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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  May 24, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." we're going to begin with this breaking news. the once beloved tv patriarch, bill cosby, is in a courtroom right now where he's waiting to find out if his criminal sexual assault case will indeed go all the way to a trial. the comedian walked in this morning for this preliminary hearing today and he was surrounded by powerhouse attorneys. they are fighting tooth and nail against a series of felony,
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indecent assault charges stemming from a 2004 case involving a woman named andrea consta constand. claiming that cosby drugged her and sexually assaulted her in her home in pennsylvania after he invited her to talk about a professional future. now it's his future in question. our sarah gannon and danny cevallos are live outside of that courtroom in norristown, pennsylvania. also live with me here, legal analyst and defense attorney joey jackson and former prosecutor and defense attorney, julie rendleman. first sarah, to you for the reporting, take me to pennsylvania. tell me what's been happening in this preliminary case. >> reporter: good afternoon, ashleigh. first, you've got to set the scene here. this is cosby's hometown. montgomery county outside of philadelphia. he was never more loved anywhere else than he was here.
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in fact, as he approached the courthouse, he was met my fby a small group of fans and gave a wave of acknowledgment to them and the media. inside this courthouse, he faces the only criminal case, of all of the allegations that have been made against him in the past few years, this is the only one that made it to criminal court. this allegedly happened 12 years ago. in 2004, a woman who was the director of the women's basketball team here at temple university said she was over at bill cosby's home, he gave her some blue pills and then sexually assaulted her. now later on, she sued him civilly and it was in his civil deposition released last year that shocked us all he admitted he did have a prescription for quaaludes and gave them to women who he wanted to have sex with. he denied ever sexually assaulting anyone and said that the encounter with constand was
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con s consensu consensual. they say andrea continued to go over to bill cosby's house after this alleged encounter and say a victim would not do that. as this court proceeds, i think it's important to note if this case goes forward, if the judge finds it can go to trial, this is the only case where bill cosby could face jail time, ashleigh. >> but we may hear from other women who say they went through a similar ordeal as witnesses. that remains to be discussed. we're going to discuss that. danny, to you. this is a unique set of circumstances to say the very least in this courtroom. there are three different prosecutors that play into the fact that they're even there in the first place. help me understand why bill cosby could say something like that in a deposition where he
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swears he was promised he had immunity and all of the sudden, he does not. tell me about the prosecutors involved and how he got here. >> reporter: well, we got here. that issue was developed more at the habeas hearing which was some time ago and so far, that has not been an issue today. the question of that alleged agreement of non-prosecution. today is a preliminary hearing. and all the prosecution needs show is a prima fascia case, more probable than not, that a crime was committed and that this defendant committed that crime. so the non-prosecution agreement if there ever was one, will not be an issue today. the prosecution has a very light burden to meet, an exceedingly light burden, i can't stress it enough as someone who has done many preliminary hearings myself, the percentage is against the defendant. all they have to make out is a bare bones case and credibility is not supposed to be an issue. so the defense can't make much
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headway by calling a witness, you know, inaccurate or fabricating their testimony but one thing the defense can do is induce their own evidence to rebut consent and that will be a critical issue in the coming hours and minutes as we move through this preliminary hearing. will the defense be able to negate consent? it's an uphill battle but the defense so far appears up to the task. >> you said it. exceedingly light burden. i just want to read something to you, joey jackson, which i can only imagine is one of the first things out of the prosecutor's mouths in this preliminary hoping to get this judge to convince the judge to go straight to trial. and that is cosby's consent. and that is this. in the deposition, bill cosby was asked when you got the quaaludes, was it in your mind that you were going to use these
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quaaludes for young women that you wanted to have sex with and the answer was yes. does that meet an extremely light burden to go to trial? >> reporter: let's talk about the issue of consent. we need to point out the viewers the following. there are three counts here and one is predicated upon lack of consent. there are two other counts and one relating to her being unconscious at the time because of pills and because of quaaludes or some other types of substance and therefore not having the ability to consent. the other relates to specifically drugging her, thereby knowing she was in a position where she couldn't consent. those are three theories. this is the larger picture and i should point out after these preliminary hearings as danny cevallos points out quite rightly, since it's a low standard, i very much expect this case will move forward to trial. this case is not dismissed today, ashleigh. i think they're locking in the
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witnesses at this point but since on the issue of consent, you have this issue with the pills and was it benadryl or herbal supplement? i don't know how the defense, at this stage, really bypasses nah. >> i go back to the when you got the quaaludes, was it in your mind that you were going to use these quaaludes for young women that you wanted to have sex with. it's very powerful, bill cosby's own answer, yes. and 40 or 50 women say the same thing happened to them and i understand that this case is on its own merits. you don't get to bring in prior acts unless there's a pattern of conduct. so with your basic knowledge, do you expect to see a parade of women who haven't been investigated, who haven't been litigated walk into that courtroom on a specter who may have sent him? >> reporter: i don't know if i expect to see a parade of women
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but i certainly expect the prosecution to introduce -- >> look at all of them. look at these people. >> reporter: remember, none of them have been vetted but they'd be vetted at cross-examination. there's one thing i turn to. when he's asked about whether or not, when he's talking about consent with this complaintant, saying it was somewhere between permission and rejection and i keep repeating that to myself because somewhere between permission and rejection indicates he himself doesn't even believe she's necessarily consenting. >> i'm not sure it's exact quotes but that is this. it's a quote again from this deposition where, andrea's case was, he spoke, i was guaranteed immunity. it was questionable. that's why we're here but said this. the question was she said she believes she was not in the
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position to consent to intercourse after you gave her the drug. do you believe that is correct? and cosby's answer is, i don't know. i mean, joey, that's tricky. >> i think it's very damning. now, the deposition does a number of things here, just to be clear about that and usually, in most cases, what happens is the criminal case and then the civil litigation and totally separate. in this case, it was really exhumed because of this whole civil case and the judge releasing the deposition and i think the deposition does three things. number one, what the deposition does. cosby was interviewed by the police around the time that this happened in 2005. you can look at what he said to the police versus what he said in the deposition and mentioned the drug use in both instances but was it a herbal supplement? was it benadryl or something else? the second thing you can look really for the deposition to do is introduce what you talked about was the quaaludes thing. what is he doing introducing
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quaaludes to young women not consenting and then this parade of other women that the deposition explored in terms of his relationship and what he knew he was doing. so if the deposition stuff comes in -- >> real quickly to sarah and danny, if you're still with me on location live outside of the courthouse where this has been going on, i hope between the two of you, you could answer this question. three counts and they are hefty in terms of the potential prison time. i think, and correct me if i'm wrong, they're ten years each but between the two of you, work out what cosby could face if it goes to trial and he's convicted, what could happen and would they be concurred or consecutive? >> reporter: you want to talk about bill cosby's exposure. i believe 10 years is maximum for a felony for aggravated to indecent assault but not always likely for a defendant like cosby who we expect has no prior criminal history and all
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sentencing is a function of your prior history and the gravity of what you have done. so under the sentencing guidelines, cosby's sentence, if he were convicted, which is obviously a huge if, would be much, much lower than that. it would not be the stat max case. instead, you'd be looking at somewhere between, and i'm ballparking, 22 to 36 months under the applicable sentencing guidelines still very significant periods of time but nowhere near approaching the statutory maximum. >> reporter: remember, he's 68 years old. >> that's exactly it. he's 70 now. >> reporter: you consistently see defense attorneys use that in sentencing as something that, you know, for the judge to take into consideration whether or not a sentence, even if it were ten years, would be a life sentence for him or five years could be a life sentence. you've seen that in many high profile cases, especially in pennsylvania and that brings me to another point that i'd like
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to make today which is, as he walked in here today, bill cosby had assistance. it's not that he appears to look old and frail, but he did have assistance and his representatives said he was having some eyesight issues, some long standing eyesight issues. jean casarez in the courtroom listening to testimony all day said earlier he stumbled into her pew in the courtroom and appeared not to quite know where he was and didn't have his bearings. he does, that does seem to be something that his defense is talking about. >> i saw him in one of the shots as well, sarah, stumbling into one of the magna tom ters and this time walked in with that assistance but i will say that and i think i'm not wrong. judges do not care about your physical ability when you're coming here. watch this picture. i think he has the problem there as well in terms of stumbling but judges don't care if they're determining whether you're going to be standing trial. whether your physical fitness sup for the task.
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many times -- that's the jury. >> that's the whole set-up. that's where it's going. >> i'm going to leave it there, guys, but great job. keep us posted. danny as well. thank you to you. and of course, julie and joey, great work as we continue to watch this breaking story. bill cosby, it's been a long story and evolution to evolution and always details hard to keep track of but that one, you can keep track of it. he may be going to trial on a felony sexual assault. three counts. up next, by bernie sanders said things could get messy at the democratic convention. messy. what does that mean? and donald trump and clinton's newest tactic digging up old dirt from the old past. you can watch "legal view" anytime. insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should have done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident.
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that can camp out in between our teeth, if we'll let it. use gum® brand. soft-picks®. proxabrush® cleaners. flossers and dental floss. gum® brand. the word of the day in politics is messy. that may be the best way to describe the new attacks between hillary clinton and donald trump. both campaigns getting their hands dirty by digging up the past with the clinton camp zeroing in on trump's comments involving the housing crash back
9:18 am
in 2006. have a listen to what he said. >> i sort of hope that happens because then people like me would go in and buy, if there was a bubble burst, as they call it. you could make a lot of money. >> trump turning back the calendar himself and digging all the way back to the '90s in order to escalate his personal attacks against bill clinton, again, bill, not hillary, but bill and his behavior with women. all of this as donald trump and bill clinton get set to hold duelling rallies in the desert. trump is headed to new mexico and what's cool about this. it's not just any other rally. his first official fundraiser in conjunction with his brand new friends, the rnc. remember that? remember when they weren't? now they are. senator bernie sanders is getting into that messy mix as well saying anybody expecting a nice and tidy convention in
9:19 am
philadelphia should guess again. >> it's got to be messy. democracy is not always nice and quiet and gentle. but that is where the democratic party should come. >> you think the convention could be messy? >> somewhat. democracy is messy. every day, my life is messy. but if you want everything to be quiet and orderly and allow just things to proceed without vigorous debate, that's not what democracy is about. >> the sanders campaign has been very quick to clarify what he meant by messy. his campaign manager speaking with cnn saying that word messy does not mean advocating violence. >> well, i just think we're going to have flovotes on the fr of the convention. you don't often see that anymore in modern conventions but that's what they're about for parties to do business of the party. >> okay. so now you have it all.
9:20 am
what about the voices? i'm joined by author, democratic sam clowevus and democratic u.s. supporter, javier. before we go further, i need to play even more tape because the story just gets momentum. that whole attack on hillary clinton via attacking bill clinton and his behavior in the '90s made it on "the view." he's asking what he thinks about this line of attack from donald trump and here's how he responded. take a look. >> what he's doing is he's exposing, not just bill clinton for what he was and what he had done, but it's the same as it relates to hillary. she attacked mr. trump as being
9:21 am
sexist, misogynist, and that's inaccurate. donald trump is not any of those things an whd they're trying to portray him as such to end upturning the women against mr. trump when, in fact, women seem to be turning against hillary clinton for being the enabler in chief. >> two very interesting things that just happened right there. chris cuomo is not the newest cast member of "the view" and michael cohen looks nothing like bernie sanders. everybody thought that was weird, i'm with you. here's the actual moment on "the view" when bernie asked whether or not these attacks by donald trump or bill clinton's behavior in the '90s were fair game. >> i don't think it is and i have never gone anywhere near that. look, donald trump is a demagogue. he is a bigot. and he has nothing to say about the important issues facing our country. this is what trump has done throughout his entire campaign.
9:22 am
he is very good at insulting people and attacking people, but he has nothing to say about the future of this country. >> okay, so that's interesting. bernie sanders coming to hillary clinton's defense. sam, this question to you. this is going to be a tough one. much of the attacks against hillary clinton saying that bill clinton has his behaves in the '90s against women which donald trump alluded to as being shameful and twisted into hillary's reaction to those women, but it is really hard to find hillary clinton anywhere attacking any woman who was alleged to have had affairs. i did find one instance of an attack on the women and i'm going to read it for you. paula jones is a loser and people would have been more forgiving if bill had affairs with more glamorous women and that came from, you ready for it? donald trump. what are you doing in this campaign when it's donald trump who attacked the women and
9:23 am
you're going after hillary's husband who's not running for president? >> i do think it's important that you brought this up because how'd you open the show? the high visibility. >> that stuff happening there. that's a bill cosby story. >> are you going to let me talk or not? >> answer your question, yes. >> really, this is, i'm really sorry that this is how this is turning out because this is more like tmz than campaigns and the substance and why these particular tactics might be in play or not. if we want to go down that road, i'm happy to do that, but i thought we were going to be talking about -- >> i want you to answer the question. >> i was trying to answer, and you won't let me, ashleigh. are you going to let me answer the question or not? >> i had to pry you three times. >> you keep interrupting. so you going to allow me to
9:24 am
answer or let somebody else talk for a while? >> if you don't answer with bill cosby and answer, why is donald trump attacking hillary clinton's husband and suggesting that hillary clinton attacked the women he is alleged to have affairs when it is in fact donald trump who attacked paula jones saying she is a loser? >> wasn't running for president in 2006 either, so the issue comes down to the overall character of the candidates and i think we're going to see how this plays out. and i think if you look at what we're doing is the lead agent advancing the notion of war on women is hillary clinton and she is, she can't have it both ways. either she is or she is not part of this deal and if her husband has been out as a sexual predator, has been documented over and over again, then perhaps she has a role in some of this and perhaps there is
9:25 am
some of this that she has to be able to say can't have it go both ways. there's a blind spot or a bit of hypocrisy here and i think we have to acknowledge that. >> okay. okay. that's the answer. so jonathan tacini, he wants to debate hillary clinton in california and he said no to a debate in california. why would she need to debate him in california when there's no path at this point for bernie sanders to win the nomination and, effectively wouldn't change the outcome at this point. what will be the benefit to either of them at this point? >> first, ashleigh, i want to underscore one thing that whether bernie sanders is the nominee or hillary clinton is the nominee, we will get the overwhelming number of women because donald trump is a misogynist. he has a long history of being a
9:26 am
misogynist, and saying despicable things about women. sam did not answer your question because it's not answerable. donald trump will not get the votes because women will not vote for a misogynist. on your question about california, i do think that, let's face it, it's a big state. people want to hear from both candidates. the nomination has not been decided. we all acknowledge in the sanders campaign it's a very tough path, but there will not, we will not know the nominee until the actual convention and i think all california voters, the largest state in the union with hundreds of delegates deserve to hear from the two candidates and i do think it's very important. remember, when we have a debate, it's not just democrats listening or even republicans listening and to put forth the vision of either candidate, either of whom will be far superior to donald trump, is a good thing when we look towards the general election. >> you heard jonathan just say he doesn't think sam clovus
9:27 am
answered the question. do you think that the question was answered and if you do think the question wasn't answered, shouldn't hillary clinton be a little tougher on pointing on the stuff, i mean, i found it. i found that donald trump called paula jones a loser. not hillary clinton. >> you know, i think most americans would like to know how we're going to stop nuclear proliferation and make sure our troops don't die in iraq and make sure the zika virus doesn't affect pregnant women. i think the american people want us to answer really important questions, not whether donald trump is a misogynist or whether donald trump thinks he's the greatest of all. the reality is here that we have an election to determine who will be the next leader of the country in the free world. i believe secretary clinton has done a marvelous job of going everywhere in the country. she has made an effort to sit down with people rather than just be on tv and a lot of
9:28 am
demand before getting to the june 7 primary in new mexico and so forth. i hope she has the time to sit down with as many people as possible. >> congressman, that question. she has made it part of her campaign to go after donald trump's behavior with women and donald trump's answer to that is that her husband has problems with women. why doesn't she answer to that? >> i think the secretary's making it clear what donald trump stands for when it comes to women. she's using his own words. she's talking about what other women have said about donald trump. that's not going after anybody. that's just using the facts. donald trump has a history. he's the last guy who should be trying to use dirt. he needs to come clean on why he's not willing to reveal his tacks. he needs to explain why he's not willing to let guns be in the classroom but be in the convention in july. he needs to explain a lot of different things. the least worry i think most women should have is trying to figure out why he's so wrong
9:29 am
when it comes to women. >> thanks to all three of you. i appreciate it. coming up next, donald trump's newest tactic turning up the heat on hillary by dredging up that past. bill clinton's past. but is trump out of line and even so, is that working? pick 3 of 9 all-new creations for $15.99. like baked lobster alfredo chimichurri shrimp and crab cakes bursting with crab meat. just hurry in before it ends.
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we've got some breaking news just coming to us via l.a.x. i want to take you to a live picture as we zoom in on a plane that is on the tarmac right now and you can see officials
9:34 am
underneath a mobile jetway that's been brought up to that aircraft. it's 9:33 in the morning there, and that flight, which is compass flight 5931. you'll probably see if you can squint past the wing that it actually says american eagle compass operates flights for american eagle but that flight apparently had to land because the police at l.a.x. got a notification from the tsa that there was some kind of a threat on board that plane while in flight. so at this point, we can tell you that the plane did land safely thus far. it landed at a remote location. i think that's critical. it had to be brought down and stationed where you see it on the tarmac at a remote location but you can also see law enforcement vehicles and law enforcement surrounding this plane. i was told, i believe, that they had guns drawn but i cannot see that on the monitors. if someone else can see that,
9:35 am
please alert me. peter goelz, i want to bring you in if i can. we just lost him. but we're going to keep an eye on this picture and find out exactly what the nature of this threat was, why that plane had to land. it was scheduled to land at l.a.x. anyway, but why it was brought down in the manner that it was brought down and why there are law enforcement agents, obviously, around the plane. sometimes these things resolve quietly and peacefully, albeit not for the person behind the threat but we'll keep an eye on it for you. in the meantime, those candidates finding the way back all the way back in time in order to file some attacks against their rivals. it's sometimes tough to differentiate between rumor and fact and that's important when you're electing a president. cnn's brian stelter is here to discuss. brian, the issue has been that donald trump has been bringing up a lot of rumor, a lot of innuendo and some call them
9:36 am
crazy e-mails from uncle leo in florida that circulate constantly and suggest they're true but he brings them up and then couches them by saying, i'm not saying this, but here's what people are saying. >> this is a big difference from other candidates, both this year and in past years. it's almost as if trump is the conspiracy theorist in chief and if there's other things you like, it's troubling to see him repeat these over and over again. you brought up in the last segment, paula jones. bringing up other accusers and trying to link that to hillary clinton. and it may be effective in some ways on the campaign trail, but it's incumbent on the news media to be sensitive when covering these stories because we don't want to do any campaign's dirty work for them, whether it's the trump campaign or clinton campaign or others and an issue for voters and viewers. increasingly, when we're thinking about who to elect even for lower level positions, we have to do our own research and
9:37 am
check out what these candidates are saying and he's repeating unproven conspiracy theories from the past that a simple google search could verify was not true. >> one of the stories is that he's bringing up an old story from the '90s about vince foster. he was close to the clintons. worked with the clintons. even i can't remember back that far, but he suggested that the suicide of vince foster was somehow fishy and there are all these conspiracy theorists who said it's murder. it's been investigated to the hilt by the feds, the local authorities, cnn did our own investigation. there was not an ounce of truth to it. if you want to believe all those pesky cops and media people that look into these things. >> also news outlets like cnn that put this to rest a long, long time ago and yet, one of the consequences of this digital age is these rumors do fester
9:38 am
online. they get forwarded around on the e-mail chains you mentioned and someone like trump is able to inject them back in a way we have not seen before with presidential campaigns. i think it's important to do what you did and say there's no evidence of this. this is not true. >> three times investigated. if you're just tuning in, my god, if you hear anything about the clintons being responsible for the death of vince foster, he committed suicide, it's been proven over and over. unless god comes down and tells you to your face, the truth is there. >> this is the truth for outlets and voters as well. not just a grain of salt but the whole shaker of shallalt and a five months of issues like this. >> good media reports as well. virginia governor said he's in shock after learning that he's under federal investigation. find out what it's all about and why he didn't know next. you both have a
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perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect!
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that can camp out in between our teeth, if we'll let it. use gum® brand.
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soft-picks®. proxabrush® cleaners. flossers and dental floss. gum® brand. virginia's governor, terry mcauliffe want to know whether a $121,000 donation from a chinese businessman violated election laws. cnn justice correspondent evan perez joining me live from washington, dc. i find it odd that even the governor himself did not know that he was under investigation nor the guy who gave the money. so what happened? >> reporter: ashleigh, sometimes what happens with these releasing investigations, the investigators work to gather their evidence before they even approach the target and that's
9:44 am
what appears to have been happening here. we're told by sources they had not yet approached the governor or his representatives to ask about this case. now we know that it goes beyond just this one donation. we know that this is one of the things that came to the attention of the fbi and public integrity and prosecutors in the justice department. this is a chinese businessman, a billionaire. he once served on the chinese people's national congress, a sort of a ceremonial legislature and found out later, however, that he has a u.s. green card that would seem to make his donation legal. mcauliffe is addressing that part of the allegation. here's what he had to say a short while ago. >> all i can do is rely on two firms who did the vetting on this check. i can only rely. i personally didn't get the check. i rely on the people who did the vetting. they said he had a green card from 2007. so the contribution came in and
9:45 am
they have unequivocally said he was entitled to write a check. >> reporter: you hear the governor focusing on is this one donor but we know this is an ongoing active investigation by the fbi and the justice department that goes beyond this one donation. what else is looked at? we don't know but we know they're still working on it. >> fascinating stuff. all right, evan perez, thank you. our justice correspondent. correspondent working washington. coming up next, millions of americans, maybe even you right now planning to travel but millions of us travel back and forth across the country on buses. so how safe are they? they're only as safe as their drivers, many times, and the cnn investigation found out that way too many of those drivers may be way too tired to be behind the wheel. (announcer) need to hire fast? go to and post your job to over 100 of the web's leading job boards with a single click. then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list.
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. it is the largest bus company in north america. 8 million ride a greyhound bus across this country traveling billions of miles. most trips appear pretty routine
9:50 am
but when a major accident happens, it sheds a light on what critics say is a serious problem and that is driver fatigue. this is an issue that is the subject of an upcoming trial in philadelphia over a horrific deadly greyhound bus crash. and that crash is raising questions about the company's commitment to safety. our investigative correspondent sarah gannon has dug in to this story. >> reporter: she dreamed of opera stardom. >> i wanted to sing at the met. i wanted to just go to europe and tour. >> reporter: that was before the greyhound bus she was riding in slammed into the back of a tractor trailer leaving her with serious injuries and damaged her
9:51 am
singing voice. >> have you ever so sad that you can't cry? that's the point i'm at. >> reporter: one passenger died. dozens more were seriously hurt. she's suing. her family said the driver was too tired to drive. the cnn investigation found that greyhound despite saying safety is a top priority does not enforce its own rule related to driver fatigue. internal company documents obtained by cnn show drivers are supposed to stop about every 150 miles. get out, check the tires, walk around the bus and stretch to mitigate fatigue but we discover that so-called rule is treated as a guideline. it's not enforced. >> they don't enforce the 150 mile safety rule because it costs them money. >> represents 22 other passengers on the bus that night. >> i think greyhound was more at fault for this crash than the
9:52 am
driver who fell asleep behind the wheel because they allowed a dangerous driver to drive. >> this government study from 2012 found 37% of all bus crashes were due to driver fatigue. the d.o.t. doesn't provide accident causes and greyhound as a satisfactory rating from the government. another passenger on the same bus lost his leg and a jury in his trial found that greyhound demonstrated reckless indifference to the safety of passengers and drivers and isn't enforcing their rules. the jury awarded a $27 million in damages. plus tacked on an additional $150 to send a message that greyhound isn't following its 150 mile safety rule. >> i remember waking up in the hospital. >> she was 18 and a student at the prestigious cleveland institute of music returning home from a trip to new york with her friend, emily.
9:53 am
what do you remember after you boarded the bus? >> telling emily good night, i believe. and falling asleep. and that's all i remember. >> reporter: the driver never took a break. 178 miles into the journey, the bus slammed into the back of a tractor trailer. >> i broke my neck. i had smashed two bones. >> reporter: she tells doctors tell her her voice will never be the same. >> there was no dream i had greater than singing on stage. >> reporter: the company's ceo, david leetch, makes it clear that greyhound does not enforce its own 150 mile safety rule called rule g-40. >> we're expecting our drivers to stop. >> but you don't have any way to currently enforce that safety stop. you've already testified to that.
9:54 am
>> right. >> reporter: greyhound and the driver deny fatigue was the cause of the crash. in her deposition, she said she doesn't remember what happened. as for greyhound, turn down the repeated request and e-mailed us a statement saying it had an excellent safety record and continues to improve our safety programs. you could write your future. what could it be? >> i would be an opera singer. that is my dream. >> reporter: we could not find any crashes in the last several years where greyhound admitted its drivers were fatigued. in fact, in this crash, the driver claimed it was her leg and fighting she fell asleep. the trial is set to begin later this week. sarah ganom. the ad wars get uglier.
9:55 am
an bernie sanders is saying that the democratic convention is going to get messy. his words. messy. wolf is going to get more on that after this quick break. you both have a
9:56 am
perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything.
9:57 am
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10:00 a.m. in seattle, washington. 8:00 p.m. in fallujah, iraq. wherever you're watching from around the world, thank you very much for joining us. up next, the political ad wars get down and dirty in the race for the white house. donald trump brings back skeletons from the past revisiting bill clinton's indiscretions and going to attack his record as a businessman.
10:00 am
>> that was donald trump back in 2006 talking about making money if the housing bubble bursts. bernie sanders has words of warning about the democratic convention coming up in july in philadelphia, said things could get messy. his words. sanders is holding a rally in anaheim, california. you're looking at live pictures right now. this is only two weeks, exactly two weeks ahead of the california primary. that's coming up. sanders keeps keeping up by his push to make the democratic party, he said, more inclusive and in an associated press interview, he said the process might not be pretty. >> it's going to be messy. democracy is not always nice and quiet and gentle. but that is where the democratic party should come. >> you think the convention could be messy?


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