let's look into where did the e-mails go, hillary, let's get down to the details. where did the missing e-mails go? what happened in benghazi. why are we talking about something that's frivolous. >> it is not necessarily what happened 25 years ago that could be frivolous, it is whether or not he lied on national television, right now that has to be clarified once and for all. there are more issues i want to discuss. much more after a quick break. >> okay.
3:17 pm
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3:21 pm
we are back with trump senior adviser tana goertz. trump also said today in an interview he doesn't think voters necessarily had a right to see his tax returns. is that a new position? will he not release them? >> no, he will release them when his attorneys and accountants say it is okay to release them, absolutely. he never said he would hold onto these until after the election, wolf. >> but he was asked by george stephanopoulos as you know what your tax rate is and he flatly said it is none of your business. >> right. i mean, seriously, right. if somebody said how much money do you make per year, i would say the same thing, none of your
3:22 pm
business. he was just saying seriously, what are you going to ask me next. of course he's going to release them, wolf, he is an open book, as i shared with you before. mr. trump is not going to hide anything. he is not a liar. he is not that type of a man. so in due time. i mean, he's in the middle of a multi year audit and when they say, his counsel says you're free to release this, he will release it. >> he says he is not a traditional candidate but seems to be softening his position on sensitive issues, now calling his proposal for temporary ban on muslims coming into the united states simply a suggestion, seemingly changing some tax policies. does this show that he is flexible on some of the core issues and he is more like a regular politician that when you run for the nomination, you run to the right, when you run for the general, you move toward the center. >> well, mr. trump is not like
3:23 pm
anyone else, i'll tell you that right now, and he is not like a politician because the politicians that i know don't play fair and mr. trump is not that way. so he's honest, decisive, he is a man of his word, he will do what he says he is going to do. i will never put him in that box of a politician until he becomes the president of the united states. so is he softening? mr. trump, you know, he definitely listens to counsel. i know in the past i dealt with him on a lot of occasions, he does listen, he respects people and respects other people who have more knowledge on a subject than him. so i would not call this softening or weakening his position. he is working with others as we just learned about, you know, his meeting the other day, and mr. trump is definitely willing to negotiate and compromise, so right now i think maybe the wording he's using is just a little softer so that everybody feels good. but no, his positions are going
3:24 pm
to be the same, he wants to secure our borders, he wants to make sure he brings jobs back to america, everything that he has stood for that has got him this following of american voters who are desperate for him are probably going to stay 100% the same. >> he also makes the case these are his proposals, he knows he has to negotiate with democrats in congress if he is president, with others in congress, he is willing to compromise, it is the art of the deal. that's his position going into this. >> right. >> tana goertz, you're a senior adviser to the trump campaign. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. have a wonderful weekend. >> you too, thank you very much. just ahead, we have more on the new trump tapes that have surfaced, his denial that he posed as his own publicist. our political experts are standing by to discuss that and more. and there are questions about the clinton foundation and financial commitment to a company owned by clinton friends. are they part of a new smear
3:25 pm
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3:29 pm
more now on donald trump's latest controversy. joining us, mark preston, senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny, and national political reporter rebecca berg. on the whole issue, jeff, of
3:30 pm
when george steph nop loss asked him his tax rate and he said it is none of your business. that is a blunt statement when run are for president of the united states, everything is the country's interest. >> sure. he makes everyone's business out of his rivals, i think that would have been an unacceptable answer for someone to give. donald trump would have seized on that in a minute had jeb bush said something like that or hillary clinton said something like that. that said, you know, he is a different type of candidate as we have been saying. i think the issue is it is an inconsistent answer. he said during the debates that he would in fact release his tax returns and told the ap that he would hold off and then he clarified he would do it when the audit is done. the tax rate is on there. none of your business is is not acceptable. he could have said you'll find out when i release them. his supporters don't care. his supporters are with him regardless. i think it prevents his
3:31 pm
expansion, sort of keeps more questions hanging out there about his finances. remember what mitt romney said this week. >> if he wants to be president of the united states, he has to go beyond the base of core supporters that love him, doesn't matter what he says, they still love him. he has to bring in other supporters to be the next president of the united states. >> i think in a situation like this, we have to step back and try to understand why he is getting away with all of this. couple of reasons. very simple now. if you look at the approval rating of congress with the american people, it hovers around 13, 14%. people hate washington. barack obama is doing fine, but listen, he's leaving, he's not as much in the news, his approval ratings are around 50. people hate washington in general. news media, people hate us, we don't always deliver the greatest news. for him to attack the media, that's only helpful to him, and quite frankly donald trump is a marker. he knows how to sell himself.
3:32 pm
to jeff's point, his ardent supporters will stay with him. right now, this won't hurt him. october, november, when people are making hard decisions, then this could potentially hurt. >> his position is he will release the tax returns once the irs completes its audit. he said that's what his lawyers have suggested, his accountants suggested. that's his policy. >> but he is sending strong signals it isn't his preference to release them, telling george stephanopoulos that nobody cares. he said when he raised the issue of having released tax returns under audit in the past trying to close a casino deal, said at the time it didn't make a difference, now it does. esque really inconsistent and it is worth noting in 2012 when mitt romney was being asked questions about why he wasn't releasing more of his tax returns, trump told greta vansusteren that romney should, encouraged him to do it, said it was the wise political strategy. it is difficult to continue with
3:33 pm
this. >> romney did release eventually, but september. >> we don't know if donald trump women release them before, who knows when the audit will be over. i think the inconsistency is the issue. >> can we take bets on this? i would gather to bet he doesn't release them until after the election, quite frankly. i don't think we're going to see them. here's the difference between donald trump and mitt romney. nobody knew mitt romney. people think they know donald trump. the problem is they don't really know donald trump. they think seeing him on the apprentice is enough to know him. >> it hurts the transparency thing. it is easy for hillary clinton to say look, he is not releasing these, we put 33 years, i was at a rally this weekend in new jersey where she was making that point. i think it fires up democrats more than it concerns republicans. >> speaking of transparency, rebecca, what he says is it is not that far from what bernie sanders said. he released one year of returns,
3:34 pm
wife jane sanders that prepares the tax returns, not very complicated, said they're not releasing more until she releases transcripts of paid speeches before wall street firms. >> they're trying to bring more transparency to the race in a way that's advantageous to bernie sanders, these are speeches she made to places like goldman, sachs, the billionaires that bernie sanders is campaigning against. but for donald trump this could potentially be politically damaging for him to release the returns because he has shrouded himself in this aura of success, that's his whole brand, that he is a winner and become wealthy as a result. if it turns out he isn't as wealthy as he said, he could be personally embarrassed and could hurt him as well. >> he did release a financial statement when he first decided to run for office that shows he is worth $10 billion. and it is 100 pages. go read it at the sec.
3:35 pm
there's a lot of information in tax returns that you don't get from a financial statement. that's what the accountants point out. stand by. much more to assess, much more news coming in. we'll be right back. wanna drink more water?
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3:39 pm
the clinton foundation is under scrutiny after a report it made a financial commitment to a for profit company partly owned
3:40 pm
by clinton friends and democratic donors. tonight, former president bill clinton chalks it up to what he calls smear tactics. jeff, bill clinton saying his foundation did nothing wrong. >> reporter: he says no laws or rules were broken. the questions resolve around the work of clinton global initiative and this key question, whether a nonprofit helped a for profit energy company. it is a fresh reminder this presidential campaign will be filled with one controversy after another and it is just getting started. >> this is just a replay of the same old '92 play book. >> reporter: tonight bill clinton warning about a barrage of attacks he believes are coming their way. >> believe it or not, i went through the same thing we're doing today. heck, some of the right wingers were sending videos out, accusing me of murder. >> reporter: there are 24 years of new material since he ran for president, and the battle between donald trump and hillary clinton will surely find room
3:41 pm
for much of it. >> william jefferson clinton. >> reporter: one target is the clinton global initiative. "the wall street journal" saying he opened an energy company partially owned by friends of the clintons. he had three words when asked if he denied laws were broken. >> oh god, yes. >> reporter: the journal says a $2 million arrangement helped start energy pioneer solution in 2009 to help insulate people's homes. the energy company also received an $800,000 federal grant. it was founded by a former democratic congressional candidate in nebraska and two close friends of the clintons, including julie tauber mcmann, who lives near the clintons in chappaqua, new york. a spokesperson for the clinton foundation said no laws were broken adding president clinton established many friendships and professional connections. it is not surprising many of the same people make a difference and improve the world with the
3:42 pm
clinton global initiative. >> there they are. >> reporter: the clinton foundation has long been the subject of questions about donations it received from foreign governments and corporations, including while hillary clinton was secretary of state. trump seized on the story today. >> well, it is a bombshell, there's no doubt about it. >> reporter: bombshell or not, he is suggesting that clinton charity is almost certain political fodder. >> you put the word charity in quotes. >> reporter: as other controversies rise to the surface, they take constant aim at one another. >> i have to tell you how concerned i am with what i hear trump saying. i said he is a loose cannon. >> crooked hillary, bad judgment. >> reporter: in a new chapter of the campaign that's just beginning. now the key point here, did the nonprofit group, clinton global initiative help a for profit energy company? that isn't clear. what is clear tonight is that trump is clearly going to start
3:43 pm
to bring this up. they have the most complicated finances of any candidates in present memory, trump and clinton. they'll be tangling over this for six months. the question is whether voters respond or ignore it all. >> good question. what do you think, mark? >> i think jeff is right. he started the story with it's just beginning, he ends with it is just beginning. we're going to see it on both sides. there's a lot of data and information out there that's worth exploring. but there's something to be said, too, that we are seeing this story hit in three different publications owned by the same person that necessarily hasn't been so kind to the clintons, hasn't been kind to democrats. >> rupert murdoch. >> right. you see it in the post, the journal, and fox news. i think it is interesting that it all drops at the same time. democrats are circumspect about that. but let's not forget, one of the best researchers was an anti-clinton person, david barack, he turned around, is one
3:44 pm
of their biggest supporters. information shoveled against the clintons now, whether right or wrong, we will see that happen to donald trump as well. >> and some of the stuff on the trump side is coming from opposition research. >> it will be a dirty campaign. >> the point is, these families have complicated business finances, more than any campaign i remember. i covered the last five. that's why this will be so deeply engrained in all this. again, there's no smoking gun in this, just raises the specter that the clinton foundation will be one of the targets. >> you heard donald trump say this is a bombshell, it will clearly be used by him and his supporters to go after her. >> sure. it plays into the narrative he is trying to build that hillary clinton is crooked, that she's corrupt, and donald trump we saw in the primary use this specter of public corruption effectively. said his opponents because they were raising money from wealthy donors were bought and paid for. now he is raising money the way normal politicians do, he has to
3:45 pm
deal with that himself. we saw it was appealing to his supporters and most republican voters now that he is the nominee because there's a pervasive anti-washington sentiment, people don't trust politicians and part of it is because they think they're bought and paid for and corrupt. >> what do you think of the clinton foundation, hillary clinton's campaign responding to the accusations? >> they're saying it is simply not true. they're saying it is called impact investing, they say the point of clinton global initiative is to find projects, the point of the energy company was to pay for insulation of people's homes, change the way that worked. they said the point of cgi is to find innovative things. it was tied to people that are friends of the former president, that's the point of the initiative. what we don't know is was there some irs violation, the nonprofit, the for profit. there's no investigation or anything here. clinton global initiative they realize is a potential political problem in terms of how they got their money, speaking fees and other things.
3:46 pm
something we're going to hear about the next six months. >> and should be. no question we should be looking at all of that. >> it is unique situation. no one ran for president being a former president. at the end of the day -- >> it will be lively, the next six months. all right, guys, thank you very much. just ahead, jimmy kimmel announces his campaign and soars to the top. >> i'll tell you this. and right now, all indications are you are polling at 100%. >> wow. and right now, all indications are you are polling at 100%. >> wow. advanced hybrid technology and dynamic sport-tuned suspension... it has a side for every side of you. ♪ the lexus ct. it's up for as much as you are. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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he made it a central issue of the gop race for the white
3:51 pm
house but now donald trump seems to be shifting when it comes to muslim refugees. our national correspondent suzanne malveaux is joining us. suzanne, this has been a cornerstone of this campaign. that's the latest? >> wolf, this is one of those statements he first made back in december in a radio interview. he's been saying it over and over again. it immediately became a rallying cry for his supporters but one of the most criticized policy positions to date. now it seems to be shifting. donald trump walking back from his previous threat to temporarily ban all muslims from entering the united states. >> look, anything i say right now, i'm not the president. everything is a suggestion. >> reporter: but just six mont s s ooh this declaration. >> donald j. trump is calling for a complete shutdown ever muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> reporter: but now as trump pivots to the general election as the republican's presumptive
3:52 pm
nominee, he must appeal to more moderate and independent voters. >> i'm always flexible on issues. i'm totally flexible on very many issues, and i think you have to be that way. but i'm not softening my stance. we have a major problem and we have to look at the problem. >> the problem he says now is more specific. refugees trying to escape assad's brutal regime in syria. >> we don't know where they come from, who they are. there's no documentation. we have our incompetent government people letting them in by the thousands. >> reporter: but the truth is the flow of syrian refugees into the united states is far from a flood. according to the united nations, there are nearly 5 million syrian refugees. neighboring countries, turkey, lebanon and jordan have pledged to take 178,000. germany 400,000. canada, 48,000. last september, president obama pledged the u.s. would take in 10,000 by october 2016. according to the state department, so far only one-fifth have been admitted.
3:53 pm
the vetting process taking 18 to 24 months for syrians to resettle. >> the challenge here is simply this. individuals who entered the united states through the refugee program are subjected to more screening, more background checks than any other individual who tries to enter the united states. >> reporter: immigration and national security have taken center stage in the 2016 presidential campaign. the house passing a bill to suspend taking in syrian refugees which later stalled in the senate. more than 30,000 to block refugees. meanwhile, trump's comments about banning muslims is rally something leaders from the london mayor who is a muslim himself. he believes that's trump's views about islam are ignorant in his words. we also heard a response from the trump campaign. a trump spokesman saying kahn would be an exception to the muslim ban. >> he would be allowed to come into the united states as would friends of the united states like king abdullah of jordan.
3:54 pm
donald trump has made exceptions part of his suggestion. thanks suzanne malveaux for that. coming up this sunday night an explosive new episode of "parts unknown." joining us now, anthony bourdain. you've gone almost everywhere. this season you visit places unknown even inside the united states, visiting a mine deep inside of montana. watch this. >> here's the fun part. >> cool. >> how many holes do you usually drill or make around? >> between 20 or 30. >> this pattern has to be drilled out. and every time you advance the face, that's a round. you drill it. you load it, you blast it, you muck it, built it and drill it again and that's a cycle. >> we're in the loading process right here. >> it's all top priming this hole. >> back in the day, it was dynamite. in the '60s they started
3:55 pm
switching over to this stuff. ammonium nitrate and fuel oil. >> got everything charged up, loaded. now we get to time it. this is where i got hooked on mining. as soon as i sent that first round off it was, how do we do another one. >> fascinating. >> this is where it all starts right here. >> everybody got everything out? >> four seconds of silence. >> all right. everybody is good? everybody is ready? >> yep. >> all right. >> fire in the hole. >> one, two, three -- >> welcome to mining. >> that's deeply satisfying. oh, yeah. very cool. >> all right, anthony. tell us about this.
3:56 pm
why did you decide to go underground? >> i'm smiling now because that was so much fun. i want to do it again. we went to butte. i've been in montana a number of times but never to butte. and butte is a mining town, an old-time mining town where capitalism has just gone wild. had its way with a place. dug miles beneath the city. there's a huge toxic lake sitting there. by all accounts, it should be ugly, but it is strangely enchantingly beautiful. and these miners love mining. and they took me down, and -- one of these guys does this on his day off. he mines during the week and on his days off, he goes out and blows holes in the ground working with i think a university and people like us to show us what he does. these are proud hard working people who just love doing what
3:57 pm
they do. when they took me down here and showed me what they do, it's hard, but it's a lot of fun. >> sounds like a lot of fun. sounds like another great series. we're really looking forward to it, anthony. thanks for all the great work you're doing at cnn. an important note. watch the cnn original series" anthony bourdain parts unknown" sunday, 9:00 p.m. eastern and pacific. and we leave you on this friday with an unprecedented political announcement by jimmy kimmel. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> jimmy, wolf blitzer of cnn. >> oh, hey, wolf. >> jimmy kimmel has confirmed he is running for vice president of the united states. he has no running mate. he claims not to be a washington insider or outsider and believes he'll make a great number two despite the fact that sources
3:58 pm
are telling us in high school he got a "d" in social studies. let's go over to the wall and see how he's polling right now. take a look at this. right now all indications are you are polling at 100%. >> wow! that's great news. thanks, wolf. >> i do want to point out, jimmy, at 100%, you are the only person running for vice president. >> well, let's not split beard hairs here. 100% is 100%. >> here's a question, jimmy. will you build a wall? >> will i build a wall? >> yes, but i'll tell you this. i'll build it on the northern border to keep the mexicans out of canada. thank you. why are you running for vice president? >> i'm running for vice president because i love this country. i was born here. you know that. if this country -- i love this country so much, if it was a woman, i would have sex with it. >> jimmy, will you be going out on the campaign trail?
3:59 pm
>> is that jake tapper of cnn? >> it's jake tapper of cnn. will you be going on the campaign trail? >> no, i will not. i get car sick and buses smell bad. i'll operate from here at my headquarters in los angeles. >> jimmy, do you think you are making a mockery of this election? >> i think it's too late for anyone to do that, wolf. >> we had a lot of fun taping that for jimmy kimmel. dana and jake and i thoroughly enjoyed it. how often do you get to interview someone who is running for vice president of the united states. it was lots of fun. a couple of important programming notes. smerconish tomorrow morning, 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. 9:00 a.m. eastern right here on cnn. sunday morning 9:00 a.m. eastern on "state of the union," jake's special guest will be paul manafort, the senior adviser to donald trump. that's an exclusive. paul manafort will join jake sunday on "state of the union." you can always follow us on twitter. tweet me @wolfblitzer.
4:00 pm
tweet the show @cnnsitroom. join us once again here monday in "the situation room." until then, thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in washington. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. trump says it wasn't me. the presumptive nominee denies posing as his own publicist and talking himself up. the reporter who broke the story "outfront." donald trump saying his tax rate is none of your business. can he get away with it. trump could win the election, quote, pretty damn easily. we do the math. let's go "outfront." ♪ good evening. i'm erin burnett. outfront tonight, trump's denial. donald trump denying it's his voice on a recording released today by "the washington post." the audio, a phone conversatio


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