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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  June 1, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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building number 4. this is the ucla school of engineering and applied science on the campus of ucla. shooter apparently still at large in that building. two victims, we are told, are down. brooke baldwin picks up our special coverage on the shooting at the campus of ucla right now. >> here we go. top of the hour. you're watching cnn. brooke baldwin. live pictures from los angeles. want to welcome our viewers from the united states and around the world as we are continuing our coverage here, live breaking coverage of a shooting on campus at ucla. let me just be entirely transparent. we don't know a lot. we're going to work through this together over the course of the next two hours. this is a massive campus. 43,000 students here. it is on lockdown as i speak, and we can confirm that there are two victims. we are told they are, quote, down. these victims are down near the
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engineering building. we are still trying to confirm what exactly down means, if it means these two are injured or possibly worse. we're waiting for updates on their condition. at this stage we have no information on the shooter or possibly shooters there in los angeles, if they have left the campus. they could possibly be holed up there in campus, but can you see just the tremendous police presence here. we've been talking to a reporter on the ground with police and tactical gear and s.w.a.t. teams combing different buildings floor by floor by floor as per protocol. we've gone through this sadly before and we're going through it together again on the campus of ucla. we first heard about the shooting just about an hour ago, and the campus is still on lockdown. again, let me underscore for you just how tremendous this campus is. i mentioned a second ago, just in terms of student population, we're talking some 43,000 students enrolled there.
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this is the last week of class for, you know, students in the spring semester. exams begin next monday so just have a sense, you know, thinking things were winding up for them. the lapd has now put the city on tactical alert, and cnn can now also confirm that fbi is on the scene. atf is en route. got a lot of voices we're going to bring in over the course of the next two hours, hopefully less. hopefully they will find this shooter if in fact that is what's happening. kyung law, let me bring you in, cnn national correspondent base there had in los angeles. what more do we now? there's two questions what down mean, the two victims are down. talk to me about what we do know. >> reporter: we don't know what the condition of the two victims are. we did reach out to the nearest trauma center which is the ucla medical center, very close to
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the pictures that you're looking at is right next to the campus. the medical center is deferring all questions to the university. we don't know what the status of the victims is but ucla is confirming that they do have two victims who have been shot hon campus. the lapd tweeted that it was near -- on, in or near the engineering building. this all began, we first got the reports about ten minutes to 10:00 just local time so it's just about -- a little more than an hour that we've been watching this. the campus was immediately put on lockdown. the students were warned to shelter in place. this is being called an active shooter. you can see all the police activity. the officers who have arrived. they are driving from campus police as well as lapd. there's been a tremendous
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response. officers in tactical gear, carrying long guns and walking in and out of buildings. for some perspective this engineering building is right in the center of campus. it is -- it's a number of stories tall. it appears to have a lot of people it can hold and ucla is known for its engineering school. a lot of students attend the engineering engineering school. 43,000 students are enrolled at uc ucla. this is a school day. the fbi is on scene. the atf is on the way. we have seen some gurneys being removed from ambulances, but we need to stress here that those -- we have not seen any people on those gurneys. one was put back into an ambulance with no student on it. with no one on that gurney, so at this point we just have to wait for a little more information. this is just more than an hour since we've been watching this. everyone being very, very
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careful, from the police to the university about what they release, very much an active situation right now. >> kyung lah, you're so, so i'll ask you to stay close to me. i want to bring in kimberly, not using her last name. kimberly is a ucla employee. total transparency, i won't ask her any specifics to her location because who knows we could be watching as we're taking this live. kimberly, can you hear me? >> yes, i can hear you. >> first of all, how are you? >> i'm a little on edge, but everyone here is just try to stay informed on what's going on and stay away from windows and be safe. >> tell me how you were first alerted to what was happening. >> we were in the middle of a meeting and the meeting got done around 10, so maybe 9:45 half of
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us were getting alerts on our cell phones about police activity near the engineering building and got a bruin alert about some guy on a shotgun with campus and that was the first time that was referenced and the active shooter near the engineering building and us being on lockdown and not to leave and being instructed to stay away from windows. >> some guy with a shotgun, was that someone who could have seen who the shooter could have been or language actually on your -- >> kimberly. news conference right now. >> as you can see, we have a lot of resources on the ucla campus. we're responding to an incident that occurred around 10:00 this morning involving a shooting. there have been reports of victims. we don't have that confirmed yet. as soon as i have that confirmed we'll provide more. we know very little. we're talking all this in.
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we're sending our tactical teams consisting of ucla, lapd, the fbi is also here because they are in such close proximity that they responded to support. this is not an fbi investigation at this point. what we do know is that a shooting happened. if you are on compass right now the message to everybody on campus is to shelter in place. lock yourself in a safe place until authorities can get to you or provide you a message that it's safe to come out. all the other reports you're hearing from other sources please wait until you hear from an official source, lapd, ucla, the fire department who is also on scene and has happened support us, but as you say we have responded in an abundance of caution. there's a lot of resources here. the city of los angeles has been placed on a tactical alert citywide which means it's merely a method for the lapd to reallocate resources where we need them to make sure we can handle the call for service in
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all divisions. it does not mean that there's something going on in all parts of the city. as soon as we know more about what's going on here at ucla, we'll be happy to provide it to you. if you're not at ucla, stay away from the area. if you are you're on the roadways please pull aside. >> there are reports that two people are dead. can you confirm or deny that? >> those reports have not been confirmed. as soon as i can confirm the number of injuries, i'll be happy to do so. >> what about the description of the suspect being in black pants, a black hood? i've not heard that either. >> obviously we want to make sure that the public is safe. as soon as i have information that is valid that we can provide to you in terms of the description of the person involved or persons involved we'd be more than happy to do that, but at this point we're still gathering all that information. our tactical teams are going in with s.w.a.t. and we are going to do this very methodically to make sure that everybody is safe
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and nobody else is injured. >> lapd is confirming that two people are dead. >> the initial report that this occurred somewhere near the engineering building so i'm not familiar with the xumpts i'll try to get a better location. that was the initial report and, again, as this information comes in a lot of times it's fast and furious the and not always accurate so i'm cautious about providing that information until i know it's accurate. >> is bomb squad here? >> bomb squad is here hand that's a common response with our s.w.a.t. team. in the event we need to do breaching of doors, the bomb squad is here to facilitate in terms of any ordinants that we have to use. there's not been any reports of any bombs or devices at this point. >> we heard multiple suspects. are we focused on one suspect? >> i don't have a description. i have not heard that reported yet so as soon as i do i'll be happy to do that. >> you're not confirming the
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reports of two victims? >> i've not had that confirmed to me yet. >> has there been anybody transported from the scene, any injuries? >> to the to my knowledge. >> what about the suspect or suspects? one or two? >> i don't know that either. until we know more information. again, when these events happen they happen so quickly and information comes in from a lot of sources and a lot of that information is not accurate. >> can we start with what we do know, what happened and when it happened. >> what we do know around 10:00 this morning a report of a shooting occurred here on the ucla campus. we have reports there may be one or two victims. we don't have that confirm. i don't know the status of the victims or how many we actually have. as soon as i have more information i'll be happy to provide that. >> the lapd media assignment desk is saying there's two
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confirmed fatalities. >> i'll have to talk to my office. that's not been confirmed to me. as soon as i'm able to done firm that i'll be more happy to do in a. >> how was the report first received? >> it came from ucla. ucla has their own police department, a fine police department, and they called us and asked for our resources to assist them and that's why we're here. at this point let me bring up the pio for the fire department and talk a little bit about their resources. >> can you talk a little bit louder. >> the lapd responded around 10:00, and we immediately entered into unified campaign with ucla pd, lapd and the fbi. we currently have 11 engine and truck companies on scene as well as 12 rescue ambulances standing by and other resources prepared to stage and respond if necessary. we do have our tactical ems teams working in conjunction
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with the fbi and s.w.a.t. teams, paramedics that are trained to enter and work closely with the s.w.a.t. teams to render medical aid. they are on scene and we have multiple command officers as well as other resources on scene. >> right now we're standing by for lapd. as the captain said we understand there are victims shot but don't have any other details at this point. thank you. >> and that wraps up that quick briefing. >> there you go. don't know a lot. one, two possible victims. are they injured, it could be worse. we just don't know. live reports. report of an active shooter on the campus of ucla. let me bring kimberly back in. talking to her a moment ago. forgive me for pulling away. kimberly is an ucla employee sheltering on campus and are not giving away her location.
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were you talking about how different people on campus were alerted through your cell phone as far as what was happening, to shelter in place and stay away from windows and you mentioned a report of someone with a shotgun. who did you hear that from? >> that was from a colleague who got their alert on the phone. i don't know if she was reading it from the phone or maybe she had just gotten off the phone, too, with someone else on campus. so she said it. >> we just heard the captain say they don't have a campus of the shooter, possibly shooters so we don't have a lot of information on that. how many people are sheltered in place roughly where you are? >> there's probably about 40, 40 to 50 of us here. >> and so you've known about this, this call came in apparently right around ten till 10:00 this morning your size.
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talk about how active and sprawling this campus is. i know the semester is winding down. how busy is campus this time of year? >> this is actually dead week so there aren't actually classes. when students go in for review session, they are not in formal classes and then commencement is next friday so it's really busy because of that. i'm sure there's a lot of people who might be in town because of families because of that, and the campus itself is massive. i mean, just stretching from where, you know, the -- the instructional buildings end all the way to ucpd and even beyond that to the medical center and we also own wilshire center so blocks down. >> huge, 43,000 students apparently where the shooting took place is the engineering building at the heart of campus so there's that for people who aren't familiar with ucla. kimberly, stand by. just juggling a couple of things right now. let me bring in stephanie elam, our correspondent, when i
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understand is there now at the campus of ucla. stephanie elam, talk to me about where you are and what you know. >> reporter: brooke, we are on the north side of the campus, and this is where we understand they are looking for a potential shooter. i'm just going to move out of the way because you can see behind me -- he walked away while i was talking to you. walking now down to the left here. we've been watching officers, s.w.a.t. officers, clearing out areas. we can see students who are behind in these buildings behind windows. you can see them in the dark and you can also see that they have the lights off. there's some people standing in front of the doorway for one of the buildings as well. as i was making my way on to campus, i saw one student and i asked him you're not concerned? he said i'm not concerned but i'm more concerned about missing my final. walking up here to take his test, it's finals time here at ucla and i can understand, you worked a long time to get to this point and not worth losing your life over and we saw
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officers as i was driving here from cnn los angeles making their way down sunset boulevard. s.w.a.t. cars, not taking any chances, and as we heard there may be an overresponse here. they don't know for sure but they didn't want to take any chances because ucla it's -- it's a beautiful campus and it's also massive so there's a lot of acreage here to get through and clear it out and make sure there's no more of a threat, but at this point we're not at that point yet, brooke. >> okay. and obviously for people watching thinking, hang on a second, this is an active situation. why are we live? we have permission in the northern part of campus. this is apparently happening right at the heart campus at the engineering building and just to be crystal clear on that. as you mentioned exams are starting next monday. can you describe the scene as you're driving into campus. i mean, we've been looking at live pictures, s.w.a.t. vehicles. we know fbi is on scene. describe the law enforcement presence. >> well, can you feel it.
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it's definitely different. nobody on campus. our photographer greg cains is going to show you right now how it's deserted around here. people have heated most of the warning higher to get out of the way, get off of campus. it's eerily quiet for a college campus heading into finals, and the people who are standing behind the doors at the building you now see in the shot here, they did let in that man and looked at him and figured he was clear and knew him and let him in. so people have cleared off. what you hear more than anything else is the helicopters. kind of silent. kind of staying back away enough from where there may be police activity because we don't want to get in the way of anything. watching to see if there's a change here. there's still plenty of people on campus and i can see them in the windows and stay low and stay quite and keep a low profile. >> stephanie elam do, me a favor and stand by. to you and your crew in the northern part of the campus, let
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me bring in another ucla employee who we have on the phone. sonya gavin is her name. she is -- sonya, again, i don't want to -- just as i spoke with kimberly, i don't want to say exactly where you are, but generically speaking are you somewhere on campus? >> yes, i am. >> i'm in a building that's probably four or five buildings away from boelter hall and the engineering building which is where the reports of the shooting happened around 10:00 this morning. >> that's correct. >> how are you doing? are you nervous? are you okay? >> we're all doing fine. all of my colleagues and i are on lockdown, and we're sending communications out to everyone here to stay within the confines of the office and to stay within windows and everyone seems to be doing okay. some of us are more nervous than others but that's to be expected. >> and you know the campus so much better than any of us when
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we're talking about this engineering building. it's smack dab in the middle of ucla, yes? >> i'm sorry, what was that is? someone just walked in. >> no problem, the boelter hall, the engineering building where the shooting apparently took place, that's middle. campus? >> central campus. engineering is right next door to the student union building, ackerman, and -- and it's right adjacent to westwood village as well, but it's pretty central campus. >> so around 10:00 in the morning, you know, how busy would campus typically be in this week before final exams? >> yeah. it's extremely busy. we -- a lot of people are preparing for commencement activities, including our unit. a lot of the students are preparing for finals. classes are in full swing. it's a really busy time. we just came off of a long weekend so i think a lot of, you know, people are trying to take
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care of a lot of business, so it's a busy time. >> and it's a massive campus. we've underscored that point. 43,000 people. we're looking at photos. did you ever think that you'd be talking to me, that we're seeing photos, you know you can of police in s.w.a.t. gear on your campus in is. >> you know. it doesn't -- you know, it doesn't really surprise me because, you know, this has happened elsewhere, and this is something that we figured was -- i hate to say it, but it was only a matter of time. our department, our organization in particular, because so much has been happening around the country, we've taken a lot of steps to make our employees safe and doing reinforcements in our offices, training everyone for drills and so we theme that we're well prepared and people here are doing okay because that have. >> sounds like ucla has been
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excellent in warning everyone on campus and beyond. sonya, thank you so much. we're going to keep you in our thoughts, and i just want to pivot away from you and bring in former nypd police commissioner bernard kerik. as you're looking at the pictures, seeing the s.w.a.t. teams as we've seen playing out in situations similar to these, combing through the different floors of these different buildings. with your law enforcement laws what are you seeing? >> basically, brooke, the crisis management and disaster response protocols are going into action. the good thing here is that the los angeles police department, the los angeles sheriff's department work constantly in conjunction can ucla and their police department. their s.w.a.t. teams and special operations teams are some of the best in the country, and that's what you see playing out at this point. i think it's premature to say, you know, whether this is an active shooter scenario or this
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was, you know, not some kind of assault on campus, you know. i think it's going to be a while before that determination can be actually made. this is an enormous campus and to clear it for these special operations teams is going to take a while so i think it's going to be a while before it comes to any kind of conclusion on campus. >> what are the officers doing? do you have an eye on the tv screen like you do? guys are telling me these are live pictures. hang on a second, hang on a second. let me bring you stephanie elam. is this your camera? what's going on? >> reporter: that was our camera. we were looking at the officers -- they actually walked around a corner and said get out of here and we were backing up out of the way and they said they are still looking for the active shooter and cleared us away saying we are too close. greg will get the shot up as we walk away here but it's just showing how fluid things were on
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campus. shows you we thought we were further away from the activity and it just shows you how they are really working to clear out the buildings and make sure there's not a threat. they are still looking for an active shooter and back away. not worth us getting shot as we got the shot. >> he is correct. >> they are fully armed and they are fully engaged so we're backing up here. >> let me let you back up. take a breath and let me just report this sad news that we just got from ucla. we've been talking about the potential two victims. we can now cone firm they are two confirmed dead as a result of this shooting on the campus this morning at ucla. two confirmed dead, just coming to us from ucla. bern bernie karik. too early to assess whether it's an active shooter. that's information we're getting from the lapd, and now that we know, this and we don't have any sort of description about the suspect or possibly suspects,
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what are police doing here? >> well, they will have to clear these facilities and it's going to take an enormous amount of time. you've got, you know, a number of the students that are locked down in the facilities. they have got to be removed. they have got to -- they have got to basically anticipate who these kids are, identify them and make sure that the shooter or shooters, depending on how many there are, making sure they are not in these buildings. to clear these buildings systematically is going to take a long time so this is going to go on for the next several hours if -- to say the least. >> bernard kerik, stay with me. jim newton is joining me now. jim newton is a ucla instructor and passing along my condolences and hearing there's two dead on campus at this moment. tell me -- tell me what you know. >> very little. i'm far -- my office is on the northeast corner of the campus
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which is a fairly long distance from where this occurred. there are police, i can see police on my window and we're all on lockdown and no evidence of people panicking or rushinging around though as i say my vantage point on this is what limited. >> i know from police they are asking all of you on campus to stay away from doors, stay away from windows and shelter in place and this is a massive campus and look at all the law enforcement tactical gear going in. they have to clear all the buildings until, you know, they figure out who is responsible for this. have you had any interaction with law enforcement since the campus has been on lockdown? >> i have not. i have received, as have everyone here, received several notices via e-mail about staying inside and lock doors and what not and i can see helicopters and see out my window and can
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see police officers but no conta contact. >> jim, i understand you used to cover lapd, the paper in town. >> i'm looking for familiar faces. i have covered the fbi for five years for ucla. the police captain was saying they are reallocating resources and making sure resources are headed towards campus. can you talk a little bit about that. >> at least traditionally, it's been a while since i covered the department. traditionally what that means is as officers reach the end of their shifts, rather than going home, they are generally kept in potion. it just amplifies the department's ability to 1307bd to something that's big and complicated as this could be. >> yeah. jim newton, thank you so much. just bringing in different voices here as we are covering this breaking story on campus at the heart of the campus. apparently the shooting happened
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at this engineering building in the middle of campus. the call came in just before 10:00 california time and students and fenway park urlt and everyone in the final weeks of classes asked to shelter in place. telly maddoxing is on the phone and is a freshman at ucla. i understand -- how many other tunes -- she will. >> hi. i would say there's about 100 students with me right now. >> 100 other students. so describe the scene. >> sort of -- everybody was sort of just, you know, getting their breakfast and we were in line, and we got the alert, and -- and a woman said, you know, this is not a joke. everybody get to the back. dining hall because we have to stay away from the windows. we've been here at least an hour
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and a half at this point and people are crying and they are nervous and shaking which is -- we're unsure because they are getting all this information from our friends and anybody is selling something different and then you hearing another shooter at a different location and seems like they are inching closer to us. that's a very stressful situation. >> as you know, in situations like these, not enough facts to go around. understand what happening. how are you feeling? >> i have not shopped shake for the last hour and a half. i'm praying for any students that are still around campus right now, i'm praying for anybody that's in the engineering building, i just -- it's, you know, my roommate left. she walks past there, you know, every morning, and i couldn't get ahold of her for half an hour and it was like one of the scarest half hours of my life.
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it's just an anxiety-producing solution. >> help us understand, for people who have never been on campus, and i know it's huge and when we're talking about this engineering building. i understand it's in the middle of campus. how big of a building is it and what's around it? >> the thing about the buildings across from our house -- sorry, we're getting some envelopes right now. we have to stay in lockdown. sorry. the thing about the buildings where classes are held is they are haul clustered together so, you know, there could have been at any time thousands of students around that location so, i mean, it's absolutely the worst time of the day for anything to happen. everybody is headed to class. everybody is out. nobody is expecting anything. >> i can imagine. the weather is beautiful. people are outside, starting their day. i know commencement is soon so there's a lot of activity on
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campus, is that right? >> there's a lot of activity on campus. a lot of setup. a lot of people coming to see their children graduate. it's heartbreaking. >> teddi, i'll let you go thinking but, hoping everyone is going to be okay. freshman at ucla, essentially holed up on lockdown in the school's cafeteria. teddi, thank you so much. it's the bottom of the hour here. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching live special breaking coverage here of a sad situation unfolding on the campus of ucla. they are really in the heart of los angeles. we have now confirmed from ucla there are two -- two individuals, two victims who are dead as a result of what police there are calling an active shooter situation. my colleague kyung lah is standing by in los angeles to essentially, kyung, bring us up to speed. the call came in, i know, about ten minutes till 10:00 this morning from the campus. take me from there. >> reporter: the call came in
11:31 am
because we started getting a report that students were told to shelter in place, that there was a reported shooting on campus. we have just received a news release from ucla. ucla saying that it happened at approximately 10:00 a.m. this morning and that they responded -- that the lapd responded to multiple calls of shoots fired on the campus. where this happened was the engineer building, warning that went out to the university that if you were in or near the engineering building to shelter in operation. the campus was put on lockdown. students were told to avoid this area. since then we're getting confirmation that two victims were shot from the lapd and ucla. those victims are now dead. ucla telling us in this news release that those two victims are both plael. this is still an active shooter investigation. there has been a tremendous
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response from law enforcement. the lapd, the university police. they are putting on tactical gear. they are walking through these narrow streets. they have their long guns drawn. this is as densely populated area. you can see how close these buildings are to each other. you can see the amount of concern, the response from law enforcement because there are so many students that attend this campus. there are 43,000 students that are enrolled apt ucla. that doesn't even count. the nearby medical center. i just heard from a friend of mine inside the medical center who cannot get out, that medical center has been put on lockdown as well. there are a number of employees that work on this campus. this is as densely populated area of the west side of los angeles, so a lot of concern from law enforcement as they try to figure out exactly what is happening. we have not, brooke, not heard any reports of anyone being in custody.
11:33 am
brooke? >> and, again, quickly, kyung, we don't have any suspect description. we don't know if it's one people, two people. police just don't know. >> correct. >> there's a lot of information floating around. we have not been able to confirm anything that we feel strong enough to be able to report. we're still working on that, but what we have heard is that this is an active shooter situation. >> got it. >> a lot of people are on this campus and they are asking everyone to shelter in place. >> we are talking to a lot of people in campus. kyung, thank you do. not go too far, please. i have bernice on the phone. bernice, i understand you are a student on campus at ucla. you okay? >> yeah. yes. >> tell me about what -- what you're hearing, what you know. >> there's just a lot of police activity outside. >> and i understand you have a daughter? >> yes.
11:34 am
>> and you're worried about your family. >> yes, i just want to go home. >> you want to go home. bernice, i don't blame you. i'd be feeling the same way in your same shoes. tell me how you learned about this. >> i got a bruin alert, e-mail and text, and we were told to go on lockdown and lock the doors. >> and so you've done that? >> yes. >> are you alone, or do you at least have some people with you? >> i have people with us, in the room next to us. my classmates are there and in my class i have two classmates and an adult. >> i know police also asking you to stay away from windows. are police communicating with you? i know they are clearing different buildings or clearing different students. have you had any interaction with law enforcement today? >> no, we haven't. we're waiting for them. we just know that the shooter is
11:35 am
possibly wearing black trunks and black jacket and he's white and about 6 feet tall. >> at times like this there's a lot of information passing around and we don't want to pass things around that we don't know for sure. and bernice, you've been on campus since this morning, since this happened? >> yes. >> bernice, thank you so much. please stay safe and let me pivot to our justice correspondent evan perez. the fbi is close, on scene helping out as lapd have taken the lead here. tell me more about the law enforcement activity. >> well, brooke, at this point we have both the fbi and the atf at the scene there. they are trying to best figure out how to clear these buildings and figure out what exactly happened here. obviously we still only know of these two people who have been shot. we don't know where the shooter, is whether the shooter managed to get away or whether possibly
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one of the people dead is -- it was the shooter that people were first alerted to. all of that is still very much in flux simply because law enforcement doesn't have any information right now as to where possibly the perpetrator, the shooter, might have gone. we do know as kyung law -- kyung lah was reporting, as you heard, it's a sprawling campus. the fbi is actually in walking distance from that location so they got there pretty quickly. it's really remarkable at this point that we still don't know very much as to whether or not it's still an active shooter situation or whether or not these two people who were shot were all including the shooter. that's the information we're waiting to hear from law enforcement, brooke. >> evan, just stay with me. i just got handed this. this is from lapd. the lapd, ucla police began a
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search for suspects and victims. actually stand by. got a news conference again. >> good morning. my name is jim heron, i'm the chief of politician for the ucla police department. as you have already learned, we've had an on-campus shooting this morning. the unfortunate fact is that there are two victims who are deceased from that shooting. we have still on campus an active investigation. we have an active search to ensure that there are no further victims, that no one else is in harm's way and we're still searching to see if there is a suspect that may be in the area. those are questions we don't have answered yet, but i can tell you what we did immediately upon having learned about this incident. we immediately put out a bruin alert, and that's our campus alert notification system to advise all of those in our campus community of an incident that occurred that could be dangerous to them and we requested them to stay out of the area. right now currently the campus is on lockdown. we have literally hundreds of
11:38 am
police officers and agents here on campus assisting in this active situation. ucpd is working in concert with the fbi, with los angeles police department, with atf and with l.a. city fire department as well as santa monica college police. we have a lot of resources here that we're dedicating to ensure the safety of this entire campus community. that will tell you that with the response that we have had, in the only from our own officers who has responded within just brief moments of receiving that first call. it is something that we have trained to do, and so when our overs arrived on scene they immediately began putting teams together that are considered rescue teams, to help those who have been injured and also search teams to look for suspects who may be in the area. that was implemented immediately and we've not stopped yet. we will continue to go until we are sure that this campus is safe and if there is an
11:39 am
outstanding suspect we will have that person or persons in custody. >> how many shooters? >> we don't know. it's possible that one. victims is a shooter, but we don't know it yet. >> can you tell us where the bodies -- >> could it be a murder-suicide. >> >> there is a possibility but we can't tell you yet. >> can you tell us where in the engineering building the shootings occurred and what the circumstances were. >> the location exactly in the building i can't divulge right now. it's in the engineering building, as you know. it's inside where there's numerous people. in fact, quite honestly we still have dozens of people in the building who have sheltered inside. the people in the court of sciences, we've asked everybody to leave that location. >> just one location? >> one location. >> the victims were inside the building? >> how many gunman are you looking for? >> unknown. >> sex of the victims, male,
11:40 am
female? >> i don't have that information right now. >> one more question. >> how did you first receive the call? >> how did you first receive the call? >> through our 911 sdis patch center in the police station. >> and it came from inside the building or -- >> i'm not sure where the origin that have call was but we received it to the station. >> thank you very much. >> we will update you with more information as we're able to develop it. we appreciate it. i'm sorry. >> do you know if the victims are students? >> i don't know. >> thank you. >> nobody else injured? >> can you just confirm that they are saying there are injuries. any other injuries? any other injuries? >> okay. thank you, chief. >> sorry, trying to get the latest information. >> still so many questions here. can you hear them being shouted out to that ucla police chief there. two bits of information confirming. we knew that there were two dead on campus, two males, according to lapd, and that was a new piece of information that he said that the two victims were found inside the building, inside that engineering building
11:41 am
in the heart of the campus there at ucla. not quite sure if one of those who is deceased is the shooter or not. stephanie elam is on campus there at ucla. stephanie, i know you were moved. tell me where you are now. >> reporter: we've been pretty much moving around the entire time since i talked to you following what activity we could see here. greg, shoot down that way, for people who know the campus, we watched officers walk around and come up this way and then go back to originally where we were, brooke, when i told you they were telling us to back up so we're not quite there. we've backed away from there. one bit of interest there, but they are inside of this building here in a hallway, and that's where the activity seems to be contained, but i have to say that there is -- there are more students who are showing up on campus now. i'm seeing more people walking around, not a lot, but just a few people who are still coming out here. the helicopters are still above, and the police seem to be pushing everybody back into a
11:42 am
certain area, but it doesn't seem like they are running around as rampantly as they were earlier in the morning. that seemed to slow down. seems to be much more directed now how they are moving so we're continuing to watch this here but obviously the students that are here, a lot of them they are vows about their finals, about what they have to do to finish up this year of school, so i saw people coming out here. one guy was more nervous about missing his final and that's why he was out on campus right now, brooke. >> stephanie, thank you. forgive me. i had a voice in my ear. bim to bring in a fourth-year student here at ucla. it's brooke. can you hear me? >> yeah, can i hear you. >> we're not going to give away where you are on campus. let me ask you first how are you doing in. >> i'm fine. definitely shaken up but doing fine and trying to stay safe.
11:43 am
>> how many people are with you in your location on campus? >> there's about 12, 13 of us in the room right now. >> 12 in the room, and i know that police are going to different buildings. it's a massive campus. it's going to take some time to find if there is an additional shooter or the shooter. have you heard from law enforcement. i know you got your bruin alert this morning? >> yeah, we did. that's how we found out. >> can you tell me more about what it said? >> yeah, basically the first one said to avoid engineering 4 which is the building nearby, and the second one alerted us that to basically be on lockdown and not leave the room. >> do you -- have you seen activity outside of wherever you are, or is it just almost like an odd ghost town right now, your campus? >> no. where we are right now, we have very little information of
11:44 am
what's going on outside just because we've been on lockdown. we're trying to minimize, you know, our noise and everything else. we are hearing some friends who have seen -- who have seen people running and basically trying to leave certain areas. >> we're looking at what i think is your twitter page or a twitter photo. doors open outward with no locks so we had to improvise our own locking mechanism. what is this a photo of? >> so the classroom we're in doesn't have locks that we can personally lock. i think you need like a janitorial key to lock the doors and since they open outward there was really no way for us to secure ourselves so we decided to improvise our own locking mechanism with chairs and belts and whatever else we could to secure the room. >> oh, my goodness. you've tried to jerry rig a lock to make sure that anybody who
11:45 am
comes by doesn't come in. >> you're in a building where there could be hundreds of students and 43,000 students right now are staying put right now. >> yeah. >> parnasha, thanks so much for calling n.appreciate it. we're keeping all of you very close in our thoughts as we've been reporting from ucla that two people are dead on campus inside that engineering building. tom fuentes is with me, former assistant director of the fbi. tom fuentes, i -- let me go back to what -- when we heard from the chief of police there at ucla he said that, you know, there are two dead, we've confirmed that. two males and possibly one is the shooter, they don't know, but it's still an active investigation and still an active search. my question to you is with such a massive campus how do they go and clear all these buildings? that could take hours.
11:46 am
>> well, i think, brooke, the hope is they won't have to clear all those buildings. that could take more than hours. that could take days so they are going to hope that that's not necessary. they are going to hope that the situation is contained and i think that if there's a possibility that one of the two victims was actually the shooter and is now dead, they will be trying to confirm that as quickly as possible, but yet still be searching if there's anyone else that might have been involved so that's the problem here is that even if one of the dead is the shooter -- is one of the shooters, is there anybody else at large? one of the other problems that occurs, brooke, is that when the call comes into the police and when they put out the word to respond to the shooting, respond to the call for help, lock down the campus. that all takes some time and in five or ten minutes in the interim a person can walk ten blocks away or run 20 blocks from the scene and the problem is do they get there in time? do they have officers close enough to actually contain it to
11:47 am
one or two buildings, or could that person be halfway out of town by now? >> right, right. and we heard the police chief or one of the captain from the lapd talking about how they are reallocating resources from the city police to make sure the priority is on the campus. we're looking at the fire crews and lafd here on the screen. i know there's ems and ambulances. we've seen stretchers be pulled out of ambulances. nobody has seen anybody on stretchers, per se, but you've been looking at these pictures. has anything in particular struck you, tom. >> not right now. right now we see the normal activity trying to resolve the situation and also a friend reminded me that there will be hundreds of campus video cameras, security cameras in locations so they will be able to start really getting people to analyze those videos and see, especially at the building where the shooting occurred, the engineering building, you know,
11:48 am
can they see whether somebody ran out of that building at the time running down the street or something. are there cameras inside the entry way to the building that might be useful. that might be going on and analysis of the security videos available from that campus area. >> bernard kerik joins us, former police commissioner of the new york police department. have you -- we're about to get, and guys, get in my ear when we have them. these are stills. this is closed-circuit tv. i don't know if this is specifically the engineering building where the shooting took place or another building on campus. it's police searching and clearing the hallways. can you talk me through these pictures, bernard. >> i can't -- i can't see them from where i am. >> let me describe them for you since you don't have a tv. you see essentially law enforcement in tactical gear,
11:49 am
long guns in -- in a hallway surrounded by doors. >> well, listen, these are the special operations teams, the s.w.a.t. teams, if you will. >> yeah. >> that are going to have to clear these buildings, remove the students, get the students out of the way and then search for possible suspects. you know, tom fuentes brought up a really good point, and i think this is -- this is going to be the time restraint, if you will, on, you know, knocking this investigation down in time, and that is the internal cameras of the facilities. if they identify where these two victims are, they know where they are. they have already gotten them out of there and to the hospital. that's going to be the first focal point of the cameras. the intelligence guys are going to go in and they are going to pull that data and they will look at those cameras and look at what happened prior to and after. they will have a pretty basic idea, a good idea of whether or not there were any other
11:50 am
shooters other than possibly those two that were there and they will be able to make argues determination rather quickly and to get that information out to the field, and the last thing i want to say is make sure that you're viewers that are watching that are locked down in these buildings only listen -- when you get those alerts, pay attention to the alerts from the authorities. you know. i'm watching the -- the stuff online, and there's all kinds of stuff out there that's not real, not confirmed. they only need to listen to the authorities. don't do anything that some kid puts out over social media. make sure they are listening to the authorities. >> no, that's a great point. weave talked to a number of different students. listen, they are on facebook. they are on twitter and they are passing along information that isn't factual. that's the tricky part when you cover a story like this or when you find yourself accidentally in the middle of a story like this you absolutely don't know. pay attention to what's being said by law enforcement there on on campus at ucla and lapd.
11:51 am
back to the point you were making, and tom made it before, about really taking a good look at these surveillance pictures from inside the engineering build, where the two victims have been found, because one of the questions is, as we've been discussing is whether or not one of those victims was the actual shooter, and so by looking at that surveillance video they should be able to determine whether or not that's the case, but then following up on that how will they know if there were others involved if it takes so long to search the campus? >> well, it really depends on what they find on those cameras. >> yeah. >> you know, when i started talking earlier and i said if this is really still an active shooter scenario, that's sort of what i meant. you have two victims down. you don't have any other calls of ongoing gun fire. you don't have anyone that's cbs a suspect movement, you know, so the first thing in my mind was, you know, what's going on with these two people? where's the suspects and no other locations, no other
11:52 am
sightings. this is stuff that you have to consider in advance. >> yeah. bernard kerik, former nypd commissioner. thank you, sir, so much. we're going to take a quick commercial break. you're watching tunnel live coverage of a live shooting on ucla campus, two male victims dead inside the engineering building in the heart of campus. could the shooter still be out there or could one of the victims be the shooter? so much still unknown. quick break. back after this. megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared. the difference is easy to absorb. is better for your skin than wearing no makeup at all? neutrogena® cosmetics. with vitamins and antioxidants. now with foundations in shades for more skin tones.
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11:57 am
up on what's been a tragic day in the city of los angeles, in the heart of the massive sprawling campus there at ucla. there is still a campuswide lockdown, and we can now confirm from ucla that the two victims who were found inside of this engineering building are both dead. they are both men. we're told one of them could possibly be the shooter. here's police. >> as you already have learned, we have had an on-campus shooting this morning. the unfortunate fact is there are two victims who are deceased from that shooting. we have still on campus an active investigation. we have an act ive search to ensure there's no further victims, to make sure no else is in harm's way to make sure whether there is a suspect still in the answer. those are questions we don't have answered yet. >> that's the chief of police for ucla. charlie beck is the police chief for all of lapd.
11:58 am
i'm told he is on campus. he'll be briefing the media momentarily and we'll keep our eye on the screen for that. just as we're looking at the live pictures here. it's frightening for 43,000 students here on the massive sprawling campus. next week is exams. there soo a lot of activity and next week is commencement as well, and, again, we don't know a lot. a lot of misinformation in stories like this. let's be crystal clear. we don't have confirmation on the shooter's whereabouts, could the shooter be one of the victims from within the engineering building? you're seeing a lot of fbi activity, fbi, atf there and helping and assisting as well. it's an active scene and so they are now searching and clearing and going building to building, clearing students and looking to see if the shooter or possibly secondary shooter is possibly out there. again, ucla campus is still on lock dounl. we've been talking about a number of people, both employees of the school and also students
11:59 am
who are frightened and understandably so, who have gotten their bruin alerts coming in this morning. it sounds like ucla was phenomenally prepared, sadly, for an event like this so they were made aware of this right around 10:00 this morning pacific time. a twitter alert just going out in the past couple of minutes read lockdown continues. do not go outside unless instructed by ucpd. that's the campus police. do not come to campus if outside. go indoors and lockdown and this bears repeating. this is a massive campus. this is some 43,000 students enrolled there and that's just students and think about employees and faculty and staff. the lapd also has put the city of los angeles on tactical alert, and that just means, as we heard from a captain of the lapd, they are reallocating resources so more resources can be, you know, placed over at campus and, again, as i mentioned atf and fbi on the scene and the president has been
12:00 pm
briefed as well. that is what we know right now. let me go first to this hour, stephanie elam, our correspondent -- actually, stand by, stephanie. we'll go to etch perez, our justice correspondent, and evan, who are you looking? >> if you look at the police there at the scene, what we're trying to get a -- a sense of is whether or not they believe whether there's an active shooter and i'm told at this point that they do not. right now the operating theory for the investigation is that this appears to be a murder-suicide, so the two people inside that building that the spokesman referred to in the last few minutes ago in his impromptu press conference, those two people were the two victims. one was the victim and the other apparently self-inflicted gunshot, so that's right now what investigators are working on and are looking at.
12:01 pm
the situation obviously is still in lockdown because they are not sure whether there's someone else who could have been involved so it takes some time to be able to figure that out. i know it's probably scary and frustrating for people who are in those buildings and locked in, especially the young lady who just described having to jerry rig a way to secure herself and her friends inside that room, but it is a situation that's going to take probably some hours before the authorities can assure that everybody will be safe, but at this point it appears to have been a murder-suicide that occurred. this is an investigation, obviously still only at its beginnings and they need to find out what led to that and what possibly could have caused this and at this stage it does appear this situation is to longer an active shooter and it's about trying to make sure that everyone else is safe on this large, large campus there. >> murder-suicide or not, that is still a tragic day for people at ucla. if that is in fact the case, hopefully then they will be able
12:02 pm
to start communicating with the thousands and thousands of students and this can begin to come to a close, but evan perez, thank you so much for that really significant nugget of news and, again, we're watching and waiting to hear from charlie beck who is the lapd chief to get confirmation on that officially from him. stephanie elam, as i mentioned ago, is our correspondent. she and her crew have been different locations on campus there. describing the scene. it's quiet. go ahead, stephanie. >> reporter: you can see right now we were just told by these officers who were here that you see in the shot right now to get back. that is still an active scene, but i have to tell you that the energy on campus is -- has changed since i first got here. they are still saying, look is this is an active scene. get back. if you're too close you could be part of the problem but i've seen more people coming on campus and even the energy around some. buildings seems to have changed a bit. this idea obviously being tweeted out that you just heard
12:03 pm
evan talking about is something other people are talking about as well, and so it's still very scary for these people that are held up in these buildings, holed up, looking out the window and you can still see them and it's still eerily quiet except for the sound. police advance and helicopters overhead especially going into finals here but overall there's not a lot of activity about where something on campus has happened now. that's the change and one of the biggest changes here. that seems to have become a little less tedious at this point but the campus presence of police is very massive and i want to underplay how that looks here. we're right in the heart of the campus where it's standing right now so it's not a good for students to come out and walk like normal. just not that time yet. >> clearly it's not. look at these pictures, humvees,
12:04 pm
tactical agents. what do you think when you see that kind of scene? >> they still don't know if it was an active situation. apparently what reports are saying it was a murder-suicide and there's a difference between a shooting at a particular location than an active shooter. if there's a shooting presumably the victim is deceased and the shooter killed himself and however since they don't know they won't declare the scene safe. they will continue a strong presence and basically clear the entire facility until they get probably some intelligence, maybe a witness who knows the person, knows exactly what happened. >> let me come back to you on the clearing the scene note but i do have amber on the phone. amber is on the phone in the library or a library on campus. amber, can you hear me? >> hi. yes, i can hear you. >> amber, i understand you're in the library and how many students are with you?
12:05 pm
>> about 50 students with me in the library. this is the center of campus. it's the heart of ucla really. >> as i understand this engineering iv, this particular building was the heart of campus as well, and are you -- i was told by a producer you were under a desk. >> yes. we actually had a few scares during our lockdown here so currently, you know, we have all the lights off and our windows are blocked and we had a crowbar on the door and we were peeking through a window and happened to see someone walking around in black jacket and black pants and that's what the -- we all flew under the desk. everyone i met we were all
12:06 pm
horrified and dove under the desk and it just turned out to be an administrator of the school. we're just kind of crowded together right now in each other's face. >> i'm glad that i are together, that you're not alone and that you have 50 people here in this likery. i'm just sorry you're going to go through this. my goodness, looks like we're about to hear from police here in l.a. to confirm what exactly happened. amber, stand by. looks like he's nearing the microphones. the chief of the lapd. >> all right. you guys ready. >> charlie beck, chief of los angeles police department. i'm joined here by the head of the regional fbi hour and ucla
12:07 pm
police department and by the ucla management and this is what has occurred. at about 10:00 this morning a homicide and a suicide occurred in the engineering facility -- engineering part of the ucla campus on the south side. it appears it is entirely contained. we believe there are no suspects outstanding and no -- no continuing threat to ucla's campus. we're in the process of releasing students from lockdown, but we need to do so in an orderly fashion and in a way that allows us to make sure that there are no other participan participants. at that point this investigation will be handed over to robbery homicide division of the los angeles police department. the coroner will take custody of the bodies and this will become a homicide investigation. >> [inaudible question ].
12:08 pm
>> was there a suicide note? >> the method of suicide is gunshot wound. i won't go in any further. it is early in the investigation. many, many questions are unanswered at this point, but i think the important thing for people to take away from this is that the campus is now safe. the issue that has occurred has been contained. we are in the process of releasing the campus back to the students. they are in their finals. this is a very stressful time for them, and we're trying to alleviate that. we do not believe there are -- there is no evidence to support outstanding suspects at this point but out of abundance of caution we'll continue our search of several of the buildings adjacent to the crime scene. >> [inaudible question ]. >> there's evidence there that it could be a suicide note but we don't know at this point. >> was it teachers, students? >> i do not know.
12:09 pm
>> was it male, female? >> two males. >> where did it happen, a classroom, an office? >> a small office in the engineering building. >> were they both students? >> i don't know that. >> did they know each other? >> we don't -- we don't have the identities nor would i release them until the coroner has verified that so you can request all the questions you want about identity but you won't get anywhere. >> was there one gun recovered. >> >> there is a gun at the scene. >> was it dead at the scene or the hospital? >> both deceased at the scene. >> shots fired? >> ucla responded to reports of three shots fired. we don't know if there were more than that but at least three. all right. thank you very much. there will be continuing information, and the school will go about its business of reopening. thank you very much. >> all right. sadly there you have it from the chief of l.a. police himself, from charlie beck, that that was in fact a homicide/suicide, murder-suicide by gun. boast those victims, both male,
12:10 pm
happening inside of a small office within that engineering building, you know. the question is to why. obviously we're far from figuring that out. were they students? we don't know, but this will now be turned over to the homicide division. it will be a homicide investigation, and then the question, of course, next is aural of these students, the thousands of students on this sprawling campus, how will that lockdown be released? it will take time as we heard from chief beck. that's exactly as we've heard from etch perez. tragically so many of these active shooter situations end like this. >> well, whether it's a shooting or an active shooter, what they need -- what though did is the appropriate thing. they assumed the worst so rather than say, well, look, it was a contained situation. they took -- they put into place the protocols that they obviously prepared for and kept everyone else safe. by the way, one thing that should be noted, the young
12:11 pm
welcome you spoke to amber, being in a library hiding and you desk, that's not what we recommend. whatever you take, lock the door and barricade the door. >> said there was a crowbar. >> pile up furniture. nothing is too much. i know this is a little bit of an after thought now. >> i know. >> but we teach that every day in new york city to barricade and that's what they need to do, not hide under a desk. >> you say to me, do you know where your exits are? i have you in mind, sadly. >> we've talked about it. >> david, thank you so much and thanks so much for watching our coverage of the piece of this tragic story on campus on ucla. as we get more updates we'll promise to pass those along. i do want to pivot now to more breaking news out of ohio, and the incident involving that child who fell into the gorilla enclosure. we now are hearing the 911 calls from that day straight from the mother of that little boy. >> mom loves you.
12:12 pm
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you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. let's get you now to cincinnati. where we have breaking news there. we're getting the frantic 911 call from the mother whose son
12:16 pm
fell into this gorilla enclosure. you know the story. happened at the cincinnati zoo over the weekend. now officially under investigation and it's drawing international attention after zoo officials shot that 450-pound endangered gorilla to save this 3-year-old little boy. we've seen and cringed watching these terrifying pictures of this little boy in the hands of this massive gorilla, and now we have the call from the mother pleading with this 911 operator. >> what is the emergency? >> i need you to call -- >> cincinnati 9111. what is the address? >> my son fell in the zoo exhibit at the gorilla. the zoo, there's a male gorilla standing over him. i need someone to contact the zoo please. >> okay. we do already have it started. we do already have help started there, okay? >> okay. >> how old is your child? >> calm, be calm. be calm. he's dragging my sone. i can't watch this.
12:17 pm
i can't watch. >> let me help you out. >> hello. >> how old is he? >> hello. >> so got a couple of voices to talk to out of this tape from the mother. jessica schneider is standing by outside the cincinnati zoo and jeff corwin is back with you host of "ocean mysteries" and a former u.s. director of the marshal's office. jessica, to you, to hear this mother repeat to her son be calm. can't imagine. >> yeah, you know, you heard that frantic tone. you heard the tense moments. we've seen it on video, and now we know exactly what that mother was experiencing. that call lasting about a minute and a half. her call was just one of six
12:18 pm
that came into the dispatch. we heard from many different people, not just the mother. we heard from people who were calling and seeing this all unfold. one of the calls, in fact, was one woman urging all. crowd there to stay calm. so we heard the panic and the tense nature of the mother's voice. that's how a lot of those 911 callers sounded, and many of the people there in the crowd just trying to tell everyone to stay calm because obviously we've heard from the zoo director that this gorilla became very agitated and very aggressive. it was recounted in the video that we saw. it's recounted in some of these 911 calls. the recounting. gorilla grabbing the child and dragging him violently. people urging the people in the crowd to stay very calm but the mother there, you can hear that panic in her voice. you could hear it as she's trying to describe to the 911 dispatcher what was going on. again, remember, the mother now under investigation along with the other family members by the cincinnati police department. that investigation is taking shape now.
12:19 pm
the prosecutor will become involved if the police decide that there's evidence to charge criminally the mother, the father or any other parent, so obviously these 911 calls will come into play in this investigation as well as the witness -- the witnesses who videotaped this as well as the other witnesses who called 911. brooke? >> jeff, to you, feel free to weigh in on the call. heard from the zoo director a couple days ago saying they heard from people all around the world including the famous jane goodal and i'm parafragz, when she saw the video she didn't think harambe, the gorilla, was acting violently and thought she saw the gorilla putting his arm around this little boy. what do you make of that? >> what do i make of jane goodal's comment? >> well, jane goodal is the grande dame of primatology and the icon when it comes to the conservation of these incredible creatures but we need to take
12:20 pm
stock of the observations from those folks in this terrified moment of absolute chaos. you're hearing the terror in the woman's voice but yet even though she's incredibly terrified she is able to stay calm and focused and connect with her child. i have -- i have palpitations listening to this emergency call. >> others said my goodness i don't know if i could have held back and not jumped in but that probably would have made the situation a thousand times worse. art roderick, you heard the call and heard 911 operator trying to keep her calm and what do you make of the response by the zoo and police? >> the response was absolutely right on. obviously there's a lot of controversy involving the shooting of the animal. why couldn't they have used some type of dart on them, but the key part here was the mother. i agree with jeff. the mother was very calm during
12:21 pm
this whole scenario, and when you're talking to 911 dispatchers, their job is to calm the individual that's making the 911 call. i mean, they are trained to do this. these are very organized units, the 911 dispatch units and i actually worked as a dispatcher for a while and it can get pretty hectic in there and can you hear them calm the mother down and i think the mother did a fantastic job of connecting with her child in that type of situation. >> the mother, again, we haven't really heard from the family. they want to just be quiet and keep this private. they don't want any money so what i'm hearing, jessica, back to you, you made the point a second ago and reiterate it about the focusing of this investigation that we heard from the police and the county is specifically on the mother, yes? jessica, can you hear me? >> oh, i'm sorry. >> on the mother.
12:22 pm
just asking on the mother. the investigation is regarding the mom. >> yeah, right. the focus, they say, is on the family, so presumably the only family member that we know that was there right now based on the 911 calls is from the mother herself. there may have been other family members there. that may be the width of the police department is looking into all the family members. we're not exactly sure who that entails but, yes, the mother will probably be the number one person that they need to talk to along with the other witnesses. there were other 911 calls too. >> jeff, i go back to the zoo director and was hanging on his every word. said they have had this kind of gorilla enclosure for 38 years and never had a problem and now this horrible thing happens. i'm wondering do you think that this should change or force zoos all across the country to -- to reconsider goerl la enclosures or just how we view these wild animals at all?
12:23 pm
>> hard to try to predict the future but oftentimes it's paramount moments like this that will dictate the evolution of whatever that mission is. i can tell you that the zoos that we have today are very different than 100 years ago just like the medical profession is very different and all of this is based on the needs and times and challenges that one faces. as you said, this exhibit has been around for years and never had a situation like this before. they will have to manage it and hopefully learn from this challenge. >> jeff corwin, thank you so much and now let's pivot and talk politics. strong words from hillary clinton reacting moments ago to trump university. you both have a
12:24 pm
12:25 pm
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12:26 pm
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12:28 pm
bottom of the hour. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. newly released court documents indicate damning accusations against a man who in a month will being the nominee for president. donald trump failed to live up to his word to people who attended or even was employed by trump university. a former sales manager said this, quoting the sales manager. i resigned my position in may of 2007 because i believed trump university was engaging in
12:29 pm
misleading, fraudulent and dishonest conduct. trump, whose face is on pretty much much of this material. >> action is what trump university is all about. sacks a small part of trump university, it's about knowledge and above all it's about how to become successful. >> well, hillary clinton has swiftly seized upon the new details as released. this 400-page document dump that happened right around this time yesterday. she has sent out a barrage of tweets, nine tweets on this today including this one. the gist, she tweets. trump's for-profit university deceived and exploited students to take their money and he has the gall to call the media sleazy. that from hillary clinton. moments ago she said this at an event with jon bon jovi. >> trump and his employees took
12:30 pm
advantage of vulnerable americans, encouraging them to max out their credit cards, empty their retirement savings, destroy their financial futures all while making promises they knew were false from the beginning. this is just more evidence that donald trump himself is a fraud. >> so you've heard from frump there and heard from hillary clinton. let me bring in a navy veteran who attended trump university and is also part of a large class action lawsuit. thank you so much for joining me. >> thank you, too. >> so tell me about your experience with trump university. i understand you felt like you were ripped off. >> i felt like i was ripped off because when i was working at
12:31 pm
the time i was making good money and somebody approached me to spend money for the trump university because within three years, four years, five years, i'll become halfway millionaire, and ended up that i lost all my money and when i was attending the very last -- very last class and one of the staff asked me if i believed that kind of business about trump i asked him no because i had been a real estate agent in the state of virginia when i was in the military and so he told me apparently he, he said go back to the classroom and then i told my wife, let's go, let's go home because this is scum, and, therefore, i spent my money for nothing and then i called the trump university in florida and the connection was was florida longer in service so that man i won't believe anymore, multi-billionaire,
12:32 pm
whatever, until you show me something positive. >> i understand that you grabbed your wife, of course. you wanted to become a millionaire which is what was advertised. did you really look up to donald trump as someone who was so successful and you -- and you wanted to follow in his footsteps? >> that's what my idea from the beginning, because i figured if he can do that, i can do that, too, because i'm very smart guy, too, because i attained the highest rank in the military, the u.s. navy. i was even appointed by the u.s. navy authority to sign multi-billion dollar checks. u.s. government treasury. >> how much money did you spend on all this trump university, these classes? >> all in all i spent $35,000, but right now i'm still looking for the rest of my receipts base gave to my lawyer, the class action lawyer in los angeles. >> final question to you, to be fair to the trump side. you know, they say, listen,
12:33 pm
there are many, many positive stories that, you know, people just aren't highlighting positive experiences, people who did take these courses and became successful. you know, do you feel like you had any kind of positive experience? did you learn anything you were able to use. >> >> i never learned anything because, as i told you, i went to real estate school in the state of virginia. everything that they were talking about i knew already, so that's why at the end, at almost the end of the sem national, i told them that this isn't true but i cannot rim off anybody's money and treat my family that way. i'm an honest person because i have multi-billion dollars by the u.s. government, and even the pennies, i never fed my family with stolen money and i don't like that idea. >> thank you so much for your story here on trump university. we'll continue to follow this, investigate it and watch the status of these lawsuits. thank you, sir, so much. >> thank you.
12:34 pm
let me take you now to indiana. president obama speaking now. >> not just better than it was eight years ago, it's the strongest most durable economy -- >> one more term. >> no, i can't do that. the constitution prohibits it and more importantly michelle prohibits it. now one. reasons we're told this has been an unusual election year is because people are anxious and uncertain about the economy, and our politics are a natural place to channel that frustration, so i wanted to come to the heartland, to the midwest, back to close to my hometown to talk about that anxiety, that economic anxiety and what i think it means, and what i've got to say really boils down to two points, although i'm going to take a long time making these two points.
12:35 pm
number one, america's economy is not just better than it was eight years ago, it is the strongest, most durable economy in the world. that's point number one. point number two, we can make it even stronger and expand opportunity for even more people, but to do that we have to be honest about what our real challenges are, and we've got to make some smart decisions going forward. now, elkhart is a good place to have this conversation because some of you remember this was the first city i visited as president. [ applause ] i had been in office just three weeks when i came here. we were just a few months into what turned out to be the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes. our businesses were losing
12:36 pm
800,000 jobs a month. our auto industry was about to go under. our families were losing their savings and their health insurance, and as kelly pointed out they were in danger of losing their homes, and elkhart was hit harder than most. unemployment here would peak at 19.6%. that means nearly one in five people here were out of work. and i told you then that i was going to have your back, and we were going to work hard to bring this economy back. so what's happened since then? unemployment in elkhart has fallen to around 4%. at the peak of the crisis nearly one in ten homeowners in the state of indiana were either behind on their mortgages or in
12:37 pm
foreclosure. today it's 1 in 30. back then only 75% of your kids graduated from high school. tomorrow 90% of them will. [ applause ] the auto industry just had its best year ever and the rv catch at all is doing its part. the industry is set to ship nearly 400,000 rvs this year which will be an all-time record. so that's progress. and it's thanks to you, to the hard work you put in and the sacrifices you made for your families and the way that you looked out for each other, but we also wouldn't have come this far. elkhart would not have come this far if we hadn't made a series of smart decisions.
12:38 pm
my administration, a cooperative congress, decisions we made together early on in my administration. we decided to help the auto industry, to restructure, and we helped families refinance their homes. we decided -- we decided to invest in job training so that folks who lost their jobs could retool. we decided to invest in things like high-tech manufacturing and manufacturing and infrastructure so that entrepreneurs wouldn't just bring back the jobs that we had lost but create new and better jobs, and folks -- >> president obama speaking there in elkhart, indiana. as he said, he was three weeks into his presidency, that was his first stop as president of the united states, talking about the economy in this country, and we're also just keeping an ear on the president because we want to see if he'll wade into the political waters and speak at all about the upcoming fall election and what he might say there. on politics, i took a trip this
12:39 pm
morning, took a little field trip to brooklyn, walked around hillary clinton's campaign headquarters, got ten minutes with secretary clinton's campaign manager, and we -- we talked about the california primary battle with bernie sanders. we talked about party int, and we also talked about a potential presidential endorsement. here's robbie. if she is the self-proclaimed nominee, why are you guys cancelling events like the one in new jersey and adding on events in california? >> there are about 60% of the electorate in california votes by mail so there are literally millions of people with ballots sitting on their kitchen table right now, and we wanted to make sure to get out and remind people to turn those ballots in and get as many people as possible participating in the california contest. >> if bernie sanders loses, do you all expect him to wave the white flag. >> >> i think bernie sanders needs to make that decision, and he has every right to run in this primary right up until the
12:40 pm
end. hillary is winning the popular vote. she's winning the delegates, so we feel really good about where we are. >> when is the last time you had a conversation with a rep from the sanders camp? >> we've been talking with them all the time. >> when was the last timele? >> i appeared jointly at a party in philadelphia. another member of our staff appeared with a member of their staff at the wyoming convention, so we're talking all the time. >> beyond appearing, tell me about your last conversation. >> we'll keep those to ourselves, but i can tell you we are fully committed, both camps, to making sure that we rally around the nominee. >> have you had the conversation with a sanders campaign person about party unit? have you had that chat yet? >> i am very confident that both campaigns are 100% committed to making sure the democratic nominee wins the white house. >> in 2008 it was dianne feinstein who sort of brokered that obama/clinton summit.
12:41 pm
who do you see the peace broker this go round? >> you know, i actually -- i don't think that this is going to be very complicated, i really don't. >> how is it not going to be complicated? he's fighting. he says he could win california and is going all the way through philadelphia. you may need a peace broker, robby. >> if there's one thing i'm very confident about is that both bernie sanders and hillary clinton are fully committed to making sure the democratic nominee wins and so i don't think this is going to be a complex process. they are going to come together. they are going to work hard together and make sure the democrats turn out in theal. >> when we talk about if and when hillary clinton, you know, clinches, you know, she needs those sanders supporters. she continues to say i will play my role. he needs to play his role. play his part. what does his part look like in terms of getting the folks who feel the bern on your side? >> well, senator sanders and his supporters are an incredibly important part of winning the general election. their support is essential, both because of their numbers, but
12:42 pm
when you think about what senator sanders' campaign has achieved in terms of online organizing, organizing on the ground, registering new voters and bringing new people into the process, the nominee is going to need that, so we are going to reach out and make sure to bring those people into the campaign. >> what does that reach look like? what does that mean? >> well, i think you'll hear secretary clinton asking for their support, reaching out directly to them. you've already heard her doing that. that is only going to increase. their support is absolutely essential, and i think you're going to see senator sanders also reaching out to his supporters and -- and bringing them into the process to support the nominee as well. >> president barack obama is giving a big speech this afternoon where he's going to be talking about the choices that americans face in this upcoming fall election. at what point do you all expect he will endorse hillary clinton? >> i think the president is going to back the nominee very quickly. >> do you think this will be right after california? >> i leave it to him to -- to come up that. >> would you like it to be right after california or the
12:43 pm
convention in philadelphia? >> i'm -- i'm honestly not worried about this. the president has already done a fantastic job laying out the stakes in this election, explaining why donald trump is such a threat. i think he'll get behind the nominee very quickly, and he'll be out there campaigning vigorously. >> will he be your most important active surrogate? >> i think the president is one of the most important surrogates. he has made tremendous progress over the last eight years. no one is better qualified to talk about what it takes to be our commander in chief, the steadiness that that requires. >> that is just the first piece of our conversation with robbie mook, the hillary clinton campaign manager talking to me today just outside their brooklyn headquarters. again, let me reiterate, the piece of the headline as we're listening to president obama speaking in elkhart, indiana. again, the clinton campaign anticipating a presidential endorsement, that that will happen very quickly for the nominee. let's take a quick break and when we come back i asked him essentialliful tim graphics are in your favor and secretary
12:44 pm
clinton thinks donald trump is so totally unqualified why is this not a blowout. his answer coming up. well, it was nice to see everyone.
12:45 pm
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call now! all right. we're back again. spent my morning in beautiful brooklyn, new york. i had a chat with hillary clinton's campaign manager robbie mook, and here is more of what he had to say. trump has pounced on her for not holding, you know, formal news conference. it's been sort of six months since something like that has really happened. will that happen before california? >> i -- the schedule -- >> i know -- >> the schedule will continue to evolve until california. i'm glad you brought up trump's press conference and what really matters is what we saw yesterday, a california judge released the documents
12:49 pm
pertaining to the civil suit against trump that he committed fraud, that he was selling these phony degrees. we saw that his own employees were saying they were taught to manipulate and to get people to put the tuition for these degrees on their credit card and go into their retirement savings. i think the american people need to look at this very closely. we've seen it again and again. donald trump will go out there, just like he did with the phony degrees. he'll sayy he'll make people's lives better and improve the economy and what has always mattered to donald trump is his own bottom line, and he told people they could make their lives better by, you know, getting into real estate. >> he perhaps stirred the pot in a way that galvanizes his supporters. you bring up the economy. you look at poll numbers and i know there's a lot of polls. he fares better than her and i want to ask you about national security. she's apparently giving a big speech on national security. what about that will be
12:50 pm
different than palo alto when she gave her last big address on national security? >> i'll leave it to her to give the unfit to be our commander in chief. the reckless way he talks about nuclear weapons, the irresponsible way that he insults our allies and our frebds a friends and foreign leaders. america needs to think very carefully. the same way that he's going to be a danger for our economic future -- >> when you look at the most recent washington post polls, 40% believe hillary clinton has the props to lead in terms of national security, he had 44%. that is within the margin of error. the majority of america is not convinced your candidate is the one when it comes to protecting us. >> we're going to have a long time to talk about the general election. she's going to have a long time to make the case about her
12:51 pm
strength and steadiness to be commander in chief and also the danger that donald trump does present. the same way that she's going to be talking about how he defrauded people with his dip employ diploma mill. donald trump has done this at the expense of regular people. >> quickly, if donald trump is as unqualified as secretary clinton has laid out repeatedly and the demographics are shifting in your direction, why is this not a blowout for you all? >> this is going to be a competitive contest. presidential campaigns are always close. we still have time to contain our base. donald trump has had the opportunity to do that. so we think these numbers are still very dynamic. let's look at numbers that we do have. hillary is leading in her primary by 3 million votes. she's got more votes in the democratic primary than donald trump has gotten in the
12:52 pm
republican primary and they've had historically high turnout on their side. >> robby, thank you so much. david chalian is with me now. what jumped out at you? >> two things. the democratic fight. robby was rather dismissive of the notion that it may take work to bring the democratic party back together as this nomination season. he sort of assumed that it would happen easily and naturally. i do think that there is a natural consolidation of the party. we saw it happen on the republican side once ted cruz and john kasich got out. that will happen, to a large he can tent, on the democratic side but i think he's publicly underselling the notion that they are going to have real work to bring on the reluctant sanders supporters and come up with a plan with the sanders campaign to make that happen after these primaries wrap up. >> i said no peace broker. you heard my question on the
12:53 pm
dianne feinstein 2008. i said how about elizabeth warren? he said she's great but i don't know if we need that. so i wasn't even talking about the trump presser. >> a good dodge. >> he brought it up again and then we saw the slew of treats from hillary clinton on this trump university issue. what do you make of that? >> it's interesting. republican sources throughout the nomination season indicated to me and to others here at cnn that the trump university stuff was sort of the best research they thought they had on trump in terms of his rivals. focus groups indicated that the trump university discussion and the fact that he benefited perhaps from people who were
12:54 pm
sort of paying for these courses without any real expectation and being able to recoup that in the business pace, they thought that was a rich target. you saw the republicans were not able to execute that. i don't know if hillary clinton is going to be able to execute it any better. you hear robby and secretary clinton today. they clearly are going to try to make it an issue. it's not unlike what the obama team in 2012 tried to do to mitt romney, a rich guy not concerned with middle-class concerns. i just don't know if that conventional argument is going to work again and they are certainly going to try. listen, trump campaign, i have to say today, was ready to push back. they put out a video with three trump university students that were fully on trump's side of this argument attesting to what they believed was a very successful program at trump university. i think it was like the first campaign video that the trump weeks of presumptive nominee.-
12:55 pm
they clearly now have been gearing up with this battle against trump university, not just in the courtroom where the battle is taking place but also in the political arena. >> david chalian, thank you so much, as always. i spent my morning in brooklyn. i'd love to spend my morning at trump tower as well. corey lewandowski, paul manafort, just say yes. the request is in. breaking news involving the gorilla. the parents of the toddler who fell into the gorilla enclosure are revealing whether they plan to sue the zoo as we hear the first 911 calls regarding that chilling scene, next. you pay your car insurance
12:56 pm
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12:57 pm
see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. from cincinnati, ohio, the family of the 3-year-old who fell into the gorilla enclosure, the family will not sue the zoo. they say they will cooperate with police in this ongoing criminal investigation but they are actually evaluating whether or not they still need legal representation. this, as authorities have now released the audio. the phone call when this mother dialed 911. here she was. >> [ bleep ]. >> cincinnati 911. what is the address? >> hi. my son fell in the zoo at the gorillas. the cincinnati zoo, my son fell in with the gorilla. there's a male gorilla standing over him. i need someone to contact the
12:58 pm
zoo, please. >> okay. we have him already that started. we do already have -- >> he's grabbing my son. i can't watch this. i can't watch. >> hello? >> yeah. >> how old is he? >> i need to call my dad. >> hello? >> ooh. danny cevallos is with us, legal analyst. your heart goes out still to the mom saying, be calm, be calm. that's a little like telling herself to be calm as you're looking at your 3-year-old down in this gorilla enclosure. the question to you is, from a legal perspective, she says they will not sue the zoo but they are looking into legal representation. what does that tell you? >> there are so many potential legal liabilities.
12:59 pm
here. there are tis the zoo and people talked about potential criminal responsibility for the mother and any other sort of responsibility she might have. for example, we've heard of family court, dependency court, taking kids away from unsafe conditions. i'm not saying that is happening but the parents could be investigated for criminal liability and in ohio, if you violate a duty of care and create a risk to a child that you're responsible for, you may be guilty of a crime as well. so there are many potential issues here. >> what would your advice be to this mother? >> get a lawyer. in a normal case, hey, you let your kid get away from you. it happens. so one of envisioned this happening.
1:00 pm
but in a case with this much attention, the police are going to take a close look and any civilian would be well advised to get counsel. >> danny cevallos, thank you very. thank you very much for staying with me here on this wednesday. i'm brooke baldwin. "the lead" starts now. >> thanks, brooke. the allegation, did trump university teach the art of the steal? and salespeople allegedly flee to the elderly, the homeless and uneducated. new damning information from trump university and the pitch to students trying to draw a line between this case and his campaign. he's an nba all-star but so worried about zika he might skip the olympics.