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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  May 17, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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1:00 a.m. on the east coast. i'm don lemon. a victory for hillary clinton in kentucky and in oregon a big win for sanders. sanders doubles down defending supporters after the ugly scene with convention chaos. joining me now is roberto lang,
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a chairman of the democratic party that says her experience with a group of sanders supporters this weekend was vile. hello to you. thanks for joining us. >> hello, great, good evening. >> what was the atmosphere like and why do you think it got so out of control? >> i think it began before the convention on thursday this sanders campaign had a rally. one of their high level campaign staff people was jenning the crowd up talking about let's get rid of the party, let's stop the convention, let's take everything over and so people were already in that mode before they got to the convention and then when they got to the convention, you know, we -- one of the first things we did was the rules and they didn't like
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the outcome and they stormed the stage basically and it was pretty much downhill from there. >> chairwoman lang, you got a lot of threats from sanders supporters and i want to play one of the phone calls you vooefed. >> i'm pretty sure you're probably not going to get back to me because you don't care about the american people but what you did today was corrupt and wrong and the founding pathers would be ashamed for the democratic party. >> that was pretty terrible. we probably just guaranteed fires in philadelphia. i'm not a psycho bernie supporter but there are some out there and you may have made a bad decision. thanks, bye. >> i know you received threats to your life, were you concerned for the safety. your safety and the safety of your family? >> well, i think we are, what you played is pretty mild from the threats that i've received
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and my family received and the -- look, i do my job as chair -- >> what are the other threats saying? >> we want you hung. we know where you live. we know where your grandson goes to school. we know where you work and we're going to get you. that's pretty huge threat. >> do we have another one we can play? yes. let's listen. >> hey, this is a citizen of the united states of america and i wanted to let you know people like you should be hung in a public execution to show this world that we won't stand for this sort of corruption. i don't know what kind of money they are paying you but i don't know how you sleep at night. you're a sick twisted piece of [ bleep ] and i hope you burn for this cowardless, running off the stage. i hope people find you. >> wow. so my question again, your safety and your family. >> yeah, and i heard that for the first time this morning.
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my staff has pretty much insullated me from calls and e-mails. i see the texts and facebook and twitter. look, we've notified authorities. they are investigating and there are serious threats out there and i think, you know, the threats are huge but i think we have to go back to the convention and realize what exactly happened. what happened on that day is that the clinton people turned out 98% of the delegates and the sanders people turned out 77 or 78% of the delegates so they had about 500 -- up to 500 delegates that didn't show up for the convention and that's why secretary clinton won that day because she out organized the sanders campaign. >> today bernie sanders issued a statement and i want to read it. it says within the last few days, there had been a number of criticisms made against my campaign claimed that the sanders campaign has a penship
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for pie lens and our campaign believes with non-violence and i condemn any violence including personal harassment. >> when we need to shut down the convention, those things are things that insight people to have violence and i mean, you saw at the convention, i at the end of the day, at the end of the day when we had to shut down the convention, i was told by metro look, you have five minutes to shut down this convention or we're going to do it because we can no longer guarantee the safety of the people in the room. at that moment, my major objective was to guarantee the safety of the people in the room. i had two pieces of business to do. one involved the presidential campaigns, which they both signed off on. the other is something i had to do for my start party. i took motions from the floor
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and passed the business and voted and joined the convention for the safety of everyone in the room. >> what do you want to hear from bernie sanders? >> frankly, i think at some point he owes me an apology because it was one of his staff people that incited this from the beginning and i think there -- not only look, i was the one threatened and i was the one on the podium and i was the one getting all these threats but there were five other people on the podium that were very effected at a deep level. there were people sitting in the crowd that heard people calling for my death and saw the chair thrown to the stage and saw people being shoved and pushed. that isn't the kind of examples that i'm looking for. we are moving to the democratic cover convention where we have to come together and put a democrat in the white house. it's time to talk about how we're going to bring everyone together instead of how to tear
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everyone apart. >> who are you supporting, chairman? >> i'm an unpledged delegate at this moment. >> thank you chairwoman. appreciate you joining us. my political dream team is here. supporter of bill press and matt lewis, cnn contributor and cnn politics executive editor mark preston and amanda carpenter. that last threat, i mean, that was pretty harsh, don't you think? you can't deny that. >> they are all disgusting and absolutely no place in any aspect of life, no place in american politics. by the way, i received, i don't think i'm the only one on the e-mail list, an immediate response from bernie sanders condemning the violence in nevada and said it again tonight and over the weekend, i saw jeff weaver and michael briggs come out. >> it was not -- i don't believe
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it was a bernie campaign staffer that did this. these people in nevada should not have done what they did but there was a legitimate complaint that kaleigh mentioned, eight of all the people that hillary clinton put forward were challenged and if you were for bernie sanders and i also believe i've read that she was a clinton supporter. >> what we saw happen tonight -- >> she said she's unpledged. >> nothing excuses violence. >> of course. >> even tonight in kentucky, alison grimes, the secretary of state, huge hillary supporter declares hillary the winner, the unofficial winner. that the not a normal thing to happen. it looks heavy-handed. >> i get your point and i get your point, but the facts of the matter are in nevada, when we had an election in the caucuses,
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hillary clinton won that race. tonight she's winning the race. >> i get -- >> why not let -- >> i hear -- >> i can explain. >> we're spinning ourselves into circles when the fact of the matter is simply that the facts that we have -- >> no -- >> you could say could have been, should have been. >> first of all, the caucuses, she won nevada by 700 points. hardly a landslide. very close. then think went to clark county and had readjustment and sanders people fighting for delegates and sanders people won the delegates. the next step is the state convention where now the clinton people move in and squash the bernie thing. the sanders people had legitimate complaints and in the middle of it, she shuts the thing down. she shuts it down. >> also, what you also know and what the chairwoman said from what we know from nevada and i
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know my good friend was out there. we know for a fact is that hillary clinton had more delegates on the floor. she had more delegates at the state convention, at the county convention level out organized. the clinton campaign out organized, however, at the state level it was different. and it kind of -- it peeves me just a tad when we're talking about the will of the voters and then we get to the sublevel and then we get to the level and the fact of the matter, we had a race, hillary clinton won by five points. >> they disqualify the sanders voters. >> as bill preston. >> i think there is -- >> the press, excuse me. mark preston. [ laughter ] >> just call me dude. [ laughter ] >> go ahead. >> i think there are two discretion points. the violence that we know shouldn't happen. it's ridiculous. the phone calls that she receives, i've been on the receiving end. i've received them from both sides, democrats, republicans, so don't get any ideas.
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having said that, there is a feeling among sanders supporters they have been wronged by the democratic establishment from day one. that this has -- >> hillary may not be at fault but they are creating an impression this is heavy-handed and today -- i thought it was weird. >> it's not even hillary clinton. it is the establishment as a whole. they don't point -- when you talk to the sanders campaign they don't say this is the hillary clinton campaign problem, this is the democratic national committee problem and the fact they have been entirely behind the hillary clinton's candidate and did not want us to get in from day one. >> the republican side -- >> that's just it. that's why i empathize so strongly with the supporters because this is what the republican establishment attempted to do to donald trump supporters. i understand how they feel. they say from beginning to end what p hahappened in nevada was wrong to nullify the tier.
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they refuse to redo the vote all the way to the end when they wanted to recount delegates. there was a second on the motion to recount delegates and squashed it. they ended the convention. you have to ensure fairness. i knew this is technical but to people, voters, this is real. this is their voice and their chance to pick the nominee and that has to be acknowledged. >> what happened to the rules are the rules? >> the rules are the rules but these processes can be messy and when tensions are running hot and candidates on both sides, bernie sanders and donald trump saying this is corrupt, the system is rigged, they are being unfair and telling people invested in this process, i think misleading them, getting them too hot. you do get violence and nasty phone calls because people are getting spun up and instead of leaders -- >> but -- >> let me finish the thought. these leaders have an obligation to lead them in the right direction and unify them in a positive way.
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i don't think these leaders are doing that. >> bernie sanders says the party has an idea to open up and he said as much tonight, listen to this. >> the other option for the democratic party, which i see as a very sad and tragic option is to -- is to choose to maintain its status quo structure, remain dependent on big money campaign contributions -- >> boo! >> -- and be a partyith limited participation and limited energy. >> boo! >> and a party which incredibly is allowing a right-wing extremist republican party to capture the votes of a majority of working people in this country. >> boo! >> now i come from the working
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class of this country and i will be dammed -- [ cheers ] >> i will be damned if we allow the republican party to represent the rich and powerful to win the votes of working class americans. >> mr. preston, take it away. >> look, what he said there kind of didn't make sense because he's saying the democratic party is being controlled by wealthy people but yet, you need the money to win elections at the same time you need that money to try to help the working class. so while he says that he'll be damned to let it happen to survive and go against the republican party, you kind of need that money. >> no time on the end. >> i have to say look, i'm a yellow dog democrat. when i die, i want to be buried in chicago to continue to vote as a democrat. he's right. the democratic party lots its
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way. it's not longer the party of the people or represents working class people. it represents too big wall street and big corporations almost as republican -- >> you sound like donald trump. >> i sound like bernie sanders i hope. i think they have to get back to the roots. >> what are they? >> the roots are working class americans. union members. >> that's an unfortunate sentiment when we -- >> democrats -- >> it's not unfortunate at all. >> when we've had a president for the last 7.5 years whose had to go through more obstruction than anybody can possibly imagine with mitch mcconnell, with paul ryan, with boehner. this president worked his butt off to make sure they did well and he's led this country well and for you to be disappointed, he did not let all progressives down. >> can we get facts out. >> i got to get to the break. i'll let you get it on the other side of the break.
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in the mirror, if you want to talk about to have the -- there
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is a lot of virtus your candidate has to answer for. >> talk about this every time we have a discussion hillary clinton versus donald trump. he begins to deflect. talk about the issues, talk about the fact that there is no economic policy. let's talk about -- >> the irony is -- >> we have had this discussion. >> no, we haven't. >> the discussion about b benghazi. she brushed her shoulders off, came out of there looking like a champion. >> she will have to stand there and take it for hours, just like she did then. >> more on the kentucky/oregon primary. what's it like to be in good hands?
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>> the clinton/sanders battle
10:43 pm
getting most of the attention tonight. donald trump, the republicans' last man standing, making news himself. to you first. a new document today, the revenue increased $190 million, is this in response to quiet the tax debate. >> he has been criticized, why not put out a document with information. with the taxes, we saw what happened to mitt romney. he did that taxes were fine. they found out about a swiss bank account, and beat him over the head with it. that was the beginning of the end for mitt romney. why take advice. keep them to yourself. >> mitt romney didn't run on this money, donald trump is rinning on this money.
10:44 pm
>> if he wants to release them, he promised to release them. i believe he will after the audit. on the outside, saying, i don't think he should. >>y he said he is worth more than $10 billion. he is going to ask people for donations, worth more than $10 billion. >> the crazy part, people believe it. >> they entered into an agreement. they have a long way to go to come up with the money, when it comes to -- >> this is news. this is news that the nominee of the republican party is going to help to raise money for the rnc? that is his job.
10:45 pm
>> why is it not news? when he said, your system is corrupt. when the speak of the house said, i am not sure i am supporting you right now. why wouldn't it be news. every nominee has to, he is the leader of the party right now. he has no option. both sign joint fundraiser arguments in the fall. they want to give a hundred million, they don't know who to give it to?
10:46 pm
>> how do you monetize it? there are republicans who don't want to be seen with donald trump. traditionally, you have a dinner, speak, donors would come. there are -- >> he is fundraising. >> i think that donald trump is toxic to the sitting senators, in pennsylvania, all the way to john mccain in arizona. i am happy for him. the fact of the matter is, democrats have ads up in ohio, florida. >> we got you. move on. i want to talk about newt gingrich. tweeted to be on the short list for vp. atlanta tomorrow, and just received t.s.a. could take two, three hours.
10:47 pm
>> you think so? >> yes. >> first of all, i think that idea of considering newt gingrich as the vice presidential candidate is ludicrous. the fact that he became the speaker is historic. >> he failed, fell on his face. not one he was a miserable failure as a presidential candidate. won south carolina, that is about it. a donald trump/newt gingrich
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[ electricity crackles ] hey at least you got your homeowners insurance through progressive. by bundling it with your car insurance you saved a ton! yeah. do you want to see the rest of the house? -i can actually see a lot of it. -oh. >> back with me now, my
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political dream team. low approval ratings. >> i think we will have a high turn-out in november. whether you hate donald trump, hate hillary clinton, i think we will have very high volume. >> will it tb -- do you think we will see violence at either convention this summer? >> i hope not. donald trump is the nominee. there will be new collisions to advance the platform. we don't know what his true
10:53 pm
priorities are, there will be a lot of new players. there will be jockeying among players we haven't recognized before. it will be a new republican party. we will see the beginning of that at that convention. >> i want to ask. >> what i find interesting, a few weeks ago, we were talking about the contested republican convention, now it looks like the contested convention will be the democratic convention. for the platform, for the rules, i have to tell you, i am looking forward to that. >> we know it is going to happen. >> would it have made a difference if the president or first lady jumped in. when will we see the president and first lady jump in and endorse? >> and support someone, start campaigning? >> i don't think they are going to do it any time soon.
10:54 pm
>> the president said she is the best prepared to pick up his legacy and carry on. in all but name president obama endorsed hillary clinton. >> if i don't win, i will consider it to be a total and complete waste of time, energy and money. >> all or nothing guy. i don't know what happens from there, he is someone that listens to the voters, it won't be easy, he will respect it. >> 15 seconds left. if he doesn't win, how influential is he?
10:55 pm
>> familiar donald trump doesn't win this race, i think they will find themselves doing back to someone like amanda's candidate. now they have a donald trump, he has no policy, he has no morals and no princele approximates and no successors. 20-20, anyone? >> with that we will be back. that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months.
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back now with final thoughts. so what happens to your candidate at the convention? >> well, he has a lot of delegates that are still loyal to him. but regardless what happens at the convention, ted cruz is going to be a very influential u.s. senator from a very large state where he can continue to wield a lot of influence in the u.s. senate, where he has been very effective so far. but as for further ambitions, he really has to see what happens to donald trump and the worst trump does, the better for cruz in the long run. >> you said contest the convention. people are saying it's not going to be a contestimonied convention. >> bernie sanders is going to give a great speech. if he's not the nominee, bernie sanders is going to lead the revolution. he's got the people. he's got the energy. he's got the list. he's got the money. in the meantime, california,
11:00 pm
here we come. june 7th. >> you're not giving up hope yet. thank you, guys. what are you guys going to do after now? >> go to church. >> right across the street. right across the street. thank you very much, everyone. see you soon. our coverage now continues with john vause and isha sesay in los angeles. and, don, thank you very much. we'll let you guys go off to church. >> indeed. thank you, don. welcome to los angeles where we continue our live coverage of the oregon and kentucky primaries. >> well, for the democrats, a split decision. hillary clinton by a nose edging out bernie sanders in kentucky's primary with less than 2,000 votes. a razor thin win, which breaks a string of recent losses. >> sanders does get the win in oregon, though, with 53% of the vote right now. here's the big picture for you. the delegate count. clinton is now 89 shy of locking up the democratic nomination. sanders says he's not


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