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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  May 21, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> 804 this is turkish 814. egypt 804. this is turkish 814, how do you read me? >> again, so it's other pilots on other planes who are also trying to help locate egyptair, 804. no reply from 804. meanwhile, the egyptian military releasing the first video of life vests, suitcases and airplane seats found in the mediterranean sea. we now know the plane's communication system known as acars sent four key signals to the pilots about malfunctions on the airplane. egyptian officials say the crash was likely a terrorist act. but no one has claimed responsibility. investigators are stressing that right now, every possible is on the table.
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i want to bring in mary schiavo, a cnn aviation analyst. she also represents victims and families after airline disasters. good tuesd good to see you. we have more audio trsmissions. we're hearing from the turkish airline pilots who were trying to locate egyptair 804 as well as you heard from pilots of another egyptair flight. so how routine is that for other airlines in the area to also try to reach out to an aircraft that air traffic control no longer has contact with? >> actually, that's very typical in air traffic control around the world. united states also is trained to do that. when they can't reach them, there are other communications lines that they can use. and they actually ask other pilots literally to use their eyes. do they see anything, can they see the plane, anything burning, anything in the sky. many tragedies, both daytime,
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nighttime, passenger, small planes, often air traffic control does that. in the face of a missing aircraft that's a common and typical response. >> and that is the transmission, the audio now that we're hearing as a result of somehow 804 is now out of commission. earlier we were listening to audio of, you know, one of the pilots on 804 talking to air traffic control out of switzerland and everything at that point sounded fine. how do you compare? why is it important to have these two different types of audio communications right now? how do you compare them? >> well, it also helps pin down the time as well. so the first one is absolutely completely normal. pilots use standard language, you're taught to do that literally from your first day in flo flight school. it's very typical. it's common.
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actually if you do tend to talk to flight controllers a little bit more than the standard language, because you're being polite and nice. you're up there in the airspace together, or the other planes and you are. completely normal and then later when they're asked to look for the plane, the plane was not responding at all. i see nothing there to indicate either terrorism or, you know, mechanical. there's no evidence there as to what was going on. >> why is it important that this kind of audio is being released at this juncture? what's behind making this portion public right now? >> well, hopefully it's an urge to be transparent. in the united states, those communications are subject to the freedom of information act. they are made available and are made public. you can get those. and that is just hopefully just an effort for everyone to be transparent so the families can get information. they want so much information, they want every piece of
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information. which is the problem with the tardy release of the acars messages. those messages go from the plane to the airline. the airline can get ready for the plane to come in. usually what they use them for is the plane has a problem and the plane tells its home base and i'm coming in and i have this wrong with me, be ready to fix me. the airline has had that since day one. >> that communication from the acars this is your plane talking to ground control. are things conveyed a pilot doesn't even know about? will the pilot always know what acars is transmitting? >> when there's a warning, the pilot will know. acars transmits other information that helps the airline operate efficiently. translate information about your fuel usage. all sorts of information. in terms of any kind of warning, those warning lights are displayed in the cockpit. in particular these are displayed on a warning panel on
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the cockpit. some of the overhead and some of the council >> we heard tim lister reporting there may be four scenarios investigators would be looking at, weather related, pilot error, a mechanical problem or a terror. weather it looks like many people are ruling that out. do you think the other three possibilities should still be on the table? are you leaning on anything based on the audio and the types of debris that's been located? >> so far on the debris -- this is a tiny part of a huge plane. so far the debris doesn't show -- they have to test for this -- it doesn't show fire, sooting, pitting of an explosion or anything like that. it's way too early to say anything like that. it's such a tiny tiny amount. obviously, we can rule out weather. pilot doing something, pilot error, pilot intentional, you can still have a mechanical malfunction and what the pilot
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does to respond to it can be an error. for example, in here, say the first sensor that went off, you know the first sensor that went off was the window heating element, the cockpit pilot right side, right side pilot. usually called the co-pilot's seat. there if it was fire arcing sparking or whatever they would have had to go through fire fighting. they put their oxygen masks on and don goggles and they have gloved they can fire fight and things like that in the cockpit. so their actions would be evaluated. at this point it looks like some kind of a fire, electrical arcing that started with the window or maybe in the electronic bay or an incendiary device behind the cockpit or in the front cargo hold. >> all right. mary schiavo, thank you so much. we'll continue to follow this breaking news surrounding egyptair flight 804. in politics the race for the
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white house the nation's biggest hispanic christian organization is giving donald trump a platform to win them over. national hispanic christian, three great words. >> we'll talk about his message next. don'tlive in tokyo. when you airbnb, you have your own home. so, live there. even if it's just for a night. [ "dreams" by beck ] hmmmmm... hmmmmm... the turbocharged dream machine. the volkswagen golf gti. part of the award-winning golf family.
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i think when people hear about i think it's important for, everyone to know that there is so much more to memory support than the stigmas you hearabout. that these residents still have lives and their lives still matter and that they are still living their lives.
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that they're not locked away and that they still have a lot to live for, you know, that they have people that care about them and they have people that love them and i love them, so their lives still matter. that is what i do this for. all right this breaking news. welcome back. we're getting a new audio now, air traffic control audio. and the pilots searching for
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egyptair flight 804. listen. >> egyptair 804. egyptair 804. this is turkish 141. >> egyptair 804 from egyptair 995 on 124.7. >> air traffic controllers routinely ask other pilots in the area to reach out to planes that might not be responding. we'll continue to follow the story throughout the hour. meantime, let's turn to another story we're following, the race for the white house. donald trump and hillary clinton sent two very different messages to a large hispanic audio friday. they did not attend the conference for evangelical hispanics, they taped videos that were shown to 1,200 attendees. here is hillary clinton's m messa message. >> let's work together to raise the minimum wage. create more good paying jobs give everyone a quality education no matter their zip code. let's keep families together.
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by passing comprehensive immigration reform. we're hearing divisive and dangerous rhetoric in this election. we have a candidate who wants to tear families apart and forcibly deport 11 million undocumented immigrants who calls mexicans rapists, who talks about banning muslims from entering the country. that is not who we are as a people. >> so that's hillary clinton's message. this is donald trump's video. >> we're going to do massive tax cuts, especially for the middle class and people that are poor are going to pay nothing. we're going to bring back jobs, you're going to start paying taxes after you're making a lot of money. hopefully that will be soon. we're going to stop drugs from pouring into our country. we're going to strengthen our borders. we're going to stop the drugs. i want to thank the whole group and all of the committees that asked me to do this. national hispanic christian,
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three great words. >> okay. big difference in style substance and presentation. i want to bring in our political commentators. and the national political reporter for real clear politics. ryan, you first, what do you make of these messages, how they were carried out and what's behind the messaging? >> well, look, trump has a lot of work to do in the hispanic community. most of the polls show his disapproval rating among american hispanics is 70% to 80%. that's a lot of political work to turn that around. and so i think it will be interesting to see if some of the, you know, more heated rhetoric of the primary, if he starts to down play it. you know, a lot of republicans think that hispanics can be wooed to the republican party. not necessarily on issues like
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immigration but there's a big disagreement on how to move forward with that. but on some of the social issue as. what i heard trump talking about crime and economic issues. also ways to sort of appeal to hispanics who might be very turned off by some of his other rhetoric. so maybe a little bit of a pivot by trump to try to talk to this community that where his numbers are so negative. of course, clinton, just going right at trump, bringing up the most -- the statements that have been the most harmful to him in that community. big political projects for donald trump if he's going to beat hillary clinton is to reverse his disapproval numbers among that segment of the population. >> jeffrey, how do you analyze, you know, your candidate of choice's video? >> i think it's a great job. i think it's the first step. i mean, he is appealing to
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people, not based on race, which is what hillary clinton is doing and what democrats in journal always do and have been doing since they supported slavery. he is appealing to them based on economics, based on their lives as american citizens. that's what's important here. this is going to become crucial. if you noticed in her video, mrs. clinton, again, deliberately misrepresented him as talking about mexicans when he was talking about illegal immigration. there is a difference. hispanics who live legally in this country are just as affected by illegal immigration. >> isn't there direct reference when he was -- >> yeah, he was talking about illegal immigration. that's the whole point. point of fact, if you go and look at the statistics from the border patrol, what he was talking about is, in fact, a problem. so there's no question about that. but it is perpetially done with
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malice. >> rebecca, is that what is going on here? is donald trump offering some clart in his video or his recent dialogue as he's trying to appeal to hispanics? >> well, maybe in the sense that donald trump could provide clarity. you know, he does things in his own way. he certainly is trying in his way to soften his language when it comes to hispanic voters. we saw, of course, his tweet recently with a taco bowl in trump tower in which he tweeted i love hispanics. that is not what you would usually see from politicians, especially at the presidential level in terms of outreach to a particular demographic. but donald trump operates in a way as we've seen that's very different from most politicians and particularly politicians at the presidential level. and what really struck me about these videos is that you get the sense that donald trump and
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hillary clinton are speaking in totally different universes, in totally different manners. these two candidates could not be further apart in terms of style. that's something we're going to continue to see. >> huge differences in style, go ahead jeffrey. >> if i could say something about the taco bowl business. if you go to the white house site right now, and take a look, there's a picture of president obama in a bar having a drink on st. patrick's day. now, is that a what's the message is here? that irish -- i'm irish on my mother's side we're all a bunch of alcoholics and the way to celebrate st. patrick's day is to go to a bar and have a drink? in other words if we're going to talk about that kind of insensitivity and identity products, the president himself plays the game. i think we're all americans. we should stop the nonsense and donald trump is part of that revolution, if you will. >> so, ryan, is that a fair
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comparison to make? >> well, look, every politician does try to appeal to various ethnic groups, sometimes slightly more ham handed ways than others. and i think there's a grain of truth to that. you know, new york politics you go to little italy and have pasta, if you go appealing to the irish american community and do things like drink a guinness. >> wait, and jeffrey, remember president obama there are some irish roots in his heritage. >> he's obama, of course. >> you know, i had forgotten about that. >> forgot about that? it just came to me. go ahead ryan. >> it was a little much. >> jeffrey will agree there was something maybe like the a little bit politically off on the whole taco bowl pander. it was sort of trump sitting
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there, sometimes when trump tries to appeal to certain groups -- tries to appeal to certain groups, it just comes off as if sometimes he hasn't done his homework with what works with certain groups. sounds like jeffrey, you disagree and think it's no different than obama having a beer. fair enough. in the hispanic community it was -- >> they're into identity politics. >> i'm partly irish i've never had a problem with someone drinking, you know, a guinness on that holiday. but i think it's the -- i look to the leaders in those groups to see if it's offensive or not or successful or not. and based on that, it didn't look like it went over so well. >> it's important to remember, of course, this comes back to policy. when we're talking about the approval ratings among demographic groups for these candidates and their approval of
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any specific tone that the candidate takes, like this taco bowl tweet we're discussing now, part of the reason that that came off as sort of tone deaf to many hispanics, based on what i have seen is because donald trump's policy to this point has been seen in his rhetoric and tone has been seen as unfavorable to many hispanics in this country. that's why his unfavorability is what it is. it's the message behind it and the policies you are pressing for. >> can i just agree with jeffrey on one point? before trump came along there really was a debate in the republican party about how you appeal to hispanics. do you do it with immigration reform as the main message, or do you challenge the republican's traditional economic agenda. and i do think as jeffrey pointed out it's interesting that trump -- obviously he's not going towards immigration
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reform. but he is challenging in some ways the republican party's traditional economic agenda as a way to reach that community. if that's successful, that will be fascinating and we'll have long term consequences. >> all right. >> hispanic votes is located is important. there are a lot of them in california and texas. texas one assumes will vote for trump. california, conceivably will be voting for hillary clinton. so the battle ground states with hispanics are places like florida and colorado. and i think he's -- >> very differently. right, it's not monolithic at all. it boils down to region as well. all right. thanks so much. >> thanks. >> appreciate it. all right. the democrats are on the campaign trail hard today. bernie sanders is in vado, new mexico before heading to california later today. sanders believes if he can win california on june 7th he might be able to clench the
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nomination. bill clinton is hitting the trail for hillary today. he'll be speaking soon in chula vista, california. just one of two stops today in the golden state. we'll be right back. [phone buzzing] [engine revving] [engine revving] [phone buzzing] ♪ some things are simply impossible to ignore. the strikingly designed lexus nx turbo and hybrid. the suv that dares to go beyond utility. this is the pursuit of perfection. and i quit smoking with chantix. i always came back to smoking. i was absolutely frustrated, absolutely. i did not think chantix would work as well as it did. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation,
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welcome back. we're following the news on the egyptair investigation. we have new audio from air traffic controllers and pilots trying to reach the egyptair flight after it stopped communicating. life vests, suitcases and airplane seats from the plane have been founds in the mediterranean sea. egyptian officials are pointing to terror as the likely cause of the crash but no official determination has been made. we'll continue to follow the story. vital signs starts right after this. (vo) they say big can never be good. purina believes it can. inspecting every ingredient for quality? that's big. being confident that your pet's food is 100% safe? that's big, too. spending more healthy years with your best friend? that's amazing. big is exciting... daring...
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