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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  May 14, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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thank you for joining us, and as trump and republican leadership agreed to work towards party unity, there's a new potential controversy dominating headlines, an audio recording from the 1990s just surfaced, and it's raising questions about whether trump may have posed as his own pr guy in a phone interview with a reporter. trump denies this is his voice on the tape. take a listen for yourself. >> i have been put here to handle the press. >> where did you come from? >> different firms, a couple different firms, somebody that knows, and i think somebody that he trusts and likes. i'm going to do this a little part-time. >> all right. well, we'll dig in in a moment rs but there's another issue catching fire, trump refusing to release tax returns until an
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audit is complete, which could be after the general election, and now the clinton campaign jumps on that alleging he has something to hide. let's go to scott for that part of the story. >> well, earlier this week, trump seemed to be making headway on unity, winning over some republican donors and congressmen, and now he has to fend off a new attack from the clinton campaign over refusal to release his tax returns. i will when obama does his birth certificate. >> the state of hawaii released my long form birth certificate. >> if i decide to run for office, i'll produce my tax returns, absolutely. >> i'm officially running for president of the united states. >> any closer to releasing taxes? >> well, i'm thinking about it. >> i can't do it until the audit is finished. >> there's no excuse. it's clear it's not bar to
2:02 pm
public release, it's entirely your choice. >> reporter: trumpments to release returns, but only doing so once an irs audit is done. >> do you believe they have a right to see the tax returns before they make a decision? >> i don't think so, but i'll give them, not going to learn anything, under routine audit, and i'll present them. >> he hopes the audit, but we have no way of knowing when it will be done. now, if he does not release returns, he would be the first presidential no, ma'am e knee not to since the 1970s. legally, though, he's under no obligation to make them public. he's taking shots on clinton calling her a great hypocrite because of the e-mail server used while secretary of state and the fact she has yet to release transcripts of the high priced speeches given to goldman
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sachs. >> all right, scott, thank you for the report. we have this new bizarre audio tape with the political world abuzz this weekend. trump denying it's his voice on this 1991 recording between a "people" magazine reporter and mysterious pr man calling himself john miller who sounds like trump. here's the side by side comparison. >> i can tell you this. >> i can tell you this. >> he's probably doing as well as anybody. >> knows politics as well as anybody. >> i hold up the bobby as well as anybody. >> you understand that. >> you understand that. >> doing tremendously well. >> she did tremendously well. >> a great deal of money. >> you will see a great deal of cooperation. >> cnn's senior investigative correspondent took this to a forensic expert, and this is what he found. >> reporter: the real amazing story of dome trump's old
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spokesman may be it's been such an open secret for so long it's hard to believe anyone is still questioning it. >> what's your name again? >> john miller. >> you work with -- >> yes, that's correct. >> reporter: back in the 1980s, and when the flesmogul needed t news out, the newspaper reports it was common knowledge among reporters that trump just assumed a different name and handled the media calls himself. like this call from reporters sue carswell at "people" magazine concerning trump's breakup with his girlfriend. >> what kind of comment is coming from, you know, your agency or from trump? >> well, it's just that he really decided that he was not, you know, he didn't want to make -- he didn't want to make a commitment. he thought it was just -- he was coming out of a, you know, a marriage, that and he's starting to do tremendously well financially. >> reporter: if miller sounds like trump it's because audio
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forensic expert, tom owen, says in his opinion, it is. >> i can conclude with the fair degree the scientific certainty that it is donald trump's voice. >> reporter: owen, compared to miller on the phone call with "people" magazine -- >> he didn't want to commit. it was too soon. >> reporter: to the real trump interviewed on "larry king live" in the 1990s. >> i don't talk about relationships or personal as pecks of it. >> reporter: due to the quality of the old recordings, he could not use his analysis he said would be absolutely certain, but based on tone and pitch and his expertise, miller and trump are one in the same. >> i'm confident that it's trump based on my only sis of the critical listening, listening to the two recordings, and drawing conclusion based on various factors, pitch, mannerisms, and coupling. >> reporter: trump admitted
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under oath to using one of his false pr names in a 1990 court testimony saying, i believe on occasion i used that name. >> thank you, everybody. >> reporter: trump was confronted with the taped phone call and the washington post story on friday's "today" show. >> no, i don't -- i don't know anything about it. you're telling me about it for the first time, and it doesn't sound like my voice at all. i have many, many people trying to imitate my voice, and you can imagine that, and this sound like one of these scams, one of the many scams. doesn't sound like me. >> drew griffin, cnn atlanta. >> thank you. this really could have been a transformative week for trump. these tapes now shifting the conversation, but remember, there was a lot of positive momentum coming out of the meetings in washington, so what do the new develops mean? i want to bring in our political panel, cnn political commentator, jeffrey lord, a big supporter of donald trump, and with us, cnn political commentator, doug high, the former communications director
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for the rnc, and not a fan of trump, and also democratic strategist maria cardona joining us, her firm works for a pro-clinton super pac. jeffrey, starting with you. is it donald trump? jeffrey? can you hear me? is it donald trump? what are the political implications here? >> i don't think there's any. i mean, first of all, trump unequivocally denies it's he on the tape. the thing that occurs to me, i mean, as you know and i know in this day and age of high-tech we could have a picture of you and me having tea with hitler and it looks exactly like the real mccoy, and, of course, it would be phoney as a $3 bill. i don't trust in this age of technology, take any famous person, make them say or do anything or look any way you want. >> you don't think it's him? >> he says unequivocally it is
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not. >> do you believe him? >> yeah. taking his word. he knowings what he's doing here. you know, that's what e he says. you know, sure. >> doug, what do you think of it? is it trump and would have any reason not to lie about it to sweep it under the rug? >> if it talks like a trump and talks like a trump, it's trump. most reasonable people agree on this. i don't think it hurts him at all. i think it continues the very trump-focused conversation he had for over a year now where he dominates every news cycle on ridiculous things weekly. what we've seen is, you know, jeffrey takes him at his word. this is the problem that a lot of voters feel is taking trump at his word. he is going to build a wall, then it's a suggestion. he says he's going to increase the minimum wage and then he's not going to increase it. he says the same about taxes. one of the things trump's done effectively has been able to resist any pinning down on
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anything. about what we seef with trump and this tape shows it, that trump is all over a mori miss on any issue, and that's what is troubling to so many people. >> there's another issue, the issue of taxes. >> yeah. >> and trump saying he's not going to release them until after the audit, which we know could be months, even years away because this 2009 taxes are still under audit. will the gop let him get away with this or should the electorate let him slide on the issue? >> that's up to the republican party. i do think that it is something that voters are going to continue to demand because it is something that for the last 40 years every presidential candidate has put out their taxes so that voters can see, and, in fact, donald trump himself was bashing mitt romney for not having released his taxes, and mitt romney ultimately released taxes. there's hypocrisy going on. the fact he's not releasing the taxes, denying this it him on
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the tape, when, in fact, we know it is him on the tape, and to jeffrey's point about technology, there's also technology that exists today that can prove who people are. you have a forensic audio expert, many of them saying this is absolutely donald trump on the tape, and i would have more respect for him saying, yeah, that was me on the tape. we would not talk about this right now. >> doug, you say -- >> doesn't help him. >> doug says it does not matter, but it's a nonissue. do you think it is? >> well, here's -- >> sorry, go ahead. >> jeffrey. >> oh, sorry. do you think it's an issue that's worth talking about? >> no, no. >> if there's people trying to throw tapes at trump like he says? >> the example i used is when we raise the tail in the indiana, there's talk about air-conditioning and people who lost jobs. if you're there in indiana, and you just lost your job trying to feed your family, people could
2:11 pm
care less about this thing. this is a decided -- this is media thing, a new york washington media deal here, and people out here in the real world frying to earn a living, concerned about jobs, health care, et cetera, they could care less about it. >> and -- maria, go ahead. >> i agree with that. there's so many other issues so much more important to be talking about, but the way this affects trump is not that this is going to be a number one issue for voters, but two ways, number one, this soot electorate than the supporters that he faced and gathered in the republican primary. he needs to add voters to the side. this is not going to help voters have trust in a man who cannot at mitt this is him in the tape. lying about this, how can i trust on other issues he'll fight for me on? that's a contrast with hillary clinton that she will win every single time. >> fortunately, for trump, he is
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running against hillary clinton who has this kind of problem to the max. >> all right. we'll talk more about transparency and trust wor worthiness. stay with me. we'll talk to you in a minute. still ahead this hour as well, who voice is at the end of the infamously leaked phone call? talking to cnn and and dan sits down with cnn, and why the former vice president says he jurnt estimated donald trump, and later, a year after a deadly shootout in texas, cnn travels to the inner circles of the world motorcycle club. do not miss this. live in the cnn newsroom. t-mobile is going big for small business. you'll never get charged data overages, ever. get your own 24 / 7 dedicated business account team. and with double the lte coverage in the last year
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tape that is dominating the political headlines this weekend. donald trump denying it's his voice in the 1991 recording between "people" magazine reporter and pr man calling himself john miller, who does sound a lot like don trump. now, the "people" magazine reporter on the other end of the phone calls spoke with michael this morning here on cnn, and she had this theory about how this tape ended up in the media. listen. >> did you release this tape? >> no. >> did you have the tape? how did it get into play? >> all right. two people had the tape. i had a tape. trump had a tape. i don't have the tape. >> how do you think it got into play? >> it didn't get to the washington post through me. >> so? >> trump. >> you think trump dropped this tape? >> yeah. >> why would he do that? >> look what's going on this week. taxes. paul ryan. the butler. the butler did it. now trump seems to like to pull
2:17 pm
people magazine type stories into the array. >> all right. let's bring back our political panel, jeffrey lord, doug high, and maria. jeffrey, you're laughing. what do you think of this idea trump may have leaked the audio himself? >> man. this is a novel. you know, all the talk, i have no idea where it got where it is. none. >> would trump have a reason to do that leaking? >> i mean, i certainly wouldn't think so. i mean, this is the kind of story that, frankly, strives me crazy. you know, four years ago, the washington post ran a front page story when mitt romney was in high school, he along with a bunch of kids hazed another kid and cut his hair, and the kid grows up and later becomes gay, and this meant mitt romney was a gay basher. to me, this is the kind of story the media runs to hit republican nominees that donald trump didn't exist and somebody else won this nomination, they would
2:18 pm
be doing some version of this story about them, you know, something has totally nothing to do with anything, distract, and that's the point of it. >> doug, i know you agree with jeffrey that there are more important issues about don trump that we should be talking about. so let's talk about the issue of trustworthiness, which is why this audio tape comes into play at all in our conversation. if it isn't donald trump, why wouldn't he be able to say that's john miller, here's his phone number or his contact information, give him a call. >> because it's donald trump. you know, back on planet earth here, i think reasonable people can agree that is clearly donald trump, and i don't say that as a criticism of trump. it was brilliant he pulled it off. disapointed he was not brazen enough to have his fake name be john doe with it. members of congress wish they had come up with the idea, but
2:19 pm
trustworthiness is a big issue for trump as it is for hillary clinton. as we see in the polling, republican and democrats are about to nominate the two most unlikable nominees they've nominated in generations. this is a bad choice that america's facing. why more and more people are saying they can't vote for trump or hillary clinton. america's in a tough spot right now. >> maria, does the tape have democrats salivating? >> well, i think it adds to ous that's for sure. i think there's a lot more serious issues and more damaging issues for donald trump that democrats and hillary clinton are going to be underscoring. that is his proposals or lack thereof in terms of seriousness of those proposals, of what he plans to do with a country if, god forbid, he becomes commander in chief. you know, his ideas on foreign policy, this week, two former
2:20 pm
cia directors saying the ideas are dangerous, that democrats will underscore the fact that he will be a loose cannon in the white house, and that americans cannot trust this man, who has never, ever fought for anybody except for himself and his own self-interest. he has no record of accomplishments on behalf of people who need a voice and champion, and that's going to be the message of hillary clinton going into the general election -- >> i would -- >> she will win that contrast every single time. >> jeffrey, go ahead. >> i would beg to differ. trump has provided jobs, created jobs for tens of thousands of people. hillary clinton has never provided a job for a single soul in her life. she's just been in government all the time. that's what she does. so -- >> and -- >> we have to match that record, boy, that's a good record to talk about. >> well -- let's do it. >> this is where i would say that i think that they are both right and both wrong. trump has had a long track record of supporting democrats, supporting hillary clinton, and
2:21 pm
it's one of the reasons that so many republicans are very hesitant to get on board with trump, just not myself, but members of congress and senatorers who don't like what's happening right now because they know that donald trump's a lifelong liberal democrat. >> we put you in the middle, doug, because you have a little bit of a connection to both. thank you, all, for being here with us. jeffrey, doug, maria, we appreciate it. see more of the interview with the reporter who interviewed trump coming up next hour. outrage spreading like wildfire. conservatives in the south upset over the government's transgender school bathroom guidelines. now the obama administration is doubling down on states who refuse to follow them.
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it's not the law, but the debate heats up over the transgender bathroom guidelines. these guidelines say schools should allow transgender students to use restrooms or locker rooms based on the gender in which they identify. the government has threatened to withhold title 9 funding for schools that do not follow guidelines. opponents say it's the government going way too far. here's cnn's nick valencia. >> we will not yield to blackmail from the president of the united states.
2:26 pm
>> reporter: the federal government calls them guidelines, but several states, including texas, see them more as a threat. >> this goes against the values of so many people. it has nothing to do with anyone being against a transgender chill. >> reporter: in a friday morning press conference, the lieutenant governor says a line has been crossed by the federal government after the department of justice sent a letter on transgender bathroom use in public schools across the united states. >> i'm tell iing all the supersn didn'ts in texas right now, there's three weeks left of the school year. do not enact this policy. >> reporter: in the letter, attorney general lynch writes, there is no room if our schools for discrimination of any kind including discrimination against transgender students on want basis of their sex. under the guidelines, public schools that receive federal money are obligated to treat students consistent with their gender identity, even if records identify a different sex. access sex segregated facilities
2:27 pm
consistent with the identity and protect a student's privacy related to their transgender status. >> the action sets the stage for a legal battle that's been in the making since march. house bill 2 in north carolina began the recent controversy. the law requires transpeople to use the public restroom related to the gender on their birth certificate, not how they identify. candice cox, a transgender woman, has met with the north carolina governor. >> the fact we are not talking about transgender people and who they are, but rather we don't want someone who looks like a man or looks like a woman that identifies with the opposite genter, it lets me know we're still discriminating on esthetics. >> reporter: north carolina and feds traded accusations and lawsuits, and some states
2:28 pm
including arkansas and texas insist there's been government overreach. the feds say civil rights have. violated. >> this is not just a north carolina issue. this is now a national issue. >> reporter: guidance is the most detailed outline given by the federal government regarding what they think should happen with transgender bathroom use, and earlier today in a commencement address, head of the civil rights decision, they seemed to double down on comments saying in part efforts like house bill 2 in north carolina not only violates the laws that govern our nation, but also the values that define us as people. >> all right, nick, thank you. just ahead a former american vice president is telling us voters will likely choose trump to be the next president. i do think he can win. i think he can win because this is clearly the year of the antiestablishment, if you will. if you want more of the same,
2:29 pm
republicans or democrats, more of the political mess in washington, i mean, you got the establishment candidate in hillary clinton. >> dan quail explains why he's taking the opposite view of his former boss, president bush, next. hmmmmmm..... [ "dreams" by beck ] hmmmmm... hmmmmm... the turbocharged dream machine. the volkswagen golf gti. part of the award-winning golf family. wannwith sodastreamter? you turn plain water into sparkling water in seconds. and because it's so delicious, you'll drink 43% more water every day. sodastream.
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diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. seshing in the house and senate and four years as george bush's haven't, and he's more than qualified to talk about possible running mates for trump. cnn special correspondent sat down with him this week to discuss it. >> reporter: so what do you think about presumptive republican nominee, donald trump? >> he is the presumptive nominee. the party has to unite around
2:33 pm
him. >> has to? >> they have to. they will. there's a few holdouts, always, but you point out the hold outs who will get a lot of air time on c northbounn and other netwo by and large, they will rally around him. we have to step back, a year ago, i put myself in this camp, nobody thought that trump would be the noom knee, or very few people. >> what do you think was going to happen? >> normal sorting out process, the cream usually goes to the top, right? and i didn't realize trump would be the cream that got to the top. i totally misjudged his ability to win. for somebody that has really no experience in politics, to be able to start off and to win with a strong field and not even go to the convention, that he's the presumptive nominee a month
2:34 pm
before we have our final primaries, it's quite remarkable. it shows that he is a winner. he knows how to win. >> you will support him. you will vote for him. no reservations? >> well, as of now unless something happens that i don't know, but, no, he's the nominee of the party, and the party needs to unite around him, i think that they with. he'll have a meeting with paul ryan, and i think that meeting will go reasonably well. i think -- >> do you know something? >> no. i will say this. paul ryan, in my view, will support our nominee. there's very little doubt in my mind for a couple reasons. one, you know, he's a team player. he's got a big team in the house of representatives. second reason is that most of the caucus, i'd say, probably 85-90% of the caucus is going to support trump. >> president bush '41, president
2:35 pm
bush '43 declined to support trump. romney calling him a fraud. cruz called him a liar. should they all come around. >> there's going to be some that sit out and some that vote for hillary clinton. those that said they will not support him now, i hope they reconsider and before they cast their vote on election day in november, would end up voting for him. if not, don't show up. >> you think donald trump can win? >> i do think he can win. i think he can win because this is clearly the year of the anti-establishment, if you will. so if you want more of the same, republicans or democrats, more of the political mess in washington, i mean, you got the establishment candidate in hillary clinton. >> one of the big concerns about trump is that he does not have the temperament, the character
2:36 pm
to be president. graham said he would not trust him with nuclear weapons. do you have any of those concerns? >> trump is just one republican nomination, at least a presumetive nominee, and he won in a very competitive race. he's a winner. he knows how to win. now he's got to run a general election. he, i'm sure, is going to, as he said, change my demeanor, change my strategy, change my approach, so people will start to look at him differently, and they'll be making judgment whether he has temperament or the ability to be in the oval office making decisions because i'm sure he knows this. winning the nomination is one thing. winning the general election is another thing. >> all right. now the presidential contenders
2:37 pm
battle for more delegates in two states this week. watch our all day coverage of the kentucky and oregon primaries tuesday here on cnn. after the break, one year ago, a biker brawl in waco, texas leaves nine bikers dead, and some members think accidents like that give them a bad rap. >> this has nothing to do with do-gooders or philanthropist ort big criminal enterprise that everybody thinks. >> we have a sneak peek at a cnn special that goes inside the texas shootout next. [phone buzzing]
2:38 pm
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it's been a year since one of the deadlyist shootout in outlaw biker history, last may, dozens injured as they opened fire on each other in a restaurant in waco, texas. in a special report, we take you into a world with cameras have never been before to show us what life is really like for one of the most dangerous and violent motorcycle clubs in the world. take a look. ♪ >> these are people that are the worst of the worst, baddest of the bad. not every member of the organization is an outlaw, but certainly, there are members in the organizations that report
2:42 pm
and commit criminal acts. >> reporter: majority of america's motorcycle clubs preach a love of riding. in some clubs, there's a more sinister side. >> this has got nothing to do with do gooders and philanthropists or choir boys, but on the other hand, it's not this great huge criminal enterprise that everybody thinks. ♪ >> reporter: and pete james would know. for 16 years, he was president of the notorious chicago outlaws. on the street, he goes by big pete. >> the bambinos are one of the largest clubs in the world. they have chapters all over. they are a powerful club, and they are 1 percenters. >> reporter: they believe the rules that apply to 99% of us don't apply to them.
2:43 pm
one percenter biker clubs are considered outlaws, hardly talk, but we managed to get exclusive access to the two rival clubs involved in the waco shootout. the president of the club lives here in rural houston between the trees and iron gate, never allowed cameras inside until now. ♪ >> come here, you guys. you hungry? come on. >> reporter: interesting to come out here. this is real peaceful and quiet out here. in a lot of ways, your life is not peaceful. >> not right now, it's not, but it has been for a decade. ♪ >> reporter: jeff pike warn worn the vest for more than 35 years. he's been their national president for the last ten. >> the new bambinos are not the
2:44 pm
new ones. we get along with every, except one. which is what we're here about. >> correct. >> that was ed reporting, don't miss the special he's been working hard on. chiropractic nn special report, biker brow, inside the texas shootout, airs monday night at 9:00 eastern here on cnn. zblp one of the wealthiest cities in the nation is san diego, california. less than an hour away across the border in mexico, many families are living in desperate poverty without running water, no electricity, no proper shelter. that's where this week's cnn hero lends a helping hand. ♪ >> it's important to remember that these families that we're helping in mexico are our neighbors. they are just right across the border. it's night and day, the difference. we are helping the communities
2:45 pm
come together, and we are teaching them that there is love in the world, that other people do care about them. >> what a lady. to see how paula changes an entire family's life in just one day, go to and nominate someone you think deserves to be a cnn hero. we're back in a moment. the bud light party believes in change. that's why bud light has a new look... ...and we want to share it with everyone... jackpot! still the same refreshing bud light. with a new look.
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when female journalists appear on television, we get messages afterwards, and i'm not talking fan mail or notes of encouragement. we like those. often times, it's harassment. when megyn kelly pushed back on trump calling his remarks sexist, well, her twitter feed exploded, ugly insults thrown at her calming her a bimbo, and those are tamer tweets. others are too graphic to repeat on live television. a colleague of mine, covered technology trends and cyber security for years, and wrote about her experience receiving tweets saying, i received
2:50 pm
harassing tweets for months. i'm grossed out by the web, the lack of empathy people feel behind the blanket of the internet. laurie is joining me now. such a good issue that often goes untalked about. >> when you read tweets, it's baffling. read some more to us. >> of course. they are not pleasant. warning you of that. this is one i got, laurie, i just watched your interview with evan williams of twitter. you are a fine looking -- fill in the blank b-- i want to -- fill in the blank, call me. another response i got to the article i wrote about some of the harassments, your mere presence is harassing to humanity. you are a black hole that sucks everything that is real and good out of the world. another one, because we're not finished yet, oh, quit whining, grow thicker skin if you pretend to be an adult. you know, nothing
2:51 pm
. some of them are so crass we can't even read them on our air. when you read those tweets, what goes through your mind? >> it's interesting because we see them, we ignore them, and you get this idea, why should we ignore them? it doesn't feel good, and sometimes people forget that there might be a screen between us, but we're human and we think and we feel, and this is a larger story about technology. because with all the incredible promise of technology, there is also the bad, right? we might feel this as female journalists, but this is also happening on a larger scale to teenagers, who are reading tweets about themselves -- >> the on-line bullying. >> -- and everybody in this political cycle are getting harassed, like with meghyn kell.
2:52 pm
>> what kind of responsibility, you're a tech reporter, do you think these social media companies have in terms of trying to weed out on-line harassment? >> i think -- i mean, i think they have a huge responsibility. i think they're working on this and this is one of the biggest things for tech companies. this is a real business initiative here, right? because we don't want to keep going on these platforms if we're going to get harassed over and over again. facebook has done a pretty good job trying to filter out a lot of the spam. they just launched a facebook live, and i did a facebook live with my colleague brain stalter, and the comments were unbelievable. >> just more sickening comments. >> right, sickening comments, and twitter has a problem, too. people can say whatever they want oftentimes, and i spoke
2:53 pm
with people who said there are algorithms you can build, but i think we need to speak out about this harassment and also help law enforcement understand. there should be legislation at some point. i think there is a lot we can do, and it takes getting to this point where we have to talk about it to get it out there. >> in this business we're often told to have thick skin, or we tell ourselves, ignore it, you roll your eyes, let the comments roll off your back. it's easier said than done, but the reality is we're in a position where people judge. why not just let those comments roll off your back, or what do you tell those people who say that's the answer? >> maybe it's best for folks to do that. i think sometimes women speak out and they feel power, and they feel like they've regained that control they lose when people are speaking at them when they actually speak out about this kind of stuff. i think it depends on who you are if you want to talk about this. if you want to just kind of ignore it, no judgment either way, but for me i got so many of these harassing tweets for so
2:54 pm
long i felt i had to say something. i was very impressed at the amount of other people who spoke out and said incredible things and tweeted their support, and women who also shared very similar stories. >> thank you for sharing your story and being brave and courageous to come forward. maybe it will make some people think twice before they send that next vulgar tweet. thanks, lori. we'll be right back. wanna drink more water?
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so they are too young to vote, but not too young to have an opinion of the race for the white house. >> i'm too young to vote. >> i'm too young to vote. ziz may . >> i may be too young to vote. >> but i'm not too young to care about the nation's security and the way our veterans are treated. >> i'm not too young to know that we have to rise above prejudice and discrimination. >> i'm not too young to want a moderate president who will get bipartisan support and unite a divided country. >> you want that? really? is that even possible? is that possible? >> honestly, sometimes it doesn't seem like it. >> thomas, what did you write? too young to vote but not too young to -- >> to realize our country is sinking and we desperately need a leader who is able and willing to bring it afloat. >> i may be too young to vote,
2:59 pm
but i'm not too young to know the party is about pushing agendas and flexible about pushing the nation. >> i may be to young to vote, but i'm not too young to recognize that every criticism fighting idealogy is bigotry. >> my uncle craig, he passed away because of 9/11. he was working in the world trade center. and i just think we need to focus more on our nation's security because that shouldn't have happened. >> what are your biggest concerns right now? >> just the prejudice going around and all the hate. make america the land of the free again. >> what i want to see from the next president probably would be a sign of leadership in every aspect of his life, he shows leadership, and really set an example for the rest of the country to follow him as our president, the top guy. >> our gr gal.
3:00 pm
>> or gal. >> we're the people who are going to be running the country soon, so you're going to have to start listening to us. >> some smart kiddos, no? up next, michael smerconish spoke with trump's spokesman in 1991, the person who may have been trump himself. michael smerconish starts now. i'm michael smerconish. who is this guy kidding? of course it's him! >> where did you come from? >> i basically worked for different firms. i worked for a couple of different firms. i'm somebody that knows, and i think somebody that everyone likes. >> here with me today, the


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