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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  May 25, 2016 10:00pm-1:01am PDT

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the junior senator from massachusetts is taking name for himself. we begin of breaking news of another trump rally of arrests in violence.
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trump supporters clashing with protesters. unfolding this evening in anaheim, california. the part of conservative, orange county. gary tuckman is there. you have been following protesters all day, what happened? >> reporter: dozens o f people who do not like donald trump were gathered outside and ready to protest and ultimately there is more than 100 protesters. more than 300 police officers mostly on horse back and motorcycle and from the sheriff's office and other municipaliti municipalities. we are in and out in full force. things got tense at times and at least fiver peop people were de. there were little violence and nobody was hurt. we talked to some of the protesters and some of them said they have never been to a
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protest before. that's what the dichotomy of outside this arena. and an intense love of donald trump. that's a recipe for possible problems in the weeks and months to come as we continue this election. >> thank you very much. the read meat with a big dose for his opponents. >> donald trump is on the general election warpath unleashing his arsenal on one line, on hillary clinton. >> she's as crooked as they come. >> she goes and donald trump is a terrible person. and he wanted to buy housing when it was done at a low point.
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who the hell does this? >> clinton ripped into that. >> he said profiting of working people loosing their homes would be a quote, good results. >> so a good result in donald trump's world is he gets his and you get hurt. zigger is emerging as a democratic. >> pocahantas. >> she's got nothing done and she's got at big mouth, that's about it. when trump tweet, elizabeth warren, is always talks and no action. she seems to enjoy the fight. warren is also slamming trump on
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his housing bubbles. >> what kind of a man does that? >> a small in secure money gruber does not care who gets hurt as long hemaderotests at it. trump is mixing it up with the governor of suzanne. he still did not endorse his campaign. >> she's not doing the job. hey, maybe i will run for a new government in mexico. >> and the governor will not be bullied in supporting the candidate until she was convince that candidate will fight for the trump residents >> like most campaigns, we saw a lot of it last night.
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>> kwl >> clinton is fighting as a symptom for a lot of major problems. >> last night, the governor of martin martinez, gr-- >> donald trump has other concerns inside the gop. last night there were trump sources talking to reporters telling them that an endorsement of house speaker ryan is coming any day now. >> ryan's office telling that it is not a case. trump's sources telling me a few moments ago, they'll give the house speakers of all the space they need. they announced of a top staffer, r rick wily, he's now leaving the trump campaign. for more headlines, donald trump
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will be at the "tonight show show." he was hired six weeks ago and there is no indication that this is a temporary hiring. he's now leaving the campaign. i talked to some sources who said this has been building for some time and there is some comfort of what the allegiance world. >> thank you. joining us is clinton's supporter and matt lewis. they are joined us as well. david, i mean, i don't know what round we were in. the gloves not only they're off but they're tossed away. >> it is not all that hopeful for the next six months to look
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like. >> i do think you do see some real battle lines performing here. it is clear that the clinton campaign is committed this argument of donald trump's business and background and how it impacts from the other class. he's ready to brace that as a two prongs. he claims he's ian forcement that he's an outsider from business and not a politician. >> two, he's trying to use it and trying to turn this attack against him by reminding people that he were successful and did what he needed to be done and convincing america that he could do that for america as well. >> a lot of these shots are fired at him by the democrats, elizabeth warren who was saying he's "money grubbing." for business, everything is
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okay. i am a businessman and that's what we did. whether we are givering fun to politicians left and right. >> well, what ever the case maybe. >> i think that's the argument that mit romney made and did not get him to the finish line. >> also, as a businessman man, he should be the guru. with the campaigns and the civil war intern w war internally. it is a vast difference between romney and trump. >> it would have worked really well. mit romney aimpliesed for being a rich guy. >> you cannot expose somebody that has nothing to ride. donald trump said, of course, i made these deals and i am a business deals.
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america failed and the housing crisis. i took bad situation and making them better. going to do this work for you just like i am going to make myself rich. >> the other thing and can speak to this. when the obama campaign. he has largely designs himself. the clinton's effort now is rebranding with mit romney of the the initial impression that it is being built. >> on election day, donald trump's favorables are about 30%. >> whatever romney was doing is he's better searching in the public and donald trump is now. >> whrepublicans and democratic
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too. the challenge with challenge is aprovered that he's not -- he's not just one of those people who happens to get elected nationally, he would nominated by the state levels. >> when you go out and attack these very popular head of the republican association, who's also a woman and hispanic and she does not agree with you on every issues. it is self destructive. he needs her and he needs the groups that are most professor of her. i just don't understand that it is sort of not in his best fres and it seems like this irresponsible surge that he has. >> you can control what donald trump does based on how you
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treat drum p. if you are nice to him, i will be nice to him. the senate candidate who are running for their political lives right now and if you don't get on board with donald trump, is he going to come in in ohio. >> there is been a silence from other governors. you don't hear other governors stepping out and defend the mexican's president. >> no one really knows and there is no play book for handling one like donald trump. he has something to lose. he cannot find someone who exactly samed us. this was a scarily part. they're going on donald trump and this is valid. >> but, unfortunately, it is not -- i don't know how affected this could be. unless you bring out stories of
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people suffering before bankruptcy. the people who were aizing deals that he made. unless you can human size it. hillary clinton is not the best m messenger for this. [ laughter ] >> nerptly one, i would not do. >> hillary and her supporter has a real problem here. i think it is interesting and i do have to get it quick in there. >> donald trump certainly has a problem with women, that's something that she said at her own fiebl. continue to attack donald trump on mississippi. i think donald trump and his supporters are going to get out there, you know, over 80% of small businesses bail every year. people continue to try onto get on that horse and donald trump can speak to that
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>> donald trump kept on getting backup there. that's what i am going to do. >> when you are attacking somebody or failing in a a business, he does not acknowledge it. >> like he said, he does not like to use the "b" word. >> i think also, i would worry that hillary start to attack trump more on the housing market and his serchcomments there. >> many of us started with fan any and freddy investing on lower income. so, he took advantage of that. just like elizabeth warren, her using line like i went in and flipping the house. >> we'll talk more about that including elizabeth warren. >> she's certainly defending her. >> we'll look at that and later what could be the irony of ken
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we have been talking about donald trump's latest target. sometimes many opponents agreeing her or not and agreeing the tone. it seems to be getting under his skin. details from cnn. >> she's never been elizabeth defender but elizabeth warren is donald trump's soft quit i cacr. >> kind of a man that does that? >> friends of warrens tolls cnn na she needs to step up. after bernie sanders has a lip sister at the democratic, leading liberal. >> a small secure money gruber who does not care who gets hurt.
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so long as he makes the profit of of it. >> she's getting under trump's skin. goo democrats have long wanted warren in the race as first as a candidate for hirs. after taking a path in her own run, she spent months and she and clinton has communicated frequently and mostly about taking on trump as she did on tuesday night in a blistering speech. >> now that he's running, and donald trump is in kissing the fan ani fannies. >> if donald trump actually believes every saupd lies he reads in the internet, we are in a truck road of evidence.
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>> elizabeth ware rent did not get the rush into run. >> attacking warren's heritage is a central team. as he did again today in an line. >> it is elizabeth warren, i call her goofy. she gets less done than anybody in the united states. she dad buy, she gets nothing done and past. that's about it. >> her native americans causing an uproar with coventry e. she's final i expressing request for not handling it well. one of the most pop lockhart faces on the democratic party, is now taking down kropts. >> donald trump is about exactly one thing.
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donald trump. she brought us back to suggestions, she's campaigning to be clinton's running bait. i love my job. >> no, all these attacks on donald trump certainly has warm and frosty relationship and secretary lincoln. all the tom will run here. will she do it? in fact, they're not that close and they have different visions of governing and more than that, she's have massachusetts. the governor is a republican. that means her place would be over republicans and that could hit the balance of power in the senate. this is all getting ahead of herself right here. right now, clinton is happy to have elizabeth warren on her team. david, it is interesting that elizabeth warren has stepped up and made sense politically for her and certainly for hillary. >> this is a perfect role for
10:24 pm
elizabeth warren. >> the sanders could no not -- attack dogs is going to be a broker in my way because she will focus all of her power on donald trump and not gotten fire in the feud right now as they try to unwhine themselves and so she will be able to help clinton bring on some of those supporters to her team. >> do you think her atrap on dunl trump -- >> the argument and that he, you know, was betting on a housing failure, does that resonate? i assume they have done groups. then there is the passenger, there is only a certain people
10:25 pm
who seems to get away with attacking donald trump. >> jueb bush could not do it. >> rubio has to work a little bit. and obviously, president obama has mocked him israel well. i think i saw elizabeth war rent, it is not a democracy. there is something about it works in the way that clinton herself cannot do it. >> well, i think there are some things that you want the surrogate to do and the candidate. the candidate needs to prove they can lead the american people and hillary clinton is talking about donald trump being dangerous. and questioning his values and making clear that these are not just attacks. he's out for himself and he's attacking the american people.
10:26 pm
he's not just attacking hillary. >> donald trump is defining all that. he's doing all the things that a surrogate would traditionally do. >> right. donald trump has been running a campaign based on how he wants to run it. even at this point. >> with the hire ups and all that. >> to say that donald trump, i think what a lot of people are missing here and particularly in the washington class, is that what donald trump is doing and how he's talking is how the american people feels. >> so, we sit here and try to explain why the housing publ was there. >> american people when they hear this and they hear him say, i am going to go after and i hope it breaks then i will make some money. >> in many ways, that's his business. as a politician, he's never going to be like that. he will continue to run and speaking at everyone of these in
10:27 pm
attendance. >> that does not resonate with people because donald trump speaks in colonquil language. >> for example, if you take his language about, i am going to go back to the bankruptcy. it is important and i am from noer new jersey and i know -- he made all these promises and wonderful things are going to be. and he turned around and guess what he did? >> he used junk bond to finance the taj mahal. he did this four times. he makes mistakes. his whole campaign is based on i
10:28 pm
am the best deal maker and i know how to negotiate. you can show in his record that says those things and this is a fail. this is how it hurt me but they have been able to grab that message. hillary clinton is not the best passenger. >> is that a difference, i would rather support a businessman who was enst. louis stick. i have to respect the fact that he went to every step he could to make that casino success. >> do you think he actually went into it saying that business is going to fail. so i am going to lie to these people. >> no, saying whatever he needs to say at the time so what he's doing right now -- >> we dpgot to take a quick bre.
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we have been talking about hillary clinton going after donald trump's record as a businessman. she's been mentioning his businesses and multiple bankruptcies. that quote is from an audio book of multiple lawsuits. a scam that dupe people out of
10:33 pm
tens and thousands dollars each. >> this retired navy veteran of 40 years thought trump was a great american success story. >> a trump university, we teach success. >> and attending a free introductory seminar. >> it is going to happen to you >> the system bought in the idea. donald trump really wanted to help him to make a success, too. >> both of these are $10,000. in total, he paid more than $26,000 for a real estate course. >> what did he get? >> a five days with use less
10:34 pm
information and instructors pressuring him to pay more. >> more money and i am not learning anything. >> you didn't learn anything in that class? >> no. >> there were no real estate secrets, except, the one that made him realize he had been had. >> keeping them in their homes until they die but then taking ownership of the property. >> when i saw that, teaching him how to steal somebody's house. that's not right >> this is thousands of people who were taken for millions of dollars. >> eric sneiderman is leading three lawsuits against donald trump. the lawsuit all say the same thing, almost everything about trump's university with a lie >> action is what trump's
10:35 pm
university all about. its teachers did not teach any donald trump's secrets cord to new york attorneys general. >> these are people hand picked by me. >> none of the experts were picked by trump. >> he's been admitted and the president of the trump's university or he didn't have anything to do with the book. the president of trump university, stated under oath, none of the instructors were hand picked by donald trump. sexton was asking if anybody working on the curriculum. his answer, no, they did not. >> as for the -- mr. trump made investments of foreclosures and
10:36 pm
we cover investing with f foreclosur foreclosures. he's suing donald trump for $35,000 paid nor tuition. there were other so called secrets that were not. >> for example, they would up a slide and they would say if you want to know about your tax deductions as a business, go to irs point gove. >> if you want to go to find property, go to and another website like that. >> i just was shaking my head all the time and i kept on hoping that the next time that i would get some knowledge of that that i never had before. never did. >> it was a scam. >> of the extent they had any expertise is sucking people to spend more money. >> a e view review revealing
10:37 pm
questionable kren dcredentials. >> trump university's background checks on some instructors could not determine if they graduated from middle schohigh school. >> trump's lawyer insisted and not only met with the instructors and professors that designed the course. added the fast majority of trump's university teachers were real estate experts. believe me, it is a lot of money. >> he paid $26,000 to trump's school. he has at least learns one lesson and he no longer believes anyone to tell him even as a billionaire. >> what is the like hood this is going to go trial before the election? >> there are three different cases going on. one looked like it would really
10:38 pm
go. the new york case might go with this december. the trump team was able to get his appeal on one question and that looks like putting this back to after the election. most likely is a california case and that's set for trial and it is not going to happen before the election. >> i would ask you, is trump's university is officially shut down? is the business -- has it shutter its doors? >> i am trying to remember. it is called the trump entrepreneur institute. >> it no longer has any students or teachers or curriculums. it is not technically shut done. trump said after he becomes president, his kids are going to reopen it and run it because it was such a great success. >> i am sure his kids are die to run it. i am sure they're going to jump
10:39 pm
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first on breaking news in new mexico, we have been talking about it of no big name of republicans come to her defense. john kasich tweeted this out. governor martinez is an outstanding governor who fought reform to a blue state. nominees should be supporting her and not tearing down. that's governor john kasich just a moment ago. back now with our panel. >> is it interesting that there has not been more of public sports of what we just heard from john kasich from the governor. >> jeb bush tweeted out something like that in support
10:43 pm
of governor martinez. i think what's happening here, if you know governor martinez, test a very tough person. i think there is a balance here you don't want to step in, well, guys are going to protect the women, let her speak for herself. this is someone has a great story -- she's a true all american story. suzanne martinez is one you can look at and invest in and be proud of which is over looking all of this. she has the sort of story that we want to celebrate in america. okay, maybe she does not agree with me on everything. she spoke at the convention and she had things she wanted to say and she said what she wanted to say. you have to respect differences. >> that's how our whole policy
10:44 pm
works and political system. donald trump, this character flaw that he cannot help himself and stop. there is not in it for him to attack suzanne martinez and yet he attacked her. it is a reality show? >> if a junior senator would get a little coverage but he's a nominee of a party and about to be so it becomes a big party. >> i just think that is a very difficult sustain because anybody can attack our response. >> i think there is something to be said about the fact and you have been to several rallies where you have people coming up saying why are you saying this or that about this guy? >> donald trump speaks for a lot of americans out there that are just fed up with government. when he speaks his mind and
10:45 pm
says, all right, she snubbed me and the welfare and food stamp is going up in the state. he's saying of what people in new mexico saying about him. he's just expressing his view. he's not like any politicians throughout that won't speak his mind about the people. it maybe at the same party. >> what happen to common decency? >> she obviously has differences with her on her policy and disparaging comments of immigrants and women. >> that's what a character flaw to use in stuart's term. you know, why acting such a child when people have a
10:46 pm
disagreement with you. if you want to talk recklessly and tell how it is where you don't have any responsibility of your consequences. go ahead and do that. >> when you represent the united states and people, that's something that people should be concerned about of who they want to put in power. consequences, you are worried. >> what's interesting here is we are all on this side. >> we should not be battling back and forth as much. what's interesting is i have never heard republicans or democrats complaining about the other party attacking or saying i am not going to support hillary clinton just because she attacked donald trump or just because she's attacking someone else. >> you are minuimizing this. >> he did not attack her saying
10:47 pm
she's a dispickable woman. [ inaudible ] >> does this make sense for donald trump to be doing this from a political standpoint? >> the fundamental break down of the republican party as we know it. you can hear it on the other side of the panel. the republican leaderships ban the flames on the tea party and for years we have had different fews views. >> republicans are searching for another candidate and now you have donald trump and working with prominent republican governors in the country. >> we have to take a quick break. a head turning twist, kenneth starr, open tg doing the door u
10:48 pm
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council led to the impeachment of president bill clinton back in the news. >> the scandal involves a school handling support of rape by a football player. >> nearly nine years ago, the seeds o f the baylor university were planted when the school hired art at football cage. ken starr, after decades, baylor football was blossoming and a new $244 million football stadium was built on cam permissive. from the outside, baylor was on the rise, now, it came at a painful cost. >> absolutely, there was a
10:53 pm
coffer ucougver up. the reality is how do they protect their health and do damage control to protect that reputation. >> irwin represents former baer student, jasmine hernandez. >> at least three baylor football players have faced sexually assault accusations and a number of other baylor students coming forward with allegations being sexually assaulted assaulted. the university is trying to cover the rape allegation. >> eliot in april of 2012. >> this person had humoronumero claims of assaults.
10:54 pm
just being completely ignored and sort of push under the rug. >> hernandez struggles with the tra ma and when her mother asking the academic services for help, she said baylor school officials -- if a plane falls on your daughter, there is nothing we can do to help you. hernandez lost her academic psychologic scholarship. as for ken starr, he's not spoken publicly. the irony of the sexually assault cover up matched. >> there is a case that raises more questions under stars' watch. it transferred from boise state into baylor in 2013 after he was d dismissed for that team from
10:55 pm
disciplinary. last august, art riles denied knowing anything about it. >> but, boise state's head coach said in a statement, of the circumstances surrounding disciplinary record and dismissal. >> we'll watch you arrive zm was convicted last summer of sexually assaulting abe livermore student. >> you would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to know. >> and if stuck his hand in the stand and try to avoid knowledge, that's just as bad. >> what is the university's president ken starr had to say about this? >> reporter: not much. we have made a report but it has not been denied the board of
10:56 pm
regency here at baylor voted to fire ken starr and the details are working out. a spokesperson from the university says the boy is still debating that and only analyzing all of that but an official appointment we'll be made sometimes between now and at 11:00. service that fits your schedule. that's another safelite advantage. ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ it's good for you,i. and somehow still tastes really good. it doesn't make sense. sort of like marrying a man you met on tv. i love you. i love you too.
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i don't want to buy any cookies, little girl.
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a lot of braking news we're continue to follow tonight. the continuing violence at trump events. stay tuned to cnn for all of it. meantime, that does it for us. thanks for watching. "cnn tonight" with don lemon starts now. california dreamin'. donald trump and hillary clinton take the gloves off in the golden state. to get in the white house, you've got to go to california and both candidates are campaigning there today. trump telling supporters that he has a great relationship with latino voters and warning of a clinton victory in november. >> if she wins -- and i hope she doesn't. but if she wins, you better get used to it because you'll have nothing but turmoil, and you'll have nothing but four more years of obama. and you can't take that.
11:01 pm
>> clinton slamming trump for his plans to build a wall on the mexican border and to throw millions of undocumented immigrants out of the u.s. >> pay attention to what donald trump says because he's telling you what he wants to do. he does want to have a deportation force to round up 11 million people to deport them. >> it seems to get worse every day. that's because it does. let's begin with cnn's jim acosta, who is covering trump's campaign for us this evening. hello, jim. how did trump respond to that state department inspector general report about secretary clinton's use of her private e-mail server? >> reporter: well, don, as expected, he went right on offense. according to trump campaign sources i've talked to, this is what they're hoping to bring up throughout the course of this general election campaign, that every time, you know, hillary clinton has a scandal, it reminds the american people that this is what went on during the '90s when her husband was president. that it's always something with the clintons.
11:02 pm
and you heard donald trump going in that direction at an event in anaheim here just outside of los angeles earlier this evening. here's what donald trump had to say earlier today. >> crooked hillary. she's as crooked as they come. she had a little bad news today as you know from some -- reports came down, weren't so good. but not so good. the inspector general's report, not good. but i want to run against hillary. i just want to run against her. >> reporter: now, we should point out hillary clinton has also been talking about donald trump's activities during the housing crisis and his comments that he liked to go in and buy real estate on the cheap and then make a lot of money, don. i'm told by a trump campaign source earlier this evening that if hillary clinton continues to go down that road, they're going to bring up the whitewater affair from the 1990s. so, yes, we are going back to the 1990s on multiple fronts,
11:03 pm
don. the other thing we should point out. there is some news on the campaign front tonight. they let go of a senior staffer, rick wiley. had been with the trump campaign for the last six weeks. the trump campaign put out a statement saying that he has left the campaign. but i'm told by sources that this was not a voluntary departure. there were grumbles inside the campaign and that donald trump himself was fielding calls of complaints about this particular staffer. the other thing we should mention, donald trump and paul ryan, the speaker of the house, are scheduled to have a phone conversation to talk about a whole nother matter and that is whether the speaker will eventually endorse donald trump. i'm told by trump sources they're going to give the speaker as much time as he needs. >> let's get back to the housing crisis thing because donald trump went after bleelizabeth warren, who has been taking him on. >> that's right. he did. elizabeth warren savaged donald
11:04 pm
trump last night at an event where she said he was small and money grubbing because of the way he behaved during the housing crisis. he has been sort of on a rampage going after elizabeth warren in recent weeks, poking fun at comments that she's made in the past claiming that she is of native-american heritage. and donald trump went right back at that earlier today in anaheim. here's what he had to say. >> and i was being hit by everybody. i was being hit by the republicans. i was being hit by pocahontas. that's -- pocahontas. pocahontas, that's elizabeth warren. i call her goofy. she is -- no, no, goofy. she gets less done than anybody in the united states senate. she gets nothing done, nothing passed. she's got a big mouth, and that's about it. >> reporter: now, i'm not sure donald trump will admit this, don, but elizabeth warren has managed to do something pretty
11:05 pm
amazing. you know, we saw donald trump go through 16 different republican candidates. there weren't many of them that got under his skin, but elizabeth warren seems to have gotten under donald trump's skin, and she seems to enjoy this fight. she has been tweeting relentlessly going after donald trump in almost the same style that he uses. earlier today she tweeted that he was unqualified to be president of the united states. so this back and forth is going to go on for quite some time, and i think it's going to raise speculation has to whether or not elizabeth warren might be the ticket when it comes to hillary clinton's running mate because she has been a very useful attack dog as vice presidential running mates usually are. don. >> yep. and she has nothing to lose right now. advice from my mother. don't mess with someone who has less to use than you do. that's why she is enjoying this. thank you. i appreciate that. >> reporter: good advice. >> cnn's jeff zeleny is also in california tonight. jeff, as i understand, you have some reporting on elizabeth warren. what's the latest?
11:06 pm
>> there's no question the clinton campaign is loving every minute of this, every tweet that elizabeth warren sends out. everything that she says about donald trump. their messages are somewhat in coordination here, but it really represents a warming of something of a freeze between hillary clinton and elizabeth warren. elizabeth warren is one of four u.s. senators, only four, who has not endorsed anyone in this race. she still hasn't endorsed either side. but by going after donald trump so aggressively, the clinton campaign finally believes that she's coming to their side. and they believe that she could play a pivotal role here in bridging this divide between bernie sanders supporters, progressives, and the clinton campaign. you know, the establishment of the democratic party here. so they are liking everything what they said. now, a little bit of a reality check on the whole running mate thing. a, no one inside her campaign has any idea what hillary clinton directly is thinking about this. sure, she will be considered, i'm told because she's a very
11:07 pm
prominent, popular democrat who's a good communicator and has a big following. there's some drawbacks here as well politically speaking. first of all, for massachusetts, the governor is a republican. if she was on the ticket, her replacement in the senate would be a republican. that would affect the balance of power among other things. they have different styles and whatnot. probably too early to say if she'll be on the short list for sure. but they're sure enjoying everything she has to say, don. >> i'm sure they are. let's get back to the business of this i.g. report today. did the secretary address the report today that raised many new questions about her e-mail server? >> reporter: she did not directly address this. she was campaigning here in california at a couple stops. reporters tried to ask her all afternoon. she did not answer any of those questions. her campaign spokesman is saying -- and her aides are saying, look, she has complied with everything. there's nothing new here. there's nothing to see here. you know, all this is old information. but the reality is, don, it's
11:08 pm
not. she has said repeatedly for the last year or so that she, you know, was just following the precedent of other secretaries of state. well, you this report was quite scathing in terms of saying she did not ask permission to have a private server. if she had, she would have been told no. she did not agree to talk to anyone in the inspector general's office at the state department. so here you have, you know, president obama's state department today is saying that hillary clinton was not doing all this on the up and up. that's a problem for her because of trust. the one thing the clinton campaign is trying to work through, the one thing that they're trying to sort of bridge among undecided independent, moderate voters, what have you, is trust. she has a trust deficit, and this only deepens that. >> cnn's jeff zeleny in los angeles. thank you, jeff. appreciate that. i want to bring in dennis prager and bob beckel to discuss.
11:09 pm
unleash the -- can i say talking heads? i don't know. i guess i can. good evening to both of you. dennis, this is what the state department inspector general report said today. it says, at a minimum, secretary clinton should have surrendered all e-mails dealing with department business before leaving government service. and because she did not do so, she did not comply with the department's policies that were implemented in accordance with the federal records act. so right now this rule-breaking, it's not criminal behavior, but do you expect to see this go further? >> in terms of an indictment, only god knows and perhaps the head of the fbi or the department of justice specifically. but in terms of politically, it has to go on. unfortunately, look, if i may take the big picture for one moment here, we don't have two wonderful candidates. i say this with terrible sadness as an american who loves his
11:10 pm
country. and the characters of both are very flawed. the one great difference is that she truly has put her own fortunes above that of her country. you can't say that about trump. he has just put his fortunes as primary in his life. but she, as secretary of state and before and after, has put the country second to her fortunes, and that -- if that is not a political issue, then i don't know what is. >> bob, what do you think? >> well, i don't agree with dennis on that. i don't think she put her country second on anything. but here's the problem. the big issue for her will be what the fbi decides obviously. and we don't know that yet. but the inspector general's report, the problem is as your reporter said, the trust factor for hillary clinton has been looming over her from the very beginning. it's one of the reasons that her unfavorables are as high as they are. that is because of a collection of issues that happened in the '90s and in the 2000s that have,
11:11 pm
over the course of time, stuck. i don't think people care about an e-mail server and aren't going to vote because of an e-mail server. it's the cumulative part of this. right now she needs to get this behind her. the sooner she sits down with the fbi the better as far as i'm concerned. as for donald trump, he's got plenty of things he's got to answer for that haven't been put before him yet. >> let's talk to the issue of trust that dennis is talking about. so the issue of trust and transparency, right, i think they go hand and hand. bob, according to the report, clinton and several of her staff members declined to be interviewed. why would she decline? is that to limit liability and just talk to the fbi because she would have to talk to them? >> i can't answer that for you. i would assume that there were two parallel investigations going on and she didn't want to say one thing in one and at least on edge of another. i think she wanted to let the fbi go forward. she's talked to the inspector general's office and filed an answer to a series of questions in writing. but, look, it is still not an
11:12 pm
issue that's going to knock her out of this race unless she gets indicted. as i've said before, even if she is indicted, she could beat donald trump. trump is in the best of times right now. the only good time he'll have after this as good as this is when he accepts his party's nomination because he has not been hit hard. look at what happened with elizabeth warren goes after him. the guy can't stand it. he's got such a thin skin, which is amazing to me that he blew up the way he did and can't seem to control that. people say he got beat up by all those people on the republican stage of debates. that's wrong. they also agreed on where they were on the issues so it's a personality question. >> do you think donald trump's a bully, bob? do i think he's a -- absolutely. one of the worst i've ever seen. >> i'm not saying that he is or isn't, but anyone, if you believe he's a bully, bullies are typically thin skinned. >> that's right. >> dennis -- >> don, if i may? >> go ahead. >> may i ask bob a question? i don't know if this is allowed.
11:13 pm
>> it's allowed, but you only have about 20 seconds. >> maybe he'll answer afterwards, then. does bob, whom i really do like, and i want him on my show for his fine out biography. but, bob, i want to know do you really believe she did not put herself above her country with her own server while she was secretary of state? >> okay. bob, don't answer that. >> you don't think she did that -- >> that's a perfect tease. thank you, dennis. we'll answer that after the break. don't go anywhere. >> i have to wait? ♪
11:14 pm
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11:17 pm
back with me now, dennis prager and bob beckel. dennis was asking bob before the
11:18 pm
break did he really believe that secretary clinton didn't put herself before her country. go ahead, bob. >> well, the answer to that is no. unless somebody can show me a specific leak of an e-mail or a specific e-mail that caused national security damage to the united states, i don't think that you could say that she put her -- because she put this in her house. i mean was it a smart move? no. has it come back to haunt her? yes. >> bob, why did she do it? >> i assume -- i take her at her word. it was easier for her to deal with it in one place than to deal with it scattered places. i don't know. >> there was a note -- in the inspector general's report, there is a message saying that once when the server went down, that she didn't want to send e-mails because she didn't want the personal e-mails getting out. so that has nothing to do with it being simpler, bob. >> no, but i wonder what the personal e-mails has to do with anything anyway. >> bob, i'm disappointed in you. i love you as you know. i admit the character flaws of
11:19 pm
my candidate, all right? i'm stuck with him. why don't you admit she's awful? she has put her country second to her own ambitions. she earned $21 million in speeches. why? because she's a great speaker? she's one of the most boring speakers in american history. she got $21 million in speeches because she's corrupt. >> she is one of the most experienced politicians out there, though, being the first lady, a senator, also the secretary of state. but go on, bob. >> you know, i don't think it's unusual for people to get those kind of speaking fees. if i remember, ronald reagan got $2 million to speak to the japanese. the point here is do i think she's the ideal candidate? no. do i think in this climate, she is? no. >> you think she's honest? >> yes, i do. as a matter of fact, i do think she's honest. i think that she's been beat up so much over so many years, she comes across as defensive. and yet all the things she's been through, whether it's been benghazi or white water, nobody has ever been able to lay a
11:20 pm
finger on her of something that was illegal. >> oh, hold on. wait. >> we're going to discuss this more throughout the show. >> we'll do it another time. fine. what she said to the parents of the murdered people. >> we have more than five months to deal with this. let's go on. i want to talk more about the campaign. i want to talk about donald trump as well because sources are telling cnn that trump and paul ryan are going to speak on the phone tonight. how do you think that's going to go, dennis? >> oh, it's hard for me to imagine that over the course of time, that paul ryan will not ultimately endorse him because he is facing the exact same issue as i am as a conservative republican, which i proudly announce myself to be. and that is that the only alternative to donald trump is four more years of the left running the country. and that is such a nightmare to those of us who believe the left have ruined our universities, ruined our economy, ruined our military. >> why hasn't he done it
11:21 pm
already? >> because he would like -- he would like -- it seems to me that he would like trump to move in his direction. and i think it is an honorable thing for him to take his time, not immediately jump on the bandwagon. i think ryan has comported himself with great dignity. >> why do you think he hasn't endorsed him already, bob beckel? >> well, i think i'm going to take him pretty much at his word. i know the guy very well, and he's a very straight shooter. he believes in the conservative agenda, and many of the things -- not just a few, but many of the things trump has said run counter to what paul ryan to believes. in the end will paul ryan endorse him? yes. will it matter all that much? i don't think so. what paul ryan has got to do is protect his majority in the house. one of the things that's beginning to percolate up here is why has not donald trump released his income taxes? every presidential candidate in the history of our country since we had an income tax has done that. for some reason, donald trump refuses to do it. that's the kind of thing -- he
11:22 pm
doesn't get that attack every day. but elizabeth warren, when the team hits the field, and there's going to be some formidable people on it including barack obama and elizabeth warren, to take on donald trump, he's going to have to start answering some of these questions. he's not going to get away with calling somebody lazy and no energy and move on. >> just a brief note. to the best of my knowledge, it's only been 30 years that candidates, not since the invention of the income tax. it's only been 30 years. frankly, i don't believe that any presidential or any other candidate should have to release their income tax forms. it's none of my damn business as a citizen. i couldn't careless what they earn, how much charity they give. it would be a nice thing to know, but it is not my business. there has to be some realm of privacy still -- >> don't you think the american people -- >> if they weren't paying taxes, that the irs should indict them. if they have legally not paid taxes, i would like to know one
11:23 pm
american who pays more than he has to. >> i don't know. maybe you do, but i -- >> i could answer that, but i won't. >> you learn a lot about it. has he hired people to come in for overseas to build his buildings? yes, he's done that. is it illegal? no. but it runs right in the face of things he's said. that's the problem. >> dennis, i want to ask you about donald trump attacking new mexico governor susana martinez last night. was that a smart move on his part? why would he do that? >> because the filter between donald trump's mind and his mouth is not effective. that's why. i have no excuse to make. i think it was extremely stupid. >> bob beckel? >> i would add to that stupid, but you're right. i mean why does he do that? this is a woman that was on the short list of people being considered for vice president early on in the process. and he has in one day, has made that state more of a blue state
11:24 pm
than it should be. >> yeah. >> and that's the real question here. he's got to start looking at delegate counts. i mean the electoral college. new mexico, we won it before, but not often. you take a -- you slap around a popular republican governor, and you're not helping yourself. >> thank you, gentlemen. it's always interesting when you guys are on, especially together. >> thank you. up next, will the state department's report on clinton's e-mails hurt her on the campaign trail? we'll discuss. the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing: a crash. the 2016 e-class. lease the e350 for $499 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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in the midst of the presidential election, hillary clinton's e-mail controversy not going away even though she has tried to put it behind her several times. take a look at this.
11:28 pm
>> my personal e-mail use was fully above board. it was allowed by the state department as they have confirmed. the truth is everything i did was permitted, and i went above and beyond what anybody could have expected in making sure that if the state department didn't capture something, i made a real effort to get it to them. >> so i want to talk about this now with jeffrey toobin, cnn's senior legal analyst. mr. carl bernstein. he's the author of "a woman in charge, the life of hillary rodham clinton," and lanny davis. so excited to have all of you on. carl bernstein, the inspector general found that secretary clinton violated federal rules in setting up a private server at her home. why is this such a big deal now? >> because it's rather indefensible. there really is no defense for what she did. it was reckless. it was irresponsible. it may have endangered the national security, and she wasn't truthful about it. that said, it's part of an
11:29 pm
accumulating problem she has of distrust. the so-called liar factor that has been talked about all day on cnn and the other networks. and at the same time, she is up against a candidate, donald trump, who can outlie her or almost anybody else about seven to one if we subject him to real tests of truth. so we've got a pretty undesirable situation going on with these two candidates right now. >> yeah. so all of you know brian fallon, who is our campaign press secretary. he spoke with wolf blitzer just a short time ago about it. here it is. >> if she didn't get approval from anyone at the state department, doesn't that mean she broke the rules? >> no, wolf. i think what the secretary has said is that the use of personal e-mail by officials at the state department was allowed, and that was confirmed today by the report. the rules that were just cited that disallowed personal use for
11:30 pm
work purposes were enacted after the time she left. at the time she took office and the duration of her tenure there, the use of personal e-mail for work purposes was not disallowed. and as fact as documented in great detail by the report, personal e-mail was utilized by 90-plus different top officials at the state department over the years that they looked at, including two other secretaries of state besides hillary clinton. so the practice was widespread. >> lanny, i mean that's not exactly what that report said. how do you square what fallon is saying with the report? >> well, i don't know how you raeds the report. you can sort of pick and choose the negatives and the positives. so i chose the positives. i haven't read the report, but i read all the news reports. let me cite a few -- >> so you cherry picked the material that was favorable to your candidate, and that's what you're going to go with tonight on this program. >> just as with all due respect carl focused on the negative
11:31 pm
interpretation. >> that is not what the report said, and fallon has contradicted what the prord said. >> fact number one is that this was a practice long done in the state department, including secretary powell. >> no one has had a server in their home except secretary clinton. >> not having a server. i'm going to get to that. but everybody mixed personal and official. fact two is that 90% of her e-mails were addressed to e-mail addresses. she did nothing to hide. everybody knew about it. and fact three is that the speculation about the server compromising anything, the inspector general said there is no evidence that her server was compromised. >> okay. lanny, stop right there. i just want to address one of your points where he said she had nothing to hide. one of the points in the report is she said she did not want to mix her personal -- she didn't want anyone to see her personal e-mails. so she is, in fact, hiding something. >> well, the personal privacy of
11:32 pm
e-mails, a golf officivernment who has a personal e-mail account that wants those e-mails seen by the public and that is an understandable reason for her to have the private server. but my last fact that was in the report that didn't get mentioned tonight is that the inspector general said there's no evidence that her server was compromised. we already know the state department server has been compromised and hacked by foreign governments. so this notion of any compromise to any -- >> jeffrey toobin, i stole the money but i didn't get caught. i don't know if that's a direct analc analogy, but is that an excuse because her server may have been more secure than the government's server and therefore it's okay? >> i don't think that's a fair analogy because it's important to point out there is nothing in this report that suggests criminal behavior by hillary clinton. >> correct. >> this is a political problem. it's not a legal problem, at least as far as this report
11:33 pm
goes. but it's a real political problem. they set up this ridiculous system for her which was not in conformity with the rules of the state department. i mean that much is clear. she broke the rules of the state department. that is not a criminal violation. that is not something that can get you indicted. but the report could not be clearer that she did not follow the rules. that is a political problem. it compounding the political problem that these e-mails have presented for her for the whole time. but, you know, you need to keep it in perspective. it is not a criminal offense, and this does not really affect the much more important fbi investigation, which presumably will come to a close in the next few months. that is where the real risk to her is. >> to be clear, as i said earlier -- it was a bad analogy. i'm sorry for that. there appears to be, as you said, nothing illegal and
11:34 pm
nothing you can see that will lead at this point to an indictment? >> no. remember, the whole issue of the indictment in the criminal investigation relates to the misuse potentially of classified information. classified information is not what today's report is about. it's about the procedures in place at the state department, which she did not follow. but that is not a criminal offense. it is a violation of her own department's policies, which is certainly a problem. but if is not something the criminal justice system gets involved in. >> carl, the report says that two state department staffers did raise concerns about the server and are told that it was approved and that they shouldn't ask again. what are the implications of that? >> the implications of all of this are that hillary clinton did not want her e-mails subjected to the freedom of information act or subpoenas from congress. and that's why she set up a home server. i think we all know that. people around her will tell you that in private if you really
11:35 pm
get them behind a closed door. i was in washington this week. i spoke to a number of top democratic officials, and they're terrified, including people at the white house, that her campaign is in freefall because of this distrust factor. and indeed trump has a similar problem. but she's the one whose numbers are going south, and the great hope in the white house as well as the democratic leadership and people who support her is that s she can just get to this convention, get the nomination, which they're no longer 100% sure of, and get president obama out there to help her. he's got a lot of credibility. it's the election that's partly about his legacy. but she needs all the help she can get because right now her campaign is in huge trouble. but it's a long time against a candidate like donald trump who's got tremendous negatives and a really awful record in business in many records, that the democrats and hillary clinton are going to attack. >> jeffrey, did she lie in her previous statements, quickly before i go to break here, about the e-mail?
11:36 pm
>> i don't think lying is perhaps the right term. she was not -- this was a very confusing situation. she was not fully candid. boy, i sound like a lawyer, don't i? >> yeah, you are a lawyer. it's because you are. >> i don't think it was a lie, but it was not an ideal way to present what the story was. >> lanny, you think this is going to resonate? >> first of all, no, she did not lie. there's not a single fact that shows that any security was compromised. the trust issue is certainly a concern, but it's not about e-mails. all the data in every poll shows that bernie sanders has it right, that voters and certainly the democratic party and in most polls don't care about the e-mail issue. this is groundhog day on cnn and deja vu all over again. after the convention and we're comparing hillary clinton's solutions to donald trump's dangerous recklessness, then we'll have something to talk about. >> lanny, carl, jeffrey, i know
11:37 pm
you are, but what am i? you're an attorney. thank you very much. i appreciate it. i'll see you guys later. >> thank you, don. coming up, more on the possible fallout from the state department's report. we'll be right back. it's true what they say. technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. don't tour tokyo.. and please, don't "do" tokyo.
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11:40 pm
hillary clinton's e-mail report sparks a new round of political crossfire. republican charge she can't be trusted. democrats claim her use of personal e-mail is nothing new. so who's right? let's discuss now.
11:41 pm
tannen gerts is here, a senior adviser to donald trump and former contestant on the apprentice. john brabender is here as well. nina turner is back from last night, a bernie sanders supporter, and missouo lathethy former spokesman for the 2008 hillary clinton campaign. thank you for joining me this evening. mo, you first. i got to ask you for a response to this inspector general report. here's the finding. no evidence that the secretary requested or obtained guidance or approval to kukd official business via a personal e-mail account on her private server. what's your response to that? >> yeah, look. you know, the campaign went out there today pretty aggressively pushing back, saying nothing to see here, that, you know, she did nothing wrong and that it's fairly consistent with what she said. and, you know, people are going to keep talking about it. i don't think that's the best thing. i don't think they want to keep talking about this. but at the end of the day, i'm not sure this is what the campaign is going to swing on
11:42 pm
one way or the other. voters actually going to sit there and make a decision based on where she sent e-mail from or where she kept a server? this is going to be a negative campaign. a lot of stuff flying both ways. trust is going to be a big issue and campaigns are about choices. when they put this up against what they're going to see from donald trump on the issue of trust, i think she's going to end up okay. >> nina, i've been wanting to ask you this since i saw this report today. is it time for senator sanders to talk about her damn e-mails now? >> well, don, the senator -- you know, he has not wanted to go down that road, and even today in light of what the i.g. had to say, he still does not want to go down that road. he wants to continue to talk about the issues. but, you know, the report is what it is. the i.g. was an unbiased, you know, unbiased person in all of this. just conducting the investigation. and democrats are going to have to deal with that. but i think i do agree with mo in that ultimately it really is
11:43 pm
going to be up to the voter whether or not this matters to them and they will weigh in at the ballot box. but let us not forget that if the secretary is the democratic nominee, and we know that we're still calling mr. trump the presumptive, but by all intents and purposes he is. those two people have the highest unapproval ratings of any presidential candidates in the history of this country. so all of those things, i think, are going to weigh on the voter when all is said and done. >> since nina brought up donald trump, let's talk about donald trump, tana since you are the official person for him. >> sure. >> he has his own legal issues. he's facing multiple lawsuits over trump university. can the clinton team use that to shut down attacks against her? >> no, not at all. trump university may be under -- it is under legal investigation, but there's been numerous people who have gone through the courses and have said wonderful things about it. so, you know, secretary clinton, she has got a whole nother set of problems that have nothing to do with anything mr. trump's ever been involved in.
11:44 pm
and that is dishonesty and fraud and things of that nature. so she needs to concentrate, i believe, on making sure that she takes down bernie sanders so she can concentrate on clearing up or letting the american voters know exactly what happened with this e-mail server. >> we played this earlier but i want to play it again. donald trump on the clinton news at his rally in anaheim today. listen. >> crooked hillary. she's as crooked as they come. she had a little bad news today, as you know, from some reports came down weren't so good. but not so good. the inspector general's report, not good. but i want to run against hillary, not -- i just want to run against her. >> he is -- i mean haze champing at the bit to run against hillary clinton. this is for you, john brabender, are democrats setting themselves up for a losing campaign? >> as a republican strategist, i
11:45 pm
sure hope so. this was a really big deal today. the report said two things. one is that she was deceptive. number two, she was wrong. so now we're going to move the debate from did hillary clinton do something wrong to what type of damage did she do to our national security? you know, i think the fact that her campaign now is trying to say, oh, this is nothing. nothing was really here. if they sincerely believed this, they should do random drug testing at the hillary clinton for president campaign because this is a big deal that people are going to start talking about. and it goes right to the heart of why people don't like the clintons often. >> mo, is john brabender right there? >> no. and, you know, i think what i was saying before, you know, i honestly believe. is this the kind of thing that voters, who every day, all they want to know is who's looking out for me? is anyone out there going to get my back? how many of them are going to
11:46 pm
look at this, and the whole notion of e-mails, and say, you know what? that's the evidence i'm looking for. she does haven't my back. you compare that compared to donald trump -- >> most of what we hear about -- i don't mean just on the news. if you read social media, if you look at polls, people talk about the e-mails. they talk about trust. they talk about unfavorability ratings. they're not talking as much about other issues as you are saying here. >> don't get me wrong. i think, look, there is a trust issue that her campaign has to deal with. yes, these candidate have -- both candidates have poll numbers that i don't think they necessarily love. but what i'm saying is, in an election that is a choice, when they are trying to figure out which candidate is going to wake up every day and look out for me, and the best that the trump people can throw out there is e-mails and what the clinton people are throwing out about him is trump u. or his position
11:47 pm
on the housing crisis, wanting to benefit off that, i think at the end of the day, they're not going to look at the e-mail thing and say that's the most relevant piece of information. >> but this isn't a choice -- >> hang on. i got to get to a break. i'll let you all respond on the other side. stay with me. house speaker paul ryan shoots down rumors he's ready to endorse donald trump. is this a bump in the road or a sign of a bigger split in the republican party? we'll discuss that as well on the other side. every ingredient is the main ingredient. whether it's big... or small. first to go. or best for last. sweet. or not so sweet. whether it's tossed... or twirled. if it's easy prey. or plays hard to get. every last crunch, sprinkle and drip... should be as clean as it is delicious. panera. food as it should be. man, it's like pure power at your finger tips.
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11:51 pm
house speaker paul ryan still has not endorsed donald trump. back with me to discuss, tana goertz, john brabender, nina turner and mow elleithee. go ahead, john. you were taking issue -- i think what mo was saying is the american people may be tuning out to all this mudslinging. >> but he was also saying this is going to be a choice between donald trump and hillary clinton, and i don't believe that's actually the case. i think this is more of a movement election where the choice, if you will, is between the status quo where people feel we're getting sand kicked in our face all over the world, benghazi-type decisions where we turn our back on american patriots, gridlock, lies in
11:52 pm
washington, or somebody who is just going to shake the heck out of everything. and if that's what the election becomes a referendum on, not only does it favor trump, but these things good this report today really do matter. >> nina turner. >> don, that's exactly why we need senator bernie sanders to go head to head with mr. trump. this is an antiestablishment election. let's be clear here on both the left and the right. people are really lifting their voices. and although the voters may -- they have a big decision to make, and we should not -- democrats are going to have to make a decision. we cannot simply ignore what the i.g. has said just for political expediency. what the i.g. said was an unbiased report. at the same time, it is ultimately going to be up to the voters. but senator bernie sanders is the best candidate. and, don, i told you last night, it's going to be drama, drama, drama, if this secretary clinton versus mr. trump, it's going to be nothing but drama.
11:53 pm
but you put senator bernie sanders in there, and it's going to be primarily about the issues. it becomes a different debate. >> you may be forgetting donald trump is on the other side over there. but anyway -- >> i know but still. >> let's move on. tana, donald trump, your candidate. let's talk about house speaker paul ryan shot down rumors that he is ready to endorse drum. is -- donald trump, is he delaying the inestable? you think he's struggling what to do here? what is it going to take to close this gap between the two men? >> i think it's going to be another meeting and what's mr. trump gets with paul ryan, i think it will happen. i think -- i mean he has no choice, i would think, but to get behind the presumptive nominee, the man that will be the nominee. we know that's going to happen, so i don't even like to say the presumptive word. but i will till he becomes it. so i think it's just a matter of time, and i don't know what the holdup is. but who am i to push them along? i know they're going to have a
11:54 pm
meeting, and i'm very much excited to what the verdict is going to be on that. and nothing but support is what we're seeing here on the gop side. >> there's supposed to be a phone call tonight, and i don't know if anyone has checked twitter to see if donald trump has reported on that phone call. do you know anything about this phone call because it's late? i'm sure it's happened already. >> well, i don't know. no, i haven't heard anything. last i knew is he was at a really fancy fund-raiser, raising lots of money. >> mo, let's talk about paul ryan. he tweeted out a video today saying that he sees too much bitterness in politics. look at this. >> leaders need to say, here's my principle. here's my solution, and let's try and do it in a way that is inclusive, that's optimistic, that's as pirational, that's focusing on solutions. republicans lose personality contests anyway. we always do. but we win ideas contests.
11:55 pm
>> is that a shot across donald trump's ballast? >> i think there was no accident that that video went out today. that video was shot at the millennial town hall he did at georgetown last month. and what he was trying to do there was trying to appeal, broaden the base of the republican party by reaching out to a constituency that republicans have had a hard time doing. part of his argument is that both sides have been too divisive, too bitter, have used rhetoric that turns young people off, and we do have to do better. i do not think it was a mistake that that video went out today, the day after donald trump's pretty widely panned speech in new mexico, where he kind of resorted to the same old divisiveness that has swirled around his campaign from the beginning. >> especially when it comes to governor martinez. i get your point there. but donald trump has done pretty well winning with his personality kind of speeches
11:56 pm
that mo just talks about. and george w. bush was no slouch in the personality department. is ryan right to say personalities don't win republican elections? >> i'm not sure it's that personalities don't. i think he's wrong with that. but i think he's trying to be very sincere in saying let's be careful with our rhetoric. it's not just on the republican side. we're seeing it on the democrat side as well. i do think this is actually good advice. but let's be honest. none of us believe it's going to happen. in fact, my theory is we should just have them do a duel and save some time and get this thing over with. >> i read that. you said they should just come down to a duel. thanks, everyone. appreciate it. coming up in our next hour, from the obama birther issue to vaccines and autism. donald trump oufn often indulge those who believe in conspiracy theories. is he helping or hurting his campaign? we'll take a look.
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
12:00 am
donald trump and hillary clinton duking it out in california. this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. it is 11:00 p.m., but all this action happening out in the
12:01 am
west. trump and clinton holding duelling rallies and denouncing each other. >> we have a person running for office who is not equipped to be president. she doesn't have the temperament to be president. she's got bad judgment. >> but i've concluded that donald trump doesn't seem to actually care about making america great so much as he cares about looking great himself. >> so much commotion at the trump rally. we will begin there now. cnn's hee young law joins me now. key young, good evening to you. you were on the scene of those protests earlier today. how bad did it get? >> reporter: it started out as a gathering of protests. it was quite loud, raucous, but it was contained. what happened was when trump left, when his speaking stopped, the protest then spilled into the street. what we saw was a thrash between protesters and the police department. the various police departments were on horseback. they were in riot gear. they began to try to clear the
12:02 am
streets. they warned the protesters this is business. for them, they need to open up the streets. they need to let people in anaheim have their streets back. and when they did not listen to the police orders, they began to pick off some of the lead protesters, arrest them. we are told tonight, don, that there were no police officers who were injured and there was no property damage. >> a lot of interest and discussion about who exactly these protesters are. describe them for us. old, young, and what were they saying? >> reporter: predominantly young. what we noticed in looking at this crowd -- and, again, about 150 of them -- it was a good mix of predominantly anti-trump forces but also some pro-trump forces as well. when you brought them together, it was a bit of a toxic mix, and they were clashing and screaming primarily about the issue of immigration. it is something that is very potent here, especially in the city of anaheim, predominantly latino city, and it is a majority latino city. in fact, the passions were so
12:03 am
inflamed, you saw it when they pulled out the trump pinata. the crowd, the anti-trump forces began to rip apart the trump pinata. it was stuffed with mexican candy. they even hoisted the head on top of the mexican flag, then moved it to an american flag. so very inflamed group, but very passioned about this particular issue, often saying this they believe donald trump is simply racist. >> great reporting. i watched you all afternoon. thank you very much. donald trump reaching out to california's large latino community today, and i want to talk about this with republican strategist leslie sanchez, and ronald reyes is an attorney who is a cnn opinion writer, and he is a democrat. good to have both of you here. leslie, i'm going to start with you. you say there are many latinos who appreciate trump's message and leadership style. how so? >> i think when you go across the country, what you're seeing
12:04 am
is there's naturally a divide. you have a lot of conservative democrats, former military who appreciate the strong leadership stance, protecting america and thinking america first. but there's a lot of frustration when it comes to his tone and rhetoric and borderline nativism, and there's just no tolerance and acceptability of that. so that's the cross pressure that this very diverse community is facing. >> do ah agree, raul? >> i would say i respectfully disagree. this is someone, you have to remember, donald trump has generated enormous and well-deserved antipathy in our communities, in our latino communities, literally from day one by insulting our community, belittling many of our national hispanic leaders, inciting and condoning violence at his rallies. he's on track, i believe to get the lowest number of latino votes in this election cycle since these numbers were ever recorded. it's not just the divisive figure but it's very personal. leslie says there are many latinos who support trump. i would say right now i believe
12:05 am
the polling puts him about 20% of projected latino vote. i think fox news latino puts him at 23%. that's the highest i've seen. i pro-dict come november, after hillary clinton has deployed her surrogates, including cabinet members, latino celebrities, the grassroots activists, that's going to be cut in half. we're looking at 10%. they exist, but it's a very small number. >> i think trying to understand where the latino vote's going to go is trying to mold jell-o. it's a very nimble type of process, and it's a dynamic, fluid voting group. if you just think about the fact that latino millennials are breaking away from the democratic party and not going in line and supporting bernie sanders in very large numbers. and the fact you have a lot of conservative democrats like i talked about before who are looking at a trump candidacy with serious consideration. there's a lot of -- a movement back and forth across party lines because latinos don't necessarily buy into political ideology. they're buying the candidate. and this is not in a vacuum. they're going to be looking and
12:06 am
comparing the potential of a donald trump versus a hillary clinton. >> let's discuss that. leslie, i think you said something very interesting -- by the way, it's good to have you back on. i appreciate your expertise. you as well because we reminisced about old times. listen, here's what i would like to know. when you talk about, you know, they like a candidate. they don't necessarily believe in political parties or ideology. so what is it appealing? is it this immigration because everyone says immigration is -- you know, the mexican and the wall, whatever, that's going to turn people off. is there enough of a divide in the latino community, right, where they may disagree on illegal versus legal immigration? is he coalescing latinos who believe in legal immigration and -- >> sure. absolutely, don. i think you're exactly right on the point. for example, i went down to the u.s.-mexico, texas border and you have so many individuals who are concerned about border
12:07 am
enforcement, border security, they don't necessarily believe that donald trump is going to build a wall because they feel there's a natural interior border with the rio grande river. but that being said, they do want strong enforcement. they want a strong system that can basically allow labor to move legally and goods and services legally back and forth across any port of entry. >> the question is are there enough of those voters to be the majority, to help him win the latino vote or at least a large enough portion of it to win the election, raul? >> no. donald trump has negatives among the latino community. 86%, 87% disapproval. and of those disapproval, it's 73, 74% strongly disapprove. so granted, i mean i understand leslie sanchez's point that there are some latinos who do back trump. but the overwhelming majority of latinos are against him, against his rhetoric, and we see that. for example, there's been a -- the times has reported on the
12:08 am
skyrocketing naturalizations, the latinos turning out to register to vote. the only good thing for the latino community in regard to donald trump is he has mobilized people who actually turn out to show up and vote. >> to vote for him or against him? >> no, to vote against him. so there are pockets of support for donald trump, but this is small. >> this is what donald trump said last night about new mexico's governor, susana martinez. >> she's not doing the job. hey, maybe i'll run for governor of new mexico. i'll get this place going. >> so she is a republican, a woman, hispanic, well liked within the party, very smart and accomplished woman. how did trump insulting her play today in the hispanic community? be honest with me, leslie. >> i think it was disastrous to say this against governor martinez. the reason is -- while her favorables may not be very high right now, she's extremely popular among independents and democrats, and it's three to one
12:09 am
democrat, you know, outnumbered in terms of being a republican in a very blue state. she's managed to bring people together, and she really is not playing politics or doesn't conform to a certain ideology. i think she really is looking out for the interest of new mexico. so rather than kind of separating somebody who could be really a big power player within a campaign organization, it's always obviously better to bring them in. and she was very hesitant in 2012 to get behind governor romney at the time as well. she really does look out for the interest of her state. so i think it was very much in line for her to keep her powder dry. >> you know, raul, governor kasich is saying a similar thing. here is what john kasich said. he said, governor martinez is an outstanding governor who has brought conservative reform to a blue state. she's exactly who our party and nominee should be lifting up and supporting, not tearing down. >> he is exactly right. >> so what is his strategy? why go after her? >> his strategy is like a scorched earth strategy. if you ask me as someone on the
12:10 am
outside of his campaign, his strategy is to alienate and offend as many latino voters as possible. susana martinez is relatively popular. she's a moderate. she's the first latino governor. she made history. but this is part of donald trump's pattern. he did the same thing with marco rubio during the primaries. they're always rough and tumble, but he belittled and mocked him in a way that has driven him and his supporters away forever. the only major political figure he has not completely alienated is brian sandoval, who recently said on may 5th that he would endorse the presumptive nominee. he would not even say trump's name, but he did say that he would endorse the nominee. so we'll see if trump continues his pattern and insults brian sandoval as well. but as of now, i mean that's his trajectory. >> let's talk about a democrat now because bernie sanders tweeted out donald trump and his friend should realize that their bigotry is the past, not the future. i mean for trump, it's very much
12:11 am
about the future. why is this so personal for latinos, you think? >> it's personal for latinos because we are descended from immigrants. whether you're first generation, third, fourth, fifth generation, we know undocumented people. the pew -- when donald trump is railing against what he calls drug dealers and these mexicans who are rapists, these are potentially undocumented people who we know. it's not just policy. it's deeply personal with us. that's why it resonates so much. >> then, leslie, why do you think that he's saying, that donald trump could be successful at immigration reform then? >> i'll tellyou hy. because there's a big nativist movement that is very suspicious about amnesty, and temperature of them a -- a -- that is bring people together and have a release
12:12 am
negotiated talk on comprehensive immigration reform if he chooses to do that. he could get the parties together and really move forward. so there are opportunities here. and with respect to, that i think there are many latinos who don't see themselves as anything other than americans. they have the same kind of concerns, but they want a president who is inclusive. so that's going to be really the tone argument. >> so can he win in november without the latino vote? >> donald trump is not trying to win -- you know, i can't speak for his came ppaign, but win th latino vote, but he needs to be competitive by being in the -- that's really where the marker is. can he move that ten percentage points, maybe 12 percentage points to be competitive in november? and i would argue he can. >> i would argue no way, and we see that in the fact that no major latino political figure has endorsed him, and he will not get one. >> endorsements don't really matter this cycle.
12:13 am
>> thank you. appreciate you coming on. up next, can trump win the white house without the latino voters? we'll discuss that more. and he likes to dabble in conspiracy theories as well. does that help or hurt with voters? we'll take a look.
12:14 am
12:15 am
12:16 am
12:17 am
we have some breaking news to report tao. hillary clinton, secretary of state hillary clinton responding tonight to the state department report that slammed her use of a private e-mail server. here's what she told our affiliate, kmes. >> well, there may be reports that come out, but nothing has changed. it's the same story. just like previous secretaries of state, i used a personal e-mail. many people did. it was not at all unprecedented.
12:18 am
i have turned over all my e-mails. no one else can say that. i have been incredibly open about doing that. i will continue to be open, and it's not an issue that is going to affect either the campaign or my presidency. >> all right. let's discuss now. nina turner is here, form ohio state senator, and a bernie sanders supporter. lanny chen is here, whost former senior adviser to marco rubio. tana goertz, a senior adviser to donald trump and a former contestant on the apprentice. and mow elleithee. interesting. she's weighing in tonight on this state department report about her e-mail use that broke. what do you think, tana? >> well, i think that the american voter does need to know about this and does care about this. this is more of a political problem than it is a legal problem. and i think she's got a long way to go. a lot of democratic people are very upset at what's come out,
12:19 am
and i know a lot of republicans are thrilled that now that the news has broke that there's been deceit and people want to know about this. so i'm glad that it's coming to the surface, and i hope that they get to the bottom of this. >> mo, she says nothing has changed. >> yeah, and i'm not sure that it did. i'm not sure that -- look, we've been talking about these e-mails now for months, ever since, you know, right before she got into the race. i'm not sure that there's a tremendous amount of new news here, and i frankly think that, you know, folks may be getting a little, you know, weary to borrow from nina's candidate, senator sanders. like we're sick and tired of talking about this issue. so i think, you know, she's answered. she's going to move forward. the trump campaign is going to keep throwing it at her. and if this is the best they got, i think she's going to be okay. >> nina, i'm sure you want to get in on this. what do you think? nothing has changed? she seemed to be saying it's not a big deal. it's not going to affect her
12:20 am
campaign. >> i think what the difference here is that, yes, this story has been percolating, you know, for months now. but now we have the i.g.'s report. and i don't think as democrats, we can kind of thumb our nose at that report. ultimately it will be up to the voter. but the i.g. is an unbiased investigator, investigated, and has determined that the secretary broke the rules. and so as democrats, we've got to come to grips with that. it is going to be a political problem, and we can't just shake it off just for political expediency here. this is real. now, whether or not it's going to impact if she is the nominee -- and i still if because my candidate is still raging on. but this might be a problem. i'm not going to just say that it's not just for the sake of political unity here. this is going to be unity versus truth. >> she said there may be reports that come out, but nothing has changed. it's the same story just like previous secretaries of state. i used personal e-mail.
12:21 am
many people did. it was not at all unprecedented. i have no turned over all my e-mails. no one else can say that. i have been incredibly open about doing that she's saying she turned over all her e-mails. but lanny, she said when finished all her business, she did not actually turn over all the e-mails when she finished as secretary of state. >> yeah, don. i mean i think there are three issues here. first of all, this is a report from an appointee of the obama administration. this is the inspector general of the state department. it's not a report from republicans in congress. the second issue is she didn't sit for an interview for this particular report. that's going to be seen as problematic. and finally, the fact that she did this, she was the only secretary of state to exclusively rely on a private e-mail server and a private e-mail account in addition, other secretaries of state had used a public account as well as a private one. the problem here for hillary clinton is the drip, drip, drip, right?
12:22 am
everyone already thinks she's untrustworthy. what this does is it reinforces the impression of her as untrustworthy and ultimately unfit for office. that's the problem with this report, don. >> let's move on, tana and talk about the other side now. you just heard my conversation about trump and the hispanic vote just before the break when trump shot off this tweet last night, he said the protesters in new mexico were thugs who were flying the mexican flag. the rally inside was big and beautiful, but outside criminals. so how does donald trump expect to improve his standing with the hispanic community when he is reminding them about previous remarks about immigrants and rapists and criminals and all of that? >> well, don, mr. trump is just talking about the people outside of the rally who are disruptive, who are looking for their few minutes of fame, you know, getting televised and being able to see themselves on television and tell their friends that they were the ones that disrupted the rally. it has nothing to do with hispanics or anyone that is a law-abiding citizen. >> does that make them thugs and
12:23 am
criminals? >> the people that are -- well, the people that are acting criminally outside of a rally and being violent and disruptive, if the law enforcement has to get involved and people are getting -- if it's getting violent and people may get hurt, law enforcement is going to do their jobs, and this they get arrested, they are criminals. mr. trump was not generalizing saying that all hispanics -- >> he was, though. >> yeah, he was. >> go ahead, nina. >> but he has generalized in the past, and that is wrong. so whether it's muslims, whether it's hispanic or latino sisters and brothers, he should not be doing that. i mean and he's turning off the hispanic vote. i will tell you that you all may remember that even senator john mccain is worried about whether or not his re-election is in peril because some of the things mr. trump is saying, painting ethnic groups and other folks with a broad brush and he has to
12:24 am
stop that. >> mo, go ahead. >> that tweet going back to what he said in the tweet, he talks about the thugs outside waving the mexican flag. why is he doing that? he's trying to make a political point there. he's trying to make a point there. he is otherizing these people. >> yes. >> and trying to make a point that is divisive. >> it's not obkay to -- >> lanhee, go ahead. >> donald trump doesn't particularly care about his share of the latino vote. that is not how he perceives his pathway to victory here. he is going to drive up the percentage of working class whites that support him. part of his strategy is not -- >> he's deliberately trying to alienate minorities to boost the support of his base, you think? >> i don't know if it's deliberate. it certainly seems that way from some of his commentary. the point is i don't think he particularly cares. i don't think their model of how to win this election is premised on winning states like colorado
12:25 am
and nevada. >> go ahead, tana. >> the demographics are changing, though, don. that strategy is not going to work because, guess what, people of color are going to be the majority in this country. that just doesn't work. >> tana, he's already viewed unfavorably by 74% of hispanics, so is he shooting himself in the foot by -- >> first off, don. his strategy is working. he's clearly winning by landslides. so mr. trump is -- he's winning. his strategy works. mr. trump was not generalizing. what he was saying is we live in america. this is the race for the president of the united states. we wave the american flag here in america. that's all he was saying. if you're outside acting a fool, you will be arrested. law enforcement will do their job because we know how mr. trump loves his law enforcement
12:26 am
and respects the law enforcement, and they lo do their job. he was clearly saying if you're going to act like a criminal, you'll be arrested. then you're a thug and a criminal. i was with mr. trump in arizona -- >> do you think the -- and you guys can weigh in. i have a short amount of time here. do you think the protesters realize that they're actually playing into donald trump's hands, that it's actually helping him and it is revving up his supporters? >> no, they don't realize that. they don't realize, don, or they wouldn't be doing that. mr. trump realizes that everybody inside the rally that waited five and six hours in line to hear him speak, to hang on every word that he's saying, they are the voters. those are the people that are voting, going to vote for hillary, bernie, or donald trump, not the people outside acting crazy and acting foolish, who are getting arrested. >> how do you know that the people outside are not voters? >> those people -- the majority of -- >> don't call them those people. i'm going to tell you something. it's very offensive to say those
12:27 am
people. >> i'm not talking about hispanic -- >> who are you talking about? hispanics? african-americans, those people? it doesn't work in our world. >> i'm not going to entertain you allowing me to -- >> no, you're not entertaining me. >> one at a time, please. >> i'm just going to say -- >> you cannot use those type of statements when referring to people of color. >> the people who were outside were diverse, though, nina. >> and that is fine. and guess what? i'm italian. i'm sure there was italian-americans out there. i'm not going to allow you to say i was making a reference of anything race. >> it's not about what you're going to allow. you and i are having an adult conversation right now. >> i don't have to defend myself to yoyou. i'll answer don's question. >> mo, go ahead. >> i think your point is well taken. i think the protesters outside who turned violent actually ended up hurting their own cause, and i think they're playing right into his hands and what he's hoping to accomplish here. but let's also not -- >> it also draws the cameras to
12:28 am
donald trump. >> let's not pretend for a moment that donald trump is all smiles and fuzzies and happiness and peacefulness inside after his long record during the primaries. he's toned it down a bit. but during the primaries when he was out there encouraging violence and we were seeing violence inside the halls, i think both sides here need to seriously deescalate because the rhetoric is actually playing into his hands and turning people off to the process. >> you guys were so interesting. i'm going to keep you around. stay with me, everyone. donald trump has some big ideas, but he's also got a lot of theories, conspiracy theories. we'll take a look next. ♪
12:29 am
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many americans think
12:32 am
building a wall on the u.s.-mexican border seemed farfetched, but from the death of justice antonin scalia to 9/11 to the kennedy assassination, donald trump has his theories. here's cnn's tom foreman. >> reporter: in 1993, the clintons were being scrutinized over a real estate deal called whitewater. when deputy white house counsel vince foster was found dead. investigators in five separate investigations called it suicide, but still some people have suspected murder, and trump's thoughts on foster? he knew everything that was going on and then all of a sudden, he committed suicide, trump told "the washington post." very fishy. >> that's unbelievable. >> reporter: it's not the first conspiracy theory he's liked. last fall, he fixated on the widely disproven claim vaccines cause autism. >> the beautiful child went to have the vaccine and came back
12:33 am
and a week later got a tremendous fever, got very, very sick. now is autistic. >> reporter: then he turned to the 9/11 attacks. >> and i watched in jersey city, new jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. >> reporter: but cnn and others could not find any prove. more recently, trump wondered about the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> they say they found the pillow on his face, which is a pretty unusual place to find a pillow. >> reporter: authorities say, yes, but he was sleeping and died of natural causes. trump moved to the kennedy assassination, suggesting a link between ted cruz's father and lee harvey oswald. again, no proof. >> this is nuts. this is not a reasonable position. this is just cooky. >> reporter: it may have all started with the birthers in 2011 when trump joined the chorus saying barack obama was not a native-born american. president obama's birth
12:34 am
certificate proves otherwise. but listen to trump just last summer. >> do you accept that president obama was born in the united states? >> no, i don't know. i really don't know. >> you don't know? >> i don't know why he wouldn't release his records. but, you know, honestly i don't want to get into it. >> reporter: and that answer is fairly typical. trump doesn't often insist that these conspiracy theories are true. he just throws the rumors out there, skpe gives them room to run. and if there's too much push-back or they are proven to not be true, he's also given himself room to run. don. >> he just moves on. i guess the big question is, though, how does trump get away with these statements? it's not like no one calls him on it. >> reporter: yeah, but you know how politics works. sadly, as much as we want to think people analyze the issues, a lot of this is based on if you like someone, you're willing to consider what they have to say as possibly or probably true. if you don't like them, you think it's definitively false. and in the case of people who are supporting donald trump, i think in many cases they think,
12:35 am
well, he says enough that i really agree with. if he believes this or hints at some of these things, well, a lot of people think that maybe, like the old show "the x-files," the truth is out there, and they're just not being let in on it. >> you and i encounter that every single day as jjournalist. what if trump becomes president? can this continue, you think? >> reporter: of course not, and i don't know if it will. who knows what would happen in this circumstance as you have to say about any candidate. when they become presidents, they're different than they are as candidates. but, yeah, i think as president, there would probably be a whole lot more pressure from people saying you can't just spout these things out there or even wink at them. you need to have some kind of proof or else it's inviting trouble. >> you realize by just doing a fact check now that you are anti-trump. i know you're not, but those on his side will say that even though you're just checking the facts. >> reporter: i've been called anti-everybody, but we're just trying to find out what's really going on. >> great report. thanks, tom foreman.
12:36 am
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we're talking about donald trump and his conspiracy theories. back with me nina turner, lanhee chen, tana goertz, and mow elleithee. he says that he saw people cheering in new jersey after 9/11. he suggested ted cruz's father was involved in jfk's
12:40 am
assassination, and he still doesn't know if obama was born in the u.s. he was by the way. is trump a conspiracy theoryist? >> no, he's not. he just lieshkes to get people thinking and doing their own research to find out the facts. he believes that for vince foster to go -- to have, you know, wake up -- not wake up but to be labelled suicide, there should have been more than five investigations. he thinks washington, d.c. should have done 500 investigations to actually find out what really happened. i mean a top white house guide -- aide doesn't go missing like that. so he just wants people to be doing more research, i guess. >> tana, don't i think five investigations are really -- i mean that's kind of a lot. >> enough? no. >> do you expect them to do an investigation until they find something that's not there or find something that suits the other side for someone who believes in a conspiracy theory? >> no.
12:41 am
i just think that washington, d.c. to only have five investigations, that doesn't seem like enough. >> not just washington, d.c. you're saying washington, d.c., but there were police. there were investigators, all kinds of people involved. it wasn't just politicians going -- it was not something that was ideology. this was done by professional investigators, police. >> it didn't seem like it was enough. and mr. trump was just saying that. >> it wasn't enough to suit people who believe in a conspiracy theory, but it was enough to suit the truth. the truth about it is that vince foster committed suicide. why can't that just be the end of story? the truth of it is that president obama was born in america. there is a long form birth certificate that has been authenticed. but yet and still, these conspiracy theories. why isn't the truth enough, and why would you need to float a conspiracy theory in order to get people to think. about what? a falsehood? >> people are doing their own investigation, and people are digging into other facts. i mean i know for a fact a lot of women, mothers who have
12:42 am
children with autism were researching autism and vaccines. and a lot of people came up to the rallies and said, mr. trump, you were right. i was there. i mean i witnessed it. >> so professional opinions don't mean anything. it's just -- >> no. they do. the professional opinions do matter, don. i mean i didn't see the autopsy report. i haven't done my research on vaccines and autism. so there's a lot of things that just -- he wants the american voter -- >> but if you didn't do your research on it and didn't see the report, how can you defend it on national -- actually international television? how can you defend it if you haven't seen it? >> i'm also referring to president obama birth certificate. i haven't personally seen that. >> it's on the internet. it has been authenticated by the government. he was -- you know, there is no dispute that president obama was born in hawaii, in america. it's not a conspiracy theory. >> i'm not saying i believe in the conspiracy theories, don.
12:43 am
i'm just answering why mr. trump was talking about vince and his suicide. >> don -- >> i don't think it should have been stopped at five. that's just my personal opinion. >> don't you think at some point, at some point, especially if someone is, you know, running to be the leader of the free world and is responsible for not only americans but for safety and for people all over the world and the economy, you know, the economic viability of really most of the world, don't you think that facts should matter and those who support him should rely on those facts to determine their support of that person? >> definitely. definitely. >> okay. let's move on. go ahead, mo. >> i don't know what to say to this. >> i'm with you, mo. >> i mean, come on. you know who does think five investigations is enough? vince foster's widow, his children. like what are we doing here? why are we dragging a family through this again?
12:44 am
what he's doing, from pure political perspective, is very, very simple. on both sides, there are groups of people who love to hate the other side. it's true on the left. it's true on the right. there is a cottage industry of people out there who love to hate all things clinton or obama. when he says these things, they love it. they eat it up. he gets huge applause and crowds go nuts. so he keeps doing it. i think it's that simple. >> lanhee? >> because there is no other political reason for doing it. >> go ahead. your response. >> look, i think he is accomplishing probably exactly what he wants strategically, which is that we're talking about it. and other campaigns have to talk about it, right? the clinton campaign now has to spend the day talking about vince foster, at least answering questions about vince foster or the link between autism -- the alleged and myth cal link between autism and vaccines or talking, for example, about president obama's birth certificate, none of which by
12:45 am
the way are issues that election ought to hinge on, right? but presidential campaigns, presidential candidates are the agenda setters. they have the opportunity to help drive the discussion. and instead of talking about tax policy or foreign policy, we're talking about vince foster and other things. so i think donald trump is getting exactly what he wants, and so i do think it's incumbent on all of us to talk about other stuff. >> never let the truth get in the way of a good story, don. that's exactly what's going on here. news flash. president barack obama was born in america. goodness. >> thank you, all. tana, thank you especially for taking it. lanhee, thank you, nina and mo as well. coming up tomorrow night, cnn's series the eighties takes a look at the music that shaped the decade. who better to join me than pat ben atar and her partner, spider jer all doe, next.
12:46 am
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12:49 am
for a lot of us, especially of a certain age, the music of the '80s is a sound track to an unforgettable part of our lives. but this is how it all began. >> you start the decade with the death of a beatle. you don't really know where you're going to go from that
12:50 am
point culturally or musically. >> for a while it seemed there was nothing new on the horizon. announcing the latest achievement in home entertainment. the power of sight. the power of sound. mtv, music television. ♪ >> we are so excited about this new concept in tv. we'll be doing for tv what f.m. did for radio. >> oh, my gosh. i'm getting old. i remember that. joining me now, two people who helped create the music that helped define the decade. they're icons from the '80s and even now. ms. pat benatar and her husband and musical partner, mr. neil, spyder giraldo. don't you remember that like it was yesterday? >> not exactly. i remember it. >> we wish it was yesterday. >> you know, pat, welcome. a lot of people know that the first video ever played was "video killed the radio star." what a lot of people don't know was the second video ever played was yours, "you better run."
12:51 am
did you have any idea that music videos would be such a big deal? >> i don't know. i mean we knew -- you know, we knew when we were doing it that it was going to be something different for sure. i don't think that any of us expected it to go as crazy as it did. but it went fast. it was nuts. >> i'll tell you one funny thing about it is that when you're in one place for 12 hours trying to shoot a three-minute video song, you start off with really good hair. by the time they get the take, your hair is terrible. i had perfect hair when we started. >> we didn't have to worry about that until they started mtv. >> of course they get the take when it's all done. >> what was your career like before and after mtv? >> i mean it was rolling along. it was doing great. the first record came out and went platinum right away, and we had "heartbreaker" which was a huge single. they said these guys are doing this thing, and we think you should, you know, shoot a video for it. we're like, okay, whatever. then about a week after mtv
12:52 am
aired it, we couldn't go anywhere after this. so it was over. >> pat, you were really ahead of your time culturally in a lot of ways. your music was all about female empowerment. a lot of female empowerment going on now. you were a tough chick. at least portrayed that in your videos. why do you think the message resonated with so many? >> i just think it was the first wave of young men that wewomen the daughters of the women's movement. everybody as a collective had the same idea. the best part for me was i had this really secure boyfriend who had no problem with that, and he was -- he was ready to just like, yeah, no problem, let's go. so it worked out great. he did all that, you know. he put all that music underneath all of that bravado and made it work. it was great. >> that gets me to my next question. you're the quintessential rock and roll couple. you met in 1979. what was going on in the country at that time?
12:53 am
take us back. >> well, yeah. well, disco -- it's a funny thing because the disco movement was really strong in 1978 and '79, and when we realed heart breaker, no radio station would play it at first. they said, can we -- there's too much guitar on it, and can we take the guitar off or turn it down? we said, no, because that's what the song is really based around. there was one radio station that broke through, and it seemed like it just changed. once that radio station started playing it, all of a sudden, the g guitar was okay. you felt the disco era cracking and a new age was coming. and that faelt fantastic for us because we were rock and roll band. we weren't planning to be a disco band. that would have never happened. >> we were just crashing and burning. >> you know, there's an excerpt from your 2011 memoir called between a rock and a hard place. i'm just read part, but we can put it up. it talks about you don't really like to talk about your politics at all. you say you don't want to influence people one way or the
12:54 am
other or someone who may disagree with you. >> no. it's so personal. >> but there's been a lot of controversy lately about artists who have gotten political, the black lives matter, beyonce being criticizesed. why do you think it's important for artists not to show their political side? >> you know, i don't think it's important not to. i think everyone needs to choose. for us, i don't really like to blend those things together. we have, you know, pretty specific ideologies and that's our personal business. and sometimes it crosses, you know, and we take a stand on things. and, you know, things are important certainly for, you know, when it comes to children's rights and people's rights. we do that all the time. but basically and generally we stay out of it because i just don't want to -- you know, it's really not what this is about. we're just trying to, you know, make music so that everyone can get away from all that stuff, you know? >> right. >> and have a good time and just, you know, give their mind
12:55 am
a rest and just have some, you know, fun and some good moeth -- >> as an escape just to have fun. i have to tell you, you did that for any. you want to get what my favorite pat benatar song is? >> i don't know. what do you think? >> why don't we play. sflo ♪ we belong to the light, we belong to the thunder ♪ ♪ we belong to the sound of the world ♪ >> you should come here tonight and sing the part. >> okay. maybe not. >> we belong. but i love the first part. the dramatic intro. da, da, da, da. that's what drew me in. >> he talk about this every night in our show. we talk about this. >> don, let me give you a little insight into that. i had a model when i tried to make these records and tried to make hit records. it went simple as this. i wanted to make a song
12:56 am
identifiable from the very first note. >> it was. >> what i tried to do was tried to create and write a certain sound that every time you heard that song, from that very first note, you knew what that song was. i'm glad you picked that out because i'm proud of that myself. >> that's what i loved. you could dance to it, you could sit and listen, but it was car driving music. when that came on in the car. it made me speed up. it was so intense. thank you, guys. >> i'm glad. >> i appreciate it. >> thank you too. >> i'll see you soon. such an awesome couple. the eighties. video killed the radio star, airs tomorrow night at 9:00 eastern right here on cnn. we'll be right back. . .
12:57 am
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that it for us. we will see you back here at 10:00. "early start" begins with alison kosik and george howell right now. >> breaking overnight. hillary clinton on camera responding to a scathing report on how she handled her e-mail while serving as secretary of state. what's happening in the investigation. and donald trump blasting hillary clinton overnight. also facing new backlash from within his own party. and the donald agreeing to debate bernie sanders before the california primary. will it happen? good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm george howell. >> good morning. i'm alison kosik. it is thursday, may 26th. breaking overnight. hillary clinton


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