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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  May 18, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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handgello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." live from new york city, inside a building in that shot is the guy on the left. a meeting of the minds is expected. donald trump sitting down with another gop establish man figure. former secretary of state, henry kissinger. the face to face is just the latest attempt by trump to ease the tensions in the party that many thought would be dealing with an all-out civil war at this point but oh how quickly
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things change in politics. suddenly, it is the democrats who are seemingly on the verge of said civil war. if you need any proof, last night's primaries. hillary clinton squeaking by in kentucky gaining a much-needed win ahead of the california primary but in the meantime, bernie sanders pulled ahead in oregon. continuing his west coast winning streak along with his victory in oregon, democratic fears of a sanders rebellion and they are still echoing from a noisy, noisy weekend. >> at stake. [ crowd booing ] >> bernie sanders. >> wow. so that is nevada's democratic convention spiraling into total chaos. sanders supporters hurling insults at officials like senator barbara boxer. the california senator
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addressing the convention last hour with cnn's kate bolduan. >> i did fear for my safety and i had a lot of security around me. i called bernie a couple of times and he phoned me back last night, and he was very distressed about it. and it was a very warm conversation. and i told them he expressed shock his people would do it. i told him the vast majority of bernie supporters were fine, but there was this group of 50 to 100 people. they were not young people. they were older people. and that he ought to check out to see who these people are. and he said he would. i expect bernie to get a hold of this whole situation. that's what i expect from a leader and bernie has shown he's a leader in this country. >> another person who faced the
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wrath of the crowd is the head of the nevada democrats. her name is barbara lang. and she is still feeling the fallout from that convention because she has been facing vile messages almost every second on social media. she has also had death threats hurled against her and against her family. lang tells cnn's carol costello and i should say roberta lang saying that the sanders campaign has not come out strongly enough to condemn these actions. have a listen. >> i think he should acknowledge that there were death threats to me, that there were death threats to my husband, that there were death threats to my 5-year-old grandson, they called my work and tried to ruin. like i said, this is my volunteer job being chair. i have a full-time job where single mothers and people trying to pay off their school loans work and it hurt our business.
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people were calling our business so much that they had to unplug the phone. i think they owed apologies to me and then i can give it to the owner of the business. i think those kinds of apologies need to happen and i think they need to recognize that this is not laughable. these are threats to people's lives that are very serious. >> so what is the end result from all of this angst and acrimony, a schism between the democratic establishment? both sides pointing fingers who's at fault for the current state of affairs. >> when i heard what happened at the nevada state democratic convention this weekend, i was deeply disturbed. regardless of any campaign or candidate's frustration over process, there should never be a but when it comes to condemning violence and intimidation. they are never accessible under
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any circumstances and what happened at that convention was unacceptable. >> after a conversation with senator reid, he brought a statement after the convention happened. he categorically condemns any kind of threats that went on, absolutely unacceptable. debbie wasserman-schultz, we could have a conversation about her throwing shade from the beginning whether it was the debate schedule that were very few and far between scheduled on weekends when no one is going to be watching. whether it was when they shut off the sanders access to his own data and sued them in federal court to get it back. whether it was these joint fund raising agreements with the hillary clinton campaign which are taking money away from state parties and sending it to the dnc. i got to say, it's not the dnc. by and large, people at the dnc have been very good to us. debbie wasserman-schultz is really the exception. >> i want to talk about all of this. communications director for the dnc, louis miranda live, cnn
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commentator and sally cohen as well and phillip levine is with us. sally, i know you've been an avid bernie sanders supporter since the beginning. but we've now got a grandmother who's worried about her 5-year-old grandchild. we've got a woman who says her marriage might be on the brink because of bernie sanders supporters. we have a u.s. senator who just said on live national television she feared for her life at a democratic convention. where is this going, sally? >> reporter: well, okay. first, let me just say one thing i think that's important to say which i know in the media, we love drama and false equivalencies. that's in no way akin to the republican party. >> i don't want to talk about the republican party. answer the question. i'm going to the republicans in about ten minutes. but i have time to get down on this mess. it's ugly.
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someone fearing for her life. where is this going? >> wait, wait. i'm not defending it. first of all, that the democrats remain unified in winning and in our agenda to win in the fall, number one. i don't want to draw that equivalency. number two, look, you're exactly right. as a sanders supporter, i have to be honest, it was the sort of bad behavior of the so-called bernie bros and i think senator boxer said it's not a majority but a vocal minority of sanders supporters and i witnessed it personally. we've seen it here in a really ugly form. and it's disquieting and awful and horrible and should be unacceptable in any campaign and i would like to see senator sanders in his campaign doing more to fight back against this from this sort of ugliness and vitriol from the beginning and i would certainly like it right now. i'm disturbed by it. >> louis, how far does the dnc go in demanding something more
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vocal, more to discry the disgusting behavior and we continue to see it, i'm tell you yoing you, every two seconds gets a foul kind of text message or social message and i don't think you're biassed to say that's horrible. >> i completely agree with you and i agree with sally. this is not the vast majority of bernie sanders supporters. and we certainly recognize that. but i also want to dispute what you said, ashleigh, this isn't about two sides. we're neutral in this race. we've done our best to be fair to both sides, both campaigns. we're proud of the campaigns they've run that have been substantive but when incidents like this do occur, it is incumbent upon us and the chair to make it very clear that that type of behavior is unacceptable. >> hasn't the dnc contacted? i get you're neutral.
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i get it. i've heard that over and over again as everybody from the dnc is asked about this disgusting melee. but what i want to know is, has the dnc put out overtures to contact bernie sanders? because i think debbie wasserman-schultz said she had not. what are they perhaps demanding that bernie sanders really apologize for what's going on and order, demand those people not to do this kind of thing in his name? >> what she said just happened at the staff level. and on top of that, issued a strong statement and made it clear to both campaigns that we need to make sure that the tone of this primary. >> what does staff level mean? >> now the chair has not reached out but regularly engage with both campaigns and in touch on a daily basis. obviously, i think that both campaigns recognize that there's a much bigger issue here which is that we have a general election where we have trump running a campaign that is dangerous and divisive and we need to put the focus on that
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and anytime there's an incident like this, it's damaging and it certainly takes attention away from where we should be focused, where i agree with sally is on the dangerous and divisive campaign that donald trump is running. we're certainly focused on running a good primary. we think it's been very strong to date. we think it's great that our candidates have competed and gotten voters out in so many states and bodes well for us in the general election. >> mayor levine? >> maybe at the top of the statement that was put out yesterday. mayor levine, you can't be licking your chops at this because, two reasons, number one, there are accusations that the dnc has been rigging things for your candidate and that is uncomfortable to the wider majority and hillary clinton needs those people. she needs bernie sanders supporters if she were to become the nominee.
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which is not a foregone conclusion but need them and this kind of stuff just proves that that may not happen. >> ashleigh, you know, first of all, what i'm not going to do is tell you the republican party is suffering from the stockholm syndrome right now, so they're completely captive by donald trump. you're not going to hear anything from then as far as what's happening on their side but i think it's important that sanders people are motivated and excited. no room for the violence, but there's a lot of passion there. sanders has done an amazing job bringing the passion level and bottle it and bring it in a positive way. but taking aim at debbie wasserman-schultz is like killing the messenger trying to be objective and unbiassed, trying to bring this thing to a close and that's the wrong thing for the sanders folks to be doing. as far as the convention is concerned, we're going to see a unity. we're going to see us come together. there's no room for these rough
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that want to make energy but we are going to be unified. remember something. secretary clinton in 2008, she was still campaigning through june against president obama. it's okay, but there's no room for this type of violence, these types of threats, but the energy from sanders is something that we all love, we all want to bottle. we're fwoing going to see that philadelphia. >> stick around. all three of you. sally, phillip. the math is stacked against bernie sanders if you look at the actual facts but he said not to count him out. he seems to be stepping up the fight. will the upcoming california primary, california, all the way to california, will that end up deepening this divide in the democratic party or will it finalize results? we're going to talk about that next and you can watch "legal view" online at any time. so go. the heirloom tomato.
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is cast. there are 475 delegates atstake for the democrats in that state. so that's what you call a big kahuna. based on showings like from oregon yesterday, said this. >> it will be a steep climb, i recognize that, but we have the possibility of going to philadelphia with a majority of the pledge delegates. >> now the most recent poll by fox news last month shows that hillary clinton is ahead of bernie sanders by just 2 points. and just as it's played out in previous states, more younger voters prefer bernie, more women favor hillary. think it through though. who goes to the polls on voting day? my panel is back with me. cnn political commentator, sally cohen, a bernie sanders
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supporter. and sally, i think this is the most repeated question of the last sort of week or so. going all the way to california when even if you were to dump all super delegates out of the math, bernie still isn't winning and can't, what makes him think mathematically he can go all the way to philadelphia with more pledged delegates? >> just the odds stacked against him is different than she won the threshold and is over. and let's be fair, she hasn't won the threshold. it is not over and states continue to, bernie sanders win a few states, neck and neck in kentucky and pretty unfair through the democratic process and to the name of the democratic party to say, at this point, she looks ahead, so let's just call it. that's not how this works and this is good for the party, good for america, good for voters and
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ultimately, help us clarify who we are as a party and what we believe in and make whoever the nominee is stronger in the fall. >> louis, just thinking about some of these democratic leaders who hold a lot of sway when they make public comments and answer public questions like the one dianne feinstein said when she was asked if she thinks bernie sanders should drop out of the race, she said, i do think so. but she conceded after the voting concludes on june 7th which is different than saying now and others said that, but isn't there irreparable damage done to the party and your options, your chances for november, the longer these primary battles wage and the more scenes we see like we saw in nevada? >> not necessarily. at least not, i think what we saw in nevada shouldn't be replicated anywhere but in terms o of a primary that goes the distance, i think so.
9:20 am
senator clinton stayed until the last contest and then she was the one nominating barack obama on the floor of the convention. so the reality is is that for us, it's been good to see an extended primary where the candidates have a chance to campaign, to engage with people, and so we're seeing this as a party-building exercise. we have a unified database that gives us a huge edge over republicans and as our campaigns reach out of the to voters and engage them, all of that intel, all of that information is feeding back into the information that we're going to have heading into the general election. for us, there isn't a problem with that. we're able to chew gum and walk at the same time. we're standing on coordinated campaigns with the state. that's why joint victory funds are so important because we need to start investing in the general election and building that apparatus even while we wait for the primaries to conclude and we feel confident we're going to have the operation and infrastructure in place coming out of the primaries going into the convention and that we'll be united and the focus will return
9:21 am
to donald trump and the problems that he poses for security. >> in the meantime, you get these big headlines. you get these big headlines. one from politico recently and one is more sanders staffers exit the campaign and they're not just any sanders staffers, as i just fly through it, it's like california. i mean, you know, the operation and constituency outreach director masha were let go last week. these are leaders in the campaign for bernie sanders in california. so is he saying one thing and doing another, bakari but saying i'm going to go the distance but got to let go of my staff there? >> i think he has every intention of staying in the race and any clinton supporter who asked him to get out is being somewhat hypocritical because we know hillary clinton stayed in until 2008 against barack obama and won seven out of the last ten primaries in that race and it didn't affect the president
9:22 am
much going into november, so i fully anticipate sanders staying until june 14th when the district of columbia gets to cast the last ballots. but senator sanders does have a choice to make right now. he can't afford to be silent any longer when we talk about things in nevada. he has to be unequivocal. the question has to be, where does his movement go now? i think he has an awesome opportunity to be a leader, not only in the party but the country but he has to own that responsibility and i like what sally said in the last statement. in the last segment hoping he'll stand up and say, we are not this. we are better than them because bringing this party is largely incumbent upon him. >> all three, really appreciate the time and i appreciate your expertise and the conversation will continue. thank you to all three of you. old guard republican establishment. doesn't get more establishment
9:23 am
than this guy. henry kissinger. might be the oldest of the establishment, in fact. what advice could this granddaddy offer today in a face-to-face soon to be nominee?
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with another landslide and at least 18 more delegates to add to his credit, donald trump is aiming to pick up foreign policy credentials today with the most famous foreign secretary of state, who's not also running for president. and that would be mr., dr. henry
9:28 am
kissinger. foreign policy guru to a lot of presidents. nixon and ford among them. currently nine days shy of his 93rd birthday. he and donald trump are due to meet sometime this afternoon here at the offices of kissinger associates in new york and that is just about all i can tell you. because there's no other information coming out about it. the news crews are right there. that's a live picture you're looking at. they're waiting on the sidewalk to see the walk-in, at least. we do know this week alone, the republican presidential nominee to be has predicted, quote, not a very good relationship with britain if he's elected president and declared that he would have, quote, no problem speaking personally with north korean dictator kim jong-un. here's what trump said about that to reuters. >> i would speak to him. i would have no problem speaking to him. at the same time, i would put a lot of pressure on china because
9:29 am
economically, we have tremendous power over china, china can solve that problem with one meeting or one phone call. >> the landslide i mentioned in yesterday's oregon primary where trump carried two-thirds of the republican vote. keep in mind, oregon votes may mail, and when the ballots went out, ted cruz and john kasich were still in the race, so people would, you know, vote for whomever is on the ballot presumably. he collects at least 18 of oregon's 28 republican delegates putting him by our estimation 62 delegates shy now of that magic winning number up in the right-hand corner of your screen, 1,237. welcome to my panel. a senior advisor to the trump campaign, and former contestant on the trump reality show "the apprentice," ben howe, a conservative writer, contributing editor to and vehement donald trump critic and ryancillizza.
9:30 am
you don't get more establishment than henry kissinger. but kissinger has been critical of donald trump. he's opposed of the muslim ban. he would be more comfy with another nominee. he said glowing things about hillary clinton. so i guess the question is, what do you suppose is going to come out of this meeting? things that you could put in headlines or things that you can't? >> your guess is as good as mine. however, i do know mr. trump very well and i know that he likes to meet with people who are highly respected as dr. kissinger is and meet with them to get his input. so i think it's going to be a great meeting. and i look forward to hearing how it goes. >> did he request it or anybody else suggest it? like did the rnc suggest it or henry kissinger reach out? do you have any idea? >> i'm sorry. i don't have the specifics. >> i know very few people do.
9:31 am
>> i would think you're right. >> ryan, let me ask you this. the comment about being okay with, you know, reaching out and talking with kim jong-un of north korea, at the same time, almost within, i think, seven days, sort of some less than flattering conversation about the prime minister of england, david cameron, the new muslim mayor, sadiq khan, these are the number one allies of the united states. curious about how all of that factors in to the messaging when you're talking about foreign policy. >> well, i'll tell you this, ashleigh and one correction, i'm with ""the new yorkethe n "the new york times." and i've been doing interviews up on the hill and a lot of republicans who have been slow to come around to trump, i would say foreign policy is one of the biggest sources of concern.
9:32 am
their view is, as president, there's only so much, i hate to use this word, but frankly, damage trump can do because he has to submit legislation to congress and have a chance to influence that but on foreign policy, of course, the president has a much freer hand and republicans on the hill and the house and senate might not have as much influence there. and so from his comments about pulling out of nato to his comments about getting rid of the security guarantees to south korea and japan and, you know, more alarming saying he would do direct one on one negotiators with the sort of lunatic in north korea which across the foreign policy spectrum no matter how far or right or left you are, there are no foreign policy thinkers that believe that's a good idea. so there's a lot of concern about trump's foreign policy views when he just goes on
9:33 am
instinct and maybe doesn't have advisors around him coming up with more positions. and so i think from the republican establishment's opinion, the more he can sort of talk to people like kissinger and other sort of, you know, muckty mucks the better. >> the establishment. so when you mention the off the cuff, i am paraphrasing what you said, he wasn't off the cuff when last night he gave a foreign policy speech. it was scripted and he was real specific about some language everybody seized on america first, not the first time we've heard it. isolationist and here he is meeting with a fella who is a first united states secretary of state to meet in communist china. that is so not isolationist. again, ben, hfly on the wall me with two guys like that.
9:34 am
>> i think that for the most part, he's going to be trying to figure out, how can he make the people, the establishment, who are concerned and who may even look at hillary better on foreign policy. how is he going to merge those worlds and make it so that the people who he spoke to in the primaries where he was critical of republican foreign policy, i mean, that was a big plank for him, for him to now come off of that and appeal to what embodies republican foreign policy, i think he has to try to figure out a way to marry those things. so i think he's going to be looking to kissinger for advice to make all parties happy. >> are you suggesting donald trump looks at a new marriage? is that what you're saying? >> yes. >> please don't say that. >> i'll use less marital language but i think he would definitely try to figure out, how can i win without losing any of the people who i brought here by being critical of
9:35 am
republicans. >> delicate dance. i love that you laughed. >> i love your sense of humor. >> right back at you. can you stick around? i have more questions for all three of you. got to throw in a quick break but not before i ask questions about other headlines that came along. see the women on the stage? the family members. many come forward to say, you know what? we are not happy with the way some of the media are depicting our dad, our husband, and we're not afraid to say so. so this is some pretty big fighting words. was that directed by him? i'll tell you in a moment. from the makers of zyrtec®. powerful relief from nasal allergy symptoms, all day and all night. try new rhinocort® allergy spray.
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bothered by "the new york times" story that his father mistreats women. here's what she told "cbs this morning". >> i found it to be pretty disturbing based on the facts that i know them as a daughter and in the capacity as an executive who's worked alongside of him at this company for over a decade. >> donald trump's wife, melania, also setting the record straight on her husband in an interview with "de jour" magazine when asking about liouis ck she stard blankly at the reporter saying she didn't know who the comedian was but she did say, quote, we know the truth. he is not hitler. he wants to help america. he wants to unite people. they think he doesn't, but he does. melania spoke of the election saying this, they go after him,
9:41 am
so he goes after them. it's nothing personal. it's all business. everybody wants to win. he thinks he's the one. she thinks she's the one. i want to bring my panel in again. ben howe and cnn political commentator and new yorker writer, ryan lizza. if i can, start with the women's issues and tana, going to throw this one at you. the campaign through corey lewandowski said they're not going to do anything different or target women or hold rallies for women to try to get past the so-called women's problem he has with his likability factor. but this women thing is bugging him. you can tell. he's gone after "the new york times" with tweet after tweet after tweet and now melania and ivanka, i don't know if they've been dispatched but a concerted effort to try to knock down this woman reporting issue and try to
9:42 am
bring up the woman likability numbers. >> definitely, ashleigh. the fact is if it was my father, i would be defending him as well. if it was my husband, i would be defending him as well. as a woman who works for mr. trump and knows him personally, it outrages us because it's so far from the truth. if you know mr. trump like we do, and you know how good he is to women and men, it's maddening. so i can see why they're defending their loved one. as i'm defending him and it's just unheard of. we are not. we don't have to worry about women getting behind mr. trump because they're already doing these rallies so the campaign we don't have to go and do woman rallies. they're existing as we speak. they're being formed. i'm being asked to come to these rallies. so women across america are saying, we are the voters. we love donald trump. we support him and we're not going to buy into this frenzy that the media is creating.
9:43 am
so i'm 100% behind the ladies. i know both women and they are 100% correct that mr. trump is not this animal that the media portrays him to be. >> so i want to switch gears a little bit then if i can with you to the news that broke in the last, i think, 12 to 18 hours that the rnc has inked a deal with donald trump. a fund raising deal. but, and it's a big butt. it excludes some pretty important states. that donald trump has to win. ohio and florida and colorado and also michigan and pennsylvania. a lot of people say he can't win this election unless he wins all of mitt romney's states and votes. what's your take on why the rnc left these states out of the deal? >> i think they were being a little realistic about where they could get the most money and if they're going to focus on areas where they can get the most donations, those aren't the
9:44 am
states where it's most competitive right now. i think most of the people in the rnc, paul ryan, reince, they have to accept the reality of where we're at. we have a divisive figure. well, they have a divisive figure who is going to be destructive for a lot of people who would normally donate to the gop and be more thoughtful than in previous years. it's not like it was before. >> i want to stay on the money train here and i want to talk about some financial disclosures which are required if you're going to run for president. it's different than tax returns. financial disclosure forms you have a big, big difference. so ryan, this question is for you. they released the financial disclosure forms and trump's rough income was $560 million to senator clinton, along with her husband, reporting about $6.7
9:45 am
million with regard to royalties and book speaking fees with bill clinton as well. what's fascinating apart from always, fun, i should say, clinton actually released the forms. the thing that she gives actually to those two need it, she gave to the public. but donald trump, instead, released a statement, he did not release the forms. so are we in the same boat with the tax returns as we are with the financial disclosures? ryan? >> i think only financial disclosures, i think there's going to be a lot more pressure for that to be public. and i think we'll see that the trump campaign is more likely to cave on that. it should be a public document, if i'm not mistaken. but on the irs disclosure. being the first major nominee, that's not required. the irs disclosure is something that's become a norm in
9:46 am
politics. >> it is a norm of 40 yieears which you can say is the normal. >> that issue is not going to go away. we in the press who our job is to make sure the candidates can have as much transparency as possible are not going to let that go, and i will tell you right now, that hillary clinton's campaign is not going to let that go because it's just unprecedented for someone of that wealth and that means not to show where his income is coming from, and look, a lot of candidates who reached that level didn't have very interesting taxes. there wasn't a lot to show on those forms. donald trump clearly does. and so i don't think he's going to get through this election without showing that and frankly, from a strategic perspective, the sooner you do it, the better, because then people digest it, they look through it and frankly, it gets forgotten about. he'd much rather do it now than in the heat of the general election in the late fall. >> on that same -- go ahead. >> i have to say, i mean, i
9:47 am
disagree that this is going to be a big deal for him. having just gone through the primaries and witnessed what happens when conventional wisdom is presented to donald trump, he must do this or if he doesn't, he will lose, that continues to be proven wrong. and i don't know that his supporters, or the people who flock to him look at these normal attacks and say this is just the media doing what they always do or the party doing what they do, the establishment. all the normal bumper sticker stuff they say and i doubt it. >> to button it up there, tana, are we going to see his tax returns before the election? >> absolutely. >> before the election? >> i would believe you will. >> really? >> that's pretty big news as a trump spokesperson. >> that's awesome. this is news. >> his legal counsel is aware that everybody wants to see this. he's been under a multi year
9:48 am
audit and in due time, it will come out. >> due time is different. due time is different than before the election. >> i am not -- >> did you mean that? >> i'm just saying, i'm not his legal counsel. i don't make that determination. but what i will let you know is mr. trump is very wealthy. he is self-funding his campaign. >> not self-funding anymore. >> he's fund raising now. >> hang on, now. >> we had a conversation about the deal yesterday with the rnc to fund raise together. >> right, but i'm talking about -- >> excuse me, can i speak? close to the $50 million that he did self-fund, close to the $50 million self-fund. he's not looking to get any of that money back. now the rnc and mr. trump will be fund raising. >> tana, part of the deal he just had with the rnc does allow to be paid back.
9:49 am
>> that is correct. that does allow to be paid back. >> he campaigned alone and then raised several million dollars through small donations. >> my knowledge is mr. trump is not looking to get his money he put in up to this point returned back to him. that is his donation to making america great again. >> that's awesome. i love that you have that. just two big pieces of news that you do believe he's going to release tax returns before the election, huge, and that he does not intend to ask for the money back. you're welcome back every single day. thank you for that. and i'll say the same. this has been a great conversation. >> appreciate it. got a little bit of other news to make as well here. do you remember that phrase bring back our girls? remember that was everywhere. it was viral. it was more than two years ago and not a single one of those kidnapped nigerian girls have
9:50 am
been found by boko haram and i am happy to say until today, because now, breaking news, someone has been found. we're going to give you the story next. a day naturally helps support both your digestive and immune health by combining... ... two types of good bacteria. trubiotics. be true to your health.
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for two years, there's been a loud cry to bring back our girls. more than 200 nigerian schoolgirls who are kidnapped by boko haram terrorists. and today, one of them, just one is home. the first girl believed to have been found, and escaped, in fact, since 2014. cnn's international correspondent, david mckenzie, joining me now from johannesburg, south africa. that's amazing after two years missing. any details of how she got away? >> ashleigh, the details are still coming in. as you say, more than two years after these girls were kidnapped from their high school, one of them, just one seems to have escaped. now, according to activists we've spoken to, it seems like
9:55 am
the young girl was with her, quote unquote, husband. in fact, the boko haram fighter she was married to and had a young baby with her. so it's possible that that fighter had defected from the isis-affiliated group from deep within the forest where that boko haram fighting force is cornered. a vigilante group which patrols her into the forest that came across, one recognized her. she was taken away, taken to a family where they identified and must have been an amazing reunion after all this time and now the nigerian military have taken to a place of safety at a military base. now the bring back our girls campaign, remember, was huge around the world. there'll be hopes that more could be freed soon. ash leeleigh ashleigh? >> it's miraculous. great reporting. keep us posted. we've also got this continuing story. the fight that's brewing between
9:56 am
bernie sanders and the democratic party. after the fallout from the heated nevada convention. coming up, we're going to talk to democratic national committee chair. we'll get her reaction to sanders campaign manager saying that she's been throwing shade at sanders since the beginning. to 4 times a week. 3 i'd always get asked if i was asian or moroccan or something else. so i jumped at the chance to take the dna test through ancestry. and my results ended up being african, european and asian. it just confirmed what i guess people had seen in me all my life. i do feel like ancestry helped give me a sense of identity. "what are you?" now i know. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal.
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hello. i'm wolf blitzer. it's 7:00 p.m. in tripoli. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. donald trump and kim jong-un talking nuclear weapons? that's the proposal from the presumptive republican nominee and said he'd be willing to sit down with the erratic leader of north korea. it would be a major ce


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