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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  May 26, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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to the prom. >> oh, my gosh. >> how awesome is that. >> fantastic. >> i love those stories. >> we don't like to forget members of the family here. it is not right, just because you're 50 years younger than we are, that we didn't have -- here is a picture of you back then. there she is. >> that's my real hair by the way. >> wearing a wig. what is that about. >> check ow the leopard print. >> now you're talking. >> i was a trend-setter. >> that look is back. time for "newsroom" with pamela brown. >> i'm so envious of your hair. >> i'm always trying to keep it off my face. >> you're doing a good job. >> it is falling out of my head. >> i don't wanted to hear it. "newsroom" starts now. have a great day. the world pay as tension to
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u.s. elections. >> i want to run against hillary, not me, i just want to run against her. it could be we're going to run against crazy bernie. >> let voters make up their mind and during primaries, people get grumpy with each other. >> let me tell you something, if she wins, and i hope she doesn't, you'll have nothing but four more years of obama, and you can't take that. >> i have turned over all of my e-mails. no one else can say that. it is not an issue that is going to affect the campaign or my presidency. good morning to you, i'm pamela brown in for carol costello. thanks for being with us. president obama has a message for donald trump. world leaders are watching you. the commander in chief blasting the presumptive republican nominee, accusing him of being, quote, ignorant when it comes to global affairs. >> they're rattled by him. and for good reason. he does a lot of the proposals
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that he has made display either ignorance of world affairs, or a cavalier attitude, or an interest in getting tweets and headlines, instead of thinking through what it is that is required to keep america safe. >> the president's blistering remarks in japan, where they're meeting for the g7 summit. >> good morning, pamela, the president's remarks, tracking with polls that suggest voter uncertainty about donald trump's ability to handle foreign and military policy issues. this, by the way, is one of those areas where voters have suggested former secretary of state, hillary clinton, might have an edge over trump, should she become the democratic party's nominee. so it is a vulnerability for
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trump, particularly biting the president's suggestion, the more unusual proposals are more about getting tweets and headlines than thinking things through. listen. >> even those countries that complain or question particular policy decisions we make, know that ultimately things don't hold together so well if the united states is not making good decisions. they are paying very close attention to this election. i think it's fair to say they're surprised by the republican nominee. they are not sure how seriously to take some of his pronouncements. >> so far, no response this morning from donald trump himself. trump supporters already taking issue and pushing back on the president's comments, including alabama senator jeff sessions on cnn this morning, suggesting
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donald trump sometimes unorthodox views on certain policy issues are either potential negotiating points, or things that could breathe new life into international relations with some countries. pamela. >> all right, we will wait and see if and when donald trump responds to this, joe johns. we do appreciate it. meantime, tensions and scuffles, both inside and outside his latest rally. trump supporters and his critics clash with each other and sometimes with police. a handful of people are arrested. >> don't hurt them. i say that for the television cameras. do not hurt him. even though he is a bad person, folks. bad person. >> as you saw there, inside the rally, trump calling for calm, as one protester is booted. that's not what people are buzzing about. political director, rick wiley,
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abruptly leaves after six weeks on the job. power struggles percolate through the campaign, on top of -- her private e-mails broke the rules. >> crooked hillary. crooked hillary. she is as crooked as they come. she had a little bad news today, as you know, from some reports came down that weren't so good. but not so good. inspector general's report, not good. >> cnn jason carroll here with more. good morning to you, jason. >> good morning to you, pamela. that report from the state department inspector general was a gift for donald trump, who used it as more ammunition as you heard to go after hillary clinton at his rally yesterday in anaheim, once again, you heard him use the term crooked hillary, citing the report, which was very critical of clinton, using her personal
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e-mail account for government business. trump told the crowd that clinton is not equipped to be president, he pointed out bernie sanders was the one who initially questioned clinton's judgment. and you know, pamela, trump has had a love/hate relationship with sanders. he has said during the campaign speeches that he felt the delegate system was rigged not only against him, but sanders as well. in the same breath, he calls sanders crazy bernie, just last night, though, trump said on jimmy kimmel, he would be open to debating sanders. >> are you prepared to debate the major issues facing our largest state, and the country before the california primary, yes or no? he wants to know if you will debate him? >> yes, i am. how much will he pay me? >> you would do it for a price? what would be the price be? >> if i debated him, we would have such high ratings, and i think should give -- take that money and give it to some worthy charity, okay. >> so if it was done for
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charity, you would agree to do that? >> if he paid a nice sum, i would love to do that. >> well, it certainly didn't take sanders long to reply. he tweeted "game on." i look forward to debating donald trump before the june 7th primary. we'll have to see if that happens. what won't happen is a debate between sanders and clinton. clinton, ahead of the california primary, she has declined. pamela. >> all right, jason carroll, thanks so much for bringing the latest there. attacks against hillary clinton, his top aide tells the huffington post, when it comes to issues like his proposed ban on muslims. mark lamont hill, new york campaign council man, joes self-and center for politics, larry sabato. welcome, great to see you, gentlemen. i want to jump into the strategy for the general. but first let's talk about this
6:08 am
news about the political director, joseph -- rick wiley rather leaving after six weeks. did this happen because of infighting within the campaign? >> it might have. i'm not going to speculate on what happened in the various campaigns. but every presidential campaign, you see sorts of a team of rivals emerge with, you know, in attempts to try to get access to the candidate, try to be more influential in the race. it is not something unique to the trump campaign. if mr. wiley ran out of things to do on the campaign, then i'm not surprised he was asked to leave or whether he resigned on his own, whatever happened. >> six weeks, though, in a moment where he is about to enter the general election, and where he is winning and actually beginning to consolidate the party suggests to me an internal power struggle, largely over what kind of donald trump we're going to have. the donald trump from the primary season, who has really galvanized a group of voters that don't come to the polls or look more presidential and softer. that's part of the question.
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>> some people would argue, larry, that the tact that donald trump continues to take right now is only galvanizing his spo spo supporters, going after martinez, warren, not just hillary clinton. in your view, is that a smart strategy, and is that causing some of those rank republicans to really endorse him, kind of to hold back and not come out and rally around him yet? >> well, the number of prominent republicans who haven't endorsed trump is dwindling, so i don't think that's significant. i do think trump made a mistake in attacking susana martinez, the first latina. she is no trump fan, that's true. but given trump's problems with hispanics generally, that was an attack that he really could have
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done without. >> and let's talk about that, joseph, because he still has high end favorables among women and hispanics. they've gone down from women from the 70s in march to the 60s now, but still, it is pretty high. and yet he is going after someone like susana martinez, who is popular within the republican party, hispanic woman. what do you think about that strategy? do you think he should scale back those kinds of attacks? >> start here. governor martinez, as the president and head of the republican governors association should have been a little more politically savvy that the nominee was in her state and she shouldn't have snubbed him. that said, you're right. we see better numbers, and the numbers aren't moving as fast as a lot of people would like. but there is a clear trend where he is gaining support among women and probably the most important demographic of all, independents and we've seen that in the rise in poll numbers overall and swing states. >> i want to ask you this, mark,
6:11 am
because trump continues to say he is not going to release his tax returns during the audit. clinton has continued to use this as a line of attack against trump. do you think it will work for her? >> i'm not sure that it will. the tax thing is important, he absolutely should release them and it excuse is somewhat flimsy. at the same time, it is hard for her to make a transparency argument because of her own e-mail scandal, which she admits was a mistake. but because there are so many murmurs about transparency, i'm not sure that's the best plan of attack. she should focus on her foreign policy experience. just yesterday, when we saw the president himself talk about world leader whose have critique against donald trump and a fear of donald trump as a global leader, that's a much better and responsible successful mode of attack. >> is that what people want, her talking about policy and issues, because we've seen donald trump use a different tack and he has garnered a lot of attention. >> anything that would work
6:12 am
against the candidate has not worked against donald trump. at some point, you have to play your strong hand. her strong hand is she is more experienced, she is more responsible. she is more stable. she is more mature. these are the sort of attacks or critiques, rather, i would make if i were hillary clinton. >> so in the long run, it will pay off for her. >> is it has to. >> you mentioned the state department i.g. report that came out yesterday, donald trump seized on it basically saying this just bolsters his argument that she is crooked hillary. here is what clinton had to say in response. let's listen to that. >> well, there may be reports that come out, but nothing has changed. it's the same story. just like previous secretaries of state, i used a personal e-mail. many people did. it was not at all unprecedented. i have turned over all of my e-mails. no one else can say that. i've been incredibly open about doing that. i will continue to be open. and it's not an issue that is
6:13 am
going to affect either the campaign or my presidency. >> is that true, larry? >> well, no, she is absolutely right, pamela. it is the same sorry. that's the problem. this e-mail controversy which is entirely of her own making, it is her fault that this has happened, she knew better to do this, it is coming up again and again and again. if there is any good news for her, it is that everything we see so far suggests that republicans are upset, but democrats aren't. now, the bernie sanders supporters i'm sure would say that it is a negative one reason why they're not supporting her, but if she gets the nomination, they'll probably come on board eventually. >> but do this go to the trust issue, when you see she had said, you know, her team had said look we're cooperating and you find out in the report that hillary had denied giving an interview to the i.g., things like that, does this go to the trust issue or no? is this -- just trying to get
6:14 am
your sense on how damaging this may be. >> i think it reenforces her problems, which are twofold. people don't like her, and don't trust her. her advantage is that people also do not like or trust donald trump. so we have two candidates with the highest unfavorables ever recorded for major party presidential candidates. >> and president obama is weighing in on this. it is pretty unusual for a commander in chief to be this involved in an election season like this. it seems, i mean, he is really gone after trump, though, mark. he came out and said that trump's remarks display ignorance and a cavalier attitude. have you ever heard this from a -- >> it is a little early for that. i will say. typically they go for the nominee, post june or july, see this language. but the president would argue, the stakes are high. donald trump presidency is of such -- puts us next ordinary peril, he has to intervene, but
6:15 am
as a global leader and someone's job it is to safeguard the country. >> your thoughts? >> the president has the right to attack the nominee. as mark said, we will expect to hear over time. but trump is getting a lot of public support for many of his comments because of the failures that the obama and secretary of state clinton's foreign policy failures. if he didn't have something to tweet or talk about in terms of the government's policy in libya, russia, elsewhere, he wouldn't have the opportunity to even tweet about this. and even gain support. >> there are critiques and obama, i share them. but that doesn't mean the trump's policy is correct. i think the fear is that his interventions or proposed interventions are extraordinarily bad. building a wall is a pander and a bad policy. >> keep in mind, the president right now is on an asian trip undermining other credibility with china and vietnam regime. let's just be fair -- you.
6:16 am
>> you say he is undermining china. he says he wants to move away from his relationship with the u.k., one the strongest allies. it is impossible to imagine anything donald trump has said has done anything to advance our relations with another nation. >> we have to tleef therleave i. really interesting discussion. good to hear your viewpoints. up next on this thursday, united nations, stern warning on isis. are the good guys endangering the lives of thousands of civilians. we're going to take a look, after this break. ♪rock-a-bye stacy ♪running non-stop. ♪lifting up patients... ♪...changing their socks. ♪you're sore and you're beat ♪from all that you did. ♪for rest and relief ♪try sealy's hybrid. ♪so take a load off
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well, iraq government troops gaining ground and marching towards fallujah a fight there,
6:21 am
and they civilians may face the biggest risk. humanitarian risks. >> reporter: the latest pam, iraqi forces have managed to reach the center seven miles to the east of fallujah itself, a town that's been under isis control for a very long time, and for many, many months, the iraqi forces have been trying to retake it. in fact, i was just outside of garma a year ago while iraqi forces were bombarding the town, but noon local time, they were able to take the center of the town, although we understand there is still wide clean-up operations going on in the western sector. troops are tweeting pictures of celebrations in the middle of garma. it is important, because it is only about 20 miles to the
6:22 am
northeast of baghdad international airport. of course, there has been a lot of concern that attacks happen on the airport, it will be cut off from the rest of the world. this is significant. at the same tieme, we understan the humanitarian situation is getting dire indeed. medical sources tell us that within the last 24 hours, as a result of government bombardment in air attacks, eight people have been killed, 16 wounded. most of them civilians they say. the situation for instance as far as food is very difficult. there is no fuel, either. they say people are being rushed to the hospital, the wounded, on vegetable carts, because they don't have any fuel for cars or ambulances. pam. >> just a really dire situation there. ben, thank you very much for bringing us the latest. still ahead on this thursday morning, donald trump taking aim yet again, his latest target,
6:23 am
female politicians. he isn't just limiting it to the democrats. you know when i first started out, it was all pencil and paper. the surface pro is very intuitive. i can draw lightly, just like i would with a real pencil. i've been a forensic artist for over 30 years. i do the composite sketches which are the bad guy sketches. you need good resolution, powerful processor because the computer has to start thinking as fast as my brain does. i do this because i want my artwork to help people.
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well, check out this massive tornado, tearing through kansas last night. it leveled homes in its path, destroying at least 20 north of witch d wichita. minor injuries have been reported but the threat is not over. more violent weather moving in. right now, 30 million people at risk. meteorologist chad myers in atlanta, tracking the greatest threats. it is this time of year, chad. >> it certainly is. when you get close to memorial day, you start to lose the threat and moves up to kansas, nebraska, and farther to the north. our threat today is omaha, grand
6:28 am
island, kansas city, wichita, the towns that build the numbers up. you mentioned 30 million people. already right through there, 20 million people in those bigger towns there and all the way down through oklahoma city and dallas. the big threat will be tornados on the ground later on this afternoon in the heat of the day. we have some clouds and rain lingering from yesterday. that will burn off and the sun will come out. that's a great thing, the sun is out. no, that's a bad thing in the plains. when the sun out and the storms are coming, they get bigger because the heat is there, the storms get stronger, higher, they bubble up like a hot air balloon. we'll see tornados today. a lot of chaser out there today, i'm afraid. i don't want one to be one of you. if you are close to a tornado, it will be hair moving. please stay out of the way. you will see cars chasing them, please don't do t it is not safe. >> good advice there, chad.
6:29 am
thank you. i know you'll be keeping track of what is going on in the plains. thanks so much. well, good morning to you, i'm pamela brown, in for carol costello. thanks for joining me on this thursday morning. elizabeth warren and susana martinez may be on different sides of the political aisle, but in the 2016 campaign, the one thing rising star have in common, and that's donald trump. both women under receiving end of sharp taxes from trump at a rally in martinez' home state of new mexico. >> it is pocahontas, elizabeth warren, she was going out, she is probably the senator that is doing just about the least in the united states senate. she is a total failure. we have to get your governor to get going. she has to do a better job, okay. your governor has to do a better job. she is not doing the job.
6:30 am
hey, maybe i'll run for governor of new mexico. i'll get this place going. >> all right, so what does this mean for a party that said it needed to expand its outreach to women and minorities after mitt romney's 2012 loss. here to discuss, leslie sanchez, republican strategist and sabrina schaeffer, executive director of the independent women's forum. thank you, ladies. leslie, you first, because trump isn't just targeting democratic women as we saw there. he is also criticizing two sitting female republican governors, who happened to be very popular in the gop. martinez for her job performance, and he lashed out at nikki haley, saying he won south carolina, despite her endorsing rubio. how does he court women with these kinds of comments? >> it is going to be extremely challenging. i mean, one thing we know for sure, donald trump is under performing with women and with hispanic voters, and this doesn't help. especially when you consider the fact that very popular governor
6:31 am
like susana martinez was once a democratic, crossed over in the '90s, became a republican, knows how to work across the aisle and been in her state avoiding the lights, but doing the hard work of welfare reform, catnip to a lot of conservatives and the base gop voters. so to isolate and kind of target somebody who could be your biggest ally is a mess step. not only with this governor, but any of the strong female leaders that we have within the party. >> already, so sabrina, how does the party unify if trump is going after some of the current leaders in the party? >> right, well, i mean leslie is right. it is a shame when you think how far conservatives and by extension, the gop has come with women. they did a lot to significantly shrink the gender gap during the midterm elections and this sets us back. that being said, the more interesting story is hillary clinton failure with women voters, especially the younger
6:32 am
voters. while donald trump doing a disservice, hillary clinton is the more interesting part of this. i don't think her message or her policies are resonating with women. i think they see through this. they don't like that she has made gender sort of the centerpiece of her campaign. they recognize that policies like raising the minimum wage and mandating paid benefits and coming down hard on the energy industry, they realize they're bad policies for women and their families. that's where the republicans have an opportunity to get back the policy. >> but do you think that her -- she is not doing as well among young people partially because she is still in a fight with bernie sanders who does so well among young people? >> well, absolutely. i mean, actually one recent poll found, and i'm sure leslie has had similar things in her work, that when voters are asked who represents your opinions or voices your opinions best, bernie sanders and donald trump came out way ahead of hillary clinton. so when those voters consolidate, we'll have to see,
6:33 am
do some of them break for donald trump or do others help hillary clinton. that's the big unknown right now. >> leslie, paul manafort weighed in on the vp process. huffington post said he won't choose a woman or minority group, in fact, that would be viewed as pandering, i think. p leslie, your thoughts? >> we're going back to the '90s. talking about the '80s, that's the '90s, like a flashback of the party politics that i think individuals like myself and sabrina have worked against for the last two decades. it's really about inclusion, and not looking at gender and ethnic i.d. when you're looking at a really qualified candidate. i wouldn't just exclude somebody because it was some sort of pandering. i think the goal is to look at people based on their qualifications and let -- color-blind so to speak to everything else. i do think on the side, this is
6:34 am
going to be a comparing contrast, right. so there is tremendous opportunity, the positive silver lining to appeal to a lot of these independent women voter whose are now turned off by the brash style and crash statements because they like the leadership style and just fearful washington is broken as anybody else. they want somebody to change that. but it has to be a message that's inclusive. when you're talking about bringing people together on solutions that work and pocketbook issues, you close the latino gap and the women's gap at the same time. >> we'll have to see what happens. leslie sanchez, sabrina schaeffer. thanks. did a university cover up protect its players, the investigation, up next.
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mercedes-benz dealer. a major college football team, under fire over a sexual assault scandal, tomorrow leaders at baylor university,
6:39 am
including school president, kenneth starr, accused of covering up allegations of rape and violent bemay have by players on the school's football team. ken starr, you'll remember was front and center investigating bill clinton and monica lewinsky. >> reporter: pamela, top officials at baylor university and its athletic program are under intense scrutiny for the way these officials have handled a series of sexual abuse cases involving students on campus. nearly nine years ago, the seeds of the baylor university were planted as it hired the football coach. then ken starr as university president, yes, that ken starr, of 1990s clinton-lewinsky cover-up investigation scheme. baylor football was blossoming, a new $266 million football stadium was built on campus. from the outside, baylor was on
6:40 am
the rise. but now, some say it came at a painful cost. >> absolutely, there was a cover-up. the reality is, it tends to be all about the money. you know, it's how do they protect their wealth, how do they protect and do damage control to protect that reputation. >> erwin zalkin represents jasmine hernandez, suing baylor for the way the school and the athletic program handled her rape allegations when she first came forward. at least three baylor football players have faced sexual assault accusations and reportedly a number of other baylor students coming forward with allegations of being sexually assaulted. two victims have spoken to cnn saying the university tried to cover up the rape allegations. jasmine hernandez was sexually assaulted in april of 2012. >> this person had numerous
6:41 am
claims of assault made against him before, where we're claiming very serious allegations of assault, and being completely ignored and sort of pushed under the rug. >> hernandez struggled with the trauma, her grades suffered and when her mother asked for help, she says a baylor school official told her, quote, if a plane falls on your daughter, there is nothing we can do to help you. hernandez eventually lost her academic scholarship. elliot was convicted in 2014 of sexual assault and serving a 20 year prison sentence. as for ken starr has not spoken publicly, but under the watch of a man who investigated the most famous sexual affair cover-up isn't going unnoticed. then there is the case of sam okichaw, which raises more
6:42 am
questions. he transferred from boise state to baylor in 2013, after he was dismissed from that team for disciplinary reasons. turns out, serious concerns about his violent behavior towards his then girlfriend. last august, baylor football coach, art briles, denied knowing anything about it. >> i don't know about what happened at boise. >> but boise's head coach said in a statement i thoroughly apprised them regarding his disciplinary regard and dismissal. he arrived in waco and was con victim convicted of sexually assaulting a student. he cannot claim he didn't know about the actions of his football players. >> he would have to be deaf, du dumb and blind not to know. if he stuck his head in the sand and tried to avoid knowledge, that's just as bad. >> reporter: our repeated requests to interview ken starr
6:43 am
have been denied, but there are reports that baylor's board of regions has voted to fire mr. starr. however, a spokesperson for the university says the board of regions is still deliberating his fate and a final decision could be made by the end of next week. pamela. >> ed, thank you very much for that. we want to check our top stories on this thursday morning. don't expect the long airline lines to get better any time soon. pe pete are neffenger saying it will be a quote, challenging summer. he told cnn how he is tackling the issues. >> we have put a lot of resources into the top airports of the country, the top 20 in particular. we're watching them carefully and watching it in real time right now. i watch it now as well as p predictive over the next 24 hours. we've redeployed most of the canines to the airports we know there will be a lot of travel volume this weekend.
6:44 am
those canines as you know can rapidly move people through a line, put extra resources in. a lot more overtime hours pushed out. so i think we've done a tremendous amount to mitigate it. >> but, despite that, neffinger says you should come early. take a look, this cell phone video capturing the chaos investigators also pouring over surveillance tape which caught the it on video. t.i. was not performing at the time and cnn has reached out to the rapper's rep for comment. owe fafficials from 11 stat suing the obama administration that mandates schools to let transgender students use bathrooms and locker rooms matching their gender identity. a 32 page lawsuit of turning educational settings across the country into laboratories for a massive social experiment.
6:45 am
the next hour, we'll dive deep in the topic as louisiana's attorney general joins me live at 10:00. more than 100 years in the making found the remains of a ship from the mid to late 1800s. found in the city's seaport district. they think it may have run a ground or crashed in the area during a storm. pretty interesting. and up next, right here in the "newsroom," sanders versus trump on the debate stage. didn't see that one coming. both candidates say they're in, but will it happen? who will win. we're going to talk about that, up next. ♪
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6:50 am
neither side has clinched the nomination but bernie sanders and donald trump could be heading to the debate stage. but as trump tells jimmy kimmel, there will be a price. >> he wants to know will you debate him? >> i will. how much will he pay me? if he debate me, we would have such high ratings and i think i should take that money and give it to a worthy charity. >> sanders said he is ready to debate. will it happen? we're joined by san francisco city supervisor jane kim. sanders is backing kim in her race for state senate. thank you for coming on. we appreciate it. >> good morning. >> do you really think this debate will actually happen? >> i think that senator sanders has certainly made it very clear that he would love to debate
6:51 am
trump on many of these issues. you'll have to ask the campaign for more details, but we've seen in every single match-up between sanders and trump that sanders does win by a wide margin. >> and let's take a look at the latest polls because, you know, there's still primaries coming up in california. a new poll shows clinton and sanders neck and neck there. 46% to 44%. sanders says he is in until california and then the convention. "time" magazine asks this week how far will bernie go? how far do you think he will go? >> senator sanders is speaking to the very issue that is the constituents that i represent in san francisco care about, income inequality, free higher education, affordable housing, solutions to homelessness. last month i unveiled a proposal to make college here free for all san francisco residents with a modest tax on luxury homes
6:52 am
over $5 million. this is a common vision that senator sanders and i share, one where economic prosperity and growth benefits everyone here in our country, not just the very few at the top. >> so it's clear your values align with him, but at some point do you think it could damage, you know, the democratic party with this divisiveness inside the party and the attacks -- the ongoing attacks against hillary clinton? at what point do you think bernie sanders could cross the line if he is not the nominee, which at this point the math doesn't add up for him, frankly. >> having a debate on our wealth gap, on affordable health care, on how we can house all of our residents, that is strengthening the democratic party. we have seen nearly 2 million californians register since january 1st. 200,000 on the last day to register this past monday. the democratic party has grown
6:53 am
218% here in the state of california. this is a good thing. voters deserve a good debate, and senator sanders is speaking to the very values that many americans and californians care about. this is a good thing -- >> let me ask you this. let me just ask you this before we wrap this up, because senator sanders has been quiet on clinton's e-mail situation so far. the controversy surrounding that. the fbi investigation. will he dig in now, especially in the wake of the state department report that was released yesterday in an effort to overtake her in california? should he? >> the inspector general has released a report, and there will be a careful process moving forward. we should let this process play out. senator sanders is talking about the very issues that we are concerned with. in fact, the constituents i represent aren't talking about the e-mails. they're talking about how they're going to retire. they're talking about how they're going to own a home in the future. these are the very issues we want to see debated in the public. >> so you don't think he should address that with hillary and make that an issue?
6:54 am
>> again, the folks that i'm talking to, what i'm hearing on the ground, people are very anxious about the future of our country. we're concerned about the shrinking of our middle class and the growing wealth gap. these are the very issues we want to see debated over the next couple weeks. >> jane kim, thanks so much. still ahead on this thursday, meet the female rapper who got president obama to beat box in vietnam. everything well? this clean was like - pow. it felt like i had just gone to the dentist. my teeth are glowing. they are so white. 6x cleaning*, 6x whiteningá in the certain spots that i get very sensitive... ...i really notice a difference. and at two weeks superior sensitivity relief to sensodyne i actually really like the two steps! step 1 cleans and relieves sensitivity, step 2 whitens. it's the whole package. no one's done this. crest - healthy, beautiful smiles for life.
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6:58 am
if you're going to introduce yourself to president obama as a rapper, you better be ready to show off your skills. cnn's jeanne moos explains. >> reporter: we've seen him dance with ellen, tango in argentina, and sing at the apollo. ♪ so in love with you
6:59 am
>> reporter: but in vietnam, president obama got serenaded. >> i am a rapper here -- >> oh, you're a rapper. >> reporter: it took a nudge from the president. >> why don't you give me a little rap. >> reporter: even helped with a little beat boxing. >> do you need a little beat. >> vietnamese and english. >> of course. >> reporter: her rap was about people with money in big houses, but are they happy? ♪ ♪ it's been a crazy day >> well, that was good. >> reporter: she wasn't just a random audience member. she's known in vietnam as the queen of hip-hop. her name is suboi. she has music videos and tens of thousands of fans. she's been in movies and performed on "vietnam idol."
7:00 am
no wonder she wasn't nervous rapping to the president. >> actually, i was shaking. a lot of stereotype, like me an asian rapper, they're cute girls -- >> is that what they're thinking? >> reporter: she said she taught herself english rapping along with eminem. he curses so much she says that's why her english is bad and rude. and how does she rate president obama's beat boxing? >> do you need like a little beat? >> he tried it. >> reporter: hey, beats beating this box. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> she might be my new hero. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" begins right now. the world pays attention to the u.s. elections.
7:01 am
>> i want to run against hillary. it could be we're going to run against crazy bernie. >> let voters make up their minds, and during primaries people get a little grumpy with each other. >> let me tell you something, if she wins, and i hope she doesn't, you'll have nothing but four more years of obama, and you can't take that. >> i have turned over all of my e-mails. no one else can say that. it's not an issue that's going to affect either the campaign or my presidency. good thursday morning. i'm pamela brown in for carol costello. thanks so much for spending a part of your morning with us. president obama hammers donald trump on the world stage. the commander in chief blasting the presumptive republican nominee accusing him of being ignorant when it comes to global affairs and saying this about world leaders. >> they're rattled, and for good
7:02 am
reason because a lot of the proposals he's made display either ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude or an interest in getting tweets and headlines instead of actually thinking through what it is that is required to keep america safe. >> the president's blistering remarks coming during a news conference in japan where world leaders are meeting for the g7 summit. let's begin with cnn's senior washington correspondent joe johns. good morning to you, joe. >> reporter: good morning, pamela. the president's remarks tracking with polls that suggest voter uncertainty about donald trump's handling of military and foreign policy issues, and this, by the way, is one of those areas where voters have suggested former secretary of state hillary clinton has the edge over trump should she become the democratic party's nominee.
7:03 am
so it's a vulnerability for trump. the president suggesting that trump's more unusual policy proposals were more about getting tweets and headlines than thinking things through. listen. >> they are paying very close attention to this election. i think it's fair to say that they are surprised by the republican nominee. they are not sure how seriously to take some of his pronouncements. >> reporter: trump supporters already taking issue and pushing back on the president's comments, including alabama senator jeff sessions this morning on cnn suggesting that donald trump's sometimes unorthodox views on certain policy matters are either potentially negotiating points or things that could breathe new life into international relations, pamela. >> is there any evidence to show that world leaders are, in fact, rattled by trump? >> reporter: i think you can use a lot of words when you look at the situation around the world, and there are some countries
7:04 am
that tend to look at donald trump's comments in the context of shifts in american foreign policy more generally. however, there have been some visceral reactions, if you will, to trump, including one from the government of mexico when trump talks so much about building a wall, and there's also the brand new mayor of london who has reacted very viscerally to some of trump's comments about muslims. listen. >> donald trump and his team, their views on islam are ignorant. i'm quite clear that, yes, of course, it is the case that there are a small number of people who commit acts of terror, they're terrorists. my point is he's inadvertently playing into the extremists' hands given the impression that western values are incompatible with mainstream islam.
7:05 am
>> reporter: what is interesting also as you watch this presidential campaign, important to say that some other candidates, notably hillary clinton and even bernie sanders, have made some policy shifts too on international relations, particularly on the issue of trade. so not as much certainly as donald trump, but i think that's important to point out, pamela. >> joe johns, thank you so much for your reporting there. and donald trump also sharpening his attacks, preparing for a long brawl for the white house. his target, hillary clinton and the obama administration, has given him some fresh material. jason carroll is here with more. he's not only setting his sights on them, on the democrats, also some republicans, right. >> and at the end of the day hillary clinton would want this whole e-mail scandal situation to go away. she says it's not going to affect her campaign, but having said that, donald trump still hammering hillary clinton on that report from the state department's inspector general. the report very critical of clinton for using her personal e-mail account to do government business when she was secretary
7:06 am
of state. just this morning trump tweeting, the inspector general's report on crooked hillary is a disaster. such bad judgment and temperament cannot be allowed in the white house. trump driving the point home during his rally yesterday in anaheim. >> she had a little bad news today, as you know, from some reports came down that weren't so good, but not so good. the inspector general's report, not good. >> clinton once again finding herself in the position of having to defend her actions saying she did the same thing her predecessor did. >> well, there may be reports that come out, but nothing has changed. it's the same story. just like previous secretaries of state, i used a personal e-mail. many people did. it was not at all unprecedented. i have turned over all of my e-mails.
7:07 am
no one else can say that. pif be i have been incredibly open about doing that, i will continue to be open, and it's not an issue that will affect either the campaign or my presidency. >> although bernie sanders has said in the past enough with the clinton e-mail story, he says we should just move beyond it, trump says he's in step with sanders who has questioned clinton's judgment. you know, when it comes to this whole sander/trump sort of relationship, this sort of love/hate relationship, what is very clear about this, trump is enjoying the fact that sanders is still in the race, still a thorn in clinton's side. so as long as sanders is in this race, it's just good material for trump. >> absolutely. now there's talk that the two want to debate each other, so we will see if that actually happens. >> we'll see. >> we will see. >> jason carroll, thank you. let's talk about this with former hillary clinton presidential campaign manager patti solis doyle and we're also joined by cnn political commentator and trump supporter jeffrey lord. great to see both of you. i want to go to you first,
7:08 am
jeffrey. hello there. we just heard in joe's report what the president said, that world leaders are rattled and that some of trump's comments display ignorance and the cavalier attitude when it comes to global affairs. what are your reaction to that? >> well, as you know, i worked for ronald reagan and i heard more or less exactly the same kind of charge in 1980 about ronald reagan. that he was a cowboy, that he would get news a -- us in a war and world leaders were concerned about his election and on and on it went. what it is about is insiders and outsiders. donald trump is an outsider in the american political system and in the international system and insiders tend to like their own folks. so i understand what the game is here. ronald reagan was on outsider as well. so i really don't think there's much more to it than that. >> but he's made some incendiary remarks, jeffrey. are you concerned that his rhetoric is hurting the world view of the united states at
7:09 am
all? >> no, no, no. i think it's time that we have a different approach. secretary clinton is campaigning on her experience, and, of course, the question becomes her judgment. she has the experience. the question is what did it do? what kind of judgment did it produce, and the judgments uniformly across the board have not been positive for the united states. so i think that's why so many people are responding to donald trump. they definitely want a change. >> patti, i want to let you respond to what jeffrey just said. >> yeah, i just want to say that the fact that the president is in at the g7 and reporting back that he's hearing from foreign leaders that they're rattled by donald trump and his, you know, outlandish ideas when it comes to foreign policy, whether it's having mexico build a wall, having paid for a wall -- or excuse me, i'm losing my voice -- or complimenting kim jong-un for killing his
7:10 am
relatives or pulling out of nato, these are outlandish things that foreign leaders are kind of scratching their head at and shaking their head at frankly. so i don't think it's about insiders versus outsiders. i think it's about really having the ideas and the judgment to lead this country in the world. >> patti, i want to ask you to respond to the state department report that came out yesterday that has really given ammo to donald trump. he immediately pounced on that to go after hillary clinton. are you concerned that this report will only further perhaps diminish trust among voters with hillary clinton? >> you know, hillary clinton said that using her own server was a mistake and that if she had to do it over again, she wouldn't, and i believe she stands by that. it was a mistake. the report, if you look at it, really talked about systemic problems that the state department has had prior to her
7:11 am
being secretary of state. i think it cited something like 90 top officials using personal e-mails for government purposes. so -- >> but it was unique that she had the private server. i think that is what it was saying. >> it absolutely is and hillary clinton has admitted that was a report, but the reason i think the ig's report is getting so much attention is because she's running for president and she's in the middle of a campaign and campaigns are about choices, and hillary clinton has devoted her life and her career to public service. she's put forward, you know, real ideas and a real vision to move this country forward, to make the lives of working-class americans better, and donald trump is -- his vision is one of divisiveness and of hate, and i think when voters are expected to choose, they're going to choose hillary clinton over donald trump in this election. >> i have to ask you this,
7:12 am
jeffrey, because donald trump isn't just going after hillary clinton. he's going after popular people in his own party, governor susana martinez, the governor of new mexico among others. she's a woman, she's a hispanic. he's not doing very well in both of those groups. is that a smart strategy? >> well, i think the point here, and this is something that i think is a serious concern for the republican party. you have far too many people in the republican party who have gotten into this cancer on the party that is identity politics. governor martinez, i'm sure she's a wonderful person, but she's not a latina, as i have said before. she's an american. she's the governor of new mexico. one's race is not important nor should it ever be in this country. this country is built on ideas of freedom and liberty -- >> he gave false information. he said she was allowing in all these refugees to new mexico. that's not the case, in fact. in fact, she was part of 30 governors who said there needs to be more vetting before we let refugees in z. >> well, i don't know what's happening here in new mexico,
7:13 am
but certainly the issue of allowing refugees in from the middle east unvetted, which is what's happening, i mean there's no way possible to vet all of these folks, and we've seen that some of these people have come in in europe and were responsible for the attack in paris. i mean, common sense says that you don't do this kind of thing. >> right, but he was going after her for that even though she was one of the people, one of the governors who said, look, was making the point you're just making. >> okay. i mean, if that's what happened, that's what happened, but, i mean, you know, let's get to the politics of this. she's the governor of new mexico, the republican governor of new mexico. not to mention the chairman of the republican governor's association. her job, her job, let me emphasize, in that situation is to be at the side of the republican presidential nominee when he shows up in her state. she neglected her job, her role in that situation. so no wonder he's critical. her. if you're going to be a party leader, then you've got to take on the responsibility of being a
7:14 am
party leader, and she neglected it. >> there is nothing different between what susana martinez is doing than what paul ryan is doing, and that is she's trying to make up her mind whether or not she's going to support and endorse donald trump. i don't understand why donald trump is going after governor martinez so vehemently and sort of, you know, trying to woo paul ryan. is it because he has a problem with strong women? i just don't understand that. >> all right. jeffrey lord, patti solis doyle, thank you very much. >> thanks, pam. thanks, patti. >> thank you. still ahead on this thursday, the fight over where transgender students go to the bathroom could be headed to the supreme court. 11 states now suing, billions of dollars on the line. i talk to louisiana's attorney general about that suit up next. cancer...
7:15 am
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7:18 am
♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. the fight over who can go to the bathroom where could go all the way to the supreme court. os from 11 states are now suing the white house. their goal, overturning a
7:19 am
directive that tells school districts to allow transgender students to use the restroom and locker room of their choice. the state is filing a 32-page lawsuit calling the policy a massive social experiment. the move could cost the states billions in federal education funding, but texas' attorney general leading the charge. >> by forcing through his policies by executive action, president obama has excluded the voice of the people. we stand today to the ensure that those voices are heard. this crosses socioeconomic lines, republican/democrat lines. this is about parents who are upset, grandparents who are upset, and they want to make sure that the safety of their children is taken care of. >> with me now to discuss is louisiana attorney general jeff flandery. thank you so much for coming on. i want to just first go to the heart of this lawsuit that louisiana was part of filing. it calls the obama administration unlawful, this plan, this directive.
7:20 am
why is that? >> well, i mean, think about it. i'm the attorney general here in louisiana and every day attorney generals from around the country are fighting things like rooting out public corruption. i have an entire section that deals with child predators, bringing child predators to justice, arresting them and prosecuting them and at all levels of government we are dealing with a huge heroin epidemic plaguing our society and today we're talking about bathrooms? think about it. we're trying to change history here. since multioccupancy bathrooms were invented, they've always divided them to a men and woman's bathroom. with all the problems in the nation, the president is talking about bathrooms. in the 1960s, president kennedy was talking about putting a man on the moon and today we're talking about putting boys in girls' bathrooms. >> the other side is who are you to say what gender is if it is what is on someone's birth certificate or whether it's what
7:21 am
they identify with? >> first of all with the president and what our governor down here is trying to do is trying to usurp the process of the law. we have a process in this country under which we create these types of policies. they're trying to short circuit it. just two days ago in our state house, a bill that would create a special class for transgender was killed overwhelmingly with bipartisan support and yet our governor issues an executive order to try to trump that. that is the problem we're facing here. we're not facing an issue where the president is trying to enforce current law or rights under the constitution. they're trying to create law using executive fiat. >> well, they say this is all about title 9, protecting -- making sure there's not discrimination on the basis of sex, and the lawsuit that louisiana is part of says policy requiring students to use the bathroom corresponding with their birth gender protectis children. protects them from what? >> of course it protects them.
7:22 am
think about it. these particular issues are going to affect 99.95% of the children out there and violate their rights with no demonstrable evidence to the fact that it purports to help the 0.05% that they're trying to shove this policy in place for. again, look, the president -- >> go ahead. >> look, you know, i would believe that the president and my governor believe they identify infallible, but i believe the law disagrees with them and i believe the attorneys from around the country who have stood up for this are saying there's a process in place and you all are violating that process. >> but what about the protection of transgender people, lgbt people point out that transgender women are disproportionately the victims of sexual assault. what if somebody is born a boy then becomes a girl and then is forced to use a boy's bathroom. so walking in a boy's bathroom as a girl, and that is
7:23 am
essentially the policy that you're advocating for that you say protects all these other children. what what about the transgender child? >> well, what about protecting those 99% of the children -- >> but protecting them from what? >> the section i have that goes after -- look, think about what i said earlier about protecting children from child predators. again, when you -- and i'm not saying that any transgender falls into that particular class, but when you create those types of poll at thises it has the ability to allow those who do prey on children, who do prey on them, to camouflage themselves and creates an environment that's difficult for law enforcement to protect those particular children. that's one particular aspect. but, again, let's get back to the root of this. we are trying to identify something that biologically has already been separated over hundreds, thousands of years. there's been a complete difference in where the men or a woman in a multiple occupancy restroom go to the restroom.
7:24 am
>> okay. louisiana attorney general jeff landry. >> think about it. it's absolutely ridiculous. >> it's important to hear your perspective. thank you very much for coming on our show. >> yes, ma'am. >> and explaining where you're coming from. we do appreciate it. and still to come on this thursday, a 2016 battle for rust belt voters is getting some help from the nation's top unions. their goal? make sure voters think twice before casting a ballot for trump. [phone rings]
7:25 am
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good morning. i'm pamela brown in for carol costello. thanks so much for joining me. the best choice for our members and our nation, those
7:29 am
are the words of the united autoworkers union, which has announced its endorsement of hillary clinton over donald trump. the group saying in part that trump, quote, clearly does not support the economic failures or security of uaw family. the uaw's endorsement comes amid a fierce battle for voters in the rest belt. joining me now, ron brownstein and tim waters. great to have both of you on, gentlemen. tim, first to you. several top unions, including yours, have held off on endorsing any candidate in the 2016 campaign so far. so why speak out now? >> well, you're right, very wvie president -- haven't endorsed and we've been talking to our members and visiting with them about the issues. they're under attack right now.
7:30 am
we're an industrial union, the largest industrial union in north america, and our members, every day they go to work worrying about whether their plant, their mill is going to be there tomorrow. we've been out there focusing on that right now. >> and how big of a deal is this for donald trump, ron? >> well, look, donald trump needs -- if there is pathway to the white house for him, it runs through the industrial midwest and donald trump is showing to be a very formidable competitor for white working class voters. and the three big media polls in the last week or so, he's up over hillary clinton between 20 and 40 appointments among white voters without a college education, many of whom are the kind of voters that are in industrial unions. on the other hand, pamela, unions have had pretty good success at holding down republican incursions among their members. if you look at the exit polls from 2012, president obama won 58% of voters in union households. he hit 60% or more in the big midwestern states, ohio, wisconsin, michigan that are at risk. so this is going to be a
7:31 am
significant competition and an important one because, as i said, if there is a path for donald trump it runs through white working-class voters in those rust belt states. >> ron, i want to you take a look at one of the ands ds rele against trump. let's look. >> my father gave me a small loan of $1 million. wages too high. by the way, i'm really rich. i'll show you that in a second. >> so as you see there, it says trump is bad for working americans but he has hammered hillary clinton on trade saying policies she has supported are costing jobs. will an ad like this resonate? >> that's a really interesting dynamic this year. usually the appeal for republican candidates to these industrial union members, and i think tim can agree with this, historically has been mostly around cultural issues like guns. what makes trump unusual is he
7:32 am
also has an argument on economic issues, particularly on trade, and to some extent his views on immigration which may have appeal to portions of the membership and it makes him a more complicated target than say a mitt romney who was easier to caricature as someone who would advance the interests of kind of the rich at their expense. trump is obviously a very rich person but he's perceived as something of a rebel by many voters, not really class-based, and someone who is offering policies that are different, particularly on trade, than the unions they've had to contend with for republican candidates before. >> and this campaign hopes to reach some 5 million to 6 million people in battleground states. what are you hearing? are you hearing anything from members in those states that lead you to believe trump is a viable choice for them? >> there's a lot of cynicism out there, and, frankly, donald trump is a wolf in sheep's clothing here. we know he made his products at every opportunity in bangladesh and honduras and china.
7:33 am
we know the places that he was at and what he paid the workers. even in america when he had the chance to put american workers to work, he even imported workers when he couldn't import the product. so there's a lot of cynicism out there. he talked about carrier in indianapolis and the plant closure going to mexico. he didn't even know what they made there. he called it air conditioners when in reality it's gas furnaces. so there's a lot of cynicism out there amongst our members and their families. we've been talking to them a lot and we're going to talk to them more as time goes on. >> and, ron, one study -- go ahead. >> i was going to say real quick, i think the challenge for unions is not so much their own members. it's really the broader kind of white working class voters. you know, unions were only about -- union households are only about 18% of the vote nationally in 2012. even in these big midwestern states except for michigan. it's really only about a fifth, and part of the key question is not only can they hold their own
7:34 am
members, but can they prevent donald trump from making bigger inroads among those white working-class voters who are key to his nomination and which are more concentrated in the midwestern battlegrounds. >> i think in the battleground states, unions may well decide the outcome and we expect it to be a fight, but we expect it to be the democrat nominee coming out. certainly there's no question they're way better than any of the republicans. >> tim waters, ron brownstein, thank you, gentlemen. do appreciate it. and still to come on this thursday, under foot and out of sight. the hidden danger of crumbling bridges. millions of americans at risk every day and researchers are scrambling for answers. hmmmmmm..... [ "dreams" by beck ] hmmmmm... hmmmmm...
7:35 am
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no matter who wins the november election, the next u.s. president will face a series of challenges both abroad and right here at home. among them the nation's infrastructure, including some 60,000 bridges that are in desperate need of repair. some of the structures showing so much deterioration that it could affect the ability to support vehicles. cnn's rene marsh examined one of those bridges up close in the nation's capital and talked to researchers about their ideas for a solution. >> reporter: 68,000 vehicles cross the arlington memorial bridge between d.c. and virginia every day. this is what drivers don't see. >> it's just eroding and the concrete is falling off. >> reporter: we have to where masks and gloves because this paint is all lead paint. this beam is helping to support the bridge and if you take a look, it's badly corroded. you see how thin that steel is. you see holes in the steel. the original support beams from
7:40 am
1932 have never been replaced. >> we're like a third-world country when it comes to infrastructure. >> reporter: federal government spending on infrastructure has designed 9% from 2003 to 2014. every state has some degree of bad bridges that need to be repaired. from los angeles where trees are growing out of cracks in this bridge to chicago where netting is in place to protect drivers from falling concrete. >> the reason we have 57,000 deficient bridges is because we have not made the investment as a national government. >> reporter: former transportation secretary ray lahood blames congress for failing to raise the gas tax in 23 years, which funds projects like bridges and roads. have you been against raising the tax because it's just bad politics? >> first of all, the economy hasn't been great. raising the gas tax doesn't solve the long-term funding problem. >> reporter: as congress tries to figure out this long-term solution, bridges are crumbling. so what do we do right now? >> well, our bill, the fast act,
7:41 am
which we passed in december, the president signed into law, we put more dollars into focusing on the critical infrastructure. >> reporter: his republican colleague disagrees. >> it's funded for five years, but we use ten years' worth of gimmicks to pay for it. these are the kind of things that don't make sense. >> reporter: anthony foxx is the curb rent head of the department of transportation. but isn't everyone guilty? when democrats were in control of congress, the situation was what it is today as well. >> i think every year we go by, the challenge gets that much greater and that's why we don't have another moment to waste. >> reporter: researchers at the university of michigan believe they may have a solution, a bendable concrete that can heal itself from cracks. >> how about if we set our targets towards creating infrastructures that will last 100 years? >> reporter: regular concrete can fail quickly and suddenly. but professor victor lee says the bendable concrete can withstand a force hundreds of times more powerful.
7:42 am
the sped up video shows how it responds to pressure. contributions heal themselves with the help of air and water. the technology lines portions of this bridge in michigan. the hope is it could help already crumbling bridges like the memorial bridge near the nation's capital. >> and our thanks to rene marsh for that report. by the way, the arlington memorial bridge will shut down in five years if it doesn't get the $250 million needed for repairs. still ahead on this thursday, a hiroshima survivor makes it his life's mission to honor the american prissoners o war who died when the atomic bomb fell. his incredible story up next. stay with us. honor the american prisoners of you both have a
7:43 am
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checking our top stories, don't expect those long airport lines to get better right away. tsa administrator peter neffenger under fire for security wait times telling a house committee it will be a, quoted, challenging summer. neffenger telling cnn last hour how he's tackling the issues. >> we've put a lot of resources into the top airports of this country, the top 20 airports in
7:47 am
particular, and we're watching them very carefully and watching it in real time. i watch right now what's happening as well predick at this over the next 24 hours and we have the ability to rapidly shift resources. we have redeployed our k-9s to the airports where we know there will be a lot of travel volume. we put extra resources in. i have a lot more overtime hours pushed out. i think we've done a tremendous amount to mitigate it. >> despite that, neffenger says you should still arrive a couple hours before flying at major travel hubs. and in iraq government troops are gaining ground and marching toward fallujah. it's the civilians trapped within the city who may face the greatest risk. the united nations says the siege could endanger the lives of some 50,000 civilians there. new video showing the dramatic rescue of more than 500 hi grants from the mediterranean.
7:48 am
this is from the italian coast guard. watch as the boat capsizes here forcing hundreds to try to stay above the water. officials also say they rescued nearly 100 migrants today in a separate incident off the coast of libya. that mission is still ongoing. president obama will visit hiroshima tomorrow, the first sitting american president to visit the site of where the u.s. dropped one of two atomic bombs in world war ii. will ripley introduces us to one survivor who has made it his mission to make sure all who died are remembered. >> reporter: survivors of hiroshima have few physical mementos of life before the fireball. this is the only picture that survived the blast. memories, they have many. when the a-bomb fell, i was on my way to school, says this man, who was 8. he remembers red flames, black
7:49 am
rain, mountains of bodies, including american p.o.w.s in this survivor's sketch detained just 400 meters, a quarter mile, from ground zero. this small memorial marks the spot where they died. leveled by the a-bomb, today an office building. i thought we should have a memorial for the americans who died in the a-bomb, he says, but the u.s. kept hiroshima's p.o.w.s top secret until the 1970s when declassified documents gave him a list. 12 american names, their ages, where, and how they died. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: every weekend for more than 20 years he borrowed u.s. phone books from the library calling every name that matched until he found the families. they didn't understand why i was doing this at the beginning, he says. they were very skeptical.
7:50 am
it took a while to gain their trust but he pushed on wanting the families to have closure. he continued for 41 years. it took so much patience, i think only he could do that. the p.o.w.s included the crews of two downed american bombers, the lonesome lady and the latowa. he offered to register their names on the official list of victims. the youngest, airman third class norman brussett of lowell, massachusetts, just 19. decades of searching, and today 12 american p.o.w.s officially registered at hiroshima's hall of remembrance. did you ever think you'd live to see an american president visit here? it's like a dream, he says. i'm so happy.
7:51 am
he wants president obama to know he and other survivors simply want to share their stories, share their memories so the world never forgets. will ripley, cnn, hiroshima, japan. >> great story by our will ripley. and still ahead right here in the "newsroom," hulk hogan's multimillion dollar lawsuit against gawker bank rolled by a silicon valley billionaire. why a nearly decade-old age could put the site out of business. ♪ [crowd cheering] i could get used to this. now you can. when you lease the 2016 es 350 for $329 a month for 36 months. see your lexus dealer. with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids
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narrator: sometimes it's the things that the rest of us don't see that can make all the difference in california's classrooms. it's part of my responsibility as someone who's experienced to allow the door to be open for younger teachers. the teamwork between the teachers is essential. when we collaborate with each other...
7:55 am makes everyone stronger. by helping my fellow teachers be successful, i'm helping kids be successful. narrator: the california teachers association: educators who know quality public schools make a better california for all of us. tonight on the next episode of "the '80s" it's all about music. mtv was just getting started when david bowie called out the network over its lack of diversity. >> having watchedm tv i am floored by the fact there's so few black artists featured on
7:56 am
it. why is that? >> but less so here than in radio? >> well, don't say it's not me, it's them. is it not possible -- should it not be a challenge to try and make the media far more integrated? >> when are we going to see anybody of color on mtv because you said music television. when are you going to start covering all genres of music? >> when music and culture collide. tune into the cnn original series "the 80s" tonight. one of silicon valley's richest men is revealing his latest investment. a plan to take out the website gawker. peter teal revealed he is the one bank rolling hulk hogan's legal battle against the website, one that could end up shutting down the company. brian stelter is following this story. this certainly sounds like revenge. what's going on? >> it sure does. this is amazing to have found
7:57 am
out about this. hulk hogan won $140 million in court against gawker and now gawker is appealing that case, but we've just found out this week that peter teal is the one funding it. so it's perfectly legal for a third party to go ahead and fund a lawsuit, but in this case you think about the chilling effect this could have. we're talking about a billionaire tech entrepreneur funding a lawsuit, actually more than one, against a news organization that he doesn't like. so you might ask why is he doing this? well, it does seem to at least one degree to be personal. almost ten years ago one of gawker's websites wrote about teal's sexuality, wrote about him being gay. he says essentially they were outing him. a couple years later called this blog a terrorist group. he said it was the silicon valley equivalent of al qaeda. clearly he has a lot of strong feelings about gawker. we just received a new statement we can put on screen from teal about this explaining his thinking. he says i am proud to have supported terry bollea in his
7:58 am
successful fight against a bully's gross violation of privacy. gawker the defendant, built its business on humiliating people for sport. they routinely relied on an assumption that victims would be too intinl dated or disgusted to even attempt redress for clear wrongs. >> so he really saw this as an opportunity then with this whole lawsuit between hulk hogan and gawker, and so he then just reached out to hulk hogan and said i want to help bank roll your case? >> that's right. and not just hulk hogan. apparently he's working with other plaintiffs as well. we know of two other lawsuits that gawker is a defendant in. it's unclear exactly how many of those thiel is supporting. behind the scenes thiel is trying to take action against gawker. until now it was a secret. because of news coverage, he's now talking about it openly. some people wonder is this a sign of things to come? will other billionaires and multimillionaires take action against news outlets they don't like by secretly bank rolling
7:59 am
lawsuits? it's entirely legal but it doesn't make people nervous about the prospect. >> what about gawker? what is gawker saying to all of this. >> i have been reaching out to the founder nick denton for comment but his point is to say we are a news organization and just because thiel has a lot of money to challenge us doesn't mean what we're doing is not worth dog. there's been some skepticism about this case because gawker published part of a sex tape involving hulk hohogan. it was about hulk hogan having sex with one of his friend's wives. it was a weird and uncomfortable story and yet gawker said it had a firm first amendment defense. even if you don't care about the story, they had a right to publish it. thiel wants the company to be stopped. >> brian stelter, thanks for bringing us that story. very interesting. and thank you for being a part of your morning with us. i'm pamela brown in for carol costello. "at this hour with berman and
8:00 am
baolduan bolduan" starts right now. have a great day. it could be we're going to run against crazy bernie. >> donald trump will never be elected president. >> he makes a habit of insulting women. he does want to have a deportation force. >> if she wins, you'll have nothing but four more years of obama. >> a lot of the comments he's made display ignorance of world affairs. >> i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. new this morning, candid revelations from donald trump's top aide pulling bab the curtain on the campaign and offering new hints on who the presumptive nominee really will or won't be picking for his running mate. >> paul manafort also said how


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