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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  May 25, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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welcome back. the junior senator from massachusetts is making a name for herself taking on donald trump. that's just ahead. we begin with breaking news. another trump rally. second in two days in which there were arrests and violence. protesters and trump supporters clash and protesters and police going at it. police in riot gear making arrests. unfolded this evening outside of the convention center in anaheim, california. gary tuchman is there for us. you followed the protests all day. what happened? >> reporter: even before donald trump took the stage at the anaheim convention center,
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dozens of people who do not like donald trump were gathered outside ready to protest. there would be more than 100 protesters but outnumbered by the police. more than 300 police officers, mostly on horseback, motorcycle, foot and car from the orange county sheriff's office, from the anaheim city police department and other municipalities in this county were out in full force. things were tense at times. five people detained. some were throwing rocks or bottles. there was very little violence and nobody was hurt. they were able to forestall that. we talked to some of the proteste protesters. someone said they had never been to a protest before. they had in common an intense hatred of donald trump. outside of this arena, an intense hatred and inside the arena, an intense love. that's a recipe for problems in the months and weeks to come as we continue along with this convention odyssey. >> that was happening outside. now the message today, the big dose of venom for his opponents
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and even potential ally. more on that from jim acosta. >> reporter: donald trump is on the general election war path unluu unleashing his arsenal on hillary clinton. >> she's as crooked as they come. >> reporter: trump is tangling over his comments on how he was looking to make money buying cheap real estate during the housing crisis. >> she goes, donald trump is a terrible person. and he wanted to buy housing when it was at a low point. who the hell doesn't? >> reporter: clinton ripped into that. >> he bragged about what he did. he said profiting off working people lose their homes would be a "good result." so a good result in donald trump's world is he gets his and you get hurt.
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>> reporter: the presumptive gop nominee is firing off zingers at elizabeth warren emerging as trump troller in chief hitting her past claims of her native american heritage. >> i call her goofy. she gets nothing done. nothing passed. she's got a big mouth. that's about it. >> reporter: when trump tweets goofy elizabeth warren is all talk no action, she seems to enjoy the fight responding, throw as much mud as you want, your words and actions disqualify you from being president and i won't stop saying it. warren is slamming trump on remarks on the housing bubble. >> what kind of man does this? a small, insecure money grubber who doesn't care who gets hurt so long as he makes a profit off it. are >> reporter: after violent protests, trump is mixing it up
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with susana martinez. >> she's not doing the job. maybe i'll run for governor of new mexico. i'll get this place going. >> reporter: a martinez spokesman wasn't amused saying the pot shots weren't about policy and were about politics and the governor will not be bullied into supporting a candidate until she's convinced that candidate will fight for new mexicans. the real estate tycoon was only responding to a snub. >> like most campaigns, elbows get under the basket. we saw that last night. >> reporter: clinton seized on the gop and fighting as a symptom of a larger problem. >> he insulted the republican governor martinez of new mexico. i don't know. he seems to have something about women. >> donald trump has other concerns inside the gop. last night trump sources talked to reporters saying an
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endorsement from house speaker paul ryan was coming any day now. earlier today ryan's office was telling reporters that's not the case. the two leaders are scheduled to have a phone call tonight. ryan's side of the equation says this is not about an endorsement and trump sources tell me this evening just a few moments ago they're going to give the house speaker all the space he needs. there is other breaking news in the trump campaign tonight. they just announced that a top staffer who used to work for scott walker's campaign is now leaving the trump campaign and standby for more headlines. >> you said he's leaving? >> he is leaving the trump campaign. that's right. he was hired just six weeks ago and there was no indication that this was a temporary hiring but the trump campaign just announced it was a temporary hiring and he's now leaving the campaign. i talked to some sources inside the campaign saying it's been building and discomfort as to
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what his allegiances were. >> joining us is clinton supporter and former press secretary, ben, jason, stuart are back. david, i mean, i don't know what round we're in. the gloves are not only off, they're tossed away. i don't know what they are? >> it's not all that hopeful for what the next six months will look like in terms of this campaign. i think you do see some real battle lines forming here. it is clear that the clinton campaign is committed to prosecuting this argument about donald trump's business background and how it impacts the middle class. it's clear from what we heard him say that he's ready to embrace that as a two-prong doubling down on something he's been presenting.
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one, he claims it's reinforcing he's an outsider from business and not a politician when people want that. and, two, he's trying to use it and turn this attack against him into a positive by reminding people that he was successful. he did what needed to be done to be successful and he's hoping to convince americans that he can do that for america as well. >> do you think it's an effective argument that the shots that are fired at him by democrats, elizabeth warren saying he's money grubbing, he seems to say for business anything was okay. i was a businessman. that's what we did whether it was giving money to politicians left and right, it was whatever the case may be. do you think that is something that the american public accepts? >> i think that's the argument that mitt romney made. it didn't get him over the finish line. his remarks looked like cheerleading for the housing crisis so he could make a profit and also as a businessman, he should be the management guru
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that he portrayed himself on on his television know but with his campaign fraying at the edges and civil war internally, i don't think we can believe that anymore. >> matt? >> i think that you brought up mitt romney. i think there's a vast difference between mitt romney and donald trump. this sort of attack that elizabeth warren and hillary clinton are trying to use would have worked very well against mitt romney because mitt romney basically apologized for being a rich guy. you can't shame somebody who is shameless. you can't expose someone who has nothing to hide. donald trump says of course i made these deals. i'm a businessman. guess what? america is failing just like housing crisis and i'll turn that around. i take bad situations and make them better. that's why you're hiring me. i'll do this work for you like i made myself rich, i'll make america rich again. >> the other thing i would add that stuart maybe can speak to this, when the obama campaign defined mitt romney and got out there and did that, mitt romney was largely undefined on his own
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terms for the american public. that's not the case for donald trump. he's largely defined himself. the clinton effort now is a rebranding of donald trump with mitt romney it was sort of the initial impression that was being built. no? >> people forget on election day mitt romney's favorables were 50%. right now donald trump's favorables are 30%. whatever mitt romney was doing, he was better at pushing himself out in front of the public than donald trump is now. so winning a primary is one thing. we've seen republicans and democrats do too will vote for unelectable candidates. it happened with todd aiken and richard murdoch in indiana. the challenge for donald trump is to prove he's not todd aiken and one of the people that elected nationally that were nominated on a state level and lose general elections. when you go out and attack the
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very popular head of the republican governor's association who is also a woman and also hispanic because she doesn't agree with you on every issue, it just sends all of the wrong signals. it's self-destructive. he needs her and he needs the groups that are most proud of her and i just don't understand it. it's sort of not in his best interest and it seems like it's irresistible urge he has. if you're nice to donald trump, he'll be nice to you. >> this could have a chilling effect. the senate candidates who are running for their political lives right now and if you don't get onboard with donald trump, is he going to come into ohio in october? >> it's interesting. charlie sykes raised the point there's been silence from other governors. you don't hear them stepping up to defend the new mexico
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governor. >> they don't want to be on the receiving end of this. this is unprecedented. there's no playbook on how to handle someone like donald trump because he has really nothing to lose. you can't shame someone who is shameless. you're exactly right. this is the scary part for the clinton campaign. yes, they're going after donald trump on his business record now which is valid. this is what the republicans should have done during the primary season very early on. unfortunately it's not -- i don't know how effective it's going to be unless you start bri bringing out the personal stories of those had a suffered at the hands of the bankruptcies that donald trump went through and businesses that got stiffed because of those bankruptcies and people screwed over by donald trump and his amazing deals that he made. he made terrible deals. unless you can humanize it, hillary clinton is not the best messenger for this. >> you can't shame someone that's shameless great slogan to run on as president?
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>> certainly not one i would use. but i think hillary and her supporters have a problem here. i do have to get this quip out there. the line that donald trump has a problem with women would be something she probably said at her own dinner table. continuing to attack donald trump on businesses and that he has failings, i think it speaks -- donald trump and his supporters are going to get out there and say over 80% of small businesses fail every year. people continually try to get back on that horse. donald trump can speak to that. i may have had businesses fail but i kept getting up there. that's what i'm going to do. when you are attacking somebody for failing in a business -- >> he doesn't acknowledge any business failures? >> he doesn't like to use the b word. >> that's donald trump and that's how he speaks. i can't speak for him. i think i would worry that hillary attacks trump on housing
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market and comments there because people look at what bill clinton did with community reinvestment act that started with fannie and freddie investing in housing and led the market to explode with 80% of their mortgages being in these small affordable housing. so he took advantage of that. just like elizabeth warren and her using the line that i went in and flipped a house and i was able to -- that's the same thing. >> we'll talk more about that including elizabeth warren who has not endorsed hillary clinton but defending her and going after donald trump about as sharply as anyone has. is it effective? we'll look at that. the irony of the last two decades, ken starr who investigated bill clinton in connection with a sex scandal is now connected to sex scandal at the university he's president of. details on that ahead. it's good for you, but still somehow tastes amazing. it doesn't make sense. kind of like your echo having a cheeky british accent. hellooo! 'ello! you saucy tart!
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>> we've been talking about donald trump's latest verbal target. agree with her or not or the tone of all of this or not, massachusetts democratic senator elizabeth warren is doing what no other past opponents have been able to do and getting under his skin. details from jeff zeleny. >> she's never been hillary clinton's biggest defender but elizabeth warren is becoming donald trump's sharpestdrooling
6:20 pm
over the idea of a market meltdown. what kind of man does that? >> after bernie sanders eclipsed her as democrats leading libe l liberal. >> a small insecure money grubber who doesn't care who gets hurt so long as he makes a profit off it. >> she's getting under trump's skin. >> goofy elizabeth warren. i call her goofy. she's a nasty person. >> democrats have long wanted warren in the race. at first as a candidate herself but after taking a pass on her own run, she spent months in silence. not endorsing clinton or sanders. she still hasn't. cnn has learned she and clinton now communicate frequently mostly about taking on trump as she did tuesday night in a blistering speech. >> now that he's sewn up the republican nomination, donald trump is dropping all pretense.
6:21 pm
he's kissing the fannies of the poor, misunderstood wall street bankers. >> war of words on twitter escalating again today. if donald trump actually believes every stupid lie he reads on the internet, we're in for a truck load of trouble if he's president. he often shoots back like this, goofy elizabeth warren didn't have the guts to run for potus. attacking her heritage is a central theme as he did again today in anaheim. >> i call her goofy. she is -- goofy. she gets less done than anybody in the united states senate. she gets nothing done. nothing passed. she has a big mouth. that's about it. >> her native american ancestry caused uproar in her senate race where she tried to pass herself
6:22 pm
off as a minority to get ahead at harvard and struggled to prove her family ties. warren, one of the most popular faces of the democratic party, is now intent on taking down trump. >> let's face it. donald trump is about exactly one thing. donald trump. >> she brushes back the suggestion she's campaigning to be clinton's running mate. >> right now i just want to be clear, i love my job. >> anderson, these attacks on donald trump have warmed an otherwise frosty relationship between senator warren and secretary hillary clinton. all talk of a running mate, there's reasons to think she would not be. they're not that close personally. they have different visions of governing and she's from massachusetts. the governor is a republican. that means were she to be selected, her replacement would
6:23 pm
be a republican. this is getting ahead of ourselves. hillary clinton is so happy to have elizabeth warren on her team. >> david, it is interesting that elizabeth warren stepped up. makes sense politically for her. certainly for hillary clinton. >> without a doubt. this is sort of a perfect world for elizabeth warren. the sanders/clinton race winds down and elizabeth warren by being out there as attack dog will be a broker in many ways between sanders and clinton because she will focus her power on donald trump, really focused on the general election and not gotten mired in the feud and she'll be able to help hillary clinton bring on some of those sanders supporters to her peote. >> do you think attacks on donald trump are getting under his skin? >> i think they are getting
6:24 pm
under his skin. does the messaging work? the argument that he was betting on a housing failure? does that resonate? i assume they have done focus groups and polling. but then there's the messenger. this is the part that really matters. there's only a certain people who seem to be able to get away with attacking donald trump. jeb bush could never do it. rubio was flirting with this mockery. it worked a little bit and then it crumbled. obviously president obama can mock him really well. i think i just saw elizabeth warren -- it's not mockery. it's more of a righteous indignation but it works in a way that hillary clinton can't do. >> do you think hillary clinton has a problem or doesn't want to do that? >> there are things you want the surrogate to do and the candidate to do. the candidate needs to prove they can lead the american
6:25 pm
people. hillary clinton is delivering a contrast talking about donald trump being dangerous and divisive. elizabeth warren is taking that one step further questioning his motives and values and making it clear these aren't just attacks. he's out for himself. he's attacking the american people and not just hillary clinton. >> it's interesting things you can't candidate to do and things you can't surrogates to do. he's defying that. he's doing all of the things a surrogate would do. >> donald trump has been running a campaign based on how he wants to run it. >> even at this point? >> i think what a lot of people are missing here and particularly in the washington class, what donald trump is doing and how he's talking is how the american people feel. so we sit here and try to explain the housing bubble was this and caused by this.
6:26 pm
they hear him say i hope it breaks because i'll make money. they respect that in many ways because that's his business. as a politician, he'll never be like that because he'll never be a politician. >> that's the interesting psychology about this, which is why i say you have to humanize his failures. as long as you present it from these are politicians talking from inside the beltway about the housing crisis and policy, that doesn't resonate with people because donald trump spea tells it like it is. yes, but at what cost? for example, if you take his language about i'm going to go back to bankruptcies. it's important. i'm from new jersey. i know what happened to atlantic city and i remember when these things happened. he promised he wouldn't use junk bonds to finance the casinos and made these promises how wonderful things would be and then he turned around and guess
6:27 pm
what he did? he used junk bonds to finance at a 14% interest rate and it went under in spectacular fashion and he did this four times where he promises one thing, he says i'm going to be the best deal, best casino ever and then he makes mistakes. his whole campaign is based on i'm the best deal maker. i know how to negotiate. yet you can show in his business record where it's failed and there are human costs to it. this is what happened when donald trump promised this. or he negotiated that. this is how it hurt me. they haven't been able to grab that message. hillary clinton is not the best messenger. >> that's the difference. i would much rather support a businessman who was enthusiastic than saying if i do junk bonds it will fail and everyone will be out of a job. i have to respect the fact that he went to every step he could to try to make that casino
6:28 pm
success. it failed. >> it was dishonest in the way he went about it. >> do you think he went into it saying the business will fail so i'll lie to these people? >> saying whatever he needs to say at the time to get what he wants which is what he's doing to the american people. >> we'll continue this conversation right after the break. we'll also get at the business of trump's business specifically also trump university which some students and several lawsuits say was a scam. what our drew griffin found out next. ecarplay ape
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hillary clinton has been going after donald trump's record as a businessman saying he's only interested in making himself rich at the expense of other people mentioning his businesses, multiple bankruptcies and how he spoke in mid 2000s about hoping the housing market would crash so people like him could go in and buy. that quote is from an audio book presented by trump university which is the subject of multiple lawsuits that claim it was a totals fraud. a scam that duped people out of tens of thousands of dollars each. our drew griffin takes a look.
6:33 pm
>> this man loved donald trump. this retired navy veteran of 40 years thought trump was a great american success story. >> at trump university we teach success. >> attending a free intseminar trump university now shut down, he brought into the idea that this billionaire, donald trump himself, really wanted to help make him a success, too. this is what you signed. not only sign but allowed trump university to swipe his credit cards. in total, he paid more than $26,000 for a real estate course. he and his wife would attend them but what did he get? for the five days, he says, he got useless information. instructors constantly pressu pressuring him to pay even more.
6:34 pm
>> what are you talking about? more money and i'm not learning anything. >> you didn't learn anything in that class? >> no. >> there were no real estate secrets or techniques taught except for the one that made him realize he had been had. an instructor detailed the benefits of paying off unpaid tax debts of elderly people keeping them in their homes until they die but then taking ownership of the property. >> when i saw that teaching you how to steal somebody's house, that's not right. that moment i said let's go home. >> thousands of people were taken for millions of dollars. >> new york's attorney general is leading one of three lawsuits against donald trump and his trump university. the lawsuits all basically say the same thing. that almost everything about trump university was a lie starting with the name. >> action is what trump university is all about. >> it wasn't a university. its teachers didn't teach any
6:35 pm
donald trump secrets according to new york's attorney general. >> these are all people that are handpicked by me. >> and none of trump university's experts who taught at the seminars were picked by donald trump. >> there wasn't one piece of his pitch that were true. they weren't donald trump's secrets. trump never had anything to do with writing the curriculum. >> it's admitted in a 2012 deposition, portions of which were released by cnn. the president of trump university michael sexton, stated under oath none of our instructors at the live events were handpicked by donald trump. sexton was asked did anybody at trump organization work on the curriculum, his answer, they did not. as for trump's secrets of success that were supposed to be taught, sexton said that we cover investing with
6:36 pm
foreclosures. bob is suing donald trump for his $35,000 paid in tuition says there were other so-called secrets that really weren't. >> for example, they would put up a slide and say if you want to know about your tax deductions as a business, go to >> that was the tip. >> yes. if you want to find property go to >> another great tip. >> another website like that. and i just was shaking my head all the time. i kept hoping that the next retreat i would take that i would get some knowledge that i never had before but never did. >> it was a scam. to the extent they had expertise, it was at suckering people into spending more money. >> a review of trump university presenters and real estate experts revealed questionable credentials and inflated
6:37 pm
resumes. many instructors had little real estate experience. trump university background checks on some instructors couldn't even determine if they graduated from high school. in a statement to cnn, trump's lawyer insists mr. trump not only met with instructors and professors who designed the course but also contributed to the curriculum and added the vast majority of trump university instructors were real estate experts. >> that's a lot of books. >> a lot of books. believe me, it's a lot of money spent. >> reporter: he paid $26,000 to trump's school says he has learned one lesson. he no longer believes what anyone tells him even a billionaire. >> drew joins us now. what's the likelihood this is going to go to trial before the election? >> you know, there's three different cases going on, anderson. one looked like it would go. new york case might go this summer. there's been so many legal dealings and the trump team was
6:38 pm
able to get an appeal on one question and that looks like it's going to put this back until after the election. most likely the first case to go to trial will be a california case and that is set for trial on november 28th. it's probably not going to happen before the election. >> i would ask is trump university officially shutdown but it's not a university so there's no actual place to shutdown. is the business -- has it shuttered its doors? >> it's called trump entrepreneur institute. it no longer has any students. no longer has any teachers. no longer has any curriculum but they tell me it's not technically shutdown and trump even said after he becomes president, his kids are going to reopen it and run it because it was such a great success. >> i'm sure his kids are dying to run it. i'm sure they'll jump onboard that. thank you very much. we'll talk about this next with the panel. also ahead in a twist that's almost literary, the man who
6:39 pm
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more shortly on the trump u story. first, breaking news on new mexico's governor, ohio governor john kasich tweeting governor martinez is an outstanding governor and who we should lift up and support and not tear down. that was governor kasich just moments ago. back now with our panel. stuart, it is interesting, does it surprise you that there hasn't been more public support like what we just heard from kasich for the governor? >> jeb bush tweeted out something i thought was interesting in support of governor martinez. i think what's happening here is if you know governor martinez, she's a very tough person and i think that there is a balance here. you don't want to step in well
6:44 pm
big guys will protect this her . she has a great story. a true american success story. donald trump got rich the day he was born. sues susana martinez is someone you can be proud of. it's overlooking this. she has the story that we want to celebrate in america. and, okay, maybe she doesn't agree with me on everything. she spoke at the convention and she had things she wanted to say. she said what she wanted to say. you have to respect differences. that's how you are a whole political system works. donald trump, the thing that i go back to is this character flaw that he can't help himself. he can't stop. there's nothing in it for him to attack susana martinez and yet he attacks her.
6:45 pm
>> there's nothing in it necessarily for her to go after elizabeth warren. >> she's a big story because donald trump is attacking her. he's a nominee of a party. about to be. it becomes a big story. he's elevating senator warren attacks and, you know, i just think that's very difficult to sustain because anybody can attack and you'll respond. you're relinquishing control. >> there is something to be said about the fact, you have been so several rallies where you have people come up and say why aren't you saying this or that? donald trump speaks for a lot of americans out there that are just fed up with government. so when he speaks his mind and says that susana martinez, all right, she snubbed me and welfare and food stamps have gone up in the states, he's saying what people in new mexico are saying about her and he's expressing the view.
6:46 pm
he's not like every politician out there that won't speak his mind about different people. they may be from the same party. that doesn't matter. it shouldn't matter. >> what happened to common decency and respect for dissent? >> she said i'm not going to be there. >> she obviously has differences with him on policy and things that he's said with his disparaging comments about immigrants and women. that's a difference of opinion. that's dissent. with donald trump's it's his way or the highway and he'll go scorched air on you. that's a character flaw i don't want for someone with the power of the presidency. that's something that should concern everyone. if you want to talk recklessly and tell it how it is when you don't have responsibility or consequences for it, do that in the private sector. when you represent the united states and the people, that is something that people should be concerned about who they want to
6:47 pm
put in power. there are consequences to your words. >> what's interesting is we're all republicans over on this side and -- >> conservatives. >> we shouldn't battle back and forth as much. i never heard republicans or democrats complain about the other party attacking or saying i'm not going to support hillary clinton just because she attacked donald trump or just because she attacked somebody else. >> you minimize this. >> i'm not. >> you are. >> donald trump had an opinion. what he said was he didn't make a personal attack. what he said was that the food stamps and welfare are not in good shape. i don't know his exact comments. he didn't attack her and say she's a despicable woman. he said the conditions in new mexico aren't great. you want each republican to stand up and defend -- >> donald trump is not a politician. >> does it make sense for donald trump to be doing this from a
6:48 pm
political standpoint? >> there's something more subtle happening here which is a fundamental breakdown in the republican party as we know it. you can hear it on the other side of the panel. the republican leadership fanned the flames on tea party that had different rules on things like trade and foreign policy. donald trump has become their candidate and some establishment republicans are still desperately searching for another candidate and now you have donald trump in open warfare with prominent, popular republican governors. >> we have to take a quick break. ahead, a twist of proportion. kenneth starr investigated bill clinton in the '90s opening the door to impeachment is under fire for handling of alleged rapes at the christian university where he himself is president. we'll be right back. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis
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order your kit now at tonight, the former in council is in danger of losing his job over a sexual assault scandal at baylor university in texas where he's president. the scandal involves the school's handling of reports of rape and assault by baylor football players. ed lavandera investigates. >> reporter: nearly nine years ago, the seeds of the baylor university renaissance were planted when the school hired art briles as its football coach. then ken starr, as university president -- yes, that ken starr
6:53 pm
of 1990s clinton/lewinsky coverup investigation fame. and after decades of meet i don't think aty, baylor was blossoming. from the outside, baylor was on the rise. but now some say it came at a painful cost. >> absolutely there was a coverup. the reality is it tends to be all about the money. it's how do they protect their wealth, how do they protect and do damage control to the -- to protect that reputation? >> irwin zalkin represents jasmine hernandez who is suing baylor the way the school and athletic program handled her rape allegations when she came forward. at least three baylor football players have faced sexual assault accusations and there are reportedly a number of other baylor students who have come forward with allegations of being sexually assaulted.
6:54 pm
two victims who've spoke within cnn say the university tried to cover up the rape allegations. jasmine hernandez was sexually assaulted by baylor football player tevin elliot in april of 2012. >> this person had numerous claims of assault made against them before where we're claim ing serious allegations of assault and being ignored and pushed under the rug. >> reporter: hernandez struggled with the trauma. her grades suffered and when her mother asked the academic services department for help, she says a baylor school official told her "if a plane falls on your daughter, there's nothing we can do to help you." hernandez eventually lost her academic scholarship. elliot was convicted in 2014 of sexually assaulting hernandez and is serving a 20-year prison sentence. as for ken starr, he's not
6:55 pm
spoken publicly, but the irony of a sexual assault coverup happening on the watch of the man who investigated the most famous sexual affair coverup isn't going unnoticed. then there's the case of sam ukuwachu which raises more questions about what was going on. he transferred from boise state to baylor in 2013 after he was gis missed from that team from disciplinary reasons. turns south there were serious concerns about his violent behavior toward his then girlfriend. last august barracks or will football coach art briles denied knowing anything about it. >> how much do you know about boise? >> zero. >> reporter: but boise state's head coach said? a statement "i thoroughly apprised coach briles of the circumstances surrounding sam's disciplinary record and dismissal. oau cue watch chew arrived in waco and was convicted last summer of sexually assaulting a baylor student. irwin zalkin says art briles cannot claim he didn't know
6:56 pm
about the actions of his football players. >> you'd have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to know and if he stuck his head in the sand and tried to avoid knowledge, that's just as bad. >> ed lavandera joins us now. what does university president ken starr have to say about this? >> not much. we've made repeated requests for an interview. it's been denied. there is a report out tonight and it's been out for the last couple days that the board of regents has voted to fire ken starr a spokesperson for the university says the board is still debating that and analyzing all of that but an official announcement will be made at some point between now and the end of next week. anderson? >> all right, ed lavandera we'll continue to follow. thanks. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪music continues
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a lot of breaking news we're continuing to follow tonight. the continuing fallout from violence at trump campaign events, the possibility of a paul ryan endorsement and more. stay tuned to cnn for all of it. that does it for us, thanks for watching. "cnn tonight" with don lemon starts now. california dreaming but donald trump and hillary clinton take the gloves off in the golden state. this is "cnn tonight." to get to the white house you have to go through california and both candidates are r campaigning there today. trump telling supporters he has a great relationship with latino voters and warning of a clinton victory in november. >> if she wins -- and i hope she doesn't -- but if she wins you better get used to it because you'll have nothing but turmoil and nothing but four more years of obama and you can't take that. >> clinton slamming trump for his plan to throw