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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  May 31, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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twitter, tweet me at wolf blitzer. tweet the show at cnn sit room. please be sure to join us tomorrow "the situation room." i'm wolf blitzer reporting. "erin burnett out front" starts right now. next, donald trump on fire unleashing his anger on just about everyone. is it tough talk, a temper tantrum or just the real trump? plus a clinton sanders ticket. why it may not be such a crazy idea and a 3-year-old trap inside a gorilla's pen. images of the moments just before zoo keepers killed the ape. did he have to die? let's go out front. good evening i'm jim sciutto in again for erin burnett. all out attack. donald trump launching an assault on anyone standing in his way or standing up to him.
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republicans desperate for a trump alternative and his favorite target, the media. all of this in a fiery press conference, which he called to highlight the $5.6 million he's raised for veterans. >> i find the press to be extremely dishonest. i find the political press to be unbelievably dishonest. to have people say like this sleazy guy from abc, he's a sleaze in my book. you're a sleaze because you know the facts and you know the facts well. >> is this what it will be like covering you as a president? >> yeah, it is. >> i'm a -- yeah, it is going to be like this. >> hillary clinton appearing on cnn moments ago lauding the reporters donald trump attacked. >> he's bragged for months about raising $6 million for veterans and donating $1 million himself,
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but it took a reporter to shame him and to actually make his contribution and getting the money to veterans. >> this is coming as one of the trump's most confidential business ventures, trump university comes under increasing scrutiny. details how trump ran the business. more on that in a minute but first, dana bash. the message seemed in part take me or leave me. >> that's exactly right. look, this should have been an event for donald trump to to aua genuine movement. instead, he went after the me messen ger. >> out of the many revealing moments during donald trump's contentious press conference,
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this stood out. >> do you think i'm going to change? i'm not. >> reporter: that decoloration, is a giant window into the trump general election campaign that looks a lot like his primary campaign. >> it's rubio. >> reporter: a steady stream of sound bytes no other candidate would dare say and epic lines like this today about the conservatives searching for a trump alternative. >> let me tell ya, these people are losers. >> reporter: over the past week, trump made more controversial comments like attacking the federal judge presiding over his trump university fraud case. >> i have a judge who is a hater of donald trump, a hater. he's a hater. his name is gonzalo. >> reporter: and tossing out to the crowd that the judge is mexican. >> so what happens is the judge who happens to be, we believe, mexican, which is great. i think that's fine. >> reporter: but it is not accurate. the judge's parents may have
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been mexican but he was born in indiana. during the gop primaries when trump made remarks about mexicans that made many in his party cringe, his popularity grew. that was the first of many teflon moments for trump, unconventional, even offensive statements not sticking. in fact, even helping with republican voters looking for someone different. the question now is whether that trump teflon still works with the general electret, especially when hillary clinton's central case against trump already is that he's unhinged, too risky for the oval office. >> donald trump is an unqualified loose cannon who cannot get near the most powerful job in the world. >> reporter: in a poll out last week, only 31% said trump has the personality and temper the to serve effectively as president compared to 61% for
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clinton. even though most repub can voli voters and leaders will rally, there is holdout the gop governor who declined to appear with trump when he was in her state last week, which he didn't like. >> your governor has got to do a better job. she's not doing the job. hey, maybe i'll run for governor of new mexico. i'll get this place going. >> reporter: and today, an explanation that produced that revealing moment. >> she was not nice and i was fine just a little bit of a jab but she wasn't nice and you think i'll change? i'm not changing, including with her. >> lots of signs he's not changing. one of his targets, republicans who are looking for a third party candidate. tonight we know who that is? >> that's right. sources who have been working on this independent movement tell me it is a man by the name of
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david french. not exactly a household name, most people have not heard of him but he is somebody who writes for the "national review" a conservative publication and he's an iraq war veteran and constitutional lawyer. he is somebody who they insist will have a lot of financial backing, a lot of resources, but again, not exactly a barn burner when it comes to a brand name, somebody who can genuinely compete against a donald trump and a hillary clinton. >> no question to say the least, dana bash. thanks very much. developing tonight, insight into donald trump's controversial university a. judge in a lawsuit alleging fraud by the business just released nearly 400 pages from the trump university playbooks followed by step by step pinches convincing people to sign up for the quite pricey program. trump fought hard to keep sealed. drew griffin is out front tonight. >> jim, the playbooks just
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released after being unsealed by this judge on friday basically instructed trump university employe employees, sales people on everything from how to set up a room for a class and how to pitch perspective clients and the sales material is interesting. it shows what the lawsuit haves been alleging all along that this school, this real estate school was less in the business of education and more about the business of making money. let me show you a few examples. sales people were told to go after potential clients with a net worth of $200,000. they went through questions to make sure these people had the money. make customers feel special. selecting only that qualified would be able to take a trump university course. and find out about the people's financial lives, how much credit they had on each card even what their needs were at home and encourage them to use the credit cards to pay for tuition. they also said never give customers details about what they will be learning in advanced training all while
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being mindful of the ethical and moral impact of our actions. you know, these playbooks were release in one of the three class-action lawsuits against trump university. they are basically the same, the lawsuits. trump university was a scam. trump promised professors were hand picked by them and many of them didn't even have real else state experience and trump loudly denies this and says the school will reopen when the lawsuits are over but that will likely be sometime from now. the first one of these court cases heads to court at the end of november so all through this election, jim, we're also going to be facing increasing releases, documents, testimony, all involving these fraud lawsuits against the republican presidential nominee. >> three active lawsuits, drew griffin, thanks very much. >> joining us, a donald trump supporter, a hillary clinton supporter, kevin madden, former
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romney campaign advisor and press secretary and david g garrig garrigan. kayleigh, donald trump asked about the money he raised for veterans. he attacked reporters. asked about this lawsuit drew was reporting on against trump university and attacked the judge calling him bias and noting mexican heritage. are hard questions off limits for donald trump? >> no, because prior to attacking reporters, he gave reporters what they were asking for. they wanted a dollar for dollar accounting of where the veteran money went and laid out 41 different veteran organizations that received a total of $5.6 million. even laid out the dollar denominations and really, i think he's one of the only candidates that can do exactly what you ask for give an exact accounting, donate himself personally $1 million to veteran funds but still maintain a slew of criticism therefore. there is a lot of media bias and he was very right to call it out the way he did.
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>> kevin, as you and i know attacking the press rarely hurt as politician of either party. is trump's style going to work in the general as well as it worked apparently in the primary? >> look, there is a bit of a risk. i think media bias is a fact but i don't think it's a compelling message, however, many trump supporters do believe that the media is part of what they would describe as an establishment access and they are part of the problem. so many of them will look favorably among donald trump taking the fight to the media but i think the problem for him is that ultimately, it's still looking very reflex and defensive. he's going to spend two or three days complaining about the media, that's two or three days not on offense talking about hillary clinton or talking about big issues he believes are most important for voters yet to make up their minds. so while it may work in that sense, there is still some
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long-term risks. >> david, set the media aside. most don't care about it much. a recent fox news poll found the majority amount of voters believe one, trump does not have strong morals and will say anything to get elected and he's not a reliable leader and he doesn't care about people like me. the only thing majority of voters said trump is a strong leader. here he is the presumptive nominee. have voters indicated in effect that they like this style. that even if they have those big picture disagreements or doubts, they are still willing to back him? >> many voters like his style, but his challenge is to expand beyond the base as i think everyone would agree. he can't win with just the people that voted in the republican primary. he needs to reach out to independents and get some democrats. and the fact is, i think if he remains as abrasive and sometimes seems unhinged and he
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resorts to these kind of attacks, i don't think that builds a base. i think it drives them the other way around. what we know -- america changed. i know people are more willing to accept the kind of vulgarity and discourse than they were at one time. i think what they know from history is the kind of leadership that works with the american people in the press conference is that shown by john kennedy or jack kennedy and ronald reagan. both had humor. they did it with respect to the press and walked away. a conservative need not be judged harshly in the press. ronald reagan proved that. >> the media said consistently donald trump would fail. he would never win the primary. there is no chance he would get more republican voters. there is no chance he would lead in a general election poll, meanwhile, the latest eight polls on real clear politics showed hillary clinton has not breached a marjority and donald trump is leading in three.
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everyone telling him he needs to change, he's doing what he's done so far to get him to this place people said he would never get to. >> i got to ask your thoughts how is hillary clinton going to respond to that? >> well, i think, first and foremost, i think david hit the nail on the head. what kayleigh is referring to is a republican primary. we're not there before. >> those were general election polls. >> he has to expand his base. if donald trump thinks he'll win with the pip kill republican voters, he's simply out of touch. one thing hillary clinton has done and i believe marco rubio started doing it late in the primary, i believe many of the republican candidates started doing too late. is simply defining donald trump. the fact is when you look at trump airlines, it failed. when you look at trump stakes, it failed, trump university it failed. these business ventures, everything that donald trump has build himself on have been royal failures. trump casinos, failed. this trump university, the fact that we were having trouble identifying when he actually got the money, who he was giving it
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to and he had to be shamed in giving it to veterans, this builds into the fact that donald trump is a fraud. donald trump is a liar. and the fact of the matter is, that hillary clinton thinks some republicans started doing this at the beginning and republican party waited until late. >> folks, i want you to hold thoughts because we'll have you back. a lot more to delve into. a life-long republican and former regan staffer on why he's voting for hillary clinton. >> what has been the reaction among all of your republican friends? >> they think i've lost my mind. >> plus, after months of going after each other on the campaign trail, could we be looking at a clinton sanders ticket? new details ocn that front tonight and images of the moments just before this gorilla was shot and killed to save a child. the woman who captured those terrifying moments will be my guest.
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tonight a warning from donald trump, telling any possible third party candidates not to run and if they do, it will cost republicans much more than just the election. >> the fact that is you can't win as an independent. you will not have and very importantly, you will not have supreme court justice. you got to have as many as four or five. >> for some republicans, that's just not good enough. kyung lah is out front. >> reporter: what happens to the republican party if donald trump becomes president? >> that's a scary prospect. >> it will be an easy vote. four years of hillary clinton is better than one day with donald trump. >> reporter: have you ever voted
4:19 pm
for ade democrat. >> reporter: part of republicans for hillary. not just a twitter hashtag, he is actively urging prominent republicans to vote for the democrat. back when you had dark hair. a once unthinkable move for a man who worked for president ronald reagan through two terms and a white house speaks man and for the department of energy. a republican operative through four presidential campaigns. a decade's long consultant to california's republican party. >> i think ronald reagan would be astonished by what has happened. he's managed to hoodwink america into believing that he will lead this country through the fire. i think he will thrust us into the fire. >> reporter: what has been the reaction among all of your republican friends? >> they think i've lost my mind. >> reporter: but he's not alone. william overdorph tells cnn if
4:20 pm
it is trump versus and clinton and there is no viable third-party candidate, i will be voting for hillary clinton. those who disagree are letting him have it from voice mails. >> you're a disgusting pig. >> i can't believe you call yourself a republican. >> reporter: to e-mails calling him a disgrace and socialist to simply shame on you. other republicans choosing a decidedly different path. paul ryan and lindsey graham and marco rubio burying his hatchet with the man he once called a conartist. >> i don't want to be harmful, i want to be helpful because i don't want hillary clinton to be president. >> reporter: it's unfolding before the electrets. >> those rallies are not a moment in time. if donald trump is elected president, you'll see these things continue on four years beyond. >> reporter: you believe you're in good company?
4:21 pm
>> i believe i'm in great company. they are afraid to say they support hillary clinton but i think they will either do it publicly at some point, or they will privately do it in the polling booth in november. >> reporter: so how many of these crossover republicans are there? four vent national polls show that about 6 to 8% are republican. self-described republicans that will support hillary clinton. 6 to 8%. that's not a huge number. here is the important part, in november, if this is a close race, 6 to 8%, jim, is nothing to look at and it will gain more traction by november. >> that's right. they say 5 to 10% decides every election. kyung lah, thanks so much. back with my panel now. david, you know doug. you served in regan's white house with him a long time. he said there at the end of her interview, he's in good company. do you believe him? >> i think he's in larger company than we know.
4:22 pm
listen, i have worked with doug, he was a colleague and worked for me and he's a fine man. he has a -- he's voted republican all his life and he's simply disagreeing. i must tell you, jim, every election i can remember in which there is a controversial candidate, people from the bad party go to the other because they don't like the person who is up. we're going to have republican for trump. i wouldn't be surprised if there is a group of democrats and republicans for hillary. we'll have some democrats for trump before this is over but i just want to say, he should -- doug should be respected for making a choice, not everybody agrees with it. but good grief, you know, when somebody this controversial comes along, people honestly care about the country and should be allowed to make a choice and say i'm not for this. i'm going to work for the other side because they care for the country. he's doing it out of patriotism and his sense of what it requires. >> kayleigh, do you think that's fundamental disloyalty to the republican party?
4:23 pm
>> i do. if you care about the supreme court and replacing justice scho scolia you vote trump. this myth it's a ground well movement, republicans for hillary movement is just not true. 13 tweets in seven days, hardly a rallying ground swell of popular support for the movement. you decided to poll 6% of republicans from 6 to 8 would vote for hillary. 20 to 37% of bernie sanders supporters would in fact vote for donald trump. we talk about this never trump movement but more realistic to talk about the never hillary moment. >> kayleigh, under the logic if you say someone like that would be disloyal, wouldn't somebody that supported and donated to hillary clinton, harry reid and nancy pelosi be equally as disloyal -- >> good question. >> it's a great question. you're allowed to your change views in this country.
4:24 pm
donald trump had a shift much like ronald reagan had a shift. i assume you like ronald reagan. the largest tax increase in california history before he came down to trickle economics. you're allowed to have a change in view point. that's permitted. >> is the hillary clinton campaign counting on or expecting a significant number of republicans supporting her in the general? >> common knowledge and what's happened previously means these republicans for someone else usually go home. republicans usually vote for republicans and democrats usually vote for democrats. this election is unlike any we've seen before. i think what hillary clinton and her campaign in brooklyn are doing is focussing on the way that barack obama got to 270 electoral votes in not only 2008 but 2012, which is this coalition. these voters of color. this broad swath of african americans, hispanics and female voters and asian american voters and that is a base that donald trump is going to have a hard
4:25 pm
time tapping into. it's not disaffected republicans that put hillary clinton over the top. >> folks, kayleigh, bacari, david, great to have you. "outfront" next, bernie sanders not saying no to a clinton sanders ticket. is it the only way to get sanders' voters on board. innocent children under siege used by isis as human shields. the special report on the battle to retake the terrorist stronghold. at red lobster's create your own seafood trios you can try something new with every bite. pick 3 of 9 all-new creations for $15.99. like baked lobster alfredo chimichurri shrimp and crab cakes bursting with crab meat. just hurry in before it ends. it's my job and it's i takealso my passion.rises. but with my back pain i couldn't sleep... so i couldn't get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus
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welcome back. hillary clinton says she'll do everything needed to unify the party. does that mean including bernie sanders to the ticket. it may be the only way to beat donald trump. >> reporter: hillary clinton fundraising in new york, but cutting short her east coast swing to return to california on thursday. to fight for the 72 delegates needed to put her over the top. >> thank you, san francisco. >> reporter: in just seven days,
4:30 pm
california's 475 pledged delegates are up for grabs. clinton telling cnn's jake tapper today. >> california is a big state, and i am going to do everything i can to meet as many voters as possible. >> reporter: clinton emboldened by a big endorsement from jerry brown who once famous recalled her husband bill clinton, the prince of sleaze during their own primary battle in '92. >> you're not worth being on the same platform. >> i tell you something, mr. clinton. >> reporter: brown says in an open letter, hillary clinton quote is the only path forward to win the presidency and stopped the dangerous candidacy of donald trump as clinton gets closer to grabbing the nomination, she must figure out how to win over sanders' loyal supporters. one way to do that, putting him on the ticket. so far both clinton and sanders aren't openly entertaining that idea. >> is he even on the list?
4:31 pm
>> i'm not going to answer that question. good try, chris. >> what happens afterwards, we'll see. right now my focus is on winning the nomination. >> he's trying to make clear who he thinks clinton should pick. >> i hope if i'm not the nominee, the vice presidential candidate will not be from wall street but has a history of standing up and working for families. >> reporter: while clinton aggressively reaches for the finish line, she's trying to make light of her predicament. >> i offered it to you. you didn't sound -- you turned me down. [ applause ] >> it's not me. >> reporter: sanders who attended a game seven of the nba playoffs in oakland monday is getting some inspiration from the golden state warriors dramatic victory. >> down three games to one and turned it around. i think that is what our campaign is going to do, as well. very good omen for our campaign.
4:32 pm
>> reporter: sanders pledged and clinton says her aids have been in talk how to unify the party as the season comes closer to an end and those talks will intensify. both have to do everything to quote prevent donald trump from getting anywhere near the white house. jim? "outfront" tonight, national spokesman for should hillary clinton add sanders to the ticket? >> absolutely. she should totally consider bernie sanders to be a vp pick on her ticket and here is why, right? he has a message that's been resinating. he's enthused the base, especially that progressive part of the base and not just that but brought in new voters, young voters. so most definitely absolutely, but regardless if it's bernie sanders or not, i think it would be smart for the clinton
4:33 pm
campaign and serve the democratic party well if they choose a progressive, someone whose a progressive from -- to be on that ticket for v.p. >> i know you say this is a bad idea, but let's look at the polls. a new poll shows indepersonnden split in a sanders trump race overwhelmingly support sanders. he gets 50% to trump's 4034%. >> it's not a bad idea but practically speaking not something that would happen. i don't disagree with much she said on the other side. i agree with the fact bernie sanders message is riveting and driven out tens of thousands if not millions of voters to the polls and something we need to harness and something our party is build on. the simple fact remains bernie sanders has an opportunity to be chairman of the budget committee in the united states senate, which many would argue is more powerful than a position of being vice president of the united states. i think there is amazing
4:34 pm
progressive options and i open the vice president of the united states of america is a progressive. you have secretary of labor, thomas perez. you also have elijah cummings and the list goes on and on and on and i think bernie sanders and hillary clinton will come together and this party will be stronger than ever. >> i have to ask you because there is a danger for democrats, a new poll shows 20% of sanders supporters, 1 in 5, they are backing trump over clinton and there is an over lap of concerns with some of those sanders and trump supporters, frustration with washington, opposition to free trade deals. how does clinton get over that hurdle? that's a real danger for democrats in a general. >> look, jim, we've seen this already. i mean, in 2008 he was a strong supporter of barack obama. i was a staffer on the obama team and at that time, we had the pumas, that super pac where
4:35 pm
they were hillary or bust, right? you had 40% of hillary supporters saying they would not back barack obama, and that was a much more contentious race. i think we're -- >> i'm not sure that was a much more contentious race -- >> oh. >> certainly contentious. >> it was, it was, jim. >> you've heard some of the words going back and forth between sanders and clinton and when we speak to sanders' supporters and whether you look at the polling, they are far from in love with hillary clinton. >> but jim, let me just point out own fact people overlook. it's somebody she worked for. somebody i adore, as well. we have the unifier in chief, the president of the united states, 1600 pennsylvania avenue and michelle obama and i look forward to a stage with jane and bernie sanders, with hillary and bill clinton with jill and joe biden. you know, this is going to be an amazing moment but i believe that the unifier in chief, the most popular person we have in the party with all due respect
4:36 pm
to both hillary clinton and bernie sanders is barack obama and i think that donald trump and the republican party are terrified about the fact he got over 270 not once but twice. >> jim, i wanted to add, he said he'll do whatever it takes to make sure he is not president of the united states and i think we have to believe him when he says that. i think he'll be part of this unifying coalition when it's time. >> we'll see how quickly that happens. thanks very much. "outfront" next, innocent men, women and children caught in the cross fire. our special report on the battle for a major isis stronghold. plus, cincinnati police tonight investigating the parents of this boy who got stuck inside a gorilla's pen. the woman that shot this video is "outfront" tonight. i'll ask her who is to blame? you wouldn't order szechuan without checking the spice level. it really opens the passages. waiter. water.
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iraqi forces are fighting to retake falluja but putting tens
4:41 pm
of thousands of civilians' lives at risk. cnn confirms two u.s. service members are recovering after being woube being wounded over the weekend in iraq and syria. a total of 14 have been wounded since the u.s. began fighting isis in 2014. three have been killed. our barbara starr is out front. >> reporter: syria's youngest caught in the line of fire. rescue crews work desperately. a small body pulled from the wreckage. at least 23 people were killed in air strikes, one hitting near a hospital. the russians deny they conducted the strikes. across syria and iraq, civilians caught in the middle as isis tries to defend its turf. the strongest stronghold, iraqi forces are pushing from the
4:42 pm
south and east. iranian backed militia from the north. the u.n. says there are heavy civilian casualties as isis callously uses them for protection. >> there are also reports of several hundred families being used as human shields by isil. >> reporter: iraqi and ma lmili the center. there are thousands of booby traps and mines. >> if they are used as human shields, that means that they have no way out and they will be pawns in the struggle between isis and iraqi government and shiite and ma shisilitia and it be one of the worst scenes. >> reporter: it's significant the iraqis are staying to fight, not running away as the battle intensifies. >> we think the state of play is much improved from a year ago. you know, a year ago, bar
4:43 pm
barrens were at the gate. baghdad was actually threatened and in theory was in direct danger of being invaded by these animals that we call isil. now we've driven them back. >> reporter: from the top u.s. commander, continuing caution. >> i am being very prague mat tick. this is -- i think we will continue to work through more obstacles and see setbacks but i think we'll see continued progress. >> reporter: there is another complication, shiite, an area raising a lot of concerns that a new round of violence could break out at some point. >> barbara starr at the pentagon and "outfront" next, new images from the woman that shot this video. i'll ask her what happened before the gorilla was shot and
4:44 pm
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tonight, police are investigating the parents of the 3-year-old boy dragged violently
4:48 pm
by a gorilla at the cincinnati zoo. zoo officials shot the 450-pound gorilla dead to save the young boy's life after he managed to climb into the animal's pen. in a moment, i'll speak with the woman that filmed this terrifying video, but first, jessica snider is "outfront" with the new developments today. >> oh my god. >> reporter: growing outrage and blame over the killing of an endangered silver back gorilla at the cincinnati zoo. zoo keepers said they were forced to shoot 17-year-old gorilla after a 3-year-old boy slipped into its enclosure. nearly 400,000 people signed a petition demanding authorities investigate the mother for not watching her child. police have opened an investigation to see if anyone from the family should be held accountable. zoo officials say the boy was able to slip underneath a rail, climb through protective wiring and bushes and drop more than ten feet into a mote below.
4:49 pm
>> the gorilla has the child. >> reporter: for ten tense minutes, the boy was at the mercy of the 450-pound gorilla, at times being dragged and violently yanked around while at other times, the gorilla appeared to be protecting him. >> this child was being dragged around. his head was banging on concrete. this was not a gentle thing. >> reporter: zoo officials insist killing the gorilla was the only option. >> we did not take the shooting lightly. but that child's life was in danger. >> reporter: even donald trump weighing in saying the zoo made the right decision. >> it just takes one little flick of his finger and i will tell you, they probably had no choice. >> reporter: but after a 3-year-old was able to get into the gorillgorilla's habitat, so blaming the zoo. the director says the enclosure is secure. >> the barriers exceed any required protocols. the trouble with barriers is that whatever the barrier is,
4:50 pm
some people can get past it. >> reporter: the zoo passed an inspection in april and earned >> reporter: the usda did issue a citation to the zoo back in march when a door was left open and a polar bear got into an area. >> we have kim o connor. she saw the incidents. first question i have partly as a father watching this video which is gripping is how hard was it from what you saw for a child to get into that gorilla's pen. >> i think there was some level of difficulty. if he was adventerous enough and motivated he could have gotten
4:51 pm
in with fairly ease at that point but i think with the amount of people that were around, you would think that he could have been caught or somebody would have seen him, somebody would have pulled him back, but with some relative ease he could have gotten in there if he really wanted to. >> police are now reviewing the actions of the young boy's parents. i'm not putting you in the position of the police but do you think the parents shared some responsibility for this? should they be to blame for allowing their son to get in there? >> the only thing that i know is that i did not see the father. i saw the mother with other children and another female adult who i believe had a child as well and they were enjoying the zoo. the little boy was a typical little boy like at a candy
4:52 pm
store, can i get this, can i get that and he want jokingly and bantering to go in and see the monkeys and the mother was no, you're not, no, you're not and i think as they got ready to leave that to tend to the other children, gather them up, put them in the stroller and move everyone along i think in 60 seconds he got away. >> i've got young kids and i've seen them move quickly. you look at this photo and videos and you have photos we're seeing for the first time here of the gorilla coming out of his pen and approaching the child, it's one thing for us to look at these photos now or watch the video but being there in the moment as you saw it happen was there any doubt to you that the zoo keepers had to act and kill the gorilla to save the boy? >> no.
4:53 pm
in fact, that is the only reason that i shared the video that i had. i was hoping that people would see that contrary to early reports that led the world to believe that he had not engaged with the gorilla, i needed them to understand there was an engagement, the horrific part, worse than what my video captures, happened on the cement part of that exhibit and i didn't capture that video. i would have never captured that video. but just taking that into consideration and not the moat and the woeater, they had no otr choice. i don't believe he was going to give that boy up. >> i'm sorry you had to see that. thanks very much for sharing your story and sharing these images. >> you're very welcome.
4:54 pm
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from the #1 selling coldest air. nothing cools like a/c pro.
4:57 pm
donald trump has now picked up an unusual endorsement, one that he probably doesn't want to boast about. >> reporter: you've got to hand it to donald trump, what other
4:58 pm
american candidate gets a vote of confidence from north korea, a country that releases a video showing its missiles striking washington and now publishes an editorial calling donald a wise politician, a far sighted presidential candidate and advising americans not to vote for that dull hillary. trump at least has said he'd talk to north korea as korea expert put it. >> i would have to say that donald trump is the dennis rodman of american politics. >> reporter: prone to shake things up and make outlandish statements. not as out landish as when rodman praised kim jong-un. donald's not high fiving kim
4:59 pm
jong-un any time soon. >> he's a maniac. how many young guys take over tough generals. he wiped out the uncle. >> reporter: speaking of wiping out. >> i would get china to make that guy disappear in one form or another very quickly. let me tell you, i've heard of worst things. >> reporter: one thing they do share, flamboyant hair. >> a meeting of the two adult male hair dos will not take place. kim jong-un is busy making north korea great again. >> reporter: kim has been photo shopped with trump's hair. we're talking about shaking not so little hair hands. cnn, new york. >> thank you so much for joining us tonight.
5:00 pm
we'll be back tomorrow night. "ac 360" with anderson cooper starts right now. go have. thanks for joining us. a full two hour program ahead, not just donald trump attacking reporters for doing their jobs for krut niezing his fundraiser, you'll meet the new challenger coming for. you'll hear hillary clinton's campaign strategy and the court ordered release of the play book and that's the title of it, the play book for the staffers of trump university. we have that shortly. what the nation's best known zoo keeper and animal lover makes of this moment and what he says to so many people that want to know why the cincinnati zoo had to shoot this