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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  May 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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thank you for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow night. "ac 360" starts right now. we begin tonight with new attacks from donald trump against hillary clinton that are actually neither new or against hillary clinton when you get down to it and at least one case trump is trafficking conspiracy theories that have been false. trump fiepds new ways to sing a song about her marriage and her husband's behavior. in the past trump has minimized many of these same allegations saying the bill clinton sex scandals were unimportant and calling the women who made the claims losers and physically unattracti unattractive. so why he is assuming the role of judge and jury, because he's now running for president. these claims about bill clinton get ready for more.
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dana bash reports. >> reporter: it is political warfare. >> hillary clinton's husband abused women more than any man that we know of in the history of politics, right. >> reporter: a source familiar with donald trump's campaign strategy tells cnn that trump dredging up unproven allegations about hillary clintbill clintont based on data or focus groups or the republican national committee. >> she's married to a man who hurt many women. >> reporter: instead cnn is told this is trump being trump, seething about attacks on him using his own past statements about women like this ad from a pro-clinton super pac. >> does she have a good body, no. does she have a fat ass? absolutely. >> she attacked donald trump. donald trump is not any of those things. >> a challenge for trump and
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attacking bill clinton as anti-women and tagging hillary as an enabler his own past statements of support like in 1988 in the midst of bill clinton's scandal. >> can you imagine how controversial that would be. >> reporter: even ten years later in 2008. >> look at the trouble bill clinton got into with something that was totally unimportant and they tried to impeach him which was nonsense. >> reporter: here's how a long time trump confidant explained his 180. >> he was a private citizen who was friendly with the clintons and he was trying to protect a friend. now it's a different game. >> reporter: then there are conspiracy theories like the charge that foster was murdered despite multiple investigations ruling it a suicide. trump told "the washington post" that foster's death was fishy. i will say there are people that continue to bring it up because
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they think it was absolutely a murder. i don't do that because i don't think it's fair. even that feeds the 2016 campaign conversation which bill clinton himself clearly saw coming saying this just last week. >> you think that stuff i said about her is bad? they accused me of murder. our memories are short. it's what they do. >> reporter: as for hillary clinton so far she's letting others do the responding which the first female house speaker told cnn is the way to go. >> don't stoop to that level. just keep it up here. >> reporter: some sources close to clinton are urging here not to take what they call trump's bait. >> i know that that's exactly what he is fishing for and i'm not going to be responding. >> dana bash joins us now. don't take the bait, you heard hillary clinton say it. what are your sources saying about a possible clinton response? >> reporter: that she's going to
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try to avoid taking the bait for as long as possible. the way that the clinton campaign at least sources i talked to there see it is that this is just the beginning and the expectation based on watching donald trump in the republican primaries is that he's going to continue this line and he's probably going to go further and further and more specific and more specific and they believe in clinton headquarters in brooklyn that the more she -- or if she responds in kind that she's going to be playing on his turf which is not where she wants to play. she wants to continue to certainly go after him on past statements and actions but as you saw on the campaign trail today more on his business practices and that if she responds about the personal attacks that's where the conversation is going to go. however, john, i am also warned that at some point she is probably going to have to respond and intends to but again
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they don't see that this is going to end any time soon. >> five months is a long long time. dana bash, thanks so much. lots to talk about with the panel tonight. joining me now is the new york times national political reporter and cnn's political commentators and former new york city council speaker who supports hillary clinton and ro ro rossdelfit. donald trump says all of these things that bill clinton is alleged to have done bothers him a lot yet while they were going on before during and after and in repeated interviews they didn't seem to both him then. >> i think when you step back and you look at it it becomes a troublesome picture. at the time he was talking about the impeachment and he didn't
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think the impeachment was a big deal and now you step back and see that hillary clinton tweeting that every survivor of sexual assault needs to be heard and you have three women come out and say they are personally offended -- >> they came out of the '90s. >> but they're coming out now and saying this woman cannot be president. you since then have linda trip come out and say i sat down the hall from hillary clinton and concoct stories about these women. that's a troublesome scenario and i think there's room to change when you see all that. >> i think there's date trouble here because yes donald trump said something in the '90s during the impeachment and we saw on film in 2008 him say it was unimportant and really say nothing had happened and then his advisor actually made it worse by saying then he was speaking of a friend. i don't know about you but i don't tend to have friends who i think are rapists and the worst
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people in the world to women so why -- you can't move around the dates here. these women didn't come after she tweeted and he didn't say it decades ago. he said it in 2008. i get the guy is like a flapjack now that he's running for president but let's not pretend -- >> this should not be about donald trump and you should be supporting these women. >> do not question -- >> i let you finish. >> my credentials. i ran a crime victims agency and i work with victims. >> you have to let me finish. >> i will not have you in the name of donald trump call people like myself who work with survivors of sexual assault. >> i have not called you anything. >> you just did. >> i said this is not about
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hillary clinton and you and me as women should step back and say yes accusers of sexual assault deserve to be heard and it doesn't matter if donald trump or hillary clinton have been heard. they haven't gotten the attention they would have gotten if this were a republican candidate and as women we should stand together and take politics out of this and say let's let these women be heard. >> guys -- >> how do you take politics out of it when you're standing with a man who on one day says is unimportant and a man who says the rapist is his friend. you are inserting politics back into an issue that had been litigated and women and men who are victims of sexual assault must be supported. i have dedicated part of my life to that but this is not that. this is politicalizing rape and assault which i find disgusting. >> ross, your take. >> i'm hesitant. what's my take?
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i guess my take is this, just in terms of the politics, number one obviously trump is flip-flopping being hypocrite cal. i think in terms of whether it's effective i think it's unlikely to be effective because these are seen as old stories that are being relitigated. d with that said i think the anxiety for the clinton team is there could be some other story out there, that there is a long standing pattern with bill clinton and this pattern based on everything that people are reporting and talking about now continued into his post-presidency where he lived a fairly shall we say free wheeling lifestyle for a number of years. that's the only scenario where i think the clinton team should be worried about this, that there's something else -- there's basically some new story that could come out this. >> do you get the sense there is anxiety in the clinton team because right now they intend to play it out and stay above the board here.
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>> i think the anxiety from the clinton campaign is you don't know what you're going to get when you open that box with donald trump. so they're trying to do what jeb bush and marco rubio did during the primaries and say i'll let him get down in the gutter and let him go there. that did not work. >> look where they are right now. >> they do recognize there has to be a moment of reckoninrecko. i'm not sure what you're waiting for when trump has called a former president a rapists and raising conspiracy theories about somebody who died tragically. >> and proven false by the way again and again. wasn't part of being a clinton learning how to fight back and fighting back early and often? wasn't the rapid response part of the war room in 1992, isn't that the lesson democrats learned and along those lines should they be fighting back? >> sure. i think you've seen people fight
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back. i think the reality of this particular fight and it's so hard as others have pointed out through the day and this cycle to fight someone who has no accountable to effect whatsoever. so the reality of this is i have to go back to this situation you're talking about someone who is calling someone a rapist, whose own wife referred to him as -- or saying that she was raped. she dialed it back but in her deposition and i want to read some of this she says -- it says the donald flings her down on the bed and pins her by the arms and grabs her head. the donald starts ripping out ivana's hair as if he is trying to make her the same kind of pain he's feeling. whether you call that rape or not, she did not discount this actually hand and what i'm saying is whether you're talking
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about ivana or his lawyer who said that she felt raped emotionally and you've already referenced this point he has a lot of nerve throwing this particular stone when we're talking about someone who was his spouse. >> i want you to respond here. again, ivana trump did back off that to some extent but it was part of the divorce. >> she backed off that and she said she would support him for president. when instead of addressing these women the answers deflect on donald trump where she said she supports the man for president. it is empowering these women who have accusations, a woman who says she's going to support him for president. >> it's a spouse. >> i want to bring you on this issue of glass houses with donald trump. apart and separate from what angela is saying here this is a guy who has been married three times and bragged about his relationships with many women over all the years here.
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is that fertile ground for the clintons to go after, should they be doing that. >> i doubt they will. i think what they will do is this kind of disciplined attack my guess is they looked at an littics and swing states and arguments that resonated with voters in those areas. that's how traditional politics is done and you win an election. if you get in this other story, some of those women who you named ended up sort of posing in penal penthouse. this is the danger zone for the clinton campaign i think which is that if -- as i said i think most voters see these as stories of old news and don't want to relitigate them but if you relitigate them the case is at
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best a very am ambiguous situation and based on feminists right now she would get the benefit of the doubt and that's why i think the clinton campaign is right not to want to dig into it. >> hang on. there's a lot more to talk about obviously. how will hillary clinton respond to this. we could find out tonight in a few minutes. we'll get live pictures from california. hillary clinton is expected to take the stage soon. we'll keep our eye on this. donald trump has a rally tonight in new mexico. we're watching for that as well and we'll talk about how hillary clinton is going after trump hitting trump on how he said he hoped the housing markets would crash so he could swoop in and buy at a discount and we have breaking news for you. a major tornado touching down in the midwest. multiple tornados in facts.
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we have live pictures from california where hillary clinton is expected to take the stage soon. we are watching to see how hillary clinton responds to donald trump's attacks on her or her husband. donald trump is in new mexico and while he continues his attacks hillary clinton is firing at donald trump over his self touted record as a
5:19 pm
businessman. she's been referencing his bankruptcies and he said in the mid 2000s he hoped the housing market would crash so he could cash in. >> trump economics is a recipe for lower wages, fewer jobs and more debt. he could bankrupt america like he's bankrupted his companies. i mean ask yourself, how can anybody lose money running a casino? really? he actually said he was hoping for the crash all because he thought he could take advantage of it to make some money for himself. what little we know of his economic policies would be running up our debt, starting trade wars and letting wall street run wild. all of that could cause another crash. i'll tell you what, you and i together we're not going to let him bankrupt america. >> so you can see hillary clinton has been going after donald trump quite hard. back now with our panel.
5:20 pm
what about the nature of these attacks saying he was hoping for a housing down turn so he could cash in. effective or when you're dealing with donald trump talking about marriage and sexual allegations is it like taking a knife to a gun fight. >> i think it's an exaggeration. it's not as if he was hoping for it but he was talking like business people talk. i think what the clinton team is doing is showing that he's not one of you, he's not on your side. if you are part of the working class base that has flocked to donald trump they're trying to say the guy is being sued by trump university and he's not as successful as he thinks and this why his many different business dealings they're focusing on is that he's on the other side of transactions that have hurt people like you. he's not only not on your side but profiting and sort of laughing at you along the way. >> that's exactly what president obama did to mitt romney often
5:21 pm
early in 2012. is this the same thing? democrats will tell you the reason romney was a ripe target is he was shy of his wealth, donald trump brags about it. he likes making money. >> i think he still comes across as an every day kind of guy. he doesn't come across like mitt romney did not that i like donald trump but mitt romney seemed unlikable at the time. i think i would add to this and i hope the hillary folks uses this i'm sure he wasn't hoping for that 2008 recession if he was hoping for it when he missed that $53 million bond interest payment that bankrupted his fourth casino. i hope they use that because it didn't go well for him either. >> you have this conventional wisdom that the democrats are going to try to brand donald trump as the new mitt romney. it would be a giant improvement in donald trump's standing in this election if he were branded as the new mitt romney. romney was in a better position
5:22 pm
in the polls at this point and he had much more room to grow with voters who didn't necessarily have a firm opinion of him but were open to him in a way that a lot of independences and women and minority voters were open to mitt romney. i think what you're seeing the clinton campaign begin to try to do and it's in the fits and start phase is to try to puncture this notion of donald trump as this bold american economic national as a guy who is always rooting for america. that's why this 2006 clip does seem to have some kind of legs to it. >> the donald trump statement today says i was trying to make money money. that's what i do and that's what i did and i did it well. so far it has worked in the primaries with the republican voters and moamong independents. donald trump leads by 13 among independents. >> that's right because people understand that donald trump is a real successful businessman,
5:23 pm
they like him and they find him relatable. he's created by conservative estimates 32,000 jobs compared to hillary clinton who has created precisely zero. so americans look at him and see someone who is successful unlike mitt romney who was mr. 1% who barack obama dubbed the 1%. this is someone people resonate with. >> the clinton team hasn't answered the question fully yet is why are their attacks going to work when they didn't work in the republican primaries. >> we don't know exactly where donald trump has bank accounts because we haven't seen his taxes. for all we know he's got swiss and every other kind of bank account as well. when and if we see those taxes we'll know more. i think the issue here is one i have complete faith in secretary clinton that her attacks will be
5:24 pm
better delivered, sharper and clearer than those delivered in the primary where in part having so many people make things muddled and confused but the reality is when americans learn in a head-to-head race more about the truth of donald trump's record as a business person, those bankruptcies, those lawsuits against him, those attempts around using eminent domain and other things in new jersey, when people learn how many jobs he sent to china although he wants to make america great again by bringing back i guess the jobs he sent i think it's going to make them stop and think twice and what i think this general election is going to be about a lot is people stopping and thinking twice about whether this man can be trusted to lead the greatest country in the world and i think this line of information and facts about him being put out there that really undercut the brand he has tried to recreate to run for president i think it's going to cut him off at the
5:25 pm
knees. >> it's not like donald trump hasn't been out there, it's not like he's this guy who has been in hiding for the last year, if anything he's been out there all day every day since last june. >> generally i agree with krchrt een. the general election is a different landscape. he could win 45% of the vote in a primary in which 10% of america is winning. he needs more votes than that to win the general election and all of these arguments seem like they should resonate with a large share of americans. with that being said, there is a kind of brilliant shamelessness to trump's response to these criticisms which is disstilled in the line where he said up until now i've been selfish for myself or i've been greedy for myself and now i'm going to be greedy for america and that
5:26 pm
argument to some extent does seem to resonate with voters. they say yeah he's made a lot of money and now he's going to do for america what he did for himself. stand by. again there's still more to discuss. ahead, what did bernie sanders mean when he said the democratic convention would be messy. i'm going to speak to his campaign manager and we're going to get our panel's take on this. the va secretary speaks out after long waits at va hospitals. comparing that to standing in line at disni.
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hillary clinton is in california tonight where she's expected to take the stage very shortly. donald trump takes the stage in new mexico later tonight. we're going to monitor hillary clinton's remarks and waiting to see if she responds to donald trump's attacks on her husband. bernie sanders spent the day
5:31 pm
dealing with blowback after telling the associated press that the democratic convention in july would be messy. some people accused senator sanders telling his supporters to unleash chaos in philadelphia like there was in las vegas. this morning senator sanders accused the media of manging his message. >> the context was democracy is messy. people will have vigorous debate on the issues. >> will the convention be messy. >> of course it will be. but that's what democracy is about. >> bernie sanders also blasted hillary clinton for refusing to debate him in california. joining me now to discuss this is jeff weaver. thanks for being with us tonight. i know senator sanders says he wasn't suggesting things will get violent in philadelphia at the convention when he used the word messy but i'm going to try to get more definition from you
5:32 pm
on what messy means. will you characterize what happened in nevada would you say that's messy. >> i would say that's chaotic. what he meant by that was we're going to have a real debate about ibz of importance to voters and the millions of supported bernie sanders and hillary clinton. these conventions are supposed to be where the party does its business. what they've become is sort of a dog and pony show and what we wanted is a convention where people talk about important issues that are important to democrats and people across this country. >> but you do not want to see the chaos you saw in is nevada, that's not something bernie sanders wants to see in any way in philadelphia. >> absolutely. we do not want to see what happened in nevada happen in philadelphia. i don't want to see senator barbara boxer walking off the stage claiming she's in fear of her life while she's blowing kisses at clinton supporters.
5:33 pm
>> i think she was lying. >> i think if you watch the online video it seems if somebody was in fear for their life while they're blowing kisses at that opponents, yes. >> i want to bring in my fellow panelists to talk to you and among themselves and also joining is jonathan. i want to start with you here. you hear jeff weaver talk about messy. doesn't mean chaotic. he says it means an active discussion of ideas yet there are democrats who are worried that this is already messy. >> i asked jeff weaver this is not a debating society. political conventions have a very particular goal jeff right which is to sort of get unity in place and come up with a game plan and come up with talking points and get everybody energized. it's only three or four days. it's not as if you can reargue
5:34 pm
what has been a half year of debates that went on in state after state and multiple debates. how do you square those two things. >> what you're going to have is thousands of delegates elected from the several states in a single room. these are the heart and soul of the democratic party and they should talk about what's going to be in the platform, what are we going to do going forward in terms of what the process should be for nominating a nominee of the democratic party. they're obviously going to nominate someone for president. these are all things that are going to go and there's going to be a discussion about it. i don't think anybody should be afraid of that. democrats should welcome a principaled and civil discussion about issues like should we have a $12 minimum wage or $15. should we have reform on health care or should we go to a single payor system. should we do with fraking or
5:35 pm
not. these are the issues that should be addressed. >> jonathan, answer that, is that what the primary areas were about. >> no. jeff is right one reason you have a convention, he said it's about nominating a candidate, that's been the problem that we haven't had conventions that are actually weighty and what we have are two campaigns that represent two visions of america, two visions of what the democratic party should stand for. jeff was absolutely right, we want to go to the floor. it's true it's been dbtd in the primaries. we'll have a national audience and we'll have democrats looking at this convention debating should we have a single payor system or not and should we support free trade agreements or should the democrats commit never to support those kinds of agreements. those are weighty issues and they go to the nature of what the democratic party should stand for. i think this story is a total
5:36 pm
media con coxen. bernie said messy. i've been in tons of conventions and union conventions where people stand up, christ eena has been a political candidate in herself she knows in the west village people stood up and probably yelled at you when you're a candidate. >> never. >> by the way, congratulations on being the vice chair of the democratic party in new york. this is going to be a great convention and i have been to many conventions that have been boring. this is going to be weighty. >> do you accept the bernie sanders definition of messy right now and they also talked about bernie sanders had to walk back his lesser of two evils comment he said voters don't want this to be the lesser of two evils. it does seem he's having to explain a lot of comments.
5:37 pm
are you satisfied his heart is in the right place here. >> i think the democrat party is often described as messy. we argue things and debate things and discuss things. we don't have it so pinned down in public and all fall into line like you're seeing everybody do with donald trump. that's not the way we work. that said i have no doubt that we're going to come out with a great platform. i think there are more similarities between the campaigns then there are differences and i have no doubt because if you look at bernie sanders' life's work it's been about making this country better in a progressive way that he will support secretary clinton and he is in a tough spot. she's gotten 3 million more votes than him, he knows in his head he can't win but his heart is telling him something different. >> you guys work out this part during the commercial because you are coming back. we have to take a break. stay with us. up next, why some bernie sanders supporters are vowing to do something that a lot of people would think would be
5:38 pm
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more now on the democratic battle for the white house. hillary clinton holding a rally right now in riverside, california. we're watching to see if she mentions anything about donald trump's attacks on her and bill clinton. california's primary two weeks
5:42 pm
ago. 475 delegates at stake, the largest prize in the democratic race. hillary clinton and bernie sanders spending a lot of time and money in that state. back now with our panel, including bernie sanders campaign manager jeff weaver who joins us live from vermont. i'm talking about california but before we get to california you have to go through kentucky again. your campaign has asked for a recanvass of the votes in kentucky. this is not something you did in missouri in march even though the margin was closer there. >> we thought given the closeness of the race that it was important to have a recanvass. this is not a full recount but a recanvass but to make sure there weren't any transposed numbers or other kinds of administrative err errors. so it's not a long process and we hope it will be over soon but we wanted to make sure given the closeness of the race and the ability to have a recanvass to make sure the numbers are right.
5:43 pm
>> california, big, big prize. also potentially a big embarrassment for hillary clinton if she losses. the polls i've seen have her ahead right now but if she were to lose and still clench the nomination that day including super delegates how much of a problem would that be. >> i think that would be a big embarrassment. i think it's unlikely. the polls have shown her ahead by a steady margin. this is a state that looks like states she has won in the past but that doesn't mean this isn't a significant hurdle that clinton has to clear that i think a lot of democrats around here and chris might be able to confirm this would say they would have hoped they would not have to spend money and field time and tv time and senator sanders putting $1 million in california but the clinton backers would prefer that number be zero. >> jonathan, i want to ask you
5:44 pm
about donald trump if i might. donald trump is going after hillary clinton going after bill clinton very, very hard right now. we've been talking about how hillary and bill are responding to it or not responding to it. i'm curious from the outside which you are right now as a sander supporter do you think he's handli she's handling it the right way. >> no one is clenching this nomination before the convention. i think this is important because we keep repeating this and after california and after d.c. neither candidates will have enough pledged delegates. we will not know who the nominee is until we're on the floor and the super delegates are -- >> when barack obama finished the primaries against hillary clinton in 2008 ahead by less than hillary clinton is ahead including the super delegates would you have said he was the presumptive nominee then, maybe
5:45 pm
not the word clenched. >> all i'm saying is we will not know who the nominee is -- hillary clinton conceded. bernie sanders is not conceding because we believe an argument should be made at the convention to the super delegates about who is the strongest candidate to take this to the general election and defeat donald trump. i don't think this is a terrible thing that we wait until the convention until the end of july to have this out and let the delegates have their say. >> guys, thank you very much. the spirit of discussion on all fronts i appreciate it. as we keep our eye on that hillary clinton rally just when you might think you've seen everything in this election there is a new twist, a new washington post poll suggests 20% of bernie sanders voters would actually back donald trump not hillary clinton in a potential november matchup. so we went gary tuckman to a bernie sanders rally today to find out what's going on and this is what he discovered. >> reporter: bernie sanders most
5:46 pm
loyal supporters are conceding nothing. >> do you think you can get the nomination. >> yes. >> if he can win california i think he can get the nomination. >> yes, bernie or burst. >> reporter: if the sanders supporters here in california are wrong hillary clinton would certainly likely need to have their votes but many here have her doubts about her trustworthiness. if hillary clinton faces donald trump in november who would you vote for you. >> you have your choice between the corrupt and stupid so i'll take hillary. >> reporter: at least that means a vote. other sanders supporters here won't consider it. >> i could vote third-party and i could write in bernie sanders. >> reporter: if bernie sanders doesn't get the nomination i know you hope he will and hillary clinton faces donald trump in november, who will you vote for? >> i don't think anyone here cares about hillary clinton. nobody here but you guys. no one here cares about hillary clinton. >> reporter: there are people that care. what do you do in november. >> i don't think anyone here
5:47 pm
cares about hillary clinton. >> reporter: you don't want to say. >> if she wins great this is the last time she's going to win. >> reporter: some sanders supporters dislike her so much. >> i'm probably vote donald trump. >> reporter: they are considering doing what many others consider unthinkable. what is the reason you would vote for donald trump. >> i guess to not vote for hillary clinton. >> reporter: there are sanders supporters here who care very much about the democratic party and the party not losing the white house. if he doesn't get the nomination and it's hillary clinton who will you vote for in november. >> hillary. >> hillary. >> reporter: but the atmosphere here while anti-trump was anti-clinton. >> it is not just -- it is not just donald trump. my democratic opponent secretary clinton. >> reporter: there are more than 5 1/2 months to go until the general election but what stands out now is this, many of the hillary clinton criticisms that come from bernie sanders
5:48 pm
supporters at this rally are identical to the kriccriticisms hillary clinton from donald trump supporters. >> we're going to march out with the democratic nomination. >> reporter: here in ana i'm bernie sanders is still the one and only for most of these people. >> never hillary, never trump. that's a waste of our time. >> gary joins us now. everybody is watching bernie sanders very closely to see what he says about hillary clinton and if his tone changes. did he have anything more con sill toer to say today? >> reporter: he doesn't say much about hillary clinton but when he spoke about her fundraising and her wall street ties there was lots of booing among his supporters but not surprisingly he was tougher on donald trump. he talked about if he gets the democratic nomination he said that donald trump is quote toast. his supporters went wild when he said that. bernie sanders is certainly still at full throttle. >> thank you so much. just ahead breaking news in
5:49 pm
the latest firestorm to consume the va, what the va secretary after comparing veteran long waits for medical to waiting at disney. multiple tornados on the ground in the midwest. we'll have the latest next. the big hilton
5:50 pm
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breaking news from the midwest where multiple tornados have been touching down this evening. what's the latest. it's been an incredible hour and a half. we have seen eight or nine tornados touch down from one storm. they have been missing places like dodge city. it was on the south and west side so because of that we haven't had much reports of damage. a semi overturned and a metal building destroyed. we are still seeing a lot of these storms in progress, about half a dozen tornado warnings still in progress in the kansas area and they are pushing to the
5:53 pm
north and so it is still going to be a rough couple of hours. we're hoping that these storms will start to line up better. once that happens they should start to lose some of that intensity but you can see the storms are now north of dodge city. many of these in open fields but we are still watching them very closely. it's been an active evening and it's going to continue to be that way over the next couple of hours. we still have this tornado warning in place in ellis and rush counties. >> thank you. we'll keep our eye on that throughout the evening. we have a story that has made a lot of heads spin. the secretary of the va says he regrets comparing the long wait times to lines at disney amusement parks. our reporting over the last several years shows that some veterans have died while waiting for care. there have been hearings and investigations. the former va secretary resigned and now the man who replaced him
5:54 pm
is under fire from both sides of the aisle. drew joins me now. he has a new statement. what's he saying now. >> this new statement which follows another statement from this morning has taken a while. he made these comments yesterday but he did try to walk back his comments this morning. he said if i was misunderstood if i said the wrong thing i'm glad i have the opportunity to correct it. by this afternoon he must have realized he really said the wrong thing because he released a sort of apology. it was never my intention he says to suggest that i don't take our mission of serving veterans seriously. if my comments monday led to any veterans to believe that i or the dedicated workforce i am privileged to lead don't take that noble mission seriously i deeply regret that. i bet he does. >> that comment, he's faced so much criticism for this and justifiably so in some cases. >> he was in a roundtable discussion yesterday morning
5:55 pm
with a bunch of reporters and the reporters are trying to figure out how the va measures wait times and it was a deep conversation about the measures they have centered around this create date for apointments and then he said these wait times don't really matter and then he said this as an analogy to explain it. >> what really counts is how does a veteran feel about their encounter with the va. we go to disney, do they measure the number of hours you wait in line or the number -- what's important? what's important is what's your satisfaction with the experience. >> there are people calling for his resignation. >> that did not go over well at all with lawmakers. they've called for his resignation. veterans groups have weighed in and the american legion commander summed up the outrage when he wrote people don't die while waiting to go on space
5:56 pm
mountain. i don't need to remind you that our vets did die waiting in line for health care at the va. bob mcdonald was brought in to fix that and his comments yesterday have a lot of people questioning whether he's really sincere about the duty to do that, to fix the va. >> your reporting on this continues to push things forward. thanks so much. we'll be right back. 't orden without checking the spice level. it really opens the passages. waiter. water. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. i like the bride more than the groom. turquois dresses... so excited. did all her exes get invited? no one's got moves like uncle joe. ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ when it's go, book with choice hotels and get a free $50 gift card for staying just two times.
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6:00 pm
hillary clinton and donald trump getting ready to take the stage tonight. hillary clinton is in california. donald trump is in new mexico. we're watching to see if they address the claims that have gone back and forth today. stay tuned for that. cnn tonight with don lemon starts now. donald trump set to address supporters and hillary clinton set to address supporters in california. no matter where you get your news you know the mud is flying between trump and clinton. it is harsh and nasty and some say it's adding up to the be the ugliest presidential campaign in history. here is dana bash. >> reporter: if is political