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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  May 30, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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>> thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. thank you for being with me on this memorial day. i'm brooke baldwin. we'll take you to washington next "the lead" starts right now. thank you, brooke. as the gop found a new hope? "the lead" starts right now. can't beat them, can't join them. a leading conservative finally found the candidate that might stump trump. could cost the gop the election. the bloodiest battle of the iraq war. on this memorial day, a dozen years later, the u.s. and its allies are trying to rip the city of fa lou ja away from isis to take back what so many americans died for. plus, blame the primates or parents? shock and outrage of the heart-stopping video of a gorilla dragging a 3-year-old
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away. why the zoo had to shoot the endangered animal dead. welcome to the lead. has the never trump movement found the savior? one of the chief architects of the push by some republicans to find an alternative to trump says yes. and adds that the details are being worked out right now. cnn chief political correspondent dana bash joins me now. is mr. trump taking this seriously? >> he seems to be reacting maybe in more colorful terms. in more direct and personal terms. in the same was aother republican party leaders. a third party candidate with broad apeople for republican voters could spell victory for democrats. a prominent antitrump republican is saying that is not true. he's hinting the right person is waiting in the wings. if you want to make a splash,
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send tweet like this. >> there will be an independent candidate. an impressive one with a strong team and a real chance. crystal the staunchly anti-trump editor of the weekly standard magazine has been working hard to find the third party candidate. in an e-mail to cnn he said an announcement is not imminent but his tweets got a lot of attention. especially from trump. started the threat that if there is a third candidate, it could doom the republicans to lose and their possibility of naming a candidate to the supreme court, the next supreme court justice. it's worth adding at this point, we don't have a real indication of who this might be. 105% said they would be satisfied with a trump/clinton match up. 44% said they want a third party
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option. as for just republicans, target voters for anti-trump conservatives 39% said they'd want a third party candidate. but the open question is who? donald trump is a phoney. a fraud. >> two sources close to mitt romney tell cnn the 2012 gop nominee will still not go so far as to run as an independent. never trump forces have also been trying to recruit nebraska senator ben sasse or retired general jim mattis. sasse sources said he's a no. bi they floated the name kissinger. he would have considered it to save the union. he doesn't think that the infrastructure exists to get on the ballot. on the stump trump box kristol.
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>> what a loser. >> most republicans argue a third party run would be a disaster for the gop. splinter the party and help elect hillary clinton. even those not big fans of trump. >> absolutely not. i'm going to have -- >> new third party? >> no way. and i would advise people not to go down that road. >> still separate from kristol's efforts gary johnson want the libertarian party nomination this weekend. the most experienced candidates ever for that party. >> libertarian party is already on state ballots a cross the country. one of the many challenges for the kind of independent run that bill christ toll is envisions is getting on the ballot. the electoral for texas passed. a source tells many they can do a write in campaign. maybe a lawsuit for states like
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texas depending how long it takes other states like north carolina. that deadline is june 9th. still, the combination of the resources to do that and more importantly finding the candidate that can make it happen. it seems to be eluding them. >> it wouldn't be the first surprise. >> it wouldn't be. dana, please stay with us. bernie sanders is revealing his strategy to prevent hillary clinton from becoming their party's nominee. hinging on sanders' winning big in california's primary and his appeal to super delegates about who is more likely to beat trump. sanders sounding pretty confident. >> he is. he's thrown a huge amount of resources into the state. faced with all this and the polls tightening up in the state, the clinton campaign added a major five-day multistop swing through the state starting on thursday. a sign that hillary clinton is now taking california seriously.
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>> hello! >> hillary clinton taking part in the memorial day parade in new york. coming face-to-face with a reminder that her march to the democratic nomination is not yet finished. clinton is still facing roadblocks from the ongoing primary battle with bernie sanders. >> nobody doubts which campaign is the campaign that has the energy and the enthusiasm that is our campaign. >> sanders is laser focussed on next week's california primary. one of the last big delegate primaries. >> california is the big one. >> he's showing no signs of g e giving up the fight.
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it include trying to sway super delegates who have already sided with clinton. >> there are over 400 super delegates who came on to secretary clinton's campaign. eight months before the first ballot was cast. before anybody else was in the race. before they could get a sense of what the campaign was about. >> but as he digs in, sanders is starting to face some pressure from high profile democrats like clinton supporter senator diane feinstein. >> he ought to be able to read the sign posts as well as anybody else. if he did that, he would know that it's all but over. so the question comes, you know, why doesn't he do those things which bring all democrats together. >> sanders making it clear he doesn't think the burden is on him. >> if secretary clinton is the nominee, it's her job to reach out to millions of people and make the case as to why she's going to defend working families.
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that's the candidate's job to do. >> sanders, though, is beginning to lay out what steps he would like to see clinton take if she becomes the nominee. including the type of running mate she should pick. >> i would hope if i'm not the nominee that the vice presidential candidate will not be from wall street. will be somebody with a history of standing up and fighting for working families. >> and sanders would not entertain the party of a unity ticket and potentially becoming clinton's running mate. saying his focus on winning the nomination. as to what he says what happens afterwards, we'll see. >> thank you so much. let's talk about all this with our political panel dana bash is back with us. campaign director at the center for american progress emily. republican strategies ana navarro. you heard dana in her report laying out the folks who have taken their names out of the running. who are some names you say are
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still in the running for the third party candidacy? >> you know, i can't come up with any names that i think are could actually check all the boxes. i do think mitt romney, even though he has said no before, does check all the boxes. you need somebody that has name id. if you go to a write in campaign in the states. you need somebody who can turn on a light switch and get the fundraising network. get the veterans, seasoned political pros that can put a campaign together in no time. nothing, nothing is best than the experience of having run. he knows where all the pitfalls are. anybody who is listening to me now must be surprised. i gave mitt romney a lot of hell in 2012. right now i would be willing to consider giving up booze and cussing for he were willing to consider running. >> wow. >> that would be a first
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sacrifice. >> anything is possible. i just -- as she was talking, i'm still stuck on anna giving up booze and cursing. a source who is close to mitt romney in telling me no he's not in said this "no, no. no. i promise you. no." so five no's. i don't see a lot of wiggle room in that. but, look, i think this begs to ask the obvious question we're asking. who is it? and the fact that bill kristol sent out this very sort of scintillating tweet on a holiday is genius >>well, timed. >> maybe he has somebody we're not thinking about. it is somebody who has to capture the attention of the people in order to breakthrough a clinton and trump who are incredibly well-known brands.
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>> i have to ask you, how seriously should donald trump be taking this talk? >> i don't think he should be taking very seriously. i don't think will end up being a third party candidate. that being said, i have to question the motive of some of these never trump people. we heard so much about the end of the republican party and trump gets the nomination or if he wins the white house. but really the end of the republican party is when the establishment thwarts the will of the people. which we've seen them do in colorado. we saw it when they tried to elevate the will of the delegates over the will of the people. and now in trying to court a third party candidate they're essentially saying we do not care that republican voters have selected donald trump because we still want to preserve our republican country club. that's what this is about. and the new york times cbs poll released 11 days ago said 80% of republican voters think the party should coalesce around donald trump. they're fighting for a minority. i imagine that 80% number is higher. they need to take cues from john
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mccain marco rubio and mitch mcconnell and rally around donald trump. never hillary is the name of the game. >> emily, first the view from the democrats is this a boom for the knidemocratic party? >> it would be. any republican entering the race at this race would not be doing so to win the election but for the future of the party. every calculation that ce out of the party from the last couple of years need to be able to broaden the base, have to go beyond just white men. have to reach out to hispanics. reach out to women. i don't think anybody can seriously argue that trump is going to bring those people into the party. and a couple of names over the last few years who have emerged as real future leaders for the party like paul ryan, like susannah martinez. he's specifically gone after them. yes, me may be consolidating party leader say we'll do it. anybody who would be jumping in at this point would be doing so to preserve what would come next
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after the next five months of the election. >> ana, can you answer the criticism there? would it be another example of the republican party, quote, unquote, establishment being out of touch with voters? particularly primary voters? >> you know, that argument is getting a little old, particularly when so many establishment donors and folks are now backing donald trump. i do think they should fear somebody like mitt romney. when hillary clinton has got 57% unfavorability, when the democratic party, as we're seeing, is fractured and there's a significant fraction of democrats who are unhappy with her and almost prefer donald trump as a second choice, then hillary clinton i would say a third party candidate, the right one, could possibly appeal to all the people who are unhappy on both sides. who are unhappy with both the choices could maybe be a fresh start. and, you know, again i think continuing to attack the establishment if you are a trump
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supporter has gotten old. because in the event you haven't noticed the rnc, the senate leadership, the fundraising establishment is now coalescing behind donald trump. should mitt romney get in the race? i bet you he can peel some of those folks off. >> there's her pitch again. that means no cursing or drinking. we're going to hold you to that if it comes through. >> yeah. >> only if he runs! >> fair enough. we have to leave it there. thank you very much. in our worldly coordinated military attacks taking on isis militants in three strategic strongholds. right after this.
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gunfire, rockets, and mortars sounding the alarm for iraqi civilians trapped in the middle of an invasion. the world laid down iraqi arkansarmie waging out an assault on fallujah. the goal retake the city from the terror group. barra star has the latest from the pentagon. what are we hearing from the battle field.
1:19 pm
>> well iraqi forces could -- could be on the verge of entering the city of fallujah. that would be a remarkable change of fortune for them. very much, however, a new strategy at work here. isis under heavy pressure on multiple battle fronts in iraq and syria. u.s. special operations forces helping local troops inching closer to the front lines. the iraqi military announcing its beginning the battle to clear fallujah, attempting to take back the strategically important city just 40 miles west of baghdad. isis tunnels discovered nearby. a sign of the tough fight to come. the u.s. providing air strikes and watching the iraqi forces closely. >> we're seeing everything from iraqi security forces, the regular army to the police, even to their elite court terror service parenting in this
1:20 pm
action. >> reporter: also involved in the fight is iran and the shia malitias it backed joining the fight to knock isis from the city. raising concerns as they move against the heavily sunni populated area. it could lead to more sectarian violence. to the north, a kurdish offensive under way around mosul, an attempt to squeeze isis and force it to fight in multiple locations. >> we do recognize the value of simultaneousty. if we present them with multiple dilemmas we see successful forces. >> u.s. special forces are accompanying and advising syrian rebel forces fighting on the doorstep of isis' self-declared capital. during a recent visit, the general said he's always looking at what more the u.s. could offer. >> as the conditions continue to change, as we continue to move
1:21 pm
into new phases of the overall operation, we'll continue to reevaluate that and where we identify the need for additional capabilities. we'll ask for them. >> u.s. special forces on full display in tampa, florida over the weekend during an exercise drill that showed why these elite forces are now constantly called to action. now military officials point to success. isis losing territory as much as 20% of what they once held inside syria. i have to tell you, jim, having traveled with general votel in iraq and syria last week, there's a lot of caution, a lot of pragmatism. you know, final victory against isis that's not something somebody is looking at at this point. they hope to continue to chip away and push isis back. it's an organization that may well be around for years to come. >> and still the big prizes mosul and iraq.
1:22 pm
thank you so much. joining me now to talk about these latest developments in the war on isis democratic congresswoman from hawaii. thank you for joining us on memorial day. >> aloha. >> on memorial day we hear that iraqi forces have entered fallujah. this after surrounding the city over the weekend. do you believe the iraqi military can hold on to this territory and hold off isis? z>> they're definitely making gains in the right direction, but what you said is key. in order to be able to hold the territory once they defeat isis there is the critical point. the only way they're going to be able to do that is if the iraqi government is supporting local, nonisis sunni tribes to govern over and secure that territory. once isis is defeated. that's the only way to make sure that isis hasn't had the opportunity to come back in and retake that territory.
1:23 pm
>> we know that iraq -- that the shiite malitias backed by iran have an important role in this assault. what danger does it pose to have a major role for iran in this assault? >> well, first of all, the sigh ya malicioussha have a history of going in and terrorizing the sunni populations that lifl there. the civilians there. people trying to go back to their homes there. so it's important that the united states play a role with the iraqi government to, again, ensure that the shia mailitia they don't have any role whatsoever once isis is defeated in the territory. that they are able to secure and govern over the territories and make sure their people are no longer terrorized as they have been in the past by the shia militia. >> is that possible knowing the
1:24 pm
history of the militia and their own abuses, frankly. >>well, this is where leadership is necessary. i think it is possible, absolutely. but it's only going to be made possible if the leadership, the iraqi government makes it a top priority. understanding these defeats of isis to take hold, they have to empower these local sunni tripes. they have to empower the local government there and support them in making sure that the shia militia are not allowed to run rampant terrorizing and oppressing the sunni population there. this kind of action in the past is exactly what created the oxygen for isis to go in and take these territories in the first place. >> you're aware that u.s. special forces were caught on video. caught in photographs deep inside syria right outside the isis capital, in effect, pentagon insisted those troops were not on the forward line. is it a fact that u.s. forces in iraq and syria are in combat
1:25 pm
roles today? >> first of all, our special operations forces are most skilled professional fighting force that we have in the military. their goal and objective is to go and take out our enemy. to take out those who attacked us on 9/11. isis and al qaeda. while they're in iraq and syria to train and assist and equip these local fighting forces, to me the idea that these special operations forces are not able to go after our enemy is kind of absurd to me. >> so by your definition, you have experience in iraq. of course, you were deployed there. are they on the front lines? >> they are in combat. they are on the front lines. they're supporting people there fighting to defeat isis. fighting to defeat al qaeda. people who are our enemy. the important question here in the area where i have concern is
1:26 pm
if the mission for special operations forces are not clear. in particular, in syria. it would be absolutely wrong and counter productive and a disservice if our special operations forces are being sent on missions to support and to fight to overthrow the syrian government of assad. to fight alongside and to work with groups like al qaeda and l al-nusra who are working to overthrow the syrian government of assad. it's critical their mission be clear on what they're doing there and who they're working with. >> come gabbard, thank you. he posted this video to facebook moments before he disappeared. the horrific flooding in texas next. plus, a 3-year-old dragged through the water by a nearly 500 pound gorilla. how the boy's family is speaking out after outrage over zoo
1:27 pm
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we're back with our national lead and two severe weather threats. first, desperate water searches in texas after flash flooding killed six people. one of them missing a 10-year-old boy who slipped in a swollen river while fishing on saturday. another victim a 21-year-old national guardman darren mitche mitchell. he posted an eerie photograph before his death showing water creeping up his truck's window. water swept him away shortly
1:32 pm
after. today on the east coast, life guards are warning beach goers to stay close to the shore. what is left of tropical storm bonnie is kicking up dangerous rip currents. cnn meteorologist is tracking both systems. let's start with the remnants of bonnie along the east coast. where is it heading now? >> believe it or not, jim, it's in south carolina. it's a good reminder with the atlantic hurricane season beginning on june 1st. it doesn't have to be a hurricane to cause problems. it was barely a tropical storm saturday night. made landfall as a depression. it's not that now. it's remnants of what was bonnie. you can see the amount of rainfall streaking up with the moisture all the way up the entire east coast coast. you can see where the center of circulation is. there are closed beaches. a lot of community parades, a lot of dampened memorial day barbecues rained out in the baltimore and washington area. this is going to take a slow boat off the coast. it may not make it off the outer banks until late on wednesday. so the amount of rainfall will
1:33 pm
be significant in this area. so still a problem but more of a nuisance storm. >> let's talk about that deadly flooding in texas. are the flooding concerns, the dangers it's spreading? >> well, the rivers are still rising around houston area. you have the brasos river. two prison facilities had to be evacuated. many more others were evacuated. there were over 200 water rescues in montgomery county on friday. as we watch the area still under warnings for the ridesing rivers, anymore water or rainfall will cause a problem. a staggering amount of rain on friday. north of the houston area a one in 500 year event. the same communities dealt with the rainfall a month ago. fema gave them some money to get by. all the river to the water to the north making a problem. rain stays out of houston.
1:34 pm
there could be 4 to 6 by the end of the week. my concerns in the central part of the state. texas feeling the brunt of this. three are missing around the houston area. >> tom saylor in the weather center. thank you very much. they were best friends and brothers in arms. now they are buried together. brothers forever. it's a connection so strong that it brought their families together as well to change the lives of other s. okay she's not. since when? since now. she's into tai chi. she found disc sports too stressful. hold on. let me ask you this... what's she gonna like six months from now? who do we have on aerial karate? steve. steve. steve. and alexis. uh, no. just steve. just steve. just steve. live business, powered by sap. when you run live, you run simple. so we know how to cover almost almoanything.hing, even a ufh2o.
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how do robots work? ♪ you need a team... ...working together... ♪ ...doing all kinds of jobs. and the best place to find the job that's right for you is on the world's number-one job site. indeed. how the world works. . welcome back. on this memorial day, we honor men and women who bravely sacrificed their lives while serving our country. president obama paid tribute to the fallen at arlington national
1:39 pm
cemetery today. as he marked his own final memorial day as president, he remembered the young americans who, quote, never lived to be honored as veterans for their services. among them 31-year-old navy s.e.a.l. charles keating iv who was killed in a fire fight with isis fighters early krier this month. 27-year-old staff sergeant -- army sergeant joshua wheeler. 11 time recipient of the bronze star. josh was the doting dad who wrote notes to his kids in the stacks of books he read. flying home last summer to be with his wife, ashley, who was about to give birth, he scribbled one note in the novel he was reading just to tell his unborn son he was on his way. >> army master sergeant wheeler was killed in iraq.
1:40 pm
two other women at today's ceremony in arlington are forever bonded by bravery, sacrifice, and by tragedy. the loved ones of marine lieutenant travis and brandon. now they're buried together at arlington national secretary. now they're on a mission to inspire others to live at their best. jake tapper has their story. >> in his last official memorial day address in office, president obama acknowledged the sacrifice that this day is meant to honor. >> it's our responsibility, our obligation to fill that silence with our love and our support and gratitude and not just with words but our actions. >> reporter: a lesson our nation has learned thanks in part two of his guests.
1:41 pm
amy's husband and ryan's brother are buried here at arlington national cemetery. they were roommates at the naval academy and best friends who shared a passion for service that stood out even among other service-members. >> just their connection and the way they were brought up very similarly backgrounds, strong character values, morals. >> reporter: first lieutenant travis was a marine like his father. never one to shy away from his duty. >> travis had a motto. >> if not me then who? >> reporter: and how did it come up? >> right before second deployment to iraq. my husband, jokingly, turned to travis as they were leaving and said why don't you let me push you down the stairs. travis said if i don't go back, somebody much less prepared will go in my place. if not me who? >> reporter: when his unit came under attack in 2007, travis didn't hide. he went in to rescue others
1:42 pm
giving his life in the process. >> he was a great friend. lieutenant brendon was training to become a navy s.e.a.l. when he got the news. brendon completed his training at the top of his class and deployed. but just three years after saying goodbye to his friend travis, a helicopter crash in afghanistan claimed his life, too. >> they're buried next to each other. >> they are, yeah. >> how did that happen? >> so travis was buried in philadelphia after he was killed. my mom wanted him close by. he was buried there. after he was killed, he mentioned something to me and several of his friends if anything happened he wanted to be at arlington. we contemplated moving him several times, and the day brendon died amy said i want brendon buried next to travis. we moved him on friday and buried brendon on that monday. >> reporter: president obama paying them direct in 2012. >> the friendship between first
1:43 pm
lieutenant travis and brendon reflects the meaning of memorial day. brotherho brotherhood, sacrifice, love of country. >> reporter: today they're making sure their loved ones legacy are saved through the travis foundation. a charity dedicated to civic duty and improving the lives of military families leading the next generation by example. >> our whole idea is about empowerment. how can they be civic assets and come back to the communities and be servant leaders in their own backyard. >> brendan wouldn't want me to sit here and cry and be so sad. he would want me to live my life and live it in a way that, you know, i can be of service to others. >> real people, real sacrifices. you can learn more about the travis foundation on our facebook page
1:44 pm a rare endangered gorilla killed after he drags a child that fell into a zoo exhibit. the 3-year-old okay. zoo officials today taking heat over the decision.
1:45 pm
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in our national lead, outrage, sadness, and now blame over the killing of an endangered gorilla at cincinnati zoo this weekend after he grabbed and dragged a boy, who fell into his enclosure. the cell phone video captured the terrifying 10 minute encounter between the 450 pound gorilla and that little 3-year-old boy. zoo officials eventually shot and killed the rare animal. some are blaming the little boy's parents. i want to bring in cnn correspondent jessica schneider outside the cincinnati zoo. the zoo director spoke about an hour ago. did they have any choice to kill the gorilla? >> reporter: the zoo director put it bluntly. he said we standby the decision and would make the same choice today. the zoo director saying the monday morning quarterbacks out there don't understand how dangerous a silverbacked gorilla
1:49 pm
is. and besides that, all the anger out here today, there's been a lot of it, and now hundreds of thousands of people online are calling for the parents in this case to be prosecuted. a tense and terrifying 10 minutes inside the gorilla world exhibit. a 3-year-old boy dragged and toss bid a 450 pound gorilla named harambe. >> the young boy ducking under a railing, climbing through protective wiring, and dropping more than 10 feet into this mote, according to zoo officials. >> this is a dangerous animal. now i know you see photos and videos say it doesn't seem dangerous. we're talking about an an animal one hand, i've seen, take a conut and crunch it. >> reporter: the dangerous response team tried to lure harambe from the exhibit but he didn't respond. the team forced to shoot and
1:50 pm
kill the gorilla. >> naturally we didn't take the shooting of harambe lightly but that child's life was in danger. people who question that, who are our monday morning quarterbacks are second guessers don't understand you can't take a risk with a silver back. >> reporter: a group of protesters expressed outrage outside the zoo calling for justice for harambe and a petiti petition garnered more than 100,000 signatures claiming that they police should criminally charge the parent. >> so one can make an argument. doubt there will be criminal charges. >> the boy's mother cried out to her son. >> mommy loves you. i'm right here. >> reporter: the family releasing the statement. we're thank to feel the lord that our child is safe. he's home and doing fine. we extend our heart felt thanks
1:51 pm
for the quick action by the cincinnati zoo staff. the zoo director said the gorilla exhibit existed since 1978 and never a problem like this. it. >> we live in the real world and point fingers. people can climb over the barriers. that's what happened. >> reporter: and so far no criminal charges have been filed in this case against the parents. and the zoo director stresses he refuses to lay any blame. >> so lucky he's alive and well. jessica snyder. thank you. he could be one of the top contenders for hillary clinton's running mate, and he's not shy with his not so squeaky clean past from smoking pot to nude photos. that's next. ♪ share the joy of real cream... ...with reddi-wip.
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vice presidential vetting includes uncomplicated choices. take paul ryan, romney's 2012 running mate. he was squeaky clean. but things get tricky they did with sarah palin in 2008. there are nonstop stories about candidates' past, family, and every skeleton real or imagined hidden away. so why is governor john hickenlooper a guy who admits to getting high, taking naked pictures and being arrested for drunk driving potentially on hillary clinton's vice president list? he sat down with jake to talk about it. >> thank you for being here. >> glad to be here. >> we should explain your life in beer. not because you have a problem. this is because you started your career in brewing and as a restaurant. >> i started out as geologist and for a cup the of years out of work and i started out a brew
1:57 pm
pub back when the rent was $1 per square foot per year. >> that was a long time ago. >> to mayor of denver to governor of colorado. i have to say, for a politician, if you'll pardon me, for a politician's memoir, it's a rather jarring beginning. you start off basically talking about the end of your first marriage and you come to washington, d.c., and you and your wife go to the hotel and there's a bed and you haven't slept in the same bed for a long time. it's an unusual way to start a book. >> yeah. it was my ex-wife's idea to make that the first chapter. she helped write part of the book. she came to my wedding a few months ago. we're very -- we're still family but a different kind of family. you know, it was -- i got into public life because i wanted to -- i thought small business should bring some common sense to government. we hate government we hate ourselves. america, they are us. i thought if i was going to
1:58 pm
write a book like this, i had a story that might matter to other people, i thoub authentic. i should be flat out tell the truth. to reveal not just the good stuff i'm proud of but the stuff i'm sorry that i did. >> so the first sentence of the book, publicist's pitch to us. i realize you didn't write it. the first sentence of the pitch is you are a solid contender to be the next vice president. obviously hillary clinton should she get the nomination is going to be looking for a vice president. is a job you would be interested in? would you submit? is this book the submission? warts and all? >> if i was auditioning for a vice president slot, i probably a lot of things i probably should have left out of the book. but i love being governor. colorado right now is a nexus of a lot of great things. unemployment is down to 3%. we have job growth. we're transforming our education system, our health care. i think we're getting our arms
1:59 pm
around bending down the cost of health care. it's beautiful to live there, too. >> there is a lot of, when you say warts and all. you're not kidding. there's a thing about a drunk driving arrest, a nude self-portrait, smoking marijuana. >> long ago. in college. just to be clear. >> i want to ask you about colorado. it is a battle ground state. will donald trump should he be the nominee, will he be able to win that state? >> i think it's going to be a pitch battle but i don't think he'll win. i think colorado is very independently minded. in every sense. i think they care a lot about character. i think they are faced with the prospect of their children looking up. kids look up to the president of the united states. that's who they model themselves. he's been such a bully. i think he's a blow hard. i think the people of colorado are going to -- that's going to
2:00 pm
repal them. >> thank you so much. the opposite of the beer is the opposite of my life in beer and politics. thank you for joining us. >> that's it for the lead. i turn you over for pamela brown. she's in the situation room. third party threat. an impressive independent candidate take on donald trump. donald trump calls them a dummy and warns it could hand democrats a victory. tells the rolling thunder bikers that undocumented immigrants are treating better than military veteran is it time for him to change his behavior? i'll ask a trump senior advisor. u.s. allies launch multiple attacks against isis and american forces are playing a key role. what role is iraq