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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  May 28, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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sfl . hello. thanks for joining me. i'm suzanne malveaux. fredricka whitfield is off today. following dramatic flooding in texas, it's killed at least two people. three others missing. the area flooded by record-breaking rainfall. parts of texas this weekend under water causing havoc for drivers. >> it stalled out and we started getting our stuff to get out. we were -- crawling out of the car. the water was up in the car. >> wow. live with us in the atlanta weather center. alison, relief that they're expected to get in the days, hours ahead, or more rainfall on the horizon? there will be temporary relief in terms of roadways. the water there will start to recede, it's the rivers, creeks
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and streams that will keep rising several days because it's more of a delayed effect and because of how much rain we've had. look at the numbers. the last 48 hours. see this pink area north of hust jn that's brenham, texas. they had a 24-hour rainfall total of 17.5 inches of rain. that's the wet effort calendar day ever in recorded history. again, no wonder why they're having so many flooding problems, and a threat for more rain in this area today. not just rain, but also severe weather. there's a potential for large hail, damaging wind and isolated tornadoes across portions of texas. here's a look at radar going forward from tonight into tomorrow. and again, you can see rain in a lot of these exact same areas. now, i want to say, they are only expected to get an additional two, three, possibly at most four inches of rain that doesn't sound like much but on top of the 8, 10, 15 inches these areaed already had, it become as huge concern. another area we're keeping an eye out, the tropics.
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look at this. this is the tropical storm warnings in place for up and down the south carolina coast, as the tropical depression begins to make its way there. more of the specifics on the tropical depression are this -- right now winds are about 35 miles per hour in this particular storm. that's only four miles per hour lower than a tropical storm would be. so it's getting awfully close and we do expect it to make it up to tropical storm strength later on today. when it does, it will get the name bonny. the big concern we have, low pressure getting closer to the coast of south carolina, places like myrtle beach, hilton head island, charleston, they're very low-lying. you get all of that water that kind of funnels in to these areas and can cause flooding, mainly due to the storm surge. but you also get incredibly strong rip currents. the locals know about these, but not all the tourists. remember, this is a huge holiday weekend. so you have a lot of people flocking to the beaches to enjoy
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the very nice conditions. this is a look at the next 48 hours where you can see all of that rain that's going to come in to these areas. most places will pick up, say, about two to four inches, but some areas could pick up even more. especially as the storm just kind of lingers along the coastline. over the next couple of days. a blocking pattern set in place right over here, and what that's going to do is prevent the storm from coming too far inland. that's actually great news for cities like atlanta and charlotte, but not good news for cities like wilmington and a lot of the others that are along the coast. suzanne? >> all right. alison, thank you so much. appreciate it. hope they're all safe there in texas. meanwhile, donald trump telling california voters that he is going to solve the state's five-year drought. >> we're going solve your water problem. you have a water problem that is so insane, it is so ridiculous. where they're taking the water and shoving it out to sea -- [ cheers ]
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and i just met with a lot of the farmers, who are great people, and they're saying, we don't eastern understand it. they don't understand. nobody understands it, and i've heard this from other friends of mine in california. where they have farms, up here, and they don't get water. i said, oeshs that's too bad. is taout no. plenty of water. what's wrong? well, we shove it tout sea, and i said, why? and nobody even knows why, and the environmentalists don't know why. now, they're trying to protect a certain kind of three-inch fish. >> trump did not go into detail about how officials would open up the water, nor what science supports the claim that the drought is not real, but he did tout himself as a champion of the environment, saying, "i've reserved many, many environmental rewards" really, rewards and awards." the libertarian party convention underway now at this hour. the three-day event culminates
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and libertarians hoping all the turmoil among the major parties will push the voters their way. gary johnson, former two-term governor of new mexico ran as a libertarian in 2012. johnson is polling around 10% nationally despite being usually left off of presidential surveys. earlier today in an interview with cnn's micro-smerconish johns aon argued in order to compete he needs to be included in debates. >> only chance of winning, to be in the presidential debates. to be in the presidential debates you've got to be in the polls. look, just put us in the polls. i think that by putting us in the polls they'll be attention drawn to what it is that we're saying, and -- you know what? if that happens, anything's possible. >> are there states where gary johnson and bill weld, should you both win nominations on sunday, can actually capture
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electoral college states? >> i think anything is possible, michael, given the -- given just how divisive the two major parties are right now. clinton and trump, back to just the notion that most people are libertarian. this is just an unbelievable opportunity to move america in a direction that really they actually desire. >> so to talk all about the libertarian party, if the ticket kwo play role in this year's election, joining me, senior editor of "reason "magazine, libertarian covering the party's convention in orlando and also larry salve tbateau at the university of virginia. larry, start with you first. thank you both for joining us in this discussion. fact we're talking about this now is significant. that is not usually happened.
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could say a significant role. do you think there's a chance that this is going to impact the general election? >> yeah. the hope for the libertarians is that the dissatisfaction with clinton and trump is so huge, and especially republicans, the whole never trump movement. the libertarians think if they nominate these two republican governors johnson and weld, they have a better chance of capturing the sort of traditional free market republican, even the romney republicans who find trump's demeanor and attitude uncongenial and can make records and that's probably the case. >> larry, we saw governor bill weld, the likely vice presidential candidate, former governor of massachusetts, now a part of the libertarian, the party here, getting a really a chilly reception, politico reporting last night he was even booed. is this the dream ticket that people are talking about? or could this be in trouble?
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>> well, they have to vote separately on the vice presidential nomination. so it's not a sure thing. either that johnson will win the presidential nomination and certainly that weld will win the vice presidential nomination. if, however that ticket wins, if it's these two former liberal republican governors, i think they'll add some spice to an election seize than already is full of spice. i think it's a fascinating addition. i don't think they're likely to get any electoral votes, but, remember, it only took 2.7% for ralph nader in the year 2000. he was running at the green party candidate, to switch the white house from al gore to george w. bush. nader cost gore florida and new hampshire. and either one of those states would have elected gore. so you never know. you know, it's possible. i think it's unlikely but possible they'll have some impact. >> and larry, of course, this is an election nobody knows, really, what's going to happen
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and so many twists and turns here, but who do you think the libertarian party hurts or herps in terms of pulling voters to one candidate or the other? donald trump or hillary clinton? >> well, traditionally, libertarians hurt republicans a bit more than democrats. that's been true in a number of state elections. you know, this is an unusual ticket. if they get a lot of attention, i'm not sure that that is a centrtaint certainty. they have so many positions republicans won't like and so many positions democrats won't like that notice of their voters may well come from people who wouldn't vote otherwise. >> and brine, libertarian party on the ballot in 50 states now. is this the alternative that voters are looking for? >> yeah. you know, gary johnson certainly thinks so. he says over and over that he thinks most americans are libertarian. i've been following this business for many decades at this point, and i'm not as confident as gary is, but if anyone has any belief in free
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markets, any belief in a rational non-interventions foreign policy, they have nowhere else to go. can't go to clinton or trump, if you believe in free trade. i think they will prove maybe more libertarians than most political analysts think. >> follow-up with that point, though. look at the party in terms of money and it's critical to move forward do they have the cash and infrastructure to be any serious threat in november? >> the one thing they have, you mentioned, probably on the ballot in every state. something know other third party has. you're right. he they do not have a lot of money. johnson thinks $50 million is the minimum needed to get something done and definitely don't have that now. johnson and weld could be a ticket to attract big republican money that can't tolerate donald trump. >> who are they clapping for behind you?
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we hear huge applause? >> having a vote on platform plank about whether to be for or against the death penalty. >> okay. all right. thank you. looks like there's a lot of excitement there at the convention. over the weekend, the fact we are talking about the libertarian party in and of itself, a real change in this election cycle. thank you so much, brian dougherty and larry salveato, appreciate it. moments ago a world war ii plane crashed into the hudson river. pulled out of the water. we go there live, next. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now. to be taken care of. in good hands? like finding new ways home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards...
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at this is just moments ago, the world war ii plane that crashed into the hudson river, pulled out of the water. 56-year-old died in the crash. explain to us what we just saw. >> reporter: suzanne, moments ago behind me that world war ii
9:15 am
plane that was a single seater was removed from the hudson via a crane. now that was the army corps of engineers as well as nypd that worked together on that removal. and as you can see in the images, the plane is quite intact. now, we're told by the nypd the plane is headed to the wall street heliport at the moment when the faa will take over the investigation and continue it, and then from there a private company will take the plane to delaware. suzanne? >> all right. rachel crane, appreciate it. thank you so much. ahead, a fundamental failure to help student victims of sexual assaults nap is what an investigation found on the baylor university campus. we have that, up next. the bud light party believes in change. that's why bud light has a new look... and we want to share it with everyone... from our national parks... to our furthest shores...
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texas' baylor youfrt creating a new tasks force. they demoted its president, ken starr, and fired the football coach. an internal investigation found the school failed to help victims of sexual assaults. cnn's ed lavandera talked to one of the women who was attacked on campus. >> reporter: suzanne, the chairman of baylor's board of regents was shocked and outraged by the detail hess saw in the investigation how the university handled allegations of sexual assault on campus. despite that, ken starr wasn't fully fired.
9:20 am
baylor university is demoting its president ken starr and firing their head football coach art briles. members of the university's board of regents says they are "horrified by the findings of an independent investigation." the scathing report found a fundamental failure to respond to students sex assault allegations, and detailed troubling mishandling of rape by players on the texas school's nationally ranked football team. the baylor bombshell happened under the leadership of starr who led the impeachment of then president bill clinton in the 1990s. starr hasn't responded to cnn's request for comment. an attorney for one sexual assault victim and former baylor student jasmine hernandez isn't surprised by the findings. >> this is a serious issue in terms of jasmine's case we'll be able to show baylor had prior knowledge of a huge problem with sexual assault on their campus, es specially through the athletic program, and they just did nothing. they did absolutely really
9:21 am
nothing to protect these female students. >> reporter: baylor is apologizing and pledges to do better. hernandez is suing the school for how they handled her rape by a football player in 2012. elliott one of two football players ultimately convicted of sexual assault is serving a 20-year sentence. >> i'm just still always a little bit surprised that they never did anything except kind of re-route me to other people who in turn re-routed me to other people that i never really got help. >> reporter: baylor university says it released the key findings of its internal investigation to be open with the university community, however, what's been released so far doesn't specify just how many sexual assault victim there's have been and how many cases the report investigated. we've asked, but haven't been given those answers. suzanne? >> thank you, ed. president obama says world leaders are worried about the rise of donald trump.
9:22 am
>> they are not sure how seriously to take some of his pronouncements, but they're rattled by him. >> trump says, obama is the one that's rattled. trump's role on the global stage, up next. .. of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a
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donald trump responding to president obama's comments where he calmed out the republican nominee for rattling world leaders. >> so obama gets on television. first of all, he's not supposed to be talking when he's in japan about politics in our nation. okay? he's not supposed to. i think i got him rattled. he's the one that's rattled, want to know the truth. >> why is trump's world view rattling international leaders? cnn's clarissa ward taking a look at the emergence on the global stage. >> reporter: at first, candidate trump was the subject of
9:26 am
international fascination, and even amusement. [ chanting ] >> thank you. >> reporter: but it didn't take long for the maverick contender to star ruffling feathers. >> they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. they're rapists. >> continue to j. trump is calling to a total and complete shutdown's muslims entering the united states. >> reporter: international condemnation came in thick and fast. mexico's former president compared him to hitler. a saudi prince called him a disgrace and china's state-run newspaper denounced him as big mouthed. the list went on. international headlines warned of impending doom if he became the republican nominee. madness, blared the cover of germany the paper. >> i think his remarks are divisive, stupid and wrong, and i think if he came to visit our country i think he's unite us all against rim. >> reporter: today's london's newly elected mayor himself a muslim jumped on the bandwagon calling trump's views on
9:27 am
islamism ignorant. >> donald trump views on islam is ignorant, giving the impression western values are incompatible with mainstream islam. >> thank you, everybody. >> reporter: still, he does have one fan internationally. russian president vladimir putin who has called trump "an outstanding and talented personality" what's interesting, since trump became the prezumpsive republican nominee the res rick from overseas softened considerably, and we're likely to see that continue as world leaders begin to grapple with the very real possibility that they will have to deal with a president trump. clarissa ward, cnn, london. all right. let's dissect all this with nicholas burns, who serves admiral undersecretary in the george w. bush without, currently advising hillary clinton. good to see you, nick, as always. let's break it down and look at each one of these elements here.
9:28 am
when you look at these comments and you hear that world leaders are rattled, i guess from trump's point of view, it's a good thing. from obama's it is not. the president says it is not. is it good? is it bad? keep them guessing? keep them a little on edge? >> well, suzanne i think it's really negative for the united states if the leading presidential candidate of the republican party wants to keep all muslims out of the united states. he wants to -- he's repudiated and criticized in the most vulgar terms all mexican, has reputed the nato alliance. he's urged japan and south korea to have their own nuclear weapons. he's threatening to walk out of our alliances worldwide and he supports torture and he is a sports of ki supports killing of families of terrorists. preposterous. the world is rattled because they can't imagine the world's strong e679 power led by someone as vulgar and uninformed as donald trump. >> we heard the president call out trump on those issues.
9:29 am
he said overseas saying that some of his -- his views were either based and ignorance or a cavalier attitude of the whole thing. what do you make of the president really breaking with the tradition of not speaking overseas, not criticizing overseas, potential successor who would come after him? >> that was an old tradition i think way back, decades ago, in american politics. that our politics stopped at the water's edge. you didn't criticize other people, other american politicians when you were oversea, but u think that's broken down a long time ago and i think these are extraordinary times and president obama was right to speak out. donald trump by experience, he's built casinos, golf courses and hotels is not prepared to do the job of the president, but more importantly, think about temperament. and think about his judgment. he is conducting an entire campaign to divide us from each other. ethnic group from ethnic group.
9:30 am
he's made misogynistic comments routinely about women. this is not the type of person you want to have wield authority in the oval office and wield the most powerful destructive potential that we've ever put in the hands of any man or woman, that's our nuclear weapons force. president obama was in hiroshima yesterday to say we have got actually have a different way of looking at nuclear weapons. can you imagine donald trump exercising that authority? contrast this with hillary clinton, who i think is trying to run a campaign of strength and optimism, about our future that we can handle our problems, and donald trump says, i think very pessimistically we don't win anymore. he is completely unprepared, in my judgment, and i've worked for administrations of both political parties as a career foreign service officer, he's completely unprepared to be president and i think a disaster for our country. >> nicholas, fast forward here if i can. if it does appear, if he does win if he does win and you say
9:31 am
he doesn't have the kind of preparation, certainly not the kind of preparation that hillary clinton has overseas. what is does he do? what needs to happen jp what needs to be put in place in terms of getting up to speed? is that something that's possible? you know, working on the world stage as you have, for someone to do that? >> well, it's a long way to november. i don't think he's going to win. and i think we ought to judge him as a candidate. that's the most important thing for every citizen right now in the united states. judge these two people. hillary clinton and donald trump. which one of them has the matur and experience to be the president of the united states? it is hands down hillary clinton. i'm obviously advising her, so i feel that way, but objectively speaking her experience as secretary of state, senator, first lady, advocate for children against donald trump's experience. she's shown an interest in the future of the country. he's never been public spirited
9:32 am
until he ran this campaign, but i think he's a dangerous candidate because he has preposterous views that frankly have nothing to do with the views of every republican president for the last 70 years. so for me it's a hands-down choice and we ought to focus on that choice for the american people. >> talk about some of the things he's mentioned here. president obama wrapping up his trip to asia where some comments were seen as really having a big impact suggesting that japan and south korea should their own nuclear weapons among other things and that he would be open to direct talks with north korea. you have quite a bit of experience in that regard. what are yeoh recommendations in terms of how to deal with north korea? many administrations including the one you work with really has seen it as a lightning rod and unpredictable player. >> yes, and north korea is probably the most dangerous regime in the world today. it's building a nuclear weapons capability. the most important thing for the united states to do is to strengthen our alliance with south korea, and with japan.
9:33 am
they are our treaty allies. dnt's threatened to sdov thodis those alliances, donald trump has. we have convinced them not to be nuclear powers. everyone since truman had that policy. they become nuclear weapons powers in the tinderbox of asia. strengthen those alliances, exactly the opposite of what donald trump has been saying. >> nick burns, final question to button this up. what do you suppose the president did speak about donald trump overseas, was he speaking to a domestic audience saying, watch out, do not vote for this guy or speaking to the international audience trying to kind of allay the concerns of world leaders who he has spoken to about the potential of a trump presidency? >> i think president obama did the right thing. i think he was speaking, suzanne, to both audiences. as i've 2r5678ed overseas in the last couple of months i've been stunned by the number of senior level foreigners in government and in business who are genuinely worried about donald
9:34 am
trump. think of the damage he's already done. when you say as he has said that we should keep 1.6 billion muslims out of the united states, that is damaging. the united states, our credibility and reputation in the muslim world at a time when we need the muslim people's everywhere to join us in the fight against terrorism. when he makes these terrible comments, vulgar comments about mexicans and latinos he's driving a wedge between the united states and one of our closest neighbors. he's already done damp and probably why president obama felt a need to reassure the rest of the world all of us are not like this. we do have sane, rational balanced people and certainly hillary clinton, people perceive her to be strong and principled, and somewhat who can be a very good president of the united states, and in foreign policy. >> okay. nicholas burns, i'm sure the trump camp would disagree with many of your points believing the obama administration has
9:35 am
been weak in many of its diplomacy around the world. good to see you always. republican convention isn't until mid-july in cleveland and there are some outstanding questions about the big event, of course, including the role of senator marco rubio. what role is he going to play? the state of the union's jake tapper spoke exclusiveliry rubio about just that this week. >> suzanne a few weeks ago former presidential candidate marco rubio was still unsure whether or not he would even attend the republican national convention in cleveland this july. he earned 167 delegates during the primaries earlier this year. he still holds them until he officially releases them. in an exclusive interview with cnn he tells me his plans for dree cleveland and the convention. >> when we last spoke you said you were not yet sure what were you doing if you were eastern attending the republican convention in cleveland. have you made a decision? >> yeah. my sense is i'm going to go to the convention. >> you are? >> and i'll -- i don't know if i'll have a role in the
9:36 am
convention, but i have a lot of people going there that were supporters. >> if donald trump asked to you speak on his behalf, you would do so? >> certainly. i want to be helpful, not harmful, because i don't want hillary clinton to be president. look, my policy differences of donald trump, i spent 11 moss talking about them. they're well understood nap said, i don't want hillary clinton to be president. there's something i can do to thaep from happening, helpful to the cause i'm honored to be considered for that are you planning on releasing your delegates? >> basically, technically have already because donald is have the majority delegates and it will be irrelevant. >> and mincing no words about his support for trump despite misgivings on policy, and mr. trump's temperament, but rubio will certainly stand with the republican party this fall perhaps with an eye on his own future within the gop. suzanne? >> thanks, jake. be sure to watch the full interview with marco rubio on
9:37 am
"state of the union" tomorrow morning 9:00 eastern right here on cnn. ahead, more than 100 doctors sounding the alarm on the zika virus calling for brazil to postpone or move the summer olympics. ivan watson is following the story. ivan? >> reporter: yes, suzanne. the world health organization is firing back saying there is not legitimate reason for postponing or cancelling the upcoming games here in rio de janeiro. more on that story after the break. introducing bai. it's good for you, and somehow still tastes really good. it doesn't make sense. sort of like marrying a man you met on tv. i love you. i love you too. yeah.
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more than 100 prominent doctors and professors want the olympics to be postponed, even moved out of brazil because of the zika virus. in a letter to the world health organization, doctors called the zika outbreak in brazil unprecedented, and insimpted it would be unethical to hold the games knowing the risks to public health. in just a couple of months people from all overed world will pack into rio de janeiro and perhaps the biggest concern is they could catch zika virus and take it back home. our ivan watson is following the story from brazil. he is joining us on the phone. ivan, just tell us how health officials are responding to this letter and to this call? this is very serious. >> reporter: it is very serious pap direct warning from 150 doctors and medical researchers saying, you have to move these olympics. they're saying that it just simply is irresponsible to try to bring in a half million
9:42 am
tourists from around the world, some of whom could could tract the disease and then take it back to their home countries, particularly those who might be returning to poorer countries that don't have good health care systems. however, the world health organization fired back saying there is no legitimate reason for delaying or moving the games saying that the zika virus exists in some 60 countries around the world. they stand by their health advisory which is that basically, pregnant women should not come here and that people should practice safe sex, since there is evidence that the zika virus is transmitted through sexual contact, and they're basically advising people to stay in air conditioned residences and to wear ma skaos repellent and stay away from places with bad sanitation because they're breeding grounds for mosquitoes. suzanne, there's a lot of bad sanitation in rio de janeiro, even though it's a beautiful city, and a lot of people i've talked to here, residents, they
9:43 am
have contracted the zika virus. so this is a legitimate health risk both for visitors as well as for athletes. suzanne? >> and ivan, how is it enforceable, anyway? these are great recommendations, right? but you really can't control how people behave in that city? >> reporter: no, you can just give advice, and there is a public awareness campaign. there are signs up around, warning about mosquitoes. there are efforts to try to control the mosquito population, and the city government says, listen, it's winter down here in the southern hemisphere this time of year and usually there you fewer mosquitoes at this time of year. got to be honest. it's not zika you have to worry about here, brazilians have been living buy dengue fever, a sickness with much more extreme, immediate symptoms when you contract that. that's something that brazilians have lived with for decades and
9:44 am
is also a legitimate risk for people coming to visit this spectacular city. >> all right. ivan watson, thank you so much for sounding the alarm on that one. very important. ahead, a close relative of north korean leader kim jong-un is discovered living a low-profile life here, in the united states. just ahead, you're going to hear what she has to say about her nephew. escue workers open up a lot of dawn. tough on grease...yet gentle. dawn helps open... something even bigger. go to, dawn saves wildlife. is it keeps the food out. for me before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now.
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fascinating details emerging of north korea's reclusive leader kim jong-un and what kind of child he was. the revelations come from an aunt who helped raise him as student at a boarding school in switzerland. this woman and her husband defected to the u.s. years ago and live anonymously in the united states 23457 is until "the washington post" tracked them down. brian todd has more. >> reporter: they look like any other couple, walking in central park and through times square, but now "the washington post" says for nearly 20 years, this husband and wife have kept their true identities hidden. the quiet owners of a small dry cleaning store say they are also the aunt and uncle of one of the world's most notorious dictators. north korea's kim jong-un. >> live an entirely unremarkable immigrant life. >> reporter: her given name, ko
9:49 am
young kuk, one of kim jong-il's wives. >> jsomeone i believe would trut with the lives of her children. >> reporter: she told "the post" she traveled to north korea to take care of kim and his older brother and younger sister d. not enjoy studying. >> reporter: interviewing ko and her husband after uncovering their existence through a lawsuit filed in south korea insisting their face, the names they use in the u.s. and location of their home and dry cleaning business not be revealed. the couple tell a story of a young man privileged and from early childhood apparently knew whoa inherent the leadership of north korea. the aunt says she took them to euro disney, the french riviera, took them skiing in the alps, and kim obsessed with basketball and sometimes sleep with a ball under his arm.
9:50 am
an obsession leading to surreal moments with former nba star dennis rodman. ko told the "post" one day a clear signal was sent the young kim would succeed his father. his 8th birthday. >> a big party for him in pyongyang and he was presented with a general's army uniform on that day and there were real general whose were at that party who then, you know, bowed to this 8-year-old kid. >> reporter: from that moment, ko says, kim's behavior changed. described him as intensely focused but short tempered and a lack of tolerance. >> prone to having tantrums, almost get in a huff about things when his mother, for example, visited, told him he shouldn't be spending so much time playing basketball, he should be studying, he wasn't happy about that and would go on a hunger strike what his aunt said about it. >> reporter: ko told the "post" in 1998 she and her husband sought asylum at the u.s. embassy in switzerland taken to an american military base in
9:51 am
germany, questioned for months. when they got to america she said they received money and a short time housing from the cia. the cia would not comment on the aunt's interview with "the washington post." ko's husband says he wants to go back to pyongyang for a visit as a sort of goodwill ambassador between the u.s. and north korea. one analyst says that would be a suicidal act. ko says she's trying to talk her husband out of it. brian todd, cnn, washington. and fresh attacks on the dnc by bernie sanders as a rift between the vermont senator and the clinton camp widens. those details, up next. we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today,
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9:55 am
donald trump pouncing on a recent state department report that was highly critical of hillary clinton e-mail practices during her time as secretary of state. >> i love e-mails. they never go "waway. hillary, do you hear that? they never go. they never go away, hillary. you know, hillary is missing -- hillary is missing 30,000 e-mails. i have people that will retrieve those e-mails. we are going to win the state of california, because people are tired -- people are tired of the hillary clintons of the world. it's all talk, it's no action,
9:56 am
it's crooked hillary. it's the same stuff, and our country cannot take another four years of obama. >> joining me now, cnn scott mclean. scott, probably a preview of what we'll hear from trump regarding the e-mail controversy in future debates. is it becoming clear how clinton will respond and defend herself? >> reporter: hey, suzanne. donald trump wants to make the nickname crooked hillary stick and using those e-mail, or hillary clinton's e-mail controversy to do it. the issue resurfaced this week after a critical state department inspector general's report found she broke department e-mail rules. clinton, of course, use add private e-mail and private server as secretary of state, and she did hand over 30,000 e-mails to the government that she said were work-related, but also deleted more than 30,000 that she said were personal. now, she's defending her decision to use a personal e-mail by saying that other secretaries of state did the same, but also says she would do
9:57 am
it differently if she had to do it over. look, suzanne, this issue is not going away for hillary clinton because the fbi investigation into the issue is still yog ongoing. >> and new signs of tension between bernie sanders and the democratic national committee. how do we think this will play out in the weeks ahead? >> reporter: you're right. the sanders campaign is asking for two leaders of the democratic national committees to be removed from their positions, because the sanders camp thinks they'll be biassed in favor of hillary clinton. one of them is the co-chairman of the platform committee, that drafts the policy statements for the party that are adopted at the wengs. this really shows there is still a lot of tension within the party as the nomination fight drags on. new poll has clinton and sanders in a dead heat in california, just ten days ahead of the primary. now, clinton has a big delegate lead as we know and says she's confident she'll be the nominee, but sanders is not giving up. he has three campaign events
9:58 am
today, also his wedding anniversary and vowing to take his fight to the convention even if it ruffles a lot of feathers in the party along the way. so far no commentsanders' camp or clinton camp, suzanne. >> thank you, scott. we'll wish him a heavy anniversary today. any moment bernie sanders will take the stage in california 23457 where he is ind heat with hillary clinton. live pictures. we'll take you there as soon as he starts to speak. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- hello again. thanks for joining me. i'm suzanne malveaux. ed from -- fredricka whitfield is off today. about to get underway, bernie sanders rally.
9:59 am
475 delegates up for grabs in california. the race appears to be narrowing. a new poll showing clinton with the lead. 46%-44%, that's a margin of error making it basically a dead heat. dan same sn in santa barbara and tell us about this. bernie sanders sharpening his message at all in the recent days? what are we anticipating from his today? >> reporter: well, hey, suzanne. bernie sanders doesn't seem to care whatsoever that hillary clinton seems to have what appears to be an insurmountable lead when it comes to the delegate map. he is campaigning hard in california. he's got this event at santa barbara city college and several more events today. hillary clinton's once commanding lead has all but vanished. we'll see what happens when the voters go to the polls here on june 7th. if sanders can somehow eke out a win here, it would certainly strengthen his argument that super delegates should come to his side. that, of course, is a farfetched element but, of course, would
10:00 am
help him make the element the more realistic scenario is that it could give him leverage when it comes to the party platform in philadelphia, suzanne. >> tell us a little about what he has been saying. he's been aggressive think criticizing debbie wasserman schultz last week and raising objections to dannel malloy and barney frank. what is all of that about? >> reporter: well, this is about bernie sanders wanting to have control at the philadelphia convention in terms of what the platform ultimately decides. saying that governor malloy and former massachusetts governor barney frank are severe partisans to hillary clinton and can't be objective and wants them booted off the platform committee, trying to exercise some leverage. we'll see what the dnc decides at this point. they're not commenting, nor is hillary clinton. suzanne? >> all right. dan, we'll of course take those remarks live as he starts to speak. thank you so much, dan.


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