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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  May 13, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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thanks for watching. time for krp tonight with dop lemon. this just might be a case of he said/he said. that tonight. i'm don lemon. does this guy sound at all familiar to you? >> somebody that has a lot of options.
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gets called by everybody in the book. and women. >> that 19 the 1 recording on taned by the washington post is of a man who said he was john miller with publicist for donald trump. but reporters who covered trump back in the day claim he called them masquerading as miller or john baron. what does donald trump say about that? listen to what he tells nbc. >> you're going so low as to talk about something that took place 25 years ago about whether or not i made a fen call. i guess you're saying, under a presumed name. >> yes, under a presumed name. >> the answer is no. let's get to more current subject. >> what about donald trump's taxes? >> i fight very hard to pay as little taxes as possible. >> what is your tax rate? >> none of your business. >> maybe we should move on to trump's proposed muslim ban. >> anything i say right now, i'm
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not the president. no matter what you say, it's a suggestion. >> washington post releasing a recording from 1991. reporter "people" magazine sue carswell speaks it a man who identifies himself as john miller, publicist for donald trump. >> by the way, i'm sort of new here and -- >> what is your position? >> i'm the pr because you get so much of it. >> yeah. >> and fracnkly -- >> where did you come from? >> i can't tell you on the record. off the record i can tell you he doesn't care if he got bad pr until he got divorced. he he got a lot of bad financial stuff. he liked it. it was good. because he could get a divorce. once the divorce is finished, then he is doing well fnly and didding well in every other woi way.dding well in every otheri . how come all of saud he is doing so well and then there's a story on that.way.
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how come all of saud he is doing so well and then there's a story on that.every other way. how come all of saud he is doing so well and then there's a story on every other way. how come all of saud he is doing so well and then there's a story on that.every other way. how come all of saud he is doing so well and then there's a story on that. i've been brought in to handle it because of the press. >> where did you come from? >> i worked for a couple different firms. >> we have played a lpg excerpt so you can judge if john miller sounds like a certain presidential candidate but donald trump tells nbc's today show there is no question it's not him. >> that is not me on the phone. not me on the phone. doesn't sound like me, i'll tell you that. and in the 20 years ago? >> in the 90s yes. >> and you are going so low as to come up with something 20 years ago. and i guess you say under a
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presumed name. >> yes under a presumed name. >> no. let's get on to -- >> and a whopping 25 minutes into a phone call with trump when asked about john miller the phone went silent then dead. here now to talk about the trump tape controversy is forensic audio expert paul ginsberg. i feel bad for calling you in. because when you listen it that, if that person,ite honestly, i'm not an expert, but that person called me up on the phone whoever that was, i would say how you doing mr. trump. to me it sounds like it. we have another forensic audio special. his name is thomas owens, you know him. he said based on the pitch and cadence on this tape, that jn miller and donald trump are the same guy. do you agree? >> it seems like it is. in addition to which, this mr. trump, knows more about donald trump and donald trump does. and he uses the same words, same phrases, and with the same
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knowing of each and every detail of different questions as they are thrown to him. and without any hesitation. >> yeah. >> you think the clip we played in the intro is significant because, you know, where people quote john miller, he starts to work for donald trump. tell me why, why do you think that's important, the clip in the beginning? >> well what's important is he's asked twice what company do you work at and where did you come from. she had never heard the name. he doesn't give a name after company. he doesn't say how long he worked for the company. just that he's a friend of donald trump. donald trump thinks highly of him. and then he is requesting to do this part-time and then move on. >> this is larry king's program back in the '90s. here it is. >> there are rumors that you are being asked to run for governor of new york. >> there are a lot of rumors
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about a lot of things. i have zero interest. first of all we have a great governor in mario cuomo. >> you're a republican? >> i'm a republican. could you imagine me running for office. don't i think i'm a little controversy for that? wouldn't you say? >> have you been asked to run. >> i've been asked it run for office and i turned it down. turned it done cold. >> what are you comparing when you listen to the washington post and when you listen to this interview from the '90s. i'm listening to the tone, to how quickly he responds. his voice. what his accents are. it is the same kind of analysis as you do on isis tapes from say jihadi john. to see whether it matches up to what we know his type of speech is. >> this is with, i want to play another clip and i want you to listen to this. >>.
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>> what stands out to you in that clip?
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that was supposed to be john miller, right? >> at every turn mr. miller talks about how great, how popular, how much of a ladies man, how many hotels donald trump owns. and no matter what the questioning, he is right on without any hesitation and he has more details than anyone else. >> maybe he is just a really good spokesman and he has become donald trump. wouldn't you want that kind after spokesperson? >> i would but i don't know that he could exist. >> all right. lastly i want you to listen to this. this is john miller then and donald trump now. >> i could tell you this -- >> i could tell you this -- >> you understand that -- >> probably doing as well -- >> politic as well as anybody -- >> hold up the boiible as well anybody. >> that would be evidence in a court of law. don, if it walks like a duck,
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swims like a duck, looks like a duck, it's a donald. >> thank you, paul. always a pleasure. now bringing in former senior writer at "people" magazine who covered donald trump for years. set author of hulk hogan my lifeout side the ring. you know mark, we are sitting here because, it almost seems preposterous. tell us. and you have done reporting on this, right? >> yeah. i mean, look, this is -- you listen to that tape and anybody who has ever spoken to donald trump on the phone or in person, that's donald trump on the tape. i have absolutely no doubt. more than that, let's go back to the original "people" magazine story in 1991. in that article, they took that tape at the time to a series of donald's colleagues and associates and including mar la maples, his girlfriend at the time and soon to be wife, and they all verified that was
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donald trump on the tape. so it is preposterous to think it was anything other than donald trump on the tape. what i don't understand, it is well known in media circles that he used to do this. especially using the name john barron more than miller. but yeah, he used john barron all the time. baron is actually a name that he just seemed to use a lot with girlfriend and things and now baron is his youngest son's name. >> and he reportedly admitted this in '90s that he did this. >> everyone in new york media knew it at the time. that happened before my time at "people" magazine. but those stories still went around the newsroom because everybody knew it. it was part of who he was. why he isn't owning up to it now, i don't know. >> why would he do this? what's in it for him? you think it makes him look kind of silly? >> maybe. because we're talking about the presidency. we're talking about the president of the united states.
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and the president of the united states is generally not the same person that donald trump was when he was a tabloid fixture in new york city going through very public divorces. living a life as a business man. that was a celebrity. he was a symbol of '80s excess that was rolling into the '90s. that is very different persona that even what the people that want an outsider in the white house are looking for. you know. it is just outside the norm. maybe there's in embarrassment there. but i've never known donald trump to be embarrassed of everything. that's what i don't understand. why isn't he owning up to this? >> that's the question. >> by the way, can i mention something? >> yeah. >> can i just mention something? ? he got this right out of his father's play book. you know, fred trump, he used to make phone calls to people who he didn't want to know he was the one calling. fred trump would call and use
6:12 pm
the identity of mr. green. yet people knew it was fred trump calling tp p isn't out of character for the trump family. this is something that donald trump picked up from his father and is carried on. now he doesn't need to. for years -- >> he is on twitter now. >> just call me directly. >> he can say whatever he wants it say and get it out there. >> exactly. >> you specifically covered the r ros rosie o'donnell feud with donald trump. was he happy with the way you covered this story? >> yeah. because i quoted him accurately as he put down rosie o'donnell as brashly as he could. he loved i was one of the first to call him and we were the first ones to put the story up on at the time. it spun into months and months and months of publicity for him
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that spun into higher ratings for "the apprentice." higher ratings for the miss universe pageant. he loves it. >> he had to come out and disavow comments made by his long-time butler who worked for him over 330 years. he said president obama should have been taken out of our military and shot as enemy agent in our first term. the bain said that butler doesn't work for trump any more and hasn't since 2009. even though up until pretty presently he was taking groups on tours, what do you think about that? >> look, a completely outrageous statement. i think donald trump did the right thing by disavowing that statement and distancing himself from it immediately. i think he had no other choice. we live in a very different world today. in the old days no one ever would have heard from a butler. think about "downton abbey." the butler is the one keeping
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secrets and the most reserved person on the staff. now we live in an era of twitter and facebook and when your butler as nas face back and makes public comments, it will make its way into the news media. that has to be nerve-racking for donald trump or anyone else running for office. this didn't exist a few years ago hop how you handle it and how you react to it is something every single politician is trying to figure out and put a handle on. >> thank you, mark. appreciate it. >> it's wild. >> yes. we come right back, more from the serious john miller. well maybe he's not so mysterious. will comments like this dent donald trump's campaign? >> a very big thing with mick jagger. what happened, and with eric clapton. and it began and she ended up gooding with mick jagger. then dropped mick jagger for donald and there it is right now.
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a hotel looking to help small businesses succeed is incredible. thank you. holiday inn is an extension of our team. book your next journey at none of your business. donald trump's spops when asked what his tax rate is and not me on the phone, denying he posed as his own spokesman in an old
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audio recording that has come to light. here now is michael smerconish. >> come on. [ laughter ] >> come on, michael. come on. >> i can cut it short. >> you're a straight shooter. i got to tell you, someone just tweeted me and said you liberals are lying to trash trump anyway you are liars and people know that don lemon and people on the tape know that is not djt. >> john miller would be on your program right now saying, don, it is me. and if there were a john baron, he would be sitting here by mr. miller. i invite them both on my program tomorrow morning but i want to see them at the same time. >> have you listened to the voice? >> oh come on. from the get-go. >> this is not don, this is don barron -- >> i used to call the drugstore and ask if they had prince albert in the can. but i was 12 and 13 at the time. that's the thing. not just the inflexion of the voice. it is the word choice. he uses as you just proved with
6:20 pm
the tape that you -- he uses the same words today. >> so the thing is that is this the thing that doesn't damage, because i don't think there is anything that can do damage. >> not with his core. here is what i was thinking. it is not just this. also tax returns. also the butler, right? if i'm paul ryan and i just had this big reproachment this week and i'm finally coming to terms with getting on board with the donald, what am i thinking now? like what the hell am i getting into with this guy making phony phone calls, not releasing tax returns and hiring a crack pot as domestic staff? that would make me nervous. >> does it make a difference that he just doesn't own up to it? >> absolutely. >> if he just said i was having fun in the '90s. >> if he said this morning, look, i was in the midst of an ugly domestic situation, i needed to play that game, i really don't think we would be having some conversation right now. >> is it about that or is it just the confluence of
6:21 pm
everything including this, as you said? just about the phony phone call? >> i think we would be talking about the phony phone call in and of itself but i think it is that, tax rusheturns, the butle and this. what's to come, right? what else is out there? >> let's talk about the taxes. this is the exchange on "good morning america." >> so i fight very hard it pay as little taxes as possible. >> what is your fax rate? >> none of your business. you'll see it when i release it. but i fight very hard it pay as little tax as possible. >> but it is our business. >> it is our business. and listen, he just planted a seed, okay. twice said to stephanopoulos, i work very hard it pay as little taxes as i can. get ready, don, believe me, i don't think he wants to hand over that return. but if he feels pressed to do it and finally does it and you find out that warren buffett secretary is paying more in
6:22 pm
taxes than donald trump and i don't mean her rate i mean paying more in taxes he will say i told you. i work awfully hard not to pay taxes. and one other observation, if i can, what does he most like talking about? >> how much money he has. >> how much money he earns. that's his brand. >> you think that's a fear? >> absolutely. if he had a big income statement he would have handed over those tax returns a long time ago. he did make a financial disclesh you're i think 9d 2 pages if the income were what he represented it to be and he were that charitable, you would have seen it by now. >> you remember this, what is good for the goose and i don't know if this is karma or what have you coming back, mitt romney, he criticized mitt romney when he found out mitt romney was paying a low tax rate and encouraged him to release 12 years of taxes. he speak to piers morgan. watch this. >> those returns are perfect. i would say, if i were mitt and i'm not and never discussed this aspect of it, but if i were mitt
6:23 pm
i would say i will release the rest of them. >> that was then and this is now. does that make him look bad? >> absolutely. i wish someone would question him in detail on this and say, you say you're being audited, are you being audited personally? is it one of your 500 business entities in maybe the golf shop at dell boca vista and he is trying to stand behind this sort of thing. i want to get to the bottom of at least that. but richard nixon was being audited. he handed off his tax returns. >> there is nothing that says the irs can't hand over tax returns. >> oh he they must be chomping at the bits that he is getting away with this so far. >> so far. he has been -- he had been self funding but he had been taking donations all along. but as he gets into the general election this changes things because he is not self db funding as he sees it. does this change his whole idea
6:24 pm
about the guy that doesn't need money and not bought and paid for by anyone. >> i think the answer to your questions is in and of itself, not one of these is a game changer. but some point collectively, whether the tax returns or phony phone calls, that issue, i think collectively it might not hurt him with his base because he was right. he could shoot someone on fifth avenue and get away with it and they would still stand with him. but what about the minds he needs to win over. it is so funny. >> can i make a phony phone call on fifth after now and get away with it. >> right. but he needs to win new hearts and minds. >> glenn beck commented that he waited until he got this far and waited to come out with the bomb shells. >> i dent want to talk about beck but my father has been saying that for weeks. my father says i hope he won't be upset with me offering this, but that liberal media, this is my dad, lying in wait and just waiting until he is annoyed and they will drop everything so that hillary is able to skate
6:25 pm
right to the white house. it is a perception out there. i will say this, i don't think he's been vetted. for all of the attention he is receiving, we look at a guy out there for a year. but trump university, have we gotten to the bottom of that. tax issue. a whole host of things yet to play themselves out. everything sticks to her. so little sticks to him. >> i can't wait to see sker monish tomorrow. >> thanks for that. >> the reporter from "people" magazine to whom he gave the interview. my guest. >> at 9:00 and 6:00 p.m. smerconish. thank you. >> he is walking back what he said about a proposed ban upon muslims coming into the u.s. is there some flip-flopping going on here? intuitive. with the pressure of my hand i can draw lightly, just like i would with a real pencil. i've been a forensic artist for over 30 years. i do the composite sketches which are the bad guy sketches. you need good resolution, powerful processor because the computer has to start thinking
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donald trump pick up endorsement from nine committee house chairmen in the last tw weeks but still none from speaker paul ryan. joining me now is andy dean, trump supporters. maria cardona committed to hillary clinton and lny chin former senior adviser to marco rubio.
6:30 pm
okay, andy you first. is it fair to say that donald trump as a candidate has some unusual baggage impersonating a pr guy on the phone with the magazine, pbutler making threat against the president's life. isn't this what gives republican's heartburn with this nominee? that they don't ne what's coming? >> i wouldn't call these scandals, they are fun media tidbits. his butler who doesn't work for donald trump said crazy stuff. he is a guy in his 70s. donald trump can't control that guy. as for pr, i don't know if that was donald for not, but it makes him more likeable if he was because he saved 5 to 10 grand a month on a pr guy. if you compare hillary clinton with the scandal in benghazi, i would take that comparison any day of the week and twice on sunday. >> you say if it is donald trump. who do you think it is? >> if it's trump. >> who do you think it is, david? >> could be johnny miller the
6:31 pm
golfer. has anybody interviewed him yet? >> all right, andy. i will move on. lonnie i guess in comparison, not releasing the report is almost mundane now. but a series of departures from what other candidates have done. i want you to take another look at this. >> just routine audit. i want to get through the audit first and that's what i'll do. there have been many presidents that have not shown their tax returns. >> actually, every nominee since 1976 has released their taxes -- >> before 1976 people didn't do it. it used to be a secret thing. i don't want it to be secret but i want it to be finish ped. >> what is your tax rate? >> none of your business. you will see it when it is releaseed. but i fight very hard to pay as little tax as possible. >> so donald trump says quote tax return is none of your business. romney said he thinks trump is hiding a bomb shell there. do you? >> entirely possible. with all do respect, it is not
6:32 pm
up to trump to decide whose business it is. it is the american people who with might want to know. we've been through this in past campaigns. this will be the issue the longer he drags it out. i think the best bet here is for him to get this out and litigate this issue for the republican party as well. what we don't want is getting to september or october putting out tax returns then and having some crazy revelation in them that we have it clean up for in closing months fs campaign. the better course is for them to get these things out. >> when you pair trump saying he will no longer self-fund the campaign with the secrecy around his taxes, it makes you wonder if he isn't worth possibly what he says he's worth. the question is, is he chipping away at one of the key pillars of his candidacy, that he really is a really rich successful businessman and not beholdened to anyone?
6:33 pm
>> i get two issues absolutely. >> i want lonnie to answer that. >> go ahead, lonnie. >> there are two issues. one you are right. he is chipping away at this issue of how successful he has been. we can see that in the tax return and see how much he made. other thing he is doing don is that he is setting up a very difficult situation for himself. because he has presented himself as this paragone of i'm going to say it like it is and tell you what's on my mind but i won't tell you everything that's going on and there's a little bit of irony there. about the guy's image. i think that's go toing to be a problem going forward. if the reality doesn't meet with the image, the tax returns are just a piece of that. so this all goes in a larger theme. >> donna, what about changing positions on muslims? >> i'm not the president right now. so anything i suggest is really a suggestion and if i were president i would put in
6:34 pm
legislation and do what i have to do. no, i'm not softening my stance at all but i'm always flexible on issue. >> does this make him seem like a flip-flopper? >> of course. but i think it goes to character or frankly lack there are. the danger for someone like donald trump wp let's remember he gained the republican nomination, not within a majority of republican votes but a plurality of republican votes and right if you they are going through their own civil war and painful process of getting leaders and other conservative voters out there to come around donald trump and unify. because he is not going to win this general election against hillary clinton without a unified republican party. all of these flip-flops, or issues of you know him being flexible, and hiding his tax returns, and you know, not admitting that this was his voice on the tape, i mean, who is this guy? is he donald trump? john miller? think, i think, underscores the lack of core values.
6:35 pm
lack of principles. lack of any personal beliefs whatsoever of any kind that this guy has had throughout his life. so who is this person that we are about to perhaps elect president of the united states. that gives democrats huge fodder for the presidential election. >> andy, i wanted to get maria in there. go ahead now. >> two points, first to lonnie's idea that donald is not that rich or not worth billions, that is just untrue. i ran his television company for over five years an i did the books and audit and just from that one company i can tell you he made hundreds of millions of dollars. and he has hundreds of companies. also -- >> so why not release it? >> well okay. two things about the tax return. one, if you look at mark zuckerberg's tax return, if he doesn't sell stock in any given year that tax return shows he made $1. >> so why not release. >> hold on. the information you want was
6:36 pm
already disclosed. trump's assets. any tax attorney who understands the complexity says you cannot release these returns. because there is a lot that goes into tax strategy. >> that's not true. we have spoken to a number of attorneys. hang on. hang on. let me clarify my point. not true. no. i don't know the difference between a liberal attorney and conservative attorney. that is what -- the law is the law. the law isn't liberal or conservative. why not release them? i'm asking you a simple question and you give me answers that dent make sense. >> i will explain. if you have complex tax strategies and a lot of them, i'm telling the truth, some of the areas -- >> you don't think mitt romney add complex tax strategy. he is a multimillionaire as well. >> donald trump is worth 40 to 50 times, 40 to 50 times what mitt romney -- quickly on this point, there is important. while under audit you have clever tax strategies and you open it up to the world and then
6:37 pm
some attorney gets on cnn and said this tax strategy doesn't work and the irs reopens the bks. donald trump is an moron. >> the books are open because he is being audited. >> by the irs. if he opens his returns up to the world and you on cnn bring on 50 different lawyers -- >> but he will have to open up his returns to the world if he wants to the be the president of the united states like everybody else. >> after the audit, he will. >> lick. after the audit he will. >> maybe next time he should wait until after the audit to run. >> mter can people need him now. they are worried about job. >> what if this is done after the election. >> then he will release them then. >> americans don't care about his tax return. they want jobs. >> i don't understand why you would focus on o a strategy that is hurting him.
6:38 pm
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back with me now, andy deen, maria cardona and lahnee chen. okay, so why not release the years that are not under audit? >> he could. but that's going back, i don't know, you know, 5, 10 years. something that he could do and maybe he will take a look at. it is possible. >> maria? you think that would satisfy? >> yeah, hillary clinton released 33 years of taxes. i mean, this is, i think, when you dot comparison, again, this is, you know, far be it for me to give him advice that would help him. but this is hurting him and it'll continue to hurt him. so by all means he should continue to say no he is not going to release taxes. but it underscores this houj doubt that is in the mientd of most americans about who this guy is. what does he stand for? what are his principles and gives way to something michael
6:43 pm
smerconish was talking about, a vet that will happen in the nicaragua racing, trump university, multiple bankruptcies. it will all come out to the light of day. >> if donald trump is vetting a vice presidential candidate, is he going to want to see his tax returns? >> the vice president? >> sure. in the vetting process. >> i'm sure he would be happy to be picked. but don't you think -- >> no i want to ask you. if trup is vetting a vice presidential candidate don't you think -- >> oh, then he will want to see the vice presidential tax returns? sorry, i thought you meant the vice president would want to see trump's returns. >> no. >> trump wants to pick a politician and they don't have business live so that's why there isn't joutd side them -- >> so you think he would want to see the tax return? >> i think he might. but remember, it is probably a
6:44 pm
pl tigs. but one thing, don, this is to maria's point, talking about donald trump and if he has one or two failures here. he has taken risk his entire life. ania many entrepreneurs know, it takes a risk and he is a job-creator. >> now he is a politician and these are the rules of the game s since the 1970s everyone released their tax returns. back then he wanted the president it release his birth certificate. what is good for the goose is good for the gander. why can't we release information that people are asking of him when he demands that others release information as well p? >> and don? >> and don what about -- >> let's not forget that donald trump was one of the formalist voices calling for mitt romney to put his taxes out four years ago.
6:45 pm
so i just think that if there is nothing there to hide, then you know, you get them out. now look they are complicated. no question about it. romney's tax returns were complicated a. >> well. >> that's the perfect story for someone like donald trump who says he wants it change taxes -- all he would say is i made a mistake. hang on. i will finish then give you -- >> i'll give you the honest answer. >> the our tax code is very complicated. i am an example of how complicated it is. that's why we need to change the tax code. >> donald trump's tax returns i remember it took a wheel baro for them to wheel it into his office. it is thousands of pages. the issue is this and ill just go off the record between you and me can be don, that if donald trump released the returns, which by the way a terrible idea once again because you have tax strategist flagging
6:46 pm
the irs for a gray area. the media may pick up on something but won't paint the whole picture. they won't look at the entire 10,000 pages. >> i think you are underestimated the american voter. i think the american voter -- >> no, it's the media. >> if he releases it, then everybody in america, nerve tev in the world can read it for themselves and interpret it for themselves. >> he is interviewing for the highest office in the land. he is interviewing to be leader of the free world and commander-in-chief. that is an incredibly important position. if he does not release his tax returns and he continues to focus on all of these other issues, denying that he is the voice on the tapes, jn miller et cetera. we will give hillary clinton and continue to give the democrats the foder to underscore this is not a serious person, a loose
6:47 pm
cannon and he is dangerous. >> we could play this game all day. hillary is much more crooked. >> you said it, to donald trump this is a game. this is not a game. >> have a great weekend. >> thank you, don. >> we'll be right back. >> thank, don. >> never a dull moment. this is huge news! it's all thanks to our birds eye chef's favorites side dishes perfectly sauced or seasoned. what are you..? shh! i'm live tweeting. oh, boy. birds eye. so veggie good. shall we say, unnecessarily complex.h back cards are, limiting where you can earn bonus cash back... then those places change every few months... please. it's time you got the quicksilver card from capital one. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. doesn't get much simpler than that. what's in your wallet?
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6:51 pm
everybody is buzzing tonight about donald trump and the tale of the tape. here to weigh in now, the host of cnn's "united shades of america." happy friday, sir. >> happy friday the 13th. i just want to confirm, you say i'm me. i can't confirm that i'm me. maybe i'm not me. i'm taking a lesson from trump. >> okay. serious face. i've been wanting to ask you about this story. the old tape of what appears to be donald trump pretending to be his own publicist and now denying it. i'd love to hear your thoughts on this. >> i mean, the funny thing is, we've all done this. it's just all of us who have done this didn't end up running for president. i've called school to pretend i'm my mom to get me out of school. if he just owned up and admitted it, we could accept it. but he refuses to be honest in
6:52 pm
any way, even when it's about ridiculous stuff. >> why should something like this that happened many years ago, 25 years ago, if not more, why should it affect his bid for the presidency? does it matter to you? >> if this was the only thing we had, we might be able to go, that's silly, donald trump. this is the straw that is breaking the gop's back at this point. you know, it's like forget skeletons in the closet. donald trump has a closet built of skeletons. considering everything else that happened this week with his butler. first of all, he has a butler. like, i mean, let's talk about that. >> i didn't want to say that when the guy said and ask your butler. i was like, who has a butler? very few people. >> donald trump is basically daddy warbucks without the adorable orphan at this point. >> okay. so let's talk about your new show, which is doing really well. congratulations, by the way. we're very happy for you and very proud of you. >> thank you. >> so this week's episode, you spent time with the police department of camden, new jersey. let's look at it.
6:53 pm
>> so this is the shooting range. >> yes, sir. >> and this is where you guys come down here and practice and keep your skills together? >> pretty much. >> the threat is officially stopped. >> wow. >> in the news a lot of times, people ask why didn't the cop shoot him in the leg and wound him, so the person could still be alive. so tell me why it's center and not those other things? >> shall i give it to you in one word and explain it? we're not all bruce willis and denzel washington in real life. if we go to shoot for the arm or for the leg, if he moves, it might shoot baby suzy and we don't want that. >> wow. what did you learn? >> yeah, i mean, this is by far probably the least funniest episode of the show. i know i'm a comedian, but it was really an opportunity to talk directly to police officers in camden, new jersey, about what it is to be a police officer and how they're trying to do it differently with community policing. what they're trying to do is go
6:54 pm
back to an old school style of policing where they actually engage with the community and actually talk to the residents and then know the people in the community, so they actually know who to talk to. >> i want to ask you this. you and i have been on the air. we've been talking about the attention between people of color. in the african-american community. and u.s. law enforcement. is there anything that changed your mind about the real situation, that you can enlighten our audience about in that respect? >> what i learned is that it's a complicated problem, and we can't expect anything to make a solution happen. the thing that the camden police force is doing is acknowledging they've done a poor job in the past and most police departments don't do that. it's the start, but it's the very tip of the start. most police departments won't acknowledge they've done a poor job of policing black communities. it's the beginning of the start, but it's not the thing. >> listen, today, the obama administration called on public
6:55 pm
school districts nationwide to allow transgender students to use their bathrooms that matches their gender identity. i'm out of time here. what do you think, good move? >> yea! i think you should be allowed to use the bathroom you feel comfortable in. there's a lot of bathrooms where that happens already. it's called my house. we let anybody use the bathroom at my house who needs to go to the bathroom. >> thank you, sir. have a great weekend. we'll be watching this weekend. you can catch him on "united shades of america" sunday nights at 10:00, right here on cnn. it's a great program. make sure you tune in. sunday nights at 10:00 here on cnn. we'll be right back. n like... ...that, you have to rinse it first that's baked- on alfredo. baked-on? it's never gonna work. dish issues? cascade platinum... powers... through... your toughest stuck-on food. so let your dishwasher be the dishwasher. see? told you it would work. cascade.
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(store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. san diego is one of the wealthiest cities in the u.s., but less than an hour away, across the border on the outskirts of tijuana, many families live in desperate poverty. that's where this week's cnn hero from san diego lends a helping hand. >> it's important to remember that these families that we're helping in mexico are our
7:00 pm
neighbors. they're just right across the border. it's night and day, the difference. we are helping the communities come together, and we are teaching them that there is love in the world, that other people do care about them. >> to see how paula can change an entire family's life in one day, go to and while there, while you're there, nominate someone you think deserves to be a cnn hero. that's it for us tonight. i'll see you right back here on monday. "united shades of america: the new kkk" starts now. when we first pitched this show, you should know the whole idea behind this show is it's a show where a black guy goes places either he shouldn't go or you wouldn't expect him to go. and we're like oh, where should we go? i was like, i don't know, maybe i should go talk to the ku klux klan. that was their reaction. [ laughter ] that was exactly -- hmm. then it got quiet for a long time. but i could tell it was


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