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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  May 26, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> loud, riotus and flamboyant. people ask, what do you miss and i say spandex. it was fantastic. it was so giving and it let everybody know what you had. >> i'm guessing that you had an excellent '80s. dee snider, thank you for joining us. >> i'm have an excellent 2000s, jake. still rocking. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. here's wolf blitzer. happening now, breaking news, over the top, donald trump now has enough delegates to capture the gop nomination and he mocks hillary clinton for being unable to, quote, close the deal in her race. i'll ask hillary about that. i'll also talk to a trump spokeswoman. also, a new poll shows clinton and sanders are neck-and-neck in california. how long will the democratic primary go on? unlikely debte.
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donald trump says he'd love to debate bernie sanders if it could raise $10 million for charity. and homing in. one of the world's most widely flown airliners went down in the mediterranean. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." the breaking news, donald trump now has enough delegates to win the republican nomination. the balloons won't come cascading down until the gop convention in july but previously uncommitted delegates have now gone over to trump's side, putting him over the threshold of 1237 convention votes. while basking in his victory,
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hillary clinton saying she can't clinch her own nomination. signals are detected, meanwhile, from flight 804 emergency locator device which would dramatically narrow the search area for the all-important black boxes that could explain why it went down in the mediterranean. i'll speak this hour with democratic presidential front-runner hillary clinton and with trump's spokesperson, katrina pierson and i'll have coverage of all of the day's stories. let's go to trump's big milestone which he celebrated a while ago in north dakota. jim acosta is on the scene. he sell grated but also did a little gloating aimed at hillary clinton? >> that's right, wolf. donald trump took a victory lap in north dakota after reaching the number of delegates needed to clinch the nomination. throughout his rise to this moment, he's still capable of
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generating immediate controversy and that's what he did here in bismarck with the native american community. after shaking hands with some of the delegates in north dakota who helped him clinch the gop nomination, donald trump took note of who hasn't reached the finish line yet. hillary clinton. >> here i am watching hillary fight and she can't close the deal. and that should be such an easy deal to close. >> reporter: and to stir the pot, trump said he would gladly debate the democratic rival, bernie sanders, as long as the event is for charity. >> i'd love to debate bernie. he's a dream. but i want a lot of money to be put up for charity. if we can raise for maybe women's health issues, something, if we can raise 10 or $15 million for charity, which would be a very appropriate amount, i understand the television business very well, i think it will get high ratings. >> reporter: but the gop nominee has one other person on his mind. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. >> she seems to have made it her
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job. >> who? pocahontas? >> well, she's -- >> that's very offensive. >> i'm sorry. pocahontas? is that what you said? i think she's as native american as i am. okay? that i will tell you. but she's a woman that's been very ineffective other than she has a big mouth. >> reporter: the native american woman told reporters her people are more than a disney movie. >> mr. trump and his tone was offensive today. if there was other young indigenous or native american young girls sitting here, what's that signaling to them? >> reporter: trump is also taking hits from president obama who oversees where world leaders are alarmed over the tycoon's rhetoric. >> they are rattled and for good reason. because a lot of the proposals that he's made display either ignorance of world affairs or a
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cavalier attitude or an interest in getting tweets and headlines. >> reporter: trump jabbed right back. >> he's a president who has done a horrible job. everybody understands that. he's a president who has allowed many of these countries to totally take advantage of him and us, unfortunately. and he's got to say something. and it's unusual that every time he has a press conference, he's talking about me. >> reporter: trump also answered questions about comments made by his chairman paul manafort. he said he will not likely choose a woman or minority of his running mate because doesn't want to be seen as pandering. not so, says the candidate. >> we're looking for absolute competence. i fully expect that we will have many women involved with not only -- i've had it with the campaign but many women involved and i think that you're going to see that and you're going to see that very strongly. so i look forward to it and i
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know he was misquoted a couple of times. >> reporter: trump again said he would release his tax returns once an irs audit is finished. >> hope actually it will be before the election. >> reporter: do you pay some federal taxes? >> i do. >> reporter: you do? >> i do. yes. >> reporter: despite reaching the key number of delegates, donald has to win over the skeptics and walked back his comments questioning the death of clinton's friend vincent foster in the '90s even though it was concluded that it was a case of suicide. >> i really know nothing about the vince foster situation. i don't think it's something that should really be part of the campaign. again, if you people reveal something to me, i'll answer it the appropriate way. >> reporter: and trump signaled he's serious about winning over house speaker paul ryan who still hasn't endorse hd i am. the two leaders spoke overnight and are committed to, working
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together. >> we'll see what happens. we've had great conversations and we'll see what happens. >> reporter: now, trump announced he will hold a press conference on tuesday in new york where he'll offer details on the money that he and others have donated to veterans groups and trump will be in california throughout the weekend, wolf. that is a state that donald trump says he can put in play for the general election. >> well, we'll see soon enough. thank you for that, jim acosta. we're standing by for the trump rally and phil mattingly is there. the national political director rick wiley is no longer with the campaign. what happened? >> reporter: it was a surprise. when this was announced, they said that he was only a short-term appointment to the campaign. that's not true. as recently as last week, some of the operatives that i've spoken to said that he was making calls about prospective
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employment and people that would direct to rick. as donald trump secures the 1237 delegate number and shifts to the general election, many establishment have been pushing for trump's team to professionalize in operation. up to this point they have done extraordinarily well in a way that is not traditional to a republican sense. that's what rick was there for. he had tight ties with the committee and understood the ground game and data operation but he clashed with donald trump's team and now he's no longer on donald trump's team, wolf. >> phil, there have been calls from establishment republicans for trump to sort of professionalize his campaign. does this set back those efforts? >> yeah, it absolutely is, wolf. when you talk to republicans afi affiliated with the rnc, there was a lot of discomfort. when you talk to officials, some
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of the 160 national committee members, the emerge generals on the team brought some level of comfort. they knew he understood the system, the party, he understood donors. the fact was, he was essentially attempting to set up a parallel campaign of sorts from what trump's original team was running. that rubbed a lot of trump's former employees the wrong way. trump decided to side with them. to the frustration of establishment republicans, one who told me today, it's as if these guys think all they need is a twitter account and jet fuel. the implication being that they don't need to run a traditional campaign. trump's team perfectly happy with the campaign that they are running. they make the point that they are the republican nominee. >> phil mattingly, thank you. we'll be speaking live in a few minutes with hillary clinton, the democratic front-runner. we'll get her reaction to what trump is saying. joining me now is katrina pierson. thanks very much for joining us
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all of a sudden there appears to be a turmoil. >> there is not turmoil. >> why was he let go? >> this was a temporary position. when mr. trump was approaching locking up the delegate system, he brought in mr. manafort and other people to help with that process and now we are at the delegate number that we needed to have to be the nominee. and now it's just time to move forward. we are going to be continuing to add to the campaign. there is no turmoil per se. this is a growing campaign. we are doing things no one ever said could be done. we hear a lot of talk about the traditional campaign style that has failed for two presidential cycles. i think the trump team knows what they are doing. >> the g-7 summit is in japan and president obama said his
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conversations with world leaders, they are rattled right now, they are worried about donald trump. listen to what the president said. >> they are rattled and for good reason. because a lot of the proposals that he's made are ignorance of the world affairs or a cavalier attitude or an interest in getting tweets and headlines instead of thinking through what it is that is required to keep america safe. >> pretty strong words from the president of the united states and ignorance on world affairs and more interested in tweets. you're smiling. these are serious accusations that have been leveled against donald trump. >> this is also coming from the president of apologies, the president that has more awards
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than george bush did, the president that has failed miserably when it comes to foreign policy. so i don't really take what the president is saying as anything other than politics. and the world leaders should be concerned because we have the president of the united states who is more concerned with america and americans than anyone else. >> when he says that the president of the united states wants to impose economic sanctions on america, what does he mean by that. >> who said that? >> i'm asking you what donald trump means about i that. >> he's talking about our current state of affairs and right now mr. trump has been the only person out theren republi side talking about how it's unfair. including bernie sanders supporters don't want to see happen. those essentially are economic sanctions that we're talking about losing more jobs in this country, shipping more jobs overseas, more regulations.
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it's hurting americans. so americans today, whether you're a bernie sanders supporter or donald trump supporter, they want commonsense governance and someone that represents them which is something we haven't had in a long time. >> donald trump once again said that hillary clinton wants to abolish the second amendment to the constitution. she's never said that. >> hillary clinton today is definitely saying that she wants to have gun control. >> everybody supports some forms of gun control. >> absolutely not. >> abolishing the second amendment to the constitution, you know what that involves? >> yes. it exists because it protects number one. it's not implied. >> where did she ever say that she wanted to abolish the second amount. >> gun control is essentially abolishing the second amendment. >> everyone supports some form of gun control which is seen
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within the rights of the second amendment to the constitution. >> interpretation is one thing but if we look at the history of the second amendment, every individual has a right to keep and bear arms and arms isn't just firearms. >> did you say that there should be no background checks or restrictions at all, 6-year-old kids can go buy guns? >> what i'm saying is hillary clinton wants to stop law-abiding citizens from owning guns. >> she wants gun control. >> except those who protect her and her family. >> to have the second amendment to the constitution abolished, you have to have an amendment to the constitution. you know what that requires. >> absolutely. >> she's never proposed that. >> we also see presidents today using executive orders which is why this president is in legal battles as we speak. >> you know, it's one thing to have executive orders, republican presidents do executive orders, democratic presidents do executive orders. if they are unconstitutional, the supreme court says they are
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unconstitutional. but abolishing an amendment to the constitution is a very specific sentence that donald trump makes which is not accurate. >> we haven't taken the action to actually abolish privacy either but i think you would agree that americans have had their privacy rights violated with several actions that the government has taken. we're talking about the way that people think and feel today because the government has taken it upon themselves to -- >> you're the national campaign spokesperson for donald trump. the proposed debate between donald trump and bernie sanders -- you're smiling because a lot of people thought it was a joke -- but is it a joke? is this a serious possibility? there could be a debate before the california primary on june 7th between donald trump and bernie sanders? >> mr. trump definitely agreed.
2:16 pm
he was very serious. if he did it, like you said, how much money am i going to make? you and i know the ratings would be astronomical at that point and he would do it for charity. >> he wants $10 million, where does that money come from? >> he wants it to come either from the network -- i believe he challenged cnn to do the exact same thing for a debate. >> whatever network would broadcast that debate would have to donate $10 million to women's health. that's what he said today. he doesn't want the money to come from the bernie sanders campaign, is that right? >> not at all. this is a joint effort. he may want to include bernie sanders in that since bernie sanders wants to have the debate as well but mr. trump's only point was that he considered doing it if we could raise money for charity. >> specifically he said women's health, charity involving women's health. give me an example of which
2:17 pm
charitable organization he's talking about. >> i don't have the list. a lot of women health charities would submit the way they have done with the veterans charities and they would have to be vetted and processed that way. >> where does it stand right now? how close is this debate to actually getting off the ground? >> right now it's just in the discussion stage. this news talked about today, he entertained it. i think it's a great idea. i think it would be a lot of fun to show that contrast and to let bernie sanders supporters know that donald trump is their kwand when hillary clinton pushes him out of the race. >> because jeff weaver, the campaign manager for bernie sanders, said he hopes that donald trump does not, quote, chicken out. is that a possibility that donald trump is going to, quote, chicken out? >> no. donald trump doesn't chicken out of anything. if the terms are agreed to, i'm sure mr. trump would be happy to comply. >> spes tcify the terms, once
2:18 pm
again. >> women's charity. >> $10 million? >> that's the discussion i have heard. i'm not sure if there are already talks. i think it would be a great idea. mr. trump loves to raise money for charity and this is a great opportunity. >> katrina pierson, we'll see if that takes place, national spokeswoman for the donald trump campaign. more breaking news that we're following right now, hillary clinton is on the phone to take questions about the race for president of the united states. madam secretary, thanks very much for joining us. >> thanks, wolf. good to talk to you. >> i want to get to several points that donald trump spoke about you. but first let's go to the state report which caused a lot of controversy. you said what you did was allowed under the rules but the report specifically says that the state department did not and would not have approved your exclusive reliance on a personal
2:19 pm
e-mail account. so here's the question. did you break the rules? >> well, wolf, this report makes clear that personal e-mail use was the practice under other secretaries of state and the rules were not clarified until after i had left. as i said many times, it was a mistake and if i could go back, i would have done it differently and i understand why people have concerns about this but i hope voters look at the full picture of everything that i've done and the full threat posed by a donald trump residency. if they do, i have faith in the american people that they will make the right choice. >> the report says -- and i'll read a sentence from the report, madam secretary, that the department of state and internal revenue manual did not and would not approve her exclusive rely johnson a personal e-mail account to could be duct department business because of the security risks in doing so.
2:20 pm
those are specific words that specifically say you were not authorized to do so. why didn't you ask for authorization? >> well, i thought it was allowed. secretary kerry for a period of time until the rules were clarified, they were not a model of clarity and is seems like there's still more work to do. but that's not the point. i said it was a mistake and, furthermore, wolf, i have provided the department with all of the work-related e-mails that i had i have called for them to be made public and that's really what is at the core of any kind of effort to make sure that the material is obtained and i have done that. >> why didn't you cooperate with
2:21 pm
the inspector general and agree to an interview with him? >> you know, when they reached out to me, i had already said everything i could on this matter. i testified for 11 hours before the benghazi committee. i have done, as you know, numerous interviews. i called on the department to release all of my e-mails and i have posted extensive information on my e-mail practice on my campaign's website. everything i had to say was out there and i believe that, as i have repeated to you makes clear that personal e-mail use was under practice and the rules being referenced were not clarified until after i had left. >> the report does say that the rules were updated specifically by secretary clinton's tenure and was more detailed and
2:22 pm
sophisticated. that's what is in the report. let me get to what donald trump is talking about today. he clinched the republican presidential nomination. he says this report is -- >> i would like her in the race. i'd like to run against her. look, she has bad judgment. this was all bad judgment. probably illegal. i just read the report. it's devastating, the report. it's devastating. and there's no reason for it. it's skirting on the edge all the time and you look back at her history and this is her history. it's a very, very harsh report. done by obama and democrats, it's shocking to see it. >> i want to get your reaction but i also want to note that the president of the united states at the g-7 summit in japan, he said world leaders he is meeting
2:23 pm
with are rattled by the possibility that donald trump could be the next president of the united states. i want your reaction to all of that. >> well, wolf, look, i know that donald trump says outrageous things all the time but today he officially clinched the republican nomination. so this is now as real as it gets. and this man who is an unqualified loose canon is within reach of the most important job of the world. and president obama reported that they are rattled by the threat that donald trump presents. of course they are rattled. he's talking about breaking up our alliances, letting countries get more nuclear weapons, banning all muslims from coming to america that. is a recipe for fewer friends and more enemies and will make us less safe. look, i know that trump thinks this is a point of pride that
2:24 pm
people like me or president obama raise questions and criticize. but it's not. this is not a reality show. it's not just politics. it's really serious. the entire world looks to the president for the leadership and that's what i would provide if elected. >> he mocked you today, donald trump, saying you can't seal the deal for the democratic presidential nomination and these latest polls in california have it very, very close between you and bernie sanders. what's the problem here? >> first of all, there was a poll that said i was 18 points up and a poll yesterday that said i was 2 points up, which is why i don't really pay a lot of attention to the polls because they are increasingly all over the place. we are going to run hard and we are already insurmountable ahead. this will be wrapped up on june 7th.
2:25 pm
i know that the "a.p." called a bunch of people unchit uncommitted and would support trump but we'll go through and fight hard and work to get everybody to turn out in california and mexico, new jersey, all of the contests upcoming. >> i know you've got to go. he also accused you of wanting to abolish the second amendment to the constitution. i'd love to get your response to that. >> well, either he is very badly misinformed or he knows better. that is absolutely ridiculous. i have said repeatedly that i believe there can be commonsense gun safety reforms, could be cy consistent with the second amendment and closing the online loopholes, the gun show loopholes, that is all supported
2:26 pm
by huge majorities of americans, including gun owners. so, look, i'm ready for his fantasy campaign and the outrageous things he's going to say. i just really regret that the kinds of things he is saying about letting other countries get nuclear weapons and bringing back torture and just the outrageous comments that are being heard around the world, that's not who we are as americans and that's not the kind of strong, smart, steady leadership that we need and deserve. >> trump says he's now ready to debate bernie sanders if $10 million can be raised going to charity and he says women's health charities. that's what he wants. bernie sanders says he hopes that debate takes place. your reaction to that. would you be open to joining the two of them in that debate? >> oh, wolf, this doesn't sound like a serious discussion. i'm looking forward to debating
2:27 pm
donald trump in the general election. i really can't wait to get on the stage with him. >> and what's your reaction between a possible debate between bernie sanders and donald trump? >> i don't think it's serious. i don't think it's going to happen. >> madam secretary, thanks very much for joining us. >> okay. good to talk to you. bye-bye. >> thank you very much, hillary clinton, on the campaign trail. we'll take a quick break and get reaction to all of these late-breaking developments right after this. if rz quite like the human foot. introducing the 255 horsepower lexus is 300 all-wheel-drive. with twenty-five percent more base horsepower. once driven, there's no going back. kenneth, are they closing the stage this afternoon for auditions? what's on that piece of paper?
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. donald trump securing enough delegates now to win the republican presidential nomination. and today he's taking on both hillary clinton and president obama and is talking about possible debate with bernie sanders. we have a lot to discuss with our political experts. joining us, s.e. cupp, our senior political reporter manu raju and political commentator peter beinart with "atlantic media." hillary clinton phoned in to respond to, among other things, donald trump crossing the delegate threshold. she's responding in realtime to donald trump. you see this as a possible change in her strategy? >> it's interesting to watch. of course, calling in to shows like yours is a signature donald trump thing to do. it will be interesting to see if she follows down that path. one thing that is clear, donald trump has remade american politics, at least in stylistic terms. i hope not in ideological or
2:33 pm
moral terms. he's opened a path for a more free wheeling, perhaps less scripted form of political engagement. hillary clinton is not all that good at that. i mean, she is very cautious and sticks close to her talking points. she can call in to shows like yours but she really doesn't make the same kind of news that he does. >> manu, the fact that trump now has clinched the republican nomination, it puts enormous pressure on other republicans, especially in congress and the house and the senate to come on board and join that trump campaign. now, you're up on capitol hill all the time. what are you hearing today? >> you hear a lot of folks jumping on that trump train. marco rubio was talking to our colleague jake tapper saying that he would go to the convention, release his delegates. this is a guy who said he was going to drive around in his pickup truck around the country to stop donald trump. i should say that there are still a lot of hesitation on capitol hill. i spent a lot of time talking to members of congress and even though he crossed that
2:34 pm
threshold, some folks are not willing to go there. corey gardener said call my press office when we asked whether he was going to get on board. ted cruz took some time off and we asked him as well as our colleague did, he said no comment. paul ryan, perhaps the most important in this regard, still is not ready to endorse. i asked him at this press conference today, how does this make you look, that you're not getting behind your party's nominee as he crosses that threshold? he said, i'm more concerned about real party unification. he wants to bring trump more in line with republican core principles. >> as our viewers know, s.e.u. you're no fan of donald trump. what does it mean for those republicans part of that, quote, never trump movement? >> yeah. i think you're seeing a split, right? there's the never trump people who are now for partisan reasons and because they really like hillary clinton are coming on board. that was expected. there are still going to be some holdouts for personal reasons cannot put their reputation on
2:35 pm
the line for trump, can't morally defend trump and justify it. whether or not there's an actual movement to stop him now, i think that's pretty much gone. he's clinched the delegates and i think he's going to get more republicans on board than not. >> peter, he was able to cross this threshold today and hillary clinton has been able to cross the threshold for the presidential nomination. should that give republicans serious hope that he can actually win the presidency in november? >> i still think the chances are very low. it's true that there have been polls showing that things are very close. but you have a series of really stru structural disadvantages. he doesn't have anywhere near the data gain that the clintons will have. he doesn't have the money that they will have and if the democrats can get out the african-american and latino vote
2:36 pm
and they've been able to do that pretty effectively, yes, they have barack obama but now they have donald trump, if they can get that vote, the country is even since 2012, a more nonwhite electorate than we did in 2012. i think it's still a very, very high hurdle. everyone, stand by, we'll take a quick break. we'll be right back. there's no one road out there. no one surface... no one speed... no one way of driving on each and every road. but there is one car that can conquer them all. the mercedes-benz c-class. five driving modes let you customize the steering,
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while donald trump locked up
2:41 pm
enough delegates to clinch the republican nomination, the primary it turning into a toss-up between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. jeff zeleny is joining us from san francisco. is hillary clinton still focusing in on donald trump or turning her attention now back to senator sanders? >> reporter: wolf, it is donald trump and donald trump alone. that is the message that hillary clinton is taking to voters. the reason is this. she is about 88 delegates shy of clinching the democratic nomination with pledge delegates and superdelegates. yes, this race here in california is very close. she does not need a victory here. of course, she still wants but so that is why she is still campaigning hard today. hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a fierce fight for california. the democratic finish line may be in sight and clinton's lead is secure but the party is still divided. >> this election is a make-or-break election. [ applause ] >> reporter: tonight, a new california field poll shows the
2:42 pm
race is a near dead heat. clinton, 46. sanders, 44. sanders is making his last stance in tv ads. >> what choice does californians have? the biggest ones of all. >> reporter: and sending a message to the democratic establishment. >> on june 7th, let's give them a rude awakening. let's tell them that enough is enough. >> reporter: sanders is closing strong. even as clinton tries downplaying the new inspector general's report that she improperly used the e-mail server as secretary of state. >> if i could go back, i would do it differently. i think voters are going to be looking at the full picture of what i have to offer, my life, my service and the full threat that donald trump offers. >> reporter: but the e-mail saga has kept questions alive about clinton's trust, the trust is gone today in north dakota.
2:43 pm
>> this was all bad judgment. probably illegal. >> reporter: sanders still won't touch the e-mail issue but insists he's the bet candidate to defeat trump and now he's trying to prove it by enticing trump into a debate making the pitch hollywood-style through jimmy kimmel on abc. >> he wants to know if you will debate him. >> yes, i am. how much is he going to pay me? >> i'd love to debate bernie. he's a dream. but i want a lot of money to be put up for charity. >> sanders says he's ready. >> hillary clinton has not agreed to debate me here in california so i look forward to debating mr. trump. >> reporter: in the middle of it all, some democrats are growing nervous. president obama urged patience. >> people get a little grumpy with each other. it's the nature of the process. >> reporter: but the president says the democrats must come together. >> would it be nice if everybody was immediately unified and
2:44 pm
whoever the nominee ended up being could just take a nice two-week vacation to recharge? absolutely. i guarantee you that the eventual nominee sure wishes it was over now because this is a grind. >> reporter: a grind indeed. wolf, take notice, the president did not note who the eventual nominee would be. everyone believes they know the outcome of this but the president is still trying to stay as a neutral referee. that will go on for two more weeks, i'm told, and then he will play a central role in unifying his party and asking bernie sanders to do so as well. wolf? >> thanks very much, jeff zeleny, for that. let's bring back our political experts to discuss the democratic race. manu, do you think hillary could lose california to bernie sanders? >> based on the poll today, certainly, yes.
2:45 pm
it wouldn't change the dynamics of this race unless bernie sanders won california and the remaining contests by an absolute landslide. if you look at the numbers, bernie sanders needs to win 70% of the pledged delegates that are left in this race in order to beat hillary clinton by just one delegate. and that's a very, very high hurdle. the fact that these states are still being awarded proportionally the delegates are, that makes it hard for bernie sanders. if it wdoesn't change the pledgd delegate count, that will hurt hillary clinton's narrative and making it harder for bernie sanders to drop out and concede before the july -- >> would that change the momentum, if you will, peter, if she were to lose california? >> sure. it would be, you know -- you don't want to go limping in to the convention but i think historically what we found is that these fights in the primaries don't ultimately weaken nominees that much, that
2:46 pm
we are in a very partisan era. you see that with donald trump being able to consolidate so much mass republican support despite the overwhelming opposition to him. i think it's likely that however hillary clinton wins, and she probably will win, that bernie sanders supporters will ultimately come to support her because of the highly partisan environment that we're in. she is a flawed candidate in a lot of ways but i think ultimately democrats will consolidate around her nonetheless. >> you heard, s.e., hillary clinton saying she didn't think this possible debate between donald trump and bernie sanders -- you're smiling. you're chuckling. >> yes. >> -- was serious. however, they both said it's a serious thing. there have been conversations between the campaigns. they've received opportunities from various television networks. trump says if they can get $10 million to women's charity, women's health charity groups, he'll go for it. why are you still smiling? >> well, i think it's really unwise of her to laugh it off. she's the only lose are in this
2:47 pm
situation if this debate happens. it elevates donald trump if he's part of a debate. it elevates bernie sanders if he's part of this debate. they are doing it without her all eyes are on these characters. they are probably going to agree on a surprising lot and i think hillary clinton should be very nervous that both of these guys are going to get a huge spotlight without her. i don't think she should wave it off with sort of the smug condescending that she is. >> donald trump just posted under the headline celebrating 1237, the number of delegates that you need. you see him aboard his plane. he's enjoying a little mcdonald's. talk about this picture a little bit. >> this is interesting for a number of reasons. as we discussed in the break, he is, i think like most patriots, eating the fries before he touches the entree which, in this case, looks to be a big mac. i do that. i know a lot of people that do
2:48 pm
that. he also has a diet coke which is, of course, the best accompaniment to any meal, as anyone knows. on, this i ain't mad at you, donald. >> i like the hines ketchup. >> untouched. >> he hasn't opened it yet. >> no. like me, he eats his fries without ketchup. a lot of people ask for special sauces at mcdonald's with which to eat their fries. >> i love the ketchup. what about you, manu? >> i haven't ate mcdonald's in years. >> we're not bringing you into this conversation, peter. >> this is way above my pay grade. >> guys, thanks very much. coming up, important new developments on a very, very serious story we're following. the hunt for the missing egyptian airliner. they have picked up the signals from the plane's emergency locator. are they close to finding the wreckage. ♪
2:49 pm
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2:53 pm
breaking news, a desperate search continues for the wreckage and all important black boxes from egyptair flight 804. there are reports that signals have been detected from the emergency locator device. brian todd is digging into this, finding out what's going on. what are you learning? >> reporter: pretty big development, could be a major break for investigators trying to find the egyptair wreckage. the lead investigator says
2:54 pm
airbus located signals from the emergency locator transmitter, according to egypt run state newspaper. it is an automated distress signal beacon, and it had three of those, including one in the tail. having the signal could decrease the search area for the wreckage, could decrease the radius to as small as three miles. data has been passed on to search teams according to the newspaper, but it is unclear when signals from the elt were picked up. they don't last long in the water, those signals picked up pretty soon after impact. >> this is different than the pingers on the black boxes underwater, right? >> the elts are separate, the underwater signal from the black boxes is the pinger, those contain the flight recorders. elt is a small radio transmitter activated in the event of impact, signals are sent to
2:55 pm
satellites and then relayed to monitoring stations on the ground. once wreckage sinks and it is underwater, the signal is no longer able to reach the satellites. >> the black boxes, what's the timetable for the search for black boxes. >> reporter: still some time, 22 days left until the pinger signals go dead. the underwater search for the wreckage will begin in the coming days according to european officials. a french ship left for the search area, it is equipped with three underwater probes to listen and locate signals of the flight recorders, they look like this. they're also working to get a ship with an underwater robot and lift capacity to the area to lift up anything found underwater. 22 days until the pinger locor signals run out. >> brian todd reporting. thank you. donald trump says he would love to debate bernie sanders. it could raise millions for
2:56 pm
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happening now. breaking news, closing the deal. donald trump now assured of the republican presidential nomination after a handsful of delegates throw their support behind him giving him the 1237 needed to be the gop nominee. we are standing by for a trump campaign rally this hour. misquoted, trump walks back statements from the campaign chairman about his potential pick for vice president and the controversial ban off muslims entering the united states. is truck taking a new position? terrorist smuggling, hiding among groups of migrants in
3:01 pm
europe. the terrorists taking extreme measures to blend in. how many have made it. and what are they plotting? and new white house. a new one. president obama signs a lease on a washington mansion in an exclusive neighborhood he will call his home after he leaves the oval office, but post presidential security presents a major challenge. how will the secret service keep the first family safe, how much will it cost taxpayers. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." we are following breaking news. donald trump tightening his grip on the republican presidential nomination with a handful of uncommitted delegates now throwing in their support, the billionaire business man has the 1238 delegates, he has 1238, one more than the number needed to become the gop standard bearer when the party convenes in july.
3:02 pm
trump is holding a rally in montana. we are standing by to hear from the presumptive nominee. we are following security concerns about the next home of president obama and his family. they leased a nine bedroom mansion in a washington neighborhood where they plan to live, the president and his family leave the white house less than nine months from now. tonight we're learning that protecting the president and his family will be costly, will be challenging. we're covering that and more this hour with our guests, including congressman lou bar let a, donald trump supporter, member of house homeland security committee. and our experts and analysts are also standing by. let's begin with phil mattingly at the trump rally in billings, montana. phil. we are standing by to hear from the presumptive nominee. what's the latest? >> reporter: he is expected out here in a matter of moments. it is a huge day for his campaign, clinching the nomination, surpassing 1237
3:03 pm
delegates. the people here were just informed of that fact by one of the opening speakers, met with large applause. trump talking to reporters, not spending much time basking on the moment, but focusing on hillary clinton and president barack obama. today donald trump firing back at the man he's campaigning to replace. >> number one, he's incompetent. >> reporter: trump speaking just hours after the sitting president overseas in japan said this about how foreign leaders perceive the new york billionaire. >> i think it is fair to say they're surprised by the republican nominee, they are not sure how seriously to take some of his pronouncements but they're rattled by him. >> reporter: trump taking the critique in stride, saying it's actually beneficial in the wake of the current administration's actions. >> if they're rattled in a
3:04 pm
friendly way, that's a good thing. he is a president that's done a horrible job, everybody understands that. he is a president that allowed many of these countries to totally take advantage of him. >> reporter: trump back on the trail in north dakota after by passing the 1237 delegates needed to clinch the nomination. >> the folks behind me got us right over the top. >> reporter: per otting quickly to his likely next opponent, hillary clinton. >> here i am watching hillary fight, she can't close the deal. that should be such an easy deal to close. >> reporter: and continuing what has become a round by round slug fest between the presumptive nominee and democratic senator elizabeth warren. >> she's a woman that's been very ineffective other than she has a big mouth. >> reporter: even as the party continues to come together behind the oft controversial, standard bearer. >> what i am concerned about is making sure we have real party unity, not pretend party unity.
3:05 pm
real party unity because we need to win this election in the fall. >> reporter: not unlike the party, a work in progress. trump's comments come the ta after removal of his national political director amid continued tensions at the top of his campaign. all as trump's top campaign adviser appeared to reject the possibility of a woman or ninth as trump's running mate, saying it would be viewed as pandering, trump walking that back today. >> he has been misquoted a lot, but we're going to have women involved at the absolute highest levels. >> reporter: even under constant attack, steadfast on refusal to release tax returns until the completion of a purported irs audit. >> i don't know very many people that have been audited for 15 years. i'm audited all the time, so i don't know what that's all about, but the irs has been very professional and as we move along, as soon as that's finished, whenever that may be, hopefully it is before the
3:06 pm
election, i'm fine with that, okay? >> reporter: wolf, what's interesting to note, montana was one of the june 7 states that all of the republican campaigns were targeting when they thought a contested convention was possible. obviously that completely off the table now, donald trump took at least one moment to celebrate, posting this picture on instagram celebrating on his flight from north dakota to montana, with a mcdonald's big mac and dooit kocokkoch -- diet. >> jim acosta is joining us. jim, trump is about to speak in montana, earlier at a news conference you were there. what did he say about wanting to debate bernie sanders? >> reporter: wolf, it appears to be game on after his appearance on the jimmy kimmel show last night where trump seemed to be joking about the idea, he made it clear today he wants to
3:07 pm
debate bernie sanders. he says this will happen as long as the event raises millions of dollars for charity and added his campaign has been in touch with team sanders to make it happen. here's what he had to say about it earlier today, wolf. >> it should be in a big arena somewhere, we can have a lot of fun with it. i'd love to debate bernie actually. the problem with debating bernie, he is going to lose, his system is rigged like our system is rigged. if i didn't win by massive majorities, i wouldn't be standing here talking to you today. >> reporter: trump also said he would debate elizabeth warren when i asked him if he was interested in a face off with the massachusetts senator. he may have plenty of practice against the likely opponent hillary clinton, but this goes to show you how unprecedented the campaign is. donald trump should be preparing to debate hillary clinton, not bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. >> when i spoke with hillary clinton, she said she's looking forward to debating donald trump, but that has to wait
3:08 pm
until after the conventions, september, october, three regularly scheduled presidential debates. jim acosta, thanks very much. let me ask you one more question, jim, before i let you go. this was a scripted speech he later gave where you are in north dakota. only the third time he read a speech from a teleprompter? >> that's right. he likes to give hillary clinton grief for using teleprompters, he used one here. he has more policy speeches coming in the coming weeks, already delivered one on foreign policy, as for the speech on energy, wolf, it is important to note that donald trump would completely undo president obama's climate agenda, saying today he would do away with the paris climate agreement, he would pull the united states out of that and ask trans-canada to submit another application to build the pipeline that was such a drama in the second obama term. >> all of us remember that, of course. jim acosta, thanks very much. let's get more on this.
3:09 pm
congressman lou bar let a is with me, he endorsed donald trump early on. thanks for joining us. >> good to be here, wolf. >> we heard donald trump say it is a good thing if he were president, if he rattled world leaders. how can the u.s. have productive foreign relations with america's enemies and allies for that matter if they're all being rattled, even in a, quote, friendly way. >> i think it is a good thing, wolf. you never want anyone to know, to predict what you're going to do. we saw that with this administration, drawing a red line in the sand and watching people cross it and doing nothing. i think as far as national security it's always good to have the other side. just not sure exactly what you're going to do. >> allies as well as opposed to enemies or adversaries of the united states. you want our allies not to be
3:10 pm
sure what the u.s. will do? >> no, i don't think you'll see that in a donald trump presidency. i think what you'll see totally different than we are seeing now, our allies will know the united states will stand behind you. when you're a friend of the united states, we're going to stand with you. right now our allies don't know that. our allies can't trust us and our enemies don't fear us. i think this will be totally different than what we're seeing today. >> a lot of us were surprised, congressman, when donald trump went after the new mexico governor, susana martinez, republican, hispanic, chair of the republican governor's association. what good does it do for him to do that when he is trying to unify the republican party? >> well, you know donald trump is a self proclaimed counter puncher, he'll tell you if he feels he is getting jabbed or punched, he will jab back. he uses these instances to
3:11 pm
highlight something. we wanted to highlight how many are on public assistance and food stamps, not having a job, not seeing a way out of poverty. he has a way of bringing an issue to the forefront, and when you peel back what he says, you end up talking about the issue he wants to talk about. i think he's been masterful doing it and he's not going to hold back. that's what people like about donald trump, he'll say what's on his mind. if you like it, you like it, if you don't, you don't. he may say something greater tomorrow if he finds something that's great. he says what's on his mind and people like that. >> he was upset she didn't come to the event, she was busy doing other stuff, she hadn't endorsed him, earlier she endorsed marco rubio. the bottom line, she's a woman, she's a republican, head of the republican governors association, a latina, you need that support to be elected
3:12 pm
president if you're a republican, right? >> yeah, but he's not a typical politician, right? that's again the attraction of the american people, he doesn't do what's politically correct, he doesn't do what political advisers tell him to do, he does what he thinks is on his mind at the time. it doesn't mean tomorrow if he finds something he likes she did that he wouldn't praise her as well. and people like that honesty, they like that he is not caged, he is donald trump, he will say it as he sees it. >> that strategy worked defeating 16 or 17 republican rivals, challengers. now that he's for all practical purposes the republican presidential nominee, shouldn't he perhaps moderate or modify his tone to get everybody on board? >> i think he has. i see it myself personally in washington in the number of how he is bringing the republican party together, unifying the
3:13 pm
republican party and how he is on a one to one basis with people, how impressed they are when they see the board room donald trump and the real donald trump and how he wants to hear your opinion, he values our policy ideas and he is taking it in. i think you're seeing a transition now into someone who will be a great president. >> even your leader, the speaker of the house paul ryan still hasn't been able to endorse him, to say he's going to support him. i think it's almost unprecedented for a speaker of the house to not endorse the presumptive nominee of his own party. >> and that's all right, you know. paul ryan will come when paul ryan is ready. he's a policy wonk, he wants to feel good about the agenda he's been working on and we have been working on in the house, and they're talking every day and talking about policy and that's the other thing i like about donald trump. he has not strong armed anybody on the republican side to get on
3:14 pm
board. when paul ryan is ready, he will come on board. >> i want you to stand by, congressman. we're standing by to hear directly from donald trump. esque introduced at a rally in billings, montana right now. that's one of his aides, steven miller speaking there. we will have live coverage, we will continue our conversation right after this. here's the plan. you want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad. and years later at thanksgiving, when one of them says what he's thankful for most, is this house, you realize you didn't plan for any of this you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible. world saleilton is on honors members save up to 25% on brands like hampton, doubletree, hilton garden inn, and waldorf astoria
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3:18 pm
life feels a little lighter, potency probiotic, livelier, a little more you. ultimate flora probiotics. standing by to hear from donald trump at a campaign rally in montana. trump has the delegates for the presidential nomination. we are back with lou barletta of
3:19 pm
pennsylvania, member of the house homeland security committee. paul manafort, he is a top aide, campaign chairman for trump now, he said in an interview with huffington post that trump will soften his proposal for temporary ban on muslims coming to the united states, but trump avoided getting into specifics in his news conference earlier today when he was asked about it. here's the question to you. would you support a softening of that proposed ban? >> yeah, i think i would, you know, and again i believe that has been part of his strategy in this campaign when he had to beat 17 professional candidates on the republican side in saying something that really shocks people and again, you start talking about the issue and at the heart of it you're debating whether or not it's a valid issue and how do we deal with
3:20 pm
it. many of the issues most politicians wouldn't want to bring up, he is able to do that by saying something that catches everybody's attention, then we end up having a debate on the issue. he is a businessman. so when you go into a negotiation, you go in bidding high, knowing you're willing to settle at some other point, and i think he uses some of that strategy in getting to the place where he wants to get in, and that's to have a real debate on how we deal with that problem. >> when i hear you say these are opening bargaining positions he is willing to modify as negotiations get under way, would it be the same thing he repeatedly said he wants to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the united states. are you with him on that as well? >> i am not going to speak for him, he does a great job of speaking for himself. i'm just saying that, you know, i think in the world of
3:21 pm
business, strategy is always there's a sweet spot where you want to get to, put to get to that point, you can't start there because you never end up there. that's how i got to congress, fighting illegal immigration as the mayor of hazelton and here we are today. we wouldn't even be talking about this issue if it wasn't for donald trump. i'm in congress now six years. our borders are still open, we haven't done anything about illegal immigration, the american people are fed up, they're seeing their wages depressed. so at the end of the day, wolf, i believe because of donald trump we will secure our borders and that's the first step. everybody in washington agrees, democrats and republicans, let's secure the borders, but we don't do it. so wherever we end up, we will be better off because of how donald trump brings these issues out into the public. >> very quickly, his campaign chairman paul manafort said trump operates by starting the conversation at the outer edges and then brings it back toward the middle.
3:22 pm
i guess the question to you is do you think he will stand by his pledges so far on some of these sensitive issues? >> i do. i think he means it. he's going to do something, he's going to secure our borders, he is going to deal with illegal immigration, he is going to make america's trade deals better, bring jobs back to america. all these things. i believe him. he's a successful business man and he's not a politician and by the amount of support that he has in america by democrats and republicans and independents, i think he's going to go into the general election with a lot of support. >> congressman lou barletta of pennsylvania, thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> we are watching the trump rally in montana, we are standing by to hear from the presumptive nominee republican presidential nominee. looking at live pictures. also, a cnn exclusive. how isis fighters are hiding among migrants. and look inside president
3:23 pm
obama's next home. how will secret service agents protect this first family in this relatively dense, crowded neighborhood. you both have a
3:24 pm
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narrator: sometimes it's the things that the rest of us don't see that can make all the difference in california's classrooms. it's part of my responsibility as someone who's experienced to allow the door to be open for younger teachers. the teamwork between the teachers is essential. when we collaborate with each other... makes everyone stronger. by helping my fellow teachers be successful, i'm helping kids be successful. narrator: the california teachers association: educators who know quality public schools make a better california for all of us. breaking news tonight, donald trump reaching 1238 delegates, topping the number needed to be the republican presidential candidate when the party convenes in july. let's dig deeper. joining us, chief political
3:28 pm
correspondent dana bash, cnn political director david which he yen, and david swerdlick. now that he crossed that number for all practical purposes, he is wrapped up, clinched the republican nomination, dana, does that put more pressure on other republicans that waited to go in and endorse him? >> a little bit, but i feel like that was cooked a couple of weeks ago, the idea that he was going to get to this point since there was nobody else in the race. i think there will be more pressure when we get to the actual convention, which by tradition is the time for republicans to gather and rally around their person, their man. i think that's the key time. a lot of people are going on board with trump, more than we thought there would be given the intense scrutiny and the intense
3:29 pm
i'm not sure, trying to think of a diplomatic word, people didn't think he was a real conservative. they're still not sure about his temperament. >> now that he clinched the nomination, do you think we will see significant change in his tone? the tone he's had over the past nearly year has gotten him to where he is now. >> it has. he knows that the context now changes, he is moving to a general election audience, he talked about that throughout the season. i go back and forth. i see someone in terms of providing establishment on board, reaching out, having meetings and phone calls with every slice of the conservative movement in a way that somebody who really wants to pivot to a general election nominee would do. >> and then goes out and criticizes the governor of new
3:30 pm
mexico, a woman, a latina. >> all those things, so he can't resist. he still can't resist when he is criticized, when somebody is reluctant to come on board, he gets back in that mode, it is what brought him to this dance. and yet you see some moments where he does want to elevate in some way, then he can't resist the opportunity. >> you notice, david, he seemed to contradict several statements that paul manafort made in an interview in huffington post at his news conference today. that was awkward, wasn't it? >> he contradicts on a lot of things. >> he contradicted what paul manafort said. >> his campaign manager, right. i think this is a tenuous time for trump because like david is saying, he can't resist getting in some of these fights. i think manafort served him well, but they're in a lull period where there will be more scrutiny on little side issues rather than the main issue
3:31 pm
because he doesn't have any competition right now. even though it helps him to have won the nomination and have sewn it up, i think there's a danger for him in the sense his supporters have been animated by the aggrieved status, that the republican party pushed them out. now you're in this mode where looks more like a coronation. this poses a problem for them. >> exactly. i think one of the answers to the question about whether he is's going to change now was today. no, elizabeth warren is not in his party, and it benefits him politically to spar with her, but to call her pocahontas again, continue to do that, in a place like north dakota which has a huge native american population, you have kind of an unusual moment, you had a reporter there that appeared to be native american saying that's offensive. >> it wasn't just part of the stunt, he is being questioned. >> exactly. that's an answer to your
3:32 pm
question, no. >> he had no phone conversation with speaker of the house, paul ryan, both of them said it was a good conversation, but he's still not there, ready to endorse the republican presumptive nominee. >> i think paul ryan is very publicly going through the process that many, many republican office holders and voters that were with other candidates in the nomination season are going through to get to trump. i have no doubt when the convention rolls around in cleveland in july, paul ryan is going to be a trump supporter. you can see he is laying the ground work and pieces to get there. there's something clear in his motivation that he wants to do it in public fashion. i think if you speak to people around him, yes, it gives him leverage and helps him bring the party along. he is part of them piecing together for trump a unified party. >> once he gives away that endorsement essentially he's just like every other congressman that's endorsed
3:33 pm
trump. he's lost that leverage. i also think the longer he waits, if something goes wrong with trump down the road, if trump loses the general election, he can say he was hesitant, he wasn't fully on board, whereas if he goes full on for trump, he is in the same boat as the rest of the party. >> or looking at four years in case he runs for president? >> i am not saying that, he will presumably be speaker for the foreseeable future and if he is going to have a handle, going to have the reigns on his caucus, he has to have his own power. >> you heard the president, dana, at the g7 summit saying world leaders are rattled by trump. trump took it as saying there's nothing wrong with that. i like to rattle people. in business that's good to keep them guessing. what was your analysis of that? >> i think that if he became president one day and he said something to rattle the stock market and the economy in this country and around the world was rattled based on something he
3:34 pm
said, he would probably have a different view. yeah, it is good to rattle the cages of washington and shake things up and i think that's what he was trying to say, that the whole premise of his candidacy is to change things, get people thinking, get people nervous about the status quo. that's why people like him. talking about the world stage, you know this, you covered the white house, you're an expert on international affairs, it's a little different. >> what a huge thing, that the sitting president of the united states of america on foreign soil has decided to basically nullify publicly one of the nominees to be his successor on the world stage in that way. talk about unprecedented stuff, that's amazing. you can see clearly president obama is eager to get on the field and engaged in the campaign, and his legacy is at stake and he knows that. i was just taken aback just as
3:35 pm
unconventional as the donald trump candidacy is, so was the response from the sitting president of the united states. >> i'm sorry. >> go ahead. >> that's something the obama complained about george bush doing in 2008. >> used to be politics stops at the water's edge. in recent years, hasn't been true. stand by. much more to discuss, including my interview with hillary clinton. she's reacting to the state department inspector general report on her e-mail. we will be right back. ♪
3:36 pm
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donald trump and i'm quoting her now, an unqualified loose cannon in an interview with the presidential frontrunner last hour, she told me every american should be concerned about donald trump she says is within reach of the most important job in the world. cnn sunlen serfaty has the latest. you're in california right now where bernie sanders just held a rally. what's the latest there? >> reporter: that's right, wolf, both bernie sanders and hillary clinton are out campaigning in california tonight where polls in recent days show that sanders has been able to close the gap with her significantly, this coupled with questions over her private e-mail server, not the way hillary clinton wanted to wrap this up.
3:41 pm
>> hello. >> reporter: hillary clinton facing head winds in her quest to close out the primary. >> this election is a make or break election. >> reporter: a fresh poll out of california shows bernie sanders is closing the gap. it is now nearly a dead heat. this comes as clinton is facing new scrutiny over her use of a private e-mail server as secretary of state. >> this report makes clear that personal e-mail use was the practice under other secretaries of state and the rules were not clarified until after i had left. >> reporter: clinton back on defense after the state department inspector general scathing report alleging she violated federal rules. >> as i said many times, it was still a mistake, if i could go back i would do it differently, i understand people have concerns about this, but i hope voters look at the full picture of everything that i've done and the full threat posed by a donald trump presidency. >> reporter: the report found
3:42 pm
one former secretary of state, colin powell used private e-mail as well but not in the way clinton did. the rules were updated the year she took office and she and her staff refused interviews with the state department's own investigators. all of this gives new ammunition to donald trump. >> i actually like her in the race, i want to run against her. look, she a bad judgment, bad judgment. probably illegal. we have to find out what the fbi says. >> reporter: and trump on the late night, saying if clinton won't debate bernie sanders if you will. >> yes, i am. the question is how much will they pay. >> donald trump has agreed to debate me. and i look forward to that. >> reporter: trump today saying he will do it for charity. >> i would love to debate bernie. the problem with debating bernie, he is going to lose. >> reporter: and president obama
3:43 pm
down playing any democratic -- >> during primaries, people get grumpy, it is the nature of the process. >> reporter: saying not much ideological difference between sanders and clinton, calling for unity. >> i think that it is important for us to try to end this in a way that leaves both sides feeling proud of what they've done. >> reporter: and tomorrow hillary clinton will go on the air here in california for the first time this campaign. certainly a sign especially given the latest poll in california, wolf, that she knows she has to work for it and takes his challenge here seriously. >> when she goes on the air, you mean with campaign commercials, right? >> reporter: yes. >> sunlen serfaty from ventura, california. let's bring back the panel. he crossed the threshold, dana, clearly a significant moment.
3:44 pm
hillary clinton hasn't crossed the threshold yet but she believes voters will be more concerned about donald trump as president of the united states than her e-mail controversy. is she right? >> we'll see. that i think is going to turn out to be the fundamental question of the election and not so much specifically about her e-mails but about whether his crooked hillary line is going to work or whether her line, her sentiment that he shouldn't be president, he is not ready to be president, doesn't have the temperament to be president, and people should judge her on her years of experience, whether that will be the thing that rules the day. >> they clearly know they have this honest and trustworthy deficiency, something they're clearly aware of. they also have the lingering democratic nomination race. they don't have the fully consolidated the way donald trump is doing now. that will work to her benefit once that race end as well in terms of polling.
3:45 pm
but look what she did today. she seized on donald trump clinching 1237 to get on the phone with you and do an interview with you so she can make that comparison and say okay, we can talk about the e-mail thing i have been talking about for a year, but really? that's going to be her argument. she's going to make this loose cann cannon, he is dangerous, did divisi divisive, they think that contrast works for them. but it is clear honest and trustworthiness will be and her likeability factor will be the thing she has to fix. >> i am working on a story about this in the cbs news "the new york times" poll last week, hillary clinton 64% of voters said that they do not consider her honest and trustworthy. donald trump, 64%. the exact same number said they don't consider him honest and trustworthy. the question is whether it will
3:46 pm
matter to each of their prospective voters that are in the undecided category. >> do you think a trump sanders debate will take place? >> i'm not sure. i hear in trump's comments, sanders will lose, what's the point anyway, but trump risks a little bit looking like he's afraid to debate sanders. sanders is one person with nothing to lose. he has challenged clinton, he challenged trump, he is saying i will take all comers. the problem for clinton is she missed this opportunity, going back to the idea about the message they want to get out that he's a loose cannon, you say it on a debate stage, it is more amplified. i am not sure why she passed on that. >> stand by. hillary clinton was strong saying he's not just a loose cannon but threat to the united states as well. let's get more on that. stand by for that. meanwhile, there's another story we are following, washington's most famous family is moving across town. president obama leased a mansion
3:47 pm
in one of the capitol's exclusive neighborhoods where they'll live after they leave the white house january 20th next year. brian todd has more. a lot of security concerns surrounding the president's move. >> reporter: sure is. here's the talk everyone is talking about, this brick tudor mansion, 8200 square feet with terrific features. security experts tell us some of those features in the house may have to be overhauled. it may be about as close to feeling like you live in the white house as a former president can get. a grand foyer with marble flooring, gourmet kitchen with hardwood floors, six burner stove. a fenced in backyard. this mansion in one of washington's most desired neighborhoods may be the post presidential home of barack and michelle obama. neither the first couple or white house will confirm if the
3:48 pm
obamas signed the lease on the nine bedroom, eight and a half bath brick tudor. sources say they settled on a home in this upscale neighborhood. the president has said they'll stay in washington a couple years after leaving the white house to accommodate his younger daughter. >> transferring somebody in the middle of high school is tough. >> reporter: it is now owned by joel lockhart, white house press secretary under bill clinton. lockhart wouldn't comment on reports made by politico that he is leasing to the obamas for a rental price of $22,000 a month, but experts say it is the kind of property a president would want. woodrow wilson lived in this neighborhood, hillary clinton owns a house nearby. the house also has an oh pair suite that could accommodate marion robinson, michelle obama's mother. she lived with them at the white house.
3:49 pm
there are some features that have to change for the secret service to continue to protect mr. obama. >> the door should be made bulletproof, like an embassy and the glass, the glass presents a problem. one way of addressing it is putting ballistic paens behind what's here. >> reporter: once protected vice president al gore nearby, says secret service officers will be posted outside this house, sometimes even in the wooded area across the street. other adjustments. >> even these are a big security issue. >> it presents a challenge. what's under it. says sewer. where does it flow, and the fact it is right in front of the door. an evaluation will be made, do we need to open these and inspect them, to move this. >> security under an umbrella. >> we actually need to know who is sleeping in these bedrooms up here. >> yes.? the neighbors? >> we want to know what is going on in those, and want to inform
3:50 pm
them, them to inform us. we're going to be witnesses to those things. >> tonight the secret service won't comment on whether it's studying how to protect this house or how much it would cost the taxpayers. now, other than the obvious luxury, residents say they like this part of the city because it's convenient to other parts of washington and because it is quiet. one neighbor said the president should be welcome here, as long as he doesn't get too rowdy. wolf? >> traffic, is that a big issue on the street where you are right now? >> reporter: it really is, wolf. we're going to pivot here, some of the neighbors looking at the house. this is the street where the president's perspective house is. if you look down here, it's a narrow street. you've got taxis on either side. when we came earlier, there were a lot of cabs lining the street. so parking is a huge issue here. a narrow street. the islamic center down there, a lot of cabs coming in and out of this street. one person, the former secret service officer we spoke to, tony chappa, said they may have
3:51 pm
to turn this street into a one-way street if the president moves here. >> a lot of muslim taxi drivers parking there so they can walk to the mosque and pray and then get back in their vehicles. thanks very much. just ahead, more on the breaking political news. donald trump closing the deal, locking down the delegates he needs to become the republican presidential nominee. plus, the ominous new isis tactic to get terrorists into europe. a cnn exclusive. so you can get a good job and you're not working for peanuts. well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? while you guys are busy napping, peanuts are delivering 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients right to your mouth. you ever see a peanut take a day off? no. peanuts don't even get casual khaki fridays. because peanuts take their job seriously. so unless you want a life of skimming wifi off the neighbors, you'll harness the hardworking power of the peanut. (cheering)
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there are ominous new developments in the migrant crisis unfolding in europe. we're now learning that isis fighters are hiding among the migrant masses, many of them
3:56 pm
being smuggled through libya. cnn senior international correspondent, nick paton walsh, has this exclusive report. >> reporter: this is the moment when desperate dreams come to an end. we're with the libyan immigration police inside a warehouse of migrant hopefuls that just raided right on the trip of the beach front. as turkey and greece close their shores, the libyan route to europe has exploded again. here, among the squalor that a lifetime savings buys is where fantasies of a future in europe fall apart. >> where are you from? >> nigeria. >> reporter: he fled boek oh o haram where bombs killed his father and brother and he survived the desert trek until here.
3:57 pm
>> reporter: we leave quickly, as this is the smugglers' enabled. but there is a new thread here, smugglers and police telling us that isis have hidden fighters among other groups of migrants bound for europe. this trade in human souls is awful enough until you think about otherwiisis using this paf human life into europe to infiltrate the continent with sleeper cells. police tell us they caught different migrants with isis links and a top libyan intelligence officials warns us, the threat is real. >> translator: isis can be among the illegal immigrants on the boats. they travel without weapons as normal illegal immigrants.
3:58 pm
they will wear american dress and have english language papers so they cause no suspicion. >> reporter: it is a huge and unpatrolable coastline, where smugglers ruled. they talked to one, disguised for his safety, who says in the past two months, favoring isis has become part of the trade. >> about two weeks ago about 40 isis. they were heading to europe, but bad weather turned them back. ten days later, tried again. i don't know if they got there. about a month ago, i got a call from a devout guy i knew is isis. he wanted a small boat for 25 people and was willing to pay $40,000. i didn't take the deal. >> do you and other smugglers feel comfortable moving people who you know may be isis towards europe? it >> translator: smug ares are only interested in smuggling. only money matters. >> reporter: the libyan state is torn apart by in fighting.
3:59 pm
its coast guard struggling to even find boats. fighting the migrant trade acro across, the whole coastline, just six boats like this. some of which not in particularly good service. we simply can't imagine how underresourced things are here, so close to europe. these are the desperate scenes as they try to rescue some african migrants, whose dingy collapsed late last year. smugglers now prefer these dingies. vulnerable to the slightest weather change. a trade born of human misery, some fleeing isis themselves. only to find isis now seek to hijack their deadly journey to spread more suffering. nick paton walsh, cnn, tripoli. shocking stuff, indeed. our thanks for that report.
4:00 pm
that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next, breaking news. hillary clinton slamming donald trump, telling cnn he is an unqualified loose cannon. and more breaking news. donald trump speaking live right now, taking a victory lap on the day he clinches the gop nomination. plus, president obama with his own blistering attack on trump overseas. saying world leaders are, quote, rattled by the gop's presumptive nominee. let's go "outfront." and good evening, i'm jim sciutto in again tonight for erin burnett. and "outfront" tonight, breaking news. the gloves off. just moments ago, hillary clinton speaking to cnn taking her attacks on donald trump to a new, more combative level. the v


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