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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  May 25, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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good wednesday morning. i'm pamela brown in for carol costello. donald trump, the nomination, now within reach. the anger he inspires getting out of hand. anti-trump protesters unleash their furry. outside his rally to condemn his remarks on hispanics and immigrants, but soon turn on police. >> lots of protesters are throwing rocks at police. this is now into chaos. >> the political drama fades. trump scoops up more delegates in washington state.
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he stands just inches from clinching the nomination. meanwhile, the tone gets even nastier, the warfare appears to be underway. guests are here to break it all down for us. let's begin with jason carroll and the anti-trump violence. >> trump said during his speech that he is doing great with hispanics, and going to win them over. clearly, he has not won over those who protested in the streets last night, nor has he won over new mexico's republican governor. overnight, police in riot gear, blasting pepper spray. and using smoke grenades to disburse anti-donald trump protesters outside his rally in albuquerque, new mexico. hours after the presumptive gop
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nominee's speech. dozens of protesters, stomping on police cars. and throwing rocks and bottles at police, injuring several officers. earlier during trump's speech at the city's convention center, protesters breaking through the metal barriers surrounding the venue, some making their way inside. only to be dragged out by security. inside, trump criticizing new mexico's republican governor, susana martinez, who is also hispanic. martinez has not endorsed trump, and said she was too busy to attend his rally. >> since 2000, the number of people on food stamps in new mexico has tripled. we have to get your governor to get going. she has to do a better job, okay. hey, maybe i'll run for governor of new mexico. i'll gaet this place going. >> but the bulk of attacks,
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setting on hillary clinton. >> i will never say this. but she screams, it drives me crazy. >> and using some of his harshest language yet. >> i see this low life, she puts out an ad. >> painting him as a greedy billionaire, this, after comments back in 2006, when he said he hoped to profit when the housing market collapse. >> got some clip, if it goes down, i'm a businessman, that's what i'm supposed to do. >> elizabeth warren, going after trump for his past business practices. >> donald trump was drooling over the idea of a housing meltdown, because it meant he could buy up more property on the cheap. what kind of a man does that? it is a man who cares about no one but himself. a small, insecure money-grubber
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who doesn't care who gets hurt, so long as he makes a profit off it. >> trump called warren a, quote, total failure. also calling her pocahontas, faking her american heritage, a claim she denies. trump's next rally will be in anaheim, california. law enforcement there, pamela, already preparing for more unrest. >> in the wake of what happened there in albuquerque. jason carroll, thank you for that. let's bring in the panel this morning. cnn political analyst and editor in chief of the daily beast, john avalon and wright and donald trump scottie nel hughes, and project action fund and hillary clinton emily tish sussman. scottie, to you first, on the heels of what we just heard from jason's report, elizabeth warren going after trump both on social media and the speech we saw.
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she seems to be getting under his skin. it seems to be working here. this morning, trump tweeted, goofy elizabeth warren, sometimes known as pocahontas bought foreclosed housing, total hypocrite. why does it -- this line of attack, scottie, seem to be getting under his skin more than other attacks? >> because it is actually what he said. hypocritical. you look at hillary clinton going after mr. trump and saying he was making out -- demonizing him and that's things that warren buffett has said. that's something that these businessmen do. they make money off of these downturn economies, and seize the opportunity. elizabeth warren, hillary clinton, bernie sanders, who were in office and voted for things like dodd-frank, subprime mortgages that caused this.
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it is very hypocritical to go after him, who actually used it to, i hear the -- >> is that a sigh? >> such a sigh. >> yes, it was a sigh. because dodd-frank was a correction, you should know that. >> really? it did not correct the problem. >> yes, dodd-frank came after the fiscal problem. maybe you're thinking about glass steegle. >> you look at these, these politicians, you cannot sit there and blame people for the crash in '08, the housing crisis in '08, you have to blame the politicians that made the laws, and that's people like elizabeth warren and hillary clinton, who voted for it. >> let's broaden this out -- >> don't talk about the great recess. defend your guy, but at least use logic. >> let's broaden this out. hold on. let's broaden this out. it does seem like beyond this debate about, you know, the housing market and everything,
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elizabeth warren has struck a nerve with donald trump. this is not the first time they've gone after it over twitter. so what do you think, emily? do you think this is hillary clinton's secret weapon, a way for her to basically stay a above the fray while elizabeth warren goes after him? >> the reason warren gets under his skin is because she is smart. she knows her stuff. but whether or not it affects trump is actually really not the real question here. it's what he represents. it is who he is talking to. who he'll bring people together. right now, republicans are doing everything they can to say i guess this is our nominee. reluctantly coalesce behind him. but the reason these are important, unlike the attacks before this, the attacks before this showed that he is rich, okay. so fine, we know that he is rich. but what we didn't know directly from his own quotes, i think we indicated it, was that he was willing to profit off the workers for his own self-dealing. that's exactly what this shows. the difference between him and every other businessman that the fact that they would make money
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off the downturn, he wants to be president. when he files for bankruptcy, he is protected, but the small construction workers that get screwed. the casino workers that get screwed. now he says he has their interest at heart and representing them. that rings very, very false. >> okay, so john, then why is he doing so well amongst millions of americans? >> well, i think donald trump has been a very effective tapping into kcultural resentment, the game is rigged, special interests, a message he shares with bernie sanders. hillary clinton is not well positioned to answer. but the reason these attacks are getting under his skin because they're going at a core strength. his business practices. there is nothing wrong with buying low and selling high. the difference is cheerleading for a crisis which a lot of people get hurt. the people who have been squeezed for decades. as an independent, we have to use equal standards on both sides. the protests last night, that is
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a bad move for the democratic party and trump opponents. because if they degenerate into violence, imagine what would have happened if the folks on the right had danced on police cars. there would be a totally different tone today. >> look, it is the tone set by trump. i think we already have a turning point. are we going to seriously consider a presidential candidate when this is the tone he sets. he encourages violence at his rallies and people are responding to it. we've seen acts violence all over the country and saying it is because they're inspired by trump's message. we are at a turning point. >> it is incredibly dangerous. >> you cannot sit there and blame last night on mr. trump the the only place actually to serve correctly is naturevada, bernie sanders supporters there. the only place we've seen violence by the actual supporters are on the democratic side. not the republican.
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i'm not going to let you smear last night to be mr. trump. the only people sitting there -- hold on. my turn to respond. there were people chanting, they were proud that they were illegal, and proud of it. they were sitting there waiving the mexican flag. they may have grievances with what mr. trump has said, but i'll be honest with you, this is not the way to get your point across and it only em boldens the american people to know that we have a real issue that they deserve to be here and that we should just give them everything they want. our economy cannot pay for it any more. we are $19 trillion in debt. we need to turn off the spigot. >> pam larks we're not doing dog whistle any more. i condemn the protests, but when all of a sudden, we start saying that, you know, that the real issue is it shows how unlawful illegals are, that's dangerous demagogue stuff that reflects the rhetoric, and that's where
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it gets tricky and difficult, and something we need to confront directly. >> let me ask you something too. consistent theme, the conspiracy th theories, talking about it with the clintons as well in an ad he had on social media we've heard this before, but millennials are new to this fight. do you think clinton needs to come out and answer to this point? >> i don't think so. i think what trump is doing is just looking for -- what he does best. creates media narratives. bringing things up that have been litted, triigatelitigated. i don't think that's what people want to see, forward looking president. someone who will set an agenda that will help their lives. he was talking about the downturn in the housing crisis and rooting for it, that's real people. that's real people being thrown out of their homes. if she can decide whether she'll
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respond to 20-year-old scandals of people that have been put to bed and totally tried or talk about moving the country forward, and getting people back in those homes and getting them jobs, i don't think they should waste any time responding to him. >> mr. trump is just simply responding to $136 million of a hillary clinton mignon, her super pac, that has gone after mr. trump. it wasn't just one victim, 17 victims, one even ended in an $850,000 settlement that bill clinton settled with it. >> super pac you're referring to is the republican super pac. >> no, that's actually hillary clinton super pac. >> its his own words. >> there are other issues that they're doing this advertising campaign. he is just responding to that. he is on the -- >> look, this is -- it is donald trump doing deflection because of his own vulnerabilities on this issue. smart politics to play offense
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anticipated attacks on your own personal life. the self-inflicted sex scandals, that's out there. when he starts dipping his toe and digfying the crazy, then it becomes unc-- >> doesn't by going after clinton in the past controversies -- >> pamela, what do you mean by colorful, pamela? >> i'll leave that to the imagine na imagination. >> he admitted he had affairs. he fully admitted it. >> yes, and brags about it. >> all of his ex-wives, all of the women that were supposedly against him in the nrk post article have come out and endorsed him. when the 17 women supposedly victims of bill clinton and when they endorse hillary clinton and we can stop this conversation. >> scottie -- scottie, your guy was defending bill clinton to the hilt, because that's when he was telling the truth.
6:14 am
this is an act of political deflection, and that's the reality of the situation. >> john, emily, scottie, thank you for that colorful discussion. i do appreciate it. great to have you on. >> thanks, pam larks bye. meantime, looking toward july. unneeded baggage, the dnc chair, bernie sanders campaign accuses debbie wasserman schultz of a pro clinton, and joe johns is in washington with the very latest. joe. >> reporter: pamela, the head of the democratic party again coming into focus after bernie sanders went after her over the weekend in the middle of a pitched campaign battle for california, the biggest prize in the primary season. no indication that any democratic senators have launched a formal effort to get rid of debbie wasserman schultz, but the sanders campaign can claim credit for starting a
6:15 am
conversation about it. on capitol hill, democratic senators discussing removing debbie wasserman schultz as the head of the party, one source saying many feel it would be a good idea. the source telling cnn there is fears she has become, quote, too toxic in the ongoing democratic civil war. the feud between the dnc chair and the sanders campaign reaching a fever pitch, after chaos erupted at the nevada democratic convention. >> she has been throwing shade on the sanders campaign since the very beginning. >> reporter: accusing the head of the dnc of supporting hillary clinton before the primaries even began. something she vehemently denies. >> san bernardino, thank you. >> delegate rich primary in california, clinton 100 delegates away, looking toward the general election. >> i need your help in this upcoming primary, because we
6:16 am
want to finish strong. >> and pledging to stop trump. >> why on earth would we elect somebody president who actually rooted for the collapse of a mortgage market? >> but sanders believes he would be the best challenger against the presumptive republican nominee. >> if we get the democratic nomination, donald trump is toast. >> and in the fight to gain traction, the sanders campaign calling into question the results of last week's con tuke primary. they're requesting a full and complete recanvas of the voting machines. he lost to clinton by a razor thin margin of roughly 1,900 votes. a clinton aide, a kusziaccusing issue to raise more money for his campaign. >> the tem po poe is picking ups morning. he has added stops his campaign schedule there.
6:17 am
the hillary clinton campaign expected to continue to attack donald trump today, for his comments and business activities around the time the housing bub burst. >> thanks, joe. with me now, dana bash. good morning. >> good morning. >> what are you hearing about the possibility of a shake-up? >> well, you know, it is talk at this point. that's my understanding. you know, those of whous have spent sometime on capitol hill, particularly at times of inter or intra party crisis know that when we hear about a lot of discussion, it means that senators in particular, when they're gathering for a vote on the senate floor or at a lunch or in the cloakrooms off the senate floor, they're chattering, and they're basically having discussions informally about whether or not it would be the right thing to do for debbie wasserman you schulz to step aside before the
6:18 am
convention. the context of this is that the senators, all except one, those who have endorsed, have endorsed hillary clinton. so these are not people who are kind of on the bernie sanders side who have really butted heads with debbie wasserman schultz. these are people looking ahead to philadelphia, to the democratic convention, concerned about chaos, frankly. and talking about whether or not it would be -- it would alleviate chaos for her not to be there. i should say, as i toss it back to you, pam, that the democratic leader in the house, nancy pelo pelosi, put out a statement strongly supporting debbie wasserman schultz. there were others that did the same. she in particular, through a spokesman said i've got my head down, doing my job and trying not to pay attention to this stuff. >> all right, dana bash, thanks so much for that. still ahead on this wednesday morning, the taliban
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new details about the war on isis. isis has allowed civilians to leave the terrorist strong holds and it is unclear whether it is ongoing or stopped. an alliance of u.s. forces are trying to retake areas north of the city. of course, we will continue to follow developments and bring you new details as soon as we have them. the taliban moves quickly and announces this man, right here, will be the militant group's new leader. the taliban now making its first public statement that his predecessor, mullah mansour was killed in pakistan last weekend, but hopes a new chief could usher peace are fading. suicide bombers rips through
6:24 am
kabul, killing ten people. let's get to nick paton walsh, nick. >> reporter: pam, yes, haibatullah akhundzada is a man in his 50s who has a pretty lengthy association with the taliban tribes around, and he tries to be the leader of this insurgency, no more a cleric than a military leader. he was the deputy to mullah mansour. >> technical difficulties there. we'll get back to nick paton walsh very soon. still to come on this wednesday morning, trump courts the big money men. will they open up their checkbooks? one real estate mogul did just that, and he thinks other business leaders will do the same.
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well, good morning to you. i'm pamela brown, in for carol costello thanks for joining me. donald trump swings through california, making an appearance at a $25,000 a plate dinner. a smaller events in new mexico, a move that didn't go unnoticed by conan o'brien. >> donald trump is holding his first of campaign fund-raiser, but he says he is only doing it because the republican party asked him. trump thought he should do this for the republican party, since he turned down their first request, don't be our candidate. >> and the man hosting tonight's fund-raiser, billionaire tomorrow barac, he sat down with christina. what did he have have say? >> barrick and trump go back for years. they met over a deal, a real
6:30 am
estate deal. he sold trump the plaza hotel in new york. i asked him, you're select group of people who publicly support trump and backing him. i kind of pressed him why other wealthy donors just weren't there on trump yet. listen. >> if he is so pro business, why do you think you're one of three people in the business community that is supporting him? >> because i think smart business people prudently would not commit yet. it is too uncertain. >> they have in the past. they have in every other presidential election. >> you can look at jeb bush raised $180 million in 30 days. everybody knew who jeb bush was. the big whales came in. they're not sure who donald is. he doesn't owe anybody anything,
6:31 am
which is frightening to the establishment. they're uncertain. so just like paul ryan, i'm not so sure that they're wrong by not endorsing him. i think what you're going to find is that they will end up endorsing or accepting him. >> so tonight's event really marks a turning point in donald trump's campaign, when you have these billionaires and mi millionaires coming out and cutting checks. i just learned from a source that it has secured $6 million in fundraising contributions. so this is big money for trump. he needs it. that's the irony, right. we've been hearing for months, i'm going to self-finance, and yet, you know is out saying, you know, i'm going to need to talk to some of these donors, and over the next several weeks, we're going to see him meeting privately with these big donors to get them comfortable, right,
6:32 am
because bartalks about that. he is an unknown to many of these people and they need to get comfortable with him. >> he said these big business donors are being more cautious, they're not familiar with donald trump. do you think that's the issue? or is it something more here causing them to sit on the sidelines? >> it's really interesting, because i talked to a lot of these people off and on the record over the last couple of months. a lot of them do not like the rhetoric. they don't like the comments that donald trump has made on the campaign trail, and frankly, some of them are very concerned about his trade policies. and they point to that as potentially dangerous to their business. and i think that over the next couple of weeks, what we're going to see is donald trump sitting down with these people and understanding where they're coming from. it's going to be interesting to see if he changes or softens or kind of slightly moderates his positions on a couple of these positions. >> his positions are flexible,
6:33 am
so we shall see what happens on that. christina, say with me, because i want to bring in "washington post" columnist, josh rogen. he was paying for his campaign all along, he is holding these fund-raisers in 24 hours. co-owner of the new york jets reportedly joining the trump rnc committee along with other big named donors. will it cause others to follow suit? >> yes, i think the interview is the first of a lot of signals that the republican establishment is going to come around to funding the trump presidential campaign. according to the latest disclosures, trump has raised $61 million so far, and spent $58 million. that leaves him with less than $3 million on hand. that also leaves him $230 million short of where hillary clinton is right now. so that's an untenantable position. so there is no doubt that he is going to need the republican machine to get the billion dollars or so it will take to run the election, and the rnc
6:34 am
will be a big part of that. what christina said about moderating the position is exactly the point. these guys want something for their money. if trump doesn't give it to them, they reserve the right to either fund raise unenthusiastically or take the rnc money and push it to the downstream races. will will be some give-and-take and whether donald trump place ba plays ball. >> the supporters, he is not be holden to lobbyists because he is not using his own money. will the backing, will it hurt his outsider image with voters. >> i think the trump supporter also give him a pass on taking the money, but not give hmm a pass on changing his positions. that being said, the trump campaign's strategy is to simply say, okay, that antiestablishment mantra served us well in the primary, we're going to switch to a general
6:35 am
election, abc, anything but clinton. we may not have liked him or wanted him, but clinton is a much worse outcome for them. so the argument that the trump campaign is making to the supporters and donors is essentially the same. you've got no other option, so give me the money and i'll do what i want. >> hillary clinton is really hammering donald trump for the housing market, basically saying that he made money from market years ago. let's take a listen. >> i see this low life tonight, you know, i see this low life, she puts on an ad, did you know that donald trump was rooting against housing, because he wanted housing to go down because he wanted to buy. they've got a clip from me many years ago. yeah, i'm going to buy if it goes down. i am a businessman, that's what i'm supposed do. >> is he right? >> he is speaking to his base right there.
6:36 am
his base want a free market. they want a person who is savvy and that can take advantage of a situation, of a crisis. that's a message that appeals to his base. what is yet to be determined is whether that picture of donald trump potentially profiting off of, you know, the average joe will resonate to a broader audience. that's a weakness that clinton's team will definitely look to capitalize on, because you're going to have images that are so seared into the american mentality will the housing crisis and what happened subsequent to that that it could be a potential threat. >> we saw his response there, josh. it seems as though this struck a nerve with him. also, elizabeth warren went after him for the same line of attack and he responded to her forcefully. is this a vulnerable spot in your view. >> time will tell. what your last panel got into it
6:37 am
well. what it shows is the clinton campaign, as they turn their focus to donald trump, will set up these issues and set up a coordinated attack. they've got elizabeth warren, people in congress making statements, surrogates out there. they're trying each and everyone of these attacks to see if they'll sting. donald trump has no choice but to engage and come back over the top, right. so they'll try this for a while. if it sticks, they'll stick with it for the general. if not, they'll move along. no way to know what will stick to donald trump. this is as good as anything. >> so far not much sticks. all right, christina, josh, thank you very much. we'll see what happens. still ahead, he has spent decades as america's favorite dad and now bill cosby could spend the rest of his life in prison. is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini.
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ran roof, killing nine people in
6:42 am
charleston, south carolina. loretta lynch says the nature of the crime compelled her to make this decision. saying roof has shown a lack of remorse for the murders. now to the bill cosby bombshell, once beloved tv dad, going to trial for sexual assault. pennsylvania judge, jean was inside the courtroom, and joining us live from norristown. >> reporter: good morning, pam. the defense is vowing they're going to continue to try to get the charges dismissed, but i want to show you the local newspaper that this entire potential jury pool is looking at today. held for trial. a judge ruling there is enough evidence for bill cosby to stand trial for the alleged sexual assault of a former temple university employee in 2004.
6:43 am
>> we only have to show a crime is committed and the defendant is connected to the crime. it is a preliminary hearing. hearsay is admissible and we're just over the next hurdle in this. >> reporter: a police detective, reading in court for the first time, statements the accuser andrea constand made to police in 2005. in them, she says cosby encouraged her to drink wine and take blue pills at pennsylvania home. shortly after, she said her legs were rubbery, dizzy, frozen, scared and unable to speak. but was aware of cosby putting his hands on her breasts and down her pants. in cosby's own statement to police, he admits to touching and kissing her, and giving constand benadryl to help her relax. but maintains the encounter was consensual. >> the point of this is that it was intoxicating to her. she was unable to consent. >> reporter: the defense attacking constand's credibility, saying parts of her statements were crossed out
6:44 am
reredacted. >> they presented an 11-year-old statement riddled with corrections and inconsistencies. >> reporter: they point to one incident at a casino where cosby was performing. he invited constand back to his room. she said she laid down on the bed with cosby, saying her legs touching. she crossed it out and said they were relaxed and laying close to one another. he was waived his formal arraignment set for july. the next proceeding will be pretrial conferences, going over who has what discovery. the biggest pretrial hearing we believe at this point will be the issue of whether accusers will be allowed to testify in criminal court against bill cosby, pam. >> yeah, that is the big question. jean, keep us posted. thanks so much for the report. still ahead, right here in the "newsroom," egyptair flight 804, what the pilot did before
6:45 am
the plane took off. you know when i first started out, it was all pencil and paper. the surface pro is very intuitive. i can draw lightly, just like i would with a real pencil. i've been a forensic artist for over 30 years. i do the composite sketches which are the bad guy sketches. you need good resolution, powerful processor because the computer has to start thinking as fast as my brain does. i do this because i want my artwork to help people. this... i try hard to get a great shape. i can do easily. benefiber® healthy shape helps curb cravings. it's a clear, taste-free daily supplement... ...that's clinically proven to help keep me fuller longer. benefiber® healthy shape. this, i can do.
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new details about missing egyptair flight 804, according to state media, no signs of technical problems when the plane took off from paris. in fact, the pilot actually signed off but as far as he knew, the jet was in normal condition. all of this, as time runs out to find the plane's black boxes before the locater signals fade. let's get straight to diplomatic . >> reporter: well, that search for the black box should be
6:50 am
aided today by the fact the winds have dropped substantially for four days the winds have been blowing and seas have been choppy. it's much calmer today. we were told yesterday by the vice president of egyptair that they are searching the area the size of connecticut. that is a huge area to narrow down where the black boxes must be under the water. we also know from government officials today that they say that they are getting help from egyptian -- from italian and french companies. interestingly, earlier in the day, officials have said they were contracting to italian and french companies to help with the search then backtracked and said they are working with symptom mattic and managing the message, very few details are released. we do know, however, that all egyptian families have been tested for dna and relatives aboard that flight being tested
6:51 am
today and the forensic testing continues on what's been described as 15 bags of human remains that have been brought ashore. to paint a complete picture of how tragic this situation is, officials say that none of these pieces of human remains weighs greater than a couple of pounds. it gives you an idea of what officials are working with here and the difficulty for the families. >> just awful. nic robertson, thank you very much for bringing us the latest. we want to check top stories now on this wednesday morning. devastating tornadoes ripped through the midwest. ford county, kansas this is where two people were critically injured and damage from storms included overturned vehicles and ripped up asphalt. there were even reports of baseball sized hail. meanwhile, in arkansas, a teenager swept away by rushing flood waters has been found alive. he is now being treated for minor injuries and according to the national weather service,
6:52 am
more than 6 inches of rain fell on places like jonesboro. gawker is going for a rematch in the legal battle against hulk hogan. both sides are back in court. arguing that key evidence was with withheld and in march a jury awarded hogan after a sex tape was showing the wrestling star online. over the next few months, it will ease its 140 character limit of tweets, photos and videos or tags with users handles won't count. they hope the new rules will satisfy purists while attracting new users who want longer messages and more interactive content. still ahead in the "newsroom", the countdown is on until the start of the summer. if you're hoping to get away, you may have to wait. next hour, why lawmakers are expected to grill the head of the tsa. we'll be right back. don't let dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments.
6:53 am
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it's the celebrity feud you didn't even know existed, donald trump versus sasha baron cohen ali g. jeanne moos has that story. >> reporter: ali g versus trump. >> what is the most popular thing in the world? >> music. >> no. >> tell me. >> ice cream. >> reporter: it was back in the day when sasha baron cohen was pranking people, everyone from u.n. secretary of the general. >> is disney land a member of the u.n.? >> reporter: to buzzaldren, being the second man to walk on the moon. >> was he jealous of lou ee
6:58 am
armstrong. >> it was near armstrong and i was not jealous. >> reporter: ali g propose that donald invest. >> just come out with these ice cream glum ps that make the eye cream not go on your hands. >> reporter: donald was polite but didn't bite. >> i hope you make a lot of money. good luck, folks. >> reporter: with that trump walked off showing less annoyance than others. >> the guy is an idiot. >> reporter: asked about his encounter with trump. >> i was the first person to realize he's a [ bleep ]. >> reporter: cohen says trump's interview lasted serve minutes and the donald tweeted, i never fall from scams, i'm the only person who immediately walked out of my ali g interview. ever since that interview, 13 years ago, there's been bad blood. trump called cohen a moron.
6:59 am
cou cohen mockingly endorsed the donald with his hat. >> people are cheering. >> reporter: talk about taking the gloves off even if they are ice cream gloves. >> good luck, folks. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn. >> do you think man will ever walk on the sun? >> reporter: new york. >> the sun is too hot, not a good place. >> who knew about the 13-year feud. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" begins right now. good morning to you, thanks so much for being here with us. donald trump inching closer to the nomination and anti-trump positive test erupts into violence. look at this video outside his rally last night in albuquerque, new mexico. protesters condemning remarks on hispanics and immigrants and soon turn on police. >> lots of protesters are
7:00 am
throwing rocks at police. this is now descended into chaos. >> reporter: just a few months ago, trump tweelted the protesters in new mexico were thugs and were flying the mexican flag. the rally inside was big and beautiful but outside, criminals. trump scoops up more delegates in washington state and he now stands just inches from clinching the nomination. jason carroll is here with the latest. >> some of those protests got inside that rally as well. donald trump said his rallies are some of the safest places to be in the country. that did not prove to be the case last night as we saw demonstrators clash with police while inside, trump promised to win over women and hispanics and also took a personal shot at hillary clinton referring to her at one point as a low life and criticizing her for the way she speaks. he also defended himself against attacks from clinton who
7:01 am
criticized him for comments he made about profiting from the housing market collapse back in 2006. >> they've got some clip of me from many years ago i'm saying, if if goes down -- i'm a businessman, that what i'm supposed to do. she screams and it drives me crazy. >> we have a bully pulpit in the white house. but that doesn't mean we want a bully in the white house. >> trump saying that he's going to win over women, african-americans and hispanics as well and yet to get the endorsement of new mexico's public governor susanna martinez. she is a rising star within the gop. she did not attend trump's rally saying she was busy. trump made a point of criticizing her last night as well. >> since 2000, the number of people on food stamps in new mexico has tripled. we have to get your governor to get going. she has to do a better job,
7:02 am
okay? your governor has got to do a better job. she's not doing the job. >> hey, maybe i'll run for governor of new mexico. i'll get this place going. >> trump also took a moment to take on senator elizabeth warren who called him a small insecure money grubber in part for his comments about the housing market back in 2006. trump last night referred to warren as poke hon tas, a reference to trump's claim that she faked her native american heritage, a claim she denies. lots of name calling going on. the general election months away. another point, this coming to us this morning, this from the anaheim police chief who sent out the following statement. it says while we recognize and respect the first amendment rights of all individuals to express their viewpoints and protest peacefully, we will not tolerate violence or diso bead
7:03 am
yens of the law. that rally is scheduled for noon specific time today. >> thank you so much, jason carroll. we appreciate it. in the meantime hillary clinton getting some tag team help in her brawl with donald trump. the senator and fellow democrat elizabeth warren accusing trump of cashing in on the housing crisis as we just heard. >> donald trump was drooling over the idea of a housing meltdown because it meant he could buy out more property on the cheap. what kind of a man does that. i'll tell you exactly what kind of man does that. it is a man who cares about no one but himself, a small -- a small insecure money grubber who doesn't care who gets hurt, as long as he makes a profit off of
7:04 am
it. what kind of a man does that, a man who will never be president of the united states. >> it seems like this feud between elizabeth warren and donald trul p is heating up. >> i think so. this is what could be a preview of the general election rates. nasty, bitter on both sides, hillary clinton and her surrogates now testing out multiple lines of attack against donald trump. currently hitting his business record with senator elizabeth warren front and center. donald trump issuing all of the insults they could muster in response. they've gone after each other repeatedly on social media and once again what we're seeing here is part personal, part political attack. listen. >> hillary clinton has somebody -- did you ever hear of
7:05 am
pocahontas, elizabeth warren, she was going out -- she is probably the senator that's doing just about the least in the united states senate. she's a total failure and said she was an indian. she said because her cheekbones were high she was an indian, that she was native-american and we have these surrogates -- people like her total failures. trump did not stop there and root goofy elizabeth warren, about foreclosed housing and made a killing, total hip krit. this is an apparent reference to an issue that came up in warren's 2012 campaign reporting that she and her husband made money in the 1990s flipping about a dozen houses. so this is going to go back and forth in all likelihood, warren and trump, neither one seems to be backing down. >> i have a feeling this is just the beginning, joe johns.
7:06 am
let's dig into all of this. we're joined by democratic strategist and hillary clinton funds razor along with carl pallodino. carl, to you first, talking about elizabeth warren on the heels of joe's report. it seems like she's reporting getting under his skin. of course, she's not running for anything. if he's not worried about her, why does he keep responding and why is he so defensive about her? >> i think we're having issues there -- >> we're okay. i can hear you. >> okay. >> we have -- are we okay here? >> go ahead, carl. elizabeth warren is a throwback to the pot smoking generation that hallucinates at times with off the planet type of statements. in this particular case she's
7:07 am
being a hip poe krit. she participated in the real estate market as most astute investors america did after the fall. the subprime crisis which she is trying to point at donald trump as being an opportunist for, was started by the clinton administration when they ordered or allowed andrew cuomo to come out and make a statement that every person in america should have a home. >> hey, carl, one second, i have to push the pause button. president obama is speaking in japan. we want to listen in. >> mr. prime minister, if you would also reflect on that i would appreciate it. could you also tell us a little bit about what you think the president's visit to hiroshima means to the japanese people and will you also consider a trip to pearl harbor, sir? thank you.
7:08 am
[ speaking foreign language ] >> we're going to continue to monitor this event happening in japan. president obama on a tour of asia just earlier this week lifted the arms embargo in vietnam and now speaking in japan of the we'll continue to monitor for any news out of there. let's get back to this discussion of the ongoing feud between elizabeth warren and donald trump. carl, we were just listening to what you said earlier, basically knocking elizabeth warren. we want to give a chance to you to weigh in on this. >> absolutely. >> you know, it's not about just -- i think carl in fairness you should disclose you were a candidate against an due cuomo and lost in a record landslide in new york to governor cuomo
7:09 am
because of the extreme rhetoric you're engaging in now. elizabeth warren was talking about the fact that donald trump was cheering on the collapse of the real estate market. he was applauding it regardless of the destruction it meant to so many lives and families throughout our country. there are people who are successful in business who do it without exploiting the tragedy -- without exploiting the tragedies that confront families. and the reason i think elizabeth warren was so effective and the reason you see donald trump engage in this ir rationale response is because she nailed him and exposed who he is, a businessman who lives for his own agenda, a hip krit caught in one hip critical statement after another. you'll believe he's a self-fundser which he clearly now shows he's not. >> part of his appeal is being a businessman and that what donald trump used as his defense in this case.
7:10 am
a businessman has to make money during bad times. >> but there's a difference, pame pamela. most business people i know -- an we know many successful ones, they don't cheer and applaud the destruction of the economy and families and children and puts people out on the street. he was cheering on the collapse of the housing market. we can debate the policies around it and should and fortunately president obama did a great deal as did secretary clinton to take on the extremes that confronted the housing market but here's the point. he in fact only lives with one agenda, himself, only has one agenda and that is ultimately his own personal economic agenda at the experience of america. >> it seems like trump really is just focused on scandals here, carl, not the issues. is this sort of a purposeful ploy so he doesn't have to get into specifics on policy and other things. we see him focusing on the past and other controversy surrounding clinton from years
7:11 am
ago. >> let's really focus on that, that's part of real history. hillary clinton started this thing -- the clintons started this subprime meltdown they cause all of the angish that robert is speaking about. robert wants to say the people involved in recovering and helping america recover from that should be pointed at right now and say they didn't do right. that's somehow a good illustration of communist versus capit capitalism. we have a capitalistic society. what good businessman do in turn is bring back the economy. robert wants to sit there and cry over the people that hillary hurt, that bill clinton hurt -- >> i want to sit there and defend the people that donald trump -- who donald trumped cheered on destruction over. >> he didn't cheer on the destruction. >> absolutely, rooting for the
7:12 am
housing collapse, he said so publicly. >> he was rooting for the housing -- listen to yourself, robert. get a life, buddy. >> his words, carl. >> you've got to get a life, man, you're on tv constantly with this nonsense you keep spewing out. it's not right. you're off in another world. >> you know what donald trump said? do you know what he said. >> what did he say? >> if you don't, you shouldn't be there. he was hoping for a housing collapse because he said he could come in and make a lot of money. that's the real tragedy behind his words, no one should be cheering on the destruction of the economy and families and fortunately individuals like hillary clinton -- >> who started the destruction, robert -- >> bottom line is we're b bickering here and it's important to look at the history and both candidates in the past. there isn't a discussion about the current policies at play and issues. isn't that concerning? >> i have to agree with you.
7:13 am
hillary clinton has put out many programs that are debated and discussed how to rebuild and protect our housing market, how to protect the economy continue the growth -- >> after they destroyed the housing market, you want to talk about rebuilding it. well the way we rebuild it -- >> reinvest in it. >> let me ask you this, carl, circling back to my last question because donald trump as i said has been really focused on past controversy surrounding the clintons, calling hillary clinton an enabler. are you concerned this could back fire and make her more sympathetic to people? years ago her approval ratings went up with the same line of attack. >> this is all about -- this is all about a man saying what people had been thinking for ages, they've been thinking about these problems with the clintons and now all of a sudden it's coming to a head and all of the issues are starting to blend -- >> donald trump was defending bill clinton during the
7:14 am
impeachment investigation and he actually criticized many of the women who brought their false claims against bill clinton. so in fact donald trump was a very big defender of president clinton during the impeachment process and now of course you see the hypocrisy of your words. >> all right, we're going to have to leave it there. thank you so much to the both of you. we do appreciate it. and by the way, the rhetoric seems to be running a race to the bottom. carol costello wonders can politicians play nice? why name calling is like verbal oxycontin. what one republican is trying to do about it. go to sky high problems head to capitol hill. take a look. you'll be looking at live pictures where any minute now the head of tsa is expected to testify front and center on the agenda. how the agency plans to fix problems like long security lines at airports across the country. this of course coming just days
7:15 am
after the tsa security chief was removed from his post. we'll continue to monitor this and keep an eye on any new developments. still ahead on this wednesday morning, the taliban unveils a new chain of command. what we're learning about the militant group's new leader after this break. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands.
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the taliban reveals a new chain of command and announces that this man will be the militant group's new leader. the taliban making its first public statement that the predecessor was killed by a u.s. drone strike in pakistan last week but a taliban suicide bomber killed ten people in kabul. let's get right to nick with the very latest.
7:20 am
nick? >> pam, hardly a public figure before he was given this post. the first official statement from the taliban since the death of mullah mansour. it did confirm the death and three-day period of mourning and said he would be taking up the main role, the man who many thought would become the leader of the taliban, keeping him in the role of deputy for military operations. who is mr. akhundzada, he hails from kandahar, where parts of the taliban hail from. he was more cleric, part of the judiciary when the taliban were briefly in charge of afghanistan. what's he going to do? it isn't clear at this stage. i have to say the white house was optimistic in their messages about mullah mansour's death. but whoever came after him might be more moderate. we don't know much but there aren't any indications at this
7:21 am
stage that he's necessarily a big fan of diplomacy. of course, mullah mansour, when he took the helm of the taliban and tried to shore up different factions by showing battlefield prowess. the moment of disarray could follow, fighting has been swiftly moved away by the taliban. they've got a successor in play and does appear in the months ahead we'll learn more what he expects to do but at this stage, i think peace talks still remain a distant idea. >> certainly does, nick peyton walsh. still ahead, bernie sanders battles the democratic establishment and head of the dnc caught in the cross hairs. could debbie wasserman schultz be removed as a rultd? r windshi, but they're daughters heart was set on going to the zoo. so we said if you need safelite to come to the zoo we'll come to the zoo!
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7:26 am
. the tsa reeling from passenger outrage over long lines at the nation's airports is making a public attempt to solve the problem at the world's busiest airport and that experiment comes as the head of the agency is back on capitol hill for congressional hearing. you're looking at live pictures right now, renee marsh is following all of these developments and joins us from washington. what is neffenger saying right now? >> reporter: the head of the tsa will answer tough questions about what actions he's been taking to cut down on wait times at airports across the nation. the agency has already increased overtime for screeners an
7:27 am
additional 768 tsa officers will be on the job by mid june. they set up this command center to monitor wait times at airports in real time so they know where to put the officers and in chicago, the case there where passengers reported waiting in security lines for as long as three hours, tsa replaced the management team there. those actions likely won't drastically change things at airports right now. passengers should still be prepared to wait and that's likely going to be something that members of congress will push the agency on, what more can they do to address the problem right now? this isn't just about convenience. it's not just a convenience issue. it's also a security issue. we saw what happened at the brussels airport, terrorists targeted that soft part of the airport. high volume of people stuck in lines in the soft part of the airport is essentially a security concern. we're expecting a record number of people flying this summer,
7:28 am
231 million. this is an issue they have to tackle, pamela. >> what about this new technology, renee, that tsa is using? how do they hope it will cut down the wait times? >> so, in atlanta, the world's busiest airport, we are seeing live and it's happening this new technology for screening luggage. essentially, they will get rid of that conveyor belt rolls on this line where you put yourself in a bin and it goes through the scanner, if the scanner notices anything suspicious, it converts it to a different line. the line continues to flow, there's no stopping and that's what they are testing out at atlanta's hartsfield airport. the key is to keep the line moving even when the screener needs something that requires further investigation. that's happening today but that's a long term solution. that is not something that would
7:29 am
necessarily solve today's wait time problems. that wouldn't be used widespread until another five years. short answer is it's a good move. many people are happy they are looking at technology that could address the situation but again, it's long term. renee marsh, thanks so much. >> good morning to you, thanks for spending your wednesday morning with us. in his bid for the white house, bernie sanders made no secret for his desire for a political revolution and seems his campaign wants that revolution to begin within the democratic party. sanders and his top aides locked in a high profile spat with debbie wasserman schultz, someone team sanders says has rigged the primary process against the vermont senator. here's a look back how the discord among the democrats
7:30 am
reached this point. we can have a long conversation about how she's been throwing shade on the sapders campaign since the beginning. >> my response is #smh if we talk about the comment of growing shade. we need to focus on one thing, get through the primary and work to prepare for the general election. >> let me also say this in all due respect to the current chairperson, if elected president, she would not be reappointed to be chair of the dnc. but could sanders outrage lead to wasserman's ouster. dana bash, cnn chief political correspondent and larry sabadeau. center for politics. good morning to you both. it seems we were talking about this discord within the republican party now there's so much focus on the discord within the democratic party, dana, what are you hearing about this and the possibility of a shake-up at
7:31 am
the dnc? >> well, first of all, i think big picture, you hit the nail on the head, that the discord between both parties is very real. it is emblem attic as what you see in the electorate in washington. specifically with debbie wasserman schultz. what i was told last night was that there are very real conversations going on but among democratic senators about whether or not maybe it would be a good idea for debbie wasserman schultz to step down before the convention for one reason and one reason only, to try to keep calm and keep philadelphia where the convention will be free of chaos. and that was after a concern about what happened in nevada and the back and forth that you just played here. number one, senators don't
7:32 am
decide whether or not the democratic party party is there or not and there's a lot of support for debbie wasserman schultz. nancy pelosi put out a strong statement of support and others have as well. it is ultimately going to be up to hillary clinton's campaign what happens at the democratic national committee assuming she does formally get the number of delegates going forward. >> this is certainly not the rhetoric that the dnc wants out there. could this help fuel donald trump's fire? >> it could. at this point this seems to be an intrademocratic issue. having said that, if donald trump is he thinks he's on to something clearly in that there are disgruntled democrats, those
7:33 am
going to bernie sanders rallies and don't have any desire to get involved with a hillary clinton candidacy, if they seem -- they feel that they are not being heard by the democratic party, perhaps donald trump has a better shot at getting them over to him. but it's a very specific segment of the sanders support, no question about it. >> i think the latest poll showed something like 20% of sanders supporters said they would support donald trump. >> which you would think would go down as things settle down in the democratic party but 2016 -- all bets are off. >> exactly. so larry, this isn't the first time debbie wasserman schultz faced public rumblings. a similar issue arose after public fights with the obama administration. do you think this battle in particular could push her out? >> well, i think it would be a very politics move by the
7:34 am
clinton organization to find another job for debbie wasserman schultz, there are a lot of positions in a campaign and the campaign coordinator for the house of representatives or something, you invent a title. but we know two things, hillary clinton is going to be the democratic nominee and hillary clinton is going to have to get the support of not just bernie sanders but his rank in file voters and keep supporters and therefore she is going to have to make some concessions. here's an easy concession to make. the chair person is a purely political appointment. so i would expect it to happen, i don't know whether it's before the convention or at the convention or after the convention, but i suspect strongly there will be a transition at the dnc. >> we're getting new reporter in from manu raju saying from clair
7:35 am
mccaskill saying everything will work itself out and schultz would have to make a choice whether to step aside. what do you make of that? >> she is never a senator who minss her words and she was an early supporter of hillary clinton this time around in 2008. she was an early supporter of barack obama who put debbie wasserman schultz in the dnc. it is very much in line with what we were hearing last night, people who are -- the tension is between the sanders camp and debbie wasserman schultz camp because he feels he wasn't treated fairly starting at the beginning of the process, wanting more debates, so on and so forth. the fact that you have hillary clinton supporters looking down the road saying wait a minute, we have to as the professor just
7:36 am
said bring the party together, that tells you something and saying publicly was up to her, i think is -- is quite telling. >> you know, i want to get your thoughts, larry, your reaction of bernie sanders coming out so publicly against debbie wasserman schultz, i was reading a comment from the former mayor of philadelphia saying he's being a poor sport. what do you make of the fact he's coming out and being so outspoken? >> sanders is unhappy about a lot of things. the basic unhanpyness from the fact he's not going to be the nominee. practical politics are involved here. the truth is hillary clinton needs the energy and the enthusiasm of the sanders rank and file. i think in the end she'll get it. i don't believe for a minute, not one second, that 20% of the
7:37 am
sanders backers will vote for donald trump. so the question is do they sit at home and do nothing or do they get active in the campaign and work for clinton in the fall in addition to voting for her? well, that depends a lot on what hillary clinton does to make bernie sanders and his key people happy. and they could -- hillary clinton could make them quite happy by finding a new dnc chair and i'll bet she does. >> all right, dana bash -- go ahead, quick word. >> just real quick, i just to add to that, whether or not the bernie sanders people come home if you will to hillary clinton, also depends on what bernie sanders says, which is why you heard hillary clinton say several times that she back in 2008 was very aggressive about trying to get her supporters behind barack obama. he's a lot of power. yes, he is kind of the leader of a movement, but he has a lot of power in his words and actions as well. >> he certainly does.
7:38 am
dana bash, larry, thank you so much for that. still ahead, the mystery over what happened to egyptair flight 804 intensifies. what we now know about the plane's condition before takeoff. the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing: a crash. the 2016 e-class. lease the e350 for $499 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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that's why there's biotene. it comes in oral rinse, spray or gel, so there's moisturizing relief for everyone. biotene. for people who suffer from a dry mouth. new details coming in about missing flight 804. according to state media there were no signs of technical problems when a plane took off from paris. pilot actually signed off is that as far as he knew the jet was in normal condition. all of this as time runs out to try to find the black boxes before the locater signals fade. let's get right to nic robertson. good morning.
7:43 am
>> reporter: good morning, pam, the area they are searching for the black boxes is an area we're told by egyptian arrow fishls about the size of connecticut, a massive area. but they have one thing working in their favor today and that is the weather. the wind has gone down and seas are calmer. egyptian officials also said they started the day out by saying they subcontracted the search to an italian company and french companies. then they backtracked and said no, they were working with the italians and working with the french. this is typical of what we've seen particularly if you look back at the metro jet crash, egyptian officials get -- giving mixed messages and talking across purposes almost and very little information coming forward. however, what we do know from egyptian officials today is that they have now taken all of the dna samples from the egyptian families and taking the dna
7:44 am
samples from the families of foreigners, nonegyptians on the flight. right now the dna testing of the human remains that have been recovered is ongoing. it's a difficult process. but human parts recovered so far are described as weighing less than two pounds. that gives you some idea what the forensic experts are working with, so far they say they've not been able to make a determination if explosives were went off on the plane and they say those kind of tests will take more time and be hampered by the fact what's been recovered has been in the sea for so long. >> all of those families grieving the loss of their loved ones, nic robertson, thanks for bringing us the latest there. the midwest gets roughed up by powerful tornadoes. why residents may not be out of the woods just yet. nothing unl. quite like the human foot. introducing the 241 horsepower lexus is 200 turbo.
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>> congratulations. >> wow, it is hard not to jump for joy when you just won $1 million, smart toothbrush, officially america's greatest makers according to smash. their invention taking home the million dollar grand prize last night and with me now is two-thirds of that team. thank you both and congratulations to you both. i have to see what this is all about and what this invention is all about before we go into the questions. i'll give you the honor to show us. >> it's a game being toothbush. kids can play video games and brush their teeth and kill the bugs while doing brushing. it's the first time that kids
7:50 am
can understand where they are brushing, figure out if they are doing a good job and then mom and dad can check to see did they brush in the morning and at night and how well do they brush? we can understand what surface they are missing. >> adults could use this too. you can evenly check in when you're traveling? >> i can. >> they are enjoying it and like to use this. >> yeah. >> ethan, you beat out 23 other competitors, did you ever think a toothbrush would make you a million dollars? >> we're so excited. it's been a long time coming. we're all parents and we understand that daily battle in the bathroom trying to get your kids to brush their teeth. >> so i want to elaborate on that, ethan, about this idea. who's brilliant idea was this and how did it come to fruition? walk us through that process. >> our partner, when his son was 5 years old, he hated to brush
7:51 am
his teeth and had a lot of dental problems. he had to have quite a few baby teeth restored. this is something expensive but as a parent it's also a nightmare. and we thought there has to be a better way. >> what about flossing, will that be the next one? >> we came up with aflossing attachment in the ninth hour and pulled it together. i think that the judges really understood how difficult the process is to get a flossing attachment to attach onto the brush and understand which tooth you brushed and under the pressure sensitivity of going through that tooth. >> so tell -- what was it like being on this show, which judge was the most intimidating? >> i think coming in carol definitely asked us very difficult questions and then bk was super intimidating in the beginning but what a nice person he is and we learned so much from each episode. >> amazing. the big question now, ethan,
7:52 am
what's next for you guys for team grush. >> we'll celebrate today and tomorrow it's back in the maker mode. that means we're going to use this money to go into mass production and make the tooling for grush new and exciting grush games and may come out with an adult version. >> i think that's a great idea. i would use it i think. >> i say that now -- what is your message for other inventors or aspiring inventors who are watching right now? >> i think that we learned so much by having a comprehensive team. we worked well together. but really getting and doing 101 start programming early, that's what i want for my daughter. i want them to learn how to do the stuff. this is the future. >> it is. >> all right, thank you both for coming on and congratulations. have fun with that million dollars. don't work too hard. coming up next, this wednesday, bernie sanders wants debbie
7:53 am
wasserman shultz out. is she too toxic as aides suggest? sanders' campaign manager weighs in next hour. wait no my computer, no, wait, wait, wait. what are we running after? my stupid, old computer. well if it's so old, why are you chasing it? is it slow? weigh a ton? yeah. well you know... i know... today's pcs are faster and lighter, i know. so why are we still running? i don't know. you know about it. now do something about it. upgrade to a new pc. oh, charley horse, charley horse. call for help, call for help. help, help ♪
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welcome back, checking our top stories on this wednesday morning, president obama apologizes for the killing of a japanese woman by a former u.s. marine. >> i want to emphasize that the united states is appalled by any violent crime that may have occurred or been carried out by any u.s. personnel or u.s. contractors. we consider it inexcusable and we are committed to doing
7:58 am
everything we can to prevent any crimes from taking place of this sort. >> the president says the u.s. will continue to cooperate fulgly with the investigation and mr. obama is in japan for the g-7 summit. this trip comes after a busy few days in vietnam. meantime, federal prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for dillon roop, attorney general loretta lynch says the nature of the crime compelled her to make the decision. prosecutors urged lynch to okay capital charges saying that he has shown a lack of remorse for the murders. >> and look at this devastating tornadoes ripping through the midwest, incredible video out of ford county, kansas, where at least two people were critically injured and damage from storms included overturned vehicles and ripped up asphalt. there were even reports of baseball sized hail. residents not out of the woods just yet. more storms are expected today.
7:59 am
well, twitter will ease its 140 character limit on tweets and photos and videos or tags with users handles won't count. and quts dancing with the stars has crowned a new champion and spoiler alert, if you don't want to know who it is, now is the time to waltz away. watch this. >> the winners and new champions of "dancing with the stars" are -- >> beating ufc fighter to win the trophy. dimarco won the next top model and now he's america's favorite
8:00 am
celebrity dancer. >> thank you so much for being us with on this wednesday. have a great rest of the day. hello, everyone. we begin with breaking news which will no doubt play big on the campaign trail today. hillary clinton did not comply with state department rules when it comes to her use of a private e-mail server at the state department. this from a brand-new report from the state department's own inspector general. >> here it is, 86-page report, the analysis critical of clinton's handling of her e-mail practices during her time running the state department. let's bring in the justice correspondent evan peres, you have seen the report and have the report. what does it say? >> the big


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