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tv   Smerconish  CNN  May 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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believing that life begins at conception. >> a vice presidential candidate for donald trump, she suggested the way to stop it is to support a republican. >> and that's it for us. we'll see you back here at 10:00. smerconish starts for you now. >> i'm michael smerconish. it's happened again. an international flight has been downed. egyptair 804 crashed into the med terrain i don't know in route from paris to cairo. ten crew and security officers and the world shutters again. just before it happened american travelers had been complaining about long security lines at airports. is this just a necessary reality
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to keep us safe or is private curt the answer? donald trump tweeted about the crash almost instantly. when will we get tough, smart and vigilant. >> and bernie sanders resolve to stay in the race fighting both hillary clinton and the democratic establishment. is he hurting the party or doing the right thing? first back to reality. the crash of egyptair 804 injected a sense of purpose into the presidential campaign. news regarding the fate of the 66 on board interrupted a rhis where the low lights have included debates over hand size and voice analysis of 25--year-old recordings. suddenly our focus shifted to how best to react to world crisis. the responses of the leading candidates provided us a microsome of what separates them. he told it like it is.
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thursday morning he didn't wait for any word from authorities. he said it looked like terror and he renewed his call for strength. hillary clinton was much more cautious. she waited until afternoon. her words were more measured but being dlib rative is not necessarily a plus. let's hope that egyptair is a wakeup call for seriousness as we enter the second half of our presidential selection process. joining me now is the first governor of security. you know, governor, that the reaction to surks like this have great political consequences. i can remember yourself embroiled in some controversy over threat security levels. what's the appropriate response from someone who seeks to be the president when not all the facts are in? >> well, first of all i appreciate the opportunity to
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respond to a very seminal question. i think we have seen and will see in the future similar situations and i think above all the president of the united states has to be -- he or she has to be tempered in their remarks, get all the facts before them before they draw any conclusions. i think the the appropriate response at the outset is an expression of concern and sorrow over this unspeakable tragedy, a commitment to work with the officials to determine the causati causation. we can all jump to conclusions but i think those that would lead this country or other countries, i think you would expect a little more. >> we both know who you're talking about. let me put few tweet back up on the screen. it looks like yet another terrorist attack. airplane departed from paris. when will we get cuff, smart and vigilant? you'll not be surprised i heard
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some say it appears he was right. doesn't he get some credit for inticket? >> well, i think his instinct is no different than several people on the planet, but they're not running for president. we know that there was an airliner take b out over the sinai some time ago so you could put those foeg and talk about probability and you can learn more along the way and reach some kind of conclusion but that's not based on the facts and i think before leaders speak out they should have all the facts at hand. sorrow for the victims, pledge your assistance if called upon to do so, pray for the families of the loss of victims.
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i happen to have the same conclusion in my own mind but i'm not running for president of the united states. >> it does appear that it was an act of terrorism. exactly how of course the investigation will have to determine, but it -- once again, shines a very bright light on the threats that we face from organized terror groups. isis of course but there are other networks of terrorists that have to be hunted down and defeated. >> critique what you heard from secretary clinton. >> i think it's measured and appropriate. donald trump was correct. we have to be smart, we have to be tough. that's true. we haven't been smart dealing with isis. we have with drawn basically from that part of the world and our withdrawal from that region that's created the vacuum in
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isis and these other terrorist organizations are thriving in it as you look to lead the free world and that's what we do, the president of the united states leads the free world. people are interested in what he knows, so i understand he wants to be tough and smart but i think he needs to moderate his language. >> he then responded to secretary clinton and focused on semantics. here's donald trump again. >> we had a terrible tragedy and she said that donald trump talked about radical islamic terrorism, she used a different term. she refuses to use that term. a plane got blown out of the sky and if anybody thinks it wasn't blown out of the sky you're 100% wrong. >> is reright relative to the word choice? >> he's right. you and i have had this conversation for several years.
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this administration, if in fact you believe it was a terrorist event and you believe that, then we know the ideologies based on a radical interpretation. it's radical islam. >> i it sounds to me like you're warming to him. >> not a chance. >> you asked me some straightforward questions. i'm giving you the answers. >> you've been highly critical of him in the past. let me ask you an additional question if i might. >> but real quick though, his use of the term of radical islam if that was the cause of this -- and his criticism of hillary clinton's fail your and president obama's failure to side few all the global scourges, that's accurate and a lot of republicans and democrats agree. >> that's why i like having you here because you don't at the timer to any particular talking
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points. one final question. i know you're no longer getting the daily briefings, but how worried are you about americans traveling this summer season? >> well, i think the waiting in line won't be seen as much of an inconvenience as it has been. i think you can anticipate tsa upgrading not only the public measures that they take but also measures with other people getting access. i think you have to be aware of state department warnings and the like. but once you start changing the way you do things they begin to win. >> the nation's first secretary of homeland security, thank you, as always. >> nice talking with you. when an event like this occurs in the heat of a political campaign, i ho a
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candidate responds can impact their voters. donald trump acting like he could fix it. hillary clinton waiting until she was brief and she went on cnn and it was hedged. what does this mean for election day? >> joining me now the host of inside politics john king. you know, david, donald trump's tweet about the presumed terror is what both people like and fear about him. he says offense this is what it is and on the other hand to some to some it was untemperate. >> what you don't want to do when you're president is jump to conclusions, point fingers, create panic, perhaps stir reaction. presidents have enormous power with their words. the first thing i think that
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probably would have to be done if donald trump became president is someone would have to take his twitter account awe way because you can't operate that way as president of the united states. >> you can't have him in with codes in one hand an on iphone in the other. >> yeah, i've said repeatedly, you know, having spent a couple year os sitting next to a president what you learn quickly is what presidents say and do can send armies marching and discretion is really an important part of the job and it's a kwulty that mr. trump has yet to display. >> on the other hand, does she appear too cautious, too out of touch with that visceral reaction from americans in the aftermath of an event like this? >> an interesting question. trump always trying to project strength right away after the evens like this. trump needs more than republican
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votes as we get closer to november you're pick ago president. will it be a different scenario? i thought what was interesting was clinton did say in that interview, she says that donald trump says a whole lot of reckless things. but she says the likely conclusion was it was terrorism. she did lean forward and say it likely was terrorism too, so in some ways his toughness may be influencing other poll tuiticias well. >> he gets coverage because he is entertaining. he gets covered because that blunt talk is good tv and makes news, but that doesn't necessarily make it wise in terps of a potential president and i think that's the issue.
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the issue for trump is preparedness and temporament. his ability to jean rate attention is beyond question. he's a past master at it, maybe the best we've seen in many a moon in american politics but i think that's going to happen in this campaign -- and he may pass the test in the end. he may show qualities that he hasn't shown to date. but what people are going to take a good hard look at is does he have the temporament to be in a job that has hair trigger potential. >> does the republican party necessarily benefit or is that folklore and a thing of the past? >> it's a fascinating question. you have a two-term president. the question is does the rest of the country want change or some continuity. you have a clear contest here.
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bill clinton had no foreign policy experience, so it's not unusual for americans who elect a president who doesn't have a deep portfolio in foreign affairs. hillary clinton says my record as first lady, in the united states senate, being around a president as daufd just said. dlt says and bernie sanders said of this in the primaries you don't have to judge. what about benghazi? we don't think that the world is in a better place than when president obama inherited it. can he sell it now to some independents but the contrast with which they discuss these issues is striking. the american people have a very clear choice. >> react to that same issue.
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>> well, i do think that, you know, that that is -- that has been the operative theory. i think that this temporament question is very, very important though. you know, the interesting thing about donald trump is that he -- he preaches this notion of noninterventionism. he thinks we've gotten involved in too many bad situations yet he's completely intemperate to his approach to issues that could bring conflict and he does have this muscular image. how are you going to take care of it if not through intervention? so he doesn't seem like the world's graetest exponent of diplomacy so it creates a lot of questions that he's going to have to answer between now and november. one thing i should caution, i
6:15 am
think there are going to be many stories between now and november that are going to affect the candidates in many ways. there will be other kinds of situations that will arise between now and november that will test different aspects of their experience, their profile, their temporament and this one may be in the rear-view mirror by then. >> it's funny because i often make this observation to folks, so i say on the radio, who could have faft forecast in 2000 ought or that there would be the comment about mid romney heard on tape talking about the 47% or that in this cycle there would be the debate act the size of a candidate's hands. to david's point, the next several months we have no idea what they bring. >> we do have no idea kwha they bring. we know the calendar and we know
6:16 am
when the election is. this is my eighth presidential election. when you have established politicians, this is someone that's new to poll tucks. they always think i've been a governor for two terms. there's nothing new to be learned about me. every cycle we learn something new and often we learn it late. the scrubbing continues, the vetting continues, technology has made some of this easier as we now find now things that we're missing before. trust me, we will learn new things about hillary clinton and donald trump and new things about this country without a doubt. >> thank you so much, but don't leave because i want to talk to each of you about commencement season later in the program. coming up, bernie sanders staying in the race. is he advancing his core issues or damaging his party?
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is bernie sanders hurting the democrats or is he just seeing the democrat you can process? things got a little heat t last week and thomas frank, you'll remember he wrote what's the matter with kansas, his latest book, whatever happened to the party? let me begin with you. i know you saw this washington post editorial at the end of the week. it said this. mr. sanders denies reality when he tells supporters he still has a plausible pathway to the democratic nomination, but passion cannot trump reality. it also cannot excuse violence, and threats, it is past time for sanders to be honest with his supporters before he takes the responsible ethos to greater extremes and there by ensure the
6:22 am
election of trump. >>. >> that's an editorial. they're well known for that. i. >> i think it was thursday. >> they're trying to get him to drop out of the race by some other means, but look, the rules of the game are until somebody wins, it's still going on. we're still having a robust competition of ideas and people are forever coming up with these ways of trying to win the debate by some other means, by disqualifying one of the two candidates. it's a robust debate. lets's have the debate and let the elections happen. >> but hillary clinton said to chris this week, i have 3 million more votes than him. i i'm going to secure the nomination. isn't there a point to what she said and what the post said that he doesn't have a plausible path? >> but she hasn't done that yet. the game goes on until one side
6:23 am
or the other wins. >> what do you think is going to happen between now and the district of columbia on june 14th? >> my own feeling is of course she's going to win. there's no doubt in my mind that she's going to win, but it's -- like i said, there's this robust debate going on, you know, and why interrupt it? it's good for democracy. this is how the game is supposed to be played. >> in your book you argue the democratic leadership hasn't been liberal enough. in fact, you go after bill clinton in a big way. aren't you concerned that by bernie sanders staying in you're helping elect donald trump and i know you're not comfortable with that. >> i'm helping elect donald trump? look, i'm not going to vote for donald trump. the -- you know, no, i i'm not -- i'm not concerned about that. i think what bernie sanders is doing is healthy for the
6:24 am
process. he's bringing in all sorts of new ideas. look, the main stream of the democratic party needs a challenge. this is how democracy works. this is what makes it healthy. having this robust conversation of ideas and just trying to constantly shut one side or the other down, that's not healthy or good for the system. >> i'm playing devil's advocate with you. who would have thought that we'd be in a situation on the democratic side of the aisle and that the rs would be colessing around donald trump and seemingly looking for a smooth convention. this election. hillary to win she needs to win in the competition of ideas. she needs to win that competition of ideas. that's the only answer. >> but is also incumbent on bernie to try and marshall the troops on his side of the aisle?
6:25 am
>> he should do that once she has clenched the nomination and i fully expect that h will. >> thank you as always. >> now to a sanders' supporter, ang angie, we've all seen the film footage. is what happened in nevada a sign of what's to come in my hometown when philadelphia hosts the dnc? >> i don't think that things that created some of the chaos on saturday has -- have all been shown, but i think that we are prepared to see this through in the democratic way such as tom was just suggesting. we need to make sure we're having this conversation all the way throughout because i think that the media and everyone has been saying that this has been in the bag since supertuesday when the contest was first starting off and we have this process for a reason. >> if bernie sanders were tomorrow to stand up and say, you know, that washington post
6:26 am
editorial is right, i don't have a plausible path, i guess we've reached the moment when we all need to embrace hillary clinton, are you ready to do so? >> well, i don't think that for a second he would do that first of all. second of all -- i don't think that he would do that. that's not something that he's been campaigning on. he's been campaigning on that we have a rigged political system at this point and this there's a lot of smart people that could be standing up and making the decision to make this is more transparent conclusion. >> i guess what i'm trying to get at, i have a doubt whether you're ready to follow his lead. i don't know that i youer going to take direction from him if and when that time comes. >> i think that we will see what bernie sanders has to say, but i think that -- us sitting here having conversations about what could possibly happen in the
6:27 am
future especially when those are very unlikely is ignoring the fact that we had a very contentious situation on saturday. we have a very -- we have a very divided party and i think that's not going to get solved until we start looking at reasons why it's divided. >> would elizabeth warren on a ticket appease your concerns? >> i think again, like -- i -- let's talk about what actually happened. i mean, i think that if elizabeth warren came out and made some kmnts it would be less inend yar, but i think that elizabeth warren coming on a ticket is ignoring exactly what the problem is. that's a flashy way of saying here aes a carrot to make everybody happy. the real concern is that we have
6:28 am
got draconian rules that are governing our elections and i think those are the things we need to be addressing instead of here's a quick fix for the reason why everybody is so upset right now. >> there's a statement sent out by the sanders came pain that you're reminding me of. voters in the remaining nine contests will disagree and senator sanders doing much better than clinton against donald trump. it is clear that millions of americans have growing doubts about the clinton campaign. when i read it i said that doesn't sound like a campaign that is ready to go into that and it doesn't seem like you're ready to fold the tent yet yooeter. you get the final word. >> absolutely not. this is about a political revolution. this is about getting people involved and allowing them to
6:29 am
say exactly what they feel and i think that anybody who thinks this is going to be over after the national election or after the national thing in philadelphia, they're wrong. yeah, the convention. this is not something that's going to go away. people are upset and people want to get involved and bernie sanders has inspired us all to get involved and make sure that our voices are going to be heard and that we stop being given the choice between these two wholly unpopular candidates. >> thank you so much. >> of course. thank you. heading to the conventions, who would have thought that it would be the democrats who are splintered and angry while the republicans are holding hands to support donald trump?
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especially for low-income families. with the savings that i am getting from the solar panels, it's going to help me to have a better future for my children. to learn how you can save energy and money with solar, go to together, we're building a better california. for months the gop seemed
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hell bent. hillary clinton expected her nomination to be wrapped up by now. but clinton still out there fighting with, trump cruising into the convention with the backing of most of the gop establishment. usually i have to pester the rnc chief strategist to come on the program. this week he reached out for me. i think he's here to do a victory dance. >> hey, michael. i've never pestered you. >> a little premature to be doing a victory dance. i know you're feeling good. >> i think wef' had a good week. we went through a rather contentious primary. i think we've unified and we've done that quicker than anybody
6:35 am
anticipated but the democrat you can party, you're seeing chairs being thrown, you're seeing the two sides talking about the concessions that they might have to offer to get bernie sanders to at least even talk about being on the team again. you're seeing someone like governor talk about the fact that the majority of women in america are ugly. i think the democratic party had one of the worst weeks it's ever had. >> he said something bone headed for which he apologized but he was explain ago comment that you can't be a ten if you're flat chested do you want to hang your hat on that? >> i think the funny thing is whatever anyone and i mean inwho has an r next to their name, we get a phone call to repudiate little johnny because he said something, but when the chairman of the democratic convention says the majority of women in
6:36 am
america are ugly and hillary clinton refuses to comment on it, and yet time and time again donald trump says you know, every tweet that he sends out, every republican is asked to comment on, i think there's clearly a dublg standard. so i do think it's unbelievable that he turns around add and says yeah it's a bone headed thing and the rest of the media says let's move on -- >> i talk pd about it extensively and the reason it stands out is that was a piece in the washington post with a date line of pennsylvania in a town in which i was born and rayed but you have to aknology that what began that conversation is that donald trump said no woman's who's last chested can be a ten. you're celebrating this week. >> but here's the point is that you will talk -- and i don't mean to pick because you have been very balanced and fair, but
6:37 am
i'm saying the rest of the media, every comment that donald trump or any republican makes that's outside the bounds of main stream discussion, we get a phone call asking to explain. no one even picked up the phone to call the dnc to repudiate. there is an amazing double standard that comes to when cements are made on the left. they don't call the dnc and ask for comment because they excuse it and say oh, he didn't mean it but when republicans do it it's quite a different story. you're seeing them getting trashed. this has been a very, very bad week for the dnc, for the democratic process, for the entire candidate battle. they've had a bad week. >> the emergence of this
6:38 am
libertarian ticket which will consist of two republicans, governor of new mexico and bill weld from massachusetts. are you concerned? there's a fox poll that shows that johnson, there he is, in double digits at 10%, are you worried that two republicans banding together now as libertarians could eat into donald trump's vote? >> no. and i'll tell you why because story has popped up over and over again and if you look back through the course of history it's never panned out. i think i am much more concerned riets now when you look at the poll numbers at the number of people who will bernie supporters, but one in ten is assaying they're going to vet for trump. i think the democrats have a bigger issue and i appreciate the media's concern about the state of the republican party,
6:39 am
but the democratic party is fractured when it comes to where hillary clinton is and the far left extreme than bernie sanders represents. it is going to be very hard for them to get back together. >> i live give you this. >> another fight on the right. >> if you said to me at the end of may, going into memorial day weekend one of the parties is going to have a contest and the other looks relatively smooth going into the convention, i agree. >> it's graduation season. i've got something in common with two of my favorite cohorts. we all are giving commencement speeches to millennials. what did the experience teach us? can last longer than those bargain brands.
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seniors around the country are celebrating around the country. i'm blif dlifing one of my own commencement speeches in pennsylvania. it ooaes big responsibility. think about it. what's the most crucial piece of advice that you can give a new grad about to tackle the world on their own? it's a challenge both of my guests have faced. cnn's john king the host of inside politics gave a commencement address earlier this month. david axel rod spoke at ronald reagan's alma mater. >> i think they wanted to see what a guy of my particular political lineage looked like so they brought me in so everybody -- no, you know, they -- i think i was invited there because i run the institute of politics at the university of chicago now and i'm very committed to the goal of inspiring or trying to inspire young people to consider
6:45 am
lives in the public sector and the public's sphere and that's what i wanted to be there because this is where ronald reagan's journey began and it was a very great experience. >> i don't know about the two of you, but for me, this was an awesome responsibility. in other words, i had to spend a lot of time. you might not know it from having heard my speech but i put john king a lot of times in my remarks. what was your approach? >> i spent a lot of time asking what do you want to live? you want to be a realist that it's tough out there, but what i get -- i get more than i give from these speeches. these kids are so full of idealism. a will the of them are idealist but they're skeptical of government. new way to serve, not necessarily in public office but in nonprofits, as volunteers and
6:46 am
you have these great optimistic talents in front of you. >> here is john king. >> i'm being brutally honest i don't think i have any great secrets. don't just work hard, work harder. and work smarter. respect others. get up when you fall and when you fail. and trust me, you will fall. and you will fail. >> you're looking pretty handsome in all that garb. >> they know how to do it. they give you a very nice robe there. my speech was a lot more optimistic than you see there. i've now traveled all around the world, to more than 80 countries around the world so it's a
6:47 am
blessing. i get paid to learn is the way i describe it to these kids now but you also want to tell them you're going to screw thing up, you're going to make a mistake and a bad choice. in life and in your career and you can dwell in that or you can get up and learn the lesson and move on. the younger generation, the world is so complicated. the other piece of advice is i told them to find equiet time. >> i loved your speech. i also loved ax's speech. let's take a look at david axel rod. >> embrace the glorious fact that you're as mobile and unfetterred and as free as you'll ever be to find things out, to chase your dreams. don't get so swept up in your
6:48 am
trajectory that you break free from your anchors. don't focus so heavily on making a living that you forget to make a life. >> i couldn't come up with something that memorable. >> well, you know, i was really drawing on my own life experience because i was very driven as a young man and as a young father. i was busily building my business and -- and looking back, i think that one of the things that i would like to do better is recognize earlier what the anchors in my life -- in my life were. i think these kids feel so much pressure to excel, to achieve, and they forget -- or they're not told what the most important thing is, which is family, which is friends, which are those things that you can count on whether as john says you succeed or you fail and i really wanted
6:49 am
to impart that as part of my message. >> well, here's what i'm saying this weekend. my climb has taught me that in order to succeed you must first ask for the order. you'll need to request the meeting. write the e-mail. better yet, sign the letter. make the phone call. show up where you're not invited. find a mentor. people like to be asked for assistance. my key line, your level of success in life will be drmed by your unwillingness to request rejection and failure. happy graduation to everybody. john king, loved your addresses and i really appreciate your being here. >> thanks, michael. >> coming up, a huge important story that almost everybody has forgotten about. allergy congestn muddling through your morning is nothing new. introducing rhinocort® allergy spray from the makers of zyrtec®. powerful relief from nasal allergy symptoms, all day and all night. try new rhinocort® allergy spray.
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finally, was it all about catfishing? a woman named jackie allegedly gang raped by seven members in a fraternity. the university, the fraternity, they were all dragged through the mud. and it was fund the "rolling stone" reporter never interviewed the alleged perpetrators nor the friends of the alleged victims. then the story moved on before we learned the origin. he explained in a pending lawsuit against "rolling stone." jackie, a freshman, had a romantic interest in another student, ryan. only ryan wanted interested.
6:55 am
in an effort to attract ryan, jackie made up a name, haven monahan, got a yahoo! account in haven's name and it was all a ruse. haven told ryan that jackie had a crush on him. jackie claimed that haven assaulted her after a dinner date. she sicirculated a photograph o someone she said was haven only it was someone had went to high school. jackie never went to the police. the is seeking $7.5 million in damages. what did this unrequited school girl crush cause? terrible fallout for the fraternity, the university, the magazine and making life harder for real rape victims. and yet nothing happens to
6:56 am
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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realtime data sent from the plane shows smokes was detected in one of the plane's bathrooms. >> i asked god for the flight to be hijacked or something like that, instead of what we've been told. >> i want to do everything humanly possible to make airline travel safe. >> gun-free zones. we're getting rid of gun-free zones, i can tell you. >> you may not end up with the strongest candidate to defeat somebody like a donald trump. >> if you're pro-life and you want to try to get rid of abortion, you go