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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  June 2, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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she later acknowledged that opposition of the surge was avoidable which is horrendous to think that somebody could take a position for political purposes when lies are at stake. >> ari, forgive me. i have to end the conversation because i have to hand things off to jake tapper. special coverage continues with jake tap per. thanks, brooke. hillary clinton asking voters are you comfortable with donald trump having control of the button. "the lead" starts right now. right as he gets a huge endorsement, hillary clinton throwing bombs at donald trump saying he is the threat to u.s. security. will trump go nuclear in response? you are on a need to know basis and you apparently don't need to know. the state department admitting it lied about covering a lie by doctoring a key piece of video. three lies in there, if you're keeping track. why? because there are no rules against lying to the american
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public. plus, wild new details about the ucla killer. a woman turning up dead thousands of miles from campus after she turned up on the shooter's kill list. good afternoon, everyone. i'm jake tapper. welcome to "the lead." hillary clinton just finished her first major speech and can she do the job in commander in chief saying donald trump could lead the u.s. into a war. let's begin with brianna keilar who is live in san diego where clinton just wrapped up her speech. clinton turning to the general election here, although we must point out, she and senator bernie sanders locked in a very
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tight race in the state of california. >> reporter: that's right, jake. too close for comfort if you're looking at the polls, especially in a state that has such a huge delegate hall. 475 delegates at stake. a win here, a loss here, but either way she and her campaign feel that they will have the nomination and she is now looking forward towards that general election with a scathing speech taking aim at donald trump's experience, judgment and temperament. tonight, hillary clinton is ripping in to donald trump on foreign policy. >> he says he has foreign policy experience because he ran the miss universe pageant in russia. the stakes are higher and more complex than in the world of luxury hotels.
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we all know the tools donald trump brings to the table. bragging, mocking, composing nasty tweets. i'm willing to bet he's writing a few right now. but those tools won't do the trick. rather than solving global crises, he would create new ones. >> reporter: clinton contrasting her positions with trump's but framing her objections to him is something bigger than a difference of opinion. >> he is not just unprepared, he is temperamentally unfit to hold an office that requires immense responsibility donald trump's ideas aren't just different, they are dangerously incoherent. >> reporter: her campaign billing this as a major foreign policy speech of her candidacy,
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unveiling one of her main general election attacks on trump. >> this is not someone who should ever have the nuclear codes because it's not hard to imagine donald trump leading us into a war just because somebody got under his very thin skin. >> reporter: hillary clinton holding this speech in california. bernie sanders just 2 percentage points behind her and within the margin of error in the polls. >> i wonder why secretary clinton and her husband are back in california? i thought we had lost and it was all over but i guess secretary clinton maybe is looking at some polling which would suggest otherwise. >> reporter: clinton thinks the nomination is already hers. as she tries with today's speech to appeal to both sanders supporters worry of trump's foreign policy, her former boss is signaling the end is near.
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>> i think that there's been a healthy debate in the democratic party and it's almost over. i think we'll have a good sense next week of who the nominee will end up being. >> reporter: and as donald trump takes aim at hillary clinton for what he has repeatedly called bad judgment on iraq, libya and her e-mail practices while secretary of state, he's also, jake, trying to make this a referendum about president obama as this being an he obama third term and even worse hillary making it clear she wants to make this a referendum on donald trump and all of the controversial things that he process. ughout the primary >> all right. brianna keilar, thanks. stick around. i want to bring in national security commentator mike rogers and cnn chief national security correspondent jim sciutto. congressman, let me start with
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you. what did you think the goal was? >> she had very strong rhetoric in that speech but also opened herself up to her track record as secretary of state. given her primary goal here is to get through this california primary. i think she thought she had to show up pretty hard in that primary, at least win that thing to move on. i think this speech was geared to that. it was a partisan youd in the room and designed to be very inflammatory about rhetoric against donald trump. i think she accomplished all of those things but, again, not a foreign policy speech as it was billed and she's going to open her accept up to lots of questions about the slide on the foreign policy problems we're seeing develop around the country. >> and jim, we heard secretary clinton push back against donald trump's openness to japan and south korea being able to get nuclear weapons and it's something that trump denied ever saying although he first did broach the idea in the town hall with anderson cooper.
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this is denial afterwards we run the initial remark. >> they said, i want japan to nuke. i want japan to get nuclear weapons. give me a break. >> so you have no problem with japan having nuclear weapons? >> at some point we have to say, you know what, we're better off if japan protects itself against this maniac in north korea and if south korea begins to protect itself. >> so obviously he did suggest that maybe south korea and japan should get nukes but talk about why secretary clinton is painting this as a bad idea. >> it's been largely in the bumper sticker category, difficult for me who covers national security. she said, mr. trump, that means
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nuclear war. and if you want to leave syria to isis, that gives isis control of a country in europe. so trying to explain to people what the world would look like if you took donald trump's proposals at face value there. now, as mike rogers said, she has her own record which opens her up to her own questions. >> which we'll be talking about a lot. jim, brianna, mike rogers, thank you. tomorrow, donald trump will respond to hillary clinton. i'll sit down with him in an interview and you can see it on "the lead" and the full interview on "state of the union" on sunday at 9:00 a.m. joining me now, dianne feinstein. senator, good to see you. thank you for seeing us.
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secretary clinton criticized, blasted, really, donald trump on nato. to be fair, some of his noninterventionist ideas have touched a nerve and are appealing to many americans s it possible that hillary clinton is misjudging the electorate right now? >> no, i do not. i was very proud of that speech. i was very proud of hillary. i saw hillary as president of the united states and a president we could be proud of in that speech. i believe hillary will win california. i've run a lot of campaigns in my life. i believe hillary will win this. i believe on tuesday she will be declared the presumptive nominee of our party and i think she has
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set the table for where she's going to go as president of the united states and instead of a name-calling candidate who is the republican presumptive nominee, i think the democrats will have a nominee who knows what she's doing, who has been tempered by many jobs first lady, united states senate, secretary of state and i think we're seeing that experience come forward to put together a very fine candidate for president of the united states. >> donald trump has faulted secretary clinton for benghazi, the state of libya today. those do seem like fair targets for criticism. >> well, let me say something about benghazi. i was chairman of the intelligence committee. i'm ranking now.
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our bipartisan staff for a year and a half looked into benghazi. we published a classified report and an unclassified report which found hillary clinton innocent of any wrongdoing. now, because that was our finding, it got very little press. and i think a total of some ten reports have been done, plus 11 hours of committee hearings and so far there is no reason to criticize secretary clinton. you know, we've had bombings of embassies in the middle east before and no one came after the secretary of state at the time so i'm a little puzzled by this. now, it is true that after the attack on libya and the killing of the leader in libya, that parliament has had a very difficult time putting together a government. this is where we need to be
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forward leaning and with our allies help see that a stable government is produced, it can be strong because isis has moved into libya and we do not want that to become a safe haven for that terrorist organization. >> i want to ask you about california, the state of your birth, of your life, as you put it, with multiple polls showing a very tight primary race and here's what bernie sanders had to say. take a listen. >> i wonder why secretary clinton and her husband are back in california. i thought that we had lost and it was all over. but i guess secretary clinton is looking at polling that maybe would suggest otherwise. >> why is it so tight in california? shouldn't secretary clinton have been able to put this away by now? >> well, california's a young state. we're a big state. we're more than 40 million people. and as i see it, bernie sanders
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has laid out a very expensive program. it's single-payer health care and it's college tuition paid for. it's a $33 trillion program with 20 new taxes to support it. i don't believe it's going to happen but people want change, which i understand, and they want government to do more to secure that change. i'm not for socialized medicine, have never been and never will be so single payer takes us right into that arena. i don't see it going anywhere. and i don't believe that the universities and colleges are federal domain. they are state -- university of california is the largest and best public university system in the world. the state legislature and the governor fund it, plus tuition.
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and i don't believe the federal government should step in and begin to fund that tuition. we already put in about $9 billion in california to the university in the form of many lab grants. >> senator dianne feinstein, thank you. appreciate your time. donald trump not even waiting for hillary clinton's speech to be over before responding. that's next. when my doctor told me i have
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welcome back. i'm jake tapper. republican speaker of the house paul ryan said he will in fact vote for donald trump for president of the united states. it's kind of remarkable, candidly, that that was never a given to begin with. but we remember on our show four weeks ago today that he needed to make sure was a standard bearer that bears our standards. trump conversely responded by saying that he was not ready to support speaker ryan's agenda. several phone calls and a face-to-face meeting, speaker ryan is endorsing donald trump but did so in a lowkey kind of way. he announced that donald trump
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earned his vote by writing, "can help make the republican house agenda a reality." sara murray is in san jose where donald trump will speak in a few hours. sara, has the trump camp reacted to ryan? >> well, jake, not so far. we've reached out to him for comment and, as usual, we've been monitoring his twitter feed. this will be a welcome endorsement from the trump campaign. i think you can see that they have been working together to find common ground on a number of policy issues and even though trump came out with a barbed comment after he said he couldn't endorse, in the private discussions it seems that they have been going much better. every time they speak and meet, this endorsement from paul ryan come ons a day when donald trump has been labor focused not on fighting with the republicans but on taking on democrats. >> wow! >> reporter: donald trump is firing off a pre-emptive strike. >> she's one of the worst
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secretary of states in the history of our country. now she wants to be our president. look, i'll be honest she has no natural talents to be president. >> reporter: unleashing on hillary clinton as she takes aim today at trump's foreign policy credentials. >> folks, folks, these are crooked people. these are crooked people. they have been crooked from the beginning. they were crooked with whitewater. >> reporter: trump ties himself in knots on yet another policy position claiming he never suggested japan should have access to nuclear weapons. >> hillary clinton, who lies -- i mean, she lies. do you remember that? she lies. she lies. she made a speech and she's making another one tomorrow. and they sent me a copy of the speech. and it was such lies about my foreign policy that they said, i want japan to nuke. i want japan to get nuclear weapons. give me a break. >> reporter: even though that's
1:21 pm
exactly what he suggested earlier this year. >> it's not like, gee whiz, nobody has them. north korea has nukes. japan has a problem with that. maybe they would be better off if they protected themselves. >> with nukes? >> yes, including with nukes. yes. >> reporter: his track record jarring comments about hispanics is not sitting well with his own par party. one is resigning and meanwhile trump is lamb meanting another blow. doral is moving from miami to mexico city after failing to find a corporate sponsor willing to back the event at doral. >> they moved the world golf tournament from doral to mexico.
1:22 pm
can you believe it? >> at trump university, we teach success. >> reporter: trump university was shut in 2011. the candidate is still facing lawsuits alleging trump u defrauded students. but trump said after the litigation is disposed of and the case won, i have instructed my execs to open trump u. now, in that foreign policy address today, hillary clinton called donald trump's policies dangerous. she said he was temperamentally unfit and donald trump decided to go after hillary clinton for her style. he took to twitter to say, "bad performance by crooked hillary clinton reading poorly from the teleprompter. she doesn't even look presidential." jake? >> donald trump has called many mexicans immigrants and drug dealers. my interview with senate
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majority mitch mcconnell coming up next. plus, finally some clarity in the death of superstar prince. the medical examiner's report is in and those results are coming up. i'm so sorry, ms. maroney. this personal essay is way harder than i thought, it's just not in my nature to brag on myself. not even a backdoor brag? what's a backdoor brag? sneaking something wonderful about yourself into everyday conversation, like when i tell people, i can't watch musicals cause i have perfect pitch. (vo) some carriers promise unlimited streaming, but then automatically shrink your videos so they're not hd quality. it's not pretty. really? switch to verizon now, buy two samsung phones, and get a free samsung 50 inch smart tv. only on america's best network.
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i'm helping ki be successful. narrator: the california teachers association: educators who know quality public schools make a better california for all of us. welcome back to "the lead," more now on our politics lead. speaker ryan lining up behind donald trump. the endorsement ends his very public wreling match with his on conscience. conservatives across the country have been trying to get right with voting for someone who they believe they say something that is contrary to core beliefs.
1:28 pm
yet ryan said when i feel the need to, i'll continue to speak my mind. this brings us to ryan's counterpart in the u.s. senate, senator mitch mcconnell, who is out with a new memoir called "the long game." he, too, seems concerned with trump's rhetoric. joining me now, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. thank you for joining me. >> good to be here. >> i was almost taken aback that you didn't run for re-election. did many people know this? >> well, i talked about it with my wife. i was a pretty big target from people on the right who thought i was some kind of an obama enabler and i knew i'd be a big target on the left and i didn't want to be the one who kept us from getting the majority. but i mentioned in the book a childhood experience that i thought about during that period
1:29 pm
and my dad fought in world war ii, he was a pretty tough guy, watched this kid across the street push me around. >> what was his name. >> dicky magrew. my dad said to go over there and beat him up. i went over there and bent his glasses and that story came back could me when i was thinking whether all of this attention, unwanted attention was going to cause me to step aside. so i decided not to on the primary by 35 points and the general by 15 and had a happy ending. >> whatever happened to dicky magrew? >> you know, interesting, he was a press secretary to one of the senators of alabama.
1:30 pm
>> there's a photograph of you in the 1964 presidential nominee barry goldwater and, interestingly enough, a couple years later you did not vote for barry goldwater in the '64 election because you write, "a century of principled advocacy by the republican party for civil rights was forgotten the moment we nominated barry goldwater as our party's candidate for president." i know you came from a family where civil rights was important which was not common in kentucky at the time, as you write. how do you think your party is perceived today by minorities when it comes to standing up for them? >> there were a lot of other virtues and in many ways i hated what happened in johnson's second term but it did define our party for at least african-american voters. we've never been able to get them back. and so i think it was a defining
1:31 pm
moment for republicans going back to the civil war. >> do you worry now that your nominee, donald trump, will do to latino voters what barry goldwater did to african-american voters? >> i do. and i think the attacks that he's routinely engaged in, for example, going after susana martinez, the republican governor of new mexico i think a mistake. what he ought to be doing is trying to unify the party, not attacking people. once you've won, it's a time to bring the party together and be gracious. i don't agree with everything that trump does or says but we have a choice, a choice between two very unpopular candidates. very unpopular. >> you picked donald trump? >> i do. because i know for sure he won't
1:32 pm
be four more years like the last eight. he will be a change. hillary will continue the policies of this administration, which i think have been very bad for the country. and so -- and she'll pick the next supreme court justice. >> what would you do if president trump calls you up from the white house and says, okay, mitch, i need you to draft legislation to ban muslims from entering the united states, which he has called for to happen? >> i'd say no. i think that's a really bad idea. that is great potential for radicals and the king of jordan who is a great ally of ours would not be able to come to the united states. it's a bad idea and one that should not be pursued. >> one thing that comes through is your reference for the u.s. senate and how special you think
1:33 pm
it is. what would you say to president obama when he reads this book and says, you know, mitch, i'm glad you have some reverence. >> the constitution gives the senate its own separate responsibility. he gets to nominate them and we get to decide whether to fill the vacancy. you have to go back 80 years to find the last time a vacancy in the supreme court in a presidency was filled and go back to 1888 when it was confirmed by the opposite party. we know for sure if the shoe was on the other foot, they wouldn't be filling a vacancy on the way out the door. >> what would you be doing as a republican president? >> i'd be doing my best to try to get them confirmed but it wouldn't happen because no senate is going to confirm a supreme court nominee of the president of a different party in the middle of -- >> we're in the process of deciding who the president is going to be.
1:34 pm
one thing trump did do, which i liked, was he came up with a very qualified and credible nominees from which he would likely pick a supreme court nominee. i think it's a big issue in this election. >> the senate is theoretically up for grabs, control of the senate. there's a lot of talk right now about marco rubio who says he's not going to run for re-election because he ran for president and i know there are a lot of people in the senate trying to get him to change his mind and run for re-election. what do you want him to do? >> i think marco is a gifted politician, a terrific senator, would be an important -- important for florida for him to stay and important for -- >> he said he's not going to. lieutenant governor is running. >> well, i hope he will be drafted. certainly everybody up here wants him to run. i've heard that two of the potential candidates said if he ran they would drop out and do something else. he's a unique figure that ought not to be lost in the public
1:35 pm
arena and i hope in the end he will decide to run again. >> is there a state that you are very worried about losing because of trump at the top of the ticket? >> i am not. because i think senate races are big enough to stand on their own. let's assume the worst. mondale got wiped out in 1984. bill clinton got re-elected in '96. his party lost two. my side gained two seats. i think this is going to be a -- i don't think either one of these candidates are going to have the support of people who like they did with barack obama in '08, they gave him the big senate majority and house majority, do whatever you want, mr. president. i don't think that's going to be the case for trump or clinton. >> the book is called "the long game" and it's a really good read. mitch mcconnell, thank you.
1:36 pm
>> thank you. in our buried lead, an outrageous admission from the u.s. state department admitting that someone intentionally deleted an official briefing video. who tampered with the tape? that story is next. when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. this is "the buried lead." someone at the state department tried to bury something, hide it from you. it was an acknowledgement from the obama administration of the scrubbing of a public record and it should outrage every american. the story begins in february
1:41 pm
2013 when james rosen asked victoria newland if there had been direct secret bilateral talks with iran. this was her response. >> with regard to the kind of thing that you're talking about on a government-to-government level, no. >> now, flash forward and jen psaki said that senior officials said they had talks. the state department lied to him and to you. >> is it the policy of the state department where the preservation of secret negotiations is concerned to lie in order to achieve that goal? >> james, i think there are times where diplomacy needs privacy in order to progress. >> the implication there from
1:42 pm
jen psaki, sometimes governments need to deceive in order to achieve goals. flash forward to when psaki acknowledged that the state department lied to the public. that exchange had been edited out of the official video and here is how state department spokesperson explained the missing video on may 10th of this year. >> there was a glitch in the state department video. >> a glitch? >> a defect. a technical malfunction. now flash forward three weeks and here is state department spokesman john kirby just yesterday. >> you learn that there was a deliberate request, that this wasn't a technical glitch, this was a request to excise video. >> wow. so, in fact, someone asked the editor go into this video already posted on the state department website and remove several minutes of it from the
1:43 pm
archive. to recap, there was first a lie told us to about the secret talks between iran and the obama administration. we'll call that lie number one. general psaki acknowledged lie number one in 2013 and then someone removed that acknowledgement from the official video. let's refer to that as lie number two. three weeks ago, we were lied to again with the whole glitch thing. when asked who had made the request to delete the video, lie number two, mr. kirby said the editor only knew that the caller was passing on a request from the public affairs bureau. jen caulk spsaki has denied anyl of the edit and this is what mr. kirby had to say. >> there were no rules governing this action in the past. again, i find no reason to press forward with a more formal or
1:44 pm
deeper investigation. >> there are so many questions about all three of these lies, including whether the initial lie had anything to do with the administration-pushed narrative sold to the public, that this all came about in large part because moderate elected and before rouhani was elected and before we get into lies one, two and three happened, the obama administration needs to understand that it's not acceptable just to leave this where it is. just as the public has a right to know the truth, we have a right to know who lied to us. and why. in our "national lead" a bizarre twist to the ucla murder-suicide. an apparent kill list was left behind by the shooter and a woman on that kill list was just found dead in minnesota. plus, new details on the
1:45 pm
death of prince. what ultimately killed him. all of that coming up next.
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welcome back to "the lead." new chilling details on the ucla campus shooting. we're learning more about the shooter. he was apparently working off a kill list with three people's names on it. the lapd named mainak sarkar who took the life of professor william klug. a husband and father of two little children. one person who he described as a mentor the gunman is believed to have killed another person, a woman 2,000 miles away. let's bring in cnn national correspondent kyung lah. do we know why he did any of this? >> well, lapd says this all appears to have been cooked up in his mind, that he was
1:50 pm
delusional. he wrote in a blog that he felt the professor had done him wrong, had apparently stolen some code. this appears to have been completely made up but this is what drove a delusional man. police swarming the ucla campus, a gunman opening fire in the engineering building. gunned down inside his fourth floor office, ucla professor william klug. his killer, a graduate mainak sarkar who returned to kill two professors. >> he was only able to locate one. the second faculty member was off campus. he had two semiautomatic pistols, one that he used for the homicide and the other in his backpack. he had multiple magazines of ammunition and was certainly prepared to engage multiple victims. >> reporter: as police moved into professor klug's office,
1:51 pm
they found in his backpack a cryptic note asking someone to check on his cat. sarkar had lived in minnesota. police found more ammunitn and what they are calling a kill list. on that list, professor klug's name, the second ucla professor who was off campus the day of the shooting and a third name, a woman ling in brooklyn park, minnesota. >> they did locate an adult female who was found deceased from an apparent gunshot wound. we believe at this point that she was deceased prior to the ucla shooting. >> reporter: police say sarkar killed the woman and then drove from minnesota to los angeles finishing his murderous rampage with 39-year-old william klug, ucla professor and husband and father of two young children. >> it's hard to even fathom it to have your son grow up without a dad. it's rough. >> reporter: both guns appear to have been legally purchased.
1:52 pm
one of the guns was in the gunman's name, the killer's name. police are asking the public's help in trying to find the vehicle that he drove across the country. >> kyung lah, thank you. appreciate it. a major headline in the pop culture lead. superstar prince died of an overdose, specifically today's report says he self-administered fentanyl, one of the strongest opioids given in patch or candy form for cancer patients. it's unclear if he had a prescription for it. he was found unresponsive in an elevator. prince had a scar on his left hip and right lower leg. the medical examiner describes it as an accident. he would have turned 58 next tuesday. coming up, paris under water. artwork moved to higher ground and it's expected to get worse, coming up. you pay your car insurance
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welcome back. torrential rain and severe flooding have shut down the world's most visited museum. the louvre in paris is closed
1:57 pm
today and tomorrow. some of the priceless artwork at the museum that were at risk of water damage have been moved to safer places within the gallery. the river which runs through paris past the louvre is continuing to rise with heavy downpour in the city and more rain is expected overnight. another paris attraction has also been shut down as a precautionary measure. the national lead. new information is coming in on the eric garner case. he was the man who died in 2014 after a new york city police officer put him in what witnesses say was a chokehold. the medical examiner ruled that the compression of this chest and prone positioning during physical restraint by police, unquote, and also that garner's poor health was a contributing factor. the indictment ignited months of police brutality protests. the justice department looked close to bringing civil rights charges but now that appears in doubt. let's bring in evan perez. what's the latest with the case?
1:58 pm
>> well, jake, you remember the focus of this investigation has been on whether daniel pantilleo broke laws and now there's a dispute among justice department prosecutors and agents over whether there is sufficient evidence to bring civil rights charges in this case. while some favor bringing charges, the fbi does not. the officer is shown using a choke hold during the garner takedown. the nypd bans the use of choke holds and garner could be heard saying, i can't breathe, in part of the video. but if you slow down the video, some officials say it's not clear how long there was a choke hold and, if so, if it was
1:59 pm
enough to kill garner. some believe that it's inconclusive enough and officials say this is one reason why these cases are so difficult to bring. federal law has a much narrower jurisdiction in these types of cases and the justice department says that this is an ongoing case, that no decision has been made. the officer's attorney says he did nothing to violate garner's civil rights. >> thank you for bringing us up to speed, appreciate it. an elite f-16 from the thunderbird crashes after the commencement ceremony whether president obama spoke to graduates. the pilot of that plane safely ejected and upon returning to the base there he got to meet president obama. be sure to follow me on facebook and twitter @jaketapper or tweet @thelead. i'll be in california tomorrow and we'll bring you some of our
2:00 pm
exclusive interview with donald trump. but right now, i turn you over to wolf blitzer who is in "the situation room." thanks for watching. happening now, breaking news, security threat. hillary clinton slams donald trump as unfit to be president calling him dangerously incoherent and saying he should never have the nuclear codes. trump fires right back saying clinton has failed in office, made too many monster mistakes and doesn't look presidential. lion's reversal. after sitting on the fence for weeks saying he wasn't going to support donald trump, house speaker paul ryan says he'll vote for the presumptive nominee. what changed his mind? and grand reopening. amid stunning allegations fr