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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  May 27, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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are ready to be deployed. i would say hundreds of them. brianna? >> paul vercammen for us in san diego, thank you so much. i want to send it over now to jim sciutto. "the lead" starts right now. thank you, brianna. could donald trump go full terminator and win california in november? "the lead" starts right now. donald trump unveils his strategy to win states that was supposed to be signed, sealed and delivered for the democratic party. could he really turn both bright red? plus, new video showing u.s. special forces just miles from the center of syria. why the pentagon says why we are not seeing what we're probably seeing. plus, a twister exploding before our eyes. tornadoes, floods and predictions of a hurricane season with some names we may remember for a while.
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welcome to "the lead." i'm jim sciutto in for jake tapper today. could the man who passed all criticism actually win? the victory tour after ceiling up the nomination has taken him now to california? >> reporter: that's right, jim. not florida, not ohio or pennsylvania or michigan. most republicans wouldn't even come to have dinner in and yet he has decided this will be a big component of his general election plans even as he acknowledged a lot of republicans don't think it's the best idea. >> listen, we're going to win the election. so i want to make a big play for california. ♪ >> reporter: today, one day after clinching the republican
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nomination, donald trump stumping in a decidedly not republican state. one that has greeted trump rallies with protests and even violence so far this year. >> i love by protesters. >> reporter: stops in fresno and san diego underscoring the trump's campaign departure from traditional gop strategy. >> we're getting these massive crowds all over the place. i actually think we are going to win california. >> reporter: trump plans to focus on 15 or so states in november, including battlegrounds such as ohio and florida and democratic strong holds like california and his home state of new york. >> you know what, i view it strategically, also. because if we don't win it, they are going to spend one hell a fortune in fighting me off. that i can tell you. >> reporter: if he's able to reshape the electoral map, hillary clinton may be forced to spend heavily to defend those races. even as many top gop officials
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remain skeptical trump on friday meeting privately with farmers before his fresno stop looking to bolster his outreach to the agricultural industry. all as he continues to face withering attacks from the clinton campaign. >> based on what we have already heard, donald trump is an unqualified loose cannon. >> reporter: trump firing back at the former secretary of state. >> she's not competent. and it's always been this way. she's always skirted on the edge, whether it's white water or all of these things, going in to -- how about benghazi? >> reporter: but reversing course on another former target. >> he couldn't get elected dog catcher in florida. they hated him in the state of florida. >> reporter: marco rubio joining the growing gop leaders to change his mind and run for re-election, even as rubio tells cnn's jake tapper he won't run against a friend vying for the
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seat. >> carlos lopez is in the race and he's put in time and energy into it and he deserves the chance to see whether he can take it. >> if you didn't have a friend running, might you reconsider? >> maybe. >> reporter: now, jim, it's worth noting that california is not even remotely close to a likely victory scenario for donald trump but one that the clinton campaign would be thrilled if his campaign decided to spend time and money in this state, same goes for his home state of new york but advisers maintaining they will force clinton to play and spend here would be worth the time. one interesting fact about fresno, there were protesters outside but no violence. none of the raucous scenes we saw in orange county, california, a couple weeks ago. donald trump is expected in about an hour. protesters are waiting along the streets. this is what has occurred every
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time he comes to california. his policies tend to enflame when he comes to the state that he now says he's going to play big in. jim? >> thank you very much. donald trump is not the only presidential hopeful stopping in california now. senator bernie sanders is wrapping up his fifth day of campaigning in the golden state where he hopes to deal hillary clinton an embarrassing loss in that state's upcoming primary. "a tinge of arrogance." joe johns is joining me now. joe, the math clearly is against sanders, even if he won california he still couldn't beat clinton in the delegate count. >> you know, jim, if you look at the delegate map, it's super difficult for sanders to get there because hillary clinton, fewer than 100 delegates from clinching the nomination. sanders would need a massive blowout there but they are hoping that a debate with donald trump would give him some help. the sanders campaign said that
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they have gotten two officers from television network which the sanders campaign is prepared to accept and said that they also have an agreement on a large, charitable donation which would be involved and trump has demanded. no word yet from the trump campaign on where all of this stands. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: tonight, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are setting their sights on next month's california primary. >> our ideas are the fup of this country. >> let's fight for them. let's win this election! >> reporter: with sanders keeping up the primary fight, clinton is appealing to her rival supporters to unite behind her. >> whatever differences sanders and i have or our supporters have, they pale in comparison to our differences with donald trump. and what he represents. >> reporter: clinton's campaign releasing through new ads in california emphasizing her record. >> i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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>> reporter: what seems like a sure thing in california months ago now appears to be a primary in play. with a recent poll showing clinton's lead has shrunk from seven points to a statistical dead heat now. clinton is trying to bring the democratic primary to a close so she can focus fully on presumptive nominee donald trump. she's brushing aside his personal attacks. >> i'm not going to respond to anything he says about me. i could careless what he says about me. what he is saying is dangerous and divisive. >> reporter: calling the billionaire unqualified to serve as president. >> based on what we have already heard, donald trump is an unqualified loose cannon who cannot get near the most powerful job in the world. it is up to us to say no! >> reporter: clinton going on offense even as she plays defense on her e-mails facing a
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new round of questions after it was indicated that she violated rules by using a private e-mail server as secretary of state. >> well, i thought it was allowed. i new past secretaries of state used personal e-mail. so, yes, i believed it was allowed. >> reporter: sanders is taking claim over clinton not over e-mails but her statement that she's sewn up her party's nomination. >> that's already done in effect. there's no way that i won't be. >> does that make you mad seeing that? >> just a tinge of arrogance there, i think. >> during an appearance on jimmy kimmel live -- >> i think it's insulting for people in the largest state of america not to come forward and talk about the issues. >> reporter: but sanders has his eyes on another debate now. not with clinton but with donald trump. >> we will see if he stays with
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it. but at this point, he is prepared to debate and i'm very excited about that. >> the sanders argument has always been that polls show that he stands a better chance to beat hillary clinton and that's one of the reasons why this talk of a debate between sanders and trumps actually matters. sandsers would have the opportunity to show what he can do head-to-head against trump to push those poll number higher. jim? >> joe johns, thank you very much. joining me now, cnn political commentator van jones, s.e. cupp, dana gertz and ed o'keefe. just on this question of california on the democratic side, if hillary clinton does lose california to bernie sanders, what happens next in this race? >> well, unless he wins by 80 or 90%, which no one is saying that, not even the sanders camp,
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she goes on against trump. i will say that i'm here in california and clearly there's a very deep well of long-standing support here. so you're having a real clash with titans in california and i know hillary clinton wishes this were over. she is just factually wrong. she says it's over. you wouldn't know it's over if you're here in california. >> ed o'keefe, would that be a damaging blow to hillary clinton's candidacy if she were to lose the biggest state in the union? >> certainly would be a black eye on their way to philadelphia, given that it's the largest democratic state that so much of the money and then the thoughts and the legislation and it eventually gets spread out nationwide, all of it comes from california to lose the biggest state at the end of this titanic of a campaign i think would be a bit of a blow. but look, mathematically, she still has what she needs to win
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the nomination, absent, as van said, the departure of all of the superdelegates. >> putting these 15 states into play, including new york and california, factually, that would be an extremely tall order, how much of this is about actually putting those states in play, changing the electoral map and how much of it is about making the democrats spend money where they don't have to? >> i can't wait to see them try. i'm no trump fan but i think republicans for too long have seeded democratic states. we don't even play in those states. and it's important to bring republican messages into places where we don't think we have a lot of friends. now, i wish the message that donald trump was bringing in was a different reflection of our party than it will be but i'm really glad that finally there's a republican who has decided california is not off the table. new york isn't off the table. and we should go into these unfriendly territories that we think our ideas are the best. >> i just want to update our
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viewers but also our panel that we've just got answer statement from donald trump. this just in to cnn right now. i'm going to read from it. the headline being that he will not participate in a debate with bernie sanders saying, based on the fact that the democratic nominating process is totally rigged and crooked hillary clinton and debbie wasserman schultz will not allow bernie sanders to win, it seems appropriate that i would debate the second-place finisher. dana, if i can ask you, what is behind his thinking here? >> mr. trump always has a strategy behind everything that he does and if he chooses not to debate bernie sanders, he's got a good reason and we know that everything he decides he's going to do as been completely unheard of it. i mean, mr. trump's presidential campaign has been for the record historic, monumental and nothing has been of the norm. so if he chooses not to do it,
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then that is his choice and there's a good reason behind it and it's a good reason. >> apparently, tana, you don't know the reason, right? and that's because -- >> no, i don't know the reason right now. >> it doesn't make a lot of sense. donald trump suggested this debate. i think it's brilliant. i just wrote about this for this would completely elevate bernie sanders, it would elevate trump, locks hillary out of an important news cycle. there is no reason for either of these guys not to do it so i'm very interested to hear why donald trump decided at the last minute to pull out of this great idea he had. >> well, usually it -- >> van? >> let me just say something here. i think the response that we just heard from the trump campaign is very telling. if donald trump did it, it by definition makes sense. that's what you say about a dictator, a tyrant, a
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authoritarian worship. that's not what you say about a normal person. no trump supporter will say that because whatever the great leader says by definition is correct, it is right, and that is terrifying to me. >> i've got to get your thoughts on this as well. we'll come back to you. >> amid all of the shouting here, i can hear the tears of disappointment from guys like roger ailes. it could have been a super bowl-sized event. >> huge. >> tana? >> i do know mr. trump wanted $10 million to go towards charity. perhaps the charity wasn't coming forward, no one wanted to do it for charity. i don't know. mr. trump is in california and i'm in iowa. i have not had this conversation with him but i know when he's asked to do things like this,
1:15 pm
debate on other things and he says i'll give the money towards a charity, bring the money on, if that could possibly be it. i do not know, once again. what i was going to say to van, mr. trump has done nothing but had a strategy and the strategy has won. so when i say if mr. trump decided not to do this, i'm talking about a strategy to debate bernie sanders. that is his choice. he's still in the running to be the next president of the united states and maybe he decided this would not be good for him. i'm not at liberty to share with you all why he's not doing that. >> quick thought, s.e., was this a total misopportunity? >> completely. they actually have a lot in common. they could talk about important issues like trade and they agree on preserving social security, they agree that there's a rigged system. it would be a huge platform.
1:16 pm
>> s.e., you have the final word there. van, thanks so much. just recounting for our viewers, donald trump gifgs us a statement saying that he will not debate with bernie sanders the idea that has been floated for the next several days. caught on camera, photos of what appear to be u.s. troops miles away from the isis capital in syria. at least one of them wearing an arm patch is now causing a firestorm. that's right after this. introducing bai.
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welcome back to "the lead." in the fog of war, how do you define what it means to be on the front lines? today, brand-new video showing u.s. operation forces deep inside syria working directly with kurdish forces now fighting isis. at least one bearded soldier can be seen wearing the kurdish ypg's insignia on his sleeve. they are in the middle of an assault to concur raqqa. but yesterday the pentagon firmly denied that u.s. troops are on the quote, forward line, despite clear evidence of american boots on the ground very much in harm's way and on the front lines.
1:21 pm
u.s. special forces on the ground just north of the isis stronghold of raqqa, syria, alongside kurdish and arab forces. a french news agency captured these rare images wearing the insignia of the syrian kurdish forces they are fighting alongside. turkey immediately protested an ankara considers terrorists and says wearing the patches was wrong. >> wearing those ypg patches was unauthorized and inappropriate and corrective action has been taken. >> reporter: the new images make clear that u.s. forces are close to the front lines of the fight against isis in syria. the pentagon insists the role of u.s. forces has not changed. >> they are not on the forward line. they are providing advice and assistance and, again, i'm not going to get into details but that mission has not changed. their role has not changed. they are not leading this fight.
1:22 pm
>> currently, with more than 200 u.s. forces on the ground training syrian and kurdish fighters, cnn's barbara starr spoke with the coalition who say they still need more american help. >> translator: we have requested a continuous supply of weapons at a level that is consistent with the size of the mission we face. >> reporter: in iraq, the u.s. continues air strikes and artillery barrages against isis fighters in support of iraqi fighters to retake the town of fallujah 40 miles west of baghdad. internationally destructive tornadoes ripped through parts of the midwest and today more potential storms are expected. plus, the tsa promised
1:23 pm
shorter lines at the airport. is it working this holiday weekend? we'll go live to one of the busiest airports in the country. that's right after this. the big hilton world sale is on honors members save up to 25% on brands like hampton, doubletree, hilton garden inn, and waldorf astoria so stop clicking around. book direct at now that's satisfaction.
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holy [ bleep ]! >> oh! >> so many people today worried they might end up in the position of being right in the path of a tornado. we are back and we're following the misery blanketing so much of the country right now. tornadoes and floods have brought havoc in the south, in the plain states and especially in texas. officials say two people in the lone star state are dead after
1:28 pm
floods swept through grenam county and three ours are missing. jennifer gray is in the severe weather system tracking the storms. jennifer, still a threat of floods and tornadoes, not to mention tropical storm bearing down on the east coast. what's the forecast for tonight and this weekend? >> a lot going on in the u.s. i want to start with the traffic because the national hurricane system will talk about tropical storm warnings across the south carolina coast. and so going into memorial day weekend, if you are heading anywhere like myrtle beach or outer banks, keep your eye on this storm. it's not going to turn into a hurricane most likely but it will be rain, wind and very strong rip currents. so looking at the rainfall totals, we could see anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of rain
1:29 pm
across the south carolina coast as well as the outer banks. we'll be watching that very closely. turning to the severe threat and flooding threat, brenham, texas, yesterday, 17 inches of rain. that's the wettest calendar day on record. still raining across texas. it's pushing to the east. we currently have severe thunderstorm watches across texas, louisiana as well as the plains. we could see another round of severe weather as we go into the afternoon and evening hours. the threat being from oklahoma all the way up through kansas. large hail, damaging winds and the possibility of isolated tornadoes. all of this is going to push to the east during the overnight hours, including places like kansas city, lincoln and same places we've seen severe weather over and over the past couple of days. jim? >> we also know we're getting the forecast for the hurricanes this summer. is it going to be a bad hurricane season? >> well, they are actually
1:30 pm
forecasting a normal season, which you may think it's not a big deal but we've had below normal seasons the past couple of years. you have to look back to 2012 to find a season that was at normal or above. so the national noaa is forecasting 10 to 16 named stores and 4 to 8 hurricanes and one of four becoming major. this is going to be the second storm of the season. we had alex in january. jim? >> jennifer gray in the cnn weather center, thank you very much. president obama went to a place that no other u.s. president has been, facing survivors in hiroshima. that's right after this. don'tlive in tokyo. when you airbnb, you have your own home.
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in our world lead, president obama making history today. he became the first sitting u.s. president to visit the japanese city of hiroshima where a u.s. atomic bomb killed nearly 140,000 people at the end of world war ii in 1945. along with the bomb dropped on nagasaki three days later, they remained the only ones that used nuclear weapons in a war in history. president obama called for a world without nuclear weapons. i want to bring in michelle kosinski, live from hiroshima. president obama making a lot of news this week, first veisiting vietnam and then hiroshima seven decades after. >> he's been working on
1:36 pm
denuclearization. where we are standing 71 years ago was obliterated, a scale of destruction the world had not seen at the hands of human beings before or since. the japanese people have waited a long time for a presidential visit like this and many who heard president obama's words this morning said that they cried. this wasn't a policy speech. it wasn't an apology. and he wasn't speaking specifically to americans or to the japanese. he wanted to speak to humanity. absolute silence as president obama walked where no sitting american president has. in the shadow of the one building remaining when a nuclear bomb dropped on hiroshima and the faces of elderly that survived. august 6th, 1945. >> 71 years ago on a bright,
1:37 pm
cloudless morning, death fell from the sky and the world was changed. a flash of light and a wall of fire destroyed a city. >> reporter: more than 100,000 of them. pictures from that time seem unfathomable. >> their voice cannot give words to such suffering. but we can look directly in the eye of history and ask what we must do differently to curb such suffering again. >> reporter: the white house found it inappropriate to apologize for second-guess the decision made by president truman. president obama expressed his desire to stop the spread of nuclear weapons calling on humanity to do better. >> we must change our mindset about war itself.
1:38 pm
we must have the courage to escape the logic of fear. pursue a world without -- >> reporter: he paid tribute to the human kindness borne from suffering. hugging a man who set aside his anger and worked tirelessly for 40 years to gain official recognition for the 12 american prisoners of war who also died in the blast. tracking down their families. another survivor said of the president's visit, it took 71 years. it could have happened earlier. from this man, i'm very happy. today, he's putting his words into practice. we were all children there. now focused on those who will come after them. >> that is the future we can choose. a future in which hiroshima and nagasaki are known not as the dawn of atomic warfare but as
1:39 pm
the start of our own moral awakening. >> reporter: on the minds of japanese people now, the american election. they asked, did donald trump really support nuclear proliferation? you know, he said that japan and south korea might want to get nuclear weapons and wondered can denuclearization really happen with the threat of north korea looms so large? jim? >> michelle kosinski, thank you so much. i want to bring in a senior fellow formerly at the state department with bill clinton. just to begin, yes, it's been 71 years but how powerful is this still in the japan minds. >> formative moments of modern japan, old i'm peer yell japan died one week later and nagasaki with this surrender.
1:40 pm
really incredible blossom from those ashes and incredibly peaceful and a major contributor to global peace and security and stability. so emotionally, for the president of the united states to go there and to do it in such a meaningful and respectful way, i think it's very, very significant for japan and also for the united states. >> now, president obama did not make a formal apology. what's the important of stopping short of an apology? >> i think people are not comfortable with an apology because we know what went into that very painful decision that president truman made in 1945. the war would have gone on for much longer and there was terrible destruction until that time. it doesn't mean that many people, many innocent people died in the hiroshima and nag
1:41 pm
sauk gee bombings and after 71 years and with the very meaningful relationship with the united states and japan and with what hiroshima has represented to the world i think is fitting for president obama. >> outside of japan, elsewhere in asia, they suffered horribly and they were not so happy about this visit. >> they weren't. i think it's a little bit different in each country. korea suffered terribly under japan, first as the japanese colonial empire and thousands of koreans were killed in nagasaki and there is a very heartfelt and emotional response in korea. basically, everything happened to do with japan certainly including this. japan suffered terribly under -- sorry. china suffered terribly under the japanese. absolutely terrible. china has solidified this history in such a fundamental
1:42 pm
way that when china is criticizing japan and the murder of more than 50 million people there's an element of sincerity perceived in many parts of the world. >> a lot of people taking advantage of history. >> on all sides. >> thank you for putting that in context for us. in our money lead, good and bad news if you're planning to travel this holiday weekend. that will be next. plus, ken starr out as president of the baylor university after the school failed to help victims of sexual assault. be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee!
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welcome back. i'm going to take a guess here, a lot of you are watching and at the airport, flights are cheap, gas is cheap. you can't expect the airports and roadways to be slammed all summer long. christina ale cristina alesci is here with me in new york. >> the cost is driving a lot of this and it's a couple of factors. gas prices are cheaper, people are feeling a little bit better about their employment prospects and, let's face it, everybody is sick of the staycation because we've done it for so long. when you look at the price of gas, it's gone up compared to a month ago but historically speaking it's still about 50 cents cheaper than a year ago and if you look at the ten-year average for memorial day, we're still a dollar cheaper per gallon on an average basis, some places like california, that drop is even more dramatic, but on an average basis, we're still
1:48 pm
at a pretty good level and all of this, of course, is driven by cheap oil, which is also making airfare less expensive which is why you have such crowds at the airport. you know, the flip side of all of this is that as people start to travel, the travel industry does begin to jack it is prices. so we are seeing hotel prices go up and even in some cases some airfare go up. and, you know, consumers are feeling a little bit better even though the u.s. economy just today we learned that growth is still pretty anemic, less than 1% in the first quarter. >> i've got to start checking airfares for the summer. cristina alesci, thank you so much. if you're one of the people opting to fly this memorial day weekend, brace yourself. airports are preparing themselves for record crowds. the tsa has been warning travelers to arrive at their airports up to three hours, not the typical two hours before their flight departs and that
1:49 pm
warning should not be taken lightly. according to an american airline official, more than 70,000 passengers missed their flights this year because of those excessively long security lines. i want to bring in cnn correspondent rosa flores at chicago o'hare international airport where nearly 2 million traveler also pass through this weekend. rosa, how are things looking where you are? >> reporter: jim, when you get to the airport, you never know what you're going to get. look at this video from earlier today. this is what people confronted when they walked through those doors. very long lines. k i want to show you what it looks like right now. walk through these doors and you'll see the extent of the line at this hour. take a look right now we see a lot of blue tape. not so much as many passengers as we saw earlier. so one of the big questions is why, why are these lines moving
1:50 pm
so quickly after this was the very terminal that made headlines because 450 passengers were stranded and slept on cots. the tsa sprung into action they had some changes. they added k-9s and moved 100 part-time workers to full time and tripled overtime. now, one of the things that all of these passengers have in mind is what is it going to be like as i'm going through these lanes and as i'm going through the airport? well, o'hare for the very first time got its report card. take a look at this. i want to focus in on the wait times. you can see that wait times went from 105 to 42 minutes. so jim, when that wait was about 105, the hashtags that were used
1:51 pm
was #ohate. it's smooth sailing at o'hare. >> two hours in that line, that would have been painful. in our sports lead, a sobering warning from 100 prominent doctors, postpone or move the olympics or risk dire consequences. that's next. when you booked this trip, you didn't know we had hundreds of thousands of places to stay all over the world. or that we searched billions of flights to get you here. a few weeks ago, you didn't even know where here was. now the only thing you don't know, is how you're gonna leave. expedia. technology that connects you
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welcome back. our sports lead now. you might remember him as the man whose investigation into president clinton's sexual relationship with monica lewinsky helped get mr. clinton impeached. well, today ken starr is out as president of baylor university, demoted after a damning report about the way the nation's biggest baptist university handled or rather completely and rep prehence blee mishandled multiple cases of sexual assault, especially those involving the football team. cnn's ed lavandera is live on this story in dallas. the fallout from this is probably just beginning but what exactly happened regarding how the university handled the sexual assault.
1:56 pm
>> the chairman of the board said what he saw in there was shocking and outrageous. >> how i feel about baylor, it's -- like they failed me. >> reporter: stephanie says that while baylor university's internal report vindicates her and many more young women, she says it's now clear the prominent baptist university shunned them after they reported being sexually assaulted. >> the institutional crap, like, this is out of our hands, we can't do anything about it, the case is closed. right? you know what i mean? if you really believed someone was raped, wouldn't you do something? right? like especially with the high christian standards they purport to have. >> reporter: she says she was sexually assaulted by a baylor student last march and after she tried reporting the attack, it went nowhere. >> if you really truly believed someone was raped, wouldn't you do something urgently about it? wouldn't you?
1:57 pm
wouldn't you respond with urgency? that's the thing. we don't see urgency. we see, we'll coordinate this next week. we hope to meet with this witness in a week or two. i don't think they understand the weight that it has on us as survivors. >> reporter: baylor's board of regence says it was horrified by a fundamental failure of the institution to protect female students. the sexual assaults, which involved several football players, occurred in recent years as the baylor football program emerged from decades to become a national contender under head coach art briles. critics say the sexual assault investigations were covered up to protect the school's image. >> baylor knew and had prior knowledge of a huge problem with sexual assault on their campus, especially through the athletic program. and they just did nothing. they did absolutely really
1:58 pm
nothing to protect these female students. >> reporter: head football coach art briles will be fired and ken starr was removed as president but kept as chancellor and a law school professor. neither has responded to cnn's request for comment. in a telephone conference call with reporters, baylor officials refused to say why ken starr wasn't fired outright. >> we don't talk about individual people. it's just inappropriate to do that. and again, we just have higher expectations for people and their leadership. >> now jim, what is interesting, baylor university releasing the details of the investigation saying essentially they want to be transparent with the baylor community and let them know what this investigation found out. however, and we have asked, they never really detailed just how many cases of sexual assault, how many victims that they are talking about. we've interviewed two of the sexual assault victims on campus
1:59 pm
but these reports don't say -- don't detail the extent to just how many people and how many people were either arrested or convicted of these sexual assaults on campus. >> really just an awful story. ed lavandera, thank you much. a serious warning coming from some of the most prominent doctors in the world. postpone or move the summer olympics because of the zika virus. they are set to begin in 70 days from now in rio, the center of a zika outbreak. some 150 doctors and scientists have written a letter to the world health organization saying that they are worried about sending 500,000 people to rio right now. but just yesterday, cdc director tom frieden said it's not a reason to cancel the olympics.
2:00 pm
stay tuned for "state of the union" on sunday with marco rubio. and i turn you over to wolf blitzer. he's, as always, in "the situation room." happening now, shadowed by protesters. as donald trump targets california, demonstrators target trump. marches, rallies, confrontations and clashes. is this the new normal for the election campaign? new strategy. with the nomination locked up, trump is looking to november. he's unveiled his battle plan turning key states from blue to red. trump is in california right now stepping up his attacks on hillary clinton. on the front line. u.s. troops spotted and photographed with militia fighters battling inside syria. is the mission changing in syria and why is one key u.s.