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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNNW  May 31, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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important one. i have said repeatedly, i will certainly do everything i can to unify the democratic party. our campaign has been reaching out to one another. we'll continue to do that. and once the primaries are over, as of next tuesday, we will begin talking in more detail about what we can do to unify the party. as i've said many times, as senator sanders has said, we both are going to do everything we can to prevent donald trump from getting anywhere near the white house. >> madam secretary, thanks so much for calling in. we look forward to having you back some time soon. >> thanks a lot. good to talk to you. take care. bye-bye. >> donald trump will be my guest this sunday on "state of the union, " 9:00 a.m. and noon, sunday right here on cnn.
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what struck you, amanda from what you just heard from hillary clinton? >> i think she got caught up in playing donald trump's game of who gave more to the vets. >> what you, hillary? do you agree with amanda? >> i think there are so many more things she could do for the vets for donald trump. it was probably pick from a long list. in particular, i think this is very important for democrats to hear from secretary clinton this week that she cares about bernie sanders' voters, that she cares about what bernie sanders brings to the table and she'll make hard to make sure we are a unified party going into the fall. >> amanda, what about her answer on the e-mail server? when i asked with that quote from "usa today," about needing to convince voters that she'll put her national security ahead of her own personal interest. she says she always does that. >> she keeps saying other people have done this, everyone knows. the bad thing was she set up her
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own private e-mail server. what she needs to do is show she would not do this again as president of the united states and so far, nothing that she has said convinces me of that. >> i think she's said that repeatedly. i think sheaid it was a mistake and voters know that she cares more about the national security of this country than any other candidate right now. and the most qualified to be commander in chief for that rosen. >> thanks for watching. we turn you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now, beat the press. donald trump summons reporters to trump tower and then bludgeons them as dishonest and sleazy. he slams a conservative critic, a republican governor and a judge overseeing a fraud case against trump university. he says if he's elected president he'll take the same tone in the white house. vetting the vets. trump's tirade comes as he
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accounts for almost $6 million in fund-raising for veterans groups four months after he pledged to do so. trump says it took time to scrutinize the groups many have not heard of. head on, hillary clinton shifts strategy for taking on donald trump. no other candidate has managed to come up with a formula for defeating him. can hillary clinton find a winning approach? and un-derestimated. could they soon threaten the united states? i'm wolf blitzer. you're in the "situation room." donald trump called a news conference today and spent a lot of the time bashing the news media. trump gathered journalists to announce an accounting of his fund-raising for veterans groups amounting to $5.6 million. the issue goes back to january when donald trump skipped a republican debate for a benefit
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and repeatedly failed, though, in the process to give details about the proceeds. trump today called reporters dishonest, not good people, and sleaze. and he vowed if he wins the presidency, they can expect the same tone. trump also lashed out at a judge overseeing a fraud case against trump university who he previously called a mexican and today calling him unfair. documents from that case were released today. detailing how the trump sales team was instructed to bring in customers and push students to sign up for more courses. also tonight, u.s. officials are warning that kim jong-un's missile program poses a threat to american, even though the latest north korea test parentally failed right after launch. officials say the hardline regime learns from its mistakes and the missing being tested could eventually threaten u.s. territory. i'll speak with the republican congressman chris collins, a trump supporter. we'll have full coverage of the
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day's top stories. let's bring with cnn's phil mattingly and donald trump's tirade against reporters, his critics, rivals and a judge. phil, trump is often crude but it seemed to boil over today. update our viewers. >> donald trump over the course of his campaign hasn't pulled many, if any, punches. a combative press conference, not that surprising. a clear escalation, a reflection of a candidate frustrated with his perceived slights in the media. and also he's convinced his strategy of attacking the press is one that works and one he's going to stick with throughout the fall. >> he's a sleaze in my back. you're a sleaze. >> reporter: donald trump -- >> excuse me, excuse me. i've watched you on television. you're a real beauty. >> reporter: lashing out at the media. >> i have to tell you, the press is so dishonest. >> reporter: frustrated by months of questions over the account of what he said was $6
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million raised for veterans groups -- >> i think the political press is among the most dishonest people i've ever met, i have to tell you that. >> reporter: trump training his fire on the very people who cover his campaign and ask the questions. >> to follow up, you keep calling us the dishonest press, the disgusting press. >> generally speaking that's 100% true. >> reporter: even as he released list of organizations benefitting from what he said turned out to be $5.6 million in donations. trump making clear his attack the press strategy is here to stay. >> is this what it's going to be like covering you if you're president? >> yes, it is. yes, it is. >> usa! usa! >> reporter: the questions coming in the wake of trump's january event he labeled a fund-raiser. a public event he arranged instead of attending a republican debate. trump's attacks coming the same day documents were released against his lawyers' wishes in the lawsuit targeting now defunct trump university.
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the documents laying out the company's controversial sales and marketing strategies. trump also leveling attacks on the merits of that suit and continuing to swing at the judge overseeing the case. >> i will win the trump university case. >> why antagonize the judge in that case? >> why antagonize? i don't care. i'm a man of principle. most of the people who took those courses have letters saying they thought it was great essentially. >> reporter: federal judge g gonzalo curiel, just the late est person getting personal attacks. >> little marco was right over here. >> reporter: conservatives not sold on his candidacy. >> i said bill kristol is a loser. >> reporter: the previous republican nominee.
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>> he walks like a penguin on to the stage. ever see him? like a penguin. >> reporter: democrats who attack his campaign. >> pocahontas. that's elizabeth warren. >> reporter: and, of course, the media. >> megyn kelly is a lightweight. >> reporter: today trump making clear he's just getting started. >> i'm not looking for credit. what i don't want is when i raise millions of dollars have people say, like this sleazy guy right over here from abc, he's a sleaze in my book. >> why am i a sleaze? >> you know the facts and you know the facts well. >> wolf, an interesting moment, after that combative press conference i talked to both campaigns. both hillary clinton, the likely democratic nominee and the trump campaign. both fairly happy with what they saw. the clinton campaign giddy by a performance that they say und underscores that trump is not prepared to be president of the
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united states. trump advisers saying he with will take the us verse you battle any day of week. it's worked so far. it will continue to work. >> phil l phil mattingly reporting. let's bring in jim acosta. he's one of the reporters singled out today. let me play more of what donald trump said about the media and your exchange with him. listen to this. >> i will say that the press should be ashamed of themselves and on behalf of the vets, the press should be ashamed of themselves. they are calling me and they are furious, because i sent people checks of a lot of money and we're going to give you the names right now, which is what you want. instead of being thank you very much, mr. trump or trump did a good job, everyone is saying who got it, who got it, who got it? and you make me look very bad. i have never received such bad publicity for doing such a bad job. >> you keep calling us the dishonest press, the disgusting
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press. >> generally speaking i agree with that. >> it seems you're resistant to the scrutiny that comes with running for president of the united states. >> i like scrutiny. you know what -- >> you're raising money for veterans -- >> excuse me. excuse me. i've watched you on television. you're a real beauty. when i raise money for the veterans, and it's a massive amount of money, find out how much hillary clinton's given to the veterans. nothing. >> so, jim, did he take issue with something in particular that was reported? or did he just object to the facing serious questions about all of this? >> first thing, wolf, he seems to be following where my mother has been all these years. she's been saying i've been a real beauty all along. in all seriousness, no, there wasn't really a question he took issue with. it seemed to be donald trump was taking issue with the news media role to do basic fact checking. how much money has been raised. where is the money going? we didn't get a full accounting
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of that until today. donald trump was basically saying that the coverage is the problem. he's been taking phone calls from some of these veterans organizations complaining and crying that they don't like some of the stories out there. he attacks his critics, attacks the press. i've been on the campaign trail with him countless times where he talks about the disgusting or dishonest news media. that's why i asked him that question if that fashion today. i talked to a trump campaign adviser earlier today and said you know what, these lines after tacks against the news media work with donald trump supporters. they sort of look at it as a win/win. no question about it, when he goes after a colleague like tom llamas and calls him sleazy, that's certainly not the case.
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george w. bush you heard. they didn't know they were on mike. they thought they were off mike. this was donald trump saying this to a reporter to his face at a press conference. in the end, wolf, the trump campaign feels like this is something that plays really well with his supporters. they're not worried about how his supporters are taking what happened today at all, wolf. >> jim acosta reporting from new york. thanks very much. i want to bring in chris collins of new york. he's a trump supporter, joining us live. thanks very much for joining us. >> good to be with you from a beautiful day in buffalo, wolf. >> nice to hear your voice from buffalo. your hometown, my hometown. what's your reaction with donald trump's comments? are you comfortable for the way he singled out the news media for being, quote, sleazy? >> donald trump is being donald trump. his supporters are saying -- he's saying what they're
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thinking. there is a bias in the press in many cases. people like yourself, wolf, you're fair, you're honest. he's not referring to you. there is a bias. i've been attacked myself. i've been in politics six, seven years now. so i let it just come off my shoulders. donald is new to this. he's taking it personally. what we do know, if you throw a punch at donald, he's going to punch back. when the country is focused on going in the wrong direction, hillary is not a change agent. donald is the change agent we need. with trump supporters, he is saying what they are thinking. the silent majority is saying it's about time somebody called it out for what it is. he may be blun or even more than a little blunt in what he's saying but i actually think america, where 80% know we're going in the wrong direction, are in fact applauding donald trump for calling it out like it
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is. >> don't you think if reporters are doing their jobs with they're just vetting -- you're a politician. he says he raised 6 million. they say, fine, that's great. $6 million for veterans is impressive. where did the money go? and for months and months and months they couldn't release that information. what's wrong with reporters asking those kinds of questions? >> there's nothing wrong with asking. the question has now been answered. they were very impatient. it took the the state attorney general to call her out on the e-mail issue. donald trump raised a lot of money, contributed his own money. he asked a legitimate question. bill clinton has made millions of dollars giving their speeches, what have they done for the veterans? that's a legitimate question.
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donald asked it today, where has the press been on the clinton foundation, all the money they've raised and has not been donated. we've not heard the same attack on the multimillions, if not hundreds of millions on the clinton foundation you heard from donald trump over four months, vetting the agencies to make sure they -- >> but congressman -- >> properly registered. >> with all due respect whether the e-mail server, the clinton compound foundation, the speaking fees, that has been thoroughly reported by the mainstream news media. there have been thousands of articles, a lot of tv coverage about all of that. you've seen it all on television. you've read it in the newspaper. >> the answers have never really received the answers. >> it was what? i didn't hear what you said. >> i'm saying it's had a lot of coverage but i don't believe we've yet to hear the answers from the clintons, especially you get back to the e-mail situation. best i heard mrs. clinton was still a couple days ago saying i didn't do anything wrong. >> no, she said she made a
2:16 pm
mistake. she says if she had to do it all over again she would have done it a lot differently. she told me that last week. she's been saying that for a while. and now, of course -- >> she said she made a mistake when other people are saying she put the country's security at risk. there's a big difference between saying i made a mistake and what really happened there. and the inspector general report, which is finally honed in as it should, is something way, way more than i made a mistake. >> we obviously as you know, all of the news organizations reported extensively on the inspector general's report at the state department last week. >> i'm glad they did. >> but you know it comes with the territory. you're a politician. >> oh, sure. >> you say something. whether the local media in buffalo, the national media, they're going to hold you accountable to make sure what you're saying is accurate. that's the responsibility of news media. the question is -- >> i don't disagree. >> trump finalry released $5.6 million in contributions.
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he could have simply released a document, put it on the website showing the organizations. i have a copy of it. $5.6 million going to veterans. $1 million out of his personal contribution going to the u.s. marine corps law enforcement foundation. he didn't have to hold the news media -- a news conference and badger the news media. he could have just posted that at the same time, right? >> that's very true. but, again, donald is new to politics. you know he's frustrated. he takes things personally. he's new to this. i know myself when i was new to it as the county executive, i go home shaking my head. i wanted to fight as well. donald's a fighter. you're right. he could have just released it. that's not his style. i'm glad he did release it. it certainly answered all the critics that were suggesting he didn't raise the money, didn't contribute the money. i am glad that it's out there. i'm not going to speak to how he did it, whether it was a quiet release or a noisy news
2:18 pm
conference. i'm glad this has been questioned asked and questioned answered. >> we'll take a quick break, congressman. there are more questions for you. these running for president of the united states, he's the presumptive republican nominee. it comes with the territory. you're going to be asked a lot of questions. people will be examining every aspect of your life, your public policy, that comes with the territory. congressman, stand by. we have more to discuss right after this. >> sure. tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ i love ya, tomorrow in the largest heart failure study ever. entresto helped more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine,
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documents were released today in connection with a fraud case against trump university. donald trump has been slamming the judge in that case. we're back with republican congressman chris collins of new york. s a trump suppohe's a trump sup.
2:23 pm
why is donald trump attacking this judge who's handling this trump university case? if he strongly disagrees with the judge, his lawyers could ask the judge to recuse himself. they haven't done that. >> i don't know anything about the trump university case. that was so long ago. i can't tell you that i know anything about it or could speak to why donald trump called out the judge. that would be something to ask him. again, i'm just focused on helping where i can to get donald trump elected as our next president. in congress, carrying the banner with other members of congress as well as speaker ryan. on that one, wolf, i can't tell you i have anything new to report or frankly anything at all. >> let's fear get about the details of the case. in recent days over the past few days he's calling out this judge saying he's a hater, saying he's a mexican. this is an american judge. is that appropriate for the
2:24 pm
republican presidential nominee to be making these kinds of accusations against a judge? >> well, wolf, i would not be making those kinds of accusations. i don't know the details or what prompted mr. trump to basically lay into the judge. i really -- i would say, no, i would not be calling a judge out like that. but i'm not mr. trump and that's a question to ask him. >> would you, if you were having a private conversation with donald trump and i know you speak with him from time to time, would you tell him to cool it, calm down, don't get so personal, don't make direct accusations? you're in a different role now. when you were running for the nomination, that was one thing, now for all practical purposes you're the nominee. maybe you should tone things down? >> we've had that discussion. from what i've read in the press, i believe his wife and
2:25 pm
daughter have as well. donald is donald. and he wears it on the sleeve, calls it out for what it is. people love him for speaking directly. it's anything but political speak. a lot of us have said now that he's our nominee being more presidential, if you will, in tone will help bring the undecideds on board this november. i would continue to give that advice as i know others have as well. donald will be donald. i'm still supporting him 100%. and i think the public is listening to what he's saying. it's not impacting his popularity at all. like i say, a lot of folks who are fed up aren't minding at all that he is as aggressive as he is in the way he speaks, more aggressive than most of us. >> that has gotten him this far. i suspect you're right, he'll continue to be the donald trump all of us know. chris collins, thanks for joining us. >> always good to be with you,
2:26 pm
wolf. coming up, one of my next guest argues there are seven guardrails for american democracy and donald trump has broken through all of them. and later, a north korean missile flies only for a few seconds before it blows up. but even a failed test could make kim jong-un more dangerous. year after year. then one night, you hydroplane into a ditch. yeah... surprise... your insurance company tells you to pay up again. why pay for insurance if you have to pay even more for using it? if you have liberty mutual deductible fund™, you could pay no deductible at all. sign up to immediately lower your deductible by $100. and keep lowering it $100 annually, until it's gone. then continue to earn that $100 every year. there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call
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make a better california for all of us. donald trump today released a list of 41 veterans groups here in the united states that dividing nearly $6 million from a fund-raiser he held last january when he skipped a raenls presidential debate. at a rather combative press
2:31 pm
conference, he lashed out. joining us now in the "situation room," s.e. cupp. a senior editor at the atlantic magazine, also joining us, atlantic media contributing editor peter beinart and cnn politic executive editor mark preston. thanks for joining us. this is a long article you wrote in the atlantic, a detailed piece. you go through all the reasons why your party, the republican party nominated donald trump. what you saw today at that news conference, does that fit into your analysis? >> there are a series of restraints that normally protect preventive parties. some expectation they conform to the ideology of the party. have an expectation they would have a serious commitment to national security. and there's also an expectation that members of the party would
2:32 pm
not be so suspicious of the other party that they would say we prefer absolutely anybody as a nominee of our own to from the other party. there are others as well. bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, we've broken through all of them, which is how it is possible for donald trump to have emerged just not as a nominee but a nominee who's uniting a lot of republicans around him. most of whom inwardly know better and dread the likely outcome. >> despite the fact you believe he broke all the rules he's doing remarkably well? >> the rules were there to protect the republic and the republic is not doing very well. >> this all bothers you. you're no fan of donald trump. >> weirdly, to the extent he has a set of issues, i tend to agree with him. the party's ideology has been divided. i think it would be a good idea to keep interest rates low and have more infrastructure spending. if there was somebody who was a committed principled person with knowledge of the issues and
2:33 pm
commitment to the american alliances and paying the debt on time who were saying these things, that would be phenomenal. it's not. donald trump, the only thing you know is all of his promises are worthless. the only thing you know is what you get is donald trump and all his trumpyness. >> what did you think of donald trump's performance. >> i have a toddler with more discipline and restraint than what i saw. today, to lash out, call people out by name to their faces, it was just really obscene and sad. and to the point, very chilling, if you think about what trump's relationship with the press would be like in an administration. opacity of the obama about the - administration and administrations before it in dealing with the press. and i think what you're looking at is sort of like a provda regime. he also admitted he wants to open up laws to make suing the
2:34 pm
press more easy. not just members of the press but voters should take a serious look at how trump has a difficulty taking scrutiny. >> he grants interviews to newspapers, press conferences, to say it's like provda, that may be going a bit far. >> when you're talking about suing journalists for doing their job, he's not saying we're getting the story wrong. we're doing our job. asking questions about where this money went, that's the job of the press. he said in the press conference, i wish you'd just say thank you. that's the job of the media to heap praise upon him. i think he's fundamentally very confused about the role of free press. if we're going to have an impact on the freedom of press around the world, very to to take ours
2:35 pm
seriously. >> peter beinart, weigh in. >> here's the contact. according to politafact, a percentage of statements has had some part been false. he knows that he cannot withstand that scrutiny from the press. this is the same thing he's doing to the judiciary, attacking the judges. he's trying to undermine the legitimacy of the institutions that could restrain his power, so were he elected president he would be able to operate with fewer restraints on his power. he represents a threaten to american liberal democracy. >> amongst his supporters out there, they're going off what they call the mainstream news media, that works. that's politically smart. >> it works. for the reporters to always talk
2:36 pm
about the fallout from donald trump attacking them today, i don't think is really productive. but what i do think, there's three quick takeaways we should focus on following this news conference. the first one is, donald trump kept on saying he didn't want any credit for this. that's false. donald trump did want credit for this. i was there at that rally in iowa. he went to that rally, everyone forgets, because it was a smart political play on his part because he did not want to do a presidential debate on fox news. the second thing is, he did raise $6 million. we should acknowledge that. he was able to raise $6 million and the third thing is, which i do think is trump's achilles heel is that he has trouble taking what could be a very good thing and turned it into a very bad thing. what could have been a big positive today has turned into a negative, wolf. >> you think this talk of the third party republican, if you will, running in this election, bill kristol, the editor of "the weekly standard" keeps promoting
2:37 pm
it. could that be realistic? >> that could be realistic if you had a realistic view of what you're trying to accomplish. you identify someone who is a strong associate conservative. donald trump is not. put together a campaign in three or four states where there are conservatives and minority voters and pulling away 5% or 6% of the vote could tip the state -- >> wouldn't that guarantee hillary clinton's election? >> that's what social conservatives should want because they've been disrespected by this process. the way you teach politicians to respect you next time is to inflict pain on them. that would be strategic and logical. that's a plan. i don't hear a plan coming out of -- >> when donald trump says you're going to give up three, four seats on the u.s. supreme court if your plan were to work? >> if i were tony perkins or some other committed pro-lifer, i would say donald trump do i not trust you. i don't think you're better than the hillary clinton. the only way to get the seat at the table is inflict pain, that means tipping texas, tipping
2:38 pm
utah, maybe tipping colorado and delivering the presidency to hillary clinton. saying next time treat us better. that's a plan. everything else is not a plan. >> david is right. this is an exercise innive gooding someone like me a person to vote for. it's not really an exercise in nominating someone. it's not an exercise in, you know, advancing that particular person's agenda. it is an exercise in preserving the health of the party and the conservative moment for future elections. for people like bill kristol and the "national review" to be able to say i didn't elect donald trump, i didn't nominate donald trump. we were for this person. that's how you know where we are. >> peter beinart, this would be a dream come true for hillary clinton if she's the nominee. >> yes, also, i think we have the libertarian candidates who could take support away from donald trump. the truth is, although donald trump has done a remarkably good job at consolidating the republican party, i ultimately think the democratic party would be more united than the republicans are and i think the republicans will be in a weaker
2:39 pm
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you get relentless protection. [ baseball bat cracks ] breaking news we're following. hillary clinton tells cnn that donald trump doesn't deserve much credit for his donations to veterans groups. she's also calling trump's tactic of attack anyone could criticize him in her words, a recipe for gridlock. clinton's phone call to jake tapper just a while ago is part
2:44 pm
of her new strategy in getting more aggressive in going after donald trump. i take it this is a deliberate strategy, right, sunlen? >> it is. hillary clinton is trying to formulate this new approach and how exactly to deal with donald trump, calling in to tv shows, being more pro-active in pushing back against him almost as if she were taking a cue straight from her own poipponent. >> crooked hillary, lying ted, little marco. >> unfiltered. >> reporter: pocahontas elizabeth warren. >> unpredictable. >> i hate people who weren't captured. he's a war hero because he was captured. >> reporter: and unapologetic. hillary clinton is facing the definition of an unconventional candidate. >> i would say that she started screaming at the teleprompter but i'm not allowed to say that. you know why? now if she was a man i could say
2:45 pm
it but -- >> reporter: donald trump forcing the clinton campaign to rethink and rewrite their playbook. the new strategy, to question whether the billionaire has the right temperament to be president. >> what a loser. >> reporter: one recent poll shows 70% of voters don't think he does. >> donald trump is an unqualified, loose cannon who cannot get near the most powerful job in the world. it is up to us to say no. >> reporter: team clinton is trying to take down trump by zeroing in on individual issues with simultaneous coordinated attacks. today it was trump's veterans events. last week it was trump's past business practices, unloading not just on the campaign trail -- >> why on earth would we elect somebody president who actually rooted for the collapse of the mortgage market? >> reporter: but also making clinton more readily available for interviews, stealing a page
2:46 pm
out of trump's own playbook, calling into tv programs, including today with cnn's jake tapper. >> he's bragged for months about donating a million dollars himself, raising $6 million for veterans. it took a reporter to shame him into actually making his contribution. >> reporter: doubling down on those attacks through social media. >> if there is a bubble burst as they call it, you know, you can make a lot of money. >> reporter: and with an army of campaign surrogates fanning out in battleground stateses and on conference calls with reporters. >> donald trump has never spent one minute of the kind of service that senator mccain has served for his country. for him to disparage that service is despicable and disgraceful. >> reporter: all this amounting to an aggressive and coordinated operation meant to flood the zone on one targeted topic alone, and not see the news cycle or any ground to donald trump. all this said, the news today
2:47 pm
really did show how this strategy isn't yet completely working for the clinton campaign. trump did still manage to drive the media cycle today, even though he did step on his own message about veterans, which makes coordinating the attacks for the clinton campaign difficult, certainly, wolf, something that the clinton campaign will have to re-evaluate. coming up, a setback for north korea's kim jong-un. a medium-range missile blows up seconds after its launch. will it persuade north korea's leader to try hard er to develo weapons? this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow.
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north korea's latest missile launch but kim jong-un's missile regime is learning from their mistakes and could soon threaten the united states. what are you learning. >> u.s. officials have warnings about the threat that kim's missile program is posing to america. this comes after a test of a medium range missile, a missile that kim is in a hurry to perfect so he has the capability of striking some u.s. baess. overnight a stunning failure that could lead to dangerous success for kim jong-un. sources say the leader tested another medium range ballistic missile with a range designed to hit america. the test is believed to have failed. the missile flew for two to three seconds before it exploded and may not have made it over water but tonight u.s. officials are telling cnn kim's missile
2:53 pm
program still poses a significant threat to america, something even president obama acknowledged on thursday while visiting the region. >> each time they test, even if those tests fail they learn something. >> what does he learn? >> if they take the time to study the data and they're not killing the scientists that failed they can look at it and figure out which part may have failed. >> reporter: u.s. defense officials say the missiles tested are likely a mosadon. once it's perfected it could reach alaska or guam it could also target u.s. forces in the area. the failed launch overnight was the fourth test in resents weeks. he seems to be fine-tuning this weapon not only because it can carry a nuclear war head but because it's a mobile launched missile and elude the capability of american forces to destroy it
2:54 pm
before it's launched. the south korean military says it's bracing for provocation. >> we could see short range rockets thrown into the sea of japan and occasionally they throw them towards south korea but we could see an additional nuclear test. >> reporter: a key question tonight one kim perfects the missiles and can deploy them how will his behavior toward his enemies change. >> he may feel emboldened. now that north korea has nuclear weapons the south korean fears the u.s. would be detefred from defending our ally. some have questioned would we trade los angeles for seoul. >> reporter: what kim may not realize is south korea's new rules of edge gaugement under the new president. they say she has given her
2:55 pm
commanders more des kresh to hit back harder whenever north korea launches an attack. that's a big change from the more restrained responses in the past. >> kim jong-un is weighing in on the u.s. presidential race. >> reporter: couldn't get any stranger. there was a published article praising donald trump. they wrote that trump is wise and a far sighted presidential candidate. he called hillary clinton dull. of course two weeks ago we know donald trump did say he would be willing to speak directly with kim jong-un. >> thank you. coming up, donald trump calls reporters into trump towers in new york and then attacks them and slams a conservative critic and a judge over seeing the fraud case against trump university. what's behind all of this.
2:56 pm
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i used to like that song. happening now, lashing out, donald trump gives journalists information they've been asking for and then launching an attack on the news media. did he step on his own message about the millions of dollars he's raised for veterans and trump going after fellow republicans following any conservatives who might run against him as an independent fools. i'll talk to a republican congressman who considered an anti-trump campaign to save the union. trump shamed, hillary clinton says cnn the man she expects to face in the general election doesn't deserve credit for helping veterans. she's responding to his new tirade against the news media. and terror squeeze, the u.s.
3:01 pm
led coalition is moving against isis. will this new strategy work? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." tonight trump is putting journalists on notice that news conferences could be a slugfest. the presumptive republican nominee is wrach eting it up on news reporter and calling one a salaries. this is trump after questions for money he raised for veterans during an event back in january. he released the new list of groups that received $5.6 million in donations, including $1 million from trump's own pocket. trump bristled being subjected to media scrutiny.
3:02 pm
also tonight new revelations about trump university. documents released a little while ago under a judge's order. stand by for new information for so called play books used by the school. that's the target of the school claiming students were victims of fraud. i'm talk about the republican campaign who considered an individual bid against donald trump and hillary clinton. our correspondents and analysts are standing by as we cover the day's top stories. let's go to jim acosta over at trump tower in new york. you're one of those journalists trump took a jab at today. >> reporter: that's right. donald trump held this news conference today to try to clear up some of the questions about some of the money he's raised for veterans groups but he did not take any joy in doing so accusing the news media of trying to damage his campaign and he do so in his own style.
3:03 pm
it was supposed to be a day for donald trump to salute the nation's veterans and highlight the $5.6 million he's raised for their causes. >> this is my check for $1 million. >> reporter: trump ticked off the more than 40 groups he claims are receiving donations. from the fisher house foundation to the bob woodruff foundation but clearly furious after months of questions where the money is going trump engaged in verbal combat of his own. >> you know my opinion of the medicine i can't you is very low. >> reporter: the news media. >> instead of being like thank you very much mr. trump or trump did a good job, everyone is saying who got it who got it who got it. >> reporter: trump take aim at the reporters asking questions. >> you keep calling us the dishonest press. it seems as though you're resistant to scrutiny. >> i like scrutiny but when i
3:04 pm
raise money -- excuse me i've watched you on television. you're a real beauty. what i don't want is when i raise millions of dollars and have people say this sleesy guy from abc. >> reporter: trump said he never wanted credit for helping veterans causes. >> i never wanted credit but what i got was worse than credit. >> reporter: it was trump who launched this drive as a major media event. >> we raised close to six to be totally honest and i have to say a lot more to come. >> reporter: trump's news conference was only the latest example of how he treats people he doesn't like. today he was asked why he highlighted the mexican heritage of the judge handled the alleged fraud case against trump university. >> i'm a man of principal and most of the people that took those courses have letters saying they thought it was
3:05 pm
great. >> reporter: he didn't answer the question. then there's the disabled reporter he once mocked. >> i don't know what i said. >> reporter: fox news anchor megyn kelly. >> you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of whatever. >> reporter: or elizabeth warren. >> i was being hit by pocahontas. pocahontas, that's elizabeth warren. >> reporter: critics charge it's the same kind of intolerance that gave birth to his call for a ban on muslims entering the u.s. and as trump told reporters today his combative style isn't about to change. >> it's going to be like this david. if the press writes full stories like they did with this -- >> reporter: also today donald trump wrote off the chances of a third-party candidate in the upcoming general election campaign and he also described the libertarian candidate as a
3:06 pm
fringe candidate and he went off on bill crystal the conservative in washington who is trying to get a third-party candidacy going. he described bill crystal as a fool. crystal fired back describing donald trump as a roaring jackass. >> donald trump is warning if a prominent conservative does run as an independent candidate as bill crystal is claiming it could cost the republicans the white house. listen to what trump had to say in the news conference today about the possibility of a challenger from the right. >> i don't think anybody with a reputation would do it because they would look like fools. but what you're going to do is you lose the election for the republicans and therefore you lose the supreme court. >> as anti-trump conservatives desperately search for an alternative candidate some prominent republicans have taken a pass. one of them is joining me right now. the congressman from illinois. thanks very much for joining us.
3:07 pm
as you know congressman sources close to you say you contemplated running literally to save the union because you find the idea of both donald trump and hillary clinton scarey but you decided against doing so. you don't think the infrastructure exists to get on the ballot. bill crystal is promising the organization and the money, would you reconsider and run as a third-party candidate? >> no. i'm not running and i'll tell you i've realized my role the best i can do is to do the best i can to try to keep the republican party looking like republicans. a strong national defense, smaller more effective government and i think that's where my best role is. so i'm not running for president but i'll tell you i'm hoping and my hope is in this process that donald trump starts to realize he's got to unify this party around republican principals and it's one thing to be fiery, fiery is good, we want to see
3:08 pm
that, it's another thing to be personal and i hope he reconsiders his tone in this and really begins to focus on what it takes to be president of the united states. >> if he were to reconsider would you consider supporting him? >> look, i'm never a never trump guy. what i've said is i'm not there yet because in my mind it's important to have somebody that is worthy of the job of ronald reagan and abraham lincoln, people that can inspire to something bigger that reminds them they live in the greatest country in the world. if he changes his tone i would love to support the republican nominee. i'm a republican but i'm an american before i'm a republican so i do have concerns. i'm definitely never hillary, don't worry about that, but i hope i can get there with donald trump. >> who approached you about the possibility of running as a third-party candidate? >> well, look, i'm not running, but there's -- it's a high bar for anybody who decides to and it needs to be somebody if
3:09 pm
somebody decides to run that comes with some solid campaign infrastructure and has the resources and look every day that goes by that's getting less and less likely so it looks like we're going to be down to donald trump potentially gary johnson and bernie sanders or hillary, whoever wins that fight and those are going to be the candidates you go from and my hope is to get there with donald trump. >> but i'm trying to get a sense how serious this overture to you about running was. who said this might be a good idea to get you into this campaign? >> well, i won't get into any details of any conversations that did or didn't happen. i can tell you i'm not running for president. i'm excited to continue to represent the 16th district of illinois and my goal now over the next five months is to do the best i can to mirror the republican platform and to talk about a strong defense and a strong america, america that understands that the world needs us and we need the world.
3:10 pm
so that's where i'm going to spend the next five months and hopefully donald trump begins to reflect some of those values and i can get on board. >> what did you think of his performance today at that news conference? he really went after the news media. >> it was surprising. it's hard to tell if this is an act or real. the fact is whoever is going to be president of the united states and whoever is going to run for it has to have very thick skand you're going to be criticized from all corners of the globe and the second you accept the mantle of the president of the united states the media is going to be all over you. i was concerned by what seemed to be a personal reaction to a very good deed that donald trump did giving over $5 million to veterans causes is a great thing. he should have taken that as an opportunity to celebrate. there's a method to what he does. >> it's not just the news media. he's still railing against the
3:11 pm
governor of new mexico for not supporting him and not showing up that rally he did in albuquerque. it's other republicans as well. do you think it's possible and i don't know if you've ever spoken to donald trump do you think it's possible he will change so that you could go forward and support him? >> i sure hope it's possible. i sure do. like ipd i'm a republican. i never could have imagined having a hard time getting behind the republican nominee. him attacking governor martin ez, she's a fantastic governor, she's a latino and that's important to bring latinos in. so maybe this is an act. i hope it's an act. i hope it's not -- that he doesn't take any kind of criticism this personally because it's going to be a really tough job should he win. >> it's not just the governor, it's that judge in the case overseeing the trump university
3:12 pm
fraud allegations, he really went after that judge as well. you're a veteran of the wars in iraq and afghanistan. do you believe what he's trying to do to help veterans is genuine or not so much? >> i'm going to say yes because you never want to impud bad motives. i think he loves veterans and i think that's obvious. i'm here at the veterans haul and we're doing a town hall. at the end of the day he gave over $5 million. i do believe he has the veterans' best interests in mind. i don't know a politician that doesn't like the veterans. these are heros and were willing to put their lives on the line for the country and this is imprerogative on us in washington when we deal with veterans' related issues to make sure we're giving them the resources they need. i think he's legitimate in his appreciation for them. >> a question about iraq right
3:13 pm
now. do you know anything about reports that iranian shiites are currently in effect leading the military offensive to destroy isis in fallujah? >> i don't know those details but i can tell you if that's the case we sure need to do some diplomacy to make sure this doesn't have a front on the liberation of fallujah. the concern would be if you have shiite muslims you can never tell the abuses -- some of these are responsible for the death of americans is important to note too and iran during our time in iraq. you never know what they're doing to do in retribution. that's going to be a lot of political reconciliation that needs to happen. the liberation is the first part of that, kicking isis out but then it's figuring out to you give a voice to the minorities and the folks in government so like we had in 2011 when we left we had a fairly inclusive government, a lot work to be
3:14 pm
done but it was fairly inclusive compared to what fell apart and dissipated in front of isis a few years ago. >> congressman of illinois, not running for president of the united states, at least not this year. still a young guy. he's got plenty of opportunities down the road. thanks very much for joining us. >> you bet. thanks a lot. just ahead i'll speak to a veteran republican operative a fundraiser is coming around to supporting donald trump but there's a catch. he seems trump needs to stop slashing fellow republicans. and we'll tell you what we're learning from the play books used by the trump university. the documents have just been released. is there any evidence of fraud? . the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money.
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3:19 pm
tonight fundraisers urging donald trump to stop the slash and burn attacks against fellow republicans. warning if donald trump expects to be elected president he needs to take steps to unify the party right now. fred, thanks for coming on. you wrote a strong article in "the washington post" today. let me read a couple of sentences from the article. you said you're coming around to supporting donald trump but you have a warning, a pointed message for him. trump left the post primary trail of broken bones and shattered glass that does not heal quickly. he demolished his opponents in belittling terms. it's trump's job as the gop's leader to unify and bring people together. people want to be with him but there's still a lot of persuading to do. can he do that? do you think he will do that?
3:20 pm
you're coming around but you're not there yet. >> i'm kind of there because he's the nominee of my party and i want to support him. he can get there but he has to take two steps forward and keep going forward, not take two steps forward and three backward. i can't imagine why he would want to attack governor martinez. >> she didn't show up at his event in albuquerque. she hasn't endorsed him, she's the governor of new mexico and head of the governor's association and he was angry. >> he has to realize it's his job as the leader of the party to bring people together. he has to reach out and show leadership and the only way you do that is by making love not war. you don't go to war with people, you bring them together. >> he was asked about your ideas in "the washington post." let me play the clip of how he
3:21 pm
responded to a reporter's question about you. >> i don't know fred. i can say this, the real story is how fast we're getting together. if i have a republican that's not on my side, i'm not going to -- why should i be particularly nice to that person. i'm going after them like i would hillary or crazy bernie but why should i be nice to that person. >> what's the answer? >> the answer is because politics is a game of addition not subtraction. in your business dealings didn't you court people and bring them over to your side before you negotiated with them and made deals with them. didn't you bring partners together. you didn't go out and insult them. you didn't get deals done that way. you did it by looking them in the eye and talking to them in personal terms and getting to know them and sharing your believes. >> he was pretty rough with news media today calling one journ
3:22 pm
journalijourna journalist sleazy. he said is this the way you're going to respond in a white house news conference and he said yes. >> i don't think he goes into these thinking this is what he's going to do. i think he goes in with a general theme and he gets carried away with this stuff. you wouldn't possibly do things like this. i think he needs to have more discipline and you got to prepare better and he's got the people around him that can help him do that. >> like who? >> paul manafort. he's a smart guy. he was my deputy against george bush. i would think people like that are going to advise him as to what i'm saying and he has to have the sense to listen and show the discipline and leadership to bring people together. >> if you speak to some of donald trump's supporters they say it's worked so far, he got
3:23 pm
rid of 16 rivals and he's got to figure out how to continue it against let's say hillary clinton. >> but 5% of the electorate and 9% of eligible republicans voted for him in the primaries. that's not a mandate. all of us republicans want to come home and support the nominee. what we need is somebody who is going to consistently reach out and show leadership and show some humility once in a while. >> you don't think that's happened yet? >> i think he's making some good steps meeting with paul ryan. >> why are you supporting him? >> i think the direction of the country has been badly flawed over the last eight years and i'd like to see a change in the country. i think we can do it. if we elect him he'll put going people around him and i think the direction of the country can be changed. >> he says he doesn't know you. >> i've met him a couple of times. >> obviously you didn't have much of an impact on him.
3:24 pm
>> obviously not. >> thank you. just ahead we're going to tell you what we're learning from the just released documents from trump university. is it evidence of some sort of the flaw that's hanging over the presumptive republican nominee and hillary clinton is responding to trump's attacks on the news media and he's promised to be just as combative with reporters if he's president. hillary clinton speaking out tonight. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways
3:25 pm
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3:29 pm
tonight a new window into the fraud case against trump university. thousands of pages of documents were released by a judge a short time ago. our senior correspondent has been looking over those documents. what are you learning. >> reporter: the play books instructed trump university employees how to set up a room for class. it shows what this lawsuit was claiming that trump university was less in the business of education and more in the business of making money, making a sale and the target customer was male head of household with a net worth of $200,000 a year. the sales team play book is a how-to guide on how to sell trump university to clients and a big part of the script was dealing with tough questions like how much money will it cost. i'm glad you asked that question the script tells the salesperson
3:30 pm
to say. it takes money to make money. this is an invitation only program. most students invited into the program use established lines of credit like a credit card using the bank's money. people with no credit card or have used up their limits do you have any other savings set aside to further invest into your real estate projects. another document instructs staffers to collect personal information that you can utilize during closing time. for example are they a single parent of three children who need money for food? salespeople were told to use that personal information, tug on emotions of potential clients and close the deal preferably with a credit card swipe for up to $35,000. >> this is thousands of people taken for millions of dollars. >> reporter: the new york attorney general is leading one of three lawsuits against donald trump and his trump university.
3:31 pm
the lawsuits all basically say the same thing, that almost everything about trump university was a lie starting with the name. >> action is what trump university is all about. >> reporter: it wasn't a university. and its teachers didn't teach any donald trump secrets according to new york's attorney general. >> these are people that are hand picked by me. >> reporter: none of trump university's experts who taught at the seminars were picked by donald trump. this man says he paid more than $26,000 for the real estate course, but he says he got useless information and instructors constantly pressuring him to buy even more. >> what are you talking about, more money and i'm not learning anything. >> reporter: you didn't learn anything in that class. >> no. >> reporter: he's one of many former students suing in class action lawsuits. trump has been complaining of unfair treatment including one
3:32 pm
of the cases in california where you hit back at the san diego federal judge whose ruling last week allowed for the release of the trump university sales play books. >> i have a judge who is a hater of donald trump, a hater. he's a hater. his na he is not doing the right thing. the judge who happens to be we believe mexican, which is great, i think that's fine, you know what i think the mexicans are going to end up loving donald trump. >> reporter: these lawsuits and the election are both boiling into one month, november, that's when the first trial is to take place and that's when the election is going to happen. so as we move forward on both of these, donald trump says he'll continue campaigning and fighting these lawsuits in court. >> drew reporting for us. thanks very much.
3:33 pm
let's bring in our chief correspondent and cnn political commentator. this judge who clearly donald trump doesn't like, he did give a favorable ruling earlier for trump when he said the trial wouldn't start until after the november election. >> so there was -- certainly and so you could be seeing a president elect donald trump possibly maybe called to testify. that would be an amazing thing. but i think what we are seeing a calculation -- there's a couple of things i find interesting, this calculation we've seen over and over again by donald trump that maybe he doesn't need hispanic supporters recollect, going to try to pivot that way. there's a school of thought among republicans that you need to increase your hispanic support. george bush had 67% and clearly he is drawing a different map than that. the other thing that i think is
3:34 pm
really interesting is maybe this is a preview of what a president trump how he would interact with the ju dish area. there is some discretion on the part of the executive branch, what would a donald trump do? i think we're getting a sense of that. >> at the news conference we saw how donald trump if he were president would handle the media at a white house conference. listen to this. >> i will say that the press should be ashamed of themselves and on behalf of the vets the press should be ashamed of themselves. they are falling me and they are furious because i sent people checks of a lot money and i'm going to give you the names right now which is what you want and instead of being like thank you very much mr. trump or trump did a good job, everyone is
3:35 pm
saying who got it, who got it, who got it and you make me look very bad. >> what's his strategy in going after the news media? >> look, i think it's worked for him in the past. we saw it in the republican primaries. it not only worked for donald trump, it worked for ted cruz attacking the media is a strategy that very often works but i think to go back to what fred was saying to you a little while ago in the show, i'm not so sure this is a concerted strategy. i think that donald trump was angry at the media. he didn't like this scrutiny. he felt he was being challenged when he shouldn't have been challenged and i think what happens is he has an y had that he's mad about it and then he has a stream of consciousness. i think what we heard today took on a life of its own when he started using invective against reporters but i think we saw his anger and what we really saw
3:36 pm
today was a donald trump who confidently said i'm not going to change. this is who i am. as fred was saying to you donald trump needs to change, i think in his press conference today we got the answer. that's not happening. >> at one point he specifically said donald trump said if i have a republican that's not on my side why should i be nice to that person. there's not what fred was advising. >> you played that sound bite and he had an entirely different approach. i do think what gloria is saying is something we're going to be seeing for the weeks to come here which is this commitment to what has worked. that is what donald trump clearly decided today when he went out there before the cameras, before the press. he is not going to adjust anything. what is so interesting about that is that you know electorally that the primary process and the audience, the electorate for the nominations
3:37 pm
is different. it's a totally different makeup than the general election audience. although i do think the most successful presidential candidates are once like george w. bush in 2000 or barack obama in 2008 who can drive a message from the beginning of their nomination contest all the way through the general election, that proves to be a successful strategy for folks and yet this is about tone and tenor and i think he -- trump needs to be worried, it's one thing to stick with what works, it's another thing not to consider how you broaden your appeal. >> listen to what trump said about bill crystal from the weekly standard who is looking for some third-party republican to go out there and be an alternative to trump and hillary clinton. listen to this. >> he looks like such a fool. i saw him on one show and he was practically crying because he can't justify it. now he comes out with a tweet. it sounds like he's going to put somebody up.
3:38 pm
now he comes out with something saying he was almost kidding. let me tell you, these people are losers. >> you think he would feel threatened by a third-party republican who did emerge in some of these states. >> let's look at three things here. he's threatened by anyone who wants to put a third-party candidate up because he knows the votes are going to come from the right. this entire press conference was donald trump in a tirade. he's threatened by a judge in san diego who has given transparency with what happened with trump university and he's feeling threatened by the press that without the investigations done by cnn and the washington post and others asking questions about where the money went to the veterans i don't think trump would have come clean about that. a lot of checks that were written were written on the monday that the washington post called asking where did this money go. in one sense the system is work can and the media is scrutini
3:39 pm
scrutinizing and getting answers and this judge in california is opening up some things that trump didn't want us to see. anyone that threatens trump he attacks. so to answer your question yes i do think he feels threatened by a third-party candidate because if they got on the ballot in enough states that could tip the election to hillary clinton. >> it could take votes away from the republican nominee in favor of hillary clinton. stand by. much more coming up. we'll take a quick break and be right back. ♪ i'm savin' you five hundred coming soon from progressive, it's "savin' u," the new hit single from the dizzcounts. ♪ cash money ♪ the biggest discount and understand... ♪ the dizzcounts. safe driver, paperless, paid-in-full, multi-car and joey fatone. ♪ savin' you five hundred ♪ i'm savin' you five hundred we have auto-tune, right? oh, yeah. that's a hit! all: yeah!
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3:44 pm
hillary clinton is dismissing donald trump in his claim he raised millions of dollars for veterans. she spoke to jake tapper a little while ago. our politic correspondent is still with us. hillary clinton has one eye on donald trump and one eye on bernie sanders. a lot going on right now. >> reporter: and she's keeping an eye on california for sure and new jersey. the campaign feels good about new jersey. california they think she's ahead of some of those public polls and what they show. they think it's not quite as close as that. the clinton campaign is emphasizing though she doesn't need to win california or even new jersey to be the nominee. the problem with that reasoning is that she needs to project strength going into the general election and you don't do that
3:45 pm
by losing. the end of the democratic primary is in sight and it runs through california where 475 pledged delegates are at stake as polls show hillary clinton and bernie sanders neck in neck within clinton turning her attention to the general election telling cnn's jake tapper donald trump would cause grid lock in washington. >> he seems to believe or at least is demonstrating that insulting and attacks is his mode of operation and i just don't think that's going to cut it. >> reporter: clinton spent the day fundraising in new york after she walked in a memorial day parade in her hometown. >> i love it. i love being here. >> reporter: sanders hit the trail in northern california today. >> we've got an uphill fight but as i look around me i think we got a lot of fighters here who are not afraid to fight.
3:46 pm
>> reporter: clinton cancelled her planned campaign events in new jersey for thursday where voters cast ballots next week to move up her final push in california. she won a big endorsement in the california governor but as polls show voters struggle to trust clinton p even this prize brings back memories of old allegations. this was brown debating governor bill clinton in 1992. >> he is funneling money to his wife's law firm. >> i don't care what you say about me but he ought to be ashamed of yourself for jumping on my wife. >> i tell you something mr. clinton don't try to escape it. >> reporter: sanders has spent days on end in california, even paying respect monday night to the golden state warriors as he trails clinton significantly he's hoping for a game seven comeback like the warriors pulled off.
3:47 pm
>> they turned it around. that's what our campaign is going to do as well. >> reporter: still sanders may be hedging his bet. asked sunday about a clinton/sanders ticket he did not dismiss the idea. >> would you take the call if hillary clinton asked you to be her running mate? >> right now again what i am -- here we are in california. i'm knocking my brains out to win the democratic nomination. that's where i am right now. what happens afterwards we will -- we'll see. >> reporter: sanders has been saying should he not be the nominee clinton needs to pick a liberal running mate not a moderate. he's trying to influence the ticket here and the party platform. hillary clinton recently told cnn when she was asked about this clinton/sanders pairing she said it's something down the road. so it seems sort of unlikely that she's going to pick bernie sanders but she certainly doesn't want to upset his supporters. >> if she wants to be president she's going to need his supporters.
3:48 pm
stand by. gloria what do you make of hillary clinton cancelling her appearance in new jersey so she can campaign in california, the primaries in new jersey and california and other states a week from today. >> i agree. i think she wants to finish strong. while she's likely -- very li likely to clench the nomination i don't think she wants to be embarrassed. i think it would be embarrassing to lose california. even though we all know the delegate math that bernie sanders would have to win overwhelming in all of these states to come close to her. i think sanders wants to get to 50/50 in pledged delegates or as close to that as he possibly can to have leverage going into the convention but i think this is about showing that she's tough and she's strong and she can beat donald trump and she can easily beat bernie sanders in the state of california. so she's spending more time there, spending some money
3:49 pm
there. she'd rather not being doing it obviously. she has other places she'd like to use her money but she really has no choice. >> she's also really going after trump on very last week the housing crisis and today on the veterans. she seems to have a new more assertive aggressive strategy going forward against trump. >> that's right. she's targeting a number of groups, right? she's trying to reduce his support among women and certainly rile up i think on the issue of muslims and sort of what he said as he tried to moderate. she's trying to make sure with these different groups she can save off support. that would include vets. you would expect vets to go for conservative. i was talking to a number of veterans this weekend and many of them were upset by what donald trump said about john mccain. a lot of them said i cannot vote for hillary clinton but they said i don't think i can vote for donald trump.
3:50 pm
that's where hillary clinton -- all this is happening as she's dealing with her e-mail issue. an independent inspect yer general saying she did something wrong, she but she's also struggling herself so some critiques get lost. >> listen to what she told jake tapper earlier today. listen to the clip. >> she's attacking everybody, fellow republicans, democrats, i mean, the press. you just name it. he attacks everybody is a recipe for gridlock in washington, and that's what we've got to break and get away with. >> sounds like a preview of what she's going to be pushing in the coming weeks and months. >> yeah, i'm a little confused by that messaging. you probably can't get any more gridlock than now with te democratic president and a republican congress, if hillary clinton were president. very likely you would also have a republican house.
3:51 pm
the prospect of gridlock is likely no matter who is president. i don't think the clinton campaign like all of trump's 15, 16 rivals didn't ever figure out how to run against this guy. i don't think they figured it out and seems like another ten. >> a week from today california but a week from today your home state of new jersey. >> there was a new poll out today she's still doing well over bernie sanders. listen, i would expect that between new jersey and some of the other states that we're going to get on next tuesday, before california's polls close, she could to potentially get over the top. i don't think that negotiates the fact california is a big deal for her and although it's not a big deal towards the nomination, it's the button to the entire season. it's the period at the end of the sentence and sgeographicall,
3:52 pm
hillary clinton should win. it will raise questions how she ended the season but she will cross the threshold and be the first female presidential nominee. >> we have more to assess including other news we're watching now. deadly air strikes against isis. are the terrorists using hundreds of families right now as human shields? nsurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. ♪
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>> we're getting word of american forces, including some injured in syria. barbara starr is working this.
3:57 pm
what are you learning? >> wolf, over the weekend one u.s. military advisor was wounded in syria, one in iraq. it is definitely getting more dangerous for all of them as these battles intensify. >> serious caught in the line of fire. a small body pulled from the wreckage. at least 23 people were killed in air strikes, one hitting near a hospital. the russians deny they conducted the strikes. across syria and iraq, civilians caught in the middle as isis tries to defend its turf. in fallujha, forces pushing from the south and east. iranian-backed militia from the north. the u.n. says there is heavy civilian casualties as isis uses
3:58 pm
them for protection. >> there are also reports of several hundred families being used as human shields by isil in the sense of fa lieu ja. >> there are booby traps and mines. >> as they are being used as human shields, that means they have absolutely no way out and there will be pawns in the struggle between isis and the iraqi government and shiite militia and it will be one of the worst scenes we can possibly imagine. >> it's significant the iraqis are staying to fight, not running away as the battle intensifies. >> we think that the state of play is much improved from a year ago. you know, a year ago here in iraq, the bar bbe at the gate an
3:59 pm
theory in direct danger of being invaded by these animals we call isil. now we have driven them back. >> the commander, continuing caution. >> i'm beiing pragmatic and we'l work obstacles but we'll also see continued progress. >> and there is another complication, wolf. there are now shiite, iranian backed shiite militia fighting around. mainly a sunni area. there are concerns violence could break out with iranian backed militias in the mix. what about the two wounded u.s. military advisors. the pentagon today said once again that they were not in what the pentagon calls active combat. wolf? >> but they were still injure in combat operations, if you will. it sounds like combat to me, but, you know what? i'm sure they have their own definitions. barbara, thank you very much for that. barbara starr reporting at the
4:00 pm
pentagon. remember, you can follow us on twitter, tweet me at wolf blitzer. tweet the show at cnn sit room. please be sure to join us tomorrow "the situation room." i'm wolf blitzer reporting. "erin burnett out front" starts right now. next, donald trump on fire unleashing his anger on just about everyone. is it tough talk, a temper tantrum or just the real trump? plus a clinton sanders ticket. why it may not be such a crazy idea and a 3-year-old trap inside a gorilla's pen. images of the moments just before zoo keepers killed the ape. did he have to die? let's go out front. good evening i'm jim sciutto in again for erin burnett. all out attack. donald trump launching an assault on a


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