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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  May 25, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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he's a bum. if he doesn't clean his room, he's out of there but for totally different reasons. >> congresswoman and rodrigo, thank you. appreciate it. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. wolf blitzer in "the situation room" is up next. a lengthy report says that hillary clinton broke the rules and is the latest in a series of incidents raising fears about both parties nominating in cleveland and philadelphia this summer. and something about women. hillary clinton says that insulting people must make donald trump feel good and after his latest attack on new mexico's female republican governor, clinton suggested
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trump may have, quote, something about women. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room"? the state department inspector general has issued a long-awaited report about hillary clinton's use of her private e-mail system while secretary of state. it was unauthorized and inappropriate and notes there were outside attempts to hack the system. clinton's campaign says the report shows her e-mail practices were consistent with those of previous secretaries and senior officials. donald trump is stepping up his attacks on hillary clinton, calling her a lightweight and low life. he's also attacking elizabeth warren, democratic senator, calling her pocahontas. as protests rage at a trump rally in new mexico, he even attacks a popular governor
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susana martinez for staying away. can these women put trump on the defensive? our correspondents and guests will have full coverage of the day's top stories. let's start with sunlen serfaty and the scathing new report on hillary clinton and her e-mails. what are you learning? >> reporter: wolf, hillary clinton has said time and time again that she believes she was in compliance with state department rules in setting up and using her private e-mail server but this the ig report says exactly the opposite. tonight, hillary clinton is back on the defensive. in a scathing 83-page report, the state department's own inspector general determined that clinton violated federal rules rules. it scolds the former secretary of state for conducting state department business on her own prit ate server.
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clinton has pushed back on questions over her e-mails many times in the past telling cnn's brianna keilar last july -- >> the truth is, everything i did was permitted and i went above and beyond what anybody could have expected in making sure that if the state department didn't capture something, i made a real effort to get it to them. >> reporter: but the report says that, quote, sending e-mails from a personal account to other employees at their department accounts is not an appropriate method of preserving any such e-mails. clinton has also maintained that she had permission to use personal e-mail. >> i opted for convenience to use my own personal account which was allowed by the state department because i thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal e-mails instead of two. >> reporter: but not so, says the report.
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they found no evidence that clinton or her staff confronted anyone at state before she decided to use her private server. the clinton campaign today trying to downplay the significance. clinton spokesman brian fallon saying, "the inspector general documents just how consistent her e-mail practices were with those of other secretaries and senior officials at the state department who also used personal e-mail." they call out others for their use of e-mail but notes the rules were updated the year clinton took office. >> look, the e-mails, that's bad judgment. >> reporter: the e-mail controversy has been a constant target for donald trump. >> she had a little bit of bad news today, as you know, some reports that came down that weren't so good. but not so good. the inspector general's report, not good. >> reporter: and the new findings are likely to hand him even more ammunition to bring to the general election fight ahead. >> for her to be able to
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continue to run is an absolute disgrace, in my opinion, to this country. >> reporter: and there has been considerable pushback not only from the state department who says they have already made many of the changes but also from democrats on capitol hill. >> sunlen serfaty, thank you very much. evan has been spending a lot of time on this. what surprises you the most. >> well, the fact that the secretary of state decided not to cooperate with an investigation for the inspector general for the department that she left and neither did her aides, which is surprising
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because she's not only former secretary of state but she's running for president and four other secretaries of state did cooperate as did the current secretary of state john kerry. >> did anyone at the state department raise any red flags or somebody to what was going on with the private e-mail server at the time or was it only after this whole story blew up, shall we say, when she was running for president that this became an issue? >> well, according to this report, a couple of lower level people did raise some concerns about the use of this private server, wolf, and they raised it to their supervisor, a civil service person inside the state department. what they were told was that it's been approved from high up and they should not raise it again. now, we know from the report that they never -- as sunlen just mentioned, they never got any approval from the legal department or the security at the state department for the use of this server. >> evan perez, thank you. now for the clinton's campaign response to the
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inspector general's report, i'm joined by the campaign press secretary brian fallon. thank you for joining us. >> hi, wolf. thanks for having me. >> let's get through this. the secretary always said that what she did was allowed for under the rules but this says that the state department did not and would not have approved on her exclusive reliance on a personal e-mail account. if she didn't get approval, doesn't that mean that she broke the rules? >> no, wolf. i think what the secretary has said that the use of personal e-mails by the state allowed. that was confirmed. the rules were enacted after she left. at the time that she took office and the duration of her tenure there, the use of personal e-mail for work purposes was not disallowed and, in fact, as documented in great detail by the report, personal e-mail was
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utilized by 90-plus different top officials at the state department over the years that they looked at including two other secretaries of state besides hillary clinton. the practice was widespread. if you look at those top officials, 90-plus top officials, it seemed to be the rule rather than the exception. that was upheld by the report today. >> these other officials did use personal e-mail but only three officials used it exclusively. former secretary of state colin powell, former ambassador to kenya and the others also had government e-mail accounts. these were the only three that used it exclusively and the report concludes that there was no evidence that the secretary requested or obtained guidance or approval to conduct official business by a personal e-mail account on her private server. >> well, wolf, let's get to the heart of the question. and that is, were records preserved? were they retained in keeping
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with the rules and regulations that required them to be preserved and retained. and evenle though she used e-mails for personal business, she did make it a practice of seeking to make sure that there would be a permanent record preserved of all of the work-related e-mails. her way of doing that was to ensure that there was someone on a account or on the correspondents. when the state department looked back and said because of our shoddy record keeping, there are two years where we should have the records but don't, she came forward and because she had not gotten rid of those work-related e-mails, because she had preserved them, she was able to turn over 55,000 pages of work-related e-mails. and so -- >> brian, who gave her the legal opinion that she could exclusively use a private e-mail server, a private e-mail account for all of her work-related
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business? >> wolf, i'm not sure if it was ever contemplated that a specific opinion, a legal opinion was needed considering that this was the practice of her predecessor as secretary of state and a person of colin powell as well at top aides to condoleezza rice and the idea that the state department inspector general is putting forward today that in retrospect if they had been approached they would have suggested, well, maybe don't use the personal server from the standpoint of whether records were preserved or not, that's beside the point. she kept all of the records. 55 pages were turned over. in that respect, she far exceeded any of her predecessors who used ample use of personal e-mail in the way that she did. >> the report says specifically -- and i'll read it to you -- by secretary clinton's tenure, the department's
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guidance was more detailed and more sophisticated. there were different rules in place for her that she apparently didn't obey. >> well, they were very careful with their wording in that passage and that's for a reason. why it's true that they were updated but not to the point where they allow personal use. that's why personal use of e-mail for work purposes was still allowed under the rules in place at the time. >> the report quotes a staff member working for hillary clinton as saying this, raising concerns. one staff member raised concerns that information sent and received on secretary clinton's account could contain federal records in order to satisfy federal record-keeping requirements. according to the staff member, the secretary's personal system had been reviewed and approved by the department legal staff and that the matter was not to
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be discussed any further. so two questions, who approved it and why couldn't it be any further? >> i've seen the passage of that report and this is career employee and whoever gave those instructions was not reflecting anything that had ever been said about the secretary or cheryl mills, her chief of staff, were unaware of what the basis was that is and instructions that were given from the secretary's office. >> the report states that hillary clinton's use of a personal e-mail system to contact state department employees was, quote, not an appropriate method of preserving e-mails that could constitute a federal record and then quotes the secretary from back in 2010. the deputy chief of staff e-mailed the secretary that we
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should talk about putting you on state e-mail or releasing your e-mail address to the department so you are not going to spam. in response, the secretary wrote, "let's get separate device b device. was the purpose to prevent her private e-mails going public? >> no, that was not the purpose. let me break that down. the instance there related to a fact that some of her e-mails were being sent to a spam gold folder. it was preventing their ability to conduct work over e-mail. so as a remedy, perhaps we should look at setting you up on a e-mail account for work purposes and the secretary expressed openness which in my mind contradicts the claim and
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in fact reflects openness. she certainly didn't want to intermix her personal correspondence on her work e-mail. she e she. but the report clearly says she did something -- she says she did nothing wrong but the report clearly contradicts that. that's the bottom line, right? >> look, a big reason why the report finds that it was unacceptable and fell short for her to be using this habit of copying her aides on her t correspondence is to ensure that the records were being preserved and certainly with the benefit of hindsight, if we were aware that the record-keeping system
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were not tracking that correspondence, i think she would have found a way. >> the report also says there are a lot of e-mails that were missing. the department and the office of the inspector general both determined that the production included no e-mail covering the first few months of secretary clinton's tenure. why were these e-mails missing? why were they deleted? >> that much is not new, wolf. that's been a fact long november to those who have followed this issue closely. because there was a period when she was using an old blackberry and had no, sir transitioned to the server. during her first part of her tenure as secretary of state to turn over 55,000 pages to the state department, she was only able to retrieve and produce all of the e-mails that were still presiding on the server and since the e-mails were not
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available for her to turn over. >> i want you to stand by. we're going to continue this conversation right after a quick break. world sale is on honors members save up to 25% on brands like hampton, doubletree, hilton garden inn, and waldorf astoria so stop clicking around. book direct at now that's satisfaction.
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life feels a little lighter, potency probiotic, livelier, a little more you. ultimate flora probiotics. we're getting reaction to a scathing new report from the state department inspector general while hillary clinton was secretary of state for four years. brian, if she didn't do anything wrong and had nothing to hide, why didn't she cooperate with the inspector general and answer his questions? >> well, wolf, this is not the only federal review that's
2:21 pm
taking place with respect to hillary clinton's e-mail arrangement. as you and your viewers know, there's an ongoing review being undertaken by the justice department and in fact that review was first sought by this same office issuing this report, the state department ig. to our mind, it made sense to prioritize the review being conducted by the justice department and so according to hillary clinton has said since last august that she'll be happy to sit with them at whatever point they approach her, which has not happened yet, and has encouraged all of her aides to cooperate in every way with that justice department review. beyond that, she has answered every question on this topic from a number of different sources. >> let me interrupt for a moment. the inspector general is the top investigator at the state department. this inspector general was appointed by president obama.
2:22 pm
don't you think she would have wanted to cooperate with the inspector general or get to the bottom of this? t >> wolf, as i said, we made the decision to prioritize the justice department review. >> why couldn't she do both? >> they are assessing the same set of facts. >> why couldn't she answer questions from the state department inspector general and justice department when they call called on her to answer questions? >> quite frankly, wolf, it was always of concern to us and we never could quite make sense of why this review by the state department ig was proceeding on it is own timeline when it was the same office that suggested that the justice department undertake it is review. >> because here's the problem, brian. she did a news conference and answered a lot of questions about the e-mail, the e-mail server and all of that.
2:23 pm
if she had time for the news media and she's going to have time for the justice department, why disrespect the state department and not go to a meeting and answer a whole bunch of questions? >> i think it's important to take a step back here, wolf, and understand that, as everybody knows, she sat through an 11-hour session with the house benghazi committee which has made it its business. >> that was not on the e-mail server. >> i raised it because the benghazi committee included e-mails. they didn't spare any e-mails in terms of the degree to which they probed hillary clinton in the matter of her server and she sat through rounds of questions from the house oversight committee with republicans that were happy to try to make this a painless experience for her. in addition to that -- >> why disrespect the inspector
2:24 pm
general? >> to add to that, the same aides, in addition to being questioned by the same benghazi committee, are also now submitting to depositions from right-wing groups like judicial watch that have filed lawsuits about this same issue. so hillary clinton and her top aides involved in this are answering questions from different folks who are interested in getting to the bottom of this. >> you're a former spokesperson of the justice department. it looks as if she has something to hide which she doesn't even want to answer questions from the inspector general of the state department. >> no. look, wolf, if she had anything to hide, she wouldn't be volunteering to go ask questions from the state department which the stakes will be much higher than from the state ig's office. at the same time, when the justice department was already looking to this same issue.
2:25 pm
it's a question raised by this office during the course of the investigation. there were reports about individuals coming forward in this office and suggesting that there were hints of an anti-clinton bias. >> that's interesting. are you accusing the inspector general of the state department of having an anti-clinton bias? and this inspector general was named by president obama? >> actually, i think the report today backs up much of what we were saying and includes an appropriate amount of context about how wide used the e-mail was. i think the report today puts those questions to bed and that the use of personal e-mail was widespread and done by her predecessors including secretary powell. i mention it only because it contributed to the sense of uncertainty about why this office was seeking to hasten its
2:26 pm
ti timeline. so, look, at the end of the justice department's review, hillary clinton, if she is asked, will have cooperated in full and answered every question and the same is true of all of the aides. at that point, she will have cooperated in full with a full-on doj review and with a congressional committee's investigation into this matter. she'll have cooperated or her aides will have testified and given interviews brought by third parties. i think by the end of this, it will be impossible for anybody to suggest that he didn't answer any question that everybody had. >> the only difference is that secretary powell did cooperate with the secretary general and the whole point, whether the state department, pentagon, intelligence committee, is to learn from mistakes, fix those mistakes so the problems don't recur. when the former secretary of
2:27 pm
state refuses to cooperate, that's a problem. one other unrelated question in the news of debbie wasserman schultz. does the secretary want her to step down before the convention? >> wolf, i've seen some of the reports in the last day or so that have suggested it the baseless rumors. we're not familiar with any conversations that have been reflected in any of those reports. beb b there is nobody more committed than debbie wasserman schultz to make sure that donald trump is not the president in 2016 when we have the general election. you've heard bernie sanders suggest that he would seek to remove her. we have not said that. i don't understand many of the criticisms that bernie sanders
2:28 pm
has made. that's one of the reasons why he's trailing. i know he's upset with how he feels his supporters were treated at the nevada state party convention a couple weeks ago but there's no indication that they were treated unfairly. that was concerns over the debate and debates schedule and nor was it debbie wasserman schultz fault. on all of these issues that he has raised, i'm not sure debbie bears culpability for it. >> brian fallon, press secretary for the hillary clinton campaign, thank you very much for joining us. you were generous with your time. >> thanks, wolf. coming up, donald trump pouncing on hillary clinton's e-mail problems and launches a new personal attack. >> hillary's trying to be very presidential. she's stopping with the shouting. okay? but then i listened before.
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what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. donald trump is now just eight delegates away from the republican nomination and already in a general nasty and elects fight with hillary clinton launching aggressive attacks in all directs. let's go to jim acosta joining us from los angeles right now. jim, trump is also taking return fire? >> that's right. he wrapped up a rally in southern california and tore into hillary clinton. trump is fighting battles on multiple fronts and all of his targets have one thing in common, they are all high-profile women and they are
2:34 pm
all hitting back. donald trump is on the general election warpath, unleashing his arsenal of one-liners from every direction on hillary clinton -- >> crooked hillary. she's as crooked as they come. >> reporter: trump is tangling with his likely democratic opponent over his comments on how he was looking to make money buying cheap real estate during the housing crisis. >> she goes, and donald trump is a terrible person. and he wanted to buy housing when it was at a low point. who the hell doesn't? >> reporter: clinton ripped into that. >> he bragged about what he did. he said, profiting off working people losing their homes would be a good result. so a good result is he gets his and you get hurt. >> reporter: the presumptive nominee is firing off his zingers at elizabeth warren who
2:35 pm
is emerging as the democrat's trump troller in chief. >> pocahontas. that's elizabeth warren. i call her goofy. she gets nothing done, nothing passed, she's got a big mouth and that's about it. >> warren is all talk, no action and she seems to enjoy the action. warren is also slamming trump on his remarks about the housing bubble. >> he doesn't care who gets hurt so long as he makes a profit off of it. >> reporter: after violent protests both inside and outside his rally in albuquerque, trump is mixing it up with susana martinez, a gop rising star who hasn't endorsed his campaign and
2:36 pm
skipped his event. >> she's not doing the job. hey! maybe i'll run for governor of new mexico. i'll get this place going. >> a martinez spokesperson was not amused. the governor will not be bullied into voting for a candidate until she is convinced that that candidate will fight for new mexicans. >> elbows get up under the baskets. we saw that last night. >> last night, he insulted the republican governor martinez of new mexico, just gratuitously. i don't know. he seems to have something about women. >> and trump has other worries inside the gop after house speaker paul ryan was on the verge of endorsing the gop
2:37 pm
nominee. a specs person said that's not the case and ryan said martinez is a good governor. today trump joked, vice president biden will swoop in and rob bernie sanders of the nomination. that's not likely to happen. >> thank you very much, jim acosta. joining us now, republican congressman chris collins, the first to endorse donald trump's run. congressman, we have a lot to discuss. i want to get your reaction to what we just said. let's take a quick break and continue our conversation in a moment. real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends.
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we're following breaking news. these are live pictures. these are demonstrators outside of the anaheim convention center. donald trump spoke there. these are anti-donald trump protesters. you can see the police walking there. i want to bring in chris collins. as we look at these live pictures, what can donald trump realistically do to calm down these protests outside his rallies? we saw protesters last night lighting fires, throwing rocks, going after police barricades. what, if anything, can he do to calm things down? >> you know, wolf, i'm not sure there is anything that he can do. these are not republicans protesting like you're seeing on the democratic side with bernie supporters protesting hillary.
2:43 pm
they are deliberately trying to disrupt our nominee's speeches and talks. so i don't know what a republican can do when these are, in fact, democratic operatives other than, you know, continue to point out that this is america. we should have peaceful protests, not these kinds of terrible unrest protests. but i don't know what more donald can do. he's delivering a message to america that is not resonating with the democrats, certainly the 20% of the democrats who think the country is going in the right direction and that's about what it is, hillary supporters. i think donald just has to keep delivering the message and doing what he's doing. he's not inciting these demonstrations. these are democrats that see this race slipping away. >> congressman, they are clearly angry about what he said about immigrants here in the united states, undocumented immigrants. they are angry about the wall. clearly they have grievances over some of the issues he's put forward. >> i'm sure.
2:44 pm
i mean, there's no question. donald trump is going to secure our borders and those who broke the law, they came into our country. many of us say we are a country of laws. we need to secure the borders but also many of us are being pragmatic saying that we should have a method for work papers for those raising a family. we do need to remember these are individuals who did break the law coming here. we are very magnaminous society and give them papers if they are law-abiding citizens. >> but for all practical purposes, he's the republican nominee. doesn't he need to move to a different level to try to heel some of the anger out there? >> well, i believe he is. he has more republican support today than mitt romney had four years ago but there are those who are not going to support
2:45 pm
him. he's holding people accountable and securing the borders, i believe law-abiding americans want to see that and that's a republican message but really his appeal is going to be not only to the republicans who are locked in but the working men and women on the union side, the laborers, auto workers, pipe fitters, certainly the miners in west virginia, these working individuals are going to be supporting donald trump as well as republican base. so he's got that cross-over and there are going to be some he's never going to appease he's going to win anyway. >> chris collins of new york, thank you. >> good to be with you, wolf. as always. >> all right. we're going to stay on top of this. you can see the demonstrators and the police.
2:46 pm
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take a look at the live pictures coming in. donald trump continues to draw protesters inside and outside his campaign rallies. look at the live pictures of a rather tense situation under way in anaheim, california. donald trump wrapped up a speech there a little while ago, police are in riot gear, still out in force now, facing off with anti-donald trump demonstrators, all of this after trouble in the streets of albuquerque, new mexico last night when a much larger crowd got out of hand.
2:51 pm
let's bring in kyung law. where are you? it looks tense. can you hear me? >> reporter: donald trump was speaking at the convention center. you're seeing police officers that let protesters take, i can hear you, i hope you can hear me. what you see here are a number -- >> go ahead. >> reporter: for some reason the audio isn't transmitting? you can hear me? i've lost them.
2:52 pm
>> stand by, we have a long delay. stand by. these pictures, david, tense last night. today saw it in chicago, few weeks ago. is this just the beginning? >> i think it is. i think every campaign has sort of a sound track, every time period. these are visual images of this campaign season. i would expect this to continue. we know that donald trump has passionate supporters and passionate opponents, and now that we are in general election context, when he goes to some big population centers, where not everyone will be, not rural america, die hard trump fans everywhere, he is going to encounter this. i wonder if hillary clinton or bernie sanders needs to start speaking to this, because it is one thing to present opposition, but i think they're going to want to make sure trump opponents don't become violent in the way they protest to make sure it is a productive protest, if you will. >> police are out in full force
2:53 pm
out of abundance of caution, especially after what we saw last night. >> last night was -- i thought it was frustrating, we were all working. it was the primary, we are watching it, and we saw the protesters, anti-trump protesters engaging in civil disobedience that crossed the line, throwing rocks, what the albuquerque police said is they left and it was filled in with rab he will rousers. >> she was worried about her crew, they were throwing rocks. i think we reestablished connection with her. tell us where you are and what is going on.
2:54 pm
>> reporter: we are a few blocks away from the anaheim convention center where donald trump was speak. for a few hours, the police, a number of agencies have been patient, letting protesters take control of the streets, but what you're seeing here are police officers now trying to clear the streets. you can see that the horses are moving forward. what they're trying to do is pick off the people that appear to be the lead protesters. we have seen five, at least five arrests and what they're essentially trying to do is free up traffic on the streets. what they do is pick out a protester and then they arrest that person. there has been at least ten announcements over the helicopter from the anaheim police department. here we go. saying they want it clear the streets. you can see it happening right here.
2:55 pm
okay. got it. >> be careful this, rocks are being thrown. i want you to be careful this. we will get back to you. we will resume coverage. let's take a quick break. you see the tension in anaheim, california, not far from los angeles. this follows a donald trump rally at the anaheim convention center. we'll continue our coverage right after this. it's the chevy memorial day sale. time to get the crossover that's right for you. trax, equinox, or traverse. it's very impressive. it's awesome. this is incredible. it'd be a good road trip car. the wi-fi is cool. it's fancy. i love it. get more than you expect for less than you imagined during the chevy memorial day sale. current qualified competitive lessees can get this chevy equinox lt for around $189 a month. plus find your tag and get an additional $500 lease cash on select equinox vehicles in stock. it's how i try to live...
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3:00 pm
rally, coming on the heels of a violent protest in albuquerque. the growing chaos raising fear what might happen at the republican convention. will the violence spiral out of control? not appropriate. a scathing report calls out hillary clinton for using a private e-mail server while she served as secretary of state. the inspector general saying the presidential candidate broke the rules. what impact will it have on her campaign? attack dog. elizabeth warren unleashes on donald trump, sparking a vicious war of words with progressive democratic senator, no ally of hillary clinton. is she helping her with the attacks on trump? the hunt for the black boxes from egyptair flight 804 are growing more urgent, a week after the plane plunged into the see, there's fears that the signals from them could die before they find them. can they solve the mysteries
3:01 pm
surrounding the crash. we want to welcome viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." we are following breaking news, a tense situation outside a donald trump campaign rally in anaheim, california. police in riot gear responded to anti-trump protests and clashes with trump supporters, making some arrests. this comes on the heels of violence at a trump rally in albuquerque, new mexico last night where anti-trump activists broke through police barricades, threw rocks and bottles, and set signs on fire. meanwhile, inside trump launched a barrage of new insults at hillary clinton saying he can't even listen to her speak, and senator elizabeth warren who is engaged in a vicious war of words with trump. we are also following hillary clinton's campaign taking new heat tonight over a stinging report on use of a private e-mail server while she was
3:02 pm
secretary of state. the state department inspector general found clinton failed to follow rules when she set up the server and used it to conduct official business. the report also ties hillary clinton for failing to turn over all her e-mails. covering that and more this hour with our guests, including chairman of the house homeland security committee, congressman mike mccall, standing by live. our experts analysts are also standing by. let's get more on the breaking news. national correspondent kyung lah is in anaheim with the latest on the protests at the trump campaign rallies. kyung, what are you seeing now? the pictures are dramatic and tense. >> reporter: certainly we've been in the middle of watching this. what you're seeing here are police forces, sheriff's department, a number of local police agencies on horseback, carrying batons and riot gear. they're trying to disburse the
3:03 pm
crowned. we are seeing flareups, when they see a protest that is causing trouble, they have been arresting them. they are pushing the protesters off the streets one by one, trying to clear the streets. >> i need to interrupt you a moment. i want to alert viewers, we are seeing a fist fight erupting on the streets, i don't know if this is close to you or far from you, but it is one of several we've seen so far. we are getting these pictures from a helicopter that's flying over the area. go ahead, sorry for interrupting. pick it up. >> reporter: that's okay because it has been very unpredictable, wolf. we have seen some of those back and forth pushing, some fists being thrown, some rocks being thrown as well. i want to show you something we captured a short time ago. this is what an arrest looks like, the police are picking out lead protesters and they are taking them down using some
3:04 pm
tactics to try to separate the lead protesters from the rest of the crowd. what they're trying to do is take out the biggest fish and try to disburse the rest of the protesters. what we have seen is it looks like they're being quite successful. parts of the street are calmer, but again when you look at what the police force is, this incredible show of force, certainly they're very aware of what happened last night in albuquerque when we spoke to the city manager, he said they were very concerned about anything like that happening here. what happened in costa mesa, they didn't want that to happen in anaheim, they won't accept it. they have an enormous police presence. in the words of one city official we spoke with, he has never seen a police force like this out today, like they've seen today.
3:05 pm
>> they were anticipating something going on based on what happened in albuquerque, new mexico last night. kyung, stand by. i want to bring in sarah murray. she was inside that rally. sarah, donald trump spoke, now gone, they're cleaning the area behind you. give us the latest from your perspective. >> reporter: that's right, wolf, while things are read outed, it was calm with the crowd inside, a few instances. donald trump was trying to turn up the heat on hillary clinton, continuing to hammer her over her private e-mail server. coming off a raucous night marred by protests in new mexico, donald trump is campaigning across the golden state. >> hillary, as i say crooked hillary. >> reporter: seizing on a new report from the state department inspector general saying hillary clinton failed to follow the rules with her private e-mail server. >> she had a little bad news today as you know from some
3:06 pm
reports came down weren't so good, but not so good. the inspector general's report, not good. >> reporter: trump unleashing attacks against clinton and democratic senator elizabeth warren. >> pocahontas, that's elizabeth warren. i call her goofy. no, goofy. she gets less done than anybody in the united states senate, she gets nothing done. >> reporter: clinton slammed trump for once brooding over the collapse of the housing market. >> i want you to know that donald trump actually rooted for the housing crash that cost 5 million families their homes. i'm not making this up. >> reporter: trump is playing defense, arguing he was simply speaking as a savvy business man. >> they've got some clip from many years ago, i'm saying if it goes down, i am going to buy -- i am a businessman, that's what i'm supposed to do. >> reporter: trump's efforts hit
3:07 pm
another rough patch tuesday as he took a swipe at the new mexico governor, a fellow republican. >> she's not doing the job. maybe i'll run for governor of new mexico. i'll get this place going. >> reporter: prompted a sharp response from martinez's office saying the governor will not be bullied into supporting a candidate until she's convinced that candidate will fight for new mexicans, adding she's disappointed she didn't hear anything about that last night. and today hillary clinton is piling on. >> last night he insulted the republican governor martinez of new mexico. just gratuitously. i don't know. he seems to have something about women. i don't know. >> reporter: now donald trump is already onto his next stop of the day, a high dollar fund-raiser in los angeles as he recently struck agreement to raise money jointly with the
3:08 pm
rnc. we're already hearing unease from trump allies who aren't sure the party has donald trump's best interests in mind. wolf, a sign there's still hard feelings between donald trump as well as the party, even as they're supposed to be working together, coming together in an election fight against hillary clinton. >> thanks very much. sarah murray in anaheim. these are pictures outside the anaheim convention center. these are anti-donald trump protesters, there were some clashes with police, some arrests, we are staying on top of this. all the violent protests outside the trump rally last night in albuquerque, new mexico or today in anaheim, california. the chaos at the democratic gathering in nevada a week or so ago, they're all raising serious concerns about both parties' nominating conventions in cleveland and philadelphia in july. brian todd is looking into this for us. bottom line, brian, the conventions, are they ready for
3:09 pm
potentially a worse case scenario? >> they say they are, we have been having conversations all day with officials in cleveland and philadelphia and with the secret service who is involved in this. they tell us they're confident, they're ready, they can handle whatever is coming, including the kind of violence we saw in anaheim and albuquerque last night. protesters stopping police cars, smoke grenades, violence and chaos erupt outside a donald trump rally in albuquerque. tonight it is raising serious concerns as trump readies for the biggest event of the summer, the convention in cleveland. >> i think people in cleveland are thinking of this, there's no doubt in my mind they're having lots of meetings, doing lots of planning. >> reporter: for months, observers worry about violent protests at both party conventions, first in cleveland, then with the democrats in philadelphia. after scenes like this, there are new concerns about cleveland's readiness.
3:10 pm
the city has about 1200 police officers, but cnn learned they're actively recruiting officers from other cities and hope to have 4,000 officers on the streets for the convention. they ordered riot gear, knuckle gloves and batons. but the police union said it is not getting there fast enough. >> still don't have the personal safety gear we need, i'm concerned we won't have time to adequately train with the equipment. >> reporter: but city officials are confident. >> i have to tell you, we are prepared. >> reporter: cleveland officials will set up steel barriers and have routes for marchers laid out, swings about 1,000 feet from quicken loans arena at the closest point. to counter the violence that plagued trump events, secret service is on the ground in cleveland and philadelphia, setting up security perimeters around the convention centers. law enforcement is working
3:11 pm
confidential informants, monitoring communications, social media messages. who are they looking for? >> are there anarchists that may agitate the participants there simply to express first amendment rights or assault the police. >> reporter: one former secret service agent says there's a hidden threat. >> my biggest concern would be hack organization taking down the grid or hacking into a critical system and disrupting the event from 2,000 miles away. >> reporter: the former secret service agent larry johnson says he isn't so much worried about hackers taking out power, he says there are backup systems in place for that. what concerns him is cyber attacks, knocking out traffic lights and other things in the convention cities, causing panic on the streets. he says local law enforcement and secret service are working on contingencies for those events as well, wolf. >> all of this is costing tens of millions of dollars.
3:12 pm
coming from taxpayers. >> reporter: sure is, it is designated special security events by the government. each city gets $50 million from the feds for those events, and we are told both cities are spending just about every dime upgrading security. >> may have to spend more. let's see what happens. brian todd, thanks so much. joining me, republican congressman mike mccall of texas. mr. chairman, thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> you see the pictures, live pictures. these are armed and obviously nervous police standing there outside the anaheim convention center where donald trump held his rally awhile ago. they're trying to protect the area from angry anti-donald trump protests. there have been rocks thrown, arrests, you see this kind of development. i guess my first question is does donald trump have some sort of responsibility to tone things down if he can right now to stop
3:13 pm
this from escalating? >> i think it reflects the mood of the country, very angry electorate out there. trump i think is tapping into that. i think the tone needs to shift to be more responsible so we don't draw these kind of security concerns. our secret service, part of the homeland security department are tasked full time to cover him. he's obviously a high risk target at this point in time. secretary johnson has asked me to assist with the convention coming up in cleveland, ohio. we are concerned about these kind of protesters being bussed in and what can happen, safety concerns for the people of the city. >> you think the kinds of protests in albuquerque and anaheim could escalate and continue? >> that's my concern, not gist on the republican side, on the democratic side in nevada, all the chaos breaking out with
3:14 pm
bernie sanders supporters. you have this on the left and right, and foreseeable there could be serious security concerns. >> is law enforcement prepared for this? >> we are preparing, as was talked about $50 million to each city. this is a federal, state and local law enforcement issue as well as intelligence to be able to stop threats in advance and as fbi special agent in charge talked about the cyber security risk of shutting down things over the internet. >> when jeh johnson says he wants your help in cleveland, what does he want you to do? >> assist, expertise, advice, working with the team. i am going to the convention and i want to make sure it is a very safe convention and about policy and politics and not about this. >> correct me if i'm wrong, you haven't endorsed donald trump yet, have you? >> i have not at this point in time. i assume he is going to be the nominee. i said i will support the
3:15 pm
nominee. >> why the delay, why not jump on board the trump train? >> you know, i've had discussions with the campaign and i'm talking about my issues, national security, foreign policy, issues i think the next commander in chief is going to inherit, quite a mess from isis in sinai and libya to iraq and syria. what we have seen happen in europe, the terror threat, the egyptian airliner going down, sharm el-sheikh, you name it. >> you should have a conversation directly with donald trump? >> that will happen. >> why hasn't it happened yet? >> it is in the course of being set up. >> there's going to be a meeting at some point, in washington or trump tower in new york? is that what i'm hearing? >> yes. >> you have specific questions you want to ask, like house speaker paul ryan, he hasn't yet endorsed, he wants more answers as well. you're in the same boat? is that what i am hearing? >> i would like to sit down, our nominee will need advice and national security foreign
3:16 pm
policy, he needs advice on that issue i think. mrs. clinton will tout that as her strength but i also believe it is her great weakness because she's going to be architect of this failure of foreign policy that led to the creation of isis and threat to the home land. >> we can get to that later, but suzanne a martinez, governor of new mexico, was it wise for donald trump at the rally in albuquerque, new mexico to really lash out against her because she refused to attend, hasn't yet endorsed him? >> i am speaking as a republican now, not a national security expert but i believe my party needs to come together. i would advise donald trump to try to bring the party together. when we go to convention, that should be the purpose and i hope that's what happens. >> all right. stand by. we have more to discuss. there are a lot of homeland security questions on the agenda. mike mccall is chairman of house homeland security committee. much more after this. (vo) on the trane test range, you learn what makes our heating
3:17 pm
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that can camp out in between our teeth, if we'll let it. use gum® brand. soft-picks®. proxabrush® cleaners. flossers and dental floss. gum® brand. following this, breaking news, police in riot gear as clashes break out at a donald trump rally in anaheim, california. more on that in a few moments. there's growing urgency in the search for the black boxes from egyptair flight 804. they hope they'll solve the mystery why the plane crashed into the mediterranean, killing 66 people, they're also afraid the batteries that power location signals will die before the boxes can be found, presumably they're at the bottom of the mediterranean sea. back with congressman mike mccaul from texas. is this an act of terror? >> we don't know for sure until
3:22 pm
we get the black box and investigation is performed, they're testing for explosives on the aircraft and victims. i will say in my judgment it happened so suddenly and so fast, there are no distress signals, you saw vessels see flame in the sky and disintegrated in three minutes. it sounds like an explosive device. sensors went off in the bathroom, breach in the pilot's window, all indicators look like explosion. if so, how did it get on the plane, did it get on the plane in cairo or at charles de gaulle in paris. >> had been in eritrea and tunisia. early suspicion was a bomb could have been placed in there.
3:23 pm
>> you saw this in sharm el sheikh. >> talking about the plane that took off toward russia and exploded. >> it is this insider threat, you have the best technology, you have a radicalized official with access to the plane to put the bomb in the cargo as what happened in sharm el sheikh, that's a real problem. in paris they weeded out 70 extremists out of the airport a month ago. and in cairo, i was there last week and tunis, looked at the security operations at the airport. i must say there are security concerns in my judgment. the problem is there's a last point of departure from cairo to jfk, want to open a new one to dulles, paris you have 50 flights a day coming to the united states. >> you worry about security for those coming to the united states from charles de gaulle or paris or from cairo? >> a matter of homeland
3:24 pm
security, the biggest threat is still aviation. external plots out of the last point of departure airports with a bomb to having aircraft come into the united states and explode. it is still the crown jewel for the terrorists, particularly al qaeda but isis has adopted this strategy. >> almost a week, there's been no claim of responsibility from any terror group. what does that say to you? >> it is significant but it's not. sharm el sheikh it took two and a half weeks before they came out, took credit in a magazine publication. >> that was isis. >> that was isis. and the fact that isis knows how to put bombs on planes, used to be just al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. >> wasn't it a soda can that blew up the russian metrojet? >> yes, something as small as a can. >> something that small can blow up a plane. >> yes. they can put it in the cargo hold, put something in the lavatory to compromise.
3:25 pm
in terms of external operations from a homeland security perspective, it is the biggest threat we have. >> thanks for coming in. mike mccaul from the homeland security committee. as donald trump attacks female politicians, one of them is hitting back hard. the democrats want someone that can slug it out. and saying she broke the rules, risked a security breach by setting up a personal e-mail system while she served as secretary of state. belgi
3:26 pm
3:27 pm
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3:30 pm
breaking news, we are tracking protests outside a donald trump rally in anaheim, california. these are pictures from only a few moments ago. things appear to be calming down now, we're told. police in riot gear have been arresting several demonstrators. more on that coming up shortly. let's turn to a war of words in the battle for the white house. donald trump and democratic senator elizabeth warren are mocking each other in speeches and social media. jeff zeleny joins us now. jeff, trump and warren are really going after each other. >> reporter: they are. the series of exchanges sound more like a barroom brawl than a presidential campaign. the biggest sign that elizabeth warren is on the sidelines,
3:31 pm
inserting herself squarely in the middle of the campaign. she's trying to steal this populous thunder that makes trump popular. he found a new sparring part ee easy to assault. >> donald trump was drooling over the idea of a housing meltdown because it meant he could buy up more property on the cheap. what kind of a man does that? >> reporter: friends of warren tell cnn she knows she needs to step up and it is good for her own politics, after bernie sanders has eclipsed her as the leading liberal. her words are pointed. >> a small, insecure money grubber who doesn't care who gets hurt so long as he makes a profit off it. >> reporter: and she's getting under trump's skin. >> goofy elizabeth warren. i call her goofy.
3:32 pm
she's a nasty person. >> reporter: democrats long wanted warren in the race, first as a candidate herself, after taking a pass on her own run, she spent months in silence not endorsing clinton or sanders. she still hasn't. but cnn has learned she and clinton now communicate frequently mostly about taking on trump as she did tuesday in a blistering speech. >> now that he has sewn up the republican nomination, donald trump is dropping all pretense, he is kissing the fannies of the poor, misunderstood wall street bankers. >> reporter: the war of words on twitter escalating again today. if donald trump actually believes every stupid lie he reads on the internet, we're in for a truckload of trouble if he is president. he often tweets back things like goofy elizabeth warren didn't have the guts to run for potus.
3:33 pm
>> pocahontas, that's elizabeth warren, i call her goofy. she's, no, goofy. she gets less done than anybody in the united states senate, she gets nothing done, nothing passed, she's got a big mouth and that's about it. >> reporter: her native american ancestry caused an uproar in the massachusetts senate race, with critics saying she tried to pass herself off as a minority to get ahead at harvard. she struggled to prove her family ties, finally expressing regret for not handling it well. >> let's have that debate. >> reporter: warren, one of the most popular faces of the democratic party is now intent on taking down trump. >> let's face it, donald trump is about exactly one thing, donald trump. >> reporter: she brushes back the suggestion she's campaigning to be clinton's running mate. >> right now i just want to be clear, i love my job. >> reporter: any serious running
3:34 pm
mate talk is a long ways off. clinton and warren aren't particularly close and have different governing visions here, but one top democrat close to the campaign tells me warren will be looked at seriously, perhaps she can help bridge that divide in the democratic party and win over skeptical sanders supporters along the way. wolf? >> jeff zeleny in los angeles. let's dig deeper. joining us, senior political reporter manu raju, hilary rosen, and kevin madden. who is winning this battle between donald trump and elizabeth warren? >> if you ask trump supporters, he is, and hillary clinton or bernie sanders supporters, she's winning. the amazing thing is they're a study in contrast in how they approach each one of their base. one of the other interesting things is that both of them are sort of elevating some of their limited appeal. elizabeth warren has a limited appeal with voters to more of a
3:35 pm
liberal base, which is helping energize some clinton supporters and liberals inside the democratic primary, but one of the big worries that you have to have if you're donald trump is constant depiction of you going after women, whether they're high profile democratic women or like susana martinez in new mexico yesterday. it feeds into that nartive that he is out of step, out of touch. it is a continuing problem he has now and has to focus on fixing if he is going to get into better position. >> you have been doing, manu, a lot of reporting on this. why is senator warren going full speed ahead against donald trump? >> two reasons, one, helps unify the party, clearly going after donald trump is the great unifier. she has been neutral in the race for months and one big important point in jeff zeleny's piece, it is good for her personal
3:36 pm
politics. because she's neutral, put her in an awkward position on capitol hill. one of very few senate democrats that have not endorsed hillary clinton. there's been a lot of chatter before, several months ago, about why isn't she endorsing. she signed a letter calling on hillary clinton to run along with other women senators in the last congress. the question is why isn't she going to hillary now. one reason why, she has the same base of support as bernie sanders supporters, doesn't want to anger them. she played middle ground, been neutral all along. engaging now is good for her politically, she doesn't pick a side, helps bring the party together. >> hillary, you want hillary clinton to be the next president of the united states. are you disappointed she hasn't done what other senators have done and endorse her? >> i think she will be for hillary clinton against trump. >> but she is not on board yet. >> right now we're seeing her at
3:37 pm
her best use. look, i appreciate what you just said but i think it is a cynical analysis. the fact is elizabeth warren really believes what she says, she's an expert on bankruptcy code. when she sees that donald trump bankrupt four companies and workers aren't paid and housing markets fall apart, that bothers her. she's the champion of the middle class and she sees it, he talks about student loans, she's the expert on reducing student loan debt. what does he do? he has trump university and -- >> she's also shrewd politician. she picks and chooses spots effectively. this is one of them. >> with credibility. >> you wouldn't know she wasn't a hillary clinton supporter the way she's going after donald trump, she's more aggressive against donald trump than hillary clinton is. >> do you think it is appropriate for donald trump to
3:38 pm
call her pocahontas? >> there's a lot of things i think about donald trump aren't appropriate and how he uses it. i think for him and his supporters, they see it as perfectly appropriate. they see elizabeth warren as somebody who's a hypocrite, they see her as the way she used some questions about her background to get a position ahead in a university as emblematic of that. they like to see donald trump, his most ardent supporters like to see donald trump be unafraid to take on issues like that where maybe a more conventional candidate would worry about appropriateness, worry about tone and tenor. >> call it what it is, it is disrespectful. she's a united states senator. even if she was a restaurant worker, it is mean, it is racist. imagine your children dealing with people that way. what do we tell our kids, don't name call, don't judge people by anything. it's just not appropriate.
3:39 pm
it is horrifying actually. >> a lot of people are surprised he went after susana martinez, the governor of new mexico last night. she's republican, latino, hasn't endorsed him, didn't come to his rally. he found a way to hit her. >> some said maybe she would be a good vice presidential pick, clearly after the last day i'm not sure if that's the case. paul ryan, now speaker, was asked about that at a briefing today and he sided with susana martinez, she has been a great governor, did well on budget defici deficits, he is clearly surprised by that. >> chairman of the republican governor's association. you would think he would want to, if he is working to unify the party, she's an important element in that party. >> so many folks are urging donald trump to do that, unify the party, professionalize the operation and how he approaches bringing together key members of
3:40 pm
the republican -- people with a high profile inside the republican party. but there's this element within donald trump where he cannot resist. >> can't help himself. >> can't help criticizing people when he feels slighted by them. the report was susana martinez was too busy to show up to the event last night. even the small slight like that sets him off in a way that now we're on a 24, possibly 48 hour news cycle where we talk about that, instead of a better headline which would be unifying the party. >> you have been doing reporting on speaker ryan, who also hasn't endorsed yet. what's the problem? >> he is having discussions with donald trump, he wants to know about key issues. don't know where donald trump stands on a lot of those issues. he was asked at the press conference, i asked him are you going to get behind him, support him. he said i have no time line for the decision. he mentioned when he said he wouldn't endorse, it was a gut
3:41 pm
decision, clearly. he was trying to figure out his way out of the box. one way is hope that donald trump sounds more like a traditional republican. >> everybody stand by. we have more to discuss, including the office of inspector general report, 80 plus pages unclassified just came out, very critical of hillary clinton. much more after this. safety doesn't come in a box. it's not a banner that goes on a wall. it's not something you do now and then. or when it's convenient. it's using state-of-the-art simulators to better prepare for any situation. it's giving offshore teams onshore support. and it's empowering anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right. at bp, safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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a stinging report from the state department over hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server as secretary of state, finding she failed to follow the rules and inform staff. evan perez is with us with the rest of the panel. one of the biggest revelations, you did reporting on this lengthy 80 plus page report. >> wolf, the biggest finding is the fact that the state department inspector general went through, couldn't find a single person in the legal department, state department or in their security apparatus that had approved for secretary of state clinton to use this private server. there was at least a couple of staffers lower do you know who raised questions and concerns about this and they were simply told this has been approved up high and that they shouldn't bring it up again. that was told to them in front
3:47 pm
of their supervisors. a surprising finding because we have been hearing for months from the clinton campaign that this proved there was nothing wrong with this, this was according to the rules, and clearly according to the inspector general report it was not abiding by the rules at the time. >> another secretary of state hillary had a private e-mail account, not server, private e-mail account. he cooperated with the inspector general, answered questions. she didn't. she refused to appear and spend time answering questions. why? >> brian falon -- >> she refused to answer questions from the fbi and justice department, she appeared before the benghazi committee 11 hours, did a long news conference, when the inspector general whose mission is if there are mistakes, find out what happened so they're not repeated, why would she not sit down with the inspector general and answer the questions. >> two things.
3:48 pm
one is there already was a justice department investigation where she had pledged her cooperation. >> she hasn't yet appeared. >> she has offered. >> she could do both. >> she in theory could, but you might be told when you're in an investigation, do it one time for the official investigation. >> but if she has done nothing wrong, has nothing to hide, why not at least cooperate with the inspector general. >> there was always some question about whether this inspector general that kind of got out there early on and made comments about secretary clinton, whether this was going to be an inquiry that mattered enough to warrant that full cooperation, so she is cooperating with the justice department. look, here's the thing, this is not good but you know, there is a doj investigation. we will see what happens there.
3:49 pm
ultimately hillary clinton sort of did the best she could, but most importantly admitted she made a mistake. elections aren't about choices. >> if she had to do it over again, she wouldn't have done it like that, she did it like that at the time. >> that's what we can expect. we can expect her to say i made a mistake -- >> the inspector general who did the report was appointed by president obama in 2013, democratically appointed. >> this is probably what her legal advisers told her, that would be legal advice given to anyone. however, optics are not good. she's running for president. she's the former leader of this department. for her to not cooperate with the inspector general for the department she led while other previous secretary of states did and the current one also did really doesn't look good. >> you bear optics.
3:50 pm
>> let me read the tweet that reince priebus, chairman of the republican national committee put out. the inspector that broke federal rules and endangered our national security. so you p i went through the whoe report and there were a couple attempts to hack into her private server. we don't know if anything happened. was there any evidence national security was in danger? >> i don't think you have to take reince priebus' word for it. you read the report, two specific citations. the first that the personal e-mail server was, in fact, a violation. the second was that the use of that private server put security information at risk. so if you take that and couple it with previous e-mails that have been disclosed as of the turning over some of these e-mails, and that they had information in there that was classified or information that was born classified, there was a risk. so i think -- and the ultimate
3:51 pm
arbiter is whether or not the public believes that these were -- was a lack of judgment. >> another -- another inspector -- hold on. another inspector general's report from the intelligence community did say there was classified information, confidential classified and some really top secret information. >> one of the more shocking parts of this report was the fact that after she thought she was being hacked, she dplacompld to her staffers. in the report it says their solution was simply to unplug the server. that doesn't seem like a good way to solve a problem. they didn't report it to their security officials to make sure they could bolster the security. they simply unplugged it temporarily. >> right now, there is no evidence at all that there was any national security breach or risk or problem. there were some e-mails that people questioned, and the state department classified after the fact. so she did not traffic in them.
3:52 pm
so, you know, look, again, it's not great, but i don't think that you can sort of talk about this as putting the country at risk when we haven't seen that at all. that's a dramatic political analogy. >> you're on the hill. a lot of republicans think there was major national security risks. >> that's right. they see this as a clear issue to be used in the general election. because bernie sanders does not shy away from this because public polling really shows a lot of democrats simply don't care about this. but when you bring this into a general lexicon text, you go after a trustworthiness, it's an effective argument. >> all right, guys. celebrity conversation. thanks very much. the story is not going to go away. just ahead, the latest on the search for egyptair flight 804. time is running out to find the black boxes that potentially could solve the misery of the trash. mystery of the crash. start savi. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving.
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the search for the black boxes from egyptair flight 804 is intensifying tonight. search crews hoping to pick up their signals before the batteries die. our aviation correspondent, rene marsh, has the very latest for us. the sense of urgency clearly growing. >> that's right, wolf. the search crews pulling more small bits of wreckage and human remains from the ocean. but it's now been a week since the plane disappeared off radar, and they still cannot find the jet's black boxes. so egyptian authorities have now called in for extra help from some european nations. tonight, the search for egyptair flight 804 enters its eighth day. as egyptian officials begin working with france and italy to find the plane's black boxes.
3:58 pm
the recorders which likely hold the answers to what happened to the doomed passenger jet are submerged in as much as 10,000 feet of water. their battery which search crews depend on for locater signals will run out in just a few weeks. the rough terrain in the ocean floor and the size of the search area are making things even more difficult. >> it's an area almost the size of connecticut. so you can imagine how tough it is to search this area and to find the clues and bring them all to shore and start the investigation process. >> cnn has learned flight 804 passed its inspection before taking off from paris on its way to cairo. and new documents obtained by egypt state media show pilots signed a log, confirming the plane was in, quote, normal condition. egypt's forensics authority says the human remains that have been examined so far do not show any
3:59 pm
signs of an explosion. >> this is a very tough and grim situation. >> cnn aviation analyst, peter gold, says it's unacceptable that in this day and age, there are now two passenger jets missing somewhere in the world's oceans. egyptair flight 804 and malaysian airlines flight 370, which disappeared more than two years ago. >> what this really does is really reinforce the need for more timely access to the data recorder and the voice recorders, which means either deployable recorders or real-time streaming of the aircraft information when it gets into what we call an unusual altitude. >> as for egyptair flight 804 and its black boxes, time is running out. forensic experts testing those human remains for signs of an explosion say those tests will take more time, and will be
4:00 pm
hampered because of how long the remains have been in the sea. wolf? >> let's hope they find it soon. thanks very much, rene marsh, reporting for us. that's it for me, erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next, breaking news. protests and arrests tonight after a donald trump rally. we will have a live report. and more breaking news. trump and house speaker paul ryan, they will speak one-on-one tonight. is trump about to win a crucial endorseme endorsement? plus trump's war with women calling hillary clinton a low-life and labelling elizabeth warren pocahontas. tonight those women are firing back. let's go "outfront." and good evening, i'm jim sciutto in tonight for erin burnett. and "outfront" tonight, breaking news. anti trump protesters fighting with heavily armed police in riot


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