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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  May 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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you're look at live pictures of protesters outside donald trump's rally in san diego. we're going to continue to monitor the crowd as police move in. thank you for joining us tonight. i am jim sciutto. ac 360 starts now. good evening, thanks for joining us. we begin with breaking news. clashes outside a trump rally that just ended in san diego. a heavy police presence, they declared it an unlawful gathering, reports of arrests, protesters throwing eggs. has been a tense scene. paul vercammen joins us now from san diego. what's the latest? what's been going on, watching this for the better part of an hour. >> reporter: anderson, i'm right off camera. we're seeing some fights break out, others are trying to make peace here as we see trump supporters are on one side of the street and they're clashing with anti-trump demonstrators on the other side. now as you look off to my right, police with night sticks,
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helmets on, visors down are moving all of us down the street in san diego, not far at all from where the trump rally was held earlier today, now the police are getting -- they're moving people off, we are pushed to the side. we will give you a better perspective in a second when we settle. it got tense and they declared this unlawful assembly, anderson. that's often a precursor to making arrests, and jordan, if you can get down, you see on the hips of officers are plastic flexible handcuffs, they can be used in an emergency to make arrests, there have been several arrests so far, just as you came to us, they made a major move to try to separate as you saw the two groups that were throwing things at each other. >> paul, if you can, try to explain what we are seeing. we see a line of police officers in riot gear on the left-hand
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side, we see some folks with looks like pro-trump sign on the right. are the police in between the two groups? >> reporter: not completely. what happened is they did separate the two groups with a whole series of barricades, k rails and other riot police. at times they were hundreds of yards away. as they spilled onto the streets of san diego, many to go to their cars, the anti-trump demonstrators and people leading the trump rally blended together. i should say there's quite a number of people not part of either side and showed up and got involved in this, so they're not completely between them now. as you look in front of me, anderson, they're just sealing this part of the street. in the middle there's a blending, you see the anti-trump signs far in the distance, 30 yards, and in front of me these are trump supporters.
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so they will indeed have to make a move at some point to separate them. and they did earlier, but they came back together again. now they're trying to box this group in and declare this unlawful assembly and threaten with arrests. sorry, anderson, it is hard to hear. >> earlier i was watching your video in the last hour on cnn and it looked like some objects were being thrown. i couldn't tell exactly what was being thrown and to what effect. >> reporter: well, what we saw was mainly plastic bottles and some eggs. i am going to have my cameraman show you what one of the targets was. jordan, tilt up. they threw eggs against the building. i guess that's the third floor, holding up trump shirts and chanting and taunting some of the crowd below that was anti-trump. that was one of the targets. then they were throwing things across the street here at each other, but i should note i did not see any major injuries in
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terms of somebody throwing glass or a rock or anything heavy, not that there's a lot of that available here, but once again you can look to the other side, anderson, and the taunting is beginning once more. >> so because the groups aren't necessarily separated at this point are you still seeing, we're seeing some people talking to the police and i'm not sure what they're saying, they're pointing at the police. are there still arguments going on between pro and anti-trump individuals? >> reporter: yes, and a lot of shouting, a lot of pushing, a lot of shoving. but by the way this has a rather calm moment right now as they set up this line of riot gear clad officers on both sides. they seem to be getting a little handle on it. it was much worse say five minutes ago.
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no doubt some of the pushing and shoving will start again. you can look in front of me, the people in front there are wearing red trump caps and they're being taunted. their caps being pulled off, et cetera, as they move through. that's where we've seen skirmishes and fights. they're throwing water on trump people leaving as well and obviously riot police are trying to move everyone along. they seem to be making a pinser move to surround the people and i'm sure we're going to hear them issue, we have another arrest in front of us, anderson. from the inside-out. such a scrum. sometimes hard to see what lead to someone being detained. we can't say in every single instance that somebody being detained is being arrested. there is a difference. sometimes they grab somebody because they were swallowed by the crowd and want to get them out of there, but in this case you can hear them chanting "let
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him go." >> you talked about what's going on before we went on air. we have some of that video. i want to call for that now to give a sense and this was earlier. you probably can't see it, paul. this is a wide shot taken from an overhead angle where you see the size of crowds and see some things being thrown. looks like some people may be trying to calm others down. seems like a tense scene. >> reporter: great word, it is extremely tense. it went well for a long time today, by the way. there were peaceful protests and dancing on both sides. there were a lot of trump supporters shouting their allegiance to donald trump and a lot of trump protesters who were basically decrying all of trump's policies. as you said you could see people throwing things. what's going on now in front of us, these are trump supporters and they're leaving and walking away and being taunted by
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anti-trump demonstrators. so the goal obviously right now for the police here in san diego is to separate the two. i should tell you this is a tremendous show of force, all the blue uniformed officers you might see way off in the distance, green jacket officers are san diego county sheriffs, they called in mutual aid from everywhere. there are hundreds of officers here and ready to suppress a riot if needed. you can't see here, but we have seen them, they have the yellow or orange button bean bag guns. they're prepared to use those if needed. we saw a s.w.a.t. vehicle in the distance as well. the goal is to calm tensions. every time a trump supporters walks through the gauntlet, they either get yelled at, throw something at them. you can see the cap there, clearly on the trump side, anderson. >> the trump supporters, are
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those people leaving the venue? has the venue cleared out? obviously that's a concern when you have people that have been inside coming out. you mentioned they came out earlier. is the venue pretty much empty now? >> reporter: from what i can tell, yes. they went through great lengths to walk people leaving the venue, at times several hundred yards, around metal mazes, move around. i think the trouble started on the streets of san diego when some of them had to walk to parking structures, there's not a baseball game tonight, but there's a lot of parking there, that's petco park. that's where a lot of the parking is. as trump supporters or attendees of the event left, they couldn't help but sort of for lack of a better term rub shoulders with the anti-trump demonstrators.
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and that's where the confrontations, taunting, throwing things started. we have seen some punches thrown. also should tell you this, anderson. we saw a guy take a swing, guy with a camera, looked like he had nothing to do with the protest. just a mentally deranged guy that walked in the scrub and decided to throw a punch. >> these are live pictures from a different vantage point, paul, you can't see it, this is an overhead angle. looks like some people with anti-trump signs and you see police moving in, forming new line or leaving, hard to tell. they're trying to solidify a new line of their positioning there. let's take a look. we've got some images from earlier where we see one of the confrontations that was going
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on, paul, you can't see it. there's a lot of pushing and shoving as people are kind of yelling and arguing on the left-hand side of the screen, people getting in each other's faces. in some cases trying to wait for something to happen, then it does. there's pushing, punches being thrown there. this occurred a short time before we went on air. again, this is a scene that's been going on now for quite some time. paul, we are seeing, this is from earlier, one of the i guess fights you could call it that took place, pushing and shoving. it seems to have calmed down. now we're seeing an earlier shot.
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looks like there were a lot of people egging people on, shouts being given, paul, then someone would throw a punch or push and it would escalate quickly and dissipate. is that about right? >> reporter: that's a great characterization. you would hear some of the trump supporters say let's build that wall. you would hear the anti-trump demonstrators say tear down that wall. they would get nose to nose, start arguing. here's what's playing out, another cluster of trump supporters leaving or walking this way as the police in riot gear walk behind them, they're being taunted again by anti-trump demonstrators. they have been shoulder to shoulder walking away on the streets, and there are many, many shouting matches. there were a lot of insults thrown back and forth and got some pushing and shoving.
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jordan, this way, please, looks like a full on fight is breaking out in front of me, anderson. and there's peace makers in front, trying to keep this from escalating. they're yelling all kinds of things, including "go home you redneck." this is just basically what's been going on. some of the people are trying to lead. you see the peace makers between them, some are anti-trump supporters or in the protest, but want peaceful resolution to this. >> there are people, you're seeing one gentleman in a red shirt standing between what i imagine is a trump supporter and people that are opposed to trump that continue to follow the man as he is leaving. there are people trying to stand
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between the two sides. >> reporter: that's exactly right. we've seen a number of them break up what could break into a full fledged fight by inserting themselves between basically a trump supporter and clusters of anti-trump demonstrators. this is the challenge when these -- go ahead. >> i'm sorry, paul. we should also point out our reporter inside said the event is over, the venue is cleared, donald trump is actually we are told in the air, he is no longer even on the scene. and what we are watching are trump supporters being continually followed by a group of i assume anti-trump people, he is yelling at them. they seem to be yelling at him. there are people in between them trying to keep them apart.
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it is a chaotic scene. it seems, paul, from the vantage point now, an over the head shot, not sure where it is in relation to you, we see a long police line on the left-hand side of the screen and what looks like a smaller group, hemmed in on two sides by police. does it seem like the crowd itself is dissipating? >> reporter: well, they're trying to make it dissipate, that's for sure, anderson. i was in the two rows a second ago, every time i look i see more and more law enforcement officers. these are san diego sheriff's deputies helping out tlrheir partners. they need mutual aid. we see another group of officers in riot gear, there are federal agents on the ground as well, they're calling in everybody possible to quell this and get
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this under control. it's not been a situation where we had mass lines of people running at each other, trying to get past barricades, it is little skirmishes you see where someone is throwing something or someone starts pushing, a punch or two is thrown and they're able to get people out. so the next move they make is try to sweep through here. here's another group of officers ready to get in the middle of the pushing, shoving, shouting and arguing crowds on both sides. it bears repeating that we don't know they're all supporters for or anti-trump. some other people seem to have shown up and got in the middle of it. >> this is an opportunity for some people that want to get in the middle of something like this. we will take a short break. paul will continue to be on scene. we will follow developments in san diego in the hour ahead, talk to the panel not only about
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5:20 pm
what they're doing is condensing the size of the rally, people that were sitting on the floosh, they propped them up away from the area we saw them throwing plastic. they're using that to create a buffer between themselves and members of the crowd. trying to get a sense how far they want the crowd to move, i guess they're stopping here. somewhat remarkable about all this is not far from here 20 yards behind me, anderson, they've run a red trolley i don't know how they have been able to do it all day, but they have. i don't know if they are suspending running the trolley. tensions between mainly here,
5:21 pm
anti-trump demonstrators and san diego police in riot gear. >> paul you may not see from your vantage point, two people we saw being cuffed and moved off the site. not sure if they'll be formally arrested, clearly being taken away, they continue to chant as he is taken away, you see the individual on the right-hand side. do you know where the arrests are being made in relation to where you are? we see two screens, one where arrests were made and the scene on the left more street level, i think your camera. >> reporter: we are on street level, people are being taken inflection believe white plastic handcuffs. sometimes they're not. sometimes they take someone away. we are being moved again. hang on.
5:22 pm
>> both cameras, the police are moving in in a coordinated way. >> reporter: making a major move. >> is the idea to disburse the crowd, keep them moving, try to encourage everybody to leave? >> reporter: exactly. also part of it was to separate the trump supporters from anti-trump demonstrators. so i think they're trying to move them all to one side, that's the direction of the street and get them away from -- we are literally on rail lines now. we will see where they have everybody stop. as i told you several times in english and spanish they declared over bull horns this is an unlawful assembly, often precursor to arrests. they stopped here as a next move, trying to shrink the area of where the protesters can
5:23 pm
stand. to the left, making another major move and they're getting support from agencies all over san diego county. we're walking back best we can, anderson as they're pushing us toward the center where trump spoke earlier today. we're now headed toward the ocean across the street by the group of officers who as i said have their riot helmets on, night sticks out. making an aggressive stand. >> at this point, palm, in the crowd we are seeing, it appears to be more anti-trump demonstrators. doesn't look like there's too many clashes within the groups of people. looks like it is mostly police moving folks that don't want to
5:24 pm
leave or who are slowly leaving. are you seeing clashes between people? >> reporter: no, you're exactly right, anderson. the people who are being moved with me and the camera i'm on now are pretty much all anti-trump demonstrators. you can chanting whose streets, our streets. they're being moved. hang on. jordan, good job. we are walking backwards on the street obviously. i didn't want to see my cameraman go down. now they're reforming closer to the convention center and it looks like this is where they're going to hold the line for now. >> paul, i think it is important and difficult sometimes in a situation, particularly from ground level to get a sense of
5:25 pm
how many people we're talking about. as far as you can tell from what i have been watching the last hour or so, seems like groups were larger before, it seems like the group has gotten smaller, more die hard people that are continuing the anti-trump protests. can you get a sense of just the area we're looking at? is this contained to just the area we're seeing? is it all one clump of people? >> reporter: well, what i'm going to do is walk over here, anderson, give you a better view. it seems like it is contained. seems like there were a lot more demonstrators or protesters out here before. excuse me. we're going to cross through. and it seems as if they have a better handle on it. we definitely saw a lot more
5:26 pm
anti-trump demonstrators. we saw more trump supporters. there's a little way for us to get up here, give you a better glimpse of what's going on. here's another arrestee in front of us. as things flare up, it is not easy to find out why someone is arrested, you'll see a skirmish, punch thrown, someone taken away. can't say anti-or pro-trump. here's the best vantage point of all this. if you look that way, there were hundreds more anti-trump demonstrators here on the street before. then off in the distance say about 200 yards at 1:00, that's where you saw us earlier, that's where you saw this extremely aggressive move by all of the police officers in riot gear. over this way about another 100 yards at 11:00, those are all for the most part people that left the convention center and
5:27 pm
their trump supporters, so they effectively as we were live cut these two groups off. the taunting we have seen and heard all day, anti-trump group and trump group going at it. now you're seeing, looks like that train, i can't imagine they're doing this, it might be coming through, crossing guards are coming down. maybe that's why they were so sure they wanted to break up that crowd and move through with the force you saw. >> we're going to take another break. you can see on the right-hand side of the screen from the overhead shot the numbers of law enforcement personnel who clearly have a strategy in place, clear lines of demarcation of where they want people to be and where they want people to go and how they want them to disburse and it seems
5:28 pm
organized on the law enforcement side and the crowds are getting smaller. i think it is important to point that out so you get a sense that this is bigger than it may be. we're going to take a short break. coverage of this and the day in politics continues in a moment. ♪ what backache? what sore wrist? what headache? advil makes pain a distant memory. nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. only one network gives you more than just great coverage. it's t-mobile!
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just watching an arrest before we came back on air. a large list presence on the streets in the area of the san diego convention center. scenes of a substantial but shrinking protest after a trump rally ended. once again check in with paul vercammen at the scene. police are making another move, trying to move people along? >> reporter: yeah, a couple things are happening here now. they made a big move, anderson, trying to disburse the crowd. then you look to the right, you can see people running down the street, and i'm not sure if there's anything that touched that off, but they're sprinting that way, and you have a group of officers in riot gear also running that way, seems like the entire protest is headed in a different direction and the crowd is -- seems so far
5:33 pm
successfully being disbursed. this is a far cry from earlier when you joined us and saw that pushing and shoving and throwing of different objects. but looks like they're going to make a stand here. a lot of the crowd -- >> we will continue to monitor that for your coverage and the true. let's bring in errol lewis who covered donald trump for years, "the new york times" kromt, kayleigh mcenany, and executive director angela rye, and susan del percio. as you watch this, kayleigh, what do you make of what you're seeing? >> worth saying there's no place in political discourse for violence, it is uncalled for, shouldn't be condoned, welcomed in any way, should be dismissed, that being said, worth tracing where this began. i think chicago in mid march is where we saw protesters show up
5:34 pm
with the intent of shutting down a trump event. thereafter in many trump events we have seen similar tasks. you saw police windows being smashed out, protesters setting fire to trump memorabilia, in costa mesa, a trump supporters was bloodied, beaten down. i think it is a sad state when you can't have personal effects and cars smashed in front of you, we should be able to congregate in peace, protesting is fine, violence is not. >> earlier during trump rallies we saw not talking today but months ago individuals, fights inside trump rallies and people pushed around on both sides. >> couple of things. i watched this scene, frankly got very emotional. i am seeing this and hearing some of the things, the reporter
5:35 pm
talked about someone yelling build that wall. other folks yelling tear down that wall. i heard with my own ears someone yell go back to mexico. for me it is not about the fact that donald trump had protesters outside rallies. this is about the type of rhetoric that trump espoused since before he was a presidential candidate. what you're seeing frankly are what happens when you refuse to listen to each other. what happens when nobody when the oppressed are oppressed. earlier a guy was wearing a t-shirt that said i look like an illegal immigrant. if we step back and see that people can be called thugs even though they're graduates of the
5:36 pm
most prestigious universities, it is frustrating to me. we have to remember like they were chanting at the rally, i heard growing up the people united will never be defeated. we have to stand united on something at some point. >> do you think this helps donald trump in some ways, does it hurt donald trump? >> it hurts both sides of the issue. it hurts donald trump, it hurts the democrats. this kind of discourse is bad for everybody. this is not one sided. when you look at it, both sides are engaging in it. what's interesting to me is that it used to be in the days people used to rally outside an event, once the cameras got them, people went into the event, they left, everyone went home. these folks are staying at events to protest and argue against each other. it is not even unifying against the speaker, this is a very personal, deep feeling, a very frustrated angry people.
5:37 pm
>> how do you see it? >> i think that's right. looking at this, you have to take chicago as an isolated incident and this as an isolated incident but you have to look at a collection of protests and wonder what the cleveland convention will be like. kelly said there's no place for violence. i don't think you heard the candidate being protest say that. that's the push he will have repeatedly in the lead up to the convention to make clear violence is not to be condoned, to be clear shouldn't be condoned on the other side either. somebody burning a trump hat, that's not right either. >> he said there's no place for violence, he dismissed violence more than anyone in the campaign. after the chicago rally, dismissed it 14 times. >> he did early on. just for accuracy we all know, we all saw early on in his campaign him saying i'd like to punch that person. >> maybe this person deserved to
5:38 pm
be roughed up. >> there were statements before violence began to break out at the rally that shouldn't have been made. we have a societal problem, bigger than donald trump and it started in ferguson when you saw buildings burned down, saw violence in baltimore. there's violence, it is not just donald trump rallies, there are people with intent to disrupt, they want to be on camera. >> do you really think that people are risking their lives just to be seen on camera? >> i don't think anyone is risking their lives, people throwing punches are at donald trump supporters. >> i would love to see someone enumerate the number of times donald trump supporters engaged in violence. i tried painstakingly on the internet to find times. there were three instances at rallies. >> one at a time. >> no matter what happens, the
5:39 pm
way it is perceived, this is a donald trump problem. donald trump has to work hard around it. whether or not it is true, it is definitely perceived that donald trump is the cause. people protest him and his policies. >> kayleigh's point, they're trying to stop donald trump from speaking. and again, i am not advocating that position, i don't know that everybody sees this. >> i should say spurred from donald trump. it is his policies that are most -- >> ends up attaching to him. there have been 20 people ran for president, isn't one other candidate that's drawn this kind of response. images we're seeing, the masked different police forces, and they have been very disciplined in san diego, clearly they're trained and professional, taking their time, nobody is falling out of the ranks and lashing
5:40 pm
out, but what an awful image of how we pick the next leader of the free world, it will be used in ads, it will be used down the line to say that if you need a president to bring the country together, this is not the guy. >> i guess that's my question about who does this hurt most. i assume some voters see it and think wow, is this what we are in for up until the election or after if donald trump becomes president, and others see it as well, this makes them rally toward donald trump. they feel it is unfair he isn't -- or is allowed to speak, but people try to stop. >> the protest against him is a real issue and he absolutely has a right to speak at his rallies, those protests are done, those are his main events, that's how he communicates with supporters. he absolutely has a right, anyone would object to protesters, everyone does. the difference is saying i would
5:41 pm
like to punch them in the face, i would pay the legal bills. there is a difference and it attaches in a different way. what we saw with trump this week, taking it away from tonight, after trump won the indiana primary and the race ended quicker than expected, we heard a lot about how he was going to be more presidential in tone, was going to shift. he clearly doesn't want to do that. he clearly likes how he won in the primary. and he is running in a lot of ways and dan balz wrote this in "the washington post," against the republican brand. it might appeal to democrats but may turn off republican voters. we don't know how this will play. >> we have to take a break. we will continue this live coverage from san diego when we come back. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me that i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals
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diego following a trump rally at the convention center. some fights broke out between anti-and pro-trump forces. police declaring it an unlawful gathering. want to bring back the panel. joining the conversation, bass i will smieker, from new york state democratic party, supporter of clirn. as we continue to watch, it is dissipating, it is important to point that out, not make too much of it as an on-going thing, although clearly the police as paul vercammen said have it well in hand at this stage. do you see this continuing and escalating as we get closer to election day? >> i don't know about escalating, definitely continuing. listening to panelists before i came out here, i think there's high correlation between language he used, rhetoric he used, and activity on the street.
5:45 pm
i don't think the protesters want to be on camera, i don't think the protesters have a sense of entitlement. i think what they're sensing is that there's this attack on communities of color, poor people, and i think this rhetoric which doesn't seem to be dissipating, seems only to be getting stronger is -- i think will promote more of these type protests. i don't know that it will escalate, i don't personally want to see violence being done, but the folks have a right to protest. >> part of protesting is getting on camera. if you protest and no one is there to see it, it is like a tree falling in the forest. i have been in protests. when you point a camera some directions, there are people that want in front of that camera. not saying all the people, don't want to paint with a broad brush. >> i understand what you're saying, but i want to underscore this isn't about vanity, these are real issues that have made
5:46 pm
folks nervous. i think donald trump has given voice to a lot of folks with a lot of ideas and opinions, there are a lot of people didn't think were still there in this country, are surprised to see it, and i think it is appropriate for people to come out and protest against him. >> i want kayleigh to respond. but paul, as we came back, looked like something of a scuffle and again looks like police are continuing. i thought this was largely disbursed, looks like police are still moving people along. >> reporter: yes, they're moving people down harper boulevard in san diego, a little scuffle broke out a short while ago. police at one point you see dousing this gentleman's eyes, somebody shot pepper spray as they tried to move people down the street. tempers flared between police and one of the protesters. here's a woman getting emotional
5:47 pm
over here. let me see if i can listen to what she's saying. >> it is okay for them to treatise like that? we are americans. we are here. they cannot treatise like this. they cannot do that to us. i cannot believe this. >> dude don't hit him, let him go. >> again, now we're seeing -- go ahead, paul. >> reporter: there's been a couple people in the middle of standoffs all afternoon long. as i said, some instances you can't say they're a trump supporter or not trump supporters. anyway, this gentleman has been in the middle of things, might be getting arrested as police take a run after him, we're heading down the street. looks likesque arrested.
5:48 pm
hang on, anderson. we are being backed up. go ahead. >> it seems that one of the tactics we have seen, police have been learning from other demonstrations, they try to identify people that are continuing actors in the events. when i say actors, continually present. they try to identify people who may be spurring other people on or taking agitators or taking a larger role, even a leadership role, move quickly, take them out, arrest them or detain them, and reform their lives. seems like that's what we just witnessed. >> reporter: absolutely, almost on cue, said looked like he was in the middle of it, they did isolate him. they went after him, tackled him. looked like he was going to square off with another one of the demonstrators. and again, a very aggressive
5:49 pm
move down harvard boulevard, near the ocean in san diego. we are trying not to trip over the various barricades that have been knocked over. behind the police as well, you can see, anderson, armored personnel carriers. this is clearly one of the last moves as they get people away from the convention center. the crowd has thinned out dramatically. one someone has thrown a plastic bottle at the officers off to my right. we're going to give you a pan down the street, show you what's left of the disbursing crowd. they're moving here toward the bridge, also right up on top. officers on a pedestrian bring keeping watch over all this. we are down to less than 100 demonstrators in this area now. it was clear to me probably at
5:50 pm
least 500 earlier. these would mainly be anti-trump demonstrators, but there are trump supporters mixed in and that's why i think they went ahead and arrested the gentleman in the kobe bryant jersey, looked like he was going to square off with someone. >> all right. we will continue to watch that. seems to be police on the move in organized fashion trying to disburse people. kayleigh, again, want you to be able to respond before we went to that. >> i think it is problematic when you blame the candidate for the third party actions of others that cannot engage in civil discourse and engage in violence. this is a problem when you have people coming with the intent of squelching speech because they believe less speech is better than more. don't knock out police windows and cars, put police lives in
5:51 pm
danger, don't put trump supporters' lives in danger. if you have a problem, show up, get your point across, but do not engage in violence. >> let him -- >> if i can say, first of all i don't condone violence. what makes their speechless valid than his? that's the concern i have. seems as though their speech is attached to thugery. that falls into what donald trump is saying. >> people going to a donald trump rally have absolute right to go there to listen. >> and to leave in peace. >> this is a confrontation. takes two to tang oh. this isn't just happening in a vacuum, it is not that protesters to the trump speeches are just showing up and not doing anything to egg it on either, they are engaging. the trump supporters have a
5:52 pm
right to be there, for every right that the protesters do. the bigger problem is now discourse has become -- violence has been now accepted as a form of discourse or the pushing and shoving and in your face conversation. that's what makes it all ugly. >> i reject the notion that pushing and shoving belongs to those protesters donald trump. >> protesters, the donald trump people are pushing back. >> no one side owns this. you would be making a huge mistake to say one side or the other owns it. >> my point is what i said at the beginning, when folks are oppressed, continue to feel as though they're not heard. >> demeans the opinions of those that are different, this is a result of that. >> i want you to respond, we
5:53 pm
have to go to break. >> donald trump supporters are angry, frustrated. they feel they haven't been hurt. they're going to listen to someone they support, who they believe is representing them and representing their frustration and anger, too, they're showing up. he has people showing up that have never been involved in the political process, that's because they're angry, frustrated and sick of what they see in washington and want somebody new. >> we will check in with paul vercammen in a moment. be right back. tacy♪ ♪running non-stop. ♪lifting up patients... ♪...changing their socks. ♪you're sore and you're beat ♪from all that you did. ♪for rest and relief ♪try sealy's hybrid. ♪so take a load off ♪and feel good as new. ♪cause sealy's support is perfect for you.♪ only the sealy hybrid has posturepedic technology to support you where you need it most. sealy. proud supporter of you. ♪
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5:56 pm
take place. once again, check in with paul vercammen on the scene now. paul? >> reporter: they decided to make a stand on this bridge going over harvard boulevard. off in the distance, motorcycle officers and armor personnel carriers, they have pepper spray, used a little earlier to disburse part of the crowd. seems what they're going to do is march them over this bridge in san diego. they have a pretty good handle on it. the crowd has been thing out more. they are yelling whose streets, our streets. anyway, anderson, it's a lot calmer than it was before and the officers as we said are continuing to move them. what they'll do is yell move
5:57 pm
forward, then they'll all step in mass down the boulevard. like to give a shoutout to jordan, the cameraman, producer and security for being steady and easy as you know, they go through a lot on shoots like this to capture these images. >> shooting much of it walking backwards, being pushed around. cudos to them. no doubt about it. we will monitor this. as you see, numbers are drastically reduced. seems to be a younger crowd who are sticking with this. being moved along by police but not wanting to fully go away. we will continue to monitor this throughout the evening. that does it for us now. thanks very much for watching. cnn film "blackfish" starts after a short break.
5:58 pm
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