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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  May 16, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> tweet the show @thelead. i'm jake tapper. i turn you over now to one mr. wolf blitzer who is right next door in a place i like to call "the situation room." thanks for watching. happening now, fighting back. donald trump has been dishing it out for the entire presidential campaign but for the past week he's been taking it. put on the defensive by allegations about his behavior, especially around women, now he's hitting back, unleashing a barrage of tweets and even calling the cnn control room. no way, in a cnn exclusive, the first interview since dropping out of the race, the former gop candidate john kasich says he's not interested in a third party run. economic bill. hillary clinton says if she's elected president, she'll put her husband in charge of revitalizing the economy which he soared during his presidency.
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and un welcome. the u.s. warns americans not to go to north korea and if you do, don't disrespect kim jong-un. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." donald trump is not used to playing defense after sitting through a week of attacks and continuing scrutiny of his record, the presumptive nominee is hitting back. he's slamming "the new york times" for what he calls a hit piece on his relationships with women. "the times" says trump has a pattern of crossing the line in his behavior. an ex-girlfriend says "the times" got her story wrong and trump accuses "the times" of fraud but they say trump is going to have to answer for his
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behavior ash behavior around women and indicating that trump had posed in the past for his own publicist int publicist. meantime, the u.s. government is warning all americans to stay away from north korea. those who ignore that warning are being told to make sure they don't insult kim jong-un or his father or grandfather. all of that comes as the u.s. and its allies get ready for drills to defend against north korea's growing missile threat. i'll speak with john barrasso and our correspondents and guests will have full coverage of the day's top stories. we begin with our senior white house correspondent jim acosta. jim, donald trump has been on the defensive for the past few days but now he's lashing back. >> that's right. donald trump is swimming against a tide of negative stories with the attacks on subjects ranging from his relationships with women to whether he pretended to be his own pr agent. trump in a style all his own is hitting back with some help.
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>> he was very genuine, he was very gentlemanly. >> reporter: a key subject in a "new york times" article depicting donald trump as a playboy who objectifies women but she tells cnn her views on trump were misrepresented. >> i don't like anything about the story. i'm very upset with "the new york times" article because it was completely misleading. they misled me. >> reporter: that was more than enough for trump who routinely slams the media at his rallies. >> you see that? that's the press. >> reporter: and blasts "the time," with the woman coming forward today to the failing hit piece on me we have exposed the article and it is fraud." and there is a scrutiny that comes with being a party nominee i am claiming trump used to be his own pr agent, featuring
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bizarre 24-hour audio recording. >> i could barely understand it. i couldn't tell who it is. donald trump says it's not him. i believe it's not him. >> reporter: trump is also taking hits from dvid cameron who slammed the tie con's proposal for a ban on muslims into the u.s. >> looks like we're not going to have a close relationship. it sounds like he's not willing to address the problem either. >> reporter: president obama gave a commencement address at rutgers. >> it's not cool to not know what you're talking about. that's not keeping it real or telling it like it is. that's just not knowing what you are talking about. >> reporter: much of why there's still an effort to find somebody to run as a third-party candidate. cnn has confirmed mitt romney has asked nebraska senator ben
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sass to consider it. even mark cuban is hearing calls. >> it's a suicide mission because you're not only changes and throwing out eight years of the white house but also throwing out potentially generations in the supreme court. >> reporter: all distractions for trump who is still weighing who he will choose as his running mate with his help from "saturday night live." >> maybe, just maybe, the person you've been looking for this whole time is standing in this room right now. >> you are so right. ben carson, you want to be vice president? >> now, over the weekend, ben carson was quoted as naming chris christie as well as marco rubio and john kasich as being on trump's short list. carson backed away from those comments and top campaign officials tell me carson was not speaking on behalf of the campaign. donald trump speaks for donald trump. wolf? >> he sure does. thanks, jim acosta.
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let's bring in sara murray. what's going on with donald trump and what have you heard from women who have worked with him over the past several months. >> well, it's been interesting because you get a sense from many of these women that there is a nuance relationship when it comes to working with donald trump. a lot of them feel like he gave them opportunities that opened doors in their career that were remarkable, especially when you look at women working in construction decades ago. that was essentially unheard of. but in exchange for those big opportunities, there was a little bit of looking the other way and they were fully aware that he likes to work around young, attractive women a number of them said that to me. it's a push and pull when it comes to being a woman working in donald trump's universe. >> is the campaign trying to improve trump's image would women right now? >> it's interesting because he did an interview with "the new york times" where he was talking about going on the attack with hillary clinton and he said it's
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not enough to be nasty to her but he will be an attack dog. if you're launching grenades against your opponent, that can drive up your o numbers and he has a high unfavorability rating. and what we haven't seen is a coordinated effort to improve his numbers when it comes to female voters and that's one of the things they are going to have to grapple with over the next couple of months. >> i suspect you're right. sara murray reporting for us, thanks very much. i want to bring in john barrasso of wyoming who is here with us. you now support donald trump, right? >> yes, i have. >> moderately? on the fence? how oh would you describe your support. >> we have a presumptive nominee. ee defeated 16 other people trying to run. the turnout has been remarkable and i will tell you we cannot afford to have the last four years like the last eight.
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>> so you're enthusiastic? >> in terms of getting the economy going again, i want to make america grow again. >> let's talk about this recent cnn poll. the issue donald trump and women has been in the news. 74% nationally, republicans, democrats, independents, 74% of all women right now have an unfavorable view of donald trump. you've heard the criticisms leveled since the weekend story in "the new york times" which came out. do comments like this, comments that we've seen in the new york sometimes and elsewhere hurt his chances, undermine his ability to be elected in a general election? >> the election is not for another six months. there's going to be a lot of things happening between now and then. you talk about polling. right now, two out of three americans believe that the country is headed in the wrong direction and we need to change direction. that's why you've seen such enthusiasm in the republican primary process and so many
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people turning out. >> what does he need to do to get more support for women? he's got to worry about a general election. >> i met with him on thursday a number of senators did. sop of the women senators in that group talked about women looking for security, job security, economic security, national security and they don't feel that they get that from hillary clinton. you know, you saw the last week and voting in west virginia, 40% of the people in the polls who has voted for bernie sanders will vote for donald trump instead of hillary clinton. we cannot, as a nation, afford to continue on this path for the next four years. >> so did this issue of him apparently being sexist come up in that meeting last week? >> the whole issue of tone in a campaign, tone and discussing issues came up. we talked about a dozen different issues. the jobs, the economy, the debt, world affairs, what's happening around the world and the united
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states' role in continuing to be the nation that is the strongest and most respected nation. >> one of your colleagues, west virginia senator, she said -- she hasn't endorsed donald trump yet. she says she doesn't believe his tone right now is production tif. i'll give you a direct quote. the other thing s. the tone that he has had, i'm going toex press that i don't think that's a productive tone for the rest of the campaign and would affect the intensity for which people campaigned for him. >> well, the issue of tone did come up. that's why you have the election. it's not for another six months. there's going to be a lot of debate and discussion and it's going to be about the issues. i think it's much more about the future. that's what voters are worried about, their future life and what they see for themselves and their family. >> do you really think that he's going to change his tone? he's defeated 16 governors and senators and people who have tried to beat him and broadened
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this far, why should he change his tone now? >> tone matters in the campaign. this is going to be about jobs, the economy, what direction our country needs to take. what we've seen under barack obama and a growth in the economy of 1 to 2%, that can't be the new normal for our country. we need to grow the economy and to hear that hillary clinton says well she's going to turn the economy over to her husband to bill clinton, a president just giving the economy to somebody else, well, then he out to be on the ballot instead of her. >> the economy was pretty strong during his eight years as president of the united states. unemployment was low, productivity was pretty high. that's why when he left office, his job approval number was 59% or so. not because of the personal problems but because of the economy. he did relatively well. >> why is she running for president? >> he can't run again. >> well, so there you have it. best that the democrats can do is i want to turn it over to my
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husband because the constitution will not allow him to run again. we have in donald trump, somebody who knows how to grow businesses, who will get america working again and get beyond this 1 to 2% economic growth that we've had under barack obama who two out of three believe he was headed in the wrong direction. >> was he receptive that you've got to get a different tone if you're going to be elected president of the united states? >> everyone who came out of that meeting said, you know, it was so encouraging, we felt like he listened to us and the issues that we talked about. the meeting went for over an hour. he never interrupted anyone. it was responsive and very positive and very productive. i raised the issue of health care. as a doctor who has been so involved in this, he understands what's happened with this health care law where one out of four
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americans say they personally have been hurt. the headline "sorry, we don't take obamacare." the premiums are going up massively this year. companies are dropping out and people can't sign up. that's the problem with this country and the direction that barack obama has taken. >> he says he will do away with obamacare if elected president. in the past few days since that meeting last week, last wednesday, have you seen any evidence that been a shift in tone, still calling goofy elizabeth warren, the same thing that got him to where he is right now. >> well, he's had a lot of success. we've raised issues that we think is important. we need to get everyone working together for our nominee against hillary clinton. there was a talk of a third-party candidate that you just raised and the effort, i think that is a fool errand.
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we're back with john barrasso of wyoming, part of a key group of republican leaders who met last week with donald trump here in washington. he's running so much on his business record. don't you think the american public has a right to see his tax returns? >> well, i'm someone who is in favor of transparency. the candidate will have to make the decision for himself.
2:19 pm
>> he says he can't do it until there's an audit of his tax returns. he could release taxes of earlier years that are cleared in an audit. >> that would be a good idea but he gets to decide it. >> so that doesn't bother you? >> i'd rather have transparency and openness. >> when george stephanopoulos asked him what is his tax rate, he said that's not of your business. isn't that the american public's business? >> it's a secret ballot and you can use whatever you want to use to help inform your judgment on making that vote but what we see are many, many people turning out to vote this year. some of whom have never voted before. so we have a year like no other in terms of energized and electric. for whatever reason, we have people turning out to vote. >> let's talk about this latest
2:20 pm
exchange with the british prime minister david cameron. cameron called trump's muslim back coming to the united states stupid. there's been an exchange back and forth. if easy elected president, are you worried that relations between the u.s. and arguably its closest ally in the united kingdom, maybe canada is a little closer, that that could be damaged? >> no, i'm not worried about that. we've talked about foreign relations in our meeting, issues related to nato and all around the world and i know he's a realist about what role the united states needs to play with our allies as well as our enemies. >> he's already alienated a lot of leaders because of his talk about banning muslims. >> barack obama has alienated many of our friends around the world. he has just been absolutely
2:21 pm
bismol. so i think the president has been terrible, his reset with russia, red line with syria, this deal with iran is absolutely awful or much worse shape now with israel and i think donald trump will be much better. >> are you concerned about the very nice words he said about putin, russian president putin said nice words about him. does that at all bother you? >> he's very opportunistic and pays a little price for that and i think he has shown barack obama to be very weak. we've seen this with u rain. we've seen it with crimea and putin going into syria and what he's doing with iran. i think if putin continues to take his opportunities and he has played barack obama and the united states in a way detrimental to the united states. >> you've seen all of these stories out there. mitt romney among others, saying there should be a third-party candidate because they can't stomach donald trump right now.
2:22 pm
reince priebus, the chairman of the republican national committee, that would be a suicide mission. >> i agree with reince priebus. i think it would be a terrible mistake. we saw it with ross perot. he's what got us bill clinton instead of george herbert walker bush in that re-election. you saw it with teddy roosevelt, divided the electorate that way which is what got you woodrow wilson. this country cannot afford to be the way we have in the last eight years and hillary clinton is a third barack obama term. the ohio governor john kasich answers conservatives who want him to start a third party. and a warn against travelers about possible missile attacks from north korea.
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what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. donald trump right now back on the attack lashing out at "the new york times" for reporting saying he has long crossed the line in his dealings with women. let's bring in our cnn political reporter sara murray, nia-malika henderson, commentator hilary rosen and ana navarro. the overall picture is one that has been painted before. >> yeah. >> there's not a lot new except specific quotes from women. some are critical and some women saying he did a good job of
2:28 pm
promoting women in his company. bheas goi what's going to be the impact of this? >> i think it's to be determined at this point. donald trump has come out and responded to the women that have been quoted and i think the article is that, as you said, this is nothing new. and so far it has been a prob-- not been a problem f been a problem. he's got to figure out how to turn around this narrative that has been a drag on his candidacy. >> how does he do that, ana? >> look, i think he's -- i think a lot of the people, wolf, are
2:29 pm
frankly numb to all of these types of allegations and information coming out about donald trump. we've been hearing about it on the campaign trails. it hasn't had much of an impact on his base. women who dislike him are not going to dislike him any less. women who like him are not going to like him any less. but there are folks in the middle who might be trying to figure out where to go who are wondering what to do now. when i read that article, about two weeks ago he brought out the bill clinton allegations to neutralize this issue. i just don't think there is anybody in america who thinks donald trump is mr. rogers and i don't think there is anybody in america who thinks the clintons are ward and june cleaver.
2:30 pm
both of these candidates have had checkered paths and long histories, some good things, some bad things. >> hillary, i want you to weigh in. go ahead. >> i think there was something in that article for everyone. it just creeps you out that this older guy was essentially hunting these pageant contestants, then you're going to be creeped out. we have to get to the economic issues. i really think that's going to end up being a soft spot. is he on my side, is what women are going to start to say. and that means, you know, was he a cheater in the bankruptcies? did people get out of work? what happened with trump university? i feel like those sorts of kitchen table issues are going to end up matters more to
2:31 pm
independent women. >> i think that is what is interesting, though, we haven't seen the trump campaign crack this counter narrative yet and say, look, i gave women opportunities that didn't really exist. he said it occasionally on the campaign trail but if you want to fight back, what is going ton an onslaught? let's being honest, this is going to be an onslaught with hillary clinton and we haven't seen the trump campaign do that in any real or sustained way. >> and we've covered the mitt romney campaign, right? we remember him trying to sort of do better among women, hit obama specifically. the binders full of women he went on sort of a tour, of highlighting the way that the obama administration had hurt women in terms of the economy and jobs. so i think you're right. he's got to figure out a way to craft a message but we also know that's not donald trump's way. he's always sort of freelancing and speaking off the cuff.
2:32 pm
>> hold on a second because as reince priebus himself reviewed why they lost in 2012, the republican candidate has got to do better with women, with young people, with minorities, that was an initiative that they took. trump is going to have to do better if they win some of those states. ana, you were makinga point. >> you know, i think donald trump is so media avvy. anytime he's discussing these issues, he's winning, he knows how to counterpunch when it comes to these issues. he's much more comfortable dealing with this than serious policy issues be it national security, foreign policy, domestic policy. i think this is his comfort zone and i think we did see a pre-emptive strike from donald trump on this woman issue a couple of weeks ago when he
2:33 pm
initiated the enabler charge against hillary clinton and brought up the charges from 25 years ago. this guy is very savvy. let us not underestimate him. >> he only did that after hillary clinton referred to him as sexist. he says he's a counter puncher. you do that to him, he's going to hit you harder. everyone stand by, a lot more to discuss. we'll take a good little break. we'll take a look at the democratic side. there's a big contest, two big contests tomorrow for the democrats. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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in the democratic presidential race, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are looking ahead to voters in kentucky and oregon tomorrow. hillary clinton is looking further ahead ridiculing donald trump and talking about her husband's role if she wins the white house. brianna keilar is in lexington, kentucky. she filed this report. >> reporter: hillary clinton is barnstorming through the bluegrass before the voters go to the polls tomorrow, mocking donald trump for not being specific about his policy proposals. >> so let's suppose, here's the question, what is your plan to create jobs? his answer is, i'm going to create them, they are going to be great, i know how to do it. maybe in the preliminaries like the republican primary that's all they wanted to hear. but americans take their vote for president seriously.
2:39 pm
and they are going to be looking at that tv screen and saying, he still doesn't have anything to tell us? wait a minute. >> reporter: clinton is also promising to bring back the prosperity of the '90s with a little help from her husband. >> my husband who i'm going to put in charge of revitalizing the economy because you know he knows how to do it. >> reporter: but that pledge has many questioning how involved bill clinton would be in his wife's administration. clinton dismissed the suggestion he might have a cabinet level role. a spokesman saying it would be getting ahead of ourselves to talk about any sort of formalized role for anyone in her administration. as clinton takes on trump, these still fending off bernie sanders who took the campaign trail to puerto rico. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: many of the final states are friendly territory for sanders and despite a nearly
2:40 pm
insurmountable delegate lead, clinton is trying to avoid a string of losses at the end of her campaign battle as she tries not to alienate sanders supporters. sanders voters got upset as more delegates were awarded unfairly, they felt, to clinton. donald trump is reveling in the chaos, tweeting "bernie sanders is being treated very badly by the dems. this system is run against him. he should run as an independent. run, bernie, run. on cnn, jeff merckley, a sanders supporter -- >> he's not going to allow trump to follow on and do even more damage. >> brianna keilar's report from lexington, kentucky. let's bring back our political
2:41 pm
experts. very quickly, hilary, this notion that bill clinton is going to be in charge of revitalizing the economy. do you think that was a smart thing for her to say? >> no, but i think it was an off-handed thing for her to say. really, bill clinton did create 23 million jobs in this country and gave us eight years of prosperity that george bush ended up ruining. he knows some things about the economy. she said, look, he's not going to be in the cabinet but he will be a helpful person. hillary clinton is smart enough to know that she should get input from lots of people. i mean, donald trump acts like he needs no advisers. hillary clinton is not going to do that. advisers are a good thing. and the other thing that i think she was right about today with trump was, she said, look, when people are running for president in the general, it's hillary versus trump. you know what, a lot of these theatrics are going to be
2:42 pm
exciting but people are actually going to take it a little more seriously. they are going to look at both of these people fresh and we think that they are the most two well-known people in this country but actually voters are going to give them a fresh look. >> yeah. >> substantive matter. >> ana, i remember in 1992 when bill clinton was running for president and a highly trained lawyer down in little rock, arkansas, the argument is you get two for the price of one. this time you vote for hillary clinton, you get two for the price of one. is that going to work? >> you know, i was thinking exactly that as i was hearing the story and it struck me that, number one, 25 years have gone by since then and number two, there's a gender difference and gender role difference going on here. i think a lot of people back then were troubled by this idea of two for the price of one and when she actually had a policy portfolio as first lady health care, a lot of people didn't like it. there was a fair amount of backlash to it.
2:43 pm
i think bill clinton has the advantage of having 25 years have gone by and i do think that there might be a double-standard that benefits him. i don't think folks are expecting him to be picking out china or, you know, the flowers for a state dinner. i think that it's a good thing for hillary clinton to try to keep the man busy. he's at his best. bad things happen when bill clinton goes out. >> he's impressive on the campaign trail. >> keep him busy and keep him supervised. >> he has been, i think, historically more impress self when he's campaigning. you saw obama in 2012 roll him out as part of a convention and he was there something like 18 times. she was only there 13 times. in kentucky, remember this is a state where she's campaigning now. we'll see what happens tomorrow. he won that state twice in the general election. his name carries a lot of weight
2:44 pm
and i also think democrats just really like bill clinton. his approval ratings, not just broadly but certainly among democrats is pretty high. >> also, let's not ignore the other more awkward side of this which is that there are some voters who are not going to be totally comfortable with the idea of the first female president. some voters will hear that and say, okay, bill clinton will be with her in the white house and he did a pretty good job so that makes me more comfortable with her and maybe it's an awkward thing to acknowledge but it's true. some people may feel more comfortable. >> i think that's right. i hear from voters all the time, they like hillary clinton's experience. they voted for her. they also say, listen, bill clinton will be there advising her in sort of an informal way. >> you hear from a lot of republicans, you heard it from senator barrasso a little bit, it's not necessarily that they love donald trump that much but they don't want hillary clinton to be the president of the united states because they argue that would be four more years of
2:45 pm
the obama administration. >> well, i think hillary clinton has been pretty clear about where she agrees with president obama and where the obama policies need to keep going and improved upon. the president is going to be the first person to say we have turned the economy around and now we have to make it work for more people and i think you will hear that message from her loud and clear. i think people will hear it. >> a great example has been on foreign policy where hillary clinton has made it very clear and she's been a little more proactive than what she was pushing for as secretary of state and has positioned herself to the right of donald trump on a lot of these different issues which sets for an interesting general election conflict when it comes to foreign policy. >> is it smart, ana, for hillary clinton to mock donald trump knowing his intention to counterattack. >> she's got to get press attention and i think that we're going -- get used to it, folks, i think we're going to see a lot
2:46 pm
of impersonations between now and november. you know, donald trump, god knows he likes to impersonate folks and i think hillary clinton is trying to catch up to him on the authenticity and impromptu and comic relief and entertainment value that he brings to this race and that she sorely lacks. >> particularly when people are taking her so seriously against him being such an entertainer, to show that she really has a funny side is a good thing. >> we'll see how she does against bernie sanders in kentucky and oregon as well. >> the impression wasn't all that good, though, hilary. >> it was an intent. >> it needs a little work. >> guys, stand by. other important news we're following here in "the situation room," including an urgent for all u.s. citizens to avoid traveling to north korea amid new possible missile attacks from kim jong-un's military.
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missile and a test has experts worried. >> with the chinese made truck, this missile has mobility. north korea can take it to multiple locations and launch undetected. >> reporter: a key question, if kim launches simultaneously, could the u.s. and allies shoot them down? >> with one, two, three, we have greater confidence. with a greater number, saturation, it becomes more difficult. >> that's just the threat from longer range missiles. >> there's a no warning scenario that keeps everybody awake at night. very little you can do other than maintain a strong intelligence picture.
2:54 pm
as the military tampering with signs. he was sentenced to 15 years hard labor.
2:55 pm
>> the fact that they're teaming up for drills, that's how seriously they take this man and threat from his missiles chlts. >> extraordinary bh you think about it. thank you for that report. for the entire campaign, donald trump is dirk it out and for the past week taking it. allegations about his behavior around women. now he is hitting back. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind.
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happening now. damage control. donald trump pushing back hard against a "the new york times" article alleging his behavior toward women crossed the line for decades.
3:00 pm
now learning details of his plan to go after hillary clinton. is anything off limits. after the gop struggles to unite behind donald trump, some top republicans are struggling to find a third party alternative. the gop chairman warns that would ruin the party for decades. trump himself is floating the idea who does he want to see as an independent candidate. al qaeda on the rise. the group behind the 9/11 attacks posing a new threat to the u.s. we are learning details of a plan to challenge isis in syria and out with a glossy campaign, calling for assassinations. does al qaeda pose more of a threat than isis? and one of the deadliest chapters in biker history, the shootout between rival gangs caught on camera. survivors are sharing stories with cnn. what sparked the vicious gunbattle that left nine people dead. we want to welcome our viewers
3:01 pm
in the united states and around the world. i am wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." a new war raging between donald trump and one of the most frequent targets, the news media. trump lashing out against a "the new york times" article alleging a pattern of unwelcome and unsettling conduct toward women dating back decades. an ex-girlfriend interviewed by the times says her story is misrepresented and trump calls it a hit piece and a fraud. we are also following a growing al qaeda threat. the group now calling for professional assassinations in the latest issue of the online magazine. it comes as al qaeda is increasingly challenging isis in syria, prompting experts to warn that the group started by osama bin laden poses a greater long term threat to the u.s. covering all of that and more with our guests, including a key
3:02 pm
supporter, scottie nell hughes. correspondents and expert analysts are standing by. let's begin with the trump campaign. sarah murray has the latest. trump is hitting back hard against that "the new york times" article. >> that's right, wolf. donald trump is slamming the story. speaking with women that used to work for trump, they acknowledge there's a little nuance, that trump gave them amazing opportunities being part of the organization, also had to look away when he madoff color comments. it is clear when you read "the new york times" story, there are some that felt donald trump pushed it too far. >> reporter: donald trump going to war with the media yet again, this time taking aim at the "the new york times" for a front page story highlighting tales of him appearing to object fie women and make unwelcome advances. one of the women featured in the piece who once dated trump says her story was misrepresented. >> i made it very clear many times that i had a very pleasant
3:03 pm
relationship with donald and that i never felt like i was being depicted as a piece of meat or anything. i was never offended by anything he said. >> reporter: prompting trump to call the story a hit piece on twitter, adding we exposed the article as a fraud. it shows instances of him critiquing women's figures, giving a pageant contestant an unwanted kiss on the lips and promoting women to high profile positions even as he made comments that some thought were demeaning. >> there's no single dimension to donald trump and women. and i think our story makes it clear, makes it clear to voices we interviewed. >> reporter: the transition means more media scrutiny for trump. last week, a "the washington post" story on the business man posing as his own spokesman
3:04 pm
which provided more fodder for "saturday night live." >> mr. trump is the real life inspiration for ironman. who am i? i am his publicist, joey pepperoni. >> reporter: this week, president obama landed shots, critiquing his plan to ban muslims entering the u.s. and calling him ignorant without calling him out by name. >> in politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue. it's not cool to not know what you're talking about. that's not keeping it real or telling it like it is. that's not challenging political correctness, that's just not knowing what you're talking about. >> reporter: all this as some gop leaders, including 2012 nominee mitt romney and weekly standard editor bill crystal are trying to recruit a third party candidate to take on trump.
3:05 pm
it is an effort the rnc chair denounced as a suicide mission. >> it's a suicide mission for our country because what it means is that you're throwing down not just eight years of the white house but potentially 100 years on the supreme court, and wrecking this country for many generations. >> reporter: even though donald trump denied allegations in the "the new york times" story, what we haven't seen is a coordinated effort to reach out to female voters to improve numbers with women. he has high unfavorables as you look at the broader electorate. that could hurt him in november if the campaign doesn't take a more focused effort to deal with that. >> thank you. let's dig deeper into the campaign. jim acosta is here. amidst all of the talk of a third party discussion on the republican side, donald trump has his own ideas about a third party run. >> that's right. he would love to see bernie sanders make that third party run. he likes to bring it up at
3:06 pm
rallies all the time. sees sanders and himself as being railroaded by the system. one distinction, donald trump is on the way to winning the nomination. here's what trump tweeted about this earlier. put it on screen. bernie sanders is being treated badly by the dems. the system is rigged against him. he should run as an independent. run, bernie, run. wolf, that is not going to happen. one of his top surrogates was on cnn saying the vermont senator doesn't want to be ralph nader from the 2000 election, play the spoiler. trump would love to see a liberal candidate with the appeal of sanders cut into hillary clinton's support in the general election. that's what this is all about. part of it is likely due to the fact a third party candidate rising from the gop never trump movement could potentially do serious damage to donald trump. so far, wolf, it is a candidate -- a cause without a candidate. romney personally asked nebraska senator ben sass to consider this, he keeps saying no. >> any new clues on who trump
3:07 pm
may pick as a vice presidential running mate? >> we thought we had clues over the weekend. ben carson was quoted saying sarah palin, ted cruz, marco rubio, john kasich, and trump knocked that story down, taking to twitter, "the washington post" report on potential vp candidates is wrong. marco rubio and most others are not under consideration in terms of those mentioned in the article. i talked to trump campaign sources that said carson was, quote, guessing, just guessing, and that he does not speak for the campaign. carson said on cnn he was just tossing out names. i talked to the campaign manager cory lewandowski, he is running the vp search with donald trump. he said donald trump speaks for donald trump. for the campaign for unnamed advisers to say ben carson is guessing, that speaks volumes. >> people will be guessing for awhile.
3:08 pm
he says he is not announcing his running mate until the convention in july. thanks very much, jim acosta. let's get more with one of his key supporters, scottie nell hughes. thanks very much for joining us. as you heard in our reporting, donald trump called women in the office names like honey bunch, comment on people's weight gain, according to "the new york times," telling a woman that she liked her candy. would you be offended if a boss were to talk to you like that? >> would i be offended, yes. has it happened, yes. i think most women in the professional field have at some point had some comment like that made by one of their co-workers or a boss. most of us bat our eyelashes and continue on and ignore it. we don't look at it as an excuse. you know why i think he feels this is a hit piece, besides the fact that the leading person already said they misconstrued her worts, this article said
3:09 pm
nine women they featured to take down mr. trump to make him look bad but interviewed more than 50. 41 women had something positive to say about mr. trump, and refused to highlight those stories and specifics. they gave general glances, to say we did show the other side. lot of great stories to talk about mr. trump, especially within the pageant system. do we remember the story of tara connor, where mr. trump stood by her, refused to take away her crown, supported her through rehab, she's fully rehabilitated and doesn't have the drug addiction she had before. she is greaseful for that. list come stead surprised mr. trump said he sent me a note as i am dying with a disease can't be fixed, you sent me a note. because of you myself en-year-old son goes to college will be fully funded. these are stories he doesn't brag about.
3:10 pm
doesn't come out. writers in "the new york times" did research to find out those. >> in fairness to "the new york times," there were several references in that long article, women that worked for trump in the organization that have been promoted in the '80s and '90s, long before women in the real estate business were getting opportunities. the article comes away with it. mr. trump is sexist, not politically correct. that article when you read it wasn't meant to sit there, give the writers credit, tried to spin it, said we showed both sides. the specific stories they gave were new once out to paint mr. trump as being someone against women, who viewed them as objects. if you talk to women that interacted with mr. trump, given opportunities with him, they
3:11 pm
have nothing but praise and respect for the man they consider to be a mentor. in some cases, even a father figure. >> some women in the article say donald trump helped in their careers, he said previously women should get the same pay for the same job, equal pay for women. he is an advocate of that. here's the question. in the republican party platform, there was no reference to equal pay for women. should that be included this time? >> equal pay for equal work. that's the key. has to be that standard. i think mr. trump has always been for that. within his own organization, michael cohen went on the record saying more women sit on the executive level, paid better than men, not just because they pay better, but because of royalty factor, and they deserve to be paid better, not based on gender. definitely we will see that program go forward. the question, and the story brought it up, mr. trump
3:12 pm
focusing on policy, he wants to focus on policy. as long as he is hit with trivial pieces, this is just the beginning, we have seen two in three days, he is never going to get that chance and talk about this, rather than focus on issues that are very important to voters. >> should he pick a woman as his vice presidential running mate? >> i think if he picks a woman, pick her not because she's a woman, but because she's best qualified to lead. that's one thing mr. trump has said. he sits there, whether it is positive or negative, he sits there, goes after -- he plays offense to men who attack him, like he plays offense to women. i think when you look at the list, i think it would be something that we need to ask hillary clinton. why is it, elizabeth warren is rumored to be vice president. when you look at the same standards held to mr. trump, are we seeing that reported on the other side? are people asking hillary, are you going to pick, should you pick a female vp candidate. are we seeing the men of hillary, articles written about that? we are not.
3:13 pm
all that we are doing now is clearing the air, getting emotional issues put to the side, maybe have a contest on policy once the two of them are the nominee of the party. >> as you know, scottie, donald trump continues to deny he posed as his own publicist in the '80s and early '90s. at the time he admitted to it under oath in 1990. the time he admitted it was a joke gone awry with a reporter from "people" magazine. donald trump is a straight shooter. why would he continue to deny the stories? >> first of all, it was a surprise to him. he is on a national television interview. he can address that issue. i have real issues with this story. her story is flawed. >> the "people" magazine reporter that got that call from someone named john miller who was obviously donald trump, and donald trump later acknowledged according to the reporter from "people" magazine that it was a joke gone awry. go ahead. >> her bias was exposed when she took it to the next level and
3:14 pm
said she believes the trump campaign leaked that tape. she said two people had it, her and mr. trump. she assumed mr. trump had a copy of it. one interview, she pointed out she lost her copy, friday night. saturday when she was here on cnn, she failed to mention when she moved apartments, she lost her copy. still wanted to charge the trump campaign for leaking it to take away from other issues that might be more important to the american public, the american voter. her bias was exposed, that was the first round. it is interesting, she never explained why she sat there, made that charge. i think it is ludicrous that journalists can get away with this type of bias. >> scottie, stand by. we have a lot more to discuss. new information is coming into "the situation room" now. we will take a break and be right back.
3:15 pm
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3:18 pm
you can have healthy, white teeth and still have gum disease. use gum® brand for healthy gums. soft-picks®. proxabrush® cleaners. flossers and dental floss.
3:19 pm
gum® brand. let's get more on donald trump and criticism he has been getting. scottie is still with us. the senator from wyoming told me in the last hour that donald trump should change his tone. tone matters he said. do you think we are going to see a different tone, now that he has the nomination wrapped up moving toward the general election? >> i think we have seen a different tone. not necessarily a compromise in principles and character. now that he doesn't have to sit there and fight 17 other characters on stage, he has been able to. the problem is instead of sitting here to go after the other side, point out the flaws in the democrat platform, he is having a battle, like the never trump folks that refuse to get behind the party. just like this past weekend in nebraska where state convention, the state gop voted 400-8 to
3:20 pm
reprimand ben sass for his third party talk, ream unity in the gop is starting to come around. as soon as we get our house in order, it will be stronger to go against the democrats. >> senator barrasso says he favors more transparency, called for donald trump to release his tax returns. don't you think he should do that for the sake of transparency, looking toward the general election, especially since he's running on his business record? >> that is up to mr. trump. we have to ask what exactly could his tax records actually reveal. you mentioned we would know what tax bracket he is in. we know how much he made. financial disclosures came out, he filed all the legal paperwork to become president. when lawyers advised him after the audit, he consistently said since the beginning, he will file his or make it public. then you'll get your answer. for those folks that say every other presidential candidate has done it, not every presidential
3:21 pm
has been worth as much, gone through as much as mr. trump, and is as complicated as mr. trump's companies. we have to trust his private records and like i said, he has done everything legally he needs to do to run for president. right now, you know, we have to wonder if he released his records, wolf, what good would people find. >> some of the things we would learn, how much money he made in each of the years. right now he is being audited. what was his tax rate, as you point out, how much he gave to charitable organizations, how much he deducted for charity, for example, whether he invested in companies overseas or strictly in the united states. a lot of information you can learn from a tax return that you can't necessarily learn from a financial statement he filed. >> those are great points. don't you think if those were things that would be easily dissected, we are looking at the
3:22 pm
media taking everything they can and misconstrue it. he releases what he has for lunch and they turn it into an anti-hit piece by some reporter or journalist. so i think we have to trust mr. trump. he has 32,000 employees relying on him to make sure the trump organization continues to stay strong. i think he obviously had more zeros in bank accounts than the majority of us will ever see. you have to sit there and advise him, he makes those decisions and done everything he legally has to. >> scottie nell hughes, trump supporter. thanks for joining us. >> thanks, wolf. just ahead, al qaeda now instructing followers and sympathizers how to carry out assassinations. is al qaeda a bigger threat than isis? hillary clinton targeting donald trump and impersonating him as well. >> here's the question. so what is your plan to create jobs? his answer is i'm going to create them, they're going to be great. i know how to do it.
3:23 pm
but i'm not telling you what it is i'm going to do. ♪ uh oh. oh. henry! oh my. good, you're good. back, back, back.
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donald trump firing another round in his war with "the new york times," the presumptive nominee furious over an article that alleges a pattern of unwelcome, unsettling conduct toward women over the years. trump tweeted this. quote. no wonder "the new york times"
3:28 pm
is failing. who can believe what they write after the false, malicious and libellous story they did on me. for more, we are joined by washington correspondent for new yorker magazine, ryan lizza. chief political analyst, gloria borger, david swerdlick, and david which he ian. every week there's a distraction, ends up not hurting him where it comes to the votes. >> i think that was certainly true in the primaries where donald trump no matter what was thrown at him, obviously survived. one 40 to 50% of the vote among republicans. that's not necessarily the case in the general election. his disapproval number is between 60 and 65%. these attacks, stories about his relationships with women, his popularity among nonwhite voters
3:29 pm
in the african-american and hispanic community. they're having an effect. the idea these won't have any impact, rules of the primary are different than rules of the general election and polls show that. david, trump said he may not wind up having a good relationship with david cameron, british prime minister. cameron said trump's comments on temporary ban on muslims to come to the united states, that proposal is stupid. as we get closer to general election after the convention, this kind of negative reaction to trump from a world leader close ally like david cameron, does that have impact? >> i don't think it has impact short term. cameron said his comments were stupid and divisive. i don't think voters that migrated to trump care what the british prime minister says. when you get closer to the general election, trump if he doesn't make amends with cameron leaves bread crumbs for clinton to say in debate or ad that
3:30 pm
donald trump is not going to be effective as world leader on a world stage. trump wins, you might have a situation where he has to makeup with prime minister cameron before he even gets started. >> anderson cooper had an exclusive interview with john kasich who dropped out of the contest as you know, first real interview he has done since then. asked about this talk, mitt romney putting forward a third party candidate to oppose trump and hillary clinton for that matter. listen to this. >> candidacy would be viewed as a silly thing, i don't think it is appropriate. i just don't think it would be the right thing to do. >> the chairman of the republican committee says it would be a suicide mission if you will. kasich says third party candidacy would be viewed as a silly thing. is that going anywhere? >> i think it is in a period of time to figure whether it can go anywhere. they have two weeks. remember, this is a faction of the republican party that refuses to accept donald trump as the nominee, trying to figure
3:31 pm
out some way to prevent him becoming the neiman getting 270 electoral votes. we are in a window, they can't find somebody to step forward, be their vessel, be their vehicle, some deadlines in texas passed on the ballot. they have to find someone to be the vehicle. if they don't have that the next few weeks, i don't see this -- >> gloria, was a funny moment, hillary clinton mocking donald trump today, but we have seen the two of them impersonate and mock each other. take a look. we put together some clips. >> let's just imagine i'm on a debate stage with donald trump. now personally, i am really looking forward to it. so let's suppose, here's the question. so what is your plan to create
3:32 pm
jobs? his answer is i'm going to create them, they're going to be great, i know how to do it, but i'm not telling you what it is i'm going to do. >> even for victory speeches i saw the other night hillary clinton, she has a teleprompter. we will travel north and south and east and west. if i was presidential, i would have a teleprompter. have you ever seen crooked hillary clinton? she walks in. good afternoon, bridgeport. how are you? this is crooked hillary clinton. then people start yawning, leaving, the whole thing is a disaster. >> gloria, as you know, more than half the women back hillary clinton over donald trump in a hypothetical general election
3:33 pm
matchup. 61% to 35% according to that poll. men are evenly split, 40% for both. trump could have a tough time with women voters in a general election. here's the question. will impersonating hillary clinton score him points with women? >> well, look, he is not saying anything different than he has been saying in the past, which is that i am the authentic candidate, hillary clinton is somebody that needs a teleprompter. he is going to continue doing it. and it is not going to hurt him with his own supporters, wolf. one thing we learned about trump supporters is they are solid. saying that hillary clinton needs a teleprompter is kind of the softest thing he says about hillary clinton. crooked hillary is one thing, he has called her an enabler to her husband and all the rest, and i think you're going to continue to hear more of it. i think the question on the hillary side is how does she
3:34 pm
respond. does she impersonate donald trump as a way to take him on or lately she has been greeting his attacks with sort of a cool demeanor. does she continue that? does she take him head on? we're getting a hint of this. we haven't even gotten to the conventions, much less the first debate. i think she has to grow a little more comfortable with how she attacks, because we know how he is going to attack her. we are going to see how she matches up against trump. what they're doing, wolf, is they're studying every way in which the republicans messed up when they tried to attack trump because they didn't lay a glove on him. they're kind of in the process now of studying that, trying to figure it out.
3:35 pm
what we may have seen is a bit of a test run with hillary. >> i want to point out, hillary clinton from today, the donald trump clips were from weeks ago. i want to play those clips. ryan, is it smart for hillary clinton to say as she did that bill clinton will be in charge of the economy, if she becomes president? >> i looked at the approval numbers for bill and hillary before i came on. bill's numbers are better than hillary's. people forget, bill clinton is popular in the country. numbers will come down as he enters the political fray a little more. frankly, i don't see a down side in pointing out one thing clinton is well known and liked for, the economy of the '90s. >> david, she did make it clear he would not be a member of the cabinet. not going to be the treasury secretary, for example. >> clinton felt her rhetoric got further than intended.
3:36 pm
they put out a statement. >> there was sensitivity about it. >> she wants to run on the clinton legacy, accept the bad parts. >> gloria, you remember the '92 campaign, two for one. you vote for bill and get hillary. she seems to be saying you get two for the price of one this time if she's the nominee. >> i think she's suggesting that, and i think as we have been talking about, look, there are good things and bad to that. you want to remind people about the way the economy was revving along in the '90s, go ahead and do it. the sort of notion is do you want a formal position for bill clinton, isn't there a bunch of clinton fatigue in the country? does she want to run as her own person. she can manage the economy quite nicely on her own, and that's
3:37 pm
why they shut it down a bit. whether he holds a position or not, can anyone imagine he is not a chief adviser? democrats and moderate republicans, that might not be a bad thing when you look back to the economy when he was president. >> he can be, david swerdlick, a big help in a general election campaign. >> he can be a help, depending who he is campaigning to. i agree with ryan. clinton is popular, has been popular. at the same time if she goes with a message that will have this role of advising her, it can undermine her. it gives trump an opportunity to bring up issues like nafta, like free trade. things clinton championed when he was president that are increasingly unpopular. >> stand by, there's more coming up. important programming note, john kasich sits down with anderson cooper for his first interview
3:38 pm
since leaving the race. will he endorse donald trump. would he consider being his vice presidential running mate? find out on ac 360 later tonight, 8:00 p.m. eastern. we will be right back.
3:39 pm
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kentucky and oregon are the next battlegrounds for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. she's hoping to break his winning streak when they hold their primaries tomorrow. senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny is covering the democrats for us. hillary clinton has to campaign against both bernie sanders and donald trump shall we say at the same time. >> she is, wolf, as she traveled across kentucky, hillary clinton spent most of her time talking about donald trump. it is bernie sanders she's trying to outrun for one more month. mathematically speaking, her latest shows she doesn't have to win kentucky or oregon. but a victory puts her in a stronger position when she faces the rival she has been waiting for. >> i'll tell you what the truth is, and it is time people stop listening to republican propaganda about the economy,
3:44 pm
education and health care. >> reporter: before she can take on republicans, hillary clinton had a more urgent task in mind, her battle with bernie sanders. she's hoping to interrupt sanders' recent winning streak, campaigning across kentucky on the eve of tuesday's primary. >> i want to help bring back the kind of economy that worked for everybody in the 1990s. >> reporter: revealing more about bill clinton and his role in her white house. >> i've already told my husband if i'm so fortunate enough to be president and he will be the first gentleman, i expect him to go to work. >> reporter: another way to fire up democrats. offering two clintons for the price of one. >> he has to come out of retirement. >> yes, he does. >> reporter: she wants nothing more than to focus exclusively on donald trump. here's the question. so what is your plan to create jobs? >> reporter: even envisioning what a debate like him would
3:45 pm
sound like. >> his answer is i'm going to create them, they're going to be great, i know how to do it, but i'm not telling you what it is i'm going to do. >> reporter: sanders isn't going quietly, campaigning today in puerto rico, trying to speak spanish. clinton is only 140 delegates away from hitting the mark needed to get the party's nomination. she needs to win only 16% of remaining delegates. sanders needs 102%, unless a flood of superdelegates suddenly came his way. no matter the size of her lead, some sanders supporters simply won't accept it. raw tension on display at the nevada democratic convention. booing, shouting. even a chair being thrown. the fight growing so intense over delegates, authorities shutting down the meeting early.
3:46 pm
this democratic family feud may seem polite compared to what awaits clinton in her fight with trump. >> this is crooked hillary clinton. >> reporter: he is one person democratic leaders believe can unify their party. >> i have been called nearly everything, but never been called a quitter, and i will not quit on you. >> reporter: the clinton campaign is trying to clarify comments about bill clinton and his role in the white house. her spokesperson said it would be getting ahead of ourselves to talk about who would be in the administration. it looks like she won't reach 2383 until the primary in california on june 7th. wolf? >> thanks very much, jeff zeleny reporting. by the way, bill clinton and hillary clinton are campaigning, there's bill clinton, live pictures from the virgin islands, they have their contest june 4th. hillary clinton is in lexington, kentucky. they have a primary tomorrow.
3:47 pm
stay with cnn throughout the day tomorrow for live coverage of the kentucky and oregon primaries. i will be back 5:00 p.m. eastern with a special edition of "the situation room." i will be here with the election team bringing you the first results. all of that tomorrow. just ahead in "the situation room." there's growing concern about al qaeda. does the group pose a potentially bigger terror threat to the united states than isis? a cnn special report takes us inside a deadly shootout between rival biker gangs. we will get a preview next. you both have a
3:48 pm
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. al qaeda is out with a chilling new issue of its magazine, the latest edition entitled "professional assassinations." jim sciutto is working the story for us. there's growing concern all of a sudden about what a revived al qaeda threat? >> no question. a good part is al qaeda trying to reassert its relevance with the expansion of isis to iraq and siro to place like libya, afghanistan and the streets of paris and brussels in the west. it's now making its own call al qaeda for lone wolf attackers in the west including the alarming threat to carry out assassinations of business leaders right here on the u.s. homeland. this as isis has been carrying out its own wave of terror inside iraq. isis strikes again inside iraq. the latest target a natural gas plant to the capital baghdad killing ten. a string of deadly attacks by the terror group in the last seven days as left more than 100
3:53 pm
dead and 200 wounded. u.s. special envoy visiting jordan says isis is resorting to terror to make up for losses on the battlefield. >> it relies on suicide attacks. >> the u.s. is trying to add to isis' battlefield defeats, working with iraqi security forces and local tribes to retake the strategically important town of al-rutba. but the far bigger prize is mosul. under isis control for nearly two years iraq's second largest city is the target of repeated coalition air strikes. >> we've already begun the process of isolating daesh and mosul. we're doing precision air strikes in mosul almost every day. we have a lot of information about what daesh is doing inside the city. >> president obama has vowed to
3:54 pm
retake mosul before he leaves office. >> my expectation is that by the end of the year, we will have created the conditions whereby mosul will eventually fall. >> but now the timeline appears to be sliding once again. the nation's top intelligence chief telling "the washington post" quote, we will retake mosul but it will take a long time and be very messy. i don't see that happening in this administration. in syria the u.s. may soon be fighting on two fronts with osama bin laden successor warning that al qaeda will soon establish its own caliphate in the region. for the study of war here in washington released a study arguing al qaeda is the greater long term threat to the u.s. than isis. what i hear consistently from u.s. counterterrorism officials is both isis and al qaeda particularly al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and a group that's an off shoot based in
3:55 pm
syria have the ambition and capability to carry out terror on american targets. when we think of aqap we think about bomb makers. a big concern about that now is that a group like isis managed to smuggle a bomb on to that russian jet over the sinai and you had al shabaab that snuck a bomb in a laptop on to a flight in somalia. so that technology appears to be spreading. >> a real athlete. still very much. shut, thank you very much. it's one of the most notorious chapters in outlaw biker history. a deadly shootout between rival gangs that was caught on camera. it's part of a special report that airs tonight. we have a preview now. pretty amazing stuff. >> it is fascinating. even the most hardened biker
3:56 pm
will tell you what went down in waco was the most insane thing that happened in biker history. >> get your hands up. >> sounded like a gunfight at the ok corral. >> they are not here to drink beer and eat barbecue. >> is this site now, a year after one of the most notorious chapters in outlaw biker history. on a quiet sunday last may the thundering rumble of harley motorcycles descend on the twin peaks restaurant in waco, texas. an all out brawl turned into a gunfight the violent melee between two clubs ended with nine bikers dead and 18 wounded.
3:57 pm
177 bikers accused of engaging in organized criminal activity. investigators recovered a staggering number of weapons. but that was just the beginning of what is turning into an epic saga. since the deadly brawl federal investigators arrested the top three leaders of the banditos including the president who wasn't in waco that day. pike was arrested in an early morning raid at his home in january. >> we're talking to you now here, you're out on bond. >> i am. >> 409. >> and speaking exclusively with cnn from his home where he said refurbishing classic cars and motorcycles are his favorite hobbies. >> i worry about pulling up next to someone with just one like it. >> the investigation has shifted beyond waco to what the department of justice and fbi
3:58 pm
are doing in san antonio, texas. they believe take and other leaders mastermind ad series of vicious attacks on the cossacks. it includes a wide range of charges including assault, extortion and murder. >> did the banditos declare war on the cossacks. >> they asked me that and i laughed. what do we do, write them a letter or what? >> you think of yourself as an outlaw? >> i haven't broken a law in decades. i don't know what you're talking about. >> video of the waco shooting captured the moment the fists started flying and gunfire erupted. banditos biker was in the middle of the fight. >> i had guys all over me. >> you hear the shots? >> i heard the shots going.
3:59 pm
going off. whizzing by me. i have never been that scared in my life. >> this cossacks bikers was wounded. he asked us to hide his identity. a year after the massacre, 154 of the 177 arrested bikers have been indicted by a waco jury and are awaiting trial. it's not clear when any of the baker brawl cases will see the inside of a courtroom. on tonight's show we'll look back what led to that shooting in waco. it didn't erupt out of nowhere. we'll walk you through the incidents that were going on between the two rival groups and actually look ahead to what does this all mean and where will this all end.
4:00 pm
>> we look forward to seeing it. good work. thanks very much. you can see the cnn special report biker brawl inside the texas shootout. that airs tonight 9:00 p.m. eastern only here on cnn. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room". erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. up next donald trump unleashing a twitter tirade. we'll tell who you the target is. desperate republicans looking for a trump alternative they found a billionaire and another tv star to run for president. i'll ask mark cuban of "shark tank" that next. and i talked with hillary clinton about her administration. let's go "outfront". good evening. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight trump fighting back. donald trump slamming the "new york times" over a story about


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