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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  June 2, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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trump. but right now, i turn you over to wolf blitzer who is in "the situation room." thanks for watching. happening now, breaking news, security threat. hillary clinton slams donald trump as unfit to be president calling him dangerously incoherent and saying he should never have the nuclear codes. trump fires right back saying clinton has failed in office, made too many monster mistakes and doesn't look presidential. lion's reversal. after sitting on the fence for weeks saying he wasn't going to support donald trump, house speaker paul ryan says he'll vote for the presumptive nominee. what changed his mind? and grand reopening. amid stunning allegations from former staffers and customers,
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trump plans to reopen the business after the litigation is disposed of. and kill list. police say the gunman who threw the ucla campus into lockdown had a kill list. a slain professor and a woman found in minnesota were both on it. but what was his motive? i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." let's get to the breaking news. hillary clinton unleashing an all-out assault on donald trump calling his national security ideas a series of incoherent rants and outright lies. hillary clinton said trump could start a war because somebody got under his very thin skin and said it would be an historic mistake to elect donald trump. >> we cannot put the security of our children and grandchildren in donald trump's hands.
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we cannot let him roll the dice with america. >> the presumptive gop nominee launched a pre-emptive sale saying that clinton will make monster mistakes as secretary of state and trump tweeted live during hillary clinton's speech calling it a bad performance and saying that clinton doesn't, quote, look presidential. trump got a major boost today when the house speaker paul ryan ended his months' long holdout and said he will vote for donald trump. ryan says the two still have differences but says he's convinced trump can advance the republican agenda. i'll speak with a republican congressman darrell issa. he's standing by live and our correspondents, analysts and guests will have full coverage of the day's top stories. let's begin with hillary clinton's stunning attack on donald trump. joe johns puts it all together for us. joe, hillary clinton was unrelenting. can this kind of attack pay off?
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>> she is hoping that it will. it went far beyond ripping into the central premise of the trump campaign, challenging the idea that the u.s. is in decline and it may be remembered especially for the effort to paint a picture with words of what donald trump in the oval office might look like, especially to democrats. >> making donald trump our commander in chief would be an historic mistake. >> reporter: tonight, hillary clinton unleashing a blistering attack on donald trump's foreign policy position. >> donald trump's ideas aren't just different, they are dangerously incoherent. they are not even really ideas, just a series of bizarre rants, personal feuds and outright lies. he is not just unprepared. he is temperamentally unfit to
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hold an office that requires knowledge, stability and immense responsibility. this is not someone who should ever have the nuclear codes. because it's not hard to imagine donald trump leading us into a war just because somebody got under his very thin skin. >> reporter: clinton calling out the presumptive republican nominee as reckless and unfit to serve as commander in chief. >> so the stakes in global statecraft are infinitely higher and more complex than in the world of luxury hotels. we all know the tools donald trump brings to the table. bragging, mocking, composing nasty tweets. i'm willing to bet he's writing a few right now. but those tools won't do the trick. rather than solving global k
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crises, he would create new ones. >> reporter: she drew a contrast with her gop rival by touting her foreign policy experience. >> unlike him, i have experience with the tough calls and hard work of state craft. >> reporter: but her remarks were much more focused on tearing down trump than highlighting her own credentials. >> and i have to say, i don't understand donald's bizarre fascination with dictators and strong men who have no love for america. he praised china for the tiananmen massacre. he said you have to give credit to kim jong-un and donald described it like he was recapping an action movie. and he said if he were grading vladimir putin as a leader, he'd give him an "a." now, i will leave it to the psychiatrists to explain his affection for tyrants.
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>> the speech sounded like a blueprint of the case that the clinton campaign would make against trump this fall and even included snarky language saying that there's no risk in people losing their life if you blow up a golf course deal but it doesn't look like that in world affairs. wolf? >> donald trump fired back and got a campaign boost as paul ryan finally gave trump his backing. let's go to jim acosta joining us on the campaign trail in california. there have been pretty dramatic developments so far? >> reporter: that's right, wolf. interesting timing that he will vote for donald trump. that made a big splash just as hillary clinton was delivering her foreign policy speech attacking trump but even before that speech was delivered by hillary clinton, trump was already on a counteroffensive making the case that clinton
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would not make an effective commander in chief. for donald trump, it's a huge relief. house speaker paul ryan is setting aside concerns he voiced only weeks ago. >> i'm just not ready to do that at this point. >> reporter: and is getting behind the presumptive republican gop. writing, "i'll be voting for him this fall. it's no secret that he and i have our differences but we have more common ground than disagreement." ryan's support come as there is a about the tell over who would make the best commander in chief. donald trump says he has the look of a winner. >> they talk a lot about me. a lot of people say i look extremely presidential, if you want to know the truth. but do you really believe that hillary is presidential? this is not presidential material. >> well before clinton's full-on assault on trump's foreign
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policy -- >> this is not someone who should ever have the nuclear codes. >> reporter: -- the real estate tycoon was on the attack. trump tweeted, "she has made so many mistakes. i mean, real monsters." trump accused clinton of lying about some of his foreign policy proposals. >> it was such lies about my foreign policy. they said i want japan to nuke. i want japan to get nuclear weapons. >> reporter: but hold on. trump did float that idea earlier this year to anderson cooper. >> from preventing getting nuclear -- >> can i be honest with you, maybe it's time to change. >> reporter: and this clinton add used against president obama in 2008. alleged she was sleeping during the deadly attack in libya on
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the u.s. compound in syria. she said she, quote, did not sleep all night. >> she ends up with benghazi. remember the famous phone call? at 3:00 in the morning she'll answer the call. guess what, she was sleeping. she was sleeping like a baby. don't wake me up. >> reporter: trump is teeing off on the decision to move a major golf course in doral to mexico. >> this stuff is all going to stop. everybody's moving to mexico. >> reporter: james baker told "the financial times," isolationism and protectionism won't work. don't talk about making japan a south korea and reopening the defunct real estate school trump university despite two pending federal class-action suits brought by former students in a
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suit brought and trump now says after the litigation is exposed of and the case won, trump tweeted, i'm you ci instructed up trump u. >> house speaker paul ryan is going to vote for donald trump. ryan did not give donald trump a heads up on all of this but i can tell you from talking to a ryan aid that the speaker maintains that this was not the product of any kind of negotiation between the speaker and donald trump and that house speaker paul ryan came to this decision after growing comfortable that they would cork together during the upcoming campaign. wolf? >> jim acosta, thank you. joining me now is darrell issa. thank you for joining us. >> thanks, wolf.
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i was listening to the coverage and obviously many of us are pleased that paul ryan as the highest ranking republican in the country has joaned the trump team. >> let's talk about hillary clinton's blistering adak on donald trump. she insisted that he has an affection for tyrant and called him unfit to be fit for president. very tough words. your reaction? >> well, my reaction is that donald trump may be less than than hillary clinton but hillary clinton did freeze during those many hours of benghazi. we have testimony by the s2 general, the air force general who said, we were spinning off capabilities but we never got the approval from state. this is testimony before our committee that makes it clear
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she may have stayed awake all night but she is frozen in place. it's important because hillary clinton was there to make the mistakes before 9/11, during 9/11 and be part of the cover-ups and lies. 9/11. >> we all remember the testimony she had. she really attacked donald trump on national security, on foreign policy and if you listen closely to what she said, it sounded very similar to what republicans were saying not that long ago about donald trump. lindsey graham. he said during the campaign, i don't believe donald trump has the temperament and judgment to be commander in chief. mitt romney, the republican nominee four years ago, donald trump is a phony. he's a fraud. his promise is as worthless as a degree from trump university and marco rubio said trump is a con artist.
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so if you listen closely to hillary clinton, she was sort of echoing what we heard from a whole bunch of republicans. that's pretty awkward, from your standpoint, right? >> well, i guess it would be awkward unless you were there in '92, '88, '84 and '80 and you remember that george h.w. bush called ronald reagan's policies voodoo economics and then got to be vice president as those policies really reformed our economy and got us into the highest historic areas of growth. you know, people say a lot of things in the primary. that doesn't make it true. it doesn't even make it accurate. donald trump dreams big, says big things and believes america needs to do the same. that's not any different than ronald reagan who took the malaise of the four years leading up to it and said, no, our best days are ahead of us
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and i'm going to show you. >> so when these republicans, like lindsey graham, mitt romney, marco rubio said con artist, he's a phony, a fraud, i don't believe donald trump has the temperament and judgment to be commander in chief, was that simply receipt rick. do you believe at the time they didn't mean that? >> i think they found the most effective way to try to disqualify an opponent but it doesn't make it any different than voodoo economics. >> well, the voodoo economics, that was a question of policy. they were discussing economic issues. but this is a question of temperament, of kmarand let's m on and talk about something specific. i know you support donald trump. you're a member of the house
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foreign affairs committee. secretary clinton said criticizing donald trump for suggesting he wouldn't really care, in effect, if there were a war between north korea and japan. listen to what she said. >> he says he doesn't have to listen to our generals or add m admirals because he has, quote, a very good brain. he also said i know more about isis than the generals do. believe me. you know what? i don't know believe him. it's no small thing when he suggests that america should withdraw our military support for japan, encourage them to get nuclear weapons and he said this about a war between japan and north korea and i quote, if they do, they do. good luck. enjoy yourself, folks. we went back. i wanted to see if in fact trump
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said what he said. listen to what he said back in wisconsin in april. >> they fight, you know, it will be a terrible thing. terrible. good luck, folks. enjoy yourselves. >> he obviously did. how do you react? >> let's look at north korea. here you have a dictatorship with a new regime with the grandson and under hillary clinton's husband, bill clinton, they cut a deal that was supposed to provide north korea aid in return for not developing a nuclear weapon. he got fooled. she got fooled they developed a nuclear weapon. >> but congressman, when he says -- and specifically, you know what, if they fight, you know, that would be a terrible thing. terrible. good luck folks, enjoy yourselves. this is potentially a nuclear war between japan and north korea. good luck, folks, enjoy
2:17 pm
yourselves. what kind of comment is that? >> well, north korea has a huge army of very small men and they are small because they are nourished. they have failed to properly contain north korea for a very long time. they are now still testing nuclear weapons and firing missiles over japan. it is increasing tension. it will take a different kind of diplomacy, an aggressive we will blockade you and cut off your food and do what we need to do if we're eventually going to change north korea. >> so do you have a problem with japan getting nuclear weapons in that's what donald trump suggested he wouldn't have a problem with that. >> i have a problem with rirn getting nuclear weapons. >> what about japan? no. and i'll answer that. but i have a problem with nuclear proliferation. we, if you will, have a lot of north korea and now soon iran to have nuclear weapons. it means that israel is going to
2:18 pm
feel the need, saudi arabia is going to feel the need. to keep the jeannie in the bottle, do we work against north korea without conferring and pushing china, without conferring and pushing japan and south korea to be part of the team in of course not. we need them. but will a donald trump say to his secretary of state and it could be lindsey graham, for all we know, you've got to take a tough attitude, you've got to find pressure points. we've got to change the status quo with north korea. otherwise, we're going to have nuclear proliferation? and the same thing with iran. iran is triggering nuclear proliferation. >> i understand all of that, congressman. but as far as japan is concerned, donald trump has suggested and it's on videotape. if japan wants to get nuclear
2:19 pm
weapons, he wouldn't necessarily have a problem with that. do you have a problem with that? >> japan we know has the technology because of that advance. they have chosen not to but they are living in a bad neighborhood and we do have to be more aggressive to prevent their feeling of that need. do i have a problem with any new nuclear power? yes. whether it's a foe that triggers our friends thinking they need it or our friends thinking they need it and not necessarily working with us. we are the protective umbrella of japan. they pay to help us support them. that alliance since world war ii and i think a president trump is going to respect that and pays its way for the protection that we participate in and i think that's a unique situation. i'm not going to disagree with donald trump other than to say if it were me, i would remind
2:20 pm
people that japan has kept its military down at our requests and paid to have our military in the region and been an incredible ally. we need to work with them to fix the north korea problem and the donald trump administration with the secretary of defense and secretary of state carefully chosen, we'll have that capability to be both aggressive publicly and diplomatically find solutions. >> we've got to take a quick break. we have more to discuss, congressman. i will tell you this, in all of the conversations i've had with donald trump, he disagrees with you on japan. he doesn't believe japan is paying enough for the u.s. military umbrella, the u.s. military protection right now. he wants a lot more. stand by. let's continue. we'll assess what hillary clinton said about donald trump and much more right after this. n muddling through your morning is nothing new. introducing rhinocort® allergy spray from the makers of zyrtec®. powerful relief from nasal allergy symptoms, all day and all night. try new rhinocort® allergy spray.
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hillary clinton launching a blistering attack on donald trump calling him unfit to be president of the united states and warning voters not to let trump, in her words, roll the dice with america. trump firing right back saying hillary clinton has made too many mistakes to be president and trump has just gotten a big and somewhat testimopid and mod endorsement from paul ryan. a big primary is coming up on tuesday. trump says hillary clinton has antagonized the closest allies, even the pope, she says, and has gone out of his way to praise adversaries like putin, for example. do you have a problem with that? >> well, i certainly understand that in the primary he said a lot of things that he's now
2:26 pm
pivoting to a general election. there's no question he was rallying the base. he vested 16 other people by doing it. you know, would i have said all of those things? wolf, you've known me for 16 years. they are not necessarily my words. on the other hand, i would have been the 17th casualty if i had been up against him. he was effective in the primary. he said it to me personally and to others, he is now pivoting to be presidential. he is now pivoting to much more policy and fact-oriented -- i've seen him meet with people on immigration, talk about actual immigration reform that can deal with the problems of necessary workforce. he's doing all of those things and the question is, are you vying somebody who doesn't have the government pedigree, if you will, who understands the private sector and how wealth is created or somebody who as far
2:27 pm
back as 1975, after the impeachment of richard nixon and being an anti-war organizer and protester, claimed she tried to join the marines, something "the new york times" and even washington post found to be laughable if not an outright lie. she's somebody who doesn't tell the truth and who, when tested, has failed. that really becomes the decision of the american people. tested and failed or tested and succeeded but not necessarily in government work. >> what kind of international experience, national security experience, foreign policy experience does donald trump have? >> you know, he's traveled the world. he certainly understands the economies, but his experience is limited. he will have 24 or so people that will be key members of his cabinet, including a vice president, that are going to have to be part of his decision making. but you know, that was true of ronald reagan. ronald reagan, although he had
2:28 pm
been an army captain, signed the discharge of clark gable, he wasn't a war fighter. he wasn't an international diplomat and even as governor wasn't dealing with those images. i remember as an army captain when they were talking about how dangerous ronald reagan was and comparing him as actually more aggressive than barry goldwater. the reality was, he was successful in foreign policies because of the skills he brought to the office which were not basically government skills. they were human skills he was very good at. behind closed doors, and you've met with him, donald trump can be a very different and convincing person and that's part of what the voters have been deciding so far and i think they are going to. >> darrell issa, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. coming up, how will hillary clinton's speech impact the presidential race? our political experts are standing by.
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get the new xfinity tv app and for the first time ever stream live tv, watch on demand, and download your dvr shows anywhere. we're following breaking news. hillary clinton blasting donald trump's foreign policy ideas and calling him tempermentally unfit to be president. we asked jim sciutto to take a closer look at how the clinton and trump foreign policy proposals differ. jim is joining us now live. what did you find out? >> wolf, this was a sweeping and sometimes dismissive assault on donald trump's foreign policy, everything from a ban on muslims to providing nuclear weapons to japan and south korea and adding that in actual practice it would make for a dangerous world and a
2:34 pm
dangerous president. tonight, hillary clinton highlighting her vast diplomatic experience while painting donald trump as unfit, incapable and dangerous. >> it's not hard to imagine donald trump leading us into a war just because somebody got under his very thin skin. >> reporter: her argument that leadership requires consistency and prudence in contrast to donald trump's brash stance. >> we must, as a nation, be more unpredictable. >> reporter: the countercharges that his policies amounted to contradictory statements, the business tycoon laid out his national security vision in an april speech in washington. >> after the cold war, our foreign policy veered badly off course. we failed to develop a new vision for a new time. in fact, as time went on, our foreign policy began to make
2:35 pm
less and less sense. logic was replaced with foolishness and arrogance which led to one foreign policy disaster after another. >> reporter: the fact is, the two have stark differences on virtually every facet of u.s. foreign policy. >> this is someone who has threatened to abandon our allies in nato, the countries that work with us to root out terrorists abroad before they strike us at home. >> nato is obsolete. it was 67 years or over 60 years old. it is many countries, doesn't cover terrorism. >> his proposal to ban 1.5 million muslims from even coming to our country doesn't just violate the religious freedom our country was founded on. it's a huge propaganda victory for isis. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the
2:36 pm
united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> mr. trump later qualifying that statement saying he would allow exceptions. >> it's no small thing when he suggests that america should withdraw our military support for japan, encourage them to get nuclear weapons and he said this, so north korea has nukes. japan has a big problem with that. maybe they would in fact be better off if they defended themselves. >> would be? >> would be better off. >> i wonder if he even realizes he's talking about nuclear war. >> i know about isis than the generals do. believe me. i would bomb the [ bleep ] out of them. >> he says he doesn't have to listen to our generals or admirals because he has, quote,
2:37 pm
a very bad ring. >> hillary clinton said she, unlike mr. trump, still has the utmost confidence in america. of course, secretary clinton played up her own record as secretary of state as far more substantive as mr. trump and china arms reduction talks with russia and as you know, wolf, that record is not viewed as favorably by some in both parties and will certainly give her an opening for attacks. >> it certainly will. thanks very much, jim sciutto. let's get insight from all of our political experts. joining us, sunlen serfaty, political director david chalian, cnn politics executive editor mark press son. guys, actually, stand by. i need to take a quick break. lots of breaking news coming up. we'll be right back. i'm betty white and i'm known for
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sweetness, down to the last sip. zero calories. zero carbs. zero sugar. zero effort. new splenda zero. hillary clinton's blistering speech labeling donald trump unfit to be president. will this be a turning point in the 2016 campaign? we're back with our experts. david chalian, your take on her speech there? >> i've been covering her since she first stepped into the united states senate some 15 years ago and i think this is probably the best political speech of her career and here's why. hillary clinton, as you know, is
2:43 pm
really known to be cautious, politically calculating and this was the most 100% committed to her message in a speech that i've ever seen her. and i think we've seen it over the last two weeks. and nothing has sort of knocked her off course. she believes in her bones, clearly, what she's trying to do and sell messagewise about donald trump, that he's unfit for the office. i don't know if it will work politically and obviously donald trump has real appeal and there will be a battle about that back and forth. what is clear to me, hillary clinton has chosen her course of action here and she's laying down a predicate for an argument that she's going to prosecute all the way to november and as far as i can tell, it's the most consistent, committed, comfortable message she's delivered as a politician. >> did she make the case she needed to make today, david? >> i agree with david that this is one of her best speeches ever. what she gave you was looking very presidential and in control
2:44 pm
and i can imagine a lot of republican nods saying i like the iran deal but i'm not going to take the use of force with iran off the table and she directly rebutted make america great again. >> and i suspect this is just the beginning. we're going to hear a lot more of this from hillary clinton against donald trump and you know what he's going to do in response if you hit him. >> i think this is a warmup act, almost like a template that she will use going forward. the clinton campaign has been very clear about how they are going to bring this message against donald trump. they are going to pick an issue, hammer down on it and explore it at every avenue. i do think and i agree with david here that especially the issue before today, foreign policy, she really not only felt uncomfortable as former secretary of state but very clearly enjoyed her time and that's why we'll continue to see her. >> the debates in september and
2:45 pm
october, if it's hillary clinton and donald trump on the stage, how that's going to go, that should be lively. mark preston, as hillary clinton was starting to deliver her speech, all of a sudden paul ryan tweets that he's ready to vote for donald trump. he wrote an article in a local newspaper in wisconsin, his hometown newspaper and says he has more in common -- they have more in common than they disagree on. what do you think -- why do you think he finally made this decision to come around? what do you make of the timing? >> well, wolf, as we talked about how hillary clinton had a very good day today with the speech, it's worthwhile to take a step back and look at paul ryan singularly and how it's important for his career. from the very get-go, he drew out the terms of him becoming the house speaker. he's the one who told conservatives, if you're not going to be with me, i am not going to run and become the house speaker at a time when they really needed someone to step up. when donald trump became the nominee, paul ryan said i'm not going to jump on the so-called
2:46 pm
trump train until i feel comfortable enough about where we are at. as he laid out in this column today for the local newspaper, he notes that he's really concerned about specific policy proposals and he wanted the republican nominee, in this case, donald trump, to have buy-in and i think for paul ryan, who is very young and has a very long political career ahead of him, him drawing in line in the sand was very good for him and donald trump because that's taken off of donald trump's shoulders. >> and we'll see if he goes out on the campaign trail and starts campaigning for donald trump, make joint appearances. guys, stand by, everyone. coming up, disturbing new revelations about the gunman who killed a ucla professor and caused the campus lockdown. it turns out he had a kill list and the professor isn't the only victim. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork. month after month. year after year.
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there's new information tonight in the shooting that shut down the ucla campus for hours and put los angeles on alert. police say the gunman had a kill list. the slain professor and woman found dead were both on that list. brian todd joining us now. what are you learning? >> reporter: moments ago we obtained new information about the suspect and one of the victims. she was married to sarkar and she was on the kill list. we traced the suspect's
2:52 pm
movements from his wife's place to the campus. a note found at the ucla scene asking the finder to catch on his cat that helped reveal mainak sarkar's murderous path. they have new information on the suspect and his motives. >> he was armed, two semi automatic pistols, one used for the homicide, the other in a backpack. >> reporter: police say the note in the backpack asking to check on his cat gave an address which led investigators to his home in minnesota. it was there that they found his kill list. >> had professor klug's name on it, another professor's name and the name of the female victim. >> reporter: when they saw the kill list, they went to the home of the woman on it. >> they did locate an adult female found deceased from apparent gunshot wound. >> reporter: the female is named
2:53 pm
ashley hasti. she was married to sarkar in 2011. after he shot and killed her, he drove 15 hundred miles to l.a. with a lethal objective. >> he went to kill two faculty from ucla, only able to locate one. >> reporter: police say sarkar gunned down professor william klug with multiple rounds in this campus building, then turned the semi automatic pistol on himself. the second professor was not on campus and was not harmed. tonight police have new information on the killer's possible motive. they say sarkar who got his ph.d. from ucla in 2013 had an intellectual property dispute tied to ucla. he felt professor klug harmed him. >> it is common for someone to have a grievance and take it to the point it drives them crazy.
2:54 pm
i think that's what happened here. he perceived this was wrong and student on it several years. >> reporter: according to police, they say there was no intellectual property harm, it was all in his imagination. one piece of evidence the investigators have yet to find, his gray 2003 nissan sentra, they say it is crucial. the car could contain other weapons, could have evidence about motive, did he commit crimes in other parts of the country during his drive, and could contain crucial information on whether there might be other victims out there, possible indications of where sarkar went before he got to the ucla campus, wolf. >> any indication, ryan, that the ucla professors on the kill list knew before hand they were targeted? >> reporter: police say they do not have indications of that. they say in blog postings he had harsh words but nothing to
2:55 pm
indicate immediate danger. >> brian todd, thanks for that update. hillary clinton slams donald trump as unfit to be president of the united states, calling him dangerously incoherent, saying he should never have the nuclear codes. trump firing back saying hillary clinton failed in office and made too many, quote, monster mistakes. my mom loves giving me advice. she even gives me advice...
2:56 pm
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happening now. breaking news, historic mistake. hillary clinton warns voters as she rips into donald trump, slamming his experience, judgment and temperament. will her criticism chip away at his support?
3:00 pm
trump responds. the presumptive nominee takes to twitter while speaking, criticizing her performance and credibility. at the same time, the house speaker, paul ryan, excuse me, finally endorses donald trump. trump vows to reopen trump university when the lawsuits are over. and we are hearing more how the courses were marketed and sold. what was trump's role. and state department edits, now admitting a video was deliberately edited after calling it a technical glitch. was it a cover up? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i am wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room."
3:01 pm
we are following breaking news. the blistering attack by hillary clinton on donald trump, the likely democratic nominee calling her republican rival, and i am quoting now, temperamentally unfit to be president. >> this isn't reality television, this is actual reality. it takes more than a handful of slogans, it takes a plan, real experience, real leadership. donald trump lacks all three. >> trump began firing back while clinton was still speaking. he tweeted bad performance by crooked hillary, reading poorly from the teleprompter. and then, quote, hillary no longer has credibility, too much failure in office. and the back and forth long awaited amidst this, paul ryan announcing he will vote for
3:02 pm
donald trump in november. he sparked uproar when he initially said he wasn't ready to support the billionaire business man. we're covering all of the breaking news this hour with our guests, including senior trump adviser steven miller. he is standing by live. and our correspondents and expert analysts are also standing by. let's begin with senior political correspondent brianna keilar, she's in san diego where clinton unleash her scathing critique of donald trump today. it was supposed to be a foreign policy speech, but she went a lot further. >> reporter: this was much more of a character speech, wolf, almost a roast at times eliciting, you had cheers, boos, as hillary clinton took aim on donald trump on foreign policy but mostly on his temperament. tonight, hillary clinton is ripping into donald trump on foreign policy. >> he says he has foreign policy experience because he ran the
3:03 pm
miss universe pageant in russia. mistakes in global state craft are infinitely higher and more complex than in the world of luxury hotels. we all know the tools donald trump brings to the table. bragging, mocking, composing nasty tweets. i'm willing to bet he's writing a few right now. but those tools won't do the trick. rather than solving global crises, he would create new ones. >> reporter: clinton contrasting her positions with trump's, but framing her objection to him as something bigger than difference of opinion. >> he is not just unprepared, he is temperamentally unfit to hold an office that requires knowledge, stability, and immense responsibility. donald trump's ideas aren't just
3:04 pm
different, they are dangerously incoherent. >> reporter: her campaign billing this as the major foreign policy speech of her candidacy, unveiling one of her main general election attacks on trump. >> this is not someone who should ever have the nuclear codes because it's not hard to imagine donald trump leading us into a war just because somebody got under his very thin skin. >> reporter: clinton rebuking him for controversial comments made through the campaign. >> it also matters when he makes fun of people with disabilities, calls women pigs, proposes banning an entire religion from our country, or plays coy with white sue premises. america stands up to people of different ethnicities. what happens to the moral example we set for the world and
3:05 pm
our own children if our president engages in bigotry. >> reporter: and she accused trump of lacking a plan to confront the threat of isis. >> he is literally keeping it a secret. the secret is he has no idea what he would do to stop isis. look at the few things he's actually said on the subject. he actually said, and i quote, maybe syria should be a free zone for isis. oh, okay. let a terrorist group have control of a major country in the middle east. then he said we should send tens of thousands of american ground troops to the middle east to fight isis. he also refused to rule out nuclear weapons against isis, which would mean mass civilian casualties. it is clear he doesn't have a clue what he's talking about. >> reporter: the timing of hillary clinton's speech comes as she's fending off attacks by donald trump about what he calls
3:06 pm
her bad judgment. two words he repeats over and over when he talks about her foreign policy, both iraq and libya. but also when he's talking about her private e-mail server she used when she was secretary of state. >> brianna keilar, thanks very much. let's get more on the trump campaign. right now, political reporter sara murray joins us from san jose, california, where trump will be having a rally later tonight. the speaker of the house now on the trump band wagon. update our viewers. >> reporter: that's right, wolf. paul ryan says he is ready to throw support behind donald trump. this is a welcome development for the trump campaign. donald trump took to twitter to express his thanks saying so great to have the endorsement and support of paul ryan. we will both be working very hard to make america great again. so as donald trump has a show of party unity, he may be playing nice with republicans, but he is certainly ready to go on the attack against hillary clinton. tonight donald trump is winning
3:07 pm
over one of his most prominent skeptics. house speaker paul ryan announcing in an op-ed that he will vote for trump this fall, writing it's no secret that he and i have our differences but adding the reality is on the issues that makeup our agenda, we have more common ground than disagreement. the step toward party unity coming as trump trains his fire on democratic frontrunner hillary clinton. >> folks, folks, when are you going to get it. these are crooked people. these are crooked people. >> reporter: as clinton takes aim as trump's foreign policy credentials, calling him dangerous and unfit for the presidency. he is firing back on twitter saying bad performance by crooked hillary clinton, reading poorly from the teleprompter. she doesn't even look presidential. building on his attacks of clinton's record from a day earlier. >> she's one of the worst secretaries of state in the history of our country. now she wants to be our president. look, i'll be honest. she has no natural talent to be
3:08 pm
president. >> reporter: all of this as trump ties himself in knots on another policy position, claiming he never suggested japan should have access to nuclear weapons. >> hillary clinton who lies, i mean she lies, remember that, i started that, she lies. she lies. she made a speech and she's making another one tomorrow and they sent me a copy of the speech and it was such lies about my foreign policy that they said i want japan to nuke, get nuclear weapons. give me a break. >> reporter: even though that's what he suggested earlier this year. >> not like gee whiz, nobody has them. north korea has nukes, japan has a problem with that, maybe they would be better off if they defend themselves from north korea. >> with nukes? >> including with nukes, yes. >> reporter: trump campaigns across latino california, his track record of comments about
3:09 pm
hispanics isn't sitting well with some members of his own party. the head of hispanic media relations uncomfortable with trump as the nominee is resigning. trump is lamenting another blow. the pga moving a tour date to mexico city after failing to find a corporate sponsor willing to back the event at doral. >> they moved the world golf championships from miami to mexico city. can you believe it? >> reporter: trump says he may revive another business venture at the white house. >> at trump university we keep success. >> reporter: trump university which was shuttered in 2011. the candidate is still facing lawsuits alleging trump defrauded students. in a grammatically challenged tweet, trump said after the litigation disposed of and won, i instructed execs to open trump
3:10 pm
u. trump will be campaigning in san jose, california, he has been met over and over again by protesters outside his events. it is a jovial mood outside, trump supporters are lined up, a band has been playing behind me. we will let you know if any protests emerge tonight. >> sara murray, thanks very much. let's get more from senior adviser to donald trump, steven miller. thanks for joining us. >> great to be here. >> were you surprised by the blistering attack from hillary clinton as far as donald trump is concerned, she says he can take the u.s. down a truly dangerous path and called him temperamentally unfit to be president of the united states. what was your reaction? >> well, not surprised, no, because like everything hillary clinton does, it was carefully
3:11 pm
core i don't see graphed and scripted in advance. hillary clinton's decision to try to make the election a referendum on foreign policy is probably the worst decision she's made since her reckless invasion of libya and i will tell you why. let's do a before and after real quick. in 2009 when hillary clinton came in to secretary of state iran was being choked by sanctions, libya wasn't pursuing chemical weapons, and was in a state of cooperation compared to where they are now. you had syria was not -- >> let me interrupt for a moment. >> and iraq, iraq was stabilizing. >> i believe, hold on, steven. the decision to move against libya, moammar gadhafi at the time was the president of the united states working with allies in europe. she was the secretary of state. >> and there was an internal debate. i am glad you brought this up.
3:12 pm
there was internal debate within the administration with some that said no, we shouldn't invade, some said we should. hillary clinton was the driving edge for the invasion while robert gates and others were skeptical. look four years later, four years of clinton's foreign policy, what do you have. iran closer than ever to nuclear weapon, libya in chaos and disarray, controlled by isis. syria, a failed state, now you see the rise of isis and 200,000 dead and 4 million refugees, iran closer than ever to nuclear weapon, more belligerent and hostile north korea, you see chaos, death, destruction everywhere you look. that's hillary clinton's foreign policy signature. a trail of blood and death in her wake. >> you welcome the debate on national security. she spoke about her experience as first lady, u.s. senator, secretary of state, and said donald trump's only qualification to dealing with national security foreign policy was that he operated a miss
3:13 pm
universe pageant around the world, including in russia. when you heard her say that, is she wrong? does he have any other specific international national security experience? >> the most important qualifying factor when it comes to our nation's foreign policy is philosophy. donald trump's philosophy is america first. that means yes, nato will have to pay its fair share. that means yes, we're going to stop nation building in the middle east and start focusing on defeating terrorism. hillary clinton represents an internationalist america last foreign policy that seeks to nation build and spread democracy with american blood and dollars that's proven to be a catastrophic failure. look at the middle east today. hillary clinton is arguably the worst secretary of state in american history and one strains to find an example in the history of the world of a secretary of state who has done worse in a shorter period of time. >> let's get specific. ahead of hillary clinton's
3:14 pm
foreign policy speech today donald trump tweeted, and i am quoting, crooked hillary clinton who i would love to call lying hillary is getting ready to totally misrepresent my foreign policy positions. where did she misrepresent his positions? >> i mean a great example would be misrepresenting his position on the arming of our foreign allies. donald trump has clearly said that it is his absolute preference and goal to not have our foreign allies have to arm but he is strengthening the negotiation position of the united states by ceasing to cow tow to the washington consensus. if you tell allies, no matter what you do, we will keep paying the lion's share, guess what, no one will chip in more. he is strengthening our position. it is time to do that. that's a great example where hillary clinton got it wrong. >> here's what she said today. i'll play a little clip.
3:15 pm
>> it is no small thing when he suggests america should withdraw military support for japan, encourage them to get nuclear weapons, and he said this about a war between japan and north korea. and i quote. if they do, they do. good luck. enjoy yourself, folks. >> we checked to see if he actually did say that and he did back in april in wisconsin. i will play the clip for you. >> you know what, it will be a terrible thing, terrible. good luck, folks, enjoy yourself. >> what do you make of that? >> i make of it. >> sounds like he said japan and north korea want to get into a fight, go ahead and fight. >> i think he said it would be a terrible thing. we have to draw back here and say the united states created an immense problem worldwide of free loaders. the problem of burden sharing is a serious one. the whole world is less safe because everybody understands
3:16 pm
the united states will always pick up the slack. you have to send a message to our allies that they have to begin to pay their fair share because if asia doesn't begin to pay its fair share and europe doesn't, when there is a crisis, they won't be prepared to meet it. hillary clinton represents a failed washington only consensus that has been proven disastrous. if you look at our position in the world today, it has never been weaker. we have never been less safe. and i will say one more thing. you mention a tweet, pointing out the crookedness of hillary clinton. hillary clinton as secretary of state allowed her husband, or was involved in her husband's process of him giving major speeches to foreign governments, funneling millions of dollars into the clinton bank account that had business before the state department. that's corruption on a scale beyond imagination. the chinese government funneled money into the clintons' bank account. >> stand by. i think what you're talking
3:17 pm
about are contributions to clinton global initiative. >> no, bill clinton received money for speeches from the chinese government that went into the clintons' personal bank account. >> let's double check that. how much he got from the chinese government or chinese individuals, what are you saying? >> he got money, if you look at the book clinton cash, it documents how chinese government entities paid bill clinton to deliver speeches while hillary clinton was secretary of state. >> we will double check that. stand by, steven, we'll be right back. the call just came in. she's about to arrive. and with her, a flood of potential patients.
3:18 pm
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3:22 pm
marie callender starts her tuturkey breast to perfection. so that you can spend time on what really matters. marie callender's we are back with trump senior adviser steven miller. stand by a moment. i want to talk to you about the controversy, the lawsuits surrounding trump university as well. let's get some background. our senior investigative correspondent drew griffin is working the story for us. trump is saying he will eventually want to reopen trump university. >> reporter: apparently so, wolf. trump blasted that in a tweet this morning. after the litigation is disposed of and the case won, i have instructed my execs to open trump u. so much interest in it. i will be pres. more to come in the legal battle. three separate cases and new revelations show while first promoting the school ten years
3:23 pm
ago, back in 2006, donald trump may have been digging himself into a legal hole. >> you think you can teach people to be wealthy, michael, or how to be wealthy? >> reporter: that's the president of trump university appearing with donald trump himself on "larry king live" in 2006 when their joint business was getting under way. newly released deposition shows sexton controlled almost all aspects of the school except one crucial area, how it was marketed, promoted and advertised. the heart of lawsuits against donald trump shuttered real estate business, the business he is promoting. >> these are people handpicked by me. >> reporter: it is one of the allegations of the lawsuits, that statement made by donald trump to potential students was a lie. and now we know who approved that line. michael sexton stated just that in a sworn deposition made public. any time we had a new ad, sexton
3:24 pm
said about trump, we would discuss it. why did he want to be involved in reviewing and approving the advertisements sexton was asked. he, trump, wanted to see how his brand and image were portrayed in marketing materials. eric snyderman, attorney general of new york, suing trump and his university says everything about the marketing donald trump approved was a scam. >> he made these videos to lure people in who thought this guy is successful real estate entrepreneur, i could benefit from his knowledge, but it was the pitch very much focused around my handpicked experts will teach you my personal secrets, copy what i've done, you'll get rich. >> reporter: that pitch, personal involvement, lured george hanis to trump university. he thought it would involve, well, donald trump. >> instead of donald there was a video screen, a projector screen. they projected a movie that had
3:25 pm
donald on it. and he introduced the people we were going to be hearing talk that afternoon. >> by name? >> no, he said these are people i picked myself. this is the video that you see being broadcast around on the news now. >> reporter: there's good reason donald trump never named those people. it's all right here in this deposition from december when donald trump admitted he could not remember a single name, not one of the instructors at trump university. wolf, trump's attorney tells me there will not be any comment on the individual depositions or disclosures being released in the lawsuits facing trump university. instead he says the legal battle will take place in court where donald trump will prevail, then accordingly according to the tweet the school shuttered since 2010 will be back open for business. we'll see. >> drew griffin reporting for us. thanks very much. steven miller is still with us, senior adviser to donald trump.
3:26 pm
the new york state attorney general eric snyderman says it is straight up fraud. that's what he's accusing donald trump and trump university of engaging in, says it was never even a university. trump is now saying he wants to reopen trump university. what's your advice to donald trump about this? do you think it is a good idea to reopen that school? >> of course it is but the point here is this is a political attack on donald trump. the university had an a rating from better business bureau. you can go online, see the peoples' comments that were enrolled that absolutely loved their experience. if you want to talk about scams, the only scam in education that i am aware of is the scam of hillary clinton and bill clinton at laureate university where bill clinton was paid millions of dollars where secretary clinton was funneling money to this university. you want to talk about legal issues we should focus on, how about this. hillary clinton says barack obama didn't go far enough with his executive amnesty.
3:27 pm
in other words, hillary clinton is saying she will take the u.s. constitution and put it through a shredder. >> let me get the answer about trump university. there's a guy by the name of ronald schnackenberg, involved in sales at trump university. he says he resigned because trump university was a fraudulent scheme that preyed on the elderly and uneducated. this is someone that actually worked for trump university. >> in an election year cycle where the fate of western civilization is in the balance, of course you're going to have some people who for political reasons bring up any manner of false charges. that's not surprising. trump university received exemplary ratings, had an exemplary track record, it will be brought back. it is well known in legal circles if you settle frivolous
3:28 pm
lawsuits, you encourage more frivolous lawsuits in the future. we need a president who doesn't let the country get ripped off. donald trump is showing here by not letting his business get ripped off how to lead. >> steven miller, thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> steven miller, senior adviser to donald trump. coming up, there's breaking news that we are following. a blistering, damning assessment of trump university. was the speech a turning point for hillary clinton today? >> we cannot put the security of our children and grandchildren in donald trump's hands. we cannot let him roll the dice with america.
3:29 pm
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back with breaking news this ho. hillary clinton making some of her sharpest criticism yet of donald trump in what was billed as a foreign policy speech in california, she made a blistering, detailed assessment of the presumptive republican presidential nominee. >> imagine if he had not just his twitter account at his disposal when he is angry but america's entire arsenal. do we want him making those calls? someone thin skinned and quick to anger who lashes out at the smallest criticism. do we want his finger anywhere near the button? >> let's get more on this. joining us, senior political reporter manu raju, senior
3:34 pm
political analyst at the atlantic, ron brownstein, political commentator and correspondent for new yorker magazine, ryan lizza, and ana navar navarro. some suggest this could be a turning point, this speech from hillary clinton, do you agree? >> not a turning point but broadest indictment yet she's made on donald trump, probably the most aggressive assessment, ridiculing his views, his character. these are things democrats at large want to make a fuller assault, use attacks that have been waged piecemeal through the primary, start to put together a narrative to define donald trump in the eyes of the general election. this is supposed to be a major foreign policy address. she didn't have a single new proposal, it was all about donald trump. what was interesting, just now, bernie sanders put out a press release attacking hillary
3:35 pm
clinton for her support for the iraq war and for the libya intervention, a reminder as she's talking donald trump, she has to worry about bernie sanders as well. >> ana, she attacked trump before but this is the first time we saw a point by point rebuttal of his foreign policy philosophy. can she keep this up? >> i think she's got to, if and when she wraps up the nomination if she's lucky enough to do it, she has to keep it up for five months, wolf. what she's doing is twofold. number one, she's projecting to american people and voters, she's the one going to go toe to toe with donald trump and trying to put the primary behind her despite the fact it is far from being behind her and that she's in a close race in california. number two, i think she's starting to try out strategy against donald trump. not only is she going at him on policy point by point but in the
3:36 pm
clip we just heard, we saw hillary clinton, we heard her go after him on temper meaat the . polls show many have great doubt about his temperament as president. does he have temperament necessary to be president. she's honing in on that point and she's going to go after it, gnawing on that bone for the next five months. >> ryan, this isn't the first time we heard a speech like this, going after donald trump, whether he is worthy of being president. mitt romney, republican nominee four years ago made similar points that hillary clinton made, lindsey graham, marco rubio. i guess the bottom line question is will her attack work any better than previous attacks that didn't seem to resonate all that much? >> great question. look, the republican presidential primary electorate is only 10% of the general electorate, donald trump only won half that. he only won votes of 5% of the american electorate, folks that
3:37 pm
vote in the general. i think privately a lot of republican foreign policy intellectuals agree with case hillary clinton, privately, not so privately. george w. bush, george h.w. bush said they weren't voting for donald trump, part of that surely thingsaid about jeb bush in the primary, part of it because they don't think he would be responsible on foreig policy. people like john mccain, lindsey graham, foreign policy elite of the republican party have grave reservations about donald trump that are being echoed by hillary clinton. a lot of that is now muted as they rally around him. can they win at the elite level some of the conservatives that agree with her more than trump on foreign policy. >> ron, donald trump responds to hillary clinton's blistering speech with a tweet bad performance by crooked hillary clinton, reading poorly from the teleprompter. she doesn't even look
3:38 pm
presidential. i assume that's just the beginning. he is going to have to get into a lot more detail personally now, right? >> yeah. no, that can't be the response. that's trying to discredit the message in a cursory way. this was as forceful and effective, focused speech as i have seen hillary clinton give, maybe ever, certainly as a candidate. i agree mike rogers said on cnn earlier that donald trump has to respond to this. you look at polling, donald trump has two big obstacles, two big head winds in the race. the first is there's a large portion of the country that views him in essence as a candidate, white racial back lash, trying to turn back the clock demographically. the more important point that ana was getting to, a majority of americans question whether he has the temperament to function as president. hillary clinton was kr
3:39 pm
crystallizing that. there were bites of the speech you could imagine as an ad or pointedly as an answer in the first presidential debate next year, putting the image in the mind of the country, is this someone you trust to make life and death situations in "the situation room," other than wolf blitzer i suppose. >> manu, let's talk about the other development, paul ryan finally after all these weeks writing an article in his hometown newspaper, the gazette, saying i feel confident he would help us turn the ideas in this agenda into laws to help improve people's lives. that's why i'll be voting for him in the fall. sort of a low key decision to announce he is voting for donald trump. >> especially after all of the attention, will he, won't he, why is he not endorsing. this has become a big distraction for the speaker. he's been trying to focus attention about the house republican conference and voters in general on the house republican agenda which is
3:40 pm
supposed to be what they want to run the re-election campaigns on, independent almost of the presidential campaign, if that's possible. as he has been trying to focus, questions are growing about why is he not endorsing donald trump. press conferences, people like me asking questions about this, and he knows he is sort of almost on an island on capitol hill. while there are folks holding out, a large majority are getting behind donald trump particularly in the republican leadership. pretty much had no choice, had to get behind him. >> paul ryan might be on board with donald trump but he still worries other party leadership. listen carefully to the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, gave an interview to jake tapper today. listen to this exchange. >> do you worry at all that your nominee now, donald trump, will do to latino voters what barry goldwater did to african-american voters? >> i do, i do. i think the attacks he is
3:41 pm
routinely engaged in, for example, going after susana martinez, chairman of the republican governors association, i think it was a big mistake. >> i assume you agree? >> i do and i appreciate mitch mcconnell being that blunt and being that honest answering that question directly and frontally. we saw, for example, the effect that pete wilson had on the latino vote in the republicans in california. i worry tremendously about the effect donald trump will have long term on the republican brand. i don't want to sound like a tet erks lrks ere lr drama queen. he is not making it easier, not being inclusive, not sounding more presidential. this week alone we have seen him in the last seven days, attack
3:42 pm
susana martinez, one of the most popular governors in new mexico. go after journalists for doing their jobs, jim acosta and tom lamos at abc. seen him go after the judge because he is mexican on the trump university case. what is he doing? he's already burnt those bridges. at this point there's not even going to be ashes left. >> guys, everybody stand by. we are more assessments coming up. and there's another story we are following, a shocking admission by the state department, saying it deliberately edited video of a briefing. was there some sort of cover up? and more breaking news. police custody death of eric garner. we are learning about sharp internal disagreements over charges in this controversial case. ♪rock-a-bye stacy ♪running non-stop. ♪lifting up patients... ♪...changing their socks. ♪you're sore and you're beat ♪from all that you did. ♪for rest and relief
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♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. there are new developments. the state department admitting it did doctor video of a news media briefing after first blaming a technical glitch for the missing portion. global affairs correspondent elise lavin is working the story. this had to do with secret discussions, talks between the u.s. and iran. >> reporter: that's right, talks the u.s. denied took place. when the secret negotiations were revealed, the state department admitted it lied, but video of the admission was edited out, raising questions
3:48 pm
about who did it and why. a startling admission from the state department. a critical exchange from a press briefing about secret talks with iran cut from the video version of the briefing posted online. >> this was a deliberate request to excise video. >> reporter: it began in february, 2013. u.s. officials were secretly meeting with iranians about possible nuclear talks. the state department spokeswoman at the time victoria knew lynn denied talks took place. >> with the type of thing you're talking about on a government level, no. >> reporter: when the talks were revealed, her successor faced tough questions about whether the state department was lying. >> there are times where diplomacy needs privacy in order to progress. this is a good example of that. >> reporter: when a reporter tried to refer back to the exchange from the video archived online, he discovered a critical section of the type had been
3:49 pm
edited out. the state department's initial excuse. >> genuinely we think it was a glitch. >> reporter: now a different explanation from the current spokesman. after learning the nine minute exchange was deliberately removed at the request of an unknown official who called one of the departments video technicians. >> the individual who took the call doesn't remember anything more than it was passed on from somebody else in the public affairs bureau. >> reporter: the white house communications director denied involvement on twitter saying i had no knowledge of nor would i have approved of any form of editing or cutting my briefing transcript. tonight, still no word from the state department as to who gave the order, or whether something like this happened before. >> we don't have time and resources to look at every briefing from the past. >> reporter: critics of the iran nuclear deal said the incident proves their claims the obama administration mislead the american people. republican senator tom cotton
3:50 pm
insisting the state department identify the official that and impose appropriate discipline. >> top aide to president obama, telling the "new york times" magazine, the administration created a, quote, echo chamber to manipulate the media in favor of the deal. >> and the state department says there were no rules banning such ed edits at the time but to make sure this never happens again. the full briefing posted. the transcript never edited out. after three lies, the talks themselves, the editing of the video, and the reason behind it, many female are lacking from an administration promising to be most traerpt wi transparent wit the media. other breaking news. we're learning new information about a controversial police custody death, and why no charges have been filed yet in the eric garner case. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways
3:51 pm
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forgetting new information in the possibility of federal charges against the police involved in the eric garner case, the man who died after new york police officers arrested him for selling loose cigarettes. our justice correspondent, evan perez, has new information. what are you learning? >> reporter: wolf, this is an investigation focusing on whether the nypd officer used excessive force and broke federal law in trying to arrest eric garner for selling those untaxed cigarettes. one state grand jury in staten island already declined to bring charges in garner's death and now there is a dispute among prosecutors and fbi agents over whether there is sufficient
3:56 pm
evidence to bring federal civil rights charges in this case. while officials here at headquarters in washington favor bringing charges, prosecutors and the u.s. attorney's office in brooklyn and fbi agents doing the case do not. he is shown in this video using what witnesses described as a choke hold during the garner takedown. an nypd official policy bans the use of such choke holds. garner can be heard saying "i can't breathe" in part of the video. but if you slow down the video, some officials say it's not clear whether there was a choke hold, and if so, for how long and if it killed eric garner. some officials think that the video evidence isn't conclusive enough. officials say this is one reason why these cases are so difficult to bring. federal law has a much more narrow jurisdiction in these types of cases and i should add, the justice department says this is still an ongoing investigation. no final decision has been made. we also heard from his attorney, and he says that he had known his client had no intention to
3:57 pm
violate eric garner's civil rights. >> evan perez, thanks very much. meanwhile, serious concerns about pollution at the rio plk games. our ivan watson reports. >> reporter: athletes training for peak performance. members of the german olympic sailing team preparing for what will be the first olympic female competition in this class of sailboat. on the surface, the view off the coast of the olympic coast city, rio de janeiro, pretty spectacular. but the sailors are trying hard to stay out of the water. >> we don't want to swim in it. >> reporter: they say the bay here is terribly polluted. you hit garbage out here? >> yes. >> yeah. >> reporter: what kind of garbage? >> a lot of plastic bags. but partners of us also hit a chair or some wood. >> reporter: furniture. >> yes. >> reporter: this is the kind of stuff they're talking about.
3:58 pm
look at this trail of garbage. flip flops, tennis shoes, blocks of wood on the surface of the bay. very close to where the sailors and athletes are training. rio has been struggling with its notoriously polluted waters for decades. we caught up with the city's mayor at the opening of a brand new sewage treatment plant. it's aimed at providing modern services to hundreds of thousands of residents of rio for the very first time. do you think the water is going to be safe for the olympic athletes? >> yes. i mean, we had -- first thing, because where the sailing is going to happen, it's the cleanest area, the entrance. >> reporter: but people who make a living in rio's waters disagree with the mayor. we don't get far in fisherman phillip fernandez boat before his motor stalls. the propeller tangled in a plastic bag.
3:59 pm
travel a little further, and we find this. it smells awful here, and not just like mud at low tide. but something far more toxic. and the fishermen we are with says this is basically raw sewage that has washed down out of the city. the untreated waste of millions of rio's residents who do not have modern sanitation. it all drains into canals like this. where local fishermen moore their boats. how is the fishing? we don't fish here, he says. impossible. look at rio now, he tells me. we will host the olympics, but we don't even have a basic sewage system. the pollution here, one of the sad realities facing residents and now athletes at these upcoming olympics. but these german sailors say they're willing to risk these dirty waters for their shot at
4:00 pm
olympic glory. ivan watson, cnn, rio de janeiro. >> thanks for that report. that's it for me. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." thanks for watching. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. youfr"outfront" next, hilla clinton releasing an attack on trump. and trump's words coming back to haunt him. what he says about working women tonight. and prosecutors looking into who is to blame for the little boy getting no the gorilla pen. could the parents face charges? let's go "outfront." good evening. i'm earin burnett. "outfront" tonight, unfit to be president. hillary clinton's harshest attack on brump r donald trump yet in a major foreign speech, clinton calling trump


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