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tv   Wolf  CNN  June 2, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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prince died. we will only get two things from the medical examiner's office. one, the manner of death and, two, the cause of death. so we may not find out all that was in his system. >> sara sidner, thank you for that. and thank you everyone for being with us. stay tuned. wolf starts right now. i'm wolf blitzer. it's 10:00 a.m. in san diego, 1:00 p.m. here in washington, 8:00 p.m. in baghdad. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. up first, hillary clinton plans to hit donald trump on national security and foreign policy. you're look at live pictures from san diego where hillary clinton will give what her campaign is describing as a major foreign policy speech in the next hour, set to begin 2:30 p.m. eastern. 90 minutes from thousand. you will s now. you will see it live. clinton plans to go afterthousa.
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now. you will see it live. clinton plans to go after donald trump over his call on a temporary ban on muslim, his suggestion countries should have nuclear weapons and questioning nato. donald trump firing back criticizing hillary clinton for voting in favor of intervening in libya, the invasion in iraq and use of a private e-mail server when she was secretary of state. clinton calls her vote over iraq and the use of the e-mail server mistakes. we'll get to all of that. but right now, there is breaking news out of los angeles. stand by. >> there this morning just after midnight, lapd had called the brooklyn park police department requesting assistance on a welfare check. they indicated that this was related to the recent ucla shooting. and they also indicated that the female that lived at this address in brooklyn park was on a hit list that they believe was created by the shooter in the
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ucla incident. brooklyn park officers responded to the 2400 block of pearson parkway at a residence and made a welfare check where they did locate an adult female found deceased from an apparent gunshot wound. subsequently homicide investigation is being conducted with the assistance of the county share rev's office and medical examiner's office. there is again very limited informationrev's office and medical examiner's office. there is again very limited information that i can provide beyond what i've told you being that it is very early in the investigation. what i can tell you is that we have multiple detectives working on this case and we're working with the los angeles police department to coordinate our efforts. >> do you know the relationship between the shooter and the victim? >> i do not. >> any early indications on how long this woman's body was inside that house? >> what i can tell you is we believe at this point that she
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was deceased prior to the ucla shooting. but because it's so early in the investigation, the timing we don't know exactly at this point. >> and no other calls have come in on her well, no one heard a noise? >> that's correct. no other calls this week to that home. >> any disturbance calls or domestic calls from that address prior to this? will. >> not in the recent past meaning the last couple weeks, the answer is no. previous to that, i don't know. the deit cttectives working the will come up with that in the near future. as the information is unfolding over the next couple days, we will work hard to get that out to you as quickly as possible without jep arrested jeopardizing the actual investigation. i want to thank tu for coming and that will end the press conference. >> so there you have it. 24 hours ago gthere was a shooting incident at ucla, a
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murder-suicide. and now word that a woman was on a kill list, a hit list, who died -- shot and killed in minnesota. key kian law is following this for us. unfortunately, we don't have her. once again, what we know right now is apparently there was a kill list, some sort of kill list in connection with that murder-suicide at ucla yesterday. police lapd now confirming that a woman on a kill list in connection with the murder-suicide at until cla wasd dd. we'll update you on that coming up. wanted to just get you those headlines. so let's get back to to the other major news we're following right now. hillary clinton's upcoming national security speech in the next hour. she will portray donald trump we're told as not just divisive, but dangerous.
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brianna keilar is at the site of the speech in san diego. give us a preview of what we can expect to hear from the former secretary. >> reporter: wolf, talking to aides, i'm told that this will be hillary clinton's broad foreign policy speech, a framing speech that she is going to be referring back to essentially over the next five months leading into the general election assuming of course that she is the nominee. and while she's going to talk specifically about some of donald trump's policies when it comes to nato and nuclear weapon, when if comes to torture, this is much bigger than that and it's actually about communicating something that is much more visceral to american voters. you said she's going to say that he is unfit, unqualified, dangerous. these are some of the things we're expecting hillary clinton to hit donald trump on. and she's really going to be posing this in a way where she's hoping that voters will think about the question, do they want donald trump to be in charge of the nuclear codes. one of her aides telling me that
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this is someone whose foreign policy can turn, quote, on the vicissitudes of his mood. so she will be trying to communicate that she thinks donald trump is dangerous and that voters should take that away, as well. >> could be a dangerous speech according to her aides. stick around. i want to bring in our panel here. aaron david miller, woodrow wilson international center. elise labott and david chalian. one of her advisors said donald trump is unlike any presidential nominee we've seen in modern times and he's fundamentally unfit for the job. so that will be the theme, i take it, of the clinton campaign going forward. >> right, this isn't just a foreign policy speech, this is a character speech. that's the argument they're trying to frame. we saw this starting with quchr
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cuomo's interview a couple weeks ago. she ticked through the list of items that she's going to on go through again today, whether it's nuclear weapons for japan, whether it is the nato involvement, the muslim ban. she came to decide he's unqualified for the office. foreign policy is not something necessarily that people vote on unless there is something immediate to the election. and i think what you see secretary clinton doing here today is laying a predicate for a fall argument i'm sure we will hear it's not just a foreign policy, she will declare him unqualified in every role of the office. and so now she's laying the predicate on the national security foreign policy part of it. >> president obama spoke out about this whole national security debate that is unfolding between the republicans and the democrats. listen to what he said.
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>> we can't be isolationists. it's not possible in this globalized interconneenteinterc. it's tempting sometimes to pull back and wash our hands of conflicts, let other countries depend for themselves. but history teaches us from pearl harbor to 9/11 that oceans alone cannot protect us. hateful ideologies can spark terror from boston to san bernardino. in a global economy, it's not the possible to stop trading goods and services with other countries. >> not so thinly veiled criticism of donald trump. that's the commencement the address at the u.s. air force academy that he just delivered. this will be presumably a major issue right now assuming hillary clinton and donald trump are the nominees. who is more qualified to handle national security. >> you're asking me is this. >> no that's the debate.
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>> i've worked with republicans and democrats and associated for them, i'm not associated with n anybody's campaign. and i think the issue that she will try to frame is the character and temperament and impulse control. on most of these core issues, leadership means prudence, wisdom and being able to restrain your own worst instincts and impulses. and i think that's the core question. she will try to describe him as unfit, up qualified and ultimately unmored. if you ask me, this notion of impulse control and judgment is extremely important. just one additional point. it's a paradox, though. because in a way she is the more risk ready president when it comes to the projection of american military force than he is. i mean, she's been associated with three military operations, none of which have succeeded and that some have redowned to her personal discredit. iraq, libya and the prospects of
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doing more in syria. so there is a certain paradox there and she needs to also keep in mind that there are liberal internationalist democrats that she would like to get on board. so she can't appear to be too risk ready when it comes to being muscular and -- >> is she doing to run on the notion that if you like president obama's foreign policy over the past eight years, elect me because i'll continue basically that national security foreign policy? >> she will be the keeper of that foreign policy plus is what she says. so i'm going to build on the progress that president obama had. and there are some successes. you have the killing of osama bin laden. some people would say many in fact that the iran deal was a success. but you also are looking at some of the weaknesses and libya is certainly -- she was one of the architects of that policy to invade and get rid of gadhafi. and that's something that continues to dog her with benghazi. and if you look around the world, you look at the civil war in syria, you look at what is going on with isis, that is not necessarily a foreign policy that you want to inherit.
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and so i think also while she'll try to pitch herself as someone who is a known quantity, someone who is calm and steady, if you look at some of the people and david said foreign policy isn't really a huge issue this most of these campaigns, a lot of people supports donald trump find his ideas refreshing and they're not really necessarily following the ins and outs of whether any particular policy that she has the right prescription. so a lot of this as brianna said, too, is going to be visceral, but i think a lot of it will come down to whether people trust at the end ever of day that someone will keep them safe. and while hillary clinton has worked in an administration that has kept america safe, donald trump's tough talk about making america safe and keeping america safe does resonate with people. >> and i want to point out donald trump has been pretty busy on twitter. just in the last few minutes, a couple of tweets, crooked
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hillary clinton who i would love to call lying hillary is getting ready to totally misrepresent my foreign policy positions. and another tweet, after the litigation is disposed of and the case won, i've instrugtsed my execs to open trump u. so much interest in it. i will be president of united states. already. stand by, a lot more coming up. we're following breaking news. we now know what killed the music superstar prince. stay with us. lots going on. & in a world held back by compromise, businesses need the agility to do one thing & another.
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more breaking news coming in to cnn. the minneapolis star tribune reporting that prince -- sara sidner is joining us from the medical examiner's office. tell us what you know.
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>> reporter: there is nothing official yet and that's been frustrating for everyone including the family members and of course the fans. but right now investigators have told the star "tribune" that indeed prince has died of an opioid overdose. is this a surprise, no. from all the reporting who told us that there were painkillers found on prince's body when he was found dead slumped inside of his he will vaelevator inside o park and also pain kellers found inside of his home and also the desperate phone calls made by the people around him the day he passed away, calling for help, we know there was the son of a doctor who made an emergency trip for what his attorney called a life-saving mission to prince's home to help prince. they didn't say with what, but to help prince deal with a problem. and he was found with a drug that helps to deal with the use of opioids, with people who have
10:18 am
dependency or addiction to opioids. he said he did not administer those. he's not allowed toed a minister those. but all of these small details that have beena minister those. but all of these small details that have been coming out have led people to believe that he may have died from an opioid overdose. i want to be clear, this is not official. this is not coming from the medical examiner's office. we're trying to get details from them to see if they will confirm this information. they did the autopsy the day after prince died and they have been waiting for weeks now. it's now 45 days since his death since we have heard anything about what may have killed him. we're waiting for that toxicology report. we have not yet gotten that report. but a lot of small details leading people to believe what we are now hearing from the star "tribune" that they have a source saying that he indeed died from an opioid overdose.
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>> thank you very much. hillary clinton will deliver what is being billed as a national security speech and she will portray donald trump as a threat to u.s. national security. take a look of the pictures from the site where the speech will occur. you will see it live right here on cnn. trump campaign is already firing back. national spokesperson for the trump campaign is joining us from dallas. i want to get to national security, the hillary clinton speech in a moment, but i want to ask you, crekatrina, first at the tweet donald trump just posted on trump university. he said after the litigation is disposed of and the case won, i have enstructured my execs to open trump u and he has a question mark, not sure what that means, so much interest in it. i will be president. has he told you what his plans are? >> he's just talking about potentially reopening school when this whole thing is over
10:20 am
with. >> because he feels what? >> well, because people are interested in it. a lot of people do want to hear what mr. trump feels about real estate because he's been so successful and when this is over, mr. trump is considering reopening the university. >> let's say he's president of the united states. f would it be appropriate at the same time to be operating a university or school? >> well, it wouldn't be mr. trump himself. one of the things that he's been talking about along the trail is turning over all his business operations to his children. >> so the children would run trump university, is that what you're saying if it's reopened? >> they would be in charge of the organization and if they decide to do that, i think it would be great. >> and you will recuse himself if he's president from all of these business operations whether trump university if it's opened or any of the other deals he's operating?
10:21 am
everything goes to his kids, they will run it? >> oh, absolutely. mr. trump has said this multiple times on the campaign trail. >> all right. let's talk about hillary clinton's upcoming speech on national security. he also just tweeted crooked hillary clinton who i would love to call lying hillary is getting ready to totally misrepresent my foreign policy positions. where do you think she's going to misrepresent what he says? >> i think she's just going to repeat what she's been saying on the campaign trail. she's saying that mr. trump wants to ban all muslims. that's not his policy. mr. trump wants to arm japan, that is not his policy. mr. trump has made statements over the koirs course of the ca simply because the status quo is unacceptable and hillary clinton wants to maintain that. i would hope mrs. clinton would talk about foreign policy and talk about the reasons why she should have the job considering all of the failures not only as secretary of state, but even for the policies that she wants to maintain, whether it's initially
10:22 am
labeling isis as a jv team, ignoring the arab spring, invading sovereign nations, overthrowing governments, leaving a vacuum for terrorism to flourish, or even pushing nato which was just attacked at its headquarters has failed five voechlts in geopolitical politics and invasions that have contributed to terrorism. >> i think she is going to get into what he has said on japan and north korea and japan potentially becoming a nuclear power. i'll play a clip of what he said last night and then clips of what he said previously over the past few week. listen to this on japan getting nuclear weapons. >> they said i want japan to nuke. i want japan to get nuclear weapons. give me a break. >> so you have no problem with japan having nuclear ♪
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we're following breaking news out of california in the shock murder-suicide on the campus of ucla. yesterday police thousanow revea kill list has led them to a second victim. what have you learned about the so-called kill list? >> reporter: before i get to that, let's talk about all the events that lead up to this kill list because it's a little confusing and it is unraveling as we speak. it was just 24 hours ago that
10:30 am
there was a call for active shooter. they finally got to the engineering office where they found two people who were dead inside. the victim is professor william klug, ucla engineering professor. the gunman here is a 2013 ucla ph.d. grad named mainak sarkar. as officers were investigating what was found, what sarkar had on his body, he had a backpack that held extra rounds, and as well as a very curious note that said check high camy cat. so they went to the minnesota police department, they asked them to check sarkar's minnesota residence and in that residence they found more am nmu they found more am nmnition and another note. p and this was the.
10:31 am
>> caller: likill list. there was the name of professor klug, who was killed, another name of a professor who has not been harmed, and then the name of a woman who didn't live at that address, but somehow must be connected to sarkar and in a news conference held just a short time ago, here's what the police in minunesota said they found when they checked her residence. >> i can tell you that very early this morning just after midnight, lapd had called the brooklyn park police department requesting assistance on a rely fair check. they indicated this was related to the ucla shooting and that the female that lived at this address in brooklyn park was on a hit list that they believe was created by the shooter in the ucla incident. >> reporter: at this point her identity has not yet been released. all we know is that she was indeed killed by gunshot wounds. police do believe that she was
10:32 am
killed before the ucla incident and that sarkar then drove from the state of minnesota here to california and then wolf as you saw 24 hours ago the shooting then began. >> kyung lah, thanks very much. and we're also standing by the lapd about to have another news conference. we'll bring that to you once it happens. you're looking at live pictures coming in from los angeles right now. also coming up, we're awaiting the arrival of hillary clinton for what her aides are describing as a major for policy speech. we'll talk about the highs and lows, her strengths and weaknesses. the former u.s. ambassador to u.n., bill richardson, he's standing by live. lots to discuss. we'll be right back. you pay your car insurance
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you're looking at live pictures right now from san diego where hillary clinton will give what her campaign is calling a major foreign policy speech in the next hour. set to begin around 2:30 p.m. eastern, less than an hour from now. you will see it live right here on cnn. clinton has arguably the most foreign policy experience of all the presidential contenders, but the question is will that help her or hurt her. let's discuss with my next guest, bill richardson, former democratic governor of new mexico, also former u.s. ambassador to the united nations. governor, thanks very much for joining us. i know you've strongly endorsed hillary clinton. you want her to be the next president of the united states. during her four years as secretary of state, what do you believe was her biggest accomplishment? >> well, she had several. the fact that, one, her advice on going after bin laden, that
10:38 am
succeeded. secondly, the gaza/israel agreement cease fire. thirdly, persuading the international community to put sanctions on iran which led to a nuclear deal following that. restoring our relationship with nato, with our european allies after many years of neglect and bullying by the united states. she has a temperament, the knowledge to be president. i mean, we're electing not just a president. we're electing a commander in chief. and i think she has the values, the experience and the commitment and most importantly the judgment to be an excellent president. >> the argument against her from donald trump and other critics is the weaknesses, if you will, the collapse of libya, what was
10:39 am
a bad situation with gadhafi, a much worse situation with isis moving in right now for all practical purposes, libya right now a failed state. it didn't turn out the way she had hoped. >> that is correct. but tough decisions were made. and i believe the european community, the united states made the right decision to go after gadhafi, there was a humanitarian disaster there, americans were being killed. we had to intervene in our judgment. but then it's messy. the alternative has been messy. on benghazi, i think the secretary has been cleared of any problems created from that disaster there. look, foreign policy decisions are tough. you have to go into the situation room, the world isn't perfect, isis has been growing. but ultimately president obama made the final decisions and i think in the long run they were the correct decisions. but there is always controversy
10:40 am
and conflict in any tough foreign policy decision. donald trump doesn't have the -- >> governor, sorry to interrupt you, but even president obama says a major blunder was not prepared for what happens in libya after gadhafi is removed. how much blame does she get for that failure? >> well, you can't blame one entity and one person. this was a collective decision. this was nato. the european community. this was arab countries, this was the united states. it was an imperfect situation, but to continue gadhafi, there would have been more humanitarian disasters, there would have been i believe some foreign policy decisions that we later would regret had we not taken the steps. yes the alternatives, the rebel groups, no question there is instability there, problems there. but right now the united nations, the international community is trying to fix those problems. it may take some time, but in the end you have to make those
10:41 am
tough decisions and in the end i believe they were the correct decisions, controversial. it will take more time for the situation to stabilize. >> the argument also against her is that the entire middle east region, whether in syria or iraq, north africa, libya for example, elsewhere in the region, the whole arab spring has become obviously a disaster for all practical purposes. and there is a lot of blame on her as the u.s. secretary of state. how much of that blame is credible, how much of that blame is realistic? >> well, i don't think the blame is credible. first of all, she has said on the syrian issue she's favoring a no-fly zone. i think there may have been some foreign policy differences. she wanted always bet more of a muscular policy when we dealt with more of a muscular policy when we dealt with assad. with russia. but you look at the record.
10:42 am
she has gone head to head with russia, with china, when it comes to nuclear weapons and climate change on isis. she has been aggressive. she's united the european union and arab countries. i think she's made some very tough decisions as i mentioned on bin laden, so this relationship in the middle east, gaza and eisrael, the cease tir there. being secretary of state in these times, an explosive arab spring middle east, it's tough. but look at the contrast. look what trump wants to do. he wants to give sawudi arabia, south korea, japan, nuclear weapons. he wants to talk to the north korean leader and spurn the prime minister of great britain. i mean he doesn't have the temperament, the knowledge, the judgment to be commander in chief. and it's very plain the contrast. >> this will be a huge debate coming up and we're getting a preview when hillary clinton delivers a speech about 45 minutes or so from now.
10:43 am
we'll have live coverage. governor, thanks very much to joining us. >> thank you. we're also awaiting the start of another news conference in los angeles pp. the lapd about to provide more details on the ucla shooting yesterday. we'll have live coverage once it begins. ifor all the wrong reasons.gical you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more®.
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>> thank you.
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take a look at this. we're showing you live pictures out of san diego where hillary clinton is getting ready to deliver what her aid owines des as a major for policy speech. . her goal, to try to paint donald trump as someone who is not qualified to be president of the united states but more than that is also too dangerous to be president of the united states. today's impending attacks follow a string of accusations flowing out there on the campaign trail on wednesday. >> this is just more evidence that donald trump himself is a fraud. he is trying to scam america the way he scammed all those people at trump u. >> hillary is not a talented person. in fact she's a person with
10:48 am
absolutely no natural talent. look at that foundation, it's pure theft and pure crookedness. >> let's talk more about all of this, what we're expecting to hear. joining us now mark preston and bill mattingly. "usa today" washington bureau chief susan page. thanks very much. why is hillary clinton delivering a major for policy peach only a few days before the final super tuesday primaries including in california? >> two reasons. one is she is conveying the idea that she is the presumptive democratic thom nominee and by after donald trump, she's not attacking bernie sanders. there is a lot of talk about hillary clinton not alienating the sanders supporters by focusing all of her attention on donald trump and not bernie sanders, she can do that. also, she thinks and her campaign thinks that foreign policy is really an achilles'
10:49 am
heel for donald trump. given her experience not only in the united states senate but as secretary of state, she feels is that that she can convey that she is more equipped and qualified to be the commander in chief specifically on issues of po foreign policy. >> and he tweeted about hillary clinton, susan, crooked hillary clinton who i would love to call lying hillary is getting ready to totally -- interesting to see how much of this major foreign policy speech she's delivering will really focus in on trump. >> and when you look at this campaign, the general election which in fact has started, you see both of these candidates focusing on the shortcomings of the other person rather than making kind of their own positive address on what they would do as president. hillary clinton to some degree has done that, she's unveiled a lot of policies. but it seems like the primary goal of each is showing the other one is less acceptable than they are. >> so this will be a big issue.
10:50 am
phil, let's talk about the speculation involving the new jersey senator cory booker, that he might be considered as a possible vice presidential running mate by hillary clinton. that was fueled and he went on the attack against donald trump. listen to what he said. >> the issues that we hear donald trump talking about are so contrary to who we are as a nation. they are an affront and an insult to our higher angels and our bestselves. we have past presidents of ly lincoln saying malice towards none and donald trump preaches hate and charity and not as much as i said i would give but hey. >> shortly after that happened, listen. >> what do you think of cory booker? >> first of all, i'm already a vp, a vegan pal.
10:51 am
okay? >> we have to work on that. >> all right, phil. what do you think? a tryout for cory booker? what is your nanl sis? >> always with the solid and quick retort. there's no question anybody in the democratic party looking at a short list of talented younger democratic politicians to consider for vice president have cory booker on the list. i think there's a roadblock, a number of potential choices and that's that he is a senator from a state with a republican governor. and if chris christie is having to choose the next republican or senator from the state of new jersey, with the senate very much so up for grabs in november, i think that would give democrats a pause. booker's record, he had a book that looked campaign ready if you will. if you look at just his engagement on social media, the ability to apply kind of democratic policies, democratic issues that he cares about, and extend them out to a broader populous, he is somebody that no
10:52 am
question about it. he will be involved in the campaign. and would probably be on anybody's short list. i think, though, looking at the dynamics at play here, particularly when it comes to the senate, cory booker might be looked at more as an effective surrogate as you heard there than somebody to join hillary clinton on the ticket. >> mark preston, your quick analysis on this other tweet that donald trump put out on trump university, intriguing. he says after the litigation is disposed of and the case won, i have instructed my execs to open trump u. so much interest in it. i will be president. katrina peerson told me they're going to go and reopen that university. trump university afterwards. stand by for a moment, mark. i'm told the news conference, lapd news conference just started. i want to listen in on the murder-suicide yesterday. >> based on information that they recovered from the homicide scene with the authorities in
10:53 am
minneapolis, follow-up investigations were done to sarkar's residence in st. paul, minneapolis, where additional information was located which led local authorities to a nearby town where a female was located in a residence with a gunshot wound causing her death. we believe sarkar to be the suspect at that time in that homicide and are working with minnesota authorities to close that case. we believe that sarkar came to the l.a. area very recently within the last couple of days. he traveled from minnesota in a 2003 gray nissan centra, license plate is displayed here. 720 king tom william, ktw. we are still looking for that
10:54 am
vehicle. we believe the vehicle is unoccupied and we don't believe there's outstanding suspects but we believe that the vehicle may contain evidence which will help us to establish motive and put some pieces together in this case. case is ongoing. one of the pieces of evidence that i discussed today was that in the search of sarkar's residence in minneapolis, a list was located that had professor klug's name on it, another ucla's professor's name on it and the name of the female victim later located in the nearby town. that list is described as a kill list. that was the wording that was put on it. and that was what led us to the residence in the nearby town. and with that, i'll answer questions. one at a time.
10:55 am
>> ashley hastings? >> i will not confirm the names of either the young lady that was killed in minneapolis or the name of the professor who survived who is named on the kill list. that is not my investigation. in minneapolis. i don't know if they've made proper notification of family so i'll not confirm or further elaborate on the identity of that suspect. one at a time. >> do you have -- minneapolis killing -- >> within the last couple of days we believe. >> so presumably, did she get shot and he drives out here? >> that's what we believe. >> me lived in minneapolis? >> any reason to believe he committed other crimes driving across the country? >> we are looking at that. there is no immediate evidence to suggest that but a reason to find the car to see where that will lead us. robbery homicide division is working with the states between here and there to see if there
10:56 am
is a trail. but there is nothing that leads us to believe that at this point. kate? you had a question? >> he lived in minneapolis and she lived in a suburb of minneapolis? [ inaudible ] >> so, she lived in -- he lived in st. paul. she lived in an adjoining city. >> chief, is there any indication that the professor that was killed contact anybody, authorities, lapd, ucla police, colleagues, anybody on campus to say, hey, this guy is a loose cannon and i'm fearful? >> dave, we don't know that at this point. i will say that in the social media that i have reviewed and i haven't heard anything different from the detectives, contained no death threats. there were some, you know, harsh language and certainly nothing that would be considered homicidal. you know? i know that this individual had
10:57 am
or sarkar our individual had issues with his professors that were known to them. i don't think that is a cause for somebody to believe that they're going to be a homicide degree. >> there's nothing that he could have done and didn't meet the threshold to have some kind of protection from somebody? >> the stuff we have seen would not meet that kind of threshold but that doesn't mean there isn't something to discover later and didn't appear he would know anything like that pardon me? >> what was in the note at the ucla shootings? >> it was the address that we followed up to in st. paul. it requested that whoever found the note check on the cat that resided there. and then it also had some verbiage relative to the surviving professor. >> chief, can you say what the -- i was going to ask you that same question but the threats that were made --
10:58 am
[ inaudible ] but the comments online about the professor, do you have any indication that ucla was aware of those and taking any sort of action? >> i don't know this. >> do you have -- [ inaudible ] >> relationship the woman in minnesota and the suspect? >> you know, i can't do that because i think it would -- too quickly lead to the identity. this is very much an agency outside los angeles police department's investigation. i don't know where they stand notification of next of kin and i don't know where they stand with the other pieces of investigation. they need to do so i don't want to compromise that. >> a family member? >> i can't -- i won't characterize. >> chief any other professor named? i know you can't give a nape. was that professor on campus and any indication he intended to kill who he killed and then go after the second professor? >> well, we believe, detectives believe and i support their belief, he went there to kill two faculty of ucla.
10:59 am
he was only able to locate one. the second member was off campus according to information we have at the time he arrived. so, you know, and i didn't mention this but i'll mention it now. he was heavily armed. sarkar us. two semiautomatic pistols. one for the homicide and the other in his backpack. he had multiple magazines of ammunition and multiple loose rounds of ammunition. he was certainly prepared to engage multiple victims with the ordinance he had at his disposal. >> -- tactic or -- [ inaudible ] and if so, what is their reaction been of -- [ inaudible ] >> we certainly have talked to that professor on multiple occasions now. made sure, a, to make sure he was safe. b, to make sure he was notified. you know? i won't -- i will characterize
11:00 am
his response as the fact that he knew this sarkar had issues with them. i don't think he thought it would rise to the level of homicide but had issues with him and i would assume by his reaction that he may have even known that there were issues over this property right thing. >> chief -- >> been characterized as a suicide note and then this kill list note. are they two different notes? >> two different notes, two different locations. the note left at the homicide scene doesn't refer to suicide. it is a note but an instructional note to the finder to go check on this cat which we did. and thenless ate has some verbiage related to the other potential victim, this professor that survived. and then, in the follow-up investigation to st. paul, the investigators, fbi agents, working in concert with the