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tv   Wolf  CNN  May 25, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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it's 10:00 a.m. in anaheim, california, 1:00 p.m. here in washington and 8:00 p.m. in raqqa, syria. wherever you're watching from around the world, thank you very much for joining us. up first, tempers flare and attacks intensify as donald trump moves closer and closer to officially clinching the preside republican presidential nomination. his win yesterday in washington state primary puts him within striking distance of the nomination. protesters took to the streets outside a trump rally in albuquerque, nchew mexico, last night. some jumped on police cars. the protests turned chaotic after demonstrators broke through trying to storm the convention center. trump was inside. trump holds a rally less than two hours from now in anaheim, california, followed by a big money fundraiser. the source tells cnn the event secured $6 million for the,
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quote, trump victory fund. police issue a warning to protesters ahead of donald trump's rally today. they say there's no room, no room for any violence. let's bring in sarah murray and cnn correspondent in anaheim, california. we mentioned the warning from anaheim police to protest. how are authorities preparing for this trump rally in the next few hours? >> reporter: well, we'll show you right now. just as you were speaking, wolf, we saw all of these officers mounted on horseback at least two dozen of them lining up here. he said, hold, and all of them prepared and got their horses right here in the line. the people who are going to enter the rally about 7500 of them are walking a metal gauntlet of barricades. you could see them coming in so the officers are guarding them.
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i should note, we've also seen motorcycle officers, many other officers way off in the distance. if you look at the sheriff's deputies, more preparations. look on the back of one of the officer's belt. those are the flex cuffs, the flexible kand hahandcuffs. if there's violence, blocking of traffic, destruction of property, there will be arrests and quite a show of force as we said, wolf, right over to the right with all of these officers mounted on horseback. police will also tell you one thing that might be playing to their favor. this is a new event and glad for the fact it's in the middle of the day, wolf. >> i assumed they're doing this, paul, out of an abundance of caution based on what happened last time. >> reporter: wolf, they say they're mindful of what happened last night but told me much more so because of what happened in orange county about a month ago in costa mesa when they had
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about 17 arrests. you had people stomping on cars. you had rocket bottles. they have in mind what happened in new mexico but definitely want all of this fire power you can see, as a deterrent. >> as was the case last night in albuquerque. sarah, what are we expecting in today's trump rally? set the stage. you're inside that event right now. >> reporter: i think from the political side, we are waiting to see who donald trump's target dejour is going to be. he's been going off against senator elizabeth warren, of course, very critical of donald trump. but we've also seen hillary clinton seen to be hitting her stride and targeting donald trump more than anyone at this point and i think we're going to see today, if you focus a lot of his attention and lot of his ire on hillary clinton in his speech today and of course, the last thing we look for is because he is campaigning in california,
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because his rhetoric has been so divisive, we're going to look at a sign of protests who make it here and those who have been some of the most tense when they make it inside and in close proximity to donald trump supporters. we'll be looking for that today as well. >> what do we know about the trump republican national committee fundraiser other than suggesting they've raised $6 million? >> reporter: that's right, wolf. this is going to be donald trump's second big fund raising event. he had one last night in albuquerque, but the one scheduled for tonight in los angeles is much larger. it's a higher dollar event. expected to rake between $5 million and $6 million. it's the home of real estate investor in l.a. but donald trump is far behind when it comes to fund raising. he just built this organization in joint agreement with the rnc so they're playing catch-up in a lot of ways not to mention these super pacs keep sprouting up to support donald trump but donors can't figure out which one to
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trust and still some wrinkles to be ironed out in terms of a donald trump finance organization. >> we'll get back to you. to you as well, donald trump is battling three high profile women to raising millions of dollars for republicans in responding to protesters. the senior advisor for the presidential campaign and joining us now. thank you very much for joining us. >> good to be here. >> the protests in albuquerque. these were ugly, as you were probably watching on tv as all of us were. what can donald trump do to calm things down right now? because the criticism is he's sort of inciting this kind of reaction. >> i don't think he does incite the kind of violence that took place last night. these protesters are free to protest but not riot. when they attack the police and turn over cars and setting fires, they've crossed a line and gone well beyond engaging a playful discourse. >> the rhetoric he uses, criminal protesters.
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that seems to create more protesters because of the anger is accelerating. >> if they set fire, they attack policemen, they are criminals. they are breaking the law. the ones protesting peacefully, they're part of america. that's okay. they can't cross a line. >> let's talk about what happened last night in that speech going after the new mexico governor, suzanne martinez, who is a republican, head of the republican governor's association and i'll play a little clip of what he said. she was obviously not there. she has not endorsed him and this presumably generated these comments from him. >> we have to get your governor to get going. she's got to do a better job. okay? your governor has got to do a better job. she's not doing the job. hey, maybe i'll run for governor of new mexico, i'll get this place going. syrian refugees are being
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relocated in large numbers to new mexico. [ crowd boos ] if i was governor, that wouldn't be happening. >> those are pretty strong words. spokesman issued a statement, a reaction among other things saying the governor will not be bullied into supporting a candidate until she is convinced that candidate will fight for new mexicans. governor martinez doesn't care about what donald trump said about her. she cares about what he'll do to help new mexicans. she didn't hear anything about that today. so here's the question. you're a long time political strategist. why is he in a fight with a very popular latina governor, a republican, in new mexico? >> i don't know why she is not joining us. what donald trump has said he'll do is create jobs, protect new mexico from immigrants, making new mexican safe from isis and other foreign entities.
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the republican polls now say 85% of all republicans are supporting donald trump. he's breaking even with independents. i think he is gathering support. >> there's an effort on his part. he's trying to bring in republicans together, unite republicans. she is an influential voice. he needs greater support from the hispanic community. why last night of all nights, instead of just staying silent, to go out there and say these words? >> well -- >> here's the question. he's the presumptive republican nominee. not just the candidate running for the republican nomination. shouldn't he be at a higher level? >> i think he has been but it's a two-way street. he's the presumptive nominee. they should, and i'm sure at some point they will get together and talk. but her not coming to the event was a slight as well. >> doesn't that aggravate the problem right now? the fact he went out so publicly and criticized her? she responded with those words.
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she didn't hear anything about that today referring to what he'll do for new mexicans. >> i think we'll work with this like other republicans and the party at the grassroots is coming fogt. >> any word on paul ryan? >> they had a good meeting. talking from the platform to how they work together. >> the other issue coming up, not just getting from hillary clinton but elizabeth warren on the comment he made years ago when there's a housing bubble, you know what? he could step in. he almost wanted that step-in and make some money during that downturn and the cost of housing. look at what elizabeth warren, the senator from massachusetts, said. >> a small insecure money grubber who doesn't care who gets hurt so long as he makes a profit off it. >> those are powerful words. he's been in a fight with her on twitter for days. >> i think she was putting words
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in his mouth. he said he could make money. as a matter of fact, she did too. she flipped houses and sold during the same time period. i think we need some creative thinking on how to turn our economy around. >> is it appropriate he calls her pocahontas? >> she claimed to be native american. >> she has very little. >> shall we say overstated. >> very little. but to call her pocahontas. >> that's part of mr. trump, the entertainer, and so he does draw attention to their differences by drawing attention in his own way. >> what brought him this far is going to continue that, even though he's at a different stage right now. he could be president of the united states, he's still going to be a quote, entertainer? >> he's going to say things that are entertaining, but going to continue to draw attention to the kinds of problems that are facing us and draw attention to the differences he has with those who are in power right now. >> you heard sarah report on the
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fundraiser, in los angeles later tonight. $5 million or $6 million. what happened to donald trump's self-funding his campaign? >> i think during the primary, it was appropriate. we all realized when we moved forward to the general election, it was going to be a changed kind of campaign. raising money is part of that change. working with the rnc. some of the names on our finance committee are very traditional names that have helped raise money over the years. >> how much are you trying to raise? >> i think total, everything, looking north of a billion dollars. >> north of a billion dollars. >> yes. >> you think you can raise a billion dollars between now and election day? >> yes. the support's out there. there's some pent-up support. he's not asked for money until now. there's a lot of folks ready to give. >> will some go to reimburse? >> i've never heard that. >> the $40 million he spent out of his own pocket, that's not going to be reimbursed? >> that's my understanding. >> and what about these reports of internal feuding going on at the highest levels of the campaign between paul manafort,
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cory lewandowski, you've seen the reports. >> i work with both of them. i don't see it. maybe i'm missing something, but i've not run into it. >> you work directly with paul manafort. >> i've known cory for years and worked with corey before paul came on. >> do they have a good relationship? >> yes, offices right next to each other. you'd think something was going on, that would be a little awkward. >> thank you very much. >> good seeing you again, wolf. coming up, hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. right back in the headlines. new report saying she violated policies while she was secretary of state. plus, too toxic? that's what some democrats are wondering about the chair of the democratic national committee. debbie wasserman-schultz. will they try to push her out? our political panel is standing by with analysis. should be leaving. expedia. technology connecting you to what matters.
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of their kind endorsed by aarp. remember - these plans let you apply all year round. so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. look at this. live pictures of the hillary clinton campaign event in buena park, california. she's been appearing in several states in the campaign. stand by for that. and also, here's some live pictures from anaheim,
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california. just a few miles from the clinton rally. donald trump has a rally scheduled there, scheduled to start in less than two hours from now. the anaheim police chief has already issued a warning to prospective protesters saying police won't tolerate any violence like during the trump event outside the hall there. hillary clinton got a hit today over her e-mails. the state department inspector general issuing a long report saying hillary clinton broke the rules when she left the state department by not turning over every department-related e-mail on her private server. let's go the our justice correspondent evan perez joining us now. update on this new report. it's this office of inspector general. tell us the headlines. what it means, what it says about her, billion line. bottom line.
10:18 am
>> the clear finding from the inspector general did violate the rules because she did not turn over her e-mails, both the ones she said were intended to be her public work as a public servant and her private e-mails before she left the state department. the report says at a minimum, secretary clinton should have surrendered all e-mails dealing with the department business before leaving government service and in a sense, essentially says she was violating the presidential records act. we would note that the report does say that the state department e-mail system has been in a bit of a mess for years going back to various other previous secretaries of state and it also says that, you know, in that sense, nobody really ever asked her or checked to make sure that this system she had set up, which is a private server in new york in her private home, abided by these rules. it appears that she said that
10:19 am
they had gotten some legal opinion that this was okay to do, but they could find that the inspector general found they could find nobody who had ever approved this system. we did get a statement from the clinton campaign. i'll read a part of it to you. in reality, the inspector general documents just show how consistent her e-mail practices with those of other secretaries and senior officials in the state department who also use personal e-mail, the report shows that problems with the state departments and electronics record systems were long standing and there were no precedent for someone in her position having a state department e-mail account until after the arrival of a successor, contrary to false theories, advanced for some time now the report notes that the use of her personal e-mail was known to officials within the state department during her tenure and there is no evidence of a successful breach of the secretary's server. that's a point that brian found the press secretary was trying
10:20 am
to make because there's lots of accusations from republicans investigating this that clinton, that secretary clinton exposed, essentially, government secrets by using this private server, wolf. >> in the conclusion of the report, and i've gone through it, it's long report, there's a line. long standing systemic weaknesses related to an electronics record and communications existed within the office of the secretary that go well beyond the tenure of any one secretary of state. as you correctly pointed out, they go through some of the problems that existed with earlier secretary of states but one thing sort of jumped out at me. other former secretaries did cooperate with the inspector general and were willing to do interviews with the inspector general who was appointed by president obama. independent but appointed by president obama. why did hillary clinton herself and her top aides refuse to answer questions from the inspector general? >> wolf, you know, this is still a matter under investigation by
10:21 am
the justice department and the fbi. so that is one of the issues here and the clinton campaign has said that the secretary obviously publicly sat for a very public testimony before the benghazi committee which you know had examined these issues and that's where this began as did some of her staff members. they all gave interviews and provided information on this and the inspector general was able to get access to that information. so they were cited in this report, wolf. >> thank you very much for that. i want to talk about this. some of the other political headlines with our two analysts right now. dana bash, david gregory, host of "the david gregory show" podcast. this comes at an inconvenient time. this report from the inspector general. not that there are allegations of criminal wrongdoing but it is embarrassing.
10:22 am
>> there's no convenient time for this report especially in a two-front war she is right now against bernie sanders still and effectively, against donald trump. it's not just embarrassing, it completely feeds the narrative of people who are running against her. that she doesn't follow the rules. she thinks she's above the law. donald trump calls her crooked hillary. he might be a lot of things but he's a very good marketer. he sort of picks up on the thing that he believes is the biggest weakness and runs with it. and the fact that she didn't actually give her e-mails over until almost two years after she was gone and the fact that this report shows that she didn't, in fact, have at least nothing that they could find, no legal approval or advice that this was okay, some examples her opponents will take and run with. >> the fact that other secretaries of state, other senior state department
10:23 am
officials were also going along with all the rules with electronic communications, brian fallon, the spokesman for the campaign saying the use of personal e-mail was not unique. she took steps that went much further and released her records but the criticism will come? >> two important things for me to say on this. first, my wife, beth wilkinson, represents several of hillary clinton's aides in the criminal investigation and other investigations related to the e-mail. so i wanted to disclose that. >> she's a prominent attorney but with regard to that, first of all, they will make the point there as brian fallon did, this was known within the state department, and this is politically complicated. what dana said is the key political point is the slowness with which they release this information and provided answers only made this worse. a kind of stubbornness about how they were going to disseminate this information and politically tricky because there was an fbi investigation they have not said
10:24 am
was criminal buand keeps this management question going about her time as secretary of state. >> let's talk about debbie wasserman wasserman-schultz. you've been doing serious reporting about what's going on. we're getting all these hints out there there's frustration, anger. we know from the bernie sanders campaign there is. what are you hearing now? >> that there's a lot of discussion about whether it is appropriate for debbie wasserman-schultz to stay at her job and to be there and to be the head of the party during the convention and that's really what this is all about. there's discussions going on in the senate. there have been for the past week or so. mostly since you did the interview with debbie wasserman-schultz a week ago, tuesday, where she was really, really tough on bernie sanders. that just, she talked about adding fuel to the fire. she added a lot of fuel to the already very, very tense
10:25 am
relationship that she has had with him because of the debate schedule and other things. having said all that, the senators, and even any member of congress, certainly the leadership has influence, but it's not up to them whether or not she has her job and i was communicating with some members of the dnc who say, you know, she cannot look like a sa sacrificial lamb and has a support but. >> i've got some additional reporting talking to senior democrats. the clinton campaign went back last year and raised concerns to the white house who appointed debbie wasserman-schultz from the dnc about her fund raising prowess and ambivalent about doing that and weren't inclined to push her out and this was a political appointment and this was exacerbating, i think, the fight with the sanders camp. i think you were commenting on this earlier today.
10:26 am
clara mccaskill indicating she will have to make a point about whether the room is open for her to step down but she's also one who has her own base of support. take that q very easily. >> you hear from bernie sanders supporters, if she's there at the convention in philadelphia in july with the gavel in charge, if you will, they're going to be booing. the bernie sanders. >> we don't know. we hear a lot of these kind of noises too. there was all this talk in 2008 about the party not being united and, you know, people who were rebelling against that and then the party still came together. >> it's hard about senator sanders. and to then senator barack obama and works aggressively to unite the party, if he does the same thing, you're right. >> that's the key point of this that the democrats i've talked to, i've talked to others. this is all about controlling the chaos. more importantly, the flip side of the coin.
10:27 am
>> the republicans having this problem, and they seem to be falling in line, more or less. there's a lot of less. >> what david was just saying on the reporting of people leaving the door open to her. our stellar team running around capitol hill right now, manu raju, they talked to two democratic leadership members, chuck schumer, the leader and debbie stabenow both declined to comment. they didn't say she should leave or stay. >> not a vote of silence that can be very telling. why do you think donald trump last night went after the governor of new mexico, susan candiot candiotti. suzanne martinez. she's hispanic. latina. you would think he would step back and deal a little bit less assertively with her. >> what we've been talking about the last couple of times.
10:28 am
loyalty, and kind of loyalty oath that donald trump expects from elected officials and if he doesn't get it, he lashes out and not thinking about the wisdom of doing that and not doing strategically, anybody who gets in his way, he'll lash out and doesn't feel like he needs her support. thinks he can do better among hispanics without her. and can call the people rioting out there thugs, outside the rally. so again, this is his instinct, which is carried him far but creates a lot of risk for his candida candidacy. >> is he going to maintain that strategy? so far, he is. >> he is. but this particular attack was quite risky, given where the party is now, given where he is now. he's not just trying to reach out to core primary voters. he's trying to be the president of the united states. and i completely agree with you, david, this was trump being angry and upset and annoy and
10:29 am
feeling like he was snubbed. which he was. i mean, she said she had other things to do she didn't want to be with him and she's not falling behind. and he is the nominee. so this is very personal, it's obvious. >> she's the head of the national republican governors association. she's latina, a popular woman in new mexico, which is an important state, obviously. you would think he would have held but that's not donald trump's style. see if that changes. probably not. thank you very much. the tsa, the transportation security administration on somewhat of an apology to right now, the brutally ever growing security lions at major airports here in the united states. the head of the administration promises help is on the way. the small changes he hopes will get you to your gate a lot faster. that's coming up. and take a look at this. live pictures of the hillary clinton campaign event in buena park, california. we'll be keeping an eye on the stage. we'll bring you some of hillary clinton's speech once that
10:30 am
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me.
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x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. the transportation security administration here in the united states is making two very public attempts to quell outrage over the brutally long airport security lines at several major airports. one of them is happening right now at atlanta's hartsfield-jackson. they debut experimental screening lines there and the changes are small, the tsa hopes the impact will be big. they include rerouting bags that need better inspection away from the general security line. bins that automatically
10:35 am
recirculate and special areas for people to take off their shoes. those lines are set to open tomorrow in atlanta. the tsa is also front and center here in washington up on capitol hill. the head of the agency, peter, just finished testing before the homeland security committee. lawmakers asking him what's behind the growing lines and what's being done to stop it. for all the latest information, joined by rene marsh, following this. are we getting answers? >> the number one question they wanted to know, lawmakers, is how did we get here and the head of the tsa saying that there are three things that happen that all came together to create this nightmare situation at our airports. number one, they stopped letting passengers who didn't have precheck into those prechecked lines to ease congestion. that doesn't happen anymore. they also don't have enough screeners and you have this situation where the number of travelers, essentially, has exploded. so those have come together to create this nightmare situation
10:36 am
where you have people being asked to show up at the airport three hours ahead of time and they're still missing their flights but you know, wolf, this is not just inconvenience. it's also a security issue. you saw what happened in brussels. the soft area of the airport. the concern is having so much congestion in the soft area of the airport could be problematic. so there are lots of actions that tsa has taken. we know by at least mid june they're going to have more than 700 new tsa officers in place to help alleviate this problem. >> how long is it going to take to see if these experimental programs that are beginning in lan atlanta will work and should be replicated elsewhere? >> sorry to tell the people traveling, that is not going to solve the problem right now. that's more of a long-term solution to this issue of long lines at airports which looking at there, that's the video of the demonstration we saw today.
10:37 am
essentially, this technology, what it does is it, once you put your belongings in that bin, it would automatically separate any bin or any item that needs a closer look. it would put it on a different conveyor belt and essentially, the idea is to not slow the line down, just keep the flow going and that's what you're looking at there. but they need to study this. it would be at least five years before we saw it in other airports, so the short answer is that is not going to solve the problems we're seeing today. >> one of the problems, people are carrying more luggage on board instead of checking it. because there's fees. >> that's right. a lot of lawmakers say they want the airlines at this point because we're going through what we're going through to waive those fees. airlines haven't shown an indication they would do that but you're right. people are trying to get around paying the extra $25 so they carry more luggage on board. >> rene, i know you're checking and watching this story for us. we'll be in close touch.
10:38 am
thank you. we're also following investigations in egyptair flight 804. egypt state media showing they signed off before takeoff. there were no technical issues. this comes as an official where passenger remains are held. tell cnn so far no signs of an explosion but that further testing is needed to confirm that. as of now, searchers from multiple countries are looking for the fuselage of the plane and the so-called black boxes. it's roughly the size of the state of connecticut. these pieces are critical in trying to find out exactly what happened. we'll update you as we get more information. coming up, the taliban revealing a new leader at the top of its chain of command. will it mean more attacks on the west or a better chance for peace? what we already know about the new manager. soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about.
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gum® brand. the battle against isis is now being fought on two fronts. this is fallujah in iraq. iraqi artillery as they push to try to liberate that city from isis. isis snipers are in place to prevent civilians from actually leaving fallujah. tens of thousands of people are believed to be trapped right now. there's also fighting in syria right now outside of the de facto capital of isis, raqqa. kurdish fighters are now teaming up with air forces to retake areas north of the city. one activist tells cnn that isis allowed some of the residents to flee. meanwhile, more bloodshed in afghanistan. at least ten killed while a suicide bomber targeted a mini
10:44 am
bus. taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. it comes on the same day the extremist group announced the name of its new leader with more on that, let's go to our senior international correspondent, nick paton walsh. >> new leader of the taliban is not really a particularly public figure. we don't know a lot about him. we know he was mansour's deputy but he was killed over the weekend in a u.s. drone strike just inside pakistan but he was a man around during the fighting against the soviets back in the 80s during the taliban's brief rule over afghanistan and he's considered more a cleric than front line experience but hails from the south of afghanistan, kandah kandahar, with a lot of their constituency. what's he going to do next? don't know at this stage. his deputy perhaps might have gone to be at the helm and been in charge of military operations
10:45 am
under the previous now deceased leader, and will keep that job but the guy that the u.s. says is the main facilitator of al qaeda and definitely radical and stood in charge of battlefield operations. it's likely we see the pace the insurgency is showing against the afghan security forces. i think the loss of their leader so abruptly with accurate u.s. intelligence a symbolic blow for them but likely the new man will attempt to try and galvanize his role as the leader by taking further victories against the afghan security forces. a clear statement here from the taliban that they were able to find the appointment and appoint the successor and ten people lost their lives from the suicide bombings. no obvious indication we'll see the violence or towards peace talks which is what the white
10:46 am
house may still have a lot of questions. >> nick paton walsh reporting for us. thank you very much. coming up. president obama's apology. the crime that has been expressing deepest regrets of condolences to the people of japan. and you're looking at live pictures. the hillary clinton campaign event in buena park, california. we're keeping an eye on the stage. we'll bring you some of the event once she starts speaking. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork. month after month. year after year. then one night, you hydroplane into a ditch.
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live pictures coming in from california. hillary clinton getting ready to address supporters out there. you can see jamie lee curtis will be introducing the secretary. we'll go there once the secretary starts speaking, and we'll hear what she has to say. just moments ago, by the way, here in washington house speaker paul ryan responded to reports that he's finally ready to endorse the republican presumptive nominee. the spe what did he have to say? >> reporter: he didn't know where the reports were.
10:51 am
trump aides are saying that this endorsement was coming but i'll read you what he had to say. i asked him specifically about this report. i don't know where all this is coming from. i haven't made a decision and i said are you moving any closer to this? he said i have nothing more to add. not made a decision. nothing has changed from my perspective. we're still have, quote, productive conversations, and those conversations revolving the republican house agenda that the speaker and house republican colleagues are rolling out in the coming weeks, a campaign agenda a that they want to campaign on. briefing the trump campaign on that and want to talk about common issues on policies and conservative principles, hoping that the trump campaign comes and aligns more closely with house republicans. those issues that ryan actually said are being discussed on a daily basis between the staff and the trump staff. but he said endorsement discussions really are not there. not really clear what we'll get paul ryan to endorse donald
10:52 am
trump. several reporters are trying to push him on that and he would really not say. he would just say i'm not there yet. have no time line. wants to continue these going forward. they are talking about the areas where they agree, not the areas where they disagree. on the house republican agenda that paul ryan is dealing with, won't deal wish use on what to do with the 11 million undocumented immigrants and whether to deport the undocumented immigrants which, of course, has been a center piece of the trump agenda. ryan said we're not even going to deal with that issue. he obviously disagrees with that, wolf. >> i know you're speaking to various members on another issue. the future of congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz as chair of the democratic national committee. what are you hearing up there? >> really tepid support for her. they are really not willing to get behind her. some, of course, are but chuck schumer, the number two or senate democrat, democratic leader next comment, said no
10:53 am
comment when i asked him do you have confidence in debbie wasserman schultz? others like claire mccaskill who i spoke about earlier said debbie wasserman schultz needs to think about her role going forward viewing that the bernie sanders campaign clears her as a problem. a lot of anxiety in the democratic circles but not the democrats on capitol hill's decision, both decision and hillary clinton's campaign, assuming she gets the nomination, wolf. >> and i assume the president of the united states will have something to say about all of this as well. manu, thank you very much. in japan right now on the second leg of his historic asia trip president obama is making amends and expressed regret for the murder of a young japanese woman for which a u.s. civilian base worker has been charged. >> i want to emphasize that the united states is appalled by any violent crime that may have occurred or been carried out by any u.s. personnel or u.s.
10:54 am
contractors. we consider it inexcuse able, and we are committed to doing everything that we can to prevent any crimes from taking place of this sort. >> the president of the united states speaking a little while ago in japan on this historic visit. let's go out to california right now. buena park, california. the former secretary of state, the democratic presidential front-runner, has just started speaking. >> i've got to tell you, it was -- it was a treat to be introduced by jamie lee curtis. i am thrilled that she is here with us and liking "a fish called wanda" and "freaky friday" but i like her enthusiasm, her energy, her heart and i'm so pleased, too,
10:55 am
to be here with my long, someone who is -- i'm going to put this back in here because clearly -- it's okay, it's okay. it's fine. we don't mind. we don't mind because you got everybody all revved up, but i want to also -- i want to thank my friend, my former colleague, both in the congress and in president obama's cabinet, hilda solis. hilda has been a congresswoman, the secretary of labor and is now l.a. county supervisor, and -- and in every job she's had she has performed magnificently and helped so many people, and she's a dear, dear friend of mine. now, we are here at the home of
10:56 am
the ufcw local 324. i want to thank greg conger and rick i'den and greg halabozek for welcoming us here and all of the ufcw family and thanks for andrea sindher for appearing on the pre-program. thanks also to art brown and everybody from buena park who has made us so welcome, and mostly i want to thank all of y you. and one of the great things about campaigning across the country is to stand where i'm standing and look out at this audience and audiences like it and really see america, see what we are as a nation. i have this old-fashioned idea that we are stronger together,
10:57 am
stronger together when we make the economy work for everybody, not just those at the top, stronger together when we knock down all the barriers that stand in the way of any american getting ahead and staying ahead. and i -- and i love all of you, too. now, you know what's at stake at this election because here you are. you understand. we have a big, big choice as you just heard from jamie lee, this is a point in our history where there are not just one but several hinges here at home and around the world. the decisions we make, who we are as a people, whether we're
10:58 am
going to continue moving forward together or we're going to build walls instead of bridges. we have decisions to make, and i've talked a lot in this campaign about what's at stake, and i'm going to continue talking about it because i don't want anybody to be surprised. you are know, when people run for office and they tell you what they want to do, you should believe them. you know, one of my great friends and one of our great american icons, maya angelou said, when somebody shows you who they are, believe them. and that's what -- i've gone across the country now for more than a year ending up here in
10:59 am
californ california, talking about what kind of country i want, for all of us, not just some of us, a country where we are creating more good jobs with rising incomes, a country where we are not only growing the economy but making it fairer by raising the minimum wage and guaranteeing equal pay for women's work. a country where an education system works for everybody, starting with early child 450d education so every single child can be better prepared to succeed. >> all right. so we're going to continue to monitor hill hi. she's speaking at a big rally in buena park, california. we'll keep an eye on that. we're also keeping an eye on a donald trump rally set to start an hour from now in anaheim,
11:00 am
california, after some violent protests at a campaign rally last night in albuquerque. police are out in full force to prevent similar protests from happening today. we'll stay on top of all of that for you. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. eastern in the "the situation room." meantime, the news continues right now. hello there. i'm brianna keilar in today for brooke baldwin. soon donald trump will be speaking live in anaheim, california. you can see the scene right now otside of the convention center, just a few protesters there, and as his supporters anticipate his arrival, so are police, who are fully aware of how trump's last rally went just hours ago.