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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  May 15, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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block as republicans try to wrangle their party together. there are signs of fresh splinters that could rip the gop apart. i'm talking about a possible third party candidate entering the race. the "washington post" reported this morning mitt romney and a quote band of exasperated republicans are actively searching for an independent willing to challenge trump. the only problem, no potential candidates are saying yes. those in the know say mark cuban, he's saying he was recruited to run but he believes it's simply too late. he tells cnn quote, i think the time is right for technology literal entrepreneur to run for president. the issue is the process is broken. it's a circus rather than a learning process for all involved. one of the most powerful republicans in the country said a third party effort to topple donald trump is doomed to fail. listen. >> they can try to hijack another party and get on the
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ballot, but look, it is a suicide mission for our country. what it means is you are throwing down, not just eight years of the white house but potentially 100 years on the supreme court. and wrecking this country for many generations. so i think that's the legacy these folks will leave behind. i think it is dangerous and there are other ways to get assurances on the things they are worried about. >> trump had a tough week, filled with questions about his past. trump said he will not release his taxes until after his audit is complete and trump is hitting back after reports he posed as his own publicist. scott, tell us how trump is handling these controversies. >> you are right. donald trump has been put on the defensive this weekend for sure. first he continues to deny it was his voice on a 1991 recording of a "people" magazine
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interview with a man named jon miller claiming to be trump's publicist. in an interview with the "new york times" trump said "do you know how many people i have imitating my voice now? it's like everybody." he is taking heat from hillary clinton that is yet to release his tax returns. he told the "new york times" there is nothing in the returns that would be politically damaging. paul manafort told jake tapper this morning that trump would like to make them public. >> he's said he will release his tax returns. never changed his position. what he asked is he is under audit and once it is completed he will release the taxes. >> why not? first of all, the irs says you can release them to the public even if they are under audit. >> but why not release 2014, 2013 and put the issue to rest. >> as i understand it is going back eight years of tax returns. anything beyond eight years is not reflective of anything other
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than interest on the part of the media. >> the audit is for eight years of returns? >> that's what i'm led to believe, yes. >> president obama is taking shots at trump just not by name. during a commencement speech obama had this to say about trump's proposed muslim ban. >> disparaging muslims, suggesting they suld be treated dimpley when it comes to entering this country. that is not just a betrayal of our values, that's a betrayal of who we are. it would alienate the communities at home and abroad who are our most important partners in the fight of p against violent extremism. >> trump is off the campaign trail tonight. is at the university of pennsylvania watching his daughter graduate. joe biden is also there to watch
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his grand daughter walk across the stage. >> thank you. trump off the campaign trail but tweeting away. we will talk more about that. do voters really care about donald trump's taxes or whether or not trump allegedly posed as his own publicist? if you ask supporters the answer is no. watch this. >> all of these stories that come out and they come out every couple of weeks, people just don't care. >> it's a little odd but i will tell you that i think of all of the things facing this country right now and after being through this primary for a year, i can assure you that that particular issue is not going to move the electorate. sgllt this is a media thing. a washington media deal here and people out here in the real world who are trying to earn a living, concerned about jobs and health care could care less about it. >> this is an issue the media is interested in. not an issue that middle america
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is interested in. >> let's talk it over with our panel. rallying cry for conservative women. do voters really not care about these issues or is it just trump can do no harm in the eyes of his supporters. >> i kept waiting during the early primary season for things to catch up with him. things i thought he could never survive and i was surprised things didn't stick to him. he's teflon. i have to agree with reince priebus. i don't think this will stick with him. i think that eventually the media will tire of it and move on. >> house speaker ryan gave props to trump for unconventional ways that helped to bring new people to the party. listen and we will talk about it. >> we want to make sure we have the kind of campaign going forward that are is appealing
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and unifying. donald trump should be given a ton of credit for advancing and widening the playing field. he's bringing new voters to the republican party by the millions. that's very impressive. what we want to make sure going forward we are doing nothing but adding voters to the republican party column and not subtracting voters. >> he said they have to add and not subtract. can he have it both ways? >> i wrote a piece for on friday saying the gop puts donald trump in an impossible situation. for paul ryan he really is in an imposition position trying to defend donald trump and the republican party and what he has done, what trump has said and done and god only knows what he will do and say moving forward and still maintain cover for the republicans down ballot that could be negatively affected by donald trump's candidacy. it is very difficult. i find this political gymnastics routine going on here, by people
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who know good and well that donald trump does not represent conservatives. he is a terrible representative of what the republican party stands for and most of his positions, thus far, have been top expand the republican party. so the song and dance now people are supposed to forget all of those things and foreact like they didn't half happen and move forward and defend him and excuse behavior that we as a party would never tolerate if it was on the other side is difficult. i'm not sure how it will play out moving forward. >> tara, you are not convinced. i know you were a ted cruz support early on. what's your take, including ro ny trying to get a third party candidate to topple trump? >> two things. i think that donald trump is the second worst presidential candidate that we have to vote on. he's surpassed, by hillary
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clinton who would be a disaster. i cannot in any way, shape or form support anything that would make her president and that would be a third party candidacy. listen, i appreciate the fact that everyone has to listen to their own conscience. i agree with that. there are more things i want to hear before i can give support to donald trump. i have concerns but as unpredictable as he is, hillary clinton is completely predictable as a liberal who will help to tear down and destroy this country. finally, i would say that mitt romney, it's really just so hypocritical to me when so many of us wanted other candidates last time around and swallowed hard and tried to put lipstick on a pig and get him elected in 2012. for him not to give the same courtesy and respect to another candidate is more than i can take. >> i want to read you something about what donald trump is now
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saying today following this scathing "new york times" report that came out talking about his treatment of women over the past decade in the work place and in private. talking about him being misogynistic, making ro iman tick gestures. the trump campaign and donald trump himself is tweeting this, firing off a bunch of tweets. the latest reading the media is on a witch hunt against me. false reporting and plenty of it but we will prevail is this a media witch hunt? does deflection work? >> you are running for the presidency. in the past this is what has gone on. we can argue whether the media is fair or not to republicans. i think history has shown how that goes but this is not abnormal. you are supposed to go back and fully vet someone running for the presidency. he can call it a witch hunt and
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play the victim all he wants because that's what he is good at. when you get caught or held toll account it is everybody else's fault, everybody is making it up an we're idiots. trying to convince us that is not his voice on his tape pretending to be his own pr guy. he admitted it to it in the '90ed and under oath. this is something that donald trump better get used to because i have been saying for months that donald trump is not properly vetted during the primary and that democrats are going to sit back on the book on donald trump and this is the beginning of the onslaught and this is part of the hesitation by paul ryan who are principled conservatives. this is part of hesitation for full throttle support of donald trump because god only knows what else they have got they will throw at him. we have six months to go. >> still a lot of time before
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the general election. it's been interesting. could get even more interesting. thank you to both of you for joining us. trump may be the presumptive nominee but the democrats are battling it out. two more states are up for grabs this week. all-day coverage of the kentucky and oregon primary on tuesday here on cnn. still ahead this hour, taxes and audiotape. donald trump op the defensive this weekend. i will talk to a woman who worked closely with the new york businessman for years who says you shouldn't always take what trump says as face value. a return to waco. it was the scene of a bloody biker brawl and now cnn takes you inside the deadly shootout between two rival gangs. later, rockin' the beat. kamau bell hits the streets of camden, new jersey as he tries to understand the growing divide between police and black communities, not just there but all over america.
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mpltss donald trump's treatment of women now in the white hot spotlight after a "new york times" article suggesting a pattern of unprofessional behavior, objectifying women over the years. the head of the republican national committee said this is something trump will have to answer for. let's talk it over with a woman who knows trump well. she co-authors a book with trump in "art trump, the art of the comeback." i want to read you from the article in saturday's "new york times." it says interviews reveal unwelcome advances,er a shrewd reliance on ambition and unsettling work place conduct over decades. does this sound like the donald trump you know?
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>> no. i can't say the "new york times" writers say it was over six weeks they interviewed 50 women who sit in the room and work for him but that was not my experience. my experience from mr. trump is he was -- the vibe of the trump organization, when these are pulled out of context, can i give you an example? >> yeah, please. i was there when the famous quote marla maples, page 6, the best sex i ever had and donald trump doing a victory lap. >> bragging about it. >> but it was in good fun. look at this guy. what is happening and i have the greatest respect for barbara ray she's a terrific woman. and she's quoting here saying the people that worked at the trump organization were horrified. i tend to disagree. the people that work for mr. trump they get the sort
3:17 pm
of -- not that they get the joke but understand he is a flamboyant man and you will expect this. >> if you know trump you accept some of these it owe seen crasscies to put it lightly. >> he is a big personality. two components of his brand are direct aggressive. >> knowing that aggressive, direct personality if someone did feel uncomfortable would they speak up? >> all i'm saying with this particular antidote. i can't say with miss universe. i one there. but with this antidote i would think they would self select out of working for mr. trump. he wouldn't terminate them if they want to live a life that is political my correct but working at the trump organization i used to call my mom and say it's like working for a professional football team. i've never been a football player, by the way, i every day going in to game and what are with doing, blocking, tackling.
3:18 pm
there was so much support. >> you are a beautiful woman. >> thank you. >> did trump ever comment on your looks? >> no. mr. trump -- that's why it is so funny, when i read these it seems out of context. trump was more paternal to me. first of all, i was 30 years old and an editor and writer at forbes magazine. yes, i had my own column but for mr. trump to give me an opportunity to co-author his book, i was 30. it changed my life and career forever. i really -- i got in trouble once writing for trump. i was covering the miss universe contest and i made a mistake. i ran off my mouth and i got back to new york and heard that mr. trump wanted to see me and i was terrified. i went to see him in his office and he was very stoic and dark. i realized i was in trouble. first of all, i was wrong, but when he was talking to me he
3:19 pm
felt like he wanted me to win in the end. there was a team camaraderie that you really felt. >> absolutely. >> before i let you go, you said, it was okay that he would say some of these things because you didn't take it seriously, you saw it all in good fun. >> that's him. that's his personality. >> the fact he made women like yourself, helped you to succeed in the career does it exkuss the comments that could be perceived as disparaging or disrespectful to women. >> does it excuse it? i didn't answer that question. i think mr. trump, we should accept who he is as a person. the good stuff and some of the things that are perceived negatively. i don't think he is going to change. i think he's been this way for a very lock time i'm not going to defend remarks that made people
3:20 pm
feel bad but i can only share my experience and what it was like for me working with mr. trump and he gave me great opportunity and i had a wonderful experience. >> thank you so much for shedding some light for us. >> thank you. there's been another violent deadly attack in iraq. the latest of many recently. isis claiming responsibility for this explosive attack outside of baghdad. at the same time, americans are changing their view of how troops are taking to the fight to terror. a senior member of the house foreign affairs committee will join me next.
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welcome back. some new video just in. donald trump and his wife mel lan ya. his son joining him here in philadelphia where he is attending a graduation ceremony for his daughter tiffany. it's not just trump who will be here. ironically the vice president joe biden also has a family member graduating today from the same university. grand daughter naomi for the vice president. again, monitoring the event for you. we'll let you know if anything comes of it. meantime, let's talk about isis. it's been a rough, rough weekend. sadly fresh brutal attack in iraq today claimed by isis responsible for the death of ten
3:25 pm
people. two-car suicide bombing a gas processing plant outside of baghdad. the ic churs are really dramatic. isis linking the attack now, killing 100 people in the past few days. suicide bombing, explosion, gun violence. an alarming spike of violence happening. at the same time the political landscape in iraq is a mess with the government trying to survive. the economy there is in shambles. at the same time, american people who with were asked their opinion about how the fight against isis is going,er 45% say it is going well, up from 38% who gave the same answer five months ago. i want to talk to congressman sherman about this. the second ranking democrat on the house foreign affairs committee. thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> first, your thoughts on this new wave of isis violence in iraq. just how hopeful are you that stability can be achieved? >> we're not going to achieve
3:26 pm
stability anytime soon, both in the baghdad government but also taking care of isis. isis uses guerrilla warfare, terrorism and conventional warfare. they have lost about 25% of their territory over the last couple of years, but they continue to be potent and inspire terrorism in the united states and conducting terrorism in europe as well as conducting terrorism in baghdad. it's going to be a while before they are destroyed. >> more than 100 people killed this week in iraq. isis claiming responsibility for a series of attacks. >> it's much worse than that. 100 people were killed in baghdad. there were reporters in baghdad. with i'll see that but every day of the week, isis is killing hundreds of people, raping, beheading, genocide against these yazidi people. we don't see that because it's not in baghdad. it's nowhere close to a camera,
3:27 pm
but one shouldn't think that isis' evil is limited to what goes on in baghdad. >> what you just described, is this a sign that isis is getting more confident or more desperate? >> they are using terrorism as a tactic to try to inspire their followers. i think they are in a bit of a downward spiral but not an immediate one. their recruitment is down, their territory is down, but their effective terrorism both in europe and baghdad is up. so,er we're going to have to conduct to conduct operations against them. our bombing operation is much smaller than it tends to be portrayed.
3:28 pm
we had maybe 700 sortise a day. you can't conduct a strategic bombing that way. there are things we can do without forces on the ground that will help us to defeat isis. every day that we shorten isis' reign we save the people that would otherwise be raped, beheaded and starved and subject to all of the harm that you can't photograph for cnn. >> let's talk about the implications for this year's elections. donald trump presumptive gop nominee wants to ramp up the fight against isis. hillary clinton says she will stay the course. how do you see the obama plan changing next year? depending on who the next president is? >> i saw what donald trump had to say. he just declared he would end isis very quickly but didn't say how. he implied he had a magic, secret plan that would allow us to deal with isis.
3:29 pm
i invited him to come before the foreign affairs committee in confidential session to see what his secret plan was. i don't think he has a plan to deal with isis. he just implies he has a plan in order to get votes. given how many people isis is killing every day, if donald trump has a plan he ought to share it with the pentagon and congress in closed session. >> let's change gears and talk about the environmental disaster in california, your district. newly conducted air dust samples there still not good and the money needed to clean things up has gone through the roof. what are you doing to help get thousands of people back in to their homes there? >> most people have come back. i happen to live in porter ranch. most of my neighbors are back. we need to get so cal gas to pay for the kind of special cleaning that's going to be needed in homes for several miles around
3:30 pm
the site. in order to deal with the dust that has toxic metals in it. that's one of many steps. we also have to make it clear that all of the costs of this are not passed to consumers they need to be born by so cal gas and its shareholders. coming up, ki kentucky votes for fe democratic primary on tuesday and both presidential hopefuls on the democratic side are there today. clinton hoping to put a stop to sanders winning streak. what will a kentucky win mean for each of the candidates? we'll discuss. for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut.
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proactively with linzess. we showed you trump and now we are showing you vice president biden and his wife jill arriving there at franklin field at the university of pennsylvania where their grand daughter naomi will be graduating today, along with trump's daughter tiffany. both the vice president and donald trump and his wife are
3:34 pm
there at the university of pennsylvania. neither are expected to speak, but they are being grandparents or in trump's case just plain dad. let's talk about hillary clinton and bernie sanders. the democrats trying to drum up votes in kentucky ahead of tuesday's primary. clinton really looking for a win after she got bumped last week in west virginia a victory could go a long way toward slowing momentum. here to you can ta about this normer new york city council peeker, christine quinn. thank you for spending some of your weekend with us. >> of course. >> do you worry that west virginia could be a precursor for kentucky? >> not at all. this race is over. secretary clinton has gotten the vast majority of the delegates. it's mathematically impossible
3:35 pm
for senator sanders to win. did he win headlines last week, sure. will he and can he win this race? absolutely not. secretary clinton is going to be the democratic nominee. i think everyone knows that. look for sanders supporters and senator sanders if they feel it is important to run in more primaries to finish things out, if you will, and if that is how sanders supporters want to express their vision that's fine but i have no doubt when it is done -- it's not just my opinion, the math shows it, that secretary clinton will be the nominee and we will have a united party moving toer ward. >> senator clinton is spending a lot of time in kentucky. let's be clear, she has three times more delegates than
3:36 pm
president obama had at the same time when she dropped out of the race eight years ago. three times more. for her not to go,s and kind of sit back and put her feet up would be respectful to the democratic voters who haven't yet voted just because that's where their state ends up on the primary and she's not going to do that. she is not going to do it because it is not right, because it is disrespectful and you want to earn every vote no matter where you are at in the process. and after the primary comes the general and everybody who can vote in kentucky or any other state that is still out there we want to make sure they are excited, energized and ready to go come november. >> senator sanders said he will be in it until the end. he believes he has a chance if he can turn super delegates that have committed to clinton. if he comes out of kentucky and
3:37 pm
oregon and doesn't win by a big enough margin, is it time for him to re-evaluate. >> i have been a candidate and a winning and losing candidate when you are a losing candidate you know you are not going to prevail it is difficult. i would never, ever tell anybody in that situation what to do. they have to do what feels right to them, their family and their supporters. if what feels right to the senator and supporters r to talk about the issues he cares about an allow his supporters to cast their votes, even though they might be at the end -- >> will it hurt hillary clinton if she goes on to be the nominee. >> first of all, he will be the nominee. it won't hurt her at all. i have no doubt that senator sanders will quickly come out and support secretary clinton and rally his supporters to do the same. eight years ago, there was a
3:38 pm
similar conversation going on. >> you mentioned that. and sounded confident about mrs. clinton and her chances, but is she missing opportunities to go after trump right now. >> i don't think you have seen her miss opportunities for going after trump. if you look at the vast majority of the statements she's made, the vast majority are around trump, not just because they will be against each other come november but honestly what trump is saying and doing is so outrageous, every american of stature and there's no one with more than secretary clinton has an obligation to speak out against him. that's what she is doing. she hasn't missed an opportunity and sent a message about americans and how they view their country. that's a country where we want to be united, not targeting immigrants, targeting people perceived to be muslims, targeting women. that's not what the country is
3:39 pm
about and that's not how she will lead us forward. >> thank you for coming. straight ahead a biker brawl of epic proportions. >> pause in the gunshots and then you would hear a few more going off. >> pretty horrific. there were guys getting hit, falling and i realized i needed to get away from where i was. >> we go inside the infamous biker shootout next.
3:40 pm
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. ♪ >> angry, dangerous, and 3wi9er enemies. months of rage and violence have led to this moment. and all-out battle in the parking lot of a favorite biker hangout. hundreds of bullets have been fired as armed police officers are nearby watching. dozens are down, wounded or dead and the bloody clash shows no signs of stopping. >> there would be a pause in the
3:44 pm
gunshots and then you would hear a few more go off. >> seconds in to the showdown, surveillance video shows this biker running from the twin peaks patio covered in block. >> it was pretty horrific. guys getting hit, falling. i realized i needed to get away from where i was. >> biker john wilson did get away. you can see him inside of twin peaks ducking for cover. but this man, seen in the red bandanna was not as lucky. he hits another biker in the throat with what looks to be a chain. they wrestled to the ground and then he is struck several times in the head. he is stomped on at least once and looks to be shot by a third biker he looks lifeless as the men he was fighting walk away. another fight breaks out. look closely as the highlighted
3:45 pm
biker is shot in the leg during the skirmish. richard kiir,enner stumbles to the curb and collapses. when the area is secured, members carry him away for help, both bikers die at the scene. >> this had to be an overwhelming project. there were so many players involved, 177 people arrested, nine people dead. where are some of the bikers now? >> where do you begin when you try to find stories that are crucial to telling what happened there in waco. essentially, despite that, in the show you will hear from two of the biker closest to the fight, the most gory details of what happened there but all of the bikers are under the same umbrella, 177 arrested 154 criminally indicted so far. all of those people, regardless
3:46 pm
of whether or not the first thing you did was run to the freezer in the twin peaks and hide out or duck behind chairs, as you saw in the video or pulled the trigger of the gun, everyone was charged with the same criminal count. because of that, many lives still hanging in the balance. many people are angry about the way they have been treated by law enforcement. >> i would think they would be hesitant to talk about this experience and what happened. did you find it difficult to get people to open up? >> it has been incredibly difficult to get a lot of the people -- again, getting to the heart of why it happened and how it happened is one of the keys, one of the things we set out to accomplish with this documentary. getting to those people has been very difficult but a lot of them are incredibly frustrated. so a lot of people view themselves as victims of what happened, regardless of what many may think of that. because of that,er a lot of
3:47 pm
frustration and i think that opened up some people's views to want to speak out. >> this is our side of the story. i know you talked to the president of the bandidos and you got the interview stl this is a man under federal indictment since waco. this is lost on a lot of people who may remember the headlines from back in may. but in january, seven, eight months later, federal indictment comes down pinpoint going after the top three leaders of the bandidos organization and these were guys not in waco. so that opens up a new layer of issues we look for in the show. >> thank you so much. cnn special report "biker brawl" airs tomorrow night at 9:00 eastern. still to come, the growing trend nationwide. police reaching out to their communities. >> first of all, i'm from here and raised from here. i know what you are talking about. it makes us feel more at ease.
3:48 pm
you are like okay, maybe she does get it. >> a look at tonight's episode of "united shades of america." stay with us. hmmmmmm..... [ "dreams" by beck ] hmmmmm... hmmmmm... the turbocharged dream machine. the volkswagen golf gti. part of the award-winning golf family. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. cnn a lot there say history of strained relations in many cities between police and communities of color, but some cities are really trying to change that in part by hiring
3:52 pm
officers with a connection to the areas they police, and tonight at 10:00 on "united shades of america" kamau bell walks the streets to see what it's like. >> being from camden, do you think that helps you patrol and be police officers? >> yes. it makes them feel more comfort because they're, like, you don't understand my situation. i'm like, wait a not in. i'm from here and i was raised here and i know exactly what you're talking about and it makes them feel more at ease. maybe she does get it and she knows what i see and what i've been through and it makes them more comfortable. >> and they also can't b.s. you in the same way. >> they try. >> how are you guys? >> what's up, man? >> good to see you, man. >> you're the comedian? >> i just told them that. i just told them that. >> well, looks like the police aren't the only ones with street cred. ♪ >> walking the beat is hard work
3:53 pm
because not only does it last for an entire eight-hour shift, but also because officers cabrilla and ty have to convince this neighborhood one person at a team that police aren't jerks. >> i'm sorry. i like babies. he's a boy? how old is he? >> 4. >> what's your name? >> mallory? don't be shy. it's okay. have a nice day, okay? >> you, too. >> bye. i love kids. >> is that part of it? just talking to people and just being a person? >> uh-huh, because then they're not afraid of you when they see you. and it doesn't just put a police officer in their face when something bad happens. >> yes. >> with me now from oakland, california, w. kamau bell. good to see you. you always have that infectious smile even when you're talking about these serious issues. did you get a sense that these officers that you spent time with were really making a
3:54 pm
difference in their community? >> i mean, i get the sense that everybody's trying to make a difference. i think the big thing that the police officers from camden have done including the police chief have admitted that the relationship between the cops and the residents from camden have been bad and that the police have a responsibility in that which is what most police will do. right here in san francisco the police department has a similar relationship and they don't want to admit that it's bad. they're trying to make a difference. >> did the residents there tell you what they think of this community policing program? are they able to trust the police a little bit more? >> i feel the whole thing is pretty tentative at this point. we were there a year ago, so i can't speak for today. people know it was bad with the police in camden and they want it to be better and it's hard to wake up one day and hear that it will be better and they have a long way to go and i can see some people are excited about it and the officers, and people are reacting weirdly to officers going hi, how are you doing, can i talk to your baby? >> there's a sense of what's happening here?
3:55 pm
>> they looked wary, like, do we talk to them? what do they want? >> you also showed us in that clip that these officers spend a lot of time on their feet and they engage with people in neighborhoods who again, don't really want to see them. i imagine it takes a special kind of person to be one of these police officers. >> well, basically, in camden they fired the whole police department at one point and they hired all brand new officers. a lot of them, not all, and after retraining them from the ground up and you can't take a cop that's been there for 30 years and say you have to walk for eight hours and it's easier to stay in their cars than it is to get out and meet people. it leads to better police-community relations. >> w. kamau bell thanks for shedding light on all of this and for joining us. tonight it's "united shades of america" at 10:00 p.m. we'll be right back.
3:56 pm
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finally tonight's number, six, that is the number of hours americans spend every day on email according to a survey like adobe and if that seems like a lot to you you're not alone. france is considering making it illegal to send email s inside f working hours. it just adds to stress and actually a law some of us
4:00 pm
probably welcome, right? even in the newsroom although not sure how that would work. coming up on cnn at 7:00 eastern anthony bourdain hits chicago and followed by the greek islands and montana. that's followed by a new "united shades of america" at 10:00. and i'm monica barrera in new york. thanks for joining us. ♪ ♪ >> anthony: somebody asks you where you're from and you answer, "i'm from chicago," nobody's going to give you a patronizing response like, "oh, chicago's charming." >> pedestrian: hey, chicago! ♪ >> anthony: more likely it'll be "wow, chicago" or "oh, chicago." they'll be impressed. chicago's a town, a city that doesn't ever have to measure itself against any other city. other places have to measure themselves against it.


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