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tv   The Eighties  CNN  May 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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we might as well live up to our own ideals. i'm fareed zakaria. thank you for watching. > . there are some that accuse videos of being soft porn. >> if you want to say how you feel, youtube! >> michael jackson is the man of the '80s. music that is all beat and talk. it's rap music. >> heavy metal. it glorifies sex ask violence, it is authority and adolescence boys love it. >> the presentation that was burned in the pit of hell.
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♪ john lennon was entering his premise. he was shot by an unknown at
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this time white male. >> america is responding with shock and grief of the rock and roll assassination. >> it was as if in one moment, the '60s and the '70s got murdered. >> he has given more love than any man or woman on the face of this earth. >> you start the decade with the death of a beatle. you don't really know where you're going at that point culturally or musically. >> for a while it seemed there was nothing new on the horizon. announcing the latest achievement in home entertainment, the power of sight, the power of sound. mtv music tevision. we are so excited about this new concept in tv. we'll be doing for tv what fm did for radio. >> at the time, the world was saying, we don't think anybody is going to watch videos over and over, but we knew we had
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something special. ♪ >> mtv made you feel like those artists were in the room. you had a personal concert all day. >> when you have the rotation of, say, maybe 100 different videos being rotated over and over on mtv, they do a great job of exposing new acts. ♪ >> britain was ahead of the curve. they had tons of videos in their inventory. that's what paved wathe way for this second british invasion. >> you can't help but asking, where on earth did they come from? the answer is the same today as it was two decades ago. they come from britain. >> the music isn't anything like the famous group that came from there, the beatles. >> you have to understand they're 20 years ago. we're a new generation, a new
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wave. ♪ you were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar ♪ when i met you. >> by the early 1980s, new wave is used to describe these sleek, dressy, cool bands that are coming out of england. ♪ don't you want me, baby ♪ don't you want me, oh. >> british artists knew how to use visuals in a way i don't think american artists necessarily get that quickly. ♪ do you really want to hurt me ♪ do you really want to make me cry. >> "do you want to miake me happy" is a good song for old and young alike. >> mtv actually met with duran duran's managers. they said, we're looking for kind of james bond videos on location, and their managers are the ones that went to the band members and said, look, we
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really need to up the ante with these clips. we need to give this channel something they've never seen before. ♪ >> there are some that have accused you of videos being soft porn. >> well, excuse me! >> we like to call them tastefully smutty. ♪ her name is rio and she dances on the sand ♪ just like that river twisting through the dusty land ♪ and when she shines. >> when i first met duran duran, they were saying they thought they looked like rock stars, so why not become rock stars? ♪ don't stand, don't stand so, don't stand so close to me. >> why do you think we're so popular over there? >> i think there is a tradition that goes back over the past 20
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years from the days of the beatles and the rolling stones where british bands seem to be better at it than americans. >> the police have sold 4 million albums in one year. rolling stone shows them as best new band of the year, taking note of the swirling, dreamy, soaring quality of the sound. ♪ >> it was incredible to see them, and i couldn't believe what i was hearing. out of three people! i was shocked. >> i once read that you were called the pink floyd of the '80s. what do you think of that? >> not at all. we're the cure of the '80s. ♪ i don't know what's wrong. >> the whole trinity of alternative british music is the cure, depeche mode and the smiths. all three started out as these
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bands that in the end of the '80s were selling out stadiums. ♪ >> what's newer, computer programmers or musicians? >> i would say neither. >> what are you, then? >> bank robbers. ♪ how does it feel to treat me like you do. >> in the u.k., disco did not suck. it never sucked. and bands like new order combined it with the new synthesisin th synthesi synthesizer songs, and they gave us incredible sound that got us out on the dance floor. >> a lot was happening in dance places in the last year or two. i think the music is becoming very healthy.
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it has done wonders for the sagging record industry that had been gathering dust. >> the music business is finally up, and the reason is music videos. >> we had no idea that music videos would have that much of an impact on the musical culture. it changed the entire dynamic of what you had to do as far as promotion was concerned. you had to be a performance
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artist as well as a musician. ♪ >> the intelligent ones understood it was a marriage between the performers and the visual arts at this point. ♪ >> the man or the woman who finds the right combination will take it all. ♪ let's dance ♪ put on your red shoes and dance the blues. >> when david and i decided that we were going to work together, it was pretty clear to me that david wanted to make a commercial album. now i'm going to go make a pop record. but it was going to be his version of pop. >> my songs always tend to be impressionistic or even have a surreal quality to them. on this album is the first time i've really tried to adapt to a
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didactic approach to writing. ♪ >> artists in the '80s, david bowie, for that matter, realized if you wanted to make it, you needed to be on mtv. >> but there was one group that didn't go on mtv was one artist that didn't fit the format. >> we're in the black television style. >> mtv doesn't exclude black acts. what mtv does exclude is music that is not rock and roll. >> mtv came out with no consideration on how to confuse black music into their mix. >> i'm just floored by the fact there were so few black artists featured. why is that? >> we have to do what we try and think not only new york and los angeles will appreciate, but also some town in the midwest that will be scared to death by prince or a string of other black faces. >> interesting.
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okay. thank you very much. >> when are we going to see anybody of color on mtv, because you said music television. when are you going to start covering all genres of music? >> they said they shouldn't have color. i don't believe in that. i don't want it labeled black or white, i want it labeled music. ♪ >> 1983, motown has this big tv special, motown's 20th anniversary. at that time "thriller" is out and "thriller" is doing well. but michael jackson couldn't get "billie jean" on mtv. >> when the rest of the world was going crazy and he can't get on mtv? michael jackson? come on.
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>> when he does that moonwalk, you're sitting on the couch. by the end of it you were on the floor in front of the tv. you couldn't believe what you were seeing. >> i would say the moonwalk was one of the first viral moments that affected rock history. the next week "thriller" started selling a million copies a week. >> i like michael jackson because he's bad, he knows how to dance. >> he's so sexy and so gorgeous. >> michael jackson is the man of the '80s. >> mtv starts to get pressure from cbs records, which was michael jackson's label. >> rock and roll in itself was really the thing that broke a lot of rules. when you're very successful, you try to make your own rules occasionally. >> as the story goes, cbs central said we will pull every other artist you have on tv if you don't consent to doing this. they had to have a black male doing it. >> he was the artist that mtv
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really needed. they didn't know they needed him, but boy, when we started to see those michael jackson videos, it was just unbelievable. then there was the domino effect. suddenly you see prince from warner brothers start to do the same thing. ♪ we're going to party like it's 1999. >> prince wasn't just materializing out of nowhere. where was he before this video was done? >> prince was a huge star on black radio stations. he had a real underground cult following and he was a real sexy, hot performer. ♪ the sweat of your body covers me ♪ can you, my darling, can you picture this. >> prince loved the idea that he was taking his fun punk music and turning it on to a white audience, and that wouldn't have happened if it were not for mtv. >> when i was younger, i always said that one day i was going to
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play all kinds of music and not be judged for the color of my skin but the quality of my work. ♪ >> prince had a great androgeny. he sings, he writes, he plays. every time i see him it's like, really? okay, i quit. >> when he plays guitar, it's just a part of his body in a way i've never really seen before. it's not contrived, it's just happening. >> what was his music? was it r&b? his music was just straight down the middle mainstream grab you by the throat and balls pop.
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♪ ♪ we go down to the river and into the river we die. >> at this point a lot of it is about being there, which is why we haven't done too much of the video thing. a lot of it allows too much distance. what our band is about is about breaking down distance. >> bruce was all about credibility and intelligence and integrity. so how would he translate his music and his attitude toward the world to what seemed like this frivolous world of the music video? bruce is not going to be next to a winking model on a sailboat. ♪ you can't start a fire ♪ you can't start a fire without a spark ♪ this gun's for hire. >> he ends up doing essentially a concert video starring then courteney cox. if there was an artist in the
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david bowie. mick jagger.
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billy joel. rod stewart. all famous, all rich, and all men. rock and roll has been pretty much dominated by men except in the last few years. >> pat benatar was hot. really hot. the latest album hit the top of the charts in just one month. her style is defiant, raucous, tough and very sexy. ♪ we are young ♪ heartache to heartache ♪ we stand ♪ no promises, no demands. >> it appears to me that the one on stage is what i would picture a modern woman to be, someone who is aggressive and soft at the same time, has a lot of strength and conviction and can look good and still have brains. >> you would think that in the era of music becoming a visual form more than ever that it would all be about
5:24 pm
ejectification. but there were a lot of strong women on that video screen. >> meet the darlings of l.a.'s new music scene, the go-gos. unlike earlier girl groups such as the supremes, the go-gos write their own songs and play their own instruments. ♪ they got the beat, they got the beat, yeah, they got the beat. >> that was as punk rock as it got for me, seeing girls up there not just singing backup and not playing in some cool outfit in front of the band. they were the band. ♪ >> while the go-gos have always managed to look like they're having fun, they are to be taken seriously. they're the first female group ever to have a number one album, and they are at the top of a list of female rock stars whose
5:25 pm
impact in the industry is stronger than ever. ♪ the phone rings in the middle of the night ♪ my daddy yells, what you gonna do with your life. >> i thought her voice was extraordinary, and cyndi was a good visual creator. they were creative and fun. >> it's also a monday. some might consider it a manic monday. you'll be interested in knowing there is a hit song of the same name. we're joined by the architects of that name, the bangles. you guys are very hot, correct? ♪ i was just in the middle of a dream. >> when the bangles came out, everyone was like, oh, it's like another go-gos. they were like, huh-uh. we're not the new go-gos, we're like the beatles. >> a lot of people call it a '6
5:26 pm
'60s sound. do you think so? >> that just ends up being the way they sound. ♪ just another manic monday ♪ wish it were sunday. >> there's always a certain amount of people who will never take women as a group seriously. >> it's run by a very chauvinistic, i imagine, recording industry. >> we concentrate on the music, you know. we don't really worry about those things. we just keep writing songs. >> i think that there was a little bit of an attitude like they're okay for chicks. they can play okay for girls. we didn't understand why our gender mattered or why it defined us. >> "people" magazine this week says it will take an act of congress to keep this woman from becoming a megastar. whitney houston! ♪ how will i know if he really loves me ♪ i say a prayer with every heartbeat ♪ >> whether she was doing a dance song or she was doing a
5:27 pm
ballad -- ♪ the greatest love of all >> it kind of stopped in you your tracks because you couldn't believe one woman could be blessed with so much, the looks and the talent. >> she came back as a single and is she hot. this is madonna! >> if you saw madonna then, she looked just like the girl who hung out at the club called "the funhouse." every girl there had the mesh things, they had the boots. it was all this new punk mixed with this dance ability. ♪ holiday ♪ celebrate >> i think madonna was able to use that core dance music and use the style on the streets that were going on and evolve that into a pop career. >> we are a couple weeks into the new year. what do you hope will happen not
5:28 pm
only in 1984 but for the rest of your professional life? what's your dream? >> to rule the world. ♪ star light star bright ♪ make everything all right >> all of a sudden there was girls around that had the gloves with the fingers cut out of it and the hair wrapped up in the net and wearing the short skirts. there was hundreds of thousands of jewish girls around the country wearing crucifixes because of madonna. >> what do you like about her? >> i like how she acts with a different attitude than no one else has. >> she dresses how she wants, acts like she wants, sings like she wants. she does what she wants. >> i think her appeal is that she is feminine, she is herself, she is sexual. but she's strong! she's an individual woman. >> madonna understood the mtv phenomenona. she understood the vibe, the look, the sound.
5:29 pm
it all came together with her. >> everyone underestimated you giving me little surprises. if you give it all in one glance, what's going to make them look again? ♪ like a virgin ♪ feels so good inside >> when madonna sang "like a virgin" and started rolling around on the ground, people thought it was a career-ending moment for her. >> in this wedding dress, rolling around on the floor. it kind of stopped everybody in their tracks. they were thinking, what is she doing and why is she doing it? but literally the next morning she was the biggest star in the world. >> madonna had no doubt. she was like, this is happening. get out of the way. tory substan. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one.
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the videos were so expensive and so complicated, and you had to wear things that you never dreamed of wearing before. at first it was a lot of fun to really get dressed and pull in that corset and just wear tons of makeup and great big, huge hair. >> you have to have that sexy kind of thing, you know. i'm coming out of a gold mold
5:34 pm
and has a welding iron and she's like this amazon welder woman or something. >> we felt lost in the theater of it. it got to the point where the videos were more important than the songs. >> it did feel like, i can't steer the ship anymore. where is it going, you know. where are we headed? >> i think heavy metal is the true rock and roll of the '80s. and rock and roll was basically music made by people who were thinking with their crotches. ♪ >> heavy metal is not something new in physics, it is rock and roll. loud, rude, it glorifies sex and violence, it hates authority, and adolescent boys love it. >> this is it, this is the hot stuff. >> alan, turn it off for a second so we can talk.
5:35 pm
♪ >> you turn on your television set and you see this weird, beastly presentation that was birthed in the pit of hell. >> where do they get this information from that i'm satan. do i have horns and breathe fire? >> critics say there's something seriously wrong with metal music, outrageous by design, that it may have contributed to a number of teenage suicides. >> has rock and roll finally gone too far? a growing number of people think so. they h today they took their case to a senate hearing. their complaint? that rock and music videos are crossing the line with killing and smut. >> parents are concerned and we're proposing placing a music label "inappropriate" due to
5:36 pm
sexual or violent lyrics. >> in the '80s, these artists that were pushing boundaries in different ways were bringing those messages and images into our homes. that brought us an opportunity to fight back against it. >> we can say they're senators' wives messing around in washington, but they obviously had big concerns. there is a lot they do that i applaud because they are taking responsibility as citizens. >> i brought along two videos which i believe are representative of the kind of presentation that have caused the furor. ♪ got it bad, got it bad, got it bad ♪ i'm hot for teacher ♪ i got it bad, so bad >> who is going to decide what is the sexual content of a lyric? who is going to decide what is obscene? same housewives who are spearheading the movement?
5:37 pm
>> i would tell you it's outrageous filth and that if i could find some constitution to do away with it, i would. >> i can make my own decision about what music i want to listen to. i don't need tipper gore deciding what music i listen to. >> the music, voluntary or otherwise, opens the door to moral programs based on things certain christians don't like. i think you should leave it up to the parent, because not all parents want to keep their children totally ignorant. >> the women didn't get the rating system they wanted, but they did get a commitment to begin applying a printed inscription on the covers of albums and music videos warning they contained blatant, explicit lyrics. >> good old rock and roll breaks all the rules, okay?
5:38 pm
that's the way it is and that's the way it always has been. elvis presley was not good for the children, either. >> good morning, everybody. i'm pleased to announce live aid which, without a doubt, will be the largest pop concert ever held. >> live aid was the brainchild of bob geldoff and they were looking to raise the most money possible for the famine victims in africa. >> they will be joined by a television audience of perhaps 1 billion people around the world. ♪ ♪ in the middle of the road, yeah ♪ >> watching live aid on tv was my version of driving to woodstock. and i watched every second of it. ♪ everybodon't have to live lik
5:39 pm
refugee ♪ ♪ all we hear is radio gaga, radio goo goo, radio gaga. >> the thing about live aid, it showed that musicians to me seemed to be the most altruistic people in the world. >> the spirit of the world proves they've never had any problem saying how they feel. >> when u-2 played, rock and roll was getting serious. music could change the world. bono could change the world. ♪ sunday, bloody sunday ♪ sunday, bloody sunday >> u-2 formed ten years ago when its members were still school boys is now arguably the hottest rock and roll band in the world. their last album "the joshua
5:40 pm
tree" has so far sold 13 million copies worldwide. >> u-2 in the video age were still developing and becoming a great band and maintaining that kind of connection with people and not getting the message lost in the media. >> you spent the last 10 years trying to find out how to be in u-2. we spent the next 10 years finding out what u-2 can do. if time is infinite, why is ta john deere 1 family tractor can give you more time for what you love. because with our quick-attach features, it takes less work to do more work. nothing runs like a deere. hey, ready foyeah. big meeting? >>uh, hello!? a meeting? it's a big one.
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right now, and all around us, and so compelling you never miss a melody, is a beat and strong talk. it's rap music. >> rap music began in harlem and the south bronx on playgrounds like this one where people would do raps in the instrumental section. >> the breaks were curtis blow's biggest hit, selling 600 million copies last year and hitting the top of the rhythm and blues sales charts.
5:45 pm
>> i watched the transition of music that we used to play at the block parties and slowly and surely hip-hop took over. >> the music is called scratching and it's the process of using two turntables and a mixer, making new sounds to existing music. >> the music in the '80s for me was hip hop because it took the sounds of the '60s and '70s and brought it to the forefront. ♪ >> the message was the first hip hop song that wasn't a party song. it was talking about urban de y decay. it was talking about drugs, crime, prison. all these things that were hitting these communities really hard. ♪ >> when a message hit, man, it was like, okay, put that down. what did he just say?
5:46 pm
put the record back. what did he play again? >> because i'm close to the edge. >> everyone knew the game of change, and it really opened the floodgates for the next generation of rappers. >> when ron d.c. came out, they were taking rap music and putting it together in hip hop and making something new out of it. ♪ >> ron dmc kind of jeopardized hip hop because it was fit for an arena, knocking the scoreboard down. ♪ >> they sort of fell off the map at that point. they brought them to the map, and you got more white kids listening to hip hop. >> run dmc's latest album titled
5:47 pm
"raising hell" has sold more than a million copies in just 13 weeks. a first for a rap record. >> the album is called "license to hell." that's a stupid name for an album. ♪ >> hip hop was our baby. this was our culture, this was our music. we created it, and then here come the beastie boys. we were afraid we were going to lose it. ♪ you got to fight ♪ for your right ♪ to party >> when we started listening to the music, they were really funky and they could get really busy. we were like, okay. all right. ♪ >> beastie boys come out with what people thought would be a pop song. straight hip hop. beastie boys was dope, if you
5:48 pm
know what i mean. ♪ >> license to illhell" really spread like wildfire and brought out the hip hop culture. >> lover of ladies last of the red hot lovers looking for a little. just a lot of l's. >> how much of a lover, how they can throw down, how good they can dance, how bad they are, nobody better mess with me and all that kind of foolishness if they were to address the issues, the issues being poverty. the issues being not having political power. you see what i'm saying? all of these issues, they should be addressing this with their energy. >> planet oath ♪ >> he singlehandedly changed the
5:49 pm
face of hip hop. he came to the world like a bullet. ♪ >> i learned different rhythms listening to jazz. i learned different rhythms so i kind of incorporated that with my own style. dun, dun, dun-dun. >> what i'm trying to do, i'm trying to set examples for the little kids, you know what i'm saying? you got to teach the babies, you know what i'm saying? try to lead them on the right path. ♪ >> the summer of 1987, "rebel without a pause" comes out. it was a call to arms, it was the sound of anger, it was the sound of something boiling under. public enemy literally said, we want to be music's worst nightmare. >> almost no radio air play even on black stations. it's rap for a reason. they call it a mind revolution.
5:50 pm
>> "rebel without a cause" was heavily influenced by rap and heavily fluinfluenced by what w going on. it was a real call to us being heard. >> shouldn't you be thinking about, who are the people i have out here? don't you have a responsibility to them? >> i have a responsibility to my people and my culture, because my people and my culture have been brutalized and ignored for years. ♪ ♪ my mother standing in the welfare line ♪ >> ice-t is the best culture rap. ice-t did it way before wna did it. ♪
5:51 pm
>> the los angeles rap group, n.w.a., had music that retaliated against cops for their anti-gang sweeps in the l.a. area. >> nwa gave us the gritty, gang-bangy streets of compton. this is what was going on with us. talk to a real person in the u.s., like me, anytime. wow. this is a recording. really? no, i'm kidding. 100% u.s.-based customer service. here to help, not to sell.
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♪ >> you can talk about videos, but in the '80s, the actual sound of what pop music was and what was accepted as a sound, a drum sound or keyboard sound or baseline sound, changed profoundly over the course of the decade. ♪ she drives me crazy ♪ like no one else ♪ she drives me crazy ♪ and i can't help myself >> coming to the end of the '80s was like watching a kaleidescope. you open it up and you see a little bit of everything.
5:56 pm
♪ >> it was the time when everybody was getting involved and everybody was expressing themselves loudly. we are having the best time ever! ♪ i'm going to give you up ♪ never going to let you down >> we had fed the pop audience but where was the rock and roll. ♪ oh we're halfway there ♪ oh we're living on a prayer >> bon jovi comes in with a huge record. def leppard, fantastic record. and that begins to bring that kind of music back. >> at the end of the '8 0s, everybody came to the same
5:57 pm
conclusion simultaneously. something new needs to happen here and it's got to be real-sounding, more garage, less produced. >> this music was bubbling out of places like portland and seattle, and bands like nirvana that weren't looking to fit in to what was being played on tv or what was being played on radio. ♪ >> eventually radio and mtv came to them. the seeds of what will happen in the next decade are already all there by the end of the '80s. college rock like r.e.m. was something new entirely. ♪ follow me, oh follow me ♪ i've got my spine i've got my
5:58 pm
orange crush ♪ >> the way they sang where you almost couldn't hear what they were saying, it just made them more mysterious, you can get why that band became huge. >> it wasn't new wave, it wasn't a new romantic. they started calling it alternative music. ♪ >> you know, this is the thing about the '80s. everyone thinks it's about crazy haircuts, lots of makeup, insane clothes, and it was. but the thing about this music that lasts is that their songs were so good. >> you can go back and listen to those records from the engineering to the musicianship to the writing and to the performance of it. it surpasses most music.
5:59 pm
>> everybody had a story, and they wanted to tell it. the art is that they were coming through the tv and into your lives. >> i'll say that the music of the '80s is more effective than what came to us in the '60s simply because all of us were included this time. no decade was more effective in dance music, in politics, in different genres than the '80less. there will never be another decade like it, ever. ♪ ♪ everybody wants to rule the world ♪ there's a room where the light won't find you ♪ and the walls start tumbling down ♪ when they do i'll be right behind you ♪
6:00 pm
it's a time of enormous turmoil. >> '60s are over. >> here's michael at the foul line. good! >> we intend to cover all the news all the time. we won't be signing off until the world ends. >> isn't that special. >> any tool for human expression will bring out both the best and worst in us. and television has been that. >> they don't pay me enough to deal with animals like this. >> people are no longer embarrassed to admit they watch television. >> we have seen the news, and it is us. ♪


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