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tv   Americas Choice 2016 Kentucky Democratic Oregon Primaries  CNN  May 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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last hour the top of the last hour they are about to close in the rest of the state right now. will we be able to make a projection or if not, let's take a closer look right now. we got a pretty close contest shaping up in kentucky among the democrats. let's get a key race alert. we're not able to make a projection. too close to call. look how close with 7% of the vote counted in kentucky right now. bernie sanders maintains his lead 47.2%, 45.7% for hillary clinton. he's only up by 647 votes. he's got 20,300. very, very close contest right now. we are not able to make a projection, at least right now it is too close to call. anderson. >> wolf blitzer, thanks very much. we're joined by michael smerconish and david axle rod. for hillary clinton losing kentucky, how bad would that be? >> honestly, i don't think it will be that bad. you look at basically an even
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race. they distribute delegates proporti proportionally. she's still on route to being the nominee of the party there are optics involved. obviously as mike mentioned earlier, i remember very clearly the end of the 2008 race when she ran off a series of victories against barack obama as he was on route to the nomination, but it didn't really impact him moving forward, and i don't expect this will impact her moving forward. the issue is that she does have this to attract kind of deal going right now and that was -- mccain was not an effective force against obama in 2008 when he was ramping up the campaign. you know, she's in this war with trump. she's got this side battle here. so it in terms of resources and attention, it's an annoyance. it's not a major set back. >> michael, do you agree? >> i agree with everything. it prevents her from garnering a
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sense of momentum she needs to now pivot toward the general election and fully engage with donald trump but the d's do things proportion anytimely. if bernie sanders wins but a little in kentucky and does like wise in oregon, he really doesn't move the needle anywhere near where he needs to do to shift the met tricks of this race. >> in someways, hillary clinton did her homework early. i mean, she swept the south. she won the big states, ohio, pennsylvania, obviously won new york, florida and she can in someways, not exactly coast but can afford to lose contests in demograph demographically, these are states she would always have problems with. states that don't have a lot of african americans. if she loses tonight, i think it will continue that sort of pattern we've seen so far but i think she's done what she was supported to do early on.
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>> hillary clinton in the lead by 86 votes. gives you the sense of the switching back and forth. >> she spent money in the state she didn't want to spend and had ten or 1 1 appearances in the state because it's clear as david is talking about the so-called optics of the race, she would rather win kentucky then lose kentucky but john king was pointing out earlier, bernie sanders has to win 67% of the delegates going forward and what she's got is paul's super pac doing an ad that takes on donald trump frontally while she's busy doing other things and doesn't particularly as a candidate is not yet ready to do that herself and the ad speaks to the problems trump has with women and what they are doing is not so much trying to redefine him because he's already defined himself pretty well during this race, they want to look at him under a magnifying glass and point out every single thing he has said about women to make sure those voters come out in the fall. >> it's interesting. donald trump is now responded to
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that ad. >> we want to thank him for that. >> it's interesting he responded not by taking on things he said and misquoted on. >> he's wrong. he's talking about outsourcing. something he knows a lot about and ties are made in china. the ad doesn't say this is on women. it says does donald trump speak for me? of course, he just dove right into it. i'm glad he did. he made more people take a look. you can't misquote someone when you run audio tape of their voice unless it's this guy john -- what's his name? john baron? >> john baron. >> this is trump's voice and things he said and the audience has changed. the audience has grown. these types of attacks failed against donald trump in the primary. >> right, they were used by the gop. >> used too little and too late if you ask me but in too narrow of a universe. the republican primary for example in ohio, key swing state
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we're advertisinadvertising, 94 republican primary. much more diverse country. i want to make sure folks that did not pay attention see who is running. >> bernie sanders now had 553. [ laughter ] >> i appreciate your good effort. let me say something about kentucky, for clinton, kentucky, nothing. for bernie, kentucky everything. okay? if you are a part of the sanders' movement, tonight you may get a chance to say we won on the west coast and won in the mid south, our candidate is la g legit. >> we were talking about this for those who haven't seen it and getting a lot of coverage. let's play part of that so our viewers know what we're discussing. >> you can see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood
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coming out of her wherever. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat ass? absolutely. >> if ivanka weren't my daughter perhaps i would be dating her. >> i think a person that is flat chested is hard to be a ten. >> you can tell them to go [ bleep ] themselves. >> does donald trump really speak for you? >> so paul, your organization, the super pac put that ad out. this was a technique used by republicans against donald trump. you said that it was just done too late. >> too little too late and too narrow. there is a second ad that talks about issues and quotes donald trump in his own words saying he wants to defund planned parenthood. something women of america don't like to hear and says he -- that there should be some punishment for women that excerexercise th
4:07 pm
choose. >> he walked back the punishment. >> donald trump was the one -- >> look -- >> donald trump was the one person on the republican stage who said he is for women's health funding and been very clear on that. he's the first republican candidate in history to advocate for women's health funding. >> he said specifically that he would defund planned parenthood. this is the problem trump is in. >> move the funding -- >> he won the primary by saying everything different every day. i'll hold him to account. i won't say isn't that quant? isn't that exciting? i will say he might be your president? >> it's important to understand the -- >> he didn't say -- >> it might not be moved from planned parenthood and elsewhere but one candidate who has firmly said i think women's health has to be funded by the government. >> let me speak to what i think the effectiveness of paul's ad is. it hit as number of different probables donald trump will have
4:08 pm
in a general. not only are you watching women having to parent some of the more indefensible things donald trump said about women to women, but it also, i think, shows just how unpresidential, unprofessional donald trump is in, you know, in a room full of grownups and so i think to use his own words against him in an ad about running for president, i think is exactly the kind of problem he's going to face going through and this is the tip of the iceberg. there is a lot of this that can be used against him. i see an ad using donald trump's word in the oval office or in a meeting with a world leader. he has tone problems. >> i want to get david in but before i do, i think you're showing extraordinary restrain, s.e. in not wearing a t-shirt that said i won $50,000 in charity on jeopardy last night and beat chuck todd --
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>> i wasn't going to go there. >> enormous strength. congratulations. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i'm awe striuck. i don't know if i can speak. i agree completely. [ laughter ] >> finally. >> i think that -- i really have said this before here. i don't think it's any one issue or even the slight of people that we've seen from donald trump that ultimately is this biggest problem. it's temperament. it's temperament. people understand that it may be kind of seeing someone punch someone verbally in the nose but they also understand that when a president of the united states does it, it could have mortal consequences. it can send as i've said before armies marching or markets tumbling and i think this is an unsettling thing to imagine as s.e. suggestions a president of the united states saying these things. >> uh-huh. >> yeah. >> well, you know, but the language succeeded during the
4:10 pm
republican -- >> it did. donald trump had got 11 million votes. there are 135 million people that voted in the again real in 2012. he has to appeal to a much broader electret now. he has an unfavorable rating between 55 and 65% and so i don't think you can extrapolate from the primary and assume what did or didn't work in the primary didn't have an impact -- >> that's why hillary clinton keeps talking about how he's a loose cannon and in your interview -- >> i also think these ads, reminds me of the 47% ads you ran against romney. every time you saw that ad and heard those words, it was shocking and in someways, it's the same. >> close democratic race in kentucky. will it be hillary clinton tonight or bernie sanders? more votes straight ahead.
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it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. all the polls in kentucky closed. we're not able to make a projection too close now. key race alert. 15% of the vote is in. bernie sanders has a lead 47.4% to hillary clinton's 45.4%.
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he's up by 2,000 votes. he's got 40 -- now it's 2000 votes, just changed. he's got 44,500. she's got 44,100. 15% of the vote is in in kentucky. let's check in with john king at the magic wall. >> those close numbers suggestions we got a lot of counting to do. as i mentioned, two keys for secretary clinton are areas you have a significant african american population and she's outperformed bernie sanders. fayette county and holding a ten-point lead there. she needs to hold that maybe build a little bit to expect jefferson county and maybe largely for secretary clinton but only 8% of the vote. let's hold off there about jumping to conclusions. watch, another big question, remember hillary clinton's comments about cole mines closing, cole miners losing jobs. she says they were taken out of contest and says the government needs to do a lot to help those
4:16 pm
people and communities. that's been an issue. wolf, if you want to look through the state, this part in eastern and western start of the state, these are major cole producing counties here and here as you see the map filling in, senator sanders is winning the bulk of them here in the eastern part of the state. we're starting to get results in the western part of the state. that will be something else to watch. i want to note one thing, here in knox county, 90% of the vote secretary clinton. look how small in terms of the democratic vote and move up here into clay county, a coal producing county where she won again. 100% of the vote reported. so not a wipeout in the coal country in the eastern part of the state but as you can see senator sanders winning far more leading in far more countiecoun. these are coal-producing counties and coal impact counties, the coal might be taken out of the mines here but
4:17 pm
affects the economy in much of the state. one of the things we'll watch tonight where those comments again which secretary clinton suggestions were taken out of context but do they hurt the results tonight. >> john king, thanks very much. 20% of the votes in right now. very close race, indeed, between those two candidates. we were talking right before the break about this new ad put out by super pac in favor of hillary clinton. paul begala is partially responsible. >> senior advisor. team effort. >> donald trump one of the ways he responded and tweeted up a number of responses is to go after former president clinton for his relationships with women and in the past donald trump has called hillary clinton an enabler of this. how vulnerable do you think and capable is she of fighting back against the charge? >> you're seeing i'm doing it. she doesn't have to. she's going to run on issued and
4:18 pm
ideas. >> she's standing ocn a debate stage. >> i don't worry about that. >> you don't? >> not in the least. everywhere i go, i guess because liberals are wimps they say what are you going to do when donald trump attacks? someone needs to go to donald trump and say we're going to attack you, buster. we've gotten under his toupee. he's a very vulnerable politician himself -- >> there -- >> let me just show the response bill clinton was asked about donald trump's comments today on just kind of looked like we caught him by surprise. here is what the former president said. >> any response to donald trump calling you one of the least political leaders in u.s. history? >> i think people are smart enough to figure this out. >> he said no, i think people are smart enough to figure this out. >> no, look, i think there's a
4:19 pm
smugness coming out of clinton camp. a little smugness when it comes to dealing with donald trump, and he is much better at this than i think they acknowledge, and i don't think -- i don't think this is getting to trump. i think trump has been dying for this moment to come. "the new york times" story comes out right, with the tales of the women. this was a gift. donald trump has been waiting for a moment to have permission to talk about bill clinton and hillary clinton and their past discretions and has much as he loves, he can't bring monica lewinsky up. he wants these attacks to look like he's just counter punching. he's dying to go after this stuff. >> if that was a gift he looked awfully ungrateful. [ laughter ] . well. >> let me just say first of all to my friend paul, it's not a toupee and there is the first -- [ laughter ] >> okay. retract that. i retract that.
4:20 pm
>> well, everything is different. >> what this is going to do is bring the fundamental question with hillary clinton. i heard my friend david talking about temperament and the corresponding issue would be judgement that from all of the clinton scandals, so-called, in the 1990s and earlier, all the way through now, there is just this trail like pig pen, character in "peanuts" where everywhere he went there was a cloud. she gets to be secretary of state and everything is wiped clean and starts fresh and sure enough we're in it with benghazi and e-mails. this keeps happening and happening and happening and has to do with women saying these things about her that she's an enabler and the women that were the subject of the abuse. so what this gets to be is a question of hillary clinton's judgment. do you want somebody in the white house who consistently over decades has repeatedly exercised bad judgment. >> that's exactly the kind of conversation that conservatives were really looking forward to
4:21 pm
having and litigating this season and haven't been able to do so because we're constantly distracted by stories about donald trump's dating history or the weird things he said about his daughter or i mean, all of this stuff that never allows us to get to the questions around hillary clinton's judgment, and i just wish her candidate would stop engaging so we could have very important conversations about hillary clinton's judgment. >> certainly donald trump feels that he was probably quite effective in shutting down bill clinton and hillary clinton when hillary clinton came after him calling -- talk about sexism, he responded with calling her an enabler and that did seem to quiet as far as the trump campaign is concerned, that seemed to quiet clintons. >> part of this is i think most people, when you think about what they want from the presidential campaign is not to litigate whether or not this person is an abler or said something about somebody. all this is -- what donald trump is able to do is to definish
4:22 pm
politics. the reason they went after bill clinton is not for any actual concern about anybody that complained. they want to take bill clinton off the board this is very, very scenical. part of the problem is that ordinary people look at this and say this makes me sick. this is not going to give me a job. it's not going to get my kid into college and do anything for me. it's a bunch -- it's two rich people arguing which sucks worse. ultimately, that's why there is energy and dynamite. they don't want to be in the mess. >> hillary has not sunk to that level, neither has her husband. there was folks saying that was bad that president clinton didn't respond. i thought it was good. he's trying to focus and his wife is trying to focus on your life, right? this is the dirty little secret about these things that clintons, they are healthy, wealthy, have a great family. they are going to be fine. >> right. >> and hillary's campaign, i believe, i'm watching her
4:23 pm
carefully are trying to focus on voters but the notion this is taken bill clinton off the table or made it impossible, we're putting $6 million behind donald trump's sexist attacks this week so no, it hasn't worked or stopped us. and donald trump was going to say this no matter what. the same guy that invited president clinton to his wedding says he's a horrible person. >> and -- >> by the way, did say -- you said something bad things about hillary clinton. i'm thinking donald trump used to praise hillary clinton. >> and donate to her. at some point, where does the authenticity question come in for your guy? he's authentically angry and rude but he's authentic. you can say you're authentically against the president. >> when they were in congress together and got to run against each other for president and somebody said jfk, you think
4:24 pm
he's your friend and somebody said that will change. >> i think what we may be looking at, though, is a formula here for a low turnout election. if you have two unpopular candidates and donald trump is much more unpopular than hillary clinton but neither of them are hugely popular, you have two unpopular candidates who have arguments over character issues, not judgment on policy but personal issues, you continue this kind of argument. to me, it seems that if you're a voter that's not very excited about either one of them, you might just stay home. >> unless you're scared. >> could seem very consequential. the outcome could seem very consequential. >> that's what you've got to do if you're hillary clinton, make the outcome -- that's what these ads are about, i think, is that this is consequence for you -- >> we should ask the evil genius. >> say -- >> michael? >> i saw the commercial and thought it was very engaging but i don't know about the short term effectiveness.
4:25 pm
there seems there is a never ending search for crib crib ten night. the totality of this causes people to pause and say wait a minute, is this the person i really want to entrust in the oval office? >> we have to take a quick break. we watch the race unfold in kentucky and bernie sanders ahead by 4,000 and 23% of the vote in. there is new reaction from the clinton camp, are they worried bernie sanders may score a surprise victory? more on that and more votes ahead.
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> let's get a key race alert. 36% of the vote is in very, very close. 47.2% for bernie sanders. 46.1% for hillary clinton. bernie sanders up by 2,054 votes. you can see how close it is right there. i want to check in with jeff zeleny covering the clinton campaign for us in california
4:30 pm
right now. what are you hearing from insiders there, jeff? >> reporter: well, wolf, i can tell you what is happening now. bernie sanders will be speaking here in california in about four hours or so. take a look behind me. this line has been gathering for an hour or so but it stretches three blocks in that direction, and it's beginning to build in the other direction, as well. we see scores turning into hundreds, turning into probably thousands tonight of bernie sanders supporters and you wonder why they are coming out here. the california primary on june 7th has 475 delegates at steak. that is the biggest prize of any state so far. bernie sanders has a lot of support here in california and he is going to make the case tonight to voters. he hopes after a couple wins in kentucky and oregon they need to stick with him here and wolf, the question here is these voters are sander supporters. the question in the end when hillary clinton becomes the nominee, will they support her?
4:31 pm
and we'll be talking to some of them but the democrats we talked to believe she would be a stronger nominee than donald trump. that is not entirely the case. he thought fight in and fight forward here, wolf. the clinton campaign, advisors back in brooklyn, they are lowering expectations for what they believe will happen in kentucky tonight. they believe that the state is a closed primary so it's well suited for her because only democrats can vote but it's about 90%. bernie sanders has done better. i asked why she spent so much time campaigning. she made 11 stops in the last two weeks or so and said she simply wanted to narrow the margin here. she can split the delegates. but no one believes or few people believe in the clinton campaign they are trying to lower expectations for her upcoming kentucky. they believe bernie sanders is likely to win but mathematically speaking she will pretty much split the delegates here but here in california, so many people want to see bernie
4:32 pm
sanders tonight and they will in a few hours time. >> he really gets big, big crowds wherever he goes, a lot of young people. 40% of the vote is in. 47.3%, 45.8%. let's go back over to dana and david right now. it's very close. it gives him towards the big contest in california. >> absolutely and despite the fact that they are trying to lower expectations, i've gotten e-mails and you've gotten e-mails from inside clinton head quarters in brooklyn. here is the reality. you know this. kentucky has historically been clinton country. not just forget about eight years ago where she wet the floor with obama. much more recently. i was down covering the big senate race there where she and her husband were there
4:33 pm
constantly, more bill clinton were not because they are so popular at least historically the clintons are. they were helping, clinton won in 1992 and in 1996 in the general election. this is kentucky. right? i mean, that's the reality check we need to get up against. >> the clinton campaign can't just get away with saying it's 90% white. that's what sanders' states have looked like. yes, 90% white but eight years ago won 72%. there is a question here that is her support eight years ago, we saw this in west virginia has completely flipped and although she's clearly now popular with the coalition of people that her campaign clearly sees as the building blocks to 270 electoral votes, there is this other portion of working class voters in some states that could be
4:34 pm
competitive come the fall but where her appeal and how that gets extrapolated to states that will be competitive in the upper midwest where donald trump indicated he'll go. that's the question that gets asked for the clinton campaign when looking at the lack of appeal with some of these voters in these primary states at the end of the season here. i do think when you see the lines, look at those people lining up to go into that. there is a movement that is happeni happeni happeni happeni happening same l tan use. >> the optics are incredibly important and as david said, if you look at the lines, the rally tonight for bernie sanders and once we'll see down the road is something they won't take for granted. >> let's take a quick break, a
4:35 pm
lot more coming up. a close contest in kentucky. we're not able to make a projection, at least not yet. introducing bai.
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key race alert. bernie sanders has 47.3%. hillary clinton 45.8%. take a look. he's up by 3,190 1r0 0 votes. just went up to 102,024. 43% of the vote in kentucky has now been counted. too close to call. we're not yet able to make a projection. take a look at this. these are live pictures coming in from carson, california. bernie sanders will be addressing a big crowd out there in california. you see people walking long lines, a lot of supporters he's
4:40 pm
got out there. very impressive group and people going out to hear bernie sanders make his appeal for support june 7th. that's when the california democratic presidential primary takes place. a lot of delegates at steak on that day. let's go to john king over at the magic wall. john, a very close contest in kentucky. >> and wolf, let's take a closer look. with 44% in, senator sanders leading a little more than 47% of the vote to nearly 46%. about 3,000 votes there as we count them up and show you look at the map and say what are we waiting for and any indications of how to lean forward. i would say in the eastern part of the state here, eastern coal country, senator sanders by far many more of the countries from a sanders campaign perspective, many of these counties are reporting 100% so far. if you click through some of them, 100% in. 100% in. 100% in. that's not the case in all of them but in many of these eastern part of states, rural counties, all of the votes are
4:41 pm
counted. if you're inside the clinton war room, you think we're trailing but have a chance to pull this out. why? fayette county. only 8% of the vote in. we've been stuck at 8% for quite sometime. you have a significant african american vote coming out of lexington. secretary clinton, if she can keep this cushion as we go from 8% to 100%, more than enough votes here to come back. no guarantee of that. no guarantee this cushion holds but if she keeps it there, there are plenty of votes for secretary clinton to catch up. in the largest county, jefferson county, just shy of 40% and secretary clinton with a nearly 15-point lead there. again, if that margin holds up as the vote count increases and again, zero guarantee of that, if it continues in another area we have a significant african american vote, more than enough votes for secretary clinton. one other thing i'm sure they are watching in both campaign war rooms in the western quarter at the moment as you see, secretary clinton holding her
4:42 pm
own. we're starting to count votes. 16% in. so as you watch this play out, if secretary clinton can keep some of this dark blue and numbers keep coming in in electi lexington, it got closer 46.8 to 46.6. there is more than enough votes for secretary clinton to squeak this out, we'll be counting for awhile? >> very close right there. 46.8 to 46.6, doesn't get much closer than that. you were pointing this out, in terms of the actual delegate count, it's going to be divided. >> almost no different. they will split the delegates obviously involve in a very close race here. i do think as we look at these results, though, david made an important point which is how predictive is it of a general election in which in particularly states like pennsylvania, ohio, michigan, wisconsin white working class voters will be cross pressured in a race between clinton and trump and, you know, the other
4:43 pm
question is how many people who normally vote republican might be driven the other way by donald trump offsetting that. so these are things we'll look for going forward. >> donald trump can't win unless he breaks through particularly in those states. >> the flip side is how many people will go for trump. >> right. >> how many -- >> that's exactly the question. i mean, part of these white working class voters in those states who may -- a lot of them have already voted republican. this is a good point. mitt romney did very well with the voters in 2012. can trump get more of them is the question? >> we got to take a quick break. as we watch, there is growing concern in the party about the possibility of a revolt by bernie sanders supporters. we'll have new information on that and talk to sanders' campaign manager ahead. [burke] hot dog.seen it.covered it.
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go ahead, embrace those beautiful moments. flonase changes everything. look how close it is in kentucky. a lead of 625 votes. he's got 46.8%. hillary clinton 46.6%. he's up by only 625 votes, more
4:48 pm
than 200,000 votes have been counted already. anderson, look how close it is. >> it's amazing. it's been going back and forth over the last hour or so and we'll continue to watch it closely, simply too close to call at this point. you know, what we saw in nevada with the sanders protests, how concerned do you think democrats should be about something like that at the convention? >> i think they should be very concerned. i think they are very concerned. you have folks in the democratic party in nevada pushing back against sanders saying that he needs to sort of set the record straight. you know, i think one of the problems with the sanders campaign is they didn't learn some of the lessons of the obama campaign. obama -- the obama campaign in 2008 was the upstart campaign and knew the rules better and seems like the sanders campaign wants to change some of the rules mid stream and then they get upset when things don't turn out but i think at some point sanders has to come out and sort of level with supporters.
4:49 pm
i think he's been setting expectations really high in terms of the outcome, this idea he's going to be able to change superdelegates minds. he's going to have work to do. >> nia made an important point saying they have to come say something at the appropriate junction tour. he created and harnessed and this presents an interesting situation as we draw near to philadelphia because this crowd and you saw them now in that footage that we're showing as they are headed to the event in california tonight. they have a mind of all their own and regardless of what bernie says, they might not be ready to come to terms with secretary clinton. then what happens? >> i think they can take a queue from bernie sanders. he is their standard bear. >> they didn't this weekend. >> well, but bernie sanders' statement today did not say, you know, slow down or stop or anything else. i think they could take a queue from him if he were to give it and figure out a way to do it
4:50 pm
without saying okay, don't give up on your passion for what we're trying to do but don't disrupt the process. >> i think he missed the moment. i really do. you say he should speak out at the appropriate time. this is the appropriate time and he came you have short. >> jeff the clinton campaign is responding aggressively to trump's suggestion this that interview earlier this eving that he would in fact hold a discussion with the leader of north korea, kim jong-un. jake sullivan said donald trump has a fascination with foreign strongmen, but his approach to foreign policy makes no sense for the rest of us. so even on a primary night like tonight this is a sign of the clinton campaign watching donald trump's words very carefully
4:51 pm
here and picking apart every interview he does, particularly as it relates to foreign policy. this is something we're likely to hear from hillary clinton as well in the coming days criticizing donald trump's foreign policy. >> should donald trump talk to kim jong-un. >> sure as long as he can get the art of the deal done and done his way. it was president clinton who negotiated with the north koreans. >> there's a difference between people having negotiations with north korea around a president of the united states actually meeting with and talking with them. >> i understand, but the end result was that an agreement on nuclear weapons that wasn't cast. >> you would have no problem with the president of the united states talking with -- >> reagan did not talk to the first several leaders and they kept dying on him he the of the soviet union. he finally sat down with gosh
4:52 pm
vaf and saved the world. >> it's interesting to hear the clinton campaign pushing back on this. president obama sat down and talked with the iranians. >> there were two other elements of the interview that got little attention, but he said he would pull out of the paris accord that was negotiated around climate change and he would dismantle the dodd frank financial reform. these are big things to throw out in an interview and we talk about whether the bernie sanders supporters will rally behind hillary clinton. if they begin to think we're going to be pulling out of climate change agreements and financial reform that's going to be pretty motivating. >> this is not dennis rodman going to talk to kim jong-un -- >> it's like nixon going to china. >> no, it's not.
4:53 pm
how would you lay the ground work with who would the people who work for the united states government lay the ground work before a presidential visit? i mean, this is a situation in which you would not want -- >> i didn't see the interview. was he talking about a visit or phone call? >> talking to them. >> meet with, talk to. are we talking about a phone call? >> the point is whether you talk to them or whether you don't, the point is how do you deal with north korea at the end of the day. >> the point isn't whether you talk, it's what you say when you do and that's why getting answers out of donald trump is so important. is he going to talk to them and say nukes because that's been on the table by donald trump. nuclear proliferation is going to keep us safe now. i want to know what he's going to say and that's why it's difficult to understand what he said. this thing i said is a suggestion or this one might be
4:54 pm
a promise. where is he on any of this stuff and what does he mean? he likes to keep it vague and flexible and casual and as a voter then how do i know what i'm getting. >> we're going to take a quick break and discuss this more ahead. the race in kentucky still very close. we'll talk to jeff weaver and the fallout of what happened in nevada and we're also following the large crowds at a sanders campaign rally in california. we'll carry sanders remarks live ahead. the call just came in. she's about to arrive. and with her, a flood of potential patients. a deluge of digital records. x-rays, mris. all on account...of penelope. but with the help of at&t, and a network that scales up and down on-demand, this hospital can be ready. giving them the agility to be flexible & reliable. because no one knows & like at&t.
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welcome back. the key race alert results from the democratic primary in kentucky. this has been switching back and forth over the last hour. hillary clinton now ahead, but only by 302 votes. 46.7% to 46.6%. 55% of the vote counted, still too close to call. let's go to john king. >> it doesn't get much closer than that, but as the votes come in senator sanders had been ahead and now he's behind. what are we looking for? the reason secretary clinton has pulled ahead is because of the vote count from jefferson county. 57% from that county in so far. she has a 17 point lead there. so you see that's one.
4:59 pm
of the reasons she came back. what she's counting on if that margin stays the same she's hoping to pad the lead. the other sign if you're the clinton campaign there's a slow count in fayette county. it includes for kentucky purposes a significant african-american population here. she has a ten point lead in fayette county and a slow count. if this margin holds the clinton campaign is counting on more votes here to add to its basket going forward. in the western part of the state the vote is starting to come in. senator sanders leading and clinton winning here. she's holding her on own here, but from the sanders campaign perspective as we're up to 61% statewide is that a lot of these rural countries are 100% in.
5:00 pm
so as we continue to wait, very close race. we'll keep counting them. >> thanks very much. it's the top of the hour. the results are coming in from the democrat primary. in kentucky it's a tight contest to say the least. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm anderson cooper with a special edition of ac 360. key race alert 55 delegates at stake and hillary clinton had been counting on getting most of them as she tries to put bernie sanders away and moves closer to the nomination, but sanders has won the last two states and he's not going away. as the votes are counted there's a growing concern among democrats that sanders could upend the convention. there are fears about chaos in philadelphia this summer. sanders supporters were lifting


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