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tv   New Day  CNN  May 16, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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blast donald trump without ever naming him. obama telling graduates ignorance is not a virtue and politics and slamming trump's plans to build a wall and ban muslims bep have the 2016 race covered the way own cnn can. beginning with phil mattingly. >> reporter: donald trump survived the primary, many of the attacks actually causing his numbers to go up. things may be different this time around. it's general election season, and trump is facing attacks on all sides, even after leaving washington on a high note last week, things took a turn in the opposite direction this weekend. >> in politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue. >> reporter: donald trump facing a not so subtle critique sunday from the man he's campaigning to replace. >> it's not cool to not know what you're talking about. that's not keeping it real or telling it like it is. that's just not knowing what you're talking about. >> reporter: the presumptive republican nominee coming under fire amid new allegations of
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inappropriate behavior with women. dozens of women revealing to the "new york times" accounts of "unwelcome romantic advances," on ending commentary on the female form and unsettles workplace conduct. >> nobody has more respect for women than i do. >> reporter: a defensive trump lashing out on twitter, slamming the report as a lame hit piece, dishonest and a witch-hunt. trump's allies offering a defense. >> people have not expected purity on his part. what they're concerned about, they're deeply concerned about, is this, somebody strong enough to take on washington? art and rnc chairman reince priebus saying an issue he'll have to confront but won't change the voters' decision. >> something he'll have to answer for. all of these stories come out every couple of weeks. people just don't care. >> reporter: trump also denying reports he used to pose as his own publicist in the '80s and
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'90s under the name john miller or john baran. >> somebody that gets called by everybody in the book. >> reporter: trump previously admitting using both pseudonyms. >> is the campaign seriously saying that isn't mr. trump? >> i couldn't tell who it is. donald trump says it's not him i believe it's not him. >> reporter: trump's continued efforts within the gop that republicans want to mount a third-party candidate. >> they can try to hijack another party and get on the ballot, look, it's a suicide mission for our country. >> reporter: so no clear candidate, no clear money commitments and, really, a very unclear path forward for any type of third candidate option. so some good news from donald trump there and worth noting trump and his team pointed out a number of his fee family employees backed his leadership
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style, complemented opportunities he's given them. expect the campaign to push those women to speak out in the days, weeks and months ahead. >> thank you. and seems like a lot of stink, hearing from the trump campaign, they say everything is going well. let's discuss. bringing in matt lewis, and washington bureau chief for the "daily beast" jackie ckucinich and phil you're staying with us. the headline, this is all you got? these type of things, as jeff sessions says, not expecting purity. nobody's looking at trump because he's a character role model for them. do you think that by weathering this storm he actually says, look, this was all they had and i got past it. >> i think that's the hope, right? but i don't think weathering this storm this weekend is going to put an end to these stories. one of the interesting things the trump campaign has to get their heads around and we all
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have to figure out is dynamic shifts when all of a sudden you're targeting a different slice of the electorate. in the republican primary these stories weren't hurting donald trump. donald trump supporters weren't going to leave him pretty much no matter what came out about him. we saw it over and observer aga. that's not who he's targeting. disaffected democrats, people who haven't paid close attention to these types of stories going forward, that's who donald trump is targeting. that's where the concern is when these things come out particularly day after day, week after week. >> jackie, another way to look at these stories. not to something that happened in the past but how he will behave in the future if elected president. so does he respect women? and elevate them to cabinet positions? or objectify them and have a constant stream of are bathi ba beauties through the white house? when you look at the "new york times" piece, it's both. >> yeah, exactly. we've seen a little going ob during this campaign.
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a story in "the washington post" a couple months ago about him telling one of the reporters that was in on a meeting she was beautiful. the little things you seem to hint towards one way and then talks about women who worked for him in the past saying he was a great boss. we're going to see a lot of this back and forth. reince priebus, the fact remains that guy has the toughest job ever right now, and one of the things noteworthy this weekend, when you're listening to him talk you notice he's not saying hillary clinton as much. he's not talking about what they believe the weaknesses of the democratic candidate are. he's talking about his candidate and talking about his weaknesses and all of this spate of bad stories. you have to imagine that's got to be frustrating for a party researching hillary clinton for several years, and have all of this ready, and can't even talk about it. >> so, matt, talk about what they can't talk about. according to jackie. you know, the pushback on this -- >> they're in trouble. >> the pushback, all right, you got me with women because i called somebody beautiful.
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what donald trump says, but on hillary clinton's side, you have a past of her trying to destroy women's lives after her husband had destroyed their lives, and if you want to go into the past stink, that is the type of stuff that should stick in voters' minds. is that the strategy? >> it is and a sign of weakness, when the chairman of the rnc reince priebus goes on tv and has to say, look, number one, yes, donald trump's a bad guy, but voters don't care, and number two, hillary's bad too. that is not a sign of are strength and basically a strategy. now, the point actually is a fair point. it's something that somebody like you know, i ought to point that out. not the chairman of the rnc. hillary clinton is not a good candidate, has a lot of problems and real questions to look into and we will look into, but that should not be used by the chairmanen of the rnc to deflect legitimate questions about donald trump. >> hmm. jackie, before we move on to issues, i just want to do one more beat here on the whole story that's come out about
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donald trump masquerading as his own spokesperson in the '90s. again, not because anything that happened in the '90s may be relevant, but because that shows that he pretends to be someone he's not, and then lies about it when caught. because the "people" magazine editor said he confessed to it. >> a guy named ronald trump who says he wants -- >> so is there anything relevant, do you think, to the campaign to be found in that story? >> this creates more fodder. you know? for people who want to make him look ridiculous, which the democratic party is more than happy to do. they're going to look at this as a character thing and make fun of this. when we saw this on "snl" this weekend. i don't know it's hurtful in the long run but chips away at the character now that he's trying to build as this person who could be commander in chief. >> the idea shirr connishconnis
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smerconish had -- he must have put this out. i find that hard to accept, phil. this has not done trump favors in terms of it being out there. it raises what alisyn is pointing to. the character issue. this is funny. i don't care what anybody else says. it's funny. when you lie about it, now you wind up raising the stakes which is, if you'll lie about this penny anti stuff, what happens when it's something that actually matters? how much do you expect this to get in an electorate that is so emotionally toxic and looking at big-ticket items? f. you're going to strategically leak something, you have a strategic response ready, when reporters ask you about it, or denying it. i agree with jackie.
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i don't know how much play it will get in the long run or affect how people view him. how many voters going, john miller, john barron, how does this make me feel? donald trump, dispatching of these things easily has been one of his primary positives throughout this campaign. his ability to do that over and over again with the media, on the stump, all of these things. his inability to do that with this issue is almost stunning to me. why wouldn't he sit there and say, yeah, it's me. i was messing around. a different time. his answer for everything. i wasn't a politician then. a businessman, playing the game. the fact he wasn't able to do that kind of causes you to raise your eyebrows. >> puts you in a box. paul manafort, need to be legit, a nudge and a wink, yeah, i can't make sense of it. if he says it's not him, it's not him. you got to look at him twice.
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>> when he wants to talk about terrorism, attack hillary clinton, everybody at the start of every interview, do you mind giving us john miller to talk to at the start? in person. it he's a real human being, let us interview him and that clouds over or cover everything he wants to talk about, the issues he's hammered home successfully up to this point. >> matt, this raises the issue, there are all sorts of these republican kind of thought leaders who are not comfortable with this character, and they are trying to figure out if there can be a third party run. how serious do you think this is, and will it actually happen? >> it's not serious at all. it's not going to happen. this is wishful thinking, and, look, you know, there's different factions against donald trump. you had the republican establishment and also movement conservative bes trying to stop donald trump. couldn't do it. couldn't get together on anything. couldn't stop him.
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what makes them think all of a sudden they will muster the confidence to launch some sort of effort to actually rest, to stop trump from winning. so it's not going to happen, but i do think there is an important job for conservatives to do, and that is sort of be a conservative movement in waiting to go into exile, why it's very dangerous -- >> in waiting to go into exile? >> if donald trump. >> that really rallying the troops. >> i'm telling you, though it may not sound optimistic. what happens if donald trump loses in six months? but if conservatives have gone all-in on trump they own him. that's the problem. >> panel, thank you for that entertaining bit there. we have more for the viewers. stick around. we also have to talk about what's going on on the other side. coming up, also, we will speak with former presidential candidate dr. ben carson who is leading the search for donald trump's running mate. dr. carson will join us live in our 8:00 hour. and tonight, anderson cooper sitting down exclusively with john kasich, first interview
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since leaving the gop race. would he consider being trump's vp? the answer tonight, 8:00 eastern, only on cnn. all right. meanwhile, the democratic rivals are still locked in a primary fight. more than 100 delegates up for grabs tomorrow in kentucky and oregon. hillary clinton also revealing that her husband would be taking on the key -- a key role, if she becomes the next president. cnn national correspondent suzanne malveaux is live in washington. tell us more. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. what to watch for in kentucky and oregon today ahead of tomorrow's primaries. hillary clinton is making a final push in kentucky, making three stops. actually made four stops sunday, making four more today. this is a state with a larger african-american population, which is friendlier territory than in west virginia. also winning could have dampen some are sanders momentum. clinton returned to criticism of sanders not supporting the auto bailout even though the statements have been called not completely accurate, she's
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continuing to run the campaign as already in the general election. hitting trump with attacks lines like the need to talk about building bridges, not walls and like president obama suggesting, too, he is too ignorant to be commander in chief. she paints him as someone unpredictable and dangerous for the country. though she won easily in 2008 in this state against barack obama, this time saying going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. now she's talking up a new role for her husband bill clinton to reassure voters they're not going to be out of work. >> my husband, who i'm going to put in charge of revitalizing the economy, because, you know, he knows how to do it, and -- especially in places like coal country and inner cities, and other parts of our country that have really been left out. >> reporter: so expect clinton today also to outline her plan
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to protect coal country including protecting the miners' health care coverage, retirement plans investing infrastructure in mining communities, repurposing some of those mines. while clinton is leading sanders by nearly 300 pledged delegates going into tomorrow's primary in kentucky and oregon, sanders now continuing to win contests, and pledged to stay in this race until the july convention. so right now, oregon is looking good for another sanders pickup, but clinton team believes the race is competitive in kentucky, and that's where she remains today, chris. >> oregon's an interesting test, because it is a very progressive state, so you think trending sanders. forgetting about the polls. however, it's a closed primary. he does not have a good record in closed primaries, only democrats voting. we'll see. suzanne, thank you very much. >> that's right. breaking overnight, the national weather service issuing a flash flood emergency for corpus christi, texas. first responders rescues people from cars and homes in the rising floodwaters there this morning. meantime, unseasonably cold
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temperatures right here in the northeast. let's get to cnn meteorologist chad myers. what do you see on that interesting board behind you, my friend? >> i'm afraid people in new england are going to be replanting their tomatoes and i think that people down in corpus christi have a lot of water to deal with, guys. tell you what, it is going to be a wet day still in corpus now. they've picked up radar estimates up to 14 inches of rain. not the widespread area, it's picked up about six in the past about 24 hours, but this is a lot like what we saw in houston but a different toe pog graepog city. a lot fell to the coast going quickly into the gulf of mexico, houston, went into the bayous and up into the city. not really the same story, but more picture, today. just getting them in now of those high-water rescues for houston. your cold weather across the northeast. still seeing frost advisories from upstate new york through ohio down into west virginia and
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as a gardener, i can tell you, i hate it when it frosts this late in the year. it does warm up, new york city, by friday, all the way to 74. >> thanks for that horticulture report as well, chad. all right. federal investigators on the scene trying to figure what caused a deadly charter bus crash in south texas. eight died, 44 injured when the bus rolled over during a trip to a casino this weekend. a state trooper believes the driver may have lost control on the rain-soaked highway. no other cars involved. all right. here's a story that you think you've heard many times, but you haven't. there's a florida woman in stable condition this morning after a shark attacked her at a south florida beach. that's the part you think you've heard before, but this 23-year-old woman, do you see that picture? taken to the hospital because of a two-foot nurse shark still attached to her arm. >> oh, my gosh. >> the shark was killed before the fire department arrived to treat the bite. they were worried about removing it, because it was in so deeply.
3:17 am
they didn't flow if it would make it better or worse. not a big shark, but can you imagine? >> huh-uh. >> being in that predicament. >> get out of the water, still hanging there? . a good story. back to politics. the next key battles between clinton and sanders. will tomorrow's contests in kentucky and oregon get the democrats any closer to a nominee? >> who was the shark? >> i don't know anymore. that show. (woman) now we have to wait forever to see it. (jon bon jovi) with directv, you don't. ♪ you see, we've got the power to turn back time. ♪ ♪ that show you missed, let's just go back and find. ♪ ♪ and let's go back and choose spicy instead of mild. ♪ ♪ and maybe reconsider having that second child. ♪ ♪ see, that's the power to turn back time. ♪ (vo) get the ultimate all included bundle. call 1-800-directv.
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders facing off in two contests tomorrow. those in kentucky and oregon. clinton also revealing what role her husband bill clinton would play if she's elected. let's discuss all of it with phil mattingly, jackie kucinich, and the long-awaited question what role bill clinton would play if she becomes president. listen to what she said in kentucky yesterday. >> my husband, who i'm grog to put in charge of revitalizing the economy, because, you know, he knows how to do it. >> jackie, what do you think of
3:22 am
that? >> a couple of things at play here. keep in mind, she's in kentucky, where bill clinton has been very popular, particularly with white men who aren't exactly big hillary clinton fans but harkening back to a time where the economy was on the upswing during the clinton presidency. that sort of nostalgia is hoping to play well for her. they've really put on a fight in kentucky, because it seems they've seeded these other contests. spending money. she's been there, i think 11 events there. this is part of that sort of, you know, renewed primary focus that they've sort of left by the wayside in recent contests. >> phil what do you make of trump's new tweet? talking about the democrats, but it's relevant. bernie sanders is being treated very badly by the dems. the system is rigged against him. he should run as an independent. run, bernie, run. is this tired or great play? >> a great play. strategically, brilliance on
3:23 am
bernie sanders. get him to run, and also poking a little bit on this. i don't think bernie sanders -- bernie sanders made it very clear. he has no intention of running as an independent voter. where are his ardent supporters, how do you get them to come over from hillary clinton. >> interesting day. if sanders isn't able to make up the math, however you calculate the odds, when he decides to turn it on trump, i don't think his team understands who bernie sanders is exactly, and what can happen when that passion is directed at you. that's going to be an interesting matchup, because the men have such similar movements behind them. >> it's also interesting, because they, matt, you hear the same sort of theme echoed from bernie sanders and donald trump, and that is, the system is rigged. we keep winning and yet people -- well, just talk about bernie sanders now, win states and yet the next day all of us pundits and journalists say, well, too bad, he has no chance. >> yeah. keeps happening and trump
3:24 am
pointed that out. look, donald trump and bernie sanders have a lot in common, both running as outsiders, populists kind of, adventurism abroad, against trade deals. end of the day, when push comes to shove, at least on the left, partisanship and ideology will win the day. you'll see bernie sanders at some point, chris is right. he'll come after donald trump. so i don't think -- there's always this dream. remember back in 2008, there was a hope that hillary clinton and the pumas, her supporters, would help john mccain and sarah palin. it doesn't happen. they always go home in the end. >> well it didn't happen then. that's for sure. but it will be an interesting dynamic as it plays out and interesting to see how trump will deal if bernie sanders winds up coming after him. now, a different problem for drns bernie sanders. one think thy he'll get more purchase, what's going on with the auto bailout?
3:25 am
hillary clinton is making a big deal. why? because it goes to the heart of the economy. >> one of the big differences in this upcoming primary is that i voted for the auto bailout and bernie sanders voted against it, and i'll tell you what -- looking at it now, it's even clearer i was right. >> jackie, is this fair? i mean just so people at home, just to remember, there was a stand-alone auto bailout bill. it failed. sanders and clinton voted for that bill. they then folded the auto bailout into t.a.r.p., into the bank bailouts and some mortgage economy bailouts and bernie sanders and many others were ard dentally ardently opposed. >> hillary clinton is trying to appeal to the rust belt voters who have kind of turned their back on her, an attack renewed by her. is it entirely fair? of course not. she hasn't mentioned, oh, by the way, wall street money where bernie sanders absolutely
3:26 am
opposed tacked on to this. she's relying on the stark reality of his voting record, but it's not her job to give nuance to bernie sanders's traditions. it's bernie sanders job. >> jackie and i probably both get cold shakes thinking back to october of 2008, standing in marble hallways listening to talks about t.a.r.p., bailout bills and second iteration and auto bailout bill. >> please. >> or talf. that was nice t. was good. >> the problem bernie sanders is, trying to explain that. slightly disingenuous attack by hillary clinton but how is bernie sanders going to talk about the two different versions of t.a.r.p. and auto bailout? the more interesting element, hillary clinton is attacking again organization an issue used in the part and reasons why, because her team wants to end it now in kentucky. feel they have a shot in kentucky, a closed primary, people they feel they can reach if they get the number of delegates targeting now, add
3:27 am
super delegates, say the race is officially mathematically over, and that means they don't have to spend money in california. that's why you're searing t see hillary clinton is in kentucky and why kentucky matters. >> i stood in those halls as well and remember looking up seeing a saying from lewis brandeis. great evidence dangers, encroachment men of zeal well meaning but without understanding. >> true then, true now. panel, thank you very much. you can keep up with the latest political news and the state of the race. you can download our new cnn politics app available now in the app store for free. >> we don't look good in that picture. >> that's not us. >> not us. up next where to the candidates stand on issues and why is it an issue for trump in the fall? check it out. suicide car bombers storm a gas plant in baghdad, sparking a huge explosion that you're seeing on the screen right now.
3:28 am
we now have a claim of responsibility, and a live report for you, next. (man) ah i forgot to record
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for this attack. you can see the aftermath sending a huge ball of flames into the sky. cnn correspondent joins us with the latest. what have you learned? >> reporter: alisyn, according to security officials in iraq at about 5:00 a.m. local time on sunday isis carried out this attack in the northern outskirts of baghdad on that gas plant, as you mentioned. two suicide car bombers attacking also followed by at least six militants to clashed with security forces and a couple guards for hours and a result of this attack finally rappelled, at least ten security personnel killed. the governor of baghdad very critical of security authorities saying the forces were inadequately armed to face this sort of attack. of course, the real concern is the timing. this is the latest in a series of attacks we have seen taking
3:33 am
place in iraq over the past couple of weeks. these really high-profile, some complex attacks claimed by isis, also coming at a time when the country is going through this political crisis. concern that isis might be trying to exploit that to re-ignite the sectarian war in the country, but u.s. and iraqi officials say this is isis acting out of weakness after losing a lot of territory in both iraq and syria. this is the kind of response that we are seeing, but they describe it as isis on the defensive. chris, back to you. >> 100 lives lost at the end of the day. strength or weakness, a horrible toll. thank you very much for the reporting. stay safe there. donald trump's part is under the microscope now that we're getting near the general election. what is really there? how bad is this for him? we'll put it up on the board, and you decide. next. ♪
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. look. it's only a matter of time. you run for president, people dig into your past. that's going on for donald trump
3:38 am
right now. scrutiny and it's intense. let's take a look. peter beinart, cnn political contradicter, professor of journalism and political science at university of new york. good to have you with us. take us through the stink. >> absolutely. look at donald trump's debate about taxes. >> getting any closer to releasing your tax returns? >> well, i'm thinking about it. thinking maybe when we find out the true story on hillary's e-mails. >> we're working 0en that now. >> very big returns, as you know, and everything is approved and very beautiful. we'll work that in over the next period of time. >> you don't learn anything. a tax return, you learn very, very little. >> nobody would ever put out their returns that's under an order. >> all right. so that's the range of refusals. >> right. >> and then what are we getting from the party? >> here's the republican party response. >> i just have to tell you, after a year of dealing with
3:39 am
this primary, one-on-one, and you know it's been a lot, i don't think the traditional playbook applies, john. we've been down this road for a year, and it doesn't apply. he's rewritten the playbook. >> all right. so -- and then how about him saying, trump said to george stephanopoulos the other gday, what's your expectative tax rate? he said, none of your business. thumbs up, thumbs down on taxes? >> i think thumbs down. reince priebus is right it didn't hurt him in the primaries but now we're seeing a much brighter spotlight now that only two candidates are left in the race and in addition a lot of reporters will work on this story. even if donald trump doesn't come forward and release, we're going to find out things about his finances. if there's something there, if there's not something there, why isn't he releasing this? if there is something there, i think we're going to get an inkling of what it is. >> dovetails with this next
3:40 am
idea. the false identity thing, making phone calls or not, depending which side you're on, it's not that big a deal until he goes into denial mode. we know the tape. skip that. this is a new piece of entry. let people see what the "people" magazine editor part of this back then had to say about it. >> sure. >> you outed him at the time. >> yes. >> did he then fess up? >> two weeks later. >> he did? >> yeah. he apologized to the magazine, and he said, i'm sorry. well, it didn't get to the "washington post" through me. >> so? >> trump. >> you think trump dropped this tape. >> yeah. >> why would he do that? >> look what's gone on this week. >> hmm. what do you think -- has this been good for him? wipe would he dump this tape? >> seems unforced error. classic example of a cover-up being worse than the crime. had fun with newspaper reporters 25 years ago. nobody's going to care about that. fe had just admitted it, said i was a fun guy. it was a long time ago.
3:41 am
we had a good time. would have been completely gone. an example of the fact he doesn't have better people around him, not a more disciplined team making these decisions. too much freestyling here. >> all right. so issues with women. and let's let people take a look at some of the excerpts underneath the gender sign what kinds of things put out in the "new york times," they really did this report. what do we got? come on. i knew you would mess it up. only a matter -- >> this technology is tough. >> david, you can't wipe it. can you put it out? >> trying my best. >> people putting things out there ash his behavior with women. >> that he kissed a miss america contestant, kissed them on the mouth, told a reporter, you look very good today. how heavy-handed is this stuff? >> in iisolation, maybe not a bg deal. going back to the stuff with megyn kelly. from the beginning of the campaign -- the question, are
3:42 am
there that many republican women for him left to lose? the problem is, he needs to regain republican women. he needs to win all of the people who voted for mitt romney. we know his support is soft among some republican women. this could keep it soft. >> i hodge they'pe they're payi well at cuny because you broke the wall. the guy out with him, the butler, with him 30 years, said really ugly stuff about president obama. my question, talking about a butler crackpot. you and i, one of our best on foreign policy. should be talking about paul manafort what he did with ukraine and russia and his connections. is that the kind of guy to come around a potential president? but what about that kind of stink? kind of plays to a profound bigotry? >> right. in general, i'm not a fan of guilt by association. you know? he's got a guy working for him who's not responsible for his political views. go back to birther stuff, the
3:43 am
totality, suggested a birther, and the stuff with david duke, where he didn't -- didn't really disavow himself. it adds up to a perception, and this is a guy, again, we're in a general election. he has to win minority votes to have a chance of winning, and that's the problem. >> professor good to have you. >> sure. my pleasure. >> bill's coming. >> charge him for that. thanks so much, chris. the bad blood between the toronto blue jays and texas rangers, not fading away, an epic bench-clearing brawl erupts between the two teams. what brought it on? i'll explain all of this in the break to you, chris. coy wire has our "bleacher report," next.
3:44 am
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fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds to conquer heartburn fast. tum tum tum tum. chewy delights. only from tums. bad blood rivalry. part of sports when you have rivalries, but sometimes it goes too far. now it's not about the sport just about being stupid. that's what we had sunday. an all-out brawl.
3:48 am
bring in someone who's not only intelligent but an esteemed athlete who knows the right wray to play. coy wire with the "bleacher report." sing it. >> good morning, chris. baseball turned to base-brawl indeed. likely stems from last october when blue jay slugger bautista hits a home run in the rangers in the playoffs and he starts to celebrate. a bad-mannered flip. check out what happened yesterday. the scene set. right? top of the eighth, bautista take as hit from bush in the ribs. it was on. bautista's on base, goes to take second and look at this slide. the nerve. ah, right there into the legs of rangerses second baseman and it was on. get ready to rumble. knocks him clean off his face. both benches clear in this one. a total of eight ejections in the game. coaches and players. once the dust settled, the two teams, they won't play each other again this season but if you're a sports fan you might want to see these two fans meet
3:49 am
up in playoffs again. let's move to another set of playoffs. raptors and heat. game seven of their playoff series. toronto, doing all they can to spoil it. dwyane wade, lebron james reunion in the next round. lowry leading the way for the raptors. 35 points including five three pointers. raptors advance to the conference finals, first time in fran xhiz history, taking on cleveland with game one tipping off tomorrow. game one in the western conference finals, that will be tonight. tnt. steph curry and warriors looking to defend their nba title against okc. >> thanks for all of that. and a trucking tre itroubli. we'll have a veteran police officer what's behind this. ♪
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
♪ troubling new numbers from the fbi shows homicide rates soaring in more than two dozen american cities. let's discuss with former boston
3:54 am
head of police department ed davis. thanks for being with us. >> good morning, alisyn. you're welcome. >> what's going on with this spiking crime? what's your theory? >> there are. and my theory, it's too early to tell at this point in time. there has been a concern after ferguson and some of the high-profile video cases that police officers would pull back, but at this point in time, we can't attribute this directly to that concern. there are a number of issues that affect the homicide rate. there are cities where the rate goes up and down dramatically from year to year over time. >> yeah. >> boston has been one of those cities, and then finally the real thing is that there are cities in the united states, like new york, where the crime rate has actually continued to go down, even though there's been a very significant change in the way that they're doing policing. >> yeah. >> so i think that it's too early. >> okay. let's look at some of these
3:55 am
numbers, okay? so everybody gets a sense what you're talking about. here are the major cities where crime has gone up, and it's gone up dramatically. look at this. laug vegas, murder rate, not just crime, murder rate up. dallas, jacksonville. it goes on and on. to your point, some major cities you've seen the murder rate go down. new york city is one of them, down 25%. now, in terms of the so-called ferguson effect that you're referring to, you know, some high-profile law enforcement people, james comey, director of the fbi included, say this is a direct result. the murder spike is because of what he calls the ferguson effect. let me read to you what he says. he says -- ire think it is the potential effect of marginal pullbacks by lots and lots of police officers changing some cities. i continue to the hear that privately, i've heard it in lots of conversations privately with police leaders. i'm sure you've heard it as well, ed, that they can't be as
3:56 am
aggressive or assertive nowadays as they want to be, because they're afraid they'll be caught on camera and some viral video that will then jeopardize their job. what do you think about that? >> well, it's obvious that what all of this, all of this, these issues, they are affecting the way police officers work. you'd have to be crazy not to think that police aren't concerned about being videotaped and held to teask for what they're doing. however, there are good, young police officers coming on the job right now that -- that don't know another way of doing this. in other words, as time goes on, this problem is going to be relieved, because it's going to become the way of doing business. and i understand people's concerns about it, but i'm just -- >> when you say the problem -- i'm sorry to interrupt, but when you say the problem relieved, you mean police officers being less aggressive? you think? will be the way of the future? >> correct.
3:57 am
no, no, no. i don't believe that's the case. i think as we move on police will adapt to this new way of policing's in the boston department we've had a strong relationship with academics over the years. right now in our business it's time to rely on the academics to rely on telling us what's happening and not jump to conclusions. that's my point. >> isn't it time to rely on the foot soldiers, the guys out there every day and should be able to trust their own instincts, and if they're pulling back, that that's dangerous for the community? >> there's no proof that they're pulling back. that's the issue. d de-policing is something we're concerned about but deductions and increases in crimes have happened for generations. we have to look at this carefully, that's my point. >> you don't think we can blame this as jam comey is on the ferguson effect? you don't think it's cyclical
3:58 am
and nothing else to point to why the murder rate is up in so many cities? >> there are enormous reasons why a homicide rate can go up. it can relate to drug investigations, gang activity, what's happening in las vegas really has nothing to do with what's happening in jacksonville, florida. that's the point i want to make. we really need to study this, and i'm not saying that de-policing couldn't be one of the issues here, but it requires study, and it's a time not to jump to conclusions on this issue. >> okay. we got you. former commissioner ed davis, thanks so much. always great to get your perspective on this. >> thank you, alisyn. we're following a lot of news including donald trump defending his past. let's get right to it. >> donald trump coming under fire amid new allegations of inappropriate behavior with women. >> all of these stories that come out -- >> people just don't care. >> nobody has more respect for women than i do. >> ignorance is not a verify
3:59 am
virtue. >> if they want the strongest candidate to defeat donald trump it is bernie sanders. >> along comes donald trump a loose cannon. >> george zimmerman is trying to sell the gun he used to kill trayvon martin for a third time. >> like he is shooting trayvon all over again. >> and between the motorcycle clubs. >> they're mot here to eat barbecue and drink beer. >> write him a letter? >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. welcome to your "new day." we begin with donald trump. his conduct towards women over the last decades under scrutiny in the "new york times" report. trump dismissing the piece as a lame hit piece and reince priebus acknowledges trump will have to answer to things in his
4:00 am
past but calls efforts to draft a third-party candidate a suicide mission, quote/unquote. and president obama is focusing on trump as well using a commencement speech to slam trump without actually naming him. obama telling graduates, "ignorance is not a virtue in politics" and blasting trump's calls for a wall and ban on muslims. what are the implications? what else is at play in the 2016 race? we have it covered the way only cnn can. let's begin with phil mattingly. phil? >> well, chris, it's only a couple days ago that donald trump left washington with a lot of good news on his plate, and it appeared the party was unifying, party leaders very skeptical of his candidacy seemed to be coming onboard. then this weekend. attacks from every direction, including the man who holds the highest office in the land. >> in politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue. >> reporter: donald trump facing a not so subtle critique sunday
4:01 am
from the man he's campaigning to replace. >> it's not cool to not know what you're talking about. that's not keeping it real or telling it like it is. that's just not knowing what you're talking about. >> reporter: the presumptive republican nominee coming under fire amid new allegations of inappropriate behavior with women. dozens of women revealing to the "new york times" accounts of "unwelcome romantic advances," on ending commentary on the female form and unsettling workplace conduct. >> nobody has more respect for women than i do. >> reporter: a defensive trump lashing out on twitter, slamming the report as a lame hit piece, dishonest, and a witch-hunt. trump's allies offering a defense. >> people have not expected purity on his part. what they're concerned about, they're deeply concerned about, is this somebody strong to take on washington? >> reporter: rnc chairman reince
4:02 am
priebus saying an issue he'll have to confront but won't change the voters' decision. >> these are things he'll have to answer for. all of these stories come out every couple of weeks. people just don't care. >> reporter: trump also denying reports he used to pose as his own publicist in the '80s and '90s under the names john miller or john barron. >> somebody that gets called by everybody, called by everybody in the book. >> reporter: trump previously admitting using both pseudonyms. >> is the campaign seriously saying that isn't mr. trump? >> i could barely understand it. i couldn't tell who it is. donald trump says it's not him i believe it's not him. >> reporter: trump's continued efforts within the gop that republicans want to mount a third-party candidate to derail him. mark cuban declining the job. >> they can try to hijack another party and get on the baggett, but, look, it's a
4:03 am
suicide mission for our country. >> reporter: so no clear candidate, no clear money commitments and no real path forward. all good news for donald trump, and when it comes to how he's being attacked and treating me male employees, a number of female employees worked for donald trump, positive things about him as a boss. and safe to say, those women will be trotted out publicly in the next couple of weeks to try to defend donald trump. something he desperately needs as the attacks continue. >> thanks for previewing that, phil. and joining us, co-chair of the trump campaign and counselman joseph borrelly. thanks for being heenchre. >> thanks for having me back. >> did you hear the tapes of what appears to be donald trump masquerading as his own spokesperson in the '90s? >> i certainly heard them, yes. >> what do you make of donald trump appearing to have
4:04 am
pretended to be someone else? >> i think like a lot of people around the country, i think the tapes are kind of funny, and that's fine. he denies they're him. he has the right to deny it. some disagree with him. that's fine. the real question, whether or not these stories actually matter. news networks 24 hours a day had to come up with surrogates to explain why these tapes actually matter in their lives and have done a really poor job and a lot of people in the public don't care. >> the man who could be president pretends to be someone he's nod and pretends not to have done that. doesn't that say something about character? >> it's a silly story. if it's him, come clean. if not, continue denying it. the story becomes even stupider when you have the journalist who made these recordings coming on tv saying that donald trump himself leaked the case. this is one of these silly stories that isn't going to stick. the only way to measure whether these actually matter are polling. we see from a poll in georgia, a
4:05 am
state 50% women, 30% african-american, we're told these voters would never support donald trump yet we still see people supporting him. >> you don't think this is a reflection on character? >> no, no. he's denied it. if he's denying it incorrectly he should say that. but let him. >> do you think it sounds like donald trump? >> i have no idea. i was young at the time and don't remember what donald trump sounded like then. >> we have a clip. let's play it for everybody. >> -- all the field, really, and, you know, a lot of the people that you write about and you people do a great job, by the way, actresses, people that you write about, just call to go out with him and things. >> there is some vintage trumpisms in there sounds like the apollo landing, you know? people can make up their own mind. the reality is, in every poll since march 23rd, hillary clinton has continued to trend down, because donald trump is talking about jobs.
4:06 am
hillary clinton is essentially a tone deaf talking about putting out of business one of the biggest industries in the country. >> talking about the coal miners. >> of course. that's what people care about. >> of course. in fairness to hillary clinton, a cnn town hall, we have to look to the futcher to future because the coal industry may be faphas out. >> someone who's grandfather was a coal miner in west virginia, that didn't go over well. >> and talking about hillary clinton and some of the same line of attack trotting out he continues to use about her part and her husband's sexual past. let me read this for you. just getting nasty with hillary won't work. he said you have to get people to look hard at her character and get women to ask themselves if hillary is truly sincere and awe then the irk, because she has been really ugly if trying to destroy bill's mistresses and pandering to women so obviously
4:07 am
when she is only interested in getting power. again, going back -- you know, i know the trump side. >> going back in history. fine. >> the trump side doesn't like to go back to the '90s, but here he is going back to the '90s. >> look at the double standard in the media. this is the fourth day talk being a a phone conversation no one really cares about. this hillary clinton audio from 1975 where she talks about how she defended a child rapist and blamed the victim in that case. four days on this story, that's in no way the moral equivalent of that tape that hillary clinton denied. >> talk about this. he's going back to the '90s to talk about hillary clinton's actions about bill clinton's sexual past. which is it? go back and time, dredge it all up or not? >> i think it's okay to, because donald trump's life in the 1990s was largely on page 6, not only page 6, on the front page of most tabtabloids. donald trump supporters have to be living under the rock to know know what he was doing, the
4:08 am
lifestyle he lived. hillary clinton is much more vulnerable? >> why? her supporters were members of the '90s. >> ar yawn u arianna huffingtong amnesia. hillary clinton how she treated women in the '90s. >> in other words, you think this is effective? going back to the '90s, talking about hillary clinton, what was going on. >> end the media double standard. hillary clinton did an interview in 2014 with diane sawyer, after questioned how she denounced and demeaned monica lewinsky said i don't want to answer questions about how i treated women in the '90s. after that, zip. ed media has not asked those questions, why don't you want to speak about that? once we stop getting a double standard of hands-off hillary, you'll stop seeing problems there. >> what you're saying as a trump representative, isn't that a
4:09 am
double standard? it's not relevant what he did in the '90s but everything is relevant she did in the '90s. >> i have numbered, continuously, donald trump gaining in the polls and continuously hillary clinton going down. last week, pointed out with coal miners. one talking about protecting american jobs. another person talking about putting jobs out of business. >> she was talking about creating new technology for -- >> most who worked in a coal mine didn't think so. >> third-part candiday candidat. talking about find somebody to draft as a third-party candidate to run against trump. what do you think of that possibility? >> at this point it's a pipe dream and just something the media keeps rehashing. talk about a third-party candidate. talk about a third-party democratic candidate. a week ago today we had this scenario where the republican party was unable to consolidate around a candidate. now we've seen, thanks to leadership from reince and donald trump him with paul ryan, the party cohesively come
4:10 am
together. >> not completely, entirely. >> the party has come together around trump. always the bill kristols who will do what they do. >> paul ryan hasn't endorsed -- >> nancy pelosi hasn't endorsed hillary clinton. the democrats are in more disarray than the republicans. a nice guy named donald trump keeps winning elections and the votes. >> i want to play a new interview that the london mayor has just done with peiers morga about -- let me correct this. this is donald trump and piers morgan about the london mayor, and about what donald trump has said about muslims, and letting them into the country, and as well as the mayor's only muslim background. listen to this. >> well, when he won i wished him well. now, i don't care about him. i mean, it doesn't make any difference to me about him.
4:11 am
see how he does. see if he's a good man. >> are you offended by what he said? >> yeah, because he doesn't know me or what i'm all about. they're very rude statements and frankly tell him i will remember those statements. very nasty statements. >> the mayor had said that trump was, trump's position on muz limuz -- muslims was ignorant. >> i think he's been somewhat clear saying he does not believe muslims should come into the country if not verified of what they're past is. >> that's different. he called for a total and complete ban. you're giving a -- >> then a month later basically said, rudy giuliani, a bunch of people in his circle of friends clarified the position clearly. the london mayor has a right to have whatever opinion he wants. a newly elected mayor trying to get out on the international stage. he's successful at that and i wish him well. i hope he does half the job boris yeltsin did. >> thanks for being on "new
4:12 am
day." coming up on "new day" speaking with former presidential candidate dr. ben carson, helping lead the search for donald trump's running mate will join us live in our next hour. and tonight, anderson cooper sits down with. >> jack: -- john kasich. would he consider being trump the vp? find out tonight at 8:00 only on cnn. and a turn from the political tabloids and back to what matters. the ballot box. kentucky and oregon up for grabs tomorrow and clinton and sanders working it hard. hillary revealing what role her husband would play, and it's a key role in her administration. what difference would that make? getting to national correspondent suzanne malveaux with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. hillary clinton is making a final big push for kentucky. four stops sunday. making for more today. counting on african-american voters to put her in a better place in west virginia. winning here could dampen bernie
4:13 am
sanders. chr criticized for not supporting the auto bailout. hillary clinton is hitting trump with attack lines, similar to what we heard from president obama. too ignorant and dangerous to be the next commander in chief. kentucky she easily won against obama in 2008 but this time come under criticism for saying her policies "would put a lot of coal miners and coal mines out of business." she's disavowed this and now talking about her husband bill clinton in a position to reassure voters they will not be out of work. >> my husband, who i'm going to put in charge of revitalizing the economy, because, you know he knows how to do it, and especially in places like coal country and inner cities. and other parts of our country that have really been left out. >> reporter: not only nostalgic,
4:14 am
meant to win over white voters who bill clinton has a greater appeal with, frankly, and clinton is leading sanders now by nearly 300 pledged delegates going into tomorrow's primaries in kentucky and oregon, but sanders, continues to win contempts and pledged to stay in the race until the july convention and right now believes oregon is looking good for a pickup, but the clinton team believes the race is competitive in kentucky. that's where she is today, chris. >> thank you, suzanne, i'll take it. thanks for all of that. breaking overnight, a flash flood emergency in corpus christi, texas. first responders rescues people from cars, homes and rising floodwaters this morning. get to cnn meteorologist chad myers. how's it looking, chad? >> raining some some spots still, alisyn. some spots on radar, 14 inches of rain overnight. mainly over corpus christi bay towards ingleside. still raining, still coming down. what the radar can see. after you add it all up, radar
4:15 am
says this is where the rain was, and right over the bay. right over corpus christi down to about, oh, north padre. heavy rain, lots of lightning and still raining today and more rain tonight and into tomorrow. so this is not over just yet. there's the live, local doppler radar from corpus christi. still seeing flash flood warnings, flash flood emergencies still going on in the city. people being rescued there. trying to get pictures of that right now. local affiliates are a little busy. more rain from houston back up towards lafayette and into new orleans. a very cold couple of days in the northeast. i don't have to tell you. gets better, then worse again. if you planted your garden, may have to replant it again, new york all the way to ohio valley, but it does warm up a little bit, guys. warming up all the way to 74 for you, chris, on friday. >> oh, that's nice to hear. i always plant tomatoes last, by the way. just so you know, jeff. >> very good. >> stay ahead of the curve. you know? talk to you later.
4:16 am
all right. so as the blame game continues in the election, there's a turn in the benghazi debate. a letter from two democrats on the panel accuses trey gowdy of damaging credibility of the committee beyond repair by ignoring the reality that clinton and the military acted properly if ineffectively. their proof? saying gowdy's own lawyer told officials in a closed-door meeting nothing could have changed what occurred in benghazi, but gowdy obviously ignored that during proceedings. a terrible story. the coast guard is calling off the search for a passenger who went overboard. 33-year-old samantha broberg reported missing from a cruise to mexico on the carnival "liberty" suggesting he tumbled backwards off a deck into the gulf of mexico. terrible and happens much more than you might imagine. >> i mean, i can't believe that -- you can get off the decks, can tumble off the decks.
4:17 am
i thought more security railing to avoid that. >> nope. we are learning high-profile conservatives meeting with facebook ceo mark zuckerberg this week, remember, concerns about bias. radio host glenn beck, former white house press secretary dana parrino and cnn commentator s.e. cupp are among the heavy-duty attend attendees. facebook answering to allegations that the site suppresses conservative news in its trending section. the meeting is set for wednesday. >> interesting to see what comes out of that. well, bernie sanders needs a mathematical miracle to pull off the democratic nomination. will kentucky and oregon help keep him alive? next we'll ask the only senator backing sanders of oregon. i sleep extremely hot. i wake up and i just feel like sticky. we have the windows open, the ac on, i'd close it in the middle of the night,
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders preparing to face-off tomorrow in kentucky and oregon.
4:22 am
this morning donald trump calming on sanders to run as an independent saying, "bernie sanders is being treated very badly by the dems. the system is rigged against him. he should run as an independent." run, bernie, run." senator jeff merkley is a democrat from oregon. the only sitting senator supporting senator sanders. that's not easy to say. the only sitting senator to support senator sanders. >> absolutely. >> not easy to say. not easy to do, but you are steadfast. first, do you accept donald trump's proposal? do you think bernie should do that? >> absolutely not. bernie went into this, no way i'll be ralph nader. we're not going to split the party, empower the republicans. he understands the damage that bush did to this nation and is not going to allow trump to follow on and do even more damage. >> so give the response. i know this sounds tedious and tired, but it remains true. that's why we keep having to say it. math, math, math, math. bernie sanders, you know he's on
4:23 am
this show a lot. you know always happy to have him. always happy to have the campaign. understand the momentum. but math is a limitation here to getting the percentage of delegates pledged and super that he would need to contest at the convention in a real way. isn't that just true? >> it's certainly true he would need two-thirds of the vote. it's an uphill climb. two-thirds of the vote to get the pledged delegate majority. if you get the pledged delegate majority, a whole new conversation. we've seen campaigns in the past that had a surge, that won two-thirds of the vote. seen is recently. saw what trump did here in the new england area. and so -- but the important thing is that the issues that bernie sanders is bringing forward. we're having all of these salacious scandal stories about trump. what bernie keeps talking about is the fact that america is off track, that working america has been getting the short end of the stick for four decades. nine out of ten americans have not been sharing in the new wealth of america, and that it's
4:24 am
not just small changes we need. we need substantial dramatic changes in how we appropriate our nation. >> what you get hit with most often is, sanders, very critical of clinton. it's going to hurt her. what kind of democrat is he? let's leave that to the side for a second. leave that to voters within your own party. do you think trump is fundamentally understanding, misunderstanding, who sanders is? he seems to be patronizing sanders, seeing him as some type of colleague in terms of the nature of their campaigns. what do you think sanders will come if he doesn't get the nomination? >> sanders is energizing the democratic base and that base will be his worst enemy. >> trump thinks he'll get a lot of sanders voters? >> he'll get some, yes, he'll get some. but you have the space where the right and left might meet. the fundamental thing, it's going to become very clear that trump is a self-promoting
4:25 am
huckster and bernie will help make that case as the nominee and if supporting the ticket and not the nominee. >> how deeply does the sport that believe that? he doesn't talk about trump that much. he seems to keep him to the side as much as he can. >> no. he's trying to focus on these issues. issue of global warming, cash and politics, issue of working jobs in the america and n distracted by the daily trump stories more a soap opera than a race for the presidency of the united states. a week from tomorrow basically all states will have had their primaries and a moment when the democrats will come together, go into the convention arm in arm. they're going to go into the election shoulder to shoulder, but it's critical that the issues he's raising get addressed, but part of that coming together will be the understanding that we have to let america know about how trump is not a serious person to lead
4:26 am
america. he is a self-promoting huckster and all the stories you've been carrying, these stories show that. what he did 25 years ago. his university that ripped off middle-class americans on a real estate scam. >> that's real. the new york attorney general going to trial. in truth, not even in the calculus. this other stuff, how he treats women. was he on the phone pretending to be john miller. >> john barron, miller, aliases. >> the other side says, that's all you got? what he did 25 years ago? >> talk about what he's doing right now. even talking about creating jobs, he imports workers from overseas instead of hiring americans. >> because of these lousy trade deals he's going to fix better than bernie could. >> it's not the trade deals that make you get an h2b visa, you require them because they're cheaper, import them because they're cheaper. he's never been about creating jobs for americans and it's going to become clear to
4:27 am
americans. think about a huckster on taxes. talks about helping middle america and puts out a tax plan giving huge gifts to billionaires in america i mean, trump is by and about himself. and that, the substance just doesn't go deeper, which is why we're ensnared in all of these stories about this personality and his life and the way he treats women and so on and so forth. >> what do you think happens tomorrow? your home state, oregon, sets up politically to be advantageous to sanders. we don't talk about theal positives when we get this post. to wildly incorrect on a regular basis. but a closed primary meaning only democrats vote. usually favors clinton. your thought? >> it is true in oregon. a lot of independents coming out to the bernie rallies aren't able to vote. that's unfortunate. i do a lot of town halls. when people come to my town halls i see bernie shirts, bernie buttons. i haven't seen a hillary button yet, and that tells you a couple things.
4:28 am
one, how bernie's message is resonating on these core issues facing america, and, second, if hillary does end up being the nominee, as you say, the math is difficult. the path is uphill. she's going to need to reach out and understand these core issues that are so connecting with ordinary individuals. >> senator merkley, good to see oregon in the spotlight having its moment tomorrow, and thank you for being on "new day" as always. >> the best state in the union i might add. >> what i've heard from that chair. alisyn? >> chris, thanks so much. donald trump catching heat over women. we'll have two women if the issue will have an affect on the women's vote for trump. you pay your car insurance
4:29 am
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4:32 am
donald trump coming under fire in a "new york times" report for his past treatment of women. trump dismissing the report as a "lame hit piece" and firing back with a series of tweets. will any of this slow trump's momentum or his popularity or
4:33 am
lack of it with women. let's debate. joining me, president of the center for american progress and policy director for hillary clinton's 2008 campaign. and political editor for and a trump surrogate. good morning to both of you ladies. >> good morning. >> great to be with you. >> i want to start with you, neira. the "new york times" article was a mixed bag. showing donald trump treating women sort of superficially and fixated on their looks and their weight. at the same time, it pointed out that donald trump was doing something unusual in the '80s and '90s, he was putting women in the top of his real estate empire. in fact, there was a woman he installed as the head of construction for trump tower. how are voters supposed to interpret this article? >> i think voters should read it for themselves. the reality of this article is that it shows a person who wants to be president of the united states treating women based on
4:34 am
their looks, and people should really just read the article. it's absolutely the case that he did promote some women. i think that's to be commended. at the same time, you know, it's not just this article, but we have seen throughout this campaign his treatment, whether it's megyn kelly or carly fiorina. he has decided that women's looks are what they should be jumped by, and time after time. it's not just the "new york times" article. i mean, we've seen this in realtime, and that's why he has the lowest approval ratings of any major candidate ever amongst women. 64% of women are disapproving of him, and this is just going to feed that already existing position or view. >> do you think it is a problem for female voters when they hear stories time and again of donald trump being fixated on women's looks and in some ways objectifying them?
4:35 am
>> i think it is a problem, because you have to wonder what is the motivation for these stories coming out, alisyn? i don't think it's shocking to anybody to find out mr. trump is at times, he's been macho, arrogant, he's been unabashed, egotistical and a red-blooded heterosexual male who liked pretty women, beautiful women. he owned a beauty pageant organization. that's obvious. the "new york times" article has already been debunked this morning with roseanne tweeting out all night that was false. they took her words, spun her words to make mr. trump in a bad light. exactly opposite what she meant. then also looking at sue carswell who forgot to mention to smerconish she lost her copy of the tape yet goes on -- >> she talked about that. that's the "people" magazine editor. i'll stell the "people" magazine eder, donald trump apologized to her after calling in
4:36 am
masquerading as john miller, his spokesman, planting story how women really dug him in the '9 t'90s and then admitted it was him and now he's claiming no knowledge of are this. stay on the "new york times" article. a woman has come forward. >> a main woman. >> one of the women. a woman involved romantically with donald trump. not one of the women he installed at the top of his company. let me read the disparity in reports and the let people decide for themselves. how the "new york times" framed it and then i'll say what she says. the "new york times" says this woman, when she first met donald trump suddenly took me by the hand and started to show me around the mansion. asked if i had a swimsuit with me. i said, no. i hadn't intended to swim. opened drawering asked me to put on a swimsuit. i put one on he said, wow, we went to the pool he said, well
4:37 am
that is a stunning trump girl. isn't it? in the "new york times," said they spun her words. what she told another news show this morning. >> they did take quotes from what i said and they put a negative connotation, spun it to where it appeared negative. i did not have a negative experience with donald trump, and i don't appreciate them making it look like that i was saying it was a negative experience. >> okay. so how to interpret that? he says this is a hit piece, the "new york times" did on him, and when you hear some of the women in the article saying, they agree? >> yeah. i mean, i think people should read the article, and, you know, there's not just one story in this article. there are multiple stories and women who continue to work for trump that said, you know, i enjoyed working at, you know, working in these, on these issues and working in construction, but he -- you
4:38 am
know, they say -- it's not like they hate him, but he did objectify them, talk about their weight, judge them on their looks and it's not like we just have the "new york times" story. we have our own experiences in the campaign. he talks not about just democrats on one side but other republicans, republican women running against, republican women interviewed by, conservatives. the article shows us, confirms what people know but also women who worked for him, not just people he sees every day, women have been vulnerable or treated this way. >> last word? >> but he also does it with men. equal opportunity. calls out fair. the bias coming in, alisyn, we're failing to point out the democrats' side, foiling to point out bernie sanders said in 1972 women fantasized being raped by several men. >> talking about 1972, we have
4:39 am
talked about that. >> haven't point eed out, bill clinton, had taken several trips with a known pedophile sex trafficker and dismissed his secret service crew. those stories aren't getting near the attention mr. trump -- >> exactly what -- you cannot rebut and call names. i know exactly. >> sometimes it happens at the end of the segment, ladies. sometimes it happens at the end of the segment. hard to vent everything people have said because we're wrapening the segment. lots of angles to continue for the next six months. thank you both. get to chris. all righty then. another big news item that needs discussion. george zimmerman. once again trying to auction off the gun that he used to kill trayvon martin. will this controversial sale go through? up next -- we hear exclusively from the owner of the auction site the gun is on.
4:40 am
4:41 am
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4:43 am
despite heavy criticism the gun used to kill trayvon martin is back on. george zimmerman planning to sell the pistol on the united gun group website tomorrow. he and his attorney joining us now. gentlemen, thank you for being with us. >> good morning. thank you for having us on. >> no need for an attorney for this conversation. i hope. but everyone is welcome to join. answer the obvious question. why are you doing this, allowing george zimmerman to sell this gun on your site?
4:44 am
>> you know, that's a great question and i just want to let you know this has absolutely nothing to do with george zimmerman. this has -- this decision was made months ago on how we would handle any situation like this. social media, like facebook, has decided to start dictating morality to its members influencing what news sources they read and dictating where their constitutional rights end. months ago we decided as an organization that we were going to allow individual liberty the rule of law and constitution of the united states to speak for itself. that's pretty much all we have to say on the issue, where we stand on this and any other issue, as long as it is legal, lawful we're going to allow our members to dictate their own behavior. >> our mission, esteem the second amendment and provide a safer and supportive platform for law-abiding citizens. this does not help achieve that objective.
4:45 am
that was from you thursday. what happened to that view on the situation? >> that view was a knee-jerk reaction due to public outcry. when we took a step back and analyzed the situation, compared it to our mission, vision and values and where we stand with the constitution and individual liberty, and with the other people involved in the decision-making process, we agreed to go with our original stance and say if it's lawful, legal activity we're going to allow individuals to make a choice on what they choose to do. that is as far as we're going to go. this is not about george zimmerman for us. this is about the second amendment and standing firm for individual rights as adults to make their own decision. >> i hear you about that. >> the press didn't help. did it? >> what did you say, kevin? i couldn't hear you. >> the threats didn't help when he had that initial reaction. >> all right. but i mean, look, you were being threatened. that's wrong. arguably unlawful. you don't need to be an attorney like kevin or me to know that, but you're making a different
4:46 am
point saying this is about a morality judgment versus what's legal. you know it's legal for you to sell the gun on your site. nobody's disputing that. it's about whether -- >> let me be clear real quick. let me be clear. we are not selling the gun. we are allowing another individual. >> right. >> to make his own decision on what he wants to do. it has nothing to do with us making a decision. we have a platform, allow people to use it, we're going to continue to allow people to use it and not going to dictate morality. >> a fair distinction. not selling it. online auction site allowing it to sell a la ebay. don't you make judgments who's allowed to use the site or saying anybody can come or say i want to sell a cannon to point
4:47 am
to this person and shoot them in the face, would you allow that person on the site? >> you hit the nail on the head a moment ago. i said legal law is behavior. what you just said is not legal and lawful, sure it would be. >> no. >> doing it -- doing it would be illegal. but people can say all kinds of things and have all kinds of ugliness surrounding their activities, and that's the point about george zimmerman, that e critics. >> as long as it's not a threat. what you described is a threat. big distinction. >> if a legitimate threat. no question about that. i'm saying there's a huge room here for interpretation. and being subjective about who you let on the site. you're saying what george zimmerman represents to a lot of people is irrelevant, even though initially it was relevant, and that's why you put out this statement? now saying it's irrelevant. am i right? >> what we're saying we had a
4:48 am
knee-jerk reaction to an initial onslaught of activity and that's also important to notate that people are congratulating gun broker for doing the right thing, quote/unquote, and taking it down and saying they knew nothing about it. i have proof from zimmerman gun broker knew about this auction a few weeks. >> gun broker the other site he was thinking of using. go ahead. >> gun broker told hem how to list it. originally as a collectible. gun broker said, no. a current gun broker. relist it, current firearm and ffl is needed to complete the transaction. i have the audiotape stating this if you want a copy of that. >> last question, appreciate you coming on to make the case on "new day." you and kevin. kevin, thank you. last thing. do you like what george zimmerman is doing? >> what i like has nothing to do with this. i personally don't think i would do it this way. i personally wish this didn't make national headlines, but the
4:49 am
media is turning this into a news story, and hopefully next week we will get back to doing business as usual, and we can start talking about more important issues, like which bathroom men and women are supposed to use. >> i appreciate you coming on "new day." i know this has been pleasant. threatening activity. >> i appreciate that. >> thank you for coming on to talk about it. certainly something that's got a lot of people thinking. >> my mom's a big fan. thank you very much. >> she's a good woman for that. i'll tell you that right now. thank you very much. appreciate you being here. >> have a good day. thank you. what's your take on this situation? a lot of emotion on both sides. tweet us using the #newdaycnn or post your comment on and one year ago today a deadly brawl broke out at a biker bar. next, a look at an in-depth special on what led to that shoot outand the fallout. bad bs for a 100% fresh mouth.
4:50 am
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4:54 am
biker brawl in waco, texas. and all this talk about why did it happen? the big deal was so much of it was captured on surveillance video. right ♪ fallout keeps expanding far beyond these two gangs. we wanted to put to the bottom of it. we put the man on the case. cnn's ed lavendera covered it then and is doing a special report tonight. finally, we'll get some depth into this. tell us what you see. >> this is fascinating. in october, we had the first video glimpses of what happened. it didn't show the beginning of the fight. >> that was a problem. nobody knew what started it. >> right. now we have that. we have interviews with people who were in the heart of it when it happened. >> get your hands up! >> it sounded like a gun fight at the ok corral, bang, bang,
4:55 am
bang, one right after the other. >> they're not here to drink and eat barbecue. >> notorious chapters of outlaw biker history. on a quiet sunday last may, thundering rumble of harley motorcycles descended on the twin peaks restaurant in waco, texas. an all-out brawl turned into a gun fight. the violent melee between the bandit banditos, 177 bikers accused of engaging in organized criminal activity. investigators recovered a staggering number of weapons. but that was just the beginning of what is turning in to an epic saga. since the deadly brawl, federal investigators arrested the top three leaders of the banditos, including president jeff pike,
4:56 am
who wasn't in waco that day. he was arrested in an early morning raid at his home in january. >> as we're talking to you now, here, you're out on bond. >> i am. >> 409 in it. >> speaking exclusively with cnn from his home, where he says refurbishing classic cars and motorcycles are his favorite hobbies. >> you don't have to worry about pulling up next to someone who has one just like it. >> reporter: the investigation has shifted beyond waco to what the justice department and fbi are doing. pike and the other bandidos leaders are thought to have initiated an assault. >> did the bandidos declare war? >> ion the cossacks?
4:57 am
>> they asked me that in my interview and i laughed. is it an act of congress, do we write them a letter or what? >> reporter: do you think of yourself as an outlaw? >> i haven't broken a law in decades. i don't know what you're talking about. >> video of the waco shooting captured the moment the fists started flying and gunfire erupted. bandidos biker jake carousel, was in the middle of the fight. >> i had guys all over me. i had cossacks all over me. >> reporter: you hear the shots? >> i hear the shots going off, whizzing by me. i've never been that scared in my life. >> reporter: this cossacks biker, who asked us to hide his identity, was wounded in the cha cha chaos. >> it was a lot of carnage. the blood coming out of me. the pain. people around me being shot. it's just not good. >> reporter: a year after the
4:58 am
massacre, 154 of the 177 arrested bikers have been indicted by a waco grand jury and are out of jail, on bond, awaiting trial. but it's not clear when any of the biker brawl cases will see the inside of a courtroom. >> wow! ed, interesting stuff. so you caught on tape there the moment that the punches started flying. do we know why the punches started flying? >> we get into a lot of this. it depends on who you believe, right? bandidos say they were ambushed that day, that the cossacks were just sit tlg waiting to pick a fight. cossacks say that's not the case that the bandidos are the big dogs, flexing their muscles, so to speak, in the state. it's interesting. >> are you able to get a read at all on some of the intrigue that expanded beyond them, that it was about the cops setting up these two gangs? >> right. >> there was speculation early on that the cops had set this up
4:59 am
to have there be a blood letting of all these criminal. >> prosecutors, cops, everyone has been tight lipped for the past year. there's a gag order. they're not talking. that's led to these conspiracy theories that are out there about what exactly happened. it's clear, the 177 bikers in that restaurant, if not more, and about 20 cops on the perimeter. they had gone to the bikers and warning people there might be some trouble here. so, the law enforcement role in a lot of this has been highly criticized and under kind of a much -- being analyzed quite a bit as to what exactly they were doing there. >> ed lavendera, can't wait to watch it. >> thanks. >> thanks for previewing it for us. tonight at 9:00 eastern only on cnn. >> this is one story. there is a lot of news being made. we have an exclusive interview with dr. ben carson, in the middle of some of it. so, let's get to it.
5:00 am
donald trump on the defensive. his conduct toward women under scrutiny. >> these are things he will be expecting. >> that was not me on the phone. >> i can tell you this. >> his campaign saying that is not mr. trump? >> his campaign says that's not him, i believe that's not him. >> for the number of pledged delegates woorks we need your help in kentucky. >> if you vote for me on tuesday, i will stand up and fight for you! >> transgender public use in public schools. >> all we're trying to do is use the bathroom in peace. good morning. welcome to your "new day" monday, may 16th.
5:01 am
8:00 in the east now. presumptive gop nominee donald trump on defense. treatment of women under scrutiny after a "new york times" report over the weekend? trump dismisses it. he says the main character in that story says "the new york times" set her up. rnc chairman rience preibus says that trump will have to answer for his past. he calls the idea of a third-party candidate a suicide mission. blasting trump without ever naming trump, obama telling new grads ignorance is not a virtue in politics and hammers trump's plans to build a wall and ban muslims. let's begin with phil mattingly. hi, phil. >> hey, alisyn. trying to fire back at a series of problematic stories targeting his campaign. not only with taxes or perhaps how he treated women when he was their boss or employer, but also
5:02 am
whether or not he was their own spokesman and publicist at one point in time. a different tone than a primary election where donald trump, every time he was attacked, seems to go up in the polls. facing the reality that this is a different time and this is the general election. >> in politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue. >> reporter: a not so subtle -- >> it's not keeping it real. it's not knowing what you're talking about. >> reporter: coming under fire under any allegations of inappropriate behavior with women, dozens of women talk about unwelcomed romantic advances, unending commentary on the female forum and unsettling workplace conduct. >> nobody has more respect for women than i do. >> a defensive trump lashing out
5:03 am
on twitter, slamming the report as a lame hit piece, dishonest and a witch hunt. trump's allies offering a defense. >> people have not expected purity on his part. what they're concerned about, deeply concerned about is somebody strong enough to take on washington? >> reince priebus acknowledging it's something he will have to confront. >> all these stories come out. they come out every couple of weeks. people just don't care. >> reporter: trump also denying reports that he used to pose as his own publicist in the '80s and '90s under the name john miller, john barren. >> you don't have a lot of choices. >> is the campaign seriously complaining that isn't mr. trump? >> i could barely understand it.
5:04 am
if donald trump says it's not him i believe it's not him. >> reporter: latest controversy amid efforts for a third-party candidate to derail him. ben sass and mark cuban denying the job. >> look, it's a suicide mission for our country. >> the reality, guys, for any of those third party bids, time is running out. there's no clear candidate, no clear money commitments and the pathway itself not super existent at the moment. for donald trump, he has been pushing back hard on that "new york times" story, saying one of the main people spoken to in that story has come out this morning and, quote, blown it all up. it will be interesting to see how he acts going forward. many times he ended up using that to pivot and increase poll numbers. you can bet, guys no, doubt
5:05 am
about it, donald trump will have to face this head on. >> interesting to see what happens in the next few days. phil, thanks for all of that. our cnn political commentators, jeffrey lord, trump supporter, and former director. and ana navarro. >> elevating women to the highest positions in his company at a time when other real estate moguls were not doing so. it also shows donald trump objectifying women, giving them unwanted kisses on the lips, talking about their weight and their looks. how should we interpret this? how should female voters interpret it? >> alisyn, you know how sometimes you go to these modern art museums and look at these paintings that you have no idea what they are and are asked to
5:06 am
interpret them? that's basically how i feel on national tv right now. let me tell you, this has really degenerated into a jerry springer show of 2016 politics. remember that ad from like the 1980s, that woman with the spiky blond hair who would say stop the insanity? that's where we are, folks. look, we're talking about donald trump and his history with women. >> yeah. is it relevant to know his history? >> yeah, but here is the question, though. is there anybody in america who think donald trump is mr. rogers and that the clintons are june cleaver? we have two very flawed candidates. those are our choices. can we start to get them to tell me what to do so americans aren't taken hostage and beheaded in the middle east? can they tell me what they're going to do to increase the
5:07 am
employment rate in america? can they tell me what they're going to do about miami getting swallowed up by rising tides? that's what i would like to hear about. i don't know about the rest of america. >> we will get to the issues in just a second. >> i agree. >> okay there. we g we dispensed with that. you both agree we have two flawed candidates with possibly checkered pasts and you would like to move on. >> possibly? possibly checkered pasts? >> i'm being kind. let's move on here. donald trump has given a new radio interview to the national border patrol's green line radio in which he predicts what would happen if refugees from syria or the middle east are allowed into the country. let me play a portion to you. >> bad thing also happen. a lot of bad things will happen. there will be attacks you wouldn't believe. there will be attacks by people coming into our country. i have no doubt in my mind -- look at it. they have cell phones.
5:08 am
they don't have money. they don't have anything. they don't have cell phones hochlt pays their monthly charges, right? cell phones with the flags, isis flags on them. and we're supposed to say isn't this wonderful that we're taking them in? >> couple of bits of contexts there. this is based on, i believe, a report from a norwegian newspaper in which the experts say some of the refugees coming in have photographs on isis imagery. what the experts say, some, is that's because the refugees were capturing what they were seeing in their towns or along their journey. if they saw an isis flag, they took a picture of it as a witness to what they were seeing. they had real lives back in syria. what do you think, ana? are these scare tactics or
5:09 am
things that americans should be aware of? >> i think it's a little bit of both. when donald trump brings these things up, he touch ace nerve with a lot of americans who are afraid about what may be happening and who don't trust our government. what's beneath a lot of this is that many americans don't trust the process that the u.s. government uses to vet any possible attacks. does donald trump prey on fears? yes, he does. that doesn't mean that those fears, in some ways, aren't justified and that he's not striking a nerve with the fears that american people feel. >> is he demonizing refugees? >> absolutely not. one thing on what we were talking about before, i just want to say "the new york times," this was a class a hit job and hip critical to the max. two weeks ago, "new york times" employees filed a lawsuit, federal lawsuit against "the new york times" itself and its ceo,
5:10 am
charging the paper with sexism, racism and ageism. that wasn't featured on the front page of the "new york times" and i wonder why. as to the rest of this, this is just common sense. for heavens sakes, get a grip. find out who these people are. >> there is a vetting process. it takes 18 months to get into this country. they do the best they can with whatever documents these refugees and who they say they are. >> who they say they are. alisyn, we've seen incidents in paris, san berne dino, in our own country where this woman was supposedly, quote, unquote, vetted. they didn't even check her social media. she killed 14 people. i mean, this is just common sense. this is well beyond, you know, a presidential candidate. this is just plain, old-fashioned common sense. >> ana, to your point it does
5:11 am
strike a cord, certainly, with trump supporters. they've said that. is this something that hillary clinton should use against him or can she not do that? >> i think what hillary clinton can use against him is, frankly, her superior knowledge of facts. and experience in foreign policy. he himself has said a lot of advice he gets are out of sunday shows, printed media. she was secretary of state. she knows this stuff better. now, at some point, though, i think the mistake that everybody made in the republican party was not to acknowledge quickly enough the angst, the fear, the distress that's out there within the american public. i think to just blast this as, you know, fanning of the flames without recognizing that the american people may have a legitimate fear out there would be a mistake on her part. >> ana, jeffrey, great to talk
5:12 am
to you. thank you. >> thanks, alisyn. thanks, ana. the search for donald trump's running mate whachlt does he have to say about all of this? we'll find out. and sitting down with john kasich for his first interview since leaving the gop race. would he ever consider being trump's vp? find out. at 8:00 pm. in kentucky and oregon. hillary clinton making some news, revealing that her husband would be taking on a key role if she becomes the next president. for more on all of this cnn national correspondent, suzanne malveaux live with more. he couldn't be vp. what is it? >> two for one deal it might look like. hillary clinton making this big final push in kentucky.
5:13 am
she made four stop there is on sunday. four more today. what is she doing? counting on african-american voters to put her in a better place in kentucky, a state she easily won over obama in 2008. this time she's come under criticism for saying these policies would put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. she has since disavowed that. and is talking up this new role for her husband, bill clinton. she isn't giving a lot of details but saying he would be in charge of the economic stuff. >> my husband, who i'm going to put in charge of revitalizing the economy because, you know, he knows how to do it. and especially in places like coal country and intercities and other parts of our country that have really been left out. >> so she's really nostalgic, trying to get voters to harken back to the days when bill clinton was in office, the
5:14 am
economy was strong. not everybody was actually doing well. but clinton is leading sanders by nearly 300 pledged delegates going into tomorrow's primaries, kentucky and oregon. oregon looking pretty good for sanders. politically progressive. they think they can win there, pick that up. clinton believes the vase competitive in kentucky. that's where she remains today. alisyn? >> suzanne, thank you for that reporting. ten people were killed when suicide car bombers stormed a baghdad gas plant sending huge flames into the sky as you can see. 20 people were injure there had. this is just the latest of a string of attacks that have left dozens dead in the last couple of weeks. forcing the suspension of a manchester united game last
5:15 am
week, working with bomb-sniffing dogs, the incident forced an evacuation of the stadium which holds 75,000 people. the match is rescheduled tomorrow night. >> check out your screen. army softball player refusing to let a good throw to home plate keep her from scoring. look at this incredible leap over the catcher. >> wait for it. >> i'm waiting. >> that's not -- >> leaps over the plate. she's in there! >> that is awesome. smacked her hand down to score. incredible hurdle helping army score a win over lehigh. believe it or not, she pulled off the same maneuver back in high school. >> i believe it. i believe it. the instinct is the tag is going to be low. they're trying to block the plate. so, there is actually that opportunity if you're athletic and quick thinking enough, army strong. >> i want that to be my
5:16 am
signature maneuver. >> that would work well these days for us. if it did not matter so much, this election could be dismissed as just for laughs. but the latest chapter of late night laughs is trump's surge for a vice president. it got the comedic treatment on snl. they even worked in a little bit of working as his own publicist deal with trump. take a look. >> mr. trump is the real life inspiration for iron man. who am i? i'm his publicist, joey pepperoni. no, i'm not donald trump in disguise. this is just what classy people sound like. okay? >> dad, chris christie is here. he sort of wants to discuss potential vice presidents. >> hey, is that joey pepperoni i see? seriously, though, donald, i'm honored you asked me to find your next vp. >> what about john kasich?
5:17 am
he's smart, experienced, help us in ohio. >> he said he's not interested. >> he's a loser. >> nikki haley. >> also said no. >> paul ryan? >> not right now but he will see you in hell. >> doesn't make any sense. why doesn't anyone want to be my vp? >> you are such a special candidate. maybe, just maybe the person you've been looking for this whole time is standing in this room right now. >> you are so right. ben carson, do you want to be vice president? >> oh, that would be exciting. >> what was that? what is this? >> i don't know whether to laugh, cry or -- it was funny. >> these things may happen at
5:18 am
some point. that's what's making this funny and real. >> also joey pepperoni. >> was it joy or joe sni. >> i don't know if he was trying to be a woman or man. all good. >> if this was john miller, where are they? that would end that story right there. >> indeed. >> let's get mr. miller on the show. >> from the fake ben carson to the real one. next on "new day," dr. ben carson joins us to address the latest controversies surrounding donald trump and the search for his vice presidential candidate. dr. carson doesn't think this was funny.
5:19 am
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5:22 am
donald trump says the media is on a witch hunt, facing a flurry of negative headlines, that's for sure. big one was "new york times" this weekend, delving into alleged misconduct with multiple women. and that trump posed as his own pr agent. let's talk about what's important and what's not with dr. ben carson. doctor, good to see you this weekend. >> you, too, chris. >> you have confirmed five names to them who were in the chase being considered as potential vice presidents for trump. trump then came out and said, no, no, no. those names are wrong. was that report accurate?
5:23 am
>> well, it was not portrayed accurately. i think they clarified that today, "the washington post." basically what i was saying is i'm not going to tell you. so any name you threw out, yeah, i'm going to say, sure. that doesn't mean they're on the short list or under serious consideration. >> so you were -- when they offered names -- >> the trick would be to get you to say -- well, no, this one's not sbchlt yes, this one is. i'm not going to get into that. >> okay. so, the idea of who might be vice president, do you believe there is a real short list that is being considered? and, if so, what is your involvement? >> i've already made my suggestions and had conversations. you know, my involvement is to continue to work on making sure that donald trump's candidacy is successful. more importantly, that america
5:24 am
becomes successful. >> would you accept the invitation from trump to be his running mate? >> this is something that is extremely undesirable to me. as is any government post, quite frankly. i believe that citizen statesman can work from outside the government in a capacity where they contribute to the well-being of the country. >> so, are you done running for office? >> i have no intention of running for office. >> okay. so, when we look at donald trump, the man you support, what do you make of this flurry of stories, as i alluded to in the introduction, about him and his past and posing as his own pr person, relationships with women, the appropriateness of that? what do you make of these stories? >> well, you know, "the new york
5:25 am
times" article, obviously, was a hit piece. one of the main women they interviewed came out and said that that's not what she said. and that she actually has a very positive relationship with donald trump. it should give the media pause when they see members of their own group doing things in a dishonest way like that. as i've said before, the reason the press is the only business protected by our constitution is because they're supposed to be honest and even handed. they're supposed to be the mechanism -- when they distort that, it hurts. if our country goes off the cliff, they're going off with it. they need to stop and think about that as well. >> so, it is true that this morning one of the women in that pace -- there are a lot of women
5:26 am
cited. one of the main ones did come on and say her comments had been taken out of context and, to make the point, here she is, in her own words. >> they did take notes on what i said and spun it so it appeared negative. i did not have a negative appearance with donald trump and i don't appreciate them making it look like i was saying that it was a negative experience. >> and so there she is, making point that you are. >> i can certainly -- i can identify with that so strongly. how many times have i said something where they talk a portion of it and make it into a headline when it's completely the opposite of what you're intending? they do this purposefully. that's what's so bad. i appeal to people in the press, particularly the younger journalists, to reject that. it may be tempting. maybe you'll get a promotion or
5:27 am
be the big man on campus. but we've got to start thinking about our nation. >> there are some other things i want to talk about i am "they." i'm a journalist. you should be judged for what you do. we're not part of a big gang. there's no communication intermurally between journalists to collude on stories. often the reason you get taken, a way you don't like when you're a politician, because what you said didn't come out the way you wanted it, dr. carson. you've had that experience as well. it's not always the reporter's fault when you get caught out there saying something you shouldn't have or didn't want to say. right? >> i wouldn't say always. there are clearly people who have an agenda. and they will clear ly take things that you have said and distort them or overblow them.
5:28 am
i can give you multiple examples. it's absurd. people know that. and that's one of the reasons that american people don't trust the press as much as they used to. i remember growing up. i would turn the tv on. you would see walter cronkite or someone like that. even though he was a left-wing radical, would you never know that. >> that's one description of walter cronkite i can't say i share. but let's move on to things that are bigger that we're talking about. you're saying i don't accept that about walter cronkite. i happen to know him. i think he was trusted because he was even and he covered things from both perspectives, shading, as he thought, appropriate. that's the the job. right? >> what i said about him was
5:29 am
complimentary. this is the way it should be. >> he was not a radical person. >> should not enter into the way you disseminate the information. >> of course. that's the way to do the job. i'm just saying walter cronkite, in my experience, has not a radical left-wing guy who was just hiding it on tv. the compliment should be offered plainly, which he is did the job the right way. >> he did a very good job. we can agree on that. >> you do something that's not a big deal. when confronted about it, if you lie about it, you elevate the significance of it. would you agree that that's what's going on with this fake alleged pr deal with donald trump? it's not that he was doing it. it's that people believe that he is now lying about having done it. isn't that the problem? >> i think the problem is, how
5:30 am
many years ago was that? >> a long time ago. >> 30? 30 years ago? >> long time. >> all of us have probably done things 25, 30 years ago that we've forgotten about or that we wish we hadn't done or we have changed from that in a very significant way. >> right. >> is that something that is truly relevant in a situation where we have national debts that are destroying the future for our children and our grandchildren? >> right. there are much more important issues. >> we have isis trying to destroy us. >> much more important issues but if you lied about it -- >> tremendous divisiveness. >> see, you're skirting around the lying about it. >> i never condone that under
5:31 am
any circumstances. >> if he were a political opponent of yours and this was happening, wouldn't you say if this man or woman lies about this, this irrelevant thing from so long ago, what will they do going forward? is that a relevant analysis or is that taking it too far? >> i think that applies strongly to hillary clinton. i hope you will apply that same standard to her with benghazi. it's very clear that that was a lie. there's no question about that. >> but is it -- >> in this case there is question. >> why is there question here but no with hillary clinton? it's interesting that you change the subject to her. certainly scrutiny should be evenly applied. you're not answering the question, though. if that was going on -- that's why it matters, right, lying about something so small? >> i've already said that. >> right. >> i never condone lying under
5:32 am
any circumstances, no matter who is doing it. >> it should just be applied to both sides and certainly that's the test that's presented to us every day. we try to do it as well as we can. dr. carson, i appreciate your help in doing it. good to have you back on "new day." >> okay. my pleasure. thank you. >> be well, doctor. alisyn? >> chris, can dr. carson's support help ease concerns about donald trump and his past? analyzing the political news of the day next. ache? motrin helps you be an unstoppable "let's rock this" kind of mom. back pain? motrin helps you be a... "side planking, even though you'll feel it later" kind of woman. body pain? motrin helps you be an... "i can totally do this in one trip" kind of woman. when pain tries to stop you, motrin works fast to stop pain. make it happen with motrin® liquid gels. also try motrin pm to relieve pain and help you sleep.
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5:36 am
we just heard from dr. ben carson. let's discuss that, as well as all the political news of the day. >> good morning, guys. >> so, chris just interviewed dr. carson. he was coy about the vice presidential search. what did you hear? >> he wasn't coy about his own desire to have the job, though, right? it sounds like it was the most unpleasant idea to him, to serve as vice president or in government at all. which is odd for a former presidential candidate. but, yes, i heard a loyal trump soldier right now. and i got to say, i think he is
5:37 am
probably an effective surrogate for donald trump, much more so than he was an effective presidential candidate, obviously. i think that's because there's still a big swath of the conservative base that admires ben carson and will listen to him as this stamp of approval all the way through. a key component to helping donald trump keep the conservative part of the base consolidated. >> does he need that? does he need it enough to risk what ben carson can also add to the dialogue? i feel the mans who tremendous downside for trump as well. >> he steps in and causes controversy, which is no doubt. remember the undoing of ben car son's presidential campaign. it was two-fold. one he readily admits, big surge in the polls came around the time of the paris attacks and seemed unprepared.
5:38 am
and two, questions about his own biography and his own story of how he got to where he was. those two things will not be a factor, assuming he is not named the vp pick here. he is not being vetted in that way. when yoor a surrogate and not a candidate, some of the verbal miscues and controversies probably don't spill over to donald trump in quite the same way that they did when he, himself, was a candidate. >> what's your take on "the new york times" piece that delves into trump's past with women. one was quoted as wanting her to put on a bathing suit at a party, talked about her looks. they became romantically involved. she believes it was a hit piece. and then donald trump was mask raiding as his own pr person if you believe the story. does any of this have traction? >> two things. one, these stories are obviously a distraction from what any traditional candidate would want to be talking about right now as
5:39 am
they move to the general election. but let's take the no"the new y times" story about women. the woman who comes out fully supportive from the donald trump perspective of her words taken out of context. it helps donald trump's claim that the "new york times" wasn't as buttoned up on this as they should have been. donald trump gets a big validator and his own supporter in his own base making an attack on "the new york times" as bread and butter go all the way back to richard nixon, very effective strategy. >> this woman's ability to come out and say they twisted my -- this hurts "the times" and that helps donald trump. he has a lot of i hate the media people looking at him as their candidate and this being
5:40 am
exposed. >> do you think this woman is saying this independently or the trump campaign going to her and saying you don't mean that. >> it doesn't matter unless they can prove that. the taxes is a real problem. he still has to deal with that. where is john miller? if john miller isn't donald trump, he exists and should come on this show. that's not going to happen. but i don't think it hurts him with his people or the people looking at him. you can like that or not but that is the truth. >> that is true. we're headed into a campaign with two nominees who have higher unfavorables than we've seen in modern campaign history. these are the kinds of stories that are going to feed that perception of these two unlikable nominees and how they deal with them will be a key test for each of them now through november. >> good times. david, thank you very much for being here. >> thank you. >> another story that has gripped the attention of the country, transgender bathroom
5:41 am
battle in north carolina. coming up, you'll hear a very personal story. the mother of a transgender teenager joins us live with the effect of the law. next. we're out of ink. ink. not ink. getting ink doesn't have to be painful. staples just cut ink and toner prices. add in our 110% price match guarantee and our prices are unbeatable. staples. make more happen.
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time for five things you need to know. trump dismisses the report as a lame hit piece. hillary clinton and bernie sanders looking toward tomorrow's primaries in kentucky and oregon. clinton also revealing her husband would take on revitalizing the economy as a role if she wins the white house. isis says it is behind a deadly assault on a baghdad gas plant. at least ten people lost their lives when a car bomber barreled into the main gate and another car bomb detonated inside. dozens of water rescues this morning after heavy rain floods
5:46 am
parts of corpus christi, texas. a flash flood warning remains in effect for that area and other watches stretching as far north as houston. and just in, warren buffett's berkshire hathaway making its first investment in apple. buyi ining 9.8 million shares, billion stake in the company. that's a big bite of apple. for more on five things to go go to new day alisyn? what's it like to be a transgender teen? next, a mother of a transgender teen talks about the controversial north carolina bathroom laws. there's nothing there! you didn't jump the creek! there's a new neosporin antibiotic that minimizes scars. new neosporin plus pain itch scar
5:47 am
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5:50 am
lawmakers continue to fight over north carolina's controversial bathroom law but it's families of transgender teenagers on the front lines of this battle. joining us now is hope tyler. she lives in north carolina, the mother of a transgender te teenager. great to have you on "new day" with us this morning. >> good morning. thank you so much for having me. >> before we get to the law and the effect that it has had on your family, i just want to tell your personal story. because it's really incredible to hear how you've gotten to this point. >> sure. >> when your child named kylie was 12, she became paralyzed, mysteriously paralyzed. >> yes.
5:51 am
>> she couldn't walk and couldn't move. you took her to doctors who couldn't find anything physically wrong with her but they suspected something psychological was going on. >> yes. >> through therapy and psychological evaluation, kylie admitted that she felt she was trapped in the wrong body. and she identified -- >> absolutely. >> -- as a boy. >> yeah. >> and she began the transition to become ky. >> yeah. >> what was that like for you as a mom? >> oh, it was a wonderful relief. because we finally figured out what was going on. ever since she was little, she was dressing in tom boy clothes, wanted boy toys. at age 8 she was the only girl on her flag football team and did fantastically. and then at 9, 10 and 11, anxiety kicked in horribly. and we would go to therapists and to the e.r. they couldn't figure out what was causing the anxiety.
5:52 am
we kept talking about -- talking to her, wondering what was going on. and what was so traumatic to have her have conversion disorder. conversion disorder is when your body shuts down physically and you become paralyzed, either in your arms or your legs. and kylie, at the time, was in a wheelchair for five months and had to go have physical therapy at wake med here. >> oh, my gosh! >> yes. >> so during this whole traumatic episode you had to start researching what transgender means. >> yes. >> and had to get your arms around it. >> yes. >> as a mom, what did you learn? >> thank you so much for asking me that question. one thing people don't understand is that girls have x xxychromosomes. i mean girls have xx chromos. mes. the xry gene determines your
5:53 am
sex. when there's no x involved in the chomosomes that causes a transgender girl. there's a whole series of xxy, yyx. these are people that have breasts with male genitalia. there's also people that have both genitalia. these children need to be recognized. because this isn't new to us as parents. this is new to everybody -- >> society. >> -- in the world. >> as a whole trying to understand this. >> yes. >> so when -- after kylie became ky -- >> yes. >> things were going well and he transitioned and was feeling much better. >> yes. >> then about three months ago when the news of this law, hb2, started hitting the press, then what was his reaction?
5:54 am
>> he was so stressed out. we had to hospitalize him. and the reason -- what caused the depression was he wasn't necessarily worried about himself, because he has been out for a while. he started worrying about his little transgender friends that he mentors to. they weren't completely being understood because transgender boys that haven't had the testosterone yet, they look like -- wait. they look like little girls in dresses but the transgender girls look like boys in dresses. and they get teased a lot. the hb2 law has just put them in the spotlight. that's unfair. there were no issues before this law came about. it's just a wonderful thing to be here, to speak on behalf of these children. calls into our trans line suicide hotlines have doubled. it's absolutely frightening. we do not need any children to
5:55 am
die. one thing that devastated me was when leila outkorn, wonderful caucasian, transgender girl committed suicide. that really made me want to talk and be a voice about this after she passed away, blake brockington or blake brockingham -- i forget his last name. excuse me for that. african-american boy from our queen city here in charlotte. he was a very strong activist for all of the trans community. he committed suicide. that's the point i want to get across. thank you so much for having me. i greatly appreciate it. >> hope, thank you for telling your personal story. >> thank you. >> about ky. it really, really helps to hear from a mom and how you were able to understand what was going on with your child. thank you so much. we wish you the best of luck. >> thank you.
5:56 am
i really appreciate it. >> the good stuff is next. make a statement...e goio make sure it's an intelligent one. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ and my brother ray and i started searching for answers. (vo) when it's time to navigate in-home care, follow that bright star. because brightstar care earns the same accreditation as the best hospitals. and brightstar care means an rn will customize a plan that evolves with mom's changing needs. (woman) because dad made us promise we'd keep mom at home. (vo) call 844-4-brightstar for your free home care planning guide. (man) that show.t to record (woman) now we have to wait forever to see it. (jon bon jovi) with directv, you don't. ♪ you see, we've got the power to turn back time. ♪ ♪ that show you missed, let's just go back and find. ♪ ♪ and let's go back and choose spicy instead of mild. ♪
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6:00 am
ready? >> i'm ready. >> positive attitude. he was born with one arm. he has tons of positivity. so moving that his teacher used her class lesson to benefit him. a prosthetic arm costs thousands. she found the right resources and got a bionic arm made for him on a 3d printer with no charge to his family. >> what? >> quickly learning to use it. somebody made that with their home printer frame. >> awesome! >> because they wanted to reward his attitude. >> so cool, country. thank you for that. time now for "newsroom" with carol cost ello. >> have a great day. new "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom," president obama takes aim at donald trump. >> ignorance is not a virtue. >> and members of trump's own party not giving up hopes on a third-party candidate. >> hijack another party to get on the ballot but it's a suicide


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