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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  May 17, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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what isis is doing or what stage it might be at given everything that does exist in its history. >> you're absolutely right. it would be short sighted to begin to understand. arwa damon, thank you so much. thanks for being with me. jake tapper starts now. clinton forces attack trump in two ads featuring his own words about women. trump firing back on twitter, calling former president bill clinton, quote, worst of uabuse of women in american political history as a war is breaking out within the democratic party. special election day of "the lead" starts right now. good afternoon. welcome to a special edition of "the lead." i'm jake tapper. donald trump and hillary clinton
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are locked in an ugly war of words. clinton now fighting the battle on two fronts, as she is also trying to stop bernie sanders' recent election day dominance, voters at polls right now in two states, kentucky and oregon. that's a clinton super pac releases new attack ads today against donald trump using his own words. and frequently vulgar language in describing women. trump, firing back, releasing a firestorm of tweets calling clinton a liar, charging she cannot close the deal against bernie sanders, attacking her over the e-mail controversy, and labeling her husband an abuser of women. joined by my special election day panel of distinguished experts. but begin with jim acosta at trump headquarters in new york city. report trump's comments about former president bill clinton, for mr. trump to raise the spector of bill clinton's infidelities, it seems like an attack from a glass trump tower,
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if you will. is this really the best line of attack? what's the thinking here? >> reporter: james jastones are being throne and at glass towers. pro-clinton super pac are not waiting for hillary clinton to beat bernie sanders, setting their sights on donald trump days after polls showed trump even with clinton in key swing states. pro-clinton pacs are unloading on the presumptive gop nominee. >> blood coming out of her wherever. >> reporter: serving up a sample of the battle to come, an all-out assault on donald trump with new attack ads that used real estate tycoon's own words against him. >> if ivanka worth my daughter, perhaps i'd be dating her. tell them to go [ bleep ] themselves. >> is donald trump really speak for you. >> reporter: main goal, capitalize early on trump's negative poll numbers with women voters. >> do you believe in punishment
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for abortion, yes or no, as principle? >> the answer there has to be some form of pun,ment. >> reporter: trump accused clinton of playing the women card, wasted no time. saying crooked hillary clinton put out an ad where i'm misquoted on pimand. ooh i want believe she would misrepresent the facts. to bill clinton, amazing that crooked hillary can do a hit ad on me concerning women when her husband was the worst abuser of women in u.s. political history. trump's aides say team clinton's attacks won't stick. >> unfortunately for her, it's not going to work because women understand donald trump is not sexist, he's's misogynistic. >> reporter: the punches below the belt may be expected but some more glaring considering chummy images of clinton/trump golf outages. >> donald trump has been uncommonly nice to hillary and
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me. we're all new yorkers. >> me, too. >> and i like him. and i love playing golf with him. >> i've always liked her on a personal basis. i've liked her and her husband a lot. >> reporter: annic ini trump i edge of the number of delegates needed to clinch the nomination which makes him leader of the republican party in the eyes of house speaker paul ryan. >> he's wrapping up the nomination. good lord i hope it is, because the person getting the nomination of the party is the person to lead our party. >> reporter: now, as for the pro-clinton super pac attacks on trump, the pac aligned with the presumptive gop nominee is ready to fire back. we got stuffing cooing. and that's not all that's cooking. trump has a meeting with former secretary of state henry kissinger set for tomorrow and a fund-raiser with chris christie thursday. so, this is not the end of what we'll be hearing from donald trump on twitter today. >> sure not. jim acosta, thanks so much. joining me, special panel for today, correspondent for "the
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new york times," maggie laborerman, carl bernstein, author of "a woman in charge, the life of hillary rodham clinton," gloria borger, kaleigh mcenany, ana navarro, democratic strategist donna brazile and former mayor of philadelphia, michael nutter. mr. trump tweeted amazing crooked hillary can do an ad when her husband was the worst abuser of women in political history. i don't want to bring this up, but his escapade, shall we say, mr. trump's and you might be too young to remember, but tabloid fodder for decades. why bring up bill clinton's infidelities if your own house is not necessarily in order? what happe what's the thinking? >> his logic, hillary clinton, accusations on the part of the accusers of bill clinton, paula
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jones, all aqccused hillary clinton of attacking them trying to be heard and trying to make victimization known. that's a fair line of attack. that being said, i think it would be more powerful not coming from trump but coming from the women themselves. i'd like to see juanita broad rick come out in their own voice as victims saying this is what happened and tell their story. i'm not sure donald trump's line of attack will be effective. if you can get the victims themselves out that might be different. >> mayor nutter, as supporter of hillary clinton, this is not a conversation that the clintons want to be having, to be honest. >> hillary clinton is running for president of the united states of america, bill clinton has been president already, and was re-elected. so i don't know, maybe mr. trump is confused who he's running against. >> it's all old news, jake. it's all old news. baked into every cake that anyone has seen or written about or tasted over the last 20 years. what does that have to do with
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making people safe in their streets? what does that have to do with kids getting an education? what does that have to do with lea leading the united states of america? politics of personal destruction and attack we're above that. it's a presidential election. this is not the roman coliseum. >> gloria, the reason that donald trump is bringing up this issue is because he's being attacked directly by clinton super pacs on how he talks about women. take a listen. >> have a good body, no, a fat ass, absolutely. you like girls 5'1" they come up to where? if ivanka were not my daughter, perhaps i'd be daving he inin d. a person flat chested hard to be a ten. >> trying to take him down, before they were republican super pacs now democratic super pacs. they haven't worked before. >> right. >> why are they going to work now? >> i think what they're trying
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to do is mobilize their voters and convince those young voters, in particular, young women, who might decide, well, bernie sanders was maybe my guy, i can sit at home this election. to try and make the choice, so important that nobody can sit at home. i think this is -- this is a real part of the democratic strategy right now, which is to say he's risky, he's a loose cannon, that he is dangerous, and to not participate would be dangerous for this country and so it's urgent. you've got to participate. and these kinds of ads speak to young women. >> right. >> you know, i think they do. >> that would be great if people only watched super pac ads from pro-clinton forces. >> okay, okay. >> but, carl, let me bring you in. take a listen. here, some of the things that hillary clinton and donald trump have said about one another and it's only may. >> she was favored to win and
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she got schlonged, she lost. >> he is a loose cannon and loose cannons tend to misfire. >> she was an unbelievably, nasty, mean enabler and what she did to a lot of those women is disgraceful. >> trump's bigotry, his bullying, his bluster, are not going to wear well on the american people. >> carl, to me, this is the kind of thing you hear from candidates in october. so i cannot even imagine what we're in for. >> it's going to be awful. it is awful. but unlike what mayor nutter just said, i think that this is news and it's not old news because the real news here is that trump and the dynamic that he has produced and producing in the election is driving the media agenda and the political agenda and it's so far working. so, it's new news. and we all have to deal with this new news and, look, here we
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see hillary clinton trying to go on message and make the issue his recklessness. pretty good issue. but will it work? each candidate is trying to define the other in the most negative way possible. whoever is most successful in accumulating that bad picture may well be the next president of the united states. >> and, nia, whether or not this is old news to old folks like me and mayor for life nutter, it is -- i declare -- it is new to a lot of people. there are a lot of voters who don't remember the '90s for weren't alive even. >> that's right. don't spend a lot of time on conservative blogs or listening to conservative radio. we're sort of in a new time. think about the sort of terrain and the cultural terrain that the clinton scandals played out on, it's different now. we lean in era, era of bill cosby, those revelations, air of
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active twittersphere. this is different. the fact they're elevating some of the names, again, circulated in right wing circles for decades, i think they're going to get a hearing. we're going to see these women on a different way and read their stories differently. we'll see how this plays. it's an old argument. the woman whose husband cheats on her, it's her fault? i don't know how that's going to play with the average female voter. we see donald trump struggling with women voters and see if this helps turn around. >> lots more to discuss. i haven't called on a few and i promise i will first, next. breaking news, cnn obtains new audio of a top sanders aide telling supporters to take over the democrats' nevada convention. accusations that sanders staff and supporters were inciting violence and chaos are of course what's going on now. that's the latest, next. more breaking news. major rebuke to president obama senate passed a bill allowing 9/11 victims' families to sue
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>> breaking news. a battle breaking out within the democratic party, fears among clinton supporters and party leaders that hard core bernie sanders followers could up-end the convention. the democratic convention in philadelphia. this comes after the ugly scene at democrat state convention in nevada, cursing and shouting and crude comments about the female anatomy disrupting the event. senator barbara boxer booed at the event by sanders supporters tells cnn this group of 100 were very vocal. i can't describe it, disrespectful can't explain it. it was worse than that. sanders supporters say there was corruption at the convention and the democratic party in nevada was breaking the rules and being unfair. manu ragu on the hill breaking news. i want to play audiotape that you obtains of a senior sanders aide encouraging supporter tos, quote, take over the convention. take a listen.
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>> you should not leave. i'm going to repeat that. unless you are told by somebody from the campaign, i.e. probably me or david, that you can leave, you should not leave. >> what more are you hearing from democrats? what happened here? >> reporter: well, democrats are very nervous, jake, that this could spill out into the philadelphia convention. they believe that sanders supporters, probably a group, small number, say a large majority of sanders supporters are peaceful but a small number of them are loud, restless, heckle surrogates of the clinton campaign. it's something they are worried can spill over into philadelphia. what the sanders campaign says is that, look, the sanders campaign throughout the process, throughout number of states, including in nevada, those folks have been shut out of the process, rules have been stacked against them, but that's one thing that the clinton campaign and that the democratic party
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says that's not the case. what number of clinton surrogates say that wherever they go, when they talk, they are not greeted respectfully by the small group of sanders supporters. in fact, they're heckled. there's insults, curse woshds, et cetera, things you wouldn't want to repeat. certainly not on air and worried this tension will make it harder to unite come november. >> all right. thanks so much. bring back my panel. maggie laborerman, two initials here, what exactly happened in nevada that the sanders campaign is so upset about? i'll get to that in a second. secondarily, the clinton campaign and other democrats are saying this is on the feet of the sanders campaign, they're saying you can't call for a revolution and then be surprised when people start acting like that. >> it's understandable position, right? if the situation were reversed to clinton supporter did the same thing sanders people would be demanding that as well. we've seen donald trump held accountable for things that his
1:19 pm
supporter do, we may be talking about a smaller number of the sanders protesters than the case of trump, but trump has been asked to be responsible for every case. the standard is not supposed to be differenten there are repercussions when you do this. there's a different issue, too, when you have a senior official delivering one message that is made behind the scenes to look as if something is an organic uprising but being encouraged at a higher level, that complicates things a lot. >> donna, let me bring you in here. a recording of a phone call by a sanders supporter to the chair of the democratic party of nevada, roberta lang. take a listen. >> we probably guaranteed fires in philadelphia. i'm not a psycho bernie supporter but there are some out there and he may have made a bad decision by completely ignoring the democratic process tonight. >> i remember legitimate fires
1:20 pm
in philadelphia from the move fiasco but put that aside. that sounds ugly. what happened? nevada? >> i'm distressed not just the reports on television but the phone calls i receives over the weekend from people who participated. they felt that the party tried to, as you know, in certain states where you are caucuses, two, three-tier process and they're going through the final phase. and as you go through the final phase of selecting a thousand delegates to go from the precinct to county to state level, as you know, the numbers begin to shrink and their people believe they still want to have a seat at the table. unfortunately, democracy's a messy game. if people don't understand the rules, when they get to these so-called conventions, they often feel alienated. look, i'm heart broken by this. why? i'm an activist. and whenever i get calls from activists who tell me how they feel, i say you know what? get in my camp. 40 years i've been fighting in this party.
1:21 pm
we all have a seat at the table. now you want to fight for a seat at the table, we're going to fight for a seat at table in a nonviolent way. we're not going to threaten anybody. we're going to get in a room, hash out issues and we're going to work together. this calls for leadership. it also calls for senator sanders and secretary clinton, i want both candidates to lead by example. and they need to speak up. and they need to say we're not going to condone this in philadelphia or anywhere else. >> right. >> and i hope that will occur. >> ana, what's your take? you're a republican. you have heard similar language during the republican primaries. what's your take when you hear some of the recordings and some of the emotions convoyed? >> been there, done that. you know, look, i kind of feel like we're on the back in the '80s you had body swap movies "big", "freaky fry friday" i feel like democrats turned into republicans in the last six
1:22 pm
months. republicans have basically fallen in line. some of us slower than others, some of us will never fall in line. democrats are the ones that are having this mutiny within their ranks. what's happened, jake, for the last six months basically all of the attention, all of the oxygen in the room has been sucked up by trump and the republican party nomination process. now, we have a presumptive nominee and the spotlight is cast directly on the democrats' side and crack there's are beginning to be revealed to the american public. i agree with donna. when this happened on the republican side, i called on donald trump to denounce, condemn it, call on followers not to go there. we saw this exact same practically the exact same environment and calls for violence and action from them. bernie sanders must do the same thing. >> and let me ask mayor nutter, bernie sanders weighed in today in a statement condemned violence, but he called charges against his campaign, quote, nonsense and said, quote, if the
1:23 pm
democratic party is to be successful in november, it's imperative that all state parties treat other campaign supporters with fairness and respect that they have earned. >> i think some of what anna said and donna said, first of all, denounce the violence and the behavior, period. >> thank you. >> maybe later in the day you can pivot some other message or something like that but you can't -- let's me talk for mother half hour of things that walks over your initial message. senator sanders is a sitting united states senator. a longserving public servant, denounce violence, call for peace and unity. talk about something else half a day later. >> he doesn't want -- i'm not excusing it, i agree with you, sanders out to be out there saying this is unacceptable -- but he's still in a fight. and he done want his people to sit home. so what he's trying to do is walk a fine line, which i think is impossible by the way to walk.
1:24 pm
but what he's trying to do is keep his people motivated, to go out there tonight, you know, and vote, today, and on ward to california. so he done want to tamp down their passion. and you know, there's a way to do it, come out and say, look i don't condone this violence but i'm thrilled about your passion, let's do what we need to do. >> bernie sanders has had the -- he hasn't gone after hillary clinton on things like her damn e-mails or gone into the gutter. he has been aspirational leader. that's why you see millennials backing him instead of hillary clinton. he's the leader 0 of a movement. if he wants to continue being that aspirational, inspirational leader he can tamp down, condemn this violence but, at the same time, you know, look good himself doing it. >> let's not exaggerate. we're not up to the level of the yippies in '68.
1:25 pm
we're talking something low level. we know bernie sanders will get up and condemn this. but saying it's not '68 chicago convention is not ringing endorsement of the process. hold that thought. next, breaking news. senate and the white house on a collision course at this hour, unanimous vote and strong rebuke bipartisan against president obama. counting down the polls are about to close in kentucky. will it be clinton country or another sanders victory? [burke] hot dog.seen it.covered it.
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breaking news. u.s. senate dealt a major blow to president obama in a
1:30 pm
unanimous voice vote, senators approved a bill that would let 9/11 victims or families sue saudi arabia over its alleges role in the terrorist attacks of 9/11. democratic new york senator chuck schumer said it's a bill dear to his heart that may give victims, quote, some small measure of justice. but schumer is at direct odds with president obama. the white house is promising he will veto the legislation, saying it could have major consequences for the united states. michelle kosinski live at the white house. i cannot remember a time when a president vowed to veto a bill and the entire u.s. senate voted for it anyway. >> reporter: right. what kind of message is that? how much more clear could that be? and it's remarkable that not a single democrat expressed opposition to this bill today. passed unanimously by voice vote. this is despite the white house's now several strongly worded warnings about the
1:31 pm
legislation. saying it could hurt national security, that it could be dangerous, was the word the white house used today, it could open up the u.s. to lawsuits that are similar and as they called it, kangaroo courts. clearly the senate wasn't buying that, even democrats, at least they're placing interest of these families above any potential risk that the white house has been citing, jake. >> all right. michelle kosinski, thank you so much. gloria, this is a huge defeat for the president. >> right. >> the bill goes to the house. by the way, not exactly a bastion of obama supporters. >> right. assume it's going to wind up on his desk. and you have to assume that the president's going to veto this. and, you know, the white house, as michelle was saying, you know, raises legal argument that this puts america at risk abroad, legally. and you know, when you have chuck schumer and senator cornyn of texas uniting on a mash that allows these families to sue the saudis, how can you -- how can
1:32 pm
you oppose that? the american public right now, as we look at our polling, particularly on the republican side, is very concerned about terror. you have a candidate who is very popular on the republican side who talks about how we've been soft to our enemies, and i think this was a political vote that the white house just, you know, knew that it was going to lose. >> back to primary day coverage. kayleigh, you are graduating from harvard law school within days and you have talked to professor jack ol ddsmouth. what is the argument? >> i haven't spoke to him on this matter i did take his course and studied what he thinks about it, they thinks it violates international law. there's a concept sovereign implunty where nation states are immune from prosecution. he's a conservative. worked for george w. bush. he points out the very real
1:33 pm
legal concerns that, when you set a press den you can sue saudi arabia, saudi arabia citizens can then sue the united states on several matters legality set on a collision course with morality. hard to look at victims ins a unanimous vote and say you cannot get remedies when you deserve. morality tends to win the day. >> isn't the object discovery, find out what happened in 9/11 and see what the role of some of the saudis were? and as a reporter i would say this might be a good piece of legislation, because we really need -- >> transparency. >> we need to know what the hell happened in the area. >> we want everything opened up. maggie, i want to talk about -- we were talking about bernie sanders versus hillary clinton and that really ugly convention in nevada and ana navarro said bernie sanders has the high ground here, needs to continue to have the high ground and condemn this violence. you and nia-malika said, not so fast, why?
1:34 pm
>> there's no question that sanders has channeled and led a movement and i think it's a different movement than bradley or howard dean and i think that's important for democrats to recognize and grapple with. but i think there has been a portrayal of sanders sort of above politics and above the fray. he's a pretty adepts politician of several decades and wields the blade effectively and has gotten better as time has gone on. the question about clinton and goldm maman sachs speech is wra in too close to the bank but it's character attacks, it is what it is. >> nia, we heard donald trump quote bernie sanders in his attacks on hillary clinton. >> in his hope, it could be a futile hope and desire to get some of the bernie sanders supporters, i do think bernie sanders in terms of the high ground, they have sometimes played the low -- taken low road, too. for instance, accused the clinton campaign of sort of being in a collusion with the dnc and illegally fund-raising.
1:35 pm
because of their joint fund-raising agreement, an agreement that sanders could have taken part in but decided not to. and i think his supporters sometimes do kind of traffic in conspiracy theorys and this idea that somehow the dnc irz rs rig against them, it's the same dnc that elected obama in 2008. the difference between obama and sanders -- >> allowed him to be a superdelegate in vermont. >> he's a senator from the state of vermont. >> he is no the a democrat. hold back i have to get back in my neutral chair. 20 seconds. >> everything in life is relative compared to what we've been going through in the republican prime mar for the last ten months, they've been playing paddy cake. >> it doesn't mean we shouldn't say what it is either, right? if everything in the election is -- >> hillary's camp, you consider that a personal and character attack? >> i think that -- >> i think that saying she needs
1:36 pm
to release -- it's not -- i'm not talking about the dnc being rigged. the idea that saying that sanders is running above the fray while making pretty specific character attacks, that's what i'm referring to and that seems real. >> next, jeb bush comes out swinging against this donald trump tweet, cinco de mayo tweet. reaction, ahead. plus, new warnings about the zika virus coming to the united states continental united states. think fixing your windshield is a big hassle? not with safelite. this family needed their windshield replaced, but they're daughters heart was set on going to the zoo. so we said if you need safelite to come to the zoo we'll come to the zoo! only safelite can fix your windshield anywhere in the us. with our exclusive mobileglassshops. and our one of a kind trueseal technology, for a reliable bond. service that fits your schedule.
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jeb bush is slamming donald trump. going after the presumptive nominee for the cinco de mayo tweet, picture of trump eating a taco bowl on cinco de mayo, as mentioned, trump writing, quote, i love hispanics. jeb bush called the move insensitive, quote, it's like eating a watermelon and saying i love african-americans, unquote. joining me now, chris colins of new york, the very first house republican to endorse donald trump back in february. congressman collins, you heard jeb bush's reaction that that is the same as eating a watermelon and saying i love african-americans. your response, sir? >> certainly disappointed in governor bush. i was early supporter of his, contributed to the campaign, campaign never caught fire. it's time for him to get on the trump train. we've got to defeat hillary clinton. i'm disappointed in what he and his brother and father have been saying. they lost. it's time to move on. we're going to be seeing tonight hillary clinton continue to flounder, i think bernie may
1:42 pm
well win both oregon and kentucky. she can't get past the 74-year-old self avowed socialist. here may 17th with the exception of the bushes, all coming together on the house floor, trump train is moving. unity is moving along and what we don't need are the bushes down in florida continuing in texas, continuing to try, along with mitt romney, at this point, jake, they're irrelevant. it's sad to see the tact they're taking, you know. i would have thought they would have been above that. >> wow. >> party's moving on without them. >> harsh words, calling jeb bush irrelevant. donald trump hired veteran republican pollster tony febreze yoing a move he has slammed in the past. take a listen. >> i don't have pollsters. i don't want to waste money on pollsters because i don't want to be unreal. i have to be me. we have enough of that in washington with pollsters telling everybody what to say. >>o how is it going to be
1:43 pm
different with these pollsters and donald trump than what he just criticized about pollsters in washington, traditionally, telling politicians what to say? >> well, jake, i think you're talking to me right now. i was a little confused. the pollsters have not had their pulse on this election. i've said from day one when i endorses donald 11 weeks ago. you'll see a trump tsunami come november, there's no question he's going to win, it's just by how many. the pollsters have not been able to figure out what demographic to even talk to. you know, you have to poll by saying here's folks i'm talking to these are swing voters, democrat working men and women who with the trades we know are going to be with mr. trump. the pollsters haven't even figured out right now who to call but we know the momentum's behind donald trump. i know at home and western new york, the autoworkers, steel workers, certainly west virginia, miners, these norms,
1:44 pm
democrat soupporters are with trump, going to bring jobs back. soccer moms want to raise a family in a safe country, safe world. i'm not worried about pollsters either. >> you're saying it's about targeting voters than messaging. thank you so much. >> appreciate it. >> pro-clinton super pac making a big ad buy in key battleground states. part of their attack on donald trump -- >> you can see there was blood coming out of her eyes. blood coming out of her wherever. does she have a good body? no. fat ass, absolutely. girls 5'1" come up to you know where. if ivanka were not my daughter, perhaps i'd be dating him. >> congressman, thanks for joining us. we heard that new ad from the pro-clinton super pac. comments have been used in web ads bch, they did not make a difference during the primaries why will these make a difference? >> because they're true. while donald trump seems to be a
1:45 pm
slippery guy, at some point the truth will catch up so him and we'll see where things go. it's worth the public knowing what donald trump stands for, what he does because oftentimes they conflict what he says and what he does conflicts with each other. some point we're going to find out who the real donald trump really is for the american public to know. >> what i mean is a lot of the same words that donald trump has spoken have been used in republican ads against donald trump before and didn't stop his moan tum momentum in primaries. why would it be effective in in the general election? >> there's a world of difference, jake between november elections and primary electionser and only republicans are voting. voters were not paying close attention. i'm not just talking about democrats, there are a lot of independent voters, others who didn't vote in a primary in their state. this is a very different election, once we get down to
1:46 pm
november run-off between the republican nominee and the democratic nominee. >> congressman, every time hillary clinton or her allies go after donald trump on these issues, donald trump has the same response and he did it this time, too, with a twitter tirade with comments like this, quote, amazing that crooked hillary can do a hit ad on me concerning women when her husband was the worst 0 buser of women in u.s. political history. every time democrats go after trump and women, he's going to go after former president bill clinton and women. how do you combat that? >> sounds look a guy who's a little irritated may not have the type of demeanor that you need to be the next president of the united states. listen, donald trump will say what donald trump wants to say. i believe secretary clinton's going to move forward, she's proven that she's tough, tested, understands what it means to be a leader for not just america but the free world. and let the chips fall where
1:47 pm
they may. i think in secretary clinton, democrats have someone who is ready to become the next president. >> we've been discussing this hour reports of sanders supporters causing chaos at the nevada state democratic convention this weekend. they were upset. they said it was a corrupt process. overturned chairs, rushed the stage. are you concerned that this kind of discord within the democratic party could ruin your party's national convention this summer? >> well, i feel very good about the way that primaries have run on the democratic side. we've been tackling the issues, not each other. and i believe that there's a lot of animation on our side. i give senator sanders credit for some of that and certainly secretary clinton has brought out a lot of democratic votes. so, so long as we're tackling the issues we're on good standing, in a good place. i hope we don't descend to what we saw in the republican primaries where they were tackling each other, not the
1:48 pm
issues. but let's let the two candidates debate. senator sanders is going to work very hard. i feel very good about both oregon and kentucky both as a democrat and as a supporter of hillary clinton. and i'm looking forward to california because i believe that whether it's this week or by june 7th in california, secretary clinton will have a majority of the pledge delegates and certainly have substantially more votes than bernie sanders. >> congressman, one quick yes or no question, i realize that's tough for politicians your name bandied about as possible vice presidential candidate with hillary clinton. anyone from the clinton campaign asked you to submit any records for possible vetting? >> no, i've been, whoing with the clinton campaign but i have not submitted any kind of documents? next, new details how serious the zika virus is becoming. see me. don't stare at me. see me.
1:49 pm
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breaking news. the showdown over the fight against zika is intensifying. the rapidly spreading virus linked to horrific birth defects, including brain damage in newborns. house and senate putting forth separate funding proposals but the white house just now threatened to veto one of those bills, because it is far less than the $1.9 billion requested by president obama. now, the deadly virus is active in nearly 50 countries here in the united states. it's been detected in almost every state. dr. tom friedan the director at center for disease control and prevention and joins me in studio. >> great to be here. >> president obama threatening
1:54 pm
to veto the $622 million funding bill from, i believe, the house, because it's not $1.9 billion that he wants. why is $622 million not enough? what won't it do? >> it's nowhere near enough for us to protect americans as well as we need to. first off, this is an unprecedented situation. we've never had an experience before where a mosquito bite could cause a terrible birth l malformation. we have to first repay money we borrowed from emergency funding that congress applied to the ebola epidemic. we have to start today mult tie year efforts to understand what this disease does to women and children to reduce human imact and, third, develop new tools, better ways to diagnose it and vaccine. we can't start that a few months here or there. we need a multiyear, rebust
1:55 pm
effort to protect americans. >> beyond the humanitarian cost of one of the children born with microsel microself-folly, there is an actual, each one of the children will cost more than $10 million largely paid for by the u.s. taxpayer, i assume. given the fact in this country almost half of pregnancies are unintended, do american women have enough tool at their disposal to prevent these pregnancies from happening to begin with? >> there are a few things that we can do today and that's one of the things we need resources now from congress for. the first is to protect pregnant women by as advising women not to travel to places where zika is preding and in places where it's spreading like puerto rico to give women the choice to decide whether they want to become pregnant or not and if they decide not to, tools to not become pregnant. third, where women are living inner frommer. and there is zika predi
1:56 pm
spreading, we have to protect them reducing the risk of getting infected with the zika virus. every day that passes makes it harder to stop. one of the key things is that the sooner and more robustly you start, the less you have to do in long term. the mosquito is not waiting for the end of the fiscal year. we need resources now to begin multiyear efforts. >> dr. tom friedan, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> next, counting down kentucky's 64 delegates up for grabs. polls are about to close. stay with us.
1:57 pm
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>> that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. turning you over to wolf blitzer and anderson cooper. they're right next door in "the situation room." >> happening now -- on the attack, new ads rolling out using donald trump's own words against him. trump foiring back with choice words on twitter. who comes out ahead in the battle for women voters? >> voters in kentucky and oregon making their choice. first results soon. hillary clinton hoping to bounce back from a bad couple weeks. sanders campaign facing fallout. gathering erupts into angry chaos. >> beyond the conventions. i'm anderson cooper. >> i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room."