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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  May 26, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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insurance. hi there. i'm brianna keilar in for brooke baldwin. on this milestone day, trump has received enough delicates to clinch the nomination to be the republican nominee for president. as you know, he needed 1,237 delegates to win this nod in the first round of voting at the national convention in july. no election held today but in just the last few hours, unbound
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delegates who vote on the convention floor told cnn they're joining the trump train. they're putting him over the top with that commitment. i want to go to senior white house correspondent jim acosta. he is in bismarck, north dakota. this is where trump is set to take reporters' questions in just a moment there, jim. does this number really change anything for him strategically or is this just a big milestone for him to celebrate? >> reporter: well, i think it's a couple of things. it's certainlying? to celebrate and we came out here to bismarck, north dakota, and was told enroute he's having this press availability taking reporters' questions. that was not something that was planned. and i'm told by trump adviser earlier this morning that basically this was arranged to talk about the fact that he has clinched that magic number of 1,237 delegates for the republican nomination. but the presumptive gop nominee as you know already been in the general election fight. he's been taking it to hillary clinton on very personal terms
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in the last several days. we may hear that once again. i was talking to a trump adviser last night about the lines of attack of hillary clinton on the real estate purchasing in the housing bubble and i was told the trump campaign will be hitting the clintons with the whitewater scandal of the '90s and a down and dirty nasty election battle and we have a taste of that. in terms of questions asked of donald trump, obviously he is asked about the vice presidential search. paul manafort was just quaoted last 24 hours saying that donald trump may not tap a minority to serve as his running mate because that would be seen as, quote, pandering and obviously asked i think once again about releasing the tax returns. that is a source of contention between democrats and republicans over whether or not donald trump should actually ever release his tax returns. paul manafort said in the
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interview that would only serve to help donald trump's adversaries. and so lots of questions will be asked but i think the general election has already started and already started before this moment. but this is certainly something for donald trump to savor. he is talking about this in the last several days that he defeated 16 candidates, governors, senators, people who are very well-known inside the republican party and across the country, and so, he's going to i think take note of that and also possible that he'll want to talk about what president obama said overseas as you know, president obama said over in asia during this foreign trip that world leaders have been telling him they're rattled by what donald trump has been saying out on the campaign trail and, brianna, i did talk to a trump adviser about that little nugget and this adviser said they should be rattled because donald trump is putting america first. so it's going to be no holds barred i think in the coming months, brianna, and getting a taste of that donald trump here
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in just a few moments walking in here. >> this is a day, jim, where there's so much to ask about. we await that we can see they're staging there ahead of this press availability with donald trump. you mentioned the whitewater line of attack that donald trump and his campaign are proposing to counterpunch against hillary clinton when it comes to her line of attack basically trying to diminish him and trying to paint him as a bit of a wall street predator or a real estate predator in a way. why is it that they think that that is something that's going to stick ultimately? >> reporter: well, they say it's apples to apples. that if hillary clinton, if the clinton campaign talks about his real i state activities, they say whitewater was a piece of land in arkansas very controversial for the clintons and so they say that is a real estate activity that they can
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talk about. on the trump side of the equation here. you know, the other thing that may come up, as well, he's walking into the room i think any moment, elizabeth warren, he's been sparring with her. she's sort of a trump troller in chief for the democratic party in recent days and so my suspicion is to be asked about warren, as well, because, you know, she is just -- and you know this from covering the clinton campaign, she is such a visible almost surrogate, not quite, but an ally of hillary clinton going after donald trump and raised all of these discussions about whether or not elizabeth warren might be hillary clinton's running mate in this general election battle which that would be quite something. i think the sky's the limit. he is asked a lot of questions here and then goes into this big arena that's next door to me to deliver a speech on energy. this is one of these policy speeches that the trump campaign is talking about that he's rolling out over the course of these coming weeks. and, brianna, we thought it was an energy speech where, you
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know, we would come into a room and a couple of hundred chairs for the press and a few people in the industry. there are about 7,000 people in this rally space next door to where we're standing right now. >> 7,000-person energy speech which is certainly unusual. all right. thanks so much. we'll be back to you in a moment as we await donald trump. he is taking that lectern in a matter of moments and watching that. i want to talk more about what we're expecting with cnn's senior political reporter nia-malika henderson, dana bash, a writer for "u.s. news & world report" and errol lewis for "new york one" news. dana, i think this is what we were expecting, donald trump clinching this all-important delegate number as some of these unbound delegates say i'm going to go for donald trump now. what does this change about the
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convention? >> about the convention? well, based on where we thought we would be two, maybe three weeks now, everything. you know? it changes so much. we thought we were headed to a contested convention. the speaker of the house paul ryan who is going to be the chair of the convention caught off guard he said because he thought he was chairing, you know, a wild and chaotic moment for the republican party in cleveland in july. so, you know, that's the key but i think the broader point to make in, you know, i think we have kind of been used to the idea of donald trump being the presumptive nominee for several weeks now but it is important at this moment to take a second and remember how historic this is and how remarkable it is. never mind that he crushed 16 other for the most really
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qualifiy eied candidates. but also, what he represents to the republican party as its leader, as the person who they want to put in the white house. as somebody who's had a past that's not been kind of standard republican conservative credo but representing a grassroots done with washington, wants to disrupt and he is their leader. >> david, i wonder what you think of what newt gingrich tweeted. no within moved to a may 2016 winning of nomination. what is your reaction to that? gingrich is rumored for maybe wanting a position at donald trump's side, right? >> he is actively campaigning for that vice presidential position. i think that tweet shows it. but i think the most fascinating thing about this press conference to see and every donald trump press conference is his biggest strength and biggest weakness as a candidate.
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we have no idea what he's going to say. and that's why he is such a powerful figure in the republican party. will he bash republicans today? who knows? will he practice the fire on hillary clinton? we don't know. that's what make it is candidacy i think so intriguing and so fascinating and remarkable. >> as we await donald trump here, we expect him in just moments. i want to get all of your reactirea reaction starting with you, nia. paul manafort said that the presumptive republican nominee is unlikely to pick a woman or a minority for the position because, quote, that would be viewed as pandering, i think. i guess that makes us expect that he is going to pick a white male. but also, talk about what that means for him as he's trying to maybe broaden his appeal. >> yeah. you know, i guess it's a little surprising but maybe not so surprising because it doesn't
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look like donald trump wants to necessarily broaden appeal. but wants to double down on what we have seen of previous republican candidates and that is in some ways to see if they can get more white voters than mitt romney, for instance. and not necessarily follow that gop autopsy that we saw in the wake of romney's defeat. but this idea that somehow picking minority or a woman candidate would be seen as pandering, i think, for some people it's seen as a little problematic. he's also seeming to say that are there no minority or women candidates out there who could be seen as qualified and does that carry over if he's in the white house? does that carry over into who he's picking in terms of supreme court justice. i think three women were on the list he sent out of possible supreme court justices. so yeah. i mean, in some ways it is surprising given what we have seen other republicans wanting to broaden and seen from donald
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trump so far, he has a different strategy and what the coalition will look like. >> is that a successful strategy? is that a successful coalition to pursue? are the numbers there compared to the coalition that hillary clinton, for instance, is pursuing? >> we'll see. it's a very risky strategy in some ways. i mean, to sort of say, off the bat, we're not going to take a step in the direction as though sort of a party establishment thought would be a path to victory four years ago, we won't take one symbolic step in that direction to, you know, bash as he did susanna martinez, the governor of new mexico, essentially writing off that state. i mean, that's risky business because you have to win state after state. you have to win a majority in this state, in that state and got to add up to 270 electoral votes so you look at the map and you start writing off states like, say, new mexico.
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you start writing off states like, say, nevada or colorado. you run out of real estate pretty quickly and telling in a way that trump happens to have clinched in the delivering of a speech in north dakota. the last time north dakota voted democratic for president is in 1964 and before that the 1930s for fdr so it is about as republican in a very white state as you're going to find. he's going to have to do more than that because he has three electoral votes in north dakota. he will have to really sort of expand the map and that's one of the big questions that's out there is what we're going to hear today a step even a gesture in the direction of trying to expand the electoral map for the republican party. >> and i just want to let our viewers know, we're awaiting the donald trump news conference in bismarck, north dakota. he's gone to 1,237. those are north dakota delegates that have taken the place behind the lectern. he'll speak in front of them. david, i want to ask you about
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something else paul manafort. he said he's, donald trump's, going to win unless we, him, people are w.h.o. are working on the campaign screw it up. this is not a hard race. not a hard race. what do you think? >> well, of course, this is going to be a tough race. but i think that is surprising in itself because a lot of republicans thought hillary clinton was going to run away from this thing and then run away with this thing and then a flood of polls showing a very close race in battleground states. frankly, we seeing outlying polls. whether hillary clinton puts georgia in play. whether she can put arizona in play and pennsylvania in play. i think it's most likely that it comes down to the same battleground states that we have talked about in 2012 and 2008. can trump defeat hillary clinton in florida, ohio and virginia? and i think that's what we're -- you know, that's an unknown right now sitting here as we close out the month of may. i think manfort's comments on
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the vp pick you would haven't a woman or minority were very odd to come out an say on the record the a reporter. i think you would definitely want to float some names as a campaign to show that the republican party is more diverse than white males. but frankly, in a practical sense, there aren't that many options on the republican side that trump hasn't already alienated. people floated susanna martinez and then he trashes her. nikki haley, he's been in a feud with her. i think they have as much of a problem of who would take the invite to be on the ticket as they do sort of putting out a big expansive list to appeal to some more moderate republicans and democrats. >> dana, does that hurt donald trump ultimately that manafort has come out and said essentially, you know, if they were to be picking a woman or a minority that it would be
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pandering, that they would be seen as checking the box? we are awaiting donald trump coming the lectern. we're assuming he's coming through this door and seeing folks come perhaps ahead of him. so we'll be jumping to him in a moment. dana, what do you think about that? >> you know, i think that if he said anything different it would be going against brand. meaning that donald trump's whole m.o. during the entire primary season was he's not politically correct. he's not going to do things the way normal conventional politicians do. a normal conventional politician would do what david and you all were talking about. you know? leak or float a list with a couple of names that shows he is taking seriously. i'll toss it back to you. >> let's pause for a moment. he's entering this room, shaking the hands of north dakota delegate there is in bismarck
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ahead of a rally. he is going to be taking the lectern answering a lot of questions about a number of topics of import today. as he clinches this all-important number of 1,237 delegates. by our count, actually going to 1,238 as a number of unbound delegates have said they're going to go over and support donald trump. so obviously, no election today but these delegates really pushing him over this important number and here we have donald trump taking the mike. >> thank you very much, everybody. the folks behind me got us right over the top from north dakota. so, north dakota made a big statement and i just really appreciate it. we will not forget it. thank you very much. i want to thank very good friend of mine, harold hamm. i guess we can consider harold the king of energy. nobody like him. i'll tell you. he knows more about it than anybody i know. so, harold, i want to thank you for your support. you have been amazing from the
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beginning. my friend for a long time. been on the cover of every magazine, i think as many as i have. maybe more, harold, right? thank you so much for your support. okay, folks. yes? yes, john. >> president obama today in japan ignored the time honored tradition that politics ends at water's edge to say that -- >> that's good. is that right? that's good. i love that word. he knows nothing about business. when you rattle someone, that's good because many of the world as you know, many of our -- countries in our world of beautiful world have been absolutely abusing us and taking advantage of us. so if they're rattled in a friendly way, we'll have great relationships with these countries. but if they're rattled in a friendly way, that's a good thing, john. not a bad thing. >> he said also that you show an ignorance of world affairs, a
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cavalier attitude and thinking about whenat's required to keep america safe. >> the president's done a horrible job. he's a president when's allowed many of these countries to totally take advantage of him and us, unfortunately. and he's got to say something. it's unusual that every time he has a press conference he is talking about me. so, you know, it's just one of those things but i will say this. he is a man who shouldn't be really, you know, airing his difficulties and he shouldn't be airing what he is airing where he is right now and i think you will see it stop pretty soon. he's not done a good job. today we're giving a big speech on energy. we'll see some amazing things happen with our country on energy. and i look forward to doing it. but president obama, you know, you see what's happened. you see where we're going. divided country. we have tremendous difficulty, tremendous problems. we're going to solve those problems. we'll solve them fast. okay?
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yeah. go ahead. [ inaudible ] >> that as you're building the vp list, unlikely of a woman or a minority in that mix. because that would be pandering. and something that you do not want to do. can you respond to that? >> i think it's likely we would have somebody and don't do it for any specific reason. we're looking for absolute competence. i fully expect that we will have many women involved with not only -- i mean, i have had it with the campaign and many women involved and i think that you are going to see that and strongly. so i look forward to it. and i know he was misquoted a couple of times. he has been a lot. but we'll have women involved at the absolute highest levels. >> mr. trump? >> jeremy, go ahead. >> during the republican primary you have repeatedly attacked your opponents for, you know, being funded by big donors, big money donors and you are fund raising with big ticket
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fund-raisers. how do you convince your supporters you are not going to become the puppet you accuse the -- >> i'm no puppet and raising the money for the party, largely for the party. and we intend to raise a lot of money for the party. i have no idea how much and raising it for senators, for congressmen, congresswomen. we're raising fit e ining it fo people that are running. we want a majority. we have a tremendous staff of people. we raised actually last night in los angeles we raised a lot of money for the party. and this is money that's going in to the rnc. we are going to have i think a tremendous -- we are thanked all over by the republican senators, by congressmen. and hopefully we're going to raise a lot of money. this is money raised for the party. and i think we're going to have a tremendous success. i'm also continuing to fund big portions of my campaign. >> but -- >> go ahead. >> mr. trump, mr. manafort also
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quoted as saying he wouldn't advise you to release your taxes. he seemed to sound you're not going to release your taxes -- >> no, no. when we're finished with the audit. the iris irs is very professional and when they finish, i'm audited, however, for 15 years. and i don't know of very many people audited for 15 years. i don't know what that's all about. but the irs has been very professional. and as we move along, if -- as soon as that's finished, whenever that may be and hopefully before the election. i'm fine with that. okay? >> just to be specific, you pay some federal taxes. >> i do. yeah. i do. yes. >> mr. trump? >> david? david, go ahead. >> mr. trump, in the wake of yesterday's inspector general report from the state department about hillary clinton's remails, you have said that you have doubts about whether or not she can stay in the race against you but are you prepared to call on her to get out of the race so that americans can have more
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confidence in the integrity of their front-runners? >> i sort of like her in the race. i want to run against her. >> is that the -- >> this is all bad judgment. probably illegal. we'll have to find out what the fbi says about it. i just read the report. it's devastating. the report. it's devastating. and there's no reason for it. it's just -- you know, skirting on the edge all the time. and you look back at her history and this is her history. it's a very, very harsh report. done really by democrats if you think of it. appointed by obama. and done by democrats. so, it's shocking to see it. it's shocking to see what she did and really more than anything else it's bad judgment and up to her whether or not she wants to continue running. yes, go ahead. >> you talk about uniting and working to unite the republican party. >> right. >> i noticed this week in new mexico, for instance, you went after the governor there. does this clinching this number change your approach at all? >> i think it will.
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i haven't yet. i think i will yet but i haven't had the support of govern nor of new mexico. she was on somebody else's side. that's fine. i imagine she'll come over to my side f. you look at what's happ happened, tremendous support all over the country. senators, congressmen. we have governors all over the place. and vast majorities. i think the approval now is up to over 90%. that's tremendous. from where i started. you know? a little while ago like 62%. but i won the elections in land sides. very important to say. we go to new york. we win almost 62% of the vote with 3 people running. we then go to pennsylvania. which is going to be i think a state that we're going to do amazingly well. hillary clinton wants to put the coal miners out of business. they want to put the steel mills out of business. i think i'm going to win pennsylvania easily. we have tremendous support there. maryland, connecticut, delaware,
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rhode island and then we win as you know, we had a tremendous, a tremendous success when we went to indiana. that was incredible. bobby knight helped in all fairness but indiana we'll win i think very big. we will have tremendous successes but, you know, the thing i think i'm most fun of, not that hillary is watching me. we were supposed to be going into july and people said it wouldn't be solved in the convention. here i am watching hillary fight and can't close the deal. and that should be such an easy deal to close. but she's unable to close the deal so i'm watching her and we'll see what happens. >> do you plan to -- >> oh yeah, sure. absolutely. sure. yes? >> i'm nicole. i was inquiring, are you planning on recognizing tribal sovereignty on a nation to nation basis based upon the u.n. declaration on the rights of indigenous people and u.s. had
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endorsed? >> i'm going to look at it individually and i will be doing that. number of people asked me. i will be doing that. okay? >> thank you. >> thank you. >> mr. trump? >> katy? >> what is your message to republicans that haven't yet supported you? people like susanna martinez? >> my message is that we have had tremendous support of almost everybody and even if you look at congress, support has been incredible. and i spoke with paul ryan last night. we had a very good conversation that's moving along. he is a good man. we ole see how that all works out. >> can you elaborate on that? >> no. >> also in that huffington post article -- >> i don't read that. was there an article in huffington post? well, i'm sure he was misquoted because it is -- i didn't think they covered politics the huffington post. do they cover politics? >> apparently they do. he said you would start softening your position on the muslim ban? >> we'll look at a lot of
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different things. we have a big problem. we have a radical islamic terrorism problem. a worldwide problem. not just this country. we have to find a solution. and we have to be vigilant. we have to be tough and smart. we'll see what happens. >> when i -- >> yes, go ahead. >> wanted to debate bernie sanders. >> i'd alike to love bernie. he's a dream. >> would you take the steps to -- >> i said last night on jimmy's show, it was, you know, a question posed. i said i'd love to debate him. what we'll do is raise for maybe women's health issues or something if we can raise $10 million or $15 million for charity, an appropriate amount. i understand the television business very well and would get high ratings and should be in a big arena somewhere. and we could have a lot of fun wit. i'd love to debate bernie. the problem is he's going to lose. honestly, his system is rigged just like our system is rigged. if i didn't win by mass i majorities, i wouldn't be standing here talking to you
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today. i knocked out every opponent. you have to knock out and bernie, unfortunately, hasn't been able to knock out and the super delegates for the democrats so -- i mean, so unfair. so the problem, biggest problem is that bernie's not going to win but i would debate him anyway if they wanted to put up money for charity. we'll see. we have had a couple of calls from the networks already and we'll see. >> details but have you started talking to the sanders folks? >> he suggested. >> jeff weaver said his team is having conversations with your team. >> it's true. i'd love to debate bernie. >> but have you -- >> they have to pay a lot of money for it. i have won something over $10 million. >> raise $10 million you will get on a debate stage with bernie? >> i would love to, yeah. i love debating. and i mean you know people never write this but every single poll on every single debate the online polls, drudge and "time" magazine and all of them i have
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won every single debate. i never debated. you know? politicians are all talk, no action. i created jobs and businesses and did great. but i've never debated professionally. you know, i ran against the people that debated professionally. according to every single online poll after the debates i have won every single debate by every single poll. i don't mind debating. i have actually, you know, the one thing is i said to myself, i wonder how well i'll debate. you know? because guys like this great gentleman right over here is one of the great oil men of the world. we're not debaters. we're people that put people to work and do things and good things. how many people do you have working for you? >> contractors, tens of thousands. >> tens of thousands. that's what he does. i'd rather debate harold but i will tell you he may surprise you. he may do very well. but we don't do that. but somehow it worked out well for me. it worked out well for me. i actually love the debating
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process. had a lot of fun. i was on center stage for every single debate and the only time i was upset with some of the networks is having even numbers like eight. that means you had two in the middle. so i always insisted on having odd numbers. go ahead. >> what role do you think the federal government should have on regulating energy now that you are here? >> i think the federal government should get out of the way. the federal government is in the way. we have so much potential energy that people wouldn't even believe it. my speech today is on energy. it's exactly what it was and is. the federal government, the regulations that they have. they put the coal miners out of business. the mines are shut. what they have done to the coal, what hillary clinton, she is worse than obama. she actually openly said i want to put the coal miners out of business and the coal mines out of business. essentially she's saying i want to put the steel mills out of business. we won't have any businesses
11:30 am
left. i can't imagine how she does well in a place like pennsylvania. didn't do well in west virginia. and, you know, i think she made a big mistake and catering and ultimately jobs and incredible people, miners. i asked a couple of them, why don't you go into a different profession? they said, because we love going after coal. i'll never forget the answer. you know? you think it's dangerous and you're going deep down into these incredible crevices. i said, wow. but they love doing what they do. that's what they do. it's like me. you know? i grew up. my father was in real estate. now i'm in politicians. he wouldn't believe what happened. he's looking down saying, what happened? with the coal miners they love doing what they're doing. hillary clinton -- such an important product. hillary clinton should not be putting them out of business. >> mr. trump? >> building on that, would you
11:31 am
be for bringing more refineries to the u.s.? >> i want to be energy independent, yes. absolutely. i want to be energy independent. i haven't spoken to harold about that. i would say energy independence is what we all want and we also want to sell our energy to other places that don't have great natural resources that we have. don't forget. through modern-day technology we found we're sitting on energy. i'm talking about it in a minute but we're sitting on energy like nobody would believe. i want to be energy independent and the answer is yes to your question. >> paul ryan still not endorsed you. what policy concessions are you willing to make to get his endorsement? >> we'll see. we've had great conversations. we'll see what happens. >> after today, do you still believe and would you want to ban all foreign muslims from the united states on a temporary base snis is that still your policy? >> as of this moment, i'm unhappy looking at the world of radical islam, unhappy with it. we'll find the problem and we're
11:32 am
going to come up with a solution. obama could never come up with a solution. number one, he is incompetent. number two, the solution just is never out there for him. he won't even mention the words radical islamic terrorism. i have many muslim friends. they said to me, thank you, thank you. this is a problem. it's a problem that has to get solved. we have to have turn-ins. when you see people looking to do tremendous destruction like in california with the 14 people killed, they lived in a house where they had bombs all over the floor. everybody knew that they were up to bad stuff. nobody reported them. people have to report when they see. okay. go ahead. >> mr. trump, does your ban still stand? >> mr. trump, you have said multiple times to bring coal mining jobs and i'm a reporter in wyoming. >> good. >> largest -- >> i know. i'm impress easied. >> poor decision making by coal
11:33 am
companies. >> and by government. >> also because of slowing international demand. so, do you believe you have power as the president to actually bring those jobs back? how? >> i think ultimately coal will be inexpensive and got to rid of some of the regulations. i spoke to some mine owners and they were surrounded by some of the miners and they were showing some of the regulations where it's on a daily basis going in checking, checking, checking and it's out of control. >> what would you do about those market forces? >> well, the market forces will be whatever they are. all i can do is free up the coal and totally do. get the companies back to work. market forces, that's something i don't want to get involved with. that's a beautiful -- do me, market forces are a beautiful force. go ahead. >> i think i'm the only canadian press here. keystone pipeline caused a disruption of relations.
11:34 am
would you approve the project? >> yes. totally. >> thank you. >> should be approved. i'm not saying it shouldn't be a better deal. see obama would approve or not approve it. right? hillary probably not going the approve it from what i understand. but i look at it differently. i will absolutely approve it 100% but i want a better deal. her's the difference of harold hamm and myself and you or obama who doesn't know what the hell he's doing. here's the difference. i'm going to say, folks, we are going to let you build the pipeline but give us a piece. we have to use eminent domain. remember the conservatives said imminent domain? if you read the documents on the keystone pipeline, the whole big section is devoted to imminent domain and without it that pipeline wouldn't go ten feet. you understand that. i want the keystone pipeline but the people of the united states should be given a piece, significant piece of the
11:35 am
profits. right now, obama would have said yes or no. and most politicians would say yes, we'll approve it, no we won't. i'm saying yes, approve it. i want it built. but i want a piece of the profits because we're making it possible for it to happen through imminent domain and other things and i want a piece of the profits for the united states. that's how we make our country rich again. just one way out of thousands and how we make our country rich again and make america great again. okay. you understand what i'm saying? >> would like to build a pipeline and mr. hamm to ship the oil in saskatchewan -- >> a different pipeline? >> upland with 300,000 barrels a day and transcanada -- >> do you like the idea? >> it's great -- >> you're not supposed to say that. that's okay. >> only person in saskatchewan who writhes on energy. i love the idea. >> i'll look at anything. i'm going to look at anything. a lot of times pipelines are so much better because instead of trains and having all of the
11:36 am
problems caused by that, it's underground and environmentally they're better in many cases. but we'll take a look at it. >> the difference is this pipeline to allow mr. hamm to export into canada, overseas through a canadian port. >> okay. i'm not aware of that one. we would certainly take a look at it and tell you my basic bias to approve. for jobs and the concept of pipelines is okay going from the right place to the right place. okay? so we'll take a look at it. >> sir, a local small business magazine and for main street small businesses and chambers of commerce across america, what are the keys to economic vitality? >> two of them very, very important are lower taxes. we're the highest taxed nation in the world by far. lower taxes and the other one is we're overregulated and i will tell you, i made a speech last night and i said regulation and this surprised me. really surprised me. i have seen it ever since i'm doing this for ten months or so
11:37 am
and regulation is even more of a problem for people than the taxes which surprised me but they're both problems so we'll lower taxes very substantially as you know fehr businesses, for middle income, for everybody. so taxes are going way down. we'll allow trillions of dollars to pour into the country that are right now outside of this country where people and companies want to bring it in. they can't. we'll get rid of the tremendous numbers of rules, regulations. probably 75% of which are absolutely terrible for our country. okay. >> mr. trump? >> she seems to have made it her job. >> who? po pocahontas -- >> very offensive. sorry. >> sorry about that. pocahontas? is that what you said? elizabeth warren? she is -- no, no. she tweets about me. i'll tweet and when i tweet, you know, not that many people are
11:38 am
watching her tweets. i will say this. look. she's a senator that's highly overrated. passed very little legislation. she has been a real disaster for a lot of people including democrats and frankly can't stand her many of them. ask hillary clinton how she likes her. i would say this. i'll debate anybody. i don't care. i'd debate her. but she's done very little for massachusetts and the beautiful thing is when i won massachusetts with many people running against me i got up to almost 50% and she was fighting me. so i really think if her record was exposed and the fact that she was a native american, she said she was native american and not able to document it, she said i'm a high cheekbones and i don't know if you call it a fraud or not but she was able to get into various schools because of the fact she applied as a native american and probably other things. i think she's as native american
11:39 am
as i am. okay? that i will tell you. she's a woman that's been very ineffective other than she has a big mouth. go ahead in the mouth. >> you said that you would do a debate with senator sanders and raised the issue of raising money for women's health issues. is that the particular charities that you would like to -- >> i would like to go women's health issues. we have raised a lot of money. on tuesday we're going to be releasing a tremendous list of the money we have given with the debate when i decided that i wanted to do this instead of a particular debate with a cable network that actually has been unbelievably fair fair over the last few months and i felt i wasn't treated right and during the speech i said let's raise some money for the vets. we raised a lot of money. on tuesday i think we'll have a press conference in trump tower at 10:00 or 11:00 and release a full list of the people, almost $6 million worth of money was raised. now, when i started that i said
11:40 am
maybe -- well, i started it and weren't going to raise anything and came to me. and i said you know what? let's raise money for the vets and one of my friends who was there, very substantial person, phil ruffin offered a million dollars. carl icahn gave half a million dollars and another good friend steven wright i believe gave $1 million. i love seeing it. on tuesday we'll release a list of the different veterans groups that got the money, close to $6 million worth of money. and that was great. and what i do if i do this debate is something similar to pay this. in this case, a payment by the networks. why should the networks make a fortune and put the money in their coffers? i would much rather give in this case to various groups involved with women's health issues. i think it's appropriate. okay? >> sir, this foster sister -- >> yeah. go ahead. >> now that you have hit the
11:41 am
magic number of 1,237 -- >> i'm so honored. >> that is really -- >> so honored to be in north dakota. >> we are glad you're here. >> they had great sense. >> exactly. >> right? >> but now, now that you set the sights on being president, what do you do in the first 100 days? when's the first donald trump -- >> many things to do. number one, unwinding various executive orders and i'll be unwinding executive orders in particular having to do with the border where people are pouring into the country that aren't supposed to be here. and we'll be unwinding that. we'll have a lot of things to do. we're going to start rebuilding the military. we have no choice. we have no choice. it is like oh gee do you want to do it? i saw the other day actually on cnn but where the jet fighters were using parts from museums and graveyards, plane graveyards, taking old parts for our fighters, for f-16s. and they were interviewing some of the pilots. these are great people and they were saying they're so
11:42 am
embarrassed and ashamed of what's going on. shouldn't be the united states. so we're going to rebuild our military. the finest equipment in the world again. and nobody's going to mess with us. very simple. by the way, i'm the last person in terms of the draw. i won't have to worry about the draw. i'm the last person. i didn't want to go into iraq unlike hillary and other people and we shouldn't have gone into iraq. it was a mistake. and then the way obama got us out was a tremendous mistake. we're going to have a lot of fun that first 100 days. how about a couple more? yeah. go ahead. >> wondering, first you have to get through the general election. how close do you think your campaign staff is to being ready for the general election campaign? >> we are building. one of the reasons i made a deal with the rnc which to me is -- i think reince has done a really good job and they built over years and years staffs in every state. you can't do that well over few months. now i just learned i got the
11:43 am
nomination and again this was something that was going to happen according to some people in august and some people were saying because of the second convention which would have been ridiculous and many people said it was going to did into the july. and then we had a massive victory in indiana. i won't forget the people of indiana. that was a massive, massive victory. you know, so here i'm sitting and watching. i love watching hillary and bernie go after it. bernie's given me great lines which i'm using, believe me. i'll say that as far as building the infrastructure of a campaign, the rnc is doing it for many years. reince has really upped it and all over the country they have very good people and part of the benefit is we get to yiz those people and while i'm raising a lot of money for them and they're going to use it not only for me but also for other people running for office, it's really been an honor and met some of the people in different states. i met a big group of people last
11:44 am
night from different states that work essentially from the rnc and can't do that over a period of just a short while because we have november coming up very rap rapidly. it will be very soon and they are set up with great infrastructure. how about one or two more? >> foster sister called your comments to "the washington post" cruel irresponsible and wrong. >> the question was asked about vince foster and it was asked of me. what do you think of vince foster? i really know nothing about the vince foster situation. haven't known anything about it. and somebody asked me the question the other day. i said that. a lot of people are skeptical of what happened and how he died. i know nothing about it. i don't think it's something that frankly unless some evidence to the contrary of what i've seen comes up, i don't think it's something that should really be part of the campaign but again if you people reveal something to me, i'll answer it the appropriate way. okay. one more? >> donald trump?
11:45 am
donald trump? >> yeah? >> here in north dakota fracking is on the forefront of everyone's mind. >> right. >> bernie said he would ban fracking completely. hillary said higher regulation. >> bernie bans fracking. hillary will ban fracking and abolish the second amendment. okay? just in case you have any question. abolish your right to own guns, abolish the second amendment. and i'm exactly the opposite and got the endorsement from the nra, a great endorsement and an honor for me. they're great, amazing people. i'm a me believe of the nra. my sons are me believes of the nra. but they want to absolutely knock out fracking. and you do that, you're going to be back into the middle east and begging for oil again. not going the happen with me. we'll open it up. be energy independent. we'll have all sorts of energy. we will have everything you can think of including solar. and i know a lot about solar. the problem is it's very
11:46 am
expensive. when you have a 30-year payback, that's the not greatest thing in the world. i have gone so solar on occasion and it eels a very, very expensive thing. wind is expensive. wind is without subsidy doesn't work. you need massive subsidies for wind and places maybe for wind and if you go to various places in california, wind is killing all of the eagles. shooting an eagle, they want to put you in jail for five years and yet the windmills killing hundreds and hundreds of eagles. one of the most beautiful, one of the most treasured birds and killing them by the hundreds and nothing happens. wind is, you know, it is a problem. plus it's very, very expensive and doesn't work without subsidy. so -- despite that, i'm into all types of energy. by the way, while we are in north dakota i have to say this. i love the farmers. and the farmers are incredible. we have to remember this was largely a farm state. and they produce tremendous
11:47 am
crops of tremendous different goods of which i eat a lot of them. and, and i just want to pay my respects to the farmers of north dakota. because they have done a great job. all right. one more. go ahead. >> with that, will you mandate passed 2022? >> we'll look at that and meet with the govern nor of iowa. tremendous, tremendous guy and a friend of mine and we'll talk about it. a lot of people want that to happen. we'll be making a decision fairly soon. okay? >> mr. trump? >> given the low voluntarily youm of crude oil exported since the ban was lifted recently, what would you do to increase and stimulate growth in the volumes? >> that will be -- i'll open it up to sell it and will be up to people like harold to sell to other places. he's -- i'm not going to help him. nobody can sell like him. now i would open it up and keep it open. get rid of the regulations and people like harold hamm and, you know, people that i know that are really competent, super competent.
11:48 am
believe me. we'll make so much money from that, from energy. we are blessed with something. you will hear numbers in a little while. we will make so much money that we'll start to pay down our $19 trillion in debt. and we'll start to lower taxes and we'll start to take care of the social security and medicare. but we're going to open it up. okay. thank you all very much. david, go ahead. >> now that a -- >> he wrote a couple of good stories about me so i have to let him. >> now that a -- >> a couple of bad ones, too. don't worry about it. >> now that women have taken issue with the way they were portrayed in a sort of -- >> so honored by that, yeah. >> do you think you're done answers questions of whether you're a sexist? do you expect more of that? >> i think so. i was so honored. "the new york times" did this massive story on the front page. and they quoted three women and another woman and the many of the women said we have great respect for donald trump. we really like donald trump. that's what we said or how it was portrayed. and they actually said this was
11:49 am
going to be a wonderful piece. and "the new york times" has been totally discredited and the construction person i just presented many, many e-mails and i think i sent them to you, david. i did send them to you. many, many e-mails where she's asking for a job back because after she was gone i never took her back and wanted the job back. she wrote a book and says the nicest things about me. she wrote me letters saying you're the least sexist person, you are not a sexist. i don't know why she mentioned it. anybody to mention that in a letter is a little bit strange. nobody accused me of it. she writes may letter and wrote many e-mails asking for the job back and totally discredited. so "the new york times" story is totally discredited. "the new york times" i can tell you from personal knowledge is very, very embarrassed. it was a total hit job on donald trump. and to put a story like that above the fold with a massive picture of myself standing with miss universe contestants or maybe a miss usa contestants and
11:50 am
which i owned and sold recently to img. i sold the pageants, good deal, by the way. but for them to put a story like that above the fold in "new york times," i can tell you they are very ashamed of the story and for the women to come out, roane as an example to be brave. i did not speak to her when she did that. i spoke to her recently. thanked her because it took courage to do that and for her and others to come out and go forward and say, you really, really mistreated us by writing the story, the way you wrote it, we have great respect for donald trump and like donald trump very much. "the new york times" was totally discredited. and honestly, they should be ashamed of themselves. so it's been a great event for me. i hated reading the story even though this was not, you know,
11:51 am
major allegations of very much stuff as you understand. one of them accused of me saying don't eat that candy. in fact, a friend of mine called up said it's not too serious. they made it like it was such a big violation. don't eat that candy. so, i appreciate. i sent it to you. i appreciated the story you wrote about it because "the new york times" has been totally discredited and i will tell you they are very embarrassed by that story. ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much. >> what role will congressman cramer play in the administration? >> a talented person. i mean, he's been there for a long time. right? pretty much right from the beginning. come here. get over here. get over here. >> hey! >> been there right from the beginning. right? >> you've changed my life. i guess if you're one of the first seven or eight members of congress to endorse somebody your life changes. mine changed.
11:52 am
i'm glad you're here and appreciate har ald's invitation and looking forward to hearing the rest of it. >> are you missing -- >> i missed voted for the energy and water proermappropriations that failed miserably. >> paul ryan is withholding his endorsement. >> let's see what happens, everybody. >> all right. donald trump wrapping up his press availability there in bismarck, north dakota, ahead of his energy rally. i want to bring back dana bash, n ia-malika henderson. who else do we have, also? david katanis. thank you for sticking around with us. >> sure. >> okay. there's so many things to talk art. i want to start with the bernie versus donald debate. okay? he says, dana, i would love to debate. he's a dream.
11:53 am
but the thing is he wants a lot of money put up for charity, he said upwards of $10 million towards a women's health issue and he needs help with women. what do you make of this? seems sort of antithetical against the bernie sanders strategy. >> i guess it could be and jeff weaver was on with wolf blitzer in the last hour taunting donald trump to do this kind of debate. he said he wished -- he hopes he doesn't chicken out. i think he used that phrase like three times and he even said he's not sure whether donald trump has the guts to do it. we were joking as we were watching that it was almost as if he was using a phd in psychology's handbook on how to get someone like donald trump to come to the table. but it sounds like he is interested in doing it. you know, maybe i'm old-school. i'm sort of, you know, somebody
11:54 am
who thinks that people are debating as a matter of kind of public discourse that, you know, they can debate all they want but as a matter of kind of -- an issue for voters to decide or a candidate versus candidate for voters to decide on who to vote for, that's not what this would be. at all. it's -- >> a suspect call, right, in a way? >> it could be a suspect call. >> he said he wants a stadium. that's exactly right. he wants it to be -- >> that's what it would be. >> a big arena. >> exactly. and i mean, the fact to try to raise money for it and so on and so forth, you know, i just want to disabuse our viewers of any notion. i think i'm speaking for myself here but that would be a sort of journalistic endeavor to help voters decide because they're not running against each other right now. >> yeah. i have been e-mailing with jeff weaver during this to get a
11:55 am
sense of whether they would be up for this. in one hand he seems to kind of scoff at the idea of this saying maybe the networks sponsor put up some cash which, of course, pushes it off and hard to see where a network sponsor does that. i said so officially is this something that the campaign is saying they're not going to do? he wouldn't completely shut it down and said i would just say it's all an open question right now. so he's not dismissing that. what do you think, david? >> i mean, look. after the election year that we have had, i would never rule anything out. i think it is more unlikely than likely. but look. this is a great thing for the sanders camp to put out. it's click bait. the media loves the story. and hillary's not debating him. >> right. >> so he's picking the next biggest alternative for him to go at and that's donald trump and that would be great, great for him. it would be great for media. >> okay. nia, we are getting a little bit of a preview here.
11:56 am
some of the hillary clinton versus donald trump versus hillary clinton stuff. he says she can't close the deal. we heard that before. he's using the moment where a lot of people paying attention to him kind of crossing this number finish line to say everyone thought i would have a contested convention and look at her. she is still fighting a primary battle, as well. on this e-mails issue and inspector inspector general's report previewing what he is saying about that, that this is bad judgment as we have heard from one of his top aides to paint her as sort of obama's third term and less ethical. >> yeah. bad judgment. he said that. they've been talking about that for a while. bringing in benghazi, talking about the e-mails and very strong language. in that press conference today. he even brought up the spector the idea of whitewater. you know? welcome to the '90s. i guess i should make a murphy brown or alf reference at some
11:57 am
point. so yeah. you have seen him do that. vince foster came up in this press conference, as well. but yeah. i mean, it seems like we sort of know what playbook he's going to go for. i think the question still remains is it going to work? this is something that republicans have tried for quite sometime and if you look at the clintons just collectively, only people able to beat the clintons is a democrat. it's obama by moving to the left in that primary eight years ago and it looks like at least for now donald trump wants to kind of dredge up the '90s and looks like maybe some of the best material we have seen that talking about the clintons and for instance trade deals and that works. brought up coal, as well. seems like a viable line of attack for her, particularly in a state like west virginia and even a state like pennsylvania. if you look at pennsylvania, for instance, a state democrats won for decades and decades and in 2012 obama won that state by
11:58 am
300,000 voters and if he flips the states like pennsylvania, like ohio, he certainly has a chance. here, i do think also he is trying to fix his woman problem. right? he basically i guess he was throwing the huffington post under the bus saying that -- >> misquote manafort. >> and said that, you know -- >> also said he didn't read it so -- >> didn't read it and huffington post -- >> do they cover politics? >> throwing shade at jeff weaver phrase. so yeah. you saw that. even this sort of stunt of the debate, again, he is saying, oh, i want this $10 million, $15 million to go towards women's health, whatever that means. >> on the issue of the tax returns and key because in the interview with the huffington post paul manafort said he's not sure if donald trump will release the tax returns and donald trump poured cold water on that saying that manafort
11:59 am
misquoted, one, and said we're releasing after the audits and threw shade at the irs sort of raising this issue of i keep getting audited. i wonder what that's about. >> he did. just to kind of, you know, thread the needle here on a bunch of these issues that trump was asked about, i think one common thread if you will was him kind of distancing himself from some of the more controversial things that paul manafort said in this interview that he gave. the idea that he's not looking at women or minorities to be his vice presidential candidate. trump didn't -- kind of skirted it. >> said they would be considered. >> about top jobs and wanted to counter that narrative. right? and number two, the whole question of taxes. well no, we'll release it. not being defiant like one of
12:00 pm
his top aides. and this is coming after paul manafort was on capitol hill last week and according to manu raju saying that they can distance themselves from donald trump if they think they have to and then he goes and trashes susanna martinez a couple of days ago who was distancing herself from him so i think that this -- this press conference kind of put even more questions in to whether anybody besides donald trump can speak for donald trump because he is such a unique and unconventional political figure. >> very good point there. thank you, guys. top of the hour now. let's get started. hi there. i'm brianna keilar. donald trump said he'll debate bernie sanders for $10 million to go to a charity. that is just one headline today of many, this day that so many
12:01 pm
republican leaders said would never come. donald trump has now clinched the number of delegates he needs to win the republican nomination for president. and this happened after some unbound delegates announced today they were joining the trump train. trump spoke just moments ago about this. >> you know, the thing i think i'm most proud of, not the fact i'm watching hillary instead of hillary watching me. we were supposed to be going in to july and a lot of people said it wouldn't be solved in that convention and would be a new convention in august. and here i am watching hillary fight and she can't close the deal. and that should be such an easy deal to close. >> trump also declined the call for hillary clinton, i should say, actually, this. state department audit found that clinton insecurely handled the e-mails. he would not call for her to get out of the race because of that but the finding is she did not cooperate in the department's investigation. here's what he said.
12:02 pm
>> actually, i sort of like her in the race. i want to run against her. look. she has bad judgment. this was all bad judgment. probably illegal. we'll have to find out what the fbi says about but certainly bad judgment. i just read the report. it's devastating the report. it is devastating. and there's no reason for it. it's just -- you know, skirting on the edge all the time. >> and our jeremy diamond is in billings, montana. this, jeremy, is where donald trump will be headed. i'm sure that you were listening certainly to the things he said but this is a big moment for donald trump to seize on and make even more headlines than he normally does capitalizing on this key moment. >> yeah. it was a really interesting press conference, really newsworthy, as well. one of the really interesting top lines is i asked donald trump repeatedly whether he still stood by his call to temporarily ban foreign muslims
12:03 pm
entering the united states and donald trump repeatedly dodged my questions, actually, he would not say whether he stood by the position saying he we need vigilance and there's a problem of radical islam in the world coming after his new come pain chairman paul manafort told "the huffington post" that donald trump would be moderating his views on certain issues, especially on the issue of the muslim ban, for example. certainly interesting lines there, as well. also, donald trump went after hillary clint hillary clinton slamming the judgment in light of the new state department ig report and about her use of a personal e-mail server so donald trump going after her on that coming after yesterday in a rally donald trump actually sort of held back. you know, he brought this report up but he did not actually go after her on it and slam her in the way today he called into question her judgment. of course, donald trump also went after senator elizabeth warren today. they have been warring on twitter and kind of having back
12:04 pm
and forth here. donald trump again talking about her native american heritage saying that -- calling her pocahontas, actually. this is him saying that she is as native american as i am and other top lines and newsworthy new conference today after he finally clinched the 1,237 delegates necessary to officially become the republican nominee. >> jeremy diamond, i said billings, north dakota. unless you tell ported, you are not there. >> here in north dakota. >> asking questions of donald trump. thanks so much, jeremy. i want to go now to cnn political commentator matt lewis and donna brazile and doug high and used to be the communications director for the republican national committee. okay. so i want to start with what sanders said about -- what he said about debating bernie sanders for $10 million. donna, your rea x? >> well, you know, i like a good debate. i think this would be probably
12:05 pm
one of the most interesting consequential debates because i believe bernie sanders will demolish donald trump and likewise hillary clinton will do that this fall once she is the nomination of the democratic party and the reason i think bernie sanders will demolish donald trump is because he is a senator of substance and hasn't looked at the clock like some politicians. instead he's fought for veterans. we know his campaign of income inequality to making sure that our kids can afford to go to school. i would love to hear what substance donald trump. one thing that donald trump will -- i think we need to just come up with a dictionary of the insults, litany of insults. today he became the nominee of the republican party. and this is -- this is a very important accomplishment. so hats off. congratulations to donald trump and the team and his family for becoming the nominee. but, you know what? most americans are still looking for substance. i think a debate, if that happens, i've heard of jeff
12:06 pm
weaver today on another television. he said that they would like to see it happen and if it does i believe bernie sanders will demolish him and if bernie sanders is not available, elizabeth warren will demolish him. we'll just try to help donald trump get up to speed, up to date before he debates hillary clinton this fall. >> okay. and, you know, i wonder what you think, matt, about the paul ryan stuff. we haven't talked about that yet. but of course, donald trump and paul ryan have been talking, they had a meeting. paul ryan has not jumped on the donald trump train and he said that they had been having a very good conversation and he said it's moving along. he was asked to clarify that and he said let's just see what happens. he seems to be indicating that paul ryan is going to come around to support him. of course, he also said that new mexico governor su soon that martinez and bad blood with would support him, as well. what do you make of this what he said about paul ryan?
12:07 pm
>> it is interesting. yesterday, or the day before, there was a story that seemed to suggest that paul ryan was about to come out with an endorsement. and some -- a lot of people think that was leaked from the trump campaign. maybe as a way to urge ryan to do it and ryan pushed back against it. i think that paul ryan and, you know, a lot of republicans have difficult choice here to make. and it's unclear what -- let's say donald trump loses in six months. are you better off having sort of gone down with your candidate, nominee? or are you better off distancing yourself from him? paul ryan's wearing many hats here as he's a speaker of the house and also in a sense the head of the conservative movement in exile. and i think there is a danger that if he buddies up too much with donald trump and some of trump's, you know, negative comments about mexicans, about women, could tarnish the conservative brand and that's something that ryan will have to seriously consider if and when he decides to actually endorse the now i think clearly
12:08 pm
presumptive republican nominee. at 1,237 as of today. >> i want to bring in now new york councilman who supporting donald trump joseph barello and doug high with us, as well. joseph, what did you think about this feud that we're seeing between donald trump and president obama? donald trump saying that president obama shouldn't be saying these things basically on foreign soil. and trying to change this and saying that this, you know, president obama has a failed foreign policy. but, you know, i think people's ears perk up when the president obama says a number of foreign leaders are telling him that they're rattled, that the world is concerned about donald trump and his grasp of some of the issues. >> sure. right now donald trump is speaking to the voters as a candidate in a race and he is not by any accounts the first to speak in a different tone and different rhetoric to the voters than he would, say, on a
12:09 pm
diplomatic stage. that said, he wouldn't have the fodder to tweet out, he wouldn't have the fodder to attack the current foreign policy of the united states but not for the failed policies of secretary clinton and barack obama. they're the ones feeding all of this reaction from donald trump. and if they don't like it, then maybe they should have adopted foreign policies the public likes. >> you are saying -- what i hear you saying is he's talking to voters but the way he handles some of foreign policy may change when he is instead talking to foreign leaders? >> yeah. i mean, again, he's not the first presidential candidate to talk tough on foreign policy. and then when he is actually in the setting and has to deal with world leaders on a regular basis, he has to come with a more diplomatic approach. that's why we have this state department to deal with that. that said, you know, he's speaking in a way that is calling out the administration's failed foreign policies. even right now with this trip
12:10 pm
that barack obama is on, he's essentially been reported that the chinese are upset, undermining our diplomatic relationship with them. he's in another country right now that has very shady human rights issues and lending credibility as the american president and tons of stuff that donald trump can and does attack policy and occasionally world leaders. >> doug, as someone that played an important role in the past in the rnc, when you're talking about, for instance, this paul manafort interview with "the huffington post" and he is saying in this interview that he thinks the nominee isn't going to be a man or a minority. he's saying that donald trump may not release the tax returns. wouldn't advise him to do it. donald trump comes out to the lectern and said manafort may have been misquoted. what does that sort of tell you? it's extroir their the daylight
12:11 pm
of donald trump and a top adviser. >> absolutely. we hear about a republican party that's divided. democratic party that's divided, as well. trump campaign is also very divided. we let go one of the rock star staffers that joined on a few weeks ago. rick wiley. the campaign says something one day. trump says something the next. it's not just taxes. it is not just other issues that you mentioned. also a good example is susanna martinez. manafort said if you need to distance yourself from donald trump, feel free to do what you need to do as a campaign and then donald trump attacked the popular governor of new mexico and only latina governor in the country and when he's hurting with women voters and latina voters, maybe attacking a popular hispanic female governor is not smart to do. >> what do you think, matt? >> well, look. i think that this is
12:12 pm
problematic. if you -- if paul manafort, the top guy on the campaign, cannot negotiate in good faith and cannot make promises and expect his candidate to keep them, then you're essentially disempowered as a negotiator for your candidate. so this is really problematic and i think that donald trump is sending a message that, you know, that, no, you can't have any daylight. you have to bow down basically. i mean, this is -- it is my way or the highway. look. if you're a republican running this cycle, think of rob port lan in ohio. pat toomey in pennsylvania. do you dare distance yourself from trump? does he come in pennsylvania or ohio in october attack you publicly? this is a wild card and the implications could be damaging down ballot. >> i think we have to say this. this is a 21st century. there's more than enough, if
12:13 pm
when i say enough, hundreds of americans of -- who are women, minorities, who are more than qualified to be president and vice president of the united states. so i just want it out there for young kids to hear this. if you're a woman, you are a minority, you are qualified. go out there, work hard and guess what. one day you can, too, be president of the united states. the notion that's pandering by simply picking qualified people regardless of what they look like or whatever, that is just stupid. nonsense. so i'm glad that mr. trump did distance him from the comments regarding women and minorities. and not seeking them on the list. they should be on every list, a short list, a long list and every other list in between. >> joseph, i want to ask you about elizabeth warren. because one of the big concerns on the democratic side right now is how do you unify these two wings of the party? the hillary clinton side, even though she is pivoting to the
12:14 pm
left tradition letourneau-lebloally is to the left. if donald trump is attacking elizabeth warren, he is calling her pocahontas, saying ineffective other than someone with a big mouth and a darling of the bernie sanders set. isn't he just delivering unity for the democratic party? >> yes. >> well, i don't think so. i don't think so at all. >> how's he snot. >> well, first of all, start here. if elizabeth warren attacks donald trump, she is doing it to get a rise out of him. >> going down the rabbit hole with her? >> can't have a situation where a woman, a senator or whoever, attacks the republican nominee and he can't attack her back without being called a sexist. it is fair and open. she knows what he gets attacking donald trump and gets it if reverse. >> i'm not asking -- i mean, whatever. he can say whatever he wants. that's very clear and his prerogative. is it wise politically when he
12:15 pm
might actually be taking some bernie sanders supporters not feeling hillary clinton so much and she is headed it seems to the nomination and he is giving them something to be aggravated about? why is he doing that? >> i think a lot of bernie sanders supporters will come over to him primarily because they don't like who hillary clinton is as a person not only who she is as an elected official. i also think -- >> so you're saying that bernie sanders supporter wills go over to donald trump. but trying to do that -- >> they're saying that. they're saying that in the polling. >> why -- why would he -- >> give us time. >> why would he hit elizabeth warren? that's someone, if they like bernie sanders they like elizabeth warren. >> look. he is going after elizabeth warren because she is going after him. is it foolish? yeah. i think they both should tone down the rhetoric a little bit and focus more on issues and to accuse one person of this, doing this and not the other is in my mind a double standard. >> she's gone after his policy.
12:16 pm
you know what? she was the creator and founder of the consumer protection board helping consumers against the mortgage companies and lenders that hurt us in the great recession. sponsored bills, again, to protect consumers. go after her if you want to. before you call her an insulting name and i don't think -- >> she can call him a loser, small. she can call him that without any repercussions. >> she also said that -- he said that she hasn't accomplished nothing. read the record before you comment on what she has and has not accomplished. she'd do a lot more if she can get the senate back in the democratic hands. >> doug, final word. >> yeah. i would just say, you know, to something that joseph said, focus on the issues. we see yet again donald trump insulting people, susanna martinez or elizabeth warren. focus on the issues. that is not happening and why it should be no surprise that paul ryan is putting forth a legislative agenda so house
12:17 pm
republicans have something positive to campaign on and can't campaign positively with donald trump. >> all right, guys. i'm going to leave it there. doug, joseph, matt, donna, thanks to all of you being with us on that. >> thank you. >> we have much more on the breaking news, including donald trump's response to president obama. he said world -- pardon me. president obama said that world leaders are rattled by trump's rise. we have more in cnn's special coverage. ♪rock-a-bye stacy
12:18 pm
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12:21 pm
president obama issuing a warning to donald trump and his supporters telling reporters that the g7 summit in japan world leaders are unnerved by trump's policies and his attitude. >> a lot of the proposal that is he's made display either ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude or an interest in getting tweets and headlines
12:22 pm
instead of actually thinking through what it is that is required to keep america safe and secure and prosperous. >> moments ago donald trump responded to that and he turned obama's comment sort of on its head. >> when you rattle someone, that's good because many of the world as you know, many of our -- countries in our world, beautiful world, have been absolutely abusing us and taking advantage of us. so, if they're rattled in a friendly way, we'll have great relationships with these countries. if rattled in a friendly way, that's a good thing, john, not a bad thing. >> we have cnn senior international correspondent clarissa ward and david rode, cnn global affairs analyst and national security investigations editor of reuters. clarissa, what do you make of the feud over foreign policy of president obama and donald trump? >> well, brianna, i think it is
12:23 pm
no secret donald trump is ruffling feathers overseas with some of the more controversial policy ideas and certainly his ascent is a subject of fascination across the world. from jihadis in syria and everyone is asking me about trump but there is definitely widespread concern in all the places i controversial to and the people i speak to and apparently the people that president obama has been speaking to, too, at the g7 in japan in about this perceived ignorance coming to world affairs, especially we have seen that here in the uk, earlier this year we heard british prime minister david cameron calling the comments of banning muslims of traveling to the u.s. divisive and stupid and wrong and today even we heard from the newly elected mayor of london and a muslim calling the views on islam ignorant. of course, stretches beyond that from the saudis to the mexicans to the chinese.
12:24 pm
certainly trump has been a very polarizing candidate on the international scene, bring an in. >> david, what have you been hearing from overseas and who in particular is very concerned about trump to sort of i guess fact check what we're hearing from president obama? >> it's very similar. i mean, reuters is a massive news organization with 2,000 reporters and 100 bureaus over the world and the countries clarissa walked through, we are hearing the chinese is concerned about trade tariffs. latin americans concerned about this wall talk and racism toward hispanics. europeans worried about the ban on muslim travelers playing they say into isis' narrative of a religious war and isis is basic message of a double standard that, you know, being bigoted against muslims is acceptable and extraordinary to have a presidential candidate saying
12:25 pm
this so openly and it's unpredictability that's i guess federate fodder of american television is not rattling, you know, allies. they're not sure what's going to come next and it's not a positive thing we are hearing from our bureaus. >> we have heard david petraeus say that in an open appeal to donald trump to stop some of that kind of rhetoric. it's interesting, clarissa, if when you look and listen to what donald trump is saying. in one breath he'd say that he'd go all in on isis and then critiques the u.s. involvement, for instance, in iraq. that's something it seems somewhat contradictory. what is your read on that? >> well, i don't think yet, brianna, we have heard a coherent, strategic foreign policy laid out. by the presumptive nominee donald trump. i do think that the other thing that's made him such a difficult candidate for the international community is his unpredi
12:26 pm
unpredictability which he's thrived on and being provocative, particularly talking about international issues. i do think there's a sense now to see a different side of trump. that we're going to see perhaps a slightly more demure, subdued, serious approach, particularly when talking about these international issues. and i'm also noticing that we're seeing since he became the presumptive republican nominee that the rhetoric overseas softened. there's a realization now that leaders across the world aregra they may have to deal with an actual president trump. and so, i think that the sort of soaring rhetoric in the media coverage is definitely softening as people try to think about more productive ways perhaps to engage. >> that's really good point, david. we just heard a surrogate of donald trump saying he is talking to primary voters up until now and as he moves forward and he's talking more to
12:27 pm
foreign leaders you are going to see this shift. do you think that's an adjustment he can make if he does move towards the white house to instill some more confidence in foreign countries and does he need to do that? >> i think he will do it. that's part of the natural sort of progression and such an odd campaign where his positions are so extreme. the surrogate you mentioned, you know, throughout the primaries, trump bashed china. he said obama should have sent the president of mcdonald's and instead of steak dinner and then surrogate criticizing president obama for antagonizing the chinese saying that president obama should be nice tore the chi needs. so can he short of come up with a consistent and coherent policy as a candidate is vital but to becoming president. markets move globally based on what the president of the united states says. so it will be interesting the see how it evolves.
12:28 pm
he will move to the center and coming from the extreme positions, you know, it will be a key dynamic to see whether he succeeds or in the. >> we'll see. clarissa, david, thanks so much to both of you. ahead, we have more on the breaking story. donald trump clinching the delegate that is s that he nee. plus breaking news just in to cnn, this involves the search for egyptair flight 804. what officials said they found below the surface next. every ingredient is the main ingredient. the strawberry poppyseed... romaine, mandarin, pineapple, blueberry, strawberry, strawberry... strawberry... salad with chicken. at panera. food as it should be.
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12:33 pm
we are back now with breaking news just in to cnn. we are getting word that the remains of egyptair flight 804 may have just been found. airbus just detected signals from the mediterranean sea where egyptair flight 804 crashed last week. this is coming to us from egyptian state media. and this means, this news means that the search grid has just narrowed dramatically. it's gotten so much smaller and going live now to cairo and n ic robertson, cnn international diplomatic editor. to be clear here, these signals are not coming from the black boxes? what do we know? >> reporter: well, we know that two days ago egyptian officials were talking of a search area the size of connecticut. now they are talk ofg a search area of a circle of radius about 3 miles so hugely shrinking the search area. what the head of the investigation here in egypt told
12:34 pm
state television is contacted by airbus and told him they picked up a signal of the emergency location transmitter. now, there are three of these on board an airbus a there is 320 designed to trigger and start sending out signals on impact. what is interesting here is that normally the batteries on these devices last only 48 hours. and here we are seven days later getting this information. but it -- but regardless of how long it's taken to get this information, it does for the investigators narrow the search and they can start dropping in those acoustic devices into the sea to try to listen for the beacons transmitted by the black boxes. so this is a major step forward for the investigators right now. >> all right, nic. we'll be following that with you. thank you so much. next, he's done it. donald trump has completed his
12:35 pm
improbable trek to the republican nomination. he's reached that magic number of 1,237. but instead of hillary clinton donald trump says he'll debate bernie sanders. if $10 million goes to charity. stay with me. you wouldn't take medicine without checking the side effects.
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12:39 pm
donald trump's improbable march to the republican nomination is now all but over. he's clinched those 1,237 delegates, actually 1,238 by our count now that he needs to officially become the party's candidate in november. well, trump has the magic number after several unbound delegates declared their support. i want to bring in the panel now to talk about this. ki kristen anderson, a republican pollster and strategist. timothy neftali, a former adviser of the president nixon library and author. and our phil mattingly is in billings, montana, where donald trump will make the next
12:40 pm
campaign stop here in just a few hours. tim, you listened to trump. he gave a rather lengthy news conference following hitting the number to clinch the nomination. i want to ask you what think about something newt gingrich said. no one in american history moved from a june 16th announcement to a may 26th winning of a majority. trump's achievement is remarkable. how extraordinary is this? from your vantage point as a historian. >> this is a huge to use a word that we hear a lot these days development in american history. this is the first time since 1952 that someone without any elected experience has become the nominee of one of the two main parties. not since dwight eisenhower had this happened and he had a career in public service. he was a he ro of world war ii. this is the first time that this has happened since 1952 which
12:41 pm
means you have someone when's of the nominee of one of the two main parties with a very different skill set from the skill set that a lot of us are accustomed to expecting from a potential president. and this means, first of all, some of the questions that he gets he's really not comfortable with answering them because he's never really thought in those terms. that's the first. the second thing is that everybody talks about how nominees move to the center. but they're talking about politicians moving to the center. this is the first time since 1952 that we have had a non-politician when's been nominated. he doesn't necessarily understand those rules or wish to play by them. a very important thing happened in washington the other day. speaker ryan decided to set up a policy committee to start issuing policy agenda proposals from the house. which means that the republican party which normally will follow
12:42 pm
the ideas of its nominee may start to speak with two voices about policy. that should be very interesting in the weeks and months ahead. >> definitely agree with you. and it's interesting, kristen, he doesn't have the same rules. we have seen that over and over again in the primary battle and now as we move towards the general election. i wonder when it comes to something that he's obviously going to be criticizing hillary clinton over a lot which is the whitewater controversy from the '90s and this is his counterpunch to when she questions his business credentials and the mortgage crisis. i wonder as a pollster, is this something that polls effectively and if not does that even matter if it's donald trump using this as an attack line versus some other candidate? >> well, it's true that donald trump doesn't play by any of the usual rules and in some ways none of the rules really apply to him. things that any candidate could
12:43 pm
have said to destroy their campaigns months ago are sort of a feature rather than a bug for donald trump. he can say outlandish things, make outlandish charges and winds up being okay for him. coming to corruption, coming to something like shady real estate deals, one of the things that i think is going to be interesting about how the public receives things about clinton versus trump is that with trump, you know, there's a sort of cloud of noise around him but for a lot of people they don't care about that. they think he's a good businessman. stuff may have happened but you know what? his name is on a lot of buildings. for hillary clinton this idea she's not trustworthy is built into the brand. when donald trump and hillary clinton are both viewed unfavorably by 57% of the voters it is for different reasons. it's not that way about donald trump right now which is i think he thinks he has the upper hand in this debate. >> phil, speaking of debates,
12:44 pm
phil, let's talk about this idea because donald trump says that he welcomes a debate with bernie sanders and actually lets pull up a tweet of bernie sanders. he just put this out moments ago. i'm delighted that donald trump agreed to debate. let's do it in the biggest stadium possible. is this game on, phil? >> reporter: no. i don't think it is. look. i think we would all love to see it. the bernie sanders campaign would love it. i don't think there's a lot in it for donald trump and bouncing this off of a kind of outside trump advisers today and chuckled and donald trump keeps talking about it particularly with the idea of donations to veterans groups, perhaps or other charities to make this actually happen but the idea that this would actually come together, i think everybody in the republican party would tell donald trump, hey, maybe don't do this. you don't need to do yet. you're the presumptive nominee and not necessarily in your best interest. man oh man, what an interesting spectacle it certainly would be
12:45 pm
and i think for bernie sanders there's nothing to lose here, brianna. you know that from covering the democrats as anybody. getting on the stage with donald trump something they're dying for right now. i think the odds of that actually coming together logistically and happening are pretty low at this point. >> we know that different campaigns can say that they're in on a debate and then things sort of get thrown up that are obstacles to scheduling it. so we'll have to see how it plays out of. the paul ryan issue, tim, today donald trump says, you know, that he had a good conversation with paul ryan on the phone. obviously, they have talked in person. there's still no endorsement. but there's been rumors about is paul ryan going to endorse him? can you historically imagine a situation where the speaker of the house as a republican does not endorse the republican nominee? >> well, as we have been saying and we all understand this to be true, the rules have changed.
12:46 pm
let me -- this is a -- this is a very important moment in the history of the republican party. all great american parties change over time. but it's not been since the early 1950s that the isolationist sentiment, the nativist sentiment that donald trump appeals to has been in a powerful position in the republican party. after dwight eisenhower in 1952, after he was nominated, the republican party was the party of trade and interaction with the world. i believe, i don't know speaker ryan, but i believe that speaker ryan established his group because there are many republicans who do not want the republican party to become a protectionist party, a party of tariffs, a party of withdrawing from the world. which if you follow the logical steps set out by mr. trump, if you followed it, you would be actually leading the united states into a protectionist
12:47 pm
stance ve zie zoo vie the world. i believe there's a debate going on within the party and ryan is trying to represent the more traditional so post-eisenhower reagan views of the world in contrast distinction to trump. which side wins, well, that will depend on the polls. if mr. trump does really well once the polls start to matter in the summer, you may see speaker ryan withdrawing. because it's always more important for a party to have a president in power. but if trump begins to have trouble, the ryan position which is fundamentally different from that of mr. trump will be i think louder and louder and louder because after all i'm not sure that most republicans are ready to throw away the reagan approach to the world which in many ways what trump is suggesting oi these are all the questions that kristen is
12:48 pm
working on to answer and having her back on, as well, to talk about that. tim, thank you so much. kristen and our phil there in montana. next, cnn takes us back to the decade that produced some of the greatest music icons in history. kenny rogers joining us next. what he loved most about the '80s and his his thoughts on his final tour. don't miss this. ♪rock-a-bye stacy
12:49 pm
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cnn has been taking you back to the '80s and this week it's all about the music. this week, brooke baldwin spoke with kenny rogers. he's sold more than 120 million albums worldwide and shared some of his musical moments, including a stint as an r & b
12:53 pm
singer. >> kenny rogers, pleasure to talk to you. >> that is so nice. thank you very much. >> we understand you have quite the bucket list. you become this megastar, country and beyond, but did i read that you started out in r & b? >> no. i started out -- that's not fair. i started with a group in high school. that was kind of r & b. we wanted to be r & b. and then i was in jazz for ten minutes. and that i excelled in with my two bandmates. >> let's flash forward a little
12:54 pm
bit. "island in a stream" was not meant to be a collaboration with dolly. can you please tell me the backstory? >> well, it wasn't really written for me, which was funny. i did the song for four days. i sang it over and over and you know what we need, dolly parton. i had met her but i didn't know her long enough to ask her for favors. so our manager at the time is i saw her downstairs a few moments ago. he brought her up and that song was never the same after that. >> you are kidding me. she just happened to be down stairs. where were you? in the studio?
12:55 pm
>> i owned a studio in l.a. and she was downstairs doing something. i don't know what. but she was downstairs from us. >> so from the dolly parton collaboration to a star-studded collaboration, i have ask you about "we are the world" as we celebrate the '80s here on cnn it was you, diana ross, cyndi lauper. can you tell me the story about that day? >> quincy jones produced it and the idea was that he was going to tell us what to sing because somebody had already thought it out and he said you're going to
12:56 pm
have to sing that or just go in and go back. one of the baylor brothers did an incredible job of getting people to sing the right songs and parts. it was an experience unlike anything i have ever been involved with. >> bucket list, post-tour, what do you do? >> we took him to africa for an afric african safari and i gave him cameras. i said, take pictures of the things you see because you are going to want to show this to the kids in your class when you get back and all of the pictures on that thing were selfies. so that spoke volumes to me. >> we'll have to fix that.
12:57 pm
africa is a special place. africa is a special place. kenny rogers, we'll talk about those pictures when you come back. thank you so much. i appreciate it. talking about the owe'80s and y legacy with me. >> thank you, ma'am. it's a must-watch tonight when music, culture and conflict collide. tune in to the original series "the eighties" at 9:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should have done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. just one of the many features that comes standard with our base policy. call for a free quote today. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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zero calories. zero carbs. zero sugar. zero effort. new splenda zero. donald trump as of today has clinched the republican presidential nomination. "the lead" starts right now. to paraphrase, ben skully in the year of the improbable, what many thought was impossible has happened. donald trump has used his victory press conference to bash president obama, calling him incompetent. some breaking news in the search for flight 804. what could be the biggest break yet. signals detected, possibly from the wreckage. could this lead investigators finally to the black boxes? plus, a major u.s. health alert. it's the superbug that's been giving doctors nightmares and that might mean the end of the