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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  May 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> good eejing and thanks for watching. less than a day that donald trump went to washington some republicans may have reason to be jittery yet again. according to yesterday's meetings, the capitol gop leaders were worrying about his tax returns and any number of other things. these meetings were supposed to ease some of the worries to lighten the perceived baggage it down play the political risk of his unconventional legacy. it knit, all those concerns are back in the spotlight. whether it is concern of taxes, death threat from his butler or this. >> not sure if you have been made aware of this washington post report that's out this morning but they have obtained a recording with a voice of someone that they say is in fact you, someone pretending to be a pr person. this is from 25 years ago and let me play a portion of the tape for you.
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>> what's your name again? >> john miller. >> what's your position? >> pr. because you get so much of it. >> on this tape, the person on it, talks about his dating exploits. goes on about his divorce. things like that. i guess the simple question, are you aware of the tape? is to you? >> no, i don't know anything about it. you're telling me about it for the first time and it doesn't sound like my voice at all. i have many, many people trying to imitate my voice. you can imagine that. and this sound like one of the scams, one of the many scams. doesn't sound like me. >> the post said you acknowledged a couple decades ago that it in fact was you and it was a joke. >> i don't think it was me. it doesn't sound like me. i dent on't know what they are talking about. >> donald trump on the today show, trump may say it doesn't sound like him but the audio expert sure does. this unusual thing to say would
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seem to be for a pez s presidential can't date, may be business as usual for donald trump. >> reporter: the real amazing story of donald trump's old spokesman as the washington post headline reads may be that it has been such an open secret for so long it's hard it believe that anyone is still questioning it. >> we used to say oh, it's donald pretending it's somebody again. it was a joke. we all knew it was a joke. it wasn't a big shock. we knew it was him. >> reporter: linda stacey, reporter nor new york's daily news, says in the '820s and '90s when the real estate mogul needed to get news out it was common for donald trump to assume a different name and handle the media calls himself. daily news tv editor remembers the day a man named john called him to talk about trump's new tv show "the apresentprentice." >> he wanted to talk about how great the ratings were and how donald trump was the greatest host. i said, you sound a lot like
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donald trump. he said, no, i work for donald trump and i just wanted to share with you the ratings and how great they were last knit. and i hung up the phone and looked around at my friends that i work with and i said i just gat call from donald trump saying he was someone else and he wanted to talk about the ratings ppz. >> what has reig nated the trump alter ego pr man came from the release of this audiotape. a phone call from 1991 between the mysterious pr man named jorge posada miller and people magazine reporter sue carswell. talking about trump's break up with then girlfriend mar la maples. >> what's your name again? >> john miller.
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if that john miller sounds like trump -- it's because audio forensic expert tom owen says it is. >> yes, it's money opinion that it is donald trump. >> cnn asked owen to compare the john miller on that 1991 audiotape to this 1990 interview with the real donald trump on cnn's larry king live. >> the thing is, i don't talk about the personal. i never talked about it before. and unfortunately this situation, and i don't know why i say unfortunately, it is unfortunate because i say divorce is a negative, a bad thing. >> based on the critical listening and based on some pitch results statistics and analysis, i can conclude with a fair degree of scientific certainty that it is donald
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trump's voice. >> trump even tacitly admitted using false pr names in court testimony. he was asked under oath in 1990 if he ever used the name john baron. another one of his alleged made-up front men. he denied using the name specifically in 1980 but an attorney then asked, did you ever use that name. trump's reply, years later, i believe on occasion i would use that name. yes. >> drew, donald trump, insists that he actually had some public relations people named john barron or john miller making calls in the 1980s. seems to be easy to have him tell us where they are or give us some proof that they actually exist. or existed. >> that's right. i asked both the campaign and trump's own attorney today. let us talk to john baron or john miller. that's what they did for a living. talk to the press on behalf of donald trump. we've gotten no response from
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either the trump organization or trump campaign as of yet. anderson? >> i understand that the washington post reporters they asked trump about john miller in a phone interview. what did trump say? >> they were 44 minutes into a conversation about trump's finances when one of the washington post reporters asked about this john miller. according to the post, the phone went silent, then the phone went dead. when they called back, trump's secretary said yes i understand you were disconnected, sorry for that, but he can't take the call now. that's how they handled that. >> all right. drew, thanks very much. joining us now is journalist and trump buying fer, author of the trump's three generations of builders and presidential candidate. glenda, thanks for being with us. what is interesting about all this, trump now denied it was him. you interview id donald trump and his family members at length for your book. his sister who you talked to, mary ann, a judge, confirmed
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this to you that he used to pose as his own spokesman, right? >> yeah. she just laughed and said, that's donald. that's what he does. that he had done that a number of times and he said their father did this. that's fred trump. when he wanted to call up and wanted it identify himself he used a pseudonym. his was mr. green. which was also anonymous sounding. and mary ann thought it was pretty funny. >> so given that history, and it is known in the family and that he admitted it before, you know this has been reported in various books and articles, why do you think trump denied it this morning on the air? >> it sounds like him and uses same words that uses. even now to this day, things like that, why not just say, it was a long time ago and i was
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having fun. or why lie about it. or maybe just, why do you think he didn't say it was him? >> i think a couple things going on, one is 25 years ago, he says that a lot when people bring up things from the past. and he moves on. i think 25 years ago, he is a good salesman. i think there is something else too, i think it kind of evolved that back then if he wanted to say something but not put in his own name he went through this rigga maroll with a fake spokesman, he has refined that. sew will say something like, oh, the ted cruz's father was involved in the kennedy assassination. and then when he is challenged he will say, well i didn't say that. the national enquirer said that. i was just repeating it. he does the same thing with tweets. he didn't tweet it. he just retweeted it.
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so i think he has kind of moved on to a different way of doing that saying it but not saying it thing. >> so esenl he is not shlly you are saying this audio from 25 years ago is essentially an old incarnation of what he continues to do today, just in a different way. >> absolutely. and we see how successful it is. he gets the story out there but then he says it wasn't him that put it out there. it was the media that picked up on it and he said what someone else said. he does that frequently. he said, i wouldn't say this, then he will say it, nobody should say this, then he will say it. and he said it but hasn't said it. thank you very much. so let's talk about what to make of all this. jeffrey lauer, tara set sms mare, campaign koernd cnn correspondent maggie haggerman
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and jonathan taseny. jeffrey lord, i have to start with you. all day long when i heard this i kent wondering what are trump supporters going to say about this. to you, is this donald trump on that tape from 25 years ago pretending to be somebody else? >> anderson, here is the thing that i think bomgers a lot of people out here in america. to go back to the indiana primary and the carrier people all fired, does anyone think yopd media circles that something like this is something people care about when they lost their job? >> well, he lied about it today on television and lied about it, basically assumes everybody else is an idiot. which is something he has sort of done before which is lies in a way that either you're an idiot for believing that's really him or that's what his
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defense seems to be. >> right. why lie about it on television? >> anderson, i didn't hear what he had to say. if this was sprung on him and he -- >> he said it didn't sound like him. he never heard about b it. and it is not him. >> first time he heard it in 25 years? >> well apparently not. it has been written about before which he has clearly written about it in books. >> what i'm saying is, in terms of the media here, when we have a president who says if you want to keep your doctor, you can or another president who says, i did not have sex with that woman miss lewinski and did, you know, at this point, we are in a culture and as i distinctly recall in clinton years, it was oh, well it is only a lie about sex or only a lie about this. in other words -- >> wait a minute, wait a minute. jeffrey, come on. you make the argument this is 25 years ago and now you bring up stuff from 25 years ago and what about the clinton stuff and
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that's exactly what donald trump does. the fact that it seems like donald trump used to depose as his own pr man, i mean, does it matter? the fact he wouldn't cop to it when asked about it today. is that problematic for a presidential candidate? i'm asking maggie this. >> sorry. i think that the lying about it, he says it isn't him. and lying about it becomes problematic and problematic is are there other recordings like this because as trump as linda says earlier in the show, did stuff a lot like that in the '90s. he was known for it. trump had professional pr firms that handled the pr so the names struck people as unusual or not believable. the problem for trump, i agree with jeffrey, on its own this is a one-off story. the problem is, it'll become potentially for democrats fridaying to frame an argument against trump, it'll be that he is a con man, not really, you've
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heard them use words like that already. and this would become another ornament to hang on that tree. >> and anderson, there is a pattern to this. we should have a hashtag called butler syndrome. if you do back, once calling people coming across from mexico rapist and murders then changing position about minimum wage, then changes position about the wall, not the wall. then has a butler who was at clearly a racist who he employed for years and years and tries tried to disavow that. this becomes a pattern of someone who just lies to people. that's why this is more than just this particular incident. >> jeffrey, i think i caught you off around satellite delay. do you see this as a pattern of lies. something he accused other gop candidates of? >> come on, jeffrey. >> let jeffrey respond. >> fair enough. >> i mean, again, when we're going through the entire obama
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administration with, you know, untruths about obama care, and starting with you know, if you want your doctor, you can keep your doctor. and the bill clinton thing which after all was about as series of sexual assaults which various women are accusing him of and accusing him of today and accusing her, mrs. clinton of being an enabler, these are women, not donald trump -- >> jeffrey, you're avoiding the topic. >> can i jump in here. >> go for it, tara. >> thank you. aapplaud jeffrey for not becoming so sick a fan that he is denying donald trump is on there. i applaud jeffrey for not doing what many other trump supporters have done on the air today after how obvious it is that this is donald trump. and as more and more evidence comes out that it is donald trump. you had a forensic expert on cnn. multiple people familiar with him and thank you for are that jeffrey. here is the other thing.
5:15 pm
i find it funny that jeffrey went down the list of instances where barack obama mislead the american people. keep your doctor. bill clinton. we as conservatives were very critical of all of those instances because they were misrepresentative, lying, all of those things. but here you make constant excuses for donald trump when he lies time an time and time again. this is where i always come back to the character issue. yes, that's right. people are worried about their jobs, frustrated about the politicians in office now. but putting their faith in someone who all you can do is believe what he says. he has no record, public record, on legislation or policies. his whole campaign is built on slogan eering and people believing what he says. here, every time he is backed in a corner, he can't take responsibility and he lies and blames it on everybody else. that is a huge character flaw in and of itself -- >> jeffrey -- >> i want to say to my friend
5:16 pm
jeffrey, i think you are con flig con flighting a policy over health care. keep your kr doctor or not keep your doctor. that's different from having a racist butler. lying about the question about mexicans coming across the border. minimum wage. [ inaudible ] naud. >> sorry? >> jeffrey, respond, then we have to take a break. >> anderson you remember the poll, quinnipiac, where they asked people to free associate about mrs. clinton and number one word was liar. and second was dishonest. >> so that lets donald trump be a liar? we are supposed to be better than them, jeffrey. why excuse him away? hillary clinton, her being a liar has nothing to do with donald trump's character. >> i remind you the voters have spoken. >> and you know what? and people should stop and rethink, do they want -- they have two liars to choose from. that's just wonderful. something to be proud of?
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>> we're going to take a quick break. pick this up momentary. and donald trump's newest statement about releasing taxes and the author who has seen some trump's tax returns after saying he earned much less than he says. and later strategy for thinking that 16 republicans have failed. this is my family. being a part of helping people in need is who i am. working at brookdale for me is not just a job, it's a life for me. i love it. i formed many connections with the residents. i feel like i am part of their family and they're part of mine. if you can get up in the morning, ya know, shake the dust and go up there and make somebody happy, when i go to sleep, i did my job.
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welcome back. we are talking about donald trump denying reporting on the washington post he used to call reporters pretending to be a trump spokesman by the name of john baron or john miller. >> the post office says this is something you did rather routinely. you would call reporters and plant stories and say either you were john miller or john baron. but in fact it was actually you on the phone. is that something you did with any regularity? >> no, it was not me on the phone. it doesn't sound lick me on the phone. i will tell you that. and it was not me on the fine. phone. when is this, 25 years ago? >> in the '90s. >> wow. you are going so low to talk about something 25 years ago that i made a phone call. i guess you say under a presumed name. >> it is interesting that because the argument that oh, this happened 25 years ago, i
5:22 pm
remember asking him about hiring illegal immigrant workers, polish workers, who ended up suing him, in a lengthy litigation, over conditions that they were used to help demolish the -- or do the foundation for the building that became trump tower where his headquarters is, he was hiring illegal immigrants. and he said oh, look, how long ago was that you? are bringing up something 35 years ago or 25 years ago. when you're running for president all of this goes to your record, doesn't it? >> of course it does. donald trump goes back and forth. there's a double standard when it comes to him on everything. the same things he criticizes other people for. he projects his own actions on those same things. he has done this multiple times before. any time he is caught in a, you know, flip-flop or flat-out lie like this. oh, well that was so many years ago. who cares. he even says that about comments he made about women and comments
5:23 pm
he made about others. oh, that was just the character. just 25 years ago. how many times can you make that same excuse? you're running for the president sift united states. you know the media will vet you. for goodness sakes, mitt romney, went back to when he was in high school and had some hazing prank and tried to use that against him when he was like 17 years old. he should have expected this level of scrutiny and instead of digging in, and acting like a child, just be honest and just own up to it and move on. that's what made this a story. this is silly. i think there is something pathological about pretending to be someone else and doing what he did. but whatever. move on. all he had to say was yeah 25 years ago. just a way for me to get stories in the news but that's it. but he lied about it. his reaction to it is what is so troubling. >> so jeffrey, just for the record, does something that a person who is now running for the highest office in the land, something they did in 1990, does that matter whether it is donald trump or hillary clinton?
5:24 pm
whether you know, 25 years ago, 1990s, 35 years ago, does that matter? >> well if you're enabling rape and sexual assault, then yeah, i think so. if it is about you played your own pr guy, i just think that, you know, that's like the mitt romney hazing incident. i would say that -- >> but it is not actually. mitt romney hazing was him as a teenager. you could argue whether someone should be held accountable for something they did as a teenager. he is an adult, businessman in the '90s. and he is not apparently doesn't seem to be telling the truth about it today. >> anderson, you are miss mig point. my point is, that the story, like the washington post, like the story tara mentioned, is exactly what they see the liberal media doing. if someone else were the republican nominee they would find a story like this put it on the front page of the washington
5:25 pm
post and think this is the be all and end all and reason to disqualify this person. mitt romney was presented in that story as a gay barber. >> right.srber. >> right.hrber. >> right.ber. >> >> right. >> jeffrey, to maggie's point, it isn't just the liberal media, it is conservative media doing this story as well. glenn beck, i was listening to his radio show today. he is not a trump supporter. but this is -- if a candidate running for president is saying something which is not true even if it is about something silly or something that happened 25 years ago, do you think it matters to voters? >> can i answer? thanks. we see both sides saying this happened 25 years ago. in terms of the clintons, here is something that happened 25 years ago. in terms of donald trump, which jeffrey is arguing this is lesser severity than what he says on the other side.
5:26 pm
jeffrey said something about how voters have spoken already. problem for trump is that a hundred million voters who haven't voted in either primary and will settle this election in the fall did not speak yet. and so they probably know hillary clinton just from her being a national figure in a different way, longer way, better. trump is known as the apprentice board room chairman. so depending on how that gets portrayed could impact how they view him. that is why that stuff matters. to the point tara made, trump could have said, yes that was me. i did that. it was a prank. i've talked about things like this before. and it it sort of goes away. but what has fed this throughout the day is him saying it wasn't him. >> and what fed it, as i said before, it's serial. we are missing the forest through the tree here. if this was one incident, like tara said, a goofy thing. but this is serial. if you look back on the last year, multiple statements that donald trump hasn't told the
5:27 pm
truth. >> what else is he not telling the truth about? he sold voters who voted for him a bill of goods. he talked about this morning that that's a scam. well i guess he would know with all about scams, right? trump university. vitamin company. and the multilevel marketing scams. donald trump's been sued and involved in all kind of lawsuits for all things of things. i guess he would know what a scam looks like. >> anderson, one other point, part of the problem of the story for trump is not just the one-off issue, but the bigger problem of his operation remains incredibly small. still no communications director. one press person. there was a wall street journey story about the clinones today. >> they could hire john miller. >> if they could find him. >> there is was a clinton story that conservatives were talking about. at the least, the trump kpab. when you don't have a traditional structure you do end up losing days like this. i think that is what they are finding too.
5:28 pm
this area presumably the clintons will get tighter on going forward. >> there's much more to talk about tonight including hillary clinton's strategy. we know about it now for countering donald trump. and what some of her is youesup think of how they are handling it so far and his taxes and how this story just does not seem to be going away. [plumber] i need to be where the pipes are.
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it is fitting it is friday the 13th. a president campaign that heard a lot and donald trump loves it talk about how good he is at businesses and telling voters that his taxes are none of their business. dana bash has more on that. >> reporter: the issue that won't go away. >> what is your tax rate? >> none of your business. you will see it when i show it. but i pay as ill little as possible. >> reporter: donald trump argues voters don't have a right to see his taxes. >> there have been many presidents that haven't shown their tax returns. >> reporter: that's true. but for last 40 years candidates for president have. the last gop, mitt romney,
5:33 pm
dragged his own feet on disclosing his tax returns but eventually relented. this week the anti-trump romney said withholding tax says disqualifying and today a republican party spokesman told cnn it's up to trump. but -- >> mr. trump has to make a decision sooner rather than later about a decision to release his tax returns. >> reporter: some worry it could undercut their attacks on hillary clinton as a candidate with something to hide. others argue trump is on safe ground making the agency everyone loves to hate the irs, the boogie man. >> i will really gladly give them. you won't learn anything. but it is under routine audit. when the audit end i will release them. that should be before the election. >> reporter: then the temporary ban on muslims. seems to soften his dance a bit before meeting with republican leaders who oppose it. >> this is just a suggestion until we find out what is fwoing on. >> reporter: today insisting he
5:34 pm
would push the muslim been as president. >> i'm not the president right now so anything i suggest is really a suggest. if i were president i would but in legislation and do what i have to do. >> reporter: that temporary ban on muslims is exhibit a of republicans kwau dri with trump at the top of the ticket. republican leaders across the board denounced it as unamerican but trump found a lot of support for the idea among gop voters. the same voters republicans need both to win the white house and keep control of congress. anderson? >> dana, thanks very much. as we know, donald trump doesn't like it all when someone claims he isn't wlorj worth what he claims to be worth. trump sued o'brien for $5 billion after o'brien quoted three people who estimated his wealth was somewhere between $150 to $250 million far less than what trump claimed. trump sued the case wept on for years because trump dragged his
5:35 pm
feet on handing over documents, yes his tax forms. a judge dismissed the case. trump appealed and lost again. tim o'brien joins us now. you're probably one of the only people i know of who has seen some of donald trump's tax returns. i know you can't discuss what was in them because of this lawsuit but why not release them if you're donald trump? because legally there's nothing about because you're being audited and you can't release them. >> exactly. the issue of there being a an audit, preventing and releasing returns is just a head herring, anderson. the reason he doesn't want it release them is because it goes to some very sail yent issues around his candidacy and i think his track record as a business person. the returns aren't going to substantiate anything about his net worth as a hole but it will demonstrate how much incomes he earns from his businesses. he has put out his success as a business person, the amount of
5:36 pm
money he made as a business person as hall marks for benchmarks of of his sultbility to be the chief executive of the united states. on top of that, there's other issues in the returns that matter. specifically i think that his charitable contributions. for quite a while, he said he is a big backer of veterans. war veterans. but there's no evidence anywhere he has been generous fill tropically with war veterans. we will see in the returnsfillt veterans. we will see in the returns how charitable he has been with war veter veterans. >> and if there are groups to be raise concerns among conservatives, would that be in his tax returns? >> his returns are going to show his charitable contributions across a range of institutions so you get a look at all of that. he is also obviously gone hard
5:37 pm
against wall street wages and hedge fund community and taxed higher now that his own taxes are under scrutiny. he is publicly saying as he pays as little tax as he possibly can could. we're in the moment in an issue of off-shore shell corporations and tax dodging or tax avoidance through those kinds of entities are in play because of the release of the panama papers. trump's tax returns would show whether or not he made use of facilities like that. during his campaign he has gone repeatedly after u.s. corporations criticizing them for locating their operations overseas at the expense of the u.s. worker. we know that trump's sources, some of his own clothing from overseas and i think his tax returns would show where he invests and where he operates overseas.
5:38 pm
i also think the key thing is, and it is why it is an prnt tradition in the united states, is he is seeking the highest office in the land. i think voters have a right to know from any side of the i'll, whoever is going to the white house should make it very transparent about what possible business or financial pressure that might come under. >> tim o'brien, appreciate you being on. thank you. >> thank you. >> and what the government announced it is doing today to ease the massive headache that many airport security lines have become. everything these days.
5:39 pm
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for months, more than a dozen gop candidates were trying to answer the question how do you run against a candidate who is able to take personal attacks to a new level. that's a question hillary clinton is trying to figure out. even as she complains to clench her nominee she shares fire with a republican nominee. >> he has already showed us what he believes and already said what he wants it do and he wants it go after every one of the rights we have. >> that's why we call her crooked hillary clinton. dishonest. >> my husband and i have released 33 years of tax returns.
5:43 pm
so you got to ask yourself, why doesn't he want to release them? >> she was an unbelievably nasty mean enabler and what she did to a lot of those women is disgraceful. >> i don't think we can take a risk on a loose cannon like donald trump running our country. >> that's just a small sample of what they've been saying. the now resuming hillary clinton becomes democratic nominee will she have to recalibrate and go after donald trump in a different way or stick to what she's been doing at a campaign event in new jersey, clinton supporters weighed in. here is randy. here is randi kaye. >> they came to hear bill clinton speak in new jersey. but these voters were already fired up. >> why you stoop down into the gutter with someone that wants it bring you there. >> reporter: the gutter is where many of the hillary clinton supporters believe donald trump is trying to drag her. using personal attacks about her husband's extra marital affairs dating back 20 years.
5:44 pm
>> she was an unbelievably nasty mean enabler and what she did to a lot of those women is disgraceful. >> reporter: instead of hitting trump back on his own transgressions, mrs. clinton is sticking to the issues. >> i have said repeatedly, i'm not going to respond to the ininsults and attacks coming from donald trump in this campaign. >> is hillary clinton playing tough enough? i think she is playing tough enough because i don't think that slander is the name of this game. i think she should stay focused on the agenda at hand. >> i don't believe in mud-slinging. i dent think that helps anyone. >> reporter: but not respond to trump's personal attacks are ris ook eingy. >> are you concerned this could back fire? look at the other 16 candidates who didn't take on donald trump. >> i believe, you know, as time approaches closely, that she
5:45 pm
should maybe take a couple of shots but nothing too extreme. she doesn't want to be anything like donald trump. >> are you at all concerned that these kinds of things could sink in to the american public's view of her if she doesn't say something? >> i think the american people are intelligent enough to know what it look for to do their research, to do their homework, and not fall knot games of name saying. >> there is also a question of how hillary clinton should handle donald trump's harsh words for her husband. trump calling bill clinton the worst abuser of women in the history of politics. hillary clinton responded to those remarks either. a few here feel strongly that mrs. clinton needs to defend her husband and family. that she is making a big mistake letting trump quote bully her. >> you don't stand up to a bully, they keep going. for her to sit there and let him get away with it, it is like a cancer. if you don't treat, it metastasizes. then what happens? you die. >>. >> reporter: how exactly should she strike back?
5:46 pm
use trump's favorite weapon against him says this supporter. >> you think she should go after him on social media? >> yes. he is using twitter. let her use twitter. >> and staying above the fray may be harder and harder the closer we get to election day. randi kaye, cnn, paterson, new jersey. >> back with the panel now joining the conversation. maria cardona. maggie just from your reporting, does it seem like the clinton campaign has their strategy sort of in place about how to deal with donald trump. we heard from hillary clinton when donald trump was talking about her being an enabler, saying i'm not running against donald trump i'm running for my vision of the country. she at other times said she couldn't wait to run against donald trump. >> you just highlighted the crux of it. they don't have their strategy in place, but they will say they do. but you see they don't. she said for months i can't wait it take him on and that is not
5:47 pm
what we are seeing. and he often crows about this, did shut her and bill clinton to some extent down late last year when he went after them on the same vein, about their personal lives, about bill clinton's infidel its and you saw bill clinton take a lower profile. hillary clinton stopped using trump as an easy foil. since then they haven't figured out how they want it handle him at left if regards to this. it is a tough question historically for her advisors to approach with her. that adds to the problem. right now she is not, and they are not framing this election. not framing what their case is. for the country. democratic strategist said to me earlier today who supports her, you know, she didn't have to run a great campaign to twin. just based on the demographics and trump's own problems in terms of his negative numbers and approval ratings but you get into dangerous territory when you don't and trump is an unusual candidate. >> yeah, maria, as clinton
5:48 pm
supporter, it is one thing to say i want it take the high road but a lot of gop candidates bho said that as well. people can't even remember their names. >> that's true. but i think that we have to take couple things into consideration. first of all, the republican electorate is very different from the general election electorate that donald trump and hillary clinton will have to face once the general is with us. and we're in the midst of it. the second thing is, let's remember back in june when donald trump announced his candidacy and when he right off the bat insulted mexican immigrants calling them rapists and criminals. who was the first one to call him out on it? hillary clinton. >> when donald trump was on a debate stage and says to hillary clinton's face she enabled you know inappropriate behavior by her husband against women, how does she respond? >> personally, what i would say is that she is not running on what her husband did. or said. and that i think is going to
5:49 pm
have a ruth resonance with 53% of the electorate. which is what women represents. and if you talk it a lot of women, they will agree and many of them have been in this position that they should not be judged by their partner's origin. >> when that happens on the debate stage is that a good enough response? >> well you know, here is what i think, listening to the comments here you just had in randi ka kaye's report, when i think of the last segment and what we are thinking about here, in terms of the tape, donald trump denies it is him. in terms of the allegations of women being an enabler, hillary clinton has not unequivocally denied a thing. she just says i'm not going to talk about it. it is really interesting and i'm sure it'll be brought up. >> gentlemen, good ahead. >> ill quickly say, first of all, there's a democratic race going on pt the nomination hasn't been decided. i would say either bernie
5:50 pm
sanders or hillary clinton facing donald trump, i think the more they stick to the issues and focus on what americans care for, i'm not saying some people won't be persuaded by the ugly attacks by trump against bernie sanders as well, as long as you stick to what people saying we will just be fine. >> i think part of the problem for clinton is this she is perceived as being canned, authentic, and interest grammed. for trump, does not come across as authentic. i think that's a big challenge to deal with. >> i have it leave it there. i'm out of time. up ahead, will new government end long waits at airport checkpoints? that is next. hey, jesse. who are you? i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit from voya. orange money represents the money you put away for retirement. over time, your money could multiply. hello, all of you.
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5:55 pm
heading to the business summer travel season, tsa is launching a ten-point plan to reduce delays. including new limits on the size and number of carry-on bags. more officers. more bomb-sniffing dogs. nor advanced technology and greater emphasis on the precheck program. >> 45 db minute cut off. >> and more than anything they pushed before. why should anyone believe this one would work? >> because we are bringing on more tsos. we are in fact bringing on more tso overtime and we are in fact investing in more k-9s, more technology. >> it may be little too late. airports in new york and new jersey are making noise about pushing tsa aside and privatizing passenger screenings. so is atlanta which handled more than 100 million passengers a year and with lines during just one month of spring producing
5:56 pm
hundreds of delays, an airline lobbying group is urging passengers to post pictures with the hashtag, i hate the wait. >> you capital get a hold of a damn person in tsa. >> republican congressman john micah head of the transportation committee unimpressed with the new plans. >> what they said was well intended but they're late at the gate. >>. >> reporter: transportation officials believe this can help in some delays but when asks if people may run into tlie-hour delays and miss flights this summer the head of homeland security would only say i hope not. tom foreman, cnn, washington. >> it is a mess out there. we'll be right back. tom foreman. >> it is a mess out there. we'll be right back. not. tom foreman, cnn, washington. >> it is a mess out there. we'll be right back.
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thanks for watching. time for krp tonight with dop lemon. this just might be a case of he said/he said. that tonight. i'm don lemon. does this guy sound at all familiar to you? >> somebody that has a lot of options.