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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  May 27, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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stay tuned for "state of the union" on sunday with marco rubio. and i turn you over to wolf blitzer. he's, as always, in "the situation room." happening now, shadowed by protesters. as donald trump targets california, demonstrators target trump. marches, rallies, confrontations and clashes. is this the new normal for the election campaign? new strategy. with the nomination locked up, trump is looking to november. he's unveiled his battle plan turning key states from blue to red. trump is in california right now stepping up his attacks on hillary clinton. on the front line. u.s. troops spotted and photographed with militia fighters battling inside syria. is the mission changing in syria and why is one key u.s. ally very upset?
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and kim jong-un's aunt living secretly in america and running a dry cleaning shop. she talks about how she helped raise the young leader and how he was so obsessed with basketball that he would sleep with a ball under his arm. she talks about the moment that changes everything. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." let's get to the breaking news now. now that's he's got the nomination in his pocket, donald trump is unveil a 15-state strategy, among them, blue states that he wants to paint red. trump is about to start his second rally of the day right now. he's already blaming the state's water problems on environmentalists and saving his sharpest attacks for hillary clinton while praising russia's vladimir putin. protesters were in the streets of fresno earlier and they are
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out in force right now in san diego. with tensions running high, can police keep a lid on potential violence? and a stunning look and kim jong-un as a child. his aunt, who says she helped raise him, even changed his diapers, now lives secretly here in the united states running a dry cleaning shop. she says he got his first general uniform at the age of 8 but basketball was his real passion. i'll speak with republican congressman darrell issa of california and our correspondents, analysts and guests, they'll have full coverage of the day's top stories. let's begin with sara murray who is in san diego right now. donald trump has his work cut out for him in california right now. set the scene. >> reporter: well, if donald trump is expected to take the stage here in san diego any minute, this is another campaign event where he will be greeted by protesters marching in the street. he faces an uphill challenge in states like this. the western states have a very
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divisive protest played out and particularly as he has gone out west and struggled to build out the infrastructure. they let go of their political director and still don't have stats built out in traditional battleground states and donald trump is still saying california is a state he could flip to the red column in the general election. >> 5:00 in the morning, people are lining up. this is crazy. >> reporter: tonight, donald trump is campaigning in deep blue territory. >> we are going to make a strong play for california because if we don't win it, they are going to spend one hell of a fortune in fighting me off, that i can tell you. >> reporter: he's set to focus on 15 states in the general election rather than a traditional handful of battleground states. >> i'm putting 15 states into play that i think i can win. i was in the state of washington recently. we had record crowds. the biggest crowds we've ever had. >> reporter: today, trump is
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tearing in to hillary clinton. >> hillary is a disaster, folks. she has bad judgment. that was said by bernie sanders. he's given me a lot of my best lines. >> reporter: and once again, floating the idea of going mano-mano with bernie sanders. >> it could be i'll end up with bernie. >> reporter: as he make as play for party unity. >> i'm trying to get along with them on that. i have to be a good republican. >> reporter: and republicans urging marco rubio to run for re-election rather than putting into play a potentially vulnerable senate seat. trump tweeting "marco rubio does by far the best in holding on to his senate seat in florida, important to keep the majority. run, marco." it's a sharp shift from the gop primary. >> rubio's won nothing. he couldn't get elected dog catcher in florida. they hate him in the state of florida. >> reporter: rubio is not sold
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on running for re-election. he said he might reconsider if his friend is not vying for the seat. >> i have a real good friend who i've known for a long time. i didn't run. i said i wasn't going to. he got into the race. >> reporter: now, plenty of intrigue about whether bernie sanders and donald trump may debate. donald trump's campaign is smacking down that idea today. he put out a statement saying now that i'm the presumptive nominee, it seems inappropriate that i would debate the second-place finisher. as much as i want to debate bernie sanders -- and it would be an easy payday -- i will want to debate the first place finisher in democratic party, probably crooked hillary clinton. back to you, wolf. >> as we watch these protesters gather outside the hall where you are right now, sara, no
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debate between bernie sanders and donald trump? >> nope. no debate between the two of them. and look, the reality is you take on risk any time you go on that debate stage and it's probably not worth it for donald trump who is the republican nominee to go to battle with somebody who is likely not going to be his opponent in the general election. in the meantime, he's still working on party unity. like i said, wolf, he's convinced that in spite of these protests, he believes he can turn california red in november. >> good crowd inside. thanks very much, sara murray, for that. outside, there are protesters outside phil mattingly is joining us from fresno, california, where trump held a rally earlier today. was stocked by protesters there as well. trump is making big claims about rock solid blue states turning red for trump. is that really possible? >> reporter: it doesn't seem likely, wolf. here in california, barack obama in 2008 won the state by 25
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points. in 2012, 22 points. the last time a republican won this state, george h.w. bush in 1988. another good state to look at is new york, one that trump cites on the campaign trail where he did very well in the republican primary and should put in play in the general election. hillary clinton won new york state with 1.1 million votes. that's more than 2,000 votes than every republican in the republican primary combined. a lot of work for trump to even play in states like this but as it currently stands, democrats look very solid if you're talking about california, new york and other strongholds. it looks like trump is legitimately targeted. >> phil is live outside of the rally where there are protesters. phil, even if wins aren't possible, let's say, in california for donald trump, could there be a significant
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benefit if he were to invest some time and money in states like california? >> there was an interesting element here in fresno when he was talking about the idea of trying to put california in play and that was this. even if he can't win the state, he wants to force hillary clinton and democrats to spend money here. that's not a small thing. this is an incredibly expensive state to play in. no democrat wants to have to spend in this state in the general election. the idea that hillary clinton would have to divert resources to california would, on some level, be helpful to a trump campaign. sara hit on a key word. he would need infrastructure and ground game and his own money to play in this state. at this point coming off the primary season where he took such a nontraditional route to the republican presumptive nomination, those things don't exist here. it's raising questions about how he can play in a state like california. still, as of now and these visits have really shown, he's at least paying attention to the state. wolf? >> phil mattingly, thanks very much.
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let's go to the breaking news right now. these are live pictures coming in from san diego. protesters marching through the streets near roip's rally. he's inside getting ready to address a big crowd. paul vercammen is outside the arena where trump will be speak. what are you seeing there? >> reporter: i'm right at the very head of the line of protesters who marched here outside of the arena. they have been shouting, dump donald trump, waving american and mexican flags and one person telling me that san diego is a mortar town, a multicultural city and she doesn't support what donald trump stands for. over here is where trump is talking and you can see just beyond these protesters, police are out in force. they have not put on their riot helmets or anything like that but they are prepared. and we've seen hundreds of
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police officers and they are using barricades and barriers of various types to keep the anti-trump demonstrators away from the pro-trump crowd. right now they are yelling who streets? our streets. it might be difficult to hear if you ask a question but that's the scene right now. there's been nobody arrested but there's been a lot of expletives and so far calm for the most part in terms of any violence, wolf. >> let's hope it stays that way. paul vercammen, thank you. darryl i darrell issa is joining us now and he's a donald trump supporter. thank you for joining us. >> reporter: well, thank you, wolf. this is a veteran-based crowd. huge amounts of veterans. some in wheelchairs and some just back from iraq or
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afghanistan. >> let's talk about what is going on. if you can get the microsoft back up to your mouth, that would be good as well. outside, this is your area. i don't know if the district where the arena is but it's not far away. it looks like a lot of protesters have gathered to protest donald trump, some of the statements he's made about mexicans, immigration, other issues. is this the new normal now? >> reporter: well, there certainly is an organized protest at every trump event and that's part of the reason that donald trump is campaigning in california. unlike past campaigns where you have to purchase air time, donald trump has a strategy and it's a good one that, in fact, he is earning the kind of awareness here that is going to make california a state in play, one in which americans are voting for him. here we have a large amount of
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team. >> other states that typically go democratic but you know republican hasn't won since george w. bush carried back in 1988 and people think with the growing hispanic population, minority population, democrats, young people, california's totally unrealistic for donald trump. you're a californian. what do you say? >> well, to be honest, wolf, winning the primary as a come from nowhere candidate with very little money spent was unrealistic but donald trump did it. what you have here, though, is, in fact, a reagan-esque campaign, one in which he talks about making america great again for all of us, revitalizing the military and our hispanic population here is overwhelmingly including people who served in the navy, marines and other branches of the military. this is a navy town, after all.
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so being here and finding the excitement and including the hispanic community isn't any surprise. >> why hasn't the speaker of the house paul ryan endorsed donald trump yet? >> well, certainly there are a number of people and former presidential candidate mitt romney is one of them, who have reserved and are waiting to close to the election -- to the primary all ending in california. but by the time we get to cleveland, it's pretty clear that we are coming behind this candidate and it is moving the numbers for candidates in a positive direction. this has been a candidate that hasn't said the ordinary thing but he's said one thing and that is that america will be great again. he believes it and people believe that he will do it. >> paul ryan may eventually end up endorsing donald trump and mitt romney made it clear in an interview with "the wall street journal" today, he was the 2012 presidential nominee, that he's
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not going to be voting for donald trump or hillary clinton if he can't find some third-party candidate he'll write in a name on that ballot in november. there are a lot of republicans who feel like that and they simply can't stomach the fact that they would have to vote for donald trump and i'm sure you know many of those republicans. >> reporter: well, you know, mitt romney probably lost 8 or 10% of republican votes in many areas for various reasons. you always have the challenge that winning your own party at the 90, 95% level is about what you're going to do. but winning blue collar democrats and winning young people and winning independents is part of a strategy that donald trump has been exploring. the other thing you're seeing is that donald trump is very much pivoting to main issues that are important in the main election and one in particular that he's getting a boost from is that more and more people realize that hillary clinton has committed violations of the law and it's beginning to affect
2:15 pm
trust at a level in which they are looking again at donald trump and knowing that believes what he says and that he does intend on making america great again. >> but she hasn't even charged or been indicted with any criminal violation, as far as i know, right? >> well, louis lerner was charged by the ways and means community and the justice department did not follow the law. so i would expect that the state department ig has made it clear that she violated regulations backed by the law, meaning violating those regulations is violating the law. at this point, you have an ig appointed by secretary kerry confirmed by the senate who believes that she violated the law. >> stand by, congressman, we're going to come back to you and pick up on that thought inside a big crowd there that is gathered in support of donald trump. outside, not so much.
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outside being look at this. there are a lot of protesters out there, some of them waving mexican flags. they are protesting peacefully right now but they are making their voice heard and they've got a lot of signs, as you can see. we'll continue our coverage right after this. (vo) they say big can never be good. purina believes it can. inspecting every ingredient for quality? that's big. being confident that your pet's food is 100% safe? that's big, too. spending more healthy years with your best friend? that's amazing. big is exciting... daring... for everyone. pets don't just make life better - they make it bigger. purina. live big.
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life feels a little lighter, potency probiotic, livelier, a little more you. ultimate flora probiotics. donald trump driving a large crowd of protesters as he targets blue state california and he's going to be speaking there momentarily. on the right part of the screen outside of the arena in san
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diego, protesters have gathered. you can see a lot of the mexican flags flying there. clearly the protesters not happy with what donald trump has said about mexican-american, what he said about immigrants. this is going to continue presumably. we're back with darrell issa of california. he's inside the arena where there's a huge crowd that's gathered. is there anything, congressman, double can do to calm these kinds of situations outside of these events? we saw albuquerque the other night, protests getting out of control. what can he do to control his rhetoric? >> i think donald trump is shifting his emphasis to issues broader than in the primary. let's remember that there is something that hillary clinton and donald trump have in common, which is, bernie sanders supporters are at both of their events yelling very loudly. this is one of those amazing
2:22 pm
times in which the democratic or if you will the socialist candidate doesn't want to leave the field, that he is stirring up as much as he can supporters to come to both hillary clinton's rallies and donald trump's rallies and protest and that's probably going to transition in the general to just be donald trump but for now what donald trump is doing is he's talking about the economy or in the case of this rally he's talking about our veterans, about making our military strong and safe again. and so that's going to be an issue that unites a lot of people here, including the great many hispanic veterans inside the arena here. >> donald trump today brushed off secretary clinton's criticism of his relationship with the russian president vladimir putin. listen to what trump said. >> trump is a friend of putin. well, actually, putin did call me a genius and said i'm the future of the republican party so he's off to a good start. >> he was quoting hillary
2:23 pm
clinton who said donald trump is a friend of putin. this comes as president obama world leaders and foreign affairs committee. is this sort of talk that you expect from a presidential nominee? >> well, it's not what you would expect. also, president reagan dealt with gorbachev that was not typical. he was not afraid to deal with him. he came out with real changes that were positive that made the world safer. the other thing that donald trump is doing, which is very reagan-esque, he's assuring everyone that he's going to increase our military capability so that in fact he'll be looking at putin in a way in which he has a real deterrent that right now we're beginning to lose. >> darrell issa, congressman from california, thank you for joining me. we hope it's a wonderful weekend for you and your family.
2:24 pm
thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up, more on donald trump's claim about california and where he's getting ready to speak. there are protests outside there. he's inside. he's going to be speaking. these are pictures from an earlier event today in california. also, who knew north korea's kim jong-un's aunt has been living in the united states for years and now she's telling stories about what he was like when he was a little boy. kenneth, are they closing the stage this afternoon for auditions? what's on that piece of paper? oh, miss maroney... your forehead! it should not be doing anything. i just had botox! i know exactly what's happening-- happening. whoa! this is a bad streaming experience. it really shows a real fun... (announcer) don't let bad streaming ruin a good show.
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look at these live pictures, group of protesters demonstrating outside the san diego convention hall. donald trump is inside getting
2:29 pm
ready to speak. trump claims he can put california and other traditionally democratic and toss-up states in the general election. let's bring in national political reporter rebecca berg and peter beinart, contributing editor to atlantic media and our chief congressional correspondent dana bash. the protesters are out there and we've seen them now for several days. politically speaking, the fallout from these anti-trump demonstrations, good for trump politically or bad for trump politically? how does it impact the political process? >> i think politically, at this point, it's a wash because the people who are for him think these protesters are ridiculous. the people who are vehemently against him are in the middle of this and i really think at this point it's a wash. we'll see how this becomes a
2:30 pm
true staple going forward and how the protests play out vis-a-vis the actual rhetoric going back and forth between trump and presumably hillary clinton. >> a lot of people, rebecca, suspect this isn't just the beginning. we're going to be seeing this wherever trump sort of shows up. outside there are going to be protesters, especially in big cities, urban areas. >> certainly. and i wouldn't be surprised, given that donald trump so far has not been tempering his rhetoric at all in the general election. some people suspected that now he's won the republican nomination and is pivoting towards the general election, maybe he would take a more conciliatory tone but he hasn't done that so far and shows no sign wanting to do that. as long as he has really galvanized people on the left, we're going to continue to see these protests wherever he goes. >> clearly the strategy worked
2:31 pm
at defeating 16 challengers, if you will, in a republican contest that was successful but can that same strategy work in a general election? >> i think it's unlikely. first of all, we're seeing he's galvanizing and especially among the latino population. which is important. the population has grown dramatically but they are underrepresented in electorate because not as many of them are citizens or registering. we're seeing news stories after news stories that registration rates are going through the roof because latinos want to come out and vote against donald trump and for swing voters, what they see is a candidate who is inciting violence. that's not to say that protesters don't get some of the blame, too, but we didn't see this at the john mccain rallies or mitt romney's rallies. it's because of how donald trump
2:32 pm
has responded that's created this culture and a lot of people don't want this president that brings a lot of violence around them. >> the demonstrators are peaceful. paul vercammen was standing outside. it's peaceful. noisy, but peaceful. let's hope it stays that way. inside, he's still -- you've got to admit, dana, he's attracting huge crowds wherever he goes. those rallies are packed. >> they are packed. and he has mentioned a few times and he's absolutely right, it's not like he's in a ruby red state. he's in california. >> although, san diego is more -- >> i was just going to say he picked sort of conservative pockets of california. >> and orange county yesterday. >> is a very conservative pocket. but he's trying to -- i guess the point is that he's trying to use these rallies in this state to, you know, send a message that he is going to try to compete in places like california. whether or not he actually does, we'll see.
2:33 pm
we've seen republican candidates threaten to truly compete in blue states in order to try to get their opponents to spend money unnecessarily in places like that before. >> you're from san diego. you grew up in san diego. is it realistic to believe, as trump said today, he thinks he could make california competitive in a general election? >> based on recent political history, it's really not. california as of 2014, was the sixth most democratic state in the entire country. >> uh-huh. >> so not only is it a big state, hard to organize in if you're a republican, expensive, it's really very democratic. you would have to see essentially a wave election for california to be in play for republicans. now, i'm not saying that that is impossible. donald trump think he is is transformational candidate but it's highly improbable and would be very difficult for him to do. as we've seen with bernie sanders, rallying crowds are not
2:34 pm
necessarily a predictor of electoral success. >> hillary clinton has gotten so far 3 million votes more than bernie sanders. peter, the california primary, the democratic primary on june 7th, recent polls show hillary clinton and bernie sanders neck-and-neck. how big of a setback would it be if she were to lose california on that day even if she crossed the delegate threshold to wrap up the nomination? >> it would be a temporary setback. a significant one in the short term. i think in the long term what we have seen is that candidates tend to bounce back from divisive primaries because we live in a highly partisan era. just as republicans have rallied around donald trump, despite the unbelievab unbelievably vicious primary campaign that he had, despite what they are saying now, will rally behind hillary clinton just as hillary clinton supporters rally behind barack obama. it will be a temporary setback. >> everybody, stand by. much more coming up.
2:35 pm
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we continue with breaking news. demonstrators and protesters demonstrating outside of donald trump's rally in san diego. huge crowd inside of donald trump supporters. we're also following important developments in the democratic presidential race.
2:40 pm
tonight, hillary clinton is working to keep focused on donald trump and the november election. cnn correspondent scott mclane is keeping track of the race for us. bernie sanders is not giving up, not at all. >> you're right, wolf. but bernie sanders is not about to stop fighting. last night bernie sanders claimed that hillary clinton was arrogant and today she continues to take criticism by donald trump about her e-mails. >> we can win here in california and we can come out with the democratic nomination. >> reporter: as new poll numbers show clinton and sanders now in a dead heat in california, sanders continues to make the case that he has a better shot of winning in november. >> if we win the democratic nomination, we're going to
2:41 pm
defeat donald trump not only are we going to defeat him, we're going to defeat him very badly. >> reporter: clinton continues to fight for votes in california. today, speaking to community leaders in oakland and hitting the airwaves with ads in english and spanish. while hitting trump at rallies. >> send a message to a rhetorical candidate and when you see the face, you don't see donald trump's face up there. >> reporter: she's trying to shift herself to the general election. >> he's a loose cannon who cannot get near the most powerful job in the world. >> reporter: but sanders is not making that easy. on jimmy kimmel, clinton called out the comments to cnn that she had the nomination wrapped up. >> just a tinge of arrogance.
2:42 pm
i kind of think that on june 7th, people of california will have a message for secretary clinton. >> reporter: clinton has declined to debate sanders in california so, instead, he's challenged trump. two networks have offered to host the debate but today trump stepped back. "as much as i want to debate bernie sanders, and it would be an easy payday, i will wait to debate the first place finisher in the democratic party probably crooked hillary clinton. >> i hope he changes his mind. he's been known to change his mind many times in a day. he's a bully. he's a big, tough guy. well, mr. trump, what are you afraid of? >> reporter: clinton is trying to dismiss new claims about her e-mails after a scathing inspector general report claiming that she broke the rules. >> it was still a mistake. if i could go back i'd do things differently. >> the inspector general report
2:43 pm
was a rule doozy. this was page after page. it goes back to judgment. it goes back to competence. she's not competent. if you look, she's essentially not competent. >> and now that this sanders/trump debate is off the table, bernie sanders has a new challenge, how to hold on to the spotlight until the california primary. we know that he's going to be campaigning hard even over his wedding anniversary this weekend. he would need to win two-thirds of the remaining delegates and, wolf, that is not factoring in the superdelegates and, as we know, they were overwhelmingly in favor of hillary clinton. >> scott mclean, thank you very much. welcome to "the situation room." we're keeping an eye on the continuing protests outside of donald trump's rally in san diego. also, there's other important news we're following. u.s. troops moving closer than ever to the front lines in the war on isis, an important nato
2:44 pm
ally upset because of something that the u.s. troops are wearing. and kim jong-un's aunt opening up about what the north korean leader was like as a little boy, including his obsession with basketball. cente, every patient gets their own care manager. it's a long journey, and we try to help them through that. the care manager coordinates all of the patient's appointments, scans, chemotherapy... one of the great things we do is help them manage their symptoms at home. we are available 24/7. we want to take as much stress off the patients as we can. my name is mena... collette jodi stacy learn more at appointments available now.
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u.s. troops have been spotted and photographed near the front line battle against isis inside syria. our chief national security correspondent jim sciutto is looking into that for us. jim, is the u.s. military mission changing in syria right now? >> it's not officially but the fact is, u.s. forces are very close to the front lines, very close to combat. therefore, very close to what can be a deadly danger.
2:49 pm
we've seen that in iraq and u.s. soldiers have died in iraq and now we're seeing u.s. soldiers close to the front lines in syria. u.s. special forces on the ground just north of the strong hold of raqqa syria, alongside kurdish and arab forces. a french news agency captured these rare images of u.s. special operators in the area wearing an insignia of the kurdish forces they are fighting alongside. they consider them terrorists. >> wearing the patches was unauthorized and corrective action has been taken. >> reporter: u.s. forces are now very close to the fight against isis in syria. the pentagon insists the role of u.s. forces has not changed. >> they are not on the forward line. they are
2:50 pm
i'm not going to get into details, but that mission has not changed, their role hasn't changed, they are not leading the fight, they're supporting the forces that are at the leading edge. >> reporter: more than 200 u.s. forces on the ground in syria are training and advising syrian and kurdish fighters. cnn barbara starr spoke with the spokesman for the kurdish coalition who say they still need more american help. >> translator: we have requested a continuous supply of weapons at a level consistent with the size of the mission we face. >> reporter: in iraq, the u.s. continues air strikes and artillery barrages against isis fighters in support of iraqi forces trying to retake fallujah, 40 miles west of baghdad. one u.s. air strike killed the commander of isis forces in the city. one of the biggest challenges in the fallujah fight is it is
2:51 pm
heavily and densely populated. some 50,000 residents are still in the city, and we know, wolf, that isis fighters embed themselves in the population, use them as human shields. it will be dangerous as the fight continues. >> and that fight will continue. some believe it is only getting started. thanks for that, jim sciutto. extraordinary new insight into the north korean leader kim jong-un from his aunt who says she took care of him as a little boy. she lives secretly in america running a dry cleaning shop. brian todd has the details. >> reporter: an astounding story. kim jong-un is one of america's principal enemies, details on his upbringing and personality and comes from his aunt, this lady, a woman who says she helped raise him. they look like any other couple walking in central park, through times square. tonight "the washington post" says for nearly 20 years this husband and wife kept their true
2:52 pm
identities hidden. the quiet owners of a small dry cleaning store say they're the aunt and uncle of one of the world's most notorious dictators, north korea's kim jong-un. >> they live a remarkable american immigrant life. >> reporter: her aunt is the sister of his mother. >> she's someone that she would trust, you know, obviously with the lives of her children. >> reporter: she told the post she traveled from north korea to take care of kim, his older brother and younger sister when they attended this boarding school in switzerland. >> he was not a good student. he did not enjoy studying. >> reporter: post reporter interviewed her and her husband after uncovering their existence through a lawsuit they filed. the location of the dry cleaning business and their home not being revealed.
2:53 pm
they tell the story of a young man that was privileged and knew he would inherit the leadership of north korea. she took them to euro disney, to the riviera, obsessed with basketball, that he would sleep with a ball under his arm and an obsession that lead to real moments with dennis rodman. there was one day a clear signal was sent that young kim would succeed his father, his 8th birthday. >> there was a big party and he was presented with a general's army uniform that day and there were real generals at the party who then bowed to the eight-year-old kid. >> reporter: from that moment she says his behavior changed. he was short tempered, had a lack of tolerance. >> prone to having tantrums, get in a huff about things. when his mother visited and told
2:54 pm
him he shouldn't be spending so much time playing basketball, that he should be studying, he wasn't happy about that, would go on hunger strike is what his aunt said. >> reporter: she told the post in 1998 they sought asylum at the u.s. embassy in switzerland, then taken to an american military base, questioned for months. when they got to america, they received money and for a short time housing from the cia. the cia would not comment on the interview with "the washington post." her husband says he wants to go back to pyongyang for a visit, goodwill ambassador between the u.s. and north korea. one analyst says that would be a, quote, suicidal act. she's trying to talk her husband out of it. wolf? >> what is the breaking point for the aunt and uncle, what made them decide to defect? >> reporter: they're vague about that in the interview with "the washington post." the post analyst says it could be the aunt decided to defect
2:55 pm
when she found out her sister, kim jong-un's mother had cancer. because she was so ambitious maiden middle east in the regime, if the mother wasn't in the picture, they may come after the aunt and uncle. kim's mother died in the year 2004. >> brian todd, good report. thanks very much for that. donald trump has a new strategy for november, looking at live pictures now. anti-donald trump protests outside the arena, trump is inside. we are told there have been some arrests. we will update what's going on out there. searchers search for the boxes of egyptair flight 804, the batteries powering the locator becons will die within weeks. can search teams beat the clock?
2:56 pm
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happening now, california streaming. donald trump going across the golden state. protesters are turning out in san diego and fresno. fears of new violence. is chaos a permanent part of the trump campaign. states in play. trump vowing to turn blue states red, predicting california and strongholds by focusing on 15 specific states instead of the specific battlegrounds. can he redraw the map. time running out. batteries on the black boxes from egyptair flight 804 poised to die in a matter of weeks. location signals from the final voice and cockpit data recorders will go silent, dashing hopes of
3:01 pm
finding out the mystery of the crash. president obama makes a historic visit to hiroshima. what was the message to the world? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." we're following breaking news. a large protest outside donald trump's campaign rally in san diego. hundreds of demonstrators denouncing the presumptive nominee republican presidential nominee is predicting he will win the state. there's a large police presence. officers are standing by to prevent a repeat of violence that broke out at other trump rallies earlier in the week. we are also following the search for egyptair flight 804 in the mediterranean.
3:02 pm
crews are intensifying efforts to locate the plane's voice and data recorders before the batteries powering their location signals die in a manner of weeks. the so-called black boxes are the best hope investigators have for figuring out why the plane crashed. we're covering all of that and much more this hour with our guests, including one of donald trump's key supporters, scottie nell hughes, and our correspondents and expert analysters standing by. paul vercammen is there, what are you seeing? >> reporter: hundreds and hundreds of protesters around me, wolf. if you look over here, you see a trump pinata, a sign says build a wall around trump. protesters are shoulder to shoulder outside the arena. tempers flared awhile ago, one of the protesters got onto the barrier area where i'm standing, we will show you the police in force as we come to my right. they're here, these are san diego police officers.
3:03 pm
they have their riot helmets on, visors flipped up and they're prepared to go into action should anything happen. warned protesters if they get violent or begin to destroy property or unlawful assembly, they vowed they will be arrested. you can see in the distance a bit away, there's a lot of barriers were sealed off. people are now leaving donald trump's speech and they're sealed off from demonstrators. those are trump supporters by the barriers. hundreds of people out here, a spirited rally, but so far haven't seen anything that's extraordinarily violent. >> peaceful rally. those are fine. let's hope it stays peaceful. the big crowd outside of protesters, a big crowd inside that arena as well, a lot of supporters, he is generating a lot of support inside, right, paul? >> reporter: absolutely, and outside. off in the distance, all those
3:04 pm
people are leaving the arena, they're all pro-trump. not as many of them obviously on the streets, but huge turnout here in san diego. i know you have been discussing this all show long. san diego is a conservative county in some ways, but the people here point out again and again that this is a cross border town, there are people that work in mexico and vice versa and many are expressing trump needs to change his policies, they say the demonstrators say trump's policies don't fly here. on the flip side, trump supporters outside earlier saying they need to recognize we need a border wall. there's been a lot of shouting back and forth from trump supporters saying a wall has to be built, demonstrators say we don't want a wall at all. >> paul vercammen, stand by. phil mattingly is in fresno, california where a trump rally occurred earlier in the day. there was a large number of protesters there as well, right?
3:05 pm
>> reporter: that's exactly right, wolf. it is interesting, the tensions you see on the ground in san diego, tensions in fresno, there are tensions at every stop donald trump had in the state of california. yet donald trump continues to come back to california, a blue democratic strong hold that donald trump thinks he may be able to put in play in november. >> listen, we're going to win the election so i want to make a big play for california. should i? >> reporter: today one day after clinching the republican nomination, donald trump stumping in a decidedly not republican state. one that greeted trump rallies with protests and even violence. >> i love my protesters. >> reporter: stops in fresno, san diego, underscoring the trump campaign's departure from traditional gop strategy. >> we're getting these massive crowds all over the place. i actually think we're going to
3:06 pm
win california. >> reporter: trump says he plans to focus on 15 or so states in november, including battlegrounds like ohio and florida and democratic strongholds like california and his home state of new york. >> i view it strategically also. because if we don't win it, they're going to spend one hell of a fortune fighting me off, that i can tell you. >> reporter: if he is able to reshape the electoral map, he could force hillary clinton to spend heavily to defend those states and up end the race, trump advisers say. many top gop officials remain skeptical. trump met privately with farmers before the fresno stop, trying to bolster his outreach to the agriculture industry. >> based on what we have already heard donald trump is an unqualified loose cannon. >> reporter: trump firing right back. >> crooked hillary, she's
3:07 pm
crooked. but she lies. she's not competent. and it's always been this way. she's always skirted on the edge, whether whitewater or all these things, going into -- how about benghazi. >> reporter: reversing course on another former target. >> he couldn't get elected dog catcher in florida, they hate him in the state of florida. >> reporter: florida senator marco rubio growing the growing course of gop leaders urging one time adversary to change his mind and run for re-election, even as rubio tells cnn's jake tapper, he won't run against a friend running for the seat. >> carlos is in the race, i am not -- he put in time and energy to it, he deserves a chance to see where he can take it. >> if you didn't have a friend running, might you reconsider? >> maybe. >> reporter: republicans are skeptical california is in play,
3:08 pm
democrats only laughing, saying barack obama won in 2008 and 2012. if you look demographically at how the state appears, the profile, very different from the profile states trump believes he can win like ohio, pennsylvania, michigan. trump making an interesting point earlier, even as protests are going on in fresno and san diego, forcing hillary clinton to spend money might make efforts worthwhile. we will see if you can convince other republicans this is a good idea. >> manage to do that, spend less money in other battleground states, that would be the objective. let's go to political reporter sarah murray. you're also there in california, you're in san diego at the rally. is it at all realistic for donald trump to believe he can win california? >> reporter: wolf, as phil pointed out, donald trump comes
3:09 pm
here again and again, and phil gave you a sense of some of the challenges that the other side faces, the trump campaign is still sort of in disarray in terms of building out, even in traditional places like ohio and florida. donald trump just fired his political director. as of now doesn't have that, so if you're serious about putting california in play, these are things you would be seeing. you would see much more organization from the campaign, from the rnc. so far we haven't seen that, wolf. >> donald trump issued a statement saying he will not, repeat, not debate bernie sanders after all. tell us about that, tell us about the decision. >> reporter: he is putting an end to the intrigue. sande sanders' campaign said two networks were interested and they would do it for charity. donald trump said now that i am the presumptive nominee republican nominee, it seems inappropriate i would debate the second place finisher.
3:10 pm
as much as i want to debate bernie sanders and it would be an easy pay day, i will wait to replace the first place finisher in the democratic party, probably crooked hillary clinton. he doesn't want to risk a media stunt in doing the debate with bernie sanders. that's probably the end of that. >> i'm sure you're right. thanks very much, sarah murray, with that report. we'll get back to you as well. joining us, one of donald trump's key supporters, scottie nell hughes. thanks very much for joining us. >> good evening. >> let's talk about the protests. you've seen the protests, they seem to be multiplying, almost every event, going to new mexico the other day, california yesterday, california, san diego today, fresno earlier in the day. is this the new normal as far as trump events are concerned? >> well, it might be but here's one thing these protesters have to do. i will give it to the san diego crowd, looks like they're very peaceful compared to what we've
3:11 pm
seen this week. what they continue to not tell folks, they want mr. trump to go back on their policies. they're sitting there, waving the mexican flag, burning paraphernalia with the american flag and trump stickers. they're ignoring american laws because they don't want to be sent to a country they're waving that flag for. doesn't make sense to a lot of people watching these. when you look at what's going on in san diego now, that we can understand, peaceful protests where they say we don't like the idea of building a wall, don't like the idea about sending all illegals back over, making them come through a big door in the wall. that i can respect and they get farther with that message doing what they are now. what you saw this week, you're taking down, throwing things, taking down equestrian police officers, sitting there, pulling a man out of a wheelchair, sitting there and being aggressive against those folks that want to hear their future president possibly, that didn't help the cause i don't think.
3:12 pm
>> these are live pictures now of protesters, you see the police standing bias well. how worried that these protests could turn violent? >> well, the good news is the san diego police department is very well aware, they watched this week, they're obviously prepared. i think earlier this week the albuquerque police were prepared but had no idea what was going to happen. i think san diego, if anything starts, they will shut it down quickly. and that unfortunately is what it will take for these not to escalate at future trump events. what do they want, mr. trump not to give more rallies? i hate to tell you but there are thousands more inside who appreciate mr. trump's proposals compared to the hundreds or thousand or two outside protesting. >> trump saying clearly he will make a play for california in the general election. honestly, scottie, do you think that's a real possibility? >> well as your reporters point
3:13 pm
out, if anything, it is a win-win, they make hillary clinton and the democrats spend their dollars no matter what. last time a republican won in california was 1988 and things change. nothing about this season has been orthodox. if anybody can pull out a win in california, it is mr. trump. so he is going to try. either way, it is a winning strategy. a large amount of dollars hillary clinton has been allowed to fund raise will be used in california. stand by. we are watching the protests outside the arena. you can see the police and protesters. hundreds of protesters there, you see a pin i can't teiata of trump as well. more after this. ♪rock-a-bye stacy
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proxabrush® cleaners. flossers and dental floss. gum® brand. breaking news this hour. protests outside donald trump's campaign rally in san diego. hundreds of people marching near the convention center, some carrying mexican flags. you're seeing live pictures coming in. police on the outskirts of that arena. inside donald trump has a huge crowd of supporters there as well. right now we're back with one of donald trump's key supporters scottie nell hughes. scottie, mitt romney, the republican nominee four years ago gave an interview that was published today in "the wall street journal" about why he has been so outspoken against donald trump and he said among other things, he said this. let me quote him. i wanted my grandkids to see that i simply couldn't ignore what mr. trump was saying and doing which revealed a character and temperament unfit for the leader of the free world.
3:19 pm
he then said he couldn't vote for trump or hillary clinton but added hopefully i will find a name i can support. if not, i will write in a name. what's your reaction to those strong words from the republican nominee of only four years ago? >> well, as we say here in the south, dear heart. that was a good grandpa to say that for your grandchildren. you should have said your piece and sat down and be quiet, especially after mr. trump continued to win and he continued to and now is our nominee and will be confirmed at the convention in cleveland. all he is trying to do is keep his name in the light. unfortunately what little respect conservatives or republicans have continues to dwindle with stunts like this, may help the other side, not necessarily our party. >> trump in a speech in california calling him a choker because he lost the election. he criticized the new mexico
3:20 pm
governor, multiple times because she didn't come to his event in albuquerque. the question is does he need to grow a tougher skin? >> he was sitting there, rightfully so for criticizing the governor of new mexico. we can sit there, talk about what he said, but when you look at what she accomplished in her state since elected in 2010, it is horrendous. in 2015 was the number one state relied on the federal government, mainly because of the large amount of food stamps and welfare program that exists there. the main reason why she didn't come to the event, while she publicly made comments that were meant to hurt mr. trump was to pander to the 48% or 49% of hispanics that live within her state as well as to keep herself in good sitting with formers, like mitt romney and haley barbour. this is not good for the party.
3:21 pm
keeping hillary clinton out of the white house as reince priebus has been sending out in e-mails to the party. >> the chair of the republican governors association, governor of new mexico, a woman, she's a latino. don't you think that donald trump needs to bring her in instead of going after her because she hasn't endorsed him. >> it is one thing to say let's pick up the phone and air our grievances in private, that's one good thing the democrats do, they rarely sit there and do public pda attention getting factors like i have seen susana martinez do, we get it, you don't like mr. trump. for the good of the party, air it to him, have the conversation in private, work out your differences like paul ryan, give him credit for doing with mr. trump, work out grievances
3:22 pm
in private, don't do it with cameras involved. all that does is bring embarrassment to the party and hurt our chances in the fall. >> thanks for joining us. just ahead, can they find the black box before the batteries die. getting new details of the race against time. more than 100 health officials calling for olympic games in rio to be postponed or moved because of the zika virus. could the games spark a health disaster. m. what do you think? ♪ (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. world saleilton is on
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we are following breaking news right now. you can see live pictures. a large protest outside donald trump's campaign rally in san diego. you see the police lined up, a large police presence on hand as hundreds of demonstrators loudly denounce the republican presumptive nominee. inside, thousands of supporters are cheering his words. let's dig deeper with cnn political reporter manu raju. "the washington post" assistant editor david swerdlick, and senior editor ron brownstein, and dana bash. david, the protests seem to be going on and on, a lot of people think it is part of the framework if you will going forward. >> at least today's protests don't seem to have erupted like
3:28 pm
in albuquerque. protesters should realize two things. one, this us versus them confrontation with trump tombly helps trump. they have the free speech right to go out and protest h his events, it helps trump seem relevant. the second thing, the violence is unacceptable. >> you know california politics. donald trump said he thinks he can carry, win california in a general election. is he dreaming? is that possible? >> there's a line in a steely dan, california tumbles into the sea. that's what it would take. you would need the coast of california and everybody that lives within five miles of the coast to fall into the pacific, be left with the central valley, maybe then. they voted democratic in the last six presidential elections. president obama won by 3 million votes. not a nail biter, it embodies
3:29 pm
the coalition, 50% of the vote was white, 20% latino, where donald trump is struggling, and one quarter of the voters are blue collar whites he has done best. if donald trump is able to compete in california, if he is able to make hillary clinton spend money there, it will be a very different election than it looks like today. >> it is a big state as you know, dana, to start buying ads there is expensive. if he can force hillary clinton campaign to spend a lot in los angeles, san diego, san francisco. >> let's wait and see if that happens. >> i was going to say, how many times have we covered republican presidential campaigns at the beginning of the campaign, especially they're buying time while the democratic nomination process continues to play out and they have these grand dreams are going into the bluest
3:30 pm
states. >> manu, you have been reporting on marco rubio, he says he is not running for re-election, pressure is growing even from donald trump to run. >> indeed, pressure is intense. republican establishment is fearful they're going to lose this seat. i think the candidates that are currently running for that seat are underperforming, they have terrible name id, they're going to lose. you see pressure intense fiinte ordered them to lobby directly, convince him to run. rubio is squishy, probably not going to change my mind. has a good friend, says he is my friend, he is in the race, i am not going to gt in. >> pressure to drop out? >> there is. probably behind the scenes pressure and mcconnell super pac for one said they would spend a lot of money to help marco rubio but they would stay out of the
3:31 pm
race if rubio didn't get in. there's that kind of pressure. it is sending a signal to lopez can tara to maybe step aside. >> manu is leading the way on this reporting, i am hearing similar things. i think the coalition of establishment republicans trying to get marco rubio in is really kind of remarkable and it is because they're freaking out about losing florida, very much so, about losing that senate seat and that that's one of several they're worried about holding on to to hold onto the broader senate. i think when it comes to rubio, i heard mixed things. i heard on one hand he is ready to go, he's got four young children, he is ready to go make money in the private sector, he is a young guy, wants to kind of reset outside of public service while he figures out what he wants to do. then i heard today from somebody that he changed his mind, he likes the senate, wants to stay
3:32 pm
in the senate. it is unclear. >> he has until june 24th. >> he has four weeks or whatever. guys, stand by. we are going to continue this. want to go to the democratic race, tight race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, california has the primary in 11 days. senior washington correspondent joe johns has the latest. the battle for california between these two democrats heating up. >> reporter: the decision not to debate was a big disappointment for the sanders campaign. sanders speaking in los angeles tonight suggesting trump is afraid of him, accusing trump of flip flopping on the issue, calling for trump to change his mind again. sanders has also been turned down for debate with hillary clinton. tonight while continuing to attract huge crowds to his rallies, he is looking for other ways to break out of the neck in neck race for the california primary. tonight with sanders keeping up
3:33 pm
the primary fight clinton is appealing to unite behind her. >> whatever differences senator sanders and i have or our supporters have they pale in comparison to our differences with donald trump and what he represents. >> reporter: with the polls in california now neck in neck, clinton's campaign is releasing three new tv ads emphasizing her record. >> i am hillary clinton, i approve this message. >> reporter: clinton is trying to bring the democratic primary to a close so she wan focus fully on presumptive nominee republican nominee donald trump. >> i'm not going to respond to anything he says about me. i could care less what he says about me. >> reporter: clinton is not letting up in her criticism of trump. >> what he is saying is dangerous and divisive. >> reporter: calling the billionaire unqualified to serve as president. >> based on what we have already heard donald trump is an unqualified loose cannon who cannot get near the most
3:34 pm
powerful job in the world. it is up to us to say no! >> reporter: clinton going on offense even as she plays defense on her e-mails, facing a new round of questions after release of the inspector general report concluding she violated federal rules by using a private e-mail server as secretary of state. >> i thought it was allowed. i knew past secretaries of state used personal e-mail, yes, i believed it was allowed. >> reporter: sanders is taking aim at clinton not over her e-mails but over her comments that she has sewn up the nomination. >> i will be the nominee, that is already done in effect. there's no way i won't be. >> does that make you mad seeing that? >> just a continue much of arrogance there. >> reporter: during an appearance on "jimmy kimmel live" sanders hit clinton for refusing to debate him ahead of the california primary. >> it is insulting to people of the largest state in the united
3:35 pm
states of america not to come forward and talk about the issues. >> reporter: sanders continues to make the case that he would be the best candidate to face donald trump in the fall but if you just look at the delegate math, it is very difficult for sanders to get to the nomination now. he would need a massive blowout and that recent poll showed this race very close in california. >> yes, it did, 11 days away. thank you. dana, you heard him say to jimmy kimmel, hillary clinton was showing a tinge of arrogance. the rhetoric going to heat up the next 11 days between bernie sanders and hillary clinton? >> hard to imagine it getting hotter than it has been, especially considering the fact that for a brief moment bernie sanders suggested in the way he was talking and what his aides were saying that he was going to dial back the rhetoric when it became clear that mathematically he couldn't get the nomination, but look, he's guns blazing.
3:36 pm
he is determined to make a very strong statement by winning california and people i talk to in the clinton campaign aren't so sure they're going to win. won't matter mathematically because even if she does not win, she will probably get enough delegates out of new jersey and even california all told to go over the top as we call it. >> fact is, no debate between bernie sanders and donald trump, you heard joe johns say that's a big disappointment for the sanders campaign. >> would have been quite a show. never quite made sense in the sense that he is not going to be the nominee. >> both of them talked like it was going forward. >> from donald trump we heard things that float out there and come back. california is fascinating. it fits the profile of the kind of state hillary clinton is dominating. 18 largest states, she won 14 of them, mostly because he hasn't cracked the diversity of the democratic party. he is a one state candidate,
3:37 pm
written off new jersey, you have latino population that's young, gives him openings, and you have independent voters, although there are obstacles can participate. all of that produces you're heading toward a close outcome in the end. >> the whole issue of the debate, joe manchin, senator from west virginia said it was bs. said the words, didn't just say bs. when sanders challenged trump to debate. why would you expect bernie to be consider aet and nice and working to bring people together, he is not a democrat. >> those are harsh words. haven't heard that much -- >> not publicly. >> they've given him space, but you've seen patience wear thin. folks wanted bernie sanders to go quietly, diplomatically. we haven't seen that yet. manchin's comments are how
3:38 pm
people feel. >> bernie sanders has always been independent from state of vermont but caucuses with the democrats. you have been watching this closely. for all practical purposes, when hillary clinton says she's got it sewn up, is she right? >> mathematically, but like dana said if you have a situation where clinton loses california, the momentum of the states she lost in recent weeks is going to send her into the convention on a very down note, make it that much harder for sanders to be reeled in. >> the way the democrats divide delegates, if she narrowly loses, they basically split california delegates. >> right. but what voters see is trump sitting there with the nomination wrapped up and see clinton fighting it out. >> who would have thought we would be headed to june with as many or more questions about democratic unity as republican. republicans are still divided, look at the polls, voters will
3:39 pm
come together. biggest red flag for clinton is the continuation of the problem she had with young people through the primaries, that's where she needs bernie sanders' help or president obama's help. that may be why she is not going after sanders as hard as other democratic senators. >> hard to see him drop out before july. >> another month of democratic frustration as they look at the polls. >> what about the polls, is it realistic she could lose california? >> i think it is neck in neck. independents, made it a one state campaign and the fact that latino voters are young, may allow him to do better than we have seen in other states, you add that up, he could be competitive, although i still give her a slight edge. >> i notice the clinton campaign is running ads in california which means they're worried. >> exactly. i'm not sure how robust the buy is but the fact is as you said california is a very expensive
3:40 pm
state. spending any money on the air in california tells you everything you need to know about how concerned they are. >> do you think the libertarian, third party team, two former republican governors, if they get the libertarian nomination will have impact, could undermine say donald trump, the republican nominee? >> johnson and well, two republican governors ticketed up, going to orlando to the libertarian convention this weekend. two things have to happen. they have to win the nomination, second, to make impact get in the debates. it has to poll at 15%. it is not out of the question, they're polling around 10% now, but will they change donald trump strategy of turning swing states? i'm not sure. >> will they have money. can they be relevant raising money. always been a problem with libertarians. >> if they become relevant could be as much a problem for hillary clinton, many of them are cool
3:41 pm
toward donald trump but have not warmed up to hillary clinton. they have a third choice, that might be a problem for them. >> we are covering that libertarian convention in orlando this weekend. we are continuing to watch breaking news. police and protesters are facing each other outside donald trump's san diego rally. we will continue to monitor that. also coming up, the urgent search for black boxes from egyptair flight 804. they'll go silent in just a few weeks. health experts issue an urgent warning about the zika virus. why some of them want the summer olympic games in brazil postponed or moved. we will go live to rio. intuitive. the surfy i can draw lightly, just like i would with a real pencil. i've been a forensic artist for over 30 years. i do the composite sketches which are the bad guy sketches. you need good resolution, powerful processor because the computer has to start thinking as fast as my brain does. i do this because i want my artwork to help people.
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the search for egyptair flight 804 in its second week and there's a growing sense of urgency about finding the plane's black boxes before the batteries that send signals dies. brian todd is working this story for us. matter of weeks? >> reporter: three weeks to be specific. that's all the time the search teams have to find the black boxes which can unlock so many mysteries surrounding this crash. there's sophisticated equipment being deployed in the search area tonight but a key question tonight is is it the right equipment. tonight search teams are looking for the missing egyptair flight 804 are bracing against elements and battling the clock.
3:47 pm
crews face an unforgiving deadline to detect pings from the flight data recorder. the batteries that power them will expire approximately 30 days from the day the plane went missing. now there are only about 21 days left. the underwater search led by the french ship will soon be under way. the la plas will use hydrophones that will listen for signals from the flight data and cockpit recorders. large layers of distinct temperature variances can block pinger signals. deep sea search experts say one piece of equipment is crucial, a towed pinger locator. we got a rare look where they're made. this device was used in the initial search for malaysia flight 370, helped lead to recovery of wreckage from air france flight 447 in the atlantic. the pinger locator can go 20,000
3:48 pm
feet below the surface, it listens for the black box signal. >> how far can it be and pick it up. >> outside edge is two miles, mile and a half to two miles away it can detect the sound. the signal comes through the umbilical. here's a cable, runs through the umbilical, comes into our receiver unit. so we have a speaker on here, all the power buttons, can adjust the frequency it is looking for and out of this box we have a computer setup that graphically represents the signal you hear from the beacon. >> reporter: the search area is narrowed dramatically because airbus located signals from the emergency locator transmitter. the elt is an automatic distress
3:49 pm
signal beacon, they had three, including one in the tail. that signal shrunk that search radius to as little as three miles. while the narrowing of this search field is a positive sign, underwater experts say every day is still crucial to successful detection of those pingers and recovery of the flight, data, cockpit voice recorders. >> brian, if the black boxes are located, what would happen next? >> reporter: french authorities might then deploy a second ship on the surface, which would deploy an underwater robot to a long process. >> we're following the trump protest in san diego. you're looking at police, there's a standoff right there with the protesters. another story we're following, dire warnings right now, the health disaster. experts founding the alarm about the zika virus and the summer olympic games.
3:50 pm
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3:54 pm
more than 100 health experts calling for the summer olympic games in rio de janeiro to be postponed or moved, because of the threat of the zika virus spread by mosquitoes and known to cause horrible birth defects. our senior international correspondent, ivan watson, joining us live from rio. what is the latest? what are you hearing, ivan? >> reporter: well, this is a very direct challenge, a public challenge, coming from about 150 doctors and medical researchers from around the world, challenging the centers for disease control and the world health organization and arguing that the olympics that are supposed to start here in rio in just over two months they should
3:55 pm
be postponed or moved to another place. why? because they argue that we just don't know enough about the mosquito-borne zika virus. specifically the brazilian strain of that. and they say it's simply too dangerous to invite an expected half million tourists from around the world to come here, that some could contract the disease and then take it back to their home countries. in the event they go back to third world countries with poor health care infrastructure and health care systems, that that could pose a real threat to those societies in the long run. important to note here, wolf, that just yesterday, the head of the cdc said that there is, quote, no public health reason to cancel or delay the olympics. the warnings at the cdc and world health organization have put out is for pregnant women to avoid coming here to the olympics, for people to try to cover up and prevent being near mosquitoes, if they're here. the w.h.o. also says stay away from poor neighborhoods of rio,
3:56 pm
because that's -- those are areas where there are more mosquitoes. there's poor ersan thanks. wolf? >> w.h.o., the world health organization. we'll stay in touch with you, ivan watson, in rio for us. president obama heading back to washington tonight from his historic visit to asia which wrapped up to here hiroshima. michelle, a very somber and powerful day where you are. tell us how it went down. >> reporter: right, wolf. it's tough to fathom that right where we're standing, 71 years ago, was the center of just this obliteration. a scale of destruction at the hands of humans that the world hasn't seen before or since. so the japanese people have been waiting a long time for a presidential visit here. many who heard president obama's comments this morning said that they cried. it was not an apology, not a policy speech. it wasn't speaking specifically to americans or japanese. he wanted to speak to humanity.
3:57 pm
absolute silence as president obama walked where no sitting president has. in the shadow of the one building remaining from the nuclear bomb dropped on hiroshima before the faces, now elderly, that survived. the president addressed august 6th, 1945. >> 71 years ago, on a bright, cloudless morning, death fell from the sky and the world was changed. a flash of light, and a wall of fire destroyed a city. we come to mourn the dead. >> reporter: more than 100,000 of them. pictures from that time seem unfathomable. >> mere words cannot give voice to such suffering. but we have a shared responsibility to look directly
3:58 pm
into the eye of history. and ask what we must do differently to curb such suffering again. >> reporter: the white house found it inappropriate to apologize or second-guess the decision made by president truman. president obama expressed his desire to stop the spread of nuclear weapons, calling on humanity to do better. >> we must change our mind-set about war itself. among those nations like my own that hold nuclear stockpiles, we must have the courage to escape the logic of fear. and pursue a world without them. >> reporter: he also paid tribute to the human kindness born from suffering. hugging this survivor, who set aside his anger and worked tirelessly for 40 years to gain official recognition for the 12 american prisoners of war who also died in the blast. tracking down their families. survivor akira condo said of the president's visit, it took 71
3:59 pm
years. it could have happened earlier. and from mutoko, i'm very happy. today he's putting his words into practice. they were all children then. now focused on those who will come after them. >> that is the future we can choose. a future in which hiroshima and nagasaki are known not as the dawn of atomic warfare, but as the start of our own moral awakening. >> reporter: on the minds of japanese people right now, the american election. they keep asking us, does donald trump really support nuclear proliferation? remember, he said that maybe japan and south korea ought to get nuclear weapons to counter the north korean threat. wolf? >> michelle kosinski reporting for us. a powerful and historic day in japan. thank you so much for that. before we go, just want to say
4:00 pm
congratulations, best of luck to khloe rome, a member of our team leaving us tonight. we will miss you. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in washington. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next, breaking news. tempers flaring as hundreds protest outside a donald trump rally. we'll take you live to san diego. plus, trump reveals his strategy to winning the presidency. is it a winning plan? and trump and sanders challenge each other to a debate. tonight trump gives his final answer. good evening, i'm jim sciutto in again tonight for earin burnett. and is protesters gathering outside a donald trump rally in california. trump protesters squaring off with trump supporters. police estimate as many as 1,


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