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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  May 18, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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here we go. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks so much for being with me on your wednesday. listen, we're just a couple months away from selecting america's next president, and both republicans and democrats are as divided as ever within their own parties. once again, the electorate is angry. the electorate playing an integral role here, but this time it is bernie sanders who is being asked to rein in his own supporters.
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after nevada's democratic convention spiraled into chairs being tossed and just absolute chaos there, furious sanders supporters say democrats are stealing the election and favoring hillary clinton. some even issuing death threats to state party leaders. the chair, i spoke with just yesterday, says she's threatened every one or two seconds and senator barbara boxer was booed and she says she has since spoken to senator sanders. >> i did fear for my safety. i did phone person' couple of times and he did phone me back last night and he was very distressed about it, and it was a very warm conversation, and i told him -- he expressed shock that his people would do it. i did tell him the vast majority of those bernie supporters were sitting in their chairs. they were fine, but there was this group of 50 to 100 people.
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they were not young people. they were older people and that he ought to check out to see who these people are, and he said he would. >> at a rally in california, sanders signalled to his supporters that the democratic leadership is not on their side. >> so i say to the leadership of the democratic party open the doors. let the people in! >> senator sanders just won the democratic primary in oregon. he lost kentucky to secretary clinton by a razor-thin margin. he holds another california rally in just a couple of hours in san jose. let's kick this hour off with my colleague cnn senior political correspondent jeff zeleny there in california. the question is, obviously it looks beautiful and calm where you are now. is there any sense of that deviciveness that we saw in nevada trickling over where you are in california? >> reporter: well, brook,
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there's no question that feelings at this point are so raw between the clinton side and the sanders side largely because many democrats just want to get on with this. they want to start, you know, looking forward to this race ahead with donald trump here, but bernie sanders supporters feel entitled and they want to have a vote, particularly here in california. now, there are some 475 delegates up here for grabs in california on june 7th. that's three more weeks of a heated contest with bernie sanders and hillary clinton. now, i can tell you among bernie sanders supporters they believe that this is much ado about nothing really. they believe that they have every right to stay in and it's important to note that the clinton campaign is mott calling for them to get out at all, but, brooke, i had an interesting conversation last night after the sanders rally with a brother and sister who are firm committed sanders supporters. i asked them if they would ever be able to support hillary clinton when she becomes the nominee. let's listen. do you think hillary clinton can unite the democratic party? >> i don't think so honestly. >> i know a lot of people who
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would even if she gets the candidacy would refuse to vote for her because they do not believe in anything that she stands for. they think she's two-faced, a liar and they would rather vote for someone else or do a write-in ballot. they say bernie or bust. i don't think that she can unite the party. >> is it bernie or bust for you? >> well, absolutely. in the state of california we're a firmly blue state, the electoral college guarantees whoever the eventual nominee will be they will get all 55 of our electors so there's no reason for me to vote for hillary in the general election. it's bernie or bust. i'll write in him name. >> reporter: we've yet to hear from bernie sanders on this violence in nevada. he talked to senator bow, as we heard earlier, but he's not yet addressed it. he may do that later today here in california. >> we'll listen for that. let me just pick up. we mentioned kentucky where secretary clinton won. >> reporter: right. >> but very, very thin victory in terms of margins.
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what are you hearing from the sanders campaign? i understand there are reports that they may recount. >> it's the smallest margin of victory, just several hundred votes here, but the sanders campaign is leaving open their option to review these. they do not think that anything is wrong in the numbers at this point. last night i talked to a senior adviser who said they were not going to request a recount. now they are saying today, the senator's spokesman says they are still looking at the numbers before they make that determination. brooke this, sort of gets to the bigger point here that angers some democratic party officials and the clinton campaign for sure. they are wondering if bernie sanders and his campaign are trying to, you know, keep hope alive unnecessarily for some of the supporters and not leveling with them in terms of the math of all this, because the bottom line in all of this is math doesn't lie. hill shill 88 delegates away from winning -- for clinching the nomination. bernie sanders is more than ten times that, brooke, so his supporters like him, no question, but the math here is the truth, and that's what we have to follow in this case.
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>> i know it's the math, but on your note of keeping hope alive think back to '08, the last slew of victries hillary clinton before she ultimately bowed out. jeff zeleny, thanks so much. meanwhile, bernie sanders' campaign manager spoke out against the threats that some sanders supporters have been making, specifically in nevada but also laid blame on the chair of the democratic national commity. >> he categorically condemns any kinds of threats that went on, absolutely unacceptable, you know. debbie wasserman schultz, we can have a long conversation about desclults and how she's been throwing shade on the sanders campaign since the very beginning. >> on the shade we heard from debbie wasserman schultz herself talking to wolf moments ago. >> my response to that is #smh, if we're going to -- talk about that comment about throwing shade. we need to focus on one thing, get through this primary and work to prepare for the general
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election. i understand that there are people that would like to fan the flames and -- and, you know, distract from our task at hand. that plays right into the republicans' hands. we'll be united and come together. >> let's talk about this, let's talk about "the essential bernie sanders and vision for america" and a hillary clinton supporter also joins us. good to see you both. >> good to see you, too. >> the fact that senator sanders had a mega platform last night and understand the frustrations from him and folks in his campaign and supporters and their passion for senator sanders, but, you know, he never once spoke to the supporters and address what had happened in nevada. instead the frustration over it, listen democratic party, you need to be fair to us as well. should he have said more though? >> i think in a statement that he made previous to the rally, i didn't actually see his speech at the rally.
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it was late at night. i had to go to bed, but in terms of the statement he made earlier, i think he addressed it, and i think that if you also put this in context, if you look at the entire year that bernie has ron in this campaign, tens of thousands of people. not a single act of violence in any of those campaigns all throughout the country and there was no violence at that convention. there was a lot of raucousness, there was yelling, you know. i've been in politics a long time and i've been at union meetings that were a lot more raucous when people were debating strike votes and lots of other things. people wave signs and booed. >> chairs being flipped, the chairman of the convention saying she's been threatened the. >> let's separate the two things. >> sure. >> at the separation itself show me one video there where it shows chairs being thrown. show me where the chairs are actually being thrown. i reviewed some of the videos. let's be clear. everybody has said that the threats of the chair against the party, the death threats, were absolutely out of bounds,
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abhorrent and i don't know the delegates at the convention were not those people. people phoned in over the phone that was posted. that was unacceptable, out of bounds. nobody in the seasoneders campaign supports that. >> and here's the chair. you've seen this. >> they are picking it. where are they throwing it. >> honestly, brooke, i've been in politics a long time. it was raucous. it was unpleasant for some people. sometimes that's the way political conventions get. >> barbara boxer said she feared for her life. >> shouting -- all i'm saying is to me the idea of freedom of speech, of being able to stand up and voice your displeasure and let's get to the core of why people are upset which is one people that -- let me finish. let me just finish and then you can talk. the thing that we actually don't talk about is the fundamental question of why people got agitated which was they are feeling that 64 delegates from bernie sanders were disenfranchised and were not allowed to vote. that's the core thing.
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>> there's no excuse for that. there's no excuse for that, and for anyone to say that there's an excuse for that, for anyone to give an apology and use the word but which negates everything before it is not leadership. what bernie sanders had the opportunity to do last night and which he didn't, what jeff weaver had the opportunity to do last night and this morning was make an unequivocal apology and show leadership for what happened. no, you're not responsible for all of your supporters, by no means, and is this all of bernie sanders' supporters? no. in fact, it's a very small number. however, leadership -- you're running for president of the united states. you have to show that leadership. you have to show that courage, not when it's easy but sometimes when it's difficult. now, this isn't the first time that the democratic party has been here. in fact, in 2008 we were here and we had party unity -- i'll have to let your viewers google what p.u.m.a. went. at that point barack obama and hillary clinton showed
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leadership telling her p.u.m.a.s not to show up in denver and barack obama sat down samantha power for some of the things they said about hillary clinton and to say that this process is rigged, frustrating because of the simple fact -- >> we're conflating many, many things. please, go ahead. >> the fact of the matter is the reason that bernie sanders is not winning this race has -- it's not the dnc. the fact of the matter is hillary clinton has 3 million more votes than bernie sanders and those are facts. >> fair enough. let me separate and go back for a second. i do not think that in the united states of america we should say to people you should not stand up and protest. you should not yell. you should not scream. >> absolutely, first amendment. >> absolutely. >> which is fundamentally that happened at that convention. >> there's one thing in expressing yourself in the first amendment and another to chuck chairs, threaten people. >> again, wait a minute -- >> you can't tell barbara boxer,
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who is a lioness in the senate feels threatened that's okay. >> i happen -- i like barbara boxer and i think she's been terrific as a progressive senator, but whoever was yelling at her, they had the right to do that, and barbara's in the public arena. that's part of the, if you will, politics ain't beanbag and i think that's a very dangerous road to go if any campaign, whether the sanders campaign or the clinton campaign, anybody says you should not stand up and protest. you should not -- >> no one is saying that. >> that's very different and i said from the beginning and the sanders campaign has been clear. the death threats and the threats of bodily harm are totally unacceptable in political discourse. i do want to say now to bacari's other point about the questions between the p.u.m.a.s and ongoing conflicts, look, we have a party that's divided about fundamental issues, and i think that's going to expression itself at the convention. that does not mean in my opinion that we can't come out of the convention and know that whoever is the nominee we have to defeat donald trump >> thank you for bringing him up because this is my final thought and i love this conversation and i appreciate it and i think --
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i'm wondering if donald trump -- we talk so much about the rift and the civil war, whatever the headline was in the republican party. i mean is he just kicking and loving this because it is painting a rozier picture on his side? >> the issues that democrats have are issues that are not the politics of personal destruction, although there are some instances of that. donald trump engaged in the politics of personal destruction. you saw that with jeb bush. you saw that with ted cruz. you saw that with marco rubio, the list goes on and on and on and so thoserists may not be able to be mended. this right now, what we have is a vacuum. i'm not asking for anything special or outrageous, i'm just wanting bernie sanders, asking bernie sanders to step up at this moment in time and show the leadership that we all know he's capable of doing. that's all i'm saying. >> the vacuum is partly the incompetence and i consider the moral bankruptcy of debbie wasserman schultz. i think she should resign this
11:14 am
week. she should be replaced by other people who are much more independent. she has lost complete -- >> because why? why would you like to see her do instead? >> first of all this, has a long history going back to what we think has been a fairly -- her attempt to tip the scales towards the clinton campaign. when she didn't organize enough debates, when she put them at times that people wouldn't watch. there's a feeling of mistrust between the sanders campaign and debbie wasserman schultz. i think someone like donna brazill, tulsie gabbert should be the chair of the convention if we want an orderly convention but i think bernie sanders has showed enormous leadership throughout the campaign as we calls for political revolution which, yes, is a challenge to the party. >> appreciate both of you. again, he's holding this rally again in california. will he say anything? you say he's exemplified his leadership and you're asking for more. bacari and general than, thank you for now. quick programming note for
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you tomorrow afternoon. pat him on the back. tomorrow afternoon hillary clinton sits down for a live one-on-one interview with chris cuomo. do not miss it 1:00 eastern right here hon cnn. coming up next, let's talk republicans. breaking news in the efforts to take down donald trump. hear what mitt romney is now doing and saying after word broke that he has been recruiting potential third-party candidates. we have more on that. also, more breaking news. the head of american intelligence says the 2016 campaigns are under cyber attack. we'll tell you who might be behind that. and trump says he would meet with one of the world's most infamous dictators, kim jong-un. why? that's ahead. here's the plan. you want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane.
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serve more than 7 million seniors. i'm proud to wear my philips lifeline. shows that i'm smart enough to take care of myself. innovation and you. philips lifeline. with philips lifeline you get fast, easy access to help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. stay in your own home and keep doing what's important to you. get a philips lifeline today. welcome back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. news just into us here. mitt romney is giving up hope of finding someone to launch a
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third-party bid against donald trump. a source familiar with romney's thinking tells cnn that the 2012 presidential nominee is not actively recruiting anyone for the third-party bid. as we've been talking about, you know, reportedly had reached out to nevada senator ben sasse and trump's former rival ohio governor john kasich. they have both said no. so let's begin there with cnn's chief political correspondent dana bash and "washington post" political reporter ed o'keefe. dana, hello. >> hi, brooke. a never trump adviser acknowledged, i think this is jim acosta reporting, that their efforts, the never trumpers, that it's looking grim. >> right. >> is this the end of never trump? >> i don't necessarily think it's the end of never trump, but it's the -- i should actually in answering that question make clear that never trump has been shrinking dramatically since it became clear that trump was going to be the nominee. people who we never thought would be anywhere but the never
11:21 am
trump camp are now shifting and what these conservatives, an i've been talking to many of them for weeks if not months, but in the past couple of weeks were hoping to do, as you said, is push a third party idea but their big problem was they haven't been able to find a candidate. >> everyone is saying no. >> everyone is saying no. that continues to be the case and so, you know, the end of this road appears to be pretty close if not here for them. >> ed, would you like to chime in before we move on to ivanka trump? >> i think the only -- the only element of the so-called never trump movement at this point that really has a shot at doing anything to slow or blunt trump, if you will, are the conservative activists who have been elected delegates to the convention who might try to use a different rules committee and credential committee meetings that happens before the convention begins to tweak the party platform, make a last-ditch effort to allow somebody else's name to be put into consideration or make other
11:22 am
changes that at least require trump to make some concessions, but this idea of finding a white knight to ride in, i think that died frankly back in the spring when mike bloomberg decided there was no way to do it. he's one of the few americans that has the billions and the bandwidth to do it and he said it's just impossible. >> the one thing i will add to that, brooke, and, i, of course, agree with my friend ed on no white knight, but there are tactics that they still insist that they are going to use, like trying to convince fellow grass roots conservatives who simply don't trust trump as a conservative to write somebody in, to basically have a protest vote. obviously most of them are not going to vote for hillary clinton but to have a protest vote and focus their efforts on the senate and the house which is still not a great thing for donald trump if you need to, you know, rally the base behind you as every presidential candidate needs. >> let's move to donald trump's oldest daughter. she is speaking out. she's coming to his defense. ivanka trump is calling the "new
11:23 am
york times" much talked about expose over the weekend of his father and alleged mistreatment of women, she's calling it disturbing. >> i was bothered by it, but it's largely been discredited since so most of the time when stories are inaccurate, they are not discredited and i will be frustrated by that, but in this case i think they went so far. they had such a strong thesis and created facts to reinforce it. >> you know, looking at you and watching all of that it's like i don't know if it's -- i mean, she's so extraordinary, ivanka trump, that that sort of one piece or the fact that you have to hear donald trump's oldest daughter saying essentially my dad isn't a groper. >> you know, in any other year, in any other cycle for any other candidate having a candidate's daughter come out and say my father's not a groper would mean that there is a five-alarm fire
11:24 am
going on inside the campaign, but for donald trump it's not good. it's clear that it shows that he needs to work on female voters for the general election. >> yeah. >> but it's not the end of the world for donald trump because he's been through this kind of thing for months hand months during the primary. it's a different electorate. it's a different kind of vote their they need. they need to pull over independent voters and -- and women who don't necessarily vote in primaries, who didn't necessarily vote for him if they did. but they tend to vote more republican and the fact that they had her come out she chose to come out and say i'm a feminist and i don't think my father is bad for women pretty -- pretty intense. >> i agree with you. >> yeah. >> i agree with you. finally, ed, on trump ending his self-funding promise, reached this deal with the rnc. tell me more about that.
11:25 am
>> yeah. looks like a deal that will allow them to raise almost $500,000 in some pops from individuals and would go to his campaign and to the rnc, potentially to some other accounts and downballot races. this is what digsly what goes on between a presidential nominee and his or her own party. democrats has set up a process. trump will now have to rely on some outside financial support. can't bank roll the whole thing and this looks to be further evidence that the party is now beginning to coalesce around him and another reason, as dana pointed out, if you have certain members of the party saying focus on the house and the senate and the statehouses and don't worry about the presidency, that there's a potential that tens of millions of dollars could be left away from the rnc and trump as they try to take back the white house. >> okay. ed o'keefe, dana bash, thank you
11:26 am
so much. up next, would donald trump rewrite the u.s. foreign policy playbook? the presumed republican nominee saying he would, quoting him, have no problem speaking with the leader of north korea. a top member of congress is using trump's plan as a punch line. we're going there. more than two years after they vanished a significant development involving one of the more than 200 nigerian girls kidnapped by boko haram terrorists. where she was found alive. cancer... we don't want to think about it. but i had to. because, you see i was traveling, i was enjoying life, i was working... it was too long since my last pap. when i was finally tested, we thought i might have cervical cancer. after worrying - no cancer. i was lucky. women... please get a pap test to check for cervical cancer. and get the inside knowledge about gynecologic cancers. for you and the people who care about you.
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donald trump says he would be willing to sit down with north korean leader sim jong-un in an effort to rein in pyongyang's nuclear ambitions. the u.s. now has no formal diplomatic relations with north korea so trump's overture would mark a massive departure from current policy, but does it also signal a double standard within his own camp? some of the very same republicans who backed donald trump were not exactly thrilled when president obama started saying years ago that he wanted to open up discussions with iran. >> i believe that the american people are going to lock back on this and say this was the single worst thing this president has ever done and every death that iran causes is now on barack obama's head. >> the acquisition of nuclear weapons by iran is a dangerous event because they have i had large call, apocalyptic, theological views that are
11:32 am
scary. i think the president took unacceptable risks in going deeply into these negotiations. it's very difficult to enter into any kind of negotiation with a person who sees you as a great satan. >> with that let me bring in general mark hertling, former commanding general for europe in the seventh army. general, nice to see you. do you agree with mr. trump? is it time to chat with kim jong-un? >> well, brooke, every presidential candidate, not just in this election but in various ones, have always said that there -- that they are going to make inroads where past presidents have not. they are going to speak with the enemy. they are going to talk with dictators, and what they find out when they get into office is it's problematic. what we have with north korea is a 63-year-old debacle of relationships. it has been horrible. there have been repeated missteps and miscues of the
11:33 am
state department. to hear mr. trump say now he's going to be a one-person state department again and talk to kju is fascinating for those of us who have had to do these kind of dialogs across the table. this is a complex relationship requiring quite a bit of understanding of culture and history and what the differences are between the societies. >> general hertling, thank you. my apologies for cutting it short. just handed some breaking news. this is breaking news coming from -- coming from the donald trump camp. so essentially what we have is that donald trump has now -- has a list of potential nominees for the u.s. supreme court. with the passing of antonin scalia it's now 4 on 4 on the bench. a list of names. sara murray, let me bring you in on who the potential justices could be.
11:34 am
>> hi, brooke. just getting this list and looking through it. a couple are names that donald trump has floated before when you look at will preyer and dine sykes and there's a list of 11 names that we're digging through. a number of these are names floated by the heritage foundation before, of course, the very conservative organization, and, look, the reason that donald trump is putting these names out here is to send a signal to the rest of the party that they don't necessarily have to worry about him not being as conservative as they would like on some of these issues, especially at a time when he's trying to rally the party behind him. there were a number of questions from conservatives, especially backers of ted cruz, about whether trump really stands for conservative principles, for instance, where he stands on aborti abortion, and i think that by putting the names out, a number well known to conservatives, he's trying to allay some of those fears. it is interesting, as you look, you know, at the list, when you like at diane syk sze es, the wife of a prominent radio host in wisconsin who was part of the
11:35 am
never trump movement show there's certainly folks on here who may not be as amenable to trump as you might imagine or as amenable to a trump presidency, but it's clear he's mining the wells of options that would be favorable to republican voters and is willing to go beyond maybe people who have been very loyal to him during this process. >> which is extremely noteworthy, sara murray. thank you for pointing that out. dana bash, just popped a microphone back on her because, you know, you were in the midst of it last week in washington when, you know, donald trump went to the hill, you know, met with house speaker paul ryan. other members of republican leadership and you, part of your reporting was that a piece of that very key conversation had precisely to do with potential justices. >> that's right. >> i was told after the meeting that donald trump had specifically had with the house republican leaders last thursday, that during that meeting he who is pressed by the house speaker and others about
11:36 am
his commitment to picking and appointing conservative supreme court nominees. now the house, you know, technically and constitutionally doesn't have anything to do with nominating or confirming the supreme court, but this is a huge issue for the conservative grass roots. i was told after the meeting last week that trump's response was, yes, you have my commitment, and i'm going to get you a list very soon. >> this is follow through. >> this is follow-up. >> that's significant. >> this is follow-up and very, very significant on a whole host of levels. number one just process. he said, yes, i'm going to get you a list and he got the list and more importantly and what i don't know yet because this is just happening is whether or not he did -- whether the house republicans followed through and said, here, here are the names we like and whether he incorporated that -- that here, but most importantly it's about what it symbolizes about how far trump wants to go to convince
11:37 am
conservatives, you know. many of them already knew, because they voted for him in a lot of these states, but some of them who have been skeptical, that he truly is there one of them, considering the fact that, you know, it wasn't that long ago that he said that he was pro choice and liberal on several issues, this is him trying to prove to them he means it. he's conservative and on one of the most important issues, the supreme court, which isn't hypothetical. it's real. >> right. >> the next president, there is a vacancy. >> so this is absolutely critical. >> we also know today we sat down or he is sitting down with henry kissinger presumably to talk northern policy, ought to be a fly on that wall. that's foreign policy. who would donald trump be listening to other than perhaps paul ryan and members of the house on exactly how to select these names? >> well, sara just mentioned the heritage foundation. >> okay. >> that's a conservative think tank, the federalist society is specifically a group of conservatives that are focused
11:38 am
on the bench and on the supreme court in particular. i have to say that i was just, and i'm looking at my phone now because i was e-mailing with a couple of conservative sources who like, you know, get together and kind of go into action whenever there's a supreme court vacancy and they have, you know, their lists and actually i got a response back saying i know off the top of my head, this is a conservative activist, sykes, preyer and willett and others are good. they are checking on the others. lee, i believe, is the brother -- i think he's the brother or some relation of mike lee who is a senator from utah who is, you know, a tried and true conservative. he didn't just find these out of thin air. there's no question that this is something that he worked on to -- to as i said to answer the specific request in a private meeting with house republicans, the speaker himself saying, you know, prove it. now he's trying to prove it.
11:39 am
>> so, again, if you're just joining us, we now officially have a list of 11 potential justices for the u.s. supreme court. these names specifically coming from the donald trump camp and to dana's precise point it's significant for a number of reasons, namely, that he followed through after perhaps suggestions given to him when he went to washington with his meeting with the speaker of the house and other members of the house of representatives, that this is a follow-through. that he listened and he's delivering. we're going to stay on this breaking news. quick commercial break. we're back after this. my belly pain and constipation?
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11:44 am
his own potential nominees for the united states supreme court. these are individuals who, you know, would be considered potential replacements for justice antonin scalia. let me go for the reporting side. sara murray all over this looking through these 11 different names. tell me what you're noticing. any themes, how these were recommended to him? what do you know? >> well, i mean, one of the things we do know is that the heritage foundation had floated a number of these names before and felt like these are people whoed a other to conservative principles. i think has interesting when you look at the list, talking about diane sykes, the ex-wife of charlie sykes, a conservative radio host in wisconsin, still have a good relationship, gave a statement to cnn's jim acosta saying they have a good relationship but really not on board. justice don willett has in the
11:45 am
past tweeted and been critical of donald trump so what that tells you is trump put out names that conservatives would be comfortable with, that would bolster his conservative credentials and what's interesting is this is a candidate who prides his loyalty above anything else but doesn't seem to have taken that into account when he puts forward these names, but putting forth people who were not necessarily supportive of his candidacy. that says that he has spent time looking for candidates that he thinks will appeal to conservatives. now whether those will appeal to all. senators necessary to confirm someone like that, that is a completely different question, brooke. >> will be. sara murray, thank you. stay with me. sunshine contributor and law professor at american university, i understand we've just sent you the names and i don't know how long you've had to marinate. a couple of pieces of information from our folks at the justice department, zero minorities in terms of race. diane sykes is married to a radio host who was a never trumper. all of the federal judges on the
11:46 am
list appear to have been appointed by president bush and some of these, as she said, were on the heritage list that was floated in march. why about these names jumps out at you. >> what jumps out the most is the what sara said. exactly the same list would i have expected from marco rubio as a presidential candidate, from jeb bush as a presidential candidate, maybe even from ted cruz. >> why? >> i think -- these are all young conservative judges most of whom have recently appointed to the federal courts, justice willett serves on the supreme court of texas, true blue conservatives, the kind of judges that groups like the heritage foundation would be very happy to tee them replace justice scalia. >> i think it's worth talking a little bit more about the emptiness in washington that justice scalia left for conservatives. i mean, you saw what happened with scotus, 4-4, that decision was handed back down to the lower courts as a result of this ninth justice, so, you know,
11:47 am
obviously the president would like to have judge merritt garland, his nomination rolled through but what about antonin scalia? >> brooke, you're exactly right. you're starting to see how important that fifth vote is either for conservatives or liberals. it's now crystal clear that on issues from abortion to immigration to health care to religious freedom, there just aren't five votes, what we might think of as the conservative position, and so i think that's why a list like this one from donald trump as the presumptive republican nominee i think is going to be very reassuring to conservatives and to potential conservative voters because it suggests that he's not thinking that far outside the box and that he really is looking at justice scalia's seat as a seat that needs to be replaced and filled with someone of similar ideological and moral values as justice scalia. >> i think you hit on the exact right point because as he's now floated this list, right, isn't this donald trump's way of
11:48 am
talking to perhaps the more hesitant members of the conservative party, you know, who aren't quite sure if they are ready to coalesce behind the presumptive nominee and by seeing the names on this piece of paper, including as we mentioned a wife of a radio host who has been a prominent never trumper, what kind of signal would this send to that fraction of the electorate? >> we have to be very careful. the signal he's sending is that he is one of them and that he wants to put one of them on the supreme court in justice scalia's seat and that that is, therefore, a reason to vote for him come november, but, of course, brooke, nothing he says now is binding, and so i think this list is tantalizing in the sense that it is clearly a -- an invitation to conservatives to rally behind donald trump as a candidate. i think the real question is whether he would feel in any way bound to it in in fact things end up going well for him in november.
11:49 am
>> excellent point. i love your word tantalizing. let me ask you to stand by, steve. the white house has responded to this list of potential nominees from donald trump. we will have that on the other side of the break.
11:50 am
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11:53 am
welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin. back to our breaking news. donald trump has just released a list of 11 potential nominees to the u.s. supreme court. these are men and women he would consider naming to the highest court in the land if in fact he were to become president. let's go to the white house now. as we know, the white house has responded to the releasing of this list. michelle kosinski is our correspondent there. michelle kosinski, how has the white house has reacted? >> reporter: they didn't have a whole lot to say, but they clearly wanted to make a statement on trump's new supreme court nominee list versus the white house pick which has been going nowhere. listen, this is press secretary josh earnest. >> i would be surprised if there are any democrats who would describe any of those 11 individuals as a consensus nominee. the individual that president obama has put forward is someone
11:54 am
that republicans have described as a consensus nominee, and i think that speaks to the wisdom of the senate acting on the president's nomination, and i think it speaks to the president's commitment to fulfilling his constitutional responsibilities to fill the vacancy on the supreme court in a way that is consistent with his desire to protect the supreme court from the kind of partisan wars that it's been subjected to of late. >> yeah. so what this ended up being conveniently for the white house was another chance to slam congress for not taking up the white house's own nominee merrick garland and get into the ideological arguments for why that's not the case. it wasn't a very trumpy day in the white house briefing, the white house didn't seem in the mood to comment on these things and was uncharacteristically mum, based at least lately on donald trump's assertion that he himself would go to talk to north korea's leader kim
11:55 am
jong-un. >> we'll take the silence as speaking volumes. michelle kosinski, thank you at the white house. let me bring in our supreme court correspondent and producer who joins me on the phone, and, you know, how -- how do you read all of this? >> well, it's interesting because several of the names on trump's list were names that the heritage foundation put out last month u.trump had said that he would talk to them before putting out the list of names, and they indeed put out a list. it's not exactly the same, but what's interesting is there are a lot of federal appeals court judges on the list and on the supreme court right now they are almost all former federal appeal court judges, except for kagan an some people said, look, we need more diversity, former politicians, et cetera. two big absences, names that we thought might be on a trump list in conservative circles, brett
11:56 am
cavanagh and paul clement, former solicitor general from the bush administration who has always been on some kind of short list. when we think about what a republican nominee -- who he might pick if he had a chance. >> thank you so much, ariane. quick break. back after this.
11:57 am
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12:00 pm
welcome back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. breaking news here. donald trump has just released his list of potential names, potential nominees for the u.s. supreme court. 11 people on the list here. possible nominees in the event mr. trump is elected president, so let's bring in first up sara murray who has been looking through some of the names before we bring in our panel. sara murray, important to point out, as you have, that some of these names match what we've seen from the conservative think tank in washington, the heritage foundation, names they have floated this past spring. >> that's right, brooke. donald trump released 11 names, i think roughly five of them have been floated by the heritage foundation before, and some of these names, diane sykes, william preyior, don willett, a lot of names a lot of conservatives are very comfortable with, that you would have seen from other potential presidential candidates, so i think what this is donald trump trying to send the signal that
12:01 pm
he will be conservative if elected president. he'll elect a conservative to the bench and trying to maybe allay some of the fears of supporters potentially of ted cruz, fringes, who were really hoping to elect someone who has shown conservative principles in the past. i think trump and his campaign, you know, not everyone in the republican party are totally comfortable with him. obviously we've seen some people state that publicly, and so this is sort of a way to help rally people behind him. brooke, the other thing i want to mention is not all of these justices have had friendly things to say about donald trump in the past. some of them have private connections to, you know, never trump movement, to people who have supported opponents of donald trump in the primary and so it says, that you know, it's not just about loyalty for trump when it comes to nominating someone to the bench like this, that he is looking at people's credentials, and i think that will sort of help maybe send a little bit of calm to some conservatives who had been a little skeptical of trump. >> and also having just spoken to dana bash, noteworthy, you know, when we were covering the big meeting in washington
12:02 pm
between the speaker of the house paul ryan and donald trump last thursday, this was a crucial part of that conversation on, you know, which justice, what sort of justice mr. trump would nominate if he were to become president. sara murray, thank you so much. let me bring in legal voices to walk us through all the different names because i know a lot of you have no idea who these people are. i have constitutional attorney page pates standing by and american university professor. paige, let me begin with you. i understand that you know william pryor, he's one of the names. you know mr. pryor quite well. who is he? >> i've been in front of judge pryor, not a personal friend of his, but i certainly know his judicial philosophy and temperament. he's a reliably conservative judge by all accounts. in fact, you may recall that his appointment to the 11th circuit court of appeals in atlanta which is where he currently sits was somewhat controversial itself. he was president bush's choice, but he was not unanimously
12:03 pm
confirm. in fact, it was pretty close as to whether or not he would even get that seat, but since he's held that seat, he's been very conservative, and i think this is someone that the far right would certainly be comfortable with as a nominee. >> steve, can you chime in. who are the other names. >> what's interesting about this list is these are in some cases state supreme court justices, so tom lee, don willett, folks like that, david stras, three supreme court justices with conservative reputations. ariane mentioned they are all former federal court judges and of note tom lee is senator mike lee's brother. >> a-ha. >> so when it comes to a potential senate confirmation process, you know, that couldn't hurt. >> and, steve, just staying with you, you know, what sort of
12:04 pm
message -- you made -- you made an excellent point earlier. you were saying to me the list is tantalizing for conservatives, right, but in no way might this list be binding meaning this is who mr. trump is floating right now. if he were to become elected president, that doesn't necessarily mean he would go with any of these names. >> no. there's nothing that requires him to. indeed, even if he puts one of these names forward, there's nothing that requires him to keep with it if he changes his mind so i think what we're seeing here is actually a very shrewd political move by mr. trump in basically giving them all of this red meat to conservatives who might have been very concerned about his candidacy and saying, look, you can trust me. these are the kinds of people i want to put on the supreme court in justice scalia's seat. we heard josh earnest talk about how there's a real contrast -- >> on that. let's go to that sound. thank you for bringing that up. josh earnest at the white house just a little while ago. >> i would be surprised if there
12:05 pm
are any democrats who would describe any of those 11 individuals as a consensus nominee, but the individual that president obama has put forward is somebody that republicans have described as a consensus nominee, and i think that speaks to the wisdom of the senate acting on the president's nomination, and i think it speaks to the president's commitment to fulfilling his constitutional responsibilities to full the vacancy on the supreme court in a way that is consistent with his desire to protect the supreme court from the kind of partisan wars that it's been subjected to of late. >> so to your point, steve, this is the white house quickly coming out and reminding everyone that the president would like judge merrick garland whom they consider a consensus nominee unlike this list. >> indeed. we have statements from people like utah senator orrin hatch saying someone like judge
12:06 pm
garland is eminently confirmable. garland, who is essentially a centrist, if i look at this list i look at 11 died in the wool conservatives who are really the exact kind of judge that i expect most conservatives would like to see replace justice callia. you know, the real question is this just donald trump placating the conservative base of the republican party or is this really what he wants in the next supreme court justice? >> sure. follow through in terms of listening to republicans he met with on the hill last thursday. >> page, here's my question to you. sara murray is reporting that 5 of the 11 here were floated from the heritage foundation. would donald trump have spoken with any of these folks before making this list public? >> i think that's a possibility, brooke. we know that he mentioned judge pryor's name during one of the debates right after justice scalia died, so we know he's been thinking about at least that name and perhaps a couple others for a long time. i think it would be unusual
12:07 pm
though for the judges to engage in any discussions about a possible nomination at this point, especially the ones that serve on the federal courts of appeal. it's possible the state court judges may have talked with him, but i think it would be unusual if he's had any sit-down discussions with any of these individuals. >> thank you both so much. >> thank you. >> let's talk democrats now, shall we. it now seems they have their own party unity problem, and the chair of the democratic national committee admits a divided party plays right into the republican hands. democratic leaders are saying bernie sanders take control of their supporters and confront their behavior after what happened in nevada, at the democratic convention in that state that spiraled into chaos. >> no, no, no! >> furious sanders supporters
12:08 pm
say democrats are essentially stealing the election for hillary clinton. some issuing death threats to state party leaders, but sanders' campaign manager jeff weaver telling cnn today that the blame should be placed elsewhere. >> he categorically condemns any kind of threats that went on, absolutely unacceptable. you know, debbie wasserman schultz, we can have a long conversation just about debbie wasserman schultz and how she's been throwing shade on the sanders campaign since the very beginning. >> senator dianne feinstein just issued this warning to the sanders campaign. >> how much does it worry you that he wants to take this to the convention in july? >> well, it worries me a great deal, you know. i don't want to go back to the '68 convention because i worry about what it does to the electorate as a whole, and he should, too. >> show that's one piece of this. the second piece is that senator
12:09 pm
canneders just won it in kentucky. lost by a razor thin margin and cnn's senior political correspondent jeff zenly is there. jeff zeleny, how is california? >> california is great. it's hot, brooke, and that's not even including the politics. i can tell you, several hundreds, probably a couple thousand by the time they gather here are here in san jose on a very warm day. the tensions are not apparent here at sanders' rallies so much because they are true believers. they clearly want to have their say and their voice and it's important to point out that nobody is asking bernie sanders to get out of this race, the clinton campaign is not. the democratic national committee is not, but there are worries about things he's saying. i can tell you last night at his rally in los angeles he was going after hillary clinton harder than we've heard him in quite some time here so the question is how he lands this plane, how he brings this into a close here, but bernie sanders
12:10 pm
has not yet addressed any of, you know, what happened in nevada directly on camera, taken our questions about it. he may today, but his campaign is still saying he's focused here on rallying his supporters, brooke, and that's what a lot of the senate democratic leaders are waiting for for bernie sanders to address it. brooke, the white house, i think, had a bit of perspective on this. josh earnest said earlier, look, this is not much different from 2008 when there were tensions between barack obama and hillary clinton. they think it will all blow over. they think trump will unify the party. that's probably right but some of the sanders supporters are angry at how they believe they have been treated and the next three weeks are very important in terms of how this party starts coalescing and how it starts coming together. brooke? >> before bernie sanders lands his proverbial plane, to quote you, jeff zeleny, thank you. we have much more to discuss so let me bring in former ohio state senator nbca turner who has endorsed bernie sanders. nina turner, nice to have you back. >> thanks, brooke.
12:11 pm
>> so, let's just begin, before we get into nevada, want to talk kentucky because she barely won, and i understand the sanders campaign is looking into whether they want to ask for a recount in kentucky. what do you know about that? >> i mean, it was like watching a tennis match, brooke, i'm sure you were watching last night. he was up and the secretary was up, you know, you really couldn't keep up with that, but i think because that was so close, rightfully so, the campaign should look into that, but i'm going to tell you something that really does trouble me, brooke, to have the current secretary of state in kentucky come out and endorse a candidate, and i would say the same thing, even if she endorsed senator sanders because i ran for secretary of state in 2014 in the great state of ohio, and i believe that a secretary of state that has to administer elections should be above the fray and should not be in the business of endorsing any candidate. you might remember what happened in ohio in 2004 when we had then ken blackwell, secretary blackwell as our secretary of state, and he was on a committee for then president bush, so
12:12 pm
secretaries of state should be very, very careful about what they do and how they do it, especially when they are the chief elections officer. that troubles me more than anything. >> so that's secretaries of state. what about chairs of state parties? talking to the chairwoman in nevada who was telling me yesterday on live tv, you know where i'm going. >> i do. >> getting these threats. it was chaotic in nevada just a couple of days ago, you know. senator sanders was on that stage in southern california last night. i understand his frustration and that of the supporters, you know what, they feel like that the democratic party is subverting them and favoring hillary clinton but do you agree with the way that senator sanders responded. should they have said more? >> i mean, the senator was very clear, brooke, and he's been clear from the beginning that he does not support violence or disruptions. he believes that everybody should have their right to exercise the -- their first amendment right, but for people to overlay, and i really do
12:13 pm
believe that the dnc overreacted because they never once tried to get the other side of the story. they just went based on what the nevada party put out, but i was there, brooke. i'm not monday morning quarterbacking. i was there in that room, and i stayed in that room for about eight hours so certainly i can't speak to what happened when i was not in the room, but i can tell you that senator sanders supporters, and this wasn't a real. this was a convention. i want your viewers to understand this very clearly. it was a convention. delegates were there for both the secretary and the senator. yes, senator sanders delegates believed they were cheating and made it known in a democratic way. there was no violence when i was fwht room. no threats when i was in the room. certainly some did boo our senator from california barbara boxer which i think is wrong, but there were no threats at all, and so to overlay violence, to misrepresent senator sanders supporters like that, broorks t
12:14 pm
think is wrong. >> i'm with you about exercising your first amendment rights but is there not a difference between promoting that and acting like a leader? is senator sanders acting like a leader with worries that what happened in nevada could happen in philadelphia? >> he absolutely has. again, when senator sanders office was shot up in nevada, there wasn't a three or four-day voice cycle and we don't really know if those people are really supporters of senator sanders which the senator sanders is wrong. you don't threaten a chairwoman or her family. we don't tolerate that in a civilized society, but let me be clear here no one knows whether or not those calls were made by so-called senator sanders supporters, that's number one. number two, the senator has been very, very clear throughout this process that that type of behavior is not acceptable, but he cannot control grown folks who decided, and they were not violent, brooke, and i resent
12:15 pm
the fact that the media keeps trying to paint those folks as violent. those were teachers up there and nurses. >> i think when you see the chairs and you see the chairs in someone's hand getting thrown. that's i think where the word violence is coming from. >> brooke, listen, all can i speak to when i was in the room. >> i understand that. >> there were no chairs thrown. nobody picked up a chair, but people were frustrated because i was there for the roll call vote, and it was clear that the nos had it, but the chairwoman instead of doing the right thing, she went in the other direction and then she stopped debate on the issue. that is undemocratic, and folks want to talk about -- i'm talking about democratic with a small "d" which means that we listen to everybody's voice, and taking a page from steve mccovey, first to be understand and to be understood, to me that's the fundamental part of what is missing here, that everybody involved in this process, and especially those nokes who have titles in front of their names should seek first
12:16 pm
to understand and then to be understood, but to malign a whole group of folks, brooke, does not make a whole lot of sense, especially since the secretary is the nominee. they are going to need those supporters. >> that is most excellent. that's the whole other conversation that we're going to have down the road, but we know that jeff weaver, nina, we know the campaign manager on senator sanders' side, he said debbie wasserman schultz, the chair of the dnc, that she was throwing shade, his phrase, on the campaign, and this is what -- this is her response. >> my response to that is #smh, if we're going to talk about -- that comment about throwing shade. we need to focus on one thing. get through this primary and work to prepare for the general election. >> is it time for another phone conversation with senator sanders at this sensitive moment? >> you know, i don't think that i need to have another conversation with senator sanders at this moment. i think i need to focus on
12:17 pm
moving us forward, on making sure we can prepare for the general election, on making sure that i can manage this primary effectively. there are numerous members, senator sanders' colleagues, barbara boxer, leader reid both spoke with him, no reason for me to pile on. >> nina, is your party at war? >> brooke, there is some discomfort going on in the party right now. that doesn't mean that it's going to be forever, but we can't put our heads in the sand to pretend like all is well. >> is this helping donald trump, nina? >> not at all, not at all, a robust debate within the democratic party is just that, and just as in 2008 secretary clinton stayed in the race all the way to the end, senator bernie sanders has made it clear from the beginning of this process that he is in it to win it, and as he said last night in his statement that he's staying in this race to every last vote is counted, but let's talk about what's really going on here. as you said, razor-thin victory for the senator in kentucky.
12:18 pm
senator sanders won in oregon. maybe might it be that senator sanders consistently staying in this race is exposing that indeed he is the best and strongest candidate to go head to head with mr. trump in the general election. that might be the issue why -- while folks are trying to push him out because they might be saying with their words, oh, no, senator sanders don't get out of the race. but all their actions in and around this particular primary is very much saying to him that he should get out of the race. news flash, he's not going anywhere. >> i hear you loud and clear. nina turner, thank you so much, thank you. >> innings that, brooke. >> and just a programming note for all of you, as we've heard from senator sanders. we'll be hearing from hillary clinton tomorrow live in the is being hour. chris cuomo will be interviewing here so don't miss that here on cnn. more breaking news, donald trump arriving at the residence of former secretary of state henry kissinger, a meeting presumably to discuss foreign policy, this happening after mr. trump unveiled a list moments ago of 11 potential
12:19 pm
supreme court justices that he, you know, would vet and nominate should he become president. so much to talk about on this wednesday. don't movement every ingredient is the main ingredient. whether it's big... or small. first to go. or best for last. sweet. or not so sweet. whether it's tossed... or twirled. if it's easy prey. or plays hard to get. every last crunch, sprinkle and drip... should be as clean as it is delicious. panera. food as it should be.
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moments ago, here you have the video, donald trump arriving for a pretty mega meeting with a foreign policy heavyweight. we're talking about former secretary of state henry kissinger who served during the nixon administration. sis jer helped lead the thaw with u.s. relations with season back in the '70s. among many other things he was involved in. let's talk about this with cnn presidential historian and author of "ashley's war," and
12:24 pm
welcome to both of you. we know that mr. trump has officially arrived at kissinger's home. what else do we know? >> well, we know that they have been talking for weeks. we know that this follows on the heels of a meeting with james baker, the former secretary of state, and in some ways i think what's most surprising is you see not that kissinger would take the meeting but the candidate would embrace the most reigning of republican elder statesman on foreign policy. the person who really embraces the school of thought on american policy which donald trump seems to agree, but really at the insurgent candidate would embrace the reigning, you know, northern policy elder statesman of the republican establishment is what i think is among the most interesting things of today's meeting. >> all right. so gayle is surprised on the embracing there. doug brinkley, i mean, you called kissinger and the kissing
12:25 pm
of the ring en route to the presidency. are you surprised by it? >> not a bit surprised. that's exactly what donald trump needs to do, the presumptive republican nominee and have to meet people like baker and kissinger. kissinger was very opposed of trump saying there be a ban on miss limbs and he wrote a wonderful and important book on china so trump has a lot to learn from henry kissinger and showing the channel open and sends a broader message to the american public that trump is not pigheaded or stubborn. that he's willing to listen to people who he respects and in the republican world henry kissinger is one of the great states person, like dean acheson or george shultz. i think trump did the right thing. on the point of message, what message this sort of sends, gayle, let me pivot back to you because we've been talking the last hour the breaking news that we know that donald trump has floated this list of 11 young conservative justices to replace
12:26 pm
antonin scalia which perhaps, too, could be, you can call it a stunt or truly mr. trump listening to republicans and conservatives and wanting him to coalesce behind him in order to be elected. what do you make of that move? >> well, i mean, you said the word pivot, right? it's the normalization of an insurgent candidate, and i think you see this started -- why a lot of people were talking about the foreign policy speech that was a few weeks back not named at foreign policy elites but convincing people he did listen, right, as dog was saying, to people with foreign policy experience, that he wasn't going to be unpredictable in ways he didn't want to be. he talks about a foreign policy of unpredictability but he wants to be seen as presidential, and i think all of this is a move towards that direction. >> chime in on just the justices, you know. the apparently maybe about half of them were recommended some months ago by the conservative washington think tank the heritage foundation, the kt fact
12:27 pm
that can you even recall mr. presidential historian any such candidate on either side of the aisle when there had been a vacancy on the highest court floating a list like this. >> >> floating my who's who list but what he has to do is get conservatives to back him, and the one thing trump's promising all real conservatives is that i'll get you the supreme court justice that you want. these are the people that as you mentioned heritage foundation, and he did it geographically, one from missouri, one from texas, one from pennsylvania, so all those local newspapers tomorrow will be saying we have a potential supreme court justice in our backyard. it's gooded politics and particularly doing what paul ryan would like him to do in the sense of an olive branch to the hard right. i might be going in directions you're uncomfortable with with minimum wage or with, you know, going after wall street a little bit, but trust me on the core issue of a constitutional lawyer i'm in the tank with the hard
12:28 pm
right. >> this was an important piece of the conversation when mr. trump was meeting with speaker ryan on thursday as per dana bash's reporting so this is trump listening. the question is if he's elected is there follow through gayle lemmon, thank you so much and doug brinkly, appreciate you as well. >> thank you. next, a divided democratic party. our own van jones says the party chair is not helping. we'll talk to van live about this war, if you want to call it that, within the party and why dems should not underestimate donald trump. with my moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor. she told me that humira helps people like me get uc under control and keep it under control when certain medications haven't worked well enough. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections
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12:32 pm
a. let me also say a word to
12:33 pm
the leadership of the democratic party. >> boo! >> and that is, that is that the democratic party is going to have to make a very, very profound and important decision. it can do the right thing and open its doors and welcome into the party people who are prepared to fight for real economic and social change! >> fresh off his primary win in oregon, bernie sanders defiant against his own party. cnn political commentator van jones with me now. mr. jones, nice to see you, my friend. >> hello. >> so bernie sanders is on fire. the chair of the dnc is on fire. i see your eyebrow raise. >> yeah. >> debbie wasserman schultz, we were watching her last night and did you not like her comments in response to all of this.
12:34 pm
>> i didn't. look, i've got kids, and sometimes you let your kids get into fight and maybe one is more wrong than the other but both kids usually did something, and that's what happened in nevada. you had the chair, who she wasn't doing the things that a chair should do to make everybody feel heard. >> you're referring to the chair in nevada. >> the chair in nevada. she -- she did stuff that was -- listen, it was he have-handed, some of it didn't seem fair. reality is it wouldn't have changed the outcome. hillary clinton was going to win, but she played it badly. then you had people who overreacted, and then you had a fringe element that really went wrong. if you're the chair, you've got to come out and say, listen, i don't like some of the things i heard about. i'm going to look into that, but you guys can't be acting in a terrible way. if you come out and smash on one side, you lose your ability to be the arbiter, and that's what happened last night, and i think there will be repercussions for that for the long term. >> all the back and forth between the sanders camp and debbie wasserman schultz, but it has larger implications which is
12:35 pm
a significant potentially all the way through philadelphia. just heard from josh earnest, press secretary of the white house saying hang on a second. let's remember back to 2008 between then senator obama and hillary clinton. the tenor was similar. the tensions were similar. this will all get resolved in a couple of months. >> i hope he's right, but i don't think he's right. >> why? >> because how different is hillary clinton from bernie sanders? that's how different the supporters of hillary clinton are from the supporters of bernie sanders. in 2008 the young rebels won and obama got the nomination. in 2016 the young rebels may lose, and not just young and old. >> sure, sure, sure. >> but the rebels may lose. it's a different thing to tell a rebellion that's just been put down and maybe even have their nose rubbed in it by debbie and turn around and join the party. i think they are fundamentally misreading and misunderstanding what the sanders movement is. >> should we worry about philadelphia or no? >> i wouldn't -- listen, i
12:36 pm
don't -- i don't think you're going to have some violent conflict or whatever. i think that's -- there are going to be major protests outside of the dnc, but that happens every year. progressives go, the dn y & r nc and protest. that's not going to be new. internally i don't think there's a lot of disruption unless they keep rubbing people's nose in . it. secretary clinton was the premiere diplomat for the whole world and did a great job, no matter what anybody did it. the republicans said she did a great job until she ran for president but the diplomacy when it comes to sanders has been below sub par. when you're a hillary clinton, you have the opportunity to tell your people, listen, i don't want us doing anything that might look unfair. let her say that. bernie should say i don't want us doing anything that looks disruptive or disrespectful or threatening. both leaders have a chance to stand up and now you've got a partnership. when she's silent in the face of repeated accusations that her people on the ground, who she may not even know, are doing bad
12:37 pm
things, that makes it seem like she's in on the deal. she's not in on the deal, but it looks like it is. you have a situation where there's a leadership failure in both lanes of the party. >> the first person to say that in the last two hours. >> may have a leadership failure in both lanes of the party and debbie is coming in harder for hillary clinton than she is for herself. that is malpractice. i wish reince priebus was my party chair. he did a better job of handling the trump situation than i've seen my party chair handle this situation. i'm ashamed to say that. yeah, i said it. >> van jones, i love that you speak your mind. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> good to be here. >> thank you for that. coming up, comedian george lopez is here in new york. he'll join me live on set. we will talk politics. we will talk donald trump. we will talk the hispanic vote, who he supports for president and we'll talk about prince. stay here. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis,
12:38 pm
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and still haveealthy, gum disease. use gum® brand for healthy gums. soft-picks®. proxabrush® cleaners. flossers and dental floss. gum® brand. all right. so there's no question that -- that a lot of comedians enjoy making fun of this political cycle and in particular the man here on your screen. one comedian mining the riches this election season is george lopez. one example. when the funny man and actor portrayed a presidential candidate in mexico by the name of donaldo trumpes for the website funny or die. [ speaking foreign language ]
12:43 pm
>> i love that he's laughing at himself doing that. we're getting to him in a minute. it is brand new sitcom on tv land. george lopez keeps pushing the envelope especially on the topic of race and he learns here he has to find his own celebrities for a celebrity golf tournament. roll it. >> hoping for a little more diversity. >> diversity. >> that's code for black and brown people. >> traditionally, yes, yes, but in this case we're thinking golf people. >> golf people. >> like a blake shelton or adam levine. >> carson daly perhaps or the osmonds. you know pat boone, casper the friendly ghost, his girlfriend wendy. >> george lopez on the set. >> can't believe it.
12:44 pm
>> if it wasn't for sunblock we'd all be the same color and all be happy. >> i believe when i saw that clip in your dig it political correctness, you know who you have something in common with. >> there's a certain donald trump who says the exact same thing. are you aware of this? >> people say donald trump is good for comedians. the one thing i admire about donald trump is he does not apologize. politically incorrect and goes after people and attacks people. he's not fodder for comedians, brooke, he is a comedian, okay. he makes believe to be himself, his own pebble sift, i've done that. he's said of his prowess with women, i did that earlier. he said that the taco bowl at the trump tower is the best taco bowl in the world, comedy. >> did you then never take him seriously? >> i've never taken him seriously. >> absolutely not. i mean, listen, the one thing that he's done that latinos have not been able to do is get us to unite against him and there are
12:45 pm
some latinos that are for trump. there's venezuelan and colombian people who don't like mexican. the mexican is 52% of the vote coming up in this election so you have to be careful with us because everything that people touch we touch first and we could destroy the food chain with just one call. >> but this is incredibly serious though as far as the fact that, you know, a massive group in this country has coalesced behind this one particular presumptive nominee. >> presumptive. >> presumptive, and, you know, i imagine with you and other hispanics that when he launched and said what he did about mexicans being rapists that that infor youated you, but if you can, i mean, take him seriously. we're taking him seriously. this is somebody who could be elected as president. what other beef do you have with him? >> well, you know, i believe that to make america great you need all people here. i don't believe that targeting mexicans as criminals and rapists is an answer. i don't believe building a wall
12:46 pm
is an answer. i believe to reform immigration laws which continue to get passed to administration to administration. that's why we've come to hey, let's build a wall. you can. there's tunnels underneath. i took one and ended up in new jersey and ubered out. the wall is presentee prehistoric. we fly and we take cars and a lot of us are here legally and we're citizens. my citizenship is just as good as his and i may not look to him but that guy can't tell me to go back to where i came from because i'm a citizen. >> the taco bowl tweet, tweeted all around and even jeb bush weighed in on this. i don't know if you heard about this. you're a cnn nerd. >> yeah, i saw it. >> but the fact that jeb bush is saying this is the equivalent of donald trump eating watermelon and saying i love african-americans. >> that's a tough one. >> when you saw this picture, did you -- did you follow donald trump on twitter? >> i do follow donald trump on twitter and really hard hon him. try to get him to block me but
12:47 pm
he won't block me. you have to read what my answer was to this. i can't say it on tell investigation, but that thumb is absolutely in the right place, but, you know, this is an important election because i'm not sure anybody really wants either of them, so bernie sanders is still in the ration, and he will be until all the votes are counted. you can't have people on tv saying he should drop out. we'll let the voters decide whether he should drop out but he is incredibly behind but he has a lot of energy, and listen, i'm 55. i can't get my 20-year-old daughter to do anything in the house. here's a guy that's 722. >> energizing all kinds of young people. >> saw it in 2008 from a much younger guy, but this is something to admire. >> i was sitting at dinner with a bunch of people last night and all sort of trying to figure out over the course of the last eight years, let's just consider within the obama presidency, what has happened to create such frustration, to get groups together, whether you are supporting a donald trump or a bernie sanders. >> yeah. >> meaning you go to those rallies. people are passionate.
12:48 pm
they feel it. so much of politics is feeling. you tour the country. >> yes. >> immigration is a huge problem, it is. >> but the frustration, george. >> the from us administration that this administration did not do much in that regard, so it carries over. >> but it's not just immigration. can't just be immigration. >> it's the economy as well. it's the economy, it's immigration. it's safety. it's jobs, health care. it's all of the things that, listen, you didn't have unity across the aisles, and i think that fracture between the president and -- and the house cause the a lot of these problems that are going on right now. >> following what's happening in nevada with the convention chair being threatened. >> yes. >> and what happened there and -- and fears that that can continue and, you know, folks calling on bernie sanders to say more than just condemn that sort of violence. >> right. >> i mean, do you think -- you're a bernie supporter, am i wrong? >> i am a bernie supporter, but i believe that there are some things that are not favorable towards person, but he can't control his supporters. no one can do that. they are off on their own. >> but as a leader he could
12:49 pm
speak up at all these rallies and say -- >> he's said it's not right and also, you know, i think between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, they could come to making peace with this, themselves, and say this isn't good. let's go forward without that, without throwing chairs and without doing all that stuff. >> before we take a break and then i want to ask you about prince, just following -- >> my biggest issue is that this country is made of all different kinds of people, immigration and people from other countries built this country. there's not one sold look that this country is made up of. we're stronger when we're all together and there's a lot of dissension and hate even because of twitter and social media and i believe that donald trump is at the forefront of dividing people. >> do you think at all, do you worry at all as a sanders supporter if and when he's out that the young sanders folks will go trump?
12:50 pm
>> i don't think they will go trump, but i said on the record that i would move back to mexico if trump became president and they asked me where and i won't tell you just so real estate prices don't drive up. found a nice place. i don't want everybody >> i'm hearing laughter. will you stick around? i'm not quite finished with you. i have a question for you about prince and what led you to help his family recently. >> i almost wore that, too, that same -- >> you didn't wear the crushed red velvet and purple shoes? we'll be right back. you both have a
12:51 pm
perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect!
12:52 pm
for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. i'm honored beyond how i could ever tell you. now, let me ask you what all the other late-night talk shows are asking themselves. why?
12:53 pm
>> first, on the alma awards, you showed me love there. i really appreciated it. and also, i find that this show represents all people and i see all kinds of guests on here. >> back with me, george lopez. >> that's why it's not on anymore. it appealed to all people. >> we're going to get to your show on tv labd. >> what was i thinking? >> prince became a friend? >> yes. he was a hilarious guy. he was a great guy. he would send messages to you. >> that's what i've heard, show up at the lobby at this place, we'll have a car here, go here. >> the fact that you could wear those heels and do shows up until 5:00, 6:00 in the morning is unbelievable. >> tell me a prince story. >> he used to let me wear the microphone at the forum -- >> which is never done. >> he would also pop up on the stage within a minute. nobody knew that he was riding a bike under the stage to get back
12:54 pm
on with his platforms, high heels, riding a bike. no one knows that one. he had a bike, got up on stage, went the other way, changed clothes, came back. >> tell me about this donation that you made a couple of weeks ago to help his family. >> yeah. somebody in the family reached out to me and they were devastating, clearly, that they had lost their brother and they had no resources to get from the v.a. hospital to minneapolis to represent themselves in court and i did for prince as a friend of his, as a lover of his music and the fact that when something sudden happens like that, people aren't prepared. you know, not just prince's family, but people are not prepared for something that devastated to happen. i helped them get a suit to go to the legal meeting to decide how the estate would be -- that's all. and then i asked for, you know, a cane in return. no. they could pay me back. they couldn't pay me back. i don't care, brooke.
12:55 pm
i love him so much. we have such an affinity for his music. i would have done it for anybody that i love. jeffrey lord, no. but you, yes. >> well, i still have you for 30 more seconds. tell me about your show on tv land. >> you know, this show is -- keith said i want to see you that nobody else sees. >> it's a stretch. you're playing yourself. >> but real issues, issues with women. >> that never happens in real life? >> absolutely. but this is the one closers to me than anything else and i look like el chapo and kernel sanders had a baby but that's on purpose. >> where are you, arsenio. >> brooke, i love you. watch you every day. >> thank you. >> do not miss, new episode tonight on tv land. much more ahead, donald trump releasing the narmes of hs
12:56 pm
potential nominees for the supreme court. who made the short list? coming up. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands.
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donald trump releasing the short list for what could be the biggest hire of his life. "the lead" starts right now. breaking news, donald trump releasing a list of possible supreme court nominees. will it please all those passionate conservative supporters who got him this far? the underdog gunning for a bruising fight in rocky's home town after another nail-biting primary night, bernie sanders telling party bosses that he's going to take his fight all the way to philadelphia. and president obama standing with the saudi royal family against the families of the 9/11 victims. while the senate votes unanimously to allow