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tv   Americas Choice 2016 Washington Primary  CNN  May 24, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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they may be able to get to parts of the city but a full, you know, liberation and holding on to it, changing life in mosul, that could be some time away. >> barbara starr doing excellent reporting for us. thanks so much. the news continues right now. hi there. i'm brooke baldwin. you are watching cnn here. breaks news out of pennsylvania. we are leading with the fact that actor and comedian bill cosby will stand trial for sexual assault. the ruling came down just about an hour ago at cosby's pretrial hearing. his attorney during the closing arguments screaming at the judge. top of his lungs. this is according to our crews inside that courtroom. we'll talk to her in a moment, correspondent, lashing out. the judge deciding there is, indeed, enough evidence to proceed with a case that dates
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back to 2004. the 78-year-old actor, comedian is charged with three felony counts of indecent assault against a former temple basketball coach constand. she was the first woman to publicly accuse cosby of assault. her civil case was settled out of court back in 2006 for an undisclosed sum but now with this criminal trial, cosby could face up to ten years in prison. let's begin the coverage this hour with correspondent inside the courtroom all day long and jean casarez joins us now with extraordinary color, jean. was hanging on your every word earlier. begin with this defense attorney screaming at the judge. >> reporter: it was amazing. the defense was so aggressive, from the very beginning. i mean, before this thing ever started, it was obvious that the prosecution was not going to call the accuser andrea constand to the stand and i think the
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defense expected that. up until last year you had to call the accuser to the stand in the preliminary hearing and the defense was so aggressive going straight, looking straight at the judge, saying there's a violation of due process rights. we are not going to have her demeanor on the stand. we are not going to be able to cross-examine her. might as well go home, he said. it just can't be that way. the law changed. the current state of the law is that a detective, someone who was there, can testify and read the statement of the accuser so that's exactly what happened. it was a packed courtroom. bill cosby was seated at the defense table. extremely professional. not talking to his lawyers a lot. but seemingly listening to every word and the prosecution's case in a nutshell really was that between the months of january and february in 2004 andrea constand who considered bill cosby her mentor, she went to him to talk to him about her career, and she was ahead of the women's basketball team at
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temple university. she was invit to his house by bill cosby. went there. she said that when she got there she said i'm upset changing careers. i think i'm going to go into massage therapy. i wanted broadcasting. he said, look. let me go upstairs and get something for you to help you relax. he came back down. she said in her statement with blue pills. he told her, take these. she said, what are they? he said, they're herbal. she took them and asked her to take wine with them to help you to relax. he did not tell her what they were and he later said they were benadryl and didn't tell her that. he said within 20 minutes the knees were weak and she couldn't talk. her vision was blurred. that he had to help her to the sofa and laid down on the left side initially. and then she said she remembered him starting to undress her and she was so incapacitated she said she couldn't talk or tell him to stop. and she doesn't really remember
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much more than that except she remembers how he touched her and where he touched her. the defense on cross-examination on that statement that andrea constand made focused on all the lines she crossed out at the end. she x'd out, for instance, she was invited to and went to foxwoods casino when bill cosby was performing. she wrote that after the performance she was staying there, he invited her to his room to pack. she crossed this out. but then she writes that she went to the room, they laid down on the bed together. and they were touching. she crossed this out. and then merely said, we were close. well, the defense really focused on this to undermine her credibility but the problem is credibility isn't a part of this preliminary hearing. but consent is. if there was a lack of consent, this case goes to trial. if constand concepted to what was happening, charges could
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have been dismissed today. but in the end, the judge ruled this case will continue to trial. the prosecution made out their case that it's probable cause that bill cosby committed three counts of indecent sexual aggravated indecent assault of andrea constand. >> jean, before i let you go, that's, you know, excellent on the arguments, both prosecution and defense in the courtroom, color. can we, 20,000-foot view here. you're in the town in norristown, pennsylvania, all eyes as we know he will be going to trial. talk to me just briefly about the media presence, the spectacle in this pennsylvania town. >> well, they were expecting 20 media trucks and there are -- the courtroom was packed. journalists we understand as far as away as australia. >> wow. >> it is something to see bill cosby in that courtroom, walk in. i was seated in the second row
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and all of a sudden my court pew was just bumped so hard, i mean, i moved in my seat. i looked up and it was bill cosby. he was being helped down the aisle and he literally walked in to my pew. and so, he stepped out and he kept walking, of course. the defense has said for a while now that he is blind and he can't see. but he definitely appeared to hear the testimony today. didn't talk with his attorneys much at all. but he did wave his formal arraignment which was set for july 20th. so, he will not be coming for that. you can wave your arraignment but this case will now proceed to trial. >> jean cara sez, thank you so much, as always. in norristown, pennsylvania. let's talk to smart legal minds here with danny sevalos and practices there. we'll talk to danny there and cnn legal analyst paul cullen
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and misty maris. welcome to all of you. danny, again, we know that mz constand and mr. cosby did not come face to face today because under pennsylvania law as the alleged victim, her testimony could be read aloud by detectives, correct? her presence is not required until now we know trial. >> in 2015, the superior court here in pennsylvania interpreted a rule of court to allow prosecutors to present hearsay and nothing else in making out their prima fascia case. it is a decision that's bitterly disputed by the defense bar and going up to the supreme court. it is one that could potentially be overruled but as it stands, the law in pennsylvania today is that a prosecutor in a case like this may use affidavits read into the record instead of putting that witness on the
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stand. but you better believe the defense bitterly objected to that admission and they did so for a very good reason and not only to make the point to the judge but preserve that issue for appeal. because as i said that case is winding the way up the appellate pathways. but as it is, that hearsay evidence was admitted in today. it was simply read from the statement. another big issue for the defense was if you are going to admit that statement, the defense felt they should be able to cross-examine the witnesses about each and every aspect of that statement that was taken at least a decade ago. >> danny, stand by. paul, let's bring you in to look forward to the trial and important to take a couple steps back. can you just remind us, we mentioned that she had settled in a civil case out of court a number of years ago. how did we arrive where we are today with this, you know, preliminary hearing and now trial?
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>> it's been a long journey. the original incident allegedly happened in 2004. she didn't report it until 2005. district attorney initially looked at the case and decided that he couldn't prove a case and essentially walked away from proceeding and there was talk that he was doing this in part so that she could pursue a civil case against cosby which was, in fact, filed in 2005. that case resulted in a settlement and a confidentiality agreement and so cosby's attorneys figured this -- >> over, done. >> -- case is over. she can't talk and been paid a lot of money and she allegedly forfeits if she violates the confidentiality agreement and they were stunned i think when this case so many years later came back to life but there's a 12-year statute of limitations in pennsylvania. >> that's what it is. >> giving her the right to file the case or giving i should say
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law enforcement authorities the right to file and don't you know with a new d.a. in office, they decided to file, this was a case -- >> new d.a. said we'll take a good look at the evidence again. misty, i'm coming to you in a second. let's pause and gloria allred joins me now representing more than 30 women, suing mr. cosby in civil court. constand we'll be clear is not one of them. gloria, nice to see you. i was listening to you earlier. you were peppered with many, maniees of the media. correct me but i understand you were in the courtroom and we're just talking our correspondent who described how aggressive the defense was and yelling at this judge. would you characterize what happened as aggressive? can you tell me what you saw and heard? >> yes, i can. first i would like to correct the record if i may. i don't represent 30 accusers in a lawsuit. i represent one accuser in a lawsuit.
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that's judy hutz on the allegation of the lawsuit she was 15 years old when she became the victim of sexual misconduct of mr. cosby at the playboy mansion. i do represent more than 30 accusers. but only one in a lawsuit. in reference to what happened in the courtroom this morning, yes. it was a very aggressive defense argument that was presented. at one point, the court actually characterized what the defense was doing and saying as editorializing. which, of course, is really not appropriate. but having said that, the court didn't say it wasn't inappropriate but she said it was editorializing. the court put on a closing statement. i have never seen something like that at a preliminary hearing. >> you haven't? >> no. ordinarily, no. ordinarily that kind of argument is preserved or reserved i
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should say for a trial. having said that, he said it. he did it. he was permitted to do it. he made the best argument possible. it might be an attempt to taint the jury pool. to be assertive about the client or perhaps influence the court. but having said that, i don't know what his motive was. maybe to put on a good show for the media. whatever his motive, he said what he could argue and wasn't sufficient in the sense that his client has been required to stand trial on three felony charges and that's not the result that my guess is that mr. cosby would have wanted to be the result today. >> okay. let's, gloria, let's walk through this. because the crux as you well know is consent. right? this is about -- the argument is she did not say no. >> correct. >> the offer prior to the blue pills and could have said no. therefore, she did consent.
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walk me through that before we talk about the prosecution. >> well, the issue of consent, of course, is going to be a pivotal issue for the defense and for the prosecution at the trial. but the bottom line is if a victim is incapacitated either by drugs or alcohol or by both, in this case, it's alleged that she had wine. that she did take three pills. from mr. cosby that he says were three halves of benadryl and he stated he didn't tell her at the time. he said they were herbal. if she was unable because she was unconscious or in and out of consciousness to say anything, then she couldn't say no and that cannot lead to the conclusion that she therefore consented. she had no capacity to consent is the argument of the prosecution and so, i don't know that the defense is going to get far with that argument, although i'm sure they'll continue to argue it at the trial.
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>> at the trial, gloria, will -- either your client or up to some 50 women who have accused him of some sort of sexual misconduct. could their testimony be, you know, used or could they themselves testify in that trial? >> in pennsylvania, there is what's called a prior bad acts doctrine. in other words, that other accusers could be called if it's -- their testimony is considered relevant to the charges facing mr. cosby. in other words, is this a signature crime? are the acts that the other accusers allege they were forced to suffer at the hands of mr. cosby, is it same or similar? such that their testimony might be admissible at trial. essentially, it's going to be up to the district attorney. it's going to be up to the court
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and i'm sure there will be many objections by the defense to the calling of other accusers to testify. so at this point, i can't predict. i don't know what the district attorney's office intends to do. >> sure, sure. >> but i think it's a fair guess that if they do try to call other accuse earls some will be willing to testify and the defense will object. >> okay. gloria allred, thank you so much. i really do appreciate your perspective. my apologies for my error at the top there. >> all right. >> misty, let's bring you in. i'm listening to this and i want to hear from a defense perspective, as well, just being totally even on both sides. you heard gloria and danny earlier and heard about the yelling. you know, who knows whether or not some of these other women will testify. what are your thoughts? >> well, first and foremost, it's going to be a critical issue whether or not the other women testify and the defense will vehemently object and
11:16 am
saying the prejudicial value far outweighs the probative value. up to the judge and each witness assessed to say does this person have a relevant testimony or information regarding this particular incident? the defense is going to have to work very hard to bring this case back to andrea constand alone and not be talking about the other women parading through the courtroom. the other thing here is talk about a difficult jury pool. we're going to have -- >> everyone has known bill cosby for years and years and years. >> a figure endeared to young and old and this case has really affected the public persona of him. and not to mention every fact about every case has been media fodder. so finding a non-biassed jury is going to be the defense number one priority. and that's why i think the defense went and took that path at the end of the hearing. they're setting the tone. they're taking a vehement stance that our client is innocent. setting the tone for trial.
11:17 am
>> you think they were thinking ten steps ahead to the trial and the jury pool and why he raised his question? >> no question. >> do you agree? >> yes. i agree. i mean, a lawyer blowing up like this in court and even giving a closing argument, this is a preliminary hearing. usually lawyers walk out of court. >> save the drama for trial. right? >> but this is to get the cosby position out. to create the idea that he's being treated unfairly. he's being railroaded. which ultimately i think will poison a potential jury pool. and, you know, getting back to the other thing misty was talking about because i think it turns on whether other alleged witnesses get to testify. when we heard about the charges against cosby, nobody believed it. america's dad and now you can fill a greyhound bus with the alleged victims. people start to say, well, maybe he is guilty. however, the cases get tried on a one on one basis. and each of these cases have
11:18 am
problems. so they're going to be trying to say, you know what? the one thing he consistently does is slips pills to these women so that they are -- >> themes. finding themes. >> -- drugged. that's a theme that's a signature crime because they're going to come in and say it's not just that he has sex with women. it's because he's got a way that he always does it. he gives them alcohol and then he drugs them because he can't get voluntary consent. that's a devastating piece of evidence if it goes in. >> paul, misty, thank you so much. danny, tha you. of course, gloria allred, thank you. what a day here in pennsylvania. coming up, switching gears and taub about the battle of fallujah. reports of 10,000 families trapped in that city. we'll take you there next. bernie sanders says things could be messy at the democratic convention in philadelphia in july. we are just learning as well his campaign wants a recount from the kentucky primary. we'll get a check-in on all things politics on this tuesday.
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welcome back. watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. on the day, washington state holds the republican primary, along comes another example of how ugly things could get before it's all said and done. two most negatively viewed candidates since favorability polls began. donald trump video of sex allegations against not hillary clinton but her husband. and hillary clinton is tweeting out today audio of mr. trump saying that he, quote, rooted for end quote the 2008 recession. >> i sort of hope that happens because then people like me would go in and buy. if there is a bubble burst as they call it, you know, you can make a lot of money.
11:24 am
>> and well donald trump may be, you know, slamming bill clinton now, back in the day, trump defended him. when's more, trump went aft the women making the accusations. chris cuomo this morning brought up the points and more to trump's attorney michael cohen. here's a piece of their conversation. >> why go after bill clinton? isn't that bad for donald trump? >> why? why is it bad for mr. trump? what he is doing is he's exposing not just bill clinton for what he was and what he had done but it's the same as it relates to hillary. she attacked mr. trump being a sexist and that's inaccurate. >> here are two reasons i think it's bad for him. one, hypocrite. two, glass houses. he defended bill clinton for years. he said the same allegations that you guys are talking about now were a waste of time, were wrong, were hollow. that bill clinton was a terrific
11:25 am
guy. that he was a great president. that the impeachment was wrong. that it was a waste of time. >> hillary clinton said donald trump was one of the smartest, best business men in the united states on several occasions. now she is attacking him. >> hold on a second. >> on the ads claiming -- >> she's bad, too. isn't he bad for saying that bill clinton is get and now going after him? >> he's giving the facts. >> so he was lying then? >> he was protecting a friend. there's a difference. >> what is the difference? >> the difference is he was being a true friend. he was -- it didn't matter to him. >> so he would be friends with a guy he thought was a piece of crap basically? >> what his relationship is with his wife is between the two of hem. now it's different. they're attacking mr. trump on a daily basis. >> all right. let's bring in cnn senior white house correspondent jeff zeleny in washington. i know, i know. you're following the clinton campaign today for us and political director david chalian. noise too see both of you.
11:26 am
mr. chalian, to you first. the fact that donald trump is going there so early and when you look at hillary clinton's attacks, you know, she's attacking his business accumen or lack thereof, it's nasty and just may. what will the next five months look like? >> a lot more like this i'm sure. which nobody -- no american voter is excited to hear. but listen. i mean, what we're seeing is that everyone's sort of throwing stuff out to see what sticks. but not all attacks are equal. they're both doing character attacks and hillary clinton in what you played there and launched today is trying to replay the obama playbook on mitt romney and attack character by tying it to the pursuit of being seen as the protector of the middle class because his business strategies they believe may have harmed people along the way. that were more middle class
11:27 am
voters. now, what donald trump is doing is taking entirely unsubstantiated claims, some proven false conspiracy theories and injecting it. not equal warfare here. >> staying with you, do you think either will stick? >> you know, listen, i think some of this may stick. i know we are looking back to the '90s seeing the republican playbook against clinton at the time an it didn't work to the republican benefit. gingrich stepped down and bill clinton became more popular. hillary clinton got -- >> sympathy. >> a ton more popular. lots of sympathy. launched her own political career, actually. now, i just want to say, though, those attacks not delivered in the same way. again, i think this is when hillary clinton says i'm used to attacks for 25 years, i think it underestimates that donald trump is a unique figure coming to this. he's not doing this the way maybe the republicans in the
11:28 am
'90s did this, character attack within the confines of decorum of washington, if you will. this is real hardball in a way i don't think hillary clinton's experienced. we may see some effect. it will rally his troops. >> jeff zeleny, you want to jump in on that and then i want the move topics? >> david's right. i mean, look. we have heard these attacks but a whole new context and there is a new generation of voters out here who actually, you know, are experienced -- >> don't know what happened. >> this is new information. one of the reasons that donald trump is doing it. but it's also those voters in the middle here where all elections are won or lost by donald trump right now wants to start this campaign with hillary clinton by reminding them of all this stuff may not have liked about it and firing up democrats here but, you know, we don't know if he continues doing this for five months or so but for right now it's just sort of get the voters' attention here and to cause a distraction. i mean, hillary clinton has a
11:29 am
substantive attack that donald trump was a success and for himself. not for you. not for voters. so that's where the clinton campaign is circling the wagons with a first concerted effort of the democrats and house democrats from swing states were repeating this message so that is a coordinated message from the clinton campaign to go after donald trump on substance so there is a difference here. >> what about, you know, i was listening closely to manu raju on the hill today, other reporting from, you know, we know, of course, mr. trump met with the house speaker i want to say two weeks ago now in washington and start of pivotal kofrss before ultimately speaker ryan might endorse and part of the conversations from what manu was reporting had to do with executive overreach. let me play a little bit of paul ryan and then we'll talk on the other side. >> we believe that this president has grossly exceeded his authority. he is not the only president to do that but the most recent president to do it and taken it
11:30 am
very, very far. yes, this is a thing we're in discussions with about principles of self government and restore the constitution. >> david, when's he really getting at coming to executive overreach and the constitution and having these chats with donald trump? >> first of all, i just note he continues to call him presumptive nominee instead of his name and, listen, i think trying to find some common ground here and uniting principles that conservatives across the board, whether they were with donald trump this nomination season throughout the rough and tumble campaign or not can unite around and what paul ryan is trying to point to and trying to sort of lead donald trump down a certain path and using his bully pulpit to do so. >> and jeff zeleny, looking at you in l.a. reminds me, june 7th, california primary and we know that everyone's west today. 44 delegates awarded in
11:31 am
washington state. how close is he to clinching? >> he is very close, brooke. of course, it's a moot point. we know he will be the nominee. he is very close. of course, by the time the primary reaches here in california as well as the other states voting on june 7th he'll well exceed that here and the real game here in california, of course, the democratic side. clinton-sanders side. news of senator sanders today is requesting a recount basically of the votes in kentucky which came from last week. narrowly lost to hillary clinton there just by a couple thousand votes and don't say there's anything necessarily wrong and want to make sure that the tally is wrong and another effort from the sanders campaign to keep the fight with hillary clinton alive and mathematically speaking it is all but over, brooke. >> more on kentucky and the messy word near a minute.
11:32 am
gentlemen, thank you. david and jeff, thank you. we have to talk about the battle for fallujah. reports of 10,000 families trapped in that city. full story coming up next for you. also, the virginia governor terry mcauliffe of tough, tough questions after cnn broke the news he is under a federal investigation for campaign contributions. how the virginia governor is responding today. coming up. so you don't have to stop. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol®.
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the business, and the community. pg&e really is an expert in saving energy, and that partnership is extremely exciting. together, we're building a better california. we are now getting our first pictures inside this bloody
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battle happening right now to drive isis out of fallujah. these images just in to cnn showing iraqi troops attacking an isis stronghold just outside of the city. u.s.-led coalition forces pounding targets and people told by their own prime minister to get out. but word from the u.n. is that 10,000 families are trapped inside the city, still in the clutches of isis terrorists who are not willing to give them up so easily. let's go to cnn senior international correspondent nick paton walsh and iraqi forces have not entered fallujah yet. what's the latest you're hearing? >> reporter: i think will be sometime until iraqi forces get to the city center and two years isis militants fortify themselves into. yes, there are 10,000 families in there say the united nations.
11:38 am
80 of whom managed to creep out in the last 4 days. they say. three dead among those 80 families including women and children and give you an idea of how perilous it is for them moving out. screening base where men separating women and children and then checked the see if they're isis militants. but a very perilous task ahead here. we understand from the limited information the military putting out moving in from the northeast and the southeast of that city an they have a large base to the city's west. but this could, frankly, take weeks. a lot of ieds, mines as it were, blocking their easy access and die-hard isis militants potentially a thousand of them trying to slow them down. but, brooke, learning about when's happening in fallujah, simultaneously hearing about
11:39 am
another offense north of the defacto capital in syria known as raqqah. that's long been the target symbolically for the united states and forces opposed to isis to attack and we heard today from syrian democratic front, a group that's heavily supported by the u.s. potentially actual and with advisers on the ground and staying back from the front line that they have begun an operation in the northern countryside around raqqah to push isis back and symbolic to get them happening at the same time. one around raqqah, yes, about shaping the space around the city than getting into it. fallujah, a longer term, much messier potential project and it shows a sense of cohesion against isis. we may see results potentially in the months ahead but this is a phenomenally complex messy process with so many i can and syrian civilians caught in between. brooke? >> thank you so much. by the way, we'll be talking to pentagon correspondent barbara
11:40 am
starr in a similar part of the world. her exclusive reporting next hour. do not miss that. coming up next, though, politics, bernie sanders says things could be messy. his word. at the democratic convention in july. what did he mean by that? all of this as we get word that bernie sanders is sauling for a recount in a recent primary in the south and discuss with carl bernstein. stay here. live in paris. when you airbnb, you have your own home. so, live there. even if it's just for a night. you wouldn't take medicine without checking the side effects. hey honey. huh. the good news is my hypertension is gone. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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just in to cnn, senator bernie sanders announcing he would like a recount of the kentucky primary where he trails hillary clinton and just the slimmest of slim margins there and less than one half of 1% of
11:45 am
the vote. kentucky secretary of state agreed to view electronic voting machines and every one of the state's 120 counties and will have the results by thursday afternoon. stay tuned for that. he hits the campaign trial trying to clarify saying that things could be messy, his word, at the democratic convention in july this summer. >> it's going to be messy. democracy is not always nice and quiet and gentle. but that's where the democratic party should go. >> critics blasting him. fearing that comment of messiness could incite aggression, potentially violence in the wake of showing the video what happened at that nevada state convention. his supporters were outraged that potential delegates for him were ruled ineligible and felt it was biassed toward hillary clinton there and senator sanders said his words not meant to provoke supporters and he
11:46 am
said this morning that his words were out of context. >> media often takes the words out of context. the context of that was was that democracy is messy. that people will have vigorous debate on the issues. >> will the convention be messy? >> of course it will be. but everything, that's what democracy's about. >> let me bring in carl bernstein. so, you know, listen. a lot of people have been throwing the media under the bus. it gets under my skin a bit. the fact that, you know, senator sanders said messy and then messy again this morning and then we add, you know, jeff weaver on with alison this morning with clean-up. not, you know, meaning to incite aggression or violence or anything but meaning sort of conversations around democratic party and platforms. that could become heated so they said. is this a tactic? >> i think the real tactic, i talked to some of sanders people, he believes he has a path to winning.
11:47 am
it is about that big but he believes there is a path and this is part of it and to get the super delegates doing well in california he is better against trump. >> saying things like messy? >> and, and, and, i won't defend him but what he intends to say is, look, we have got to win this election. this is what his people tell me and i have better numbers against trump. look what i did in california and hillary clinton's numbers on distrust have gone south to the point where she is in free fall. that's his people speaking. not she. she certainly, her numbers are going south. he intends to try to win the nomination and he does not want to give her a pass. meanwhile, so messy convention, i believe that's what he means. little ambiguous? yes. he's happy to leave it a little ambiguous. >> they're right on the numbers with hypotheticals, right?
11:48 am
they have pointed to how sanders just based upon the numbers fares better against trump or hillary clinton at this moment. >> he's not vetted the way she is either or up against trump saying nice things about bernie sanders. >> exactly. even trump himself in an interview said i haven't gotten to him fully yet. when you look at, you know, some of the phrases, the turns of phrase that senator sanders used, be it the messy phrase or calling hillary clinton a lesser of two evils looking at a clinton trump matchup in november and once upon a time saying she was unqualified and walking it back, again, my question is, this is a very, very smart man. how much of that and then walking it back is intentional. >> of course it's intentional. he wants to win and if he doesn't win he wants the leverage at the convention. >> by lobbing the verbal grenades? >> part of a strategy to get the votes. i don't think they have to be as incendiary as perhaps we're
11:49 am
making. . this is not a convention of chicago '68 with blood in the streets but delegates fighting with each other about who should be our nominee. what our platform ought to be. i think it will be messy. >> on that note on the platform and which is key whether or not they believe that the math is on their side and talking to anyone saying, heck no it isn't. >> they don't believe the math is on their side. they say we have a shot. and that shot is partly based they'll tell you privately on the hillary and the server,er instance. there is or isn't going to be a report by the fbi. not going to be indicted. >> carl, on the party -- >> there's fallout an they expect and want to capitalize on that. will they say that outloud? no. out loud sort of very quietly, privately? yes. >> what about just quickly, we now that he has five seats.
11:50 am
she has six on the party platform and talks about the principles and at least that, you know, his staying in the fight i imagine is partially leveraged so that he could have a voice on the platform so important for him. yes? >> not only a platform. he wants his movement to continue after. >> the evolution. >> after this. and if hillary clinton is going to be the president, he wants it to continue with her in the white house and advocating his positions and also he and his people i think there is no reason to doubt their sincerity about if he doesn't get the nomination, he is going to go out there, campaign for her. the issue becomes trump and he doesn't want donald trump to be the president of the united states. you talk about disingenuousliness about hillary clinton in line. trump has got a record of lying that will outdo almost anybody out there and bernie sanders is prepared to address that and even has so far. >> feisty today, carl. >> feisty? trying to get in as much as i
11:51 am
can real quick. >> feisty. thank you so much. i appreciate it. next here, let's talk about this major shake-up at the tsa. weeks and weeks of scrutiny. today we learned the head of the tsa is out amid growing frustrations. three-hour lines at chicago's o'hare airport. questionable bonuses. a live report coming up next and more on the breaking news, a judge ruling today that actor comedian bill crosby will stand trial on criminal sexual acharge assault charges. live to the courthouse in pennsylvania. of forms to my bo. that's what i love about it. the tempur-pedic comes up to you and it's like, "hey, there you are!" "hey, there you are!" "i'm going to put you to sleep now." here you go. okay! sleepy time! it keeps us comfortable and asleep at night. can i take a nap now? (vo) change your sleep, change your life,
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major shake-up at the tsa. kelly hogan is out. after scrutiny of accusations of mismanagement, raising major red flags. why hogan given $90,000 in bonuses after a scathing report of the feds highlighting the airport failures across the country. let's go to renee marsh, our aviation correspondent. what happened? >> reporter: well, brooke, you said it. it is a major shake-up at tsa an
11:56 am
it's really clearly the agency saying we hear airports, airlines and passengers, as well as congress, loud and clear. we must do better so that head of tsa security operations as you said, he made $90,000 in bonuses. paid to him in $10,000 increments. and that was on top of his base salary of $181,000. and even after tsa failed to detect the fake explosives and bombs and weapons, 95% of the time during those covert tests, he remained in his position. so that alone, that snapshot alone is a prime example of really a broken washington. but now he is out. tsa is also announcing that it is creating this command center, focused on monitoring passenger volume as well as wait times at airports across the country so that they can react appropriately. will this relief passengers and long lines?
11:57 am
we'll know in about a week when peak travel season begins, brooke. >> boy he boy, thank you so much. >> sure. top story, bill cosby will stand trial for sexual assault. his attorneys are now responding to the attorney's decision. a dramatic day in the pennsylvania courthouse, next. i'm getting dark chocolate and a hint of butterscotch. how about you? i taste - whaaaaaaaaaow. wha wha na na na na na na da ba da ba da ba daw! it's good.
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12:01 pm
her we go, i'm brooke baldwin. watching k ining cnn. we begin with the shocking news of bill cosby. a judge today ruled that he will, in fact, stand trial on criminal sexual assault charges. the 78-year-old faces 3 felony counts of indecent assault of a case of 2004 involving a former temple women's basketball coach and the first woman to come
12:02 pm
forward publicly with allegations of sexual assault against mr. cosby. during the proceedings today in this pennsylvania courtroom, cosby's attorney literally yelled at the judge in closing arguments from our correspondent in the courtroom. she described him as yelling, quote, no one should be brought to an american courtroom to undergo this, end quote. and this reaction outside of the courtroom from a cosby attorney who said, quote, what was presented today was evidence of nothing. >> they had 12 years to bring in the accuser to confront mr. cosby. they chose not to. the evidence is telling as to why they chose not to bring the complainant. their evidence determined back when the investigation unfolded proved there was no crime committed here, no evidence of a crime here and that the inconsistencies that plagued the investigation from the beginning continue to plague it now.
12:03 pm
this case should end immediately. >> well, let's go to jean ca casarez who was in that courtroom, saw it all, beginning with, jean, talk to me about the screaming in closing from the defense attorney. why? >> reporter: the passion with the defense that resulted in you're right the closing argument screaming. face to the judge. he was screaming to the judge but not specifically at the judge. but at the issues. the fact that they believe this was consensual contact between bill cosby and an grdrea consta and 12 years ago and because of that no probable cause that any crime was committed. but the prosecution really had three elements to show today. probable cause. low standard. not contesent by andrea constan. she was not able to stop what was happening to her and that
12:04 pm
the defendant bill cosby impaired her. well, the prosecution put on a detective on the stand and the defense was very upset about that. they wanted andrea constand on the stand. they wanted to question her to look at her demeanor because they believe that helped their case as far as consent. but the prosecution didn't have to do that and they did not subject constand to that. the detective testified as to andrea constand's statement, reading it with the question and answer and the detective saying the response of constand and basically january and february of 2004, that's 12 years ago, that bill cosby invited her to his house. he was her mentor in her words. when she got there, she said she couldn't upset, because of a career change. he went upstairs. he said i have something to make you feel better. he brought down three blue pills. she said, what are these? he said, they're herbal.
12:05 pm
they'll help you relax. take the edge off. so she took them and then he had her drink some wine. she said they continued to talk for about 20 minutes but all of a sudden everything changed and she was really scared. she wrote in the statement. that her vision was blurry. her legs were rubbery and couldn't walk or talk but she signaled to him she needed to sit on the couch so she laid on the couch. she remembered then in and out of consciousness bill cosby coming up from behind her and she could tell he was undressing her, touching her, she said. and she could tell he moved her hand to touch him. she fell asleep. the next morning, she woke up. bill cosby came downstairs in the bathrobe and she said he gave her tea and a muffin and she left. the defense absolutely crucified that statement by showing all of the different places where she
12:06 pm
crossed out and how bill cosby in his statement said many of the same things except no alcohol, sexual contact but it was consensual. they also talked about that she had been to cosby's home several times before this happened, went to foxwood casino when he was performing. went into the bedroom with him. she had written down they laid on the bed. the defense really tried to as we say in legal terminology dirty up the victim. in this preliminary hearing. but the fact is the credibility of the witness doesn't matter. and the judge said this case moves on now to trial. >> jean casarez, thank you so much. let's bring in the legal panel here. i have joey jackson and laurie coates. so let's get to it here. the crux of the case is consent. joey, to you, turning to you from a defense perspective, listen, she came to his home or
12:07 pm
hung out with him prior to this event. she came afterwards. she could have said no prior to the offering of the pills. to the point of consent. >> here's the issue. make no mistake about it. what the defense was doing in the courtroom was speaking to a jury. i get the fact that there was -- >> on the yelling. >> absolutely. there's no jury in the courtroom. >> i was going to go there next. >> a matter before the judge. the judge deciding one thing. is there reasonable cause to believe a crime occurred? did he commit that crime? that's the standard. in terms of going after the credibility and saying she came before and she came after and they were friends, et cetera. that's for a jury pool for another day. let's be clear about something. these preliminary hearings 99% of the time move forward into trial. the defense had no illusion stepping into the courtroom that the judge would say, really, she did that? the case is dismissed. those are factual questions a
12:08 pm
jury will ultimately decide. not the judge to decide. the judge's job to establish whether there's cause to believe a crime occurred. not by a reasonable doubt. beyond a reasonable doubt but by preponderance of the evidence. is it a little more likely than not. the defense serving notice upon the world and upon any jury they're going to contest vig youly and as a matter of consent. last point. that's this. the bigger problem the defense has here is that, a, cosby admitted to much of this. interviewed by the police in 2005. >> yes, yes. >> essentially admitted to everything except the consent issue which leads me to point number two. consent is very difficult because we're not only talking about did she say yes or no? you have the added element. >> incapacitated? >> incapacitation. there was a substance. benadryl? herbal medication? he allegedly said -- when she
12:09 pm
called, what did you do my daughter? jean laid out the ibs issues, didn't consent, unconscious, you drugged her. that defense team was really talking to that jury that's going to be impanelled. >> strategy, laura, to you, feel free to jump in on what joey was saying and would agree talking to paul cohen last hour and save it for the trial but absolutely that he was speaking to a potential jury pool. by the way, how will they find an unbiassed jury pool? so many people in this country have seen the articles about the different stairs of the different, you know, accusers. know him as cliff the beloved cliff huxtable. how do they seat a jury? >> that is the question and really this case comes down to the court of public opinion versus the court of law. and the court of public opinion, he's been tried and convicted. you have 19 different cities, 11 states, 58 women claiming this is a pattern.
12:10 pm
but he still has to prove in this case that this happened. if i'm the prosecutor in this case and used to specialize in delayed rape reporting cases, my biggest hurdle in the cases always turned on whether i could bring in the testimony of other accuse earls. >> yes. >> whether i could establish was this a pattern? an anomaly? the breadth of evidence to solidify this case for the prosecution. but they've got to get that in first, brooke. that's a steep hurdle for them to overcome. >> to that point, joey jackson, i was talking to gloria allred last hour who represents a victim in a lawsuit here and she said it is up to the judge. >> yes, it is. >> to determine whether or not the other accusers could testify in trial and if so from the prosecutorial point of view, you can point out a pattern. >> yes, yes. >> the cosby, the pills, to then
12:11 pm
prove. >> see, this is huge. and laura's right on point here in terms of how she prosecuted successfully the cases in the past. >> yes. >> but there's a big issue here. the law says that you could introduce such evidence going to motive, intent rgts part of a common plan or scheme. you could. the big issue, though, is although you could, is does it so overwhelmingly prejudice the defendant we're not here talking about what he may or may not have done to andrea constand but the fact that, you know what? brooke, he did something last week, the month before and the year before and sounds the same and he did that, he did this. that's propensity evidence and introducing evidence to establish that you have a propensity to do something before so you did it now is problematic. so, if there's a conviction here, big if, long way from that, ripe for an appealable issue. so i'm one that believes, i get the 50 women out there and the judge has to limit very, very
12:12 pm
carefully what that judge allows these other women to come in and say if the judge allows any other women to come in at all but in the event a judge does that, it's damming evidence. the jury looking saying, really? he did that and that? it's all the same. of course he did this here. >> yeah. you know, joey -- >> quickly, laura. >> in terms of damning evidence, the deposition much ado about, the evidence he gives in a deposition testimony may or may not come in and if it does not just the portions that hurt bill cosby come in and all of his overwhelming denials and the other evidence comes in. this is not a slam dunk case for the prosecution even though they were able to make enough evidence now to overcome the probable cause standard. they have a long way to go to prove ultimate guilt. >> the first trial here we'll be all over it and the world watching. laura and joey, thank you so much. >> thank you. next after long touting his self-funded primary campaign,
12:13 pm
donald trump will have a fund raise we are a republican national committee and the entry fee is pricey. plus, hillary clinton ignores trump's personal attacks and a new attack ad of her own and the trump claims on the housing record. you're watching cnn. when you airbnb, you have your own home. so, live there. even if it's just for a night. when they thought they should westart saving for retiremenople then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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12:17 pm
just about a year ago, donald trump said he wanted to be president and tonight he'll experience a first of its kind of campaign event, a fund raise we are the rnc to raise money for the big general election bid. go to the senior white house correspondent jim acosta covering the fund-raiser for us in albuquerque, new mexico. jim acosta, talk to me about the reception and when's the price tag of entry? >> reporter: that's right, brooke. i think it's notable to point out that donald trump throughout the course of the primary part of this campaign has said, you know, he's a self-funded candidate, the donors, contributors don't control him or his agenda and all of that changed to the effect to start
12:18 pm
holding fund raising reventds like this evening in albuquerque. to take place about an hour before this rally that is going to happen inside this big convention hall where i'm standing right now. it's hosted by a local businessman. $10,000 per person to get in gets you a chance to mingle with the other, you know, movers and shakers here as well as a photo opportunity with donald trump. and, you know, one thing we should point out, brooke, in addition to that, he will have this rally later on this evening and just to show you how much of a tough time donald trump had lately, getting this gop behind him, susanna martinez, the governor of new mexico, the highest ranking republican of the state, she told reporters here in albuquerque yesterday, brooke, that she is too busy to attend this rally so she is not going to be at the event tonight. and, you know, keep in mind, governor martinez is somebody that's talked about as a vice presidential candidate for donald trump. she said she's not interested in
12:19 pm
that job. she's been critical of the immigration rhetoric in the past. so some interesting developments in that he is holding a fund-raiser, first of the campaign and first held in connection with the rnc with a new joint fund raising agreement. but at the same time, he's having to mend fences inside the republican party and we are seeing an example of that here in new mexico with the govern nor of this state very high profile republican in this party saying, nope, i don't want to be at the event later on tonight. she told reporters here in new mexico yesterday, i'm busy being the govern nor of new mexico. not very specific as to why she's not going to be here tonight, brooke. >> okay. thanks for the note on susanna martinez and the self-funder becoming the funder. jim acosta with the trump rally in evening, thank you, sir. you know, trump is building up on his campaign cash, he is attacking hillary clinton. he is getting -- it's getting nasty. both he and hillary clinton,
12:20 pm
resurrecting attacks of the past here. clinton bringing up trump's comments of ten years ago and i'll play for you in a moment and trump has a new instagram video with the decades-old sex allegations against not hillary clinton, against her husband. that contradicts what trump said back in the day defending the former president. bill clinton. chris cuomo on "new day" today brought up that and so much more with the trump attorney. >> he's giving the facts. >> no, no, no. he knew the facts. >> he was a private citizen who was friendly with the clintons and trying to protect a friend. now, it's a different game. >> so he was lying then? >> not lying. protecting a friend. there's a difference. >> what is the difference? >> the difference is he was being a true friend. he was -- it didn't matter to him. >> let me turn to cnn political
12:21 pm
correspondent van jones and republican pollster kelly ann con way. welcome to both of you. kelly ann, let's begin with you. there's manager that caught my eye and the types of attacks, right? in "the post" it wrote the race is teed up after a rev reason dumb on the past than the futures. do you agree? both guilty there? >> i do in part. but part of it is because hillary clinton a few months ago tried to raise donald trump's past so i think he retaliated in kind bringing up the '80s and '90s on them. but look. voters do want to talk about the issues and i know the issues will come up and when's happened in the last day or so or really week or so is donald trump continues the gobble up news cycle after news cycle. i'd imagine hillary clinton loves to be campaigning and seems to be explaining instead of that and i frankly think the
12:22 pm
voters want the hear about issues but they also are unfamiliar with many of the details of the clinton administration. and the fact that it's being covered daily means that there must be news value in it. >> hillary clinton is still fighting. she's still fighting the primary fight against bernie sanders. donald trump is this close to clinching. van, listen. each different kinds of character attacks. hillary clinton, let's just play this quickly. hillary clinton resurrecting a strategy of 2012, successfully portraying mitt romney as disconnected and fweet etweeted words and says it shows how he rooted for the recession in 2008. here's the clip. >> i sort of hope that happens because then people like me would go in and buy. if there is a bubble burst as they call it, you know, you can make a lot of money.
12:23 pm
>> what do you think, van, of that tactic? will it stick? thoughts? >> well, i mean, first of all, hillary clinton has to make her case. she's got to put some bricks in the wall here. that -- i think that's very effective because you basically want the president to be somebody on your side. you don't want him cheerleading for your downfall but for your 501k to go bust or for your housing situation to go bad. he sounds terrible. doesn't sound good. he sounds terrible talking like that. when's hillary clinton trying to do here? she's trying to counter a strategy where her opponents have been able to pound in certain pillars to refer to now in shorthand, benghazi, a pillar, e-mail, that's a pillar. pillars against you your opponent can do a lot of work against you. nobody pounds in the pillars against donald trump to then build your argument.
12:24 pm
she'll spend the summer saying, listen. remember what he said about housing. remember what he said about women. a brick is not a wall. it is not enough to stop him and building a wall. she is building her case so in the wall she'll have the touch points and trying to make this a touch point. >> on the -- you know, these continuous attacks of the trump team, kelly ann, looking back to the '90s, you know, after, you know, things happened, bill clinton's popularity went up and really more importantly is this is now about hillary clinton, you know, people rallied around her. they were sympathetic to her. wouldn't this attack, repeated attack backfire on the trump camp? >> no. very few people see hillary clinton as a survivor or a victim. and america tends to cheer for either one. she is not cast herself as either. i think she is engendered little sympathy in this campaign. bernie sanders and his voters is disgraceful and continues as we speak today, brooke.
12:25 pm
she calls herself the nominee to cnn's chris cuomo and debbie wasserman schultz and can't get it done. hillary clinton just can't get it done in her own democratic primary with a majority of voters as female. this is not the vast right wing conspiracy trying to tear her down. she can't get it done within her own primary system. again, among female voters. look, bill clinton was pop already and already there when the affair was revealed and lied under oath. he was already president, the economy was doing well. she is not the president and i think people already -- some of this is baked in the cake for some people. >> running for president now. >> but why isn't she at 55% or 57% ivan, jump in. please jump in. >> well, first of all, is this stuff likely to backfire? yeah. with a lot of people it is already backfiring. also, let's not forget.
12:26 pm
some point what is trump doing talking about anybody's sex life? what's his campaign slogan coming to family values? i like my third wife so much i don't have to cheat on this one? >> come on, van. that's -- "the new york times" tried that and got their hat hantded to them. >> because they weren't right on the facts but the facts -- >> they rushed through. >> hold on a second. i didn't interrupt you at all. trump people have to learn how to have manners here. not one time. here's the deal. you have a situation where you have a candidate in donald trump who wants to bring up other people's sex lives. as if he is a saint. this guy is not a saint. the reality is a lot of people are already frustrated and angry about him making hay. you know how to hard to stay married in america. >> and yet in the polls -- >> a lot of people are proud of the clintons to stick it up. donald trump wasn't able to stick it up. if you want to do this stuff, this is a long six months. >> be fair here.
12:27 pm
>> quickly. >> there's a difference of a white house intern who's a teenager and then marrying three women. you're not being fair here. paid $850,000. >> okay, okay, okay. >> sexually harass someone. >> we are not airing all this dirty laundry here. i can't believe we're going there. and it's may and there are five months to go. i think it's geng to get really nasty before it's all said and done. van and kelly, important to hear both voices. i appreciate you both very much. to be continued. >> thank you. coming up next, virginia's governor under investigation for campaign contributions. hear how terry mcauliffe responded since the news broke right here on cnn. an salad, every ingredient is the main ingredient. the strawberry poppyseed... romaine, mandarin, pineapple, blueberry, strawberry, strawberry... strawberry... salad with chicken. at panera. food as it should be.
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virginia governor terry mcauliffe under federal investigation. the democrat said he was shocked to learn of the investigation. denies any wrongdoing. the fbi and the department of justice want the know whether a $120,000 donation by a chinese businessman to the campaign violated election laws. let's go to justice correspondent evan perez who broke the story. so, the governor say this is's been no wrongdoing. denying. what more is the governor said? >> reporter: brooke, he is trying to make it about one donation in particular, the $122,000 donation of a chinese businessman, a billionaire. he is a person who has donated to many causes including to the governor's campaign. but what we're told and what we
12:33 pm
reported on cnn is that this is a wider investigation, it goes beyond this. we don't know everything about it but we know that it began or at least one of the things that sparked the interest of investigators was a donation and then it looks further into his tens of millions of dollars that he raised for his 2013 campaign. but governor mcauliffe spoke to reporters a while ago an here's how he defended himself. >> i rely on the firms that vetted the check. i didn't get the check personally. i rely on the people who did the vetting for it. they said he had a green card from 2007. so the contribution came in and they have said that he was entitled to write a check. >> reporter: and, brooke, what he is referring is the green card that is -- that his representatives of mr. wang told us that he has and make it is donation legal. we do know that it's an active ongoing investigation and we'll
12:34 pm
see where it goes from here. >> thank you so much. on the virginia governor. meantime, if bernie sanders is now questioning the results in that kentucky premare and predicting a messy convention, when's the senator's end game here? we'll discuss.
12:35 pm
12:36 pm
12:37 pm
12:38 pm
i remember way, way back in the 1990s as my husband might say -- i mean, we did have 23 million new jobs.
12:39 pm
we did have incomes rising for everybody, not just those at the top. we did lift more people out of poverty than in any time in our recent history. >> hmm. hillary clinton there on the stage, commerce, california. the big california primary june 7th. so, speaking there, talking about the '90s and a different form and fashion as her presumed opponent donald trump has. we'll get to that in a second. kentucky secretary of state agreeing to recanvas the state's democratic primary. bernie sanders pushed for it after coming in less than 1 percentage point of hillary clint clinton's total. every one of the state's 120 counties so that's happening. meantime, senator sanders is also getting more of a say coming to the democratic platform, the dnc allowing him to select five of the people who will govern the party's
12:40 pm
direction so joining me now cnn chief political analyst miss gloria borger. always a pleasure. >> how are you? >> i'm well. >> i love that hillary impersonating bill clinton. >> like donald trump last week impersonation and now her husband now. >> pretty good. >> first of all, before talking about the five seats here and the six seats here for -- can you just explain the democratic party platform binding, nonbinding? what it hopes to accomplish? >> well, the democratic party platform is kind of an outline that is nonbinding, that you approve at a convention and usually noncontroversial. a lot of things democrats or republicans might agree to in the republican party things like abortion have been controversial in the past, for example. and here i think what sanders is saying and what his people who i talk to are saying is, look, now that we have representation on the committee, we want to make
12:41 pm
sure that the party stands for those millions of voters who supported us and that the platform, you know, reflects that. i think in talking to the hillary clinton people they're -- i think they're kind of fine with that and fine with it. >> we have so he has five spots. on this -- including a pro-palestinian activist, environmental activist, someone when's been a sur rogate for hi. when's the significance of those spots in the greeter scheme of things with the five people? >> well look. first of all, the fact he has the representation is importat. i would also argue that hillary clinton has hers and debbie wasserman schultz and the dnc have theirs and everybody is represented. those people are progressive to say the least. a lot of them are really not hillary clinton fans. and they're also very vocal. and what we heard one sanders
12:42 pm
adviser sort of say in passing is that, look, if we don't get what we want in the platform committee, that is if they're outvoted on the platform committee, we could take it to a vote on the floor of the convention. which is something i do not believe the clinton people would look forward to and would try to avoid at all costs. so i think we have to watch that platform committee pretty closely. i think this is a moment for bernie sanders to say to his supporters, you know what? we didn't go through this year for nothing. we stand for something. and we reflect a large amount of the democratic party and that's going to be reflected in the democratic party platform. and again, you know, in talking to clinton people, they're sort of, okay, this has to play out and you can't really decide until you finish california. >> we know i want to say $250,000 of the sanders camp
12:43 pm
going to debbie wasserman schul schultz's apoe noent -- opponen how they feel about her. >> what it says is that bernie sanders believes and continues to believe that the system is rigged against him. and that debbie wasserman schultz in cahoots he believes with the clinton campaign rigged it and that they, you know, the system keeps independents from voting. the debates were hidden before holidays and on saturday nights and there weren't enough of them and so, you know, it's unprecedented for someone to say i'll support the person who's running against the chairman of the party. i am -- i am a member of. but it just shows you the complete disdain and utter lack of regard that he has for her leadership of the democratic party. >> hmm. gloria borger, thank you so much. >> sure. coming up next, as the battle against isis heats up in
12:44 pm
fallujah, cnn gets exclusive access to the green zone. we'll talk to our pentagon correspondent barbara starr. she was the only tv journalist with the top u.s. commander making a secret visit to iraq and syria and joining me live with details on safety of our american men and women in uniform. when you airbnb, you have your own home. so, live there. even if it's just for a night.
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welcome back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. we here at cnn getting the first few pictures inside the battle raging right now to drive isis out of fallujah. these images just in to cnn showing iraqi troops attacking the isis stronghold just 40 miles from baghdad. u.s.-led coalition forces pounding the isis targets, 21 with air strikes just in the last week. so far, iraqi forces are just circling the city where the u.n. now believes 10,000 families are trapped. cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr has exclusive command and iraqi forces scramble to protect the highly secure green zone.
12:49 pm
>> reporter: protesters invade baghdad's green zone for the second time. violence rising as opposition to the iraqi government grows. the top u.s. commander running the war against isis is watching carefully for the stress mounting on the iraqi military even now as it tries to recapture the key city of fallujah. >> they're having to make decisions in terms of where their forces is going, where their priorities are. >> reporter: in baghdad with the u.s. embassy and mill headquarters inside the heavily fortified green zone, does the u.s. have enough security on hand? >> yes, i do think we have the right security forces on ground, on the ground from a u.s. perspective to take care of ourselves there. >> reporter: cnn was the only network with general joseph votel, the u.s. commander in charge of the war against isis as he traveled in iraq, getting the latest assessments on security and the readiness of iraqi forces.
12:50 pm
this base about one hour north of baghdad is one of the front lines in the effort to but they have temporarily seen some iraqi forces called back to baghdad for a few weeks to deal with security situation there in the wake of the rising attacks by isis. votel is trying to convince iraq's military to make certain to station enough troops around the country and not flood baghdad with security forces as the government tries to confront the latest violence in the capital. >> they are attempting to create chaos in the capital, attempting to divert attention away from other areas where they are where coalition forces and iraqis are having success. >> reporter: this military warehouse, to the south in kuwait, brimming with more than 25,000 weapons for iraqi forces. all are being shipped out as more iraqis show up for u.s.-led
12:51 pm
training. you know, this is one of the challenges, as you look at the map, brooke, all of the towns and villages where fighting is happening are interconnected, strategicall strategically, various, religious and ethnic groups living there. what the u.s. is looking for is to try to help iraq make progress on a lot of different fronts all at the same time. >> barbara, amazing reporting, both in syria, now iraq. thank you so much for that. come up next di. changes to your facebook feed. the social media giant says it did not find any evidence that conservative views were censored from the trending topics on the page. but the second is apparently still getting overhaul. reaction from s.e. cupp who attended meeting among conservatives and mark zuckerberg. and brian stelter joining us on the reporting today. there's no one road out there.
12:52 pm
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snis /* snis facebook announcing concerns. this announcement concerns an internal investigation didn't find evidence that its trending topics feature is politically biased to avoid concerns, facebook invited several prominent conservatives to a meeting with ceo mark zuckerberg recently. facebook says it will train online news curators to avoid making content decisions on the basis of politics or ideology. let me bring in brian stelter, who follows all things social media on cnn's senior media correspondent and host of "reliable sources" and s.e. cupp invited to the meeting. brian stelter to you, first, facebook said nothing funky was happening. why are they changing anything. >> from a perception stand
12:57 pm
point, trying to convince everybody, liberals, conservatives, the site is fair to all points of review. they say the review found no evidence of wrongdoing but it is possible individual employees would black list stories of interest to conservative readers. they can't definitively rule that out so trying to take steps in the future to make sure it won't happen ever. >> case closed, done, punctuation mark over or not so much? >> no, we, i made it very clear to facebook at the time during that meeting on wednesday, that this could not be a one-night stand. this was not a love them and leave them. i wanted to hear more over the course of the next few weeks, months, years. i have a long-term interest here in marrying conservatives and silicon valley with long-term partnerships. to do that we need trust. the steps are a good step in the right direction but you know, i want to make sure that we are partners for a long time,
12:58 pm
conservatives need silicon valley. and silicon valley needs conservatives to advance them of legislation and policies on the hill. so i hope this is a first step, first among many, to get conversations going about our two, you know, communities. >> i read your piece, s.e., and i thought you made a great point, questioning whether or not it's a pr ploy. >> certainly there is a pr problem and facebook knows but there's a problem, that speaks to changes that facebook has decided to make. while they say there wasn't systemic or intentional bias, driving some of the problems with the trending topics, they're acknowledging, i think bravely, that there's a possibility for bias to come in. so they're taking steps to make that bias as impossible as they can. >> go ahead, brian. >> the story illustrates how powerful facebook is, how much time they spend on the site. how much time look at news feed,
12:59 pm
trending topics we have to make sure how users sees the site. if you're seeing liberal stories or all conservative stories you need to see the other side, all sides online otherwise we're going to live in our own bubbles, youen line neighborhoods and that's not good for political discourse in general. >> 30 seconds, do you see a facebook/silicon valley conservative kumbaya in the future? >> no, there's a lot of conservatives skeptical of facebook and any anyone who went to the meeting was selling out. i fundamentally believe that if there's a problem if you're invited to be a part of the solution, you go and you make that effort. >> you say yes. >> we'll see where it goes. i feel pretty good about hearing them out. >> good on you. s.e. cupp, thank you. and brian stelter, thank you, sir. we watch you on sunday mornings here on "reliable sources." thank you, my friend. we're out of time here. i'm brooke baldwin in new york.
1:00 pm
thank you for being here tuesday afternoon. we'll send it to washington here. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. a fresh prince of bel air rerun is not as '90s as donald trump's latest line of attack. "the lead" starts right now. donald trump bringing back a long-ago debunked conspiracy theory as he hammers away on hillary clinton. but will regur tating a lie even matter? the story broke right here 24 hours ago. virginia governor, democrat clinton ally terry mcauliffe under federal investigation for campaign contributions. how mcauliffe is responding today. breaking news, one woman getting her day in court against bill cosby. america's dad will stand trial for sexual assault.


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