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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  May 14, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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thanks so much for joining us. we begin with new and potential problems surfacing for trump's campaign, just after the republican leadership, you'll recall, agreed to work on party unity. the first possible issue for the presumptive gop is this leaked audio recording from the 1990s that some claim is trump posing as his own pr rep. trump denies it's his voice on the tape. here's a portion of the interview. >> i've put here to handle because i've never seen anybody get so many calls from the press. >> where did you come from? >> i worked for a couple different firms, and somebody that knows, and i think somebody
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that he trusts. i'm going to do this a little part-time. >> all right. we'll dig into that in a moment, but first, another issue catching fire, trump refusing to release tax returns until the audit is complete, an now clinton campaign is jumping all over that alleging he has something to hide. let's go to scott for that part of the story. scott? >> reporter: just as trump is working to unify the party and gaining more support from republican donors and congressmen, he's taking fire from the clinton campaign. democrats seize on the latest refusal to return tax returns with this web video out today. >> maybe i'm going to do the tax returns when obama does his birth certificate. >> the state of hawaii released my official long form birth certificate. >> if i decide to run for office, i'll release the tax returns, absolutely.
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>> i'm officially running for president of the united states. >> getting any closer to releasing tax returns? >> well, i'm thinking about it. >> i can't do it until the audit is finished. >> the audit is no excuse. the irs made it clear an awe fit is not part of public release, but it's entirely your choice. >> and so as that points out, trump says he will not make returns public until an irs audit is complete, and we don't know when that will be. he said yesterday he hopes it's before the electionment clinton hit trump on the issue wednesday and on fridasked about the tax , and his response was, quote, not any of your business, and says we won't learn much from the returns anyway, but we would learn about donations, dealt he may have, and effective tax rate that he says he works to keep low. legally, he's under no obligation to release returns, but if not, he would be the first presidential nominee not to since the 1970s. hillary clinton, she likes this issue, because her returns, they
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are already out there. for its part, though, the trump campaign hit clinton on transparency pointing to her use of a private e-mail server and her refusal to release transcripts of high price speeches given to goldman sachs. >> all right. really ran through a lot there for us, scot, thanks for that report. i also want to talk more about this bizarre audio tape that had the political world abuzz. trump denies its his voice of a people magazine reporter and mysterious pr man calling himself john miller who sounds an awful lot like donald trump. here's the side by side comparison, listen. >> i can tell you this. >> i can tell you this. >> he's probably doing as well as -- >> i know politics as well as anybody. >> i hold up the bible as well as anybody. >> you understand that. >> you understand that. >> doing tremendously well. >> she did tremendously well. >> paid his wife a great deal of money. >> you will see a great deal of
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cooperation. >> cnn's senior investigative reporter took it to an expert. >> the real amazing story of trump's old spokesman as the washington post headlines writes may be it's been such an open secret for so long it's hard to believe that anyone is still questioning it. >> what's your name again? >> john miller. >> you work with -- >> that's correct. >> how often does it happen? >> it was back in the 1980s, and when the flashy new york real estate mogul needed to get news out, the newspaper reports it was common knowledge among new york reporters that trump just assumed a different name and handled media calls himself like this call from reporter sue carswell at "people" magazine concerning trump's breakup with his girlfriend. >> what kind of comment is coming from your agency or donald? >> well, it's just that he really decided that he was not,
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you know, he didn't want to make a commitment. he really thought it was too soon. he's coming out of a, you know, a marriage, and he's starting to do tremendously well financially. >> reporter: if that john miller sounds like trump, it's because audio forensic expert, tom owen, says, in his opinion, it is. >> i can conclude with a fair degree of scientific certainty it is trump's voice. >> owen compared the john miller on that phone call with "people" magazine -- >> he didn't want to make a commitment. it was really too soon. >> reporter: to the real trump interviewed on larry king live in the 1990s. >> i don't take about relationships. >> reporter: due to the quality of the old recordings, he could not use the biometric analysis he says would be absolutely certain, but based on tone and pitch and expertise, john miller and donald trump are one in the
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same. >> i'm confident that it's donald trump based on my only sis of the critical listening, listening to the two recordings, and drawing a conclusion based on various factors, pitch, mannerism mannerisms. >> trump admitted underoath to use a tals pr name in a court testimony saying i believe on occasion i used that name. >> thank you. >> reporter: trump was confronted with the taped phone call and washington post story on friday's "today" show. >> no. i don't know anything about it. you're telling me about it for the first time, and it doesn't sound like my voice at all. i have many, many people trying to imitate my voice, you can imagine that, and this sounds like one of the many scams. doesn't sound like me. >> reporter: drew griffin, cnn atlanta. >> this is a week that could have been transformative for the campaign, but the controversies have been dominating the headlines, and i want to bring
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in our political panel to discuss this. our republican strategist is with us and ben ferguson who was a cruz backer, now begrudgingly on the trump train. gentlemen -- >> welcome to the team. >> you talked party unity at least, ben. >> that's right. >> before we get to the discussion, we did hear this morning from "people" magazine reporter on the other end of the call, and she's floating a very interesting theory. listen to this. >>. >> did you release the tape? >> no. >> how did it get into play? >> all right. two people had the tape. i had a tape. trump had a tape. i don't have the tape. >> how do you think it got into play? >> it didn't get to the post through me. >> so? >> trump. >> trump dropped the tape? >> yes. >> look what's going on this week, taxes, paul ryan, the
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butler. the butler did it, and now trump seems to like to pull people magazine type stories into the array. >> so, in other words -- >> all right. i want go to to you, boris, first, who leaked the tape? >> i don't know, and i'm not going to speculate. i don't know -- >> could it have been trump? would there be reason for him to? >> not reason i see. you have to ask him. i can't speak for what he chooses to do or not to do. the whole tape issue is completely overblown, 25 years ago. hillary clinton is under indictment or could be indictment, or investigation by the fbi. we should be talking about that. >> it's been brought up issues that happened in the '90s. >> impeachment, right, this was an issue that was a phone call. there's nothing in the phone call that is really newsworthy. it's an innocuous thing. he may or may not have posed as a publicist. what's the big deal?
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>> issue of trustworthiness? >> the supporters do not care about this. they say this is the media trying to tear him down. making him more defiant, but if you're trying to get people in the middle or people that may be were not on trump's team early on on the trump train, these are little things that matter. it's called trustworthiness and honesty. that's trump's voice. i'm not an idiot. anyone that heard it is clear it's trump's voice. i don't know why you just don't say, yeah, that was my voice. i used to mess with reporter, and people would laugh at it. i think the theory out there is interesting because it wouldn't surprise me at all. donald trump is a smart guy. would you rather have out there in the media the story of him being his own publicist and saying it's not his voice or would you rather have a story out this week about your taxes not being the first president not to release them or the story about the butler and comments
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about the president obama. i'll take the people story over those two, and trump is a smart man, an ivy leaguer with media, relations, and understanding how to control stories out there. if you put it out there on purpose to take away from those two conversations, well done, sir. you, obviously, won the day. if it is his voice and came out publicly and denied that it's his voice, why do you think he would use the terminology and say, well, it doesn't sound like me if there was a john miller that existed. why not just say that sounds like john miller, the guy who worked for me. >> it was on "today," calling in for the interview, and it was in the ear piece, not expecting the question, got the question, tape played into his ear for the first time, and that was his reaction. i have noed idea, again, why he reacted the way that he did or whether that's him or not him. i take him at his word. that's all we should do. talk about policy here, real
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issues, and the policy trump and clinton and failed policies clint clinton's standing for in the 30 years. ben, let me finish. i let you finish. whether it's him or not on that tape from 25 years ago to a reporter from "people" matters zero, and as far as the national electorats go, they know that, concentrating on failed proposals of hillary clinton and fact that trump got more votes than anybody in the history of the republican primary is by far the best candidate for president in this country. ben, go ahead. >> i agree, boris, the issues are important right now, but donald trump decide d this conversation would continue when it was not his voice. you can't blame the media for this. this is something -- >> i'm saying it's not an issue -- >> hold on. all right. you finished. let me finish. you can't have it both ways here. >> you don't sound like a supporter, ben. >> let me finish.
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i'm not an idiot. there's a difference. i don't blindly support people when they lie and say it's not their voice on a tape when it is their voice on a tape. i'm not going to sit here and blindly follow when they lie to me and try to sell lies to the public. this is the trust issues that matter in a campaign and election. it's insulting to my intelligence and everyone else when you sit there scene tell me somehow there's other issues that are more important. >> ben, do you care whether it's his voice? you're a smart guy. it doesn't matter. >> honesty matters. i'm a smart guy, and smart people understand that honesty and integrity matter, and running for the president of the united states of america -- >> you should vote for trump. >> all right. >> i want you to tell the truth. that matters. >> so there is an issue about trustworthiness that both sides struggle with, of course, as you mentioned, hillary clinton has also struggled with the perception among voters, but she's now attacking trump on the
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issue of taxes, using his own words in the new web video to show the timeline the decision to not release tax returns. as you know, candidates released for the past 40 years, why dig in heels here? let's listen to the web video. by now, you've probably both seen the video i'm talking about. i'll ask you the question, boris. why isn't he releasing the taxes? why be so firm against doing so? >> he's been firm on this for months now, once the audit is done, he'll release the returns. >> he said, i'll release them here, there, which we showed. >> since he's become candidate for president, nine monthings ago now, he said once the audit is complete, he'll release the returns. no federal or legal obligation to release tax returns, as you mentioned yourself, you know, since 1970, candidates have done it, but before then, they did not. it's up to the candidate to
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decide whether he does or does not do so. he has a detailed financial statement, but people glazed over that and focus on taxes. again, hillary clinton's worrying about her issues, the e-mail probe that's an investigation by the fbi. she said inquiry, but it's an investigation, and fbi confirmed it, and there's speeches to the goldman sachs, why not? focus on those issues, not trump's. >> do you think trump should release taxes or be held to another standard? >> well, i think this is a calculated decision by trump and at this point he does not see the advantage in releasing his tax returns, probably because there are going to be things in there showing one of two things. one, that hillary clinton will be able to say, quote on quote, did not pay the fair share because he has a lower tax bracket, or, two, donations going to nonprofit things that are not conservative, but i think he's playing it well because he realizes his supporters really don't care
12:15 pm
what is in the tax returns, and they have not cared and did not care in the primaries. at this point, i mean, stick to your guns until it becomes an issue, hillary clinton spends an awful lot of political capital day after day after day focusing on this, if it really is going to become a wedge issue. i don't know that she's going to have -- if that's a smart political play for her to do that. maybe donald trump is trying to get her to get off message and off her point and come after him in that way. >> all right. i know you have more to add. >> we -- i actually agree that that's a good point, and from hillary's perspecti perspective, open up to attack on issue of e-mails as well as goldman sachs and other issues with the clinton initiative and the foundation. it's not a smart play by her. >> i have to go. you'll agree to some extent. you're both republicans. thank you for being on with us.
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texas republicans swinging over the battle over transgender bathroom use in schools. we will not be blackmailed by the president's 30 pieces of silver or sell our children out to the federal government. >> the new federal guidelines that have lawmakers in the state facing off against the white house now. plus, isis declaring a state of emergency. the new evidence the terrorists are preparing for a possible siege in syria, and students lining up for trump 101, the new college course offered to those who have been baffled, curious, and just wanti ining to talk ab the rise of the billionaire businessman. it's true what they say. technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. ♪usic: "sex machine" by james brown
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make sure it's ano maintelligent one.. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ it might not be a law, but the debate is heating up over the obama administrations transgender e bathroom guidelines, it says to allow transgender students to use bathrooms or locker rooms based on the gender they identify
12:20 pm
with. that has several governors and states outraged. nick, these are not laws, per se, just guidelines, but we heard the government threaten to withhold title 9 funding for schools who do not follow them, and some say government is going too far. >> they call them guidelines, but they read more like a warning to public schools across the country, do this or else. several governors across many states here in the south are already telling their school districts to not follow the rules. of course, if the districts disobey guidelines, they risk losing federal money. >> we will not yield to blackmail from the president of the united states. >> reporter: the federal government calls them guidelines. several states including texas see them more as a threat. >> this goes against the values of so many people. it has nothing to do with anyone being against a transgender child. >> reporter: at a friday morning
12:21 pm
press conference, dan patrick says a line has been crossed by the federal government after the department of justice sent a letter on transgender bath room use in public schools across the united states. >> i'm telling all in texas, there's three weeks left of the school year. do not enact this policy. >> reporter: in the letter, attorney general writes there is no room in our schools for discrimination of any kind including discrimination of transgender students on the basis of their sex. under the guidelines, public schools that receive federal money are obligated to treat students consistent with their gender identity, even if the records indicate a different sex. access sex segregated facilities consistent with the gender identity and protect students' privacy related to their transgender status. the action sets the stage for a legal battle in the making since
12:22 pm
mar. . house bill 2 in north carolina began the recent controversy. the law requires transgender people to use the public restroom to the gender on the birth certificate, not how they identify. candice cox is the most outspoken on the issue and a transgender woman. >> the fact we're not talking about who nay are, but rather we don't want someone who looks like a man or looks like a woman that identifies as the opposite gender. it lets me know we're still discriminating on esthetics. >> reporter: north carolina and feds traded accusations and lawsuits. some states including arkansas and texas insist there's been government overreach. the feds say civil rights have been violated. >> this is not just a north carolina issue. this is now a national issue. >> it is a national issue, and today, the head of the civil
12:23 pm
rights decision for the department of justice seemed to double down on the feds' guidelines giving a commencement speech to the university of minnesota law school and said efforts like north carolina not only violate the laws that govern our nation but also the values that define us as people. two very adamant sides here that insist they are right on one side, feeling that this is a moral issue, that, really, the morality of the country is under attack. transgender people in this community, this this country, well, they are outraged by this, saying people focus on how they look, not who they are as people. >> issues not put to bed yet, nick, thank you. taking the fight to the terrorists, why the pentagon believe an isis stronghold in syria is under a state of emergency readying defenses for a siege. you know we said we'd take a look at our retirement plan today. not now! i'm cleaning the oven! yeah, i'm cleaning the gutters! washing the dog! washing the cat! well i'm learning snapchamp! chat. chat!
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it appears isis declared a state of emergency. the pentagon has seen new evidence the terror group is scrambling fighters, possibly preparing for a siege. now, this is after u.s. backed forces started to surround isis stronghold cutting off supply lines in recent months. u.s. officials are monitoring the situation there as cnn pentagon correspondent reports.
12:28 pm
>> reporter: u.s. military officials have been closely monitoring social media and other reports that isis has declared a state of emergency in raqqa, its self-declared capital inside syria, a city isis holds very dear. they have been in control of it for some time. what is this state of emergency mean? u.s. officials saying they have some evidence showing isis fighters are moving around in the city, some trying to leave the city, they are putting up covers, shades, trying to cover sidewalks, areas where nay may be all to try to stay hidden from potential air strikes or ground action. isis may, in fact, be getting nervous in raqqa. they have seen militia movements move closer and closer. some of the areas surrounding raqqa now not necessarily under isis control. all of this making the group maybe for the first time very nervous about being able to hold on to the city that they
12:29 pm
consider their capital. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. back to politics, this time, democrats, sanders still fighting for every last delegate. what are the rules that kept him in the race this long now working against him? >> any person here thinks that i'm coming to you as some kind of savior, that i'm going to do it all, all myself, you're wrong. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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senator sanders is fighting for every vote in kentucky today with a rally for supporters this evening. both the kentucky and oregon democratic primaries are three days away, and going in, hillary clinton is very close to having the number of delegates she needs to wrap up the democratic nomination, but as sanders likes to remind her, she's not there yet, and he says, more
12:33 pm
importantly, he's the one hitting the stride now as the campaign hits the home stretch. which means more in the race, math or momentum? john king breaks it down. ♪ >> is there anybody six months ago thought sanders would be giving hillary clinton this run for her money? i think not other than sanders and the top campaign team, but the rules that kept sanders in the race so far, democratic proportional rules, no winner take all states do not exist, that kept sanders in the race, but now it keeps clinton with her lead. ♪ >> it's an uphill struggle. we have a chance to end up with a majority of the pledged delegates, and if we do that, i think you are looki ining at th democratic nominee for president. >> reporter: this is the problem. you see what's left on the map, right? you see what's left on the map? sanders have a mathematical chance? yes. is that realistic math?
12:34 pm
there's 897 pledged delegates left, and he needs to win 67% of them. he's not won anywhere near 67% of the delegates so far. is it possible? sure, it's possible. that's mathematically possible. would you place a bet winning california with 67% of the vote? i think not. ♪ look at that. all bernie sanders, every county in west virginia. that's impressive. >> it seems a little bit dumb to me, if i might say so, that last night, where secretary clinton ended up with 36% of the votes, she's going to get six out of seven super delegates. >> reporter: in the end, she's still ahead, even if he wins everything left on the board by ten points. she's still ahead in pledged delegates. a, the campaign says it's not going to happen, but, but, if it laps, hillary clinton has in the back pocket the secret weapon.
12:35 pm
♪ if sanders runs the board, some of these people would defect. the math is not impossible for sanders, but it's pretty damn hard. >> odds are against sanders, but some believe he'll pull it off and snatch the democratic nomination from clinton. let's talk it over with sanders' supporters. thank you so much for joining us. president obama said, quote, everybody knows what the math is. essential lly suggesting rally around clinton. we saw the realities there. how do you think sanders could pull off the win? >> bernie can pull it off. anyone else at cnn allow to touch that board? john king is the only one. >> he's the master. don't mess with his stuff. >> bernie has all momentum, could win every state from here on out, and he could, with big
12:36 pm
performances, come out with more pledged delegates than hillary clinton. but the question i think democratic party and super delegates have to ask themselves is which candidate is better suited to beat trump? bernie is the only candidate left in the race who is not insulting all groups of people, under criminal investigation by the fbi, or impersonating publicists on telephone calls. he's honest, saying the same thing for 30 years, a new movement of people behind him, so we feel he's the best candidate, outperforming clinton in all the polls against trump. he remits a new generation of americans coming forward to reform the system and to really, you know, bring america to what it should be. >> he definitely ignited a passion among his sporpte suppo. the rallies have been in the thousands, but managers sent a sharply worded fundraising appeal this week. i want to ask you about it. he said, democrats, quote, court
12:37 pm
disaster if hillary clinton is the nominee because clinton, in his words, loses to trump in a general election, yet clinton is still ahead of trump in the latest cnn national poll. i hear what you're saying in that bernie sanders when you look at the polls, still, out performs her against trump at this stage in the game, but do you think a clinton nomination would be a disaster? >> i think that she's the only candidate left in the race who could possibly lose to don trump. trump has historic unfavorables right? well the only person close to him is hillary clinton, and so we're headed into a race where people are basically voting on negatives, and that everything is up in the air, right? when sanders comes with a positive message that's really igniting not only people in the middle who might be going between bernie and donald, but also people on the other side of the spectrum, otherwise not involved in a presidential election, he's the one who beats donald trump. it's funny. we e hear this discourse coming
12:38 pm
from the hillary clinton camp that those of us who do support sanders, who have not been involved in presidential politics or democratic politics forever, that somehow we should fall in line if bernie does not win the nomination and support clinton. that would be to really misunderstand our movement and misunderstand what we're about. the reason that they're asking for our support is i think even they know deep down she's very vulnerable against trump in the general election. bernie is not. he's the better candidate. >> very quickly, almost out of time in the segment, what you've said may ring true with sand supporters, but there's more who voted for hillary clinton up to this point in the process. what do you tell them about their votes? >> obviously, all those votes are important, but in a system where hillary clinton has been the presumptive democratic nominee for eight years, basically, and bernie sanders brings in a new movement, the
12:39 pm
fact he's performed as well against all those odds as he has is something that should not be forgot, even in thornew york, a closed primary system, won 43% of the vote. that is a big deal. so i think democratic super delegates and democratic parties have to take note of that and really decide who performs better. i think people who voted for hillary clinton so far look at that, they will come to the same conclusion that bernie's the better candidate. >> all right, we'll see what happens as the process plays out. thank you. the fight continues. sanders battle for delegates, watch all of our all day coverage from the kentucky and oregon primaries coming up this tuesday. still ahead here, travel earns furious over super long lines at the airport that have them running now to catch their flights. is there any fix before the busier summer travel season? we'll have a live report. hmmmmmm.....
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and if you have any medical conditions. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. have you traveled lately, long lines at airports hurt traveler, and homeland security says it will intervene to ease what are becoming increasingly longer lines at a lot of airport security check points. these pictures, passengers complain of waiting in line now more than three hours longer than that in some of their flights, travelers call the lines insane, taking their protest to social media
12:44 pm
media, #ihatethewait, and rachel crane is at laguardia airport, one of the airports under scrutiny. rachel, looks like the lines there are not at the worst right now, but we are seeing lots of problems around the country. what is the tsa planning to do? >> reporter: well, the tsa certainly getting a lot of criticism, and it's not all coming from just the disgruntled passengers. the port authority here in new york city issued a letter to the tsa threatening them if they didn't get the lines and wait times under control, they would consider privatizing airport security. now, the tsa, they have heard the pleas from the passengers. they heard the threat from the port authority. they allocated $8 million to bring in additional -- over 750 new agents to the tsa. the problem is, though, they don't come on board until mid-june. these waits, the lines are not going to disappear overnight.
12:45 pm
they really are a problem, too. i mean, just yesterday, we saw in dallas the american airlines, they had to delay five flights because 77 passengers were not getting through the lines in time to make it to their planes. you know, this is a problem that is not solving itself immediately, and especially with summer right around the corner, airport tickets dropping, and fuel costs dropping, probably going to get worse before it gets better. >> i'm taking a big deep breath because i guess this is would be of those instances where we have to practice patience, which is very difficult, especially traveling. rachel crane, thanks to you. teaching the trump factor. hear from the professor who designed an entire college course around the billionaire's rise to the top of the republican ticket. first, it's one of the wealthiest cities in the u.s., san diego, california, but less than an hour away, just across the border on the outskirts of tee wan that, mexico families
12:46 pm
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. how did trump turn a career focussed on raems and reality tv into a political force making him the presumptive nominee for president? students at georgia university can study his rise for credit this summer. the course is called "the trump factor: american politics," the brains behind it? professor robert smith. professor, how did the course come to be? >> thank you. i think there were really very much two threads that drove my interest in wanting to offer a
12:51 pm
course thinking it was time to study the subject. first was actually interest from my american government class, teach a series of classes in american science and american government is one of those, and, obviously; with the interesting campaign season in terms of both republican and democratic primaries, that the topic of donald trump was a heated topic for discussion, and then, also, sort of the broader role of trump being a candidate, sort of the business mogul entertainer turned politic was just a phenomena that i think it was time for a class to examine more closely overall impact of a trump cdidacy on electoral politics here in america. >> i imagine you threw out the rulebook or your old guide of ref refurbishing weapons, perhaps. what is the trickiest part creating a syllabus around a candidate as unusual as trump?
12:52 pm
>> sure. i think what the challenge is to try to attach to the principles that we try to advance in the study of political science and try to somehow make that fit in terms of examining any one particular candidate, in this case, donald trump. again, there's difficulty in that in the sense that trump defied wisdom in terms of political party mechanics, in terms of navigating the primary process on the republican side and, again, has also, perhaps, set a new tone in terms of successfully using social media to advance candidacy, and, of course, though has been very good at segmenting his message to various parts of the general electorate, in particular, the republican primary context, to really tailor a message, so there's some traditional political science that we can turn to for explanations, but also in some respects, we have to throw out the playbook in terms of better understanding
12:53 pm
how trump got to this point in the primary process and presumably, you know, of course, into the general election. >> i've noticed on your objectives from syllabus number five, the popular and media reaction to the trump candidacy. from an academic view, what's your opinion of how us, the media, have handled the trump candidacy? >> once again, you know, i have to maybe -- to answer that question, i have to start with the premise that, you know, i think donald trump, because of his business background, i think equally because of his television show, "the apprentice," maybe my students are not old enough to remember the show, but he's been a household name, and he didn't have to do some of the heavy lifting, let's say, in terms of name recognition. that i think, was an advantage, and then, of course, in terms of the coverage of politics today, we have a 24-hour news cakele
12:54 pm
with an adage in politics, any coverage is good coverage. love or hate him, you know, trump gave us reasons to want to pay attention to what's happening in political circles and in the primary season, and so i think that's elevated him to the forefront in terms of media coverage, and that's doing your job in the coverage covering nuances of the trump candidacy, but equally, people are interested in hearing more and more about donald trump, and, again, another reason for offering this class. >> exactly. well, we'll talk to you on the backside on how it goes. thanks so much for joining us. >> oh, thank you very much. coming up, the new dating site for those who sworn they'll move to canada if trump becomes president. ♪ ♪
12:55 pm
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finally this hour, anti-trump americans looking for love may find it in canada. >> reporter: you may not think of donald trump as a match maker, but he could inspire cross border romance between americans and canadians if maple match gets off the ground with its catchy slogan -- >> make dating great again. >> reporter: a website's mission, maple match, making it easy for americans to find the ideal canadian partner to save them from the unfathomable w
12:59 pm
horror of a trump presidency. joe goldman. >> i have 12 liters of maple syrup at home. >> it started as a fun experiment, but within days, 20,000 americans signed the wait list, and 5,000 canadians. every day the number grows. sure, people have been joking about moving. >> will donald trump be our next president? >> if that [ bleep ] becomes president, i'm moving my black [ bleep ] to south africa. >> miley say rus says, i'm going to vom, as in vomit. cher tweeted, if if trump is elected, i'm moving to jupiter, but others sound series. >> i'm 100% moving to canada.
1:00 pm
i love canada. >> well, she's a b actor, has no mojo. >> reporter: maple match has moe joe in terms of generating interest, but maple match will be a slow as, well, maple syrup. questions about when the site might work got vague answers. joe, i'm sorry, it's like talking to trump. is it ever going to be ever, like, a dating site? >> at this time i can't say for sure. we're really trying our hardest. >> maple match is asking who you'd like to shack up with before the shack is built. cnn, new york. you're in the cnn newsroom, and thank you for being here. two days after donald trump, quote, found commonground with republican leaders in washington, the presumptive nominee is confronting new questions on policy and his


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