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tv   Wolf  CNN  June 1, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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wherever you're watching from around the world, thank you very much for joining us. up first, bernie sanders and hillary clinton in a sprint to the finish line. sanders is out on the campaign trail in california this hour ahead of tuesday's primaries holding a news conference in spreckels trying to defeat hillary clinton. and hillary clinton in newark, new jersey primary could give her enough delegates to clinch the nomination but hoping to fend off sanders in california. we're watching both events. we'll keep you updated. hillary clinton is also keeping her eye out on donald trump. she took to twitter to slam him over the trump university lawsuit. she tweeted this. quote, new documents confirm trump university was a scam preyed on families. caution-may cause nausea. and she tweeted this from mitt romney. here's what i know. donald trump is a phony, a
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fraud, his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. that tweet from mitt romney in march. hillary clinton just retweeted it. let's bring in cnn senior washington correspondent, jeff zelen. pushing back hard and making a page from his own play book. >> reporter: yes, essentially is getting herself involved more in the back and forth than we've ever seen her throughout the course of the campaign so far but with good reason. this is a different moment of the campaign. she's facing a very different rival than she's faced up until this point. so she is definitely trying to engage him and trying to find her way to donald trump. she's not in terms of the mastery of communication, if you will, but definitely is fighting hard after him, really responding to nearly everything he says and i expect her to do the same here today in newark, wolf, to respond to some of the
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claims of trump university that she's been tweeting about and talk abouting. >> they have millions of twitter followers out there and secretary clinton planning to get what's billed as a major foreign policy speech tomorrow. how did this fit into her strategy for taking on donald trump? >> reporter: she is really trying to build this case against him but a loose cannon. she will continue that theme in a speech tomorrow in san diego and really trying to get voters to pay attention to the specifics of this. now, often lost are the specific policy proposals in all of this loud back and forth and trying to refocus this campaign on that. telling me she will say it's time to rebuke the fear and bigotry he has brought into this campaign, but really trying to go after him with policy specifics from isis to all other challenges around the globe here. and that will come tomorrow,
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wolf, in california where of course, she's engaged in a very rigorous primary fight with bernie sanders. >> she also says, as you know, she's trying to reach out to the sanders campaign in an effort to unify the democratic party, as she plans to step up the effort after next tuesday. listen to what she told our jake tapper. >> once the primaries are over as of next tuesday, we will begin talking in more detail about what we can do to unify the party because as i've said many times, and as senator sanders has said, we both are going to do everything we can to prevent donald trump from getting anywhere near the white house. >> it seems unlikely sanders will be ready to talk unity if he's vowing to go to the convention in july. what do you hear from his supporters? >> reporter: well, i can tell you the supporters senator sanders want to see him go to
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the finish line. they want to see him compete here in new jersey and in california as well. the sanders campaign has been all in in california really traveling across the state there as though they were running par local office, not necessarily the presidency but the sanders supporters i've been talking to them here and across the country, they simply want him to stay in. they want him to stay in the fight. this robust movement we've heard about is a real movement. the question is, how big is that movement? how many of these voters actually may not vote for her when she becomes the party's nominee? now, senator sanders will have a decision to make next week if he's going to sort of slowly come around to her side or not. as of now, he doesn't want to think about it but wolf, in about six days, he will have a choice to make and we'll see if his supporters will follow. >> we'll watch that closely. jeff, thanks very much. focusing in on making money as quickly and easily as possible. preyed upon the elderly and uneducated using unqualified
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people posing as donald trump's right hand people. some of the bombshell testimony contained in documents just released in the case against trump university. the release was ordered by a judge that donald trump has taken to attacking, calling him unfair and a hater. he also has taken some swipes at the judge's ethnicity. senior investigative correspondent drew griffin has been going through the documents, just been released, drew. what's standing out to you? there are some common threads in these documents. >> we've done a lot of reporting on trump university and the various allegations of fraud but what's damning about these documents, these declarations, wolf, is that they are coming from trump university employees who are literally disgusted with the work they are doing or being asked to perform at trump university while that was still a real estate seminar business. and one stuck out in particular. a fellow by the name of ronald shaqqenberg sales manager with
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trump university from october 2006 to may 2007, he said i resigned from my position in may 2007 because i believe trump university was engaging in misleading fraudulent and dishonest conduct. in my experience, virtually all students who purchased a trump university seminar were dissatisfied with the program they purchased an thd then this. it preyed on the elderly to separate them from their money and never saw donald trump at trump university. did not see him once. in my experience, the primary goal was not to educate students regarding real estate. the primary focus seemed to make money as quickly as easily as possible. here's another that said the trump university instructors and mentors were a joke. most of them were not experts in real estate. and he also adds the whole focus
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of trump university on selling, not on teaching information. of course, this goes along with the three lawsuits that trump university is facing, all alleging fraud and all alleging the various motivational schemes to separate people from their money. i want you to listen to bob. he was a student who put up $35,000 of his own money. he said now he was suckered into it by his real estate expert that turned out to be a motivational speaker and said even in the way they were able to get access was sleazy. take a listen. >> and one of the things that james harris told us to do was to use our cell phones, if we had them, go down to the lobby in the hotel and call up our credit card companies to increase our credit limits because we might be able to buy some property that might be available during this three-day
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workshop. was that was for was to increase our credit limits to pay $34,995 for the trump gold elite membership that was a 12 month membership program with retreats in various hotels throughout manhattan. and at every one of these retreats, they tried to up sell us for more and more money. >> trump's organization response to this. they believe they have declarations that actually dispute a lot of what is written and released in these court documents, although not release those yet and fall back as donald trump has on the campaign trail touting the approval that many, many, many of the students, he said more than 98% of the students gave these seminars while taking place, but again, these cases are moving towards trial at the same time donald trump is on the campaign
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trail and we're going to expect to see more and more releases like this as this campaign continues, wolf. >> three separate cases, right? three separate trials. >> that's absolutely right. this release came from one of the two that are in california. those are class action lawsuits. the other case is a case brought on by new york attorney general eric sneiderman who filed his lawsuit, a $40 million lawsuit in the state of new york. >> drew griffin, we'll be watching that closely. thank you. let's talk more about the controversy surrounding trump university as well as some of the other political headlines involving donald trump and hillary clinton and bernie sanders for that matter. joining us now, scottie hughes, a trump supporter joining us, cnn, a democratic national vice chair. thank you very much for joining us. donna, as i mentioned earlier, hillary clinton released a flurry of tweets and retweets on trump university. there's this from the clinton
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campaign, jennifer palmieri. confident that voters don't know enough about trump u yet. so hear to hear quite a bit from us on this topic. down at the clinton camp, retweeting mitt romney's tweets about donald. did you ever expect hillary clinton and mitt romney to get united on an issue like this? >> there's no question when mitt romney delivered his speech back in march, i thought it was a very good analysis of donald trump, his failures, and so many of his business enterprises, the casino, the steaks, the vodka, et cetera, but the big one was trump university. so i'm sure that the clinton campaign, the democratic party and every other interested group, perhaps even some of the never trump people will use some of these salacious allegations. i haven't read all 400 pages but of course, what i've read is out there in the open public that's disgusting. disgusting to hear that the
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customers felt betrayed, the instructors were not qualified and felt exploited. there's no question that this is going to become a topic of conversation. how long? we don't know. it's probably going to be as long as these allegations continue to spill out from the court. >> how damning, scottie, are the sworn testimony that these individuals have put forward and now released in these documents? >> well, look, at face value they seem damning but we only hear one side of the story. it's not trump university that we think of the great institutions of higher education that we have. it's more like trump seminar and these folks were not forced to have to take classes. these people were not told they had to do it. it was not a life or death situation as we find with many issues that plague the clinton campaign in the sanders campaign right now. these people had a choice and they were sold. and yes, if they were preyed upon, we definitely need to investigate that. but until you sit there and say that donald trump told these
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people that this was the sales techniques that needed to be used, i think it's interesting we're holding him accountable for things that were definitely downstream of the more than 300 businesses that mr. trump started. we're going to hold him accountable for everything that happened in every single business. i don't think that's necessarily fair. and we're not telling the success storiliestories. we know they're out there. the court documents exist. what's going to happen when those are unsealed unlike everything else we've heard this year, will there ever be an apology based on one side of the story they continuously are told at this point? >> but scottie, you know when you're running for president, everything is investigated. no more secrets. all aspects of your life are reviewed, right? >> absolutely. and that is a-okay. the only thing that mr. trump, i don't think mr. trump has a problem with the media asking questions of his record or things that have happened.
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where he's taking issue is how the media is reporting it and making their headlines off of it. how they're turning the one side, which might be more negative about him into the story without highlighting the positive side and it's the other side facing the same scrutiny. i think that's all yesterday's press conference and everything we're dealing with right now. >> i know donna is anxious to weigh in. go ahead. >> as a veteran of seven presidential campaigns, scottie, you and i have talked many a times, everything is open. there's no such thing as a victorious secret. it is out there. it is out there. and if it's in the public domain, the media will go through it. they will feed it to us. it's important to read the 400 pages. because what you're reading is directly from some of the clients, some of the customers, the stake holders. i think the most interesting part of these reports is it comes from people who employ by
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trump university. these are people who said they felt guilty, scamming individuals. they felt guilty charging them. that's the damning part of all of this and whether mr. trump will respond to it or someone his age, we'll see but right now, it's out there in the public and you can download it and read it. >> a point about this. >> donna, just to be precise, you want the news media to review all of hillary clinton's experience as secretary of state, a senator, first lady, what she did with the private e-mail server, all should be carefully reviewed as well, right? >> you know, wolf, i happen to read all of her e-mails. i know what she likes in terms of television shows. i know a little bit about her shopping habits. i mean, we have seen a lot. and i'm sure we'll see a lot more. but that comes when you're a public official. this is donald trump's first run. he didn't run for city council. not united states senate. he's running for the presidency of the united states and i got
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to tell you, the scrutiny, the bar, that's my former boss, al gore. asked about the scrutiny and wait until we read donald trump military records. his service, his decision not to go into draft. there is so much out there. this is just the beginning. scottie, this is what happens when you run for president. >> not complaining about it. but let's take this this context. these are exemployees. these are people not happy. let's get the other side of the story. >> right. >> and i agree at looking at both sides but if you've seen the 3,000 e-mails now considered to be secured by the fbi at this point in their investigation, i doubt, what are in those e-mails? we'll never know. >> we'll get all sides of the story as we always do. scottie, donna, thank you very much. >> thank you. we're watching and waiting for bernie sanders and hillary clinton to speak live this hour. we're going to bring you those events. stand by, you'll hear what they
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. that can camp out in between our teeth, if we'll let it. use gum® brand. soft-picks®. proxabrush® cleaners. flossers and dental floss. gum® brand. it's disturbing breaking news coming out of california. police are investigating what is being described as a possible shooting on the campus of ucla. the campus is, we're told, on lockdown right now. no reports of any victims yet. you're looking at these pictures coming in. we keep a close eye on what's going on.
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we get more information as it comes in but this is a disturbing development on the campus of ucla. once again, a possible shooting on the campus of the associate director of media relations for ucla. tells cnn they're watching this very, very closely, ricardo vasqu vasquez, watching this closely. a possible campus shooting at the ucla, by the way, here's a little tweet that just came out. bruin alert. ucla, bruin alert. shooting engineering, it's a shooting engineering for building. let me start again. police investigated possible shooter at ucla, observed campuswide lockdown. chilling words coming right now. we're back to these live pictures coming in from the campus. we're going to watch this closely to see what's going on and we'll update you as we get
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more information. but once again, disturbing developments at ucla. other major news we follow right now including a break in the search for egyptair flight 804. french investigators confirming they have detected underwater signals coming from one of the plane's so-called black boxes. the plane disappeared over the mediterranean sea nearly two weeks ago while flying from paris to cairo. the signals from the black boxes are said to becoming from the seabed. let's go straight to ian lee joining us live from cairo right now. how long will it take for investigators to narrow down the exact location and recover the black box? >> reporter: hi, wolf. this is a big breakthrough in the investigation with the french naval ship on the plaz to locate the exact location of it. they have a few ships in the area to go down to the level.
10:23 am
it is deep. they're expecting to find this at a depth of about 10,000 feet. so they do have at least one submersible to reach down that far and look to try to verify if they do have the right area. but also, in the meantime, another ship and more sophisticated ship is on its way. it's expected to arrive within a week. this is a ship that has the robotics necessary to go down to the sea floor and retrieve those black boxes and really give investigators further insight into what brought down egyptair flight 804. >> do we know which the black box went for? the cockpit voice recorder or the flight data recorder? >> reporter: right now, they do not know which of the black boxes the signal is coming from. you're right. there are two of them and only receiving the signal from one of them. investigators are hoping that they are able to find the other one next to it as well as the fuselage all crucial pieces for
10:24 am
the investigation and up to now, the only thing we know about the final moments of the flight is that there was detection of smoke in the lavatory and aiavionics and possible malfunction. it will be crucial to get the boxes if undamaged and if able to read them. they'll bring them here to cairo and then keep the investigation going forward from there. >> ian lee reporting for us on a possibly very, very significant development. let's hope they find both black boxes and find them quickly. only a week or two left before the signals from the black boxes go away. ian, thank you very much. i want to get back to the breaking news out of los angeles, california, right now. we have confirmed two people are being described as down, down in the possible shooting on the campus of ucla. you look at live pictures coming in right now. the campus is on an official lockdown right now, meaning all
10:25 am
students, faculty, everyone at the state in place. the lockdown is continuing. these are pictures coming from the scene when there's a chopper flying overhead. we keep a close watch on some of the tweets coming from ucla and from ucla officials and lapd is responding to reports of two victims down and active shooter in or near. there's an officer shooting and engineer for one of the buildings. go to a secure location. deny entry now lockdown continues. tom fens is joining us right now. you're on the phone, a former fbi assistant director. senior law enforcement analyst. now it's a very disturbing development on the campus of ucla. if there are two people down, a shooter still active, this could cause a lot of concern. >> well, it is causing a great deal of confusion on the campus there and as of yet, it's not
10:26 am
been reported whether the people that are down are down inside that engineering building or outside near the building. whether a possible shooter is in the building or at large on the campus and of course, they've placed the campus on lockdown, so we'll be waiting to hear from reports from the police talking to witnesses whether the person may be responsible for a shooting where they may have gone and one of the people that are down are victims of shooting from someone. >> and obviously, authorities are coming to the scene. i want to just tell our viewers. we're showing a video from the few moments ago. not showing live pictures anymore out of concern that it could undermine what police are trying to achieve right now, but moments ago, you see the activity just beginning to develop on the campus of ucla. normally, in a situation like this, they would call in, what,
10:27 am
all local police and bring in others as well, is that right? >> certainly, they would bring in police to help secure the campus and secure the buildings as well as the campus security personnel that they already have at that location. that's a big part of it. one of the things that also comes up is if you have police officers running around, oftentimes, if they're spotted holding a gun, then the police received calls that that might be the shooter and that creates a great deal of confusion so right now, we're going to have to wait and see what facts come in. what the police are able to learn. if the people are down, or the victims being shot, are they able to talk to the police or give a description, describe what happened. are they unconscious or worse? so that will be an important factor, whether they can get more information and quickly, so that people know what the conditions are on the entire campus. and in the neighborhoods nearby.
10:28 am
>> this is a huge campus. ucla. i'm sure our viewers are familiar with los angeles. probably familiar with the area on the campus and around the campus, a very, very normally busy area. it's about approaching 10:30 a.m. on the west coast right now. so when they say there's a lockdown on the campus, tom, explain specifically if people on the campus are watching right now, they've been told a lockdown, they have to stay put, right? they can't leave buildings, leave the rooms. explain what authorities mean by a lockdown. >> that's correct. they would send personnel, security personnel to the entrances of all the building and ask people to stay inside to the extent that they can and of course, this is in a city area, an urban area in los angeles. can they prevent more people from coming on to the campus to try to limit as well as contain people that are already in there? it's going to be a very
10:29 am
difficult situation to lock down a campus that's that huge with that many students and faculty in an urban area like los angeles. so if you're talking about a monumental task, if it turns out they believe they have a shooter in one of these buildings, that just by itself is a huge task to go through a building and see someone inside that may be responsible for a shooting. that would mean searching every classroom, every closet. the heating plant. air-conditioning areas. a janitor closet. every part of like the building you're showing right now on screen, just to do a building like that in detail would take several hours by itself. much less, all of the other buildings on that campus. so getting accurate reports from witnesses is going to be critical to help the police be more efficient in doing what they need to do right now. >> campus police, lapd police. we're told this is finals week for the semester at ucla right now. classes end june 10th.
10:30 am
kyung lah is closer to the scene. tell us what you know. >> reporter: began hearing reports via twitter there was an alert that went out to students just before 10:00 a.m. telling students to shelter in place. you can see in these aerials we're looking at, it looks like they're beginning to move some of the students out of that building. there's a man in a suit jacket there. it does not look like a student, but looks like they're beginning to evacuate that building to clear that building. we did get that first report just before 10:00 a.m. and what we've seen since then, as you can see for yourself, a flurry of activity. ambulances, officers with long guns. just to give you a little perspective on this campus, wolf, there are 43,000 students to attend the campus. the building, the engineering building is smack dab in the middle of a very dense area. you can see there are tall buildings, streets are very narrow. this entire west side of los
10:31 am
angeles is extremely populated. it is very tight. it's almost difficult to get parking or walk around there. this is going to be a challenge for law enforcement. what we heard from the lapd, two victims are down in or near the engineering building. the campus is on lockdown. students are told to shelter in place. what we can see via twitter is that people are hearing, students are hearing officers telling them to stay in place. but we haven't seen much more twitter activity beyond that. so right now, police still investigating this shooting. we have no confirmation of shots being fired other than the lapd telling us there are currently two victims down in or near the engineering building and a lot of students talking on twitter to be careful. wolf? >> campuswide lockdown continuing. we're looking at these pictures coming in. obviously, local police, campus police, they are on the scene.
10:32 am
ucla for viewers, who don't know, this is in a relatively pretty affluent part of the west side of los angeles and a very peaceful, normally wonderful part of l.a. >> the worst part about ucla is the traffic. this is the west side of los angeles trying to park, trying to get around, trying to move around the west side, especially around the campus is extraordinarily difficult. so it is an affluent area near brentwood and santa monica? these are very rich areas. this is a campus surrounded by a lot of high incomes. but this is still a city. this is a packed city atmosphere. this is unlike, you know, a big 10 college where you have a lot of space, you have a ton of people that live all around, the houses are close together. you can see the buildings are close together, and, you know, students are used to this. they're used to living in an area that's a city within a very large city which is the very
10:33 am
dense part of western los angeles. the beach is not that far away and you have a lot of people around it. so this is in the center of all of that density. the engineering building in the center of the campus. so a lot of concern, certainly for trying to get people through this area, trying to keep people out of this area. you can see the number of black and white vehicles surrounding it and something we should point out, wolf, that we did see a short time ago is that we did see an empty gurney being loaded on to an ambulance. we don't know what that suggests, but we did see one going into a building and one return to an ambulance empty. wolf? >> reporte >> 30,000 undergraduates, another 12,000 or 13,000 graduate students and altogether, a huge campus. it's a campus that is well known. 419 acres as described to the
10:34 am
base of the santa monica mountains. five miles from the pacific ocean. you've got 40,000 plus students on campus and a lot of people around the campus kyung. got to be very disturbing when you hear of a campuswide lockdown. two people down, we're told, and a shooter presumably still at large. maybe in that engineering building. >> 43,000 students but you're not even counting the instructors, the visiting instructors, the adjuncts, the people who might be going there to visit and as soon as we heard that there was some sort of possible shooting on the campus, immediately, people are connected to it here in our newsroom, on my facebook, people were immediately talking about it because a lot of people have friends, this is their alma mater. they have children that attend this university. this is a university that is deeply connected to every part of los angeles. you have researchers. you have the hospital that is there. so this is, yes, 43,000
10:35 am
students. that is only a small portion of the population involving this particular part of the university and the part of los angeles. >> let me, hold on for a moment. tom fuentes with us. they sealed off areas. there's no traffic around the one building we're watching. that would be a normal procedure, right? >> well, they may have reason to believe that whoever is responsible for the incident may still be in the building and maybe they can reduce the area that they're trying to secure. as kyung mentioned, if you had 60,000, 70,000 students, faculty, and employees on the campus, it's just a monstrous task to try to lock down all those buildings, all those city blocks in an urban area like that. so if they have some reason to believe they have a narrower search area or a narrower area of possible location suspect, and that would make it somewhat
10:36 am
easier. it's not going to be easy no matter what. they're still going to have a huge building with many challenges to try to search it. but, you know, we don't know right now what the police are being told or what witnesses may be calling into them. so they're going to receive information before we do that will give them a better idea of whether they can have one or two particular buildings there and maybe not have the entire campus and the entire west side of los angeles under trying to secure it. >> hold on for a moment, tom. going to get back to you. kyung lah is watching what's going on. i want to update our viewers in case they're just tuning in here in the united states or around the world. there's a campus wide lockdown on the campus of ucla. university of california-los angeles, about 43,000 students. they've been told it's finals week. final examinations week. the classes end june 10th.
10:37 am
today, june 1st. it's clearly a very tense period on the campus with all the students having their final exams right now. we're told there's one shooter, two people down. we don't know what down means right now. we're showing these pictures of the campus. local authorities, local police, campus police, they are in the area clearly trying to find out this one shooter who presumably may be in that engineering building, we're told some of the tweets from campus authorities. one said lapd is responding to reports of two victims down and an active shooter in or near the engineering building according to an lapd police officer. the shooting, another tweet from ucla said was engineering for one of the buildings there. deny entry, lockdown now. that's the warning. these are brune alerts. ucla, these are the bruins activity engineering building. avoid area until further notice.
10:38 am
kyung, that lockdown for the entire campus, that's still ongoing, right? >> reporter: that is ongoing. we have not gotten any report of that lockdown being lifted. the entire campus, all the students via twitter, they were notified by the university. they're told to stay down, to shelter in place. i am seeing activity on twitter where students are talking back and forth about police telling them to move. we don't know what that means. but, you know, it certainly looks like police had entered at least a couple of different billings and have seen them through the aerial shot. they're going in and out of at least a couple of buildings. what you're seeing to the north of this shot, that looks like the engineering building and just to the south part of this picture, that is a parking structure. so what officers are looking at is a densely populated building and just to the bottom of your
10:39 am
screen is the parking structure. they try to move between these two buildings just from what we've seen on video. trying to get a hold of it and wrap their arms around what this is. again, what only confirmation we get is the lapd. two victims are down in or near the engineering building. and students are being told to shelter in place. we know, wolf, from the number of incidents like this that we have seen across the country is that shelter in place, people know what that means. you stay inside your building. you turn off the lights. you try to stay quiet until the police can get to you to tell you what is happening. this is a tremendous presence. we do not see this every day in los angeles. you see officers with their long guns drawn walking up and down the street.
10:40 am
police are trying to stop vehicle traffic from entering as they try to work through this engineering building. >> it looks like the only vehicle ws we see are early pole vehicles blocking the campus and this is a huge campus. more than 419 acres, right in the middle of the west side of los angeles. i assume, tom fuentes, that s.w.a.t. teams have been deploy deployed, the best that the lapd has. >> i'm sure they're going to be at least staged nearby. they're probably not having them running around on the street, that tactical gear not knowing where they might be needed. so they usually pick a staging area, have them prepare in case they end up with a barricaded subject or some type of a difficult tactical problem and they'll just be nearby.
10:41 am
you'll probably not see them until they get a kind of report of an individual or group of individuals that they need to deal with in one of those buildings or one of the locations. >> we're told police are investigating this shooting. engineering for one of the buildings that police are on the scene. they report that there are now two victims. we don't know the condition of the victims. the campus wide lockdown continues. people are being asked to shelter in place. this is the ucla henry school of engineering and applied sciences, right up the main campus of the university of california, los angeles. this is a huge campus and we can see movement on the campus. once again, we're not showing our viewers live pictures. these are pictures that was taken just a little while ago because very sensitive right now what's going on. so we want to be -- we don't want to do anything to complicate what is clearly an
10:42 am
extremely dangerous situation and apparently one shooter at large. two victims are already -- this is the kind of development, kyung, when you're in los angeles for us, that could really scare a big city like l.a. >> certainly. and just looking at a tweet from the lapd, putting the city on tactical alert, it's basically just letting the police know to, you know, be on alert for what is happening on the west side here. the report of those two victims, that is now being confirmed by ucla. ucla confirming that there are two people down. we're not getting much more clarity on what down means. we're still trying to get that. we know now that two victims have been hurt via ucla. that's confirmed by the university. we try to get more clarity on the status of those confirmed two shooting victims. you know, and certainly, this is going to shake this campus. this is a campus you don't hear
10:43 am
about getting into a lot of trouble. sure, you have anytime you put the number of students together, there are always issues. but this is not a campus known for a tremendous amount of violence. this is an affluent area. a lot of people know, have friends who attend this university, have attended this university in the area. and this certainly is cause for alarm here in los angeles. when something laike this happes in the center of the university that is so beloved here in this city, but also known nationally for all that it does with research, the hospital, and the number of students there. >> one of the most important universities in the united states. ucla clearly with a huge impact on california and los angeles area, specifically, but people come to ucla from all over the world. we just got some information undergraduates of the 20,000 or 30,000 graduates. almost 4,000 are students who
10:44 am
come from around the world, international students. some will be high percentage of graduate students at ucla are international students as well. so people are being impacted, not only on the campus but viewers in the united states and around the world are watching this very closely. i just want to be precise with you. when there are choppers overhead showing video of what's going on, does that dramatically complicate a rescue operation or some sort of police action? >> i've been involved in operations like this in the past and the authorities have the ability to contact air traffic control in los angeles and have any media or other helicopters ordered out of the area if they need to bring in helicopters for tactical purposes. on the other hand, the media, the photographs you're showing, the video that you're showing all over the campus does assist
10:45 am
the police. so they are actually going to be watching this reporting and knowing that the media has the ability to quickly respond by air if they end up in a high speed pursuit, let's say or some other situation but normally if you're getting ready for a tactical operation, they can have the media helicopters back off. they don't have to completely get them out of there but at least back off out of the area if they need the airspace. >> tom, we have confirmed two victims. two victims have been shot. a shooter is apparently still at large and we also just learned the fbi and former assistant director, the fbi is now on the scene. what would the role of the fbi be in a shooting incident like this on a college campus? >> so far, we don't know the nature of the shooting. if it's a personal thing between a couple students, you know, then it's going to be a local police matter. if by chance it turned into a
10:46 am
terrorist situation, then the fbi would have primary jurisdiction over that. so in the beginning of these type of operations, what happens is that all of the police work very closely together. they train together. the leadership all know each other well and used to working together in situations like this and it's not immediately important to them whether it is a l federfederal or local case y work together closely in order to resolve the situation. >> once again, we have just confirmed the fbi agents are now on the scene, on the campus of ucla where the shooting incident has occurred. two victims we're told, we don't know the condition of the victims shot. a shooter apparently still at large. we're also told, tom, agents from the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms are en route to the scene of the shooting on the campus of ucla. what will their responsibility be? >> often in cases like this, the
10:47 am
atf responsibility will be to look at the background of any weapons. so they get involved in searching for the firearms and the firearms are located or bullets recovered from the victims and then try to determine what kind of gun was used and if possible, to get the gun to trace the background of it. where was it made? when was it made? who sold it? who sold it to whom? and they usually get involved in that. they work together. the atf, the fbi, the marshals. >> we just lost tom but i will reconnect with him. kyung lah is with us. at los angeles. how long ago did the first word of the shooting incident on the campus of ucla come about? when did we learn there was this incident? because it's now, what, 1:47 p.m. here on the east coast. 10 1 10:47 a.m. in los angeles. >> reporter: just about 50 minutes ago. it was just before 10:00 a.m.
10:48 am
local time that we started to get our first reports that there was some sort of possible shooting on the campus and then it was shortly followed by an alert from the campus telling students to steer clear of the engineering building. that anyone near the engineering building should avoid it. that they should shelter in place. that the campus would be on lockdown. that the lapd confirmed that there was some sort of a shooting that two victims were down. we saw an intense police response. you can see it from these aerials. officers arriving. a large number of black and whites and the vehicles we've seen have not just been campus police. it is also the lapd. a tremendous response. we've seen officers wearing tactical gear. they had their long guns drawn starting to enter the buildings. starting to clear a couple of these buildings, and it was almost immediate.
10:49 am
the response was very, very quick. we did see ambulances arrive. there were a couple of gourneys removed but we didn't see anyone on the gurneys but saw a lot of police activity. we have not seen anyone injured who appears to have any sort of injuries coming out of any buildings. we have gotten confirmation from ucla that two victims were indeed shot on the ucla campus. we're not getting too much clarity on exactly what the conditions were. whether these are two people who knew each other. if they were acquaintances or on a particular floor or if it was indeed inside any particular building. but we have heard early on now and again, this is just about 50 minutes unfolding that two people have been shot on the ucla campus. a tremendous police response. officers now doing and working through the very unwieldy process of trying to keep everyone safe. you can see from these
10:50 am
there are 43,000 students that attend this university that is known around the world for its research, for what it offers educationally to these students. this is a very busy week for students as they work towards final exams. you know, winding down the school year, but there are still students -- all those students are still on campus, so a tremendous school population. researchers, employees, topping that as well, wolf, so certainly a lot of concern about how officers are going to try to control the population, try to keep everyone safe. we have not heard any reports about exactly where this shooter is, so, again, just about 50, 55 minutes into this shooting. police still responding, still trying to figure out exactly what's happening here. wolf? >> as you say, 43,000 students. this is finals week, final examinations week right now. classes are supposed to end june
10:51 am
10th, in ten days or so. we have a cnn producer now on the campus of ucla. jason, first of all, tell us where you are, what you're seeing and what you're learning. >> wolf, i'm on the north part of campus and this is where we believe police are targeting their investigation looking for a shooter, and, indeed, just told us to go run. there are a few skraglers, people around this area that did not get in the building when it was on lockdown. police in s.w.a.t. gear went into this building that my calculation is bunchy hall in the northeast part of the campus, and they are going floor to floor in full s.w.a.t. gear. pardon me, i'm out of breath, and they are clearing this building. i just talked to somebody who was cleared out of that building, and he said the police
10:52 am
told him to leave, that something is going on here, whether it's just clearing the building or, you know, there's some engagement here i can't say, but he was told that he needed to get out of the building right away. as i was asking him what he saw in there, that's when s.w.a.t. team actually shouted from the building and said go, go, so -- so there's a sense of urgency here in that they are clearing these buildings. no indication right now, you know, as to whether there is actually some engagement going on in this building, but, it's the northeast part of campus next to be around a building called bunchy hall, and there's an lapd helicopter now flying over that building and really zeroing in on it as we speak, but, again, i see another person walking out of that building rather casually so they may just
10:53 am
be clearing these buildings here in the north part of campus. one other interesting thing to note there were some people who are just still walking around the buildings here. one of them was a mother and a daughter who told me that they were here just doing normal admissions and checking out campus and going to meetings and actually trying to get into one of the buildings when they heard of the lockdown, and because they were too late, they were forced to just carry on and try to walk out of the campus on their own, wolf. >> jason, have the -- have police authorities or campus officials given you any word on the condition of the two people who were shot, the two victims? >> no. i am actually, wolf, sort of sequestered from the area where the -- where we believe the initially shooting happened. i'm on the north part of campus which appears to be where they are centralizing the search for the shooter so i've been in an
10:54 am
area that is much too active to get that information, wolf. >> jason, stand by for a minute. kyung, are you getting any more information from campus officials, police officials about the condition of these two victims? >> reporter: not yet, and i'm checking the ucla medical website, the closest medical center to the campus, to the shooting, and so far there's not been anything released from the medical center. we're still on hold. we're still trying to figure out, you know, where -- where these victims may have been taken, their condition. still waiting, wolf. >> and tom fuentes, he's back with us, our cnn senior law enforcement analyst, former assistant director of the fbi. tom, the fact that this has been going on for at least an hour, that's when we first got word of a possible shooting on the
10:55 am
campus. we have now confirmed that there's been a shooting on the campus. two people are down. two victims, the shooter apparently still at large in one of those engineering buildings on the campus of ucla. the fact that this is an hour, how extraordinary and unusual is that that it's still ongoing? >> oh, wolf. this could be ongoing a long time. what's different in this case than some. previous shootings whether it's on campus or at the navy yard, other locations, was that oftentimes we've had reports of shots fired and a shooter at large that turned out to be unfounded. someone heard a noise, thought it was a gunshot. turned out not to be. in this case very quickly they were able to learn that they did have two victims, apparently of gunshot wounds, to verify that the reports of a shooting on campus were true, that there had been a shooting on campus at that point. again, you're right. it's one hour ago, but that is still a preeti short period of time to get the police on scene
10:56 am
and get 9 3wi8dings locked down on campus if they can, to interview witnesses and try to get out enough information about what they might be dealing with, and how many shooters there might be and whether they left the area or possibly are still in one of those nearby buildings. >> the and the fact that local officials, local police, campus officials, they have asked the fbi, federal and atf agents, the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms, federal agents to now get involved. it's been ongoing as i say for at least an hour. what did it say to you? >> just that they have a huge challenge not only trying to lock down the campus but also initiating search of businesses so what police departments at the state, local and federal levels do is much like fire departments. if they have a big challenging incident to deal with, then they offer mutual aid to each other, regardless of who may be in charge, show in this case, i think as of now, lapd is probably still in charge of this
10:57 am
situation, until something else comes up, an they may stay in charge of it throughout. that does not prevent them from asking from help for various federal agencies, the california state agencies, county agencies. it's going to take all the manpower they can muster if they have to continue a search on that campus for a long period of time for the shooter or shooters. >> lapd, tommings is formally officially describing this as, quote, an active shooter situation. they are telling folks avoid the area. this is the tweet that lapd headquarters just put out. news update. ucla incident. info on the active shooter in the beginning building number 4. avoid the area. that's an official statement from lapd just tweeted out right now. avoid the area. so when they say an active shooting in the engineering building, i assume someone who is there and still potentially has his or her weapon,
10:58 am
represents a significant threat given the fact that two individuals already have been shot. >> well, it means that they don't know for sure so they have to be very cautious, and if you have somebody at large running around that's already shot people and presumably still able to shoot more people, yes, they would declare it a continuing active shooter. it's not resolved. they are not telling people that they can go back to normal business. they are still looking for someone that's considered armed and dangerous. >> and we have no idea what kind of weapon was used, no idea what the motive might have been. all of these questions presumably being reviewed right now by local police, campus police, fbi, atf, others who are involved and we see significant, huge numbers of police in the area right now. tom fuentes, this would be a natural reaction on -- on the part of the lapd. >> yes, it would be, wolf, and i think that, you know, the medical examinations of the
10:59 am
people that have been shot would give them a clue whether they were shot with long guns, assault rifles or maybe handguns, also whether or not the shootings were at close range so if you have someone fire a pistol very close you would have powder residue and possibly gunpowder burns on the victim or on their clothing, so, yes, the investigation at the scene forensically, which would again immediately, along with treating the victims and trying to save their lives, would also be to try to indicate what kind of weaponry, and if either of the shooting victims were able to describe to police, they will have a better idea. they might have been ambushed from across the street and have no idea how they were shot or how they received the wounds or it could have been in close quarter with somebody that they knew. all that have will affect the information and hopefully police are getting enough information that they need. >> we know the shooter according to the lapd campus police may be in what's called engineering
11:00 am
building number 4. this is the ucla school of engineering and applied science on the campus of ucla. shooter apparently still at large in that building. two victims, we are told, are down. brooke baldwin picks up our special coverage on the shooting at the campus of ucla right now. >> here we go. top of the hour. you're watching cnn. brooke baldwin. live pictures from los angeles. want to welcome our viewers from the united states and around the world as we are continuing our coverage here, live breaking coverage of a shooting on campus at ucla. let me just be entirely transparent. we don't know a lot. we're going to work through this together over the course of the next two hours. this is a massive campus. 43,000 students here. it is on lockdown as i speak, and we can confirm that there are two victims. we are told they are, quote,